Ek Ghar (1991) - full transcript

Rajanna and Geeta arrive in the city with the hope of building a cozy little home. When they find their dream house, their happiness knows no bounds. Things are fine till, one day, a loud workshop opens up next door.

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Ek Ghar - A house


My name is Rajshekar K.S.

I work in S & W Company
as a works Supervisor.

S & W means Shultz and Williams
- A multinational

I was born and brought
up in a village.

Kept slogging in the fields
throughout the year.

Is is any life?

Life in city is different.

Here life is comfortable
and peaceful.

That is why I have come here.

But...Haven't found a house yet.

I'm searching still.

Heard that you've a
vacant house in your chawl.

I mean that house... Oh, Sorry

Where are you working?

S & W- They make bulldozers.

This is the fourth time I've
come asking for the house.

It is worth coming 40 times
not just four times.

What does a house mean?

Just four walls?

It is a place where one
gets comfort...

...and his soul gets peace.

You can't get all
these so easily.

That is why elders
say that...

A house is a path of enlightenment,

staircase to heaven
"This never easy to attain ...

Oh, I didn't mean you,
but that 'multinational!"


This silver is not pure.
It is a bogus one.

How much are you expecting?
Oh! what a confusion...

Everything is so topsy-turvy.

Life would be so boring
without these confusions.

What do you want...?
- That house...

Didn't I tell you earlier?

I am in real need of a house.

There is no vacant house here,
and even if it is there...

...] will not give it to you.

These days one can't make out...

...Who is honest and who is a cheat

Who is good and who's bad. Come in.

Had I known about you,
that day itself...

...would've given you
the keys of this house by now.

Go in and set up your house...

...and lead a happy
and prosperous life.

He was not ready to give
you the house.

How did you wriggle it of him?

It is all due to auntie's trick.

You have to be a crook
to get your things done.

What do you mean?

Auntie flaunted her influence
and got us this house.

How can auntie do all
these things?

Why should we bother?

Look, People say all sorts
of things about her

It would be better, if we
stay away from her.

What is this?
- Cot.

A monster created by those
who stayed here earlier.

Must have realized later
how ugly it is!

So, left it here and run away.

An old lady is staying
in the opposite house.

She became a widow when she
was very young.

Now whenever she sees a man
and a woman together...

...she leers at them
with saucer eyes!

Look here...


Leave it.
- Okay.

He is a wrestler.

Under the pretext
of exercising...

...stomps the ground all day

In the evening, reaches for
the sky, flying kites.

This is our small world...

...the owner of this house,
old lady and this wrestler.

And this...?

This is a shed.

What do they do here?

God knows...

This huge cot is not
meant for us.

Let us push this out.

This cot is bigger than
the door.

Looks like it was born
right in this room.

Shall we also settle
on this divine cot?

No. God knows who all have
slept on this cot before.

Several unfulfilled
wishes might be in it.

I won't sleep on this.


How much have
I craved for this freedom...

Bickerings of the village,
squabbling of the house.

I thought that I would get
stuck there all my life.

Since childhood, I too
had a dream.

I should have a small
house of my own.

A small but exclusive one.

There should be green plants
and trees in the compound...

...with lots of flowers.

A lilting music from
from a distance.

A swing in our compound...
- and a colourful fountain.

At night while lying
down in the terrace...

...under the starry sky we'll
share our happiness and joy.

A big compound with
high walls.

None will know, what is
going on inside...

What foolish dreams...

What did you dream and
what did you get?

What a huge difference
between the two.

Hey! Raji, Don't think otherwise.

This house is also nice.

No noises like in the village.

No kids pissing and
shitting at our doorstep...

...no pit of cow dung in
our vicinity...

...no interfering neighbours,
just both of us.

Look, how serene it is here.

Most important thing is, there's
no one here to ask every month...

" So many days have passed
since your marriage..."

"Has daughter-in-law...
even this month...?"

"What is the problem Rajanna?"

There is no one who would
cough on hearing the cot creak.

Now we can make as much noise
as we want.

Raji...someone is breaking the door.

Don't switch on the light.

Someone is breaking
the door of the shed.

Who is that?

Oh! workers in the shed...?

They are unable to open
the lock perhaps.

Let me give them this...

Take this...
I am the new tenant here

Perhaps it is rusted.

Open with this.

Give it to me...

They want water...
- What happened?

Poor guys! Didn't have any
work for 3-4 months

So they did not open
the shed. Now they've come.

Here you go.

Give me through the entrance.

It is so late in the night...
What do they want to do now?

Don't know.
It is a real junk yard.

Don't know what
they are doing there.

Take this.

Give me some...

How can one sleep in
this noise?

Don't bother.
They'll go away in a few days.

Let us bear it till then.


Auntie, when did you come?

How cutely you sleep!

I could not sleep
properly last night.

Rajanna must not have
allowed you to sleep.

Let me go and freshen up.

I am on my way to the temple.

Thought of taking you along.
Will you come?

How can you remain inside
with closed doors and windows?

I feel suffocated.

This noise...?

It is from the shed.

What do they do there?
- Don't know.

Who is the owner of the shed?

I don't know.

Why are you quiet then?

They aren't your kith or kin.

Why don't you complain?

They might have their
own problems.

If you're so noble then
soon you'll become an ascetic.

What are you doing?
Your sari will get spoiled.

I will spread the mat.
- Leave it.

Here, the life itself is not secure.

Why cry for a sari?

Your decision to shift
to the city surprised me


I am tired of chasing
the dreams all my life.

That may be the reason.

How much does this sari cost?

Must be Rs.700/- or Rs.800/-.
Don't know.

It is very nice.

Tell Rajanna.
He will buy one for you.

But he may prefer to see you
without a sari on...

Where is uncle?

Don't know where the
hell is that pimp now.

Felt bad...?


This noise...

Won't you get me coffee?


Where did you get this monster?

What did you say...?
- This cot...

Rajanna seems to be a romantic man.

He has got mirrors
fixed all over the cot.

Are you still working
in the same office?

I have quit that job long ago.

These men come after a lady
if she is single.

The secretary there
was no different.

"Shall I book a room?
Will you come to a hotel?"

Rascal, When I didn't
oblige him ...

...he suspended me on false charges.

One will go mad in this noise.

Had you told me, I would
have vacated them in a jiffy.

Come, let us go to
the temple.

No Auntie,
If Rajanna returns early...

Come on, don't talk as if
you alone have a husband...

Come on, get dressed up.

No, I can't come.

Do you come here regularly?

Not earlier, but these days...

Come madam. Tell me, Come madam.
what can I give you?

Vermilion, oil, flowers...
- Vermilion for Re.1/-.

Okay, madam.

I feel my time has come
to bid good by.

Is it your age to die now?

Here, madam.

Should death come from without?

One can die from within as well

These days, don't know why,
I feel scared.

Often I get the feeling that
someone is knocking on my door

But when I open the door,

I see none.

Strange shadows seem to stare
at me through the windows.

I feel, someone is there
to take me away.

Is there any soul to share

my fear at home? Tell me...

I get peace of mind here.

So I come often.

I get a feeling as
if I am finished.

Why are you blabbering
all these things?

Not caring anyone, I wanted to
lead a life of my own.

But the beliefs that were stuffed
inside me in my childhood...

...are still alive perhaps.

As I grow older they
are kicking from within

I am afraid that...

. this turmoil,
I might lose my aim

It is better that
I die before It happens.

If you talk like this...
I am leaving

Sorry auntie...

Don't feel bad.

Spilling of Kumkum
is not a bad omen.

Not worried about Kumkum.

One can buy more.

But... Poor kids!
Their Ice candy is wasted.

They must have bought
it with a great desire to eat.

It is very difficult
to understand you.

I think that this is the
landlord's move...

...to make us vacate
this place.

Instead of making
these wild guess...

why don't you go and tell
them to stop their work?

What do they think of themselves?

Why? What did they say?

They said "Go to a movie.

We will pay for the ticket"

As if only they have the money...

Listen...if we could talk
to auntie once...

Did auntie come here?


Don't associate with her.

These people in the shed
may spoil our sleep.

But she will ruin our life.

Geeta, Let's go out for a stroll.

What a nice fragrance here!
Isn't it?

Perhaps Champak flower
has bloomed somewhere.

Might be there perhaps.

Not this one.

Not this either.

Not even this

Not even this.

Is there really a fragrance or...

...have we imagined for
our own satisfaction?!


So many flowers must've
blossomed in the village.

Night-blooming cestrum, Plumeria,
coral jasmine, Jasmine...

It is so nice and peaceful here...

...just like in our village.

Gentle cool breeze, the silence.

We've almost forgotten all these.

You wait here.

Keep this Rs.50/-...
- Why?

Make her sit in the back seat.

Look, You are mistaken.

Come, let us go...

Hey! what is wrong?

What are you up to?

We are husband and wife.

If so, what are you doing in
the park at 11 p.m?

Take Rs.50/- more.
Take Rs.100/-, I say, wait...

Take Rs.150/-...


Don't cry.

Geeta, I'm sorry.

This is no good.

Give me your hand.

How much do you want?
- This much.

This is too much.
- Why not?

Are you late to the
office today also?

Want to make a call?
Go ahead.

Look, I can give you
only this much.

Not enough. Give me Some more.

Hello S&WwW?


I warned you that
it'll be a nuisance.

I feel sorry for you.

Neither can you sleep peacefully...

...nor go to the factory on time.

But why do you bear all these?

Are they your relatives?

They are outsiders to you.
- All are outsiders here.

This is your place.

You can take some action.

I wanted to.

... the law binds my hand.

I wanted to throw these men
out and keep this chawl neat

That was my dream.

That phone is dead.

Phone from that
public booth there.

This shed will shatter not just
my dreams, but yours as well.

So, you should do

If you wish, you can
drag them to the court.

What happened?

I can't read English.

we will send this to corporation

They'll get this shed vacated,

Just write your name here.

I will not write my name.

Once I signed some papers
and got caught in a mess

I don't wish to put
anyone else in such a mess.

Actually we are in a mess
and not they.

It is a simple thing.

You are young...
Get excited for silly reasons.

You have no tolerance at all.

How can all obey what you say?

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita.

Those who live
A self centered life...

...will suffer for
the Sins of others.

You are right...

So, will you sign on this?

What's the use?


Aren't you disturbed
by that noise?

Of course, I am.

Even then you don't
wish to complain...?

I wish to... But nothing
will happen by that.


If you want to be happy,
then be thick skinned.

If you want to be happy,
then be thick skinned.

Listen to one more thing.

If you wish to sleep

...then keep exercising the
whole day like me.

Our body is also like a house.

Build it strong...

...and the rest will be fine.

"Inquilab," Zindabad.

Satisfy our demands.

"Inquilab," Zindabad.

Satisfy our demands.

We don't issue license
to anyone without N.O.C.

N.O.C sir?

No objection from the
other residents of the building.

Why didn't you object then?

Why did you sign then?

But, I did not sign, sir.

I have shifted there recently.

Perhaps the earlier tenant
might have signed.

So, you knew it.

When you knew that
there was a shed...

...you should not have
taken that house.

It is your mistake.
We can't do anything now.

Then, whom can we approach now?

This is not fair.

If one gets beaten by a
hooligan on streets...

...and the police say,
"why did you go there"?...

Don't argue.

If you need mental peace,
then stay away from the city

We can't do anything
in this case.

You may go now.


Phone for you...
- Phone...for me? From whom?

Your wife, go soon.

Someone has come from
the city corporation.

So, you did succeed in getting
the man from the city corporation.

Then what?

But... No use.

I had brought all these
to celebrate my success.

Those men in the shed might've
bribed the Corporation man.

They had gone to the
owner to ask for money.

What...? and did he give them?


Funny man. Encouraging
a robber to steal...

...and warning the
police to be vigilant.

Listen, why don't you
also bribe them?

Will your dad give me
money to bribe them?

Will they be happy
with 10/- or 20/-?

Those rascals should be
bribed in thousands.

Why are you shouting
at me for that?

Can't I even say something?

What the hell are you all doing?

First, learn about the
ways of this world, then talk.


What happened?
- What is this?

Is this a house or a junkyard?

I have told you not to comb
your hair inside the house.

Why do you sit idle at home?
Do some work.

I don't keep resting
the whole day.

I cook and manage the house.
Isn't that any job?

As if cooking is a big
job. See the way you talk...

Enough. As if factory
work is work and the rest...

What did you say?

All men are alike.

They vent out all
their anger at home.

I have brought food.
Come on, eat it.

To be angry for long
is bad for health

Come on, eat it.

Oh! my little doll...

are you still angry?

0.K. You be the baby and
I'll be the mother.

I will feed you.

Let me see, how can
I make you laugh...

'Sweets, milk, and cream...

...the cat is here to eat that.'

Really, these people have
made life miserable for us.

Why don't you talk
to auntie once?

We won't go to auntie at any cost.

Is auntie's house so big?

Stop gaping and come inside.

People look down at
those who come here.

Leave that...

So, at last, what a
pleasant surprise! Come in...

Actually, we thought of
coming, but didn't get time.

In between we had been
to our native place.

Is it? Had you been to village?

We have brought some
mangoes for you.

Let me see...

Trying to fool me?

I know from where and why
you have brought these

Be seated.
I will be back in a minute.

Don't know what she must've
thought about us.

You are really...

Some man is there in the room.

That is why I don't come here.

Don't know what type
of men come here.

What can we do now?

He is that Police Inspector

You know him, he is
Rajanna and she is Geeta.

Hello! Namaste!
Please sit...

She used to praise you a lot.

But I never got a chance
to meet you till today.

Rajanna has brought some
mangoes from his village.

Is it?

I could recognise them instantly.

Rural mangoes are
indeed special.

They are very tasty.

They have a complaint.

I had told you about
those men in the shed.

They make a lot of
noise the whole night...

...and don't allow
them to sleep.

So what? He is young
and has a lovely wife.

It is a good thing if he is
unable to sleep at night.

Stop chiding.

See how you can help them.

We can do nothing.

If you file a case,
they pay the fine and get away...

...and start again after a week
How will it benefit you?

But they are killing us
daily with their noise.

And you say that we
can't do anything.

If we bash them up, you'll
file a case against us.

Of course...

Sometimes I feel like
committing suicide.

We won't allow you to do even that.

Then we will file a
criminal case against you.

Your husband gets
Worked up very fast.

Very interesting man.

Wait a minute.
I'll soon be back.

Saw, how he was staring at me?

Lecherous guy.

I should not have brought you here.

Listen, ll can warn them ...

...to work only during the day

...and to shut the shop by Sp.m

I think this will solve
your problem.

Are you happy now?
- Yes.

That will be more than enough, sir.

Thank you.
- My pleasure. Sit...

But this is not fair.

You've shifted the trouble
from Rajanna to Geeta

Poor thing. She is at
home the whole day.

Now she will be forced
to bear all these.

No auntie,
It won't be a botheration for her.


Come here...

Can't you hear?

Come here...

Hey get up...
- Why are you beating us?

What are you staring at? Come on!

Move aside.

Sir, please leave us.

What are you doing?

Leave them please.

You rascals. May you
also die without a house.

What did you get by driving
we poor people outside?

May your house burn to ashes!

May you be ruined!

Don't know what happened.

You shouldn't have done this.

Brought the Police!

Washed dirty linen in public?

Look, how they are being roughed up!

Poor guys, how will
they face anyone tomorrow?


They have small kids.

Why close the shed and
make their life miserable?

Why are you shattering
their dreams?

Come here... come closer...

come running

come here... come closer...

Take this. Come on.

Come here...

What are you doing?

Let me hear the silence.


Now I am experiencing the
thrill that silence gives you.

Listen... I feel lonely,
sitting all alone

Suppose, we had a child, then...

This is the only thing
that we lacked.

Be happy and peaceful for
some more time.

Don't know why...
I am bored

Some noise would have been better.

This quietness is
ringing in my ears.

Once there was a wrestler...

...twice as heavy
as our wrestler.

Once his girlfriend got annoyed
with him for no reason...

...just like you're angry
with me now.

So the wrestler decided to
cajole her with a gift.

He went to a fancy store

There he saw bangles, cosmetics,

saris, sandals etc...

Seeing all these the
wrestler got confused...

...couldn't decide what to buy

Meanwhile a sales girl came

...and asked him
"what do you want sir?"

The wrestler instantly
said, "bangle".

"What size?" asked the girl.

But the wrestler
did not know the size.

The salesgirl asked
"who is it for, sir?"

He said "I have a ...

" You have held her hand, I am sure"”

Wrestler said, "yes".

Then she extended her hand...

and said, "hold my hand
and see if this size is O.K"

The wrestler felt her hand
and said, "yes, it's O.K."

She packed the bangles
and gave him.

But he still waited

She asked him "do you
want anything else, sir?"

The wrestler said...

"well, She wanted a brassiere too.

But I don't know the size"

This noise has started again.

They must be working
behind the closed doors.


They are deliberately
provoking me.

See, I am getting goose bumps.

I won't spare these rascals.

What happened?

Those people won't
hesitate to kill us.

They look dangerous.

You go to the Inspector
tomorrow itself.

Did you meet the Inspector?
- No.

You had told me not to go to him.

Now, I say, you go and meet him.

I won't go. He gives me odd stares.

He merely stares at you
and not misbehaves.

Go tomorrow itself.

Why are you sad?

What is wrong with you?

Their loss is more than our gain.

Thank God,
at last our problem is over.

It's true...Inspector gets this
place rented for his nephew

What ...!

There he is. Come with me.

Excuse me.

Meet my nephew, Rajanna.


The others are all inside.

Why don't you please
come and join us?

No thanks...

We have been searching for
you since long. Come in...

Yes, you must come.

Shoot it...


Come on. Shoot it. Okay.

Come on, you can do it.

It is nice. Come on.

First the red one and the blue one.

Shoot it. Okay.

Come on, shoot it. No.

Press it again. - Okay.

Come on.

Have you come alone?

Came out so soon?

That was a real miracle.

You've changed the fate
of this entire junk yard.

See, how it looks like
Hong Kong and New York.

There is a party.

Auntie wants me to go with her.

So, you are going?

If possible...

I will go. I am getting
late to the factory.

Shall I take Geeta along?

If she is willing.

So, you...

No aunty, I'm not coming.

Then I too won't go
- Why don't you go?

Are you upset?

It is not his fault.

Even my own shadow
doesn't trust me...

I feel bad that you
both fought due to me.

Had that rascal lived
properly with me ...

.-.I would've had a
daughter of your age.


I have no one in this world.

I belong to nowhere.

Come auntie, I will come with you.


Hey! What are you doing?

What is wrong with you today?



Where is auntie?

Where is auntie?

Why did you come away like this?

Everyone started gossiping.

Leave others.

Our own people know all about me
yet they talk ill of me.

I thought that at least
you both will be different.

Don't think one can sit here.

I was given to someone in marriage

Like a devote wife
I followed him to the city.

Within no time he realized that...

...he can't shoulder
this responsibility.

One night he ran away.

Tell me, what could I
have done in such a situation?

No one came to my help.

Not even those people
who pass judgment now

They expected me to fall
at their feet and plead...

...so that they can chuckle
and call me a weakling.

...and wash off
their responsibility.

You are unnecessarily
finding fault with others.

I heard, Uncle wanted you to
stay in his house, but you...

Who, elder brother...?

That was the last straw to
keep me under house arrest.

I couldn't tolerate that.
So, I walked out.

Ever since then I started
slipping in life.


Unknowingly we too
start talking like men.


No, that was not slipping.

Had you stayed there...

...you would've had a
house of your own.

Do we ever have our own house?

It is always 'their' house

Father's house, brother's house...

...or else, father-in-law's house.

Even you don't have
a house of your own.

You stay in K.S.Rajshekar's house.

Look, this is what I don't like.

You have your own problems.

So you taunt those who are happy.

Where was the taunt?

I am contended that at least
I am staying in my own home.

How many women can say this?

Hello, Mr. Rajshekar...
Here...your keys...

Thank you.

Your wife has gone out with aunt.

She might be late.


Why don't you come and
play some games?

Let it be...

You got him there...

Enjoying yourself...?

Why don't you try this game?

You might win something.
- No...no.

Your wife's going to
be late anyhow.

How do you know?
- But of course. Naturally...

She has gone out with auntie.

Hey! don't keep banging that one.

Mr. Rajshekhar.

Get up Geeta...
There are ants here.

Get some turmeric.

The problem with you
is that you need...

...the comforts of
urban life along with...

...the serenity of
rural life. Isn't it?

Now tell me, what do you want?

Sir, I wanted leave.

But you have used up all
the leave due to you.

If you continue like this
You'll be in trouble.

Clear up the hassles
about your house soon.

Can I make a phone call?

Hello, It's me, Rajashekhar
Will you call Geeta please?

What? She is not at home?

Will you eat something?

What has happened?
- What?

Why are you suspecting everybody?

First auntie, then
Inspector, now me...

How can you be happy
if you don't trust anyone?

You know clearly why I am upset

Where was the need
for this pretense?

Of course I did pretend...

Not with you, but with auntie.

She loved me a lot,
more than her own relatives.

The love that she didn't
get all these years...

...she desired that from me.

But I couldn't reciprocate.

So had to pretend

This way, I was cheating
my own self.

But tell me, how long
can I cheat my own self?

Soon I got tired of this and
sincerely tried understanding her.

Slowly I could understand
not just auntie, but everyone.

You, me, the Inspector and
the people living in the shed.

Listen, don't try to
convince me with words.

In spite of my warning,
you went to aunt's place...

...just to prove that I'm nothing.
I know that.

Yes, You feel like that because...

...you don't want to build
relationships with anyone.

When you needed a house,
you praised aunty.

To vacate the shed,
praise the Inspector.

You didn't even spare me.

When you were disturbed by
the noise of the shed...

...you sent me to the

...though you knew that
I hated to meet him.

How are you different from
those who exploit auntie?

May there be a swing
in our compound and...

...a colourful fountain,

...music coming from far away...

We will share our joy and sorrow
under the starlit sky.

I feel, I am becoming
hollow from inside.

Auntie also used to say like this.

No Raji,
We will not allow this to happen.

I want the address of
the men who worked in the shed.

I wish to change my house again.

They always said,"
allow us to stay here...

...and we will get you
a nice house in return'”

I can't understand
what your problem is!

You wanted me to evict
them and I did that.

You have started it again.

Those people in the shed have left.

But now the Inspector's
relatives have come.

I can't put up with the Inspector.

You have to select one of us.

O.K. I will give you their address.

Listen, Where is Sultana playa?

Those huts there


Yes, there's one in the front...

The owner was saying
that he had a big house.

Move aside. How many
times should I tell you?

Move aside.

Where have you gone
my child, Babu...?

Where have you gone
my child, Babu...?

Where have you gone
my child, Babu...?

Where can I find my boy?


Where have you gone
my child, Babu...?

Where can I find my boy?

One house.