Ek Aur Sikander (1986) - full transcript

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Black Valley, Red rose

Sher Khan Hands up Hands up

Don't move Sher Khan, surrender yourself to police

These diamonds need to be protected from police

Take these diamonds and jump out of car And hide them nearby

Then go straight to Zarin's dance club And Don't be frighten if police arrest you

Then go straight to Zarin's dance club And Don't be frighten if police arrest you

I will come to rescue you

take these diamonds and jump immediately out of car

Follow that man

Arrest him

Take him to Police station Why are you arresting me?

I don't have diamonds let's go

Cover this home from all sides let's go

Let's go friends let's move

Search every corner of this house Greeting Inspector Sir

You seemed to be worried?

Whom are you searching? Sher Khan

You can go inside this room. Why?

Because I have some holy stuff inside I am a police man, I confirm before can believe it

move from here

Are you confirmed now?

This is photo of my late Husband

Someone insane killer killed him, when we were just married

I was helpless, support less, Lust eyes followed me

I ran to have my honor and took space in this home

by thinking that there are nice people But they put pinion in my legs

I had only two ways to do Either I could have sold my body or dance

I started to dance True Inspector sir

if at all I was not been pregnant I could have died by consuming poison

I am Sorry Zarina I misunderstood you. Sir

we searched every corner of this house we didn't find Sher Khan anywhere

Sher Khan is here go and search him again ok sir

Zarina madam, you might don't know who dangerous this Sher Khan is

He is not only a killer but an enemy of country and society

If at all he escapes today from our hands many women will become widow

many kids will become orphan Zarina Madam

you are a woman and now will be mother soon

you know what is sorrow, difficulty What's the life of a widow?

Inspector sir I know only dance and singing

I will show you a beautiful dance on which you will appreciate

Zarina, you don't have a heart of a women nor of mother

Let me be ready please then see my Magic

Bastard Jadhav, Bhosle

Zarina Madam, no jail is as powerful to keep Sher Khan inside

Do remember, the day I will be out of jail

my first work would be revenge on you

Take him

Inspector Sir I helped Sher Khan's arrest

I don't, what have you done Law will never forget it

We will protect you and your child at any cost

This is a promise by Inspector Verma

Tanu, today I arrested a big smuggler and criminal

is this a good news? Yes, it is

but I will give you more good news than that what? see this what is this?

Today I went to dr. Rekha The happiness we were waiting for from past 10 years

will be complete soon truth?

Zarina Madam, congratulations, it's a boy

Mr. Verma congrats for son

Thank you, doctor, can I go in? Please

Sir, Sher Khan flew from Jail What? Yes Sir

Listen You don't want to see face of your son?

Sher is very dangerous Tanu I can see him later

Sher Khan, please give my son back give my child back

Zarina I was here to kill you but I am taking more important thing than that your kid

I beg you Sher Khan Please give me my Child Just Go

Please forgive me Now as your God for forgiveness

Zarina Inspector Sir Sher Khan kidnapped my child from mewhat?

You told me that you will protect me and my child? now keep your promise

Now keep your promise, Inspector Sir

Give me my child back Give me my child back

Keep your promise inspector sir or I will die

My Child My Shekhu My Child

Zarina I am giving you my son I will take my son back, when I will find yours

Inspector Sir You are not just a human being

you are an angel May God bless your wife with kids

My child where is my child?

Doctor you tell, where is my child Nurse you must be knowing where is my child?

Mrs. Verma Doctor Sir, you tell me

Where is my child? Where is my child?

Mrs. Verma be calm Please Today after many years I was so happy

And someone snatched it so soon He took my piece of heart

Who is that bad man, who is that evil? Please tell me Tanu

You did this. This all happen because of you

If at all you didn't arrested that Sher Khan My kid would be not get separated from me

but you I have to pay the cost of your uniforml have to pay

Please bring my Kid

My Dear Child Always do such deeds

That your name should always be sparkle

As Sun, As Moon As Sun, As Moon

Shekhu come my son come

I want my kid back or I will be mad

D'cruise yes Sir I want this man at any cost

No one else is my support one is you, and one is my God

Now I have only one dream That your name should always be sparkle

As Sun, As Moon As Sun, As Moon

Solkar Post this advertisement in all city Ok Sir

immediately Someone please help

I time come, somewhere or sometimes Never get defeated with difficulties

This complete world will bow down at you your name should always be sparkle

As Sun, As Moon As Sun, As Moon

Inspector Verma Greetings from Sher Khan

I got to know that when I kidnapped her son you put your son in her lap

Till you didn't give Zarina her son you will not get yours

your son is with Zarina and her son is with me

this is called game of fortune Verma Sir

Michel has seven years left for his punishment If you can rescue Michel by any means

you can get your son back You must do this before 15 days

I you didn't do that result is in the envelop kept with this

open and see it

Sher Khan This is it

we will leave this country today for ever you take those diamonds and reach airport

I will reach Airport but what will happen to Inspector Verma?

Inspector Verma will get dead body of that boy instead of him

Very Good I will reach Airport with DiamondsCome Soon Sure

Sher Khan Police

Sher Khan Police have covered you from all directions

Come out with kid and surrender yourself to police

1 2 3

Let's go dear Verma Sir

Police investigation is important Will do that and send this boy to your hom

Court give life sentence to death for Sher Khan Hang until death


No I don'tbelieve in this

try to understand Zarina Shekhu is not your son

Shekhu is my Son You are telling this story after 8 years?

Shekhu is my Son Zarina My blood floats in his veins

Grow others son considering its yours is madness You are mad

that you are snatching my kid from me Your stubbornness will become my life term disease

I cannot consider your son as mine Shekhu is mine, and will be

Do remember Zarina result will not be good

I don't know anything just leave from here

Madam, our son is here

Mrs. Verma he is your son That we got from Sher Khan

My baby

Where have you been leaving me? Mother

Don't leave me ever now

I will never leave me

you go out from here I will not give Shekhu to you at any cost

And I will take my Son at any cost This is not a return to my favors

I did favor on you That I helped you in arresting Sher Khan

I in return gave my wife tears and my kid on your laps

But now my kid will not grow in dancer's club

Dancer is also a mother Inspector Sir

My Shekhu will be with me Understood? yes

No No Dancer's child cannot be grown in my house

I will bring my kid from Zarina home let me do anything for it then


Shekhu where were you?

At Shanta's home, to tie a rakhi Mother, are we going somewhere? Yes

we are leaving this house forever By leaving house? Yes son

Then mother will click your photo Idon't want to be clicked

Mother one picture No

Shekhu Open the gate mother Open the gate

Mother Shekhu What happened to you mother?

Who was that Police man mother? Who was he?

Mother Please tell mother Who was he?

Say something mother mother

Mother where you go leaving me? where you go?


Every religion has its own belief

Hindu burn the body and Muslim bury them

By digging soil Yes

Wait Zarina My son

What else you mother want from you

What else you mother want from you

My eyes will close the time when comes Away from my path

You should help you mother always till last rituals

That your name should always be sparkle

As Sun, As Moon As Sun, As Moon

Mother, I promise you I will take revenge of your murder

I will kill that police man here near you Shekhu

That this son Have it Let Father come

Dear Son, Police people cannot be trusted Then give to Anita

Saw this Sharma Sir you daughter did some magic on my son

That why I am saying sister call Panditji, will do quick birthday

and then quick marriage

Marriage will be done in future Firstly, let Anita be a doctor

and Amar be Police Officer Tanu

Today we will celebrate one more birthday what happened to you?

And who is he? Consider him as our son

He will stay with us here itself Father

You didn'tbuy birthday present for me? Shekhu

I will kill you I will not leave youl will kill you what is all this leave him son

You idiot, you raise your hand on my sonjust go away from her Just go

This bastard will not stay here Tanu

You raised your hand for him? Tanu

Ramu Yes Sir Catch him

Leave me leave me take him to my room

I don't want to be in this house let me go

I don't want to be in this house He or me and my son anyone can live in this house

Open the door I don't want to be in this houseTanu listen to me.

Mother, till will find your killer I will not let these police man stay with comfort

Shekhu Some one catch him

Mother Mother help me

Shame on all of us It's a shame, that one person is making bluff calling from 15 years

He is making fun of Police He escapes from police from 15 years

Now, I am here in this city And I want to know at any cost

that who is this Police enemy? I am that mother

Who don't let Police sleep from past 15 years Because from 15 years' mother

your Sikandar will not be defeated soon That day is not far when I will bring your enemy

That man will die here on your feet mother on your feet

Mother Amar Wait there itself son

will bring Pooja Thali Have you listen?

Amar is here come soon father

I wish, my son should be near me today He might be Police officer too

And this uniform could be on his body Son

Why are you standing there? Come here

Mother, tell me how do I look in this?

Very good Son

May God, Bless you Can I come in Come

Father I Father? Why you have tears in your eyes?

This is tears of happiness Give me blessing father No

You should not bow after wearing Police uniform But you are my father

Son, from today you are a police officer and you now get related to law

Every relation ends when you get related to law

There should be no difference for father, brother, or any other civilian

Right Sir You will see

when Law comes in between I will not let you escape too Good

I am expecting the same from you Very good son

you want to start from home? What are you saying mother?

Me and father was just why?

He is correct! How can we trust you? Tanu

Your son came in uniform for first day you will not give him sweet? Father

What are you thinking of my mother? She must have prepared Kheer for me

What say mother? Let Anita come, will give you all together

Mother, you spoiled my taste by taking her name

Your Daughter in law is more interested in patients than good beings

She must be giving injection to some patient Do you know how she gives it?

You let me die like this why are you doing this?

Mother, you will be well soon Oh Lord

Take this Buy medicines give one spoon in every two hours

Dear, I spend so many years in this city but didn't saw so kind person

You take care of all poor peoples God will give you long life

You are just a God for us all

OK, Uncle Will come tomorrow

Dear, it's raining heavily no issues

I will take taxi from road Ok, I will accompany you ok


Jagga! When this bloody rescued from jail?

How these lotuses bloomed in our slum after me?

I guess Doctor gave you injection of strength? Leave him uncle

Leave me Please help me Leave her

it's not good to dishonor some women Then will dishonor you daughter

Jagga! Save me Please save me Jagga

Jagga If you touch Doctor madam, I will kill you Please save me

Today even God can't save you leave her

Go there you old women Please save me

Where are, you going leaving me darling? No one will help you Help me

Everyone here is light hearted here no one dares to come near Jagga

no one will come Please save me brother Don't frighten Sister

Today one mother send his son to save his sisters honor

So, she is your daughter?

Every sad woman in this world is my mother or sister

so, you are a leader of this slum? yes

I am leader and giver

well done

Wake up You were rising hand on me

you rascal even God will not forgive you Manmauji, please bring that hukkah?

Uncle, will bring it and let this slum see the fire

let's go and say sorry to my sister

no brother, please forgive him please forgive him for my sake

Go Jagga I forgive you today

but remember don't even dare you see towards this area go

Long live Sikandar

Brother, you may live for years to come.

If you give me too much blessings will be grandpa, great grandpa, great great grandpa

brother please meet him He is my Fianc

Means your brother in law Amar And I am Sikandar

Sikandar the way you saved Anita I cannot pay its favor ever

It was my duty You came here for the first time

I don't understand who to greet you? You will do all greetings here

or take me to your home? Yes brother

We will go to your home Will take blessing from mother

No Anita Mother cannot give you blessings why?

Sikandar, Mother is like God She can't do like this that we touch his foot and she didn't bless us

You are right Amar Mother would have given you blessings

if she was alive what mother? Yes sister

Today it's been 15 years, she died Today is her death Anniversary

you cannot see her But we can offer her flowers

Will come in evening for her anniversary

Mother, you are not God But be with me where ever I go

Mother, you are not God But be with me where ever I go

Like we have mothers love there is no alternative to your affection

Mother, you are not God But be with me where ever I go

beneath this Soil closed eyes of yours even today it kisses my face

Even today every night my heart listen all your songs as heart beats

When I go out of home it feels like my arms are holding your hands

Mother, you are not God But be with me where ever I go

Mother, you are not God But be with me where ever I go

Like a blessing cloud your love and affection is priceless

you are love light, I am traveler of this life I am enlightened by having your light

I have essence of your blessings My life is shining as a garden

My childhood was happier, youth is night of stars

Mother, you are not God But be with me where ever I go

Sir Fighting happened sir Fighting happened

Criminals did fighting in jail Many got injured and commission sir came

And called you immediately to police station

Sikander I am sorry I must go Let's go

Uncle, Amar is Police officer Yes son


Why you don't walk by seeing

Uncle, I ma Sikandar You?

Uncle, Police is behind me just hide this under you

Don't be frighten Uncle You will be fine

Go and search

What happened? Sikandar have you saw someone running from here?

I was taking care of uncle so, did saw anyone what happened?

Some guy tells us about smuggling

and when we reach there, he ran with all stuffs

He is too clever

Yes, some day this cleverness will become hand cuffs for him

I guess he might be at this way ok

You will run in darkness for complete life But you will never reach me

Sikander We slum people considered you angel of nice and honesty

but you are a thief bad man

I will right way tell Amar that, you did this all

No Uncle this is false What false?

Is it not true that you are running holding this bag? Reality

Reality is that Uncle, my mother didn't die becauseof fire

One Police officer killed her Murder Yes uncle

And from that day, I connect wires to police station and get information about illegal wealth

Then I tell them about robbery and rob all wealth to give to poor people

because I believe, that this wealthbelongs to poor people

But son, who long you will do all this?

The day, till I didn't get killer of my mother I will irritate police department in same way

Hello 999 Speaking? Yes Where is 666 where is Michel

Call him immediately Hello Mr. Michel How are you?

Hello Mr. Ahuja Any trouble in our hotel?

Nothing sir That's good Boss

you got a call from 999 excuse me

Hello Are you Michel speaking

tomorrow 11Am tender is coming good how is the temperature?

102 golden shoes Golden shoe! ok

my man will come to revive it on old airport number is MMM230 Goa

I guess it's a big deal Big deal means rich people

means more police

If I can be in that gang by any means

I might get chance to reach my mother's killer

Hello Inspector Amar here Inspector sir

I have an information for you. What kind of information?

One girl is coming with diamonds in plane.

That girl has identity as golden shoes that she must be wearing

Hello Excuse me Ms. We must investigate you

Greeting Sir What's the matter? Will, show you something

once the people can smell it, he will directly reach the heaven Then show me

She doesn't have anything with her please see this too no thanks

Do you smoke? Sorry I don't smoke

Golden shoe

Will you drink cigarette? Let's go

Quickly Follow that car

come on hurry up

Oh God I guess Police again doubt me how's that?

Police is following us diamonds are with you? Yes

Then why didn't police got them? See this

If they are Smart am smarter Then I am smartest

Give those diamonds to me Then see, how I irritate them Take this

Oh, My God

Let's come and play hide and seek

This my life this life

will not found in sorrow happiness will never find me

This is my life this life

You fair arms surround me in my dreams no one is here robber no one is bandit

You fair arms surround me in my dreams no one is here robber no one is bandit

Don't do buttering Don't do filtering

I have all these qualities Let's come and play hide and seek This my life

will not found in sorrow happiness will never find me This is my life

Oh Mother

I think that someone is seeing me without notice

I don'tknow when my good fortune will arise

I think that someone is seeing me without notice

I don'tknow when my good fortune will arise

Don't leave it on fortune Don't leave it on luck I have all these qualities

Let's come and play hide and seek This my life

Put on the light

Please Stand where you are We are searching a girl

Who smuggled Diamonds and came here

It's good for you if you don't move from your place till we get her

what will be now

Take this


Mrs. Aman Yes sir Search her

Come with me madam We are searching a migrate packet

that this girl may have put in your pocket in such crowd

Kulkarni search all

Come all come in line Come in que

search by opening every pocket

Its obvious that you will search me too Yes Sikandar

Law is same for all Investigation will be there But

Sorry Search him

Now can I search you no Sir

Sir They don't have anything

Sir, she also has nothing

Sir, we completed the searching they don't have anything

madam, this is India and its difficult to save yourself from Police

Where are diamonds In the pocket of Police

In the pocket of police? How we can get it

Will show you now

Amar! Can you send me to corner?

Ok, let's go Died


My candle, my light, my moth I was waiting for you so long

Then cheers for this waiting Thank you

You bought diamonds?

Yes, I gave it to your man who came to receive me at airport He was so brilliant

making fool of police is our work but where is my man?

He is here. What have you done to yourself?

Where are diamonds? Diamonds.

But Uncle, he is not the man whom I gave diamonds!

Then who was he? Then who is he, to whom you gave diamonds?

The person who make me fool and kept me in car

might possible he took all diamonds Uncle!

Stop this nonsense of Uncle Shama, those are precious diamonds

if Ididn't get those, I will not forgive you Don't worry

diamonds will come with that man

Why you bought me here?

Don't you understand now? You are too stupid

Will bath, swim and enjoy Come please

Come please You swim, you bath I am leaving

I have a habit to bath with warm water

Sometimes, cold water gives you pleasure

This is a point to undertake But you are so bad in understanding what?

How many clothes you were? Don't you feel hot?

If I want to save my honor I must everything

You are enjoying jokes and here I may die

This is a point to under take

If Ididn'tgive him back these diamonds, Michel will kill me

Who is Michel Big Smuggler and bad guy of this city

Then he is of my use

You are human or Predator?

Who are you? God is appreciated

And you do my introduction He is Sikandar

Dear, do you where are you standing? To the man's place who diamonds are in my pocket

what do you want? Simple, the profit will be share 50-50 between you and me

And if I say no to agree on your terms then? Then, I am leaving


Why you want to spoil your good face Go

You are not only egoistic but brave too listen

How many people work with you? I don't have habit to adopt dogs like you!

I believe in my arms Michel, he is a useful champ

don't let him go from your hands I agree to your terms

Ok, then take this And me my share Sikandar

If you want, you can make more money than this how will it be?

By working with me Sikandar didn't slave anyone till date

Not slave, as my friend, friend Sikander your plan is getting successful say yes

What are you thinking? Don't waste your time in good start

You are right

So, shake hands Enjoy Diwali every day

For whom are you buying this? Not for us

For my neighbors here comes Sikandar here comes here comes come come

Uncle Take this Yes son give it all people And celebrate a Diwali as no one seen ever

Go and do it Long live Sikandar Brother!

Burning up My house is burning someone Please save my child

Please save him Sikandar brother my child

Sikandar brother my child Sikandar My Child my Child Sikandar are you ok?

Its paining, right? When sister do treatment for brother

it will not pain. What's this brother I am just a Doctor

No sister, you're not just a doctor Lord And you are God

Yes, Sikandar Amar is right

The person who save life of other without thinking of own

is never less than the God

But Uncle how are you here? We went to hospital to pick you up.

And got to know about this accident We thought,

we should also go and meet the God

father, I guess Sikandar is feeling shy by hearing his appreciation

He thinks that Police man only scold and beat

That mother must be so lucky who gave birth to you

I am alone in this world No son

You are not alone son

can I say one thing come to our home next Monday

Its Amar's birthday And it's not ordinary birthday

we celebrate two birthdays' together To whom I remember

please come for sure Shekhu mother

that's why I hate police officers

Shama, I feel like every police man is killer of my father

And I am searching that killer in every police man

But I still not found him Sikandar, by hearing your story it feels like it's my story

the difference is your mother is being murdered and my father was hanged


I am sad like you from childhood

whenever I remember this sorrow

my eyes get wet I cry by seeing his photo

Hello Hello 11 Speaking

must give message to Sikandar hello

hello Inspector sir Listen carefully

In the lane of hanuman Temple There is a Betal shop

where lacs of diamonds are hidden After exactly half an hour

one person will come and ask for Bombay babu pan number 3

Shop owner will give bag of diamonds to him, by listening the code word

Sikandar Brother Ganga Aunty is no more

Ganga Aunty

Bombay ka bapu Give me 3 number Betal leaf

You will eat or take away? Will take away.

Diamonds are inside check it

Jai Shiv Shankar Keep your eye on shop man

Arrest a man who will ask for leaf number 3 cleverly!

I will not do mistake what? I am sorry sir

sorry I will do the work so beautifully that film fare people will give me award

Jai Shiv Shankar

What is this? He seems to be fake like me

Please give me leaf number 3 which leaf father?

Are you deaf with one ear? Told you

give me Bombay bapu leaf number 3 someone took it

took it? I will give you leaf number 3

Fake Beard? My name is Pandu Hawaldar

Thief thief don't run where is he catch him

don't leave him

what are you seeing here? Thief is there

They are considering me as thief run Pandu run

oh, my mother, oh my mother run run

they will beat me leave me leave me

I am Pandu Halwaldar, idiots

He is thief catch him

leave me girl

where is my stick

his clothes where is he?

Brother, Sikandar brother you

I was frightened But what are you doing here?

What I am doing here? Don't you know?

This is Commissionersbungalow Commissioner Sir

I was here to meet him by climbing wall?

The thing is where ever I go first time I go with blast

what kind of blast dear?

Sikandar my son come in

Tanu see Sikandar is here Sikandar, you came on right time

come, have meal Mother

See, Amar is also here

Mother I am too hungry

Sikandar you are here? You send no telegram?

Brother, I send a letter and wrote in that, to consider letter as telegram

Now what should I do, if you don't understand

Thief is sitting on dining table of commissioner's house Sir Sir

Eat Sikandar you must never have had such good dish before

Pandu did that man came? Dahi wada

Pandu where are you? He is such a stupid

are you in conscious? In conscious, in unconscious in both its a dish

what? I am asking do you got that man?

Got him, didn't got him, he ran away Sir Son of Sir

Are you here to click a photo?

Get out from here Will go from here

Idiot what happened sir

nothing important father I am behind a smuggler

I got the diamonds but the man ran away Sikandar,

by letting police get those diamonds you proved that you're not our man

You are police man, a traitor Michel

I will make you shut up take him away

And kill him in pieces and throw him in Death Valley

I will show you who will throw whom in Death Valley

who are you? Michel

Boss you?

Who is he? He is the same Sikandar about whom I told you

Michel you have appreciated his loyalty and bravery

then why the game of life and death is going on?

Because he informed Police and let our diamonds been caught

He is a traitor Michel

Have you called Police? Yes, I did

Why? That's my rule

Any work I do, I inform police in prior And I never get into problem

Then how you came in problem this time? Was forced by emotions

That's ok what what will happen to our diamonds?

Sikandar never got beaten by anyone nor will be in future

Your diamonds will be with you by tomorrow And if it didn't reach then?

Sikandar will do as he say

Michel The tiger that you are nurturing

do you know how many teeth he has?

What do you mean?

Means such person can be harmful to us at any time

Who is he? What was he?

What he did prior? I want full report of him

Ok boss

Tell me what's the matter?

Sir, the man I was supposed to arrest I saw him again

I saw him again then why didn't you arrest him?

You will feel bad, so Ididn't arrest him

you brain got rotten My brain is not Sir I guess my time is bad

so, don't waste my time Say quickly what you want to say

Sir, the man who was eating Dahi wada in your house

dahi wada? Sir, yesterday

He is Sikandar He is the same Sikandar?

You put specs on your eyes which one sir, nearby or far by?

Get out sir get out

I am saying the truth I saw what I said

get out ok sir idiot

Do you call me again? Out!

Come brother Sikandar who come you here?

If you say will go I am just kidding come have a seat

Take this Two tickets of movie

take Anita with you This was not required.

Sikandar will never do any work, unintentionallywhat?

Sir the diamonds which we got yesterday

Should I deposit that in treasury? No

I will do it my own ok sir

Amar, I will take a leave! Where are, you going?

You just came.

The intention for which I came is done means Tickets


What happened? Diamonds are still in police custody

how can we take it out? I know one big jeweler

who already impressed Police commissioner I will take benefit of his loyalty

how will you do that?

Jeweler will tell trough paper work that diamonds are not stolenit's his

Who will do that?

Accountant I am so sure that Nawab Sir will like all these sets

Come come please come

Your daughter is getting married?

Sir, I am ready for a son, so I am getting married

Good Sir Where is Owner? He is sitting inside his cabin

Let me show his cabin Don't worry I can go ahead

Ok sir Greetings! Was waiting for you Please come

I am sorry for my rude behavior sir

But you know we have strict rules in our home

I wish, you be alone


Sir, why are you closing this door?

I will make you understand Sir, we can anytime talk about give and take

But before that, youmust do one of my work

The papers you are seeing is of same diamonds sir

And I paid all taxes on those diamond

And I am strange, that how can police think it as smuggled stones?

Police is not responsible sir the situation in which we get the gems,

anyone can doubt it So, there is no respect for businessman?

What about respect Sir Everyone in our department knows

you never did anything wrong that you never smuggled anything

Then please give me my property You will get it

after proper investigation

Sir, I can I make you understand I must use them in jeweler tomorrow itself

it's for marriage

If it will be late for even a day Customer will kill me

I see Ok, Then I will give you a letter you go and get it

Please let the letter be Why?

That inspector Amar is too Stubborn Please you come with me to get my gems

I will be grateful What's grateful in that

it's your property and you should get it come with me

Dcruise yes Sir let's go a deposit that diamonds

but sir what? Commission sir, returned it to the party

who didn't know Sikandar Sir the day his mother Zarina died

He grew near her grave Thank you

Boss I came with good news what's that?

About that boy Sikandar What about him?

He is son of your old enemy Zarina bai Zarina bai's son

Boss If you want you can take revange of his mother from him

it's a nice chance ok

you go ok

He might be Inspector Verma's Son shekhu

If it is so Then this is a best chance to take revenge from Verma

Today you buy us Sikandar You're not only brave but magician too

Thank you for new name But listen me with open ears

This magician will not work for you henceforth Sikandar

Please throw out your anger I will say sorry from Michel

He is Stupid didn't understand you

but I I promise to snatch the eyes of a man who will see to you

let it be I am happy to know that

you are also enemy of police

But any specific reason for same?

Yes, it'san old story Old story?

Yes, back 15 years One police man Killed mother of a small child in front of his eyes

The kid took his photo too But police man ran with that camera

and from that they the kid is doing bad work just to get information and grown Adult

and till today, he is burning in same search

but when I will find that police man

Promise of God I will kill him so brutally

that this Earth will also be in shock Sikandar

I am with you in your sorrow from today your enemy is mine

promise of your friendship The work you didn't did for past 15 years

will do it soon

I am Verma good morning Sir

Who is speaking? Sir, I am old sinner

My name is Michel ohh! That colleague of Sher Khan

I want you to know That inspector Amar is not your son

How do you know? I also know who is you son

Michel say the truth soon Commissioner Sr, come to Hotel good luck by 7pm

You will get to know all

Hello Inspector Amar Speaking! Mr. Verma's son is speaking?

Who are you? I am a small man

but the thing I wanna share with you is very big

Mister Say quickly what you want to say

You lost crores of diamonds in same hurry and retuned it

what do you mean? Meaning is clear

Your father is responsible for return of that diamonds not court

What do you mean? I just want to say that

your father is with those smugglers Stop this nonsense

I knew that You will say this

That's why I am ready with its proof What proof you have

Your father is coming to hotel good luck by 8pm to meet those criminals

you come there and see your father by own eyes

Sikandar 20 years ago, commissioner's son was lost

Our planning is that you go as his son yes, I know

Our planning is that you go as his son yes, I know

You want me to go as his son and cut this ears That's right

planning is not bad But how can I make him believe that I am his real son?

It's our responsibility to make him believe Hello Commission sir

You came here is our fortune sometime we see to you and sometimes to this hotel

I am so disturbed from the moment you told us about my son

I understand that sir Please come

Where is my son? In the same city

Michel please let me meet him as soon as possible

I am sorry not today

But I will let him meet with you tomorrow for sure

That's a promise Tomorrow?

When this tomorrow will come? Sir, tomorrow will come after today

But please don't disclose this

Even to your wife Please Come on sir

Ok Michel Ok

why are you sitting in dark? Father, from where are you coming?

I was out to meet my friend Who is that friend?

Old friend of mine you don't know him

I know everything are you ok?

Yes well

I am asking you again where were you?

You smell like rude Not rude, as of duty

what you want to ask? The thing you don't want to tell

I will not tell you till my death wherelbeing

and I will ask you till my death That where were you?

Amar don't forget that I am your father You forgot father that

You told me the first day I came in this uniform

that you must break all relations after wearing this uniform

The law path that you are walking I am walking on same path from years

your legs can be on wrong path after walking so much Shut up

Mother I guess, God is being kind to your Sikandar

The promise I made to you will be finished soon

till now I was searching for destination But now destination is searching me

Commission sir, that is Zarina bai's burned house

which was set on fire 15 years ago

From the same day, her son Sikandar grew there itself by shedding tears

Sikandar? Sikandar is my son?

Yes sir, he is your son

You call him once as son and see, he will come running and hug you tightly

My son's real name was Shekhu Should I call him by the name Shekhu

That was his identity


my son

Shekhu my son where were you till date?

Come to me my son

Shama, consider this

from today our home is commissioner's home

And you will be contact point between us understand?

Ok boss that's good very good

all the best Sikandar Tanu

come soon Tanu you are shouting like you picked stars from sky

What are stars for you I bought piece of moon for you

let me see, where is he? See this

He is in front of you He is Sikandar

What are you seeing? Touch your mothers foot

mother mother

Give him the blessings Hug him

he is your blood he is our son

yes smother Tanu

I want us to give him so much love that he should forget all sorrow

Mother Son

These clothes are not good go upstairs and change your clothes

ok sir Ramu Take Younger Sir to upstairs come Sir

what is all this? Come inside, will tell you

The secret I kept from past 15 years

You must remember our kid was lost from hospital

I took him from you I did that robbery

no one else

Leave him Stupid, you raise hands on my kid


You are so strange What's the matter?

You both seemed so happy? Is it my birthday?

We celebrated last month yes

Then who came with so much happiness than my birthday mother?

Amar Sikandar so, nice

you are looking good in my clothes

See mother, he is looking so good

take this son Eat the sweet

Tell me mother what'sspecial for these sweets?

We got our lost son after years Lost son

Sikandar Mother is Sikandar my brother?

Yes, my son father yes sir

Sher Khan took him from me That day, when you asked me about Michel

the reason was Sikandar

And you use to ask me about by sadness that reason was also Sikandar

Amar I am so happy today Sometimes bad people do great deeds

Michel made huge favor on me by tell me about him

brother Sikandar I am too happy today


Amar beware

I am so happy today What happen please tell?

Nope Please tell, my heart is pumping fast

When lovers heart beat faster other gets too happy Amar please

tell me My heart is beating fast

I told you that will not tell you Amar! Amar

Beating heart for my heartful darling Beating heart for my heartful darling

It's been support for the complete life It's been support for the complete life

Beating heart for my heartful darling

See my darling see, this magic see See walks like sparkles, see her walking

It's been support for the complete life It's been support for the complete life

It's been support for the complete life It's been support for the complete life

the way you talk in love with me its seems like motor car run from me

what to say?

Beating heart for my heartful darling Beating heart for my heartful darling

It's been support for the complete life It's been support for the complete life

Beating heart for my heartful darling

Sir, I am calling from intelligence department

We just got information that,

Today by night some boats full of gold is reaching Varsova port

Please take care

Sir, we search every corner of this place

but we didn't found it anywhere We also send two boats in sea

Information cannot be fake see on that side

Ok sir

I was searching you What happened?

Sujit was arrested by Amar on Mud Island. He reached there before I informed him?

Jokes apart Think of how we can rescue the Gold?

Now we must rescue Gold in front of everybody.

Hello Mrs. Verma

You son Amar, put patrolling on Versova beach

And our people are stuck because of same

It may happen that we open firing and your son may die in same

what? If you want son to be alive

Tell you commissioner husband to put out patrolling in next half hour

if police didn't move from there you will be responsible for his death, notes

No Hello what happened Tanu?

Who was on line? Some criminals from Varsova beach

Amar is in danger please save him or else they will kill him

please call there and ask to remove patrolling! What are you saying this?

Remove patrolling? That too because of some call?

What are you saying?

Tanu If we frighten by criminal's threat

there will be only criminals But we

don't come in between law I will go myself

Did driver put out the car? His daughter is not well

he took her to hospital what happened father

where you want to go? Versova beach

I will take you there ok let's go

come with me

father you? We got a phone, where in they told that you are in danger

Danger? There is nothing to worry

Amar, that's good, but to beware is brilliancy Sikandar you?

Yes, driver was not available so, took Sikandar along with

Sir, come here

Sir, we found box full of gold

that means, they are nearby with other gold keep your men on every possible point

that criminals should not fly away let's go

What is this? One two three four

Pandu! What are you doing here?

I am searching the Gold Go, commission is searching you

Commissioner sir! yes, go will go Go

yes going

fatheryou're not fine

go home and rest

go out soon

inform me whatever is the news

ok father let's go father

Hands up

hands up I too know who to shed blood

throw your revolver

come done

for whom you work? Where is all hold? say it

Will tell

Let's go son Have some rest You must be tired give keys to me

Let's Go

Take him to police station I am going home

who's that? what happened Sikandar? nothing

was not well

what happened mother? you all are awake so late? Sikandar is not well

Will call doctor No Amar just missed my mom

Thought to go to her grave At so night?

Sikandar don't go there tonight, it's not safe go tomorrow morning

come I will give you medicines

now go and sleep

I gave you sleeping tablets Go and sleep well

Go my son Go

Father, this key was on the floor ok, what happened to the patrolling at Versova?

Any one got arrested? Yes Father

A man named Sujit got arrested But for whom he works, he didn't reveal yet

Sujit But I am sure, he will tell by morning

You rascal, you flirt with girls? Boss, is this a way to send someone in?


Doctor you?

I am here to rescue you. How?

I will give you this injection in your veins You will be unconscious

police will think you are not well They will take you to hospital by ambulance

You get out in between

Sir, told to clean the dicky Ok, will do it

Ok, will do it Don't open the dicky

what happen? Why are you shouting so early morning?

Dicky is closed?

The matter is, I want to go to my mother grave

Let me drop you on the way No Let me drop you on the way No

You go

and you know, our paths are different As you wish

What happened? Wheneverl do things in hurry Somethinghappens

what happened sir? The same old problem

Where is screw driver yes, in a dicky

Amar Your car is started

What you did? That's my magic

listen yes give me the keys

Sir Sujit is dead what?

You say me anything or kick me out from here

But Mother promise today I will tell you the truth

What's the matter? That day when I followed a man from betal shop

and reached your home

I saw, sir was feeding him Dahi vada I doubt him strongly

You mean by Sikandar? Yes sir

He was there at Versova island yesterday night.

He was with my father

But when I was on round, he closed the dicky by seeing me Sir

I think, the gold is in commissioner's car

Please check his dicky once

why are you shouting? See this dicky.

Sikandar you did marvel

You not only make fool of police, but also bring lacs of gold in police car

Shama, I don't want money

Iam taking revenge from police

Because of whom, my childhood was spend on footpath

If at all my mom was alive, I could be well educated nice man

I would have never done such bad work I am sorry Sikandar

Unknowingly, I touched your wounds

Ispread salt on my wounds

By the same sorrow that I want to search my mother's killer

Who is in some police you go Shama

Run Shama

Stop Sikandar

I didn'texpect in my dreams that you will do such worst work

out of car out I say

It's nice, that you know the truth Sikandar you betrayed father

I will cut this han


And you will do nothing

Sikandar You will come with me today

alive or dead

Sikandar Come fast Come Shama Fast Sikandar Come soon come on fast

You live here?

Get in Have you called doctor?

Anita Brother what happened to you?

It's a bullet who shoot you? Who fired a bullet?

You should go to hospital and complaint to police

I can't go to police And not even to hospital

Why not brother tell me swear me

because police shot me by police hands?

Did you do any crime? Say please

I will tell you everything.

But before that remove this bullet from my leg

And you should Swear my head that you will not share anything with anyone

not even with Amar

Anita before Bullets' poison kill your brother

please remove it fast brother

I must remove this bullet without giving you anesthesia

It will pain a lot please hold his leg

Please get light from somewhere blood is flowingquickly

please get light from somewhere fast go fast

Doctor do it quick? Amar what rubbish are you talking?

Not rubbish father, it's a truth One smuggler came as son in our house

And one police officer hugged him as father no, this is false

Our son can't do this This is the difficulty mother

Sikandar put motherhood curtains on your eyes

no Our son can't betray us like this

Let him come we will prove that he is not smuggler

now he will not return why?

Becauselcaught him red handed while doing smuggling

and and I shot hi

you shot him Why you did this?

Mother you are not understanding you didn't kill him, you killed me


why are you angry on Amar?

Sikandar are you ok? Yes mother

what happened to me. He was saying he shot you.

Bullet? Why he will have shot me?

He is my brother Sikandar

Please stop the drama of brother, mother, and father Amar!

Father why are you getting angry? It's between brothers

Amar I think you misunderstood

It might be that you target someone else? Sikandar

you and other are very different Amar

do you have any proof? Father You want proof right

the wound on his leg

father one minute

Amar You know father is heart patient

don't pull this topic please throw away the anger

come on come father wait Sikandar

played a big drama here

You must show your leg wound in front of Sir

Show him, his misunderstanding will be clear up

father show him son what happened?

Are you fearing of truth?

Now tell me which leg was it?

Left think again stop bullshit

and show your leg

Show the other leg

Have you seen the truth youreyes? You want to prove him wrong

Amar my son Are you confirmed now that your brother is not a smuggler?

Sikandar fortune give you one chance not always

Amar Amar I also doubt that you are my brother or not

get out of this house you Rascal Father

what happened to you? I will call a doctor

What at all I tell you You will not share with anyone.

Not even with Amar

what happen Amar?

You seemed frustrated! Yes Anita

My house in set on fire that I cannot control

Fire! Which fire Sikandar did it

Sikandar brother this is the difficulty

Sikandar is not brother nor a son

he is a smuggler yes Anita

at least you believe me. Today I caught him red handed

shot a bullet on his leg

But I don't know which doctor did the clear-cut work

And he even removed the wound by plastic surgery

And Imust get insulted in front of my parents Anita I am not able to understand

how should I make them believe? That Sikandar is not their son

this is a bullet from my revolver

how do you get it?

I don't know this is the same bullet

that I shot on Sikandar's leg This bullet

how come it's with you Idon't know

Anita Anita This is my life question

No Amar Ican'trelevel Tell me once that you removed Bullet from his leg

no You are lying Say Anita Say

Sikandar You are bluffing my father by become son

And to Anita by becoming Bother who you become son?

Sometimes, bad people do good work Michel did a huge favor on me


Boss inspector Verma Arrested Michel What?

Mr. Verma your blood pressure is bit high I will prescribe you tablets

hello Sikandar this side Sikandar

Inspector Amar arrested Michel what?

Yes He has a doubt on you

And he wants to get the truth from Michel There is a good news for you

What's that?

The man whom your searching from years whom killed your mother

we found him who is that? Address of the killer is with Michel

And Machel is in Amar's custody

How many times I tell you? Sikandar is son of Verma

You are lying Michel this is police station

every criminal say truth here Michel you have to tell today

from whom you are getting the truth?

Not Amar its Inspector

only Inspector

Sorry Inspector

What are you doing here? I am not here to do anything

Inspector sir Lawyer is here to do something

Inspector, these are Michel's bail papers Now ask whatever you want to know in court

Can I take Michel now?

Now you will give me answer of my question

Come Sher Khan

I am asking this man for thousand times about my mother's killer

but he did say anything till now

Sher Khan, I kept my promise by bringing him here

now it's your turn Ask him

who killed My mother Ask him

Micheldon't be frighten Tell who killed his mother

But boss Don't worry about

Me and Sikandar are with you

say it say it ok

come with me where are,


Zoom it

SK Verma? yes, the same who was inspector 15 years' back

and now a commissioner

Rascal you send me as son in my mother's killer home?

Why? why? leave him but Sikandar

Michel was unknow by this secrete

And you know now who is true killer of your mother?

Yes Yes Inspector Verma

It's your last day of survival

Sikandar even we want to see dead body of our enemy You will see for sure

for sure

Kailash where is Sikandar Sikandar is with boss along with Machel

Boss? Who is this new boss?

Yes, Inspector Amar here Inspector Amar Sikandar is going home to kill your father

if you want to save your father's life, go home immediately

Michel, you have always heard about doom day

today someone please go to Verma's house and see what is doom all about

Sikandar will kill his own father And inspector Amar will kill Sikandar

Boss, Ididn't understand Verma Sikandar's father?

Yes, Sikandar is real son of Verma

When sikandar told me about his mother's murder

and he told about taking photograph of that killer

Then I got to know that Sikandar is real son of Verma

But how? That is how, because

15 years prior, when I went to kill Zarina bai in inspector's costume


That time the kid that was in her home was not Amar

but he was Sikandar, who took the picture

I ran with camera And I preserve that photograph

To ensure that the day when Verma will be in my path

I will use the same photograph for his death

No I will not let this happen but before 1

5 years, court gave you death sentence

who was he, who got hanged? My twin Dilawar Khan

My father yes Do you remember

you came to meet me, before 15 years after getting free from jail?

And Inspector Verma arrested you again in return?

And you beware me my shouting Sher Khan Police!

I went directly to my brother

who came to meet me from Singapore same day?

Dilawar Khan I am in problem

save me Save me Police has covered me from all sides

you have to give sacrifice Sacrifice?

What kind of Sacrifice? You will go out by taking that boy

and you will surrender to police by saying you are Sher Khan

What non-sense is this? Do the way I am saying or?

I will kill your daughter in front of your eyes.

But you are going on?

I should? No No

Don't do anything to my daughter

Then listen, even if law give you death sentence

You accept it Here you say something

and here your daughter will be no Sher Khan

no I will do this sacrifice for my daughter

And this is a way he was hanged

This sin was only that, that he was my twin

He had one daughter I dont know she is alive or dead

She is not dead She is alive devil

And today she will take revenge from you

I will not let you be alive I will kill you

rascal Dog

How will you kill me? God will also think once before killing me

Your death is near to you I will tell all this to Sikandar

you dog rascal My dear niece

Sikandar, might be dead by this time And listen

no one is alive who know secret of Sher Khan

dog rascal Death is frightened by the name of Sikandar

You have so over confident on Sikandar yesl have

Michel take her to death room And keep her alive till she see Sikandar's body

Boss, you are giving such a big punishment to your neice?

When I didnt care about my brother then whats the Value of this neice?

Take her


what happened Sikandar?

Before 15 years one police man killed my mother

today that killer is in front of me who is he?

You are that what are you talking about?

Sikandar how dare you? You will kill your father?

And will kill him so brutally that sky will also cry

no I will not let this happen

every door of your life is closed only death's door is open

leave him done hand up

or else mother don't come down

Amar my son now tell me

who is near death door? Get out of my way

Or else you will cry for life on your mother's grave

Throw that gun throw away

Sikandar No

wait Sikandar

Take care of my husband son

don't worry mother Amar save my husband

don't worry What happened Amar?

I will tell you later take care of mother


Dear, please take me near Sikandar's mother grave

I will beg for my husband to her yes

I am begging for life of Sikandar

I considered you as my father from childhood till today

Michel you know Sher khan

he never forgives his secret known person

and you are too aware of his work After me

he will kill you too

Michel by stopping this dangerous game

you can end this bad work Michel this is not a time to think

If you think like this Innocent son will kill his innocent father

and this daughter will be dead in front of your eyes

you have to take this as a load for lifetime

you will be restless for rest of your life

And you will ask for forgiveness to God But he will never forgive you

never forgive you Michel never forgive me

Stop Shama You enlighten me today

God, bless you my child now you leave from here soon

Michel You betrayed me being in my gang

you will get punishment for this Betrayal


Rascal Save Sikandar Go and tell him everything

Kailash follow that girl and send all others too Sikandar

stop Sikandar

get away Amar

Sikandar! Shama

Sikandar what happened to you?

The person you are thinking as killer to your mother is your real father

Amar is son of Zarina bai Real killer of your mother is Sher Khan

Who killed your mother by wearing police uniform?

That devil even killed my father by bluffing He is leaving India

Don't forgive me Sikandar Shama Sikandar

Sher Khan This is Sikandar voice I guess Shama told him everything

Amar what is all this? I have no time to tell you in detail

how are you? fine where is Sikandar

he is following Sher Khan

He is following us move fast

He is coming from raw road fast


see this place Sher Khan

this is the same place where you killed my mother

Sher Kahn, i promised my mother

taht one day i will kill her murderer near her gave

wait open fire and shot him

rascal killer of my mother I will not make you live anymore

Sher Khan ask sorry to my father

Sher Khan you got saved from death sentence now you will not save anymore


wait Sikandar

this is place where I killed Zarina bai

and today here itself I will take life of your parents

I will change tis grave to graveyard

Court will make your grave And I will first end this court then

Don't move Sikandar I will kill you

No Sikandar Sher Khan

Kill me shot me more But I will not die till I will take your life

shot Sikandar brother wait

No Sikandar no Sikandar no

Shout Sher Khan I want to forget my mother's voice today

Sher Khan I will not let your dirty blood shed on my mother

Sikandar what have you done? Son

father forgive me I am so unfortunate

I was supposed totake life of my own father My Son

what have you done my son mother Son

Don't cry today I have less time please tie me thread

come here Brother Sister Brother come here

Brother come here

Sikandar brother Sikandar my brother

See mother your son Amar is here in front of you

your son Sikandar is not death mother he is immortal

Mother! Sikandar