Ek-Hi-Rasta (1956) - full transcript

Amar, Malti, and their young son, Raja, live a middle-class, but very harmonious life. Both Amar and Malti were brought up in an orphanage, and are always ready to help other orphans. Amar works for a kind-hearted and generous employer named Prakash Mehta, who is envious of their lifestyle, and would himself like to get married. Then one day Amar intercepts some criminal activity, which results in two employees losing their jobs, with one ending up in prison. When the prison term gets over, he runs over Amar under his truck, killing him instantly. Devastated and heart-broken, Malti hides this news from Raja and tells him that Amar is hospitalized and unable to return home. Then the towns folks start linking her with Prakash, leading to rumors being spread about their intimacy, finally resulting in Prakash proposing to her and both getting married. This settled, the two hope that life will continue and wounds will heal. But Raja expects his dad to return home, starts hating Prakash - so much so he harbors thoughts of killing him. And then one day Raja gets hold of a gun - and this time he will make sure that he kills Prakash - who he blames for his parents' separation.

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Drink it all at once, son.

One, two three.

Have you finished your upside-downs?

- Have you finished your service to art?
- Yes.

- You dance well.
- Why call it dancing, father?

Mama just moves around
and jumps around like this.

That's great son.

- Sister, l've prepared the water for the bath.
- Go and take a bath.

l'll take a bath but let
my perspiration dry out.

Let the perspiration dry out.
Mama doesn't understand at all.

Yes, l don't understand anything.

Only you and your father understand.

Listen mama. Don't talk about papa.

Great! What a father's son?
What will you do if l do so?

What will l do? Nothing.

Great! My son is very intelligent.

My darling son is really intelligent.

This isn't yours. lt's papa's.
This is yours.

- Sorry, it was a mistake.
- Go now.

Son, let's take a bath now.

The darling son will take a bath now.

The darling son will take of his clothes.

The darling son will
now take off his briefs.

- Why?
- l'm grown up now.

Stop behaving like a grown
up and take off the briefs.

- l feel shy.
- Oh, you feel shy?

Forget that, take them off now.

Have you ever been naked
before me? Then why should l?

Okay dear. You sit down.

You'll be late for school.
Let's bathe now.

Hail God

l've heard it, big officer.

How late does mama
make us? Come on, papa.

- Give me a kiss.
- Sweet or sour? - Sweet.

Take it.

- Sweet or sour.
- Get lost. - Bye.

Greetings, Mr. Amar. Greetings
Lala and greetings uncle.

Live long son and may
God keep you happy.

- Bye, dear.
- Bye.

- Have you got all the bags?
- Yes, l have. - Okay go.

- Take care of the bags
and see that they don't fall. - Yes.

Why are there fifty bags, Athar Singh?

- l'll make them sixty if you want.
- Sixty?

- Shall l write sixty then?
- You can write seventy if you want.

No, only eat as much as you
can digest. Sixty is alright.

One bag of cement
takes ten bags of sand.

Write seventy and l'll add
twenty bags of sand to it.

No, dishonesty to the
extent of 10 bags is enough.

Put ten bags of sand
and that'll be enough.

You're not a brave-hearted man.
Had l been in your place...

then l'd have become
a competitive contractor alongside Prakash.

Cut it, wrestler. What's the use
of becoming a contractor?

You're the driver
and l'm the warehouse manager.

Just do your work
and fill your pockets.

Listen, cowardice and dishonesty
don't go together.

No, wrestler. l'm not a coward
but l feel scared.

l'm always your partner in this.

- l'll take all the blame on me.
- Very good.

- Just see that you don't leave me alone.
- Yes, manager.

- Greetings Mr. Amar.
- Greetings.

- Are you sending the cement
across the river? - Yes

How many bags are there?

- Sixty bags.
- Okay.

- ls the boss inside?
- Yes, they're all waiting for you.

- Come in Amar.
- Tiger, silent and come here.

l thought that you'd hired
a new manager in my place.

He's very intelligent, no doubt.

And you don't have to pay him, either?

One of my friends gave him to me.
He's a faithful companion.

l need a companion too.

You found a companion,
and a dog at that.

Mr. Prakash, find a life
companion for yourself.

l don't think God made a girl for me.

What type of a girl are you looking for?

Shall l search for a girl for you?

The innocence of the village,
the sophistication of the city...

the manners of Lucknow, the color
of Kashmir, and the style of Bengal.

ls this a girl or the
geography of lndia?

Every bachelor has to read
this geography. Understand?

Forget these discussions.

There's a letter
from the chief engineer...

that the cement is adulterated.

Adulterated? How is that possible?

Must be mistaken.

What shall we do about it?

lt's your responsibility
and l you know. l'm leaving.

Tiger come.

A dog's ringing the bell.

You know how to ring the
bell but you can't read?

This is Mr. Prakash's residence...

and not a meat shop. Go away.

Will you leave or shall l use my shoes?

Why are you sitting there?

- So it's you who brought this tiger cub.
- What happened?

You're laughing and my life's in danger.

- Call him off.
- Tiger, come. come. - Come.

Sir, take him back where you got him...

- or else he'll finish me.
- Really?

- Yes. - Get some
milk for him. - Milk?

People don't have bread
and the dog gets milk.

What's it to me?
l'll get whatever you ask me to.


Listen Tiger.

Pyarelal is a good man.

You treat him well. Got it?

That's good Tiger.

Here, l've brought the milk.

How will he drink, from the glass?

l've brought a dish and a spoon too.

Tell me. What else should l
bring for the honorable dog?

Some eggs, toast, omelette or cigarettes?

Cigarettes? Now shut up.

l'll have to remain quiet
from now on.

l won't be able
to match him in barking.

No, l'm not telling you anything.

You drink your milk peacefully.

Where did you get this botheration from?

- An English friend gave him to me.
- The Englishman had only a dog to give you?

He could've given you a cow
to provide milk.

Every morning we'd have the
auspicious chance of seeing a cow.

You don't know Pyarelal.
He is a good animal.

- He'll guard the house.
- Yes, l was stealing in the house.

He'll guard the house from theft.
You've brought a nice caretaker.

What are you talking about?
l brought this for you...

- to keep you company.
- Sir...

if one could have
companionship with dogs and cats...

then is the world mad
that it marries?

That's it Pyarelal.
You want to get married now?

No. l'm not talking about
my marriage but about yours.

l went to Mr. Amar's house yesterday...

and was very happy
seeing his wife and child.

What a house it is. lt's heaven.

The damsel is all set
to meet her beloved

Her eyes are all mischievous and...

her mind is full of the beloved

The damsel is all set
to meet her beloved

She has made-up her eyes
and let her hair fall loose

She uses her veil as her shield

The bangles are jingling
and her vermillion shining

She is swaying her way
into the street of her beloved

The damsel is all set
to meet her beloved

Her eyes are all mischievous and...

her mind is full of the beloved

The damsel is all set
to meet her beloved

She has a tender body
that has shaken a lot

Her own shadow has become her enemy

She doesn't take off her veil
and doesn't say anything

She is walking on the street
very carefully

The damsel is all set
to meet her beloved

Her eyes are all mischievous and...

her mind is full of the beloved

The damsel is all set
to meet her beloved

- Dear son, what happened?
- Mama isn't letting me dance.

Only that?

Come, l'll teach my darling
son how to dance. - Come. - Come.

l'm the son of a Raja (king)
and Raja is my name.

The darling son will dance and
the whole village will watch.

Come on son, let's dance
in competition with your mother.

- Okay, papa l'll be right back.
- Okay.

See, my son has become
a queen from a king.

- Papa, play the drum.
- Really? Should l have to play the drum too?

- Shobha, you also play the drum.
- l'll play.


l'm coming.

l'm coming to catch Raja.

Hide, my darling son.

Have you hidden?


Where are you? l can't see you.

- Caught you.
- No, papa told you.

No, son. l didn't tell her.

When your chance comes,
you're weeping. Now shut your eyes.

Okay, l'll close my eyes.

- Papa, you also come.
- Okay son, come.

Not like this. Like this.

Don't look.

l won't.

'Hide yourself like the grain.'

'The princess is coming.'


- What time?
- 2:30.

ls it daytime or nighttime?



Where are you?
l'll find wherever you are.

Not here, either.

- Have you played hide and seek before?
- Yes.


Four years ago.

With whom?

With the one who's
the father of this little one.

- Malati!
- Caught you.

- Now it's your turn, papa.
- Not today but tomorrow.

- Go and drink your milk.
- Raja will now drink his milk.

Raja will now drink his milk.
He'll come back like a tiger.

Malati, are you happy?

Why do you always ask that question?

Because there's no one else
who can ask after your well-being.

Mother-in-law, father-in-law,
parents or brothers and sisters.

You have no one in this world.

You're here.

That's why l ask you.

My God knows how happy l am.

Only the fortunate get a husband
like you and a son like Raja.

Raja is alright. He's really the king.

But me? l'm an orphan
brought up in an orphanage.

As if l was raised in the palace.

You could've gone into one.

These tender hands...

these big eyes
and this beautiful face...

any one would've taken
you as the apple of his eye.

But l wanted to sit at these feet
and worship these feet.

Can anyone be happier than me?

l am.

Whenever l look,
you two are whispering something.

No one seems to care for me.

That won't be allowed here.

l'm the king here. Understood?

- Then command, oh king.
- l want a monkey that claps.

- l see.
- You're here for that Raja.

Don't speak when the king speaks.

- Oh! - l apologise for that, king.
- Okay l forgive you.

- Naughty!
- Papa, let's sing that song together.

- Papa, may l tell you something?
- What, child?

- Tomorrow is a holiday for me.
- Then what?

l'll go on an outing tomorrow.

Okay, then all of us will go out
with the darling son tomorrow.

The days of merry making
have come once again

The surroundings are swaying
all colorful and bright

On the banks of the river
the cuckoo is calling

The whole world has
sown the seeds of love

See, the wind is swaying
and moving about

The buds are all drowsy
with the stupor of love

The bees are all calling out
at the doorsteps of the flowers

Your crazy lover has come
and is awaiting you.

The days of merry making
have come once again

The surroundings are swaying
all colorful and bright

On the banks of the river
the cuckoo is calling

The whole world has
sown the seeds of love

The mind is also swaying
along with the clouds

ln the garden, the birds are also
calling out to their beloveds

The weather that is colorful
is giving signals to you

Sing out all thoughts of displeasure
that are in you

The days of merry making
have come once again

The surroundings are swaying
all colorful and bright

On the banks of the river
the cuckoo is calling

The whole world has
sown the seeds of love


- My darling son.
- Papa, call mummy in too.

How to get her in?
She's gone far away from us.

Okay, l'll tell you something.

Okay, that's fine.

- What's the matter?
- What happened?

l'm freezing. Get me out of the water.

Yes, the darling son is feeling cold,
so take him out. Hold him.

Why is our company truck here?

Yes Lala, have you
unloaded all the bags?

- Yes, l have.
- There are 20 bags.

You said there'd be 25.

- What to do? The owner is blind.
- May God keep him blind.

But his manager has four eyes.

l take a lot of trouble to hoodwink him
and bring these bags to you.

lf only that manager hadn't been there...

l'd have brought
the whole warehouse to you.

But Athar Singh, you charge too much.

Call it cheap.
lt's because of Mr. Prakash's company.

Otherwise, you'd never
have seen this material.

And this money
wouldn't have been seen, either.

- You?
- Give it to me and l'll keep it.

Don't get scared.
Where do we get such money?

We don't even get to see them.

May your integrity remain like this.

You're really a loyal fellow.

- What's your name?
- Name? How does it concern you?

l'm concerned and that's
why l'm asking you.

You bought the company's cement.

This adult man has sold it
and l've bought it.

Where's the wrong in that?

Don't you know
you've bought stolen goods?

How should l know that?

You've bought it; you should know it.

l'm asking you your name.

- Mancharam Lohia.
- Fine, go now.

Come, drive the truck.

Malati, come. Son, come.

l'm really innocent Mr. Amar.

l don't know how he stole those bags.

l swear on God l really don't know.

You should have known.

Yes, l should've known.

l was very careful but that
ruffian hoodwinked me and stole.

l'll be more careful in the future...

and you forgive me
just this one time.

You're only been fired this time...

and won't be fired in the future.

Don't give me such a big punishment...

for such a small mistake.

lt's only a small mistake.
Hence you're only being fired.

Otherwise like that cheat Athar Singh...

you'd also be put behind bars.

Just forgive me for this time.

Biharilal, l'm only an
employee in this company...

and not its owner.
l have some responsibilities, too.

l have a small child.

lf not on me, show some
mercy on that child.

l sympathize with your child...

but l regret l can't do anything.

Take this.
lt's made of clarified butter...

and l got them made
especially for you.

Clarified butter is now
only used in medicines.

Anyway, have you had a son?

How can l have a son?
My wife died six years ago.

Take this.

This is a Karachi sweet.

The friends who bring this
from Karachi don't come anymore.

How can the sweet come from there?

But it is good.
Did you win the lottery?

Where do l have such luck?

Take this. Sweets from Calcutta.

All that about Calcutta is false.

Have you got some buried treasure?

What do you say about hidden treasure?

l lost even what l had.

Anyway. Take this. Sweets from Mathura.

lt is only Mathura for namesake.

Tell me, what's up?
Did you get a pay raise?

The pay has been stopped, Pyarelal.

l'm being pounded like
wheat for no fault.

Athar Singh did the stealing
and l've been punished.

Mr. Amar has thrown me out of my job.

Please recommend my case to your master.

You tell me, whether l
can ever be dishonest.

- Your dishonesty is caught here.
- How?

These aren't sweets but bribes.

- Only the dishonest offer bribes.
- What are you saying?

l'm calling a dishonest fellow
a dishonest fellow.

You've ruined my morals, too.

l'll have to eat some purgatives now.

Pyarelal, you seem to be a traitor.

Say that l only ate the
sweets from a traitor.

Oh God! Thanks for not
turning me into a traitor.

Now take these away from here.

Pyarelal, l came to you
with a lot of hope.

You just have to say a few words.

You're a dishonest man and wouldn't
understand the value of words.

l won't say anything to the master.

Okay, at least allow me to meet him.

Okay, l've eaten your sweets.

Listen, l won't say anything.

You remain silent
and l'll do the talking.

Come with me.

Sir, this dishonest man
has come to meet you.

- l don't want to meet this man.
- Sir!

- l don't want to listen.
- Sir.

l don't even want to see
your face. Go away.

Why should he see
the face of this poor man?

He's living high on money.

These rich people don't
see us as human beings.

Very good. First be dishonest
and then bribe people.

When all that doesn't work
then you abuse the rich.

- lt's a good model all of us have adopted.
- Shut up.

Spare me and leave now.

Hello Raja.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

Greetings. Come in. Welcome.

l'll do that. Come along.

- Please sit down.
- l'll do that.

- Now, tell me.
- l wanted to meet you so l came.

- Will you have something?
- No let that be. How is your health?

Fine, but l have a cold from yesterday.


Shall we show you to
some doctor if you permit?

What can a doctor do?

You complain of cold
and he'll treat you for heat.

You seem to have a strange ailment.

- Cigarette?
- No. l smoke a pipe.

- Shall l call for some tea?
- Why bother with that?

- Why not have some?
- Please no. - Please, yes.


The master!

- ls your father home?
- l'm here so you can tell me.

What if l tell you that
your father may come here?

- What will papa do?
- He'll do this.

Oh God!

He's a very naughty boy.
He commits mischief the whole day.

l like naughty boys.

Where did my dear child go?

Where did he go?

Caught him.

To tell you the truth,
when l come to your house...

l feel l should get married.

When l go to the house of Manoharlal,
l feel against marriage.

The woman is like an atom bomb.

The children are so noisy,
l find it difficult to even sit there.

l hold on to my ears
and vow never to marry.

Not all women are 'atom bombs', Mr. Prakash.

Some of them are as calm
and serene as the ocean.

lt's in the oceans
that there are storms...

that sink big ships.

But still the ocean
doesn't leave out its order.

l suggest that you find a
nice girl and get married.

- l have to get married.
- But when?

When your whole body shakes like this?

No Raja, l'll get married soon.

- Have you finalised a girl?
- No, but l have to finalise.

She's writing her post
graduation exam this year.

l'll approve the girl for you.

Yes, you'll choose the girl for me.

Shake hands. l will marry
the girl of Raja's choice.

l will marry the girl of Raja's choice.

- l was saying.
- Come, Bihari. You've come after a long time.

- How are you?
- What about me? You seem to be fine.

They must be giving you
your meal on time?

Now you're here?

We're old partners and
will pass our time here.

What pass time?

That manager has thrown me
out of the job.

l only have two more months.

Then l'll take care of him.

But he's already taken my job from me.

How many times l told you
to be cautious and careful...

but you drowned me too.

l'll also take you out of this.

Give me some money for cigarettes etc.

You've asked the wrong moneylender.

You must have something.

l vow on your youth
l don't have anything on me.

That idiot manager has snatched
my bread and butter.

Don't worry. l'll snatch
his food from him, too.

My darling son will open his mouth.

You eat your food and l'll feed him.

- No. l'll eat from my papa.
- Then don't eat.

- Come dear, l'll feed you.
- Then feed me too.

No, l won't feed you.

Why is that? Then l won't eat either

Feed him too.

ls my darling son angry?

Then you also eat.

- You weren't feeding me.
- l'll never feed you again.

Don't feed me. l'll feed myself.

Someone has come to meet.

- Who?
- Let me see.

- Greetings.
- Greetings. - Sit down.

- Tell me.
- We've come from the orphanage.

Then you can say
you belong to our families.

We were both brought up
in an orphanage.

Tell us what we can do for you?

We've come to get help
from Mrs. Malati.

For an orphanage,
even our lives can be offered.

- Tell me what you want me to do.
- On the 20th of next month...

we have the anniversary
celebrations of our orphanage.

As part of that, we'd like to hold
a program featuring your dance..

Why not? There's no need
to even ask. Hold the program.

Thanks, from this, the orphanage
shall receive a lot of aid.

There is a whole month left
and it should be a good item.

- l'll try my best.
- Thank you. - Greetings.

Amar, will Malati be able to dance
properly in front of so many people?

l'm feeling nervous.

Even l'm feeling nervous
and my hands have gone cold.

My hands, too.

Papa, mummy is wearing nice clothes.

Both of you are wearing
similar looking clothes.

He shone like a star of peace

See our country of love

Long live lndia

The warmongers had forgotten
that we love peace

That was when the
brave Jawaharlal met...

the atom bomb head on

The whole world called
out in one voice

Long live lndia

He shone like a star of peace

See our country of love

Long live lndia

How many lost their nuptial bangles
to the hands of war?

How many would have seen...

their nuptial vermillion
burn in the gunfire?

We love you very
much and are with you

Long live lndia

He shone like a star of peace

See our country of love

Long live lndia

The mother earth is
dancing in joy and...

the world has forgotten war

The yellow, the black and the white...

all them have come together

Let our flag fly high

Long live lndia

Let our flag fly high.
Long live lndia

l have a lot of sweets for sale.

Sweets from various places.

- Hey, is it you?
- ls that you, Munshi? You're released?

Munshi, did you think
l'd remain in jail forever?

No, not like that. lf l'd known
then l'd have come with a garland.

- When did you get out?
- lt's more than five days.

- Have you started hawking?
- What else to do?

This is my ancestral business.

l thought this was better
than dying of starvation.

Tell me, how is it with you?

l've joined a clarified butter vendor.

Here take some sweets.
Get me in there, too..

Both of us can join hands
together and mix peanut oil...

in the clarified butter and sell it.

Hey, he's a better cheat than you,
that clarified butter seller.

He already sells peanut oil
instead of clarified butter.

Yes, there's no honesty
left in this world.

You're the only honest one left
in this world.

Have that sweet.

Clarified butter or kerosene?

No, it's made of a more inferior oil.

The children at the school
eat everything.

See, your friend is coming.

- Let me greet the manager and return.
- Yes, do it.

- Greetings manager sir.
- Greetings, have you been released?

- Yes, by your grace.
- Has your heart been satiated...

or is there something left out?

- That was duty.
- What is my duty? Tell me that too.

- Wherever you are, be honest there.
- ls that all?

- That's all, what else?
- What else? l'll tell you what else.

Yes manager, how are you?

Now get up.

Don't spoil my sweets.

Harder, harder.

Slowly, slowly.

That's alright. Very good.

Leave him, manager sir.
What was his mistake?

His children will be
orphaned. Leave him.

That's it my hero. This is the chance.


Sir, forgive him.

He won' be able
to do anything anymore.

Never fight with a gentleman again.

No, he won't fight.

He'll never fight again.

Get up.

Get up my paper tiger.
You've greeted the manager enough.

- Has he gone?
- He's gone. Got scared and ran away.

- l'll see him.
- l've already seen it all.

He took the steam
out of my wrestler.

- He floored our wrestler.
- l'll show him the sky.

'Jack and Jill went up the hill.'

'To fetch a pail of water.'

'Jack fell down and broke his crown.

'And Jill came tumbling after.'

Oh God!

Oh God! What happened?

Nothing. l had a fight with a ruffian.

- Did you bash him up?
- Yes, son, l bashed him up well.

Why did you fight with him?

l was riding and he stopped my cycle.

Why not hand him over to the police?

l just beat him up and left.

They don't understand.
Only the police can set them straight.

- l'll report it to the police.
- Don't worry about it.

He'll never cross my path again.

You don't worry.

l'll ask the police officer
to chase him out of this place.

- ls that so?
- Then get us two cups of tea.

Yes, l'll get that.


Give the masters some tea.
l'll have my bath and come.

Okay, l'll bring it.

Where are my shoes?

Hey you, dog. Who gave you
my bed to sleep in? Get up.

Get up. You're not obeying? Wait.

Get up or else l'll break your head.

l said get up from there.

Get up.

Okay. Then sit there.
Today l'll decide about you.

The dear master of Pyare.

l have been rewarded
for working loyally for 11 years...

11 months and eleven days.

lt is futile to live in a house where...

dogs command more respect than men.

Hence, please accept the
resignation of your Pyare.

- One more cup?
- No.

- Now l'll take leave.
- You have to go home.

Let's play some tennis
and then you can go. Come.

Okay, come.

Take this.

- What's this?
- My resignation.

- Resignation?
- Sir, it's clear now.

Either this dog or
l'll live in this house.

Two swords can't remain
in the same scabbard.

- What happened?
- Ask him. lsn't he your friend?

See how innocently he stands there.
As if nothing happened.

Look, you're unnecessarily
fighting with this poor animal.

Yes, l'm fighting with this
poor animal and he loves me.

Sir, don't tell anyone.
He slept in my cot.

Really? He only slept
in your cot, didn't he?

Then what? You want him
to ride on my head? Sir, it's clear.

You can't keep both of us here.

Listen Pyarelal, l can't
send this poor animal out.

Then do this. Send me out,
who's such a rich animal.

- As you wish. - Thank you.
- Come Tiger. - Go.

Come, Tiger, come.

Pyarelal, now only dogs
will remain in this house.


Tiger, take care.

Listen, now you'll rule in this house.

You can sit and sleep wherever you want.
l'm taking my bath and leaving.

Are you happy now?

Tiger, get out of my way. Let me go.

My uncle. Please let me leave the house.

Then you can sit at the door...

or on the head of the master
or on top of the Qutub Minar.

My brother, let me go out.
l have to get fresh and take a bath.

You dog!

What botheration is this?
Hey cook, come and save me.


What's the problem?
Don't you have stomach aches?

Master, save me!


- Master, save me! This Tiger will kill me.
- Pyare?

- l'll leave now. Bye.
- Bye.

- Bye. See you.
- Master, save me!

- This Tiger will kill me.
- Pyare! Haven't you left yet?

Move aside this guard.
He's stopped all my work.

But you were wanting
to stop work and leave.

No sir, l'll not leave.

- l withdraw my resignation.
- Then it's alright.

Ask him, too, to behave like a gentleman.

What happened?

- lt can't be told sir.
- What happened?

What can l tell you?

Hands up.

l'm a dacoit.
Take out whatever you have.

l have nothing with me dacoit sir.

- Show me your pockets.
- The pockets are empty.

These things will not do here.

Take out the things or else l'll shoot.

- No dacoit sir, don't do like that.
- We'll die, dacoit sir.

Then take out everything.

She's the only wealth l have.
lf you want, you can take her.

l'm a pious dacoit. l don't touch women.

Forgive him dacoit sir.
He's a poor man.

l put away all my money
for the birthday of my son Raja.

Okay, l forgive you.

- You dacoit!
- Did you meet Mr. Prakash?

Yes, l just came from there.

l forgot to tell him
about Raja's birthday.

You don't remember anything.
l'll invite him personally.

- Hello sir.
- Hello sir. Come and sit down.

Why did your honor come here?

My name isn't your honor.
My name is Raja.

Tell me Mr. Raja, what are your orders?

- Tomorrow l'm going to be born.
- ls it your birthday?

So you're the invitation card?
When should l come?

- You should come at seven sharp.
- l'll surely come, your honor.

- What shall l offer you now?
- Nothing.

- Something? - No.
- Yes, please. - No, please.

- Then let it be.
- Let it be.

- ls this your dog?
- Yes, it's yours, too.

- May l play with it?
- Yes, of course.

- Does it bite?
- Not at all.

- Does your son play with it?
- Son? - Yes, your son.

This is my son.

- A dog is your son?
- Yes.

- Are you its father?
- Yes.

- Where is his mother?
- She's abroad.

Abroad is very far away.
How does he stay without the mother?

- He manages it. - You too?
- Yes, l also manage.

But my father can't live
without my mother at all.

l also don't like it without mother.

Take him along there.

Sure, why not?

May l play with it?

Sure. Tiger, take this.

Tiger go and play with him.
Malati, what should l bring?

Only the birthday cake is left out.

- What else do you want, son?
- What else? Everything has come.

- No l need some more.
- Then tell me, son.

Elephant, horses, soldiers...

- and everything else.
- Buy the entire shop.

- Yes papa, get me the whole shop.
- Okay.

Now you leave but come back early.

- Don't arrive after sundown.
- No, l won't.

l really don't want to go
but the work is urgent.

- What shall l get for you?
- What will she say? l'll tell you.

Bangles, vermillion for her
forehead, lipstick for her lips...

and powder.

Papa, make a foreigner out of my mom.

Yes, son. l'll make
a foreigner out of her.

l'll get a beautiful jewel for you.

The most beautiful jewel for a woman...

is the auspicious nuptial vermillion...

that she wears
on her forehead after marriage.

May God keep that precious
jewel of mine forever.


- Come soon.
- Come soon!

Happy birthday to you.

The elder brother has
brought a bride from London

You also bring me
a fair-looking bride

Life is incomplete without a wife.
When will it be complete?

Everyone is getting married...

but my marriage never seems to happen

Lest l should get into trouble
stealing a bride...


you also get me a fair-looking bride


The elder brother has
brought a bride from London

You also get me a fair-looking bride

When l talked about marriage
you started blushing red

My condition out of that
has become like this

When l see a bridal procession then...

l start weeping loudly

When l hear about the bride
then my heart flutters

When l see a bridal procession then...

l start weeping loudly

When l hear about the bride
then my heart flutters

l fall at your feet, dear mother

You also get me a fair-looking bride


The elder brother has
brought a bride from London

You also get me a fair-looking bride

Shobha, what happened?
Why are you crying?

Did someone beat you?
Tell me what happened.

Okay, l'll ask mummy.

Mummy, Shobha is crying.

You're also crying! What happened?

Tell me, what happened?

See, papa hasn't come yet.
l'll go and get him.

- He must be at the office.
l'll go and get him. - Raja!

Mr. Prakash says that
papa is in the hospital.

Yes, dear. He's in the hospital.

Only sick people go to a hospital.
But he was fine.

lt's our luck that he's
not fine, son. Eat this.

l don't like eating without my papa.

- Will they release him today?
- Yes, they will.

Then why is mother crying?
She's always crying.

lnfancy is innocent and youth is unhappy...

on this long lonely path

They have come out
with the pains of the destination...

in their silent pair of eyes

Who will tell the traveller...

how far and where he has to go...

on the lonely path called life?

How long will he keep
tripping and walking?

God, papa used to say that
you listen to one and all.

Then why not listen to me?

Either send papa home
from the hospital or take me there.


Mama, why are you crying? What happened?

Nothing dear. You go to sleep.

Mama, l can't sleep without papa.

You will. l'll put you to sleep.

Sleep my little darling.
At least you must sleep

At least you must sleep

The days for you to stay awake
are yet to arrive

At least you must sleep

Sleep my little darling.
At least you must sleep

At least you must sleep

The childhood days will never return

Get lost in your dreams
and not in my tears

Why should your innocent heart
feel my pain?

At least you must sleep

Sleep my little darling.
At least you must sleep

At least you must sleep

My companion has gone and
my fortunes have been plundered

My life is nothing
but tears from now on

My destiny is to stay awake, my dear

At least you must sleep

Sleep my little darling.
At least you must sleep

At least you must sleep

Raja, haven't you gone
to school today, either?

- Who will take me? - Shobha will.
- She brings me home.

Okay then, l'll take you.

No, l'll go with papa.
lsn't he in the hospital?

Yes, l left him there, in the hospital.

Then call him and l'll go to school.

Listen Raja. lf you don't go to school
then your papa will get angry.

Then he'll never come back.

- lf l go to school then he'll come?
- Yes.

Then l will go to school.
Shobha, get my bag.

Take me also to my papa.

- Shobha, take him to school.
- Yes, sir. - Go son.

l'm coming, big officer.

Take this.

Mrs. Malati.

l know the grief God has thrust
on you is unbearable.

Still, you have to strengthen your heart.

Be more patient.

When the child sees you this way,
he also gets upset.

Look at him. Take care of him.

Who else other than you
is there to take care of him?

You have to bring him up
and educate him, too.

You have to make him
into a capable person.

Look, you're an educated woman.

Why don't you start some work that
will keep you mentally occupied...

and can also earn you income?

The boat depends on the boatman
to stay on course.

lt sinks without him. What shall l do?

You're an artist.
You have the grace of art.

Why don't you start a dancing class?

lt'll keep you mentally occupied, too.

l'm unable to understand
what l should do.

ln my opinion, do that.

Teaching dancing is a good profession.

l'll find a good place and
make all the arrangements.

Please send a message
if you need me.

Children, there are two kinds of dance.

Classical, and popular.

lt's the combination of both
that's real dance.

lt's important to learn that.

Today, l've called two
famous artists who will...

show you how the classical
and popular forms are combined.

What pain is this?
What pain is this?

During your lifetime
the pain never leaves the heart

l was standing like that
on the porch innocently

Someone came stealthily
and remained in my heart

ln a whisper he asked me, how was it?

What pain is this?
What pain is this?

During your lifetime
the pain never leaves the heart

The heart doesn't admit it,
but it flutters little by little

My heart flutters when
someone calls out to me

How was it that this happened to you?

What pain is this?

During your lifetime
the pain never leaves the heart

My heart beat fast all in fright.

Oh God, when he pulled me
holding my veil

Still tell me, how was it?

What pain is this?
What pain is this?

During your lifetime
the pain never leaves the heart

Now you all can go.


- Mr. Prakash, greetings.
- Come.

- Greetings, Mr. Prakash.
- Greetings brother.

Greetings Mr. Prakash.

lt was nice of you to open
a dance school for Malati.

Something had to be done, brother.

- Greetings, Mrs. Malati.
- Greetings. Sit down.

- Sit on the chair.
- lt's alright.

- Tell me how your class is running.
- lt's running well.

Yesterday, around 4 more
girls joined the class.

Tomorrow four more will join.
l'm coming from their house.

Why take all this trouble?

lt's my duty Mrs. Malati.

How can l forget that Amar
lost his life because of me?

For you and for Raja,
whatever l do will be very little.

There was no need for you
to start a dance class.

l did that so your pride wouldn't be hurt.

So this society won't
raise a finger at you.

Mrs. Malati. Your grief and
Raja's grief is my grief.

l will do anything for the two of you.

Only, l can't bring back Amar.


Have you come?

Why did you stay away
from us for so many days?

l waited for you for so many days.

Some days we didn't even
eat our food, me and mama.

She used to cry a lot for you.

l used to cry, too.

Papa, don't go to the hospital anymore.

l don't like it.

l don't like it at all.
Why mama?

Aren't l your darling son?
Don't go away anymore.

lf you go, then me and mama
will also go with you.

Don't go alone.

Tell me, will you go anymore?

You, l thought that you're my father.

Mama! Papa didn't come even today.

Mrs. Malati!

Son Raja, you shouldn't cry like that.

l'm coming after meeting your father.

He sent this talking
monkey for you and said...

he'll come in three to four days.

Every day he says so,
but why doesn't he come?

l've even started going to school now.

He's not getting released.

He'll be back soon.

You tell me where papa is and
l'll go myself and meet him.

No son, he'll come himself.
Take this toy.

l don't want the toy. l want my father.

He'll come. Now you
freshen up and have your food.

Come on, go.

- l'm not hungry.
- That's why your papa isn't coming.

- He says Raja doesn't eat.
- lf l eat, will he come?

Yes, eat and he'll come soon.

Mama, don't cry. Papa will
come in three or four days.

- Will he come?
- Yes, he'll come. You go and eat now.

Mrs. Malati, weeping is
destined for the life.

But don't cry like
this in front of Raja.

lf you cry, then the thin line of hope...

in his heart will wash away.

What will l do, Mr. Prakash?
Raja doesn't eat properly.

He keeps remembering him only.

He'll slowly forget.

l'll take leave now. lf l can,
l'll come to the class tomorrow.

Hey, Sheela, come quickly.

Greetings, Mrs. Malati.

What Mr. Prakash has done is good.

An employer should be like this.

The moment Mr. Amar died, he took
all the responsibilities on his shoulders.

But be careful sister-in-law
that you don't become a fool...

- trying to make fool of him.
- Bihari!

The wealthy don't have
mercy for the pains and grief...

but they're lustfully thirsty for youth.

They're only after some fun.

Make sure you pocket at least
ten or twenty thousand.

Fool! What were you saying?
Why did you come here?

Mr. Prakash, you have no right
to kick me like this.

We don't have the relationship
of employer and employee anymore.

- Now it's this relationship.
- Mr. Prakash, beware.

Get out. l'll break your
bones if you come again.

Mr. Prakash, beware.

Get out you ruffian.


Buddy, l thought Mr. Prakash
was a gentleman.

Gentlemen these days are like that.

This is how chaste women are these days.

l should say that Malati has hooked
the right person in Mr. Prakash.

He's a rich and wealthy man, a painted wolf.

When Amar was alive he used
to secretly call Malati to his house.

Now that Amar is dead,
he's begun doing it openly.

Lala, l also know some other facts.

They killed Amar together.

One can hold onto the hands
of a person beating...

but it's not possible to hold onto
the tongue of a person talking.

- l'm tired of listening to all that.
- Then don't listen.

How can l avoid listening?

Here you are helping Malati and there the public
is spoiling it by slandering your name.

Only people with good reputations
are slandered, Pyarelal.

So you ignore them
and go about your work.

What work? l'm going to get vegetables.

How does it bother me?
Let the master do what he feels best.

l had the duty to tell him once,
and l've told him.

Now he can do whatever he feels like.

You fool, why are you coming after me?

Am l some thief or dacoit? Get lost.

Oh God! Either make a man
out of this dog or make me into a dog.

l'm tired of his aggravation.

My uncle, l'm not going
away leaving the job.

l'm just going to get some
vegetables. You go home.

So, you won't go?
Then you go and get the vegetables.

Here's the bag.

Now, go and get the vegetables.

This is the limit. lt appears l'll have
to leave this house now.

Hey fool, take this
money to get vegetables.

ls the vegetable seller your father
that he'll give them to you for free?


This dog is after my life.



Here you are. Mr. Prakash
is also an alert man...

and his dog is also an alert animal.

The only person who's a fool
in the house is you.

Bihari, be careful
about what you're saying.

- The fool must be your father.
- You fool! You will remain a fool.

For how long will you live
a bachelor's life?

Mr. Prakash has hooked onto Malati...

and you get hooked to Shobha.

What did you say about my master?

- Say that again.
- You pretend to be a loyal servent.

- l'm telling you... - l warned you
not to say anything about my master.

l'll break your bones.

l'll make a sweet out of you.

Here eat it. lt costs fifty paisa.

Eat it.

- Hey Tiger.
- Who are you calling Tiger?

Why are you coming after me?
Will you eat some sweets too?

Come on Tiger. Get him.

Pyare save me from this. Get lost.

Come on Tiger.

Pyare, save me.
l'll never do anything to you.

Tiger, come back.

Brother Tiger, leave him and come back.

Come. l was unnecessarily
fighting with you, buddy.

Now come on.
Eat that traitor's sweets. Finish it.

l admit it. You can really
make out about men.

l shouldn't have eaten
that traitor's sweets.

You didn't even taste it.

Okay, let's go and get vegetables.
From now on we're friends. Come.

An outsider came here.
His servant beat me.

- His dog ate my sweets.
- We should feel ashamed.

You must have deserved it.

l've just done something
to save the honor of this neighborhood.

l had just told him
this is a gentlemen's area...

and he just slapped me on my face.

Let him come round here
and we'll break his face.

Tell me. Are we shameless
people living in this area?

We all have daughters
and daughters-in-law at home.

Today Prakash is trying to hook Malati
and tomorrow it may be some other girl.

lf one loses her honor,
the other will lose it too.

- Yes, true.
- So right.

What do you mean by right?
Have some fear of God.

Why are you unnecessarily
tarnishing someone's reputation?

What do you know, you trader?
You go and sell spices in the market.

He comes in broad daylight.

- Does he think this is some market place?
- Randhir...

there are only 2 ways out of this.
Either we break Prakash's bones...

or chase Malati away from here.

Yes, you rule in this locality.

What do you mean by chasing Malati
out of the locality?

You keep quiet, uncle.

You shouldn't talk so much
before the district council.

Okay Ranbir. You go and tell Malati
she should leave here on her own.

Else we'll insult her and throw her out.

lf she wants to teach that profession
let her go to the market place.

See who's coming.

What times have come?

The husband just died and she's
hooked on another one.

This you're only seeing after Amar died.

That Prakash is really a casanova.

Gangu, she's very sad.

lt seems that Mr. Prakash
didn't come today.


They are all laughing at my misery...

the people of your world

You also watch the fun...

the God who is watching the fun

When l fell into bad times
they made fun of me

At last the people of your world...

have ruined my reputation and left me

l was swallowing my tears
and sitting smiling and quiet

Even that you couldn't tolerate,
oh my cruel world

The sleeping wishes in me
have been made useless

At last the people of your world...

have ruined my reputation and left me

First they put me into misery...

and then laughed at my misery

Oh God, great is the world you've created

l thank you for that

They've even spoiled the reputation
of your world, oh God!

At last the people of your world...

have ruined my reputation and left me

When l fell into bad
times they made fun of me

At last the people of your world...

have ruined my reputation and left me



Mrs. Malati.

You! Go and see yourself how
much mud they're slinging...

on my name and repute and
how slanderous they're...

- speaking to dishonor me.
- And you're crying.

Mrs. Malati, you can't drown
the mountain of disrepute...

in an ocean of tears.
They should be broken.

They should be cut through.
lf someone calls a normal man...

blind or calls white
as black then ignore them.

The elephant keeps walking.

The dogs will only keep barking.

You're a man, Mr. Prakash.
You'll not understand.

A woman would rather end her life
than fall into disrepute.

She'd rather die instead.

That's the weakness of a woman.
That's why she is oppressed.

Mrs. Malati if you're bothered
about the world so much...

then it'll be difficult for you to live.
You just shut your eyes.

- You only look towards Raja.
- l'm alive only for him.

lt's for him l'm drinking
this poison of bad repute.

lf he wasn't there,
then l would've died long ago.

Don't lose heart. Mrs. Malati.
You have to fight against this world.

You have to shut the
mouth of this world.

We'll close Prakash's business.

We will not tolerate this
any longer around here.

You, Prakash. Come out.

You contractor come out.
We'll give you a contract.

We'll give you love.

- What is it?
- Come out. We'll tell you.

Don't go any further, Mr. Prakash.

Okay then, keep him inside
your house and shut the door.

Leave me, Mrs. Malati.

- What is it? l've come.
- Why do you come here?

- What's it to you?
lt concerns us. That's why l ask.

Do you think this is some brothel,
that you visit whenever you like?

- Shut up.
- How dare you!

Don't do this to him.

Brother, don't hit him. Don't!

Beat him.

Please don't do anything
to him. He is innocent.

She's made the neighborhood filthy.
Throw her things out.

- Who will throw her out of the area?
- We will.

- Under what law? - Under our law.
- The law of this district.

The law of this society.

ls this your law that you throw out this
unfortunate woman to walk the streets...

and at the mercy of all?

ls this is your law that you throw
a distressed woman from her house...

and ruin her reputation?

ls this the law of your society that
makes the life of a widow miserable...

and forces her to die?

Stop your nonsense.

She can live here no longer.

Why can't she? What's her mistake?

She's a fallen woman.

- She's not chaste.
- She's tarnished.

- She's not faithful?
- Unfaithful and tarnished?

ls that because she's alone
and without support and a widow?

She's tarnished because she's a widow...

and her forehead has no mark?

What's this you've done, Mr. Prakash?

That which l should've done.
That which every man should do.

lt's the only way you can
shut the mouth of this world.

- This is the only way.
- But!

The boat needs the boat man.

The woman needs the support of a man.

Mrs. Malati. You're a widow
and you're young too.

You have to tread a long path in this life.

You have to take care of Raja,
too, apart from yourself.

- You have to make him into a capable man.
- Mr. Prakash!

Today l put my blood on your forehead,
not for myself but for you.

l did it for Raja.

Today Amar is reincarnated
and Prakash is dead.

From now on, you're not a widow
but a married woman.

Raja isn't an orphan. He has a father
and his father is alive.

Mama, we've come here
and what will happen...

when papa goes there looking for us?

He'll also come here, son.

How will he know we've come here?
How, mama?

There's a telephone.
l'll make a phone call and come back.

Hello is my father there?
Tell him we're at Mr. Prakash's house.

Ask him to come there immediately.

Ask him to come soon.

You've made a big mistake.

You should've told Raja
in the beginning about his father.

l only kept him in the dark so
his child's heart didn't get shocked.

He's still a child.

After time passes, he'll learn everything.

You leave that to me.

- l won't play anymore.
- ls that all?

What to do? Tiger only helps you.
He doesn't allow me to touch the ball

First tell me you've lost.

- Okay, l've lost.
- Then become a horse now.

- l have to become a horse too?
- Yes.

Okay, l'll become a horse.

l'll be a horse, a fool,
anything you like.

- Raja has won.
- Pyarelal has lost.

- Raja has won.
- Raja has won. On my shoulders, son.

See, he's made a fool out of me.

Raja will come with me.

- Where shall we go?
- To the garden of flowers.

'Let us go to the garden and flowers.

l'll get you sweets there.'

'The flowers will fall and we'll...

make a blanket from them.'

'lf the corners of the blanket
tear, then? l shall make a swing.'

'lf the swing breaks down, then?
l'll call the ironsmith.'

'lf the ironsmith's hammer breaks?
l'll race a horse.'

'lf the horse breaks its leg?
l'll put turmeric on it.'

'What can turmeric do?
Then l'll make a foreigner dance.'

'Then l'll make a foreigner dance.'

Today l've brought so many things
for my darling son.

- Tell me what l've brought.
- Pastry. - No.

- Chocolate. - No.
- Gun. - Not even that.

Then you tell me.

- Tell me you've lost.
- l've lost.

My darling son has lost.
Now l'll tell you.

- Close your eyes.
- l've closed my eyes.

One, two, three.

Now open your eyes.

How nice!

See how many things for my darling son.

- Are these all for me?
- They're all for you. Play with them.

Okay, l'll show it to mom and return.



Mr. Prakash has bought
so many toys for me.

Elephant! Horse! Lion!

He also bought a train for me.

There's a dog that plays the drum.

There's a lady who walks like this.

Naughty boy!

- Mom, may l tell you something?
- Tell me.

When we go to our house,
we'll have all these toys with us.

Will they remain till then?

We'll stay in this house, son.

Why? This is Mr. Prakash's house.

He is also ours, isn't he?
You shouldn't call him by name.

- You should call him papa.
- Papa? Why should l call him papa?

ls he my papa?

He's your papa, son.

Why should he be my papa?

l won't call him my papa.

Then he won't get you toys.

- Come here and see these toys.
- Keep your toys.

What happened, son?

l don't want your toys.
You're not my father.

This is some vegetable
for my darling son Raja.

This is bread for Raja.
And this is for me.

- l'll also eat with my darling son, Raja.
- No.

- Will you eat with me?
- No.

Your mother will also eat with us.

This is bread for Malati. Eat Malati.

- Mom, will you eat with him?
- Yes, son. You eat, too.

His leftovers, no l'll not eat.

Okay son, you eat and l'll eat
from a separate plate.

Okay son, now you can eat.


Eat Malati.

Eat son.

Come on Tiger, eat.
Then l'll eat afterwards.

Doesn't listen at all.
What a strange animal/


- Pyare.
- How many times have l told you...

not to call me Pyare (dear).

Then what do l call you?

Call me Pyarelal or just call me Lal.

Okay Mr. Lal, the cook is calling you.
Don't you want to eat?

First let Tiger have his food.

This dog is what you care
more about. No one cares for me.

- You go and eat.
- Won't you come?

lf l come, will l feed you?

No, l'll feed you with my own hands.

Listen Shobha, you can't
talk like this to me.

- Why not? - l'm a devotee of Hanuman
and a sworn bachelor.

You shouldn't even come
before me like this.

- Why shouldn't l come?
- Now how do l explain it to her?

Don't tell anyone.

When l see you,
a current passes through me.

Run away. Someone will see us.

l have to feed that dog Tiger.

Come on, my father, have this food.

- You're always after this dog.
- Then should l be after you?

When did l tell you to be after me?

l understand what you want
to say. Go away from here now.

You're always rude to me.
You don't talk to me normally.

How can l talk to you normally?
You have no sense.

When you knew Raja
wouldn't eat from another's plate...

then why the need to keep
everybody's food together?

How should l know that?
He always ate with the old master.

Old master? God, great are your ways.

The master got married for that child.

Neither is the master happy
nor the child happy.

The daughter-in-law isn't happy either.

The hands that rose to support.

You said it again.
You're the one that supports me.


Are you sad, Malati?

No, not at all.

Your eyes are telling me.
Tell me what it is.

l'm unhappy that Raja calls you by name.

- He doesn't take you to be his own.
- But l treat him as my own.

What's wrong in calling me by my name?
Lots of children call their fathers by name.

You're worrying unnecessarily.

Now you answer my question.

lf the cost of 5 mangoes
is one paisa...

then how much will it cost
to see smile on your face?

Now, l see that smile.

l want to see you
happy like this forever.

Don't touch my mama's hair.
Are you my father?

- Raja!
- Malati!

- Raja, my son.
- Leave me. l don't want to talk to you.

Shobha, today Mr. Prakash
was touching my mama's hair.

He's also eating with my mama.

My mama is also bad and she's
also eating along with him, too.

Of course she will, Raja.
She'll also eat from his plate.

Why should she eat from
his plate? ls he my father?

Yes, he is her husband now.

- Who is called the husband?
- He's the master of her.

Then is mama his servant?
You're also his servant.

Then why don't you eat from his plate?

Oh God! How do l explain it to you?

lt's late and you go off to sleep.

'Raja go off to sleep.'

'My child, go off to sleep.'

'There is sleep in your eyes now.'

'Raja go off to sleep.'

'My child, go off to sleep.'

- Mom!
- Son!

Socks! ls that for me?

Mom, you don't know anything.

How small the socks you've knit.
l can't wear them at all.

- lt is not for you.
- Then who are they for?

These are for your younger brother.

- Your younger brother is going to come.
- Younger brother?

Mama, is my younger
brother going to come?

You get brothers
from the hospital, don't you?

Yes, now go to school.

Get me two brothers
from the hospital, mama.

lt will be two, won't it?
One for you and the second for him.

Yes, l'll play a lot with him.

Mama, Mr. Prakash said that
he will get me a cycle...

when l grow up into a big boy.
l'll take my brother on rides.

l'll also take you out on rides.

Raja, how many times have l told you
not to call him by his name

Call him papa.

l won' call him papa.
He's Mr. Prakash and not my papa.

- Won't call him papa?
- No, l will not.

No madam. Why did you beat him?

lt's your pampering that's spoiled him.

He's adamant about everything.

He's not adamant,
but he still remembers him.

Poor thing still remembers him.

Madam, you can choose everything
in this world but not parents.

- The father's love can't be given another.
- Shobha.

Aren't you ashamed to talk like this
in the presence of the child?

l'm not Raja's real father...

but l'm fulfilling the duty of a real father
to him. Malati's son is my son.

l warn you not to repeat this again.
Come here, son.

- What happened?
- Mama beat me.

She did?

Listen, if you beat him again
then l won't ever speak even to you.

l won't talk to you, either.

- Okay, now forgive her for this time.
- Okay, l forgive you.

- But l won't call you papa.
- Raja!

Never mind. You call me Mr. Prakash.

Fine, l'm not your father,
but aren't you my son?

- Then give me a kiss.
- Sweet or sour? - Sweet.

Now you go to school with Tiger.

One has to explain
these things lovingly.

He must say it willingly.

- Why do you handle him?
- lt's my duty Malati.

Don't be bothered by such small things.

You're health is already poor.

Raja's behaviour is killing me.

l don't know what's
in store in the future.

Nothing will happen.

What's have you done?
Wet my clothes.

lt is Holi (spring festival), Pyare.

Again you called me Pyare.
l've told you to call me Pyarelal.

- What if l also call you Pyari.
- Try and call me?

What will you do if l call you?
Kill me? Here l call you, dear.

- Call again.
- Dear.

Call me by that name once more.

Quiet, someone will hear it.

So, you're like a chameleon.

l'll tell everyone when we're alone,
Pyarelal calls me dear.

Don't do that. Dear don't tell everyone.

Not once, but a thousand times
l'll tell everyone you call me dear.

Please, l beg you with folded hands.

- Then you have to agree to one condition.
- What?

- When we're alone you'll always call me dear.
- Yes, l will.

You also call me dear when
we're alone and not before others.

- ln front of others, can l call you anything?
- Yes.

Then take this.

Don't do that dear,
my clothes will get wet.

Tiger, where have you been?

Tiger will surely reply to you.

He went to take Raja to school.
Where else would he go?

Today the master got
angry with me for nothing.

Why, what happened?

Raja isn't calling him papa
and how am l to blame for that?

Moreover, how will he call him papa?

Why not? He should call him papa.

Why? Will you call anyone your father?

The status of the man raising you...

is higher than the status of the man
who's the birth father.

A dog understands this but you won't.

What am l to this animal?

lt's just l feed him and take care of him.

For that he treats me better
than his own father.

Then you explain to Raja that
he should call him father.

He'll learn.
When she has the second child...

then he'll also call him papa,
along with that child.

Just a minute.

Congratulations, it's a son.

Not yet.

What is it?

Let's lie down. That's good.

Don't cry.

'The little brother has come.'

'He has had cream and milk.'

'Both of us will play together.'

Baby. Baby.

You say something, too.
Why aren't you talking?

Oh! The hat. Take this hat.

Now talk.

Mama, he doesn't have teeth.

Mama, when papa sees the child,
he'll be very happy.

- When will we go to papa?
- Go and play with your brother.

How will l explain to you, Raja?

You'll take my life
and then leave this.

The doctor has come, Malati.

Greetings Mrs. Prakash. How are you?

Fine, doctor.

Be happy and stop thinking a lot.
You think too much.

How many times l've told her that,
but she doesn't listen to me.

- What's the temperature?
- lt's not very serious.

Keep giving her the same medicine.

lt's very sour.

Never mind, l'll send
a sweet one this time.

But stop thinking so much.
Come with me.

Don't attach any importance
to what Raja says.

He's a child and
everything will be alright.

- Yes, doctor.
- There's shortage of blood...

and her heart is also weak.
There seems to be some worry in her mind.

Don't worry, nothing serious
and everything will be alright.

- What's this?
- These are bullets. Put it down.

How do you put bullets in this?

How to load bullets?

Open this like this and
load the bullets here like this.

- Then close it.
- How do you fire it?

- Press this trigger.
- Trigger? Where's the trigger?

- Then it will fire won't it?
- Yes.

Will someone die if a bullet hits him?

Yes, he'll die.
- Will a bird also die if hit by a bullet?

Whoever gets hit by a
bullet will die. Understand?

l'll get some oil and
you don't touch it.

Don't touch.

- What are you doing with the pistol, Raja?
- Shall l fire it?

Not now. When you grow up
then load bullets and fire it.

There's a bullet in it.

l'm dead!

What happened?

l'm dead.

- What happened, Pyare?
- Raja fired the gun.

Are you hit?
- Sir...

send my salary to a cow shelter.

Let me see where you're hit.

- Where is it?
- l think l'm saved and didn't die.

Mad chap. You put a loaded pistol
in a child's hand.

Where did l give it to him, sir?
He loaded it himself.

You're a liar Pyarelal,

You said that men die.
Where have you died?

Sorry your honor. Forgive me.

Never do this again, son.
People die due to this.

Take this. Come.

ln those days there were fewer
hawkers outside the school.

These days every Tom, Dick
and Harry becomes a hawker.

There's no future
in this trade anymore.

There goes the bell.



Hot savories.



Even the children have become my enemy.

Come Raja and tell me what you'll have.

l don't want anything.
l don't eat stuff made with oil.

Okay then don't eat.
Tell me, how is your mother?

- Mother is ill.
- And your father?

He's in the hospital.

Hospital? Mr. Prakash in the hospital?
What happened to him?

Not Mr. Prakash but my papa.

Oh your father! How will he come?

Why won't he come?
Mr. Prakash says he'll come soon.

Has anyone ever gone there
and come back?

He's dead Raja.
He'll never come back.

Mr. Prakash was the one who killed him.

- Mr. Prakash killed him?
- Yes, Mr. Prakash killed him.

- Are you telling the truth?
- Why should l tell a lie?

Mr. Prakash killed him.

Mr. Prakash?

- Where are you going, Raja?
- Home.

Won't you come with us?

Let's go.

How do l explain it to Raja?
l'm getting mad thinking that.

You've ruined your health
thinking only about that.

Forget all this.
Take care of your health.

l won't survive now.

What pleasure did you get
by marrying me?

Your pleasure is my pleasure, Malati.

You're not a human being, but a God.

You've borne so much unhappiness
for my sake.

You have borne all the insults
meted out to you just for my sake.

And now Raja!

Forget the past, Malati.

You wipe away my tears,
but l can't do anything for you.

Nothing. l've only given you unhappiness.

You get well and that will make me happy.

Don't cry like this.
You'll recover very soon.

Take the medicine.

This isn't medicine but tastes like poison.

Take this.

- Why are you giving my mother poison?
- No, son, it's medicine.

- Mother don't drink. lt's poison.
- No, son.

Papa is dead and you'll die too.
He killed my papa too.

- Raja!
- Papa is dead and will never come.

Let's go to our house, mama, come.

- We won't stay here.
- No son, don't talk like that.

- You don't talk to me. Come mama.
- Raja.

- Son, this is our house.
- No, this isn't our house.

This is his house,
or else he'll kill you too.



- Doctor?
- The case is getting to be more serious.




What happened?

- Where is my mama?
- What happened to you, son?

- Where's my mama?
- She's gone to the hospital.

No, she's dead.

Papa also went to the hospital
and never came back.

She won't come back. She's dead.

No, son. She'll surely return.

No, she won't come.

- My dear child!
- No, mama.

My darling child!

No, dear.

See, your mother will come
from the hospital.

See, my darling child should never cry.

Close your eyes and sleep.

My dear child!

Sleep, my child.

My child, go to sleep.

'Raja, go to sleep.'

'Go to sleep.'

'Your eyes are getting sleepy.'

'Child, go to sleep.'

- Has Raja slept?
- Yes, sir.

He was disturbed by not having
his mother by his side.

- Take him to his mother at the hospital tomorrow.
- Okay.

- What happened, Raja?
- ls my father in the hospital?

- Yes, son.
- And mother too?

- Yes, son.
- You killed my father.

You also killed my mama.
l'll kill you.

l'll kill you.

Your mama is fine
and in the hospital, son.

You're a liar. She's dead and
you killed her. l'll kill you.


- Let go of me!
- Shobha! - Let go of me!

- My dear. - Take him away!
- Let go of me!

Let go of me!

Brother, Mr. Prakash has killed mama.

He'll kill you and me too.

Come, let's run away.

Brother, do you know that when
people die they go far away.

Our father is also dead
and has gone far away.

Let's go to him.

But how to go?

lf we go by train,
we'll get there fast.



- Pyare!
- Why are you shouting?

Raja and the child are missing.

- What? - What happened? - Missing?

She says Raja and the child are missing.

- Where can they be?
- l searched the whole house.

- Madam! Madam Raja.
- What happened to Raja?

Raja has run away
taking the child with him.

- Raja!
- No.


Dear brother.


Are you hungry?

Where can l get some milk?

Will you drink water?
Shall l get some water?

l'll get water. Don't cry. Quiet.

- Did you find anything, Pyare?
- They're not over here.

- Let's look there.
- Let's go. - Tiger!


- Brother!
- Raja!


- Pyare, l won't be able to see it.
- Let's go.



- He's safe!
- Thank God!

What happened to him?

He saw the child
under the train and fainted.

Let's go home.


l didn't kill the brother.

- You didn't son.
- l didn't kill the brother.

See there, he's fine.



- Mama!
- Move aside.

l'm alive but you won't let me live.
You will take my life.

- Mama!
- Don't address me as mother.

He treated you like your own father...

and kept you close to his heart.

He thought all your happiness
was his happiness.

And you dared to shoot him?

You think he's your enemy?

Don't blame Raja. lt was my mistake.

But many questions came before me.

The situation at that time,
your honor and my duty.

More important than that
was Raja's future.

Then l thought that if a woman
can marry a man with a child...

then why is it wrong
for a man to do the same?

Malati, when l married you
and also adopted Raja then...

l didn't know that the blood
relation was stronger than...

the relationship built on love.

But now l know the blood
relationship is what's real.


l didn't kill your father.

lnstead, l killed myself
and made your father live.

l wanted to fill
the biggest void in your life.

But you proved that Amar
is forever alive for you.

l told you the lie that
your father was in the hospital.

l didn't want to tell you
he was dead and make you feel sad.

What's this that you're saying?

Malati, l made Raja my son
and was very happy.

But l could never make Raja happy.

He was always sad because of me.

l don't want him to do anything
dangerous again because of me.

Hence, it's better that l leave here.

This is your house and
this is Raja's house.

Both of you be happy here
and that is my wish.

- Where are you going?
- Far away from Raja's sight.

To be with some other
step-father like me.

A step-father can always
accept his step-son as son.

But the step-son never accepts
the step-father as his father.

lt'll be better if l leave here.

This is the only way to make Raja happy.

Malati, l brought you and Raja
here one day for Raja's happiness.

Today also l'm leaving this place
for Raja's happiness.

Believe me Malati, l may not
be Raja's but Raja is mine.

Raja is my son.


Don't go, papa.

Don't go, papa.


- Son!
- Papa! - Son!

Raja has got a father.
Malati has got a husband.

Prakash has shown the world
that for the three of them...

this was the only way.

The only way.

The days of merry making
have come once again

The surroundings are swaying
all colorful and bright

On the banks of the river
the cuckoo is calling

The whole world has
sown the seeds of love

The days of merry making
have come once again

The surroundings are swaying
all colorful and bright

On the banks of the river
the cuckoo is calling

The whole world has
sown the seeds of love