Ejen Ali: The Movie (2019) - full transcript

After being accidentally recruited as a spy, 12-year-old Ejen Ali has now grown to embrace his role in secret agency Meta Advance Tactical Agency (MATA) to protect the futuristic city of Cyberaya from outside threats.

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[tense music]


-What's up?
-Doing okay.


You there, this area is restricted,
you are not allowed in here.

Miss, this is your final warning.
Please leave now before I have to...



[groans] Come here you!

[shouts, grunts]

[yells, groans]

-Requesting backup, requesting backup!

We got an intruder in sector five!



I thought you said, no violence...

If it wasn't for me, you'd be done for.

[security] This way!

Don't move! You're surrounded!

See? I just knew it. This always happens.

Ha! Now this is what I call a challenge.

Hey, shut up!

Or we'll open fire!



[men groaning]


-[all grunt]



-[Aliya] Come on, let's go.
-[Niki] Hm!

[chiming, beeping]

[sucks teeth] Not this one.

Hold on. We could really use these.

That's not important.

We have to find the synthetic heart now.

Mak Yah only has three days left to live.


[Aliya] Niki, I found it!


Oh, come on,
let's get out of here, before--


If it isn't the crew behind
the serial robberies of Cyberaya's tech...

we meet at last.

Who are these guys?

[tense music]



No one needs to get hurt.


[grunts, gasps]






[both grunting]



Hmm. Not bad.






[both grunting]


Ha! [groans]






-[Niki grunts]

-Niki! [gasps]




[engine revving]

[tires skidding]

[Niki] Hurry up!

[ominous music]

Phew. That was close.



[Niki panting, groaning]

-[electricity crackling]


Niki, no matter what,

make sure this gets to Mak Yah.

What are you going to do?

[Aliya] I'll hold them back.

You have to leave now.





[tense music]

[engine starts]



[tense music]

[reporter] Cyberaya is recently gripped

with the announcement
of another Mega Project,

the building of the most advanced
smart factory in the world.

According to Dato' Othman,

-this project will mark the beginning--
-[Dato' Othman gasping]


Huh? Huh?

Get the mayor to the vault!
The rest of you, stop them!


Over there, sir!

[both grunt]

[sighs] Who are they?

How did they get on board?

I'm not sure, sir, but it looks like
they've taken control of the plane.

-[both gasp]

-Um... Come on...

[Bakar] Ready? Let's go!

[Ali] Whoo!

-[Ali giggles]





Whoa! Awesome!

-High five!
-Just scan it already.



[suspenseful music]








-Don't worry, sir.

-We got you.
-[sighs, gasps]


Ali, IRIS Atlas!



[tense music]















Look out!


[man 1] Go! Go!


[Ali] Uncle!


[grunting, panting]


[indistinct chatter]

Huh? Oh, no!

Come on, come on!


[Ali] Override Mode!

-[indistinct chatter over radio]


Hurry up, Ali!

[indistinct chatter]

I can't do it!

[grunting] Huh?

-Agent Fit?
-Step aside!



Isn't this...

[whirring stops]


-[people screaming]
-[man] Ah! We're all gonna die!








[Bakar] Whoo!

Oh. That was close.

-Thanks, guys. We were toast.


Good job, Bobby.

-[both grunt]
-Hey. How come they both have...

[woman] The newly upgraded IRIS,



Since when?

From the beginning,

the IRIS project
was meant to equip MATA agents,

with extraordinary abilities.


we were forced to stop the project
after an accident happened

during its early experiments.

However, ever since
you accidentally activated IRIS,

our observations show that
it's more than possible

to enhance the wielder's capabilities.

Also, with the addition of ATLAS,

we've now reached optimum levels
of team coordination.

However, the same problematic issue
still remains.

-[Ali] Override Mode.
-[Ganz] Yeah.

Override Mode's advantage is the ability
to control all nearby systems.

But it also causes
its user to lose consciousness.

What happens next...

is anyone's guess.

-[Dayang] Fortunately, we're in luck.

After some thorough research,

I've managed to identify and modify

the direct source
of the Override instability issue.

So, IRIS NEO's Override Mode,

-is now fully controlled by the wearer.


Um... So...

does this mean
I can't use my IRIS anymore?

Don't worry.

You'll be getting a new unit, too.

But, for the time being,

Agents Fit and Bobby
are testing them in the field,

to make sure they're 100 percent ready.


[Dayang] You should be very proud, Ali.

All of this would not have been possible
without you.

[Mr. Ghazali]
What? Why do we have to cancel?


But, the launch is supposed to--

[sighs] Okay.

I understand.

-Ali! Oh...
-[Viktor] Oh, man!

Sorry, Viktor! I didn't see you there.

[laughs] It's okay.

It didn't take me that long.

Just three hours.

Hey, have you seen Ali?

Can't seem to find him anywhere.

Uh, oh! He said
he's going upstairs to tidy up.



-[Dr. Ghazali] Ali!


Hey! Looking for me? [gasps]


What were you up to all this time?

Well, these used to be out there,

now, they're all in here.
[chuckles nervously]


You promised to get it all done today,

-And I have to get back to work tomorrow.
-[phone rings]

Hello? Yes, Aida.


-Dad, look!


Are you kidding me, Ali?

I asked you to clean up,
not make more of a mess!

Use your head, Ali.

You're not a kid anymore.

Is this too much to ask
that you grow up a bit?


[doorbell rings]

Huh? Mom!

Hello, who's hungry for some satay?

Oh, Mrs. Ong.

Please, please, come in.

Come, Ah Boy, Ali.

You boys must be very hungry.

[Dr. Ghazali] I'm sorry, Mrs. Ong.
Didn't mean to keep Viktor here so long.

[Mrs. Ong] Hey, don't worry about it.

Your place is like his second home.

So it's only fair
he helps to clean it, right?

-Hmm? Hmm?

Ah Boy, faster, eat.

I don't want any veggie.

[Mrs. Ong] Eat them!

Ah, Ali, this plate's for you!

[Viktor burps] Phew...

My tummy's about to explode.

Wait, there's more!

[Mrs. Ong] Your favorite cookies!

Wow, Ali!

You have to try my mom's cookies!

-[phone rings]
-They're awesome!


Oh, yes, yes,
I'll bring the documents tomorrow.

-Hey, slow down a little.

-Thank you, Mom!
-You're welcome.

[somber music]





This is...

Mama's stuff.


[chuckles] Huh?






-Comot, look!

[light music]

[chuckles softly]

[baby coos]


[Dr. Ghazali] Ali! You've found Papa!

[Ali] Hm?

Where's Mama?

You can't find Mama?
Uh, where could she be?


-Ali! Mama's over here, Ali.

Oh, poor thing, Mama was just teasing you.

There, there, there... Please don't cry.
Don't cry!

I love you, my precious.

Here's your robot, do you want it?

No? Okay. Never mind.

How about this, your favorite ball?

-Don't want? Okay, okay.

Ha! I'm sure you're going to love this!

[lullaby music playing]



[somber music]


[suspenseful music]


[whirring, chimes]


Yes. I'll be there in half an hour.

-Okay, got it.

[Dr. Ghazali] Ali! I'm off to work.

-[upbeat music playing]

-[music stops]


[Bakar] Ali! There's an emergency!

-Get over here! Now!

-Send me your location!

[phone beeps]

[tense music]


[Bakar munching] Hmm...

So what's the emergency?
Did you forget your wallet again?


No, I didn't. [swallows]

Let's wait for Alicia.


Uncle, was my mom really a nurse?

[spits, coughs]

[clears throat, gulping]

Why did you ask me that for?

I found this
when I was going through her stuff.

Hmm? But what's on it?

Do we really need to meet here?

[gasps] Icha?

Is that really you, Icha?

Hi, Uncle Rajesh.

Oh, my gosh!

Razman, Rahul, our Icha's here!

-Get over here! Get over here!

Make way, make way, make way,
coming through!

Oh, my goodness, where have you been?

You haven't been back here in ages!

-Look at you! All skin and bones!

Uh, where's Uncle Rahul?

Hey, Rahul!

Come and say hello!

There he goes with his drama and antics.

Why don't you go and talk to him?

why are they calling Alicia, "Icha"?


These guys are General Rama's old gang.

They're the ones who used to take care
of her when she was just a little kid.

-[Rahul] Order?


Kampung fried rice, sunny side ups.

-Without the eggs. Three.

-Sunny side ups without--

[Rajesh singing]

[singer scatting]

♪ Mamak Maju ♪

♪ The quickest in town ♪

♪ Mamak! ♪

[upbeat music]

♪ Early morning
And your tummy's growling ♪

♪ Please come over I'll take your order ♪

-♪ Teh tarik kaw ♪

-♪ Coffee kaw ♪

♪ Plain water kaw! ♪

Done! Done! And done!

♪ Hey there ♪

-♪ Are you going somewhere boo? ♪
-Hold on to your seats, huh?

♪ I'll sing you a beautiful song
Only just for you ♪

♪ How are you doing?
You must be hungry ♪

♪ Two puri, one chicken curry
Will make you happy ♪

♪ Beef curry, mutton curry
Will make you sing and dance! ♪

♪ Mamak Maju! ♪

♪ The quickest in town! ♪

♪ Mamak Maju! ♪

♪ The quickest in town! ♪

-♪ Mamak Maju! ♪
-[Ali screams]

-♪ The quickest in town! ♪


[gasps, groans]

[tense music]

[pants, coughs]



Uncle, what is this place?


[Bakar] Cool, huh?
This is MATA Headquarters.

Hang on.

MATA's HQ is under a restaurant?

Well, not exactly.

It's actually directly
under the Perdana building.

[Ali] Why haven't we been here before?

[Alicia] Nah, just you.

[General] Only highest priority missions
are conducted directly from HQ.

-Where's the General? [gasps]
-Hey! Over here.

I expect all of you to be well prepared.

Because our new mission,
will determine the future of Cyberaya.

General, are you actually here?

-[Ali groaning]
-Knock it off, kid.

[General] Upon analysis,
traces of Azureum were found

in the explosives used in the attack.

However, their weapons and their armor

are not like anything
any of us have encountered ever before.

They're definitely not made in Cyberaya.

An attack from the outside?

Someone wants a war?

I would like to see them try.

Hey, how did he even get in?

-Are civilians even allowed to be in here?

Who is this little rascal?

Did no one tell you?

I'm the one who created MATA

when I built Cyberaya from nothing.

So, in other words, pipsqueak,

everyone here, including you,
works for me!

Um, apologies sir, he didn't know.

So what's this brilliant plan of yours?

All of you are to hunt down

and find those responsible
for yesterday's attack.

We received intel
about an illegal arms trade

taking place somewhere
in Cyber Square, later tonight.

I believe all of you
still remember Abang Bear?

We'll roll out a red carpet for him.

Just make sure
to stay out of my way, okay?



Yes, Agent Bakar.

Um, about Ali,

he's starting to ask questions.

♪ At dinner with Prime number 12 ♪

♪ We ate until we were full ♪

Ooh. This song is the bomb!

Want to have a go, Madam Khoo?

I'm here for my order.
Do you have it or not?

[sighs] Don't be like that Madam Khoo.

My wife rarely lets me out of the house.

[whirs, clacks]

Is this the real thing?

Now what do you mean by that?

[Abang Bear] Never mind, then.

-There are other interested buyers.
-[door opens]

Sorry, Bear. He says he's got food here.

-But I didn't know about any order.
-What's in there?

Um... Budu Burger!

[gasps] Bring it over!

-[Bakar] Now!


[gasps] Oh, this is bad.

[man] Get him!

Get down!




[both grunt, groan]

-[Abang Bear] Get rid of them!

Let me go!


[all scream]



-Ali, help Agent Bakar!
-[Ali] I'm going after Bear!

[Abang Bear grunts]

-Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

-[men grunting]


Put that case down, if you want to live.

[pants, grunts]

You want this?

[grunts, pants]

Give that back to me!

[scoffs] Just give it up.

This beauty right in here,
it's wasted on you.

-[groans] Give it back!


Stay away from him!

Andik, Surya. You guys go ahead.


[both grunting]



[Alicia] Ali!

-Don't let Bear get away!

Sorry, Alicia.



-[engine revs]

[Ali] Wait up!

[Ali] Sorry!

[suspenseful music]

[tires screeching]


[horn honks]



[people shrieking]


[tense music]

[tires screeching]


[groaning, yells]




[yells, grunts]



[Ali groans]



[straining, grunts]


[grunting] Huh?

[footsteps approaching]

[tense music]

Is this what you're looking for?

[somber music]

-Your leg is hurt, let me have a look.

Get my spare parts.

So what's the big deal that
you have to chase me all the way here?

That symbol.

I've seen it before.

Where did you get this?

It's my mom's.

But I can't access it.

You're Aliya's son?


Uh, sorry.

Does that...

Does that mean, you knew my mom, Aunty?

[laughs] Aunty?

Just call me, Niki, hm?

Ah! That hurts! Okay!

I don't just know Aliya,

we used to be just like sisters.

[Niki] I still remember how we first met.


-[Aliya] Are you okay?

[dramatic music]

[Aliya] Come on. Let's get you home.

[Niki] We were from different worlds.

Hm. We're here.

This is your home?

Yeah, what's wrong?

She couldn't believe
anyone could live like that.

Help! Get away from my home!

Mak Yah!


[Niki] We're treated like trash,

and there was nothing
we could do about it.

Are you all right?

Others would've turned their backs on us,
but Aliya was different.

From that moment on, I knew,

Aliya wasn't like other people.

Whoa... Oh! [sighs]

[gasps, grunts]


[lively music]


[Niki] Thanks to her,

I was able to stand on my own two feet.

Niki, wait up!

[Niki] She changed my life.

And together,
we changed the lives of people here.

[man grunts]

[Niki] We fought against anyone
who dared to mess with Pinggiran,

and took what's rightfully ours.

And with our spoils,
we took care of this place,

as best we could.


So that means you guys
took Bear's weapon--

For this.


Since Cyberaya discovered Azureum
five years ago,

technology has grown leaps and bounds.

Energy supply, medicine,

even clean water.

Without Azureum,
living has been made impossible.

Isn't Cyberaya aware
of the struggles here?

[scoffs] They don't even care, Ali...


Niki, there isn't enough of it.

If we didn't run into trouble earlier,

we could have gotten 11 more.

That's okay, we'll look for more tomorrow.

[sighs sharply]
It's getting tougher out there, Ali.

Even more since Aliya's been gone.

Yeah, I know, I've always thought that.

If only Mama hadn't gotten sick--

Niki! Those goons are back.
They're going to tear down!

You better get going.

And, please, don't tell anyone
about this place.

But... But, I have more questions
about Ma--

Keep in touch.

[door closes]

[clicks tongue, grumbles]

Where is this kid?

Agent Bakar, over there.

This is from Ali's scooter.

-What are you looking at?
-[both gasp]

Ali! Are you okay?

I'm alright


What were you thinking?
Leaving the mission like that?

You're lucky Alicia stopped Bear
from getting away.

What happened to the thief?

[gasps] Uh... She got away.

Hm. That was a waste of time.
You're such a nuisance.

Ah, that's enough, kids, let's go.
The General's expecting a debriefing.

[somber music]

[General] He is now in our custody,

and we'll extract all information we can
about the attackers' weapons.

-Is that all?

Proceed with the interrogation.

-I expect a full report by tomorrow.

I hope all of you have good news
for me today.

Uh, sir, are you okay? Maybe you should
take some time to recover.

Don't be absurd, Ghazali.

We still have the most high-tech
smart factory ever to build.

Oh, we were informed that
the launch was going to be postponed?


So, how's the progress?

Yeah, we'll do something about it.

It's a bit rushed,

but we will ensure that the power supply
is ready in time for the launch.

Hmm. Good. Dr. Ghazali?

I'm afraid I need more time, uh...

the latest machinery design
is much too expensive to be produced.

We don't have time.

You have my permission
to spend as much as you need on this.

-Just get on with it.
-But, sir,

wouldn't it be better to channel
those resources to more pressing needs?

If you give me time, I can propose--

I will not allow you
to slow down the city's progress!

This is the city of Cyberaya, Doctor!

We are the catalyst of human progress!

Well, I'm definitely with you, sir.

Despite the recent traumatic attack,

you're still laser focused on your vision.

Why can't we all do the same?

Enough, no need to flatter me.

Just get the job done.

Or else I'll find someone who can.

-[Dato' Othman] Dr. Tong.

I presume your work is progressing well?

[Dr. Tong] Uh, yes, sir.


Oh, sorry! Too bright?

No problem, I'll fix it for you.

Ah. All right. Is it okay now?

Abang Bear, I got a question for you.

Have you seen these before?

Hmm... No.



Oh, are you thirsty?

Oh, you should have told me!

Sit tight, I'll get you a drink.

Hungry? Want some food?

Agent Fit.

What's going on in there?

He says he's taking
the soft approach, sir.

So you're telling me
that you're not their supplier?

But you might know who's behind it, right?

Oh, maybe. A little lower, almost there--

Yes, yes, that's the spot.

[burps] Ohh...

Bakar, General's asking for you.

Okay, coming.

I'll get back to you, okay?


[grunts] Playtime is over!

Now, you tell me everything you know!

I know quite a lot of things.
The two-times table, three-times--

No more jokes!

Who's supplying these weapons?

Huh! You think you scare me?

You should meet my wife.


[General] Abang Bear.

According to my intel,

your lovely wife is completely unaware
of your illegal activities.

Give me the name of your supplier,
or she finds out!

Yeah, right.

Do you even have her number?

[General] Four.




-Okay, I get it, stop!

-The name!

[phone beeps, dial tone]

[ringtone playing]


[woman] Hello?

Vikram, Vikram! His name is Vikram!


Who's Vikram?

[General] Vikram is the Chief
Operating Officer at Beta Tower.

He is one of the key individuals
working closely with Dato' Othman,

on his plan to develop the city.

This is definitely a serious accusation,

we must verify the information
before reporting to Dato' Othman.

Your mission is to infiltrate Beta Tower
and investigate their activities.

Make sure no one detects your presence.


Careful, lasers up ahead.

Follow me.

[tense music]

If you mess up again like the last time,
you're dead meat!

Leave this to me.

Hold on.

We gotta make sure
we don't leave any traces behind.

Ah! We can send in Comot as a distraction.

Who's Comot?





-[alarm blaring]


[both yawning]

Okay, the coast is clear.
Bakar, help me plant these.

Accessing their communication logs.

Uh, so, what do you want me to do?

Watch Comot.
Make sure he doesn't make a mess.




What did you do?

[gasps] I didn't do anything!



[Fit] A secret passage.

[tense music]

[Alicia] It's an entire hidden floor.

It seems like
Bear is actually telling the truth.

Gather as much evidence as possible.

Oh, check this out! Pew!

[Comot meows]

[grunts] Huh?

[camera shutter clicking]



They're Mama's friends, right?

Shouldn't we help them out?

-[Bakar] Ali, move out!
-[gasps] Okay, coming!

[ominous music]

Sneak into one of the Pioneers' Tower?

Are you crazy?

They have a stockpile of Azureum.

-I know it's not going to be easy,

but we have an inside man.

Huh? Who exactly?


Uh, hello?

[groans] No way!

-[Niki] You can't be wearing that.

[Niki] Here, put this on.

What do you think, Comot,
pretty cool, huh?


Huh? What's this?

-[Niki] Let's go.

We're running late.

[dramatic music]

[both grunting]

Hold on, Ali.

-Your Exo-legs--




Ali, are you okay?

[tense music]


[truck beeping]

[gasps, groaning]

Niki, it's done.


[both grunting]



-Oh, no.
-What's wrong?

This door uses a bio-metric system.

It's okay. I'll try to Override it.



-What the heck is wrong with you?

Don't worry, we'll find another way.

-Ah! Comot!

[tense music]

Man, this kid has really lost it.

-[Ali] Good job, Comot!

Over here.

Ooh, jackpot!

-[phone chimes]

Head back to the tower!

-[tires screeching]
-[horn honking]

[Niki] With this amount of Azureum,

imagine the things
we could do for Pinggiran.

Thank you, Ali.

-Huh? Watch out!

[both gasp]

[mechanical whirring]

[all grunting]

-Get them!
-Ali, follow me.





[all panting]


Now! Run!

[all yell]








[tense music]

[all] Huh?

[all yelling]

[both] Huh?

Come on. Let's get out of here!


What's wrong with the kid?

I don't know, just follow him, quick!

[all grunting]

[alarm wailing]

I don't want anyone getting through!

[all shouting]


That was sweet!

Shoot them!

[groans] Move!




[Andik] Ha! That was awesome! Let's go!


[Aliya] Ali...


[gasps, pants]


[giggling in distance]

[Ali] Huh?


-Get back here!

Hey, Ali!

Everyone look!

Our hero has finally risen!

[all cheering]

Bro, sorry if I was
kinda hard on you before.

I had to be sure that
you aren't here to make trouble.

You get me right?

-[Surya] Come on, let's eat

-Ali! Ali! Ali! Ali!
-Ali! Ali! Ali! Ali!


[girl] The best, Ali!

Thank you.


-Want some food?

-[boy 1] Here you go.

[boy 2] Oh, look, she loves it!


-Ali, come with me.

Someone wants to meet you.

[light music]


Introducing, Mak Yah.

-Mak Yah, this is--


If it wasn't for your beautiful mother,

I wouldn't be here today.

What was... What was Mama like?

Hmm. She was the kindest soul,

and so bright, too.
She never ceases to amaze me.

She and Niki,
they give hope to all of us living here.

But now that she's no longer with us,

Niki has never been the same.


[ominous music]


[Ali] Whoa!

It looks so beautiful from up here.

Yeah. Aliya used to love it here, too.


Huh? What happened to your arm?

You... don't remember?

Huh? I did that to you?

Sorry, I didn't mean it!

Oh. Why does this keep happening?

Don't worry about it, I'm okay.

But, what really happened back there?

That was the Override Mode.

Whenever I'm in grave danger,

IRIS will take over the systems around me.

Even I myself...
don't know what's going on.

It's as if there's something else
controlling my body.

Hmm. That's weird.

May I have a look?


Oh, I'm the only one who can wear it.

Because, somehow it was synced to me.

But now, they have IRIS NEO.

Way better than this one.

You can even Override at will.


That's a good thing, right?

I don't know.

Ever since there's IRIS NEO.

I feel more... more and more left out.

Anyway, when every agent has IRIS,

would MATA even need me anymore?

No one has a heart like yours, Ali.

You see someone in need, you help them.

No questions asked.

Hmm, just like Aliya.

But if MATA isn't able to see all that,

-then they are the blind ones.

-Hey, why not just tag along with us?

We could really use someone like you, Ali.

Ever since Aliya's passing,

I thought our dreams of a better Cyberaya,

were buried along with her.

Now that you've come along,

I feel like... there's still hope.

[soft chuckle]


[dramatic music]

Could this incident be connected,

to the attack on Dato' Othman
the other day?

Is Cyberaya still safe?

How in the world could you people
let this happen?

Do you have any idea
how this makes us look to the world?

Sorry, sir.

But we believe, this attack is linked

to the discovery of an illegal arms lab
in Beta Tower.


We have acquired concrete evidence
which proves Vikram is the culprit

behind the recent attack on your life.

Why are you only telling me this now?

We needed to be absolutely certain.

After all, he is your strongest advocate.

But it seems like the coward
has gone into hiding.

-Detain all the Pioneers!

Don't let them go
until all this madness is resolved.

But, sir, we don't have any actual proof
of their involvement.

I don't care!

We can't be taking any more risks!

You three better start
doing your job right!

Before I replace every single one of you.

[General grumbles]

General, you mentioned you had new intel?

Yes. In the confidential files we accessed
from Vikram's computer,

we were able to uncover more locations
of their illegal operation.


Then find him, no matter what.

[suspenseful music]

♪ I have no more sympathy ♪

♪ My future's clouded, but ♪

♪ My eyes shine brightly
Showing me the way ♪

♪ My inner flame, set ablaze ♪

♪ My inner flame, set ablaze ♪

♪ Listen to my voice
That's calling for you ♪

♪ Together, there's nothing that
We can't go through ♪

♪ Don't matter
If nobody's coming with me ♪

♪ I will not back down
Whatever comes to be ♪

♪ No other way ♪

♪ We take care of our own ♪

♪ They have no time to care about us ♪

♪ Only we can win this fight
No one but us ♪

♪ They don't know
How our hearts kept beating stronger ♪

♪ And together, we can ♪

♪ We take care of our own ♪

♪ We take care of our own ♪

♪ Anyone out there who's better than us? ♪

♪ Not to offend all you out there ♪

♪ Anyone out there who's better than us? ♪

♪ Come on over, that is if you dare ♪

♪ I'm always in it to win it ♪

♪ Frankly speaking, calm in chaos ♪

♪ If my wings break in the morning
I'll be flying by the evening ♪

♪ Abandon me in the forest
I'll fight every single tiger ♪

♪ Even if my hands are in shackles
I'm still kicking ♪

♪ There's always someone right behind me
When you see me don't freeze ♪

♪ Mess with us, you'll be hearing
The roar of our battle drums ♪

♪ We'll bring the fight over
Won't stop until we've conquered ♪

♪ Anyone out there who's better than us? ♪

♪ Not to offend all you out there ♪

♪ Anyone out there who's better than us? ♪

♪ Come on over, that is if you dare ♪

Where's Ali?

He said he's not well.

He can't make it.

Not well?

This is a mission, not school!

[Bobby] Come on, man, relax.

Why did you ask to meet here?

When were you going to tell me
about your new gig?

Huh? What gig?

Don't play games with me.
You're the one raiding Vikram's operation.

You can't just accuse me like this!

[Alicia] I recognize your scooter tracks.

Why are you sabotaging our mission?

I mean, whose side are you on anyway?

Come on, anyone could have left those.
You don't have any proof that it was me.

Ali, the whole of MATA
is on this case right now.

They're going to find out eventually.

Psst! Psst!

-Come over here!

Oh, no. Are they fighting?

Do you know what's going to happen
when MATA finds out?

What? They'll get rid of me?

It's clear that
MATA doesn't need me anymore.

Ali, this is not about you!

We're on our most important mission
right now.

The Mayor of our city is in grave danger!

Why should we care about him,
when he doesn't care about us?

What are you saying?

Dey, don't you have work to do?

Shh, get down!

Can't you see?

There are more people out there
who are need our help!

But MATA is too busy protecting him.

Helping people? By stealing?

I'm done!

Do whatever you want.

I'm done being an agent.


Look at that,
he's made our lovely Icha angry!

-Stay out of it!




[clicks tongue]

[tense music]




-[Comot meows]







Huh? Uncle?

-What are you doing here?

MATA knows, Ali.


Why are you doing this?

Because of Mama.


The people I'm helping
were all her friends.

I'm doing this...

for the sake of Cyberaya!


Who are these guys?

Are they agents?

Stand down!

It's okay, Ali. Come with me.
We can sort this out the right way.

It's too late, Uncle.

I've found people who actually need me.

-Get him!


Niki, help!

MATA knows! They're coming after me!

[Niki] Come here, we'll protect you.

Get him!



[tense music]



[gasps] Phew.






[all gasp]



[both grunt]

Huh? Ali?

-You shopping?

-[Mrs. Ong] Ah Boy!

Is this one okay?

It even comes in extra small!

Mom! Shh!

Keep it down!

Huh? Where did he go?


[tense music]






-[shouts, grunts]


-[Comot meows]
-[gasping, groaning]



Ali, don't!


-[grunts, panting]
-[Alicia] Bobby, are you okay?

[indistinct chatter]

Move it! Make way!

Sorry, man.

He... [groans]

...got away.



I'm almost there!

[Niki] Got it.

[grunts, groans]

How dare you!

Agent Fit? Wait, let me--


[grunts, groans]

[Fit grunting]

[Ali yells]

-[both gasp]


Stop it! You're out of control!

Step aside! You stay out of this!

[both grunting]

Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do about it!




Where is that brat?



--[electricity crackles]

-Agent Bakar!

It's a trap.













I think I lost them.


[all grunting]




[groaning, grunts]

[breathing heavily]

-[Fit groans]


[all] Huh?


He's got no fight left in him!

[Fit exclaims]

Who said so?


-[Fit groans]




Why are you hurting my friends?


Your friends? [scoffs]
You're the one who asked for help.

-But you didn't have to--
-Listen to me!

We must do whatever it takes
to help our people!

Don't be weak, Ali!

You... have gone too far!



Don't test my patience, Ali!



I gave you this leg, Ali.

I can take it back!

[grunts, panting]




[Ali groaning]

-[Niki] You're awake?
-[Ali gasps]

[gasping, sighs]


What are you doing?

[Niki] I should thank you.

If it weren't for you,
I wouldn't have found...

the key to conquering Cyberaya.

[grunts] What have you done with IRIS NEO?

I have altered
the program codes to suit me.


Stop it!

But how could you program IRIS?

[chuckles] That's easy.

Everything that
I needed to know about IRIS,

is in this drive.


Yes, Ali. Your mother created IRIS.

What are you up to?



[Niki] But on that night...




She has potential.

I think we've just found our new recruit.


My mom, was an agent?


From that moment on, I realized,

I could never depend on outsiders
to change my fate.

[alarm blaring]


Whoa! Are these the new missiles?

That good for nothing Othman.

He can build fancy weapons,
but he can't help us in Pinggiran?

-[man grunts]

[Niki] Who would've thought that

she was the one they would send
to stop me?

You want to destroy Perdana?

Are you out of your mind?

Why not?

If I want to reform Cyberaya,

then its head
should be the first one to go!


But what about all
the other innocent people?

Tough luck!
They never cared about us anyway!


[both grunting]


Why can't you understand, Niki?

This is not the right way.

Then what is right?

[grunting] Becoming a traitor like you?



Enough, Niki.

I helped you,

not for you to become a criminal.

Oh, please, I don't need your sympathy.

Farewell, Aliya.

We have to go!


-I think I can Override it.
-Don't, Aliya!

This is the only way.






And that was the last time I saw her.

[tense music]

You were the cause of her death?

It can't be...

[breathes heavily, grunts]

You monster!


She chose to sacrifice herself
for Cyberaya!

She turned her back from our fight!

She paid the price.


In the end,
Aliya was no different from our enemy.

-[indistinct chatter]
-[engines revving]

[people gasping]


-Hmm. Hm?
-[toy squeaks]


[Andik] Niki, Vikram's here.

It would appear that
we have an esteemed guest.

See you soon Ali.

When this is all over,

I'll show you what it's like...

to walk in my shoes.

If you don't want this kid to get hurt,

then give me Niki!

-[people gasp]

Looking for me?

You messed with my business!

Now you have to pay the price!

Your greed has caused
far too much suffering.

You're the one who's going to pay.

-[all groaning]

[engines revving]



[distant explosion]

We need to stop her!

Sorry, Ali.

I never really told you about your mom.

I just didn't really know how to tell you

that MATA was the reason

you... you lost her.

Ali! Your IRIS is with me.

-You can use it to break us out of here.
-I don't care anymore!


All this time,

I thought that...
I was continuing her legacy for her.

I wanted to be great,

to help others just like she did.

But in reality... [sniffles]

...I've only made things worse.

[sobs softly]

Everyone is better off without me.

-Ali, don't say that.

You know,

your mom and I used to be...
we were really close.

But she...

she never mentioned Niki even once to me.

Maybe she didn't want
to involve me in all of that.

But after she joined MATA,
that's all she ever talked about!

She was happy and proud to serve Cyberaya.

She even asked me to join her.

Even though I wasn't as strong
as I am now.

I was a slower learner, too.

But your mom never gave up on me.

She trained with me
until the day I was accepted by MATA.

If she was still here,

she'd be proud to see you become an Agent.

We can't give up hope, Ali.

Was Mama-- Oh!

Can you just stop all this whining!

You think you're the only one
without a mother?

At least you're lucky
your dad is still with you!

Both of my parents are gone!

Open your eyes, Ali.

Stop thinking about what you've lost,

and start appreciating
what's right in front of you.

I'm grateful.

The General took me in and raised me
just like his own child.

MATA is my family.

And I will never let them down.

MATA is my family, too.

I don't just have my dad,

I have you guys.

Sorry, I really messed up.

Horribly, this time around.

It's okay, Ali. We can fix this together.

-First, let's get out of here.


Hurry, Ali!

[Ali straining] Oh, no!

Why did you push it away?

I can't reach it!

It's your fault, why did you toss it?

It's not my fault you have short legs!


[both] Huh?



[all grunt]

Thank you so much, Mak Yah.

I'm the one who should be thanking you.

You've done so much for us.

You are definitely your mother's son.

Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!


-What about Agent Fit?
-Leave him here.

We don't have much time.

I'll inform the General Rama.
You guys go first.


-[alarm wailing]
-[horn honking]


[Dato' Othman] On this day,
we are taking another huge step

that will secure our nation's
rightful place in history.

The development of the largest,
and most advanced

smart factory in the world!

-[crowd cheering]

All of this could not have been achieved

without the hard work
and sacrifice from all of us in...

-[feedback whining]
-[all straining]

[Niki] What do you know about sacrifice?

Why don't you tell them…

where exactly you're planning
to build this factory of yours?

[people screaming]

Get the Mayor out of here now!


Going somewhere, sir?

Chill out.

Everyone, fall in!

Defend the Mayor!


-[sighs, whimpers]
-[guns whirring]

[Ali, Bakar grunt]

Niki, stop!

Hm! Haven't you learned your lesson?

I won't be showing you any mercy!



[all coughing]

Ali, get the Mayor out of here!





-Look out!

[both grunting]

-[electricity crackling]

-[whip cracks]



[scoffs, grunts]





Hi, Ali!

-Stay focused!


Took you guys long enough.

You guys are toast! [groans]

Agents, attack!

[agents grunting]

Agent Dayang, please forgive me...

Now's not the time, Ali.

Quickly, go get the Mayor to safety.




[tense music]




[suspenseful music]

[all gasping]

[both grunting]


[all groan]

[all grunt]

Going somewhere?

[all grunting]


[both gasp, chuckle]

[both groaning]








You can't win.

Just surrender.

Not a chance!

[straining, sighs]





[all straining]

[tense music]


[all gasping]

[all grunting]


Hiyah! [grunts]




[groans] Huh?





[tense music]

[electricity crackles]








[electricity crackles]







[ominous music]

[Aliya] Ali...

Ma... Mama?


[Aliya sighs]

I have...

missed you so much, Mama.

But how...

I don't understand. How can you be here?

I thought you were gone.

I'm no longer here, darling.

Only my data still remains inside IRIS.

Inside IRIS?

-Does that mean, this place is...
-The IRIS' Dimension.

The truth is,
every time you activated Override Mode,

IRIS would access my data that was
previously physically synced to me.

Oh. Is that why...

I have not been able to control it?

I'm sorry.

-I was just trying to protect you.
-Wow! So it was you all this time?

That's so cool, Ma!

What do you expect?

I'm one of the best agents
to ever come out of MATA!


But... I still lost to Niki.

She's much stronger now.

It's because of IRIS NEO.

She's become invincible!

If you couldn't win against her,
what chance do I have?

Ali, when I created the IRIS back then,

it was meant
to enhance human capabilities.

But as highly advanced as it is,
it's still only just a gadget.

The true potential
is not within IRIS or IRIS NEO

but within the heart and soul
of whoever wears it.

I'm... not sure if I have what it takes,

but if I could control Override,

we might stand a chance!

That's my smart little agent.

But... there's something
that you should know.



[gasps, grunting]


[Dato' Othman] Please...

no more.

Now you feel like begging?

After all this time?

After you destroyed our homes?

After you destroyed my life!

Mom, Dad!

Don't worry.

I'll turn Cyberaya to something better
than you could have ever imagined.



[ominous music]


Don't you ever know when to quit?

Stop using them!


How did you...

Look at what you've done, Niki!

What do the people of Pinggiran gain
out of this destruction?

You said you wanted to heal Cyberaya.

You wanted to take care of the people.

But now, look, you're the one
who's tearing it all down!


You outsiders would never understand.

There's no else
who can help Pinggiran but me!

What do you mean?

In order for you to control Override Mode,

my data...

needs to be deleted.

[gasps] No!

-I don't want to! I can't!

[sobs softly]





I... I don't wanna lose you again.

It's okay, Ali.

I will always be with you.


[dramatic music]


[Aliya humming]






[Niki grunting]



[Niki groaning]



Enough, Niki.

Stop fighting.


I may have lost the fight,

but the Azureum coursing
through this suit

is enough to destroy all of you!


[Niki groaning]


Forgive me, Niki.

[Aliya] Don't be sad now, okay?

Stay strong, honey.

[somber music]

Go on, then.

Take your revenge for Aliya.

She would not have wanted that.

What's the point of living this life then,
if it's like this?

You should not give up hope.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

It's been three days since the attack
on Cyber Perdana

by the attackers that have been identified
as rebels from Pinggiran.

However, speculation is on the rise
regarding the secret response team

which came to the mayor's defense
during the attack.

The public awaits official comments
from Dato' Othman

who's still receiving treatment.

-Mr. Mayor.

-In other news,

Vikram Chandra has been terminated
from his position in Beta Tower

due to his--

Despite the serious injuries
sustained by Dato' Othman,

he's in stable condition,
and well on his way to recovery.


-We want to--
-[Bakar] I told you, sir!

Ali is one of the best agents we have!

It doesn't matter
how tough the going gets,

He'll always rise back up to save the day!

-What do you mean great?

He helped the enemy to get so strong
and almost undefeatable!

What's even worse!

Now, the people are becoming aware
of MATA's existence!

-I'm sorry!
-If it weren't for you taking her down,

-I wouldn't hesitate to teach you a--
-Enough, Ganz.

MATA appreciates all your efforts...

but we cannot allow such severe mistakes
to go unpunished.

From this day onwards,

you are no longer permitted to wield IRIS.



But he's the only one synced to it.

If he can't use it,
what's the point of IRIS?

With all the notes
and data from Aliya's journal,

we are now able to separate IRIS from Ali.

And due to the huge flaw exposed
when IRIS NEO malfunctioned,

we have come to the decision
to terminate the project immediately.

The plan now is to find
an agent that's more...

suited to wear the original IRIS.

But he--


Thank you for giving me another chance
to continue serving MATA.

Even without IRIS,

I will do my absolute best
to become the finest agent I can be.

[somber music]

Hmm... Okay, that's all for now.

I believe Agent Bakar has something else
that he'd like to share with you.

Oh, that thing, yeah.

-Let's go.

What's going on, Uncle?
You're making me nervous.


Now you know your mom was an agent,
I can finally share these videos with you.

Hm? What videos?

See it for yourself

♪ Smile my little one ♪

Wow, look at Mom go!

♪ Mama will always ♪

♪ Be with you ♪

♪ When I go ♪


How far are we running?

I don't think I'm going to make it!

This was back when
I was still training with her.






-We're done, right?

-Can we go eat now?
-Hey, that was just the warm-up!




Why is it so important to you
that I become an agent?

Do you know, Bakar, out there...

wherever it may be,

no matter the time,

there will always be people
who are in need of help.

-[bird squawking]
-[Ali] Dad!

Over here!


Hi, Mak Yah...

[Aliya] We always expect
other people to help us.

We're always waiting
for someone else to be the hero.

It is with great pleasure that we announce

the Pinggiran Development Program.

Fully funded and supported
by the Innovators' Foundation.

[Rajesh] Food's ready!

Even with the countless MATA agents

who lay down their lives
to protect our city…

they will always need help
from the everyday heroes

who are willing to fight
for the same cause.


[both] Hm.


[inaudible dialogue]

[Aliya] 'Cause if we don't do our best
to help the helpless…

then who will?

[somber music]

So, are we still gonna proceed
with that plan of yours?


I believe no other agent is more qualified

to be a part of Project SATRIA.

I really hope you know what you're doing.

[somber music playing]