Either Way (2011) - full transcript

Set in the remote north of Iceland in the mid-1980s, Finn and Alfred, two employees of the Icelandic Road Administration, spend the summer painting lines on the winding roads that stretch out into the horizon. With no one but each other for company, the barren wilderness becomes a place of adventure, disaster and discovery as both men find themselves at a crossroads in their lives.

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(In German)
Walter is working.

Walter is at work.

He works in a car factory.

But he doesn't make cars.

He works in an office.

With a computer.

He makes and receives phone calls.

Walter begins work at nine o'clock.

No, let's just enjoy the silence.


Let's just enjoy the silence.

I want to play my tape.

I'm not in the mood for that noise.

You think I was in the
mood for German verbs?

Alfred, I have an important exam in the fall.

What about the equal-time agreement?

That doesn't apply.

What do you mean?

It just doesn't apply.

What the fuck?

Get on with it.

Let's just listen to the silence.

Just shove it up your ass.

Dearest Rannveig,

Thank you for your letter.

There's so little to do out here,
I must have read it a dozen times.

Being out here helps me
see things more clearly.

Honest physical labor is just what I need

after those endless night
shifts at Sparbanken,

which certainly contributed to our
troubles during the spring.

I do feel much better,
although I miss you and Sonya.

I can't say that I miss Vienna though.

I was beginning to feel like
one of the statues on Konigsplatz.

Lonely among all those
people I couldn't talk to.

As for your brother, the country-
side isn't teaching him anything

other than how much he
misses city nightlife.

I think that you and the family
need to think of something else

if he's ever going to amount to anything.

I mean, how can you reach the age of 24

and not know how to gut a fish or tie a knot?

Sometimes he acts like a half-wit.
Not that I dislike him or anything.

I'm done with this one.
Can I have a new one?

Put that one back then.

Did you write on it?


Don't ever do that.


The weekend's coming

and I'm thinking of spending
some quiet time alone.

Your brother, on the other hand,
can't wait to get back to town

and get 'the little man squeezed',
as he puts it.

It warms my heart to hear that
you both are doing well

and I'm delighted that
the chiropractor is proving useful.

As for me, I've been working hard
for my German exam in the fall.

You're right,

if I don't speak German
I'll never adapt to life over there.

Besides, there's no future
for me at Sparbanken,

and it can only be good
for our little family.

Yours, Finnbogi.

PS: "Loving spirits will never be parted."

(In German)
PPS: Forty-seven days.







There you go.

Thank you.

Get some of that down you.

Shall we spice it up a bit?

So, you did all these?


The lines. You painted them?

Not me. He did most of them.
This is my first summer.

How many?

I haven't kept an exact count.

But I've hammered down
a shitload of posts.

The posts.

Let's not forget the posts!

Quite right.

Of course, it's a matter of
taste whether you prefer

vertical or horizontal lines.

Man, you guys are great.

Can I ask, what are we drinking?

This is Hagavadallin.

Just the best moonshine you'll ever taste.

Triple-distilled local poison.

Could I ask you for one of those?

Of course, my friend.

So, all alone out here.

Two handsome young men

and no pussy?

Enough messing about.

No, that's too much.

I don't think so.

It's just my way of saying thank you,

for invaluable service,

improving the safety of our nation's roads.

President Vigdis Finnbogadottir,

she's not married is she?


So she's available?

Yeah, I guess so.

Would you want to do her?


Aren't you going to eat that?


Aren't you going to eat that?

The skin?


It's the most nutritious part.

Fuck, man.

Are you cool with
not getting laid all summer?

I don't have a choice.

I'd rather be here than
sweating my ass off in Vienna.

There's one good thing about this job.


I get so fucking horny
out here in nature.

Don't you?


Alone with you all day?
I don't think so.

Does it feel different having sex
with a woman who's had a baby?

You know, like Rannveig.

She's had a baby.

Isn't she much less tight?

Alfred. She's your sister.

I could never last a whole summer

without getting the little man squeezed.

Are you suggesting I cheat on your sister?

You've heard the story about Gunnar?

Your cousin?


Who's this Gunnar?

Hasn't Rannveig ever told you about him?


What about him?

Don't you talk about stuff?
- Yeah.

Don't you know who she's slept with?

What do you know about
who she's slept with?

You know, my bedroom was next to hers.

And you could just hear the moaning.

What, did you think she was a virgin?

Do you have a strategy for the weekend?


Do you have your eye on anyone?

You know, a girl.

Right. No.

There is someone, actually.
- Oh.

Sigga Maggy.
- Right.

I've been working on her for a while.

She's a total goddess.

And it's not happening?

I kinda messed it up.

I lost her to a friend.

But they're probably not together anymore.

Given the way she behaved last
time I saw her at the disco.

Problems in the relationship?

Probably, by now.

Was she giving off signals?



Well, she was making out
with me in the toilet.


And I had two fingers in her
pussy when someone knocked.

We would probably have gone all
the way if no one had knocked.

With your friend's girlfriend?
-Yeah, probably ex by now.

Are you sure you don't want to come?


I've decided to stay.


Do you need help with the tent?



Nah, forget it.
I'll just do it myself.

It'll give me something to do, wait.

I need you to drop by the post office.

And send this letter for me.

To Rannveig.


Wait, wait.

I also need you to drop off this money order.


Wait. Alfred.

A money order...

in the amount of...

in the amount of...

Six thousand and five hundred crowns.

Your mother has all the details.

Oh, and Alfred.

Have a good weekend!

You too.



Looking good.


Your outfit.

Oh. I bought myself this coat.

How was the weekend?

Just fine.

New watch?


Is it waterproof?

Yeah, to 50 meters.

So, nothing happened?


Over the weekend.

Oh, no.

What about Sunna Fanny?

Are you talking about Sigga Maggy?

Yeah, Sigga Maggy.

Didn't you get the little man squeezed?


That's a damn shame.

Didn't she break up with your friend?

Sort of.

So, what was the problem?

Can't we just listen to the silence?


What? So not even a bit of fingering?

Yeah, a little bit.

It was a really shitty weekend.


Yeah. It started just after I left.

I wasn't even near the city

when I got a flat tire.

I'd been going for less than an hour.

Have you ever changed a tire
on a car like that?


It's fucking difficult.

It took me so long,

I didn't get home
until midnight or something.


I got myself a drink.

Next thing you know,
I'm fast asleep on the sofa.

And I didn't wake up until

Mom and Dad got up the next morning.

So I didn't get to party Friday night,

which was really disappointing.

But, I thought 'fine,

I'll be in good shape for Saturday night.'

So, I met up with a few buddies
and we hit the bars.

Right away, I saw two chicks
who would totally sleep with me.

I had actually screwed
one of them before.

Which was OK.

But she had these fat little legs.

Which I found a bit...weird.

Anyway, I'd already decided
I was gonna fuck Sigga Maggy

or someone of that quality.

So, we went to the disco

and then she shows up.

-Sigga Maggy?

Sigga Maggy.

Looking so fucking hot.

As always.

And I'm sensing
she's really into me as well.

We hit the dance floor
and it's all lining up nicely.

Then it's closing time and
I ask her to come home with me.

But she really wants to keep partying,

'cos there's an afterparty
at her friend's place.

And I'm like 'OK' because
I don't really have a choice,

and then I get this feeling,
like it's not going to happen.

I don't know what it is.

I'm not saying I'm psychic or anything.

It's just that sometimes I feel like I can...

Do you know what I mean?


Yeah. I don't know.

It's just that sometimes I know
what's going to happen.

So we go to the party

and I get her into this bedroom
and we start making out.

And I start fingering her and
I can tell how horny she is for me.

But suddenly she wants to stop.

I get her to promise that she'll
come with me after the party


And she says 'yeah', she says 'OK'.

So we leave the bedroom

and walk smack into Fannar.

Your friend?

Yeah, ex-friend now.

Yeah, I see.

And before I even realize who it is,

he's already furious at seeing us together

and he punches me.

Wow, he really nailed you.

So then they leave together

and she's completely hysterical,
crying and everything

and he's freaking out.

He really shouldn't drink.

He's a complete asshole when he drinks.

So with them gone,

I figure I'll just fuck
the one with the fat little legs.

But she's making out with someone else.

Then yesterday was Sunday,

so no parties and no chance of getting laid.

There'll be other weekends.

This Sunna Fanny seems a little confused.

You can't let these girls
mess with your head.

Yeah, I know.

I'm pretty optimistic
about next weekend though.


Yeah, I'm going to this outdoor festival.

Right, so you have a good
feeling about next weekend?

Yeah, I have an 80-90 percent
success rate at these things.

Sure you don't want a bite?


My stomach feels funny.

I think I'm still hungover from the weekend.

Did you take an antacid?


Is everything OK?


I really don't feel like
being out here right now.

Take my fishing rod

and see if you can reel in a couple of fish.


Go on, it's good for the soul.
Clears the mind.


Come on, take the rod.

You can also borrow the waders.





Aren't you going to take the rod?

No, no.


Dearest Finnbogi,

Sonja and I are both doing well.

The city's becoming unbearably hot

so we often think of you out in
the crisp Icelandic summer air.

I've been thinking a lot about our
relationship in the past weeks

and I feel like I'm seeing things
in a different light since you left.

Please don't misunderstand me,
I have missed you very much.

I have also realized what a
great presence you have

and what a great stepfather you are to Sonja.

But like we talked about in the spring,

our relationship did reach
an unpleasant crossroads.

When you left, we were determined
to make changes.

What frightens me the most is the fact

that I can't change what I feel in my heart.

Please don't misunderstand me,

I love you,

with all my heart.

What I felt more and more after you left

was that something that existed
between us has gone,

like the flame has just gone out.

Dearest Finnbogi,

I can't tell you how difficult it is
for me to make this decision,

but having truly given it thought,

I do it with all our best interests at heart.

It is with sorrow and deep regret

that I suggest
we end our relationship,

but also with optimism

as I truly believe that our
future will be happier apart.

I suggest you don't return
to Vienna in the fall.

I'll arrange for your belongings
to be sent home.

The memories of our time
together will always be part of me.

A part of my heart will always
be yours, Rannveig.


Dear friend, still here?

I've been thinking about you guys.


Any idea how many lines you've painted?


You've covered the whole asphalt section,

until the gravel begins.

That's approximately 8.2 kilometers.

And it's an average of
4.6 meters between each line,

and each line is about 5 meters long.

How many lines does that make?

No idea.

You mean you don't know?

Wait, how many kilometers did you say?


That's 8,200 meters.

That's right, isn't it?
One kilometer is 1,000 meters.

Divided by...

what did you say,
4.6 meters between each line?

Divided by 9.6

That's 854.888

I'd calculated 855.

Well, it's pretty damn close.

Where was that woman going?

What woman?

The woman that got out of your
truck, up there on the hill.

Now, you listen here, young man.

If I had a woman in my truck,
I certainly wouldn't let her

No chance!

Where's your friend?

Don't know.

Don't you guys work together?




Come on, drink up.

No thanks.

Don't you guys get along?

Did something happen?

No, not really.

Something must have happened.

You don't just abandon your
friend in the middle of nowhere.

I have an idea of what went down.

You don't say 'went down'.

You say 'happened',
'occurred' or 'took place'.

Unless you're Danish. Are you Danish?


So what happened to your friend?

He got a letter from his girlfriend,

and she sort of... dumped him.

Why does some bitch always have
to come between two buddies?

She's actually my sister.

Your sister is his girlfriend?


Ex-girlfriend now.

Do you have a girlfriend?


Not at the moment.

You should never sleep more than
three times with the same woman.

No matter how good it is.

Otherwise, feelings start getting in the way.


If you can't follow this rule,

then you're better off just parking it.

Parking it?

You mean, just not doing it at all?


I'd better get going.

I have no interest in
listening to a heartbroken man

weep over a hopeless relationship.

I don't envy your task, my friend.

That'll help you get your friend
over the toughest part.

Is everything OK?


It's just that you were gone
when I woke up this morning.

I just had to make a phone call.

Is there something
you want to talk about?

What would I want to talk about?

I don't know.

I just had a feeling you might
want to talk about something.

Can't we just enjoy the silence for a bit?


It's often better to talk about things.

Why can't you be
self-sufficient for once?

Why do I have to keep you
entertained all the time?

Can't you understand, sometimes
people just want peace?

Just trying to be nice.

Is everything OK with Rannveig?

Why shouldn't everything be OK?
Why don't you just ask her?

I thought that maybe you got
some bad news or something.

What's wrong with this family,
why are you all so fucking nosy?

Why can't you just leave people alone?

You're just like your sister:

'What are you thinking,
what are you thinking?'

Chill out, man.

It's not my fault that she dumped you.

What do you know about who dumped who?

I don't know.

Were you poking around in my letters?

This family.

You're shits. You're just shitty.

Well, you're the fucking half-wit.

'How can you reach the age of 24

and not know how to gut
a fish or tie a knot?'

How did you reach the age of 33

and not kill yourself for being such a loser?

You're not getting paid for today.

Go shit in your panties.

Let go.

Let go, you fucking brat.

Eat shit and die.

Open up.

I said, open up.

No, I'm on strike.

Stop being a child,
I need the car.

Eat shit and die. I'm on strike.


I'm going to have you fired.





Thanks for getting me out of the river.

No problem.

I'm sorry about your watch.

I also want to apologize
for what I said yesterday.

I had no right to insult you like that.

No worries.

I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have read your letters.

You're right.

Still, it doesn't justify what I said.

So, is it really over?

Between me and Rannveig?

Yes, I think so.

She's met someone else.

Are you serious?

Is he a foreigner?



Half Italian.

Do you know him?


I almost feel like I know him,

I've heard so much about him.

Is he a classmate of hers?


Is he just someone from the neighborhood?


He's her chiropractor.

What's that?

Her chiropractor.


He's a masseur.

He's been treating her for her neck.

She's hooked up with a masseur?


The truck driver left this for you.


He said it would help you
get through the toughest part.

What do you mean?

I told him you liked the last bottle so much,

he decided to give you another one.


It warms you up, doesn't it.

You're just going to have to
fuck your way out of this.

Alfred, I love your sister.

She's the only woman I've ever loved.

I know, but sex and love
isn't the same thing.

Yes, they are.

What, is Rannveig the only woman
you've ever slept with?


There was one other.

So you've been through a breakup before?

No, it wasn't really a relationship.

Come on, man. You'll just get
drunk for three months.

Maybe longer.

I also had a tough weekend.

'Cos you didn't get laid?


Disa is pregnant.


Disa. She's a girl I slept with
two or three times.

It was nothing special.

Mom gave me a message when
I woke up on Saturday,

that I had to call Disa.

But I didn't bother.

But after the fuckups on Saturday night,

I figured it might be good to phone Disa

and at least get something.

So I called her

and when I got to her place
she was all dramatic

and there was no chance of getting it on

and she just says she wants to talk.

So I'm like 'What do you
want to talk about?'

Then she breaks down and starts crying,

and tells me she's pregnant and
she doesn't know what to do.

And I'm like

'What, is it mine?'

Then she tells me she hasn't
slept with anyone else

for the past six months.

So I tell her I can't do this with her.

She'll just have to have an abortion.

And then she cries even more and

tells me she can't risk doing that

'cos she might not be able
to get pregnant again,

because of a birth defect,

she wasn't supposed to
be able to get pregnant.

So I tell her she has to take
care of the baby by herself.

If she wants to keep it.

Can't you see what a gift from God this is?

It's the most beautiful thing
anyone could wish for.

Especially someone like you.

But I'm not ready to become a dad.

You're never ready.

It's just the next step.

Become a dad.

She didn't want another child.

You should be grateful, man.

Maybe you're right.




Do you really think I should
have this baby with Disa?

Yes, definitely.

I was just thinking about
what you said last night.


And maybe it's unfair to her
to make her give it up.

If it's difficult for her to
get pregnant in the first place.

Maybe I should call her tomorrow

and tell her she can
keep it, if she wants.

I'll take some part in this.

Good idea.


Are you still going to that outdoor festival?


Could I maybe come with you?

Can you come?

Yes, of course.

We need to get you laid.

It's the least my family owes you.

I even know a few girls who are going

who like older guys.

What, am I an older guy?

Just in a positive way.

They're into guys with some experience.


What did you call the guy
that Rannveig is going out with?



It was something else.
A strange word for a masseur.




I couldn't remember.

Is that the kind of massage
where you're naked?


I'm sorry.

You couldn't get me to do that.

No chance.

Listen, Finnbogi.


You know,

the 6,500 crowns...

that I was supposed to send to Rannveig.

Yes, what about them?

I forgot to go to the post office.

I was afraid to tell you.
I'm sorry.

That's just fine.


Yeah, that's very fine indeed.

We'll just spend it
on some other chicks.

Are we in luck?


The hitchhiker.

Looks like a pretty girl.


Everything OK?

Do you need a ride?

Do you think she's foreign?

(In German)
Do you want to come with us?

Well, well, boys.
You're all done here?

Good for you.