Eine Stunde Glück (1931) - full transcript

The two happy fitters Eddy and Tommy are doing overtime to ensure the great travel-exhibition of the department store they work in is ready for display. Outside, they see a poor newspaper seller, who looks longingly at the beautif...

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Director: W. Dieterle

- Who is it?
- Guess.

- Hans Reimann.
- Yes, wonderful.

How did you know?

Well, what do you think?
I heard it.

Dieterle can see with his ears

No, that's not true.

But it's normal if for weeks one could
enjoy you with editing and sound.

He enjoys quietly.

How do you mean, enjoying?

Because you said you've had enjoyment.

And that's what it was, my dear Reimann,
that's what it was.

And I hope that it has been
an enjoyment for you, too,

to have made your first film with me.

Well, then, goodbye.

- Why do you want to leave already?
- Because you're shaking my hand.

You mustn't. So, you surely
want to view something, don't you?

If I may.

What do you mean "if I may"?

Generally people may not but since it's
you, dear Reimann, come in, have a seat.

Next to me, at my working table.

Well, it's a pretty
uncomfortable piece of furniture.

Why uncomfortable?

I think it's practical,
very practical in fact.

Ok, first a few more cuts*.
[*Schnitte, meaning also slice of bread]

Thank you,
I've already had my breakfast.

What do you mean,
you've had your breakfast?

Because you said "Schnitte".

Film cuts, of course.

Film cuts, little film slices.

We call them "Bemmchen", "film-Bemmchen".
[Saxonian dialect]

Listen, my dear Reimann...

And we dunk it into the coffee,
we call it "ditch".

With a soft "d" at the beginning.

And it tastes wonderful.

You don't say.
It must surely taste scrumtrulescent.

- What's that you're holding right now?
- That is you.

I am that long snake?

You're that long snake.

May one see it?

I mean, really see it,
like on the screen?

You can't.

Be a dear, let me see it.

No, no, not yet.
You're curious, aren't you?

Yes, terribly.

It's in our Saxon nature.

Are you a Saxon, by the way?

No, I'm a Baltic.

I thought so.

What's the matter?

Herr Gilbert, the film's composer,
is expecting you.

Gilbert, I see, well, you must
excuse me, my dear Reimann, but ...

Wait a moment, I'll be back soon.

Very nice, my dear Gilbert,
very nice, but....

I've got that already.
what about the main song?

I haven't written it yet.

What! You haven't
written the main song yet?

No. What shall I write it on?

On the film's title:
"One Hour of Happiness"

One hour of happiness?


Not so easy.

Let me improvise something.

# If you'll give me an hour of happiness

# then I'll gladly remember it

# if you'll give me an hour of tenderness

# then I'll ask you:
do you have an hour to spare right now?

Excellent. Play on, play on.

It would be better
if I didn't play on.

Why not?

Let's wait till the opening night.

All right, till the opening night,
my dear Gilbert.

I'm so terribly curious.

Projection Room

I'm so curious

"Life", "Life"!

Three for one mark!

# Earning money, it's the A to Z

# hunting after it, toiling for it,
that's happiness

# friends, love, heart, soul,
all empty words

# everything bows,
everything kneels before money

# there must be a Sunday

# a Sunday filled with sunshine

# a day when one even forgets

# that tomorrow will be another Monday

# a sunny day, joyful and clear

# like it has never before seen on earth

# there must come one Sunday

# only for you and me alone

...could be nobody
- Who?

Just ask the police if you ...

Now you're afraid, aren't you?

- You take that back!
- No way.

- You take it back!
- No!

Is anybody there?

Is anybody there?

# I'm just a little doll, yessir

# with a mouth painted red

# yessir

# but I don't care two straws about you

# and I have my reasons for it

The girl isn't a thief.

The few things she has, we gave them
to her, and she'll return them too.

The first man
who dares touch the girl ...

I'll knock him down

S.A.7. Dieterle-Film
661 S.A.Z.

Projection Room

But don't tell anybody!

Especially don't tell Dieterle.

Yours sincerely, p.p.
wife and kids included.

He who doesn't watch
this film from A to Z

is himself to blame.

He'll be missing ...

One hour of happiness.

- Oh, this is ...
- This is what?

- This is...
- Doesn't matter anyway what it is.

This is ...

like in the movies.

It's as beautiful as that.

What do you mean, sir?
It's scrumtrulescent, sir.

It must look right, sir,
it must incite to travel.

And if people travel,
they will go shopping

and that's what we live from.

Who goes there?

Who goes there?

Hands up, or ... I'l shoot!


Don't move!

Then you lie down here
and don't move, you ...

You tiger, you.

Don't get excited, it's just Tommy.

My good man, it's not my fault
that I always think of burglars.

Since they go on a caper
each night these days.

Maybe even at our place.

And when I think of it,
I get angry.

And when I'm angry,
I'm like a tiger.

Did you hurt yourself, Tommy?

I think I've nearly killed myself.

I'll come and help you.

In fact, a pity
that it weren't burglars.

Such a fight for life
against the criminal elements,

that could tempt me.

That would be a feast...

For a tiger like you, eh?

Go away with your burglars!

And tonight of all nights!

They have their spies,
they know very well

that we're setting up
the travel exhibition tonight.

But one never knows.

Maybe they'll want
to help us, eh, Tommy?

I wouldn't mind a bit of relief
from all that toiling.

Oh well, a man's life isn't easy.

- Who? - A man.
- I see - ouch!

Oh, pardon.

My good man,
that could have ended badly.

My head is my sole fortune.

There's no shame in being poor.

Silly boy.

Golly, what a beauty!

who is?

The newspaper girl, outside.

And? Don't you know her?

Since you know your way
around the quarter pretty well.

Certainly I do, but ...

For that one girl I'd give you
the whole town for Christmas.

Go away! You, stuck on just one girl?

Man, what do you know about it

You haven't even seen her yet.



Three for one Mark.





Three for one Mark!

Hey you!

That's my place, don't you know?

I got there first.

That would suit you fine,
sniffing at my flowers.

Come away.

You seem to forget we're here for work,
my boy, not for flirting.

Come away, get going!

Just you wait, just you wait!

Well, my boy, if you think
you can impress her with your size ...

then you're wrong, by far.

It's the substance that counts,
the brain.

One moment.

I see, she likes the gloves.

# You are my dearest

# come back, come back

# from wherever you are

# come back...

Here? Do you want them?

You know what?
Look over there.

You see that door?

Go there, I'll be there,
I'll let you in.

Come, run along,
then you'll get them. Get going.

Now you'll see, my boy,
how the girl will swoon.

And how she'll jump
when I invite her.

I don't need a stiff collar
for that, my dear friend.

"... or I shoot",
said the detective to the ghost.

What's going on?

That doorman is still
hanging around.

If he notices anything
we'll be sacked, both of us.

So what?

Then we'll register again
as unemployed.

For such a pretty girl
I'd go unemployed anytime.

Excellent, look here,
I know a trick to sneak her in.

Give me a light, please.

Fire? where?

- What do you mean, "where"?
- But you said "fire".

Yes, for my cigarette.
["Feuer" = light]

I see. How can you frighten me so?

Just now when it comes
to the most interesting part.

I'll tell you a joke.

A joke? What joke?

A brand-new joke, listen.

Frau Pollack is taking a walk
on the street and meets Frau Eisinger.

- Damn! - What?
- Now she got in! - Frau Pollack?

If the watchman catches her,
he'll beat her to death.

- Who? Frau Eisinger?
- The cat.

I must get her.

One moment, you can't get out of here,
you mustn't leave your place.

Wait a moment, I'll get your cat.


Mitzili, come to me!

How much is one magazine?

Three for one Mark.

Thank you, one's enough for me.

Here's your change.

No, no, just keep it.

Thank you.

But ...

perhaps ...

perhaps ...

- Yes?
- A magazine?

But of course, of course.

As many as you've got.

But you must be as good as
to read it to me, will you?

I'm a bit short-sighted, you know.

I'll take as many as you've got.

No, I'm afraid, I want to get out.

But why?

Why do you want to leave?

# Stay here, don't go away,
stay near my heart

You! Keep your feet on the ground!

Girl, why do you want to leave?

Stay with us.

Look, outside it's ...

Outside it's rotten weather,
wet and cold.

Stay a bit with us.

Your overtime hours will pass quickly,
and you'll be seeing something new.

We'll show you pretty things.

- Yesterday we received ...
- It's free, just stay.

Don't bother about the night watchman,
I'll check where he is to calm you down.

Yes, just check it.

Come with me, I'll invite you.

I'll invite you, come.

# I'll invite you, be happy and agree

# step inside and choose,
your wish is my command

# whatever is to your liking,
even if it's the world,

# it's yours!

# Forget the day, come what may

# you've been hoping
so often for a fairy tale

# now it's here, don't fight it,

# say "yes"!

# There must be a Sunday,

# a Sunday filled with sunshine,

# a Sunday when one forgets

# that tomorrow will be another Monday.

# A summer day, so joyful and clear

# as has never been seen
on earth before.

# There must be a Sunday,

# just for you and me alone.

# A summer day, so joyful and clear,

# as has never been seen
on earth before.

# There must be a Sunday,

# just for you and me alone.

No, I want to leave.
I want to get away.

I'm afraid!

Who invited the girl, you or I?

Who gave her some singing?
Who put on his collar? You or I?

What have you got to offer her?
What could you invite her to?

I'll invite her on a motor trip
to the South, my dear friend.

Come here.

- Could I be of some assistance?
- What's that!?

You! You!

Keep your feet on the ground!

Then I won't, dear uncle.
I'll marry the aunt.

Excuse me, will you, I have here some ...

Let me introduce myself,
the name is...

Thank you, sir.

Excuse me, pardon, pardon.

What's the matter with you, my girl?

What's the matter?

It's so spooky.

Those are all just wooden heads.

Good day, director.

When will the bus leave?

- You!
- Stay put in the bus, I see.

You're behind schedule today, eh?

Because if we're a lot behind schedule,
I'll have to buy a second ticket.

The child only has half a ticket.

It seems somebody
drank up the gasoline.

Let Switzerland
approach a bit, shall we?

Miss, you want
a bit of Switzerland too?

Two portions of Switzerland,
with a bit of cheese, please.

Shut your trap and check the motor!

If you want I'll check
the motor, I don't mind.

It's of no concern to me.

Please don't rush me.

I won't manage to fix it,
I'm telling you.

I thought so.

Always the big mouth. I thought it was
the substance that counts, the brains.

You need a can-opener here.

I'll manage without a can-opener.

One moment! Heave ho!


Heave ho!

What's the matter? One moment.

What is this?

Heave ho!

Where's the ...

You see! There you are,
with your invitation to a trip south.

Help! Help!

Sir, this is ravishment of
a person of small means.

Now you're the motor,
and you'll drive us.

This can't be handled by a bus,
you need at least an eight-cylinder.

An eight-cylinder? Just wait.

Miss, don't believe that I ...
I'm certainly no weakling.

I mean, I can't show you right now.

You see, otherwise
I might show you some ...

But that's not the point:
enough is enough.

Here you are, eight cylinders.

Do you think it right,
the way Eddy is behaving?

Just let me point out once more

that the whole affair
has been put up just because of you.

Very well. Let's drive on.

- Eddy?
- One moment.

I want you to scratch my scalp.

Thank you, thank you.

I'm filling up the gas.

I'm filling up, filling up.

Only a slight delay.

Here you are.

Shall we get out?

And wait for him
on the beach of the Lido?

He's a good pal.

He talks a lot, but I still like him.

We often have a laugh.
Having a laugh is healthy

Times won't get better
by feeling depressed,

laughing helps you overcome a lot.

Work goes much easier,

and so does life.

But you have ice-cold hands!

Come here.

Here. Wait for me.

I'll be back soon.

Eddy! Eddy!

Hallo! Eddy!

Eddy, I won't let you
pull that trick on me!

I won't let you fool around
with me, my boy, I'm telling you!


Where did he go?

Where did he go, the small one?

I don't know.

- You don't know?
- No.

Miss, let me tell you [dir] something

Let me call your attention
to something, Miss.

To what?

To myself.

Yes, yes, several women
have found happiness with me.

Look at this dreamy eye here.

And here another one,
two dreamy eyes.

Two dreamy eyes.

You won't find that lying
on the street, believe me.

All right, think it over.

Think it over, we'll talk later.

# A summer day, so joyful and clear,

# as has never been seen on earth.

# There must be a Sunday,

# just for you and me alone.

Good God, gloves!

I don't even bother with gloves, my boy.

This will do you good.

Here you are.

You're my happiness.

What is it?
What's the matter with you?

# My happiness,

# that's two arms, filled.

# I don't know how to carry it

# I'll take it home in my car

# and I'll unload it in my chamber.

# I'll take you into my heart.

# You're my happiness, only you,

# my little, little girl.



Almost you would have fallen down.

But I won't let you fall down, not you.

My girl.

Yes, yes, yes, my girl!

How do they say?

"Fun may turn into something serious."

And it's going to be serious,
yes, yes, yes, yes!

# I'll take you into my heart.

# My happiness, that's you,

# only you,

# my little, little girl.

Halt! Halt!

Everybody get out,
everybody get out!

May I help you, Miss?
Come here.

Good gracious,
it's all wet, all wet.

Why don't you look after her,
you and your gloves?

Come on, take it off.

She might be dead,
but all you can think of are gloves.

Off with it, all wet.

Here we go.

And now ...

my "gloves".

Like this.

That's nice, isn't it?

That's nice.

This is a real ... well

A real chinchilla.

Chin-Schiller's collected works.

Come over here.

You stole it.

Just like you stole the gloves.

- My gloves were for trying on.
- So was my coat.

- I'll buy them tomorrow.
- So will I.

But it must be there at 10,
otherwise it will be returned.

Pretty? Is it pretty?

No longer cold, are we?

Now it'll soon be warm again.

Now it'll soon be pretty again.

- You're still freezing?
- What? Still?

Wait, I've an idea.

What kind of ideas could you have?

What good could come of it?

Here, for you.

What's the matter?

Come on, no whyning in here

This isn't a whyne-cellar.

This isn't a whyne-cellar, is it?

There she is, the hussy!

I can't bear that guy.

Quick, hide yourself!

Hide yourself.

- Where did she go?
- Who?

She sneaked inside, didn't she?

- So she's behind it.
- Not at all.

Let me through!
Get out of the way!

You just want to keep me
from catching her.

Let me through or I'll get angry,
and when I get angry I become a tiger.

Well? Can you see now
that nobody is there?

She must have sneaked away somewhere.

Where to? Where to?

One never knows with these hussies.

They walk all over you,
you wouldn't believe it.

Where may she be?

You guys, what are you looking at,
did you find her, is she perhaps ...

Quick, catch her!

Girl, that was great!

Get down, quick!

Help! Help!

The tiger's crying for help.

Help! Help!

- What's the matter?
- Get me out of here, quick.

No, it isn't possible now,
the nightwatchman will be here soon.

Let's run!

Hide yourself, come here.

Here he won't see you,

among the dummies he can't find you.

I almost had her,

but she scratches one's face all over.

So I thought, ok,
go ahead and soil the entire building.

I don't care two straws.

Let the doorman take the blame,

if he keeps a pet
which eats one alive.

Have you ever seen a cat
eating a tiger?

Such a small cat like that one?

Over there, don't you see?

Just you wait!

Now you'll get a beating, you beast!

- Now she's gone.
- Now she's gone, yes.

- Where did she go?


There she is.

- Come, come...
- Let me have my revenge.

Now she's jumped off again.

There she goes.

If you hurry you might catch her.

But a real tiger
runs faster, you know!

You two just get back to your work,
that would be smarter.

Don't disturb us all the time,
then we might get on faster.

You stay here and give me a sign
when the nightwatchman comes back.

Are you crazy?
Who do you take me for?

- I'd like to be alone with the girl.
- With my bride?

How do you mean, bride?
That girl is no concern of yours.

That beautiful blonde here?

What do you mean, beautiful?
Have you already spoken to her mother?

No, I haven't.

But let me tell you one thing,
my dear boy.

If that poor enslaved woman had a choice
between the nightwatchman and you,

then she'd choose me.

# With her mother on watch,
I ask her if she loves me

What's the matter? Hey?


Very charming.
Hey, are you asleep?

Are you asleep or just pretending?

Charming. Are you tired?


That serves you right.
Why do you work so hard?

He who works a lot during the day
is tired in the evening, naturally.

That couldn't happen
if you lived with me.

You wouldn't have to work,
you'd never be tired.

# I sing you a song of the love
blossoming in secret

# and I want that song
to disturb you, too.

# I give you my heart,
which is true like a March violet

# and March shouldn't be a joke

# that's why I ask you to grant my plea:

# Do you want to give me
an hour of happiness?

# then I'd love to remember it.

# If you give me an hour of tenderness

# then I'll ask you
if you can spare the next hour, too.

# Do you want to give me
an hour of happiness?

# then I'd love to remember it.

# If you feel what your
hot glance is promising me

# then you'll be giving me
one hour of happiness.

# if you feel what my
hot glance is promising you

# then you'll be giving me
one hour of happiness


I've spent the whole evening
observing some little broad,

and all of a sudden she's gone.

And my colleague,
from the city department store

where there was a burglary
the day before yesterday,

he too told me that some little hussy
had been spying in the neighbourhood.

Then she tried to sway the watchman,

and it went like a flash.

She'd be knocking
at the wrong door with me.

I'm never swayed.

But listen, maybe she'll
try another trick this time.

Listen! What's that?

It's the workmen.

No, listen!
I can clearly hear a woman's voice.

That would be something.

I'll avail myself
of the necessary directives

to get the bonus
if I catch that woman.

Here you are.

Thanks, I'll carry it over and we'll
set the table together, all right?

If the ladies and gentlemen
would be so kind and get up.

I suppose you already had dinner.

Was it tasty? Yes?
Glad to hear that, very glad.

If you allow me:
goodbye, madame, goodbye.

Please take a seat
for the first dinner.

I'm only glad that we haven't eaten yet

otherwise nothing
would be left for your hunger.

Say, couldn't you wait a bit,
couldn't you wait?

You don't seem to know that one dresses
for dinner when there are visitors.

You simply have no manners,
no etiquette.

And where would you
have got it from, anyway?

Enjoy your meal.

So your eating with your fingers,
don't you have any manners?

I've been eating like this for 20 years,
and I never had any problems.

Miss, have some sandwiches ? la Tommy.

- Fresh blood sausage.
- Wonderful, home-made.

- What are you ...
- Mixing her a drink.

But we don't have that much, don't ...

And if there's any mixing
to be done, then I'll do it.

If you can do it better,
then get up and ...

I'm the best mixer far and wide.

I'd like to know
where you'll take it from.

Just one moment, please.

Nobody can do this like I can,
one moment, I'll change your seat.

One moment, please, one moment.

Perhaps a flixyfloxy

or a sherry brandy,
a sherry cobbler, gin, port wine?

A port, or a heavy burgundy?

Mosel wine, Rhine wine?

Rhine wine, wine from the Rhine!

# have wine from the Rhine,

# Have wine from the Rhine,

# it must be drunken!

# At the bank of the Neckar
I met a girl...

# Today is today, dear people

# and you only live once

# so, sing and drink
and forget your troubles.

# The eskimo does likewise,

# and the hottentot drinks just as fast,

# the black man drinks,
and the white man drinks,

# and the entire globe sings:

# What does the wine want?
It wants to be drunken.

# Therefore pour it in,
it wants to be drunken.

# If it's missing, then get hold of it,

# buy it or borrow it,

# what does the wine want ?

# What you have already
fades away before it begins,

# make a note of it,
don't worry about it.

# Even after the tenth glass
one doesn't finish

# Schiller was drinking,
and Goethe was drinking, too,

# cheers, wine, women and song!

# What does the wine want?
It wants to be drunken.

# Therefore pour it in,
it wants to be drunken.

# If it's missing, then get hold of it.

# buy it or borrow it.

# What does the wine want?
It wants to be drunken.

Folks, what a pity.

Oh well, we still have
some glasses left, but ...

I'm pessimistic about the liquids.

Then you go and check
if you can find something.

That's the way it is.

Either the wine is lacking,
or the goblet.

And most of the time, both are.

Come on, girl, you mustn't
talk like that, you're still young.

You've got everything in store for you.

Oh well, and what is in store for me?

Girl, how can you talk like this?

If you only knew.

Do you imagine I had
an easy life all the time?

That's too easy,
just giving up, or even end it all.

You need much more courage for life.

Only with courage
you can reach happiness.

Girl, chin up.

Be glad that you're alive.

Laugh, come on, laugh!

He who laughs wins.

What will he win?

What would you like to win?

I'll report the matter to the police,
I'll notify them.

You'd better not report it.

Because the workmen
are always in the right.

The workmen ... the workmen...

And if they find something,
who is always the culprit?

The nightwatchman.

Another round for nothing.

And the hussy was sneaking round
the building the whole evening.

There's a single trace,
leading to the side entrance.

But the doorman didn't see anything.

What could he have seen,
that dumb Turk?

He sees nothing, hears nothing,

being absorbed in
his trashy crime novels.

Out of the question.
She isn't inside the building

But perhaps she'll come back,
with her accomplice.

Listen! What's that noise?

It's the workmen.
They make a noise for five.

The right mood is
the main thing, come, come.

All I can hear is "right mood".

Come here and taste of
my delicious elixirs.

Anything, miss?

A little cocktail,
a little flix, a little flox

a sherry brandy, a sherry cobbler,

a bit of soda,
a bit of sour milk?

or a bit of gin?

Gindera chin chin...

I see, no room, one moment.

Miss, you allow me.

You've been nibbling the whole afternoon
on this little cocktail.

You'll excuse me, won't you,
one moment, pardon.

Please don't look at me
like this, my dear.

What did you say?
Money makes you sin?

For me, that's out of the question,
my dear, I won't pay for love.

Here's your seat.

Pardon? How?

No, I won't insult your delicate ear.

Although a bit of music
wouldn't harm in here.

Music, music, music...

The music is just playing
its main number,

the sensational number,
the big break.

# No, never,

# never again being poor

I can't imagine how people manage it,

how they manage it.

Eddy, music!
Eddy, music.

Music, music...

Music, everybody has got it inside.

Because you're drunk, my dear friend.

It doesn't matter, it's perfect, Eddy.

Perfect, that's the main thing.

No, no, my dear friend.

That's not the main thing.

Inebriation without wine,
I'd prefer that.

Eddy, Eddy, inebriation is inebriation.

Is everything turning
around for you, too?

Round and round in circles!

# Look at the little doll

# with her mouth painted red

# She wouldn't be all the same to me,

# and there's a reason for it

# If her eyes laugh friendlyat me

# my heart begins to make approaches.

# Come, kiss me, little doll,

# I like that very much.

# I'm a little doll...

# .... and there's a reason for it.

# I'm no plaything for the night

# with whom one can do silly things.

# I'm a decent doll,

# and that's what you don't like.

- Where to, where to?
- Back at once...

May I, as a token of my esteem,
perhaps a small....

If you refuse, then I won't.

Eddy, Eddy, Eddy.

Eddy, there.

Oh God, oh God...

Good heavens.

What's going on?


Please. Please take it.

Is that cardboard?

Cardboard... nonsense.


You know me? You've recognized me?

Why shouldn't I?

I would never have
recognized myself, never.

And you've recognized me.

He who recognizes me
can ask of me what he likes.

- Did you recognize me?
- Of course.

Then you can ask of me what you like.

Whoever recognizes me
can ask of me what he likes.

He can have what he likes,
only, he must recognize me.

No, I don't want that.

Let him.

What if the nightwatchman comes back?

I won't be caught.

That would be terrible.

What else could be terrible for me?

The most terrible thing
there is on earth:

always wanting to get something,
to have something.

Everything's here.

Everything your heart may desire.

Touch it, touch it.

Go ahead!

Let him.

You don't want it?

You don't want it
because you're stupid.

Marvellous, marvellous!

The things one can get
in a department store!

All this and much more!

# A department store is like the world,
we all are just items.

# Everybody thinks he's valuable,
from the cradle to the grave,

# and he who can shout loudest
gets the hightest prices.

# And if he has money, the whole world
is to him nothing but a department store.

# A department store, that's my scene,
I'd like to be a fashion dummy in there,

# being put in the big window,
attracting all the peoples' attention,

# admiring me in the latest gown,
getting pale with envy.

# Poor are those
who always stand outside

# and see everything
only behind glass.

# There must be a Sunday,

# a Sunday filled with sunshine,

# a day when one even forgets

# that tomorrow will be another Monday.

# A holiday, joyful and clear...

I don't want that,
all this giving of presents!

But I want to be
richly dressed for once!

This is really annoying,

the lady is happy
and you're interrupting.

What kind of manners do you have?

You shower her with presents until
the girl believes she can keep it all.

Can't she?

For us, one dress doesn't matter.

For us, one little dress
shouldn't matter.

- What's your name, by the way?
- Erna.

Erna. And where do you live?

Don't ask.

Don't you have any parents, Erna?

Then you're like me.

Although, I have at least
a place to stay.

That is, it's not ideal,
but I know something better.

In the east they built
a new housing estate,

from outside like all of its kind,
a bit cold, but inside...

The inside you can
furnish to your tastes.

The kitchen, for instance.

I imagine the kitchen like... like...

How would you like it?

Oh, you...

Furnishing one's home,
that's the best thing on earth.

- Pardon, pardon.
- Pardon?

You must take it back.

Here, I take it back.

No, the perfume,
not the kiss!

Being rich is not shameful,

and poverty doesn't make you happy.

That's sensible,
that you've resumed working again.

- Where's Eddy?
- He's busy, too.

I should hope so.

What kind of a jacket it that?

What kind of a bag is that?

What was that squeaking?

Where did you hear any squeaking?


Squeaking? I didn't hear anything.

You won't fool me a second time.

Now I'm angry, and when I'm angry,
my tiger nature comes out.

Let me in.
That woman you've got in there,

she's the head of
a dangerous gang of burglars.

She just wants to dupe you,
so that she can steal undisturbed.

The little girl?

The little girl is a thief?

And a really dangerous brand.

That's why I shall proceed now
to precautionary measures.

Alarm - push the button

The little girl a thief...

Now I can see a lot of things clearly.

What a little beast.


Tommy, Tommy.

Tommy, you must be our best man.

- Is that so?
- Yes, you and the tiger.

I thought a wedding needed a bride,
first of all.

But I've got one!

I didn't know you
wanted to marry a thief.

You're just a jealous rooster.

Jealous? I?
About a thief?

You're wrong there.

I don't want to have
anything to do with criminals.

I wouldn't marry a criminal.

Are you crazy?

Eddy, isn't this gown wonderful?


- It's mine!
- Give it to me!

I'll never give it back!

What's the matter with the girl?

Do you realize now
that the girl isn't that harmless?

And who drove her to it?
You and that damned junk of yours!

Eddy! Eddy!

Help, Eddy!

Help! Quick!

Eddy! Help me!


Why do you run away? Wait!

Erna! Erna!

Hold her!

Lock the floor!

Lock it!


Stand still, I say!

She can't get out.

See, I've told you so.

We'll catch her.

I've told you so.
Now the fat's in the fire.

She's on the upper floor, after all.

emergency exit

Eddy! Eddy!


But I'm here.

Erna, is it true?

Are you a thief,
like everybody says of you?

Eddy, do you believe it?

Eddy! Can you believe that of me?


There she is!

You're mad!

The girl isn't a thief!

The few things she has,
we gave them to her.

And she'll return them!

The first who dares touch the girl,

I'll smack him good!

- Eddy!
- Erna!

Fallen down.

Erna, you stupid.
What's this foolishness?


Thank God, you're alive.

Come, open your eyes.

Everything will be all right,
we'll be happy.

We'll get married,
you'll get a nicely furnished kitchen.

You can look forward to it, will you?

I'm looking forward to it, too.

If you could see
how sweetly you're lying here,

and how becoming
those laces look on you.

You know, your wedding dress
must be made from these laces.

Would you like that?

Why are you hands as cold as ice now...

You want your warm gloves, don't you?

My happiness,

that's two arms full.

Poor girl.