Ein weites Herz - Schicksalsjahre einer deutschen Familie (2013) - full transcript

Set in Germany in the years leading up to and through WW2, this is the story of a courageous and headstrong young woman, Isa, and her family.

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I have no good news for you.

Miss Vermehren...

The decision for a
life in the monastery

is a serious thing. You know
tragedy, not sincerity.

I thought people came
here for their faith.

You were refused the exam?
Yes, that had a reason.

This exam is a condition for us.

No one should need an
exam to be close to God.

But to be included here.

We should end our
conversation here.

One of the sisters brings you out.

Jesus also had no exams
and only his faith.

I whistle on your conditions!


Don't have eyes in your head?

I'm in a hurry!
In the grave that does not matter any more!

I'm too fast for death!
For life, too!

Where are you staying?

Am I late?
You are always too late.

What are you upset with?

I don't wake up, mama and dad get upset.
By the way,

your accordion teacher is there too.
Did he sit down with you?

No, but he is constantly staring over.
Have to finally introduce him.

Where is the C?
How should I know that?

You brought the Agathe here.

You could have that
thing repaired!

Where have you been everywhere?
Only in the hall and with the parents.

Is she here?
Did you speak with her?

The high C is gone!

Can't something be
normal in this family?

Did not you teach us? Or
some of us did not listen.

Excuse me. Who is the man
who constantly looks over?

That's... Isa's accordion teacher.

Did you tell her to behave?
Sure, of course.

And that she says "Heil Hitler"?
And not again "three litres"?

I have it! Here.

Now she is through.

Can you please pass
that on to the front?

Heil Hitler!

Do not you, you
dishonour the greeting!

Oh, I don't feel
like it any more.

What has this got to do with honour?

Dear Mr. Gauleiter,
dear teachers,

dear parents and students...
- Share!

... I greet you with pleasure.

We say goodbye...
- Sorry.


Thank you.
The high c...

Is simply indispensable.

We say goodbye today

a characterful, strong vintage.

With a laughing and a crying eye

I leave the young,
learning people,

who are now to teach themselves, go.

I promise you, in this sense,
a festive program awaits us,

the tension, the cultural, the
German and the exquisite...

nothing to be desired.

To tune our ceremony, we
listen to the accordion

the music of fighting, the music
of victory: Ludwig van Beethoven.

You're welcome:

How did our teacher
Karstens always say?

At the university, you should
learn three things: thinking,

Thinking... and thinking again.

So I thought so...

Beethoven, Mr. Wieland is...
very very nice...

but also a bit old.

And there I thought further...
I am playing now

just something new.

"A see trip is funny,"

"a seafaring, that's beautiful!"

"Yes, you can see our
people puking on the rail!"


hollahihahia, hollaho!"

"To the right a whisky,
to the left a köm,"

"and the mirror-bald bald,"

"That's our captain.
Hollahi... "

You can not sing that here!

This is an affront to the Nazis.

Stop! "The first machinist is not
a Jew, is not a Christian..."

Stop doing that!

"... the sergeant carries...
This has an aftermath.

... the laundry made of paper.
Hollahi, hollahohahoha, "

Boos "hollahejahejaheja..."

"... hollaho."

Boos, a person claps.

- Out!

Oh, that was not childish, ever
he is resisting in his own way.

My parents may think otherwise.

In the "Kasematte"
we also sing such songs.

Nobody takes your
exam in the cabaret.

Come on. I thought it was good.
If you don't dare,

to open their mouths, they won.

See you tomorrow?

It almost sounds
like we are married.

Would that be so bad?

I have to go.

Why do not you come to
us in the "case mate"?

You can forget your teaching,
one like you we can use.

So what's going on?

I'm sorry.

Come on.

You know that I can not
fall asleep on the right.

You can't refuse her
the exam certificate.

Can not you do something there?

I mean, can't you complain?

If the university exmatricates our
daughter because of sedition,

Even the best lawyer in
Berlin can not do anything.

What about the Grunewald School?
What do you tell them?

They're counting on you.

You have educated us
to open your mouth.

At the right time

and in the right place. And
the right people opposite.

Now we are still to
blame for your fiasco?

Let's party anyway, huh?
Finally, Michael

came from Freiburg.

And I from Friedrichshain,
but who cares?

She would not have become
a good teacher anyway.

Better than Wieland anyway.

Especially fun.

We marry you richly, much-
easy to someone from the Senate?

Maybe I already have someone?
Who voluntarily marries you?

You also do not take any voluntarily.

Can still come.
I have four children before.

It's best to take her to the
office, to apprenticeship.

Isa and files? That does
not fit, I'm against it.

Why? Miss Harder can
take care of her.


There is certainly a
solution for Isa.

The important thing is
that we stick together.

Just now!
To stick together as a family.

One for all!

And all for one!

And especially for me!
Isa laughs.

So, and now we take our picture.

Maybe we drive to the city and you
tell me about Freiburg. With pleasure.

I can only play in
the "case mate".

What does that mean?

The cabaret.
Laurenz plays the piano.

Did not he tell you the
nonsense of yesterday?

Nonsense. The "case mate". Nuns Cancan
dance with nothing underneath.

This is an absolute crazy idea.

The cabaret of Werner Roth.
That would fit.

"The Susi blows the
saxophone", you know that?

This is not for a young woman.
But liberal.

Roth never takes me.


It would be worth a try.

There, there, there, there...

There, there, there, there...

"Bel Ami..."

"Bel Ami..."

Do I know you?
Do you want to audition? Cancan?

Watch out, I'm excited enough.
Werner, are you coming?

That's Isa Vermehren. Werner Roth.

Sometimes Werner Blau.

I told you about
her, she would like to...

We are complete, no interest.

Let them play, you can trust me!

She looks so clean, so German!

So clean, so German?

All the best!


"A... Seafaring"

"that's funny, a
seafaring, that's nice!"

"Yes, you can see our
people puking on the rail!"

Hollala... lalalala...

Lalalala, hey, hey!

All right.

Either you break it tonight
or we'll never meet again.

Cancan music


Pretty naughty, right?


The hat doesn't help any more.

Why not? It worked at the university
as well. I was angry, too.

Imagine the audience just naked!

Renate, Carla...

Whoever honours us again today...

Audience laughs.

That's when I think
I want a suit.

Because something
seems to suit me.

The tailor says, what kind of stuff

It's supposed to
be, have a lot in stock.

So I say: yes, yes, everything will
probably end up in the warehouse.

Says the tailor:

"Should it be something uniform
or rather something patterned?"

So I say: "Oh, you already
have enough in common...

but by no means mustering!"

Tonight, unique:

Once, he said!
He is not convinced!

But "unique"
also means "unique"!

"Unique" means "once"!

I just want clean overtones.

Girl, you look sad!

She sings "Dat Du Min Leevsten"

Well, friends, there you look, what?

That is the punishment.

Next time I want to be
received more friendly, okay?

Then I want to hear
something nice like:

"Good evening, Fraulein Vermehren!"
Do we want to practice this again?

Good, then I'll come in again.

I knew it!

Good evening, Miss Vermehren!

"Werner Roth's new discovery

sings to the accordion
sailor songs

with a carefulness
and a great voice,

who hisses in two registers
in the wildest caprices."

"A speciality that takes you by surprise."

After the performance, a fat
man offered me a contract.

Then you will become famous now!
Nonsense, wants to be a teacher.

"Religion is the sigh of
the beleaguered creature."

"The mind of a heartless world..."

"as she is the spirit
of mindless states."

"She is the opium of the people."
Where did you get that?

From a friend.
Are you a communist?

Worse. Pacifist.

Pacifist is good, that
would please my parents.

What do you think? They are
all right, except a Nazi.

They do not feel
close to any party,

they see themselves as humanists.

They keep out of everything.
Nope. They are neutral.

Neutrality plays into
the hands of the Nazis.

What are you doing against them?
I do not participate. No party...

no "Heil Hitler"...
and no Wehrmacht.

They will move you anyway.
Then I just can not go there.

Let's see if they can
put up with that.

I don't shoot people for that.


Come here.

Come here...

Yes, we have spring again,

but again the leaves
begin to turn brown.

But that should not
stop us from laughing.

Only that not now

Everyone laughs more, but
we all pretty together.

Am I talking too fast?
Come with me?

Or do I have to come along?
I took that into account.

Nice that you're here.

Elisabeth Von Plettenberg,
my sister Isa.

Nice to meet you.
I am glad.

Do you stay until my appearance?
That's why we're here.

Good. See you soon.

You can say what you think.
You just have to think the right thing.

"Man lives through his head, his
head is not enough for him."

"Just try it, your head lives at most...
a louse."

"Because man is not smart
enough for this life."

"He never realises...
this lie and deception! "

"Man is not good at all,

So beware him."
Stop! Stop!

- Shut up!

"Did you put it on your hat,

then maybe he will be fine."

"Because for this life...

man is not good enough."

"That's why he's just...
calm down... the hat!"

Why are you sitting here in the dark?

I can not stand it any more.


It's one of his office ladies again.

I do not believe that.

Yes, he told me himself.
It is this Miss Harder.

I separate myself from your father.

That will not do. Sure it's possible.
We are not Catholic.

But you belong together. We all
belong together, as a family.

One for all.

Oh mama, you know daddy.
You know how he is.

He will part with her.

He has to dismiss her. Hm?

Do you want to sleep at my place?


You have to come up with something.
Why then? They are adults.

But they don't behave that way.
Red with dad.

They have to solve their
problems themselves.

We have always solved problems as a family.
Now that's just different.

I may go abroad.

In the diplomatic service.
Elisabeth has good contacts there.

Maybe I can go to Istanbul.
Istanbul? Why not?

But then you work for them.
For whom?

For the Nazis. Nonsense.
Who else?

It's about maritime law. This has
nothing to do with the brown shirts.

Miss Von Plettenberg has a
great influence on you.

Stop it!
I don't justify myself in front of you.

The other day, that
was because of her.

You do not get it! I get it, you
do not care about your family.

And that you give yourself
over to the wrong people!

And your Laurenz? He has
already tasted your exam.

And with the Gestapo... You
can also shut up nicely.

Laurenz dares to do something,
in contrast...... to me?

Say it out. They taught
us something else.

Attitude, yes.
But always nice with brains!

Our radio station on the eastern
border has been raided by the Poles.

This opportunity will not be
missed by Hitler. That means war.

- Go on, move!
- Faster, get out with you!

Nuns scream.
Make that you come in there!

Damn, go!

In with you!

Cold, tonight.
- How many are still in it?

Come on, go, not so slowly.
Go on!


Hey you, miss!

What do you want here?
Can I see your papers?

Come along!

You will not let
Werner out so fast.

And the "case mate"?
With the first time is over.

Here, I could not have
performed anyway.

Shall you be in the barracks
tomorrow morning? Nope.

How, "no"? This is treason!

Do you want me to
shoot for people?

If they catch you,
you're a head shorter!

Where are you going?
To friends.

It's just a matter of time before
the chain dogs appear here.

And what do you want to live from?
I'll come up with something.

Why did they dug us right now?
How so?

The Gestapo was not the first
time among the guests.

They know our program by heart!
You're right.

I think somebody whistled.


Hello, my name is Isa Vermehren.

I would like to go to Frau Von Plettenberg.

This is me. Moment.

Gisela Von Plettenberg.

I am a great admirer
of your art.

You sure want to be with my sister.

Would you later give me an
autograph on my record?

Thank you.

Elisabeth? Visit for you. Miss
Vermehren wants to talk to you.

How nice to see you again.

Then I'll leave you.

I'll make it short:

I do not know you and do not
want to be rash about you.

But I know my brother.
And he has changed,

since you are friends.

Our parents have
educated us liberally.

When they learn that Erich wants
to work for the Nazis now...

I think that breaks
their hearts.

Maybe that's not your fault.

Maybe you have nothing
to do with it,

that the Gestapo the "case mate"

But that happens by accident,

since you entered our lives.

Maybe we want to go
out for a moment?


I appreciate Erich,
he is an open person.

I believe that you are too.

The diplomatic service
was his idea.

He wants to get out of
Berlin and the narrowness.

I have introduced him to those
who can make that possible.

My parents were imprisoned because
they were the Encyclical of the Pope

distributed among Catholics.

Since then I have not been
allowed to leave Germany.

Do you really believe that
I work with such people?

My family is under constant
observation of the Gestapo.

The two men in the audience were
the reason why I was the cabaret

had left.
I am very sorry because...

... because I like your music a lot.

I hope Erich explained
that to you.


Secretly, I have always wanted
to see each other again.

No, I was even...
sure it will happen.

Maybe um...

... you would like to
eat with us later.

Music: "Somewhere in the world"
by Isa Vermehren

You're really famous now.

Infamous it's better.

Your talent will
surely be discovered.

I hope not.

I don't always want to run after
the expectations of others.

In my editorial Isa also
has many followers.

Your journalist goes
to the "case mate"?

We hear their records.

I'm sorry for the case mate.
What are you doing now?

First, a new record for the money.
With clean German songs.

And your plans?

Clean songs? Without "The
Susi blows the saxophone"?

Erich likes to keep his plans secret.
As well as our government.

Did I miss something?
Why are you so poisoning?

The Vermehrens just
have a pointed tongue.

Against others. Not against each other.

Mammy. We just do nonsense.
Do not fight again.

Come to us!

Good, Michael, then tell me:
How is Freiburg?

As always. Say, can I
have your old typewriter?

The Erika? You do not
need that any more.

What do you want with it?
- Yes or no?

You have a secretary.

Well, then... take her with you.

How was the
university committee?

I was great.
They believed

a flawless national
to have socialists in front of you.

Do you think this is
a game, just fun?

I have faith in
human intelligence.

You hope for the people?
It chose the NSDAP.

Everyone can be blinded
by quick victories.

Michael is right.
All agree with us

that Poland and France
was only the beginning.

Most of them have already
seen through Hitler.

The big end is yet to come.

He will tear all
Europe into the abyss.

Yes, yes, you are the smartest.
Silly death we would do without you.

He dismissed her after all. Do not
you want to reconcile yourself?

There's a letter for you.

How nice that you came.

I was hoping to see you sooner.

Well, my brother would
have been happy.

Erich knows about our meeting.
He laughed a lot.

I want to surprise my
sister for her birthday.

You know that she is
a big fan of you.

We used to often play house music
organizes and invited artists,

when my parents were still living here.
Where are your parents now?

In Switzerland.

They got in trouble after being
detained because of their beliefs.

Sit down.

Do you believe in God?

I believe that there is something
behind everything we see.

And are you aware of
the Pope's encyclical?

You look like you're scared.

"Encyclical" sounds
dangerous too.

To believe in something you
can not see, yes, too.

Are you Protestant?

I was baptised Protestant, yes.
Is that bad?

I don't think so.

They laugh.
Incomprehensible mumbling

Where do you live now?

At friends. It's better
if you do not know where.

Do not you want to come to us?
I hide you in the basement.

They know that we came
together in the "Kasematte"

and a couple are. I do
not want to involve you.

Is it all worth it?

Are you serious? Do you want
me to kill for the people?

No! Laurenz, I want you
nothing to happen!

Maybe I should leave Germany.

And what will happen to us?

You can follow me.

I have my life here, my family.

But not me.

But! You got me.

Laurenz Weber?

Who is that?

A friend from before.

Fritz? Hello there.

It's just a coincidence
to meet you here.

Yes, I was gone too long.

That's why you
ignored your draft.

I... had an accident, my
leg, I can not act properly.

Laurenz, I would like to go home.
Everything alright, really.

Let... pretend we did not meet.

We were friends once.
- "goods", exactly.

Otherwise you would not
let us do the dirty work.

You play the fat Maxe here.
The leg goes!

Can we go to the barracks right
away or will you let us down again?

Stop it!
Dirty pig!


Stop it right away, let me go!
Let me go!

So sow as you heard put
right on the wall.

That'll come, rely on it.

Oh god, oh god.

The soldiers laugh.

I have to get out of here.
You're safe here, Laurenz.

The doctor is a friend of my father.
He does not report you.

Come here.

Come here.

Maybe we should marry.

Despite the times.
Or that's why.

But you don't know
what to expect.

I want at least six children.

I thought only four.

No, they've multiplied
in the meantime.

That's just the multiplication.

You were with Elisabeth.

She wants me to sing on
her sister's birthday.

Did you suggest that to her?

She sent me a letter.

And... how is Laurenz?

Slowly better.

We both do not
really talk any more.

Is that because of me?

What do you think, what will
happen once you are in Istanbul?

I have no idea how
to say mum and dad.

It would not have been
a problem in the past.

"Earlier"... we were children.
Now we have our own life.

So what? That does not mean
that we are no longer family.

Red with them.

This damned garden.
Nobody cares any more.

Mom, I... I just have to tell
you, otherwise I'll burst:

I'm going to Athens.

My editor has made me the
offer some time ago.

Now I suppose.

You can all me!

We have to go, mom.
Your train will leave in one hour.

I write to you.


I'll come home later today.


Charlotte just picked me up.

Do not wait with the food on me!

I'm sorry you had to wait.
- No problem.

Do we want to have something to eat?
- I'm hungry like a wolf!

And then to the cinema.
- But first row.

Where is Mr. Weber?

What does that mean? Tell me
immediately where my fiancé is!

Yesterday, two men
inquired about him.

We warned him immediately.
He was gone this morning.



Dad, where are you?


Stop making such a noise.

Dad, you have to help
me find Laurenz.

He just left.

He does not want to draw you
deeper into the matter.

You can only wait until
he contacts you.

It is so quiet in the house.

You should not have let Mom go.

Nobody told me you were there.

I'm just around the house. I hope
you are not angry about that.

I am glad that you came.

Can I help?

You would have to be god already.

Would you allow him to help you?

Do you really believe
that he exists?

Can you guarantee that?

Yes, I think so.
At least I believe it.

My fiancé was arrested.

I did not know you were engaged.
Hm, me neither.

Until recently, anyway.

I feel so helpless.

Can not you pray for him?
Yes, I could.

But why should my
prayers be stronger?

than the woman who loves him?

Because you have more practice.

Where do you want to go?
Isa and I wanted to go for a walk.

Why do not you just come with me?

The editor-in-chief greatly
appreciates my mother.

It is not easy for him to
let his best journalist go.

Well, certainly not your father.
He is glad that he is rid of her.

It is like that.
Another woman.

Well, sometimes you
just love two people.

Can you do that?
Can you prevent that?

How long does your mother stay?
You do not know that yourself.

We Vermehren are just

Yes, Freiburg, Athens, Istanbul.
That sounds like it.

And you?

One has to stay with father.

That's nice.
I will stay in Berlin too.

Istanbul is not clear yet.

How so?
Did you change your mind?

Do we want to go back? I'm cold.

Sit down at one of the benches.

Are you not coming?
I am outside waiting for you.

No matter how long you need.


Almighty God, grant
me the grace,

glowing to explore
what pleases you.

To recognise it with wisdom,

to explore with truth
and fulfil completely.

Arrange my life to the praise
and honour of your name.

Let me know and
fulfil your will,

as it is due and brings
blessings to my soul.

Let me stand true to you in
happiness and misfortune

humble in happiness, strong
in misfortune and unbowed.

Only what leads to
you, should be my joy.

Only what separates you
from me should sadden me.

Give that I am looking
for nobody to please

and not to displease anyone
than you alone fear.


I want you to be
the first to know.

Elisabeth and me, we...
We are getting married.

I want to tell you
sooner, but...

... she made me fidget
for quite some time.


I'm happy for you.

Should I drop you off at home?


I love Elisabeth.

Good night.
Sleep well.

You also.

You were there, so small.

Dad, would you like to have a drink?
No thanks. - No.

Maybe back there?
You still have?

Else, do you want something else?
Yes gladly.

We will go to the garden afterwards. Nice.
- Thank you.


Oh, my little one.

Nice that you came.

Happy Birthday.

Thank you.

Erich! Michael!
Look who's there.

High he should live, high
he should live, three times high!

High he should live...

...Life. 3 times...

I'll get you something, huh?
Yes, sure.

Thank you, thank you, dear friends.

Thank you. I am glad that
you all came to us today.

Just now.
Here, for mom.

I just told Michael.

Daddy's secretary.
Does mama already know about it? Are you crazy?

Does she really want to get the child?
What do I know. Ask Erich.

He gets along well with Daddy's lover.
She has a name.

Charlotte Harder.
It's going to be a great birthday.

Otherwise foreseeable catastrophes?
Erich wants to marry.

But first I convert.
I'm going catholic.

This is not the time to
retire to the church.

Now it's time to fight.
Who becomes Catholic?

I hope this ideal... I.

What does it mean?
Why do you want to convert?

Mama, you were gone for a long time.
A lot has happened.

That seems to me too.
He wants to marry a Catholic.

Keep your mouth shut.
Who do you want to marry?

Elisabeth Von Plettenberg.
Isa secretly meets her.

Because of her, Isa wants
to convert as well.

Can someone tell me
what's going on here?

This isn't the time
to explain it to you.

Right. You could have said that
to me earlier. Who went away?

You or us?
Don't worry.

Erich is also going to Istanbul soon.
He wants to work for the Nazis.

Thank you. Is there anything
else I should know?

Daddy's secretary is
expecting a child from him.

Friendship is important.

But there is something
more important.

That's the family.

My family...

... that came together here today.
Are you crazy?

Have you started. This can not be true.
Calm down.

I am particularly pleased that Petra
has come the long way from Athens...

Do you want this kid?

I have three children.

You also had a wife.

Do you remember what we
once promised ourselves?

That we decide on each
other every five years?

And you can not do that any more?
It's not about us any more.

This family needs too much space.

When do we both still
find each other?

I have three kids.

I can't rethink this
decision every five years.

Mama, please.

Isa, come on.

Mama, that can not be serious.

Do something.
What should I do? Anything.

I know that you only
want to protect Erich.

That you love your children. But
for the reason we marry too.

Because we love each other.
It's not about the wedding.

My son wants to become Catholic for you.
Not for me. For themselves.

I think you should
be happy about that.

I tried to explain it to you.

I did my utmost to make sure that my
children are liberal and cosmopolitan.

Now they are seduced to
join a reactionary church.

She is not reactionary.
Dogmas wherever you look.

A backdrop of fear and the
infallibility of the Pope.

The infallibility of a man.

It's good if at least
one man is infallible.

You can't expect me to
talk him out of this.

After all, I am an
avowed Catholic.

Many people find answers to their
questions through their faith.

And comfort.

I respect your
view of my church,

but I think you should also
respect your son's wish.

Frau Vermehren, Erich is grown up.

Obviously not.

Here comes the cake.


Are you nervous?
- Can you imagine.

Give me the cloth...

I cut another piece.

A piece for us.

This woman will bring bad
luck to our family. Mummy!

We are still a family.

Yes, please.

Promise me that we will not be alien.
Isa, cake?

Thank you.

I would have loved to see both of you
there in front. They also? Gladly.

Laurenz and you.

I often think of him.

Me too. Every day.

Oh, little one.

What's happening?

Nothing, dad.

Charlotte and I, we can
not stay that long.

This is the wedding of your son.
She doesn't feel good.

I can't let her go home alone.

You're welcome.

To us?

Where is the child?
Has lost.

And dad?

He cried, but I think
he was relieved.

Did you already tell Mama?

Thank you very much.

That is unbearable.

Only very hard.

You do not tell me anything about you.
How are you?

The professor I assisted
got kicked out.

Too liberal.

And how are you?

There is not much to tell.

How are you?

You are a real nuisance.

Come, children, dance!

Let us dance?

When do you have to go?
Still this week.

And Elisabeth?

May not leave Germany.

Erich, you know who you
work for in Istanbul?

Don't start with that either.
I apologise for a moment.

One day I also want to dance
with my sister. Naturally.

I don't give you good advice.

Although I married sometimes.
But that was a long time ago.

I don't give you good advice
because you do not want to hear it.

Don't you prefer to sit down?
Children get teeth and scream.

All my kids screamed for me.
After me, do you understand?

Petra, I...
Oh God.

Come on, mama.

Come over.

Do I have to be ashamed?

No everything is fine.

Maybe a little bit.

Oh, I miss him like that.

I know.

Well, see you later.

You are...
Erich Vermehren.

I'm glad, Schmidt. I collect
your sister's records. Ah.

How do you like Istanbul?
Interesting city. Nice.

Hail Hitler.

Quiet music

Happy laughter

Go Go. Faster. Flotti here.
Flotti, Flotti.

No, we are safe here.

Do not worry, it's all right.

"Where are you always? I'm
constantly trying to reach you."

I can't just
wait on the phone.

The process was postponed
again, to the sixth.

Doesn't look like I could
come over Christmas.

Too bad. Are you doing well?

"Are you doing well?"
You sound so strange.

We have a lot to do.

We try to get something for
Christmas dinner and enough wood.

Isa might get a goose.
Isa? Yes.

Isa currently lives with us.
Why does she live with us?

Elisabeth, why does Isa live with us?

Hello, Erich?

Erich, I can not...


This is your recipe for success?

This is hot water
from potato cooking.

That's how we have been cleaning
our silver for generations.

Then at least there
are potatoes tonight.

If you don't do it thoroughly,
the water doesn't help.

At home, cutlery is
just a commodity.

But now you are at home here.
That's enough.

Come over.


Hello, Erich.

Oh come, children, let us toast.
It's Christmas.

Nice that you're back. A man in
the house was missing. On Erich.

To us.

How is it in Istanbul?

I thought so, nobody cares here.
What does it mean?

I also feel like you
have not missed me.

Stop it.

As if our marriage was over,
we have not even started yet.

I should not have left
you alone for so long.

If you want me to get up
and go then keep it up.

Do not fight. I have another surprise.

Light off!


Why don't you turn off the light?

I can't sleep too.

Erich is my brother.
I love him.

Like me.

And I love you too.
That's not right.

Sometimes you just
love two people. Hm.

Does not that matter to you?

I searched for answers
in my prayers.

After forgiveness.

I didn't even find fault.

But I feel guilty.

For your feelings?

Erich wants me to go
to Istanbul with him.

And from there on to England.

That is desertion.

Yes, but he thinks it
gets too dangerous here.

When you go away...

... it will be dangerous for us.

Do not you realise
how stupid that was?

There is a reason why I did
not want to tell anyone.

She is your sister.

Do you know what they do with her?

Nothing to know is
the best protection.

The best protection is when
you don't put us in danger.

I have contact with the British.
It will look like a kidnapping.

They think what they want.
You are being interrogated, not any more.

They have nothing in their hands
against you. Why right now?

I sent information to the
English secret service.

My liaison was arrested.
If he talks, then...

All for one.

And especially for you.

Are you going to London with me?

Erich is waiting in the train. Do not
drive to the station, I'll go a bit.

I'm afraid it will be too
dangerous for you otherwise.

Can not anyone open this one?

Mr. Vermehren?

Is your daughter at home?

What do you want from us?

Listen, what's that about?

You can not just
come to my house.

Luggage here. The suitcases individually.

The accordion you do
not need any more.



Now only Erich is missing.

They let me come from Athens and
they arrested me at the airport.

Do not whisper!


You come as always a little too late.
But at least not last.

I said, don't whisper.

Individually for interrogation.
That comes with.


Would you finally tell
us what you accuse us?

Without stating reasons,
you must not hold us.

You are in clan attachment.

What about my son Erich?

There are indications that
he commits desertion.

Together with his wife
Elisabeth Von Plettenberg.

The train will stop at the next
station for technical reasons.

The locomotive is broken. You
can stretch your legs there.

You tell me now which
escape route the two take.

I don't know.

Your brother did not teach
you about his plans?

He didn't tell me what he's up to.

But you have such a
good relationship.

Or should I say you had
a good relationship?

We have lost sight of ourselves lately.
How come?

He works in Istanbul for
the Foreign Office.

Isn't equal in Grunewald.

Miss, you're telling me
which route to take.

Is he driving?

Or by train?

Are you a believer?

Is that already forbidden?

Then you know that it means...

... the way to hell is paved
with good intentions.

You want to protect your brother.

Why do not you protect the rest
of the family? And itself?

Miss Vermehren.

I can show you the hell.

I told you what I could say.

As a student you were
politically unreliable.

They appeared as a singer
in a dubious ensemble.

In addition, you had intimate
contacts with a public enemy.

What about Laurenz? Where is he?

I'll make you a suggestion.

Tell me...
what route your brother takes.

I'll put in a good
word for your lover.

It's a fair offer, right?

Lead away.

I do not know what you want.
There is no culprit.

My son is not available.

There is no act.

That we didn't do anything
wrong is beyond question.

And besides, there is no
law on clan attachment.

That's just being used.
- I'm talking about law.

I'm talking about
covering a deserter.

I have all your records.

I'm your biggest
admirer, so to speak.

Where are you taking me now?
- You do not ask questions here.

Tell him what he wants to hear.
It's better this way.

The new locomotive will be there
in an hour, then it goes on.

Does one of you have a fire?

Um, yes, of course.

Thank you.

Are you travelling alone to Turkey?
No, I get off the border.

My husband is waiting for me.
This is a pity.

A pity. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Her brother has not only betrayed
his country. But also you.

You are a famous singer.

What do you think people
will think of you?

He starts to hum.

A seafaring,...

...she is beautiful.

When your own family
turns against you.

Do you believe in Germany?

Answer me.

Too bad.

I would like to hear
the truth from you.

Tape "Do you really think so?"

"I got used to it.
Sometimes it helps."

"Dear God, make me dumb, that
I do not care about Dachau."

"I know another one, what's new
jokes, two months Dachau."

That was at your
brother's wedding.

"When did someone last seriously
use the word Final Victory?"

"People are tired, fatalistic
fatigue." "Naturally."

"Set working hours
up to twelve hours."

"Then let them think."

For that I can bring your
whole family to the camp.

Tell me where to find your brother.

Please board.
It goes on. Close the door.

I knew that I knew you.

That will not help you any more.

Do you think God will help you?

The only one who can do
anything for you is me.

Where is Erich Vermehren?

You are a rascal.
The man is married.

With a wife from Plettenberg.
But you know that for sure.

I can understand that he
begrudge something different.

You are really a bomb.

Happiness must be human.

What happened then?

You missed your chance.

By the way, Laurenz Weber is dead.
Already for three years.

If you still want to
pray for someone,

then pray for your family.

Loud voices hurry up, go!

Come on, right, you bastard!
Go on, go on!

Get up! Take your broom!
- Continue!

You don't need this any more.

The too.

Leave me the cross, please.

That too, I said.

Siren Attention, compete
for the roll call!


Hurry up here!

Go on, on, on!

Put up!
- Wait, here comes one more!



It's freezing cold.

Don't chase a dog outside the door.

Go on!

More quickly!

Faster Faster!

Door is unlocked.

In there!

Door falls shut.

What did you do with you?

No, it's all right.

Did you see what you do
to people in the camp?

In clinging one is
preferably treated. Still.

Come on, get out with you!


Who is there?



Yes it's me.
- How are you?

How are you?

So far, they have been obliging,
now they put your mother to me.

These are tighter
prison conditions.

Kurt. We will not let the
humour take away from us.

I'm afraid they take us much more.

What's happening?

I can't do this any more.

The loneliness, this cell, me...

No. Dad and I are here.
You are not alone any more.


I cannot any more.
- Shut up!

Get up!

High, high, high!

- My legs hurt.
- You should stop!

Stand there now!

Gisela! Here!


Back! Back to the series!

Okay, I'll take a look at that.

Come on! Come on!

Step out!

Come along!

Back to the cells!

One of my block goes crazy,

if she has no news from the new one.
- Is good.

My name is Danuta Nowak.

Don't worry, they
will not do anything.

Isa Vermehren.

Your girlfriend is fine.
As far as one can go here.

It is in my block.
Do you hold it out here?


Good. The others are worse off.
Always remember.

Are you a believer?

Then you are not alone.

I will keep contact with you.

She is a nun. She was a matron.

We all have a pang before her.

The Poles worship her like a saint.
- Shut up!

Don't look at me like that.

How come?
Well, the way you look at me.

You have a girlfriend, so
behave yourself that way.

That's not easy with...


Are you too old for her?

Too cranky.

Yes, that's the way to call it.

Did you miss me?

I don't believe that.
Not a little?

If I had time.
What distracted you?

His name is Philippos and
he is just as old as me.

And he doesn't find me cranky.


She screams.
Stop, you pig!

She is breathing heavily.

"I felt like I had
Heaven kissed the earth quietly."

"That she is in blossom...

... must dream of him now."

"And my soul tensed...

... far out their wings."

Continue! If you stop
again, get arrested!

Jump, jump, jump! Faster!

Not too long.

It tastes exactly how it looks.

You have a nice voice.

I used to record records.

Gisela told me about it.

Nobody can take that away from me.

Nobody can take away your faith.

Not even that.

How do you do that?

You seem to have a
lot of freedom here.

I treat them like humans.

But they do not do that
with the prisoners.

Is that a reason
to imitate them?

Nothing destroys people's
morality as fast as fear.

And everyone is scared.

I have seen inmates
beating other inmates.

More brutal than the overseers.

This is where people become monsters.

Because they lose respect
for each other. Love.

They want to change that.

I don't let the
fear in my heart.

They fight against a sandstorm.

I don't fight.

I just don't let myself blow around.

What is this order you belong to?
Sacre coeur.

The Society of the
Sacred Heart of Jesus.

You know him?

A friend told me about it.

That's enough.

If you want to know
more about it...

Does not it mean that one
should not warm up cold coffee?

Your dad courted me like
a teenager in love.

Then this is all
good for something.

Why did I know that I would
one day hear this sentence?

We talk more about each other here
than in all the years before.

Door opens.

Yes? - Get ready, you'll
be gone in five minutes.

Where to?

Where are you taking me?
- You don't have to pack.

What's up with you?


I will be picked up.
Where are they taking you?

Michael, where are you taking you?

I will not let that happen.
You have to show me the verdict.

Door is unlocked.

I'm ready.


dramatic music Michael?


Michael! Leave me to him!

Leave me to him!
Let me go! Michael!

Michael! Let me go!

You're welcome! You're welcome!
Please, please, please!

You're welcome! Michael!

The book is wonderful!

Where is Danuta?

They put together a
van with Polynesians.

Allegedly it goes to Sweden.
- Continue!

They are being loaded in the yard.

Let me out of here!

Let me out of here!

Let me out of here!

It will be soon! Jump, jump, jump!

Continue! Come on!
Zackzack, go ahead!

Jump, you too!

Go on, go on!

Go on, go on!


We're done. Depart!

Go on! Hurry!

Come down there! Come on!
Let me go!


Come on, pack your things.

Have you ever heard?
The Russians should be here soon.

They say the Allies are
almost on the Rhine.

Hustle and bustle Faster! Move!

Faster, go on, get in with you!

Ready to go!

They bury us in the forest.

Hush. Come here.

They certainly need us as a
pledge for the Americans.

Hush, softly.

Maybe the Americans?
- Shut up!

When they shoot at
us, we're all dead.

What is it?

What is?
The American.

If they shoot now...
Everything on the ground!

You said, they want to buy
themselves free with us! Isa!

What do we do now?

Surrender yourself.
Man, shut up!

We are prisoners from
a concentration camp!

Stop, get back!

Back in the truck.

There are no Nazis in the truck.
No Nazis.

You're a liar.
Get back into the truck.

Take the gun down.
The war is lost,

Who do you still
want to die for?

We are...

... clan prisoners.
You understand?

The house was empty.

My apartment was completely
destroyed, so I thought...

Do you know where my parents are?


Charlotte, we should
clean up today!



I'll leave you alone.

Have you heard from
Erich and Elisabeth?

And what about Michael?

Apparently, Michael was brought
from Sachsenhausen to Dachau.

No one else knows. I met a
fellow student from him.

What Michael kept from us all:
He was in a resistance group.

Wrote leaflets with
my typewriter.

The man said we could
be proud of Michael.

I don't want to be proud of
a dead man, I want my son.

He should have always encouraged
his people, One for all...

I just wanted to say goodbye.

Where do you want to go?

There is enough room here for everyone.

So... I think that's weird.

When you started the

Didn't you wish that?

Charlotte and me in a house.

In a life.

But now...

At least you can not
put them out the door.

Do you know that I always
thought you were pretty great?

That seems to be why
men are cheating.

Because they love
their wives so much.

Come on.

Have you heard from
Erich and Elisabeth?

You are in London.

Should not we write to them?

Michael is dead. Because of him.

He did not want that. He should
have thought of that sooner.

Attitude, yes.

But always take care that your
head stays on your shoulders.

Um... excuse me, sir.

Do you know Mr. Vermehren?
Yes, I do know him.

Are you looking for him?

He's in the house over
behind that building.

Thank you so much. Bye.

Emotional string music

I only thought of myself.

And to Elisabeth.

She loves you.

I was afraid that you would
take her away from me.

I have seen so many
people out of fear...

... did terrible things, Erich.

Is it so bad to love
more than one person?

Mama and Dad don't
answer my letters.

Michael is dead.

We came to camp right
after your escape.

Nobody knew that he worked
for the resistance.

Would not a real family
have to know that?

Who, if not we?

Letters can be ignored.

You mean, I should go to Berlin?

If you do not even want
to contact me in writing?

They're slamming the
door in my face!

Then you go through the back door.
If necessary, through the cellar.

I can't do this.

Too bad.

How's Gisela?
Not good, say the parents.

She hardly sleeps.

At that time she slept even
during the air raids, but now...

And you?

I am now working as a teacher at
the same boarding school as Erich.

I don't mean that.

I love Erich. But we do
not lead a happy life.

We barely talk to each other.

You always meant so much to me.

I miss you so much.

You me too.

Maybe I just have to decide.


You have to stop thinking
about a decision.

You belong in my life.


But above all in the life
of Erich as his wife.

What is your life?

They are persistent.

Teacher for which subject?
English German.

Do we want to go a bit?

I would have taken
you without an exam.

But you said that...
... that's the rule, yes.

You seem to me...
the exception to the rule.

They had a good advocate.

I only give you the last page.
The rest does not concern you.

She wrote it in Mauthausen.

The liberation has
not experienced it.

"Now there's one more thing
I have to ask you for."

"It could be that a young
woman will come to you,

as soon as this, and with
God's help, it's nearly time

is over."

"Her name is Isa Vermehren."

"I tell you, take this
girl for God's sake."

"She will not leave you
alone and she's right,

because she is totally with God."

Nuns mumble prayers.

Gentle music

I knew you were coming.

You look...

... like a penguin.

And? Was mom grumpy?

Let's say it was mitigating
because I showed remorse and

brought a gift.

And that had to be?

I have never been so scared.

But I have never been so sure.

Come on.
The others are already waiting.

Have a look!

You look like...
... a penguin. Erich!

We have long considered
what we give you.

Actually, we argued.
You argued.

Then Erich brought you
the right present.

Where have you been?

The Russians considered
him a French spy.

But that was later.
Before that he was in Dachau.

But then they thought
he was a spy.

They fight.
That's why Isa wanted to go to the monastery!

Erich got me out of captivity.
- Now a photo.

Stand in front of the tree.
Stand up.

And how did that happen?

That is a long story.
What do we do now?

We wanted to have something to eat, but
that's the way people will talk about us.

They always do that. Not about me.
I remember that differently.

What do you have... Stop arguing!
Are not you coming with it?

Oh, right.

Oh, one of them:
"Please, could you help me?"

Thank you sister. Here.

Here is the trigger.

Yes, so long.

And smile!

Please be friendly.