Ein Tag mit dem Wind (1979) - full transcript

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This film was awarded with the
"Primo Premio Grifone"

as best foreign film at the
8th International Children's Film Festival

in Giffoni V.P./Salerno 1978.



And Peter, the rabbit

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Look here!

You like this right?


Today I'll buy you a female.

Then you're not so alone.





Already awake?



Can I have some money?

I've just given you money the other day.

I cannot always give you money.

What do you need it for this time?

Hey, listen.

I have to go away today and
will only be back tomorrow.

Can you make some food for yourself?

Then I'll go to Uncle Rainer.

Well then go to Uncle Rainer.

But I can't give you money for the ticket.


Maybe I've got one.

[radio] ...about the topic:
the administered public...

[radio] ...a society in chains.

[radio] From the Augsburg Daily:

[radio] More humanity in hospitals!

[radio] Single patients
should no longer be alone...






What are you doing there?

What are you doing?

Listening to music
while looking at the people.

Wanna try?


First, try...

The music.


You wanna buy a bus ticket?

I don't need a bus ticket.

I don't have much money.

I'd rather sit around here.


What for...

You need money?

I wanna buy a rabbit.

I'll give you a coin.

Thank you.

You're welcome.


...she said one could...

Stop it!

...no, I'm still at the office...

...scarlet fever?...

How dare you!

...if this... in the written...

...by no means!

...no, no.

Here's one more coin.

Wouldn't you buy a ticket?

Stolen tickets... No, I can't.

No way.

By no means.

You know, I can't do that.

You mustn't do that again!

Won't you buy this ticket?

If you wanna buy this ticket...

That ticket?


Why? Don't you need it?




Need money?

I do.

Ah okay.

Sure it's alright?



Thank you.

With a probability bordering on certainty.

With a probability bordering on certainty.

Hey listen. I know you can do it.

You know it.

With a probability bordering on certainty.

Say it!

One sound! Come on!

With a probability bordering on...


Just try it!

Wasn't there someone with
too many rabbits here?

Yeah, they are not here.

They've been gone for long.

Try the sentence!...

What's it with you?

Just once... What's wrong today?

Not in the mood today?


He's supposed to say it.


You bastard!


If you don't let me go now...

Are you crazy?

You bastard!

Let her go!

Go away!

Mind your own business!

Get lost!

Let her go!

I won't let her go!
Got it?


You will let her go now.

But only if you give me your bow.

Give him the bow.

Thanks, that's very nice of you.

Who was that idiot?

You know, just a mean guy.

He's watched way too many thrillers.

I don't think about him any longer.

Wanna hear a dream?


I had it...

It's not long ago I've dreamed this.

I was walking on this big
green field of grass.

You know a bit like here.


All of a sudden, it became really bright.

Then it was pitch black again.

And then...

I've seen this glow.

And this glow...

transformed into a rabbit.

And more and more glows came.

All were rabbits.

And they asked me...

what I'm up to on the grass.

I said I'm going for a walk.

Then they offered me an Easter egg.

You know, that was...

...at a time...

you know right?


At Easter time.

They kept offering me eggs.

Until I had so many...

that I couldn't walk anymore.

And suddenly all eggs were gone.

All of them.

I quietly thought...

I'm so tired.

Carrying all these eggs.

Then they were suddenly gone.

And I felt much lighter again, I could...

I could walk again. And then...

Everything became blurry.

And I woke up.

You also wanna hear a dream?

Once, at night, when I go
out onto the street...

there are a lot of people.

Standing around a thing.

A dead person was lying there.

Up on the roofs...

snipers were lying everywhere.

What is that - snipers?

You don't know?

I don't.

Snipers are people who come
from the military

with shot-guns and guns.

I see.

For example, they lie on top of houses
and then they shoot.

And above there was this huge airplane.

The snipers were shooting all the time.

How creepy is that!

What kind of dreams you have!

You know, I have a real rabbit at home.

How nice!

And I have to get him a female today.

What colour is it?


But I only have 5 marks

and it costs 20 marks.

Don't you get money from your dad?

No, he's not there.

Where is he?

Don't know.

I think in America or somewhere.

You've never heard of him again?


But my mom has a boyfriend.

And your mother?
She doesn't give you money?


Look! There is a beetle.



How could you spot it under that leaf?

It had crawled out earlier.

Don't be mean.

Hey, is it dead?

It's just pretending to be dead.

Look, I'm putting it on a leaf...

and it even starts moving again.

You see?


As soon as a human being is affected,

in whatever respect, you can't just
think about math questions.

Even if you argue within the field of
natural sciences,

you should admit that there are certain
feedback processes happening there...

Two ice creams!

Small? Big?


Two small ice creams.

Which taste?

I'd like lemon and strawberry.

And you?

I'll have Vani... no,
lemon and...



...when the influences are strong enough
to actually distort the field.

...First of all you should prove that...

You should prove that you can...

segregate each of your individual
procedures in the field.

What do certain structures, factors and
events actually signify for a person?

But that's totally unproven hypothesis
about what it signifies.

I would argue that something like
stuttering has a certain funcionality.

And you can break this funcionality
causing the stuttering to cease.

That's provable.

What else...

It's also provable that...

And cheaper than psychoanalysis!

Was that your last 5 mark coin?

On the one hand there is psychoanalysis,
on the other behavioural scientists...

There is so many different kinds of...

Shouldn't you keep that for the rabbit?

Wouldn't have been enough, anyway.

Psychoanalysis does operate with
rather tricky arguments,

with rather tricky constructs.

The positivist behavioural therapists
then came along and

very naively addressed the problem
and said:

Let's remove the symptom.

And we do have studies showing that
spontaneous remissions

are exactly...

What is that, a remission?

...that the spontaneous healing
of neuroses

is as common as healing through

which suggests that the psychoanalysists
are doing hocus-pocus.

It's not doing anything real.

Yes but behavioural therapy doesn't do
anything either.

Of course, it can be proven.

They just learn...
They just unlearn the symptom.

But is that even the same process?

Are they relating to the same thing,
behaviouralists and psychoanalysts?

No, they sneak past their inherent
inability to remove the symptoms.

Hey! I have the perfect ideal!

We'll do something!


You'll see.

You want something?

You two want something?

You two want something?

If you don't want anything get lost!

Come on, get lost!

Come here!

And now you two go!

Thank you.

Come with me.

Where to?

You'll see.

Look! All of them Herbert painted.

In here!


Hello Barbara.

Hello Herbert.

This is my friend Marcel.


I wanted to ask you...

Do you know where we can
find cheap rabbits?

Because he's got a rabbit at home...

and he promised to get a female.

He doesn't have any money...

No money?


Have you asked how much it is?

Yes, 20 Marks.

20 Marks?

I don't have any money either.

I'm waiting for money since a long time.
Maybe I get some soon.

No. We don't want you to give us money.

We just wanted to ask if you maybe know
where to get a rabbit for free.

If I've got an idea?


You know, many people can buy anything.

And the next day, they have already
forgotten that they bought it.

Then they'll just buy something else.

Actually, sometimes it is
even better when you...

just have to find something.

I have an idea...

I once went to a forest...

not far from here.

Near that creek, you know.

You know the creek?

Yes, I do.

When you walk along there,
at first you'll see the large meadow

And then the oak trees.

And then,

you'll enter the forest.

You mean at the "Rodel"-creek?


At the "Rodel"-creek.

And where the stones are,

I sat down.

I made a drawing, and then...

I was dreaming a little.

And suddenly there were two rabbits.

Maybe in your dream.

No, I opened my eyes...

and a third and fourth rabbit came...

Quite a few were there...

hopping around, all tame.

And all at once there were
many of them. Black ones.

Beautiful ones. You'd like them.

What's your rabbit's name?


He's big already?

About that big.

Would he be scared of a black one?

No way!


He would like a female?

I guess so.

He's been acting that way?

Then you should get him one.

You'll find one somehow.

You've painted all of them by yourself?

Almost all of them.

I like them.

Take your time and look around.

Have you come a long way?

Nope, not really.

You know the golden ball I've forgotten
last time? Can I have it back?

Wait... I put it...

Or do you want to keep it longer?

No, that's your ball!

It brings luck, doesn't it?


It's already brought me luck
a little - for my painting.

Has it?

That made me glad.

You'll keep it!

No! You must have it again.

And I think...

I think it's...

...in the cabinet over there.

You have to go behind the bed.

Got it.

Over there...

I think it's inside the left...

...no, inside the right-hand drawer.

With both hands! It's difficult to open.

Great stones!

What a beautiful stone!

It's become so heavy!

Maybe there is a story inside.

You know, there are many stories,
in this room.

Maybe when you dream,
it'll tell them to you.

But no more creepy stories!

No creepy stories at all.

But mysterious ones.

Because this is a magic ball, you know.

I see.

Marcel, we have to go now.
It's very late.

Bye Herbert!

Barbara, goodbye!

Thanks for everything.

You're welcome.
Don't go too far into the forest.

Goodbye ball!

Goodbye Marcel!


Maybe you're lucky...


...and find a rabbit.

Then Peter won't be sad anylonger.

If the ball gets pregnant,
you'll get the baby!

Oh, that'd be great!


Take care!

You too.

You like the ball?


Wanna have it?

Yes, I do.

It's a present!

Thank you.

I have to go now.

Yes, I know.

You have to find your rabbit.

Take care!




I'll be at the flea market tomorrow.

Why don't they stop?

Some of them would stop,
but they don't want to brake too fast.

Brake slowly!

Brake slowly!...

Brake slowly!...

You've been lucky.

Normally, I wouldn't stop on
a straight route like this.

By the way, where are you heading?

To the forest.

But I'm not driving to the forest.

I can take you halfway.

Wanna hear a joke?


There's two beggars.

One beggar says to the other:

Have you eaten already?

And the other says: Yes...

Quite often.

You're silly.

Where are you driving to anyway?

I have to go to the construction site.

Hey listen...

Over there is a road,
right at the forest, okay?

Got it.



So difficult to get rid of it!

Let's do it this way...

I don't wanna be intolerant again.

Hey kid!

You never let me finish speaking.

Come over here.

Look, what's in his hand!

It's shiny!


Do you live here?


What's that in your hand?

A ball.

Aball, he says!

Anice ball you've got!

Can I see it?

I like how it's shimmering.

Let me have it!

Throw it up!

Oh it's warm!

It's beautiful.

Warming me up.


Can I have the ball?


You won't give it away?

Let's make a deal.


If you say...

you want something even more
than the ball...

Yes, a rabbit.

A rabbit?



Wild or tame?


Any rabbit.

We would have to catch you a rabbit.

Yeah, but I won't give it away anyway.

I've seen some behind the house.

And for a rabbit you would...


Not even that.


I see.

Well then...

- That looks bad.
- You want a ball and a rabbit?

Sly fox!

If that isn't...

Where did you get it from? Maybe...

It was a gift.

Maybe it's gold, look!

Don't you think so?

What a present!
I never get such presents.

Oh, look over there is a rabbit!

I don't want to give the ball away.

I don't have any ball!


She's got it I can see it.

No no, I won't take it away from you.

Don't worry.

But money...


I have to leave now anyway.

Where to?

Into the forest.

- The forest?
- To look for a rabbit.

Do you know how to catch a rabbit?


Take good care of yourself!

Look, he's really going into the forest.

How a ball can mean so much to a child!

You know, it's just worth a lot to him.

Once as a child, I had these
special marbles.


I took good care of them, of course.

Something exceptional would have to
happen for me to give them away.

Here, facing the dead,
I feel like doing something.

Because if the same will happen to me,
lying there, so... still.

The fern leaves here look as if
he's in the rainforest.

I guess they are long forgotten.
Just like the rainforests are.

I wanna start something. Maybe...


Here's one more person!

Tell me... You've got time?

Yes. Why?

You wanna start something... together?

Your parents don't mind?

- No, why?
- That's good.

Well, some parents do mind.

You wanna go down there, maybe?

I'm hungry.
You don't have some food on you?

No, I don't.

Actually I'm not that hungry.
But you know what we could try?


We could see if we can get something.

Can you climb it yourself?


Wait, I'll help you a little.

Wanna piggyback?


I have a pinched nerve, you know.

But it's okay.

How should we do it? With the people...

How should we address them?

What have you...

Shall we be all polite? No...

Don't feel like it right?

Wanna be polite?


Let's be rough with them, right?

You agree? Shall we do that?

A castle!

Let's go!

That'll be fun!

Not all at once!

I need a piece, too.

Wait, I'll pull. Bite!

Tastes good, right?

Me too, I'm so hungry.
You couldn't imagine!


How do you like it at the castle?

Better than before, right?


Tell me, why are there no guards at all?

No guards? We're better off without them!

What do you think?

Don't you wanna make some
public speeches?

You'd like that?

What about provoking them a little?

Let's try to become federal chancellor!

Shall we try?


...if they'd vote for us.

Well then come with me.

Come with me.

What should we do with the beer mug?

Let's go where they are all sitting.

Do you mind me showing you the smoke
that has risen before your eyes?

We each make our experiences
in different order.

We personally, I believe I am
the iron chancellor.

Soon, I will rise to that position
until the Last Judgement.

I'm a son of fire.

Wind arises unnaturally.

I'm master of the clouds...

the air...

An ego-drama.

A drama of the airs.

I love it as imperfect...

as it's shown here.

Do you place your trust in me,
for the next chancellorship?

Clap louder!


All of you must clap!

You fools!

You sloppy sit-arounders!

Get up!


You shall serve me.
My enemies you must behead.

Tell the rest, they shall knee down.

At least, I'm alive!


Cheers black-beer-drinker!

Have we paid already?

What? You pay!

Come on, let's run away fast.


Who are you?

I'm the gardener.

My name is Peter.

Just like my rabbit.

Just like your rabbit?

And what are you doing here?

I was looking for the ball.

The ball?
Can I see it?



Oh, there is an apple tree!

That way you won't get any apples.
It's not a tree you can shake.

The only way is to climb up.

Can you help me?

Of course.

Hey, what's the meaning of...

With a probability bordering on certainty?

That only means...

someone doesn't know anything.

I see.

Do you want one too?

Yes of course.

Thank you.

Let's see if I can find one more.

Oh it's getting windy!

Take care it doesn't blow you off!

I think I have to
spend the night in the tree.

No, you don't need to.

Over there is a forest, right?

Can you see it?

You have to pass through.
And then there's a farm.

There you can spend the night for sure.

Where to?

Passing here.

You can't pass here.

But I have to.

Well then try!

Come and get it!


You're brave.

I like you.

I'll show you the way.

Pass the birch trees over there.

Is that for me?



Can you give me some?

Not much left.

We know each other, you rogue!

What are you doing here?

That's my home.

I live here.


Why were you begging in the city then?

What are you saying?

Why you were begging in the city!

That's a different story, but...

...it costs some money to
renovate this place, you know?

I see.

Sit down.

But what are you doing here?

Looking for rabbits.

You want an apple?


What did you say? Looking for rabbits?

Where have you picked him up?

I sat outside and he just
came around the corner.

And how did you get here?







I'm impressed.

How old are you, by the way?




Out here?

What's your name?


And you're looking for rabbits?



Should we give him one of ours?

Yeah, of course.

But they aren't ready yet.

Maybe wait another week or so.

Isn't that great!

If you stay with us for a week,
you'll get one of our rabbits.

What do you think?

A small little one.

Or I come again.

That might be a good idea.


So, Marcel...

Today, you stay over night?


Have you ever slept in the hay?


Well, maybe it's about time...

That'll be an experience...

now that you've come all the way.

Let's drive back into the city?

So, you liked it?

It's been really good.

You know we can't drive that fast,
the car is such a heap...!

You come visit us again soon!

Maybe I can give you a lift...

So you don't have to come
in such an adventurous way.

That'd be nice.

Where should I take you?
Where do you wanna go?

To the flea market.

What are you doing at the flea market?

Oh, I'm going to meet someone.

You have a girl-friend?

Yes, since yesterday.

How great is that!

And if you want to meet me
come to the flea market on weekends.




You've found rabbits?

No, not yet.

But I'll get one soon.

You do?


I brought you something.

Really? What is it?

Oh, how beautiful!

I'll make a necklace with it!

I have a lot to tell you.

Let's look around a little.