Eighth Grade (2018) - full transcript

An introverted teenage girl tries to survive the last week of her disastrous eighth grade year before leaving to start high school.

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Hey, guys! Uh, it's Kayla.
Back with another video.

Okay, um, so first thing's first is, um...

I haven't been getting, like, a lot of
views or whatever on my videos,

so if you guys could share,

like with your friends and stuff, I
would really, really appreciate it.

Uh, okay, so the topic of today's
video is "being yourself,"

and it's like, you know, well, aren't
I always being myself?

And like, yeah. For sure. Um, but, uh...

Sorry, I... sorry, I'm... I'm reading
these off paper. Um, okay...

But it's like, being yourself is, like, not changing
yourself to impress someone else...

You know, because, like, um,

like, uh, you could be the most
popular kid at school or, like,

you know, like, um, have, like, the
hottest boyfriend or whatever, um,

but, like, what's the point if
you're not being yourself?

And it's like

being yourself can be hard.

And, like, the hard part about being
yourself is that it's not always easy

because, you know, like, people can, like, um,
like, make fun of you, or something dumb.

Because, like, people suck
and evil people exist.

Um, but you just got to ignore them and,
like, not care what they're saying. Um...


Like, for instance, like...

You know, a lot of people, like, call
me quiet or shy or whatever, um,

but I'm not quiet, like,

I... you know, I don't talk
a lot at school, but, um,

I just... it's not like I'm scared to
not talk, I just don't want to.

But if, like, people actually, you know, like, be
my friend, like, you know, talk to me and stuff,

they'd find out that I'm, like, really
funny and cool and talkative.

And, yeah, I'm just...

I'm not, like, quiet. I just choose not to talk
a lot at school, like other people, you know?


Okay, so, yeah, uh...

I hope that... basically, you know, like, be
yourself and don't care about, like, whatever...

What other people think about you.

And just, like, you know, ignore them
if they're being mean to you about it.

And everything will work out
if you're just being yourself.

Uh, okay. uh... thank you, guys,
for watching this video.

I hope some of you guys found it helpful.

Um, and make sure to subscribe to my channel.
Bleh. Um, and, yeah. Thank you for watching.




KAYLA: Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel.

Today I'm giving a tutorial
on my "going out" look.

So, this is kind of my standard
look that I always do.

So, if you want to see what I
do, then just keep watching.







Over the course of these next 30 minutes,

we will begin to explore and understand
these changing bodies of yours.

It's gonna be lit.

Chapter One. The Hair Down There.

MAN: [ON VIDEO] Pubic hair

- or pubes...

...are heavier, longer, more coarse
hairs that develop during puberty.

- GIRL: Tristan, are you masturbating?

- TRISTAN: I wasn't masturbating!

Guys, stop being weird. Stop
being weird. Stop being weird.


MR. MCDANIEL: Hey. Settle down.


Eight graders, next week is your last week
here at Miles Grove Middle School...

- BOY: LeBron James.
- MR. MCDANIEL: Yes. Yeah.

- But we also have

a lot of important work in front of us.

And some fun work in front of us.

And we also have your
sixth-grade time capsules.

Remember when you made those shoeboxes
the first week of sixth grade?

Remember how we said it would
be a gift to your future you

when you finally made it here
at Miles Grove Middle School?

Well, you have made it.

So, pick those up in the lobby
after this assembly's over.

Now I'm going to hand things over to Mrs. Rosh,

who will read out the results of the
eighth-grade superlatives. Mrs. Rosh?

- BOY: Are you my mom?

- Good afternoon.

Class superlatives, as voted
by you, the students

- Most athletic,

- Wyatt Conville and Dawn Ringelheim.

Class Clowns, Jed Goodwin and Missy Vitale.


Most Talkative,

Pat Druschel and Jackie Stasiak.

Most Quiet,

Andrew Fields

and Kayla Day.


Best Eyes...



Okay. Congratulations superlative winners.

So, after you get, um... your photos taken,
I want you to report to fifth-period class.

Now, let's see, we'll start with
uh... Mr. and Mrs. Best Eyes,

Aiden Wilson-Carter and Kennedy Graves!

Good job.




- Good job.







DIANNE: Hey, yellow shirt!



Come here.

Hi. Yes, you, come here.

- Hi. You're Mark's girl, right?
- Yeah.

Oh, your dad was such a huge help
with the spring fundraiser.

Thank him again for me, will you?

- KAYLA: I will.
- What's your name again?

- Kayla.
- Right, Kayla.

Hey, so we just opened our pool...

- [MOUTHS] Mom!
- Shush!

We just opened our pool, and we are going
to have our first big summer pool party

tomorrow to celebrate Kennedy's birthday.
It's gonna be so much fun, right, Kennedy?

- Yep.
- Oh, you should come. It's gonna be a blast.

Kennedy will invite you on Facebook.

- Right, Kennedy?
- No one uses Facebook anymore.

Anyway, do you think you can come, or...

Oh, I mean, uh... maybe. I'll try,
but, you know, probably not.

Oh, no, no. You should come.
It's gonna be a blast.

But don't forget to thank your dad for me, okay?

- Yeah. Yeah.
- DIANNE: So, you're gonna...

- We'll see you tomorrow maybe, or...
- Um, yeah. Yeah, I'll try, you know [CHUCKLES]

I mean, I'd like to. I just don't know if I can.

Oh, no, no, you'll be there.
Okay, see you tomorrow.

- Say goodbye, Kennedy.
- Bye.



MARK: Kayla.

- Kayla!
- What?


- Food's getting cold.
- I like it cold.


- MARK: One more week of eighth grade, huh?
- Huh?


I said one more week of eighth grade, right?


- That's crazy.
- Yeah. Huh.

I can't believe you're gonna be in high school.

- Mmm-hmm.
- How did that happen?

I don't know.

You excited?


[IMITATES KAYLA] Yes. Yes, I'm very excited.

I'm so excited.


- Hey, I got an... email from Mrs. Graves.
- Huh?

[SCOFFS] I got an email from Mrs. Graves

that said you're going to go to Kennedy's
birthday thing tomorrow?


- Really?
- Yeah, no.

- It sounded kinda fun.
- Kennedy doesn't like me.

- That can't be true.
- Cool.

Sometimes kids act like they don't like you,

but it's really just 'cause they got their
own stuff going on, and they don't...



- Are you kidding me right now?

- I'm just being funny.
- Dad, no! It's not funny!

You're the only one that thinks it's funny!

[CRYING] You don't think I'm funny?

- Dad!

Dad, it's a Friday. You said I could
do whatever I want on Fridays.

- And right now...
- Okay, you're right. Okay, I did.

All right. Can I say one thing, though?

Then you can go back to your
phone, I'll leave you alone.

- I just want to say one thing.
- Fine!

Okay, but you have to let me finish saying it.

- Yeah, I will. I'm not even...
- You can't get angry before I finish saying it,

otherwise you won't listen.

- Fine. Just say it.
- All right. All right. Okay.


- Are you gonna say it?
- I'm thinking.


I think you're so cool.

I think you're so...

- I'm gonna stop eating with you if you...
- Hey, I said... you said I could say one thing.

- Can I say one thing, please?

- Fine.
- Thank you.

Look, when I as your age,
I was not cool like you.

You have all these interests
and... and your videos

and, just, how you... express yourself in them,
it's so... it's just so cool. It's so great,

- and I just... I just think...

Maybe you just need

- to put yourself out there a little bit more.
- Please stop.

- I know the kids at school are not great.
- Dad, that's...

I'm not saying you have to be best
friends with Kennedy Graves.

And I know this is gonna sound lame, but
I just think you're a really special person.

- Dad...
- And I know it's like,

you know, all dads think that, I...

But even if I wasn't your dad,
I would still think that.

- I would. I'm sorry.
- Dad!

- I'm sorry. I would.
- Dad! Dad!

This is more than one thing.

- It's... it's a chunk of things...

...and I know it's like, "Dad, shut up. Duh,
shut up". I get it. Please, I get it.

But I'm actually not saying
this to make you feel bad.

- I'm saying it to make you feel better.
- You know what'd make me feel better?

- What?
- Is if you'd let me go on my phone.

- Okay, fine. Go ahead. Do your thing.
- Thanks.








I'm just going to bed.


MARK: Okay.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Are you...

- Are you mad at me?
- No, I just...

- Next time, can you please knock?
- Yeah, sure. Sorry. I did...

KAYLA: Well, uh...

Do it louder or something. I don't know.

For sure. Yeah. Got it.

Sorry. Good night.

Good night.




Shit. Shit!


Hey, guys. Kayla back here with another video.

Uh, okay, so the topic of today's video is

"Putting Yourself Out There."

Um, okay. So, like, what does that mean?

Where is "there"?

Well, "there" can be anywhere
that you wouldn't usually go.

You know, maybe because it's,
like, weird or scary or, um,

something like that.

Um, okay, and now you're
probably thinking, like,

you know, well, "Why would I want
to go somewhere like that?"

And, uh... there's actually lots of reasons.

Uh, one reason

is that... people might not
know, like, the real you.

Like, if you only ever see, you know,
some people at school or something,

then those people are only
going to know the school you.

But if you put yourself out there and you
go to places you wouldn't usually go,

people can know the movie you or the pool
you or the party you or the weekend you.

All the yous that make up the real you.

Like, for example, this one time I was
having a bunch of friends over,

and my dad made me invite this
uh... one weird girl, or whatever,

and, you know, I didn't really want to invite her

because, um... at school she was just
always weird, so I didn't like her.

But my dad made me invite her,

so then she came over, and
I got to know the real her.

And she actually was really cool and funny.

- [GASPS] Kayla!
- And, like, just awesome.

And all my friends were
just, like, "Who is she?"

And everyone was just, like, talking
about her the whole time.


So, yeah. And...

Yeah, I guess that's basically
what I was trying to say,

like, you know, you just need
to put yourself out there

and, like, face your fears and, you
know, let people know the real you.

And, like, it doesn't matter if you're scared
because everyone's gonna be scared.

Uh... okay, uh, hope... bleh.

Hopefully some of you guys
found this video helpful,

and if you like it, make sure to click
"like" and subscribe to my channel.

Thanks for watching.












Tyler, stop. Stop. Tyler!

- No. No.
- Stop. Stop. [LAUGHS]

GIRL: Aiden!


All the way. Did it all the way.


I swam all the way across the pool underwater.

- Cool.
- Yeah. You know, I...

could have went further if
I wanted to, but whatever.

- Wanna see me do a handstand?
- Uh...

Too many people in the pool. Can't
do it for long if the water isn't still.

I'm Gabe. What's your name?

Uh, I'm Kayla.

Okay. Yeah, cool. I'm going to try again.


Yeah. Water's not calm enough.

- Yeah.
- So, how do you know Kennedy?

Oh, we go to school together.

Oh, okay. Yeah.

That's cool. She's my cousin. Want
to do a breath-holding contest?

- Yeah. Sure.
- Okay, cool.

- One, two, three...


[GASPS] I won.

Okay, so the trick is, don't move at all because
when you move your body uses oxygen.

DIANNE: Okay. Picture time!

- DIANNE: Oh, shush, Kennedy.

Girls first.

Come on, girls. Gather round,
over there by the diving board.

She said all the girls over there.

- Oh, yeah. Right.
- Yeah.

No boys allowed.

DIANNE: All right. Yes, okay. Let's
all get in together. Great. Okay.

Uh... wait. Kayla, I can't see
you, sweetie. Come up front.

There you go.

- Okay. And cheese!
- ALL: Cheese!


- This is for you.
- Oh, my God.

- I'm so excited!

STEPH: It's, like, so you.

Oh, my God. Dude! Oh, my God.

- GIRL1: So cute!
- GIRL2: It's so you.

STEPH: It'll look so good on you.

KENNEDY: I know. I love it.


DIANNE: And this one's from Kayla.

She's right over there.


What is it?

Uh, it's a card game. Um...
It's actually really fun.

Like, everyone gets ten cards
and you take turns, like...

- Uh, it's like Go Fish, except a lot more fun.
- Okay. This one's from Julia.

- MIKE: Happy birthday to you.
- DIANNE: No, Mike!

- KENNEDY: Oh, my God. No, no!
- DIANNE: Mike! Come on, Mike...

- MIKE: Happy... what? What?
- KENNEDY: It's not time yet. No!

MIKE: It's time. I brought
it down from the kitchen.

I got it all over my shirt.

- It's time to eat! What?
- DIANNE: Mike.

- KENNEDY: Oh, my God!
- MIKE: I picked this thing up

at 8:00 in the goddamn morning! Eat it!

KENNEDY: Oh, my God.

- KAYLA: Yeah.

Yeah. Okay. Dad, can you
please just come get me?

No, the party's... party's over.

I don't know how it ended, Dad, okay?

It's just kind of, like, over. And a lot...

My God.

Dad, I'm the last one here, okay?

Can you please just come get me?

- MARK: Are you whispering?
- No, I'm not whispering.

It's just really bad reception here.

Okay, listen, I can get there...

Just come get me, please.

- All right. In an hour.
- Can you please come quicker?

I'll try...

Fine. Whatever. Fine.

Just text me when you're
here and don't come inside.

Okay. Are you okay? Is everything all right?

All right. Yeah.

- You sure?
- Thanks.

- What?
- Thanks, I said.

- Okay, I love you.
- All right. Bye.

- Love you too.
- Kayla, is everything...




AIDEN: Oh, sorry.


I just gotta...


Was just grabbing my phone. Had to charge it.


Yeah. Sometimes I charge it, too. My phone. I...

Yeah, sometimes my phone
runs out of batteries, too.

- You know, everyone's in there.
- Oh, that's where everyone is. Okay. Uh...

I'll go out there in a second.



Hey, guys. It's Kayla, back
here with another video.

Okay, so the topic of today's
video, which is super cool,

is, "How To Be Confident."

- GIRL: Ow.

KAYLA: [ON VIDEO] So, um...

I think one thing a lot of people
think about confidence

is that, like, you know, you're born with it.
You either are confident or you're not.

You know, just like how some people are tall.

You're either tall or short, but...

...it's not like that, actually.

Confidence is a choice.


Like, the really awesome thing
about confidence is that

you can just start acting like it, even
if you feel like you don't have any.

For example, I used to, like,
not be confident at all.

But then one day, I'm like, "Hmm,
I want to be confident".

So, then I just kind of started acting
like it, and then it made me feel good,

and then I actually started being
confident, like, without trying.

And, like, a big part of being
confident is being brave,

and you can't be brave unless you're scared.

So, for those of you who are feeling
scared about being confident,

that's actually a big part of
confidence, to be scared.

- That's normal.

Because you can't be brave
without being scared.

So, go out there and just be, like, confident.

And if you don't feel confident,

just do it anyways.

Make yourself confident.

Uh, okay, so as always, uh... please, uh...

share and subscribe to my channel
if you guys liked the video,

and thanks for watching.


KAYLA: Oh, hey.

Oh, hey. What's your name again?

Oh, yeah. Oh, hey, totally.

Yeah. Yeah, I'd be totally up for that.

Yeah, that would... that would be, like, great.


So, um... yeah.

KAYLA: Someone said that?

That's so dumb.

So, like, dumb. I just... [SCOFFS]

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I'd be totally
up for that. That'd be so fun.

Yeah, oh...

Yeah, it was... it was great.

Yeah, it was so fun. [CHUCKLES]

Oh... oh, so that happened. Okay.

So that's why you couldn't make it.

No, I mean, that's fine.

Yeah, of course. I'd love to come.

Yeah, it'd be great if we could just, like, do
that on, like, Wednesday or something.


- STEPH: Really?

KAYLA: Uh, Kennedy. Hey.

Um... so, thanks for inviting me to your party.

Uh, no problem.

By the way, I like your
shirt a lot. It's so cool.

I have a shirt, too... [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY]


Also, you know, I, like, um...

I wrote this, like, letter for you and whatever,

uh, so if you want to have
it, it's, like, a thank you.

Oh, hey, Steph.




Hey, well, thanks for talking
to me, you guys, um...

Catch you later. [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY]


- GIRL: Oh, my God!
- Bang! Dead!

- Bang! Dead!

Bang! Dead!



Hey, how about let's give it up for the
volunteers from the drama club.

What do you say?

Okay, kids, we've gone over what you should
do if you hear gunshots in the distance.

And what are we supposed
to do in that situation?

ALL: Run in the opposite direction.

OFFICER TODD: You sure about that?

- Hello?
- ALL: Yes. We positive!

OFFICER TODD: O... okay.

And... but now we're gonna talk about what
you should do when the gunshots are close.

- Listen up, mister. Um...

Um... you know, when the shooter's down
the hallway or right outside the classroom.

What you just saw was an example
of what not to do. Okay?

If the gunshots are loud and close,

and you're in a classroom or a bathroom,
uh, you should do the following...

Stay put, turn off the lights...

DYLAN: Are you staring at Aiden?


I said, are you staring at Aiden?

- [SCOFFS] No.
- He's a dick.

He dumped Chelsea because she
wouldn't send him naked pictures.

Oh. That's weird.

OFFICER TODD: ...with the dead or wounded.

WOMAN: [ON PA] Coach Red to the main office.

- Coach Red to the main office, please.
- MR. DANKERT: Okay, everyone.

That's the signal. Please be respectful
of the drill and stay quiet.

Should only be a few minutes.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Uh, whatcha doing?

Playing a game.

Cool. Cool. Um...

Uh, are you excited for high school?

- Yeah. Should be cool.
- Yeah.

You ever think there'd be a real shooting here?

- I wish.

Same. Um... like...

- Why do you wish there was one?
- 'Cause I'd fuck him up.

Take his gun and elbow him
right in the jaw, lay him out.

I wouldn't be a pussy and sit under my desk.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah, you would fuck him up.

He'd be, like, totally screwed.

- Yeah.

Oh, my God, that was so embarrassing.

Like, it's super funny. You won't, like...

It was so funny, Aiden, I just...

Like, yeah, it was really
funny what just happened.


[STAMMERS] It's kind of just too embarrassing
for me to even, like, talk about.

- I mean...
- Okay.

I mean, I just... I was trying
to open up Instagram,

and then I ended up pulling
up my dirty photos folder,

- and it was just...
- Really?

- Yeah.
- What was it of?

Just... just, you know, like...

- Me.
- Doing what?

I don't know. Just, you know, like, hanging out.

- Can I see it?
- No, no.

- It's only for my boyfriend to see.
- Who's your boyfriend?

Uh, he's... uh... you know,
like, right now he's off...

Well, I mean, I don't really have one
right now, but, you know, like,

I'm saving some dirty photos to, like, send
him when I do have one. [SNIFFS]

- Really?
- Yeah.

You give blowjobs?



To answer your question, I do, and
I'm, like, really good at them.



Hi, I'm Dr. Kat, and I'm here to give you some
tips for performing oral sex on him.

First off, you...



Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

You didn't.

Whatcha up to?



School was good?



Hey, you know who I ran into today?

Do you remember that guy who...

- Is that a banana?
- What?


You're having a banana?

Oh, this, I was just grabbing a banana.

I thought you hated bananas.


I swear, like, a month ago

I asked you if you wanted a banana, and
you got all angry at me, and you said

you hate bananas, and I always
forget that you hate bananas.

I actually think I wrote a note down about
it on my app thing, so I wouldn't

- forget...
- Uh...

I... I don't hate them anymore.

Hmm. That's great.

Yeah. I'll just eat it right now.

Who cares?


Are you sure you like them?


- Honey, you don't... you don't look...

Fine! I don't like bananas. Okay?





How ya doin'?

- Good.
- Good.

So, oh, you got the, uh,

high school thing tomorrow,
right? The shadow thing?

- Yeah.
- That's cool. That should be fun.



Yeah. Yeah...

All right, I can't wait to hear about it.


All right. Well, I'm going to bed.

I love you.

Don't stay up too late.



Just so you know, you don't, well...

I'm not mad, but...

Just so you know, you don't need
to, like, worry about me anymore

because I'm actually doing
really great right now,

and my life is really amazing.


- That's awesome.
- Yeah.

- Okay. Uh... good night.
- Okay. Good night.

- I love you.
- Love you too.


Dear God,

tomorrow is...


Tomorrow is a really, really
important day for me,

and I really need it...

I really need you to make it a good day.

I mean...

I understand that every day can't
be, like, a great day, um...

But I really need tomorrow to be a good one.

I mean, even if you give me a ton of, like, really
bad days in the future or something, um,

just as long as tomorrow
can be a really good day.

All right, uh... that's all.

Thank you.

Love, Kayla.

MR. MCDANIEL: Okay. Settle down! Settle down!

You are here for the High
School Shadow Program.

We're gonna walk in there as a group,

and you're gonna be individually paired
with a high school student.

Now, you are to stay with that student

for the entire school day. You are
not, repeat, not to leave their side.

So please be respectful and take it all in.

This is your chance to get a glimpse of
what life will be like for you next year.

So, pay attention... and have fun.



- Hi!
- Hey, hey. I'm Olivia.

- Hi, I'm Kayla.
- I'm gonna hug you.

- Okay.
- Okay, cool.

Yeah, this is gonna be so fun.

- Yeah!
- Oh, yeah!

You nervous? Like, you don't
have to be nervous.

- Sorry.
- No, no, no. Don't be sorry.

I'm... I'm nervous. Like,
I want you to have fun.

Um, yeah. Okay, cool. This is gonna be great.

High school is boring and, like,
horrible, but, like, also amazing.

- And it's gonna be great.
- Okay.

People are awesome. You're gonna
be... okay, this is gonna be so fun.

Okay. You're so cute. Okay,
let's go, let's do this, okay?

- Um...
- BOY: Yo, Liv. Martin got it.

- [CHUCKLES] Shut up.
- I'm serious.

- Oh, my God. Um...
- What was that?

That's just a stupid inside joke. Um... Babs.

Babs, uh, did you... did you do
that thing for Kiley's class?

- BABS: Fuck no.
- Thank God.

- Um...

Um, anyway...

- Yeah. So do you have any questions for me?
- No. No, I mean...

- Well, does...
- You don't have

- to have a question.
- Okay. [CHUCKLES]

Oh, my God, you're so cute.
I feel like we're best friends.

Is it weird if we're already best friends?

- No. No. Yeah... yeah.



[ON VIDEO] Hey, guys. It's Kayla,
back with another video.

So today, I want to talk to
you guys about growing up.

Okay, so growing up can be a
little bit scary and weird,

but it's also a really good thing because
you get to change things

that you might not like about yourself, and
that's good because change is a good thing.

Okay, so I'm an eighth-grader, which means
next year I will be in high school.

Now, high school is a lot
different than middle school

because middle school is
like, really, uh... well...

High... middle school is, like, in the middle.

And in middle school, everyone is
a lot younger than high schoolers

and, when you're young, you haven't changed
as much as when you're older.

So, yeah, high schoolers have changed
more than middle schoolers,

and since change is a good thing, that
means that high schoolers are really good.


Okay, uh, next thing about growing up...

Yeah, okay. Uh... so the thing about
growing up is that it's going to happen,

so don't fight it.

Some parts of growing up will be
really hard and not good, but...

I promise that growing up will
eventually get really good.

I mean, I used to be afraid of growing up,

and then I realized it's going
to make everything better,

and now I can't wait to grow up.


Uh, yeah. Cool.

Uh, okay. Uh...

Thank you, guys, for watching this video,

and make sure to share and
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Uh, yeah. Thank you, guys, for watching.



Hey, Olivia...

Hey, Olivia.


Thanks for today.

Hey. Uh...


Yeah, I mean totally.

OLIVIA: No, I mean, like, honestly, like...

Screw those girls, they're just,
like, trying so hard to be cool.

Pretty much. [CHUCKLES]

No. I mean it, Kayla. Don't
stress about that stuff.

- Okay. I'll... I'll try not to.
- No. Eighth grade is the worst.

I was, like, a complete mess
when I was your age.

- Really?
- Yes. Oh, my God, yes.

Wow, I mean...

Wow, um...

Oh, also, thanks for letting
me, like, call you and stuff

because I wasn't sure if
I, you know, like, should

or if that would be, like,
you know, weird or not.

Oh, my God, no, no, no, no.

Not weird at all. I gave you my number,
Kayla. This is... this is what it's for.

Thanks. I mean, it's just really nice and
kind of, like, just awesome to be able...

To be able to, like, you know,
talk to someone who's just so,

like, cool and they're, like,
older and stuff. [CHUCKLES]

Oh, my God, well, you know, I don't
know how cool I am. [CHUCKLES]

Uh, I mean, I actually think
you're pretty cool. I mean...


I... I don't really have, like, a lot of
friends at school or whatever

because, like, people are,
like, stupid like you said.

Um... but, I don't know, you've just
been so nice to me and you're just...

I think... I think that makes you pretty cool.

I mean, I made all my close
friends in high school.

All that's stuff is gonna happen for
you. Don't even worry about it.

Thanks. [CHUCKLES]

You know, hey, um... I don't know if you're
around or allowed or whatever,

but me and some friends are heading
to the mall to just, like, hang

if you feel like you wanna come.

- Kayla?

Oh, my God. [LAUGHING]

Oh, my God. Okay...


Oh, crap.

Uh, hey, sorry about that. Uh, I have, like,
really, really bad reception at my house. Um...

- But if it's still cool if I hang out?
- Oh, my gosh, yes. Please come.

Oh, okay. Okay, cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.
Awesome. Great. Okay. Uh, yeah, uh, just, okay.

- Text me later.
- Yeah! Okay, see ya!

- Okay. See you. Bye.
- Okay, bye.

Cool. Yeah.


Oh, fuck. [SIGHS]


- KAYLA: Dad?
- Yeah? What's up?


Is something wrong?

Can I go out with friends tonight?


Can you not look like that, please?

MARK: What? [SCOFFS] Like what?

- Just, like, the way you're looking.
- Looking at the road?

You can look at the road, Dad.
I obviously didn't mean that.

Just, like, don't be weird
and quiet while you do it.

- Sorry.


- Hey, how was the shadow thing...
- No, you were being quiet, which is fine.

Just, like, don't be weird and quiet because,
like, I look over at you, and I think

you're about to drive us
into a tree or something,

and then I get really freaked out,
and then I can't text my friends.

So just, like, be quiet and drive.
And don't look weird and sad.




That's worse.

- TREVOR: ...that was two years ago.
- OLIVIA: He's still dead.

- Think of it.
- That's... I'm acknowledging that.

I'm just saying, what, we have
a triathlon for a kid that died

two years ago?

- Okay...
- TREVOR: No one was running for him then.

- He was fat then.
- BOTH: Oh, my God...

TREVOR: I don't get why, like, everyone
has to act like they're his best friend.

- OLIVIA: No, it's like...
- ANIYAH: Oh, my God...

OLIVIA: He died. His whole
future was stripped from him.

ANIYAH: Did you just put a candle down...

TREVOR: That doesn't mean he
was a special person, know.

- OLIVIA: Oh, my God, you are the most...
- You are such an insensitive asshole.

ANIYAH: He's dead!

- TREVOR: You guys are just following...
- We're following... we're following?


- Hey.
- Oh, my God, Kayla!

Wait, hi. Guys, guys, guys... okay,
so this is Kayla. Sorry. [LAUGHS]

She's, like, super chill and amazing
and also she's my shadow.

And, um, yeah, this is Aniyah,

and you guys met today. Riley and Trevor.

- Trevor.
- The whole... the whole gang.

- Are you hungry?
- Uh, I'm fine.

Okay, well, we're gonna...
We're gonna eat, I think.

Oh, well, I'll grab food, then.

Okay. Okay, cool. Cool. [SNAPS FINGERS]


- My phone...

All that he did was he put
his arm on your shoulder.

That's perv... are you defending this perv?

Why are you defending him?

TREVOR: Why would he... why
would he wanna look at...

- Why would...
- ANIYAH: Why wouldn't he?


ANIYAH: Oh, my God. Wait, wait,
wait... did I tell you guys?

- What?
- Do you know Brian?

- Yeah, of course.
- Your friend, Brian. Right.

TREVOR: We all know Brian.

So, he DM'ed me the other day, right?

So, I thought it was a regular
DM until I opened it.

It's literally just a picture, a cropped
picture that I posted the other day,

- of just my feet.
- Of your feet?

- His feet?
- ANIYAH: No. My feet. He sent

- me a picture of my feet.
- That is so weird.

Right? Isn't that so creepy?

TREVOR: No, he was... he was
just trying to flirt with you.

- He was being nice.
- That's not being nice. That's being pervy.

- What you... - He's a perv.
- You know what a perv is.


What's funny about that, Riley?

- I don't know. Just the way he said it was...
- How did he say it?


What? Why am I being yelled at?

This is yelling to you? No,
this is an adult tone.

This is the volume that adults use.

Not that quiet, little mouse shit that
you do. I don't understand why

you can't just speak up for yourself.

- TREVOR: Riley's a thinker.
- ANIYAH: Oh, he's a thinker?

- That's what it is?

- Why's looking speaking...
- You know, I used to be, like, really quiet too.

- [WHISPERS] No, I'm not quiet.

No. You're quiet.


ANIYAH: Let him talk for himself.

- I'm not screaming at anybody!
- Oh, that's not screaming, what? [LAUGHS]

- I was...
- I will record you and, like...

- play it back.
- Show you that you're yelling.

- Are you bored, Kayla?
- Huh?

- TREVOR: You look bored.

- I'm not bored.
- Trev. Stop.

- TREVOR: What? No.
- You don't have...

- to answer.
- I'm not judging her.

It's fine. We're boring her.

- She's a different generation than us.
- She's not a different generation.

- Yes, she is.
- She's four years younger than us, I mean.

Okay, but people who were, like, four years
older than us felt, like, fucking 50 years old.

- That's, like, blatantly not true.
- TREVOR: Your sister.

- My sister just sucks.
- Okay, but, like, on top of that,

she didn't have Twitter in middle school,
and we did. That made us different.

Kayla, you're not different than us.

Yeah... when did you get Snapchat? What grade?

- Fifth grade.
- Fifth grade? What? No, see!

ANIYAH: Wait, so were kids, like,

sending each other, like,
nudes in, like, fifth grade?

- No, okay, that is a weird question. No, no...
- No, I just say...

- What? I'm just asking a question.
- TREVOR: No, that is what Snapchat is for!

She's seeing dicks in fifth grade,
she's, like, wired differently.

She's not wired different.

I'm not saying it's, like, a bad thing.

- I'm just making...
- Dude, stop. Stop. Let's stop this.

- Let's stop this, now.
- Jesus Christ. Fine!

- We're moving on.
- I'm just making a fun point.

- Okay, fun point made. Let's go. Okay.
- Dude, don't bring me into this shit.

I actually like the filters on Snapchat and stuff.

- Those are cool.
- OLIVIA: Yeah. Me too.

Okay, guys, don't all look at the same time,

but some creepy ass dude has
been staring at us for so long...

- Oh?
- ANIYAH: Don't. Don't...

I see him, in the...

- Oh... I left something in a store. I'll be back.
- OLIVIA: Do you want me to...

- Really nice.
- What?

- I didn't do anything.
- Okay. Stop.

- MARK: Hey, honey.
- Get away from me!


MARK: I'm really sorry.

I didn't mean to spy on you.

[CHUCKLES] I just suck, I...

I'm just...

You see, sometimes, dads are just really
weird and, uh, I'm just being weird.

Uh, all right. I'm... you know, I'm just gonna...

You know, I'm just gonna get out of
here. I'm just gonna go, and you just

have fun with your friends and just text
me when you want me to pick you up.

Okay, I'll get a ride home.


Yeah. All right, so, yeah.
Just have fun, and, um...

Here, why don't you, um, take
this and get yourself, like, a...

A pretzel or something.

just going to leave it here.

And, uh, yeah. Just have fun, and...

[CLEARS THROAT] All right. I'm sorry.


OLIVIA: Aniyah and Trev need to chill.

RILEY: I know. It's like I can't
say anything around them.

They can just be a lot sometimes.

- You have fun tonight, Kayla?
- Yeah. Totally.


She's just, like, so fun and
easy to be around, isn't she?

RILEY: Totally.

You know, I was...

I was just, like, sitting there or whatever,
like, watching you guys eat,

and all I was thinking was, like,

- you guys are just so cool.
- I think you're cool!


OLIVIA: You wanna drop her off first?

I mean, you're right here.

- Yeah, but it's late. We should get her home.
- No, it's fine.

- Yeah? You sure?
- KAYLA: Yeah.

All good. [CHUCKLES]

Okay, cool.

This was the best.

Let's do it again soon. Um...

You're awesome. You rule. You're great.

Bye. Uh, good night.

- Good night, Riley.
- RILEY: Bye.


RILEY: Yeah, Olivia's cool, yeah?

Yeah, totally. She's, like, the best.

Yeah, we're, like, best friends.

- [CHUCKLES] Really?
- Yeah.

That's awesome. [CHUCKLES]

Kind of awkward talking when
you're in the back seat.

Yeah... [CHUCKLES]

Here, uh, hold on.

- Uh... should I get in the front?
- No. No, no, no, it's all good.




- So... you excited about next year?
- Yeah, totally.

Yeah. Totally. I mean, you should be.
You're like the coolest freshman

I've ever met, and you're
not even a freshman yet.


- Thanks.
- It's crazy.

Yeah. I mean, you should watch
out for guys, definitely.


They're gonna try to pick you up, you know?

- Yeah.
- [CHUCKLES] Really?

Yeah. I mean, definitely.

- Yeah, right.
- No. I'm serious.



Truth or Dare?

Uh... what?

Oh, Truth or Dare?

- You ever play Truth or Dare?
- Oh.

- Yeah. Sorry.
- Yeah? Yeah?

- Uh...
- Truth or Dare?

Uh... Truth.

Okay, uh...

[CHUCKLES] How far have you gone?

- How far have I gone?
- Yeah. Yeah, like, uh...

- First base, or...
- Oh, okay, yeah.

Yeah. Okay. Uh...


I don't know. Do you mean, like, you know,
all time or, uh, like, more recent, or...

Let's go all time.

Well, okay then... [CHUCKLES]

Uh... I don't know. I'd say, like...

You know, third base.

- Whoa!
- Yeah.

Sorry, just kidding. I meant second, you know.

I get second and third, like,
mixed up a lot, you know.

- You're funny.

I mean, it's okay if you haven't done anything.


You wanna ask me?

Uh... okay. Yeah.

- Uh... how far have you...
- Oh, no. No. Truth or Dare.

- [CHUCKLES] Right.
- It starts there, and then...

- Duh.
- Yeah.

Uh... okay, well, uh... Truth or Dare.

I'll take Dare.

- Okay...
- Yeah.


Uh... put this quarter in your mouth.

- Ew!

Yeah. Sorry, that was gross. Uh... no, it's...

Okay, well, like, you know... uh...

What do you... what do you
want to do? You know.

You... you can pick.


I don't know. Shit, um...

So much.


[CHUCKLES] I could take my shirt off?

I mean, that's stupid though.

Is that stupid?

- Uh... no.
- No?

- That... that's fine.
- Fuck. I feel like a fucking idiot.


Is it fine if I take my shirt off? Yeah?
Okay. I don't know. All right.

Gonna do it. [GRUNTS]


Truth or Dare?


Uh... uh... Truth.

You're no fun.


Uh... sorry.

Uh, okay, well...


Take your shirt off.

- Uh, I'm not, like, super comfortable with that.
- Well, do you think I'm comfortable right now?


- I don't know...
- Calm down, relax.

Take a deep breath. Come on.

- Take your shirt off.
- No! Sorry.


- I'm really sorry.
- RILEY: It's fine.

- I'm sorry.
- Stop saying you're sorry.

I said it was fine, dude. Okay?
So, stop saying that, okay?

You know, and now you're gonna have your
first hookup with some asshole at a party,

and you're not gonna be good at it, and
he's gonna tell all his friends about it,

and you're gonna get made
fun of and feel like shit.

- Do you want that?
- No.

This was about you. Okay? I'm... I'm trying...
I was trying to help you, okay?

I know.

I really appreciate it. I just...


I'm sorry. I mean... it was just...

It was a lot at once, you know.
I... I don't know, I just... I...

I didn't want to do that right now.

Please don't tell Olivia about this.



MARK: Hey. How'd it...




[ON VIDEO] Hey, guys. It's Kayla,
back with another video.



I'm making this video to just

kind of say that I'm not gonna
be making videos anymore.

Or, you know, I'm taking a
break or something. Um...

And I don't...

I don't know if anyone is, like,
really watching or cares, um...

But if you are,

sorry if this is, like, a bummer to you.

Um... but...

It's the right thing to do, um...

I started making videos, you know, to, like,

give tips and stuff. And, you know,
help you guys out, but...

I don't know.

If I'm being really honest,
I'm probably not, like,

the best person to give advice because
I like, you know, I like giving advice

and, like, and talking about doing stuff,
but I can't really actually do that stuff.


And... yeah.

[SIGHS] And...

I don't know.

It's just, like...

Um... I'm really, like, nervous all the time, and...


Like, I could be doing nothing, and I'm just

nervous. It's like, um...

It's like I could... [STAMMERS] I'm waiting
in line for, like, a roller coaster, and

that stupid, like,

feeling you get, like...

I get that all the time, and then I never get the
feeling of after you ride the roller coaster,

and I...

I try really hard not to feel that way, um...


I don't know. I just

can't... um...


So, I think if you guys are going through,
like, tough times and stuff, um,

you deserve someone who can
go through tough times and

make themselves feel better with their advice,
and actually do the stuff they talk about.

You know, just...

If they can make themselves feel better,
then maybe they can help you feel better.


So, yeah, I think those are the reasons
why I'm gonna stop making videos, um...

And, yeah.


I hope you guys all have,
like, you know, good lives,

and maybe I'll see you guys around.




Hey, Kayla! It's you. Kayla.

I'm just making this video to congratulate
you on finishing eighth grade.


I am so, so, so, so proud of you!

Okay, so I'm making this video on a Friday.

Um, and, yeah, Fridays are really fun.

And I'm about to have my
first middle school weekend.

Um... and I bet it's not really
exciting to you, or whatever,

because you've already had a bunch
of middle school weekends,

but it's really exciting to me.

Yeah, I have, like, so many
questions for you also.

Like, do you have a boyfriend?

And is he nice?

Uh, what's the coolest thing you've done,
or the second coolest thing you've done?

Uh, yeah, so you don't have to answer
because I can't hear you anyways.

But, yeah, thanks for listening. Bye.


Can you help me burn something in the backyard?


You sure you want to do this?


I'm not exactly sure what "this" is...

Or means...

I just hope that whatever we're
doing here is a positive thing?


All right then.

What was in there?

Nothing, really. Um...

Just sort of my hopes and dreams.


And you're burning them?


- Do I make you sad?
- What?


No, not at all.

Not at all. Why? Do I seem sad?


What... why would you think you make me sad?


I... I don't know, it's just... just...

Sometimes, you know,

I think that when I'm older, you know,

maybe I'll have a daughter of
my own or something, and...


I feel like, you know, if she was like me...


Then being her mom would
make me sad all the time.


Because, like, you know, I'd love
her because she's my daughter,

you know, but...

I don't know, I just

think if she turned out like me that

being her mom would make me really sad.

You're wrong.

Kayla... Kayla, hey, look at me.

Look at me. You're wrong.

If... if you grow up to have a daughter like
you, she will make you so, so happy, I...

Being your dad makes me so happy, Kayla.

You don't know. You don't know
how... how happy you make me.

It's beyond... it's...

[STAMMERS] I... I can't describe it. It's, um...

It's so easy to love you.

It's so easy to... to be proud of you.

I'm not just saying this.

Hey, I swear to God, I'm not just saying this.

I mean, sure, sometimes, if I
see you're upset or having a...

A rough day, then I feel sad.


That kind of being sad, that sort of

day-to-day sad, or worrying
that I do, that's not...

Kayla, always,

beneath all that, I am always
just so unbelievably happy

that I get to be your dad.

When Mom left, I was really scared.

I was really, really scared. I...

I was scared you weren't gonna be okay.


And then you started to get older.

And you got...

I don't know. You took your first steps,

and you said your firsts words,
and you made your first friend.

All the things I thought I was
going to have to teach you.

How to be nice, how to share, how to

care about other people's feelings.

You just started doing that on your own.

You know, your teachers
would always say to me,

"You've got such a lovely daughter. You...
you've done such a great job with her."

But I didn't do anything.

I really didn't.

I really didn't. I just

watched you.

And the more I watched you,
the... the less scared I got.

Does that make sense?

I stopped being scared

about whether you were going to be okay

a long time ago. [SIGHS]

Do you know why?

Because of you.

You make me brave.

And if you could just see yourself how I see
you, which is how you are... [CHUCKLES]

How you really are, how you always have been,

I swear to God, you wouldn't be scared either.


MR. MCDANIEL: Friends, family, and loved ones.

Today is a celebration.

A chance for us to applaud the achievements
of these amazing kids,

Miles Grove Middle School's Class of 2017.


Soon, these kids will embark on
the next chapter of their lives.

- Everybody, please... [SHUSHES]


Guys, guys, guys, come on, please. Just...

[SHUSHES] Just a few minutes.

Okay, please.

[SHUSHES] Please, thank you.

Hey. I... I... I wrote you that letter

thanking you for inviting
me to your birthday party,

and you didn't write back or anything!

I didn't even get a DM on, like,
Instagram or whatever.

And you know what? You're...
you're always mean to me,

and I'm always nice to you,
and being mean isn't nice.

And when somebody does
something nice to you,

you're supposed to be nice back, and
you're always mean to me, and I know...

I'm a good person because I'm always
nice to you, and you're just...

And, also, that card game I got you is, like,
a really fun version of Go Fish or whatever,

and you'd actually know if you played it
instead of trying to be cool all the time.


It's, like, dumb, or whatever, but you know...

It's dumb in a way that's fun to
play when it's raining outside,

and you'd know that if you stopped
trying to be cool all the time! And...


GABE: Welcome.


Thank you.

- Would you like to, uh, take a seat?
- Oh. Uh, sure.

GABE: Cool.

You, uh, you like chicken nuggets, right?

- Yeah.
- Okay. Cool.

I got a 20-piece, and I also got
two of every kind of sauce.

But, you know, if you have a
favorite sauce, and you want

more than one packet of it, you can have
mine. I like all the sauces equally.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

Oh, and the nuggets have been
sitting out for a little bit

because, you know, I didn't
know when you'd be here,

so just, uh, tell me if they're too cold, and I
can heat them up in the microwave, okay?

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Oh. Whoops. Sorry, must have
left this out by accident. Sorry.

I'm so stupid.

Uh, no problem.

You want to see it? No, wait. No, it's stupid.


Okay. Yeah.


What is it?

Oh, well, I go to archery camp
every summer. And last summer,

I got five bull's-eyes in a day so you know, they
gave me the Sharpshooter of the Week Award.

- That's actually really cool.
- Yeah, not really. It's... it's stupid.


I think it's really cool, but...

- Yeah.
- Well, I think it's stupid.

- Yeah.

Okay. Yeah.

To our, uh, first friend hangout, I guess.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah.


Do you believe in God?



Okay. Cool.

[CLEARS THROAT] Um... you like the silverware?

- Yeah. It's really cool.
- Yeah. It's, uh, a lightsaber.




I've, uh... I've seen some of your videos.

- Oh, those are really dumb.
- No, no, no, no, no.

They're actually really cool.

- I... I love those videos. Um...

You're really... you're really smart about
stuff. Like, you know a lot of things.


I was thinking you should, maybe you can...

Maybe have, like, your own
talk show or something.


Am I being weird at all to you?

- Like, uh...
- No, no, no.

- Okay. Good. I'm nervous... I'm just nervous.
- You're fine.

No, no, no. It's fine. Um...

- I am, too. Yeah.
- Yeah.


Am I being, like, quiet?

- Or too, like...
- No way.

Okay, am I, like, talking enough?

You've been pretty talkative,
but not in an annoying way.

- Just, uh... just responding to me, you know.
- Thanks. Yeah.

This is a... this is a good conversation,
don't you think?

- Yeah. We're doing some good talking.
- Yeah. It's a nice chat.


You know what would go great with this?

- KAYLA: Hmm?
- Some Szechuan sauce!

- You like Rick and Morty, too?
- Yes. Yes. Yes.

- Nice.

Yes, Morty. The Szechuan sauce!
We gotta... we gotta get it, Morty.

- Come on, Morty, come on!
- [IMITATES MORTY] Oh, jeez,

- Rick.
- Shut up. Morty.

- Yes!
- Rick, I don't know!

- That's so cool.
- Yes... yes Morty.

Keep... keep doing the voice,
Morty. Yes, of course.


- That show's amazing.
- Yeah.


You are awesome.

[CHUCKLES] Thanks.

No problem.

- MARK: Hey.
- Hey.

You have fun?

Yeah. Yeah, it was a lot of fun.



KAYLA: Hey, Kayla. Um...
it's you, from eighth grade.

Congrats on finishing high
school. I'm so proud of you.

And it's crazy to think that,
like, you're almost 18.

Um... and I bet you probably
look a lot different than me,

which is cool.

Or, if you don't, and you look, you know,
mostly the same, that's cool too.

How did you do on the SATs?
I mean, hopefully good.

But if not, you know, school sucks.

Especially math. Um...

Uh, what else?

Um, do you have a boyfriend?

It's cool if you don't,

but if you do,

he should be treating you
well because you deserve it.

Is Dad still a dork?

Because, if he's not, he's probably
just someone pretending to be Dad.


- Smell it. Smell it.
- Dad, stop. Dad... Dad...

And I really hope that

you're not too sad about, like, leaving
all your friends for college,

but you can still stay in contact with them.

And if you don't, that's fine.

Because you'll make new friends at
college anyway, so it's, like, whatever.

And I know, like, you probably
don't want any advice

from some dumb eighth-grader or whatever,

but if high school sucked for you,

I'm really sorry about that. And
that, you know, that sucks.

But I mean, it's whatever.

Middle school wasn't so great
for me, but I'm past it now.

And I'm moving forward,

and you can do that too with
high school if it didn't go great.

Just because things are
happening to you right now

doesn't mean that they're
always gonna happen to you.

And things will change. And...

You know, you never know what's
gonna, like, happen next,

and that's what makes things
exciting and scary.

And fun.

Yeah, okay. So, stay cool,
and I can't wait to be you.

Love, Kayla.


Subtitles by explosiveskull
Edited, ReSynced, Colored by Klaff2004