Eighteen Arhats of Shaolin Temple (2020) - full transcript

Eighteen Arhats of Shaolin Temple is a wonderful film that has been around the world. The feature film was released in year 2020 with very good results in a few weeks.

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[Ming dynasty, thirty three years of the Jiajing Era.]

Senior. Their martial art challenge who do you think will win?

I think is Senior Wu Zheng.

Because he is full of strength.

The purpose of martial art is to discipline oneself, not to punish others.

Wu Zheng does possess great power.

But Wu Yuan has learned to conquer strength with gentleness these past few years.

Let's make a bet!

If you lose, you ought to buy me a roasted chicken.

All you can think about is food all day.

Look at your belly!

You don't look like a monk who practices martial art.

Senior you don't know, It's all strength underneath!


Hey, where is it?

Hai yah!

Is this your strength?

Let you eat roasted chicken! Do you still want roasted chicken?

Do you want more?

Watch out!

You must honor your bet!


Senior Wu Zheng is amazing.


Shaolin Buddhist Temple has long been the monastery to protect the country.

Now Japanese pirates are rampantly plundering the commoners,

Shaolin martial art precisely should be traditional way to defend against Japanese pirates.

The emperor has decreed for Shaolin monks to leave for Feiyu Fortress in Eastern Zhejiang,

and teach the frontline soldiers the Shaolin Staff to prevent the Japanese pirates from advancing, and protecting our land.

Any disciple volunteers to head there,

please step forwards.

I, Wu Zheng, am willing to go.

I, Wu Neng, am willing to go.

I, Wu Hai, am willing to go.

I, Wu Jue, am willing to go.

I, Wu Zhou, am willing to go.

I, Wu Yuan, am willing to go.

The court has awarded us 18 horses, and 18 Jiashas.
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The court asked for those exemplary of the best martial art and virtue.

The first 18 of you to pass the test

will be representing Shaolin Monks in combating the Japanese pirates.

Amitabha Buddha.



Wu Jue, how long has it been since you joined the monastery?

More than 20 years.

You excel at both Buddhism and martial art.

It's an arduous journey ahead. Please take care of your fellow apprentices.

I understood.

The mundane world outside is in stark contrast with the monastery.

Never lose yourself.

Maintain monastic discipline, and show mercy for all living things and their suffering.

Headmaster, rest assured. After, we head down the mountain to teach martial art. We'll be returning quickly.

Rein back on greed.

The Japanese pirates killed my fellow citizen.

I must drive them out.

I wish to come back to the headmaster as quickly as we can to continue studying Buddhism.

In this world, every deed has its consequences.

When the moment of enlightenment comes, whether you harbor hatred or compassion,

it's going to determine the destination of your pilgrimage.


Wu Yuan, you are born a compassionate man with a big heart.

What you're gonna see outside are all just illusions.

Your choices will be reflections of your heart.

Without your guidance, how am I going to make the choices?

It all stems from your heart.

I understand.

In the 31st year of Jiajing Emperor of the Ming Dynasty,

the pirates landed at Hangzhou Harbor of China and advanced north bound,

sweeping across Zhejiang, Anhui, and Jiangsu provinces, with little resistance.

Along the way, they committed heinous atrocities and brought great suffering to the people.

The court declared a war on the invaders.

Shaolin monks heeded the call and sent out combat monks to the font line.

You are a beast!

Kill them all.



One should fight back when squeezed by snakes.

The buddha preaches good as well as retribution.



What is this?

Seems like a monk's certificate issued by the Ming court.

Major General Konishi,

General Konishi is set to capture Feiyu Fortress in 3 days.

He asks to join forces with you.

It's the business between me and my brother. Keep your nose out of it.


- Wu Jue, I am going to fetch water.
- Okay.

Everyone, unload the luggage. Let's have a break.

- Okay.
- Here the map you asked for.


How far are we from it?

It's right past this woodland. Feiyu Fortress is right ahead.

Can I buy roast chicken Feiyu Fortress?

Yes or no?

Senior! Senior!


- What's the problem, Wu Yuan?
- Look over there!



Let's go!

Take the staff!

Rescue the people!

Wu Yuan, Wu Yuan!

Rescue the civilians.

Bald men again.


No killing, Wu Zheng.


Wu Zheng!


Tie Zhu!

Here you go.

- Yours.
- Thank you.


Excuse me.

- Yes?
- I am starving.

Here you go.

Keep these for the road.

Thank you.

Master, have you guys seen a boy?

About this height with a braid.


Thanks for rescuing us.

Where are you from, Miss?

We are from the He Village.

The pirates raided yesterday.

I got separated from my younger brother.

Where are you going then?

There's no place for us.

The pirates are everywhere.

Our soldiers have either been killed or fled.

The autumn harvest is around the corner.

I see. Let us escort you back.

- Thank you!
- Please rise, Sir.

Rest assured, Sir.

Wu Jin, bring the horse over.

Thank you for saving my life.

My son!

How did this happen!





These are the pirates.

You let them go and they will come back to kill you.






What am I gonna do without you!


Where are you heading to?

What about you?

The court has decreed that we should make to Feiyu Fortress.

The fortress is guarded by the Ming garrison.

Many refugees are said to have fled to the villages at the back of it.

Can we come with you to the west?

Make way!

Stay alert, everyone.

Search in pairs.

Wu Jue, why did they seal the armory?

If they are dead set on fleeing, what's the use of weapons?

Let's go, Wu Yuan.

Master, is this Feiyu Fortress?

Why is there nobody here?

It seems that the garrison have learnt that Konishi is coming

and took flight.

General, who is this Konishi?

He is the most savage honcho of the pirates around the coastal area.

He is full of ambition, nicknamed Cao Cao.

It was him that defeated us.

The samurai you killed today could very likely be his twin brother.

What do we do then?

We don't have a choice.

We must press on.

What if Konishi catches up with us?


why don't you escort them and leave first?

Senior, our mandate is to teach the army kungfu.

Now our students are all gone.

Shall we teachers just...

General. The people here are either women, children, or the elderly.

They won't be able to escape the pirates.

If we don't stay and guard this place, they may not be able to leave safely.


We shall stay and wait for that Konishi.

We can't allow them to get past the fortress.

Bro, they are going to guard the fortress!

You are merely a few monks. Think you can guard the fortress?

Look at your small build, and your battered staffs.

How can you fight against their hand cannons?

We barely have enough food to feed you.

Don't bite off more than you can chew.

What did you just say? You wanna fight a duel?

What do you think you are doing?

Knock it off.

General, the 18 of us have the same conviction.

Hope you could understand.

Good. Good luck to you then.

Move! What are you waiting for?

We want to stay with the monks.

Stay then.

Let's go!

All right.

It will be tough to advance at night. Let's take a rest.

Wu Zhou, set up the fire.

Stay still.


How lucky.

Polluted senses.

Go fetch water!




We don't have anything nice but this is a little token from us to express our gratitude.

Hope you won't mind how small it is.

Please take it. Please take it.

Sir, I can't take it.

We've been counting on your protection all along.

- Just take it.
- Thank you.

But I really can't take it.


Take it.

So be it.

Miyamoto, capture Feiyu Fortress.

Yes, Sir.

Shiranui, follow me to slaughter the rest of the temples.

Let's go.

Go on.

Boss, it looks like we can stay away from the monks, but not the temples.

Do you not want to eat?

Go ask for alms.

Begging for food in the temple?

- Cut the crap.
- All right.

Excuse me! We are here to ask for alms.


Let's go.


Wu Liang! Go get more rice!

Our food won't last long.

Here you go.

- Quick!
- Wu Zhou, evacuate the civilians.


Here you are.

Ronin Squad, charge!

Kill them!

Listen up, everyone, just drive them back.

We can't have mercy for our enemies!

Wu Zheng!


Staff formation!

Pull back!


Ouch! Could you be a little more light-handed?


I did not come back to guard the fortress.

I just don't want to watch you die in vain.

General, the court must have not known that this place is left unguarded.

As a general, you have the authority to call for reinforcement to reform the defense here at the fortress.

Stop thinking about reinforcements.

General, I don't understand. Feiyu Fortress is a key stronghold.

We can't afford to lose it to the pirates.

Are you finished?

I am sleeping.

If all of the Ming soldiers are like you, who is gonna protect the civilians?

- General, no matter what, we must...
- Enough!

What makes you think you can come down on me like that!

I, Cao Xiaotian, survived countless battles.

You want reinforcements? Sure, come!

Here are your reinforcements!

At Shidunshan battle,

a handful hundreds of pirates took out our entire force.

What reinforcements?

I've been gathering up the badges of deceased soldiers, putting their names into the journal.

So maybe one day, if I can get back alive,

I could let their families know.


I appreciate your honesty with me.

I shall stop bothering you.

You got lucky this time round with Miyamoto.

You won't have the luck next time.

Your sutras aren't going to dispel the pirates.

You are too benevolent.

You can't win.

To stand by watching lives in danger is killing.

To save a life in exchange of another is also killing.

We don't have a choice.

Monk, this is not your responsibility.

Just leave.

We are warrior monks from Shaolin. We are monks, and also soldiers.

Senior, come over quickly!

Be right there.

What's the problem?

Wu Jue, this man claims to be from He Village.

He came here after escaping from the pirates.

There are pirates nearby?

Not far to the southeast.

Wu Jue, please take us with you.

With your protection, we would feel secure.

Wu Ming, Wu Qing, and Wu Yuan, stay extra vigilant tonight. Watch for any raids by the pirates.

- Okay.
- Don't worry, Sir.

As long as we are here, we will ensure your safety.

Thank you.

Uncle He? Uncle He!

Did you see Shitou?

The pirates seized dozens of villagers including my wife and Shitou.

They have all been captured.

Is Shitou all right?

He's fine.

Master! Please! Please rescue my Shitou!

Master. Please!

Please save them, will you?

Senior Wu Jue!

Senior Wu Zheng left with a couple of other people.

Uncle He.


You are ronins

doesn't mean that you can just slob around.

We've got some fun over there.

Go check it out.

What do you want to bet on this time?

Boy or girl?

Boy or girl?

There is response in it.

It said daddy!

For boy, there!

Girl over there!

Place your bet!

Boy or girl?

For all these days since we landed on Ming's land, you guys are still empty-handed.

What a dud!

Total dud!

To make up for you losers,

- kill her!
- Kill her!

Come on! Kill her!

Move it!



Don't be scared. I am here to get you out.


Shitou? Shitou?

- Shitou.
- Sir.

Move back.

Hurry up! Hurry! Move! Move!



Wu Jin!

Wu Jin!

- Hold him back!
- What are you doing?

Let me go! Go!

Let them go! Put out the fire!

- They are back.
- Mother!


Shitou! Shitou!


Are you all right?

Ever since you left Shaolin, you've been violent.

Now because of your rash moves, Wu Jin and Wu Xing were killed.

You are too deeply entrenched in the doctrine. I can't just stand by and watch them killed.

Had we not made it on time, you would have all died there.

I do not fear death, at least I've murdered a good amount of pirates.

What about Wu Jin and Wu Xing?

We set off with 18 of us. How many are left now?

Knock it off.

Hurry up! Boil more water!

Come on!

I will talk to them about it.

My wife!

That must be the village at the back of the fortress.

Since the pirates came, the refugees who lost their homes in eastern Zhejiang have all fled there.

Man and Wu Yuan should be setting off soon.

Knowing you don't stand a chance, you still throw yourselves into the battle.

How stubborn.

General, you should stay out of it now as well.

Since you're determined to die for this,

could you leave your name here?

I am just an ordinary warrior monk, nothing to be remembered.


should you visit Shaolin one day, bid my master farewell for me.

A samurai doesn't fear death please kill me!

I want you to make amends.

I want all the monks beheaded

and their heads hang on our flag pole.

I hope they can ascend to heaven with no more pain.

When they just came to Shaolin Temple, they were always running around us.

When we were the one who did something wrong, they got punished instead.

I did them wrong.

Wu Zheng, is it really so hard to resolve hatred?

When I was a boy, I had a 5-year-old sister and my mother was pregnant.

The pirates broke into my home, killed my father,

and abducted my mother and sister.

I went out after them and was beaten down.

When I came around...

I came to Shaolin Temple and have been working hard for the revenge today.

Our master rescued you, yet you never let it go.

Love and hate are both emotional obstacles to our sadhana.

For all the blood on my hand, I am ready to confess all of my sins for the rest of my life before the buddha,

to clear my karmic debts.

I am far behind you in my study of Buddhism.

I am flattered.

I know that I have been rather old-fashioned, but it kind of sunk in lately that killing is to protect,

and karma rather than the human being is to be wiped out.

Whether or not to cut off the karma depends on if you have a strong will.

We are setting off!

Let's pack up and go.


Let me take this.

Mind your step, mother.

Douzi, when you get back home, what would be the first thing you do?

When I get back... Bro, I am gonna go on a drinking spree.

Booze is all you care about, huh? Come over!

Tell you what, the first thing you should do is marry a woman and give birth to a fat baby.

What's that for?

Bro, I am just fine following you.

Douzi, extend your hand.

- Go!
- Brother!

Live on.

You're basically committing suicide by staying here with the monks!


Every one of you is a master of kungfu, one-on-one is not gonna be a problem.

But it's a battlefield... it's a whole different story.

Siddhartha Gautama carved out his own flesh to feed an eagle.

We ought to follow in his footsteps.

But they are not eagles.

They are a pack of ravenous wolves.

Killing you is going to feed their ambitions.

Knowing that you'd only die if you stay behind, why do you return, General?

I've been falling back this entire journey.

I'm getting further away from home.

I will stop retreating.

Senior! At the gate...


Senior! Senior...

As I said, they aren't human beings.

They are a bunch of demons.

Why did they do this to a corpse?

This is their way of declaring war.

The evils owed too much karmic debts.

Acts of kindness will never work on demons.

Then let's... redeem and discharge their souls.

It's a doomed battle, but we still need a strategy.

Let's check out if there are any resources that can be used.

This must be fixed on well.

What do we do here?

Erect a ladder over there.

They are here.

- How many of them are there?
- Around 130 of them.

Hold your horses.


The monks have taken flight. It's empty.

Probe again.

Fowling piece.

Fowling piece.




Full-out attack.


Let's go.

Wu Hai!

Hang in there!

Captain Cao!

Kill all of them.

For all the sins I've committed killing,

I am ready to confess all of my sins for my entire life before the buddha, to clear my karmic debts.

Let's make a bet.

You buy me a roast chicken if you lose.



Master! Master!

I am sorry, Master!






I, Wu Jue, am willing to go.

Listen up, everyone, just drive them back.

Since you're determined to die for this,

could you leave your name here?

I am just an ordinary combat
monk, not to be remembered.

Acts of kindness are never gonna work on demons.

I've been gathering the badges of deceased soldiers, and wrote their names into the journal.

So maybe one day, if I can get back alive,

I could let their families know.

Let's make a bet.

You buy me a roast chicken if you lose.

Look at your belly!

Polluted senses.

Go fetch water!

Love and hate are both emotional obstacles to our sadhana.

For all the sins I've committed killing,

I am ready to confess all of my sins for my entire life before the buddha, to clear my karmic debts.

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