Eiga: Tôken ranbu (2019) - full transcript

A sage travels to the past and collects a set of legendary swords, which he brings to life as a gang of talented but dysfunctional young men, to fight a battle against evil.

(Article language thing, that is, Story)

(A Honmaru sword men)

(Turn embark on another period of Story)

(Tengen decade June 2)

(Kyoto Honnouzi)



What happened? - Yes

Wise to keep the day mutiny



Instinct Temple wise Mitsuhide Oda Nobunaga's murder changed

Let Nobunaga escaped death, thereby changing history

That is…

The purpose of the march of time dating back

Crescent Moon, but also trouble you a task

Nobunaga's death must meet the correct history

it is good

As long as you do not mind my grandfather

About Force compiled ...

Though we want to ask

But they are almost all still expedition it

The location is also very sensitive

I do not want to let go of some knife

the host

We are not at the beginning of the array

Do not worry too much

Force lineup is as follows

The first army captain

Crescent SoKon

the following

Mountain witch SetsukuniHiroshi

壓切 Hasebe

藥研 Toshiro

Immobility Line light

Japan No.

When Tengen decade June 2

Kyoto Honnouzi

come on


# AD 2205

# Attempt to change history revisionist history

# Beginning of the past to attack

# Space-time government tried to stop history being changed

# God's command to guard the trial history

# Trial refers to God who has a special ability

# Goods can summon the soul of the people


# Will be given the time and skills in casting the sword

# Trial also by God's human form

# In order to guard against going to their history

# Revisionist history dating back to send the march of time

# This is the birth of men from the sword sword

# Spawned new chapter

(Movie sword Flurry ─ ─ inherited)

Hateful Mitsuhide

It is too

I actually do not see

Shi non-Shi, Ranmaru


Do not ignore the woman and tea Shi

As long as we Nobunaga heads

You are not Oda army

who are you?


Su march of time, which you roll

Otherwise the trifled Oh Brother

I also wants to be trifled

Casual friends, hurry to complete the task bar

Nobunaga Where? - quick to find!

Can not find

where is it?

Go back

Has not it? Inside the situation?

So that

Mitsuhide wise at this time to kill

One way is to change history

Oh, actually this in mind to avoid them

I want you to give up on light show to start

If he died in this, history will change

About time ...

My lord, then hold it, will be rushed reinforcements

I have to go inside

Do not let the wise soldiers near

You've worked hard

My lord!

do not come


Su march of time becomes more

This time let Nobunaga escape

That can be bad

You guys, take off your shoes here

Crescent Moon

Here you to deal with

There seems to have entered the period of time dating back march

I go with you

Who is responsible for it here

it is good



Just run into is that?

In Nobunaga side Senlan pellets

According to the official history should die in here

I have to protect my lord

This line does not move with the light

I am sorry

Who goes?

Can not stand, do you think I'm exhausted elderly

Please forgive small wildly in front of the lord

Who are you?

Please do your own thing to do just fine

You do not speak out of turn

If the destiny of this, I will go to settle

All right

I want to take up work

Oda Nobunaga died wise Mitsuhide rebellion Yeah

I really want to see for themselves in the chaos after the death of

Ending the Warring States Period

Presumably it quite interesting

This would conform to the facts of the case

Nobunaga died instinct Temple

Well, we go back

# On the occasion of going to dominate the world

# Letter happy death among fire on instinct Temple

# Remains reduced to ashes, leaving a skeleton

# Corpse missing

# Meanwhile, the news ...

(Tengen decade June 3)

# Spread to China in the offensive area | feather Hideyoshi ears

Your Highness! - His Royal Highness okay!

His lord ...

Less powerful lord actually ...

My lord!

why! I do not know!

Say this is a lie!

Never hear him call me a monkey

My lord!


We all come back safely just fine

You can not stand fast to stay in charge of the bar

No, leisurely in line with my personality

And this man has a new profiling

Let me a little bit busy

Bone brother

long time no see


Do you know each other?

We were Ashikaga sword put together

Shiro Fujimoto and drug research is to send brothers with a knife

He is the vine bone Shiro


How you?

I should have explained

He was burned, when almost no memory of the knife

We first came back, a cup of tea

Do not move, you do not always drink

not good for health

Do not be so strict Well

Successful conclusion, which is the celebration of wine | wine celebration!

Really good, I am duty-bound to find a wine with

Indeed trumpet

So I went to the owner reported the whole story

Bone, wait a minute chatted

I also need to go

Not personally to greet the owner very rude

No, I went to report enough

And the owner does not love punctual

Which will pay tribute stiff

Never mind

We just strung together

Annoying enough

Crescent Moon nearly six troops were successfully returned

Hard work, and everyone is safe enough


It seems expedition group has not come back?

Yes, I heard that there a bit tricky

Su march of time has never been so positive

Continuous shot to change history

Maybe behind what purpose

I have thought of that

In case an accident ...

No way

Understand, my heart has a bottom


Grandfather gave me this right, you first break it

You do not always claim to be a grandfather

I sound very bad

Sorry Sorry

After all, I was a knife ah

Do not look at me like I had the presence of more than a millennium

Recent waist is not very good

A little lie

The old man has to do

Crescent Moon


So that

Therefore, drug research and brother in the Edo period

Burned in the fire, the loss of memory

Bone but was speaking as a wave

Mito will be able to cut off the bone

It seems very similar to the fate of our brothers

You too?

I used to be a long letter knife

Together during instinct Temple change ...

Although there is no brother you so serious

But I can not remember the details of that time

That's good

There are a lot of things are not necessarily better memories

Let him

Originally the government does not move is the right adult ...

That is, Nobunaga's favorite knife

Rune Temple instinct for him to go very cruel

Even so, he reached a mission

Do not move also been grown

We are related to Nobunaga related it?

No, I was about to give them to the next

Do not be so quick to say

We are the items

Item has a complex background

Is that just met me?

He called three sun and the moon were near

This pill is the valet

Is similar to the captain of the people

Known as among the most beautiful in the world five swords Mito

Master of his considerable trust

So recently, only three owners moon and visibility it

Hasebe, now not talking about this

Do not think that strange?

Who Speaking recently with the owner any more?

Eighty per cent of Crescent Moon and the owner wanted to alienate us

Really nerve-racking

Actually think I am a bad heart of grandfather

I apologize for the bad things you say behind

But I said do not leave

Why can not we see the owner

The reason no big deal

The owner just been busy

He beseeched me to let too many people to bother him

By the way, I forgot to do anything that

Has resorted to his most will play the fool

And it is false

Owner, early in the morning what had happened?

the host?

Nobunaga he ...

Who goes?

No ming


You did not name, please?

Fortunately, you are safe and sound

I escaped ...

Death instinct Temple robbery yet?

Think of it, but it was you ...


After the situation?

Mitsuhide trend it?

Blue pill blue pill ... in it?

I'm afraid all your men killed in action

A person is not left?

Instinct Temple burned, you are treated as suicide

Nobunaga public, see

Please feel free to use the army

Hey Hey hey

Nobunaga alive is how is it?

I think there is in reach task becomes instinct Temple

Time dating back march slip through the net


But when we left | they did not feel there are people

Or Nobunaga's men took him escape?

Damn instinct Temple people are dead

I'm sure this point

The cause is unknown, it is difficult actions

Owner and Crescent Moon is under discussion

And only three sun and the moon

Do not complain, Rune has compiled lined up

Captain, crescent SoKon

the following

藥研 Toshiro

壓切 Hasebe

Mountain witch SetsukuniHiroshi

Japan No.

Bone Toshiro


Do not move, you make a little rest is the master of meaning

You stay with me in charge

Well, to us, a small fixed

Japan No.

Do not eventful, and go change clothes


Others to prepare appearances

Oh okay

Well, then according to your strategy

But I did not expect a long letter will survive

I should be more careful treatment

I am sorry

No, this is all my responsibility as captain

Nothing wrong with owners

Everything Come on, time is not much

A good guardian of the guard each other to do it

the host…

Crescent Moon

I have a group of really good sword around

We are the good fortune to meet the owner

This dialogue seems at the edge of death

Next thing, this thing pill

All to you


Well ...

I say good-bye


It is time to say it

A secret between you and the owner

Tell me responsible left behind

Really concealed from you, Orioles pill

Are you see through

I also want you to have a good

is that true?

Why hide the truth now ...

Should never be let messages outflow

I have the proof was watertight

There may still have been time to master dating back march

Orioles pill, MasterCard Please,

And so on, then you should not stay in the master side?

Do not

I'm going to quit after this valet



Instinct Temple of mistakes made by the owner to apologize to me


That is…

Owner is the kind of personality ah

And it was not your fault.

It is

it is my fault

I went the extra work seriously

Crescent Moon and Japanese numbers were not nearly okay?

Brother, how do you?

In the beginning of the array of things to worry about it?

I do not understand

What do not understand?

History can not do something non-guard?

I do not hate appearances

Just want to know the reason

If you change history, future generations will change

This ah


Sorry Sorry

Everybody ready?


That set off

Only one purpose


Oda Nobunaga

# Tengen decade June 2

Oda Nobunaga was wise Mitsuhide #

# Murdered died become instinct Temple

After Hideyoshi # Yu received a message

In order for # avenge Nobunaga

# Already at an alarming rate retreated from the Chinese region

# Spent 11 days on the defeated army at the Battle of Yamazaki of the wise

# Mitsuhide wise men and the few remaining

# Together being chased crusade

(Tengen decade June 13)

Mitsuhide That guy is really useless

Nobunaga public, if it continues to let the world think that you are dead

Then I came out to save your no sense

do not worry

I see very clearly who trusted

First, the monkey should be credible

This take the matter to Hideyoshi

(Red ass monkey) | showed he will understand

I'll write him in Tucheng, etc.

An entire army first in soil

Again declared the world

Nobunaga not dead yet

I am sure you will once again be scared

before that

First solve the bald

It really is time to save Nobunaga Su march

that guy…

I think he was a bit unusual



That action is agile yet

Where the unusual?

I fought him when ...

Time dating back almost feel the breath of march

So that

So he can secretly rescued Nobunaga ...

Mitsuhide complete inspection of the situation over there

Two hard

He and the rest of the men hiding in Temple City Shenglong

Will be expected to wait until tonight to escape

Then, no one thing that Nobunaga survival

Like the original surface of history

It was only a matter of time

Just ran perhaps the messenger

I chase him

Etc., as the case first and then action

Why? Where's the free time to read the situation?

Revision history lead to the emergence of new history

Then the cart before the horse

Currently required carefully event

But things soon spread Nobunaga trouble

At least spread the message should be blocked

Do not be so excited

You are too leisurely, and Mikazuki

You are determined to do at work?

Of course there is, but ...

You may lose a little

Do not Zainao

And so on, have his grandfather considered it

Considerations do not say it would mean no

Sorry, I want to act before things worsen


Well, as you said do

I went with him, he will not let things get out

Ah, come on you.

He spoke not without reason

I believe you

But you do not say it, we will not understand

Hey! Wait for me, pressing and cutting

Call me Hasebe

壓切 - Hasebe!

Then see how long letter to debut

Yama-Uba cut, drug research

Trouble you in charge over there and light show


You can also do the same with Hasebe

I will obey the captain's command

Mitsuhide where ah

Obey the captain's command it

Really fits your style

Captain commands equal master's orders

Obedience should be, but ...

You will be able to accept it is not so simple

Accept what?

There who

Be your master's enemy before it


But now I know the fate of a light show

He will be people died in the attack tonight

So let you accept it?

Of course, not entirely so

Owner once told me

Mitsuhide it is only

One must be protected historic

So I just figured

The only thing I can not figure is only ...

Mikazuki considerations


"History is necessary to guard it?"

I heard that you asked everyone


Empty head is better than chaos brandished a knife and a lot better

Otherwise it is just a demon


We are human cast sword

We get to see who

Master mind is not correct, you can make us Rumo

Fortunately, our master is a good man

After the battle grounds will find you


Until then, you are willing to look at previous friendship

Help me a favor?

I have something you want trouble


thank you

This is our own people step on it?

Guardian History

Is really a difficult task

(Tengen decade June 13)

(Later that night)

you two

How did you here?

We came chasing Nobunaga


Nobunaga ...

Nobunaga ... you're alive ...?


How short hand taste of the world?

Will send you down to the grave as a Souvenir right

Nobunaga intends to clean up their own fall out show

Mitsuhide died in here is in line with the historical facts

This is not the purpose of it is your

No ming

What do you want to do?

How is this going?

Su march of time why do?

Crescent Moon?

By now I want to take my life?

In the end is what ...

Nobunaga public, please follow me

what is the problem?

Crescent Moon

My lord, while now escape - ah

Mitsuhide to escape



Independent guy

I'm going to dodge

I want to say the phrase is

No Ming, are you crazy yet

Come, please come with me

Crescent Moon

We say leave Esen

No ming

Do not confused, without inscription

# Tengen decade June 13

# Mitsuhide wise to disappear in this day in history

# Some say he died of people fleeing attacks generals

# There are rumors that he is himself to death

(Tengen decade June 14)

Now only a simple dressing

Enough, the bigger problem is ...

Mikazuki ah

He had no reason at all to change history

Nobunaga and let it live

As far as I know, did not belong to Nobunaga Mikazuki

Brother, do you have any clue?

Now this I found to

We really did not understand the Crescent Moon

Always like this

That guy never say their own thing

Here can only offer water



Ming is you and that no similar right?

What kind?

Claiming to know the "correct history" of the people

You talk to the Ming and without those things it

He said I should die in instinct Temple

So I was rescued, thereby changing history

On the contrary, you should want to kill me fishes

No matter

Stop pretending

Forget it

You also will I stand in the room

Ming can not drill the secret passages rescued me

Secret passages? I do not know that there are secret passages instinct Temple


You do not understand what is the truth

In fact, the lower length than older imaginary many well Nobunaga

Recent memory is not very good

Speak your purpose of it

What do you have in mind?

I just wanted to escort you to the Tucheng


Of course I could wish for, but ...


Before monkeys can only rely on you

Not deserve it

What's your name?

I called three sun and the moon were near

Mito the world with the same name as that?


Were nearly

Another cup of water

Let me alone with him

But he was unsolicited ...

Just get out!

Listen, before I ordered

No matter what happened were not allowed to come in


(Red ass monkey Highness)

Here wrote wait in Azuchi

It is the lord?

My lord is still alive? really?

Please wait

He can not believe

who are you?

excuse me

He's attempted assassination of His Royal Highness wise military


Let Hideyoshi and Nobunaga met in Azuchi

Make things very complicated


He disappeared! Gone!

How is this going?

No, that's your illusion


He's faster than the people thrown to the naked eye

Is not it - is not it?

I understand

That brings me to fake lord Azuchi trick


My lord is really dead?


You're right

But I'm still going to Tucheng job

According to the report pointed out Pathfinder

Occupation Tucheng wise left to help the horse out of the city

But according to the current situation

It was just pretending to mystery

Tucheng is equivalent to the lord himself

Must not let reckless behavior


Snare trap against use

I cheated in the past to pretend

Unannounced appearances with others

Elite troops with a modest advance

Otherwise, you just let me go


Just an insight into two of extraordinary skill

Just as it helped my reward

Come with me

We are just ordinary ronin ...

I was born people, do not worry

The newspaper names

My name is not sufficient to peg teeth, etc.

Forget it

Can come

To the Rune

Hikaru Bin liter Jue pad catch to attack the government q


I'm going to Azuchi

There can not be a ghost town downtown

His Royal Highness, that two unknown people behind that?

Got a new fighting force

I want to take them to the safe soil together, as well as ...

What is the situation now

No, it is a way to follow the action Hideyoshi

After Nobunaga and traceability will march in Azuchi

Pigeon ...

Yama-Uba cut sent

what! ?


Crescent Moon actually playing any ideas?

Why save Nobunaga?

Hideyoshi and Nobunaga see the face will change history

I do not know, but ...

I'll quit after this valet

He may saddled with what mission

Perhaps with the owner about

Why not insist that he told us that

The master is doing more to speak the language

You're right

In short a good direction to think

The worse it is ...

What is?

I do not want to talk about

Chuanshu Japan No.

Hideyoshi going to the Tucheng forward

There also seems Nobunaga

Even if only we have to act

After all, the owner ordered to assassinate Nobunaga


If Mikazuki interference out of it?

Leave it

How, were near?

Here is the Tucheng

Hill bird's-eye view world

Supreme superb view

Here is what I personally directing the building of

Not for war

In order to control the world is built castles

So that

Were close, I ask you

Your mouth "correct historical" Why?

Really have that kind of thing?

I'm alive and well

Is it not a right for you?

The so-called "correct history"

From the end of the talk in terms of who it

So now for me

Is correct

Other then just arrived monkey

Set the trend arrived

No ming

You continue to protect Nobunaga

I'm going to perform more important things

History has changed

That is…

Orioles pill, enchantment not quite right

Implying history has been changed?

All right, do not worry

This situation must be reported with the owner

Not work


The owner of all right, you first calm

the host!


What happened?

How the owner?


Well, I say

Tucheng at hand

It is now no time to be with Hideyoshi

So just to gain time ah

Can not let Nobunaga and Hideyoshi meet

They should cut the mountain basking in the elaboration Measures

We should try to find a way

Why do not we kill Nobunaga advanced city

Even with the killing Mikazuki?

Last resort if ...

Last resort ah

Saying what a private message

All right

Please do not worry

By the way, I asked you

See birthmark on my ass did not?

This is the reason I was called a monkey

I thought it was because looks ... - Hello

Only the lord knows this birthmark

Here we had bubble bath together

So that letter is absolutely secret order he wrote

(Red ass monkey Highness)

My lord still alive?

No, it is wise Army ...

Do not lie to me

I wanted to spy on what you informed

But all this is no worse

I am going to be scored Tucheng


Kill Oda Nobunaga

Know you very happy, but unfortunately come to an end


Hideyoshi, why do you kill Nobunaga?


Hasebe brisk walking, go here

Because I was accidentally saw ...

The world

(Tengen decade June 15)

He arrived yet?

Hideyoshi red ass

Sure enough, the monkey quickly as

My mission so far, say good-bye

Were nearly

tell me

Now for you is the right history?

answer me



What monkeys do?


No way

Burn it

The wise remnants ruthless

Without leaving a bone!

Burn it! Burn it! Burn it!

This is…

Actually occur history?


What is the situation?

Hideyoshi is dry

Hideyoshi is to kill Nobunaga

That is…

I died in the Temple instinct is to say ...

From anyone seem correct historical

Is not necessarily the truth

In history

There are bound to be erased or unknown facts

Are you OK?

I forgot

A very important thing

You really died from suicide

Just not in instinct Temple

I burned the place

Not instinct Temple

Where was?


# I instinctively that night in Temple

(Tengen decade June 2)


# Nobunaga follow Mori Ranmaru blaze trail

# Escape from the prepared secret instinct Temple Road

# Mori Ranmaru stick to retreat and died

# But with a few soldiers Nobunaga

# Successful retreated Tucheng

# Then secretly sent a messenger to find Hideyoshi


# Hideyoshi's ambition to rule the world has been set

He ignored this secret order #

# Wise to attack the army rounded out the names for the Tucheng

# Nobunaga face like this ...

This is the correct history

In other words, there is no change history

Why only you know about it?

I was eager to start with before you

In the battle of Yamazaki when meritorious award

From general home gave Hideyoshi ...

Crescent SoKon

My lord!

You can not have something

Full let me get a red ass monkey

Nobunaga public, here with you Farewell


Hateful were nearly ...

This is the Crescent Moon want to hide a secret ah

This absolutely must not historical facts made public

The event was traced back time change march

It will become more grotesque history

He is not reluctant to say, but can not say

The more dangerous the more people informed

Those guys appeared

Su march anyway Nobunaga wants to save it?

Next is the real history of war and death

That's no Ming army

He went back to my role of protection

I'll go stop him

You deal with one batch of the army?

It might be a bit hard

and many more! Not a reckless man!

Do not get in the way


I have said many times, coming to take off your shoes


You're here

Crescent Moon

This one


Sorry I want you to such trouble

Here I have enough, you brisk walking

Recent cases, take me out of here

I can not do

Were near!



I do not think is a bad thing change history

But would like to see change hands

Let it all correct history

History is all about it

But nobody would harm many are undone

No way, like a soldier on the battlefield

The big picture will not be affected


Is so small

I live to this age | that kind of presence especially felt pity

I always pay attention to the past that the party

I want to protect the things that now more and more

Nobunaga public

Human history is

I want to protect those who

I am also a man ah


So I will protect your

In this protection you killed

You laugh when rebellion is robbery destiny of Hideyoshi

Then just like the devil camel died, stellar

Compared with the time that you

You now looks a little more chic


You win



We have to hold on a few




no kidding

In the end there ah

Crescent Moon

I'm sorry you

Then came the responsibility of my grandfather

You go back right this pill

what are you saying!

That this will not be our ...



# I have something I want you

We rely on a few Ye Hao #

# Brought

# And so on, do not be a foolhardy person

Do not blame the bone

He did not ask why I agreed to my request

We listen

This pill will please you and the owner


Etc., Crescent Moon!

Crescent Moon!

Next ...

Grandfather to play a real skills

Crescent SoKon

Participation on

We note, to begin


Finally started

what exactly is it?

God's trial alternating


What it is?

When the year-long trial by the power of God recession

The new trial will be recruited by God

But alternating current, the power of this pill will diminish

So owners are confidential and do not speak Mikazuki

Absolutely not Leak

No wonder they secretive

But unfortunately been found

Orioles pill, the march of time dating back to break the enchantment

Did come

Their goal from the beginning of this pill

Recently active steps to change history

But also to weaken the garrison Honmaru

Grandpa worry happened

Mikazuki people do

It seems ...

That is, the more it

Caught up yet

Drink it

you guys…

This pill over there

For us, you are this pill, ah, grandfather

And the owner ordered us to come pick you up

Crescent Moon, not only in the past is history

There are other things you need to guard

I will pass the torch to go out tomorrow will be history

You have a lot to face mission

the host

Crescent Moon, we just like you

There want to protect the things

After a lot to share with us

Elderly people should love nagging fishes

I see the attack

You're right

I also find the reason for fighting

I like a little blunt knife

You can start ...

The re-rematch


What Well, fewer people to the poor

Look down left behind, will you'll really

Get out of here want to survive

Underestimate the enemy will be worse

Although a sharp knife again

It will not hurt owner

But this knife to please you

藥研 Toshiro

Nobunaga public

This is also the guardian of one of my history right

Honmaru it back

There ah



Are you

Mikazuki it

The trial of God, and I will not let you alternate

You will be the last term

Off now ...


This is not your dirty feet can step into place

Owner, Crescent Moon were nearly back

Bastard, you should not even think to stop me

The next road ...

You never expect to go in!

Crescent Moon

give up

I will not let you win this this pill

You really tough guy ...


That guy is ...

No ming

I am not without inscription

Ju Lijia Luo Jiang

I was all Lijia Luo Jiang

That guy is the sword men ah

Ju Lijia Luo Jiang is not wise Mitsuhide ...

I understand, so he was only ...

You really dare to order me

Everyone on it, to be settled

Look at me

(Tengen decade June 17)

My lord ...

Forward Kiyosu

# Hideyoshi scattered remnants wise wise left the horse help

# Set fire to Tucheng news

# Then start on the path of world domination

Everyone in attendance yet


Expedition group has come back

Well, the owner

Your attention, since this is today

This new trial this pill God who

That is our master

Master, we swords Men full

You are willing to die for their lives, the expense

To the owner

Master, I Mikazuki were nearly

Want to protect the things added


My old bones can then stays about it

Very good very good