Eiga: Kurosagi (2008) - full transcript

Our target is the guy who adversely affected the history of the Japanese economy.

I consulted my superior about the promissory note, but he got angry about it.

Our bank has advised us to keep the cash in our account for as long as we possibly can.

Well, could you possibly pay half of it, 6,000,000 yen ($57,000), by cash and the other half by promissory note?

Well... I'll put it here. Okay.

I lost again.

Please teach me the trick. The trick.

A few minutes to learn and a lifetime to master.


It's the catchphrase of the Othello game.

Well, there is not trick to it.

Ah, of course.

Death is not noticing.

- Not noticing?
- Othello is a game of chance.

Winning is a matter of calculating it.

Only those that are the best pupils of victory will win.

When the opponent finally realizes it, the master's answer is already evident.

- You mean when you notice it, it's already over.
- Mm.

You've caught onto Othello.

You taught me so much.

I truly respect you!

- My manager just gets angry and doesn't teach me anything like this.
- Oh my...

I am happy to be of assistance.

You're my mentor. Please let me get revenge.


- About the payment?
- No problem.

- We'll pay half by cash and half by promissory note.
- Really?

But we'll pay the cash amount after we've received all of the computers.

- That's fine, right?
- Yes. I'll consult with my manager.

Well then, this is the contract.

It looks fine.

- Here is the promissory note for 6,000,000 yen ($57,000.)
- Let me check it.

As discussed, we will pay the remaining cash amount after we have received delivery of all of the goods.

Thank you very much.

That Kurokawa guy went home so happy.

Because he doesn't know that the promissory note we gave him is not worth the paper it's written on.

Boss, do you really plan on paying the 6,000,000 yen?

We'll resell the computers.

The computers which Kurokawa will deliver cost us over 10,000,000 yen. We'll be left with many computers.

Even if we pay 6 million yen, we'll be able to resell them for 200 million ($1,900,000)

- He'll be the one who loses in the end.
- Okay, Boss.


Then I'll go on my much awaited Caribbean cruise.

A place with sunshine and cold beer.

It'll be nice to go on a leisurely vacation.

Are you okay with it?

Letting Kurosagi devour Ishigaki?

A sirloin steak of exclusive Matsutaka beef from a famous chef.

Seven Seas Hotel Tokyo

Fall special

I'm so hungry.

I won!

I love to win.

- Um... here and...
- Ha?
- Here... and here.

- Really?
- Yes.

We had a call from a Los Angeles hospital saying they can suddenly fit her in.

- So Momoka can get her operation then?
- Yes.

That's so good!

But, as we spoke before, it will cost 100 million yen ($950,000.)

Please pay 50 million as a deposit and transfer the rest by the day of the operation.

You mean by three days from now, right?

If you don't pay the deposit, we can't confirm the operation.

If you don't pay by 3 PM three days from now, the chance will pass to the next patient on the list.

"Bamboo-leaved Oak"
Found in central southern Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. Also in southern North Korea.

Normally grows in mountainous regions.
Has acorns.

I did some research on you.

After the creditors meeting, you met up with Ishigaki again.

Your father's company was visited by creditors.

You must get it!

Sakura's father's company - Creditors meeting

Please take what you want of my body.

- My heart or lungs or liver.
- Stop it! Stop it!

You are... better off as a whole.

You planned on getting revenge on Ishigaki by yourself.

Ishigaki's a pro.

Much better than a hostess in a Ginza club.

You won't be capable of getting revenge for the past incident.

I wanted you to stop the revenge.

I had worked hard for 15 years in a host world that I wasn't made for.

It was because I believed I'd win against Ishigaki.

The only way to beat the past is to accept that past.

Stop acting for revenge. Begin a new life.

You think I've distorted my life?

Then why do your eyes look so sad?

Do you plan on living your whole life pretending to trust others and conning your own heart?

You're the same as I used to be.

Losing your family to a swindler.

That's not all.

Just like me... I almost let him take away my whole heart.

What will you do?

How much is she?

It was 15 years ago that he appeared at the meeting.

It was thanks to him that I came to my senses.

Could you let them off?

He saved my life.

Lost property box

You shouldn't do that by train.

The train will be messy afterwards.

He cheered me up and helped with the bondholders.

Pigeons meet from their chests.

They're beautiful.

I thought we loved each other.

Here you are.

Go ahead.

Open it up.

He wasn't that sort of person.

He had a clear aim.

He was stuck on Ishigaki and stopping his bankruptcy scheme.

He just happened to have chosen my father's company for those means.

He had only helped and cheered me up for those means.

So when it was over, he disappeared from my life.

He just wanted information about the bankruptcy scheme.

Stay away from him.

You should understand it.

He is a dreadful man.

If you're near him, your heart will definitely be stolen.

But there won't be anyone else left other than him.

He is snatching away your heart.

Ishigaki was like Brutus.

Ishigaki betrayed you.

That's why you sent me after him.

It's a game.

Look me in the eye and explain it.

Anyhow, I will devour Ishigaki.

But not for your sake.

I think that signals it's over.

About Ishigaki... he's leaving to the Caribbean.

On the final plane in three days time.

She needs the money by then to save her daughter.

If you don't hurry, it'll just be a matter of providing the funds.

Will you make it on time?

There's not much time.


Long time, no see.



Every now and then.

Let's play again some time.


I will have it ready very shortly.

Mm, just a moment.

Go ahead.

Toutou Bank, Akasaka branch

Savings account

It's the final move in this swindling operation.

Sir, the phone's for you.

Ah, it's me.


It's actually all set for tomorrow.

I don't mind if you're not here in person. I'll be on a trip from tomorrow night myself.

- Eh? Oh, really?
- Mm.

I'll taking a business trip to Osaka.

Ah... I lost again.

Well, I'll drop by again tomorrow.

I really would like to play another game of Othello with you.


I got a ticket for a free meal at an exclusive restaurant.

If you're available, would you like to dine with me tomorrow?

I'll drop by to pick you up at 1 PM tomorrow.

- That's fine.
- Ah... that's good. Thank you very much.

"Safe mobile phone for your children"

It's you again?

Give me back Reiko's money.


Okekawa Reiko.

You swindled everything she owned from her.


- She said her daughter had a bad heart.
- It's her mother!

Don't get worked up.

How dare you use her child.

She needs 50 million yen ($475,000) by 3 PM tomorrow.

I see.

If you don't give it back, I'll expose all your schemes!

My business dealings are all fine.

Actually, I'm at a crucial time in a deal right now.

I won't swindle anyone who knows what's going on.

If this current deal goes well, I will pay her money back.

I want to safely board my plane tomorrow.

You also want to have the money in your hands by 3 PM tomorrow.

We both have stakes in it. But... if my deal falls through, I won't pay back her money.

I wonder how things will go.

You also went from the very bottom to become number one.

How is it being a dissatisfied adult?

What will you use it for?

Don't use it for mischief.

You mustn't create mischief.

Right, mischief is bad.

Force phones out of range!!

Oh, oops. Oops. Sorry.

Hey, where are you off to?

Why am I doing this?!

I'm, like....

Ishigaki Tooru... and the gang boss, Hiramoto Shunsuke

We have both of them in our sights.

We have information that Ishigaki will flee the country that night.

Kurosaki will also make a move tomorrow.

But we must get in Kurosaki's way.

Right, let me explain our operational plan.



I look forward to today.

No, it's my pleasure. Thank you.

And... I have a slight request.

Wait up!

Wait a minute!

I'm up against a white swindler, the police and a limited amount of time.

I will be sure to feed on Ishigaki.

The time limit is until 3 PM.

I've stopped the elevator.

Roger. First, check on Kurosaki's whereabouts.

We underestimated him.

"The treasure is in Marine Blue Consultant."

Oh no!

That surprised me! That was a close call.

- Search that floor.
- Yes, sir!

This is the Tokyo Police. Don't move.

Don't touch a thing.

But hey... we, we, we... we can't have this.

What are you looking for? What is this?

Please hang on!

- The treasure must be here.
- There's nothing here.


A delivery from Kurosaki.

Let me have it.

- Search the packages.
-Yes, sir!


Watch out!

So sorry.

Wah! Ouch!

I won't use the elevator next time!

Quickly search them!

"Cleaning service"

- Don't pull your move on Ishigaki.
- Ha?

I've made a deal with Ishigaki.

He said he'd give back Reiko's money if this scheme went through well.

Do you actually believe him?

A child's life is on the line!

I've told you before!

He is just using you.

You never say his name.

Are you still in love wtih Katsuragi?

You didn't accept your past. You ran away from it.

I chose my own path to trust.

In that case you should want to to stop Ishigaki too.

You could have chosen another path in life.

Get out.

- Ah, Boss? Good to speak to...
- The number you are calling is currently out of range.

- Please try again when they are in phone range.
- Oh, why...?

"Out of range"

Who are you calling?

Just let me be!

Mr. Ishigaki...!

I'm so sorry. I was running late. Sorry.

No way...!

I'm so sorry.

- Was it an important call?
- No. It wasn't.

Ah. Well, I've reserved a private room, so I'll check on it.

Give it back!

It's me.

Ah, Boss. Good to hear from you.

- Are things going according to plan?
- Yes.

How about Kurokawa?

He finished a short time ago.


- Let go of it!
- Stay out there.


Toutou Bank, Akasaka branch
Savings account 8675427
Watanuki Yujiro

What's wrong?

- Send an urgent team there.
- Roger.

- Detective Kashina.
- What's wrong?

We found this.

Sorry that I got busy and made a sudden change to the time and place.

Search at the clock tower at Miyashita Park futsal area

But I managed to get them to accept the voucher.

Right... here is the remaining cash that I had promised you.

60,000,000 in cash. ($570,000)

Thank you very much.

It all seems to be here.

Right, let me have revenge before lunch arrives.

Excuse me! Get out of the way!

- Spread out.
- Yes, sir.

"Look at the Q FRONT electronic signboard at exactly 2 PM"

"Real Estate Contract"

Eh...? This is tough.

Are you just about ready for the clincher?

Why are you here?

You... gave us some worthless pieces of paper.


Fall is about food. A wonderful lunch meal.

A sirloin steak of exclusive Matsutaka beef from a famous chef.

This restaurant uses Japan's best caviar.

Seven Seas Hotel Tokyo

Kurosaki must be there.

A gorgeous meal

Why did your promissory note get round to us?

We also have a mountain of other such similar transactions. They are all worthless.

- They're frauds.
- That isn't relevant!

The problem is that we've been paying you from our side.

We've been paying you cash.

Saying they're frauds so you can pay the money is not the problem. Right!


Ah. Give us your bank card and keys to your safety deposit box.

We'll write it off then.

I know that you must be upset that your scheme failed.

Stop! Leave my body! Stop!

Stop! Ouch!

Ishigaki Tooru


See you.

What's going on? What's going on?!

Ah, Boss. Good to hear from you.

It finished a short time ago.

When people have their heart set on something, they don't tend to notice things.

No matter who you call on that phone, it'll be connected to me.

Do you know the "kids phones?"

If you set the parental controls on it, you're only able to phone certain people on it.

So what?

That phone you're using has those limits imposed on it too.

Ishigaki's real mobile phone is this one.

I got the hint from Okekawa's daughter, Momoka.

When you finally notice, it is already all over.

That applies to both Othello and swindling.

Didn't you notice the money card?

Who are you?

The same as you... I'm a swindler.

My name's Kurosaki.

Or by another name: Alo~ha! My name is Tomozaki.

Or another name is: Hello. I'm PC Kings' Kurokawa. Nice to meet you.

My favorite food is white swindlers.

This is your job?

I'll give back all the money you swindled off others.

All of your deals will be reversed.

After saying you were a swindler, everyone was happy to give the notes back.

I'll convert your promissory note into cash.

Going round 10 different companies was tiring.

You little brat!

I managed to get about 200 million ($1,900,000) off you, but I'm sure you expected more.

- I've done it.
- You added about 500 million ($4,800,000) by asking a fraud pro to help.

They looked real.

- What will you do with them?
- But there was no point in holding onto them.

You wanted to make your company bankrupt then escape.

Ah, this is Kanda.

These notes are all fake.

So I needed to use your acquaintances.

Ishigaki's promissory notes?

I figured they were Ishigaki's weak point through their vague association with you.

They were thrilled.

Do what you want to him.

They seemed to have never considered that all your promissory notes were fakes created by your acquaintance.

This is the amount of your promissory notes

It is 500 million yen ($4,800,000)! But it was too heavy to bring all of it.


Well, I have to hurry.

Katsuragi sent you?

Otherwise you couldn't have pulled your scheme off.

Because of the incident 15 years ago...

It has finally come back to bite me.

Do you want forgiveness?

I couldn't escape his line between right and wrong.


Could you tell me one thing?

When do you plan to win?

Someday it will all be over for you too.

It won't be over.

Good guys have no limits.

Maido ari (Thank you.)

Puff! I made it in time.

Oh no!

Ouch! Ah, I tripped! Ah, I'll be alright.

Excuse me. Please wait. Wait.

Please! Let her have the operation. Please! Please!


"Real Estate Contract"


Stay quiet for a second.

- Mommy...
- Momoka?

If it's money, I have it.

To Okekawa Reiko
To Okekawa Momoka

He truly got it back for us.

Can Momoka get well with this?

You will.

Let's get you all healthy again!



Don't die on me.

I'm not ready to give upon you yet.


She appeared!

What do you want now?

- Please... accept this.
- I don't need that.

I probably had been running away.

I forgot the past and believed that I could win.

But in the end I probably lost.

- I don't want to hear more about that.
- But thinking that... is too hard to bear.

If you admit that, 15 years of my life will have been a lie.

I don't want to regret those days I fought so hard to forget about revenge.

So please let me think that I helped Reiko.

You're thinking too hard about things.

I don't think you running away from it was a bad thing.

It's okay to run away if you run with full speed.


Katsuragi is just a crabby old man.

That's fine.

The 15 years you protected yourself.

Why don't you use a lighter?

I forgot it.

Lost property box


Hi, Yoshioka!

Hello yourself.

My name's Yoshikawa!


If that crabby old man isn't going to be there, he should say so!

Today we arrested a white swindler.

We arrested Ishigaki.


Please accompany us.

- How scary.
- Watanuki Yujiro.

He was the wire-puller behind Ishigaki and was the man who ordered the bankruptcy swindling scheme which Katsuragi planned 15 years ago.

The man who Katsuragi really wanted you to feed upon was Watanuki.

But I guess it's too late to play him now.

How do you feel having people die because of you?

I definitely won't ride in an elevator again.

That feeling.

Who is Watanuki?

I told you we're acting out Caesar.

Caesar trusted people who betrayed him.

Again tomorrow, again tomorrow, again tomorrow, again tomorrow.

That's all there has been since ancient times.

You may arrive at the final second after you've given up.

Life's a walking shadow.

Et tu, Brutus? (Even you, Brutus?)

Even you are a traitor.

I thought you weren't ready to feed on Watanuki yet.

That's why I didn't tell you.

But you fed on him brilliantly.

It was by accident, but you brilliantly ate him up.

Well done.

Well then...

I'll call this your win.

What shall we do then?

The same as always. Sell me some information.

I won't stop being a kurosagi (black swindler.)

One more thing.

Tell me where Mikimoto is.

Will you kill Mikimoto or trick him?

Will that make you feel better?

Will killing me make it all end?

What will you do after that?

It's just another notch as the clock keeps ticking.

You may arrive at the final second after you've given up.

Life's a walking shadow.

Stop it.

Mikimoto's coming back to Japan.

Don't be tricked again, Caesar.

This is not a play.

I will decide on the plot.


If, just like Shakespeare said, life's but a walking shadow,

I will happily be a shadow until I die.

Until I devour all the white swindlers in this world, the curtain won't fall on my show.

My name is... Kurosaki.

I am a walking shadow.

Yamashita Tomohisa

Horikita Maki

Katoh Kouji
Ichikawa Yui

Tayama Ryosei
Okunuki Kaoru
Kishibe Shiro
Sugimoto Tetta

Kitamura Yukiya
Nishimura Kiyotaka

Sugita Kaoru

Sasaki Sumie

A brief dream that rocks me to sleep on nights when I can't sleep

Nemurenu yoru nekaeri wo utsu tsukanoma no yume wo mite ita

Daichi Mao

Takenaka Naoto

Iijima Naoko
Shoufukutei Tsurube

What I hear is probably the sound of the rain

All I'm doing is chasing after endless dreams?

But that won't comfort me at all

If I want something to happen between us

I have to run off from here right now

Without taking an umbrella, I go to where you are

Aikawa Sho
Yamazaki Tsutomu

The dazzling sun, somewhere up in the sky

Hiding itself, searching for a heart that won't burn out

As we burn along on the ground

I had kept waiting for the burning sun to come out

Ah... the rain still won't stop

Tears of the sun

The hands on the clock seem to stop, I gaze at them with sleepy eyes

What I hear is probably the sound of the rain

Will I continue to just keep waiting here?

But that won't change a thing

Ending theme song:
Taiyou no Naimda (Tears of the Sun)" - NEWS

Inserted song:
"Daite Senorita (Hug Me, Senorita)" - Yamashita Tomohisa

For me to be what I want to be,

I have to race out of this waiting right now

I dump my umbrella and go to where you are

The dazzling sun, everything in this world

I can't wait to find it all and burn it into my mind

On the ground we act like we haven't noticed

We had been hiding our frank desires

Ah... the rain keeps falling

Tears of the sun

Kikoete kuru nowa tabun ame no oto

Kono mama hatasenai yume ou dake?

Sore ja nanimo iyasenai yo

Nanika futari okoshitai no nara

Ima sugu koko wo tobidashite yuke

Kasa mo motazu kimi no iru basho ni

Giragira taiyou kono sora dokoka de

Mi wo hisome sagashiteru moekirenai haato wo

Chijou de bokura jirjiri shinagara

Moeagaru hi ga kuru no machi tsuzukete ita

Ah... mada yamanai ame

Taiyou no namida

Tomarisou na tokei no hari neboke ma de koko mitsumete iru

Kikoete kuru nowa tabun ame no oto

Kono mama koko de machi tsuzukeru no kai

Sore ja nanimo kawaranai yo

Boku ga boku jishin ni naru tame ni

Ima sugu kono machi tobidashite yukou

Kasa wo sutete kimi no iru basho e

Giragira taiyou kono yo no subete wo

Sagashidashi yakitsukuse to machikamaete iru

Chijou de bokura kizukanu furishite

Mukidashi no yokubou wo kakusou to shiteta

Ah... furi tsuzuku ame

Taiyou no namida