Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe (2015) - full transcript

Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe ~ This life is dedicated to "YOU THE ALMIGHTY" (God). This film is a journey of one man "BHAGAT PURAN SINGH" who treaded a difficult and exhausting path. The journey was made possible by his infinite faith in his mission: the moral values he received from his mother: and courage, vision and determination he received from Guru Granth Sahib. With compassion in his heart he found energy that can move mountains and create miracles. The film is an important chapter in the history of post - partition Punjab. A varied approach to meaningful events would carry great appeal and emotionally connect with the audience. The rich music score soaked in traditional punjabi sounds, Shabads, songs and the culturally rich rhythms emanate fresh waves of sound that the listeners will savour with delight. The tireless research done for the film makes it a very authentic and genuine attempt to recreate the life and the times of a penniless man who calls himself " a humble sweeper at the footsteps of Gods abode". He ferried an invalid for many years on his shoulders and over a span of time the burden of every helpless human became a garland around his neck. In his arduous journey he was joined by millions of altruistic human beings who supported his noble cause without knowing the sheer magnitude of the herculean task of the man who undertook it. The film is sure to draw the crowds for its honesty, sincerity, brilliant performances, music and a story everyone will relate with. It is an awe-inspiring journey of a human being who commits a lifetime to serving humanity and preserving the environment.

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What a beautiful lamp lit
Worship service this is

What a beautiful lamp lit
Worship service this is

What a beautiful lamp lit
Worship service this is

The destroyer of fear it gives us
A glimpse of the highest love of God

What a beautiful lamp lit
Worship service this is

The destroyer of fear it gives us
A glimpse of the highest love of God

Upon the cosmic plate of the sky

The sun and the moon

Are the lamps

They're the lamps

The stars and their orbits
Are studded pearls

The fragrance of sandalwood in the air
Resembles that of a temple

And the wind is the fan

All the plants of the world

Altar flowers are an offering to you
My luminous Lord

What a beautiful lamp lit
Worship service this is

The destroyer of fear it gives us
A glimpse of the highest love of God

What a beautiful lamp lit
Worship service this is

The destroyer of fear it gives us
A glimpse of the highest love of God

What a beautiful lamp lit
Worship service this is

The destroyer of fear it gives us
A glimpse of the highest love of God

What a beautiful lamp lit
Worship service this is

The destroyer of fear it gives us
A glimpse of the highest love of God

What a beautiful lamp lit
Worship service this is

The destroyer of fear it gives us
A glimpse of the highest love of God

What a beautiful lamp lit
Worship service this is

The destroyer of fear it gives us
A glimpse of the highest love of God

What a beautiful lamp lit
Worship service this is

What a beautiful lamp lit
Worship service this is

By creating the universe,
and planet Earth...

and this world, we've been blessed
by mother nature.

But we...

We're disrespecting it.

And we're happy to do so.

We're insulting it.

Mind your step and keep your distance.
Please be careful.

Keep your eyes on the floor.

Mind your step, stay away from the edge.

You crazy man.

People are celebrating Janamashtami,

and you have plonked yourself
like a pole in the middle of the road.

-Officer, I'm protecting the treasure.

Bhagat Ji, it was a nightmare
arranging this wooden board.

-The job's done, keep the bricks.
-The bricks are down.

Now that the treasure is covered,
we've got nothing to worry about.

If anyone would have tripped over,
it would have been fatal.

Forgive me,
I've mistaken you for someone else.

It's okay, it always happens.

Do you think that I'm crazy or something?

I must be mad to stand here
guarding this manhole for so long.

It doesn't matter, the job's done.
Let's go, come on.

Stop, my good man.
Take me to the college.

It's expensive to take the rickshaw,
do you have any money?

-Yes, how much do you want?
-Two rupees and 50 paisa.

Okay, I'll pay it, but I need to collect
this cow dung first.

If delivered to the right place,
I can turn this filth into wealth.

Do you expect me to give you a ride
with all that filth?

All done.

He left me.

Strange, I told him
that I was prepared to pay.

I can take the horse drawn carriage.

-Stop, stop!

-I want to go to the college.
-Do you study or teach at the college?

For now I'm a student,
how much will it cost to go there?

Exactly five rupees.

Okay, I'll pay you five rupees,
under one condition.

We will need to stop several times
on the way there.

We'll stop when I spot cow dung
or stones,

and I'll pick them up as we go.

I agree, but I too have a condition
you must meet.

Please don't go to the college,
go to the mental asylum.


Bhagat Ji,
we've been looking everywhere for you.

Get on the scooter,
let's go to the college.

I'm not getting on that.

If I had my way,
I would have motorcycles banned.

Okay, we'll go by foot.

Go get some water.

Bhagat Ji, we've been waiting for you
with flowers,

but you're busy scattering manure.

The flowers in these garlands
and bouquets grow from this very manure.

Keep an eye on the flowers that bloom
from where I've spread it,

the manure will be extremely fragrant.

-Bhagat Ji, your water.

Bhagat Ji, if only everyone
could start thinking like you.

Then why don't you?
It costs nothing at all.

-Let's go.
-Yes, let's proceed.

The job's done, my son, let's go.

I'm a servant at the Guru's house.

I also serve at the Pingalwara.

I'd like to thank you all for the flowers.

However, once the stem breaks,
the fragrance of a flower dies.

I want...

that fragrance to last forever.

It should live forever.

Did you think...

that I was here to preach you?

No, I'm here to converse with you.


the heaviest burdens...

and the biggest problems can be
solved through a simple conversation.

These values were instilled in me
by my mother.

She used to tell me to tread carefully...

or else you'll kill the ants.

God resides in the ants too,
and the earth belongs to them as well.

Ram Ji!

Ram Ji, be careful.

Slowly, slowly.
You'll fall if you aren't careful.

Be careful, you'll fall.

See, you've hurt yourself now.

You made the little ant spill her flour.

Now what will the poor ant do?

She was going to knead it into dough
and make chapattis for her children.

Who's hurting the most,
the ant or you?

-The ant.
-Yes, the ant.

If only someone had left the stone
in a different place,

my Ram Ji wouldn't have tripped over

and fallen, and the ant
wouldn't have spilt her flour.

Isn't that right?

That's why whenever you encounter
bricks, stones or nails,

you should pick them up
and move them aside.

-So that--

Yes, so that nobody else can
trip like Ram Ji did.

It also means that the ant
won't spill her flour. Isn't that right?

But people are just walking by,
nobody picks them up.

My dear son, someone has to take
the initiative, don't you agree?

My dear son.

Your mother loves you to the moon
And back...

-Ram Ji, could you bring me the lamp?
-I'm coming.

I would give my heart
My spirit everything...

Here you go.

For your pure love my baby

Mum, why are your hands black?

My son, in order to let off light,
the glass must be wiped clean.

Understood? Okay, listen, did you know

that both darkness and light
live together in the same lamp?

My dear son is as bright as the moon.

I'll lull you to sleep

And you'll gently sway away

I'll lull you to sleep
And you gently sway away

The birds are here to look at you

My precious beautiful baby

For your pure love my baby

I would give my heart my spirit
Everything for your pure love my baby

Ram Ji, wake up, my dear son.

Look, the rooster wakes up
before you every single day.

All of God's creatures are chirping
and calling for you.

-Get up, my son.
-Mum, I want to sleep a bit more.

Tell them to be quiet, I want to sleep.

They're not going to be quiet,
they look forward to you feeding them.


Come on, I have put some seeds
in the basket.

Go and scatter them on the terrace.

If you do,
I'll give you something special to eat.

Mum, what will you give me?
Sweet chapatti?

Yes, sweet chapatti.

-But first you need to feed them.
-No, I want the sweet chapatti first.

Feed them first.

-Feed them first.
-No, I want the sweet chapatti first.

First feed the birds, then I'll give you
the sweet chapatti. Here, hold this.

Go, go. Move it, move it.

Come here.

Come here.

Come here.

Come here.

Come here.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
Praise the almighty Lord.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
Praise the almighty Lord.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
Praise the almighty Lord.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
Praise the almighty Lord.

Give it to him.

May you live long, dear son.

May God bless you with a long life,
lasting peace, and the best education.

Did you see how many blessings
you received from Baba?

Baba Ji, please give me the bell.

Here you go, boy. Do you remember
what I said about Bhole Nath?

He didn't sleep until every
living creature on this earth was fed.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
Praise the almighty Lord.

Are you feeling good?

What has your mother sent you
to beg for today?

She made pudding, it's for you.

-Oh, really? What's the occasion?
-It's my birthday today.

Your birthday? Why were you even born,
you illegitimate child?

If I had my way, I wouldn't let
you or your mother in this house.

What's all the fuss about?

His mother has sent this sweet pudding
to try and rub salt into my wounds.

What are you talking about?
She's only sent you some pudding.

It's so sweet, it's like venom to me.

Tell this boy to go away,
and that he shouldn't come back.

You bastard, didn't you hear
what my mother said? Get lost.

You have no idea what's going on.

Ram Ji, give me the sweet pudding.


are you leaving the house for good?

I want to earn my own living.

Aren't you able to take criticism?

Now you want to go and
wash people's dirty utensils?

The entire business has
been destroyed by the epidemic.

How will we pay for Ram Ji's education?

You should've considered this before.

You gave birth to him against my will.

Your words insult my womb.

I'm not trying to insult you,
I'm just trying to make you realize...

that the path you have chosen to walk...

Just don't assume that I will support you.

I don't have a choice.

Let me make one thing absolutely clear.

-If you consider coming back tomorrow--
-Listen to me,

both myself and my son will never,
ever return to be a burden on you.


I'm forever indebted to you...

for allowing me to bring my child
into the world.

Son, you're a piece of my heart.

I live for you.

If I had my way, I wouldn't let you
out of my sight for even a minute.

However, I won't let my maternal
instinct enslave me to the extent

that I ruin your life.

That's why I'm taking you to the hostel.

Mother, will you be cleaning
people's dirty dishes?

I can help sweep the floor.

No, why would my son sweep floors?
You're my little prince.

Mother, is it important
to get an education?

Whether it's important or not,
I'm not so sure.

I want you to be able to go to university.

You'll do it, right?

Come on, I'll drop you at the hostel.

Let’s go.

Mehtab Kaur, your son's now
a good looking young man.

But why has he been looking so sad
since he's been back?

The thought of failing his exams
are getting him down.

My dear son, God creates
good avenues to earn a living,

even for the people who fail their exams.

Dhanwant Kaur, if he's not so good
academically, let's find him a profession.

Boy, if you want to get a job,

then make sure you let me know
by the evening.

Stay there with your son, Mehtab Kaur,
he's been gone for a long time.

I'll get you something to eat and drink.

-Come sit here and catch up.

Mom, I have failed to fulfil
every single wish of yours.

My son, all my wishes are with you.

Anyway, the matriculation exam
isn't like the great Kumbh festival,

it doesn't take 12 years until
you can take it again.

Come next year, you can resit the exam.

Mother, I don't feel like resitting
the exam or even working.

I don't even want to return
to the village.

-You've never mentioned returning.
-What should I do?

I can't stay with you.

All I see is darkness all around.

I'm feeling so confused.

Both of us are homeless.

My son, God's home is our home.

When the road ahead isn't so clear,
we must put our trust in God.

He'll show us the right path.

Come and see me my love

Without you I'm nothing

Come and see me my love

Without you I'm nothing

I can't even sleep...

Son, you were once very sick.
The fever just wouldn't go.

Then, I prayed to the Almighty
to bless you with a long life.

He will help you.

You haven't failed, my son.

Waheguru, I hand over my son to you.

If you're with him,
I have nothing to fear.

Come and see me my love

Without you I'm nothing

I have no desire for food or water

I'm dying from the pain of our breakup

Without my husband
How can I find peace?

I've offered my prayers to the Guru

If it pleases him

We shall become one

Mom, your forehead is burning.

Yes, my son, the fever doesn't appear
to be shifting.

I'm constantly thinking about you.

I was so anxious.
Last night, I kept dreaming of you.

It was like you were calling out to me.

I was calling for you, my son.

Let me take you to the
Dera Sahab Gurdwara, Mom.

I'll look after you every day.

There's no way out anymore.

I'm jobless.

I don't want to be a burden anymore.

Come on, dear sister, don't say that.
How are you a burden?

Joy and pain are inseparable
parts of the body.

You have been such a great help...

but now it seems...

as if my time has come.

Don't make such disheartening statements.
You have to live a long life.

Your son needs you.

You must look after your mother.
If you need anything, just ask me.

Mom, from now on, I won't leave
you alone for even one minute.

Son, just once...

one last time, take me
back to my village. Take me to Rajewal.

I don't know why, but my mother
is insisting on going to Rajewal

instead of the hospital.

Oh, God.

We were so late reaching Rajewal.

The front door of the house was locked.

-Please open the door.

Grandma, please open the door!

Open the door.

Mom. What happened, Mom?

Oh, God.

I've left some money
with Mahant Teja Singh.

Swear that you won't spend...

a single paisa on yourself.

-I'm a sinner. I'm a witch.
-No, Mom.

You don't understand.

I was a widowed virgin before...

your father gave me shelter.

He promised that he wouldn't
have a child with me.

He asked me three times
to have an abortion.

But when you were in my womb...

was during a time...

a plague had enveloped the village.

I bought this medicine for you,
why haven't you taken it yet?

-I'm not taking it.
-What do you mean?

-Don't force me.
-But we agreed, Mehtab.

Our agreement has made me a murderer
instead of being a mother.

I've told you that you won't give birth
to this child.

Life and death are matters best
left in the hands of God.

A child won't be born from your womb
in my house.

-That was our agreement.
-It was your decision.

Please reconsider what you're saying.

Look outside.

Bodies are being burnt in every field.

People are praying to stay alive.

Yet you want to murder my child
before it even comes into this world?

I don't want to bury my flesh and blood.

In the name of God,
allow my child to be born.

Okay, but this child will never be
my legal heir.

It won't get a share of my assets,
that's final.

Mom, Mom.

Son, why are you sitting here?

Sai Ji, Mom's gone.

Yes, I've just heard.

Sai Ji, she was so sad when she departed.

Did she mention anything to you?

I wish she had told me about it
a long time ago.

I have not yet tasted
The taste of divine love

I have not yet tasted
The taste of divine love...

This is from the guru's blessed kitchen.

This is from the guru's blessed kitchen.
It's from the guru's blessed kitchen.

Use both hands.

From the guru's blessed kitchen.

Waheguru, I have seen you serving here
for years now.

This service has been assigned
to me from God's own abode.

I'm God's servant.

May God reward you
for your selfless services.

What's your name?

My Grandma had named
my older brother Ramji.

So my mother used to call me Ram Ji, too.

You two are like mother's to me,
call me what you wish.

Here, take some bread.

Kheer Waheguru Ji...

have some kheer.

This poor child is disabled,
he can't eat with his own hands.

We have brought him here
to drop him off at the orphanage.


We want you to admit this child
into the orphanage.

-Who is this child?
-This child is our responsibility.

His mother passed away two months ago,

and his father left him with us
and ran away.

-We don't know what to do.
-We've walked a long way to get here.

Okay, but this orphanage is a home
for orphans.

We aren't able to take care
of a child with disabilities.

We can't accept him here.

Where should we take him then?

You will have to make
arrangements for him elsewhere.

What do we do?
This problem is stuck to us like glue.

It is, buddy. If we return home with him,

our families are going to throw us
onto the streets.

We could leave him here
amongst the beggars

and walk away. What do you think?

The crippled don't live too long anyway.

He will pass away within a year or so.

Then why don't we finish him off
and leave?

-The matter will be resolved once and all.
-Wouldn't that make us sinners?

The Gurdwara will deal with him.
If not, they'll be the sinners.

Ji Giani Ji.

You've served at the Guru's house
for many years.

You have spared no effort in serving
the poor, the sick and the needy.

Seeing the selfless service
that you've rendered...

I thought of you today.

I'll do what you say.

With the shelter and support
from Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji...

today, I'm entrusting you
with a big responsibility.

You will raise this child.


I'm so fortunate, Giani Ji.

From now on,
you're his mother and his father.

Today marks four years since my
mom passed away.

You've marked the occasion
by giving me an invaluable gift.

Bless the Waheguru.

I will give this child
as much love and affection...

as my mother gave me.

I have not yet tasted
The taste of divine love...

Come, please come. Come. Very good.

I've waited so long for this love

I've waited so long for this love...

Come on, let's take a bath.

Come on, let's have a bath.

We'll have some sweetmeats after.

Now you're all clean,
let's eat sweetmeats.

What's on your mind, son?
You're always sitting on your own.

To be a widowed virgin is a curse.

-Getting a divorce is a curse.
-Who are you referring to?


My mom.

She suffered so much grief.

She swallowed so many insults.

She lived in pain and anguish.

But she never forgot about her kids.

She didn't deserve all of this.

It was my father who was sinful...

not my mother.

Mom, I will consider
every woman my mother from now on.

Your little arms around my neck
Made me sway to the tune of love

I swayed to the tune of love
For my dear baby

For my babies pure love

I would give my heart
My spirit my everything

Everything for your pure love my baby

Pyara is, Pyara isn't.
Pyara is, Pyara isn't.

Pyara is, Pyara isn't.
Pyara is, Pyara isn't.

Sai Ji, this is my new toy.
God has given me a toy.

Waheguru, Waheguru the king.

I pray that this invalid
is able to live a long life.

He's my toy...

and I can't live without him.

I don't want anything other than
this invalid boy.

I want nothing more...

and won't ever need anything more.

Why is there blood on the rabab?
Where is the rabab's owner, Sai Ditta?

The rioters appeared from nowhere...

and killed Sai Ditta.

I was sitting next to his body,
holding the Rabab

when Muslim rioters
happened to come by.

Perhaps they thought I was also
a Muslim and spared my life.

Finally, the police and the army came
and took his body away.

Oh, Pyara, oh, Pyara!

Come here my dear Pyara.

You should clean the rabab,
and keep it safe inside.

Incase we're both destined to die...

I hope God takes you first...

so that I can save your corpse
from the feeding crows and the dogs.

Waheguru, Waheguru.

Don't discuss such things
in the Waheguru's house.

It's not the time to mourn,
but rather to show some courage.


It appears as though the curfew
isn't going to be lifted.

It's been three days now, the children
are suffering because they're hungry.

No, Giani Ji, don't worry.
I'll help improve the situation somehow.

I'll take Gurmukh Singh
to the langar hall,

we'll cook chapattis and pickles,

-and serve them to people.

-This situation seems to be getting worse.
-Let's do it.

-Gurmukh Singh Ji, light the wood.

-I'll prepare the dough.

Gurmukh Ji, Gurmukh Ji.

Are you okay?

Come on, come on. It's safe.

Bhagat Ji, all of the arrangements have
been made for your trip to Amritsar.

The taxi is here,
and the food is ready at my place.

Don't leave without having a meal
at my house.

Principal, sir, I can't take a taxi.

They pollute the environment,
we'll walk to your place.

The station isn't far from here anyway.
We'll walk there.

Thank you, it was a great experience.

Come on, let's go,
we've had a good time here.

Welcome, Bhagat Ji.

Dear, please tell your aunt
to lay the table.


It looks like you've moved
into a poor man's home.

A poor man's home?

It looks like a store house for wood.

Why's there so much wood?

My children wanted
a lot of woodwork in the house,

so I put it everywhere.
Please take a seat and enjoy your meal.

Eat, I won't even take
a sip of water in this house,

-let alone eat any food.
-What happened, Bhagat Ji?

At least tell me what I've done wrong?


You have ripped out the lungs
of the poor,

and adorned the walls and floors
of your home.

Have you ever planted
a sapling with your own hands?

God forbid if you needed it,
you'd buy oxygen if you could.

How will the poor breathe?

All of this because of the children?
How foolish.

What a foolish man,
just because the children insisted.

-And he calls himself a teacher.
-Bhagat Ji, please listen to me.

Bhagat Ji, you're such a fast walker,
I had to literally run to catch you.

Oh, madam, that's why I never
take the rickshaw, they're so slow.

In your fit of rage,
you came without eating, please eat now.

No, madam, you eat,
I'll get something on the way.

I can still manage, even without food.

Bhagat Ji, I don't cut down trees,
please eat my food.

You don't understand,

what with the amount of tree's
we're destroying...

we're inviting floods,
and upsetting mother nature.

We're tempting fate.

You preach day and night,
people will start to listen eventually.

Oh, no, they do understand,

but these fools will never learn.

Let go of all your concerns for a while
and eat.

Staying hungry like this
is tempting fate.

-Here, eat.
-Okay, give me some.

-You worry about me a lot.
-You worry about everybody.

Bhagat Ji, when I get home
and tell everyone that I met you,

my family are going to be so impressed.

May God bless you with a long life,
you have great values.

Bhagat Ji,
I'll come to see the Pingalwara.

Do you think it's a zoo or something?

It's a home for the homeless.

If you wish to come,
then come to serve and not to see.

Come here, Sardar, come here.

Move up a bit, please.

Why are you carrying
this broken glass?

So that it doesn't hurt my mother's foot.

Or cause an injury to someone.

Great, but who are you?
Have I got you confused with someone else?

It's common that people confuse me
with other people.

We usually become friends after that.

We became friends the moment we sat
together and struck up a conversation,

-but what's with your style?
-Original, isn't it?

Why are you wearing a bell
around your neck?

So that you'd ask me about it.

See, it pleases everyone.

But please tell me the actual reason,
why do you wear it?

I ring this bell
to attract people's attention

to my Pingalwara.

And to seek help for the sick
and the disabled.

So you're the Bhagat Puran Singh Ji?

No, no, just do this.

That's nice.

I'm a big admirer of your services
to mankind,

but since this is the first time
we've met in person,

can I ask you a question, Bhagat Ji?

Yes, you're an advocate,
of course you can ask me a question.

What made you start Pingalwara?

An invalid in Lahore had become
almost like a garland around my neck.

After the partition of 1947,
we came here.

In the refugee camp at Khalsa College
I noticed that...

the handicapped and the sick people
were suffering.

Everyone is reminded...

They were getting thinner and thinner.

...that registration is mandatory.

We need your name
and address to register.

Here you go, you can go to the camp.


Yes, young man, we need your details

and all of your property and possessions.

I have one rupee
and five anas in my pocket.

Even if you didn't have him,
that wouldn't have mattered.

Do you have any other
relations or family members?

I once had a mother, who has since left.

She left for heaven.
This invalid on my shoulders,

my Pyara, he's all I've got.

He was four years old when I got him,

and ever since I've worn him like a
precious necklace around my neck.

This old man is sick,
he's treating me like I'm his son.

I got him here.

You did a good thing.

Here you go, straight ahead to the camp.

This is a notice to everybody
in the Khalsa College refugee camp.

Due to a sudden increase in numbers,

we urgently require volunteers
to come forward and help us.

We request that you come forward
and help us right away.

What happened, Baba Ji?

Are you feeling okay? If not,
and you need something, let me know.

I'm not feeling well, son,
my heart seems to be sinking.

I will be very grateful if you could
bring me a bit of juice.

Please just ask, I'm here to serve.

Take two rupees and get a bottle of juice.

I will get it shortly.

Let's go, Pyara Ji, let's go.

Pyara's horse is going for a run.

Here you go, Baba Ji,
some chilled juice for you.

I had to go up to Putligarh
hence why I'm a little late.

I bet you were thinking that I ran away
with your two rupees.

Come on, Pyara Ji.

What happened, Baba Ji, are you angry?
Why aren't you speaking?

Take some of this juice,
perhaps it will calm you down.

I have some savings.

You must promise me...

not to spend a single paisa
out of that money on yourself.

Mom, today I realized...

why you strictly forbade
me from using the money...

you had kept aside
for your own cremation.

What should I do with the rest
of this old man's money?

I have some money with me.

It belongs to an old man who passed away.
I was wondering what to do with it.

I was wondering what to do with it.

Then, I remembered Gurmukh Singh.
Please take the money.

You'll be able to buy things for the kids.

No, brother,
your needs are no less than ours.

I'm using it for the needs
of my sister's children.

Keep it, sister, keep it.

God will take care of you.

The refugee camps
of 1947 have long since ended,

but there is no end to the suffering
of the refugees.

Oh, God, there was so much
bloodshed and killings.

Has the country attained freedom
or has it been destroyed?

Since the partition, nobody
seems to take any responsibility

for the cripples and invalids.

They are rendered homeless
and are suffering.

It won't be like this forever.

God has asked me
to build a home for them.

-Bhagat Ji.

Am I right, Pyara?

Pyara, Pyara. Is that right?

To arrange some chapattis
I had to beg from door to door.

But now I don't have to.

People have started giving
them away every morning and evening.

Yes, brother.

Thanks to your efforts
I have been able to help serve them.

But, Bhagat Ji,

you've been washing the dirty clothes
of patients for years now,

and you never let us touch them.

I don't consider them dirty.

All I see is their suffering,
it reminds me of my mother.

Since I've been taking care of them
and cleaning their clothes...

I've never felt any repulsion.
I see my mother in amongst these cripples.

I see my brothers and sisters
in these invalids.

They died before they
were born into this world.

Bhagat Ji, I'll go and sort the chapattis.

Bhagat Ji, it's going to be cold and
we don't have enough warm clothes.

-How will we survive?

But I only have one bank,
it's God's Bank.

He issues checks at his will.

Okay, Bhagat Ji.

Leave Pyara with Bhano,
I'll pick him up on my return.

Come here, my lonesome goat,
your buddies have already moved on.

Here you go, Madam Bhano.

I'll leave my Pyara with you again today.

Pyara's is ours, too.

Come, dear son, I have cooked
these especially for you.

Great, it's a treat just for you.

He makes us laugh,

and he keeps us busy.

That's good. What should I do?
I feel helpless.

I can't leave him alone,

and to collect the money
I have to travel great distances.

If I don't speak to him for a while,
he gets upset.

Pyara, I'll be back soon. Is that okay?

Dog, dog.

Oh dear, dear...

Let him go,
he has to collect some money for you.

I'm indebted to you for this favor,
how will I ever repay you?

You take such good care
of Pyara every single day.

Why are you saying that?
You're the most selfless person ever.

He can stay with us,
it's not a big deal at all.

Don't worry about him,

he'll be fine, just like our corn. Right?

-Do you want some corn kernels?
-Okay, I'll go.

Sure, sure.

My dear, do you want some popcorn?

Donations for the lame, and the invalids
and Waheguru will bless you.

Donations, donations.

Donations, donations.

Come here, Bhagat.

I know that you need some food.
Here, eat something.

No, my brother. My children are hungry,
why should I eat?

I haven't even managed
to collect two rupees yet.

Who does that child belong to?
Is he with anybody?

He's an orphan.

Someone just left him here
at the station yesterday.


In that case, he's my child.

Come here, my child. Come here.

Bhagat, he's been laying there
since yesterday.

Come here, my child.

He hasn't even moved,
or said a single word.

He must be hungry, quickly,
give something to eat.

-Here you go, Bhagat.
-Here it is.

-Eat this.
-Water, water.

Water? Get me some water.

Do you want some water?

Hurry up. Very good, very good.

Water, water.

Oh, little boy of mine, what's your name?

He only says "Unni-Unni," nothing else.

He says he has eaten food
and has had some water.

Water, water.

Bhagat, he's your child.
You understand him.

Come on, Uni Maani. Come on.

Let's go, I'll take you to see Pyara.

Brother, if someone comes and asks
about the boy, send them to me.

If someone was going to come,
he wouldn't have been dumped like this.

-He's a part of your family now.
-Come on, Uni Maani.

It's getting windy.

Bhagat Ji, it's going to rain.

God bless.

What will happen to the patients
under the Banyan tree if it rains?

Waheguru, please provide them
with shelter and protection.

-Yes, Bhagat Ji.

-Take Pyara and Unni Manni inside.
-Yes, Bhagat Ji.

-Be careful, don't let them get wet.
-Yes, Bhagat Ji.

I will quickly go and make
some arrangement for the patients.

Yes, Bhagat Ji.

-Take care of these things, and my books.
-Yes, yes.

It's okay. Slowly, slowly. Be careful.

Put it down, come on.
Don't just stand there, come on.

Very good.

Good work. Gently, come on.
Lay it down.

Come on, let's go again.

Come on, get up.

Bhagat Ji, I have some bad news.

Unni Manni had a really bad fever...

and he died.

My children...

no matter how much help you need...

you can ask for all the help in the word,
but don't die on me.

I can't bear this.

Yes, tell me.

Look, we have served you many notices.
This building has been sold.

You have to leave.

Are you just evicting people?
Is that all you do?

What about trying to rehabilitate
the sick, helpless and homeless people?

You have to leave. I have paid for
this building, it's mine.

Where should I take
all of these sick people?

Will society refuse to
take responsibility of them again?

Who do these sick belong to?
Is it my mother and father?

Look, you cannot keep TB
patients like this in the open.

It's dangerous, anyone could get it.

You very well know that
it's a contagious disease.

So you accept that anyone
can catch this,

but you're failing to consider
that it can be treated.

The patients could be healthy again.

If I contracted TB,
would my mother abandon me?

If it took me one year
instead of a month to die from it,

would she have strangled me to death?

I can't let my patients
languish on the roads to die.

See, Bhagat Ji, you must understand
the limitations of the government.

Your government can't even understand
the helplessness of my patients.

That's why I'm compelled to break
the law. I won't be leaving this building.

We shall see,
I have spent 100,000 rupees on this.

I don't care about your 100,000 rupees.

You listen to what I have done.

I have followed Gandhi Ji's principles,

and have been a part
of the struggle for independence.

I'm an advocate of good things.
What have you done?

You've licked the boots
of the British.

Bhagat Ji, we're well aware
of your selfless service.

But what are we supposed to do?

Get hold of some poison,
I can't watch my patients die like this.

Whether one is suffering
from TB or cancer, or anything else.


I will speak to the government.

I will ask them for some land
where you can build the Pingalwara again.

Bhagat Ji, what's going on with these
empty burlap sacks?

They're screaming for some flour,
or we should get rid of them.

Wow, the sacks have turned poetic.

We must find some flour for them then.

But, Bhagat Ji,
where will we get the flour from?

The bins are empty.

Don't worry, we'll sound the bell.

Let's go. Now people have
started calling you a "devotee,"

it's time to start acting like one.
Pick up your cauldron...

and sound the bell.

With an iron cauldron in my hand

And a brass bell around my neck

With an iron cauldron in my hand

And a brass bell around my neck

The hungry helpless
Old and the crippled

The hungry helpless
Old and the crippled

Look towards you with hopeful eyes

I must go on to seek money for them...

Chain Singh, can you come here?

-Coming, Bhagat Ji.
-Come, come.

I was feeling a bit tired.

Until the day we stop breathing,

we can neither be exhausted
nor distraught, understood?

Bhagat Ji, you have created
a huge pile of these bricks

and stones that
you got from the roadside.

My good man, there are two
things I do with great interest.

Firstly, picking up stones
and bricks from the road

so that no one gets
injured or knocked down.

Secondly, picking up lame
and crippled people...

so that nobody can do damage to them.

I understand, Bhagat Ji,

but what do you intend
to do with these bricks and stones?

Hey, silly boy. These will be
the foundation of the new Pingalwara.


Give the homeless have a home

Give them an identity

Every time he prays to God

He asks him to bless those
Who're suffering


And those who're in overwhelming pain
With empty pockets

And those who're in overwhelming pain
With empty pockets

There's no other option

I must go out to seek money for them

I must go out to seek money for them

Please make a donation.

Why don't you leave me alone,
how many times have I said no?

But you keep coming back.
Don't you feel ashamed when you beg?

You're strong and able-bodied,
God has given you hands and feet.

Go earn a living.

God has blessed me with hands
and feet but not family members.

What do you mean?
How big is your family?

Around 150 people,
all of them are disabled and sick.

Okay, come here. Come.

-Here you go, come by every month.
-Okay, thank you.

Bhagat Ji, we've arrived
at the railway station.

We're here?

Okay, Bhagat Ji.

Good, good.

No, I want to play.

-Get in.
-I want to go and play.

Get in! Stay there.

-If you say that one more time...
-I want to play.

-...I'll cut your legs off. Stay there.
-I want to play.

-You mad woman.
-I want to go.

Shut up or you'll be punished.
You're not going anywhere.

But I have to play.

We'll go in the evening.
Look what I have got for you.

Chapattis and some sweetmeat.
Eat as much as you like, okay?

You're not allowed to go outside, though.

-I want to go, I want to go.
-You're not leaving, sit down.

-You're not going.
-I want to go.

Get inside.

-I want to go.
-You stupid girl.

I want to go, I want to go.

I want to go. I want to go out and play.

I want to go, I want to go.

I want to go out and play.

I want to go out and play.

-I want to go out and play.
-What happened, sister?

What do you think?
She's just a poor girl.

This man treats her like a dog,
and locks her in there every single day.

He's as heartless as an executioner.

Do me a favor, try and get her
to the Pingalwara.

What are you suggesting?

How can we break into someone's house
and send his wife to the Pingalwara?

-I want to go out and play.
-What do we do?

The men go to work,

and we're here listening to her
scream all day.

What do we do?
The poor girl is pregnant.

Oh, my God!
Someone should kill that man.

Bhagat Ji,
we're from the Sadar police station.

A complaint has been
made against the Pingalwara.

How dare you take my wife
to the Pingalwara?

The Pingalwara has been built
for the homeless and the poor.

She doesn't need your support,
I'm always there to help her.

But who are you?

That is what I have come to tell you.

Bhagat Ji, we hold you in high esteem,

but you need to return his wife to him.
He will then withdraw his complaint.

The matter will be settled for good.

We won't leave until you give her back.

-I'm going to eat a chapatti.
-Madam, tell me one thing...

how can this woman be his wife?

Did he marry her in a Gurdwara?
Has he even married her?

I will do as I wish, who are you
to interfere in my personal affairs?

It's not just a personal matter,
it's a matter for humanity as a whole.

This young woman has the brain
of an eight-year-old child.

She doesn't know what's going on.

You have forced her into being a mother.

Does she even know
who her husband is?

But I know that I'm her husband.

What have you ever done for her?

I picked her up from the street,

brought her home,
gave her shelter and two meals per day.

Oh, bravo, great.

In exchange for two chapattis you've
exploited her like the beast you are.

You aren't married to her anyway,

that allows you to throw her out
of your house at your convenience.

She's carrying my child.

She will deliver a child courtesy
of your lust.

She doesn't need lust,
she needs compassion.

She does not need your shelter,
she needs a hospital.

Tell me one thing,

why don't you take her to the hospital
and get her some treatment?

I'm not responsible for all that.

But I have taken the responsibility on,
I will get her the treatment she needs.

She's not just a helpless animal,
who will always succumb to your lust.

She's a daughter.
A daughter of Pingalwara.

Bhagat Ji, don't do this. We'll use force
to resolve it if necessary.

Inspector, as I've said,
she is now a daughter of the Pingalwara,

if she leaves here,

she will do so only after
he finally marries her.

Have a proper ceremony,
and we'll be happy to let her go.

What does she know about ceremonies?
She's mad.

She isn't mad, you're the mad one
who thinks this helpless woman

has to bear your children
for merely two chapattis.

-Bhagat Ji, listen--
-No, madam. You need to listen.

You can protest all you like,
you can even call the army.

I will not hand over this girl
to that beast.

Bhagat Ji, how are we going to resolve
this matter?

Okay, if he doesn't want to marry her...

he must write a will stating that
her child will inherit all of his assets.

-How could I possibly do that?
-You can't seem to do anything!


-Take our daughter inside.
-Yes, Bhagat Ji.

Get up, let's go.

Inspector, feel free to go ahead
and do what you need to do.

Arrest me.

Put me behind bars.

Do what you have to do,
it doesn't matter.

What matters is the one thing
that I have made clear to you,

and that is that the Pingalwara's daughter
will be staying put.

Let's go, Sardar,
we'll think of something else.

Here you go, madam,
I have done as you asked.

We've put her breast in hot water
before pouring the milk in the bottle.

It's important to do that,

-we don't want the baby getting sick.

Keep the nipple covered
and protect it from the flies, okay?

-Now, feed that baby some milk.

-There's a clever girl.
-Bhagat Ji.


In the name of God, no.

-You don't need to do that.

-It's good you bandaged him.

Bhagat Ji, I think that this place
is in dire need of nurses.

Madam, we need a lot of things.

However, this Pingalwara
doesn't need employees,

it needs people who're willing
to help with love and care.


-Tell me one thing.

This bandage is so neat...

have you done a course in nursing?

Nursing and medicine.
I'm a qualified doctor.

I'm on holiday,
so I came here to help out.

Bravo, bravo. That's so nice of you.

You're the kind of person
that this Pingalwara needs.


Bhagat Ji, our entire family worships you.

-My father has a clinic in Sangrur.


In that case you must be...

-Dr. Harbans Singh's daughter.

A Pingalwara donation box
has been installed at the clinic.

Whenever your workers
come in to take the collections,

they leave lots of books for us.

Our entire family reads
every word of them,

and then we try to
follow your teachings.

-I'm glad to hear it.

My worker informed me that,
at your house,

-you help those who need help.

There's a round the clock langar,

This is the influence of
your teachings only, Bhagat Ji.


After meeting you,
I'm eager to meet your family.

It would be great if you came to visit.

-Okay, tell me one thing.

Is it your first visit to the Pingalwara?

Yes, it's my first time.
I'm not here to see, but rather to serve.

-Bravo, I trust that you'll be a big help.

Look who it is, it's Bhagat Ji.

-My respects.
-There's no need for that, sit down.

Bhagat Ji, I have come to make a donation
of 100,000 rupees to the Pingalwara.

Sit down.

Chain Singh, tell the cashier
to bring me the receipt book.

Bhagat Ji, I'm in no hurry
for the receipt, I can take it later.

Please take...

100,000 rupees and...

get me a receipt made for 500,000.

After I get the receipt,
I will send another 100,000 to you.

Have you come here to make
a donation or to tax evade?

It's not that Bhagat Ji,
I just heard that the Pingalwara

was struggling a bit.

It's going through a difficult phase.

Okay, let's do this. I would like
some land right next to Pingalwara

I would like to build a market place.

You'll have a regular income source,

and I'll open a few shops,
what do you think?

The Pingalwara runs on grants
and donations, not with shops.

I would prefer to ask for
1 rupee per month from 100,000 people,

than taking 100,000 from one person.

I thank you for your offer,

and thank you for coming
to the Pingalwara.

Bhagat Ji, perhaps you've misunderstood
what I meant.

The thing is, the day I start
worrying about the Pingalwara,

is the day that God
will stop worrying about it.

I'll take some leave, Bhagat Ji.

Sister, don't lose heart.
You'll be better in a couple of days.

Bhagat Ji, someone has left this baby
on the doorstep of the Pingalwara.

Give her to me.

She's great, wow.

Mohendro, a new daughter of ours
has arrived.

She's so small,
barely two to three days old.

Bhagat Ji, how are we going to raise her?

Once she's been at the Pingalwara,
how will she live without a mother?

She's starving, but can't eat so much.
Hand her to me, Bhagat Ji.

Why are you making my daughter cry?

Let go of her, what are you doing?
leave her alone.

Wait, Mohendro.

Bhagat Ji, she's crazy,
she might drop the baby.

No, Mohendro.

She's not mad, she's a mother.

Her Ruhani died a month ago,
but her instincts don't die.

Maternal instincts don't die.

Come here, Bhagat Ji
is going to solve your problem.

Come here.

Stand here, but let me do the talking.

Bhagat Ji, he's asking
for an advance and some leave too.

Give him it.

But, Bhagat Ji, he's lying.

He took some leave
and an advance six months ago.

Six months ago he said that his
mother had died.

-He's using the same excuse again.

-Do one thing for me.

Sanction him both the advance
and the leave.

-It must be very serious

if his mother has died
for a second time.

But, Bhagat Ji, he's the same guy

who instigated the strike against you.

That was his misconception,
I thought he was my son

and he thought I am the owner
and that he's just an employee.

The relationship of father and son--
This had to happen now, didn't it?

You can't depend on this power supply.

Please make a call and ask
when will they resume the supply.


Come on, let's go.

Bhagat Ji, there's no electricity
anywhere in the city.

The phone lines have gone dead too.

-Is that so?

Bhagat Ji, the army has surrounded
the Golden Temple,

a curfew has been put in place.

Everything has come to a standstill.

How unfortunate.

After seeing and hearing about
what's happening around us,

I've decided to protest
against the government...

I'll do this by returning
my Padma Shri award.

Bhagat Ji, the mistakes have
been marked on this advertisement,

how many copies should we print?

-Okay, print 5,000 copies.
-Okay, Bhagat Ji.

-Bhagat Ji. Bhagat Ji.

A lady has come from Delhi
to interview you.

-Greetings, take a seat.

Go ahead.

Bhagat Ji, by returning such a huge
honor bestowed by the government,

aren't you expressing your
support for the terrorist movement?

Madam, I only support the destitute,
the diseased and the crippled.

I'll continue to do that.

And as far as the issue
of terrorists is concerned...

my question to them is that...

since they're trying to protect
people with their guns,

-where are their Sikh values?
-Then who are you supporting?

The one who believes in saving lives,
not taking them.

What do you think about the situation?

It's most unfortunate, it's very bad.

Mistakes were made by the militants,

and mistakes were made
by the armed forces.

Mistakes were also made
by those in power,

such as the politicians.
but who was it who lost their lives?

Who perished?
The innocent and the faultless.

In the fields, in their homes,
on the bus, at university.

Why are the youth dying? Why?

But, Bhagat Ji, Hindus are also
being pulled out of homes, shops,

buses and so on,
and are being singled out and killed.

Oh, madam, Hindu, Sikh...

Madam, I was born in a Hindu family.

The values my mother taught me
during my childhood

were meant to conjoin the two religions,
not to separate them.

This sapling of Sikhism
was planted in my heart...

by the services rendered to the poor,
the suffering,

the diseased and the crippled.
It just grew from there.

I drew strength and took shelter
in the Guru's teachings and his home.

What is the deepest regret,
and who's to blame?

The insult inflicted
on the respected Golden Temple.

The violation of its sanctity and purity.

It's the government who're
solely responsible for that.

Madam, my discontent and protests
aren't directed at one person.

It's against the government.

It's against all of the politicians.

Bhagat Ji, Ruhani used to love
going to school,

but today she won't go.

I'm not going.
I won't go to school ever again!

God bless her.

What's wrong with school?

Tell me why my daughter
won't go to school.

At school, all of the kids tease us

because we're orphans.

They ask what my mother's name is,
sometimes even my father's.

A particular teacher even said that

only orphans go to the Pingalwara.

-Greetings, Bhagat Ji.
-Greetings, madam.

Madam, this girl
was barely three days old...

when someone left her
on the doorstep of the Pingalwara.

Was that her fault?

If a child cannot be born
without a mother and a father,

then how can she be an orphan?

Those parents are bastards
for dumping their child

without telling anybody.

-I apologize, Bhagat Ji. The other kids--
-Madam, you're a teacher!

It's your responsibility
and your moral duty

to educate children and safeguard
their tender hearts from being mauled.

These destitute children
have both a mother and a father,

who is very much alive.

Write it down on your register,
Bhagat Puran Singh.

All of this means...

we will have to open our own schools
for our children.


Bhagat Ji, you're so late.
Pyara is very annoyed with you.

-He's not going to let you off today.
-Help me God.

Look, Pyara. Bhagat Ji's here.

Is my Pyara angry with me?

-Forgive me, my friend.
-Today he's not going to forgive you.

Oh, my Pyara. Is Pyara angry?

I'll touch your feet and seek forgiveness,
pardon me, my friend.

Pardon me, my friend,
I'm sorry for being so late.

Dog, dog.

He's all smiles and laughter now.

A birdie takes flight
A birdie takes flight

There's drums and a band

Holding a round balloon pricked
By the birdie's tiny beak

The air begins to leak

A drumbeat left and right
Golu's happy

Holding a round balloon pricked
By the birdie's tiny beak

The air begins to leak

A birdie takes flight
A birdie takes flight

It's full of random sounds
There's firecrackers all around

Let them fly
A cracker goes awry

It's full of random sounds
There's firecrackers all around

Let them fly
A cracker goes awry

A birdie takes flight
A birdie takes flight

The fields are full of ripened corn
For the parrots to feast upon

Let's clap and shoo them away

The fields are full of ripened corn
For the parrots to feast upon

Let's clap and shoo them away

A birdie takes flight

A birdie takes flight

A birdie takes flight


-Greetings, sir.

Sir, I need some grains.

Take as much as you want,
regard it as your own shop.

That's okay, sir, but kindly remove
the no credit sign first.

Truthfully, you're the reason it's there.

Please pay the outstanding bill
and then take what you need

and pay me in cash.

Bhagat Ji, I rushed over as soon
as I received your letter.

Why was it so downbeat?

I was worried, what's wrong?

These days I feel like I'm on the verge
of becoming paralyzed...

by losing a leg in an accident...

and being left to die
on the side of the road.

So that's what was wrong.

Bhagat Ji, nothing will happen to you.
Neither paralysis nor an accident.

-Are you sure?
-Yes, I'm certain.

Even God is aware that,
if something ever happens to you,

he would have to take your place.

God doesn't have
that much time on his hands.

For no reason...

a four-year-old child...

has awakened inside of me.

Someone has snatched
something from my hands,

it was a bowl of pudding.
They threw it away.

Her memories have come back to life.

She used to embrace Triveni,
and cry her eyes out.

What happened, Bhagat Ji?

-What happened?

and destruction.


The earth is going bare,
the trees are rotting...

the rivers are drying out.

The birds and the animals are perishing.

The fumes from the vehicles...

are suffocating the earth.

The top, the ozone layer...

is punctured.

What can the poor do, Bhagat Ji?

You're so mindless, don't you understand?

It's like you're constantly asleep,
will you ever wake up?

Bhagat Ji, we have to wake up
in exactly four hours.

You won't rest, though.
You'll be picking the nails and bricks up,

and distributing pamphlets.

Bhagat Ji, even God
must take a break sometimes.

But you never take any leave.

It's because I am the emperor.

Emperor? That's great.

A cauldron in your hand,
a bell around your neck,

a turban on your head,
and Pyara by your side.

You're blessed with royalty.

Now that I'm concerned
for the whole world...

doesn't that make me
the emperor of the world?

Lala Ji, why did you refuse
to give the rations to the Pingalwara?

Lala Ji, I didn't refuse,
I just refused to give them credit.

If that is the reason, Lala Ji...

then here are the documents
to prove I own my house, please value it.

Here's a list of supplies.

Weigh the rations
and get it delivered to the Pingalwara.

Now, this is what I call a good deal.

Leave it with me,
I will send the rations to them.

-Okay, Lala Ji.

Oh, true God, you're never hungry.

But your mortals are.

I have handed you the controls.

You can perform
countless amounts of miracles.

You can give life to a stone.

Why should I worry myself?

Why should I worry myself?

What do you think, Pyara?

Our problem is solved, the job is done.

We finally have an answer.

Pyara, you have a divine smile.
I know it all too well.

I must be mad...

to be worrying about food.
You're here, after all.

You're the one who's always by my side.

You're my shield.

During my childhood, my mother told me
about your presence.

I continue to see you everywhere.

How many birds have taken flight
from here?

It seems like time has passed
without anybody noticing.

Mom, you didn't even know that
someone had left me outside...

the Pingalwara door
when I was three days old.

You embraced me like I was
your own child.

You don't realize what you did,

but it's embedded in my heart.

Now I'm older, I'm going to college.

How do I make you understand all of this?

How do I make you understand, Mother?

Shall we play?

Ruhani, my daughter...

she's no longer your mother.

Now, you're her mother...

and she is your daughter.

Do you understand? Good.

Come, let's go.

For so many incarnations

I have been separated from you my Lord

For so many incarnations
I have been separated from you my Lord

I dedicate this life to you

I dedicate this life to you

According to Ravidas
I should place my hopes in you

It's so long since I have gazed upon
The Blessed Vision of Your Darshan

It's so long since I have gazed upon
The Blessed Vision of Your Darshan

There's nobody as lonely as I am

And nobody as compassionate as you

There's nobody as lonely as I am
And nobody as compassionate as you

Why must we put ourselves to the test?

May my mind surrender to your words

Please bless your humble servant

I'm a sacrifice
A sacrifice to the Lord

Oh, my Lord

Why are you so silent?

If someone were to ask me...

who would've thought that
when I started the Pingalwara...

did I expect...

God to be so kind...

or that such good souls
would join us.

Bhagat Ji, please lie back down.

Talking will increase your pain.

Oh, no...


You have my mother's temperament.

Madam Inderjit Kaur is
here to serve the Pingalwara.

God choose you to serve.

My precious baby cradled in my lap

The moon is concealed in the clouds

Everything for your pure love my baby

I would give my heart my spirit

My everything
For your pure love my baby

Your little arms around my neck

Make me sway

To the tune of love...

Many years ago, Bhagat Puran Singh
begged on the streets.

He was insulted, disregarded,
disrespected, and hungry.

He planted a Pingalwara.

Today, it has grown
and has become a huge tree.

Its shelter and branches
have spread incredibly.

Bhagat Ji said that, "The suffering of
humanity has no caste, and no religion."

The Pingalwara will never be
associated with politics or business,

but will forever be associated
with the homeless and the crippled.

Our God resides in us
Our God resides in us

May our God always smile

Our God resides in us
Our God resides in us

-May our God always smile
-May our God always smile

May our God always smile

For us Bhagat Puran Singh
Is the epitome of our God

He has enough compassion in his heart
For each and every one of us

For us Bhagat Puran Singh
Is the epitome of our God

He has enough compassion in his heart
For each and every one of us

Anyone who's in pain
Rushes to see him

-May our God always smile
-May our God always smile

Our God resides in us

May his divine smile live forever

May our God always smile

This Pingalwara is our home
It's a special place in this world

This Pingalwara is our home
It's a special place in this world

It's where we learn to love and live
It's where we learn to love and live

-May our God always smile
-May our God always smile

Our God resides in us

May our God always smile

May our God always smile

We thank everyone
Who comes to our abode

We express our gratitude
To the ones who offer help

We thank everyone
Who comes to our abode

We express our gratitude
To the ones who offer help

Nobody is helpless here
Nobody is helpless here

-May our God always smile
-May our God always smile

May our God always smile

-May our God always smile
-May our God always smile

May our God always smile

May our God always smile