Egy magyar nábob (1966) - full transcript

Mail for translation. A romantikus tortenet a reformkorban jatszodik. Feltunik benne Szentirmay Rudolf, a gancsnelkuli lovag es a reformkor nagy politikusa, Wesselenyi Miklos. Fohose a kuloncsegeirol hires vagy inkabb hirhedt dusgazdag Karpathy Janos - a magyar nabob. Unokaoccse, a cinikus, eladosodott Abellino, a merhetetlen vagyon oroksegere palyazik. De Karpathy Janos keresztulhuzza szamitasat, mert nemcsak egy Iany becsuletet menti meg azzal, hogy noul veszi, hanem igy vegleg kirekeszti az oroksegbol szamito rokonat. Megszuletik gyermekuk: Karpathy Zoltan.

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In 1858, Mór Jókai

began the epilogue to his
novel with these words:

"In Hungary, till the middle
of this century,

wealth, culture
and the nation's strength

were represented by the nobility.

This is one fact.

And the Hungarian nation was
in those times poorer,

less cultured, and weaker

than almost any other
nation in Europe.

This is another fact."

Come, my lambkins!

Turn around!

Pick them up!



Wine! Food! Music!

Your Honour may find
my wine too sour,

but my wife is
roasting some pork.

Then my kitchen is richer
than yours.

Hey, you!

My boots!

And me?

Come, come...

What's the matter?

- We're stuck!
- A pothole.

Where are we?

In the puszta Herr Baron.

Puszta... puszta...

I can see that for myself!

Is there a village near here?

There's a house.

Come here then!

Make a back!

I'll stay here.

Let's go!

A room and supper, at once!

The food's run out,
the room's occupied.

I'll share it.

- I wonder.
- Is it a gentleman or a lady?

A man can't deny it from me,
a lady should be pleased.

But meanwhile some wine!

Try it, sir.

Here you are.

Thank you.


To the wall!

Are you modest or aren't you?

All of you, about turn!

Off with it!

Don't mind me, Mademoiselle.

Excuse the intrusion.

It's this horrible weather...

Allow me, please,
Baron Abellino Kárpáthy.

Baron Kárpáthy, you say?

Do you know what you're saying?

My name, sir.

Are you quite sure you're
Baron Kárpáthy?

Here is my card.

I can tell by your dress
you've come from abroad.

Yes, from Paris.

You see, I heard that my uncle,

the master of enormous estates
and fine manors,

a true Hungarian nabob,
had passed away.

So you've come for the funeral.

For my inheritance rather.

But may I have the pleasure
of knowing your name?

It won't be a pleasure.

Because your late uncle,

the rich testator, is me!

János Kárpáthy.

Here is my card.

I'm still going strong.

The news was false.

I'm alive.

And how!

But now that you're here,


Wasn't your name Béla once?

Never mind.

Food, music for my dear nephew!

Who's even lost his
honourable Hungarian name!

This'll last for two days.

Or three...

Wonderful shot.

But I win,
my hat's in place!

1000 francs, dear uncle,
that was the bet.

I don't deal in francs.

I'll pay you in good florins.

Since I had the luck
to find a live uncle,

- let us come to terms.
- What's on your mind?

Pay my Paris debts.

A trifle.
And I won't bother you.

I won't let a single florin
go abroad.

I'd rather spend my money on
follies at home.

Stay with me...

You'd live like a lord.

Magnificent, dear uncle!

I'm tempted to stay, but
pay my debts.

A mere 300 thousand francs.

Not as a present, as an advance.

On what?

On my legacy.

Your fortune will be mine
when you're in the coffin.

The coffin?

You won't beget an heir anyway.

Out, everybody! Go home!

Do you want a new inn?

- Who wouldn't?
- What's your price?

10 thousand florins.

Tomorrow I'll pay you in gold.

Bring torches!

Don't spare anything!

I'll make you pay for this!
Barbarous beast!

What a country!

Your bills fall due
tomorrow, sir.

We'll prolong them.

For what?

To gain time, Mr. Griffard.

- Till my uncle...
- He's in the best of health.

I've been making inquiries.

Who'll lend you 300 thousand francs?

You, Mr. Griffard.

To prevent me from blowing
out my brains.

I see...

You have to prolong my bills
and grant me credits,

otherwise you'll never get the money.

You'll have a half of million.

Kindly sign a note of hand
for 800 thousand...


Are you sure it's all right?

You are an usurer!


I must have my risk secured.

What risk?

The old man will soon kick the bucket.

- Are you sure you'll be his heir?
- What do you mean?

He could marry...

You could get killed in a duel,

fall from a horse, break your neck...


Only normal precautions.

Immortals can also die.

Like that wretched Napoleon
did last year!

Afterall, we're just humans.

Gentlemen! It seems our
Parisians are in revolt!

Where are you going?

Ask him rather where he's been.

With my banker!

You're my guests!


Who is that woman?

Why, it's Chataquela.

- Good evening, sir.
- Good evening.

He spent three nights in
Chataquela's garden

in the rain.

- What's the matter?
- Don't you know?

The dog.

The other attraction at
the Golden Parrot,

besides Chataquela.

But who is she?

I only arrived in Paris

An exotic dancer.

My uncle knew her family
in Afghanistan.

She eloped with a European.

As for the dog...

It was a sheep-dog.

It could sing.

Abellino bought it for
10 thousand francs

as it was Chataquela's
rival in the cabaret.

Then, he obligingly shot
the expensive beast,

in front of her.

- And she?
- She just said:

A pity. I love dogs.

And left.

Her next victim.
Mad with love.

But he won't have any
better luck with her.

Come now!

Only her husband can
kiss her.

But she's had a dozen
husbands in Paris.

In her country they
contract marriage by

exchanging belts.

If one party returns the
belt, that means divorce.


It's midnight.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Now comes
the climax of the evening.

I'll only say her name.

The Daughter of Fire!


The Daughter of Fire.

Did you get signed, Rudolf?

The Daughter of Fire...

It's no joke.

No, because in her country

widows burn themselves
at the stake.

This woman would leave her
husband for Rudolf.

He's young, rich, and a count.

This woman could die for the
man she loves.


- Let's bet on it.
- What do you bet?

I'll make her acquaintance.

I'll marry her, then
I'll shoot myself.

If she doesn't kill herself, I've lost.

- But if she does...
- But if she does?

Then you've lost.

And you have to shoot
yourself too.

- Well, gentlemen?
- This is madness!

Any takers?

I'm surely not your man.

Then I'll ask you

never to mention
the lady in my presence.


These Hungarians!

If he had shot himself,
how very amusing.

Don't you agree?

The bank.

You here?

So late?

Whenever I can find you.

Find me?

Were you looking for me?

Yes... First without
coming near you.

In my thoughts only.

Last night I stood in
front of your gate.


I didn't go home.

Here I can work undisturbed.

Why were you looking for me?

Need you ask?

- Fidelity...
- I have a husband.

In London.

You gave him your silk belt.

I loved him.

You'll go to London
and take it back.


I'll go tomorrow.

I'll be back in a week.

Come to me.

In a week.

I'll come.

Meeting someone?

- Good day.
- Good day.

Yes, someone from London.

Me too.

- You know Count Eszéki?
- No.

He's touring Europe with
his family.

We'll meet here and travel
home together.


I know,
life will be hard back home.

It will, after Europe.

Elegance, glamour...

You're mistaken.

You're squandaering your money
and leading an empty life.

Life is empty and aimless.

Aimless enough to be
thrown away?

I heard of your foolish bet.

Seriously, I'm ashamed of you.

Let it pass, please.

You're bitter,
unsmiling, cynical...

- I pity you.
- I'm begging you!

It's the truth.

Yours is a historical name.

Do you value your life so little?

I don't value it at all.

What's this? Spleen?

Shall I go home to play
cards and drink?

Show them there are other
things to do!

We're barbarians.

What else is there in Hungary?

What is Hungary?


If you stil remember this
simple noun.

Excuse me.

I wasn't eavesdropping...

You were arguing so hotly,

I couldn't help noticing
you were Hungarians.

Are you Hungarian?

I am Sándor Barna.

Miklós Wesselényi.


What are you doing in Paris?

I'm a cabinet maker.

I've learnt the trade here,
I've made some money.

Now I'm going home.

To someone, no doubt.

Parents, a fiancee...

No, sir.

I have no one.

Why the hurry then?

I'm Hungarian, sir.

I'm taking home
what I acquired here.

See? The noun in question...

Farewell and good luck!

The stagecoach
from Calais is arriving.


In case you ever need help,
here's my card.

Thank you, sir.


I'll wait here.

And over there,
Abellino Kárpáthy

and Baron Fegyverneky...

Our aristocrats are absorbing
French culture in Paris.

Mostly in this place.

Lunch in the Jockey Club,

supper somewhere else...

At night they meet here again.

This is a most fashionable place.

Are you here every night,
Count Szentirmay?

- With my friends.
- Who are they?

Impeccable gentlemen.

but never undignified.

Hungarian nobles,

French marquises, English lords.

Where's Burlington?

Take Lord Burlington.

A young diplomat.
A future ambassador.

Don't get me wrong...

I know you're still young.

Look, a Hungarian dance!

She didn't arrive?


She may have missed the coach...

She said she'd be dancing
here tonight.

You're travelling with us?

If you don't object, Flóra.

You are in a hurry...


Cattle bells...


Muddy rivers...

A country of sheep...

We've a house in Pest.


A nest of petty Germans.

And you know why?

Because you're all abroad.

In Europe.

In Paris.

Is this a reproof?

I've no right to reprove you.

You can live where you like.

I just know

that if the rich
abandon a nation,

that nation will be poor.

Our next number.

The bear and the hunter!

Most amusing.

The hunter'll sit on the
bear and sing a song.

Don't tell me.

Spare me the triumphal song,
I cannot sing a note.

But who is he?

Lord Burlington.

The future ambassador?

Young people are different

They are modern.

They enjoy themselves,

they shun deep, soul-stirring feelings.

That's why we were so surprised
at that tragic event in London.

A young woman
came to see her husband.

He was a great poet.

She found him dead.

She killed herself too.

In a horrible way.

In a fire...

She burned herself to death.

She came from afar,
from an Eastern country.

What a barbarous custom.

She's dead?

She lived in Paris.

Haven't you heard of her?

A strange name.


Are you ill?

The air is stifling here.

We are ready, sir.

Don't take me for a fool,
whatever I said yesterday...

Hungary is calling me back.

Quite unexpectedly.

I wonder why.

Welcome you both.

Enjoy yourselves!

I'll show you the Whitsun Wonders.

But you worked
the greatest wonder.

- Wonder?
- Bringing Rudolf home.

He came of his own will.

Thanks to you.

This is nothing. Look!

This is the real thing!

This year, Whitsun

coincides with the birthday of

János Kárpáthy, our good lord.

The wine is free!

The food is free!

You'll see wonders for a song!

After the noonday bell,

the best horsemen will be
crowned King of Whitsun!

What is the reward?

Free wine at the inn for a year.

The boys must respect him,

the girls dance with him first.

He'll be king till next Whitsun.

A passing glory.

There's no winner!

Let the sticks decide.

Go ahead, boys!

They'll kill each other!

Only one will kill the other.



Yours is the first dance!

What'll you make of your
kingship, Miska?

I don't know yet.

Free wine at the inn,
the lads to serve me,

the girls to spoil me.

Not so bad.

I'll bear it manfully.

Then I'll be a horse-herd again.

Listen, Miska!

For a year,

I'll make you a squire!

As you like.

But how should I behave
to be taken for a gentleman?

Be as great a scoundrel
as you can.

I'll give you money for
drinks and cards.

Then it's up to you.

To me?

I see, Your Honour.

The hell "Your Honour"!


Dear János!

Yes, dear János.


There's no winner!

Let the wine decide!

Come on!


By Jove!

Not bad!

A noble dressed up
as a horse-herd.

An original idea.

You're a game fellow.

Don't rob me while we're

Show them another trick.

That's nothing!

Are you jeering at me?
I'll kill you!

I'll kill all of you!

Not so fast!

Dear friends!

We'll have guests from Paris,

my nephew Abellino
and his friends.

Let's receive them in style.

My nephew is coming to ask
for my pardon.

The two last Kárpáthys will
be reconciled.

I greet the master of the house

in the name of his only relative.

Baron Abellino Kárpáthy
received his uncle's

condoning message.

Being ill,
he couldn't come in person.

So he's sending you his

and his birthday present.

That must be some present!

You are a pair of
vile assassins!


My deepest sympathy, dear friend.

That poor uncle of mine!

- God rest his soul.
- Soon!

Has he been laid out yet?

The news may come any
moment now.

May he not suffer long.

- Mr. Solicitor.
- At your service!

Write to my banker in Paris.

My uncle is dying,
I'll need money,

at least 100 thousand francs.

Dispatch a special messenger!

I'll send the letter at once.

That's settled.

Now let's talk about women.

How about Fanny Mayer?

Has the fruit ripened?

A beautiful piece.

My father got it from
Maria Theresa.

Who gave you my address?

I met your young partner.

I know him from Paris.

It's meant for an old
friend who's been ill.

A copper plate has come loose.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- That's it?
- Yes.

In Bratislava there's only
old George who can repair it.

While Parliament's sitting,
I'll repair it.

My foster daughter.

She's fond of singing.

A pretty voice, they say.

A beautiful voice.

I must give it a close look.

I'll fetch my lens.

A nice girl.

George took her recently
into his house.

We've interrupted the young lady.

She's still a child.

A pretty child.

What a charming voice!

Must I always have an escort?

Mrs. Kram or you?

You've other things to do,

It's a pleasure.

I enjoy it.

And George won't allow you
to go out alone.

I know.

We should move from Bratislava.


- Where to?
- To Pest, or to a village.

To a place...

...where you would be safe.

Don't worry.

I can take care of myself.

Let's hide.

It's Polly!

I'm glad you escaped

from your awful home.

Who was she with?

Some rich old gentleman,

whom she loves.



The youngest Mayer girl.

She's coming into shape.

Time to put her on the market.

Her sisters know their trade.

It's hopeless, she's well-guarded.

Nothing is hopeless!

What about her papa?

When he found out about
his daughters, he ran away.

He drowned himself.

I hope the widow won't close
the house down.

Close the Mayer house?

Parliament would dissolve!

Who cares?

But that little girl...

This big one isn't bad either.

Her sister, little Fanny,
she's a peach.


within a month
Fanny will be mine!

You want to marry a commoner?

Not me.

I just want some fun.

Bratislava is just a village.

Parliament is only for petty
nobles, I'm bored.

So I'll get hold of Fanny.

I doubt it.

Shall we bet? 100 ducats?

All right.

I'll even make it 200!

What a voice!

- Beautiful, isn't it?
- Heavenly...

Heart-rending is the word.

May I ask:
are you in mourning?

In eternal mourning.

My Intended...

Oh, that voice!

My beloved was a singer.

Young and virginal.

Such is life...

Deep as the ocean.

Who is that gentleman?

He's mourning his Intended.

He heard you sing.

The very voice of my
beloved one, he said.

He listened to my singing?

He would pay for your lessons.
He's wealthy.

When his beloved died, he swore

to help a girl with great talent

to become a real artist.

What's he like?

Maybe you'll meet him.

I'll ask him.

We won't renounce our

We can't renounce our due
from the serfs.

We fought the king for 15 years

to get Parliament convened.

Our rights are at stake!

But times are changing.

I spit on change!

Well, spit in there.

Ah, Fanny.

I've already won 10 ducats.
She's come.

Who could resist me?

Can you see?

That's him!

Not him.

That one!

He's waving his hat.

Not him?

I thought it was...

Let's go, Mrs. Kram.


What's the matter?

Nothing, auntie.

You're so silent.

You're so crestfallen.

Did you have a row?

Who with?

With Sándor.

You think that me and Sándor...


You've got a secret.

It's no secret.


Mrs. Kram... in the church...

When did this infamy begin?

Answer me!

A month ago.

You accepted the money?

How could you?

He looked so sincere...

And you believed his
stupid story?

His helping an unknown
girl unselfishly.

His paying the organist
and a teacher.

How much money did you get?

320 florins, but it all went
to the teachers.

- Here are the receipts.
- Mrs. Kram...

You're a monster!

Pack up Fanny's things,
she's leaving.

What's the name of this

A local carpenter, Mr. Boltay

has donated 320 florins
to the hospital.

The sum was a gift from
Baron Abellino Kárpáthy

to the foster daughter of the donor,

who deemed it more advisable
to spend the sum on charity.

This is no joke!

I'm at your disposal.

You want to stand in for
Mr. Boltay?

Your principal can't insist
on duelling with an old man.

I accept the challenge for him.

Have you the courage?

I fought at Waterloo.

I was decorated.

War is different.

One can get lost in the mob.

But to face a pistol alone...

Did you come to scare me?

Well, as you will.

Can you fence?

I can handle a pistol as
well as a sword.

All right.

Who are your seconds, sir?

My seconds?

Baron Miklós Wesselényi.

No one was there?

They've moved out.
To a hiding place.

Only that young craftsman stayed.

They want to hide her.

But I won't leave it at that...

We'll find her!

They're coming.

The attempt at reconciliation failed.

Honour must be satisfied.

The parties will exchange
bullets twice,

first at twenty-five paces,

then at fifteen.

The marks are clear!

Don't put it out.

I invite the parties to
take their places.


I'll count to three.





No one's hurt.


Are you hurt?

Are you hurt?

My ear...

Give the settlement to the
Baron, please.

"Paid for."

I like clean deals.

Will you, please,
attest that I stood his fire.

It's settled.

His ear?

That's a good one!

God bless that youth!

He did it for me.

- It's good news, Miska!
- I'm really pleased.

You're getting better
and better.

But these medicines...

You used to cure yourself
with brandy.

That's over!

It's drugs now.

Pass me that bottle.

What's in it?


Get it yourself, it's near.

I'll smack your face,
insolent fellow!

I made you a squire, but to
me you're still a peasant.

Not quite.

I'm now Michael de Kiss, landowner.

I've bought a nobleman's estate.

How did you get the money?

Honourably... at cards.

I fleeced my genteel friends.

But as a commoner, how could you
buy a nobleman's estate?

I bought a letter patent.
For a mere 1000 florins.

There are two dozen de Kiss families,

they thronged for the money,

and welcomed me
as their dear relative.

Here's my crest.

That's how it was.

Count Szentirmay!

My thanks for the present,
and for the visit.

I'm getting lonely.

You're the best of neighbors.

Flóra and I know you're
lonely, you've no relatives.

Except the one who was
banged on the ear,

by God's grace.

But seconded by me.

- I hear you're going to Pest.
- Yes.

The nation needs our help
as things are.

This nation has a brilliant history.

But its present is drab.

Now comes the sermon.

The rise of the nation,
industry, commerce...

Shall I go out and sell

Give me a light,
I'll try your present.

Surely the fate of the
nation interests you.

And if not,

how about the Kárpáthy name?

I'm a lonely wolf.

No children...

If only I had one...

After my death, there'll
be no direct heir.

You are again in the best of health,

your life is in no danger.

Make something of it.

Stand by us!

We need factories,

better farming...

We need banks so that enterprising
people can get credit.

We need means of communication.

Ships. And railways.

But we need money for all this.

A lot of money.

My nephew bought me a coffin.

Shall I buy you steam ships?

Not a bad idea at that.

He'll get less.

It's not as simple as that.

Here's the draft of the
Danube Shipping Co.

And of the Railway Company.

And if you haven't yet bought
a steam ship, subscribe

1000 florins here.

This is a miracle!

But a useful one.

Your signature?


Enough, or you'll make me
buy more.

What if I beat him up?

He's attracting attention again.

This time it's a dirty bet.

On a girl's innocence.

She must be rich if that
rascal is after her.

She's very poor.

But very beautiful.

Like an angel.

Prettier than an angel.

She's real.

- You know her?
- I've seen her.

A pure maid.

She escaped
from her sinful home.

I know.

Goodness, purity...

I'm fed up with wine and
women, Miska.

I played the buffon
with my friends.

that's all I have left.

I'm building a steam ship,
but I shan't live

to see it.

My words and my deeds
will turn to dust.

No offspring...


Though I still have strength
to hand on.

You're not thinking of that girl?

You don't know her.

I know her life.

Her sad fate.

We might free each other
from our sorrows.

Well, one could make inquiries.

I'm just toying with the idea.

What if you donned
your best dress,

if I had four horses harnessed,

- and you visited her guardian.
- She's a commoner.

Who cares?

If she accepts my name, who'd
dare ask where she came from?

If she accepts...


- Will you go?
- Yes.


Dear Mr. Boltay,

I was sent by a friend

to ask for the hand of
Miss Fanny.

If she will accept the offer
of an old fool who is

neither old or foolish as
he seems.

She is so young...


I'm not so very old
by your leave.

I beg your pardon.

This feeling is so noble,
so utterly elevated,

I could never blame you
for it, said the youth.

But it won't bring you bliss, I fear.

A sigh escaped her bosom.

No, she whispered...

Did you like our family portraits?

Very much...

I enjoyed every minute of them.

Did you show the Baron

Yes, mama.

Pray, be seated among us.

Thank you, Madam.

A lady's feelings I can only
guess at, said he.

You know that.

Good evening, ladies.

- I've found her!
- Where?

Where's she hiding?

Tell us!

In her guardians'
summer house.

But I've found her!

- She should come home.
- We don't need her.

Jenny, how can you be
so heartless?

She was heartless
to leave us.

She caused papa's death.

He couldn't bear her
having left home.

She's corrupted.

Her place is at home.

Postpone the discussion, ladies.

Well, Madam, this is my plan...

Good evening, ladies.

Welcome, sir.

A cup of coffee,
or hot chocolate?

No, thank you,

I just dropped in to
pay respects to the ladies.

And to have a look at the
documents of our lawsuit?

By your leave, Mrs. Mayer.

One of my clever girls
will show them to you.

Well, perhaps if Miss Polly
would be so kind...

Listen to me, please, please.

My wicked daughters have
chased me away.

I'm homeless...

I'm lonely and miserable.

I've no one but Fanny.

I'm leaving town for good.

This bundle contains all
that I possess.

Put me up for the night so
that I can bid farewell to her.

Only for tonight.

Don't be silly!

Come in!

For one night.

You're again my little daughter.

Then we'll part for ever.

You must be tired,
let's go to bed.

But I can't sleep.

I want to look at you.

You're beautiful.

Mother, please!

Beauty is a treasure,
God's gift...

But it doesn't last.

Klotild and Polly have beauty.

They're putting it to bad use.

Don't wrong them.

I forgive them.

But I've only
one daughter left: you.

I used to have such
creamy, velvety skin.

Good night.

I'll stay!

Come what may.

I'm your mother,

I won't leave you alone.

Aren't you pleased?

But of course.

I must take care of you.

Someone has to defend you.

Uncle George is old, what'll
become of you if he dies?

Are you asleep?

No, dear.

I'd like to ask you something.

Do you know a...
Baron Kárpáthy?

He often waits on us.

He wants to make your

He sits on the sofa you

and dreams about you.

János Kárpáthy?

Silly child.

Abellino Kárpáthy!

Handsome, witty, well-travelled,

and the only heir to the fortune.

He wants to marry me?


Not now, of course...

His uncle would disinherit
him for such a marriage.

Later. When the old man dies.

You'll be so happy.

He'll take you to Paris, Rome,

you'll be queen of the world...

When János Kárpáthy dies.

Don't be silly,
he can't last long now...

And I should travel to Paris and Rome

with Baron Abellino as what?

As his intended.

I see.

He'll make you happy. Look!

An invitation!

For you, in French.

Miss Fanny Mayer and Family.

To Baron Fegyverneky's ball
the day after tomorrow.

Abellino is inviting you
to show he's in earnest.

He's proved it too.

He'll deposit 60 thousand florins

for you and me in case
he doesn't marry you.

But he will, there's no doubt.

When János Kárpáthy dies.

Till then I'm to travel as
Abellino's intended.

For 60 thousand florins.

- I don't understand you...
- But I understand you.

I'm not a child.

You're a clever girl, aren't you?

At the ball...

On Thursday.

What is your answer?

On Thursday.

Will you be there?

To give your answer?

I shall answer...

you and Baron Abellino.

On Thursday.

Let's sleep now.

Your letter made me leave
my Paris business and

hasten here.

Expenses, loss of profit...

Your baron will have to pay up.

No one thought
the old man would recover.

Doctors can be mistaken,
just as you were.

Luckily I didn't send the
200 thousand francs but

brought them with me.

The baron certainly knows

I can't be at his disposal
as things are.

He suspects it, but he'll
manage somehow.

Mr. Griffard, you'll
enjoy yourself.

We always spoil our guests
from the West.

Welcome, gentlemen!

Delighted to see you.

Why are you so late?

We were talking about money.

We didn't want to bore you.

Money never bores me.

You put me
into an awkward position.

Who've invited you to my party?

Oh, the Mayer girls!

The end justifies the means.

Anything for a bet.


Fanny will be here in a minute.

We came somewhat earlier, but...

- Is she coming?
- Who could resist your invitation?

She'll give you her answer.

- Which is?
- Does your heart not tell you?

I'll get 100 ducats from you.

Baron and Baroness Kárpáthy!

It's me who'll get
100 ducats from you.

But it's not me
who'll lend them to you.

Tomorrow we'll visit the Szentirmays.

A month has passed.

I don't want to offend our
neighbors, our friends.

Who is Count Szentirmay?

A fine person.

A bit odd: steam ships, banks...

These are his hobby.
But his wife is an angel.

You'll see.

The newest fashion.

Straight from Paris.

Isn't it funny?

- Can I try it?
- Of course.

It suits you.

Want it? It's yours.

No, thank you.

- May I?
- Of course.

Who is he?

My husband.

Before we were married.

A pity he isn't at home.

But we'll all meet next week.

Your husband will show us his dogs.

The parade is over.

The rest is up to the judges.

As is the custom in England,
the winner will get a medal.

Till lunch let's go boating.

It's the truth.

The truth?

That her mother and sisters...?

It's only a half-truth.

She fled from them.

Into a rich marriage.

I like her.

You're so quiet.

Are you well?

Of course...


You seem to be worried.



...only think I...

- You think?
- But I'm not quite sure.

You mean...
I shall have a son?

A son!

A son!

Everything's taken care of.

Thank you, Flóra.

Does János like mutten
grilled or roast?

Cook is a family heirloom.

She'll know.

- What did the doctor say?
- I can get up tomorrow.

Thank God.

I'm sorry the other guests
had to leave.

- János adores guests.
- But we stayed.


You and Rudolf.

The main thing is, keep calm.

I was so frightened!

It came at a bad time.

That's true.

But you're all right now.

We've been here four days.

The others have left.

She's better now.

Listen to me, dear.

I have many enemies.

They'd be happy to get at
me through gossip about you.

About... me?

Because of your friendship...

With Fanny.

Fanny is good.


But if she shouldn't be?

You surprise me.

All right, let's stay on.

I'm sorry you need proof
to convince you.

My words were enough before.

And János?

He's with Flóra.

Showing her the colts.

They left me alone.

I'll take the opportunity
to say goodbye.

We are leaving.

Do sit down.


my husband sent you
to wait on me?

It's a task I accept with pleasure.

Is this a compliment?

If I didn't honour you so much,

I might say it was a confession.

Why do you say such things?

Because as luck would have it,
we're alone.

- Don't go on, please.
- My apologies.

Did I hurt you?


These attentions aren't new to me.

Old husband, young wife...

Some men feel it their duty.

I beg you...

Everybody was in Bratislava
when Parliament was sitting.

They all know I was a
Mayer girl.

Let us not talk about that.

Why not?

It's no secret.

People are talking about it.

Behind my back, of course.

And you started it.


When you said:

"As luck would have it,
we're alone."

I feel ashamed.

Why did you get up?

We're alone...


You misunderstood me.

No. I'm not a child.

Maybe I never was.

One soon grows up in
the Mayer household.


Please, allow me to go.

Why did you come?

We accepted a kind invitation.

Your husband's.

It's not that.

Why did you come now?

At this time? Alone?

This is János Kárpáthy's house.

I'm his wife.

And I want to try to brighten
the last years of a man

who redeemed me
from the name I bore.

Why did you come?

It was a mistake.

It's a pity.


I've been living at peace.

In tranquility...

It's a pity you came.

There's something that I...

Go on.

Too late.



We're leaving.

So you still believe the gossip?


Not a single word of it.

I'm expected in Pest.

But you can stay on.

It was me you wanted to spare.

Now it's her.

Your friend is the best of wives.

And she wants to have peace.

Peace and quiet.

Let's help her.

Your hopes are shattered now.

The child to be born will be
Kárpáthy's lawful heir.

His lawful heir.

I bet he's not the father,
damn him!

He let his wife to be unfaithful
just to do me out of it.

Now tell me...

What should I do?

I'm a solicitor, that is true,

but I'm a gentleman
and a nobleman as well.

So I won't advise you

to bribe your uncle's servants

to have the couple spied upon.

I wouldn't dream of it!

Nor will I advise you

to have the mail
of the Baroness inspected,

or her visitors, at every hour of the day.

And I won't advise you

to enter an action for bastardization
thus dishonouring your family.


If you want to bring a suit,

if you have proofs,
and if you trust me,

I'll act on your behalf

because as well as being
a gentleman,

- I'm also a solicitor.
- I see.

I'll set things going...

It's up to you, sir.

If I were you,
I'd try to find out

what the relationship was
between the Baroness

and their neighbour
Count Szentirmay.


You're crazy!

He's been in Pest for
six months.

The child is expected in
about three months.

Reckon it out.

Do you hear?

He's crying.
He's roaring!

A strong boy. My son!

He'll be a great man,
he's greeted by the bells.

That insolent doctor threw me out.

I've hardly seen my son yet.
I couldn't touch him.

You're only the father.

The father.

I'm a father, Miska.

Father of Zoltán Kárpáthy.

His tutors will worry about
his brains...

We'll teach him to farm,
to fence, to ride and hunt,

and to drink.

- Miska!
- Only a little.

Not as you did in past times.

You're crazy, Miska!

He's only just born,
and you'd make him drink?

He must get to know life.

He's stopped.

What can it be?

He's out of breath.

He'll start again in no time.

- Can I go in?
- No, stay, please.

I want to talk to you.

Be a mother to him.


Dear János...

No one shall enter here
for a long time.

And I shall not see these
rooms again.

I've little time left.

After my death,

you'll be the guardian of my son.

Raise him to be
a better man than I was.

On his eighteenth birthday,
have that wall broken down.

Take Zoltán in,

show him where his mother lived.

Till then silence.

Deep silence.




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