Ego (2018) - full transcript

Smoking and drinking
are injurious to health


My name is Gopi.

I belong to Amalapuram.

I came to Hyderabad on an important work.

My bad time started when I planned to go
back to my place after finishing my work.

I was busy with my work,... couldn't realise that someone else
is trying to finish me.

So I had to repay with a massive.

I am at the edge of my death.

Till yesterday my life was fun filled...

...but now is filled with sorrow.
The reason behind it is ... ego.


'Ego. This is freely available
all over the world.'

'So almost everyone has it in tonnes.'

'These too has a little more stock of it.'

'Gopi Naidu.'

'Induvardhan Naidu.'

'They are the logos of ego.
Their egos started here.'

'Hey, take your vehicle back.'

'You take it back.'

'They left with ego...'

'...but the tractors remained
there for many years.'

'Gopi Naidu had two kids.'

'But with the ego that
Indravardhan Naidu had four...'

'...he had his wife reoperated
and had two more.'

'Induvardhan Naidu has 800 acres...'

'...but with the ego that
Gopi Naidu has 1000 acres,...'

'...he purchased 200 acres
paying double rate.'

'So the ego levels reached the sky.'

'Induvardhan Naidu's is good land...'

'...he celebrated every year
with good crops.'

'Gopi Naidu's barren land has no
water facility. So he was always sad.'

'But his grief for no crops in the land
was less when compared to ...'

'...the grief when he sees
Induvardhan Naidu's celebrations.'

'He finally found a way
to satisfy his ego.'

'He used his clout for
good crop yield and...'

'...he got Height casting scheme
granted for his barren land.'

'Sir, he got water to his lands.'

'With tension that his plan will not work
before Gopi Naidu's government plan,...'

'...with high BP, had heart stroke
and died in the fields.'

'Sir, he is no more.'

'Hearing that news,
Gopi Naidu ate 1kg sweets...'

'...and died due to high sugar.'

'Just similar to their egos,...'

'...their BP and sugar levels fluctuated,
they had to settle in the photo frames...'

'...on the walls.'

'The one who studies in school and the one
who learns lesson, will come up in life.'

'But their heirs had done
Phds in ego lessons.'

'Cinema theatres plays
only four shows per day...'

'...but they show off their egos
24 hours a day.'

'They are more seen at Panchayats
than at their homes.'

'Except resolving their issues...'

'...there is no other issue to resolve,
for the Panchayat head.'

'Since the issue was not
resolved for years,...'

'...the Panchayat arranged
a fence between the houses.'

'The heirs of these egos are
Indu and Gopi in our story.'

'Watch out their egos.'

(Fireworks sound)




♪There is a talk that this guy is perfect
with jet speed and like a rocket.♪

♪This guy has craze that he is like
a bullet and that he is sweet.♪

♪Like a theatre which has class and mass,
like a fare that has drums and dance...

♪'s fun and joy filled wherever I go♪

♪I am the betting cock which keeps
raising its knife in the battle.♪

♪I have the habit of helping
others in my nerves.♪

♪Like a chilly with thunder
and lightning...♪

♪ a colorful rangoli
with a girl's beauty...♪

♪'s like Sankranthi celebration
wherever I go.♪

♪My words are like 'Teen Maar'.♪

(Temple bell)

♪Nanda Gopala, Brunda Govinda will come...♪

♪...dear to young girls, I am coming
to you expecting a gift...♪

♪...with dream filled lightings.♪

♪Here, there, everywhere and
everyone is a relation to me.

♪We call each other as
'hey man', 'hey cousin'♪

♪Nothing matches the taste of 'Pulasa'
that swim against the river stream.♪

♪Similar is my love. Wherever I go,
I entertain everyone.♪

(Camera snaps)

'His name is Whatsapp Kattappa.'

'That Kattappa is a slave to the king and
this Kattappa is a slave of whatsapp.'

'He neither drinks water nor eats food
if he is not online on whatsapp.'

'He is a slave to whatsapp...'

'...maintains a battery at the back
and cell phones on the handle...'

'...with internet connections and forcing
everyone into the whatsapp group...'

'...whatever happens in the village,
he posts them...'

'...and feels excited when everyone says
hatsoff through whatsapp.'

Venkatesh, it seems Indu
bought a new bike.

Yeah, I am checking it.

Who are these?

Why are they following me?
Drive carefully, madam.

Don't raise the accelarator.

What is that speed? Watch out.

There will be a dint
if it meets with accident.

It's my vehicle. It's my wish.

I will drive in the pits. I will punch
it to the vehicle coming in front.

Who are you to tell me?

The vehicle worth 70,000 rupees... seems you are selling for 7000.
So I came from very far.

Did I say that I will sell it
for 7000 rupees?

I think you have mistaken
me for someone else.

You can change what you say
but you can't change the pic in OLX.

I didn't upload this.

There must have been some mistake.

Are you planning to raise the price,
seeing 20 of them here?

If you want we will pay you 100 extra.
We will select one of us through chits.

Are you okay? She will kill us, run.
I will break all your heads.

We sell vehicles, blue vehicles,
at a very cheap cost... OLX.

I have a target in my life.
Is it a coconut?

Is it doctor, collector or CM?

These are all minute things for me.

What else could be the target?

What will you do with Indu?

My God!
Not, her...

...but when I crush her ego under my leg..
Hey, man. Your ego is coming.


What, Gopi?

You said you will bring me cheese.
Sorry, Gopi.

My friend, Papayamma's elder daughter
has come to age...

...I went to Pithapuram.
Okay, go, go.

They should be jailed for all this.


Gopi keeps calling me
with my grand mother's name...

...and is hurting my ego.

Just bring all the Gopi's in the village.

Just get lost, idiots.

Why did you bring only one of them?
There are 11 in all. But 10 aren't seen...

...only he is available at a shop.
Talk to him and settle the rate.

What are you talking about?

Do you think I am a teddy bear in
fancy shop or a beer in a wine shop?

Brother, the matter is that ... should roam around that Gopi...

...and I should scold him,
pretensing to scold you.

For that, I will pay you
a salary of 50,000 rupees.

Here is a lakh rupees. Give me your
account number and I will pay you.

When there were 11 Gopi's
in the village... you know why 5 of them are in Dubai?

This Gopi has sent them to Dubai.

Why is he so interested in them?

That is not love, that is ego.

With an ego that no one else
should have Gopi's name...

...he sent them all to Dubai
with invalid passports.

When they called that
they are coming to India,...

...he blackmailed that he will inform
the police about their invalid passports.

Promising 3 Gopi's that
he will make them stars,...

...he made them sign agreement for serials.

They will not come back as far as I know.

What about the other two?
If you go to seashore, you'll find them.

Are they catching fish?
No, they are gone mad...

...unable to handle his ego.

I went to them and asked
if their names are Gopi.

They threw stones at me.
That's fine.

Even if they are gone, you are here.



Please don't call me by that name.

I am handicapped because of the name.

My name is not Gopi.

My name is Sunder.


Stop it.

Why are you crying?

We bacame emotional.

Not emotion. I will make him do motion.

By this we can realise that... is difficult to get person
named Gopi.


Thanks, madam.

It's so cute.


Indu bought a dog for 3 lakhs.

Yeah. I am checking that.

She is very strange.


If she buys a dog,
we will purchase it's sister.

Hey, man. Who is Gopi here?

Are you gone blind?

Can't you see hero-like Gopi?

Sir, you got a parcel.

Some fans must have sent it.

Please sign here.
Not sign...

...ask for autograph. Its Gopi here.

Is it cash or cheque?
How much is it?

Why cheque for seventy?

I will give you cash. Here.

Why is he giving 100?

Do you have 30 change?
Why would I give you 30?

You want to take 30 as tip?

Don't play games with me.

Tip? Do you know what it is?

What is this?

Gopi has bought an IPhone.

(Camera clicks)
(Message sound)

Did you book an iPhone, Gopi?

You are highlight to Amalapuram.

What do you think of our Gopi?

He stays updated.

When did I book iPhone?

You trapped me?
It's not complete yet.

There is so much ahead.

Brother, stay here for two minutes.

I will go to ATM and get the cash.


Keep 70,000 in your bag.

Take a thousand as tip.

Give me the iPhone box.

Hey, iPhone.


'His name is Nalla Enkanna.'

'He runs a pan shop.'

'He is very interested
in becoming a father.'

'But it's very difficult for this birth.'

'So he is raising a cock and treating it
s own daughter.'

'It's his life.'

'By the way, where is he going?'

Don't worry, dear.

You are the beauty of Amalapuram.

Hey, Nalla Enkanna.

You look like a groom.
Where are you going?

To buy branded clothes for Mahalakshmi
in Rajahmundry shopping mall...

...and to show her Mahesh babu
movie in multiplex.

Where is Mahalakshmi?

Have you gone blind?

She is in my hands.

Is this your Mahalakshmi?

This is my only daughter
and heir of my property too.

So whoever marries her will
be the heir of your property?

Are you trying to trap my daughter and
rob my property?

I will get my daughter married to
a jobless person rather than... to useless fellows like you.

Move away, you useless fellows.

He spoiled our dignity.

Nobody has seen us, right?

This night we have to eat his
Mahalakshmi in munching.


♪Buramma with cheeks like 'Boori'...♪

♪If she puts her feet, that'll be the end,
if she comes walking, then it's hell.♪

♪Hey, man.♪

♪Her body is filled with snob,
I will bring it down.♪


♪Look at her long plat,
moving like a buffalo tail.♪

♪If I see her neck, I feel filthy.♪

♪Her waist is like dung
and it is a horrible dream.♪

♪See her swings, I will show my attitude.♪

♪See her swings, I will show my attitude.♪

♪See her swings, I will show my attitude.♪

♪See her swings, I will show my attitude.♪

♪See her swings, I will show my attitude.♪


Dear journalists and electronic
media people, please sit.

Youth in Amalapuram...

...has to shut down the whatsapp
and facebook by 9pm.

If I find lighting in any cell,...

...they will get coating. After 10pm,
drunkards should ...

...not be seen anywhere near... shops.

Now I am going to tell about ladies.

Ladies, don't become
the slaves of TV serials.

You become the slaves of your husbands.

If anyone does eve teasing,...

...I will encounter them.

If you try to rob, I will tear you off.

Any dirty work was only before I was here.

Once I am here, close everything.

If anyone faces a problem, 9505111155...

...just give a missed call on this number.

I will be in front of you
faster than the wind.

Morning or afternoon or mid night...

The clock on the wall might take rest...

...but this Aavugadda Apparao ...

...will do duty 24X7...

...and will put my mark in Amalapuram
before I leave.

Hey 302.
Yes, Sir.

Did you get the stock of Putarekulu?
Not yet, Sir.

Listen to me carefully.

As long as I am on duty in Amalapuram...

I don't care for a stick in my hand
but I should have Putareku in my mouth,

Or else I will show you all serial.

I will get it done right away, Sir.

Ok, Sir.

There is a missed call.

'I fell down.'

From where? Wall or roof?

In your love net.

Who are you?

I have just seen
Power Star Pawan Kalyan's...

...grace in you.

Listening to your punch dialogues
like Balayya Babu ...

...I forgot about my lunch.

Oh my!

Hey you. Show these things
to the youth sitting on walls.

Not to me. If you have any problem,
call me.

Disconnect thecall first.

Have you seen this?

I was just seen in TV.
Proposals already started.

Who is this crispy figure, Sir?


She is my wife, man.

Enough of your extras.

Put your hand down first.

I don't have a chance neither to beat her
nor to salute her.

Why won't she?
What is it?

Why are you so excited seeing the mikes?

Are you showing me your power indirectly?

No, dear Putareku.

Even if a police is like a useless
firework at home,...

...once he comes out,...

...he should blast like a firework.

CI Sir is also a normal
husband to his wife.

My Putareku in your mouth?
Oh my God!

She is like a hurried Putareku.

What will happen to me without you?

Hey, stop. Jaggery Putareku in your mouth.

What is that voice?

I got used to it after shouting at tap,
vegetable shop, kirana shop & quota shop.

By the way what's your name, lady?
My name is Saroja, Sir.

He calls me as Saroo, with love.

Why are you spitting?
It's been 3 days. God knows where he is.

When I am scolding anyone,
they are scolding in reverse.

Why will they not?

Are they your husband to keep quite
when you unnecessarily scold? It's public.

As far as my expectation goes,...

...he must have run away somewhere.

May be he was afraid that he will
not get a chance to speak again.

How can you say it so strongly?

I felt the same way many times.

Come home I will tear you away.

That's fine. Give a complaint. 302,...

Take the mobile number.

Yes, Sir.
He forgot his mobile also.

It's charged fully.

May be she knew that charging is down.
You shut up.

Saroja, come with me.

When your wife is beside you,
you are asking her to come with you?

It's a part of the duty.
I am also a part of you.

Fine. Both of you get on.
Get on?



Saroja, stop crying.
Without you, whom will I live with?

Wifi is connecting somewhere.

302 some Bajjila Bujji is being connected.

Let's see who that Bajji is.

Hey, you.

Where is Bajjila Bujji's house?

CI Sir, I think you are in a
good mood today.

(Mutters)I don't have that luck.
Just shut up.

He is here on duty.

Saroja, your husband is inside. Go...

You go and knock the door.
He will come out.

(Door knocks)


You have set a new house
just beside your house.

You idiot husband.

Whome will I live with
if you are not with me?

Is husband important or living for her?

Shall I ask her?
Go and ask.

Didn't you get anyone else to trap?

Didn't you see CI Sir?

Did you see my image in the public?

See the reaction here.

Hey stop it.

Your life got spoiled due to
your own harshness.

Look at him once.

If you ever gave him anything with
smiling face he would never come here.

Please pardon me, CI Sir.

I will never scold you again, dear.

I will stay silent for 6 days a week.

That one day also I will just keep quiet.

Please come. Let's go home.

Sorry, Sarroo. I will never
leave you again.

You are saying no to this Bajjila Bujji?

Get lost. My wife has changed.

Why do I care for any Bajjila Bujji?

Let's go, Sarroo.
Take this phone, Sarroo.

Let's pass on a message to the public.

Give, Sir.
Bring the camera to a postition.

Take care of your husbands.

Take care of them like small kids.

Give them some freedom.

Only then your family ...

...will be as sweet as
Atreyapuram Putareku.

Is this message for public
or for your wife?

Nalla Enkanna's hen taste
was ultimate, man.

God knows what he fed it with,
but the taste is super.

You idiots... raped and killed my daughter.

With curse of my Mahalakshmi... will get chicken guinea and die.

When you eat Chicken-65,
a piece will stuck in the throat...

...and you will die.

If you eat chicken curry,
you will die of adulteration.

Listen to what I am saying.

My Mahalakshmi will become a ghost
and take revenge.

I curse you as a father.

If you come near me
I will hit you with a stone.

You and your hen. Go away.

Who are you, girl?

When you walk so gracefully,...

...on Amalapuram roads,...

''s like a tiger in duty
wearing a police dress.'

Who are you? Every time you call... keep praising me like
an anchor in an audio function?

Yesterday when I saw your
wifi creativity... heart just diverted your way.

I am already a used flower.

It will not bloom again.

You go and try someone else.
Whether you are a used flower or stove... love is only with you.

Once fried papad can't...
Please stop all this.

You have an image of Rajnikanth...

...and you are being troubled
with Suryakantham-like wife?

Yeah, it is true.
You are a powerful police.

You have become a pin in her chain.

Yeah, it is true.
You are bearing this...

...but I can't bear all this.

If you say yes, my complete love is yours.

If you say no,
my heart is filled with sorrow.

That is not the point.

You are loving me, let's fix on it.

Your words are motivating me.

Your words erased my sorrows.

Your voice reminded me
that I have a choice.

But I am married and you are unmarried...

That is tha magic of love.

I liked your logic.

Come in front of me and express your love.

There is kick in hidden love.

That is my luck.

Why is everyone going like that?

Ask if there is issue with ATM and Banks.

Where are they going?

Hey, stop.

Hey Verri Venkanna...

...where are you all going?

Indu is grandly celebrating
naming ceremony of her dog.

Naming ceremony of a dog!

With 32 different dishes,...

...they are serving lunch.

Were you not invited?

We don't go to such dog's ceremonies.

Do you think dogs will
feel bad if you come?

I will miss the varieties, if I am late.

Leave my hand. I need to go.

You guys are idiots.
You will live even drinking beers.


My girl gave a missed call.




Why are you crying?


Stop the vehicle.

One guy is teasing me here.
Who is he?


What does he work?
He is an idiot in the village.

What did he say?
He is calling and asking to meet.

What else did he say?
He is messaging and asking me to talk.

What else?
He is bothering me on whatsapp.

What else? Threatening that he will
post fake pics on facebook.

He is done.

You file a complaint
and I will see his end.

He said he will kill if I raise complaint.
How dare he?

He is stubborn.

He raped and killed Mahalakshmi, as well.

He threatened her father, Nalla Enkanna
that he will kill him,...

...if he filed complaint.

You disconnect the call.
I will see his end.



Give a cigarette.

Okay, Sir.

Are you Nalla Enkanna?

What is this, Sir?
Only for educated persons like you...

...I have written this board
with big letters.

We are police and we ask it.

Oh, so is it?
Then what?

Do you have a daughter named Mahalakshmi?


I had an elder daughter, Mahalakshmi.

Gopi and his gang raped her ...

...and killed my daughter.

That's fine. Don't get emotional.

Come to the station and file a complaint.
I will see for his lockup death.


Many CIs and SIs come and go...

...but he is local, Sir.

If we deal with him...

...he will Venkatalakshmi also ...
Why is afraid of him?

...will be ruined, Sir.
His cries are unbearable.

They raped his daughter, Mahalakshmi, Sir.

You are also crying.

You cool down.


I will sing finishing song
for his illegal activities.

You go ahead with your business.

Let's go.

Sir, you didn't pay me.

We don't have change, man.

When did you give?
You know it, right?

(Carroms sound)

(Police siren)

We don't polish. It's there.

It's not for polish, man...

We will finish you.

I am here to finish you.


Now let me see, which hole
will you push the coin to.

(Carrom sound)


Mr. Circle Inspector...

...Show your irritation on culprits...

not on civilians, like us.
Hey..., full cutting... have life only till we find proofs.

Once you are caught, your life will be
dedicated to the jail.

All the best.

Take rest.


I will break you all down.

Trailer is super.



I am seeing the lion in
Discovery channel...

...directly in our streets.

Don't praise me like that.

I might encounter someone in that emotion.

Give me.

(Opens mouth)

Ace, King, Queen... are caught now.
In this manner, we will go after show.

I just went back to my olden days.



I will divert you to underground
and will see your end.

Why will you arrest us?

Don't act like Ramesh in
Five Star advertisement.

Will you arrest us if we play
Ram-Sita game?


My eyes never cheated me in these
many years of my service.

First time I went to raiding
and returned empty handed.

Why Sir? We already siezed Putarekulu.

Don't put punches on me. I will kill you.

I will open rowdy sheet on that Gopi.

I will close his chapter.


What is your expression of Close up ad?
Take a look over there.


You changed cards and said Rama-Sita game?

Gopi, I thought I would beat you
and leave you.

This time if you are caught
I will shoot you.

What can you do?

♪You are the top in ego in both
E.G and W.G districts.♪

♪No one can beat your style
in Andhra and Nizam.♪

♪O handsome, I got to know a little...♪

♪I get excited with the touch of yours.♪

♪Hey, man. I am here to hunt you down.♪

♪I left my place and came here for you.♪

♪This guy will ask you to touch him.♪

♪But if you touch his ego,
he will peel off your skin.♪

Hey constable!

Search whole Amalapuram.

At black bridge, red bridge,
high school road,...

...don't leave any dhabas,
wine shops, anything.

Arrest everyone.

♪I have glitters in my body.
I am a sweet from Mumbai.♪

♪Hey, knife behind the silk shirt,
I liked your snob behaviour.♪

♪Surround my waist like a betal leaf.♪

♪Hold me like a iguana♪

♪The streets...
...are afraid of me.♪

♪Here and there I need to improve
my shakes with your sight.♪

♪Hey, man. I am here to hunt you down.♪

♪I left my place and came here for you.♪

♪This guy will ask you to touch him.♪

♪But if you touch his ego,
he will peel off your skin.♪


What happened, man?

We are searching for Gopi, right?

He is in the backyard
of our police station...

...and brought some girls here, Sir.


We allotted him the station and roaming
the village like idiots, looking for him.

Just manage him for five minutes...

...I will shoot him on the spot.
Okay, Sir.

Move the vehicle, guys.

♪My moves are fresh
I am a city sweet.♪

♪Take away everything
Come on, Bullet Raja.♪

♪Like a jin and rum,
use everything like a jio sim♪

♪Kiss me.
What is this disturbance?♪

♪Oh moon like guy!
If we dance, the night will pass away.♪

♪Hey, man. I am here to hunt you down.♪

♪I left my place and came here for you.♪

♪This guy will ask you to touch him.♪

♪But if you touch his ego,
he will peel off your skin.♪


Where are they?

I asked you to manage him for 5 minutes
and you are dancing with them?

Sir, Gopi and his gang trapped me
and ran away.

Who is she?

Arrested her in the fare yesterday, Sir.

Why didn't you tell me?
You were busy with Bajjila Bujji.

Is that personal matter needed now?

Where are you from?

Get this girl ready.

I will eat it to night.

If you taste it, I will lock-up you
and kill you.

Be careful and finish the work.

Get inside.


I will hang you with this box.

What do you think of this
Aavugadda Apparao?

I will break your legs with these drugs.

Hey 302,...

Take this box...

...and put it in Gopi's bullet.

Okay, Sir.

Good idea.

Hello TV9!
Tell me, Sir.

Breaking news.

One minute, Sir.

Yes, Sir.

Coming right away, Sir.

I am catching a drug smuggler in an hour.

Come to the checkpost at the bridge.

Have you seen his ego, Sir?

Let him.

Just after five minutes,
we will see how he hides his face.

Minister, Collector, MLA, MLC,...

...even if my wife comes,
don't leave anybody.

Oh my God!

Why is she here?

Hey, open it.



Have you gone blind?

Who do you think she is.

She is my wife.

Sir, you said by yourself.

Not to leave anyone, even my wife.

Will say multiple things in flow.
Will you stop them?

Dear press, have you seen
the social equality of the CI?

One law for his wife...

...and another law for the public.
What do you say, Sir.

Oh God!

I will see you soon.

I will prove my sincerity and your fraud.

Dear press, I don't have any differences.
I will check everyone.

My dear...

...this is test for me. Please co-operate
and let them search.

If not, I will get bad name that
listening to wife's words, rules were...

...broken by Aavugadda Apparao...

...they will scroll the news repeatedly
and get me suspended.

Do I have to listen to you
in front of everyone?

Please don't say like that.

After going home, you do as your wish.

Please save my dignity in public.

Check madam's bike.


Everyone can check. Zoom in the cameras.

What is this, madam.
I am carrying drugs.

Are you checking vehicle of CI Sir's wife?
Did you lose your mind?

Why are you over reacting?

Sir, listen to me.

I don't listen to anyone when on duty.

Shut up.

You are just two days away from your
retirement. I am leaving you...

...Give me the box.

Close your mouth.
Eat it.

Everyone have it.

Enjoy the sweets.

Press, check this carefully.


Take photographs carefully.


I asked you to keep this in his vehicle.
Why did you put it here?

I was going. But your wife saw me in the
middle, beat me and took that box, Sir.

I was about to tell you that
but you asked me to shut up.

You beat me on my dignity, idiot.

Dear press,...

...if law protectors...

...start doing smuggling...

...whom can we report to?

Sir, will you leave your wife now?

Or put her in jail?

Is this the first time
that she is smuggling?

Are there any cases
already registered on her?

We are all waiting for your answer, Sir.

Please comment.

Comment, Sir.
If I bend now, I will lose everything.


Everyone is equal before law. Come.

What are you looking at?

Get on the jeep.

Get on.

Why did you beat her like that, Sir.

25 years of frustration.



Please change the channel, guys.
I am frightened.

Every channel is showing the same thing.

You keep me inside the jail?

Sir, your wife at your home...

...has been smuggling.
Didn't you ever doubt her?

What about the role of your
in-laws in this matter?

Are you trying to bring her out
using all your influence?

Which cases are you filing on her, Sir?

Greetings, Press people.

Do you know situation of a groundnut when
fried in it's oil? I'm in same situation.

If you leave me for some time, ...

...I will interrogate the culprit...

...and will decide on my life.

Meanwhile there are some snacks outside.

Go have them and relax.




25 years frustration. Will it be normal?


He got a chance.

Wow. Super.

He is coming.

Oh my.

My God!

Are you relieved from your
25 years of frustration?


Have you ever read 'Medipandu' poem?


Please listen to me.

You are beating me...

...please manage it with your screams.

Or else my dignity will be gone.

Then watch now.





(Drums beats)

So all the preparations are going well?

Yeah. They are being done very well, man.

Flexies all over the village...

...books in school and prasad in temple...

...and distributing milk and fruits in
hospitals and clothes in orphanage.

What about blood donation camp?

All the youth from every district
is here, man.

Your name will resound in the two states
with this mega blood camp.

You don't fear anything.
I will take care of everything.

Go ahead, guys.


Hey, man.

See the handsome Gopi there.

Seeing my following, Chandrababu Naidu
might give me a ticket.

What is it, man?

Look there.

What is it?


What is happening to my heart, man?

She drowned my dignity in Godavari.


Oh my God!

So in the naming ceremony
she named her dog as Gopi?

I am unable to think anything.

Take the vehicle to the school urgently.


Why didn't you distribute the books yet?

All the books are here only?

How can we distribute?
Those kids are beating us like anything.

Indu is distributing tabs
on the eve of her dog's birthday.


Take it. Use it carefully.

Read well.


Hey, kids.

Come here.

Take these books, children.

Why do we take these books
when she is distributing tabs?


(Drum beat)

Oh my!

With the tabs distribution... dignity is completely lost, man.

Come back, man.
Don't do it.

Please, man.
Stop it.

Never heard of things happening here...

...many came for blood camp here.
Don't worry. Just look there.

There is great response here.

You are super.

Now, we can raise our shoulders.

She will feel sad for this.

No one has ever seen
such blood donation camp...

Thanks, man.

The people are praising this camp here.

Also Ramya, in both the states... see this blood donation camp...

...people are coming in groups.

Over to studio.
Why are you disturbing the live stream?

You came for my birthday celebration and
how dare you to ask me leave?

Who is he?

I will kill this cameraman on live.

What is it? Why do you ask me
to look somewhere else?

Just look there, man.

I think I will die today itself,
with the shocks she is giving me.


He is dead by now.

Why are my eyes going fuzzy?

Something is happening inside.

Nowhere else in the world has happened.

Blood donation camp of the dogs... Indu of Amalapuram
is creating a lot of records.

Blood is needed not only for humans...

...but is needed for dogs also.

She is showing her kind gesture
to the world through all this.

Let's know the influence of this camp
from the villagers.

What is your reaction on this
dog's blood donation camp?

I am finding difficulty in breathing
and he is asking about reaction?

This is very great thing.

Great lady, like, Indu... born here, and we are proud of it.

Our luck. Let me leave now.



Look there, man.

Heard of dogs tearing banana leaf...

...tearing poster is yours, man.


Such great work by Indu...

is felicitated with 'Seva Bharathi'...

...'Special Lady', 'Ideal woman' awards.



Gopi, seeing you she is over acting.

Either you should stay in this village
or I should.

Why would you stay?

In the whole Amalapuram, Gopi is only one.

You have spoiled my life.

Yes, man. I have started already.
I will be in Hyderabad by morning.

Why do you stand here
even after scolding you?

I will see that you don't have
any address to stay.

Sit on this lorry happily.

You will reach somewhere.

Go, go. Good night.

Right, right.

Get lost, you dog.

Do you understand what you are doing?

You bought a puppy for three lakhs.

You performed naming ceremony
and spent 1 million.

I thought it's a childish act.

But when you spent 2.5 million rupees
to celebrate it's birthday, I realised...

...that it's mental act.

If you do such things,
who will marry you, dear?

Wait, brother. What's wrong with our dear?

Everything is more for her. Like a queue
at ATM, they will stand in a line... marry her.
You stop.

She is spoiled because of your pampering.

...she is just a kid.

She is not a kid anymore.

She is grown up, ready to get married.

Our Buramma is a kid, brother.
Why think of her marriage so early?

In her marriage issue...

...I already took a decision.


How will we stay if you leave Amalapuram?

You are just scaring me.

Plan something to stop
these marriage looks.


You have very good videos in your phone.

What is the password of your phone?




Oh, Buremma.

Password is too good, man.

Do you know what is the breaking news
in all news channels?

What is it?

The guys who came for marriage looks...

...loses their eyesight.



Stop your extras.

Hey, Gopi. Actually I was not interested
in marriage now.

But now, I am telling you... just a week days,...

...I will marry a guy who is more handsome
and more rich compared to you.

Do you know what would be
the breaking news then?

Seeing Indùs marriage performed well,...

...Gopi and his friends drown
themselves in Godavari.

(Snapping fingers)

Let's go, girls.



(Cycle bell rings)

Where is Indùs house, Sir?

Hey, tell him.

Go straight.

Take left. There will be a temple.

Turn right now. Did you get it?
Yes, Sir.

You may leave.

Where is Indùs house?

Hey tell them.
Straight, left...

...temple, right.

Where is Indùs house, Sir?
Indu house?

Who are all these men?



'Seva Bharathi', 'Special Lady',
'Ideal woman' awards winner...

...can you guide me to Indùs house?

By the way, who are you?

Why do you need that address?

Do you don't know about it?

Aiswarya Naidu's daughter,
Indu has declared 'Swayamvaram'.


As dowry, they are offering 100 acres land
and 500 million cash.

If you didn't know about this,...

...I can understand what
a useless batch this is.

Excuse me.

Where is 'Ideal Woman' house?
Where did you come from?

Oh my God! From America?

Technology, brother. I saw a post in
Facebook about 'Swayamvaram'...

...caught a flight and landed here.

If you don't run away from
here immediately...

...I will run the car over you and
I will carry your dead body.

None of you gave me any information.

Give me the matchbox.

Where is 'Seva Bharathi' Indùs house, Sir?

Are you also going to 'Swayamvaram'?
No, Sir.

My brother is giving water in the fields.
He asked me to stand in the line.

Oh, my.

How will you half-ticket guy
watch the horror movie?

Go to school.
Get lost, full-ticket.

Oh my God.

Even a boy is throwing punches at us.

'Seva Bharathi'

Location change.

She is acting too much.

In a day, one looks for one match,...

...maximum they will look two matches.

But who are these... the asthma patients coming for
fish medicine, they are just floating.

What is this horn sound in the fields?


Stop, stop, man.

'Seva Bharathi', 'Special Lady',
'Ideal woman' awards winner...

Location change.

Where are they?

Excuse me. Where is 'Seva Bharathi'
Indùs house?

Are you going like this
for marriage looks?

Thought we will be late... we came swimming through canals.

Let's get away from here.
Where are they?

I never thought we will come
here in the day light.


My head is breaking.

Excuse me.

'Special Lady', 'Ideal woman' ...

...'Seva Bharathi' awards winner,
Kumari Indùs house, where is it?

Who are you all?

We are the grooms.

Shall we change the location, brother?

No shifting. Packup.

Have you finished your graduation?

What is it?

Is nobody selected since morning?

However late it might be,...

...we must get a correct groom for indu.

Yes, brother.

Make food arrangements for everyone.

Sure, brother.

What is your salary?


5000 dollars, this guy looks good.

He is doctor in America.

He is from Amalapuram
but settled in America.


It's a joint family. We are also
looking for such family, brother.

If you say okay we will
go ahead with marriage.

Let's do it, dear.
Say okay, brother-in-law.

Say okay, dear.

If you all are willing
then we will go ahead.

Excuse me.

One selfie, please.


(Camera clicks)

There are two more acres.
Will finish it today.

Yes, dad.

What did you do with the one lakh rupees?

'Take a DD for one lakh and come home.'

'Give me that iPhone box.'

A friend of mine needed it.

You just lie for everything.

Our enemy is celebrating America relation.
But we're losing dignity because of you.

Brother-in-law, let's search an
American match for Gopi too.

Amalapuram girls are spitting on us...

...and you are talking about
America match.

In his life, will he...

Lakshmi, my BP is rising.

Ask him to leave from here.

How can you leave us like this?

How can we live without you?

Hey, give me. Stop your nonsense.

I am not going for my dad's scoldings.

Indu has hit me on my ego.

I will set a beautiful girl in Hyderabad
in just a week...

...and only then will I come
back to Amalapuram.

I will see that she cries of jealousy.

Have patience till then.

Brother, let's go.

Take care. Check for our
Sankar and Nagababu.

Okay, sure.

(Auto sound)

(Lighter sound)

(Phone dial)

(Phone rings)

Is it he?
Yes, it is.

Hey, Sankar. Answer the call, man.

What shall we do?
Let's not answer it.



Now you will get the call.

(Phone rings)

Hey, Nalla Babu. Answer the call, man.

What shall we do?
Let's not answer it.

You said you will come to recieve me.

He used to play with us.

That's the reason we are
playing with him now.



Now he will take five minutes break...

...walks for a while...

...hits the tree ...

...smokes cigarettes...

...drinks a tea,...

...and will call again.


Didn't I tell you?

(Phone dial)

(Phone dial)


You idiots!

You are online and acting in Oscar level!

(Camera clicks)

Wow! Super.
Will you upload on FB as 'Beautiful girl'?

I took them for that only.

Who is this girl online?

Wow! She is beautiful.

She is like a cute sweet.

Hi, hi, hi.

I know about you.

I need to talk to you.

Talk to me? You remove this.

A girl wants to talk to me?

I am new in the house
in the end of the street.

I observe you daily.
Is it?

I took your number from the laundry man
opposite to your house.

Is it? I love you, my dear, laundry man.
Treat for you to night.

Let's meet urgently.


Since it is morning,
we both will be fresh.

Okay. Come fast.

I will be late to office.

She is more hurried than me.
Where shall we meet?


I am at Maithrivanam. Come in an hour.

Why one hour?

Come, you ***. You are done in my hands.


'I never dreamed of this in my life.'

I will find some resort and relax myself.


(Phone dials)

Should not waste any time.

(Phone rings)

This is my number.

You are here?
Where is the room?

(Door knocks)

Who is it so early?


Brother, what is the mark on your cheek?


You will also get one.


My cheek is aching.
Do you think I am happy with it?


Where are you going?

I will walk in the front.

Are you eating food or ego?

Do you know about his ego range?

If there's ego competition in Olympics,...

...he will bring us a gold medal.

Anyone will bet on becoming
a doctor or a collector...

...and you bet that you will find
a girlfriend and take her to Amalapuram?

If you don't shut up,
I will bring that black lady...

...and make her give you lip kiss.

Excuse me.

Are you single?

You don't have any boy friends?

No, I don't have.

So is your post empty?

Yes, of course.

Can I apply to it?


Brother, did you see?

He is opening the store.
Yeah. Full of business.

What is your opinion on love?

Previously, I used to propose everyone.

Now, everyone is proposing me.

What is the difference, then and now?
Just a small surgery.

Oh, to your beauty?
No. Gender change.

So are you two in one?

No, buy one, get one.

Hey, let's run.
What happened?

Oh my God! What a place is this!

There is no much difference
between male and female.

Breakup for you and me.

Did you hear some breakup here?
Yeah, it is.

I will go and console her.

Don't call me again.

When you loved me and
got ready to marry someone else...

...our love packup.

Every minute one girl in Hyderabad is
breaking up with her boy friend...

...puts back her make up...

...hangs tolet board...

...and in search of true love...

...they keep roaming in shopping malls.

Get lost.

Break up?









Is it your dog's name?

No, it's my pet name.

It's difficult to stay here for long time.

If it is in pub, it's our wish.



Two beers, please.

Excuse me.

Any offer?

Get lost.

We will pay the bill.

Will you pay the bill?
Come on, doll.

Let's dance.

Oh, no.

All drink gone waste, man.

No problem. Sorry, brother.

Hey, brother.

You came, hit me and said sorry.

What about my feelings, man?

Where will I keep them, brother?

Even sorry in this city is not
resolving anything.

Sorry for saying sorry, brother.

Sorry cancelled.


Your head broke.

Hey, who said laziness is a bad habit?

The same bad habit brought be good.

Sometimes, bad is also good.

What do you say, guys?

You will not understand
unless you are hurt.



I hit his shoulder, dropped my drink...

...lost a pink note but still
I didn't feel bad about it.

I took another pink note, bought a
new glass and enjoying myself.

Why are you guys...

...irritating me like that?

Hey, Gopi here...

...from Amalapuram...

...will peel off your skin.


What you are doing is a bad one...

...why don't you do it carefully?

Hey! Show this villager our city power.

One who is strong headed
will beat you strongly.

But one with ego will
throw you and beat you.


All this nonsense is because of you.

Madhu, you spoiled the whole plan.

If you were patient for one more day,
I would have stollen his property...

...and would have gone to America.

Why are you supporting him, instead of me?

She is my lover.

What? Is he telling the truth?


Then, what about my love?

So, in the mobile...
Just like you, fake call.


How do you know that mine is a fake call?
There are jammers in mall, you fool.


Any number of fulls are less
for the shock she gave me.

Let's go.


Brother, this bar is full.

Let's go to another one.

Wait for a while.

What will he do in one minute?

Hey, fool.

I don't know where are you but your lover
is sitting with someone else in this bar.


Have you seen how many girls
ran away with just one call?



I love you.

Eat it.
Hey, brother.

One beer is 800 rupees here.

Is it?

Don't worry. He is from Amalapuram.

You are drowning my dignity.

With that 800, one man can get two beers.

Also two chicken leg pieces with it.
This is Hyderabad.

We are not in kaka hotel, but in Novotel.

My dear bearer.

Sir, order please.

Get three cheap liquor bottles.

Please sit. Amalapuram.

Please sit down.

Ramulamma, sit down.

Sir, what about the order?
You wait.

If we bring cheap liquor to Novotel,
this happens. Costly foreign brand...

...five fulls, then,...
Okay, Sir.

South and North Indian, Chinese, Korean,
Japanese, American, Thailand together...

...bring everything.





We'll close restaurant in five minutes.
Tell me if you need anything else, Sir.


Raja Rao's wife eloped with Chinna Rao.

Why are you telling me about it, Sir?

You asked me to tell something, right?

Shall I get the bill?
Of course.

This is the bill, Sir.

Is it done?

Bill is 28,000, it seems.

Why are they standing?

Sit down.
Will you pay by card or cash, Sir?


I didn't get it.

Then pay us by cash, Sir.

Cash... When did we see the cash?

Manager Sir.

What is the problem?

They drank to their full.

When I asked for bill,
they are empty handed, Sir.

What were you doing when
they were drinking?

I was supplying them, Sir.

Call control room. Push them inside
and push him outside.

Sir, Sir.

This is unfair, Sir.

Hello, control room.

Greetings, Sir.

Hey, did you think that this is some
cool water supply place in summer?

You drank so much.
I will take you to the station...

...I will beat you there where if beaten,
you will vomit everything.

Constables, bring them to station.

Go slow please.

You idiots.

You don't have a rupee...

...but go to a five star hotel?

They will beat us after going to station.

What will happen to Gopi's dignity, man?

Everyone in the village will read about
my dignity loss in TV and paper.

You black idiots.

Hey, brother,...

...the boy is worried,
please stop the vehicle.

(Jeep stops)

This is my 500. This is my 500.



...what is this 1000 rupees?
In a five star hotel,...

...your bill was 28,000 rupees.

Even 10% gives my share to 2800.

Satyanarayana, you're irritating us a lot.
From tomorrow, we'll drink on our terrace.

Sankar, Chandra...

...should we not live? My wife, man...

...she is 9th month pregnant.
Who will give me the expenses?

I should also develop, right?

Don't worry, Satyanarayana. We will drink
full bottle in a five star hotel only.


Not even a girl is seen anywhere today.

Oh, girls.

None is good looking.

Not even these.

Super girl.

I am coming.


Why is she leaving?

(Calling with low sound)

Why is she leaving?



Excuse me, Sir.

This is only for ladies.

Then, what about gents.
Vaseline is there, Sir.

Then why are you standing here?
Go and bring it.


Oh my God!

Hyderabad tea is super, man.

Who is this guy?


You idiots didn't wake me up.

I am late by an hour.

She must have returned to home.
Who is it?

New girl, man.

She would have fallen
if I concentrated for today.

I missed her.

Don't beat us like that.

Why didn't this alarm ring?
Thought it's disturbing, so turned it off.


Stop, man. It's hurting.

I may lose the challenge.

God knows about his challenge
but he is hurting us a lot.

What shall we do now?
Keep quiet and sleep.


Oh God!


Why are you singing poems?
Did you swallow cigarette?

The girl, man.


Come, come.

Coming, coming.

She is high class, man.

My room address...?
Followed you yesterday night.


You should have told me yesterday itself.

Then, I didn't know if it was
right or wrong.

What did you like in me?
Your hurriedness.

I am always like this.

Truly, I am very lucky.


How long?

Until no one can reach us.

If we are caught?

We all will die.

Who is that strong?

My husband in the car beside.

Hey, stop it.

Stop it. Stop the car.

Are you married?
It's been a month.

You eloped with a married lady?

Stop, man.

Stop it, man. I will kill you.

You don't have your anklets when jogging
and no chain in shopping?

My husband doesn't love me.
I don't have interest in you.

Hey, stop it.

Oh my!

Hey, police jeep.

Your husband already complained?

My husband will not file complaint.
Is he last in studies?

No, he is encounter specialist.

Hey, I will encounter you.

We would have drunk costly brands
in five star hotels everyday.

From tomorrow you will make us
drink what, man?

How will I know that
she will give this twist?

A married woman is like a sister to me.
Even for us.

If someone gets to know that
I have done this dirty work...

...society will spit on me.


I don't have anything to do
with the society.

Will you take us to Arya Samaj
and trap us?

She is my wife, man.

Stop the car, please.

Hey, stop it, man.

There will be a rod here.
If we pull it, it will stop.

Hey, it's not gear, man.


(Car sounds)

Where are you going?

What's all this?



You are eloping my wife?

Please don't delay, Sir. Shoot me.

Then if I tell you the truth,
you can't bear it.

What is that truth?

You are doing a mistake, Sir.

Who has done that mistake? You or me?
You, Sir.

It was you completely.

Every minute you think of people's good.

But you never thought why your wife
is eloping just after a month of marriage.

Why will she elope?

Her husband is a powerful police officer.

She has a palace like building.

She has all the facilities.

I bought lands everywhere.

What else should I do?
You are a powerful officer, Sir.

But you have to use it at home also.

You gave a big house.

But you couldn't give her a little love.

Leave, man. He is talking there.

You feel like hi-fi facilities.

She is not getting any feeling with those.

She is so uncomfortable with that.

You have lands all over the city.

But you don't have place in her heart.

Last but not the least, Sir.

You don't have time to love your wife...

...and she don't have patience
to bear the husband.

Enough of it, man.

Don't harass me with your words.

All these days I have been thinking that
I gave her everything.

But now I realised that ...

...I didn't give her what is required.

What did he mean, man?

Love, man.

Oh, love.

I thought something else.

From now on, I will do OT at home.

I will do duty only if I have time.

Brother, give me a 1000 rupees.


(Camera clicks)

Sorry, I took selfie,
without your permission.

These days, goodness is vanishing.

If anyone does a good deed,
I take their pic and ...

...I keep it with me as a memory.

This is my hobby.

Oh, I didn't know such hobbies also exist.

This boy asked many of them for money.

But you are the only one who gave him.

You didn't even ask him the reason.

You have a great heart.


Okay, thanks. It's really nice
meeting you.




What is it?
Give me your mobile number.

Sorry, I don't maintain relations
with unknown people.


Atleast send me the selfie, please.


Give me your number.


(Phone dial)



Gopi, Amalapuram. You can save it.



Good boy.

I will send it. Thank you.

Send me. I will check.

In city also, there are few good girls.

Why are you looking at her as
if you are seeing at Sunny Leone?



When did you get this beautiful girl?

You are very talented, man.

Give it to me once.

Now Indu and gang...

...should die of Gopi's bravery.

What did you do?

I sent your selfie pic with your darling
to that Kattappa.

Very good, man.
What have you done, man.

Oh my God!

You brought down my character completely.

She is not my lover.

Why did you both take selfies then?

Think whatever you want.


Who is this guy?
Why does he kick us always?

He kicks even if we does some mistake.

Hey, check this.

It's Gopi with a girl.

She is so cute.

Gopi is truly talented.

As per challenge, he went to Hyderabad
and loved a cute girl.

He is handsome...

... and a good charactered guy, too.

Any girl can fall for him.


At last, Indu here and Gopi there
are getting married.

Shut up.



I am going to win the challenge.

My anger on her will come to an end.

Did you observe the change in him?

By now, seeing the pic,...

...she will feel sad and unhappy.

Correct. She has to.

Even while tying the knot,...

...she will think of me...

...I couldn't do Gopi anything...

...she will feel bad and
will die of that feeling.

For making her sad... ego is fully satisfied.

His ego is fully satisfied.

She will marry...

...and fly to America...

...but still she will feel sad
for what I have sent her.

I will fully enjoy that kick...

...and in Amalapuram without her...

...I will apply fake smile to my face
and live like a dead body forever.

What did you say?

What did you say at the end?


I want Gopi.

I want Gopi.

What dead body? What are you talking?

Yes, man.

Without her in Amalapuram,
I am just a dead body.

What happened, Indu?

Why are you crying?

Did you love Gopi?

Speak out.

I love him so much.

Without her, I will not have happiness.

With whom will I quarrel daily?

Who will I play with?

I feel like my heart...

...fell down and trembling with pain.

With so much of love in your heart...

...why didn't you express it to her?

The only reason was fear of rejection.

Then why did you express now?

When I saw him with another girl,
I couldn't bear it.

She is in my heart.

But I am not in her heart.

Even if I tell her, ...

...she will disagree with ego.

Why did you agree for this marriage then?

What have you done?

Atleast with this marriage,
I will know if I am in his heart...

...or not.

With your stubbornness, you have
done a big mistake.

Now, Gopi's chapter has come to an end.

What close?

What are you talking about?

Your love will be successful.
I believe it.

There is still time for marriage.
You start early in the morning.

Go and stand in front of Indu.

Promise us that you will go.

Please, go, man.



'Attention please.'

Please give me a ticket to Rajahmundry.

'Train number 150 Falaknuma...'

' Lingampally ...'

'...MMTS is ready to
leave from platform...'

Hey .. Janmabhoomi express...

It is ready on platform 1, Sir.

(Phone rings)



Stop there.

That is my Indùs gift.


That phone is very important to me.

'is ready to leave from platform 2.'

(Train horn)



'Godavari express will be on platform 6'



'Attention please. Train number 12727...'

'Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad...'

'...Godavari super fast express...'

' few minutes...'

Excuse me.

Can I make a phone call please.

(Train sound)

(Phone rings)

(Phone rings)

May be it's him. If I switch off the
phone for a while, I will not be tortured.

(Bus horn)

(Phone rings)

Hello, Divya.

It's me, Indu.
Hey Indu, hi.

How are you? Whose number is this?

I am in Hyderabad now.

Hyderabad? What happened? Any problem?

Yeah, problem. I need to meet you urgently
and explain you everything.

I came to Bangalore on some project work.

What do I do now?
I will be back in just two days.

Except you, I don't know anyone
in Hyderabad

You don't worry, Indu.

You stay in a working women's hostel.
Meanwhile I will be there.

No. The issue is...

Divya sister, call from the client.
Yeah, coming.

(Call disconnected)

(Vomit expression)

I am unable to drink
this cheap liquor, man.

Call that Satyanarayana.


I will do it.

(Phone ringing)

Tell me, Shankar.

Where are you, man. Please come fast.

I am in a tension, man.

My wife went to Kavitha jewellers...

...selected a necklace,
took estimate slip,...

...and said she will compare with
other shops. This happened 3 days back.

She is not back yet.

I am in tensed mood.

Only if I find her,
I will join back in duty.

Sorry, man. Till then,
you have to drink cheap liquor.

(Cycle sound)

Why is everyone gazing at me?

Why are these people standing here?


Where is Indu? Tell me.

Where is our Indu?


Tell me.
What happened to Indu?

What! Are you playing dramas?

To resolve a problem, egos will not work.
We need to maintain peace.

For what he has done,
we need to cut him into pieces.

Once you are here,
you have to maintain dignity.

Naidu, Sir. They couldn't
deal with our family directly...

...they trapped my little girl,
cheated her...

...and eloped her.We lost our dignity.

We are unable to face
anyone in the village.

No family should face such difficulty.

What happened to Indu?

What happened?

You see for yourself.

Dad, pardon me.

I love Gopi. I can't live without him.

I am going for Gopi.
Please don't look for me.

Your daughter, Indu.

Why are you smiling?
Please stop.

I never expected such issue
will arise in the village.

Please don't worry, Aiswarya Naidu, Sir.

I am asking Bangaru Naidu Sir
to resolve this issue.

If a family had injustice
because of our family... is an insult to our family.

We are also equally sad ...

...for their daughter.

A girl is a girl for any family.

If a girl leaves a home like that...

...I can understand their situation.

But our family is held responsible
for that.

This is very sad.

The one responsible for all this...


...we don't have any relation with him.


Everyone come with me.


Brother, our Indu.

Why do you care for someone who left us?

Let her go.

Are you feeling sad for what they said?

I am happy that Indu is in love with me.


Are you in love?




♪Is she here or there? Where did she go?♪

♪Where did she hide my heart?♪

♪I am overwhelmed with joy,
I feel like sky is underneath me.♪

♪My lips are having fest of smiles.♪

♪I will search the whole city...♪

♪...I want to see you immediately, dear.♪


(Bangles sound)

♪I can hear the sound of your bangles.♪

♪My heart is running behind that sound.♪

♪I can feel your breath♪

♪I am living with the feel of your breath♪


♪I like you so much. You like me so much.♪

♪Why did you hide your love with me?♪

♪Anger and botheration,
chafing and displeasure...♪

♪...with these, we were enemies till now.♪

♪What are you? Just with this question...♪

♪...we couldn't realise our love.♪

♪By the time we realised that
we are in love...♪

♪...we got separated.♪





I lost your job because of you.

I will not believe you. I will get
you drinks, only if you show me money.

Here are the credit cards.

Do you need more of them?
No Sir.

Is it new brand liquor?


Your bill is great, Sir.

Give me the card, Sir.

Give the card, man.

Last time they reduced my salary
by your bill amount, Sir.

Please consider that as well, Sir.

Scratch all these cards and take it.

Take as much as you want.

Take it.

Sir, this is not working.

Swipe it again.


This is also not working, Sir.

Swipe another card.


Even this is not working.


These are not working.
Swipe it.


What is it?
You have been swiping the cards?

No card is working, Sir.
You should check that before you serve.

I can see the cards... will I know the balance, Sir?

Call the control room...

...push them inside and push him outside.


It was they who didn't pay the bill.

Why are you pushing me away, Sir?

This is unfair, Sir.

Hello, control room.

Narayana is here.

Greetings, Sir.

What is this drinking and eating?

Whatever you drank and ate...

...if we send it to a drought area,... will be sufficient for a month.

Is it stomach or something else?

Let's discuss all this in the station.

Get them on the jeep.
Yes, Sir.

(Police siren)

Here's my 500. Here's my 500.

Sankar, which is the next hotel?

Brother, decide it.

Oh, no. They closed the gate.

Is anyone here?

Someone please open the gate.


(Gate open)

Who are you, lady?

I stay in the hostel.

They closed the gate as I was late.

Oh, no.

You sleep here and I will sleep there.

(Phone dial)

(Phone rings)

Please pick up the phone.

(Phone rings)

Why is phone ringing here?

Please lift the phone.

(Phone rings)

It is a remembrance of my Indu.

Whose phone must it be?

(Phone rings)

(Phone rings)

Please answer.

'The customer you are calling...'



This is Gopi phone.



What could be the password?

'What is the password of your phone?'


Password correct.

Hey Indu...Since there is no chance
to talk to you directly...

...whatever I wanted to
tell you directly...

...I am talking to this cell phone...

...and reducing a little of my suffering.

This mobile is my life.

You know why?

You made me buy this.

This is the only thing
I have as your memory.

Even in my sleep, I keep it
on my heart and sleep.

Whenever I see it,
I remember your naughtiness...

...and your innocence.

I know it's impossible
for me to get your love.

I am in madly love with you.

So mad that if I can't get your love...

...I will truly get mad.

If we feel sad,
when we share with family...

...or friends... will reduce the sadness.

But I can't share my sadness...

...with anyone else.


I feel like one thing should happen to me.

I should lose this phone...

...and if you get it, it would be great.

Because you will know my feelings
atleast this way.

You were so cute in your new dress, Indu.

May be I will not sleep the whole night.


'Your account is low on balance.
Please dial *130#'


A lady was killed brutally yesterday.

Police said that she is Purvi, a
social activist in Yousufguda.

Can you please draw some amount from ATM.


Give me, grand mother.

Tell me, madam.

Can you please recharge.
Please tell me the number.

9533590390 is the number.

Mobile is switched off.
Can you connect the charger please.


Here. Be careful.

Stay blessed, son.

(Bike sound)





Stop, Gopi.





(Mob mutters)

Move away.







What happened?
I have seen, Gopi.

Who is Gopi?

Come on. Tell me what happened.

(Phone rings)

Oh no. Mobile.

I left it in the shop.

I will call you back.

Sir, Sir.

What is it?

I left my mobile in the shop.

Shop is closed now.
You can come in the morning.


I lost my jobs because of those idiots.

This is the only one left.

Please see that those
idiots don't come here.


My stomach is not good.

Can you serve at table 13, please.

You are spending more time in bathroom.

Stop drinking the left outs by customers.

Stomach will co-operate.

Idiot, get lost.

He is coming.

Excuse me, Sir.

You idiots.

You are here?

I will not serve you drinks.


It's not fair to take away the drinks.

Yes, Sir.

He is not serving us the drinks.

Ask him to get it.

Hey, serve them the drinks.
I will not serve them, Sir.

I am telling you.

Whoever tells me, i will not serve them.

You are not serving my orders?

You beat me?

Sir, Sir.

Please, Sir. I don't understand what I am
doing with this frustration.

Because of these guys, I am confused, Sir.

Why are you hanging with me, guys?

What did I do?
Leave them.

Get lost.

'New kind of frauds in the city.'

'Banjara Hills, ASI, Satyanarayana'

'...has formed groups of youth...'

'...sends them to star hotels
and hitech bars...'

'...let's them drink and
make a huge bill...'

'...then he asks them
not to pay the bill...'

'...then acts like arresting them...'

'...he collects 500 or 1000 rupees
and let's them go away.'

'A little while ago, Satyanarayana...'

'...was arrested red-handed
by the Commissioner.'

'It seems that Sankar and
Nalla Babu started this.'

'Now, the police...'

' searching for them.'
They displayed our photos too.

'Police has released
their phone numbers too.'

Let's leave.

Hey, stop. Catch them.

Catch them. Beat them.

They spoiled my life.

Stop, stop.

Check their pockets.

Remove them.

Don't check our pockets.

We could get only these, Sir.

Even if we beat them...

...we can't recover much.

Take away these sims and put in new sims.

Let's ask the feelings of the main culprit
of this scam, Satyanarayana.

Please tell us, Sir.

My wife was my world...

...and my salary was all that I had...

...then, two black idiots...

...grabbed me into this
and spoiled everything.

Commissioner Sir,...

...please let me out for an hour.

I will murder those guys...

...and will surrender myself.

The culprit is asking the Commissioner
for permission to kill them...

...and the Commissioner thinking
whether to grant him or not.

Why are you pulling me into this?

What's this press?
That is press, Sir.

They will trap anyone.

We lost all our dignity because of him.

Put 10 sections on him...

...and see that he doesn't come
out of the jail.

It's very dangerous to open mouth
in front of media.

This is how they are blaming press.

My God! If I speak two more minutes
with media, I will be hanged till death.

I will not talk to you.

Yesterday I left my mobile here.

How can you leave a mobile like that?

Take it.

Thank you so much, Sir.

'The customer you are
calling is not available.'

'Please call again after some time.'

This is it. Get down.

Give me the money.

Here is the money.

Why have you given 150, old lady?

If at all you asked with respect,
not just 150,...

...I would have given you 250 rupees.

But you hurt my ego.

Even if I agree, it will not agree.

Ego for an old woman!

I am from Konaseema.

If you deal with me,...

...I will remove your heart
and dry it in sun.

If I hit you with this rod...

Why are you showing off on old people?

You came as a wrestler... are young...

...should I fight with you?



Early morning, instead of doing Yoga,
why are you making nuisance?

What's all this nonsense
in a peaceful place?

Who are you to come in between us?

Shall I kick you also?
Will you kick me?

Which area are you from?

Do you know Suresh Goud there?

Who doesn't know him?

This auto was by Goud brother's grace.

Do you know who planted
Corporate madness in him?

Go ask him. He'll tell about Sundarajan.

Sorry, brother.
Listen. I will tell you one thing.

Keep these egos at home... even your enemy.

Life will be cool.

Did you understand?
Yes, brother. Got it.

Go and look for customers.

Okay, brother.


Brother, you seem like... to Hyderabad.

My name is Gopi. I am from
Amalapuram, Sir.

What? Are you from Amalapuram?


Konaseema, Coconuts, Putareku sweets...

...Polasa fish, Godavari water...

...if I start telling about it,
this whole day will be lost.

Come. Let's talk while drinking tea.

Thank you so much for
showing concern, Sir.

Why are you saying this, brother?

I just felt like a brother, seeing you.

That's fine. Take this card.

Don't forget that you have
a relative in Hyderabad.

Good or bad, just give a call.
This brother will take care of it.

Did you get it?
Yes, Sir.

Take the vehicle.

Ranga, he is from Godavari, it seems.

Yeah, mom.

You keep looking, idiot.

He was saying so many things
to your mother... couldn't even respond.

That boy has shown the pride of Godavari.

I kept quiet because your
voice is higher than mine.

You silly fellow.

That's fine. Ranga... do you think he is for our Manga?

He is good, mom.


You didn't even think of it.

My voice is less when compared to yours.

Hey! Wait.

My mother will not wait.

Ranga, is he the Godavari guy?

Yes, mother. He is our Godavari guy.

Godavari Babu.

Hey! Why did you run like that, yesterday?

I had an urgent work.

That's fine, man.

Don't mind that I am asking you here.

We are looking for matches for Manga.

We are looking for a nice guy, like you.

If you don't have any objection,
after going back to village,...

...we will come and talk to your elders.
No grandma. I don't have such thoughts.

Do you think she is fat?

Try to understand, grandma.

I am in love with a girl from my village.

She left a letter mentioning that she also
loves me and came to Hyderabad.

I am madly searching for her.

Oh, no.

Manga is unlucky.

God knows who that lucky girl is.

♪Don't know...what happened earlier♪

♪Unknown love...♪

♪...brought us together.♪




♪I have seen me in you and left myself.♪

♪You know, every wish in me is yours.♪

♪Every breath I take is yours♪

♪The only thing left me is you.♪

♪If anyone asks me who is your life...♪

♪I'll say that it's you even after death♪

♪Don't know if we got separated...♪

♪...or became one and here we are.♪

♪Don't know if it's a dream...♪

♪...we met each other in such situation.♪

♪I fell for you♪

♪I spend every moment for your love.♪

♪I searched for you in my dreams.♪

♪What do I tell you if you
stand in front of me?♪

♪You touch my breath in my heart♪

♪You give life to the lonely dream.♪

♪Don't know if it's my heart...♪

♪...we are together now.♪

♪Don't know if it's a dream...♪

♪...we met in such a situation.♪

♪I saw me in you and left myself.♪

♪You know, every wish of mine is yours.♪

♪Don't know if it's my heart...♪

♪...we met in such a situation.♪

♪Don't know if it's a dream...♪

♪...we met in such a situation.♪

♪I saw me in you and left myself.♪

♪You know, every wish of mine is yours.♪

Surrender yourself.

Sir, what's all this?

Why did you surround us?

You are acting well. I will shoot you.

Sir, I think you have mistaken
me to someone else.

My name is Gopi and I am from
Amalapuram, Sir.

You came from a village and
planned to fool us?

How will you escape so easily
after murdering someone?

But you couldn't guess that
you can't escape from me.

Sir, why will I murder someone?

This is too much, Sir.

I will shoot you if you act smart.

Sir, I didn't murder anyone.

I am telling the truth, Sir.

You trapped that girl and
killed her brutally, right?

Sir, I don't even know that girl.

She just took a selfie with me, Sir.

Are you a celebrity to
take selfie with you? Come.




Please leave Gopi.



Get on the jeep.

Sir, you must have mistaken.

Gopi is not such a guy, Sir.

He is a very good person.

Please leave him, Sir.

Are you certifying about his character?

Listen to me and go back to your place.
He is a cheater.

Please, Sir.
Take her away.

Sir, Sir.

(Police siren)






I haven't done anything, Indu.
Please stop.




'He threw a net of love.'

'He trapped...'

'...and murdered her brutally.'

'Gopi from Amalapuram...'

'...cheated Purvi from Banjara Hills
in the name of love...'

'...and killed her brutally.'

'The police arrested the culprit today.'

'Gopi is being interrogated by
Banjara Hills DCP, Chandrashekhar.'

'Talking to the media,
DCP Chandrashekhar...'

'Gopi is from Amalapuram.'

'He killed a girl named Purvi.'

'Investigation is going on.'

'Once complete,
will let you know the details.'

Hey Gopi,...

...what is all this?

How can you murder someone?

I am very confused.

I insulted you in front of everyone.

It might be my curse, son.

Hey, what's all this?
I have done nothing.

We know that you have done nothing.

But how will we come out of this?

Don't we have a way to get out of this?

'Do not forget that you have a relative
in Hyderabad.'


Greetings, Sir.

Who are all these people?

Come here.

Greetings, Sir.

My son, Sir.

So what? Is he a great person?

He murdered someone.

Go and do your work. Go.

Send them outside.

Now Sundarrajan will give his donation
cheque to the organisation.


Taking classes, giving speech...

...I don't like it.

But I ask youth one direct question.

You are not spoiling just yourself...

...your family, your place, your state,
your country, everything is spoiling.

Realise yourself what I am trying to say.

Leave those drugs, man.

What is in that, man.

If I have spoken something wrong,
I apologise for that.

Please hold this mike, Sir.

One minute.
Thank you, Sir.


Hello, who's speaking?

I am Gopi's father, Sir.



That Amalapuram Gopi?

Yes, Sir.
What happened?

He was arrested in a murder case.

Oh! Is it?

Which station?



Don't worry. I am here. I will take care.

Why did you come again.
Hello DCP Sir.

I am Sunderraj.

I do some business here.

I do some social service as well.

So what?

Sir, Gopi is a good boy.

He doesn't commit crime.

It would be good if you leave him.

What are you saying?

I will put you inside if you speak more.


'It's me, Home Minister speaking.'

'Deal with Sunderraj carefully.'

'He has great influence in the Center.'

Do you know who I am.

Did you get it?

What proof do you have
that Gopi is murderer?

DCP Sir,...

...accoding to Section 50(a),...

...the case details of the accused...

...should be given to their
blood relations.

Or else, you have to come to court.

Then, listen. He murdered Purvi
very brutally.

He spoke to her for 45 minutes,
the day before murdering her.

The day after murdering her, he withdrew
40,000 rupees from her ATM card.

He is very arrogant.

He beat 10 people in Liquids Pub.

Is this enough? Do you need anything else?

Say whatever you want in the court.
Now, get out.

The murder accused, Gopi...

...has been remanded for 14 days.


(Door opens)


What are you looking at?

Look down.

Brother is telling you to look down.

(Hits plate)

What? Will you beat me?










(Ambulance sound)

He had a big injury on his leg and
a small injury on his head.

Pulse is alright.

He got some blood loss.

You can continue with the same medicine.
Yes, Sir.

Greetings, doctor.

How is his condition?

Excessive bleeding. Nothing to worry.

How long does he need to discharge?

He will be discharged in 2-3 days.

Greetings, Sir.


Will you not stay calm anywhere?

Do you think police will just watch
if you do murders and fights?

Please listen to me, Sir
I think he is planning something.

Okay Sir.
If he does something, shoot him.

Deal with him carefully
until he is discharged.

We should kill.

We should kill him.

Hey, cigarette.

What did he do?

He is Gopi, from Amalapuram.

He brutally murdered a girl named, Purvi.

Murder, it seems.

You leave.

Hey, if you were dare enough to murder,... would have revert back
when we beat you.

So, as per our calculations,
you didn't do the murder, right?

Do you need any help?

We beat you hardly. Is it paining?
That's fine, brother.

Sorry, brother. We had to.
No problem.

Sir, Gopi escaped.

(Police siren)


Oh, no.

That's fine.

How are you now?
I am fine.

Greetings, Sir.
Good morning.

Gopi... we are happy,
only because of you.

When you are in trouble,
how can we stay away?

A criminal escaped from jail.
Did you see him?

No, Sir. We were here since two hours.

Shoot him on spot, if you see him.
Yes, Sir.

(Police siren)


You don't worry at all.

Don't worry. I am here.

Get ready and come.
We will have breakfast.

Okay, Sir.

What is all this, Gopi? Who is that girl?
How are you trapped in this case?

Even I couldn't understand anything, Sir.

Whoever did this...

...he will be dead in my hands.

Don't get emotional, Gopi.
Not emotional, Sir.

He beat me on my ego.

The day before her marriage, the girl...

...spoke to you for 45 minutes.

I don't know all this, Sir.

A guy robbed my phone
in the railway station.

Then the day after murder... withdrew 40,000 rupees
from her ATM card.

This video, Sir...

This is a CC camera footage from ATM.

One day, when I was at Ameerpet centre,... old lady came to me...

...and asked to withdraw cash.

I did it, Sir.

The murderer trapped you very carefully.

I think he knows you very well.

He must have some enemity in your past.

Try to remember.

I don't have any enemity with anyone, Sir.

Then why did you beat so many in the pub?

With you arrogant behaviour... department concluded that... must have committed this murder.

It's not my mistake, Sir.

They are the ones who wantedly quarelled.

How did you know
about the fight in the pub, Sir?

Some unknown person informed us
when he saw you on TV.

I think I am trying to
pull all the strings now

That day, the murderer was right there
in the pub.

May be, but how will you identify him?

I will catch him, for sure.

He hurt my ego.

I will get hold of him...

...and will slap his ego, Sir.


It's not safe for you to go outside.

If I stay here, I can't do anything, Sir.

I have to go, at any cost.

One minute, Gopi.

Gopi, take this.

It might lead you to any clue.

Use my vehicle. No one will suspect you.

Call me if you need anything.

Thank you, Sir.
Be careful, Gopi

(Police siren)


Come here.

I am speaking to you.
Come and sit in the jeep.

I will not come.

You will not listen,
if we tell you with respect.

Hello DCP.

What are you doing?
Are you a police or a road-side romeo?

You are dragging a girl like an animal.

In which law is it written?

Who are you?

Why are you interrupting my duty?

I will shoot you if you do anything.

What? Will you shoot me?

Man like you...

...arrested cat's mother accusing
that the cat drank milk.

If you are dare enough, catch the culprit.

Not an innocent girl like her.

If you keep overacting like this,... you think public will remain calm?

Hey, come.
When the girl is facing difficulty...

...will we stay calm?

Come, shoot.

Police oppression...should be avoided.

Police oppression...should be avoided.

Police oppression...should be avoided.

If anything happens to her,
we will not move from here.

Hey, sit down.

Police thinks comedy of public.

(Police siren)

Come, daughter, we will go home.

Don't worry, dear.

I am not like DCP.

You don't worry. I am like your brother.

Come. Let's go home.

Start the vehicle.

Hey, stop.

Remove your helmet.
Show us your license.

Do you have license?
Yes, Sir.

Hey, stop.

Remove your helmet.

Check everyone.

Don't leave any area.

Go, go.

Remove the helmet.
Go, man. We have urgent work.


Remove your helmet.

Open it full, not half.

Hey, move, man.


Why are you conducting meeting
in the middle of the road?

You hit the police. You are talking to the police.

You are done.
Pay fine for drink and drive.

Do I have to pay the fine?


Have this, brother.


Show off yourselves on the culprits,...

...not on perfect human beings, like me.

Why is he spitting on me?

He liked your face, Sir.

I should not have asked you.

Leave all that. Give me fine.


Read what's written there.

Don't mix. Drink and drive.

We mixed soda.

Mixed soda?
Is this logic enough?

Why is he saying logic?

Take out your license.

Do I have to take out the license?

Do I have to take out the license?

I asked you. Show me.

Again, assaulting again.

Show me your license.

Read it, mister.


Driver should have license.

He is the driver. He has the license.

Come, let's go now.
Then why are you driving?

I was coming out of a bar.
He found me on my way.

He asked me to drive it.
So I am driving it. Did you get the logic?

Why is he saying logic?

Hey, stop, stop.

What's your problem, Sir?


Even Lord Brahma can't
escape for this logic.

Ask me.

Pay the fine for triple riding.

Fine for triple riding?
Who gave you the job?

What did you say?

Where are three?
One, two, three.

One, two, two and a half.

What is two and a half?
Touch us once.



That's it.

Touch here.



Why did you touch again?

To listen to complete song, Sir.

If you stay silently,
police will play with you.

Start your vehicles.


Check what's going on.


Search properly.

Brother, give a pack.

Brother, give me the paper please.
Take it.


Take it, brother.


Who are you?

What do you want from me?

Here is the file.

Pick pocketers, chain snatchers
in the city...

...all details are in this file.

This guy. He robbed my mobile, that day.

Is it him? He is a silly thief.

His name is Chanti, lives in Secunderabad.

He was caught many times.

He comes out on bail
and continues his robbery.

But he can't do murders.

But, Gopi, if you catch him,
you might get some clue.






Oh, my God!



(Deep breath)

Brother, anyone will tie
with rope or chain.

But what have you done, brother.

You sealed with Feviquick.

I am not in a mood to talk to you.

But still I will ask you one question.

Tell me correctly.

About that mobile?
I already lost it, brother.

I will buy you a new mobile.

Please leave me, brother.

What did you speak to the girl
that night for 45 minutes?

No girl called me and I didn't
speak to anyone, brother.

Not like this.

Brother, please don't do it.
I will tell you.

I got a call that midnight, brother.

I answered the call wondering,
who might be at this midnight.

From that side, voices of some boys...

...and screams of a girl were heard.

I didn't know what happened there, but...

...I recognised that some unusual
is happening there...

...and started listening to it.

Those boys...

...were scolding her...

...and the girl was also scolding them...

...after some time, she was beaten hard.

With a doubt that they
must have murdered her...

...I threw the mobile in the park.

I don't know anything else, brother.

What did they talk about?

I didn't understand, but...

...they abused her a lot.

If you don't answer properly,
I will pour it in your mouth.

Why will I lie when it is about my life?

Hey! Show this village guy,
the power of our city.

Sorry, sorry. I took your selfie
without your permission.

He brutally killed a girl named Purvi.

Can you withdraw amount from ATM please.

He trapped you very intelligently.

(Dog barks)

Hey, Gopi.

How are you?

I did injustice to you.


I am sorry, Gopi.

I am really sorry.

I sent you wantedly.

You came for me.

No one can beat you in trust.
You proved it.

Thanks for coming to me.

Hey, Gopi.


Gopi, stop.

Where are you going?


Where are you going?

Hey Tomy. Come and sleep.

Hey, brother. It's you.

How do you know her?


You gave me thousand rupees that day.

I got it treated with that money.

Thank you, dear.

Then she took a selfie with me.

Do you know anything about her?

I don't know, brother.

Please, think of it.

Anything about her, please tell me.

Tell me, dear.

That day, at Jubilee Hills check post...

Please tell me.

Please tell me.

I met her at Jubilee Hills check post.


I don't know when this nonsense
comes to an end.

Take this. Take this.

Hey Nani.
Is that you, sister?

Why are you here?
Give me money, sister.

Why money? What is this?
Signal will be on again.

I will park aside. Come.
Okay sister.


Without seeing the number properly,
I gave her the packet..

Sorry, sister. It was by mistake
that I gave you.

What is this packet?

Everyday, three brothers come and
give me these packets and cards.

To the vehicle numbers matching
that on the card...

...we handover the packets and
they give us money in return.

Who else do they give these packets to?

Some of us, sister.

Where are your guys now?

Like me, they stand at
different signals, sister.

How do we recognise them?

Our shirt collar would be raised, sister.

Oh, okay. Give me all the packets.

No. Brothers will beat me.

They will not say anything.

Take this money and give me those packets.

Don't tell anyone that
I gave you the packets.

I will not tell anyone.





Customers are calling and saying that
they didn't get the stock.

Same call from Kukatpally, Ameerpet
and Dilshukhnagar.

Customers are calling and torturing.

What happened to the stock then?

I didn't understand what is going on.

Something is happening in the city.

Find it out.

Disconnect the call.

I am Sunderraj.

I do business here.

I do social service also.

Leave those drugs, guys.

What is in that?

Hey! Leave me.

Or else I will take you to the police.

Her's is boiling blood.

First you need to get out of here,
to get me caught.

I need not go anywhere.

They will come here.
Is it?


How will they come?
Let me show you.

I will call the police right away.


Hey! Don't you have sense?

Even if you stop me,
you can't stop the truth.

Since you are a girl, we are not hurting
you much. But you are acting smart.

Do you think that death is a joke?

At signal lights,...

...don't you feel shame for
making kids do that work?

What a waste of life.

Why wait till you kill me?

I will kill you.

(Beats with rod)

Take her away and bury her.

She called someone and
made them listen everything.

I think this is some risk.



Brother, he is Gopi, from Amalapuram.

He is very arrogant, brother.

He beat some guys in a pub.

(Police siren)

Come Sir.
Move away.

She was killed very brutally.

Did you find any clues?
Not yet, Sir.


(Police siren)

Come, Sir.


Please wait there.

Any clues?
She was murdered brutally.

At a little distance from here...

...We found her handbag and
mobile phone, Sir.

Last dial number was boy friend, Sir.

The call record was 45 minutes, Sir.

There is a selfie in gallery,
taken with her boy friend, Sir.

His profile pic and the one
in selfie are same, Sir.

Definitely, he is the murderer, Sir.

His mobile is switched off, Sir.

We started with the primary
investigation, Sir.

Okay. Let's see if we get any other clue.

We have to catch the murderer in 24 hours.

I will consider this case
very prestigiously, Sir.

I will catch the murderer soon, Sir.

Okay, go ahead.

We got some clues for now.

Once post mortem is done,
we might get other clues as well.

Till then, please don't telecast
any gossips.


Do you know where they are, now?

I know, brother.

That village guy has escaped
from jail and raising tension.

Once I get hold of him,
I will kill him there itself.

(Bottle breaks)

(Bottle breaks)

My God!

What are you waiting for?




Hey, here.


(Rain sound)

(Rain sound)

I already have the tag
that I am a murderer.

I don't want that tag to be true.

Nani, get up.

Nani, Nani.


Brother, we got him. We beat him to death.

He is breathing his last.
Shall we kill him?


We saw him in the Ameerpet centre.
He doesn't seem to know the matter.

He is cool.

Make him use the ATM card, somehow.


Take this money.

Go to him and ask him to draw
the money through this ATM card.

You made it difficult to breathe.

Now I will see how you will breathe.

20 years of my kingdom... tried to bury it in 20 minutes... did you think it?

I invited you in the park. Do you think
it was for chit chat with you?

To kill you.

Your time was good and you escaped.
Where will you go today?

You are a villager.

If you have so much ego,...

I eat city food.
What range of ego would I have?

Thought you are a villager, doesn't know
much, so trapped you in that case.

You are a very talented guy.

I was calmly doing my drug business.

Why are you guys coming to my business?

I will leave you if you come to me...

...but if you come to my business,
I will bury you down.

She came and died.

What about you from village?

To get me arrested?

Get me arrested now.

He would have lived for few days,
if he was in jail.

What could you do coming out now?

You are dying in my hands now.

This guy...

For my anger, not killing him,
something else...

...I want to do something else.


Don't move.

Surrender yourself.

Don't shoot me. I will surrender.

I will surrender, DCP. Don't shoot.

I lately came to know Gopi's innocense.

Purvi couriered me all your details.

I know that I can catch you
if I follow Gopi.

My guess was perfect.

You played dramas in the station.

Do you think public will stare?

Come, dear. Let's go home.

I will kill her.

DCP, throw away the gun.

Throw it.

Get out.

Throw it.

Throw it.

Go away.


(Man falls down)


Sir, I followed Gopi in Purvi case
and caught the culprits.

When they opened fire,
I had to encounter them, Sir.

Okay, Sir.

In Purvi's murder case, as per
the proofs submitted by the police,...

...court is convinced that
Gopi is innocent.

But since he escaped from
jail during remand...

...Gopi has to be jailed for 7 days.

You all...




Dad, you both?

He left his son for
the sake of my daughter.

Can't I leave my ego for him?


One selfie please.

Who will you share with
when the whole village is here?


My Venkatlakshmi is safe now.


♪There is a talk that this guy is perfect
with jet speed and like a rocket.♪