Eggheads (2003) - full transcript

A new daily daytime general knowledge quiz presented by Dermot Murnaghan. Each day a new panel of challengers pit their skill against the resident champions, the Eggheads, who are all previous winners of other TV quiz shows to try to win prize money.

These people are amongst the
greatest quiz players in Britain.

Together they make up the Eggheads -
arguably the most formidable quiz

team in the country.

The question is, can they be beaten?

Welcome to Eggheads,
the show where a team

of five quiz Challengers
pit their wits against possibly

the greatest quiz team in Britain.

Here they are, the Eggheads. Hoping
to beat the might of the Eggheads

today are The Masters of Malt,
from Edinburgh.

Now, everyone on this team shares
a passion for American football

and malt whisky. Let's meet them.

Hi, I'm Greg, and I'm a
disability employment advisor.

Hi, I'm Luke, and I'm
a software tester.

Hi, I'm Mike, and I'm a copywriter.

Hi, I'm Steve, and I'm an
IT service desk manager.

Hi, I'm Graeme,
and I'm a primary school teacher.

So, Greg and team, hello. Hello.
Welcome. Great to see you, and it

all seems to revolve around American
football, Greg. That's right, yeah.

We play in a fantasy football
league together, and that takes

up quite a large part of our lives.

So, do you all have an
individual American football team

that you support, or is it
all the same team, or what?

In real life, I suppose,
we all support a different team.

Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers,
Baltimore Ravens, Tampa Bay

Buccaneers, New England Patriots.
Oh, well, that's useful stuff

for these Eggs, because they come
up the whole time, these teams,
don't they? You're always trying

to sort of get a handle
on which football team...

So, what, what led you to love
American football as opposed

to the real thing?
I think it's just...

Sorry, Americans!

I think it's just such a different
game. The tactical side

behind it, the amount
that you can learn about all

the different rules, and it's just
so different to any kind of British

or European sport, and we've all
kind of gravitated towards it.

And you have a fantasy league,
so you work out players, it works

rather like the classic
football leagues here, fantasy

football leagues, does it? You
get points if they play well?

So, there's 16 of us in our league,

and, yeah. And Masters
of Malt, because there's a bit

of whisky involved in it as well.

So, we're all a big fan of whisky,
and all of our team names are named
after a whisky.

Couldn't be clearer.

It just absolutely makes
perfect sense.

So, I hope you're good at quizzing
as well. That's what we're going to
find out. Good luck, team.

Every day, there is $1,000
worth of cash up for grabs

for our Challengers.

However, if they fail to defeat
the Eggheads, the prize money rolls

over to the next show.

Masters of Malt, the Eggheads
have won the last three games,

which means there's $4,000
for you if you win and beat them.

And would you like to crack on?

OK, the first head-to-head battle
is on the subject of sport.

Oh, what about that?

That's probably good.

So, Luke... I'm going to take it.
I'm going to take on...

So, you've got either Lisa,
Steve, Pat, Kevin

or Judith. I'm going to take Kevin.
This happened in the last game,

Kevin, they went for you straight
away. That's right, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, teams have come in... They've
wised up. They've wised up, coming
with a new thing - hurl

yourself at Kevin early.
Go big or go home. Yeah, that's it.

So, Luke from Masters of Malt is
going to go big or go home

against Kevin from the Eggheads.

To ensure there's no
conferring, please go to our famous

Question Room.

I gather you're quite a one for
sport trivia, Luke.

Yeah, I'm a big sports fan.

NFL, obviously, and Formula 1,
but most sports, tennis as well,

so, yeah. OK, well, let's see.

Luke has thrown himself at Kevin
early, and would you like to go

first or second?
I'll go first, please, Jeremy.

We're all excited here, Luke.
Good luck.

First round. In cricket,
which expression is commonly shouted

by the bowler and fielders
when they appeal to an umpire

for an LBW or a catch?

Well, I'm not
a big cricket fan, but I do...

It's a funny word.
I think they shout, "Howzat?"

Yes, it would have been awful
if you'd come a cropper on that

first question after the big

Howzat? is the correct
answer, well done.

Kevin, Hellas Verona, SPAL
and Benevento were all teams

promoted to which top-tier football
division in 2017?

They're all Italian teams.
It's Serie A.

Serie A is correct.

Luke, for which Formula 1
team did Max Verstappen

drive in the 2017 season?

I should know this one.

He drives for Red Bull.

Red Bull's correct. Kevin, what name
is given to a shot in badminton

that is played close to the
net and drops down

sharply on the other side?

Hmm. That's a bit of terminology
that's passed me by.

Can't really see how boomerang
would work. Boomerang, you would

tend to think of something that goes
a fair distance and then comes back

in some way, but it could...

I mean, I suppose it could operate
if the shuttlecock

has originally come from the other
side and it's basically

just... I, I, I can't really see

I can't really get anything out of
hairpin at all, unless it's to do

with the shape.

And clothes hanger...

What would it be to do
with a clothes hanger?

I'm just, I'm just going to go
for a hairpin on the basis

that the shape of a hairpin
is a very narrow curve.

And so you've got something
which would just fall.

I don't, I really don't know. OK.

I can't work it out. I'll say
hairpin. Hairpin is your answer.

Let's see, I think you know,
Challengers, do you?

I think it is hairpin. Hairpin is
the right answer, Kevin.

OK, Luke, I thought we had him

Your third question - which horse
racing trainer set a new record

for top-level wins in a flat
season in October 2017?

Well, Balding, obviously
Clare Balding.

But I think that's the jumps.

I don't think that's flat. Sir -
would he still be a trainer

if he was a sir? I don't know.

Just in a process of elimination
I would go for Aidan O'Brien.

You made light work of that.

I thought from your expression
that horse racing's not your thing.
It's not, no.

OK, but you're right,
Aidan O'Brien's right.

Well done, three out of three.

Kevin under pressure now.
Who was the first boxer

to knock down Muhammad Ali
in a professional fight?

Henry Cooper certainly did it.
He knocked him down.

Sonny Banks, I don't recognise.

Chuck Wepner
was a kind of journeyman

fighter, sometimes said
to be the inspiration for Rocky,

who had a go later on.

I'll have to go for Henry Cooper.

If you've got this wrong,
you're out.

Well, I should ask you, Luke.

I probably would have gone
Henry Cooper as well,

just because I know he knocked
him down, but I don't know either.

The answer is Sonny Banks.
You're out, Kevin. Yeah.

Well done, Luke,
you're in the final round.

Very, very good strategy.

Please come back to us
and we'll play round two.

Well, well, well, Masters
of Malt have started strong,

haven't they?
Fantasy League players
and they're in the fantasy now!

You've won the first round,
you've knocked out Kevin, well done.

You're all still there,
the Eggheads have lost one.

And the next subject
is Arts and Books.

Who would like this?

We're going to give it
to Michael.

OK, Mike, our copywriter.

Against which Egghead?
Any one of them bar Kevin.

I think I am going to take Steve.

Very good. So, Mike is coming
from Masters of Malt to play Steve

from the Eggheads. Go to the
Question Room, gentlemen, please.

Mike, remind us of your favourite
American football team?

It's the Baltimore Ravens.
And how did you decide it was them?

I've got friends who live
just outside Baltimore.

The first time I went over, I was 16
and they took me to a game,

erm, and just co-opted me
into supporting the team that way.

Brilliant. Arts and Books -
do you want to go first or second?

I will go first, please.

Here we go with your question.
What gift does Ebenezer Scrooge

anonymously send to the Cratchit
family in Charles Dickens'
A Christmas Carol?


I am not sure that

Tiny Tim would appreciate
much champagne, so I'm pretty sure

it's not that. Eh,
I will go with turkey.

Turkey's right. Well done.

Steve, the novel Mount!,
which has an exclamation mark,

set in the horse racing world,
is a work by which author?

Could have been really dated there
and put Dick Francis up as well.

But, erm, the only one I really
associate with horsey sort of novels

is Jilly Cooper,
so that'll have to be my answer.

Yeah, Dick Francis was - all
of his books were horse-based,

weren't they?
Jilly Cooper's correct.

So, one each.

Challenger, which of these
is a type of suspended sculpture

made of delicate components
that move in response

to air currents?

Oh, that's a good one.
Not exactly my area of expertise.

Erm, portable would suggest
that they're moved

to a completely different place,
erm, I would think.

So, I don't think it's portable.

Erm, mobile...

..doesn't sound right.


Versatile, if you think, yeah,
would need to,

if it moves due to the wind,
it would need to be versatile.

So for that reason
I will go with versatile.

Versatile. Your team-mates
are wincing, though.

Team-mates? I think it's mobile.
Mobile, yeah. Mobile.

OK. Steve,

2017 was the 30th anniversary
of the appearance in print

of which literary detective?

Mm. Well, it's not Alleyn,
that's way back.

On balance, I think I've got to go
John Rebus, Jeremy.

John Rebus is quite right.

OK. Mike, your third question.
You must get this one right.

What name is given to the period of
Pablo Picasso's career

between 1904 and 1906?

I don't know much Picasso.

Erm... I think...

..I will... I think blue,
Blue Period.

He definitely had a Blue Period.

Eggheads, do you know this?
I think it's rose.

I think it's rose, yeah.
Did he have an African Period?

Some would say, yes. But it's
a slightly odd way of naming it.

Later on, before Cubism began,
he was influenced a lot by

Yeah. That's what I was thinking.
When was the Blue Period?

The Blue Period was two or
three years before the dates

that you mentioned, then the
Rose Period, and then...

You are right, Kevin,
it was just before.

Rose Period is the answer here.
So you've been knocked out.

Steve, you're in the final, there's
no way back for our Challenger.

So it's level. Return to us,
and we'll see what happens
in round three.

A setback for Masters of Malt.

They've lost a brain now
from the final round.

The Eggheads have also lost one.
Looking lively, this contest.

The next subject for you is Science.

I think it's...


Who have we got on Science? I think
that will be me, unfortunately.

Yeah. OK, Graeme. Primary school
teacher versus which Egghead?

What do you think?
Whatever you want. Er...


We like our Science, don't we?

I don't know what planet you're on,


I'm trying to encourage you!
Graeme from Masters of Malt,

playing Lisa - on Science -
from the Eggheads.

Come on, Lisa, we can do this!

To ensure there's no conferring,
please go to the Question Room now.

On Science, Graeme, first or second?

I'll go first, please, Jeremy.

Here we go with
your first question.

Which type of creature is
most likely to have compound eyes?

I definitely don't know for a fact,
but I would just guess,

based on having sort of
multiple lots of eyes

and lots of bits to the eyes,
that it would most likely be

I'm glad you got it right.
Yes, it is.

A fly has got some sort
of amazing combination of eyes.

Lisa. Which of these organs
in the human body

sit in the pleural cavity?
And that's P-L-E-U-R-A-L.

That would be the lungs.

OK. Lungs is right.

And we go back to you, Graeme.

Here we go.

What name is given
to a piece of computer code

inserted into a programme
to fix a bug?

I would think,
probably on the amount of times

they have to get installed
on various video games I play,

it would be a patch,
but I'm not sure.

It's a patch. Very good.


The chemical compound
ethylene glycol

is commonly used as what?

I think it's a sort
of alcohol-y thing.

So I think that would be antifreeze.

Yes, it is antifreeze.
Steaming along here.

Let's see. Graeme, get this right,
put Lisa under some pressure.

Which of these species
of marine turtle

is thought to be the most abundant
in the world?

I have absolutely no idea.

However, I think I've possibly heard
of a hawkshill before...

or hawksbill, so I'm going to have
to go with that one, I'm afraid.

The most abundant marine turtle
is the olive ridley.

Sorry, Graeme.
But it's not over yet.

Lisa has to get her third
question right,

and sometimes
that doesn't happen, Lisa.

What do you mean, "sometimes"?!

Here we go.

Which species of pine tree produces
the heaviest cones,

some weighing up to five kilograms?
Is it...?

I don't know.

Pick one
and let's get this over with. Um...

Monterey pine.

Because we're on, what,
the West Coast of California?

I'm just vaguely thinking
things are bigger in America.

Big trees, yeah.

It's Coulter pine. Ah, well.

Ooh, it's a let-off, Graeme,
for you.

We go to Sudden Death.
Two out of three for you both.

Gets a bit harder now, OK?
Cos I don't give you alternatives.

Which word for a shallow receptacle
for feeding livestock

also means an elongated area of
relatively low atmospheric pressure?

I want to say a trough.

Trough is correct.
Thank you. Lisa.

Which silvery metal,
discovered in the 19th century,

has the chemical symbol Sc?


Scandium is the right answer.

Sudden Death we're on.
Science is the subject.

Graeme, back to you.

A yellowjacket is a type
of which winged insect?

My instinct wants to say wasp,
but that seems too obvious.

Because wasps already
kind of have yellow to them.

Yeah, I think I'll just stick
with the wasp,

since it was the first thing
that popped into my head.

Wasp is correct.

Lisa, to stay in.

The Whale and the Doughnut were
nicknames given by scientists

to shapes on the surface
of which heavenly body in 2015?

I don't know.
Is it as obvious as the moon?

Could you say the moon?

Well, it is a thing.
You can you can send a satellite

so far away to take pictures now,
it could be any heavenly body.

I really don't know,
so I will just say the moon.

The moon is your answer. Barry
would know this. Course he would.

Any Eggs know?

No. If it's any reassurance,
they didn't know either.

It's not the moon.

Pluto is the answer,

and well done, Graeme,
you're in the final round.

So the Challengers have raced ahead
here. Come back to us, please.

One more round to
play before the final.

As it stands, Masters of Malt have
lost a brain from the final round,

but they're playing really well,
the Eggheads have lost two now.

The next subject is Music.

So, now, which Master of Malt
wants Music?

That's going to be me, Jeremy.

OK, skipper Greg against
which Egghead?

Who would you like to defeat?

Pat or Judith? Judith. Judith.

I'm going to take Judith.

All right. So, Greg...
Terrible mistake!

..from Masters of Malt...
Mistake, is it?

You love music, don't you?
I do love music.

But I don't... I'm not very
good at, um...facts about it.

So, Greg from Masters of Malt,

trying Judith on the facts.

And please go, for the last time,
to our Question Room.

Right, so Greg, supporter
of the Detroit Lions,

against Judith on Music.

And would you like to
go first or second?

I'm going to go first.

Here's your question, Greg.

The instrument known
as the didgeridoo

is traditionally made
from which material?

Well, it's going to be
a process of elimination.

I have never played a didgeridoo,

But I think it's made of wood.

It is made of wood, yes.

Wood is the right answer.
Judith, your question.

Which singer had his only
UK number-one hit

with the song Fly Away in 1999?

I have absolutely no idea!

And I'm sure everybody
else in the world knows.

The other...

Two of them seem to be well-known,

so I imagine they had a lot of hits.

I'm going to say Lemmy,
who I've never heard of.

Ah, Lemmy. I'm just trying to think
how you could get to the answer

without all the facts, there.

Cos Leo Sayer, you could say,
as you sort of did,

well, he had other hits,
other number ones,

When I Need You and so on.

Lemmy was the lead singer
of Motorhead.

So we were looking
for Lenny Kravitz.

Bad luck on that. Greg.

Katie Melua recorded a version
of which Sting song

as the official 2017
Children In Need single?

I've not heard of Katie Melua
for quite a while now.

I know she was a bit popular
a couple of years ago.


I think this is Fields Of Gold.

Yes. Very well done.
Fields Of Gold.

So, Judith, you need to get this
one right.

"From the very first time
I rest my eyes on you, girl,

"my heart says follow through", are
lyrics from which Bob Marley song?

Well, No Woman, No Cry
is the famous one, but... just seems too long
a sentence to get into

No Woman, No Cry, that.
I don't know.

I'm going to say Could You Be Loved.

Waiting In Vain
is the answer, Judith.

Waiting In Vain.

And I'm so sorry. Two wrong
answers was fatal there.

And, Greg, you're
in the final round.

This is looking good for these
Challengers, well done!

So come back, join your teams.

We will play the final round
for $4,000.

And this is what we've been
playing towards.

It's time for our final round,
which, as always, is General

But I'm afraid those of you
who lost your head-to-heads

won't be allowed to take part
in this round,

so it's Mike from Masters of Malt,

and it's also Lisa and Judith
and Kevin from the Eggheads,

would you please now
leave the studio?

Greg, Luke, Steve and Graeme,
you're playing to win

Masters of Malt $4,000.

This is a good position here that
you've got to, so well done.

Steve and Pat, here you are with a
last-ditch defence

to try and keep the Eggheads' run

As usual, I will ask each team
three questions in turn.

This time, they're all
General Knowledge. You can confer.

So, Masters of Malt, the question
is, can you finish the job here?

What's the American football
analogy, can you...touchdown?

A touchdown, yeah.

And overwhelm these two brains
with your four.

And would you like to
go first or second?

We'll go first, please, Jeremy.

All right. Here we go.

In which famous song do
these lyrics appear?

"And was the holy Lamb of God
on England's pleasant pastures seen,

"and did the countenance divine
shine forth upon our clouded hills?"

It's Jerusalem. Do you think
it's Jerusalem? Yeah, I think so.

Cos I think it's a...isn't
it a rugby song? It is. Yeah.

The whole thing with the World
Cup... The Jerusalem team. Yeah.

So I think it's Jerusalem, as well.

We happy with that? Go for that?

Jerusalem, please, Jeremy.
Jerusalem's correct.

Well done.

OK, over to you, Eggheads.

What word is normally used
to describe the study

of the production and consumption
of goods and services

of a country as a whole?

Macro? I think it's macro. Um...

That's what I'd have gone
for my own, so...


Macroeconomics is correct.

OK. Your question.

Which of these bones is
found in the foot, Challengers?

I don't think it's the radius,
cos that's in your arm.

I've not heard of a vomer. Vomer...

..not...I've never heard of that.

Calcaneus? Calcaneus?

The only one I remember's the
metatarsal, you know... Yeah.

Calcaneus? Shall we just...?

Yeah, take a punt on that.
I think that's...

Right, we'll go for...
Calcaneus, yeah.


You've got it right. Well done.

Calcaneus is right.

They're in the lead, Eggheads,

as they've been for much of this
contest. To catch up, your question.

Which Irish actor stars
as a successful surgeon

in the 2017 film
The Killing Of A Sacred Deer?

Colin Farrell, I've seen it.
Colin Farrell, yeah?

We think that's Colin Farrell.

It is Colin Farrell.

You've seen it, Steve? Is it good?

It's strange. Strange.

OK. Third question.

Get this right, pressure's on them.

Might be the last thing
you need to do today.

Which of these buildings was awarded

architecture's Stirling Prize
in 2017?

Wow. Got any idea?

I'm not a fan of architecture!

Awards, especially.

I would like to go for Glasgow,
just cos... Yeah.

That, and I think the college
is a new building, as well. Yeah.

I think they rebuilt it. A pier...

I...I don't think Hastings Pier's
going to be awarded now.

You think it's a previous award?

So City of Glasgow College? Yeah.

I'm happy with that.

City of Glasgow College.

So it was the architecture
Stirling Prize in 2017,

and it wasn't the
City of Glasgow College.

It was actually Hastings Pier. Oh!

Oh, well. So Hastings Pier
is the answer,

which gives the Eggheads a
chance to take the contest.

Which UK zoo opened its gates
for the first time in 1931?

It's not London Zoo.
I think London is older. Yeah.

I think Chester Zoo is
pretty old.

You fancying Bristol, then?

I don't know about Chester. I don't
know. I just know it's not London.

Well, Chester...I think Chester
is long-established,

but I'm not certain, so... I'm up
to go Bristol, if that's what you...

So we think London is older than
that. Yeah, definitely.

We've unsatisfactory

that Chester may be older than that.

Maybe on that spurious
sort of logic, go Bristol?

Bristol. Yeah.

Well, we don't know this.

But we're confident in dismissing
London Zoo, and we're just hoping

that Chester Zoo is
the longer-established.

Which leads us to opt for Bristol.

I'll give you the dates, actually.

London, 1828.

Bristol Zoo,



You're miles and miles out. Right.

Nearly a century out.
Chester Zoo is the answer.

That's a let-off for you
Challengers, there.

After three questions, you're level.

We go to Sudden Death in the
final round, playing for $4,000.

I don't give you different options.

Which UK national daily newspaper

adopted the slogan "The
intelligent tabloid" in 2013?

Name some tabloids... You have,
like, The Sun. Daily Mail.

Sun. Not that.

Is it not going to be one
that's perhaps

trying to get away from the fact
that it's a tabloid?

Yeah, trying to promote itself
as more intelligent.

Is the Daily Mail a tabloid?

Is the Express a tabloid?

I was thinking...I think
the Daily Mail.

If not that, then I'd probably
say the Express, but I don't...

I don't see The Sun or the Star
or anything... No.

I don't see any of the other
ones... No. ..even attempting...

There's not one called, like,
the IT Times, is there?

But The Times is not a tabloid.
No, the IT.

What do you think?

I actually don't know, so...

OK. Yeah. We're going to take
a shot in the dark here,

and we're going to say
the Daily Mail.

Daily Mail. It's actually a

I don't think you even mentioned.
Yeah? The Mirror. Oh. Oh.

So you're not out.

This is the key thing.
You've been playing really well.

However, the Eggheads do have
a Sudden Death question in hand,

and if they get this right,
the contest is over.

Kings Heath and Moseley are
suburbs of which large UK city?

Are they parliamentary

Do they ring any bells?

There is a Moseley down
near the Thames...

..but Kings Heath doesn't ring
a London bell with me.

It's not Birmingham, is it,
Kings Heath? Birmingham...

Mm. Pff...

Moseley. Moseley Shoals, where's

Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle...?
I don't think it's...

Birmingham... I'd probably go
with Manchester. Bristol...

My first thought was Birmingham,
but very, very un... Really?

Yeah. Just a....just a whim.

It's just the heath bit,

because I think Birmingham City
was called Small Heath,

the football team.

Not that that means a deal.

I think Aston Villa
were Little Heath. Mm.

They do sound very
constituency-like, don't they? Yeah.

Shall we...? Shall we take
our chances, throw ourselves

at the mercy of Birmingham?
Yeah, yeah.

We don't know, Jeremy.
We feel we should.

They sound really
constituency-like names.

But we're going to
go for Birmingham.

Birmingham is your answer.

So I was going through
constituencies in my mind

and thinking, "Hang on,

Birmingham Small Heath, is there?

There's a lot of them.

But then it rang a bell,
cos Kings Heath

is the first place that UB40
played live.

Do you know the answer?

Well, UB40 are from Birmingham,
so... Yeah.

Yeah, UB40 are from Birmingham.
Birmingham is right.

Well done, Eggheads. You've
done it, you've won the contest.

And thank you for a great challenge.
Really, really good.

Sorry, Masters of Malt.

The Eggheads are starting
to gather pace, here,

and they've done what comes

They reign supreme over
quizland once again.

It does mean you're not going home
with the $4,000.

We will roll the money
over to our next show.

Eggheads, congratulations.

Join us next time, to see
if a new team of Challengers

have the brains to defeat
the Eggheads.

There'll be $5,000 to play for.

Until we quiz again. Goodbye.