Effie Gray (2014) - full transcript

Based on the real-life scandal that shocked Victorian-era England, the film tells the story of Euphemia "Effie" Gray. At 19, she married the prominent art historian and critic John Ruskin, but Ruskin refused to consummate their marriage. Lonely and frustrated Effie is drawn to pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais, and finds a friend and champion in Lady Elizabeth Eastlake. After five years trapped in a loveless marriage, Effie will defy the rules of Victorian society...

The house was very cold because someone's grandfather had committed suicide there.

One day the grandson came to visit the house ...

the thought that the beautiful girl was an angel.

The grandson worked very hard.

Read, think, drawing, and writing.

He wrote a story just for her.

She was twelve.

His mother and father were friendly, but theirs were evil.

When she grew up, he married her.

- Come on. - You can not marry him.

Why? I love him.

It's rich and famous, and never see you again.

Leave it ... you will come to live in London.

In London Sofia, I finally let the horrible Scotland.

And you will come later.

We'll go to parties conbellos yellow dresses.

And we will dance with musicians, poets and great artists,

We want to paint.

- Really? - Yes, of course.

It will be very exciting. Come on ...

We need more pillows sheets.

Does the mine can be pink?

The nature should guide every stroke of his brush,

only representing it as it really is,

selecting nothing, leaving nothing.

Then they reveal the truth of God.

To be clear, piten what you see,

draw what they see.

Thank God for the gift of marriage.

And we ask the grace of marriage to be enriched.

In the presence of God and these witnesses,

I now pronounce you husband,

and wife.

Friends ...

consider me a man who is not an artist.

But despite this he was awarded a muse.

Consider this man, the luckiest of mortals.

Bound to you in spirit, from now on.

Sofia ... see you in London.


You know what occurred to me?

It is the first time we're all alone.

Close your eyes.


Here we are, thank Alfred.

Welcome to Denmark Hill.

No ... welcome home.

George, there you are.

This is your new lady.

Do not be shy, take his hand.

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow.

Tell us here.

- Dear ... - Love.

Congratulations, welcome to the family.

- That we're happy to see you here. - Thank You.

I hope the trip tolerable.

The train ride was horribly long.

But all was well when we take his carriage.

That coach is very comfortable, the best the market.

- It's like a feather bed. - Come, spend ...


Ms. Raskins is giving him a bath.

It was crazy to get their hands on.

I must change.

Yeah right ... but no time for that.

Come see this.

This was painted in celebration of their nuptials.

John's writing has made Mr. Turner someone very celebrated.

This painting is already worth more.

Bless us all and Keep us from evil.

Lead us and guide us in our day, and thank God,

to return the treasure of my house safe.

- Amen. - Amen.

I hope you have recovered well, Ms. Ruskins,

miss her at the wedding.

- It was a shame that you were not. - No matter, it happened now.

You look a little thinner than dear last year.

I've been sick, my father's difficulties have affected us all.

That's all over ...

You never need money again.

You however, my boy, I see wider than when you left.

The air of Scotland made you well.

Nonsense, there may be fine in Scotland.

The cough will last all winter.

I'm much better ...


I'll start painting again.

John drew me constantly, had to spend a fortune on pencil and paper.

Who would not with such a model?

For you, dear, as a welcome gift.

It is one of my favorite pieces.

You better have it now happen to you when you die anyway.

Let her ...

You know how mothers are.

Good morning, ma'am. I hope you slept.

What do you want?

Already all breakfasted?

Yes ma'am, at 7:00. Each morning.

I was not told.

I was so tired I did not hear John.

Lady ¿eggs should not worry?

- Thank you ... Oh, Anna. - Yes, ma'am.

Do you know where John ... Mr. Raskins?

It is working.



I knew that here was to be where you work ...

I ... I'm sorry, I broke it.

I see, no matter.

Did you sleep?

I think so ...

te vi.

Can not sleep? you were so tired.

Yes, after a while.

What We Do What do married people?

Be as little as you.

But I think it should work.

I sit here reading.

Honey, aburrirás you.

Why do not you find my mom? I think that needs help in the garden.

- Good Morning. - Good morning, my daughter.

- I hope you slept. - Fine thanks.

- Have breakfast? - Yes, thank you.

John said he needed help.

Me? No, do not let anyone touch my roses ...

John knows.

Then I'm going to help John.

- Help you? - With their work.

You can not help you with your work.

I can take notes, sharpen your pencils ...

Dear ... you married an amazing man.

And the best, the only way you can help,

is leaving him alone.

Leave it alone? But, just got married.

John can work undisturbed,

is the best chance we have to establish his name.

And of course you intend the best social position, right?

So what do I do?

I feel good with my roses, and my bible.

Lord, I believe that this young man is the most critical period of his career.

In a turning point which may sink,

into nothingness, or to rise to great heights.

His way will depend on the nature of the criticism that his work,

will have to sustain.

Do not be late.

Marriage child is learning to wait.

She is ready.

I think you should say something.

I find the truth,

and simplicity of a bygone era,

I think integrity is lost now.

In this dispute can not and will not be permitted.

No place, sir, for these offensive and distorted productions,

in the sacred walls of this great institution.

Gentlemen, please.

That discussion so interesting can continue on the table.

I say it depends on you as president of the Academy,

protect us from this horrible confusion.

Remove the paintings before the opening, I implore you.

Do not give in, they are nothing more than childish things and amateurs.

Remove them, are a disgrace to these walls.

Gentlemen, please, please ...

Thank You.

What is the purpose of art ...?

What is the purpose of art?

¿Idealize, sentimentalize?

No, of course not,

the purpose of art is to reveal the truth.

God's purpose is to reveal God.

But not in cartoons.

Neither ugliness.

- Let him speak. - Listen to what he has to say.

If God is the creator of nature,

intone also the creator of decomposition,

disease, ugliness.

Proffers not deny that Mr. Hansilvya,

is not the person from whom someone might fall in love,

but faithfulness, honesty,

these things are more important than mere conventional beauty.

Do you understand? He was painting what he saw.

But what you see, Mr. Raskins? Tell us.

I see nothing less than eternal truth ... I see God.

In these visionaries,

I see a noble art school, which the world has produced in 300 years.

It's ridiculous.

- Son imitators. - Medieval copies.

Sr. Raskins,

Do you think that painting pleases God?

Every great work of art, is pleased.

If its nature is pleased, then we follow.

I must confess that this seems empty.

Well done dear, it was an interesting question,

and bravely said.

Do not worry about God, to think of their dogs.

I do not know what I think, just like me,

make me feel happy.

I do not remember the last time I felt happy in this place.

Horrible collection of men self halagándose,

was a relief to hear an intelligent female voice.

It is a pleasure ... I'm Eff ...

that is, the Mrs. John Raskins.

Be who you are, but who you were when you were a Mrs. John Raskins?

I'm Elizabeth.

My name Eff ... Eufemia.

It is somewhat sad to lose your name,

and taking the Christian name of your husband that.

- Fortunately I do not have that cross. - Why?

- Lady Eastlake. - Thank You.

- Her husband is ... - President of the Academy. Yup.

Thank You. Absolutely hates the paintings, by the way.

But respect the opinion of her husband, as his.

Has to invite to dinner.

Well, I'll remember.

- It seems like just fine. - As good as expected.

They agreed to leave the paintings instead.

Lady Eastlake was very friendly, and did not know who I was at first.

¿Lady Eastlake?

John congratulations, you won the fight.

Sure must be proud.

We'll see, it is certain that I will take three days to recover.

Is that asking so much of you,

everyone always want something.

Forgot to say ...

Lady Eastlake asked me to invite them to dinner here.

To have dinner here? Do Eastlake?



Are we not poor, no?

Poor, even remotely.

Why do you ask?

Just tell me something.


That we are not so poor as not to have children.

You're still a child.

I am not.

I'm not a girl, I'm a married woman.

I want to live together as husband and wife.

We are husband and wife.

I know, but alone.

I would love to keep the house for you.

Our own house, with a large room for the child.

In the city, to maintain our social life.

I will be in charge of our domestic affairs.

I will become the wife you want.

Can I help you, ma'am?

If Ana, thanks.

Looking needle and thread to shirt John,

I have to fix it.

Sorry lady,

I do not know as I saw it.

Leave it here, I will soon.

I will.

Lady has always been my job to fix things young Raskins.

No longer ...

I am his wife,

I take care of his things.

Thanks Ana.

Since, ma'am.

Honey ...

I am a sewing expert, John will be new shirt.

If my mom needed to fix something, socks, scarves, baby

she always asked me what me.

John does not use handkerchiefs baby.

No, I know, of course not ...

Dear, sure you have a good intention.

But we are not suggesting that we would insult our son,

take old socks.

- Do you forget where you are? - Of course not, forgive me.

You forget who you are?

Home ...


Ms. Raskins says you should take this.

What is it?

A remedy. He says it's the best.

- What's inside? - I do not know, ma'am.

Want poison, will not take it.

Ms. Raskins is very determined.

Lady Eastlake, Sir Charles.

We honor.

I tried unsuccessfully to congratulate his son,

for its magnificent new scripts.

They are not more than a few words no matter who.

Sure John, came to congratulate you on your exciting new wife.

Well, new to me, where is it?

Does the impact much when we met?

- I forgive. - Sure.

Why are not you wearing?

You will arise now wear a garment.

I'm sick, my head hurts.

You're not sick, just annoyed,

you took the medicine, arise.

It will be dressed up and down in five minutes,

or there will be consequences.

There you are.

Honey, what's wrong?

You're as white as teeth.

No, I'm fine.


Sir Charles told us about the excellent response,

the new book of John.

Eufemia, a drink.

As I said, the reaction has been sobrecojedora,

tell the grand master of our time.

Charles Forgive me, but this girl,

tiunfos not need to hear her husband.

Now you need is a cup of tea and bed.

Does that feel?

Dear, are you still sick?

Forgive me ...

Friend, friend ...

Excuse my condition, I'm sorry.

He is married life.

Effi, do you have anyone with whom you speak?

No I keep thinking I made a terrible mistake.

That also thought early in my marriage.

The beginnings are difficult.

But we have not yet begun.

Do not leave us.

They did not always live here.

It is a temporary fix, sure.

They want it here, I'm sure.

They have always had for them.

Did they not let children play with when he was little?

In college, she lived near him,

and were every day.

She never let him get away.

Dear, it's crazy not having a home.

Thanks for being so kind.

You are a strong and intelligent girl.

But I must tell you to forget that you have made a mistake.

And if the case.

So dear I fear that it is wrong with you have to live.

No turning back.

No ... no, of course not.

Sure, think everything will fall into place naturally.

The children are the glue that bind all marriages.

Can you forgive me?

Of course.

If you bring me back I'll send you to pull the Thames.

Your mother is angry.

There was nothing I could do.

God. We have protected the full force of our body,

from childhood, of all the obstacles,

everything to feed your talent.

And they have succeeded.

But even with so much talent, effort is required.

And for the first time,

President of the Academy,

invited the best anyone could wish for,

gives us his presence,

and your wife could not or would not,

make an effort to be successful.

Many careers have fallen for less.

Sorry to be a disappointment to you.

We warn you about this girl, but decided to go your own way.

Up to you to ensure this,

not lead to the destruction of, all you have desired for you.

You are sad, did not want a coffee, right?

No, no, it was just ...

I was interested to see that poor girl.

- And she's not happy. - You did not at first.

That's what I said.

- You were very sad. - And you pompous.

- It's true. - And distant.

This is more complicated,

somehow have to get him away from his clutches.

You make them sound like dragons in a fairy tale.

Yup? It was not my intention.

Maybe not so far from the truth.

What was it you said about Venice?

Well, I hope you do not take your parents.


Thanks for bringing us here.

Lady Eastlake told me reponderíamos before her.

- We must take care. - Exactly.

- Thank you, thank you very much. - That's very kind.

For all, it is not often that we have new blood here.

I'm sending notes,

will make you invitations to all parties.

I see you do not like parties.

I came to Venice to work, to write a new book.

I hate the holidays, in fact I can not go without it affecting me.

My wife will go in my place.

Say what?

He says he hates the holidays and do not want to see anyone.

But she can.

Did you bring a chaperone?

No, we have not.

My wife is the same model of decorum.

Do not worry, Mr. Raskins.

Venetian language so quick to gossip will be silenced.

With your permission my mother and I will of chaperones.


What? What say all?

That her husband does not approve pleasure, but you will.

How would "like to buy some cheese".

I would like to buy some cheese.

I would like to buy some cheese.

- Bravo. - Magnificent.

His accent is divine, say it again.

I would like to buy some cheese.

Again, again ...

I would like to buy some cheese.

It is wonderful mom.

Now, he asked nine cents.

Please give these coins, and say that money is no problem for you,

since these married to the most wealthy and generous man Venice.

Thank You.

Rafael, please she gave him too.


It's better.

Top ...

Neither one eye up to this splendor.

Look at this.

It is as if the wind had carved it.

That soft ...

And that is completely different from this.

- The variety is great, right? - Yup.

Look down there, what do you see?

It is very beautiful,

but regularly,

unified way.

It's like a world where trees are all the same size.

And the clouds same, and people say that,

again and again.

It is made perfectly, but entirely private,

of these beautiful imperfections.

Imperfections are your ideal,

then you should find very beautiful.

Look what I found.

From half a lifetime ago.

Do you remember?

Why is turning into a tree?

She is the nymph Daphne.

He is the god Apollo.

He wants a sobrecojedor desire, want to own their purity,

But she does not want him.

And then it turns into a laurel to choose.

It is a clever trick.

It is, nymphs are very intelligent.

What are you doing?

Leave, leave ...

Care, a woman drowned in the canal last month.

Hear! Who hired this spirit of Christmas?

Look at her, is making an effort.

It is much more difficult than it looks.

Say what?

He says it's very easy, what for to pay for a gondolier?

Help me ...

No, no, and do better.

- You're still working. - Sure.

- Did you enjoy dancing? - Yup.

Y Ballet ballet.

If you you bloom, I'll die.

What will your book?

Say that Venice was once,

the most glorious, true,

most persecuted pearl.

As Eve from Adam, but now,

has fallen from the grace.

Dissipation and corruption is almost complete.

What do you mean?

It once was a virgin, and is now a prostitute,

addicted nothing but pleasure and pleasure.

A beautiful prostitute,

but a prostitute anyway.

Be Quiet.

We are sleeping here.

Leave them alone.

You were once young too.

Those two are not husband and wife.

She is the wife of English.

Does the crazy?

See that? They talk about us.

I call them "whisperers".

Our dance is big news.

I hope your husband is ready.

My husband does not hear murmurs, is well above that.

And I never forget my duty to him, even for a moment.

Anyway I have no talent for intrigue.

Want to try? There's nobody here.

Can I?

- Sure. - I'd love to.

No, the hand well.

No, no no ...

- No, stop. - Kiss Me.



Already back?

Yeah ... I was tired.

- Why do not you sleep? - That I will.

Mr. Raskins, you know what I had that treating your mother?

I do not know, but she says it's miraculous.

Well ... I do not think it's a normal treatment ...

in this case.

How long have you sick?

Almost constantly,

one intermiable succession of minor ailments.

This particular, it came a few months ago.

How did manisfestó?

Hysteria, hallucinations,

in his person.

Like what?

Mere fantasies of an uncontrolled brain ...

So ... how are they?

Organic matter ... bark ...

- Tree bark? - Yes, sir.

It is interesting.

Definitely his nervous condition,

by hair loss.

- Hair Loss? - Have not you noticed?

Here ...

and here.

I recommend the following,

fresh air, exercise, a healthy environment,

perhaps far from the influence of Mrs. Raskins, most.

She is Scottish by birth, right?

Maybe some time in their homeland your convenience.

I prescribiré, iron tonic for her.

- And for you. - No I have mada bad.

For you I prescribiré, sharper eyes and ears more.

In my opinion, his wife is not bad,

a little love and attention would not cure.

What are you looking?


What do you think then?

Many great things.



And many other things.

Mr. Milais ... hello.

I have not been here for long, okay?

She has to be due to its great success,

by which I warmly congratulate.

Thank you very much, ma'am.

- I am motivated ... - And painting.

Yes, in fact I have been hired recently.

- Well, that's good. - It is.

I am proud to say that I paint our champion.

I have to paint Mr. Raskins.

¿When Mr. Raskins? Really?

I can not create it, we go to Scotland soon.


- Yes, his wife is from there you know? - Yes, he knew.

- How is she? - Okay ...

I'm not sure, I think we go for the sake of your health.




Fear not brave companions,

breakfast is in the hands.

- Do not move. - What?

No, no. Mirame.

That light ... is what I want.

I do not will rest in the middle of a Scottish loch.

That angle, accurate, and water ...

and exactly that light.

Excellent, ¿I can put my shoes now?

Yup ...

Really, it's good that you came,

you have no idea.

Maybe you have that thing.

By God,

if it were not for your confidence in me,

I would still be hungry.

- It is essential, Everett. - Thank You.

You will begin to read it to him, and then continue their study.

Mr. McFail, thanks.


That happiness is eternal.

Thank You.

Is not as white as expected, but suffice.

- Shall we? - No, first ...

Are they bad news?


My poor mother,

He lost his son,

the seventh.

I do not know as you can with that.

I'm sorry.

I need to start lunch.

How is Effy?

I think it is improving,

exercises and the air will feel good.

I mean what if she recovered from the news?

What news?

- The loss of the child. - What child?

The Mrs. Gray, his mother lost her son.

Then he lost another, how many are already five?

- Seven. - Seven, by God.

¿Effy said nothing?

His mother lost children safe so regularly that she thought it would not affect me.

That's a bit harsh.

Not at all.

She is positively like an animal in its procreation,

so do not know how glad we all survive.

Watch this exquisite bird.

You have to be at your best position to capture that.


He realizes he can open the window, close the curtain,

and look without leaving the bed.

It's like being in a box.

Do you listen to John?

Do we begin early, Everett?


Yes, first thing.

I can not keep my fingers refuse to bend.

Come on ... let me help.

I've done two inches of work.

Where is Everett?

Right behind me, fell.

What happened?

I fell off the boat.

Let the mirártelo.

Do not think I have a broken nose.

- Am I hurting you? - No, I'm fine.

Why do not you think you have a broken nose?


Outside you said you could not have broken the nose.

Oh, really? So silly.

It's just use my face as a model all the time.

It is cheaper to pay someone.

So my nose is very useful.

And you need to smell things.

That too, of course.

Ya ... no more.

The trick is knowing when to stop.

It is exquisite.

No me tientes.

Resentirías your talent ... if you were not so angelic.

Your nose is perfect again.

Please do not remind me of that.


I am anxious head.

In truth, she wanted to come.

Well ... I'll just be away for a few days.

But you're not eager to leave her alone.

Why? Where are you going?

- I'm not going anywhere. - Then you will not be alone.

You can not leave her alone with me.

Yes, I realize it's a bore, Everett.

Not at all, I mean it is wrong.

By God.

I will make Ms. McFail stay, if you care about the locals.

I'm not worried locals.

John, do not mind at all your wife's reputation.

Leave it completely alone with another man,

a single man.

I would have loved this as a child.

Where I grew up there were mountains.

- Do you really liked? - Yup.

See that bush with thorns?

My mother had fairies under the trees, told me.

I believed him absolutely, had breakfast and brought him something.

And of course, in the morning it was always eaten by a fox,

.. Or something, only further proved its existence.

One Christmas my mom prepared a ham.

I thought that fairies are deserved.

I went to the pantry to cut a slice and could not.

So I took it whole.

I discovered course,

and that was the end of the tale.

And happiness of foxes.

There were over a thousand in each conference was a success.

But the prize was horrible headaches.

- I hope Effy was not rude. - Of course not.

Women should rely on them to get jobs.

Instead of constantly ask companionship and attention.


Where have you been?

In the rain.

- Where? - Wherever.

Where they brought me my feet.

Jeez, dress clothes or get sick.

I am sick, sick of who I am.

Do not know how you stand it.

I can not continue to witness this torture,

when I can not stop it, or do anything.

Tell me what I should do.

What I can do?

Nothing to do.

We return to London,

I need to see what my book.

- I can not go back. - We leave on Monday.

I can not go back.

The pains of eternal torment would not be worse than return to Denmark Hill you.

I did not ask your opinion, just informed you.

I can not go back.

Do not think your behavior here has escaped me. Do Not.

On the contrary, I've seen what you're trying to hide.

Want to lose your reputation in the world?

It would be a good piece of work for your father bankrupt.

No pressure me more, Eufemia.

For your own good.

You hate.

It has been listening and watching,


You want to ruin me? Put me in a compromise?

I can never visit you in Denmark Hill.

You need someone with you, think about it.

I do not know ... maybe my sister Sofia.

Your visit will not raise suspicions.

Then you must organize it.

- Mr Mc Fail, we are ready. - Yes, sir.

Everett, you can help my wife.

Do not do that, dear.

You sound like an idiot.

You are here and we have not yet received the portrait of Mr. Milais.

I think in January seek time to finish posing.

Well, I have wanted to see.

Or maybe darling can mention it the next time you write him.

I do not write.

This is a new addition to our cellar.

I think we should educate our palate the flavors,

German wine before our trip.

My son.

Will you go away?

All will.

Do I have to go?

But nobody said ...

No start discussing something that was agreed for months.

I do not know why you think you need to see the city Sofia.

What's wrong with Beckham?

He said he wanted to see it.

- I did not say. - Shh. You can listen.

Let's see a friend of mine.

- Everett? - What did they say about him?

Nothing, John said you made unhappy Everett.

In the same way you made him unhappy.

- Who is Everett? - A friend.

- But we will not see it? - Sophia, please.

But John had to teach safe,

he must ...

Let me understand, you say I do,

yet at this time do not understand,

the details of the most intimate relationship in marriage?

What you have never experienced?

He has never touched me.

He's never done me his wife.

Because he was disgusted by my body that first night.

Then he told us to wait,

until he was twenty.

By then said that I did not like and that would be a sin.

And a worse sin to have children.

Because it was evil, and probably insane.

And he ...

Will never after that time, sought a relationship?


I've never heard anything so cruel, man must be ...

If he has not done his wife physically,

I think you're not his wife.

But I have no knowledge of these matters.

I'll legal and social inquiry,

discreetly clear.

I beg you still do not argue with him.

I must say that I've read all his books,

and I always found eccentric, but now,

is more peculiar.

And difficult to understand.

You can sit, Ms. Raskins.

You must be crazy.

Whose is it?


Honey, there's nothing else you can do.

You have to let things take their course.

Among ...

Please sit down.

I have the report of Dr. Lee ... here.

You said he thinks her husband is crazy.

It is interesting, but madness is not enough,

for wanting a divorce.

If it were, half of marriages in London would be in danger.

But the thing is this.

We found that the usual signs of virginity are perfect.

And she is naturally formed for it.

Well ... There it is,

I must say, in all my years ...

It is an unprecedented case, Ms. Raskins.

But I'm sure we can seek annulment of their marriage.

Based on the non-consummation.

However, we must be cautious,

it is better to stay away from her husband,

as you can, by Precautions In.

Tell me.

Say you do not make more effort than normal,

for I do want to have sex.

Spend a lot of time writing.

If my angel it is.

I have written two books on modern painting.

One of the architecture.

And this ... for Venice.

It is a rather large book.

And then I will write a book so great,

and will be about the conduct of your sister.

Their iniquity, but do not tell him,

because then you hate.

That is our secret.

Do not worry, it does not hurt.

Thank you, George.


What have you done? By God.

I have not done anything.

Dress up before my mother sees you.

I will not.

You disgust me.

I received a letter,

my mother.

Strange too Sofia and asked me to return to Scotland.

Then I suggest you start packing.

What does Mom?

Not Mom.

Check back your room for you there is nothing.

Thank you, George.

I wish you happiness, lady.

A lot of suitcases for such a short visit.

George, no...

My name is John, actually ...

- Where is Sophia? - Arriba.

We can not have two John at home,

so Mr Geoge chose for me.

- Not cared. - He should care.

You removed your name.

Sofia miss the train.

Start with suitcases, George.

It makes no sense to join us.

Alfred can find a cabin, and I know I have work.

You could help me up, John.

What are you doing?

Set it here.

What will you do with that?

Leave it there, it's when Alfred return the carriage.

Will not be angry?

It is simply one of the most beautiful paintings in the world.

You should be proud.

Mr. Raskins, there is a man at the door for you.

Where are we?

You have to help.

- Mr. John Raskins. - Yup.

I have a summons to court.

- For the Court? - Who?

From Mrs. Raskins.

The accused should receive the same papers, sir.

It is a question of law.

And on what concerns?

It is a private matter, sir.

You can say it.

Well ... it's a petition for annulment of their marriage, sir.

Based on what?

It is a delicate matter, sir.

My parents are aware of all my affairs.

- Still ... - I demand to know on what basis.

Based on the terms of powerlessness, sir.


- Who are you? - Sofia.

What happened?

You can not go there.

He says he is prohibited.

That and ruin you too.

He says I should tell you this.

He says he loves,

but you can not get married for a while,

without much deliberation,

because it will not do anything wrong twice.

Say what?

He said, "Tell him I hope to see. No,

make her very happy. "

Want to play cards?

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