Effects (1979) - full transcript

Horror movie about an insane film director who hopes his crowning achievement will be a "snuff" documentary about the actual demise of a film crew working on a horror-movie shoot. The director's real cast and crew aren't too pleased when they find out about his project though.

Hey do you remember
that attorney's name?

The one we met last time.

Hello, hello.

Good dope huh?

I guess so.

What did you say?

We met some attorney over there.

Remember his wife worked for some judge?

I don't know.

Well I saw him in the
street the other day.

His wife's name was Jane or Janet or...

Yeah I don't want to walk in there

and do one of my hey man routines.

Everybody will be

stunned when we get there anyway.

Speaking of which I laid out
a few lines in the bedroom.

Great that's just what I need.


Okay that was good everybody.

Dom what about that turn?

Got it she looked great.


Well I still don't know
what to do when he comes in?

No no you're fine, you're
stoned you're confused.

Besides everything's happening

too fast for you to even be scared.

Alright what's next?

I think we're through.

Barney, Rita you're finished.

Oh great.

Tomorrow we start early.

Oh man.

- I mean it.
- I need that light.

- That's right.
- I gotta get some sleep.

6am, early.

Do you want the jogging
suit or the shorts?

Probably the jogging suit.

Yeah so you're ass doesn't hang out.

See you two tomorrow.

Hey, listen.

So is that a wrap?

That's a wrap.

Hey you know what?

That went pretty well.

It's a long schedule.

They're not bad together.

On camera.

They married or what?


I could drive a truck through

your god damn lines.

Okay you two, I'll see you later.

Get some continuity distracting,

I just saw you go crazy.

Yeah, well why
don't you stop smoking

real joints in the god damn place.

I don't know it's in the bathroom.

Did Lacey want these
any place in particular?

Oh yeah over on the kitchen counter.

He's got somebody who picks it up

and takes it to the bus station.

This is sync take three.

Okay standby.

I got speed.


Slate it Celeste.


Keith comes up in about a week.

Anyway we don't have much of a chance.

They have the judge in their hip pocket.

Yeah he's Sloan's golfing buddy.

Something's wrong Mona?

Something's wrong Mona?

Hey the steelers are playing
the browns on Sunday.

We aught to get tickets if we can.

Something's wrong Mona.

Thoughts tending to ambition,

these do plot unlikely wonders

how these vain weak nails
may rend a passage in

the flinty ribs of this hard
world my ragged prison walls.

And for they cannot
die in their own pride.

Thus play I in one person many

people and none of them contented.

Sometimes am I king,

then treasons make me
wish myself a beggar.

But whate'er I be,

nor I nor any man that but man
is with nothing is content,

till he be eased with being nothing.

Play that one back for Lacey bickel.

How's the tuxedo?

Out of date.

I left my top hot in the car.

Yeah right.

How you doing?

How am I doing right.

How you doing?


We played a good day today.

Not bad.

Excuse me Maria.

Maria that's her name huh?

Hey, you doing?



Maria, Maria a double bourbon
for the lady and a double...

Scotch please.

Alright wait double scotch for the lady.

And double bourbon for
me, easy on the ice.

Why aren't you acting in this film

instead of doing the lights?

Rita's better for the role.

I like doing the lights alright.

I never worked with
a woman gaffer before.

Beats working at a massage parlor.

Oh yeah yeah, sure does.

Did you do that?


It beats, I mean it beats it.

I mean look at that guy over there right.

Gene Kelly should of had
one of those things right?

J I'm singing in the bar just

uh-oh, uh-oh, you and your big mouth.

My father, knows.

Hey where's your cape drac?

- We were just talking about.
- You got a light?

I had one.

How you doing?

My card.

Have umbrella will travel right.

Would you
keep that away from me?

That's, that's.


Great, that's terrific.

Okay great, look guy.

Hey bud hang on.

J everybody got the groove

no look pal I mean what the fuck right?

J can you feel it

j don't you feel it

j don't you feel it

Celeste, come on.

J I feel the groove

j I feel the groove

j I feel the groove

Hey, thinks
for defending my honor.


I said thanks.

Alright looks real enough.

Now if we put this under
her skirt are we really

gonna make the audience
believe that is her leg?

Sure on the cut after
she's knocked down yeah.

Alright but what about the blood?

What about it?

Well is there enough?


That's the way it would read
with a razor cut down there.

Listen how important is
reality when we're trying to...

Are we making a cartoon?

It would be nice just to see

one little spurt at
the moment of slashing.

Nobody is gonna
believe a spurt of blood.

They'll believe anything we show them.

But blood doesn't spurt
when you cut somebody there.

It's spurts when you cut by an artery.

Hey Celeste, I don't
need an anatomy lesson.

Besides nobody has ever gone broke

underestimating the
intelligence of an audience.

Well for sure but
they'll be plenty of blood

because he's gonna be slashing
at her repeatedly right?

I know that but I want
the first one to grab them.

You're so subtle.

You want the blood to spurt
up into the camera lens?

Yeah, why not?

Alright we start here right?

He slashes at her repeatedly huh?

She drags herself up the stairs.

Blood flows, it's starts slow at first

but then it builds up to a frenzied pitch.

Look at that plenty of blood huh?

Maybe a little dramatic buildup.

You know all about that right?

God knows the script could use some.

What a bitch.

She's pretty good with that razor huh?

You aught to put her in the movie.


I'll see you at four.


I'm going to town for
a burger, you want one?

Hey Lacey, how's the movie going?

Nicky, alright.

The chase.

He cannot he escape.

He has nowhere to go.

Here it is buddy.

I have him in my sites.


Run 'em, hey where's lobo been?

He found this actress last night.

Oh really?

From around here?

Down Pittsburgh, you
should see her dance.

What she doesn't know we
have never even thought of.

Alright here you go.

Alright well bring her up here.

Maybe she wants to be a movie star.

I'll talk to lobo.

Not now, I want to get
some more of this shot.

Hey when do we do my scene Mr. director?

Two weeks.

Just don't forget to
tell lobo and scratch.

Four of spades, double.

You got it.


Awe come on, you're kidding.

On a double.

Nice cards buddy nice cards.

Anyway there's some coke around.

Any good?

I just happen to have a sample.

Hey well here we can
do it right up on this.

No no no no, go get the mirror

out of the other room Nicky.

Hey listen when you
come over here next week

I don't want you getting all coked up

and talking about the chase, the chase.

Hey I'm cool, I'm cool, I'm cool.

Yeah well if you're so cool how

about cooling off my nose then.

Deal loser.

What are you doing here?

I thought I heard something.


I don't know I was
having this horrible dream.

Something was outside.

Did you check outside?

Don't worry.

Oh what a nightmare,
it was horrible, ugly.


Celeste what, what?

I just think I blew a fuse.

How I'm supposed
to shoot in the dark?

Would you just cool it a minute?

Rita listen.

Alright this is the first time that you've

encountered that presence
coming up the stairs okay.

You're really frightened but you turn

and are drawn to that gun in the closet.

Alright okay now, once you've picked up

the gun you turn and aim towards

whatever's coming up the stairs at you.

You don't know what it is,
but you're really scared.

Okay I just spin around and in.

Exactly, alright let's do it.

This is a test.

Alright from Arthur's
exit, Barney over here.

How are you doing?

Just fine.


Okay let's do it.

This is four.

This'll be take four.

Let me get frame.


- Ready?
- You all set?

I got speed. - Speed

slate it.

Take four.




Yeah it was a nightmare
though, terrible,

thought someone was outside.

Did you check outside?

Nothing there.

Oh but it was horrible though, ugly.

Hey party time!

Did we get it?

I think we got enough to cut.


You, hey my ribs are still sore.

Hey lace remember I told you about

that braul and the chick that kicked me.

Nicky what do you want?

We're not finished yet.

Alright take it easy,
take it easy, listen.

I want to tell you we brought
that actress out here.

And she wants to meet you you know.

Alright I'll be right over okay.

How's the jaw pal?

Hey no hard feelings.

I don't know you were part of this crew.

No problem.

Hey I'm gonna be here this weekend guy...

Nicky out!

I told you I'll be there in 10 minutes.

I'll be right over.

Alright let's try one more time.

No we got it.

You sure?

Sure, why don't you head over?

We can get the door shots from here okay.

Your welcome.

No I think I'll stay with
dom and help him strike.

Alright then that's a wrap.

Rita, Barney you're okay.

Dom just get three shots
each of the door okay?




What do you got?

We're wide open here,
how you doing out there?

Three steps down.


How long have you known Lacey?

Not long.

How'd he get so rich?

His parents.

They had their own plane,
one day it blew up.

Okay let's get one a little wider.

And you used his money for awhile.

Well we used each other
for what we both needed.

Now you're an actress/gaffer.


I'd like to see you act sometime.

If he's so rich how come I'm shooting

in 16 millimeter with a one man crew?

J you been away too long

j I need your magic now

j and if you're with me
we could both have fun

j don't need to show you how

j and I hope you're into my scene

j 'cause right now you and I are a team

j I'm not sure that you know what I mean

j3 whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa

hey what do you think lace?

Hey blush you pop tart.

J if you're staying baby that's okay

j what you are will do

j but if you're changing you
can stay away 'cause I won't

J desperate pain

j desperate pain

j3 ooh

j desperate pain

j I've got to get away

j so get out of my house

j been locked up for days

j always knocking me down

j making good things turn out bad

j always blocking my way

j finally alone

j and you're breaking my heart

j ripping apart

jj before I can start

you know how I feel about that.

I have no control over that.

Okay, we're cool baby, we're cool.

A little higher.

Okay now everything is in the wrist okay.

So you bring it back, we
brake, pause, and whip it.

Okay try it again bring
it back, brake, pause.

And whip it, okay try it.

Back, brake.

Good, you see how far it went?

No it's caught on something.


You got a fish.

Okay reel it in.

No give it some line, give it some line.

Give is some line good, a little line.

Okay good now start reeling it
in, slowly don't lose it now.

Beautiful, does it feel like a big one?

I don't know I never felt one.

Oh right, right right.

Okay look there it is.

It's coming, come on reel it in slowly.

Slowly, don't lose him
now, slowly, slowly.

Bring him in, bring him in, bring him in.

Okay there it is.

The net, I don't have the net.

It's over on the tree.

Yeah very funny just don't
lose that fish, it's dinner.

Okay come on reel him in,
here he comes, here he comes.

Okay Charlie, alright.

Now what?

We kill it.

Why you like raw fish, we
could eat it like the Japanese.

How do we kill it?

Well there's a lot of different ways

but this one's the easiest.

You weren't so squeamish the other night

when you kicked that guy in the stomach.

That was different, he was a real creep.

We're ready Lacey.

Okay I'll be right there.


Hey Barney.

Alright, come on welcome aboard mates.

Who wants a piece of ass?

Just get down here.

Have a little piece of that ass.

What you doing taking
off finger prints of that.

A tasty treat by all accounts.

Is that really a pig?

I wouldn't kid you sweetheart.

Oh I thought I caught the resemblance.

Really dom try this.

You aught to try it,
it's good pig Celeste.

I'll pass it up thanks.

How about a special
thanks to my lovely wife

whose sauce and seasoning
has made this little

piggy wiggy an epicurean standard.

Have a good day now love.

You're face is slightly blue.

Probably the fire.

Where's lace?

Who knows?

He gets off by himself
sometimes you know what I mean?

Well you catch anything?

She did.

Yeah that's a nice spot up there.

Yeah well I think I'm gonna go to bed.

Hey you just got here.

We were just gonna do
some serious drinking

- not me.
- And smoking.

Hey what do
you say dom, get stoned?

No I'm gonna
sack out myself thanks.

I didn't know you had anything

to do with this movie the other night.


Well how about a beer?

No, no I gotta get up
early, gotta catch the light.

To hell with the light.

Come on, you don't
have to be so unfriendly.

No I don't have to be, I want to be.


Look I don't want to be your friend.

That bitch.

You ain't no prize anyway.

What are you smiling about?

None of your business pal.

Hey watch out you don't catch

anything from that bitch man.

See you later.

Okay now pan down
their bodies to their hips.

Okay now pan on down
their bodies to their hips.

That's good there you go.

Good, slow slow, that's
good, that's right.

Looks good, looks good, looks good.

Nice flesh tone.

Yeah yeah looks great.

Want to bring
up the breathing lace?

Yeah sure jb why not?

Yeah it's getting really heavy.

That sounds fantastic jb.

Where'd you put those mics?

Well I got a shack up...

Yeah we got about two minutes of tape.

Now I want a tight shot of their faces.

Tight shot of their faces.

I think we're gonna get it.

Think we got a clear idea.

Okay hold it, hold it there, hold it.

Yeah we got it.

Good, good, good.


Right on.

Okay get ready.

And a fade to black.

- Good.
- Did you cum?

You know Lacey I been on a lot of shoots

but this is the craziest location.

Sleeping on the sets with people.

My gaffer's an actress,
it's been interesting.

Hey we're a peoples film company man.

You ain't seen nothing yet buddy.

The movie will do alright,

possession's the thing right now.

Characters are good, a little shallow but.

Oh really?

About the only thing you don't have

is a good chase to the climax.

Buh, buh, buh.

Well thanks that's a
nice vote of confidence.

But I think it's gonna be your

special effects that's
gonna bring them in.

That's bullshit, unless
something's really happening

people don't care how they die.

No you're wrong man,
that's all they remember.

Yeah remember when they chopped

that guys head off and the omen?

Yeah but it was the way
it happened, the situation.

Why it was the guys head falling off?

Or when they blew that guy up in the fury.

Oh no the greatest was
night of the living dead

with those cats eating one another.

Oh man I was 14 when I saw that film,

it scared me for a year.

Sure but the films that work for me

have to have something
more going for them.

Yeah I know what you mean.

But I'm not sure it
matters to most people.

Hey dom you want to
do a line of cocaine?


Yeah haven't you ever seen any before?

Yeah I've seen it I just never did any.

What do you do?

Hold the bill up to
your nose and snort, hard.


I blew it all around.

Okay now stick your
thumb up in your nose

to block the air off.

Makes your nose cold.

Now do that line
with the other nostril.

I won't od or anything will 1?

Come on man, it won't hurt you.


Okay now, take your fingertips
and dip them in the glass.

Take some water on them
and snort up your nostril.


It's funny to have your nose cold.

Don't make me laugh man.

Hey man you're okay.

Thanks lobo.

You must be okay to
get Celeste in the sack.

That chick's crazy.

She's very talented.

Oh yeah tell us about it Janet.

I think my head just lit up.

No really can she can
sing, I mean really sing.

And she's the best god damn
gaffer I ever worked with.

Yep she can act too.

She's gonna be very good in this film.

She's not in this film.

Right, must be better
coke than I thought.

So tell me some more about
this theory of yours.

Yeah come on, come on.

It's not a theory, I
mean it's just an opinion.

Well in that case I have
a film I want you to see.

That film oh, man the lifeboats,
women and children first.

I wouldn't let any son of
mine see a film like this.

So in the words of ichabod crane

I'll just take my head and go.

This film was sent to me by

this movie will blow your mind.

What's it about?

You'll find out.

Can we do some more
lines before we see it?

Hey I don't want to talk
all night, I might bore lobo.

Oh come on, we have nowhere to go.

Sit around for awhile,

you can do your Doris day impersonations.


This film was made for a
rather specific audience.

Yeah I'll say.

Will I like it?

Lobo you'll love it.

Yeah you got it.

Another nose beam.

Okay let's see a movie.

Dom would you get those lights please?

Alright, hey I've seen this one before.

Yeah they all look the same lobo.

No no no, this isn't
what I thought it was.

This is too much.

Hey is this for real man?

Jesus Christ.

I heard of them films.

Is it real man?

Where the hell did you get that thing?

Friend of mine sent it to me.

But you can never find out who made it.

I don't know what to say
about a film like that.

Was that girl killed?

It's trash, killing somebody on film?

It's sick, for what?

Well now wait a minute.

You make your living creating

and photographing special effects.

Couldn't those of been special effects?

Maybe it's not real.

No, no that was real.

It look real to me, play it again.

No, not for me thanks.

Tell me dom do you think people

would pay to see something like that?

Sure, sure people pay to see anything.

You did, your friend did.

Yeah but I'm a filmmaker,
what about the general public?

What's the difference, you paid.

Okay now what if I told
you that I made that film?

Oh Lacey don't bust my nuts.

I'm serious.

- You made that film?
- As a student

you're even sicker than I thought.

I made that film as a student

and that girl was never
hurt, she was never touched.

I don't believe you,
that girl was killed.

Are you're really sure?

Did you really do that movie?

You should of hired that guy to do

the special effects on this
film if he could do that.

Well he died in a
motorcycle accident last year.

Oh come on man quit fucking around.

Is it for real or what?

Shit lace let's see it again.

Looking for inspiration?

How are we?

This is in Russian.

But I'll show it to you some time.

You want a drink?


So what are you doing

down here all alone watching home movies?

I'm looking for inspiration.

How about you?

Well I think this whole experience

has been really fantastic, very exiting.

But I'm really glad it's almost finished.

There's just something a little weird

you know in-grown about
this whole situation.

Just what you need right,
a neurotic actress.

It's just I get so damned
freaked looking in that mirror.

I'm actually a little tired
and slightly frazzled.

And Barney certainly doesn't help.

You should be filming this right.

Sometimes I think he's really

gonna come at me with that razor.

Excuse for a minute.

Hey, you don't have
to stay up and babysit.

No that's okay I'll be right back.

Get the camera my husband
is driving me slightly crazy.

I think this movie's really coming true.

This is fantastic, like I
said right a great experience.

I think my mascara's all over my face.

Would you like to have sex?

That would feel really good but,

Do you mean with you, or just in general?

Well I'm looking for inspiration.

And I'm looking for
a good night's sleep.

I mean thanks for the offer.

But then what am I thanking you for?

You know what I mean?

I really need to get a good night's sleep.

You don't care right?

I mean what kind of
inspiration would I be?

See you tomorrow?

J you know you are a scumbag

j I'm just through with you

j that's why they say your such a bag

j you got a long ways

j hair falling out of your head

j yeah your thumbs are bleeding freely

j got the pair little blues baby

jj but not for me ha

J yeah a woman's as good as another

j when it comes to loving a man

j one thing I know is so baby

j you gotta do it the best you can

Jesus Barney.

J every time I see you

how do you shut that thing off anyway?

J got the pair little blues baby

jj but not

I couldn't find a razor anywhere.

But I see you found her.

She's a very beautiful girl.

Yeah well...

She really could dance too.

Should have sent
her up to pay me a visit.

Yeah maybe.

Maybe next time huh?

Yeah sorry you missed her the last time.

We need the razor.

Oh yeah sure, it's right here.

I didn't think to look
through your drawers.

It's alright handsome,

you can look through my drawers anytime.

You coming?

If you insist.

Say listen if you're into that sort of...

No no, not for me thanks.

Are you sure next time we
get one of those up here?

Well we'll see you know.

Listen you wouldn't believe

where I found her, Pittsburgh.

My buddy usually picks them.

Perfect chance to show his
chest and arms and legs.

Sure beats a hooker I'll tell you.

Now he's slashing at
you as he follows you

up these stairs but you stumble and fall,

that means you're gonna
have to crawl at the top.

Here it is boss.

Okay now he's laughing
at you like a lunatic,

he's cursing at you but somehow

you manage to get up to that closet.

Well you wanted
the shot from behind.

Well yeah you could do that.

Hand held on the
stairs is gonna be tricky.

I know that.

Okay now you've got
the flashlight, use it.

It's gonna enable you
to get up to the top.

And once you get there you turn
and give him a little push.

He stumbles but you also
drop the flashlight.

So you come to the closet,
slide the door open,

reach inside for the gun which

is kept there in case of emergency.

Awe that's a nice neat
little package lace.

Yeah I learned it in film school.

She could drop the
flashlight we could finesse it

to get the shaft of lights on the stairs.

Yeah not bad I like that.

Now am I screaming
anything intelligible?

Only 'til I cut your throat
and slice your mouth off.

Yeah you'd be saying something like

Arthur why, you're
killing me, you bastard.

Shouldn't be hard.

Okay dom let's take it from downstairs

so we can see if this
handheld thing will work.


Bastard huh Lacey?

It's Barney.

Quiet Barney.

Oh well you can call me Barney fife,

or you can call me Barney,
or you can call me barnabo,

or you can call me barnaster,
or you can call me barnacle,

or you can call me burney,
or you can call me barnardo,

but you don't have to call me bastard!

Barney get out
of here with that thing.

Hey take that over to lover boy.

Hey let's go away together.

After the shoot we'll go
up to Maine for a few days.

You and me?

You're name please?




Jesus Christ Celeste.

I want to make love by the ocean.

I want to sit up all night, I
want to listen to the waves.

I want to make glorious
unadulterated love okay?

That's why.

Hey you're not married are you?

Glorious unadulterated love,

I want to have breakfast in bed by the...

But how?

How what?


I'll make some money on this film.

I'm sorry you just took
me by surprise that's all.

Hey me too.

Me too I didn't expect
to meet the greatest...


Anyone ever hear of nose jobs?

Do them quick and cheap.

Hey bitch.

That was pretty gross Barney.

Be careful man.

This is one sweet hog here.

How come you nose is always
so far up in the air bitch?

Maybe we can fix it a little for you huh?

Just get out of here asshole.

We know different don't we?

Well if there's ever anything
I can do for our nose handsome

don't hesitate to give me a call.

Happy trails.

Is he a faggot or what?

I don't know.

I mean he's changing
all the times it's crazy.

I thought he was gonna slit your throat.

I wouldn't be at all surprised.

Hey Celeste, you
think I need a nose job?

Dom, dom wake up.

We gotta change something.

Get dressed and come outside and meet me.

What time is it?

Don't wake Celeste.

Just get dressed and come outside.

Fuck me.

Hey you know what
it's mighty early to be up so.

Yeah some pretty movie.

Wow we didn't
even go to sleep yet.

Rise and shine Mr. lens man.

Please huh, what the
hell's going on here?

I've decided that I
want to run the credits

over a series of shots of
this wild country right.

We got a possession thing
here, some demon all around us,

maybe some smoldering hatred
that's been wickedly fanned.

This demon is everywhere even in

this wild and beautiful country.

Pretty scary if you think
about it that way huh?

Sounds great, we have
to do it now right?

Yeah because I want the
light to be just right.

Now I been up there in the morning,

I know what it's like.

Nicky and lobo have been there too

and they're gonna take you.

You'll be back by noon we'll
discuss the whole scene then.

Come on let's get this over with.

Alright just tell Celeste
I'll see her later okay.

Hey lace remember,
my left side's my best.

Wake me when it's over okay.

J you aught to be in movies.

Maybe we'll get something

for dinner while we're up there.

Come on lobo wake up you big ox.

Where we going?

It's up there on the hill.

If we go any further I can't drive up.

What us to go ahead Nicky?

Yeah go ahead.

Just go with him I gotta take a leak.

Pretty country lobo.

Come here often?

Yeah sometimes just to hunt stuff.

Any bears?

Not anymore.

Nicky you got him, damn.

I know go get your
gun before he gets away.

And bring the binoculars.

Okay we should just hold him there.

Yeah let him finish putting
his shoes on then let him go.

Okay good, that's good, watch
your focus, watch your focus.

Okay keep him centered there.

This looks a little like bigfoot huh?

That's okay we can pick him
up at the stream after that.

Okay camera three get ready.

We got lucky.

Now just hold him there.

Not getting much Billy.

We're gonna
have to pick it up later.

He wasn't supposed to get hurt.

I know but it works.

We're lucky Nicky didn't
kill him altogether.

I want you to pull back for
a reveal right about here.

Okay on three do that pull back.

Yep good, he
transitioned himself

right in front of that
camera, he'd be right there.

Watch the gun jb.



Better watch it
lace, your gonna blow it.

Don't worry Celeste.

We're gonna lose him on three.

He's probably coming towards you on four.

I know.

I don't know where the other guy is.

Well just follow him over
to the door, yeah right.

Okay hold it there.

I don't know what he's doing.

Just hold it there.

Bird dog two to bird dog one.

Come in scratch.

Come in scratch, where's
the lens man scratch?

Bird dog two to bird dog
one, hey scratch come in.

Who's coming?

Okay okay, follow him
over there to it good.

This aught to be interesting.

Okay take him there and just wait.

Bird dog two to
bird dog one, scratch come in.

This is bird dog one I'm at the cabin.

Hey scratch get bent will you.

Ah your mother.

Hey bird dog three come back.

Hey Leslie talk, bird dog three come in.

Come on.

Who's that?

Geez Lacey he's got the gun.

It's alright just follow him.

I don't know just follow him.

Yeah right.

I guess he's going back in the woods.

Right, yeah we're close now.

He's on his way home.

Move easy with him there.

He's taking a rest.


It's Arthur, I'm here to kill you.



Yes it's real, this is our day isn't it?

Save me!


Come here bitch.

Sweetheart I won't do anything but.

I once loved you, Barney no!

Oh yeah that's my name.

Barney please,
please, please, please.

That's the reason now,

it's the whole reason I'm doing this.

I warned you, I told you this would.


Sweetheart I warned you.

Look, look at the blood,
taste it, lick it.


Oh come here you bitch.

Come here.

What you wanted your whole life actress.

Take all you can get now.


Lacey, please help.

Yeah see if he can help you.

That's it go for the gun you
brilliant little actress you.

Just like we planned, it's
as useless as you are.

What no!


I'm not gonna talk about this.

Everything is fine, nobody
is hurt, nobody has touched...

Everybody is fine?

Where are they then now?

I told you
they went home earlier.

Their car is
still in the driveway.

So what they went in my car.

What are you talking to me about this for?

I want to know where they are.

Dom is outside, I sent him
out on a survey this morning.

While you were here
slashing Rita and Barney huh?

I didn't slash anybody Celeste.

You think something's
wrong, there's nothing...

He killed Rita and Barney.

Give me that gun.

What are you
doing, we're supposed to...

I don't care
what I'm supposed to do.

I'm gonna get that bastard.

You're damn right I'm gonna get him.

Here take it easy you
don't have to do that.

You really killed him.

He would have killed me.

This is a movie you weren't supposed to,

he, this is not in the script.

You're not supposed to do that,
this is not in the script.

What the hell are you talking about?

Okay tilt
down 'til you find him.


Hold it there.

Did you get it?