Eeswaran (2021) - full transcript

Eeswaran tells the story of Periyasamy whose simple and joyous life turns into a nightmare with internal familial disputes.


'Nidhhi Agerwal'


'Stun Siva'

'Manoj Bharathiraja'

Bala Saravananan'

"House with silver moon radiance
With eternal love make a dance"

"Relish the tune of classic melody
Dance with a homely cup of tea"

"Fond relations render heavenly bliss"

"Join hands to share pleasant dreams"

"Rainbow exhibits the ray of colours"

"Heaven showers happy boons"

"Happiness multiply with
heaven not one but many"

"House with silver moon radiance
With eternal love make a dance"

"Relish the tune of classic melody
Dance with a homely cup of tea"

"House with silver moon radiance
With eternal love make a dance"

"Relish the tune of classic melody
Dance with a homely cup of tea"

This is Periyasamy.

Their entire hereditary has been
into agriculture.

This is Papathi, his wife.

This is the eldest son, Aadhinathan.

This is their second child, Aathira.

Third child, Aadhipiraan.

And this is their youngest,
Aadhi Murthy.

Periyasamy lead a happy life.

He loved his wife and children
more than his life.

I'm coming, sister.

Are you here for someone?

- Sister-
- Welcome, Kaali.

Papathi mentioned that you'll be visiting
this morning,

- I was going to.
- Welcome, Kaali.

Kaali, over here.

Come on, join us.

Hey, why should I?

Oh, come on,
the premonitions are for you.

You never listen.

- And you never change.
- Tell me, sister.

Kaali, since three days I'm restless
and anxious.

I've been having nightmares.

Something similar happened when my father
was about to die.

It seemed like he knew his time was up
and he passed.

Hey, Kaali.

Just to make 50 bucks you've come
all the way.

- Shut up.
- Brother, don't be cynical.

You can just pay me one rupee,
that's enough.

- Oh, just one rupee"One rupee it seems.
- Enough with it.

Praise the preceptor!

Praise the preceptor!

Praise the preceptor!

The words coming out of me
will not be mine.

It's the appellation of, the Sivan!

Good or bad.

Happiness or sadness.

I'll speak the truth.

Because it's the appellation of,
the Sivan.

Do you agree to it?
Shall we proceed with it?

It's just a rupee, right"
Go ahead!


In the past ten days...

did a baby goat or a calf die?

Yes, a baby goat died.

Why did you cut down the
neem tree outside?

It was becoming a disturbance,
so he cut it down.

What happened to the deity’s picture
on the wall?

Oh, the frame broke,
so I took it down.

- Which deity was it?
- Vinayagar!

- Was it on Friday?
- Yes, it was on Friday.

- Sister, Papathi!
- Hold on, I'll be right there.

Sister, my child is all alone
at the house. I got to rush.

- She's always in a hurry.
- Praise the preceptor!

Kaali, you continue.
And please you follow him.

Working with her
will literally kill me one day.

Praise the preceptor!


With the father's demise,
skill is lost.

With mother's demise,
taste is lost.

But when the wife dies,
everything is lost.

Are you serious?

As per the horoscope,
offspring of Saturn is at the 8th sect...

hence sister's life is in danger.

Sister! Papathi, sister!

Sir, please come over here.

Sir, please come sooner.

Oh, no!

Hey, Papathi!

Oh, my god!



Oh, god!

After the death of his wife.

He considered her as his deity.

He took a vow of silence,
during full moon, every month.

The entire day,
he won't speak a word to anyone.

He won't even drink a drop of water.

Periyasamy's children are now settled
in Chennai.

Every year no matter where they are,

along with the entire family...

they come home for their mother's memorial.

Just like every year,
three years ago everyone had gathered.

During that time,
Aathira's husband, Margathamani...

was in need of money to start a business.

Aadhinathan, signed as guarantor
and helped him get a loan of 50 lakhs.

Maragathamani, hasn't paid the principal
nor the interest to date.

Aadhinathan, has been paying off
the interest every month.

Please check if I've given you
the right amount.

You've been paying off interest,
as if you had taken the loan.

You don't seem to discuss,
neither you let me talk to them.

Shall I speak to your sister?

Hey, I'm having a bad headache as it is.

- Stop bickering!
- You only know to shut me up.

- That's right sister-in-law,
if not for him paying off the interest...

Aathira's family will be deprived of
basic needs.

But her attitude is...

In just 6 months,
her family is going to be on the streets.

Wait and watch.

Daughter has started her
first year of college.

Let her graduate...

- later we can find her a match.
- Brother...

- sister-in-law is going overboard.
- I'll talk to you later.

She's telling everyone if not for you,
my family will starve.

I agree, that we're going through

The interest you have been paying
for the last year...

my husband will return the entire loan amount of
50 lakhs along with the interest.

So, it'll be better if you ask your wife
to mind her words.

Aathira, she's not such a person.

Don't pay heed to the gossips.

Brother, can't you see sister is in pain...

and you're arguing with her.

Brother, your wife has gone overboard.

Hey, why are you raising your voice?

Are you in the mood to fight?

Brother, why don't we ask sister-in-law
about it.

Hey, I'm annoyed with you to the core

Get lost.
Go and rectify the accounts.

Hey, don't dump your anger on him.

How are you so sure that it was
my wife that spoke?

Brother-in-law we have the proof.

Listen to the voice message of your wife.

- Aathira's family-
- Listen...

I spoke to your wife in the heat
of the moment.

That doesn't mean she'll record
and create indifference among the family.

- Sister-in-law, that's unnecessary-
- My family has good traits.

It was, Chitra, who recorded the message.

Brother-in-law, your wife is the reason
for this fight.

You're absolutely right.

Hey, you're the root cause
for all the problems.

It's not important,
if my wife did speak or not.

Signing as a guarantor for the loan
of five millions...

- is the biggest mistake of my life.
- Oh, really?

Getting married into your family
was my biggest mistake in life.

- Be my guest.
- Oh, no!

Brother, are you happy now?

So, this is why your wife has been
bickering about us to everyone.

First, ask your husband to repay the loan
with interest.

They're not going to run away
with the money.

That fight broke-up the family.

How can you talk ill about my family?

After that fight...

no one has turned up even for their
mother's memorial.

It's been twenty five years,
since Papathi's demise.

Periyasamy believed everyone will
visit this year...

and he can sort everyone’s' differences
and re- unite the family.

Tell me, Aadhi.
When are you guys leaving?

Uncle, everyone is busy with work.

So, we can't make it this time.

Brothers' were hesitant so asked me to
speak to dad.

If I speak to him,
he'll get angry.

Can you please speak to him
and explain the situation?

Why did you let your children settle

You should've made them pursue agriculture.

They have to eventually come one day.

I'll make sure to straighten them out.

Our men has spoken to, Sonamuthu.

It seems even this year,
Periyasamy's children didn't come home.

Why don't we kill Periyasamy?

If I had to kill that old man,
I would've done it long ago.

He should stay alive.

But no one from his family
should be alive.

I have six months until my sentence ends.

If they still don't come back.
Let's wipe out the entire family.

It's already late,
where the hell is, Eeswaran?

He's at the cricket tournament.

More than us...

he's been celebrating Papathi's memorial
in a grandeur manner.

There are posters of the tournament
all around...

that celebrates Papathi's Memorial.

Papathi Amma's 25th Memorial
Rolling Trophy Cricket Tournament.

The teams competing in the finals are...

Hey, talking about it won't help.

Fine, why don't you suggest something?

You file a complaint,
I'll take care of the rest.

Praveen is going to bat for the team,
"Sons of the Soil."

To present the trophy to the winners
we have...

Mr. Ramamurthy, gracing his presence
along with his beautiful family.

That was fantastic bowling.

Wow, Praveen took a strike.

I think it's a sixer--

Oh, no, I believe it's a catch.

Oh, damn, he dropped the catch.

They're running to make runs.

Run out!

The Sons of the Soil have lost
another wicket.


Next batsman is the captain of
Sons of the Soil...


Now he enters the arena...

for the sake of this team's victory,

to score more runs and to face
the fast bowling of their opponent,

we present you, Eeswaran.

He has arrived on the pitch,
as the last batsman.

Amongst the cheers and hoots of his fans...

he's going to score runs
and lead his team to victory,

he has finally arrived,
our beloved, Eeswaran.

"Eeswaran has arrived!"

"Graced with his dexterity."

"Boosted teams' power."

"Laid the path to victory!"

"Leader has arrived."

"Eeswaran has entered the arena!"

"Twirled his dhoti."

"Swung his bat."

"Eeswaran is in the arena!"

"Graced with his dexterity."

"Boosted teams' power."

"Laid the path to victory!"

"Leader has arrived."

"Eeswaran is in the arena!"

"Twirled his dhoti."

I toiled hard to score 52 runs,
no one appreciated it.

He hasn't done anything but everyone is
going crazy about him.

Hey, at least score one run.

They need seven runs from six balls.


Who me?

Yes, you. He's swinging the bat
as if he's Sehwag!

We have to score seven from six balls.

- You just strike, I'll handle the rest.
- We'll win!

- Fine...
- We'll win!

Fine, we'll win!

We'll win!

We'll win only if you strike
and let me bat.

If not we'll lose!

We won't lose. Funny boy!

Please understand my fans' expectations.

Funny boy "I've never seen a team captain
playing last down.

- Dude, did you say something?
- At least strike one ball.

Oh, okay, okay!

Puliyampatti's Bumrah please bowl easy,
so that he can bat.

Eeswaran is about to face
Puliyampatti Bumrah's bowling.

We present you the captain of
Sons of the Soil, Eeswaran.

The first ball is getting bowled.

He missed it.
That was fantastic bowling.

No runs were scored.

He's playing the last over like
Kedar Jadhav.

Kutty Puli looks really worried.

Now comes the second ball!

Fantastic bowling!

Bumrah, with his fierce bowling...

- has startled, Eeswaran.
- Hey, come over here.

What the hell, dude.
You've been wasting balls.

Dude, I'm observing the debility
in our opponent's bowling.

By the time you realize,
the match would've ended.

All I need is a strike from you,
I'll take care of the rest.

I beg of you. Please strike.


Check out the crowd.

Everyone is expecting me to strike
the winning shot.

Wait and watch, I'm going to win it.

We're waiting for the same.

Do something.

Hey, throw the ball to the keeper.

- Fantastic bowling!
- Finally he did it...

- Kutty Puli is off for a run.
- Run, damn it.

- Hey, run damn it.
- Oh, no!

- Bumrah is about to get Kutty Puli out.
- Dude, don't run!


Kutty Puli managed to hop on
to the greece...

and has saved the honor of his team.

Once again, Kutty Puli has proved that
his teams' honor matters the most than his.

- I told you!
- Hey, come over here.


Kutty Puli is angry and is headed to
converse with Eeswaran.

Why the hell are you fielding
for their team?

I hope you didn't get hurt.

That was a close call, damn it.

Who asked you to start running?

I will take care, you go!

Now that they need seven runs
from three balls...

- Eeswaran is all set face the next ball.
- I'm gonna hit a six.

Mr. Eeswaran, you need to first
open your eyes and look at the ball.

I'm getting a glare from the sun.

Sons of the Soil are going to lose.

He's truly a great captain.

- They still need seven runs to win.
- Bowl.

The fifth ball is charging fiercely.

- Hey, hit the ball, damn it.
- That's a wide.

Dude, that was a wide ball.

Due to the wide ball...

Sons of the Soil, scored a free run.

Once again,
the fifth ball is in motion.

That's it!

Hey, what an awful bowling.
I'm not able to strike.

I'm getting irritated

Why are you getting angry?

Obviously, he's not bowling right,
so that I can strike.

It's not in-line with the bat.

Oh, so, you expect him to throw
right at your bat?

- Yes.
- You won't make the effort?

I have no such habit.

- Umpire, do we give baby-cut for batting?
- No!

- Any luck?
- No!

- He said no. Get back to the greece.
- You go and please bowl.

Why the hell is he doing yoga now?

Except for batting,
he does everything else.

Oh, Lord!

Please save our team from him.

- Last over. Last ball.
- Now I'm ready to face the ball.

The match is getting very exciting.

Bumrah, vice captain of Bad Boys,

is going to bowl the last ball
that'll bring this match to an end.

Hey, that's a catch don't miss it.


How it is?

"Hail Oh 3-eyed Lord Eeswara
Who sustains and liberates humans"


Hey, what are you guys doing?

- Why are they fighting?
- No idea.

Let's go and find out.

Hey, let's go and find out.

Hey, stop fighting!

You can be the opening batsman
next time.

- Don't hit him.
- Why are you fighting within the team?

Hold on, why are you guys fighting?

Stop fighting.

What the hell is happening out here?

- Damn it boys!
- Break his head open.

Hey, please listen don't fight.

Why the hell are you guys fighting?

Hey, back down, stop fighting.

Hey, back down, damn it.

- Hey!
- Don't fight guys.

Oh, no!



Hey, Chinnarasu,
what is this nonsense?

Sir, hold on, it will be ready soon.

Hey, where is Eeswaran!

Is he even planning to come for
the feast or not?

He's at the police station.

- Police station?
- Yes.

He's at it again.

He's always fighting for the people.

Now who requires his social service?

He's not there for someone else.
He slapped a police officer.

Oh, Kutty Puli, police has arrested,
Eeswaran is it?

Hey, Valli, why are you getting agitated?

The police officer should be worried now.

Sir, Eeswaran is well-known to me.

Don't sass me with recommendation.

It might become an issue.

Go and just do your job.

Go and file the FIR.

- Hello.
- Vanakkam, sir.

This is Councilor, Pazhanisamy.

I was informed that you've arrested,

Yes I did. So, what now?

Eeswaran, is very close to me.

The Minister is very close to me too.

Do you wish to speak to him?

As you're new to the posting,
you messed around with the wrong person.

When you realize it,
you'll let him go yourself.

Trying to impose political power?

Hang up, damn it!

Just because you're friends with
a handful of politicians...

won't make you a big shot.

Welcome brother,
who are you saving at the moment?

- Please have tea.
- Hey, did I ask him to serve tea?

Come over here!

Serve the others as well.

Hello, sir.

Sabari, did you arrest, Eeswaran?

Yes, sir. He was fighting at the
cricket ground.

I went to stop him and he slapped him.

Moreover, I've filed an FIR.

Sir, I haven't filed an FIR yet.

If FIR is filed,
transfer the case to another accused.

What do I say,
when DSP questions me?

DSP will question you.
You better answer to him.

Recommendations, my foot.

Hey, who are you?
And what the hell you think of yourself?

It's imperative to know the people around,
when you take up the new posting.

- Mani!
- Brother.

I heard you disobeyed
inspectors orders too.


- Who gave you the power?
- Here you go.

Don't be arrogant because
you know the minister.

Sir, he was creating problems.

Give the phone to Eeswaran.

Sure, I'll give it to him.

Sir, DSP wants to speak to you.


Eeswara, why didn't you tell him
about you?

Sir, people may not believe looking at
my appearance.

Fine, ignore it.
He's a new kid on the block.

Do you want me to transfer him?

You don't have to transfer or dismiss him
from the job.

Fine, put him on the phone.

- Sir.
- Let him go.

- Meet me tomorrow at my office.
- Okay, sir.

I'll send him right away.

- Shall I leave, sir.
- Please!

If you don't mind can you please
take this glass off my hand?

Thank you.

"Here comes our leader!"

"Here comes our leader!"

"Here comes our mighty Thamizan!"

- Hello.
- This is the minister speaking.

- Sir.
- I've never met you.

I got you the job,
'cause you were from our clan.

But you've humiliated me.

- Sir, I didn't mean to
- What do you think of yourself?

Hey, Eeswaran is out.

Hey, why did you get the
trophy out here?

Dude, have you forgotten?

We have to take a picture.

And smear the village with our posters.

It's our first historical victory...

- we have to register the memory.
- Fine, we'll get to that later.

Why were you guys fighting
within our team?

Oh, that...
Hey, Kullapaley!

- What is it?
- Here he comes.

- Buddy, bless us both.
- Hey, get off my feet.

When did this happen?

- They got married during the scuffle.
- Scuffle?

It happened under your command.
But you're not aware of it.

At least someone should've
informed me about it.

If we inform, you'll seek permission from
all the relatives.

Nonsense! Take a picture.

- Everyone come closer.
- Smile, dude.

This will be your last smile,
so smile away.

- Constable.
- Sir?

Who the hell is this guy?

Even Chief Minister might end up
calling me.

Sir, I was going to warn you.

But you never gave me a chance.

Hey, enough of theatrics!

Tell me about him.

Sir, his name is, Eeswaran.

Hey, make way!

All the VIPs visit the Pazhani temple.

When they visit,
it's Eeswaran who pays respect...

and help them get blessings
from the deity.

Moreover, when their friends or relatives
come down to the temple...

they call, Eeswaran to handle
their visits too.

The respect with which Eeswaran
took care of the VIPs...

he'll pay the same respect to their
friends and family too.

That's how he became popular with
the top-cats and the VIPs.

Hey, pick up the phone.

You're getting a call from
an unknown number.

Stop screaming!

- Hello!
- Sir.

- Sir.
- Tell me, sir.

Sir, look to your left.

- Sir, that's my number.
- I'll save it.

I'll call you if I need anything.

Sir, if I need anything,
I'll surely call you.


- Guys, come on!
- Come on, run faster.

Come on, hurry up!

- Check what they want?
- Sir, I'm getting to it.

Hey, Kutty Puli, mix the curry well,
before serving.

Sir, each person is guffing
half a kilo of meat.

Here I am. Here I am!

Here I am. Who needs rice?

Here you go, eat well.

Eat well!

Please, eat well.

Hey, serve them curry.

There are two vacant seats in the middle.

Let's squeeze ourselves into that gap.

Here you go.
Eat well.

Eat as much as you wish.

Who else need food"
Come on, tell me.

Have more rice.

Hey, Eeswara...

- Hold your horses.
- Did I leave anyone behind?

Eeswara, come over here.


You're late for the feast and the rites.

Where were you all this while?

But you got the situation under control,
once you got here.

We can always calm them down
if the price is right.

Eeswara, I'm wondering why the police
arrested you.

Didn't you do anything about it?

He came, meddled into things...

got angry, and also got slapped,

and he kept boasting about himself.

Later he calms down
when a few spoke to him about me.

You're full of grit, son.

Finally, with much love he gave me
his number and let me go.

One who knows what's going to
happen next...

will always remain silent!

Oh, no. Someone is asking for curry.

Hey, get them curry.

Keep serving them curry, buddy!

There are only bones in it.

Kutty Puli, brother, who is the new chap?

You people check out the village
on a video-call from abroad.

Obviously, you wouldn't know
what's happening around.

You don't put an effort to know someone,
is it?

But you jump in immediately for free food.

- Listen, Illango.
- Tell me.

Eeswaran is a distant relative of
brother, Sonamuthu.

I don't think Eeswaran has any family
of his own.

- I believe he's from a poor family.
- Okay.

Three years ago, Eeswaran started working
at brother Sonamuthu's shop.

You can't find a single soul in this area,
who doesn't know Eeswaran.

He makes the special punch
at the Temples.

And he'll be busy during the festivals.

The rest of the time,
he's always with Periyasamy, sir.

- Periyasamy, sir, has been living alone.
- Yes.

These past three years,
Eeswaran has been looking after him.

He's a wonderful chap.

He's unlike you,
who won't abandon his parents to go abroad.

Brother, I just asked who it was?

Why the hell do you need to know?

Have your meal and get going.

Enough with the questions.

Do you at least know what is the

- I believe, it's ear-piercing ceremony.
- I'm going to whack you!

You're at the wrong place, damn it.

Hey, he's at the wrong feast.

Don't serve him food.
Take away everything.

Hey, let him have the onions.

Come on, lick them clean.

You don't deserve to ask any questions.

I thought my children will somehow
make it this time.

I was yearning to meet my grand children.

Everyone let me down again.

Sir, let go of the time.
It keeps changing.

Hold on to the period,
it'll stay forever.

Eeswara, I get your point...

but I don't have much time left.

Not sure when my time will be up.

Sir, you always say,
that we should live life in the moment.

Life is interesting only when there are

Everything is fine.

Let me tell you something.

Come closer.

Do you know the trick to make
the 'God' laugh?

It's enough that we tell him our plan.

He'll be rolling on the floor laughing.

How's that?

A deadly virus, Corona has originated
from Wuhan, China in December...

is rapidly spreading across the world.

170 passengers who have arrived
in India from abroad...

have been tested positive.

Prime Minister Modi,
as a measure to curb the virus...

has imposed 144 curfew across the nation
for the next twenty one days.

Due to the imposition of 144 curfew,
people remained cooped inside their houses.

The spread of corona virus is increasing
in Tamilnadu by the day.

The count of corona positive patients
is 23 at present.

Tell me, dad.

I'm really scared after hearing the news
about the virus.

How will you guys survive with the kids
in the city for a month?

Ask everyone to come home.

Dad, we did apply for E- pass,
but couldn't get it.

Eeswaran, will make arrangements
for the E- pass.

I'll ask him to talk to you.

You guys get here as soon as possible.

- Brother.
- Tell me, Eeswara.

Where have you reached?

We crossed Manaparai,
should be there soon.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

Okay, you guys come safe.

Come on, folks, follow my car!

Soon I'm going to win over this world.

Come on, folks...

They left at seven in the evening
from Chennai.

They haven't reached yet.
But I'm already here.

I wonder where have the sloths reached.

Let's find out.

Tell me, dad.

Hello, dear, where is your mother?

Mom is sleeping.

What about your sisters?

Both the sisters are sleeping.

Oh, is it.

Do you know where have you reached?

Dad, hang up, I'm watching a movie.

I'm asking, because
I've already reached-

Dude, what's happening to him?

How come Eeswaran is all decked up
so early in the morning?

It's 'cause his girlfriend is coming.

Who is Eeswaran's girlfriend?

- She's Periyasamy sir's grand daughter.
- Boss' grand daughter?

Three years ago she was here
for the carnival.

That's when we found out,
that they're in love.

The entire family of Periyasamy, sir,
attended the carnival.

"Oh, dear God! You help all the people
of our land prosper"

"We always trust you.
Take us forward in our life!"

"We offer our prayers to you..."

"drive away the evils engulfing us."

"We will dance to your tune."

"Please save us till the end."

"Here comes our leader!"

"Here comes our leader!"

"Here comes our mighty Thamizan!"

"Here comes our mighty Thamizan!"

"Whatever we planted
have blossomed as flowers"

"Surprising the whole country"

"now has reason to celebrate.
Good days are here"

"Kumkum and sandal paste smeared
all over our forehead"

"People crushed to the earth
have touched the sky today"

"Our Tamilnadu lacks nothing.
Why do you have to go abroad?"

"If you sow in our soil"

"It will give you back in abundance"

"Thamizh is the language we speak"

"Our relatives here love us
with their lives"

"Don't get perturbed sitting in the dark"

"Don't fear the people who suppress you"

"The mighty Tamizhan has arrived"

"He's going to re-write the history!"

"The mighty Tamizhan has arrived"

"He's going to re-write the history!"

"The mighty Tamizhan has arrived"

"He's going to re-write the history!"

"The mighty Tamizhan has arrived"

"He's going to re-write the history!"

"Whatever we planted have
blossomed as flowers"

"Surprising the whole country"

"now has reason to celebrate.
Good days are here"

"Kumkum and sandal paste smeared
all over our forehead"

"People crushed to the earth
have touched the sky today"

"Our Tamilnadu lacks nothing.
Why do you have to go abroad?"

"If you sow in our soil"

"It will give you back in abundance"

"King of kings stood their ground"

"Having faith asked us to fight
with Valor to save our pride"

"You forgot your land of birth
and departed looking for livelihood"

"You left our land barren
just to live in the hell"

"Respect your soil,
you'll grow multi-fold"

"You will laugh till the end"

"With our lord Murugan standing by you"

"You will harvest the grains
yielded by our soil"

"Oh, dear God! You help all the people
of our land prosper"

So, that's how it happened.

So, he's eager to meet his girlfriend.

It's ex-girlfriend to be precise.

They broke up, right away.

More than the lovers,
I'm scared standing guard for them.

Eeswaran, told her that Periyasamy sir
is important to him.

And he can't leave him alone or
is willing to leave this village.

And that hurt Vasuki's ego a lot.

Generally, women expect their boyfriends
to make them as priority.

So, Vasuki couldn't take it.

So, in a fit of ego she broke up with him.

Later she got married to someone else
and settled in life.

Agreed that she's married.
But he must still have feelings for her.

Obviously, that's why he's torturing us
along with him.

- Hey, Eeshwar uncle!
- Kids, watch your step.

Eeshwar, uncle!

Hello kids!

How are you, Eeshwaran, uncle?

The car is out there,
get inside it.

- Get inside the car.
- Hey, awesome!

We'll follow your car, Eeswara.

Brother, a minute please.
We're taking a shortcut.

- Tell me, Eeswara.
- I've never see him, before.

He's my wife's relative.

- He's been working for me.
- That's great.

- Please follow my vehicle.
- Okay.

- You get inside.
- Sure, Eeswara, we'll follow.

Start the vehicle.

Hey, grandpa!

- Watch your step, dear.
- Vanakkam, brother.

- Vanakkam, how are you?
- I'm doing well.

Carry on, folks.

Come on, hurry up.

Hello, Mams!


How are you, mams?

- Vasuki, where is your husband?
- He went to Dubai on business.

Due to Corona, he's stuck over there.

Oh, is it?

Aathira, I've been stopped at
Dindigul's check post.

I told you to come along with us.

But you never listened.

You were showing off too much
about the MLA pass.

What happened to it?

I have the E- pass, but it's expired.

Don't you have any sense to check
the expiration date?

Why are we arguing for no reason?

It's not important at the moment.

Please ask Eeswaran to help me out.

Fine, hang up.
I'll sort something out.


What is the issue?

Sir, I won't get inside.

I came by Breeza, and you expect me
to step into the ambulance.

- Sir!
- Who is Maragathamani?

- Oh, so you are, Maragathamani.
- Yes, sir.

- Are you related to Eeswaran?
- Yes.

- Why didn't you mention it?
- Before I could...

Go and get on to that vehicle.

Watch your steps.

- Thanks a lot Eeswara
- Welcome, brother.

Climb on to the back of the vehicle.

- You mean this vehicle?
- Yes.

I'll follow you guys in my car.

There are three more
check posts to cross,

you'll be once again caught
by the police.

- This vehicle is your safe bet.
- I'm not cattle, I can't do it.

- Inspector!
- Sir, I called to thank you.

Thanks a lot. I'm leaving.

Get going.

I own an expensive car,
but stuck traveling in this junk.

My face is not meant to be peed on.

It's so salty.

You guys don't seem to realize my worth.

This place looks familiar.

Oh, no, we have arrived.

Uncle, please stop the vehicle.

Folks won't respect me,
if they see me arrive with the cattle.

Hey, Kutty Puli, help uncle get down.

Please help me.

What is cow doing among the goats?

It's not fair to ill treat
a future millionaire.

Why is your shirt all wet?

Don't you know how to drink water?

That's not water, it is goat's urine.

If you were thirsty
should've asked for water.

Why did you drink goat's urine?

Please don't eat goat dung,
'cause you got hungry.

They've cooked meat at home.

As it is there's shortage of goat dung
for manure.

He's incorrigible.

Phew, they should've built an elevator
for this vehicle.

Hey, Kutty Puli!

Brother-in-law, please get inside.

Damn, you guys had my car
all this while...

but you made ride along with the cattle.

Who gave you the right to
drive my car?

- I only know to ride a bike.
- What?

I swear!

I had a wish to drive a car...

and got that wish fulfilled
by driving you car.

If you get inside,
I'll learn to drive with a pillion rider.

Okay, tell me,
which is brake and which is the clutch?

The one next to the clutch- -

- Hey!
- Which one is clutch?

You were driving all along,
without knowing which one is the brake?

Just like how you've been
living your life without a purpose.

If hadn't known,
I wouldn't have fathered three kids.

- How would I know?
- As far as my wife knows.

You get out of the car.

If you don't get inside,
I'll tell everyone you had goat's urine.

Kutty Puli, have you seen
anyone drinking the goat's urine?

Why the hell are you
blackmailing me?

Can't believe that you're blackmailing me.

Don't touch me with
your dirty hands.

It'll be embarrassing,
if father-in-law sees me in this state.

I'll manage though.

I should make sure no one
sees me coming.

Oh, no, the herd of monkeys
is out front.

Why can't they just rest
after the long travel?

What are they doing out here?
Fine, let me get pass them.

- Hey, uncle has arrived.
- Damn, they spotted me.

Listen kids, don't touch me.

- Do you have chocolates in your pocket?
- What do you want, dear?

- Is it inside your bag?
- The bag is inside the car.

Yikes, that's goat dung!

That's goat dung!

Hey, brother-in-law!

You were showing as if you were coming
by a private jet.

But I see your pockets are filled
with goat dung.

It's goat dung manure just like
earthworms manure.

- It's a million dollar project.
- To hell with you.

First go and take a bath.

Traveled in a herd carrier but showing off
as if he arrived in an Audi.

Fine, I'll inform him.


The entire family has gathered
at the village.

Ask Kannan to get me out on bail.

We'll destroy the entire family.

- Hey, bring me idlis.
- Grandpa, please tell us the story.

Kids, do you know what your
fathers' used to do...

We made meat only on Sundays.


On that day to have that idli and meat...

they'll be drooling all over
fighting for it.

They haven't changed a bit.
Only the drooling is missing.

I'm way better than these guys...

this guy here,
used to eat off my share too.

I only used to steal his share of meat.

But mom used to secretly feed him
liver fry.

And he used to hide and eat it.

Brother, give me the curry.

To top it all, after everyone
is done with their meal...

mom used to mix rice with the
leftover curry from the pot,

and feed us all.

I haven't eaten anything to date
that tops that taste.

I'm already salivating,
let me add two idlis to my plate.

It's wrong to look at someone else' wife.

It's wrong to marry
someone else' girlfriend too.

This logic is new to me.

The guy who married her...

should've asked her if she had a
boyfriend before marriage.

He didn't ask, so that's on him.

Hey, mams, I need to talk to you.

It'll be better if you sit down and talk.

These women won't spare him,
even if he decides to back off.

He's currently in break- up mood.

- They're going to spoil it again.
- Don't sit too close to me.


Fine, I'll move away.

I was just standing guard,
and I couldn't take it.

You loved her,
and I don't know how you could take it?

What do you want me to do
about it?

We have to teach her a lesson.

We should avert her.

I can't bear the fact that she deceived you
and is living happily.

I believe we should avenge her.

And I'm the scapegoat to you.

Mams, I'm going to fall
in love with you.


- I'm going to avert her.
- Oh- oh!

- Just an information.
- Oh- oh- oh!

- Not a permission.
- Awesome!



Baby. Why are you feeling
so shy, mams?


Finish the work before the sunset.

Hey, Chinnarasu, work briskly.

Tell me, Aathira.

What is the matter?

Dad, he wanted to talk to you
about something.

Hey, Aathira you tell him yourself.

Tell me, dear.

Dad, he incurred a huge loss in business.

He couldn't return the money that
he borrowed from brother.

Sister-in-law is acting indifferently.

That's why, if this farm could be--


No one should come to me asking to
sell or buy this farm.

One of the clients is offering a huge sum
of money to build a college over here.

Ten crores!

If you miss this offer, you won't even get
half of what they're offering now.

Listen closely...

I've drawn a new will
three months ago.

No one has the right to sell or buy
this farm.

You can enjoy its produce.

Until the descendants of
Periyasamy exists...

and until the earth exists,
this will remain as it is.

Hereafter, no one in this family should
speak to me about the inheritance.

Sign it.

How are you, partner?

Where is Periyasami's family?

It's Azhaguarasan daughter's baby shower.

The entire family has gathered
out there.

Instead of conducting the the party,
what are you guys doing out here?

- Get over there.
- Come on, get inside.

- Partner, start the show.
- Folks of Kanakkampatti...

this is an important warning
from Mayakannan.

Hey, who is this clown?

To the folks of Chennai...

Where did he come from?

...after many obstacles,

they've arrived at our village for solace.

Welcome, partner.

- Hello, brother-in-law.
- Exchanging pleasantries...

they'll try to rekindle the
relationship with us.

- He's talking about us.
- Arrogant, fellow.

Looks like you people smuggled yourselves
into the village.

Trying to re-kindle relationships, is it?

Don't you ever come to our village.

Get lost!

Hey, it's a warning.
"Social Distancing!"

We won't let the city folks win.

They're being coy with the drink.
Do you think it's liquor?

Hey, we tired a lot during the lock-down.

The councilor itself couldn't get it.
It's impossible for them to get it.

They're from Chennai,
must've made some arrangements.

What are they pondering about?

Hey, what are you doing?

You crooks!

Dude, they're having liquor.

- Hey, are you sure?
- Shall we join them?

- Shall we?
- Yes, let's go!

- Brother!
- Weren't you sarcastic a while ago?

Brother, the doctor had asked me to
check my voice.

That's why I was screaming.

- Yeah, right.
- You misunderstood.

Brother, no matter which country
you come from...

you belong to this soil.

Liquor has brought out the love in them.

- He's going to finish it off.
- Hey, hold your horses.

- Give them a drink. He's annoying me.
- Have patience.

Brother, come on, drink.

Have some chips.

- I'll have during the next round.
- You're such a sweetheart.

Just wait and watch, I'll do it.

- Hello.
- Am I speaking to Mayakannan?

You, Selva and Dhanasekar have been
tested positive for Corona.

Please quarantine yourselves
for fourteen days.

You shouldn't step outside the house. Okay?

- Hello, Mayakannan. Hello?
- Brother...



Earlier the ads used to play over the phone
when we make the call.

But now, they're calling us...

and telling we're tested positive
and to quarantine ourselves.

They're trying to separate us.
And that's not going to happen.

You're a sweetheart.

Come on, let's do one thing.

- We'll take a selfie and send it to them.
- Sure!

That's an awesome picture.

Sister, look over there.

Why is Poonkodi...?

Mams, step side for a moment.

I'll come later.

- Hey, come with me.
- What is it?

- I'll explain later.
- Get lost.

I said come.

- What is it?
- My sister is heading this way.

Let's put an act that we're intimate
with each other.

- Okay, mams?
- I can't act being intimate!

A bit of social distancing?

Eeswara, our control should be
in our own hands.

But my hands have no control.

- Get lost.
- Get lost, uh?

She gave kisses in air,
and asking me to get lost?

What were you doing with my sister?

Don't repeat the same antics
like you did with me.


Your sister is doing the same,
what you did to me.

You better go and ask your sister.

The entire family is alike.

Listen, bring the kids.
The water supply is about to start.

- Welcome, uncle.
- Hello, son.

- What brings you here"How are you?
- Nothing much.

I'm doing well, son.

Where is your father?

- He had called for me.
- He's out for his morning walk.

Please come.

Hey, what happened?

- What happened?
- It was a lizard, uncle.

- You broke the mirror.
- Oh, lizard. I thought it was a snake.

Be careful, you might hurt yourself.

Be careful.

- Tell me, Aathira.
- Dad, astrologer Kaali is here.

Yes, I did ask him to come.
But forgot about it.

Please serve him well until I get there.

- Okay, dad.
- I'll be there soon.


Hey, what the hell?

You moron!

Are you drunk and out of your senses?

I wonder who approved your
driving license.

- Eeswara, don't blab about the incident.
- Okay.

They might get scared.

If money was important to me,
I would've done a lot more.

- Uncle is here.
- Hello, Kaali.


I totally forgot that you're coming.

- Not an issue.
- Were you waiting for long?

I just got here.

- Aathira!
- Tell me, dad.

- Can you please get me some water?
- Sure, dad.

Uncle, shall we check out the premonitions?

One rupee!

- You haven't changed.
- So, it's one rupee all along.

In the past ten days...

did anyone happen to kill a cobra
within the compound of this house?

Nothing as such happened.

He's right, sir.

Four days ago, I killed a cobra.

Have you gone mad?

It was in the vicinity of the kids,
so I killed it.

Recently at this house...

a calf might've born dead,
or would've died after the birth.

You're right.

Did freshly milked milk got spoilt
right away when boiled?

It did, because the vessel was not clean.

Did it get spoilt or not?

It did, uncle.

Just reply, yes or no!

Can you people please step outside?

Eeswara, stop right there.

Just you, stay back.

One of the women of this house
must've conceived a child.

I don't think so, uncle.

No, someone has conceived a child!

- Listen!
- Mom, please don't tell him.

- What is it?
- It's her who is pregnant.

- What?
- I only knew about it today.

Are you freaking' serious?

- Hey!
- Don't hurt her.

- Brother, don't do it.
- Who is he?

- Who betrayed you?
- Don't hurt her.

What the hell have you done?

You can sort your differences later.

Brother, please don't do it.

Something worse is about to happen.

Hey, Aadhi, let go of her.
We'll discuss later.

Come over here.

- Shall I tell you or not?
- Tell me.

In this house...

a fetus has formed.

And one life is going to be destroyed.

Before the full moon...

a life is going to be sacrificed
inside this house.

A member of the family will be lost.

That will happen for sure.

Eeswara, I'm scared that the prediction
of the astrologer might come true.

Moreover, Rathinasamy is out on bail.

I'm sure it was him who tried to kill, sir.

No, Rathinasamy did not do this.

There's someone else behind it.

You don't know about Rathinasamy.

Go and ask around about his traits.

Hey, he's the reason why I'm here.

I don't get it.


I am Periyasamy's son.

Even sir has no idea that I am his son.

I knew that he was in danger
because of Rathinasamy...

that's why I arrived at this village.

Until I'm here whether it's
the astrology...

or it's Rathinasamy,

or an unidentified enemy.

No matter what, I will not let
even a single soul die in this family.

I swear on Lord Murugan!


Brother-in-law, don't do it.

Brother, please don't do it.

Brother, don't do it.

- Brother!
- Oh, no.

He took advantage of an young girl.

Sister-in-law, I'm scared that whatever
the astrologer said might come true.

Please take my advice.
Let's abort the child.

Please go and talk to
father-in-law about it.

Let's not abort the child.

It's wrong!

Brother-in-law, let go of him.

Why don't we...

...get them married?

Hey, let go of me!

Dad, she hasn't even graduated college.

She's too young for marriage.

What makes you say that?

Your mother was fourteen
when I got married to her.

I raised a family and children.

I fathered you, damn it.

She's bearing our lineage.

- Dad-
- Hey!

I've decided to get her married.

The wedding is tomorrow.

Rathinasamy, Kali read premonitions
at Periyasamy's house.

It said, one life will be lost for sure.

Kali was wrong about his predictions.

Not just one life,
but the entire family will be wiped clean.

Son, you're enmity is with Periyasamy.
Why do you have to kill the entire family?

That's not fair.

Brother, I stand orphaned losing my
wife and daughter.

Similarly, Periyasamy will stand
orphaned too.

Brother, why does Rathinasamy
hates Periyasamy's family?

It so happened, Rathinasamy had a daughter
who was supposed to get married.

Three years ago, he was making arrangements
for her daughter's wedding.

During that time, Periyasamy called
and asked me to bring Rathinasamy.

- Does this look good?
- Ask your dad.

- Dad!
- Tell me, dear.

- Does this look good?
- It looks good.

- Buy whatever you like.
- Thanks, dad.


Periyasamy just called me.

He asked me to get you,
because it's very important it seems.

- What is it?
- I don't know.

Rathinasamy went to his house.

Only when he reached his house,
he came to know...

Rathinasamy had sexually abused a worker
at his leased land.

When Periyasamy came to know,
it became a huge issue.

What the hell have you done?

I should beat you to death.

Listen, don't try to threaten me.

I came here as a courtesy.

- Don't make me do it.
- Hey, don't you dare point at him.

Hey, mind your words.

You'll return a corpse, damn it.

Damn it, you committed a mistake,
and have the audacity threaten him.

Hey, they come from far off
to make a living.

Look at that girl.

There's a huge age difference.

You should be ashamed to call
yourself human.

Hey, I was going to compensate.
Why did you come to him?

Listen, I've leased that land...

the farm is not yours
at the moment.

They work for me. I'll handle this issue.

How dare you take the ownership
of that land?

Taking on lease doesn't mean
you own it.

This is my land, damn it.

You behaved indecently on my land,
and have the audacity to call it yours.

Listen, old man...

I don't care if you take me to the
court or a council.

I will testify against you.

The entire village will support me on that.

Hey, walk damn it.

After the police arrested, Rathinasamy...

the next day it was a huge news
in the papers.

And that ended the wedding of
Rathinasamy's daughter.

Due to the humiliation both
mother and the daughter hanged themselves.

Since that day,
he hated the entire family of Periyasamy--

- Hey!
- Get inside the vehicle.

When we left from home I did say that
we can go to my mother's place...

but you never listened.

Tomorrow I'm taking the kids with me
to my mother's house.

Listen, your brother's family is leaving
to his in-laws tomorrow.

To his in-laws?

He's a scared chicken!

He would've made that decision
after the astrologer's prediction.

He has taken the right decision.

You can stay back and wait
for your death.

I'm taking the kids along
to my mother's house.

I don't understand what's there to
think about?

Are you going to ask your father?

Or shall we women speak to him about it?

Uncle, why were everyone
fighting out here?

It's just like how you and Diya were
fighting yesterday.


Then, later you guys patched up.

Similarly, everything fall into place.

Uncle, will someone die
like the astrologer mentioned?

Oh, god, nothing will happen
of that sort, sweetie.

He said it just like that.

Uncle, I'm really scared thinking
something bad might happen to grandpa.

Sweetheart, grandpa is like a god to us.

- Can anyone harm the god?
- No they can't.

No, right
So, nothing will happen to grandpa.

If we go to the temple and
pray to the god...

will he save us from it?

He'll definitely save us all.

Do you think that astrologer's predictions
might come true?

Nothing will happen, dear.

Uncle, you're lying to us.

- Really?
- Yesterday, my father was saying...

that the astrologer's prediction
will come true.

Listen, life is uncertain!

Anything could happen.

At the end,
what we truly believe will happen.

If you think positive,
good things will happen to you.

- Do you promise?
- Promise.

"Life as we perceive it."

Hey, it's late.
Everyone go and sleep.

- Hey, go!
- Everyone get to bed.

- Come on, kids, get going.
- Goodnight, uncle.

- Get to bed.
- Goodnight, uncle.

What is it?

We've decided to get back home
in the morning.

Hey, what went wrong?

Dad, please listen, nothing has been right
since we got here.

- Nothing is going right.
- Son, listen to me--

Dad, please don't stop us.

- We're leaving tomorrow. Let's go.
- Goodnight, dad.

I'm getting this project done
during the pandemic.

So... hey- hey!

Not you.

Eeswara, everyone is about to leave.

Do you have a plan"Or at least
let's remove air from the tires.

Tender coconut!

I was just saying, dude.

Look, they're here.

They're leaving.

- Let them leave.
- They're going to leave.

- You don't care, is it?
- They won't leave.

Why, do you have a plan?

Planning won't help.

- That's your plan?
- I'm sad that you people are leaving.

Who is from Chennai here?

Hold on for a minute.

- I said, right.
- Speak up, say something.

You never did.

Sir, all of us are from Chennai.

- Why do you ask?
- How long has it been?

It's been four to five days.

It's been that long.
Damn it, don't come closer.

Step back you moron.
Where's your mask?

Wear your mask, damn it.

Disgusting, put down your dhoti.

Hey, turn around woman.

Don't you have any sense?
There are women around here.

Look at your outfit, so hideous!

No sense of dressing, damn it.

You people don't seem right to me.

Everyone give me your Aadhar cards.

If I don't get your Aadhar cards...

I'm going to throw you guys
into Corona camp.

Hold on, I have your Aadhar card.

Oh, this was your plan.

Asking for Aadhar is it?

- Stop coughing damn it.
- Pardon me, sir.

Here you go.

Hey, this is family planning card.

Damn it, give me the Aadhar card!

Eeswara, who are these people?

They're here from health department.

For next fourteen days,
no one can leave the house.

How's my plan?

Be happy with the grand-kids.

Lovelies, none of you are going back home.

You guys are going to be with grandpa.

Why is it taking so long to
get the Aadhar card?

- Give that to me.
- Hey, is this your wallet?

- Aadhi, this is uncle speaking.
- Tell me, uncle.

Mayakannan who was at the function
has tested Covid-positive.

- Are you serious?
- What happened?

What is this twist?

I have nothing to do with it.

That's right, Mayakannan and his two
friends are tested positive.

So, everyone at the function has been
asked to come at 9am tomorrow...

for a test at the CSI Hospital.

So, everyone be there.

- Mams, style, is it?
- Yeah!

Buddy, if we wear this dress
will it prevent from catching the virus?

You can't even pee.

They why are they imposing lock down.

They can just give these outfits
to every house.

Everyone can carry on with their work.

The idea is really good.

I'll pass it on to the Prime Minister.

Can you just shut up for now?

That's what I meant!

- Double meaning, is it?
- On your face!

- Eeswara!
- What is it?

I hope you won't test positive.

I won't.

- I won't test positive too, right?
- I'm not sure.

That means even our children won't
test positive, right?

Our children?

I mean to say these kids out here.

Can't you speak in straight tongue?

If you keep at it...

I'll go beyond and
have children with you.

I'm ready!

I'm not ready!

I was just kidding,
and she immediately committed to it.

Eeswara, steady!

Hey, get back.

Please step aside.
Form a straight line.

Listen, were you hanging out
with Mayakannan at the function?

Hey, he's a useless creature.

I hope you remember,
how he was mocking us.

Why would I hang out with him?
Turn around, damn it.

Yeah, right, all you know is to get angry.

You're my sweetheart!

Listen, I heard that you were
hanging out with Mayakannan.

He was hanging out with me.

I was not hanging out with him.

She bought it!

Damn you, man,
she believes anything you say.

Vanakkam, doctor.

Eeswara, were you at the function too?

Yes, doctor.

Periyasamy, sir, had gone with his family.

So, I accompanied them.

Doctor, when will we get the results?

You'll get it by tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow evening?

Doctor, everyone is shitting their pants...

they can't bear the suspense that long.

Is it possible to get the results today?

Let me do one thing...

I'll ask Murugan to call you
at 5pm from the lab.

- Thank you, doctor.
- Sit down.

I think the astrologer's predictions
might come true.

Due to corona,
one life is going to be sacrificed.

Not sure who is going to die.

- Tell me something.
- What is it?

What are the symptoms of Corona?

First you'll lose the sense of smell.

- Bhavani, get tea for everyone.
- Brother-in-law...

I couldn't smell the curry you sister made
in the morning.

- Her cooking has never smelled anything.
- You're right!

That's a fact!

- Second symptom?
- Here you go.

Second symptom is that you'll lose
the sense of taste.

Oh, okay.

Hey, why didn't you add sugar?

- I added three spoons of sugar.
- Oh, no!

- So, you got Corona?
- No, brother-in-law.

I was just being sarcastic,
'cause it's too sweet.

- Brother, here you go.
- Don't lie to me.

Your husband touched it.
I won't touch it anymore.

Don't try to kill me with a tea.

I can't trust anyone.
Let me social-distance from them.

Third symptom?

You'll catch cold and start coughing.

Then you'll start gasping for breath,
thus you'll end up in the hospital.

Why the hell is he torturing me?

why are you gasping like a rabid dog?

I was just running a test on myself.

Nothing to worry.

They've made me blab like a fool

What if, something happens to me...

- Come closer!
- Stop it.

Come on!

- Are you mad everyone is out here.
- Hey.

He's been ranting all along.

- Hey, I'm speaking to you.
- I'm going to whack you.

What the hell are you guys doing?

The entire family scared that
they might die.

And you guys are shamelessly romancing.

Get up and go inside. I said, go inside.

- Hey, you too get up.
- Sorry!

Where are you going?
You too go inside the room.

- Uncle!
- I'm not your uncle, damn it.

Lock the door.

He's going overboard with excitement.

Don't worry they're just going to talk,
nothing else though.

Fine, get to the point.
Where were we?

You died!

If by chance I die of corona.

You three brothers without fighting
pay off my debt.

Hey, why should we pay off your debt?

Look, now you're disrespectful.
I'll wait for 5pm, damn it.

Let's see who gets infected.

I made a huge mistake by signing as a
guarantor for his loan.

Ill fate!

Hey, hold on, the basket is full.

Fine, take it inside.

Damn, she's here now.

They never let him work in peace.

- Mams!
- What is it?

- I want to speak to you in private.
- It's private enough, speak.

Not this kind of private.

Take your hands off!

Are you disturbing me during the work?

Tell me.

I have a friend, who is of my age...

has been admitted at the hospital,
'cause she tested positive.

- It's been a week now.
- So, what?

I doesn't matter if you catch corona
after had experienced everything.

It's not fair to someone like me,
who hasn't experienced anything.

Many lives might be saved.

What is your point?

You've seen it all.

But I've seen nothing in my life.

Your sister and I had a perfect
social-distanced love.

Nothing more happened between us.

Everyone is scared they might die.

And she's interested in romance.



- Hello.
- This is Murugan from the lab.

Oh, god, what happened?

The tests results of your family has come.

Everyone has tested negative!

- Hello!
- Eeswara.

- Tell me, doctor.
- Did you get the test reports?

Murgan had called.

Everyone has tested negative.

Fine, there's a kid named, Diya, right?

What is her age?

She must be thirteen years old.

Uncle, why did you bring me
to the hospital?

- You catch often cold, right?
- Yes.

When they tested you for corona...

they found too much phlegm in your chest.

So, they ran a test.

They'll give you medicines
and you'll be fine.


- You shouldn't mention this to anyone.
- I won't.

Then the other kids will not
play with you.

Everyone will think you got corona
and run away from you.

- So, don't tell anyone.
- No, I won't.

- Fist bump.
- I won't say.

- You too don't say anything.
- I won't.

We won't tell anyone.
What if this fatso blurts it out?

If you call me fatso,
I will tell everyone.

I will puncture your paunch!

She stole my punchline!

- Let's go, dear.
- I'll handle you guys later.

Eeswara, just as I suspected.
Diya has a big hole in her heart.

"Before the full moon...

a life is going to be sacrificed
inside this house."

I'll consult the senior doctor, Balaji
and update you on the same.

He's an expert on this matter.

Please go ahead doctor.

Eeswaran, I consulted
senior doctor, Balaji.

He said we'll schedule the surgery
on 27th morning.


Until then make sure,
you give her the prescribed medicines.

Okay, doctor.

- One important thing.
- Tell me, doctor.

If she happens to get wheezing...

or if she faints?

Please bring her to the hospital
right away.

- Take good care of her.
- Okay, doctor.

Okay, we are home.

Watch your step, dear.

Here you go.

We can't be buying new toys all the time.
Be careful with it.

Aadhi, I heard that Rathinasamy
is out on bail.

Yes, dad, I too heard that
he's out of prison.

I've informed the sub-inspector
about it.

Fine, please everyone be alert.

Dude, why is the Godzilla staring at us?

Don't look at the Godzilla face to face.

If you do, then your day will be ruined.

- Hey!
- We have to change that.

- Exactly!
- Hey, guys!

I meant you guys. Come over here.

- Godzilla is calling us.
- Come on, guys.

Walk faster, guys.

- Where are you coming from?
- Where are We coming from?

We went to buy toys for Diya.

- Toys!
- Toys.

Toys, is it?

When did hospitals start selling toys?

Come on, tell me.

- You saw us?
- Yes.

- You saw us, right?
- Yes, I did.

You saw us, right?

I saw you guys with my eyes wide open.

- You saw us right?
- Yes!

Tell us now,
what you were doing out there?

I was buying sweets at the shop
opposite to the hospital.

- What sweets did you buy?
- Mysore Pak, Jalebi...

- How does it matter to you?
- Who were you buying sweets for?

- For my wife.
- Your wife?

He has bought sweets just for his wife.

Then who will buy sweets for
other people wives?

Then who will buy
it for the kids.

Have you ever bought a
chocolate for Kutty Puli?

I've never seen a shameful and
selfish person like you.

You too ask him, damn it.

- Shameful creature--
- Hey!

I'm not saying that and I'm preventing him
from saying too.

That's about it.

- What did I do wrong?
- Finally, he's confused.

They're chiding as if I bought it
for my mistress.

Hey, stop right there.

Hereafter, to all the wives and kids...

even I'll buy for your future wives.

He understood our point, let's go.

Hey, I'm not done!

He still didn't get it.

Why were you guys at the hospital?

- Speak up, damn it.
- I was saying...

- Toys, toys...
- We were buying Toys.

How many times should I repeat myself?

I can't believe that they sell toys
at the hospital.

You don't even know to write,
but carry three pens...

but we believe,
when you say that you know to write.

Then why shouldn't you believe
that they sell toys at the hospital?

- you should believe.
- This is not fair.

Obviously, it's not fair.
Now watch me up the game.

You people believe that jalebi is served
instead of ladoo at Tirupathi.

Come on, let's go. They're hopeless.

Hey, in order to cover your tracks...

don't highlight my mistakes.

I'm very used to these antics.

Why were you guys at the hospital?

I gotta handle this in a different way.

Come on, listen closely.

Look at my hand.

This is Diya.
We took Diya to hospital...

we went by bike and got her toys.

Then doctor called me.
Why did the doctor call me?

He called to get the details of
our family members for the test.

That's why went over there.

Hi-five is it? You could've conveyed it
over the phone.

Why did you meet him in person?

Tell me!


- I'm serious!
- Oh, serious?

- Yes.
- Then, let's get serious too.

I told you right. The reason why we
went to the hospital.

- When did you tell me?
- I told you, damn it.

Look, morons like him are questioning us.

Why don't you listen to me, damn it?

You moron!
I was not calling you a moron.

What is it?

Brother-in-law, I have to go.
You please talk to him.

- I'll be back.
- Hey!

Kutty Puli, you're done!

Did, sir call him?
I didn't hear him though.

You didn't? Only the educated can hear it.

- Sir!
- Did he call you too?

I said right, that only the educated
can hear him.

They're insulting me.

Eeswara, let's not do it.

Let us tell everyone the truth.

If something goes wrong,
it'll become an issue.

Look at him, he is so happy
with them around.

My only wish is to see him happy
all the time.

How can I spoil that?

No mater what,
they'll consider you only as a servant.

If there's a problem,
they'll discard you in no time.

Hey, they might think of me like that.

But that's not me.

Sir is my father and his family is
mine too.

Listen, what if the predictions come true
in Diya's case...

Hey, don't look up to seers as god!


I have faith in you.

I'll let nothing bad happen to them.

The boys are from Tutucorin.

Moses sent them.

They're very sharp.
And have executed many kills.


I want you for lifelong.

Please don't say no.

I'm not going to say no.

It's impossible,
there's no chance it could happen.

Not at all possible.

It's better you stop weaving dreams
about me.

And carry on with your life.

Why are you rejecting me?

You're single right?

Listen, Poongudi...

I felt guilty,
when I fell in love with your sister.

I was scared thinking,
what would your family think of me.

But I was truly in love with your sister.

When she broke-up with me...

I felt it all happened for a good reason.

Now, the family has come together.

Sir, is extremely happy about it.

I don't want to spoil his happiness.

I don't want to cause any trouble.

I'll convince my family, Eeswara.

I want you.

I want to be with you.

Have you gone mad?

I've been trying put some sense
into your head.

Doesn't matter if it's you or me
wish to marry, it's all the same.

Everyone will think ill of me.

You don't understand.

Eeswar, I too--

I'm going to slap you hard!

You don't seem to understand the problem.

Dear, Poongudi!

Hold on.

Only now I got to know about everything.

About your love story with her sister.

And for my sake, you rejected her.

Now, you have rejected her too.

Eewara, don't make the same mistake
in life, like I did.


We both were deeply in love
with each other.

We were from different caste.

When her father came to know...

he took her away from the village.

Because my mother forced me...

I got married to Papathi.

I never expected Parvathy to return.

- Get married to me.
- have you gone mad?

Hey, there's a woman in my life,
who trusts me.

How can I betray her?

Fine, you can leave.

- Parvathy, hear me out.
- For god sake, leave!

She doesn't seem to understand.



To save her life,
I was left with no other choice.

With Karuppan as my witness...

I got married to Parvathy.

Aadhi Sivan was born to us.

I had this family hidden from Papathi.

But one day, Papathi came to know about it.

I thought, I'll suck up my pride
and live through it.

But I couldn't do it.

I just came down to see you.

But, after looking at you...

Fine, I'll leave.

He shouldn't know that
I came and met you.

He thinks, I'll be shattered
if I come to know about it.

So be it.


After Papathi's visit...

Parvathy left me with a letter,

and went away with my son.

I have no idea where she is
and how is she doing.

Eeswara, before I die..

I live with the hope that
she'll come and meet me.

Please get married to her.

I wish to make you one of my sons.

Is that all you want?

Are you happy?

Okay, are you happy now?

"My dearest princess,
don't leave me high and dry"

"Darling, don't stop me from loving you"

"Oh, my sweet candy.
Don't pretend that you're shy..."

"and move away pushing me down"

"I've safeguarded you
in the cradle of my heart"

"Beauty is strewn around"

"Come and have a chat with me"

"Your eyes are a boat that
can take me to the shore"

"Eagle wants to hook you"

"Smear me all through your body"

"I am a sluice that can control
the forceful river"

"I am a sluice!"

"I am the only knight suitable for you"

"I will touch and kiss your silky cheek.
Just wait and see"

"I am the Armour of success"

"I do not put on a mask"

"Who can be better than the the
gem of a son of your mom-in-law"

"Drop the beat!"

"Drop the beat!"

"Sing for the nuptials
Pray for a long life"

"Dance for the nuptials
Pray for a long life"

"My dearest princess,
don't leave me high and dry"

"I changed my path just for you"

"Hey, you, sweet candy,
don't fool this innocent girl"

"and leave to safeguard your love."

"I tied you to my soul,
without fussing, my dear"

"My fingers are embracing you"

"My voice is only to call your name"

"You are a blessing of the god of love"

"My days start with you"

"The hot sun drizzles in the heart"

"In your gaze, the storm would vanish"

"I am the only knight suitable for you"

"I will touch and kiss your silky cheek.
Just wait and see"

"I am the Armour of success"

"I do not put on a mask"

"Who can be better than the the
gem of a son of your mom-in-law"

"Drop the beat!"

"Drop the beat!"

"Sing for the nuptials
Pray for a long life"

"Dance for the nuptials
Pray for a long life"

"Sing for the nuptials.."

"Pray for a long life"

"Dance for the nuptials
Pray for a long life"

Aathira, did you inform everyone
about the picnic at the dam?

Yeah, I've informed them.

Tomorrow is full moon,
so father won't join us.

But others will come.

The others are coming right?

First thing in the morning,
we're heading to the dam.

Later the sun will get too hot
for the kids.

Stay quiet.

- Where are you now?
- We're leaving.

I asked you to leave by 7am,
why are you guys running late?

Listen, it is not just the adults...

we have to get the kids ready too.

I wonder why you left ahead of us.

Fine, did you guys get inside the vehicle?

We're on our way.
We'll be there in half an hour.

- Come sooner.
- Fine, hang up.

Watch you step, kids.

Hey, I want the window seat.

Why did you stop the vehicle?

Check if the tire is flat?

The vehicle is pulling towards one side.

Brother, it's a flat tire.

- Everyone get down.
- I know this would happen.

- is there no stepney?
- I think we weren't meant to go.

Why are you so decked up
to go to the dam?

Why did you come back so soon?

Uncle, car is punctured

- Come on, let's go and play at the farm.
- Okay, careful

Come on, let's play hide and seek.

Rock, paper, scissors.

Rock, paper, scissors!

Madhu, you're out!

(Mobile ringtone)

- Where have you reached?
- Listen, We had a flat tire.

- So?
- We're heading back home.

- You went back home?
- Yes.

- Where are the kids?
- They're playing at the farm.

- Why is there a bike parked?
- They might've stopped to pee.

There's no number plate on the bike.

Why do they need a number plate
to pee?

Hey, who is that?

It was you driving that truck, right?

Brother, please spare me.

Hey, who are you?

Hey, tell me, damn it. Who are you?

- What are you doing over here?
- I'll tell you the truth.

- Tell me.
- I'll confess.

You've been dragging out this deal

The client has asked to find someone else.

Please, sir, we'll sign the agreement
in fifteen days.

- I won't fail you this time.
- Fine, get it sorted soon.

Okay, sir.

Sir, your father-in-law's will states that
you can't buy or sell that land.

How will you sign the agreement?

I can't sell.

So, I have leased the land
for 99 years to build a college.

The deal is for fifteen crores.

Awesome, sir.

I've signed an agreement for five crores.

If I give my brother-in-laws' each one crore,
they'll be happy.

That's great, sir.

The balance amount will be mine.

But it won't be possible
if my father-in-law is alive.

So, I have an idea.

Run him over with a truck and kill him.

Here you go, five lacs.

He shouldn't be alive.

Did you finish the job?

Hey, you guys leave right away.

You guys shouldn't call me anymore.

Destroy the sim-card.

Hereafter, I have nothing to do
with you guys.

Leave, right away.

- How many snakes?
- Four snakes.

Hey, Diya come and catch me.

Catch me.

Go and catch, Diya, sister.

Diya, sister, come on, run.

Ram, run and catch her.


Eeswara! Sir, is out there.

Buddy, rub these leaves on your skin.

To prevent from snake bites.

Oh, you already have done it.


Come on, kids, let's form a train.

Come on, everyone fall in line.

Come on!

Dude, it won't get out of the sack, right?

Aathira, why did you leave the kids alone
in the farm?

- Come on, brother-in-law.
- What happened?

- Hey, brother-in-law.
- Not sure what happened.

Where the hell are you going?



Hey, Eeswara, what are you doing to him?

- Stop it.
- Eeswara, What are you doing?

What happened, Eeswara?

- Sister-in-law!
- Hey, Eeswara.

Hey, stop, damn it.


- Let go of me.
- Brother-in-law!

Hey, hold him down.

Hey, stop it.

I said stop it. Why did you beat up
my brother-in-law?

Tell me, why did you beat up him?

Do you know what he has done?

Doesn't matter what he has done.

That doesn't give you the right
to beat him.

You know what he did to your father?

Hey, I may have issues with
my father-in-law.

You don't have the right
to question me.

Damn servant, get out of the house.


Eeswaran uncle!

Eeswaran uncle!

What the hell are you looking at?

Brother, please don't hit him.

Brother, hold it. Please don't him him.

Lift him up.

Why are you beating him?

Brother, don't hit him.

Eeswaran uncle!

- Get out.
- Let go of him.

- Please listen to me.
- Get out damn it.

Get out. Get out, damn it.


- Get out of the house.
- Please hear me out.

- Get out.
- Push him out.

Sister, something is wrong with Diya.

Diya, what happened to you?


Where the hell are you going?
Stop, damn it.

Hey, let go of her.

Hey, we have to take her
to the hospital.

Let me go.
We have to go right away.

I have to take her to the hospital.

Listen to me, we have to take her
to the hospital.

We know to take care of our child.

Why did you beat up my brother-in-law?

First you beat him up
and now taking away our child.

Brother, please hear me out.

Brother, you're beating up
the wrong person.

No one should remain alive
in this family.

Kill them all.

Don't do it.

Hey, run!

Kutty Puli!

Take Diya to the hospital.

Come on, everyone come with me.

Come on, let's go.

Come on!

Kill him!

Come on!

Come on!


Get up!

Let's go.

Eswaran is no one but Parvathys' son.

He is your son, Aadhi Sivan!

What are you saying?

Sonai, is that my son, Aadhi Sivan?

Are you serious?

Is that's my son, Aadhi Sivan?


Eeswaran is my son, Aadhi Sivan?

Why didn't you tell me this before?

When Parvathy was on her death bed...

she took a promise not to tell you
and later died.

Come on, run faster.

Come on, keep running.

Let's go.

Eeswara, I'm here to Kill
Periyasamy's family.

You're an outsider.

Don't die in vain for this family.

Run away!

I'm not an outsider.

I am part of this family.

I am Periyasamy's son!

This is my family.

They're my blood.

Then you deserve to die as well.

Kill him first!

Put down your weapon,
and think as human for a moment.

Then you'll realize what is
right and wrong.

If you're wrong, then apologize.

If we're at mistake, we'll apologize.

I'm not human to forgive.

I'm the "behemoth" that have
come to destroy.

If you're a behemoth who has
come to destroy!

I'm the one who protects,
what they call...


Come on, let's run.

Everyone, run!

Come on!


If you're behemoth...

rightfully I should kill you.

Even now I see you as human,
that's why I forgive you.

But if you insist on being the monster...

I'll keep fighting you.

I'll fight you until you reform.

I'm sparing your life.



Everyone please stay back.

Hey, what happened to Diya?

Tell me the truth.
What happened to her?

Tell me.

Diya has...

Eeswara, what happened, buddy?

Hey, buddy!


'Before the full moon...

a life is going to be sacrificed
inside this house.'

'That will happen for sure.'


The surgery went well.

The child is out of danger.

You can meet her once she's in
the general ward.

What happened to Diya?

- Dad...
- Sir, Diya...

He didn't want any one to know
about this.

The entire family has gathered
after a long time.

He didn't want to spoil the happiness...

and decided to tell everyone
after the surgery.

Where is Eeswaran?

Where is Eeswaran?

Sir, Eeswaran...

Tell me!

What happened to Eeswaran?

What happened to my son?

Dad, is Eeswaran your son?

Tell me, is Eeswaran your son?

Mom did mention that you had
another family.

That means, is he her son?

Dad, all this while you and Eeswaran
have been fooling us.

Am I right?

Now I understood.

When brother-in-law spoke about the will,
you refused to change it.

So, that he can inherit it.

Say something, dad.

Brother, have you gone mad?

Don't keep ranting nonsense.

Sir, came to know only today
that Eeswaran is his son.

He hid the truth to keep up the promise
he made to his mother.

Brother, he's unlike you people.

He is a honest son.

You're just posing as his children.

In these past three years,
sir has been sick most of the time.

None of you bothered to come
and see him.

He has even cleaned his stools and urine.

I doubt even your mother
would've done it.

Do you think he cares for his

Do you know who was behind
his inheritance?

Here, your brother-in-law...

it was him who hired men to
leave snakes to kill your father.

He saved your father and your kids
and got bit by the snake.

And now he's struggling for his life.

He's the guardian angel who came to
save your family.

How did I miss knowing that Eeswaran
is my son?

Dad, please be careful.

Periyasamy sir, there's no danger
to Eeswaran's life.

In two hours he'll be shifted from ICU
to the general ward.

Everyone can meet him. Okay.


I came to know only now that
you're my son.

Please forgive me.

- My son.
- Don't worry.


Dad, why are you crying?

He's out of danger.

Once he gets back home...

we'll go as family to our deity's temple
and offer prayers.


One goat won't be enough for you.

Kutty Puli, we'll sacrifice two goats.

Buddy, you forgot about Godzilla.

Then let's sacrifice Godzilla.

Then we can invite the entire village
for the feast.

- Here you go.
- What is this?

This is my hard-earned wealth.

Please use this to pay off your debt.

Use the balance money to start
a new business.

- Please take it.
- No...

Come, take it.

Take it as a gift from a brother
to his sister.

Brother-in-law, we're ready to
forgive you.

You just be ready to reform.

Forgive me, Eeswara.

Sister-in-law, they're calling you
and brother inside.

You will be seeing me as a new man.

- Listen, they're calling you.
- Buddy!


What happened?

When did it happen?

Okay, I'll inform dad about it.

What happened?

The astrologer who came to our house, died.