Eat, Play, Love (2017) - full transcript

Veterinarian Dr. Carly Monroe (Jen Lilley) falls for Dan Landis (Jason Cermak), the owner of a dog shelter she frequently visits. Unfortunately, Dan is about to marry his glamorous girlfriend and move to New York City.


Hey, come on, little guy!
I'm a nice vet!

So then, do you think
today will be the day?

Well, there's no way
to predict a match

with any degree of certainty,
Mrs. Gilbert,

but the day will come,
I promise you that.

All right, well, let's
meet these new candidates.

Well, you're the candidate,
Mrs. Gilbert.

- The dogs need to meet you.
- Of course.

Hey, you, stop!

Hey, Rocko!

'Scuse me.
Fugitive on the loose...

yea high, responds to the name
of Rocko, apparently.


Dan, hi.

- I didn't know you were in town.
- Yeah... last week.

I'm taking over
my grandpa's clinic.

Your sister roped me in,
said you guys needed some help,

but, seems I've lost
my first patient already.

Not yet, apparently.

Excuse me.



Used to be.

Are you ready
for your interview?


Hey there, little guy.

You'll get used to it.
They're clever...

especially this little guy.

Thanks, Michelle.

Man, you sure do run fast
for having such short little legs.

Okay, come on.

Let's see why you're so upset.

Oh, well, that's why
he's so sensitive.

Poor little guy's
got an ear infection,

but I am going
to fix that right up.

Your grandpa must be so happy
that you're back.

He is...

so much so, that he wants me

to live in his house

He has no idea why I would
want to get my own place.

That's sweet.
He's probably just lonely.

You know, I keep trying

to convince him
to adopt one of these dogs.

Oh, well, you should set him up
with my brother.

After all,
he is Dan the Dog Man.

Dan... the Dog Man?

Everyone's favorite matchmaker,
the Canine Connector.

Just wait.

Yeah, no, I already
ran into him... literally.

- That was fast.
- Yeah.

Hey, how come
you didn't tell him

I was the new
volunteer veterinarian?

I just, you know,
wanted it to be a surprise.

- Why?
- I don't know.


that was high school.

All right, let's listen
to the old ticker.

Come here.

I mean, this is seriously
probably the nicest shelter

I've ever been in.

- How do you afford this?
- We have a secret weapon.

A secret weapon?

You're going to love this.

We have a genuine TV star

that does a weekly
segment on the news,

brings in a lot of donations.

Oh, my goodness.

She is just the most adorable
thing I have ever seen?

Meet Cujo.

Oh, no, I don't believe that.
That couldn't possibly be true.

Her real name is Beasley,

and even Dan can't
find a match for her.

Let's go.


- It's about to start.
- It's about to start?

What is all this?

Welcome to "Friday's
Forever Friend" weekly segment.

Your secret weapon?

Just wait...

We're live in 30 seconds!
Where's our star?

- I thought Dan was the...
- Yeah, he is.

It's just...
she doesn't know it yet.


Right here!
Makeup has to be right, people.

Oh, come on. Kristi Waters?
The Queen of Mean?

I told you you'd love it.

Ten seconds...

She was always posing
for a camera,

even when there wasn't one.

It gets even better.

Hi, everyone,
it's the end of the week,

and that means it's time to meet
"Friday's Forever Friend".

I'm here as always
with Dan "the Dog Man" Landis,

the Canine Connector,
at the Forever Friends Shelter

where it's time to find
the perfect match for you!

So, Dan, just who is
this adorable little girl

we get to meet today?

Well, Kristi, I'll agree
that this puppy is very cute,

but I've got to tell you,

this girl is a guy,
and his name is Bob.


Who names a puppy "Bob"?

Actually, my sister, Michelle, and
she named Bob's brother "Stan," so...

I think they might grow up
to be accountants.

Oh, my...

- Here, you want to hold him?
- Of course...

Bob, you are the most
gorgeous widdle guy ever!

Bob's here looking for
someone who likes to play

and is good at throwing sticks.

If you're lucky enough
to have Bob pick you,

then Bob's adoption will be
easy and affordable.

And that's why we love
to show all the folks at home...

"Friday's Forever Friend".

I'll be back next week
with Dan the Dog Man

to introduce you
to another lovable pooch

looking for a forever home.

For Channel 7 News,
I'm Kristi Waters,

saying, "Make man's best friend
your best friend".

And clear!

- Can somebody take this, please?
- Here, I got him. I got him.

she hates dogs?

it gets better.

I wish you wouldn't make me
hold them like that.

How many times
do I have to tell you?

Sorry, but it works.

You're lucky
you're so dang cute.

- What?
- Yep.

Hey, Carly.

I'll take him.

Carly Monroe.

exactly the same.

So are you.

- I'll take that as a compliment.
- So will I.

This is Kristi Waters!


Yes, of course.

I'll be there.

Thank you so much!


- I'm going to New York!
- You got the job?

Yes! I can't believe it!
It's actually happening!

My head is spinning!
They want me!

Welcome to the Kristi Show.

Well, not right away.

I'll be a field reporter to start,
but not for long.

New York City!

- Well, congratulations.
- Thank you!

Come on, Dan the Dog Man,
we are going out to celebrate.

Should I tell her the doggy
made a messy on her shirt.


Oh, boy.

- Hey, Grandpa.
- Carly!

- I think I burned dinner.
- I love burnt.

Yeah, well,
this is beyond burnt.

- Will you settle for a salad?
- Yeah. Good idea.


- How'd it go at the shelter?
- Wonderful.

It was really great
seeing Michelle again,

and I've missed her.

You know, I saw Dan's segment.
He's good, isn't he? It's fun.



And what?

How was it seeing him
after all these years?

- Fine.
- Fine?


All right, none of my business.
Just happy you're back.

Well, I'm really happy
to be back, too.

Maybe you can convince Mom
to move home, too.

Your mom loves the sun.
She's a snowbird forever.

Yeah, you're probably right.

All right.
What is it?

I'm fine.

Okay, you know, actually,

I'm going to run upstairs
and change really quick.

I'll be right back.

You know, you don't have
to find your own place.

You can stay here.

- Yeah. I know.
- Okay.

"You haven't changed a bit,
Carly Monroe".


So, Dan and Kristi Waters.
How does that even happen?

There must have been
some sort of tear

in the time-space continuum.


I mean, they don't even have
anything in common.

She's still just as pretentious
as she was in high school,

and the fact
that she hates dogs...

how is that even
acceptable to him?

I mean, I just... I don't...

You're still crushing
on my brother, aren't you?

I am not crushing on him.

Your face just turned
two shades of pink.

I don't do pink.


- One shade.
- At least.

Well, it's not... it's not like
I don't care about his well-being.

Well, the way you looked at him
yesterday, you know,

had nothing to do
with his well-being.

And the way he looks
at Kristi Waters

had nothing to do with mine...

the way all guys look at Kristi.

- That hair, those teeth...
- That beautiful face?

So symmetrical.

Doesn't matter.

She's moving to a distant
galaxy far, far away,

and long-distance relationships
in distant galaxies

never work.

You and Dan, of all
people, should know that.

- Your timing is perfect.
- My timing?

Michelle, I did not move
back here to be with Dan.

We're not in high school

Think we're, like,
all still in high school.

Doesn't matter.
You can deny it all you want,

but there is a reason
why you haven't fallen in love,

gotten married,
had kids, all of that.


No, it's not like that.

No, Dan and I,
we had something great,

and then we went off
to college...

life happened...

You know what I think it is?

I think it's just
that I don't want to settle

for anything less
than how I felt for him,

and that's... that's it.
That's all.

That's end of story.

But all stories that are good
deserve a sequel.


I am happy with my life.
Do not meddle.

No, I'm not.
I'm not meddling.

You... you are a meddler.
You always meddle.

I've got to go.

Do you want to come over
tonight, for dinner?

Okay, sure.

Yeah? Can cook up
a little love pasta.

- Would you stop!
- All right, I'm going.



I see you dressed up
for the occasion.

What occasion?

Come in.

I'm not up to something.
Nothing's going on.

So I thought we would do
my famous spinach pasta.

- Famous where?
- Everywhere.

Hey, kid.

- Hi there, kid! Hey.
- Hey.


Using your old nicknames, I see.

Yeah, no...

I just invited Dan
because I figured

you two have barely had
a chance to catch up.

Sorry, I didn't want
to crash the party.

Oh, no.

No, I'm really happy to see you.
I just...

I would've dressed up
a bit for the occasion.

I'll be right back.

You two, do your thing.

- So...
- So...

So... are you here
for good, or...?

Yeah, yeah, that's the plan...
you know,

assuming my grandfather
actually ever retires.

Carly the veterinarian.
Who would have thought?

Dan the Dog Man.
Who would have thought?

- Well, you started it.
- Me?

Yeah, when we were kids,

That puppy that got swept into
the creek behind your house?


You know, the poor thing
would've drowned

if you hadn't jumped in.

You mean,
if you hadn't pushed me in.

You did!

Well, I, you know...
at least you saved the dog.


- Been saving them ever since.
- Yeah, every Friday.

The Friday thing,
that's kind of silly, isn't it?


Hey, it works...

and truth is,

I kind of hate
being on television.


Well, I thought it was great,
you know.

You're... a natural...

like your girlfriend.

- Yeah, Kristi.
- Yeah.

Well, yeah, she lives for it.

She always has lived for it,
I guess...

But you know what?

She helps raise
a lot of money, so...

Well, that's really
considerate of her,

since she seems to hate dogs.

- Hate's a pretty strong word.
- Not when it comes to Kristi.

You haven't changed a bit.

I'd take that as a compliment,
if I were you.

- Well, it was meant as one.
- I know.

- Four.
- Four what?

- Four plates.
- Why four?


- You didn't.
- She wanted to come.


Looking great.

Thanks for coming.

Hello, everyone.

So sweet of you to do this.

- I mean, it's just dinner.
- No, it's not.

I mean, we could have gone
to a nice restaurant

or something,

but this is very...

and honestly, unexpected.

I didn't think you'd approve...

not that Dan needs
your approval.

Am I missing something?

- You haven't even told her?
- Told me what?

Well, first, I'm needed in
New York sooner than expected.

We're moving
at the end of the month.

You mean you're moving
at the end of the month.

No... we.
Us, together...

but that's not the big news.

The big news is...

we're getting married!


I haven't had a chance
to tell you yet.

- We just decided this morning.
- Decided?


You're getting married?

It's exciting, huh?


- You can't move to New York.
- Of course he can.

I mean...
what about the shelter?

We'll figure something out.

Dan has bigger aspirations
than running a dog shelter.

So do I.

I was supposed to go back
to cosmetology school.

That was our agreement.

Well, our agreement

was that if I got
the network job

and moved to New York,

we'd get married.

How romantic.

Hey, look, we can
talk about this tomorrow.

You can't leave.


it's going to be
all right, okay?

So, what's for dinner?
I'm starved.

Bon appetit.

He cannot leave.

- He's going to marry her?
- This cannot happen.

She is so wrong for him.

He's going to be stuck with her
for the rest of his life.

You have to change his mind.

Come on, Michelle!

You can't just change someone's
mind about these things.

Do you want him to marry her?

Not exactly.

Do you want this shelter
to be shut down?

No, of course not.

- Do you trust me?
- Of course not.

We have 30 days
to turn this disaster around.

- And the meddling begins.
- No... the countdown begins.

It's on.

Well, your duck will be swimming
again, in no time, Mrs. Dunlap.

Thank you.
You're very sweet.

Well, that's because
she takes after me.

Your granddaughter
has a nice disposition.

I don't know where
she got that from.

Very funny.

Nonetheless, you're going to be
in good hands when I retire.

You're never going to retire, Isaac.
You know that.

- You both take care, now.
- You too.

Come on...

She's right, you know...
this was your calling.

I know that look.

What is it?

I'm fine.

I heard that Dan was leaving.
Getting married, is he?

Word travels fast, huh?

I don't think Dan and New York

are a very good match,
though, do you?

It's not really my business.

Well, I mean, I'm worried
about the shelter.

You know,
he does great work there,

and there's a lot of dogs
that wouldn't have homes

if it wasn't for him.

I hope he realizes that.
Hate to see him make a mistake.

What is it?

Michelle wants me to come in.

One of the dogs is having an
emergency, so I'll see you later.

You want me to go?

No, it's okay.
I got it.


I've already been looking
at places on the Upper East Side.

The whole wedding thing
is another issue.

It's going to be everything
I can do

to keep my mother
from taking over.

- You know how she is.
- I know.

Doesn't matter.
We will decide what we want.

I just cannot believe
this is really happening,

that we're actually going
to be living in New York!

What am I going
to be doing there?

We'll find something for you,

Look, a whole new world of
opportunities is going to open up...

for both of us.

It's a big change, Kristi,
and Michelle, she's not happy.

It's putting her
under a lot of pressure, too.

Well, Michelle
doesn't control your life.


It's nothing.

Look, I want you to be excited
about this.

I am excited, but I've got
a lot of responsibilities here.

And you'll get it all figured out
like you always do.

You have always been
so supportive,

and I want you with me.

We're a team.

I love you.

What now?

It's Michelle.

Something's wrong
with one of the dogs.

Well, can't she handle it?

I mean, she might as well get
used to handling things, right?

- It's Beasley.
- That nasty thing?

She's not nasty, and I'm
the only one that she trusts.

It's just a dog.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Poor thing.

- What's wrong with her?
- It was the darndest thing.

I heard whimpering,

and then I went to check in on her,
and she wasn't breathing.

Then... like a miracle!

Just popped right back to normal
before Carly got here.

- A miracle, huh?
- Yeah, she seems fine to me.

I would check her,
just to be sure.

Take your time. I know how much
Beasley means to you.

Sorry, hope I didn't panic you.

She wasn't breathing, right?

Like I said,
it was the darndest thing.

Yeah, you said that.

What were you doing here
at this hour anyway?

Well, I have to take over the shelter,
so I have a lot of work to do.

Right, right.

I'm going to let you two...



Well, it's a good thing
she was here, huh?

- Yeah, a miracle.
- Yeah.

- Speaking of which...
- What?

You seem to be the only other person
Beasley's comfortable with.

Oh, really?
What's her history?

We don't know.
I found her in a ditch.

I guess that's why
she trusts me so much.

- Yep, she definitely likes you.
- Yeah?


She's wondering
if she can take you for a walk.

- Wait, take me for a walk?
- Yeah.

Well, yes, of course.
I would love that.

- Would you like to join us?
- I'll have to ask.

Is that okay, Beasley?

I think that's a yes.

- Definitely a yes.
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Come on, you.

So, Dan the Dog Man,
Mr. Expert Matchmaker...

Come on, Beasley's clearly chosen
who she wants to be with.

Why haven't you adopted her?

It's complicated.

You do know "It's complicated"
is a euphemism

for "It shouldn't have to be
this complicated," right?

Hey, are you hungry?
These are so good.

Always hungry.

Can we get two strawberry
and chocolate crepes, please?

Want some crepes, Beas, huh?

Yup, you definitely are the
only other person besides me

that she's comfortable with.

Well, not at first, but now
we get along, don't we, Beas?

I think it's 'cause
you love dogs so much.

Yeah, well,
you and I have that in common.

Yeah, Kristi and I don't.

Thank you.

Yeah, but, I mean...
why is that?

Does she have some kind
of crazy allergy or what?

No, she just doesn't like dogs.

Wait, I'm sorry,
I'm just trying to comprehend.

She doesn't like dogs?
At all?

Apparently, when she was
a little girl, she got bit,

but... you know,
I just think that's an excuse.

You know what
I wonder sometimes?

Whether she just doesn't like

that I give more attention
to the dogs than her.


She's jealous
of the rescue animals?

It's just a theory.

I mean, are you okay with that?

I mean, never being able
to have a dog?

It's a relationship, right?
It's about compromise.

No... compromise is about
meeting in the middle.

I'm seeing
about 90-10 here, Dan.

Sorry, she's your fiancée.

Do I detect a little bit
of sarcasm, Carly Monroe?

I wasn't going for a little.

I was right.
You haven't changed a bit.

Well... how else are you
going to know that I...

that I'm sincere?


how'd you end up
with Kristi Waters?

I mean, the world's biggest dog lover,
and the world's biggest dog hater?

Well, yeah...

she didn't exactly spell it out
when we first started dating.

- So she lied to you.
- No, she didn't exactly lie to me.

Come on!
It's a classic bait and switch.

Can't help it.


don't be sorry, all right?

I really appreciate
that you're honest with me...

but if you really want
to know the truth,

the "Friday Friends" thing,
that was all Kristi's idea.

She made it happen,

I was allowed to do what I love.

It saved the shelter,
and a lot of animals,

so, you know,
I owe her for that.

Don't you mean
you love her for that?

Come on, Dan, we owe bankers
and lawyers, not fiancées.

You just don't know her
the way that I know her.


but I do know you.

Come on, I'm just looking out
for you, kid.

Thanks, kid.

You know, I might take Beasley
home with me tonight.

It really helps
to keep her calm,

and I just live
around the corner.

Yeah... well, I've got
to go back to the shelter

and grab a few things,
but I'll close up for you.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

Beasley, come on.


- Thank Beasley for the walk.
- I will.


- Hey, Carly?
- Yeah?

Thank you for the walk.

You're welcome.

Come on.

- Hello. Hey there.
- I know what we need to do.

- Should I be nervous?
- Well...

What's your next brilliant plan?

- You.
- Me?

It's pretty obvious,

the way Dan looked at you
last night.

He lit up like a firefly,

not to mention
you absolutely glow around him.

I don't glow.

The point is,
he's crushing on you, too.


- He just doesn't know it yet.
- No, come on!

That ship has sailed with the
wind at Kristi's back, all right?

Dan's never going to see me
the way that he sees Kristi,

and I mean that literally.

- So you agree.
- Agree to what?

- You need a tune-up.
- What am I, a car?

A makeover.
You know how men are.

They're... visual.

You just have to bait
the hook a little.

Bait the hook?

If you want him back,
you have to wow him.

You're insane.

is the mother of invention.

is the mother of invention.


Listen, if Dan's not going
to be with Kristi,

then he needs to figure that out
on his own, okay?

Not because
of your... plotting.

- Well, some things take plotting.
- No, no, no.

I am not going to be the bait
to your scheming hook.

- Then he's going be gone.
- Well, then he was meant to go.

No, this is not the time

for your "It's the way
of the universe" reasoning.

You know, desperate times
call for desperate...

Three words for you.
No. Way. Ah-ha.

That's four words.

Anyways, you have
to trust me on this.

I don't trust you on anything.

Listen, I have a ton of patients
in the morning,

so I'm going to need you to go,
all right?

I just got here.

I think you need to go find
somewhere else to meddle.

I don't meddle.

I don't think you know
what that word means.

I've never meddled before.

I'm really sorry

I haven't been able
to make a decision yet, Dan.

Well, you don't choose
the dog, Mrs. Gilbert...

The dog chooses me.
I know that...

but it still has to be mutual,

and I just haven't
felt that connection.

So, are you getting tired of
setting up all of my interviews?

Not at all, okay?

When you know, you'll know,
and so will he or she.


it's a lot like falling in love.

You can't control it.
It controls you.

Are you an expert
at falling in love?

Far from it.
Well, is anyone?

Actually, yes, my husband was,

and I was very lucky
in that way.

I miss him,

and I guess that's why
I'm looking for a friend.


then let's make sure we find you
the right match, shall we?



The countdown is on.

You won't regret this.

That is the beginning
of every regret, you know.

Pish posh.

Hi, Dr. Monroe.

Hey, Michelle.
What are you two up to?

Saving the world
one makeover at a time.

I'll see you
at the shelter later.

- I'm going to get a dog.
- Great!

Okay, just so you know,
I still think this is crazy.

I'm only doing this for you.

I know, I know.

We just have
to change something.

- Some... things.
- Things...

the glasses, the hair...

you wear no make-up...

Please, be honest.

You said it yourself.

Dan still considers you
his high-school sweetheart.

I mean, this is Kristi Waters
we're dealing with,

so if you want him
to see you as something else,

you have
to become something else.


When's the last time
you went shopping,

senior year of high school?

Come on, Michelle.

You know I don't care
about stuff like that.

Well, it's not like...
come on, I like my clothes!

Well, I got my license in that.


No, I got my braces off in that!
It was a really big day.

It's cute.

No, no!

Look, I can't afford
a whole new wardrobe, okay?

- I have student loans to pay off.
- And I have a credit card.



Let go of the hair.
Let it down.

We don't need that anymore.

Yes, bigger!

I am loving it!

Too much?

Maybe a little.

- What about the glasses?
- What? No!

Michelle, I can't see
without those!

Well, what's important
is that Dan sees.

We want him to see everything.

- Can you handle it?
- I can try.

You have a small
male dog to deliver.

Hey, Dan.

Dr. Monroe!
Right on time.

You said you had
someone in mind.

Yes, sir,
a new friend that just moved in.

I was telling him about you.

He'd like to meet.

- Let's do it.
- All right.

Just back here.

So, Prince here is interested in
a new companion,

and he'd like to take you
for a walk, Dr. Monroe.

Glad to hear it.

- Thanks, Megan.
- You're welcome.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome!

All right, so just be yourself.

Don't try to impress.
Dogs see truth.

I've been a vet
for over 50 years, Dan.

I think I taught you that.

That's right, you did.

Wait, whoa.

I already had an appointment
with Prince.

Well, he's already requested
a walk with me.

You told me noon.

I'm afraid I did, Mrs. Gilbert.
I am so sorry for the mix-up.

There're other dogs.

Do you have any idea
how long it has taken me

to find a dog that I could act...


Prince might have a solution.

He'd like to take both of you
for a walk...

if that's okay?

Well, I...
I can live with that.

I suppose.

There's a nice little trail
right around the corner.

Well, I think
Prince would like that.

He does.

- I'll take him first.
- Really?

All right, I suggest

you two both be
on your best behavior.

Prince here is very particular

and frowns on anything
but happy thoughts.



Thank you.

Take some time, you know.
Get to know each other.


That's Carly, all right.

- That can't be Carly.
- I think it is.

Indeed, it is.

Those heels
are taller than I am.

- Hey!
- Hey!

- What's with the get-up?
- Get-up?

Nah, it's just...
me being me.

It's okay.

I'm going to head inside

and take care of the
animals that I love.

What's going on?

She looks amazing, right?

- You're doing so good.
- Really?

Just... Yeah,
you look great.


He's coming.
Act natural.

It's just straight ahead.

Yeah! I'm fine.

- Where are your glasses?
- In my purse.


Because I got contacts,
and they just...

they're not going to arrive
for a few more days, so...

Well, shouldn't you just wear
your glasses in the meantime?


No, 'cause they're
a different prescription,

and it's a stronger one, and...

well, and my glasses are in
my purse, which is in my car,


Why did she get all dressed up?

If I have to answer that...
You really don't get it, do you?

Get what?



To be young again.

Not me.
I like being old...

except for my knee.
I had to give up my golf.

I'm past all that nonsense,
you know...

trying to impress someone...

Well, good.





- Are you okay?
- Yeah!

Never been better.

So, who is our patient here, huh?



Hey, you recognize me?
It's Carly!

Maybe if you pulled
your hair back,

she could see your face better.

my hair ties are in my purse.

And your purse is in your car.




Rubber band.

- I can...
- I'll...


All right.


You look...

I haven't seen you
this dressed up since, prom?

I just...

you know, I thought I'd...
switch things up a little.

let's see here.


let's see your pretty smile.

Here we go.
That's a happy dog.

Hey. Hey...

I got this.


That's good.

You know, I used to
bring my Charlie to you.

You know, I thought
you looked familiar.

- Shepherd, right?
- Yeah.

- Beautiful animal.
- Yeah.

I met your wife once, and...
what was her name?

I'm a widower now.

I'm sorry.

It's all right.
It's been a while...

and your husband?

He used to bring Charlie in
to see me sometimes.

Yeah, he's passed away as well.
It's been a few years.


I'm sorry we got off
on the wrong foot today.

It's just that this
is the first dog

I've actually felt
a connection with.

I think it's your turn
to take the reins.

Well, let's both
get to know him a little better,

Come on, Prince.

Come on, buddy.

What was that?

Totally my bad.
I talked her into it...

- just change things up a little.
- Why?

You know, I love you,
but you really are clueless.

Way to go, Carly Monroe.

You just ruined
any chance you had.

- Dr. Monroe.
- Hey, hello, Dan.

Here to give Prince
a walk again?

- Yeah, if that's okay.
- Yeah, of course.

- Are you expecting someone?
- No.

- Who would I be expecting?
- No one.

Prince is in the back here.

Have you...
have you talked to Carly

since the whole...
you know...?

No, no.

I tried calling her,
but she hasn't called me back.


Well, if I have to answer that,
then you don't get it, do you?

- Get what?
- It.

- "It"?
- That's what I said.

Look, I think
Carly's trying to impress you.

Impress me?


You're asking the wrong person.
You might want to go see her.

All right.

Come on, Prince.

I forgot.

Mrs. Gilbert
is walking Prince today.

Would it be all right
if you shared him again?

- Yeah, sure. It's okay.
- Seems only fair.

Two days in a row, you two.

Well, Prince's can't seem
to quite make up his mind.

Yeah, he's a little torn.

And we don't want
to put any pressure on him.

There's no rush.

That's very thoughtful.

Shall we?

Dr. Monroe.

And you did not forget
I was coming in.

I have no idea what you're
talking about, Mrs. Gilbert.

Yes, you do.

- Is she going to be okay?
- Well, I think so.

Let me ask you something, Emma.

Does Sprinkles here
have a sweet tooth?

- She does like chocolate.
- I bet she does,

but I don't think
chocolate likes her very much.

How much chocolate
did you give her exactly?

Just a little.

At first.

You've got to think of Sprinkles
kind of like your little sister.

I mean, she can only eat
what she's supposed to, okay?

You wouldn't stuff
your little sister

full of chocolate now,
would you?


Well, next time,

how about you just share
your chocolate with me instead?

- Okay.
- Okay.

She's good to go.

- Thank you, Doctor.
- Sure.

Let me know if she breaks
into another stash.

Will do.

Thanks, Dr. Carly!

Bye, Emma.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Why, I hardly recognize you
with your contacts in.

Very funny.

Peace offering.

Come on, I'm the one

who should be offering
peace terms.

- I'm so embarrassed.
- Don't be embarrassed.

We've all worn the wrong heels
on the wrong occasion.

Bag lunch, just like old times?

I don't know.
Is it peanut butter and jelly?

Of course.

- Okay, I accept your terms.
- Excellent.

Man, I don't think I've had
a PB-and-J since high school.

Last time for me
was right here...

with you.


Nicely done.

Hey, Monroe!

Five bucks says
you can't hit that shot.

What? Come on!
It's right there.

I'm not that unathletic!

- Okay...
- Make it ten.

- You're on.
- Okay.

I'm about to make ten dollars.

No pressure.

- I scored!
- Lucky shot.

- Come on. Pay up.
- I forgot my wallet.

You are such a liar.
Don't be a squelch.

Hello, Mr. Hamilton.
Nice to meet you.

Let's go, Lucky Shot.

So, did I make
a total fool of myself,

or just... sort of?

No, no, it was...
it was total.

Come on!

But I know why you did it...
I think...

and I know that my sister
put you up to it...

playing matchmaker
so maybe I wouldn't move?

She didn't exactly
have to twist my arm.

- Why exactly did you do it?
- It doesn't really matter.

I just hate seeing you forced
into a decision

you don't want to make.

And that's it?

That's your only motive?

I guess...

I thought maybe, for a minute,

that if I was
as pretty as Kristi,

then maybe you'd have
second thoughts.

It was stupid.

Yeah, it was.

Come on, you don't have
to be that honest.

No, I mean, that you think
that that's all I care about,

is how Kristi looks,
her job, her fame...

and I'll let you in
on a little secret.

You don't need all those things
to be prettier than Kristi.

Is this the part
where you pass me a note,

and you ask me
to be your girlfriend,

and tell me to circle yes or no?

Hey, I'm being serious.

- Well then, don't tease me.
- I'm not.

Carly, you are beautiful...

inside and out.

Glasses or no glasses.

The truth is, seeing you again,

it just brought me
right back to us.

Listen, I just, I got
caught up in the moment,

and it was silly,
and I'm over it.

- Over it?
- Over it.

Man, it really makes me wish
I never went away to college.

Come on.
Don't do that.

Don't make regrets
out of the choices you made.

What, you don't think it was
a mistake that we both left?


because if it was a mistake,

then it invalidates
every choice we've ever made.

I mean...

did I think about you?


Did I sometimes wonder
what might have been?


but you're Dan the Dog Man.

Your path took you here, and...

the world's a better place
because of it...

and I followed my dreams,
and now I'm a veterinarian,

and the world's a better place
because of that, too.

Everything happens
the way it's supposed to,

so no regrets.

- You still believe in all that?
- Yep.

All of it.

But you think I'm making
a mistake now, don't you?

No, you're making a choice, Dan.

It's only a mistake
if it's not your own.

Hey, Michelle.

- Yeah, hang on.
- Shoot, what time is it?

Yeah, no, be right there!

Come on!

Do you have the time?

- I've been calling and calling!
- Sorry, my phone died.

- Where were you?
- Having lunch.

- With her? It's 4:00, Dan.
- I know. I lost track of time.

Listen, it was my fault.

I was enjoying his company.

I'm sure you were,

but while you two
were out gallivanting,

no one here can make a decision!

They don't know
what dog you want to feature.

We just didn't know which dog
was ready to be matched yet.

We have no dog for the segment,

and we go on air
in three minutes!

- Speckles!
- Okay, Speckles.

No, Sushi!
Get Sushi.

- I'll get him.
- Go! Go!

- Catching up on old times?
- Yeah.

I don't like the way
she speaks to me...

or looks at me.

She probably feels the same way.

So it's my fault?

One minute.

We need a dog now!

Come on, Prince.

There. That one.

No, that one's
not up for adoption.

Excuse me...

We are going to need
to borrow this dog.

- For what?
- "Friday's Friend" Segment.

Sort of have
an emergency situation.

Thirty seconds.

No, no, no.
This is... this is ours.

You're going to have
to find another dog.

- You'll find another dog.
- No.

We are about to go live!

Prince already made
his decision.

- Which one of us did he pick?
- Seriously!

I think you both know
the answer to that.


You are a very rude young lady.

Excuse me?

I got him!
I got him.

Carly to the rescue.

I hope so.

All right,
and in three... two...

For Channel 7 News,

I'm Kristi Waters
with Dan the Dog Man,

saying, "Make man's best friend
your best friend".

And clear!

- Great job.
- Beautifully done.

Thank you, and my apologies.

I just don't think
some of you realize

the pressure of performing
on live TV.

Can I get some water, please?

So, how's the extended
interview process going, Prince?

That's what my grandpa
tells me, too.

- So, you must be Mrs. Gilbert.
- I am.

- It's really nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.

And thank you, Dan.

It wouldn't be fair

if someone else got their
hopes up for this one.

Well, I know a good match
when I see one.

Excuse me, everyone!

I have an announcement
to make...

a surprise for the man I love,
Dan the Dog Man.

Here we go...

I know I have been totally
wrapped up in my new job,

and I'm sorry for that...

but... yesterday,
I called the network

and told them
I needed a big favor,

and I am proud to announce
that you, Dan Landis,

will be the New York Regional
Executive Director for...

the National Dog Rescue

- What?
- Yes!

Right in the heart of New York.

Everything you're doing here,
but on an entirely different level.

- Are you serious?
- Of course I'm serious.

I don't know what to say.

- How about thank you?
- Thank you!

- I knew you'd be happy.
- Yeah! Yeah, definitely.

I'm going to go
get out of this make-up.

Looks like another celebration
is in order.


I honestly can say
I didn't see that coming.

Well, those are the best kind
of surprises, huh?


You deserve it.

- Thanks.
- Sure.

Come on, Prince.

Well, I guess that's that, then.

I've got to give her credit.
Her timing is impeccable.

I know I go on and on
about the shelter, but...

he's my brother, and I kind
of like having him there.

- I got used to it.
- So you're just giving up?

Well, I mean, Dan
just got his dream job.

Our little plan backfired.

Wave the white flag.
I'm not.

- I have an idea.
- Talk to me.

The only problem is,

do I still have
feelings for Dan,

or is it simply
a transference of memories?

Are you deep in thought again?

You have to understand
something, Michelle.

We don't remember past
relationships based on fact.

We remember them
based on feelings, you know?

We just grasp onto something
that can never be recreated,

and by romanticizing
certain experiences,

we simply make
our present fulfillment of life

seem worse than it actually is!

Come again?

I also have to make sure
that I'm doing the right thing.

All right, fine.

We have less than a week.
What's your plan?

Okay, so Dan's main
concern about leaving

is the welfare
of the dogs, right?

Right, seems to be the case.

So what if we have
an adoption fair!

I mean, forget
about adopting one dog.

What if we find homes for all
of the them before Dan leaves?

That's great for the dogs.


what about you and Dan
and keeping him here?

I mean, that's just going
to make him happy

that he's leaving.

Well, not necessarily.

I mean, maybe
it'll make him realize

what wonderful work
he's doing here,

and, you know,
what he'd be walking away from,

and besides,
it'll give us a chance

to spend
some more time together.

I could really need
some more time.

To convince Dan...
or you?


I see.

There we go.

Just keep an eye on
him. He'll be okay.

Come on, buddy.
Here we go.

- You didn't steal him, did you?
- Yeah, I stole him.

Actually, I thought maybe
you might like to take him

for a walk on your own property,

give him a chance to see
if he likes it here or not

before he makes his decision.

That's a good idea.
I'll be right with you.

- You think Prince would like it here?
- I think he'd love it.

You know, if I did adopt him,

you could come
and visit him anytime.

Well, I mean, we've got to do
what's right for the dog.

You know, your flowers
are so beautiful.

Did you plant
all these yourself?

It's become somewhat of a hobby.

Well, if you decide to retire,
you're going to need a hobby.

Not if.
Carly's more than capable.

My patients
will be in good hands.

You know, she is so lovely,

and it's just a shame
that Dan's moving away,

because the two of them
are in love.

They seem to be the only two
that don't know it.

I think they do.

They just don't know
how to say it.

Well, I hope they figure it out.

Shame if they don't.

I think it's perfect.

Do you think we can get it
organized in a week?

- We can do it.
- Yeah, we can do it.

We'll just, you know,

pass out some flyers,
hang up some posters,

and, you know,
we'll make it an event.

- Where are we going to hold it?
- Well, it shouldn't be here.

It should be some place

people would normally
take their dogs, like...

how about Long Lake Park?

You know, we could
set up a walking area,

do a meet and greet,
have some fun...

we could do an interview room!

I love it.

- Great!
- Great!

And I thought a banner
than says, "Countdown to Love",

just to remind people that
dogs are more than just pets.

Hey, Beas!
You doing okay, huh?

Countdown to Love?

Yeah, let's just call it
what it is.

Okay, yeah.
Let's do it.


I just really want you to know,

I really appreciate
everything you're doing, and...

Oh, shoot.

Hey, what's up?

Because if I'm going
to work for them,

then I should at least
introduce myself.

Hey, Beasley, come here.

Okay, yeah.

See you soon.

I'm going
to have to catch up with you.

I've got to go help Kristi pack.

Yeah, well, I've got to give
Beasley another checkup anyway.

It is just so amazing
how she has taken to you.

Yeah, she just needed
a little more time.

Isn't it amazing
how much she loves dogs?

I mean, she's a real dog person.

What? I'm just saying.

Great, we'll see you there.


So I've got all
the shelter volunteers on board

with helping with the event.

Local media's
going to promote it,

and they are eating up
the "Countdown to Love" idea.

That's great.
What next?

Banners, so I'm going to head
to the local print shop.

And tomorrow, we have to work on

getting all these critters
cleaned up,

so can you get some supplies
for that?

I'm already on it.

Great, I'll...
I'll see you tomorrow.

Forever Friends Rescue Shelter,
Michelle speaking.


- Hi...
- Mrs. Gilbert.

Rita came over
to, discuss Prince.


We were talking. We were just...
talking about...

- Discussing Prince.
- Clearly.

Come sit down.

Actually, we made
a decision about Prince.

And who gets to adopt him.

Dan seems to
think he likes both of us.


I see.

And after careful consideration,
we decided that we would...

We'd both actually like to spend
a lot more time with him...

as much time as possible.


And the only logical way to do that
is if we both adopt him.

Very logical.

Yeah... which means

we would be spending
a lot of time together.

I think that's great.

- You do?
- Really?


Of course I do.

you know,
you both deserve a... a friend.

Well, it's mostly about Prince.

and it's very... noble.

Oh, by the way, you know,

I saw a cute little apartment
for rent just down the street.

Okay, I'll look into it.



you don't think this is moving
a little fast, do you?

For Prince?

Well, at our age,
we have to move fast.


have a good night.

So you know, I just...

I'm so close
with my grandfather,

and I just thought
that it made sense for me

to want to become
a veterinarian, you know?


This one's so cute.

I know! She's been
so good today, too.

So much hair, so little time.

We've got to get them clean.
Nobody likes a smelly dog.

- Do they?
- No.

You know, I was thinking.

About Beasley here...


you know
that I'm a good matchmaker.

Yeah, the best.
A legend.

What do they call you
in these parts,

"The Canine Connector"?

Well, that's one of them.

Anyhow, I was thinking...

That I should adopt Beasley.

Well, actually, that Beasley
should adopt you, but yeah.


You're the only other
person that she trusts,

and I'm not holding
onto a lot of hope

that that's going to change
after the adoption fair.

I'm just really worried

about what's going
to happen to her after I leave.

I mean, come on,
Beasley's great,

but she belongs with you.


that's non-negotiable.

It's pretty amazing to me

how you can be so good
at matching dogs to people,

and even people to other people.

What do you mean?

My grandfather
hasn't been this happy in years.

Very cleverly done, by the way.

- It was a lay-up.
- Yeah, but still, you did that.

I mean, you do it every day,
but somehow,

you really have no talent for
matching yourself to others, do you?

You know...

every discussion we have

is about my choices
and my decisions.

What about you?

Why can't you tell me
how you really feel?


Don't go to New York.

- That's... that's how I feel.
- No, that's what you think.

Why don't you want me
to go to New York?

Come on...



Her timing is impeccable.

So is yours.

Figures you two
would be in a dog-friendly cafe.

What, you're having

another stroll down memory lane?

We were just discussing
my future in New York,

and how much I'm going
to miss Beasley.


Yeah. Beasley.

Well, thanks to me,

Beasley will more than likely
have a new home by tomorrow.

I spoke with my station manager.

They've agreed
to do live updates

from the adoption fair
throughout the day,

sort of an extension
of the "Friday Friends" segment.

There won't be a single dog left
with that kind of exposure.

And then there will be
nothing holding Dan back.


You know, Kristi,

you have an uncanny ability
of doing other people favors

that somehow manage
to serve you more than anyone.

Thank you.


We're having dinner with
my parents, remember?

Are you coming with me?

Are you?


And then you just said
that to him, just like that?

Then what happened?

He seemed really upset.

And then what happened?


Queen Mean showed up
just in time to bail him out.

- We are so close.
- No, it's over...

I can't hear you!

I'm not doing...

Sorry, couldn't hear you.
It was so loud.

What were you saying?
Go ahead.

I'm not...

- Come on.
- Okay, all right.

No sauce?

If only we had another few days.

He almost didn't
get into her car.

Then tell him again.
Profess your love to him.

- I can't do that.
- Why not?

Because you can't just
convince someone

to fall in love with you.

You are so stubborn.

You don't have to convince him.
He loves you.

- You know he does.
- No. It's too late.

- It's not too late.
- Look, he made his choice.

I saw that today, so...

look, let's just do the adoption
fair tomorrow, and then...

we'll just get on
with our lives.

- Ice cream?
- Ice cream always helps.


I have so many flavors
right now...

- Do you have chocolate?
- Yeah, of course!

Come on, Beasley.

You two seem to be
hitting it off quite nicely.

Oh, Beasley.

Yeah, though I'm pretty sure

she has her heart set
on someone else.

- Yeah, I've been watching.
- Watching?

Well, not spying.

I don't spy, I watch.
I observe.

I was a teacher.

It taught me a lot
about human nature.

I used to see these kids.
They would...

well, they'd have crushes
on each other,

but they'd never
say anything about it,

and I think they were
too embarrassed...

but yet, they always seemed
to find some reason to interact.

Like walking the same dog,
Mrs. Gilbert?


I think I've been playing along
quite nicely, don't you?

Very, very nicely.

I mean,
men are clueless sometimes.

I mean that in
the most loving way.

It's really quite sweet, and
then, of course, there's Dan.

He's so proud of
his matchmaking skills.

I don't want him
to be disappointed...

but I did kind of make sure
that I was at the shelter

the second time your grandfather
came to walk the dog.

- Your grandpa's kind of hot.
- Mrs. Gilbert!

- No, seriously. He's hot.
- Stop!

You know, women don't pick up
on things the way we do, Dan.

That's why I had to play along,
you know,

and just act like I didn't know

it was more than Prince
she wanted to take a walk with.

- So you're on to her?
- Of course I am.

She doesn't realize it,
and don't tell her.

I don't want to embarrass her.

Dr. Monroe...

who says an old dog
can't learn new tricks?

Who says I'm an old dog?

Yeah, but it's so obvious how
you two feel about each other.

Just say it.

Your grandfather's telling me
everything I need to know

without ever saying a word.

Sometimes, you need
to say words, Mrs. Gilbert,

and sometimes,
you need to hear them.

I mean...

this isn't a dress rehearsal.
It's our life.

Did you see that on
a pillow, or a sign?

A sign, actually.

Look, the point is,

the two of you didn't just
find the perfect dog.

You found each other.

Seize the day, remember?

I guess I should be
taking my own advice.

Hey, you said it, not me.

You want me to tell her
how I feel?

Dr. Monroe...

women, they want to hear
what's in your heart.

You don't want her
to meet another dog,

start taking him for a walk?

No, I suppose not.

- So, I think we're finished here.
- Us too.

Let's go find Prince
and we'll take him for a walk.


Did you say I haven't
told you how I felt?

- Yeah. You?
- Yeah. Think they'll clue in?

Fingers crossed.

- I'm so happy for them.
- Me too.

You know, it's funny. I...

I know Mrs. Gilbert has
more life experience than I do,

but I think I was able to give her
some really good advice.

Yeah. Me too.

- I hope they clue in.
- Me too.

You keep saying that.

I've got to get
back to the shelter, so...

Yeah, I have some
appointments. Here.

Thank you again for all of this.

Yeah, of course.

Guess I'll see you tomorrow.



- Hey.
- Hey.

Well, I...

think we're going to have
a great turn out tomorrow.

Yeah, you know,

I didn't actually think
we could pull this off.


So, you all packed up,
ready to go?


I know you're upset
that I'm going

and I'm leaving you
with the shelter, but...

No, I'm not...

I mean... I...
I mean it.

I just don't want you to
be stressed out... anymore.

You know, I just
want you to know

that the shelter's
in good hands.

I just hope that you are.

I guess that's the
million-dollar question, hey?

Are you sure you don't
know the answer to that?


Carly coming home brought back
a lot of memories,

a lot of feelings...
good ones...

and then suddenly,
I have to move

and give up the shelter
that I worked so hard to build,

make decisions
on the rest of my life?

I'm feeling torn...

but I can't help but wonder

if the feelings
that I have for Carly

are just a transference
of how I used to feel?

And maybe it's the same for her,

and she just doesn't
realize it yet.

You both are seriously
attached at the brain.

Look, you know...

you don't need any more advice,
especially from me.

I mean, you're my brother.
I love you.

No matter what you decide,
I'm going to support you...

but I will say this.

Sometimes, it's not a decision.

How so?

Sometimes, the universe
decides these things for us.

Just hope that you'll be
awake enough to get the clue.


Daddy, can I take one home?

Why don't we go take a look
at the one you want?

We're going to run out of dogs
before we run out of people.

I know... except for Beasley.
Keeps growling at everyone.

Well, I thought Dan
wanted you to adopt Beasley.

Yeah, he does, but I just
can't right now, you know?

I don't know where I'm going
to live, and besides...

She'll just remind you of Dan.

- Stupid, huh?
- No.

Come on, let's go see
how the adoptions are doing.

So remember,

if you've ever thought about
being adopted by a dog,

today is your day.

Come on down right now
to Long Lake Park

and check out
all these canine cuties.

And I'll be there to make sure
they find their perfect match...


'Cause that's what
Dan the Dog Man does!

Come see him while you still can,
because tomorrow,

we'll be taking off
for New York, New York!

Keep watching.

We'll be back with one
last live update soon!

And cut!

We have officially been adopted!

That's great!
The both of you?


well, officially,
it's in Rita's name,

but I get visitation rights.

It's joint custody.

Great event, Carly.
You should be proud of yourself.

Thanks, Grandpa.

We're going to dinner later
at The Grillhouse.

Why don't you join us?

No, actually, I need to stay back
and help Michelle clean up,

but why don't you two...

or three...
enjoy yourselves.

- See you at the house?
- Yeah.

- Bye.
- Bye! Have fun!

- How cute are they?
- They're adorable.

I'm so glad they finally
figured it out.


I can't even begin to tell you
how amazing this is.

Yeah, I didn't think
this many people would turn out.

One of the things I'm going to do
when I get to New York

is sponsor events like this
throughout the country.

I mean, people don't need
to go to pet stores.

There are so many shelters

with animals just waiting
for someone to give them a home.

Yeah, I think it's a great idea.

You know, Dan, actually,

I'm pretty worried
about Beasley, you know.

She's been really agitated.
She's snarling at everyone.

Maybe we should keep her
with one of us.


Hey, we want to get
Beasley here.

Come here, Beasley.
Come here.


See, she just needed
some fresh air and sunshine,

You're a good match.


It's about my job.

I've been calling and calling,

and they're only now
just getting back to me.

Yeah, go, go.

Dan here.

How's it going?

Well, we continue
to talk in metaphors.

We don't have time
for metaphors.

Who's he talking to
on the phone?

- It's about his job.
- Well, he doesn't look happy.

Where is Dan?
We are about to go live.

He's over there.


Why "Uh-oh"?

Be right back.

Thank you.

We're on the air
in three minutes, babe.

That was my new boss.

Regional Executive Director?

That job is filled,

and it's not vacating
any time soon.

They want me on as a volunteer.

Okay, I know how this sounds.

I may have made a slight error
in my choice of words.

Choice of words?

You said I'm going to be
the Regional Executive Director!

Which is true!
It's a matter of semantics.

Once you get in there,
once you wow them,

you'll go right to the top!

What I said is, you will be
the Regional Executive Director...

one day.

He looks pretty upset.

- You manipulated me.
- I had to do something.

you wouldn't come with me!

Look, I am doing you a favor

by getting you
out of this stupid hick town!

By lying to me?

Well, I'm not the only one
who lied to you!

- What are you talking about?
- Carly.

She's been lying
to you for weeks.

- I think I just heard your name.
- My name?


Oh, come on.

Anyone could see
right through it,

the way she's been playing you,

trying to make you think
she's still in love with you,

just so you would stay

and nothing would happen
to these precious dogs!

- She wasn't playing me.
- Oh, see?

It worked!

How bad?

The last time I saw Kristi
this worked up

was when that five-year-old
crashed her live shot

and she threw an ice cream cone
at him.

I don't know
what we're going to do.

- You! You're on.
- What do you mean, I'm on?

We're going live, unless
you want to go deal with that.

No, I don't.

Then you!

What? No!
I, I, I... can't.

You're cute.
Here, do it for the dogs.


You're already holding one.

- You're a vet, right?
- Yeah...

Just look at the camera, smile.

You'll be fine.

Love you!

And in five, four...

We're live!



I'm Carly.
I'm a veterinarian

who volunteers
at the Forever Friends Shelter.

Kristi and Dan are currently
predisposed with some other...

dog business?

- She doesn't even like that dog!
- I'm sorry?

That dog you're so in love with
that hates everyone?

- Carly adores Beasley.
- Oh, please.

Nobody adores Beasley.

Carly's just telling you
what you want to hear.

Look, she comes back after all
these years, expects you...

to drop everything for her.

Who's manipulating who, huh?

Hey, listen,
we just wanted to thank everyone

for making this
such a successful event,

and for you folks at home,

you'd better hurry up
and get down here

before your potential
forever friend

gets fetched up by someone else.

I thought we were a team!

- What is she doing?
- Wait! It's live.


there's still
one very special dog

that hasn't found someone
to love yet.

Her name is Beasley.

See, dogs are special.
All animals are special, but...

there's just something

about the unconditional love
of a dog

that makes the world
a better place...

and they're a lot like us.

Some are tall, some are short.

Some are less friendly
than others...

and some are more trusting...

and like us,
they just want to be loved.

They just want someone
to come home to...

to know that they have someone
who will greet them...

to know that they have a friend.

Sometimes, they actually do wish
that things turned out differently,

despite what
they may have said...

or barked...


the thing about Beasley here
is that she's independent,

and I think sometimes,

she worries
that she'll lose that,

so she tends to withdraw
and close herself off...

but she only does it
because she's scared.

She's scared

that all those things
that I just talked about,

that she wants too,
just like everybody else,

she'll never have them.

I don't think that she needs
to be afraid anymore...

because her path
brought her here,

to this exact moment,

and there's nowhere else
she'd rather be.

Those of you who know Dan
the Dog Man know what he says...

that we don't choose the dog...

the dog chooses us...

and you see, I got up here today

to help find this girl
a new home, but...

the truth is, I can't do that

Beasley chose Dan...

and she really wants him
to stay...

because she loves him.

- I don't know what else to say.
- Say goodbye.


And we're clear.

That's my girl.


- Oh, my gosh, that was so good!
- Really?


Maybe the dog does
belong with you...

and Carly.


she does.

Goodbye, Dan.

Goodbye, Kristi.
Good luck in New York.


Please don't go to New York.

- I'm not going to.
- You're not?

I wouldn't do that to Beasley.

I wouldn't do that to you.


I love you.
I always have...

and I always will.