Eastern Promises (2007) - full transcript

In London, the Russian pregnant teenager Tatiana arrives bleeding in a hospital, and the doctors save her baby only. The Russian descendant midwife Anna Khitrova finds Tatiana's diary written in Russian language in her belongings and decided to find her family to deliver the baby, she brings the diary home and ask her uncle Stepan to translate the document. Stepan refuses, but Anna finds a card of a restaurant owned by the Russian Semyon inside the diary and she visits the old man trying to find a lead to contact Tatiana's family. When she mentions the existence of the diary, Semyon immediately offers to translate the document. However, Stepan translates part of the diary and Anna discovers that Semyon and his sick son Kirill had raped Tatiana when she was fourteen years old and forced her to work as prostitute in a brothel of their own. Further, Semyon is the dangerous boss of the Russian mafia "Vory v Zakone", jeopardizing the safety of Anna and her family. Meanwhile, Semyon's driver Nikolai Luzhin gets close to Kirill and Semyon, climbing positions in the criminal organization, but he helps Anna, her family and the baby.

Should we go shopping?

Azim, please.

Who the fuck's that?

Maybe somebody sent your
dad a hooker for Christmas.


See you.

Goodbye, Anna.

Calm down.

Be calm.


Come on.


You too.


This is the best spot
to get rid of a corpse.

Let's go.

Come on, Kirill.

Get out.

Get up, Kirill.

We're partners now, man.

Yeah, yeah, Kirill.

You know?

I think he's had enough.

Allow me.

That's an order.

What's the matter with you?

That's enough, Kirill.


Siberian ox...


So, which one is it going to be?

Thank you, brother.

What's your last name?

Tell me your last name.


Where are you from?


Which village? Which town?


Outside Kiev.

Stay alive a little longer.


I dealt with the vory v zakone
when I worked for the KGB.

I was an auxiliary!

- What are you saying?
- Azim's nephew slit Soyka's throat.

Kirill paid him to do it.

Shut your fucking mouth!

Your dad always knows the truth.

Kirill did the right thing.

He did a good thing for our people.
They will appreciate that.

Ok, ok.

When I was in the KGB, we knew
how to deal with scum like you.

And you did what there?

Calm down.



It was nothing important.

My only son.

I met him.

Yes, yes.

Do you understand me?


For my brother...

Nikolai, come on.

- What's she talking about?
- I didn't catch it.

What did she say?

I don't know.


- Shut up, bitch!
- Fuck her, Kirill!

Forget her.

That's an order.

I don't know.

She is one hundred years old.

It's time you joined us.

Thank you...


You, my dear friend...

...don't think ill of me.

In this wilderness...

...simply bury me.

Let's drink to the little Georgian girl.

I am a vor by birth.

I know.

Don't you forget it.

Beautiful building...

Good evening.

- Is everything ok?
- Yes, everything's fine.

We can see that you were
in prison in Siberia...

...and that you were a thief.

My father was a government worker.

He fixed the cars of officials.

I began by selling the spare
parts when I was fifteen.

You have no forced tattoos?


You were not cooperative?

I spent two years in
the punishment block.

You went through the Crosses
in St. Petersburg?

I was in solitary
confinement a dozen times.

I was called 'The Stump' because
they couldn't shift me.

Your father was a bitch and a weak
fucker for working for the Government.


That's right.

He means nothing to me.

- My mother...
- You have no mother.

She was a whore anyway.


I have no mother and no father.

There is only the code,
the vory v zakone code...

...which I have always followed.

That is why there is an empty
space above your heart...

...where the stars will go.

And an empty space
on your knees.

I am dead already.

I died when I was fifteen.

Now I live in the zone all the time.

...there, there.

Well done.

Are you okay?

Finish him off.


You didn't come here
to give me flowers...

You have gone beyond
what was agreed.

What are you looking at, baby?



You're either with him or with me.

With him...

or with me.

I know, Kirill.

Give her to me.

Your father's going away.

The family business will be yours.
It's our time.

Let's go.

Come on!

That's an order!

Bless you.

Goodbye, Anna Ivanovna.

My little Russian doll...

My muffin.