Easter Under Wraps (2019) - full transcript

Erin Cavendish goes undercover at her family's chocolate plant to see why sales are down when she meets head chocolatier, Bryan, who has new ideas on how to update the Easter product line.



Would you like to sample
one of our Easter chocolates?

These are handmade.

Those are so cute.

Jessie, this isn't just
any customer.

Sorry, Miss Cavendish.

It's fine.

This is Erin Cavendish,
director of marketing.

She visits the store
quite often.

Nice to meet you.

I'm so sorry, Miss Cavendish.

I didn't know.

It's okay. I keep a pretty
low profile.

I'm not exactly the face
of the company.

- Good morning.
- Morning, Parker.


- Notes.
- Thank you.

Carter's about to start
in the boardroom.

With Easter almost
six weeks away,

our first shipments are arriving
in stores across the country,

including the output
from our newly implemented

automated line at
the Sweetwater factory.

And here is a sneak preview.

Pass 'em around, don't be shy.

More machines means
faster turnover.

If all goes well, our Iowa
factory will follow suit.

Thank you, Carter.

We certainly appreciate
your optimism.

But as we know, last year,

for the first time
in Cavendish history,

Easter sales were down.

This happen again.

As most of you may have heard
by now, our VP,

Bryce Cameron,

was poached away by that
trendy new company, Chocmate.

Couple that with our recent
lag in sales, and...

If I may speak about Chocmate
for a moment, Foster.

Mr. Cavendish.

Chocmate may be the new kid
on the block,

but they were No. 1 in sales
last quarter

for the West Coast market.

I'm well aware.

Their modern flavours seem
to be catching on.

I never thought green tea and
chocolate would go together.

And they're more automated
than we are.

Their product is getting
into the market

with more speed and efficiency.

So, until we decide

to get rid of all our
handmade chocolates...

But, part of our product's

from a marketing point of view,
is the personal touch, right?

Artisan handcrafted chocolate

is a major part of our identity,
our brand.

Good point, Erin.

But if you look at sales,
and Erin knows this,

our brand clearly needs a boost,

and from an operations

I know we can do better.

I have to be honest, Cavendish
Chocolates has lost a step.

I was planning to announce
my retirement later this year

but I just can't do that now.

I don't have anyone I can trust
to take over,

and I've gotta get to the bottom
of our problems.

May... maybe Carter was right,
we've lost a step.

But, we'll get back on track,

Well, I wanna see firsthand
how phase one

of this first automation
is impacting operations

at the Sweetwater factory.

Maybe roll up my own sleeves,

talk to the men and women
on the frontlines.

They'll probably just tell you
what you want to hear.

It's true, it could be difficult
to tell the boss the hard truth.

You could always go undercover,

disguise yourself as one
of the factory workers.

Sorry, bad joke.



But it can't be me.

It has to be someone
less recognizable.


Who better?

You've been good at keeping out
of the spotlight.

Well, I, I haven't even been
at the company a year.


No one will recognize you.

I have my MBA.


And I wouldn't know
the first thing

about working in a factory.

Well, this isn't just
any factory,

this is our flagship.

This is the factory
your grandfather built,

the heart and soul
of this business.

I haven't been there since what,
I was 10 years old?

What, so you'll have fresh eyes.

And the three-hour drive
from Seattle to Sweetwater

is really lovely.

You know that I'm starting
my new marketing job

in Chicago this May.

I only took this position
as a favour to help you.

Look, I know this is
not your passion,

but if you could just do this
one thing for me.

I mean think of it
as an opportunity

for personal and
professional growth.

Find out who you really are.

But I already...

You'll go down there as
an employee transferred

from the Iowa factory.

I'll sort out the details
with HR.

Nobody else needs to know.

Only who we need to pull it off.

All right, fine.


Better pack your bags, you'll
probably be there a few weeks.

A few weeks?

Yeah, well, we need
a full report.

Well what about
my department here?

Well, you've surrounded yourself

with a very talented marketing
team, we'll be just fine.

Erin, your grandfather came

to Sweetwater, Washington,
over 90 years ago,

with nothing more than

a suitcase and a dream.

And how's that dream today?

Well, the most famous chocolate
producer on the West Coast,

a string of chocolate shops
across the country,

even a chocolate museum
in his name.

This is very important.

This is family.

Chocolate bunny?

This is a chocolate buttercream
treasure chest.

I made it personally.

The box itself is
completely edible,

made from our finest
handcrafted chocolate.

And the best part is...

It opens up, revealing a small
treasure of candy inside.


We're trying to phase out
handmade products.

Yes, I know that, but...

I'm very happy with
the chocolate lineup

I have for next year.

But I always appreciate
your visits coming down here

from the factory.

Keeps me thinking.



You can leave the box.

Just so I have it on file.

All right.


I'm Veronica Erinson.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

I can't believe I'm doing this.

You can't tell anyone
in the office.

This has to be our secret.

But everybody knows
that I'm the worst

at keeping secrets.

Here. Take my car keys.

I can drive your Lexus?

Yes. Park it in my spot.

It'll be like I'm still here.

And I'll take your car
to Sweetwater.

If anyone comes looking for me,
take a message.

It'll be like I never left.

This is so exciting.

If you have any questions for me
about the Easter campaign,

call me.

I left a ton of notes
for you on my lap...

We'll be fine.



I just got to the B&B, Dad.

I'll call you later, bye.


Your house is charming.

I'm Lyla, this is my husband,

Nice to meet you.

I'm Veronica Erinson.

Your house is so lovely.

Thank you, we like to think of
it as the finest B&B in town.

Well, it'll only be temporary
until I can find my own place.

However long you stay,
the upstairs is all yours.

And the kitchen is here.

You're welcome to use the stove

and there's always a seat at
the dinner table if you like.

Thank you, that's very kind.

So you're starting work
at the chocolate factory?

First thing tomorrow.

Lyla and I used to work at the
Cavendish factory ourselves.


Over 30 years.
It's where we met.

Now we're retired and run
the Cavendish Chocolate Museum.

That is so sweet.

Pun intended?

Have you been?

Of course, it's the family...

It's the family Cavendish.

They're famous in these parts.

I'm so tired.

I had a really long drive,

so I think I'm gonna go to bed
and get ready for tomorrow,

so thank you.

Goodnight, Erin.

I don't think he told her.

We know who you are, dear.

Your dad told us.

We go way back.

The three of us used to work
on the assembly line together.

Very inventive performance.

Great start.

Okay, well thank you.

Good night.

These new automated
cocoa bean sorters

can't do the same precise work
as by hand.

Give it time, Bryan.

Chalk it up to growing pains.

Growing pains.

My department has lost four
good people to these machines

in the last month.



I'm Erin... son.

Veronica Erinson.

Yes, of course.

Word just got to me.

Come in. Sit down.

I'm Susan Enwright,
factory manager.

I like to meet all our
new employees personally,

no matter what department.

Transfer from Iowa.

First time in Sweetwater?



I asked if you've ever been
to Sweetwater before.

Yes. When I was 10,
just driving through.


Wobbly chair.

I've asked for a new one,
but red tape, right?

Takes forever.

I've given up.

Now, you've probably heard
from your time in Iowa,

but our latest company slogan is
"Living the Sweet Life".

We have a new marketing team.

I think they're doing
a great job.

Ôhank you.

For telling me that.

So, welcome to Sweetwater,

and I hope you will indeed live
the sweet life with us.

I'll give you a quick tour.

Grab an egg.

You've arrived during our most
important season, Easter.

Here at the factory,
we're all one big family.

And I consider every
new employee to be like

a piece of unformed chocolate,
waiting to be moulded.

You'll be working one of the
assembly lines with Florence Baker,

very experienced,
she'll show you the ropes.

You can call me Flo,
that's what everyone does.

Nice to meet you, Flo.

We're gonna start you off

with our famous butter chocolate
moulding machine.

It creates the base
of one of Cavendish's

most popular Easter treats,

Buttery Bunny.


It actually overtook the Rainbow
Rabbit the last two Easters

as our most popular
spring chocolate.

Is that right?

Sales were down overall,

but the Buttery Bunny
was a bright spot.

I mean, that's what I heard.

Where I used to work.

In Iowa.

All right then, let's just
make sure the Buttery Bunny

keeps on going strong.

Okay, this is the chocolate
flow over here,

the moulds come down the
conveyer belt like this,

you step on the pedal to
stop the flow of the chocolate.

You fill the tray like this,

and then you put it in
the cooling unit like this,

and there you go.

All right, let's do this.

All right, your turn.

Now you show me.

Okay then, that's...
that's enough.

Try to keep it straight...

Okay, you gotta be fast.

A little bit faster.

Okay, all right,
no, don't... don't...

There we go.

One tray at a time,
one tray at a time.


No, no, don't pick it up,
don't pick it up.

- All right...
- Okay, I'm just going to...

Oh, no, don't pour it... okay.

Nope, nope.


You know what, maybe
we'll just start you off with,

you know, something else.

Something easier.

Less messy.

Why don't you pick up
the pace just a little?

It's moving so fast,
it's stressful.

You know what I like to say?

Just go with the flow.

Thanks, I'm trying.

What are you wearing
on your feet?

Aren't they cute?

Honey, those are not
sensible work shoes.

Oh my goodness, it has
been such a long day

and I am exhausted.

Girl, you're funny.
That's lunch.

Where's your lunch?

I didn't...

What are you gonna eat?
Chocolate or marshmallows?

Actually, that's my favourite
combo but it gets old quick.

I usually eat out.

I don't know how they do it
in Iowa,

but we bring our own.

Here, nothing special,

but it's gonna get you
through the afternoon.

Thank you, that's
very nice of you.

Don't be so modest, Flo.

You make the best ham and
swiss this side of Mt. Baker.

Oh, stop.

Ryan, this is Veronica.

It's her first day.

- Hi.
- Hi.

We sort of met this morning...


We bumped into each other.

I, saw that you were upset.

I mean, I... I couldn't
help but overhear.

Things have been...

Over the past year.

How so?

Ryan's not a big fan of
our new automated systems.

I've been head chocolatier
and QC supervisor

for the past eight years,

and I can tell you
from experience

that faster does not
always mean better,

and quantity definitely
does not always mean quality.

I'm sorry, it's just sometimes
I feel like management

has no clue what actually
goes on around here.

Here we go again.

No, they sit up there
in their corporate towers,

and they make decisions
about the very people

who are making
their products for them,

without ever consulting them.

And then you have Carter Darren,
the director of operations.

He comes down here what,
two times a year?

And he doesn't even listen
to my ideas for new recipes.

I just make what
they tell me to.

I'm sure Carter is very busy

and management, they... they
probably mean well, it's...

I'm sorry, but who's side
are you on?

Hey, you two.

All I'm saying is just...
just once,

could I have someone
from corporate

other than Carter Darren to come
down here... a Cavendish,

an actual, real Cavendish,
come down here,

sit next to me face to face
and have a conversation.

Is that too much to ask?

And... it's your first day.

And I'm putting
all of this on you.

I should just be quiet
and eat my sandwich.

Hi, dear.

Hi, Lyla. Hi, Grant.


These Easter decorations
look great!

So festive.

They're for the
Sweetwater Easter Festival.

It's one of the most popular
events of the year.

There's a pageant,
potato sack races,

the big Easter egg hunt
for the kids.


That sounds wonderful.

It is.

So, how was your first day?

How does "challenging" sound?

Sounds about right.


Do you know someone named
Bryan who works in the factory?

Bryan Bailey.

Everyone knows Bryan.

Nice fellow and struggling
a bit.

His wife passed away
two years ago?

Almost two and a half.

He's finding his way back,

He has a lovely daughter,

That's good.

I left you some
bubble bath upstairs

if you wanna have a soak.


Yes, yes, yes.

Thank you.

You're welcome, Erin.

Or, are you still Veronica?

Honestly at this point,
I have no idea.

Good night.

How was your first day, Erin?

First day was a real
eye-opener, Dad.

Well, Easter's the best time
to be there.

What did you learn?

That I can't keep up
with Buttery Bunnies,

but that might be my fault, I
haven't quite mastered it yet.

You'll get the hang of it.

Although, I did learn that
one of the new machines

might be compromising
the cocoa beans.

It could be affecting the
quality of the chocolate.

Well, that's why you're there.

Keep listening.

That's what I'm doing,

learning from the ground floor,

That's where you started out,
right Dad?

What was your first day like
in the factory

when you were younger?

A total disaster.

So you're in fine company, darlin'.

So... I was thinking
that the Buttery Bunny line

may not be your cup of tea.

So maybe working on the Easter
baskets would be a better fit.

Bryan will train you,

he's supervising our new basket
assembly machines, so...

I'm not sure if you know
this, but I...

I don't think that Bryan and I
really get along.

Well, like I said yesterday...

Like I said yesterday,
we are one big family here.

We have to learn
to work together,

no matter our differences.


Do you mind if...

It's okay, go ahead.


Hi, I can't talk right now.

Carter has been asking
for you since yesterday,

and I'm running out of excuses.

Well, tell him I went
to a breakfast meeting,

er, er, brunch.

Brunch is better.

But your car's still here.

I took an Uber.
Gotta go. Bye.

Sorry about that.

Where were we?

You and Bryan.
Working together.


Are you sure that's a good idea?

I thought of it,
so it must be good.

Have an egg.

Reporting for Easter
basket duty.

Yes. So I heard.

So, you're not supervising
the ingredients today?

No, looks like my department
doesn't need me as much lately.

But in my capacity as
quality control manager,

I'm in charge of Easter basket

Look, we got off on the wrong
foot the other day,

and I was really hoping

that maybe we could get
on the right one.

I would like that.

Okay then. Come here.

This is our newest addition.

It assembles our Easter baskets
for us,

meant to do the work of
a dozen employees.

I see.

And this is Murray,
manning the station.

Not one of our newest additions.

Pleasure to meet you, Murray.
I'm Veronica.

Nice to meet you.

Murray's been with the company
for... how long now?

Let's just say longer
than any machines here.

Now, Murray is a true craftsman.

He's actually responsible
for some of Cavendish's

most famous handcrafted
chocolates over the years.

Well, so, what do you think
of this new system?

The machine doesn't know,
it doesn't look right.

How so?

It's the same Easter basket,
isn't it?

Come here. Let me
show you something.

There's just no substitute
for a Cavendish basket

assembled by hand.

And Murray here,
he's the master.

And here you go.

It's stunning.

Now, which one would you
rather buy?

The one Murray made, or
the one the machine made?

It's no comparison.

You wanna try one?

It's fun.

Okay, sure.

So, does the supervisor
just supervise,

or does he lead by example?

Just curious.

Are you asking me to make
an Easter basket, Miss...

I don't know your last name.

It's Ca...

Do you need something for that?

Sorry, it's just dry in here,
it's Erinson.

I'm Veronica Erinson.

Well, Miss Veronica Erinson,

I will lead by example.

So the bunny goes in the centre,

then we'll grab some chocolate
eggs and sprinkle them all over,

just kind of let them fall
like that.

And then some toy eggs?

That's right.

On the sides.

Don't forget the chick pops.

Don't forget the carrots
for the bunny.

That's right.


As old fashioned as it is,

I like the Cavendish
Easter basket.

I always have.

Me too.

But the bunny ties it
all together.

Personally, I think
it's one of the best

milk chocolate products
that we have.



And I have my PhD in chocolate.

From Chocolate University?

Yes, Chocolate University,
that's right.

Actually, I went to culinary
school in Oregon.

And now you work in chocolate?

Well, it was at school
that I fell in love with it.

Growing up here you kind of
take it for granted,

but at school, I saw chocolate
in a whole different light.

The artistry of it,

the creativity and
the craftsmanship.

To be able to create something
of... pure beauty.

That's chocolate to me.

Beauty to all the senses.

Touch, sight, smell,

and sound.


Do you want to try another one?



This food is delicious.

I've been meaning to ask you.

What was it like working
with my dad?

Foster? Hard worker.

Eager to know every aspect
of the factory.

That's why he was the natural
choice to take over the company

when your granddad passed away.

I never really got to know
my grandpa.

Before Mr. Cavendish
opened the factory,

he had this little cart,

and he sold chocolate
door to door.

He was so happy to see the kids
with their smiling faces.

Two of those smiles were ours.

Your granddad knew way back then

that chocolate is more
than the taste.

It's about being a part of
people's lives,

their families and traditions.

It's about making memories.

Too bad they don't make
the legendary

Cavendish Eggs anymore,
now that was something.

We were having that chocolate
on our first date, right hun?

You bet.

I remember those.

I used to love them
as a little girl.

They were so big and
beautifully painted,

with all those coloured
jellybeans and...

they were a real work of art.

With a surprise toy inside.


I haven't seen one in forever.

But I'm embarrassed to ask,
but why did,

why did they stop making them?

They were made meticulously
by hand.

Took too much time.

And things have changed.

The market has changed.

We have a plastic replica
on display at the museum.

You know, we're hosting

an Easter egg decorating class
there this weekend.

Why don't you stop by.

Maybe I will.

So the file marked
"Easter Rollout?"

Yes, just go ahead and
forward it to everyone,

with my usual closing.

And can you email me some
options for office chairs?

Good ones.

Well, I'll tell you
about it later.

I... I have to go right now,

I am actually about to visit
the Cavendish chocolate museum.

I love that place.

Two years ago, I visited
with my...

Hey, Parker.

You work on weekends too?

Yeah, sometimes there's
just too much to catch up on.

Yes, too much.
Way too much.

Did you give Erin my message?
Have you seen her?

She's gone.
Marketing conference.

I didn't hear anything.

Super last minute.

That's not her on the phone,
is it?

It's my mom, dad.

My parents.

I'm talking to my parents.

You know, did she say anything
about display graphics?

Something about
display graphics.

Tell him I went
with pink and blue.

You know.

I think she said something
about pink and blue.

She did. Great.

Thank you.

You're doing great, Parker.

Thanks for everything.

That was stressful.

You like what you see?

I didn't mean
to scare you.

No, it's fine, I was just...
looking at the egg.

What do you think?

I wish I could see a real one.

I was thinking the same thing.

Anyways, if you're wondering why

a grown man is carrying
little jars of paint around...

No, no. I... I think
it's a charming look.

I'm actually here for
the egg decorating class.


That's why I'm here.



Just through that door.

This is great.

Meet all of our modern-day

How's it going, sweetie?

- Good, Dad.
- Yeah?

That looks good.

Veronica, this is my daughter,

Hi Veronica.

Hi, Madison.

It's nice to meet you.

I'm covered in paint.

I can see that.

You look like you've been hard
at work.

You can tell an artist is
at work by the amount of paint

that's not on the canvas.

Or the egg.

What do you guys think
of my egg?

I think it's absolutely great, hun.

Yeah, I love it.

Yeah, the colours remind me
of spring flowers.

I wanted to put a butterfly
in the middle,

but I'm not the best
at drawing them.

Well, could I help you?

Yeah, sure.


What colour?

Should we do purple?


Okay. Here we go.

Butterflies are my favourite.

Mine too.

Because they're pretty?

That, and because they start out
as one thing...

And then end up
as something else.


A beautiful butterfly.

That one has glitter in it.

Well then, we have
to use that one.



So, did you have fun, Maddie?

Sure did.

And did you have fun, Veronica?

Sure did.

Hey, Erin?



I think she's talking to you.

Come see this.

It looks so good.

It sure does.

I want one.

Well, we don't make those
anymore sweetie.

We had to retire them.


Well, sometimes the world
moves too fast

and people just want
things right away.

But it's so beautiful.

Can't argue with that.

Ms. Enwright?

You wanted to see me?

Yes, please, come in, sit down.

If this is about me sampling
the chocolates, I was...

That's not why you're here.

Saturday is the annual
Sweetwater Chocolate Exchange.

It's a time when people around
town and the surrounding areas

get together and
share each other's

homemade spring
themed chocolate.

And there's an egg relay
for the kids.

That sounds great.

Cavendish sponsors the events,

so I need two employees
to walk around

and represent the company
and hand out chocolate.

Flo is one, she has a flair
for these things,

and she requested you
to join her.


Is there another Veronica
Erinson I don't know about?

So, what do you say?

Yes. Count me in.



Try a caramel cluster,
you'll love it.


This is so exciting.

My first Sweetwater Chocolate

You'll love it.


What are they doing here?

Chaz and Trent, they're
the owners of Chocmate,

this trendy new
chocolate company.

I see them on social media.

That's our pecan prosciutto.

Well, everybody from Sweetwater

and surrounding areas
are welcome.

Their factory is an hour away,

I guess that counts
as "surrounding".

Ladies and gentlemen, these are
gonna be the best chocolates

you've ever had in your life.

They're really good with people.

Please, give it a try.

Watch this.

Hey, Betty.

Ladies, hi!

How are you ladies doing on this
beautiful Sweetwater afternoon?

Good, thank you.

You need to try this.

It's from our new
spring mint collection.

Mint isn't really my cup of tea.

Me neither, to be honest.

Sometimes it can be
pretty strong,

but a Cavendish mint is subtle
like a soft spring breeze.

A breeze, you said?

A breeze.

What did I tell you?

Help yourselves.

Have that one there.

Thank you!

Bye, ladies.


Flo, you are a natural
with people.

You should be in sales.

Thanks, but honestly I've tried.

I applied to corporate
a few times,

but heard nothing back.

That doesn't seem right.



Madison is playing
with some friends,

so I was going to walk around,

sample some of the wares
of our fellow chocolatiers.

You wanna join?

I think he's talking
to you, girl.

I can handle flying solo.

No corporate talk, I promise.


Shall we?

Okay, now, these are Miss
Gillingham's spring chickens.

Now, they are world famous
in Sweetwater.

She switches up the ingredients
every year.

I'm getting creme de cacao,
a little bit of orange zest,

and just a... just a flutter
of amaretto.

You got all that from one bite?

You just need to open up
your heart,

and listen to what the
chocolate's telling you.

It's that easy?

That's what Gabriel Belanger

The chocolatier?

One of the world's
best chocolatiers.

It's always been a dream of mine
to go to Switzerland

and study with him
at his school.

It's never too late.


This is old Bill Wallham's

Your turn.

No, no, no, no.

You have to close your eyes.

It helps focus your taste buds.

Okay, so you're getting...

I'm trying to open my heart
and listen to the chocolate.

I'm getting strong notes of...

Very funny.

Just trust your senses.

Trust what you're feeling.

There's a touch of...

Touch of what?

It's like, a smokiness?


That's the chipotle.


It's his trademark.

See, all you had to do was just
trust your feelings.

Okay, everyone.

Time for the Easter relay game.

Gather out back.

On your marks...

She looks so excited.

She is.

Get set!

We've been practicing at home.


Yeah, you can do it!

Okay, you got it!

Come on, Maddie!

Here ya go, honey!

Come on Maddie!

Get it, get it, get it!

Get it, get it!

Daddy, how did I do?

You did amazing, sweetheart.

I finished second,
it was so much fun.

That was so exciting!

Great job.


I'm gonna take Madison
for some iced tea,

if that's okay.

Yeah, that'd be great.

Way to go, hun.

It was so much fun!

I was like that
far away from winning.

That was intense.
Fun, but intense.

Yeah. An egg, spoon, a race.

Sometimes the best things
are the simplest.

I really like it here.

Is it your first time
in Sweetwater?

I was here when I was 10,

but we were just
passing through.

Well, it's a great place
to grow up, raise a family.

Bryan... I heard about
your wife.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

I've been very fortunate to have
such a supportive family

and community, so I feel like
I'm starting to turn a corner.

I was lucky to meet her too,

You always hope that
you just find someone

that brings out the best in you.

Gives you that spark,
that trust.

I hope I'm not getting
too personal.

No, I don't, I don't mind.

Now, what about you?

What's that saying,
what's your story?

My story?

I'm... I'm not
that interesting.

I might disagree with you.

Where do I start?

How about at the beginning?

Yeah, that makes sense.

I was born in Seattle, and
I don't know if this is true,

but apparently on the day
that I was born,

it rained so much that it broke
the Seattle record

for most rain in one day.


That's a lot of rain.

When I was little, my mom
would tell me that it was

a good sign because I just had
to shine a little bit brighter

to get through the clouds.

That's nice.

I was raised in Seattle and
then I went away for college.

Chocolate University?

I applied but I didn't get in.

I went to college,
on the East Coast.

And after school, I...

I tried a few different jobs,
different cities,

but I never really got attached
to anything, or anyone.

Still finding yourself?
That's all right.

My dad kept nudging me to join
the family business,

but I just, I wasn't sure
if it was right for me.

I... I wanted to be
my own person,

make my own path, but...

it's kind of hard to make
your own path

when you don't know
where you're going.

I can relate.

You know, right now it might not
seem like it's your dream job,

but maybe it's just a stepping
stone to something else.

You are meant to be here.

I truly believe that.

Hey, guys.

Can I Interest you
in a chocolate?

Bryan, right?
Head chocolatier at Cavendish?

We met at the chocolate
convention in Spokane last year.

Right. Chaz and Trent.

I'm Trent, he's Chaz.

Sorry. It's nice to meet
you guys again,

you're doing some interesting
things over there.

Is that a compliment?

Not sure, can't tell.

This is my friend, Veronica.

We work together at the factory.

Nice to meet you.

So, care to try?

This one's called
"Spring Heat".

No, I've already tried
that one, it's got a lot of...

I'll try it.

I've been learning a lot
about chocolate.

...habanero peppers.

You okay?

I'll be right over.

Listen, Bryan.

We actually came to the exchange
for a few reasons.

We're looking for a new
head chocolatier.

We can't do everything
ourselves anymore.

Our new VP said you'd be
a great choice.

Very artistic.

Right. You mean the VP
that you poached,

and now you're going for two?

Like a good chocolate,
can't stop at just one.

We'd offer you almost
complete creative control.

We're new, but we like being
in first place.

Second just doesn't cut it.

And let's face it,

the Cavendishes are living
in the past.

We look to the future.

Call us sometime,
but don't wait too long.


Is everything okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

How are you?

I have never drank so much
iced tea in my entire life.

But I think the fire is
finally out.


Can you ask her?

About the petting zoo?

She has been wanting
to tell you...

Did you know that our very own
Madison Bailey

has landed the coveted role
as Easter Bunny

in the Easter festival pageant?

What? That's amazing.


I need to work on my hop.

She wants to do some
character research.

At the petting zoo tomorrow.

So, will you come too?

I would love to.

We're all gonna have
so much fun.

She's really getting in there.

I think she's trying a method
acting approach.

Pretty soon she'll be eating
nothing but carrots.

Daddy, I won't be
eating carrots.

Everybody knows bunny rabbits

eat mostly grass and hay.

I have been educated.

Schooled, as they say.


Are you planning on going to the
Easter festival at town square?

This year I volunteered to be
the egg hunt Grand Marshal.

Hey. It is a big responsibility.

I hadn't really thought
that far ahead.

Is it okay?

Very proud of you, honey.

You're gonna knock it
out of the park.

I still have to finish
my costume.

She's making her own
bunny costume from scratch.

No shortcuts for
this little girl.

Veronica, will you help me
finish it?

It's just the ears and tail.


The most important part.

That's true.

Daddy's great at almost

Except for sewing?

I didn't say it.

Look, Veronica, you don't...

I have done plenty of sewing
in my time.

I would love to.


Look, Daddy.
They have goats.

I saw that.

Good morning.


Morning Flo.

I've never seen somebody
so happy to go to work.

Well, it's spring, and
everything's in bloom.

So, automation seems
to be going well.

Love the new designs, they pop.

I want you two to meet someone.

Don't be so shy.

Carter Darren.

Director of operations
at Cavendish in Seattle.

He tours the facility
a few times a year,

but today was a surprise.

Yes. A little impromptu visit.

Just seeing if things are ship
shape for our Easter roll out.

Big day is less than
a month away.

This is Florence Baker.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

And, this is Veronica Erinson.

What are you doing?

Organizing box...

Please, Veronica.

I would like you to meet Carter.

Wait, Carter Darren?

The Carter Darren?




I'm Veronica Erinson.


You're here?

She's a transfer from Iowa.

I really admire some of the
things you've implemented here.

That buttery bunny machine
is a dream,

but the Easter basket machines,
they have some problems.

Sorry, I'm... I'm really
confused here.

Well, maybe I could explain
things to you,

in the other room,
by the machine.





And you've been down here
the whole time?


No wonder Parker's been
giving me the runaround.

She's not.

I've been running the marketing
department from here

with Parker's help.

What have you found out?

Lots of things.

For starters,
communication problems

between the factory staff
and the main office.

You met Flo.

She's amazing at sales,

yet every time she applies
for a job,

no one at the main office
gets back to her.

And Susan's been asking
for a new office chair

but no one listens.

That has to affect morale.

Yeah, but that's not
our biggest issue.

I think our sales problems
might be stemming

from our automation strategy.

I'm serious.

Our Easter basket machine,

it doesn't make the Easter
baskets as nicely.

Well, it's a new prototype,
the first of its kind.

Of course there's going to be
growing pains.

What about our
cocoa bean sorter?

Maybe if we had more real eyes
on the cocoa beans,

less duds would get
into the product.

Maybe our chocolate doesn't
taste as good anymore.


You may have figured
a few things out,

you gonna come back
to the office now?

I feel like I have so much
work to do on my report.

Like, this is just the tip
of the iceberg.

Fine, but I wouldn't stay
much longer.

What are you thinking about?

Lyla, I really like it here.

Well, Sweetwater does
that to people.

And I'm learning so much
about the family business.


I'm just sensing a but in there.

But... It's this whole
double life thing.

I'm gonna have to come clean
eventually, right?

With everything, with everyone.

With Bryan.

That's up to you.

You seem to like spending
time with him.

So, say I tell him the truth,

and he's so upset that he never
talks to me again.

But more importantly, he's
already been through so much.

I don't wanna hurt him.

So, maybe I don't have to.


I don't tell him the truth, and
I finish my commitments in town,

and I leave Sweetwater.

Sounds like you have a choice
to make.

Bryan, this is amazing.

Just a little something
I whipped up.

What is it?

It's Madison's favourite,
it's a...

White chocolate buttercream.

I'm sorry, I don't speak

I can translate for you.

It is a white chocolate

Fresh butter from a local farm,

and I used vanilla pods
instead of extract.

So good.

You just made this up?

I have a whole stack of
these recipes that I wanna try,

but with my position with
the company right now,

they're just kind
of collecting dust.

But we get to taste test them.

That's a pretty sweet
fringe benefit.

All right, I'm gonna
leave you guys to it,

got some work to do.

Have fun.

You're really good at sewing.

Aw, thank you.

I had a good teacher.

Who was that?

My mom.

You know dads are really good
at teaching things too.

Yeah. My dad's the best.

I believe that.

Tail me.

All right.

Let's put it there, then.

Do you wanna try?



Let me show you how.

It's just like a bunny going in
and out of a hole.

The bunny goes down
into the hole,

and then up out of the hole.

You try.

The bunny goes down
through the hole,

and the bunny comes back up.

Very good.

See, that's sewing.
You got it!

Now you know how to sew.

And we are all done.

It's so good, thank you!

You look so cute.

You are gonna be the cutest
bunny there.

What is that?

Madison likes to call it
"Hippity Hop Fizz".

It's a mix of orange juice,
cranberry, strawberry puree,

the ice cubes are made
from pineapple juice,

and the fizz...
it's a secret.

Actually, it's club soda.

To spring, and new beginnings.

This is delicious.

Madison has made it an Easter
morning tradition,

especially when we do our
egg hunt around the house.

So you're the Egg Marshal
at home too.

That's very impressive.

Did you do this drawing, Bryan?

I just jot down ideas
from time to time.

I wish I could do that.

You're very talented.

Wouldn't go that far.

And too modest.

Okay, I will take "talented"
but let's leave out the very, deal?


All right.

You know, it's late.

I agree.

I should probably go.

Listen, thanks for everything

that you've been doing
with Maddie.

It was... it was
just sewing.

No, it's so much more
than just sewing.

She said that she considers you
a real friend.

Bryan... I...


Veronica, I made this for you.

She's been working on it
since yesterday.

I did it all by myself.

To thank you.

Daddy says people love
handmade things.

Right Daddy?

That's right.

Well, your daddy's right.

Handmade gifts are the best.

Thank you. I love it.

You're welcome.

And you can decorate it
any way you want.


Is everything okay?

Never better.

Are you leaving?


Thank you for the juice, thank
you for this beautiful egg.

Can I borrow these drawings?

Is that okay?
I promise I'll bring it back.

Sure. I'm not worried about it.

Thank you. Bye!

I think she likes my egg.

The legendary Cavendish Egg.

We bring back the greatest
Easter chocolate that ever was.

I don't know, Veronica.

We're gonna make it bigger and
more beautiful than ever before.

And you can pitch it
to management.


Yes, you.

Unless there's another Bryan
Bailey that I don't know about.

I know that with your creativity
and chocolate expertise,

it will be a huge hit.

It's only three weeks
until Easter.


We are having a hard-enough time
making our quota as it is,

let alone making
a new chocolate.

Bryan, it is...

Besides, management
would never go for it.

They never listen to my ideas.

You sure about that?

Yes, I am sure.

Well, then, we'll just have
to figure it out together.

See? I knew you
would come around.

Do you really think
they'll go for it?

Think about it.

All these new chocolate
companies like Chocmate

are popping up with their
modern, trendy takes.

Like green tea chocolate,
cucumber, peanut and ketchup.


Okay, well, I made
that last one up.

But, we go the other direction.

Back to tradition, back to
what made Cavendish great.

We still do our current line,

but with a little
retro wow factor.

The legendary Cavendish Egg.

Can I be honest with you?


Before you even mentioned this,

I've been thinking
about this for weeks.

Great minds.


And hear me out.


Instead of putting a toy inside,
we put a butterfly.


A white chocolate
buttercream butterfly,

from your own personal recipe.

We paint the wings
pink and purple,

the colours of Easter.

Sounds beautiful.

Because the butterfly
is the symbol of spring.



Which is exactly what we want
to do with this company.

We could have a whole collection
of surprises.

Because it's what's on
the inside that counts.

So, where do we start?

How about at the beginning?

That makes a lot of sense.

This is a beautiful drawing,

But Easter's less
than three weeks away,

and I'm just the factory
manager here,

I can't green light
a new chocolate.

So you're saying we're going
to have to go through Carter.

Probably, yes.

Unless we go through
someone else,

like the director of marketing.



That's an idea.

Marketing and operations
often work hand in hand.

That's right.

That's interesting.

Currently, Erin Cavendish
is the director of marketing.

I heard she's very good,
and really smart.

I heard that too.

Actually, I have her cell number
in my company index here.

I could give her a call
right now.



No, no, no, no.

No sense waiting.

I agree. Let's not waste
any time.

It's ringing.

Well, she's not answering.

Probably in a meeting
or something.


Hello, Miss Cavendish,
this is Susan Enwright.

Factory manager here
at the Sweetwater plant.

I have two very talented
employees who have a great idea.

I didn't know Erin
was going undercover?

Sir, I feel like
at the very least

I should've been
told about this.

I wanted to keep it
between Erin and me.

What can she tell you
that I can't?

I did a recent tour of
the Sweetwater plant

and phase one is
going very well.

Erin has a different opinion.

Sir, I've been at this company
for six years.

I care about what we've
built and what we will build.

I want this company to grow,
and I want to grow with it.

Phase two, 50 percent

I've got a team ready
to go in this weekend,

I just need the green light.

I'll make a decision after
Erin finishes her assignment.

I'd like to hear her
full report.

Fair enough.

You know my position.

What do you think, Pop?

Are we ready for this?

Good news.

I just got an email
from Erin Cavendish.

You have a presentation 10:00 AM
Wednesday morning

at Cavendish Headquarters
in Seattle.


That's incredible.

That's amazing.

Congrats, you deserve it.

Me, what about you?

You'll be presenting
to the entire board.

Wow, Susan.

Thank you.

Don't thank me,
thank Erin Cavendish.

Wherever she is.

Okay, so Wednesday.

That doesn't give us
that much time, but...

We can do it.

Well, sounds like you
have an egg to make.

Better get cracking.

Nice work, Miss Erinson.

Excellent work, Mr. Bailey.

- Thank you, Murray.
- Thank you, Murray.

You're welcome.

I'm going to bed.

It looks beautiful, you two.

Break a leg.


Good night.

I think the presentation's
gonna go great.

Let me know if you need help
with any of the prep.

Help with the prep?

You're doing it with me.

Bryan, you're the creative.

You should do the pitch.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no...

I can't go in front
of the entire board.

Yes, you can.

We're a team.

We did this together,
we're going in there together.

No debate.

I hope everyone got
the undercover memo.

Veronica Erinson from Sweetwater
is our Erin Cavendish.

And Bryan doesn't know
that Veronica is Erin?


Got it.

I'm gonna need another cup
of coffee.

I wonder if Erin Cavendish
will be in there.

I... I don't know how
to answer that.

I know she's really busy,
but I wanna thank her.

I've never met her,

but I somehow feel that
she's responsible for this.


This is probably the worst
timing ever, but...

I'm not who you think I am.

Veronica, what are you
talking about?

If this is about presenting
to the room,

I can do most of the talking.

That's not what I mean...

We're ready for you now.


After you.

Bryan is gonna start us off.

Walk us through the creative
side of this chocolate

as well as some of the
inspiration behind it.


Thank you, Veronica.

Creatively, the legendary
Cavendish Egg is a return

to the kind of artisan
and handcrafted chocolates

that we are famous for.

The milk chocolate base

is covered in vibrant Easter
colours and jellybeans.

But we have added
a modern flourish.

These icing sugar flowers really
highlight the seasonal spirit.

Nice intro Bryan,
but I have a question.


Can we eat it?

We thought you'd never ask.

Yeah, let's crack it open.

This is one of the most
delicious chocolates

I've ever had.

Please try a bite.

And this is a white chocolate
buttercream butterfly.

And it goes inside...
instead of a toy.

I can eat this?

You bet you can.

And there's an opportunity
to put other

chocolate animal surprises
inside if we get the go-ahead.


I thought we talked about when.

Ha, Bryan, you remind me of one
of my favourite sayings.

Confidence is the stepping stone
to achievement.

And Er...

And err on the side of caution
is also what you're saying?

Be bold but stay
within yourself.

Yes, yes, that's exactly
what I'm saying, thank you.


I'll be honest. I
like this product,

but a return to artisan
chocolate runs counter to...

Not all chocolates
will be made this way,

just certain special ones.

To celebrate the history.

The Cavendish history,
which we have a lot of.

And to be honest,

we like your move to update
the Sweetwater factory.

You do?

The production efficiency of
the new machines will permit us

to repurpose the employees
lost on the assembly line.

Free them up.

To make more handcrafted

And get the best of both worlds.

We can have our buttery
bunnies and eat them too.

But we are confident that people
are going to love this product.

Which will renew interest in
the entire Cavendish lineup

like never before.

Is marketing here?


Parker, can we run the analytics
on rebooting classic content?


Well, thank you very much,
Veronica and Bryan.

Since we're tight on time,

you'll be hearing from us
by tomorrow morning.

- Either way.
- Thank you, Veronica, Bryan.

Thank you.

Hey, we did it.

Yeah, I don't even care
if this gets green lit,

I'm just... I'm so happy
right now.

I'm glad, Bryan.

Really, I am.


Hi, Bryan.

It's Chaz and Trent
from Chocmate.

Hope you don't mind us
calling you at home.

Not at all.

How are the spring
chocolates coming?

It depends.

Are we speaking to our
new head chocolatier?

Look, I really appreciate
the offer,

but I don't think that
right now is the best time

to make a change.

Well, you could always leave
'em after the spring rush.

We'd love to run some ideas
by you for our summer line.

Tell him about Ocean Wave.

Ocean Wave, Bryan.

A salted seaweed chocolate
with salt

harvested straight
from the Pacific.

And we'll churn 'em out

faster than you can say

We were very impressed,
I'll be honest.

Well then, we'll have
to make it.

Well, you know I'd like to,
but time is tight,

and we've gotta have Carter
on board.

You know how it works, Erin.

We do things right.

I know, I know.

You and Bryan make quite a team.

You mean Veronica and Bryan.

Dad, I've decided that I'm gonna
tell Bryan who I really am.


This has been going on too long,
and I can't lie to him anymore.

I realize that it might
not go over well.

Sounds like you're doing
the right thing.

I'm proud of you.

Thanks, Dad. Bye.

Morning. I have a new
office chair.

Really? You're kidding!

Susan Enwright.

Hi Carter.

There you are.


Have you seen Bryan?

I have some great news.

They decided to do
the Cavendish Egg.

Really? That's amazing!

It's less than three weeks
till Easter,

but I know we can do it.

Carter told me how we'll
make it work.

We begin this afternoon.

Thank you.

Have you told Bryan yet?

No, but he should be
here shortly.

We have a quick meeting.

If you don't mind, I... I would
really love to tell him myself.

Of course!

Mum's the word.

And did I tell you?

I got a new chair,
just out of the blue!

Everything's coming up spring.

What a great surprise.

I think that we should be good
for the buttery bunnies, but...

We might be a little late
on the marshmallow lilies.

What is it?

Do you notice anything?

You got a new chair.

Look at this, it's got wooden
arms, a cushy seat.


Wanna take it for a spin?


Oh dear.

Looks like it's all right.

This one is...



I just spoke with Susan,
they green lit our egg.

They're making our egg!

I thought you would be
more excited.

I wish I could be, Erin.

That is your name, right?

Bryan, I...


I saw a photo of you and
your dad in Susan's office,

and pictures don't lie, do they?

Just tell me the truth,
I wanna hear it from you.

Yes. I'm Erin Cavendish.

Okay, so this is just some kind
of practical joke?


I... I wanted to tell
you sooner.

Why did you do all of this?

To see how things work
from the inside.

This was just a business idea.

I never expected
for things to get so...


Yes, if I'd come in here
with you knowing

who I was from the start,

you never would've been
honest with me.

But you wanna talk
about honesty?


What was that whole charade
in the boardroom?

Everyone was in on it?

You know you guys sure have
a funny way of doing business.

Okay, look.

We... we took things too far.

I feel like a fool.

I never wanted to hurt you.

It's too late for that, Erin.

You know now, now they're
rolling out the legendary egg.

And it's not because
of the presentation,

it's because you're a Cavendish.

It had nothing to do with me.

It had everything to do
with you.

You shined in there.

Everyone could see it.

The design was all yours.

You know, I got a job offer

from Chaz and Trent
over at Chocmate.

Head chocolatier.

I'm not a big fan
of their chocolate,

I'm actually thinking about
taking it.

The only thing that was
keeping me from saying yes

was this company,
this family, your family

and everything
that they've built.

Yeah, I actually started
to think

that things were turning around
for me here.

You made me believe that,

you made me believe in myself,
and now...

I don't know what to believe,

so maybe I should
just take that job.


Are we ever gonna see
Veronica again?

I'm not sure honey.

It's a...

Well, it's a long story.

But her real name is Erin.

I don't understand.

Well, to tell you the truth,
neither do I.

But she's still the same person,

What do you mean?

Well, I'm playing the Easter
Bunny in the pageant,

but it's just a costume.

I'm still me.

Erin, we need you.

Our social media platforms
need you.

Well, I am not feeling
all that social these days.

We need a great campaign

to go along with our
Cavendish Egg release.

I am all out of ideas.

That's not you.

You tell us at marketing
all the time,

there's always a story,

and you just need
to be inspired by it.

What inspired you in Sweetwater?

I'm standing outside the
Cavendish Chocolate Company's

flagship store in Seattle,

where customers are lined
out the door.


It seems everything
old is new again,

with the relaunch of the hugely
popular legendary Cavendish Egg.

The demand for this Easter
treat is extremely high,

not just in Seattle,
but across the country.

Thanks to an effective
marketing campaign.

great chocolate.

Back to you, Colin.

It's a smashing success.

Your granddad would be so proud,
and your mom too.

I'm glad that people really
connected with the campaign.

It always starts with people.

And a great product.

I have you to thank for that.

And Bryan.

Yes, and Bryan.

Why don't you talk to him?

I don't think he ever wants
to talk to me again.

I think he might come around.

Dad, I have a question
to ask you,

and I want you to be honest
with me.

Of course.

What was the real reason that
you sent me down to Sweetwater?

What did you see?

All sorts of things.

How we make chocolate.

The people who make it.

And what did you see
in yourself?

I saw sides of myself,

sides that I didn't even know
were there.

Or maybe they were there
all along,

and they just needed time
to grow.

I think that answers
your question.

You may have answered mine, too.

The return of the legendary
Cavendish Egg

is a legendary success.

So thank you everyone.


Easter is a time for surprises.

As you know, we have a high-level
position in our company

that is currently vacant, and I
think I found a replacement.

I'm proud to announce
as our new Senior VP,

Erin Cavendish.

Thank you everyone.
I'm so flattered and honoured.

I... I wasn't expecting this,
to be honest.

After these past few weeks,

I know that this company is not
just where I'm meant to be,

but where I want to be.

I'm proud to be a Cavendish.

Ninety years ago,
my grandfather came

to Sweetwater, Washington

with nothing but a suitcase
and a dream.

And that dream is still
with us today.

And I'm excited to see where
we can take it from here.

So, if I may.

I would like to add, our success
is a reflection of everyone here

at team Cavendish.

So, I would like
to thank Carter,

for seeing what I was seeing,

and for being instrumental

in bringing this project
to the finish line.

But more importantly,
and he's not here,

but I would like to thank Bryan.

Bryan Bailey.

Without his creativity
and confidence...


Thank you to Bryan,
our talented chocolatier.

And there were...
there were others,

names you may know,
and many you don't,

who helped me along the way.

So I'd like to recommend
a few changes.

Hey, I heard.

Lead decorator on
handmade chocolates?




Hey, Flo.

Hey, Veronica.


Miss Cavendish.

Erin is fine.

Congratulations on
your new position.

Thank you.

But I'm afraid I have some news.

We'd like to transfer you.


Somewhere else in the factory?

Or Iowa?


I'd like to promote you
to Associate Sales Manager

at our main office.


Thank you so much.

You deserve it, Flo.

...I still think
I stand a chance.

Take care.

Hey, Bryan.

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter.

This is really something.

I'm glad that I could get down
to see it.


Congratulations on
the company's success,

and being named Senior VP.

I heard.

Yes. Thank you.

But, the egg's a hit
because of you.

I... I wanted to...

You don't have to thank me.

What I'm trying to say is,

it's wonderful that people love
what we created,

and I want to be able
to celebrate that success,

but it was wrong of me to
pretend to be someone else.

But these past few weeks,

I learned more about myself
by being Veronica

than I ever knew about myself
as Erin, if...

if that even makes sense.

And while I learned so much
of that from being here

in Sweetwater,

I learned most of that from you.

By seeing how you are
with Madison,

and your passion and creativity
about chocolate, but...

Most of all, from how you are
with me.

You bring out the best in me,
and we make a good team,

in so many ways.

Can I be honest?


You're not the only one
who's been pretending.

You bring out the best in me,

I think I'm falling
in love with you.

I'm falling in love
with you too.

But I should warn you.

One of my first decisions as SVP

is to launch an entirely
new line of

hand-crafted Cavendish
holiday classics

for all the upcoming seasons.

The teaser is, if you thought
Easter was legendary...

Just wait until you see


But not so fast.

You're gonna need some training.



My director of production
and head chocolatier

will want to expand
his horizons.

I'm sending you to Switzerland
for three weeks in the summer

to study chocolate making
with Gabriel Belanger.

Are you serious?


Bryan Bailey!

Mr. Cavendish.

Congratulations on your
new position.

Long time coming.

Thank you, sir.

I did it! I did it.

I found something
really special.

I think I did too, sweetie.

Erin! I'm so glad you came back
for all the fun.

Well, I wouldn't have missed it
for the world.

I'm sorry that I wasn't honest
about myself.

That's okay.
It's only a name.

I know who you really are.

And I was thinking
about Switzerland,

that maybe I would come
with you.

I hear it's lovely
in the summer.

Are we going to Switzerland?

You bet we are, sweetheart!

Daddy told me they make
the best chocolate there.

Well, maybe the second best.

It's time for the Easter

The pageant.

Come on!