Easter Killing (2021) - full transcript

A group of friends hiding a deadly secret are hunted down one by one by a bunny masked killer.

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[unsettling music]

[bird squawking]
[tense music]

[men grunting]

I saved you one before
they drank them all.


- Hmm?
- You listening?

I said I saved you one before
them idiots drank them all.

Oh, thanks.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine.

Come here.

Absolutely not, you'd pussy
out before you even got close.

Fuck off, no, I wouldn't.

Pussy out about what?

Tom thinks that he
can hook up with Holly.

Holly Mathews?


He doesn't stand a chance.

Shut up, Neil.

Just because she rejected you.

That never happened.

Besides, why would I want
her when I've got Jane?


Nah, sorry, Tom,

I agree with Neil.

Why would you want to anyway?

Holly will fall apart
when school finishes.

I'd bet that she'll be pregnant
by the end of the year.

Oh, yeah, definitely,
she's such a slut.

[Jane gasps]

Oh, god.

Who are you
calling a slut, Jane?

Who are you a
friend to, Heather?

You wouldn't really go
for Holly, would you, Tom?

And we know why, don't we?

[Neil] You two gonna
kiss or something?

What's with the bunny mask?

It's Easter, isn't it?

One of the year's more
underappreciated holidays,

in my opinion.

You do make them
very good for me.

And now for the toast.

- Oh, yeah.
- Wait, wait, wait,

I need one.

To us,

and to escaping the hellscape

that is Little
Willow High School.

No more exams,

no more teachers
telling us what to do.


We are now free
to do what we want.

Have new experiences,
become our true selves.

The world is our oyster,

and uni is gonna
be fucking awesome,

for most of us, anyway.

What's that supposed to mean?


I can't promise how good
uni in Scotland is gonna be.

Shut up. [Amy chuckles]

And finally,

to the most honest and
loyal of friendship groups,

may this be the first
of many Easter weekends

celebrating together.


[All] Cheers.

Now, who really wants
to get this party started?

[girls cheer]

Now we're talking.

[dramatic dance music]

[tense music]

[tense music]

[Heather gasps]

Christ, you scared me.

Cut it out, will you?
I'm not in the mood.

Fine, if you wanna stay
out here on your own.

Quit it, won't you?

Carry on like this and I'll
tell everyone your secret.

It's you, you wouldn't dare.

You're fucking crazy!

[Heather screams]

What the fuck?

[Zara] Oh, my god.

[Jane screams]

[Tom] Stay away from me.

[tense music]

What the hell did you do?

What did we do?

We didn't do anything!

[Tom vomits]


I didn't do this.

Well, your hands are
all covered in blood.

You've got blood all
over your hands too, Jane.

Don't try and pin this on us.


Stop it.

All of you.

It could have been any of us,

or it could have been all of us.


No, I'm not going down for this.

I didn't do it.

Well, someone did!

Does anyone remember
what happened last night?

I can't remember anything.

We were all wasted.

Those pills that
Heather brought.

I blacked out,
I don't remember.


You don't think...

Don't you dare.

Don't say it.

We all have Heather's
blood on our hands.

What if we actually did it?


No way am I going
down for that bitch!

God, she would love that.

It's just twisted enough.


No way.

What are you talking about?

I will not go to prison
because of, of this.

It's not fair.

It must have been an accident.

You're right.

I've worked way too
hard to get into uni,

I can't have this mess this up.

What the fuck are you saying?

I think you know, Amy.

We can't have this
following us around

for the rest of our lives.

I'm with you, Neil.

With him on what?

I think it's pretty clear
what we need to do, isn't it?

No way, we can't.

Where are you going, Carl?

To get my phone, Neil,
to call the police.

Heather is dead.

We're all to blame, right?

Don't you get it?

You tell anyone and you can
kiss your future goodbye.

No more med school, no
more becoming a doctor.

If we tell anyone, our life
as we know it will be over.

We'll be in prison,

they don't care that we
don't know what happened.

She's dead.

This isn't right.

Calling the police
won't bring Heather back.

But we can still
get out of this.

We can get on with our lives.

You need to make
your choice, Carl.

Are you with Heather,
or are you with us?


I'm with you.

Tom, Amy,
[tense music]

clear the campsite.

And wash those scissors,

we've got to bring
them back with us.

Everyone else, grab as
many rocks as you can

and meet me by the river.

I'm gonna get a sleeping bag.

It's done.

I left Zara at the campsite,

'cause she's not
coping too well.

[tense music]

[tense music]

[Heather] You are invited

to a weekend Easter
celebration and reunion.

I can't wait for the whole
gang to be back together.

See you there. Heather.

[tense music]

[grips hammer tightly]


[door slams]

Carl? Is that you?

Hi. [chuckles]

You came.

Of course I did.

Got an invitation from Heather.


I had to come.

So do you know
what's going on?

[sighs] No idea.

Maybe one of the
others set this up.

No, they're here too.


Yeah, [chuckles]
they're in the kitchen.

We should go and say hi.

No, wait, um, it's
really good to see you.

Well, all things considered.

It was actually part of
the reason why I came.


you never answered my calls.


It's just, it was
hard, you know?

I just couldn't stop
thinking about what...

Look, I don't
wanna talk about it.

[tense music]

See? This is what I meant.

I wanna put it to bed,
Carl, I wanna move on.

Why does it keep coming back up?

And Zara? Do you
think she'd agree?

What happened to
Zara, I just, I don't...

Zara killed herself, Amy.

You should be able to say it.

It was our fault, our guilt.

What if it was her?

Think about it.

What about if Zara
killed herself

because she was the one
that murdered Heather

and she set us all up?

It makes sense.

I've tried to remember
what happened that night.

I can't.

No matter who killed Heather,

we're still guilty
of covering it up.

[Amy] We did
what we had to do.

[Carl sighs]

I'm gonna go and say hi to
the others, do you wanna come?

Sure, whatever you want.

[indistinct chatter]


Hey, mate, good to see you.

We weren't sure you
were going to make it.

Good to see you too, mate.

Oh, Carl, this is
my girlfriend, Maria.

Maria, Carl.

Nice to meet you.

You too. Hey.

It's been ages
since I saw you.

I think this is the first
time we've been together since...

Zara's funeral, yeah.

Um, Carl, you remember Marty?

Of course, how are
you doing, buddy?

All right, I guess.

You know, things
have been a little bit,

um, weird since
Mom, you know, so,

I thought I'd invite
him for the weekend,

get you out of the
house for a bit.

I would have been fine.

Yeah, well, you're
supporting me, aren't you?

Well, we're glad you're here.

Good to see you.

You're part of the gang now.

Yeah, absolutely.

Although, if I knew we
were bringing plus-ones,

I would've brought
one of my own.

The invitation
didn't say we couldn't.


Talking of the invitations,

it was a really bad joke to
sign them off as Heather.

Yeah, I thought so too.

So, who sent them?

We're all here now,
who sent the invitations?

Yeah, seriously, which
one of you invited us here?

I thought it was Carl.


Why would I bring us all here?

I don't know.

You were the last
one to get here,

so I thought it was
gonna be a big gesture.

I got an invitation too.
[tense music]

Wait, so none of you
sent out the invitations?

It's happening again.

What's happening.

I certainly didn't.

One of you is
definitely bullshitting.

What are we talking about?

Why would we bullshit, Neil?

You know why.

What the fuck are
we talking about?

Christ, can no one
answer a simple question?

Hey, hey, calm down, Marty.

Don't tell me what to do, Tom.

Could someone please just tell
me what the fuck is going...

Nothing, Marty.

Everyone's ignoring me.

No, they're not, it's fine.

Then just tell me.

I will, just later.

Can you go and get our
stuff and find us a room?

Me as well, one
close to you, please.


I'm sorry about that.

I'm sorry, Tom, he
really didn't mean it,

he's just been really
struggling since Mom went.

Amy, it's fine, don't worry.

We know.

So, to go back to
the conversation,

you guys all
received invitations

from someone claiming to be her?

Isn't that a bit weird?


Or maybe it's just someone
playing a bad prank.

Either way,

I guess whoever sent out the
invitations will show up soon.

Yeah, and they can
explain their sick joke.

Well, whoever it is
can just tell us now,

seeing as it's got
to be one of you.


Okay then, I guess we're
playing the long game.

I guess we are.


Well, while you guys all
have your Mexican standoff,

I'm gonna go arrange my stuff.

Maybe we should all
go back to our rooms

and settle in for a bit.

Good idea.

That's weird.

What's up?

It's locked.

That's weird.


Well, don't worry,

there's plenty of bedrooms
upstairs, come on.

[tense music]

Knock, knock.

Oh, hi.

I put your stuff in
the room next door.

I know you did, thanks.

I actually came to
check that you're okay?

'Cause things got a
bit tense downstairs.

I don't like
people ignoring me,

it's like school all over again.

I know.

But you've gotta try and
control yourself, Marty,

'cause they're my friends.

They're not being
rude on purpose.


I overreacted.

[Amy] Let's try and
have a nice weekend,

shall we? [chuckles]

Yeah, okay.

[tense music]

What's that?

Oh, that, I just
found it, you know.

It's a bit creepy, isn't it?

Very creepy.

No one should have
to look at that.

This looks nice.

I know, that's why I chose it.

What was that about earlier,

you getting angsty
with your friends?

I was just frustrated.

It seemed like more than that.

Well, it's a shit joke,

and I know one of
them is behind it.

You mean the invitations?


But what if it was Heather?

Maybe this is her way of
announcing that she's back.

It can't be.

Why not?

Heather's dead.


I mean, she has to be.

She has been missing
for a year now.

Well, I know that, but
we can be hopeful, right?

Maybe she's out there somewhere.

[tense music]

She might come back.

Besides, this would
be so like Heather,

having some elaborate surprise.

I forgot, you knew
her, didn't you?

Hm, after-school drama club.

We were always battling
for the lead roles.

You won't forget Heather.

Besides, you know, none
of this was your fault.

I know, it's just, I
feel a bit responsible.

We were all so
fucked that night.

[tense music]

Why did you say that before?

I've said a lot of
things tonight, Neil,

you're gonna have
to be more specific.

Well, about, you know, not
all of us going to university.

It's true, isn't it?

Not all of us will be.

You said you wouldn't...

Yeah, and I'm still
trying to work out

what's in it for me.

- But...
- Carl, honey, are you okay?

Yeah, what happened, if
you don't mind me asking?

No, I, I don't
remember anything.

Oh, well, just try and
have a good weekend, yeah?

[knock at door]

Is there someone at the door?

Sorry to interrupt,
but, have you found yours?

Found our what?

The clue.

What are you guys on about?

What the hell?


We have one too.

"No Easter celebrations are
complete without an egg hunt.

"For your clue, go
to the kitchen."

[tense music]

Hey, did you guys find...

Chick, yeah, I've
got one too, come on.

What are we looking for?

I don't know.

Do you think there's
one for each of us, or?

I found something.

They've got tags.

This one says Neil.

This one says Tom.

I think there's a
chick for each of us.

For each of you, you mean.

There's five chips, not seven.

I don't think there's
one for me or Maria.

Maybe the person
who organized this

didn't know anyone
else was coming.

Wait, there's a letter.

"It's time to find the cuckoo
and kick it from the nest.

"The question is,

"is it better to be in the
frying pan or in the fire?"

What the fuck does that mean?

Frying pan or the fire?

Cuckoos lay their eggs
in other birds' nests.

They're a parasite.

The frying pan's in the
kitchen, but so is the stove.

Or does it mean the fireplace?

[Amy] The fireplace?

Yeah, there's one
in the living room.

There's a note here.

"This time of year isn't
just about chocolate,

"it's also about sin.

"Even if you do confess,

"this is one place God
won't let you back in."

Why is it talking about a sin?

This is getting really weird.

This is garden,
like Garden of Eden.

Well, I guess there's one way

to get to the bottom of this.

Hey, there's something here.


That's it, that's the prize?

We should open it.

No, not out here.

Let's take it inside.

Why are you all looking
at the box like it's a bomb?

What's that?

Where's the chocolate?

Uh, it's a voice recorder.

Is there anything else inside?

Well, there's a
recording on it.

This is a very weird game.

What should we do?

You've got to play it.

No, don't.

No, Carl's right,
we've got to.

[presses play]

[Heather] You guys, you guys,

I'm so glad you're here.
[tense music]

I just love Easter, don't you?

I'm so glad we're
all together again.

There's just one thing,

I want to know who did that.

You know what I'm talking about.

But don't worry, we'll have fun.

Now get ready,
dinner's at eight.

Take your time, I'll
speak to you again later.

Okay, whoever did this
needs to come clean now.

This shit is getting
really twisted.

Who was that voice
on the recording?

It's not Heather.

It's someone pretending to be.

It's got to.

But, Heather's missing, how
can she be on a recording?

Exactly, she can't be.

It's someone
playing a sick joke.

I don't like it.

None of us like it, Jane.

Really, Amy?

'Cause you seem like you're
dealing with it fine.

I'm trying to stay calm.

Stop it, you two.

No one knows what's going on,

and bickering is not gonna help.

Oh, really, what do
you recommend then?

I don't know,
leave, tell someone.

I think we should stay.


We should stay.

The recording said
whoever's doing this

is gonna speak to us again.

So, why not wait and see
what they have to say?

It's almost six now,

so what's the harm in
staying for dinner?

We might actually find
out who's doing this

and who invited us all here.

Fine, but if anything else
weird happens, I'm leaving.

[tense music]

[knock at door]

Come in.

You look nice.

Oh, thanks, so do you.


So what's up?

I just wanted to see
how you're holding up,

after this afternoon.

I'm okay.

Yeah, them riddles were
really creepy. [chuckles]

It's probably just a
joke though, right?

Yeah, my money's on
Tom. [Amy chuckles]

Listen, Carl, I was thinking...



Hi, Carl.

Um, I think you two
should come downstairs,

there's another box.

What do you think is inside?

All these places, they
all have name cards.

This one says Carl.

Want to bet there isn't
one for me or Marty?

Well, clearly
whoever set this up

didn't want us to
have plus-ones.

Maybe it's something else.

Well, we're here now,
so I'm gonna sit down.

There's enough seats
for all of us anyway.

So, who wants to...

I'll do it.

"There's a note underneath a
Easter egg for each of you."

There's, um, five,

sorry, guys.

It's fine.

I don't eat chocolate anyway.

And there's another
one of these recorders

with a voice recording on it.

Well, we've got to play it.

[Heather] Well, everyone,
here we are again.

I hope you like my gift.
[tense music]

It's time to dive in.

I want the gossip,
the whole scoop.

I want to know who did that,
and you're going to tell me.

Be honest.

I'll know if you're lying,
and that will not be good.

What are you waiting
for? Go for it.

What does it mean, "I
want to know who did that"?

Did what?

It's nothing,
it's just a joke.

Well, clearly
something is going on.

You guys have been acting
so weird since the egg hunt.

No, we're just a little tired.

Has this got anything to do
with Heather's disappearance?


we can't pretend anymore.


Someone knows.

Knows what?

Shut up, Amy.

"One of you around this
table killed me that night,

"dying to find out who."

What the fuck?

Heather was murdered?

It, it wasn't like that.

It was an accident.

Carl, you're supposed
to be a doctor,

why did you let Heather die?

I didn't.

I didn't mean for
anything to happen to her.

I was just so out of it.

Amy would be so upset

if she found out what
you did the other night.

Stop it.

Or should I say what we did.

You can't tell her.

She deserves to
know, don't you think?

We had so much fun.

It was a mistake.

Carry on like that
and I will tell her.

Please don't.

Say anything like that
again, like it was a mistake,

or you regret it,
which I know you don't,

and I will tell Amy everything.

And I mean everything.

You're mine, Carl,
don't you forget it.

Who's got the joint?

It's my turn.

Heather was, I mean,
she was manipulative,

but that doesn't mean
I wanted her dead.

Hold on,

you cheated on
Amy, with Heather?

Amy, did you know about this?

Yeah, I found out afterwards.

Um, it's part of the
reason why we broke up.

Fucking hell, Carl.

It was a mistake.

I'm not proud of it.

But, that's not what
happened that night.

I wasn't dancing with Zara,
I was dancing with Neil.

[tense music]

Who's got the joint?

It's my turn.

It's my turn next.

Where are you going?

Is everything all right?


Do they look weirdly
close to you?

What, Heather and
Neil? [chuckles]

Ah, it's just Heather, she
flirts with all the boys.


I mean, she was flirting
with Carl a minute ago.

But does that not bother you?


Carl loves me.

And Neil loves you.

[Jane] I don't know.

[Amy] Come on, Jane.

But seriously, I don't know.

I mean, we've never...

Never what?

Just, I just don't like it.

She's such a bitch.

You're not wrong.

She's so manipulative.

[Amy chuckles]

Hey, girlies.

What are we talking about?


Just how much we're
enjoying this party.

So much fun, right?

Thanks for grabbing
these, I'm starving.

Carry on,

I wouldn't want to
interrupt your little chat.


That's not what
happened either.

You were talking
to Zara, not me,

I went into the tent
because Neil wanted crisps.

[tense music]

No one asked you.

Carl, honey, are you okay?

You don't wanna
make sure Carl's okay?

What, and annoy Heather
by interrupting, um,

whatever she's doing?

No, thanks.

Okay, but, she seems to
be getting pretty cozy.

It's fine.

I trust Carl.

Well, that's good,

'cause I certainly
wouldn't trust Heather.

I guess Carl wasn't as
trustworthy as we thought.

Yeah, but that still doesn't
answer your question though.

What question?

"Jane, was it worth killing
me to keep your secret?"

Well, obviously not.

I mean, Heather knew my secret.

That I was a virgin.

You what? No, you weren't.

I think I'd know whether
or not I was a virgin, Neil.

And Heather knew, she loved
dangling it over my head.

She loved taunting all of us.

Heather always knew
other people's secrets.

[Amy] Wait, you knew her?

Maria and Heather did
after-school club together.

Hold on, didn't
Zara do that too?

Yeah, she did.

Well, then you knew
what she was like.

I wouldn't need to kill
her to keep her quiet.

If anything, Zara is the
one who would do that.

What do you mean?

Zara's dad was in prison,

and Heather was the
only one that knew.

How do you know that?

We found it in her
diary after Zara...

After Zara killed herself.

So then,

Zara killed Heather?

[Carl] That's what we thought.

No, if she did,
why are we all here?

Like, why set this up?

"It's been six months
since I've been in touch,

[tense music]

"did you all enjoy
the messages I sent?"

Oh, my god, those messages.

What messages? Neil?

You remember when
I changed my number?

Yeah, because your phone
kept getting spammed.

That was only half the truth.

I kept getting these weird
messages from an unknown number,

someone claiming
to know my secret.

I got those too.

And me.

I think we all did.

I thought if I
changed my number,

it would make the
messages go away.

But it didn't.

I remember that.

They didn't stop until...


Zara died.

None of this makes any sense.

Well, clearly
someone knows the truth

about what happened that night.

But who?

Everybody that was there
that night is at this table.


except Heather.

You can't mean...

It's impossible, Amy.

We put her body in the river.

We had a memorial for
her for God's sake.

I mean, she was dead.

No, no, I can't do this.

This is so wrong.

Maria, wait.

You've gotta go after her.

I know!

What does yours say, Carl?

The note, from the Easter egg.


"Everything is fun and games
until somebody gets hurt.

"First it was me,
then it was Zara,

"who do you think will be next?"

Why do I have to go?

Because I asked you to, okay?

You're staying.

Yeah, 'cause I got
myself in this mess.

I'm not gonna let my little
brother get caught up in it too.

But I could help you.


It's not safe.

Something weird is going on,
I've gotta find out what.

That's why I
should be staying.


Go and get your stuff
and leave, now, okay?

I'll wait for you here.

[tense music]

[tense music]

[window creaks]

[window thuds]

[window thuds]

[window creaks]

You've gotta calm
down, Maria, please.

You are sick, Neil.

To think that you have kept
this a secret for so long.

And now, now, we are here
in this, this madhouse!



I'm begging you.

Look, you've got to understand,

I was scared.

I knew if we said anything,
that would've been it,

our lives over.

I mean, think about it,
we'd never have met.

Maybe that would've
been for the best.

You don't mean that.

I know you don't.

Look, I made a mistake, okay?

I should have told
you the truth.

But please,

don't let this ruin
everything we've got together.


You know everything now.
[tense music]

There are no more lies.

It's just us.

[sighs] Fine.

But I can't forgive
you, not yet.

But I'll get there.

I'm not gonna say
anything to anyone either,

if that's what
you're worried about.

Thank you.

But I am gonna go home now.

Okay, I need some space.

Get one of the others to
drive you home in the morning

and we will talk about it later.


Yes, I will.

Thank you.

I guess I will go and say
goodbye to your friends,

not that I ever wish to
see any of them again.

That seems fair.

Go and wash your
face, you look a state.

Then come downstairs
and walk me out.

I will.

[door closes]

[Neil sighs]



[tense music]

[music intensifies]

[footsteps on stairs]

[footsteps on stairs]

[footsteps on stairs]

[footsteps on stairs]

[footsteps on stairs]

What the fuck?

Who the fuck are you?

No! Ah!

Stop, fuck!

Fuck, fuck, stop!



Ow! Fuck!

Oh, god!

[Neil groans and screams]

Look what I found
in the living room.

Should we open it?

Yeah, open it.

[tense music]

Someone definitely
knows we're here.

Oh, hi.

Look, I've spoken to Neil,

and I promise not
to say anything,

but I am gonna go now, so...

Is that another...

Another one, yeah.

Have you guys listened to it?


In that case...

[Heather] I'm fed up.

All these games,
we're getting nowhere.

It's time to try something else.

I'm going to count to 10,

you have to tell me
the truth, or else.

I want to know what happened.


- nine,
- You shouldn't have

pressed play.

- eight,
- What difference

- would it have made?
- seven,

- six,
- Clearly, they know one of us

- killed Heather.
- five,

Then whoever did
it has to confess.

- four, three,
- But what if we don't?

[Heather] two, one.

[Jane sighs]

They were just messing
with us. [chuckles]

Well, that's a relief.

In that case, I'm
gonna go, so...

[gun fires]

[Amy screams]

[intense music]

[Amy screams]

[all scream]

No, no!

Come on, come on!

[hammers table]

[Jane breathes shakily]

[Jane sobs]

[closes door softly]

Now what the fuck is going on?

I don't know.

Someone knows what we did.

Is that why you think
they're hunting us,

why they set all this up?

Yeah, it must be.

Did you see the mask?

The bunny mask.

It's the same mask Heather
brought with her last year.

The one she wore the night of...

Oh, fuck.

[floorboard creaks]

[tense music]

[floorboard creaks]

[both exhale]


I've got something to tell you,

about that night.

[tense music]

Bet you wish you
were up there, huh?


Instead of Jane,

getting all hot and
sweaty with Neil.

Heather, stop.


We both know it's
what you're thinking.


God, you should see your face.

What are you
two talking about?

Uh, nothing.

We're just having a
little joke, aren't we, Tom?


'Cause it looks like someone
just shit in your Cheerios.

[chuckles] Honestly, I'm fine.

No one asked
your opinion, Zara.

[sighs] Fine.

You need to know, despite
everything Heather did to me,

I did not kill her.

So you're, um...

Gay, yeah.

I was gonna tell
everyone this weekend,

but things got a
little bit sidetracked.

I'm sorry Heather
did that to you.

She was a bully.

Sometimes I think
she deserved to die.

But that's come back and
haunted us, hasn't it?

[closes door softly]



Police? Ambulance?



[tense music]

[footsteps on stairs]

[music intensifies]

[door closes]

We really need to find
out who killed Heather.

[Amy and Tom laugh]

[Amy and Tom laugh]

[Amy and Tom laugh]

[Amy and Tom laugh]

[Amy and Tom laugh]

[tense music]

[music intensifies]

[Jane screams]

[bunny hammers posts]

[bunny hammers table]


Amy, help me!

- Jane, run!
- Jane!

- Run!
- Go, Jane!

[Amy breathes heavily]

We've gotta get out of here.

No, wait.

We can't just leave Jane,
we've gotta save her.

How exactly?

There could be
something in the kitchen

that we could use as a weapon.

Yeah, we may as well just try.


You lead the way.

[tense music]

[music intensifies]


Shh, shh, shh.

[door slams]

[Amy gasps]
[tense music]

Shit, hide in here, okay?

Are you okay?

I can't see anything.
[flicks light switch]


It's us.

But what the hell is this?

I saw that upstairs,

- but how could it be...
- Look at that.


It can't be.

What if...

No, someone set us up.

What if it's Heather?

How could it be?

What if she
survived that night?

What if somebody found her?

What if she isn't actually dead?

And she's planned all
this to get revenge.


What the hell are we gonna do?

[banging upstairs]

[closes door softly]

It's the truth,
I'm telling you.

Shut up, you don't know
what you're talking about.

I know exactly what I'm
talking about, Heather,

stop denying it.

You have no right.


[tense music]

[Carl groans]
[music intensifies]


Is that really you?

I'm sorry for what we did.


[knocks on door]

What are you doing here?

It's like they
know everything.

Not everything, they don't
know who killed Heather.

But we don't know
who killed Heather.

We have to get out of here.

Did you find anything that
we could use as a weapon?

Only this.

But I think there's a back
door through the kitchen.

If we can get out there,
we can make a run for it.

Yeah, we have to try.

[tense music]

That way.

[Carl] Somebody help me!
[music intensifies]

They've got Carl.

You go, I'll go
get Carl and Jane.


Just go, find the
door, and get help,

get police, get anybody.

I'll tie Heather with the rope.

Just go!

Somebody help me!

Get away from me!

Please, get the
fuck away from me!

[Heather] I don't know
any other way to say it,

I need to know.

Answer me.

I don't know who killed you!

[Heather] Answer me.

If not, I can always make you.

I don't know anything!

No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, please,

please, please!
[bunny hammers table]

[bunny hammers table]

[bunny hammers table]

[bunny hammers table]

You have no right.

Ah, I can't even look at you!

Stop walking away from me!

We need to talk about this!

It was Zara.

It was Zara who killed
Heather, it wasn't me!

You have to believe me!

[tense music]

[presses play]

Zara didn't...

You killed her!

[Tom grunts]

[music intensifies]

[Tom crashes into table]

[music intensifies]

[Tom grunts]

[Tom grunts]

[Tom grunts]



You're behind all of this?

Well done, you got me.

Why are you doing this?

For Amy.

She told me all about the
night that Heather died.

[tense music]

She told me everything,

that one of you killed Heather,

and that you just
tried to cover it up.

She even said that none of you

had even had a
clue of who did it.

And then you just made a
pact to keep it a secret.

But the recordings,
Heather's voice, I thought...

That was easy.

Heather was always
making videos of herself,

wasn't hard to
stitch them together.

You killed them,

Neil, Maria, Jane,

you were gonna kill all of us.

I had to protect Amy.

One of you is a murderer,

and you're just allowed to
go free, living normally.

Well, I had to
protect my sister,

she's the only thing I have.

And I wasn't gonna
let her go down

for something that one
of you fuckers did!

So, the only way to save
Amy was to get rid of you.

And then, with you gone, the
secret would die with you.

Well, you've fucked
that up then, haven't you?

Your twisted games can't go on

if I put a bullet
through your head.

Tom, what?

Don't worry, Carl,
it'll be self-defense.

It's the only... [Tom chokes]

[music intensifies]

But there are...


Someone found
my other costume.

Who are you?

[music intensifies]


What are you doing?

It was me, Marty.


I killed Heather.

Amy, no.

She found out
what I was doing.

What you were doing?

I didn't wanna tell you 'cause
I wanted to keep you safe.

What are you talking about?

You know Mr. Lewis?

Heather's dad.

He's my dad too.

[knocks on door]

What are you doing here?

You know who I am?

Yes, you're Louise's daughter.

And yours.


I know you had an
affair with my mom.

And I know that she promised you

she wouldn't tell anyone
that you got her pregnant,

and you paid her
off, didn't you?

That's a lot of accusations.

[chuckles] I'm not
trying to blackmail you.

[Heather] Dad, where are you?

Give me a sec, love.

I'm just sorting something out.

[Heather] Mom
says dinner's ready.

Okay, that's great.

You go sit down and I'll
join you in a moment.

What is it you want?

I was wondering if
you could help me?

Um, my mom's got cancer,

and she needs treatment,

and I thought because you
basically abandoned me,

and I am your daughter...

Please don't say that.

It's true though.

And my mom, she's all I've got.

And I can't lose her,
she's my everything.

What do you need?

Your help.


um, to pay for the
treatment, so...

It's okay.

I'll, I'll pay for
your mom's treatment.

Just, this has to be
between us, all right?

My family can't know about you.

It's really expensive.

We don't have the money,

and I didn't know
who else to ask.

Heather knew you shared
a dad, so you killed her?

No, it wasn't like that.

Everything got out of
control, things got heated.

I tried to talk to her about it,

but we just started arguing.

Oh, my god, it was you.

I knew I heard someone
arguing with Heather.

She wouldn't listen to me.

Things got heated,
just got out of hand.

You have to understand

that I wouldn't do it
if I didn't have to.

You had to blackmail my
dad with your sob story?

My mom is dying, Heather!

And that's supposed
to be my family's fault?

Your dad was perfectly
happy to help me

once he figured out who I was.

Yeah, because you
forced him into it.

[Amy] I didn't force
him to do anything.

You pretended to be his
illegitimate daughter.

[scoffs] As if we
could ever be related.

None of that is made
up, it's all the truth.

[Heather] Shut up,

you don't know what
you're talking about.

I know exactly what I'm
talking about, Heather,

and don't deny it.

[Heather] You have no right.

[scoffs] I can't
even look at you.

Don't turn away from me,
we need to talk about this.

No, we don't need to
talk about anything.

I owe you nothing.

And you know what?
[tense music]

Your pathetic little
family disgusts me.

There is absolutely no
fucking way that you,

your creepy little brother,
or your trash-fire of a mom

is gonna see a penny
of my dad's money,

I'm gonna make sure of it.

You might as well
stay down there.

It's where you belong.

[tense music]

She wouldn't listen to me.

Things got heated,
it got out of hand.

She kept pushing me,
she kept picking at me,

and I was so fucked on
drugs, and I was so angry.

Was it you or Marty?

Which one of you sick
fucks hung my friend?

I found the recording, that's
all, I never touched Zara.

I did it.


Because I thought she
was blackmailing me.

And when them
texts came through,

they were so taunting,

and I thought Zara just
knew what I'd done.

So you strangled her?

Well, yeah,

because I thought it would
make everything just go away!

I just wanted to
get on with my life!

I just wanted it to just end,

and then these invitations
came through to this reunion...

I sent the texts.


I was trying to find
out who killed Heather,

and then, when Zara
committed suicide,

I thought that was it,

because she felt
guilty or something.

But then,

I thought the texts might
have gotten through to her,

then I found the recording

and realized two of
your friends were dead

and the killer was
still out there.

I did all this for you,

to try and keep you safe,
to try and avoid more death.

You've gone too
far now, Marty.

I had it all under control.

Why didn't you tell me?

I could've helped you.

[Amy chuckles]

Don't matter now anyway.

They're all dead.

It's just me and you left.

And Carl.


I love you.

I really love you,
you know that?

Look at me.


killed Heather and Zara,

and he invited us here.

To finish the job.

And silence everyone
who knew what he did.

[sighs] Shit.

[music intensifies]

[intense music]

[Carl screams]

[Amy shrieks]

[Carl screams]

[tense music]

[gasps] Carl.




[music intensifies]

[tense music]

[unsettling music]