East End Hustle (1976) - full transcript

An ex-prostitute rescues one of her pimp's potential new recruits, beginning a deadly rivalry.


Come on, Peter.

Get up, Hazel.


Get your slippers on.


Get your slippers on.

Hey, Suzanne.

OK They're already on.

Oh, you little devil!

Suzanne's going to be the
first one in for breakfast.

MARIANNE: Suzanne.

Suzanne, what were you doing?

Come on, eat your--

Come on.

Come on
-Shut up.


Hey, Marianne.


Well, we haven't got all day.


I have some extra
work for you tonight.

But I've got to be
home to make supper.

I called Raymond.
It's been arranged.


You wanted to talk to me?

Maybe I was too rash.

Maybe I'm the one that
pushed a little too much.

What I'm trying to say
is that I want you back.

What for?

I want you to come back,
take care of the girls.

Forget it.

I know you've been
hanging around with Rocky,

and I know exactly
what you've been doing.

Dan, why do you
want me to come back?

I want you back because I
love you, and I need you here.

You're a joke, you know that?

You're a real joke.

Harold's here with a chick.

-What's your name?

Marianne, I'd like
you meet a friend

of mine, Cindy [INAUDIBLE].

This is Joe [INAUDIBLE].

Joe's an old client of mine.

Joe's always got his
eyes open for new talent.


If you change your mind,
you're let me know.



Marianne, I would like to
invite you to a little party,

some friends and I are having.

I know you just
finished work and want

to fix up a little bit.

I'm sure the girls will
find you something to wear.

[INAUDIBLE], show her around.


All right.
You can get out.

OK, get into my car over here.

Get over there!

Do you want to know what
they have waiting for you?

Get over there!

You don't move, and
you don't follow us.

Because if you'll
follow us, man, I swear

to god I'll ruin you for life.

Hell, maybe I'm wrong.

Did you want to go up there?

I didn't know what
was happening.

They'd never tell you.

That guy back at the
house is Dan Campbell.

He's like an agent--
supplies the mob,

entertainers, politicians.


Are you a friend of his?

I used to be.

Rita says she
can't work tonight.

Says she's got a cold.

Listen, baby, you've
got to get out of here.

I can't get out.

Cindy's already said she'd
help as soon as you're ready.

I can help myself.

Rita, wake up.

Would you get off my back?

It's going to be
difficult the few weeks.

I've got my eyes
on some new clubs.

You and I and the girls have
to be working very hard.

I don't want any of the girls
leaving while this is going on.

I'll make sure Rita shows up.

CINDY: What's your name again?
MARIANNE: Marianne.


I don't know.

It was like I had to.

CINDY: What do you
mean, you had to?

Let that slimy mother put
his paws all over you?

Nobody has to do
that shit, kiddo.

Nobody does.

If I didn't, there'd
be all kinds of trouble.

Not even that.

Things were OK.

I had a job.
-So what?

There are millions
of jobs around.

If I didn't have that
job, daddy [INAUDIBLE]

would kick me out.

I couldn't leave the kids.

They need me.

Cindy, it doesn't
really matter, as

long as you're with the people
who need you, and [INAUDIBLE].

That's it.

You know, it's funny.

For a moment there I was
thinking you were a dumb chick.

Now I'm beginning to think,
maybe I'm the dumb one.

Hey, Rita.

You're working tonight.

Fuck off.

Oh, a real tough guy, huh?

Can't you see I'm sick?

Sorry, it's a private party.

--[INAUDIBLE] that

Where a rain coat.

They don't call him
[INAUDIBLE] for nothing.

thing John out there.

I know.


[INAUDIBLE] crazy.

I wonder what he's up to.

How are the girls, huh?

The girls are OK,
except for Rita.

I'm going to match you up
with that guy [INAUDIBLE].

But I don't think
she'll [INAUDIBLE].

I think it's time
we get rid of her.

I'm sorry, you know, I didn't
mean to get so uptight at you

back there.

But, yeah, I used to
work for Campbell.

I used to work for him.

[INAUDIBLE] wasn't so bad.

It was ticket out of the slums.

[INAUDIBLE] those chicks who
got their pussy like Fort Knox,

they don't know what it's like.

They can afford to.

And, you know, got
nothing in front of you

but a job in a factory
or get knocked up.

I just think it
was a square deal.

Jesus, was I dumb.

CINDY: Tell me.

CINDY (VOICEOVER): Right after
I started working for Dan he

put me in charge of the girls.

DAN: You got the money?

CINDY: Uh huh.

We became lovers.

DAN: [INAUDIBLE] going to have
a new dress for Monday night.

CINDY (VOICEOVER): We were the
most expensive girls in town.

In the beginning he gave
us everything we wanted.


Who is it?


Who is it?

was my best friend.

But when she started doing
heroin, Rita broke my heart.

What's for dinner,
more tie-dyed t-shirts


Oh, shove it, [INAUDIBLE].

You won't get to [INAUDIBLE].

Ooh, wow.




Annie was the youngest.

She was like my kid sister.

Will you marry me?

-I don't know.
-Pick me.

Pick me!
Pick me.

What do you say?

Marry me and I'll
make you a baby.

Rosemary's a real card.

Penny was there with her sister.

Diane was a tough kid.

Everything always seemed
to go wrong for her.

And Heather, she
was the quiet one.


the only real family I ever had.

So when Dan started
getting heavy,

I had to stick up for them.

Let them go for a few days.

They're tired.

I'm tired, Cindy.

Listen, baby,
there's work to do.

One day he decided to
make an example of Annie.

What are you doing here?

Start walking.

Listen, a guy was, uh-- was
trying to get his kicks out

of punching Annie so I--
I talked her into staying

here and talking to you.

I really don't think she likes
working for you, you know?

Annie, come here.

You were going to quit?

Well I didn't come
here to get beat up.

-My leg!

My leg!

to help her out of town,

and she was found
dead a week later.

I had a feeling I was next.



They're heavy in the
French underworld,

and [INAUDIBLE] Marcy.

I went to her for help.

Campbell's after me.


Rocky likes me,

so he let me stay with
him until Dan cooled down.

You've heard?


hates Rocky because Rocky's

where Dan wants to be.

He used to keep in
touch with Annie.

She's dead, and he killed her.

was found dead last week

and she fell to pieces.

That's why when I
saw you at Dan's I,

couldn't let it happen to you.

[INAUDIBLE], she's next.

Listen to me.

We're going to do
something soon, I promise.



CINDY: Now I look
back on it and I say,

when your pussy goes for
money, something else goes too.

Go right down the hall.

Last door on the
right, there's a chick

named Rita waiting for you.

Have a good time.

For god sake's, Margo,
stay out the corners,

giggling with the other girls.

Jones can't stand
that kind of stuff.

Now you take that one.

Ever been to the [INAUDIBLE]?

God no.

[INAUDIBLE] there?


Hey, Marianne.

It's past your bed
time, ain't it?


Do you studs want
to have a game.

Sorry, we'd like to
lady, but we got a rule.

We only play for money.

The money is [INAUDIBLE].

What do you say, ten bucks?

All we've got is four.

What are you
drunk or something?

Dan told me [INAUDIBLE].

Mindy wants me.

Fuck want Mindy wants.

I'm going to go talk to Dan.

You start that shit again
and your head comes off.

DAN: What the hell has
she done with [INAUDIBLE]?

Get her to work.

What the fuck?

My dress!

Hey, wait a minute.

Let me take my dress off.

Oh, fucking shit!

I just found out that Cindy
[INAUDIBLE] that new chick.

You take care of Rita and
meet me back at the house.

What do you think you're doing?

Look, Dan told me
to take her home.

What about my dress?

You've got to pay for it!

Getting that dress off
is your job, sister.

What is it?

I don't know.

Want to have a party?

American graffiti.

Sure, friend, let me know when
they throw you [INAUDIBLE].

Quick, cut in front.

Hey, what the fuck do
you think you're doing?

Listen, chicks,
it's Friday night.

We're going to have some fun.

Uncle Bob don't take
no for an answer.

Don't take no
for an answer, eh?

Want to have some fun?


Let's have some fun.

Go get your friend
[INAUDIBLE] to come with us.

All right.

OK, it's in the bag.

Listen, these are
typical douchebags.

They like cruising too, man.

We're just going to
lay out on the line.


You chicks from [INAUDIBLE]?

This here's Ernie.
And I'm Bob.

Nice to meet you.

Where are we going?

Somewhere quiet, where
we can have some fun.


OK, you come up front,
and I'll hope in the back

with, uh, Uncle Bob.
How's that?

Take your pants off.

MARIANNE: I like to
be talked to first.


-Well, um what's your name?


I don't know what to say.

what's your name?


Ernie Kessler.

Holy shit.

CINDY: Tell your friend
to drop his pant.

Come on.

Do as she says, god damn it.

CINDY: That's it.

Now get out of the car.

That's it.

So you really think you can
pick up two chicks as scare 'em

into it?

Have a bit more
respect next time, OK?



I-- I guess so.


Go next to your friend.

Gather their things.

That knife really
scared me, you know?

Ah, that wasn't dangerous.

You'll be able to
size men up, you know.

Guys like that are
just blowhards.

Hey, you got a boyfriend?

Yeah, sure.

What's he like?

Well, he's very nice.

He likes to sit
and talk for hours.

I don't really have a boyfriend.

I never really did.

That's crazy.

Yeah, we'll have to get you one.

CINDY: Peter?

Want a beer?

What are you?

Some kind of a cock-tease?

Oh, no one's ever
called me that before.

What about--


What about her?

She's cool.

Nice to meet you.

Dan was recruiting and
it's one of his new girls

so I had to help her out, right?

-That must be why he called you.

He called here about
half and hour ago.

He said he wanted
to talk to you.

I called Tom
[INAUDIBLE] in New York.

He's sending up a couple
of his people [INAUDIBLE].


We don't have to
take nobody's shit.

She's already asleep.

Dan's not going to
sit down for this.

I know.

Rocky [INAUDIBLE] invited
us up to lake tomorrow.

He'll help us.

And how are you?


You know, your friend there,
she's heading for trouble.

Well she's been waiting for a
long time to help those girls.

You're a man.

Put some sense into her head.

You know I can't
tell her a thing.


Cindy, I don't like the way
Campbell handles his business

any more than you do.

But if I pick a fight with
him, it's going to be heavy.

So, there's got to be a reason.

And this thing with
Marianne-- no offense,

honey-- that's no reason.

There's nothing I can do.

-Is Marianne with her?

That's too bad.



CINDY: Hello, it's Cindy.

It's Peter there?

He went to spend a few
hours working in the boat.

CINDY: Shit.

Is something wrong?

CINDY: I just saw Eddy.

I'm going to
disappear [INAUDIBLE]

I'll call you later.

Hi, Eddy.

-Hello, Cindy.




Lighten up, bitch.

Fuck you!

It's funny, I guess I must
of thought it was a game.

That nothing serious
would happen.

But it's for real.

Come on.
Your bath is ready.


I'm going to start
picking up the girls.

I know it's not completely
worked out but I--

I feel I have to-- now.


I don't really
remember much about it,

but-- well, I'll do anything
you want me to, Cindy.

CINDY: That's Graham's house.

We met him after
Annie's funeral.

We can stay here [INAUDIBLE].


Peter, Marianne,
this is Graham.

-What are you, chicken?
-Come on, honey.

If he finds me
he'll cut to pieces.

[INAUDIBLE] end up like Rita.

I can still do Johns.


I had a bad week.

You're full of shit.

Yeah, well speaking of Rita,
she split and it took Dan

about one week to get her back.

Dan didn't get her back.

Rita ran out of junk money
and she came running.

Oh yeah, well what
are we supposed to do?

Live off Cindy for
the rest of our lives?


We're going to get
some bread together.

We're going to go off somewhere
where Dan can't find us.

And we'll just-- we'll
stay until he gives up.

Oh yeah, it's wonderful.

We'll hold up in some
[INAUDIBLE] somewhere,

turning in coke bottles
for the rest of our days.

It's only for a little while.

And then what?

I can't do nothing, honey.

I wouldn't-- wouldn't
[INAUDIBLE] back in Montreal.

Dan doesn't give a
shit about us anymore.

If we sit around, we're going
right down the tube with Rita.

We've got to try it.

Ah, shit.

I don't know.

You'd think she'd
be on time for once.

Ah, there she is.

Grab these.

What the hell are you doing?

What the hell do you think?

Pretending [INAUDIBLE].


Rosemary, this is Graham.

Holy shit.

What happened to the rest of it?


Don't worry.

She'll calm down.

As soon as she gets
used to the place.


God, I hope it can happen.

We checked all their hangouts,
but nobody's seen 'em.

I don't like it.

Well what do you want?

I just want to be smart.

But you can't always be smart.

Sometimes you have to
do things you feel.

Cindy, I don't like your
plan because it separates us.

It's you not being happy
living here with me.

No it's not.

It's just something
I have to do.

Yeah, well that's what so sad.

Such a strong drive in you-- all
the pleading and bullshitting

from an intellectual like myself
isn't going to even matter.



She was supposed
to be at Graham's.


She ain't here, Dan.

Where's the girl?

Like that man said,
she ain't here.

Take him out to the car.

OK, let's go.

You're going to get him
back when we get the girl.


I got to watch you all night.

I'll tell ya something.

I wouldn't try
anything if I were you,

because I'd beat the shit out
of you just for something to do.

You can't leave tomorrow.

Oh, come on.

I was next.

Cindy says, blow off tomorrow.

If Cindy says wait, we wait.

CINDY: Well, I guess
I have no alternative.

If you won't back me up
then give me a piece.

Cindy, you don't want that.

Are you going to give me
a piece or another story?

It's only for muscle.

I've made up my mind.

If you won't help me
I'll go somewhere else.

I hope I don't have
to regret this one.


What do you do?

I'm a writer.

I write articles.

You know, tap, tap, tap, tap.

Where's Cindy?

At home I guess.

Why don't you tell me
where Rose Marie is.

Got me.

You writers, try
to be so convincing.

Sometimes it works,
but only in books.

What you're looking at, and
what I'm all about is money,

and it's hard to come by.

An I don't fuck-ups.

I've got an idea.

Why don't you beat me up.


I might have you killed.


CINDY: How does it feel?

I'll get used to it.

The trick, you see, is not
to be intimidated by the gun.

If you're ready and willing
to use it, you won't have to.

So make your moves
very definite.

Cause if he thinks you're
afraid, you're in trouble.


Dan and Johnny Silver
are like this, OK.

Dan [INAUDIBLE] into
Montreal, shows 'em around,

gives 'em a good time.

I'd do this, Marianne,
but he knows me.


Then sends a car to pick
him up at around 6:30.


You got to go.

You're going to be all right.

Mr. Silver, may I have
your autograph please?

Oh, sure.

I'd be happy to.

-Mr. Silver, may I have a kiss?

There's a gun in your ribs.


Now go ahead.

take us [INAUDIBLE].

[INAUDIBLE] to the show.

You have 20 minutes
until makeup.

Fuck the makeup, Rudy.

Just do what I tell ya.

OK, you're the boss.

CINDY: Like I said, Dan.

When I get Peter,
you get Silver back.

Sam, get that kid.

Eddy, come here.

OK, now, tell the driver
to take a 20-minute walk.

Rudy, would you mind
splitting for about 20 minutes?

No, I don't mind.

Thanks for the lift.

Where is he?

I see him.

Over there.

Why are all these damn
people in the street?


Hey, where is he?

I knew I'd find you here.

Did I do some things
smart for a change?

Oh yeah.

Come on.
Let's get out of here.

Do you have any idea what
he does for the girls?

Sure, provides
the fucking jones.

ROCKY: No, you're wrong.

He takes care of them.

That's something they
can't do for themselves.

They pay a price for it,
but that's what they want.

Where do you get off
telling me that crap?

Sure it's a trade-off.

Sure they're sheep.

But that's not the point.

The point is that
Dan's gone berserk.

He's not going by the rules.

In any other city the
mob would shoot him down.

OK, I'll send two of
my men over that place.

But don't go back
to your apartment.

Campbell's through
being nice to you.


DAN: How's it going, Heather?

Remember when you first
started to work for me?

Your sister was in
some kind of trouble.

You needed some money.

I guess.

I know with that money
she's going to school.

Mm hm.

Rosemary's gone.

And I know someone helped her?

Do you know who helped her?


It would mean some extra
money for you and your sister.

If, uh, you were know anything.

Heather, look at me.

There's no sense in kidding now.

Sooner or later I'm
going to find Rosemary.

I'm going to find anyone
else who tries to split.

You'd be doing yourself
and the girls a big favor,

if you would just happen
to hear or see anything.


You better run along now.

You've got some work to do.

DAN: Heather, remember,
no one has to know.


Graham, why are
you staring at me?

GRAHAM: Because
you're beautiful.

OK, Diane, you're on for
tomorrow, Victoria Square.

Holy shit, I can't believe it.

He's going to find out, Diane.
I know it.

Ah, fuck off.

When did she leave?

Sometime this morning.




Yeah, what?

Those guys from New York,
they're here, outside.


Here, outside.

That's prefect timing.

Send 'em in.

Are you Tony?
-Yeah, Tony [INAUDIBLE].

This is Sal [INAUDIBLE].

DAN: Hey, Sal.

Tom [INAUDIBLE] has told
me a lot about you guys.

Yeah, we did some work
for Tom [INAUDIBLE].

Yeah, you were up
there last year.

You did that
[INAUDIBLE] remember?

Yeah, that was us.

How'd you do it?

Well we set it up by--

Yeah, you wouldn't
like it, in six months

we was talking about this job.


You're absolutely right, Sal.
Sit down.

I'm going to give
you a run-down.

What makes you think
they're down here?

Well I suppose they
fell through the hole.

I can't find any of my
stuff in this crazy place.

And if I go crazy around
here, Graham, I'm blaming you.

Hey, Rose, you
folks want to eat?

ROSE: Yeah.
I'll be up in a minute.



Were they sort of
pink with green lace

and a rose on the side?


Well, I found them.

They were on the
floor of the bathroom.

Well thank god somebody's
got their chips together

around here, even if
it's only you Graham.

Rosemary connected with
her friend in [INAUDIBLE].

And she's going to be
leaving in two days.

Well that explains
her terrific mood.



Cindy, it's for you.




Be right there.
Bye bye.

I wish Rocky would let us

from the inside.

-Hey, want me to a strip number?

-Is everything all right?

Tell you what you need,
you need a good man.

That's what you need.

I feel funny.


[INAUDIBLE] boyfriend.


Are you going to tell me
you never thought about him?

I haven't.

Hey, Margo and I have
an act we do together.

Do you want to see it?



We have to go in the
next room and get ready.

Be back in a minute.

No peeking.

These Canadian broads
are real hot numbers.

Yeah, real friendly

Can I have the
French one after you?

Here they come.

What the hell is this?

Is this the way you
people operate up here?

You know, the one I
really used to hate--

like really hate is the one
that when they used to say,

you remind me of.

You know?

That one, you remind me of.

You remind me of my girlfriend.


Of my wife.

Of my grandmother, my toad.

The one I love is
when the guy says,

I want you to give me
a blowjob [INAUDIBLE].

How about the, I
love your soul rap?

He knows you for
about five minutes

and he's in love with your soul.

Well I think it's also
wonderful with all those cute

little, you know

Oh yeah.

Sorry, the party's
getting dirty.

Graham, you're going to make
somebody a great old man.

-That's true.
-You know that?

I'm going to miss you when I go.


-He's upstairs.

JOAN: Heather.



Oh, you look wonderful.

Bet you're wondering
what I'm doing here.

I got a call from your
boss, Mr. Campbell.

He thought it would
be a great idea

for me to come and visit you.

He sent the money
and everything.

He even said there might
be a job, that maybe I

could work this summer.

Oh, Heather, wouldn't
it be wonderful?

The summer in Montreal?





All right.

We'll be there.

It's Heather.

She's ready.

She couldn't have picked a
street with a bit more traffic,


I'm getting the creeps.

There she is.

How come you went
on the corner?

Cause I was scared.

Oh, you were scared to
go around the corner.

That's bright.

Is there anything
the matter, Heather?


I'm just nervous.

I love these out of town gigs.

Babes, they're don't nothing.

OK, guys.
Let's go.

Hey, what's this?

Tonight, Eddy my boy,
we're going to show you how

we do things in the Big Apple.

Hi, Heather.

Hi, Nicole.

You want some win

No thanks.

I'm tired.

She needs a bit of rest.

Come on, I'll show
you where to lie down.

-Something's rotten in Denmark.

I'll try and talk to her later.

You want me to stay
around for a few days?

Help you out or something?

Uh uh.

You're the first one out.

We don't need that.

Let's go for a drive, eh?

What's going on?

Something's happening,
and I don't know what.

We're going to go see Rocky.

Hello, Henry.

Who are your friends?

The customers.


Listen, Rocky, I don't have
to fucking discuss it, man.

We got to move them,
do you understand?


The guy's out of
town for a few months.

CINDY: This'll do fine.

Peter, get things ready.

I'll go get the girls.


Hey, you got a light?

-From New York?


-You don't say.

You ever seen one
of these before?

You want to dance?

No, I don't feel like it.

Come on.

Come on and dance.

I'm going to go
get some more wine.

Well, girls.

God damn pigs!


Take a good luck, girls.

Next time we play for keeps.

CINDY: Rosemary?





You learned your lesson now?

Let's go home.

Come on.

DAN: You look like a picture.

How is she?

She's OK.

ROCKY: I guess this place is
as good as any to wait him out.

I can't afford any
more screw-ups.

Here's some pills
to keep her calm.

The longer she stays
in bed the better.


Four guys, for the
day after tomorrow.

Listen, I know
they're expensive.


My friend, we're in business.

ROCKY: I don't care
what the word is.

If you're still sitting on the
fence when this thing blows,

you're going to be picking
splinters out of your ass.

I don't want to tell a
guy how to run his business

but why we waiting
until tomorrow?

I think we ought to go in
there and bust ass, tonight.

CINDY: Tony?


How many people are dead?

TONY: Marianne, and
two of Rocky's men.

Anthony? [INAUDIBLE]?

No one's heard from them.

It's not your fault.

CINDY: Whose fault is it then?

Look, I know you,
and I know that look.

And this time there's
nothing you can do.

It's over.
It's finished.

Rocky's handling it.

I was stupid.

I was sure I knew Dan.

It's not over.

Will you wake up?

Aren't you trying
to put me to sleep?

Look, four people are dead.

I thought it wasn't my fault?

[INAUDIBLE], baby.

You never listen to me anyway.

That's good.
No deal.

Wait, let me cut 'em.



Eddy, wake up.

You all right?

TV:She's want's it fancier.

I don't know, some Eskimos.

We took all the candles too.

So we just have to wait
for the [INAUDIBLE].

How can we wait?

How about the bread?

$0.24 a loaf.

And they said they're
going to take all we make.

Then we've got to make
bread, lots of bread.


But you got to have
to wood to burn

if you're going to make bread.

You can't make bread if
you're out chopping wood.

You can't mix it.

You'll get used to it.

That's just it.

She's not here.




I'll see if he can talk.

It's Cindy.

EDDY: You any hardware, Cindy?

EDDY: Let's make sure.

Come here.

Sit down.

It's nice to see you again.

What can I do for you?

I thought a lot
about what happened.

I know you want to apologize.

Well, I-- I want to come back.
DAN: Come back?

I'd thought you'd
never ever were

going to work for me again?

I thought you never
wanted to be associated

with vile people like myself?

What is it?

You want to touch me?

You want to make love to me?

I've given it a lot of thought.

I was wrong.

I shouldn't of interfered.

I think you should
go out in the street

and sell your ass
like a two-bit whore.

But you know that's
not what I want.

No, it's you I want.

Whatever you what.

You're a fucking liar.

You expect me to believe that?

I'm not expecting, I'm hoping.

DAN: Cindy, why do
you do this to us?

Why do you pretend you're
so strong, when all you want

is someone to take care of you?

You know what you're doing?

That's what I always
liked about you, Cindy.

You always thought you
knew what you were doing.

Are you going to shoot me?

DAN: If I weren't going to kill
you now, I would take you back.