Earwig and the Witch (2020) - full transcript

It follows an orphan girl, Earwig, who is adopted by a witch and comes home to a spooky house filled with mystery and magic.

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Ah, she's a bitchy witch

Ah, he's a flagrant fairy

Ah, the demon writhes in pain at the head of his pillow

Don't disturb me
Don't disturb me

Did you have fun on our little stroll?

Well, we made it.

This place is brand new.

You can feel the nice breeze through all these big windows.

And the shepherd's pie is delicious.

From now on you'll be living here, alright?

Don't go anywhere else.

You'll do just fine here,


So early!

Well now.

My, my, my.

It's alright.

Don't you cry now.

Good girl, good girl.

"Got the other twelve witches all chasing me."

"I'll be back for her when I've shook them off."

"It may take years."

"Her name is Earwig."


If this baby's mother is acquainted with 12 other witches,

then she must be a witch, right?

She must have annoyed the rest of her coven.

Witches? How ridiculous!

This means that the baby could be a witch as well.


Nonsense! Witches don't exist in the real world!

Right? Come on, let's go inside.

Earwig... it's almost like she was born to manipulate people...

Earwig... Earwig? Erica... Wigg.

Mrs. Briggs?

Ah, I should introduce you to everyone.

This is Erica Wigg.

Earwig for short!

Well isn't she happy.



What is it boy?

Earwig, we shouldn't.

If they find us, we won't hear the end of it.

Don't worry, we'll be fine as long as they don't find us.

It's show time!

Come on, let's go.

I don't want a scolding.

It'd take a cold day in hell, idiot.


Can't we just wait here?

If you only had the courage...

Earwig! Wait up!


What will you do?

Instead of a bell, a freshly severed human head emerges from
down below whose very ring shakes you to pieces!

Isn't this fun?

Not at all!

And then... the cut off head opens its eyes wide...

...staring right at us.

And then, suddenly...

...the severed head opens its mouth!

...the severed head opens its mouth!


Come on, Custard,

if you're that scared, how would you handle a Martian attack?

I'd get along with the Martians because I bought Heinlein's book.

No doubt if an eight-armed monster had you tied up,

you'd be praying to Buddha!


Martians have three arms, not eight!

Doesn't matter either way.


This feels so good!

Someone will hear you.

Look, it's the others.

A graveyard ghost party, what a masterpiece!

Nobody even noticed that we left.

Come on, look!

Is that a ship?

You're right.

It looks like a spaceship.

I wish I could climb aboard...


Have you ever thought about what it'd be like to be
adopted and live someplace else?


Never considered it.

If anyone were to pick me, they'd have to be pretty weird.

Besides, if I were taken into a normal family,

there'd only be two or three people to order around.

Even a big house would have six at the most. Talk about boring.

But here, I have a whole army of minions at my disposal.

Everywhere I look, the world is sparkling.

The windows are so big, the sunlight fills every room.

That, and the cook makes the best shepherd's pie!

Don't worry. You never get chosen either.

But there are plenty of people who hover over me.

I was almost chosen once.


Remember to cross your eyes like I taught you.

Got that, Custard?

Aye, aye, captain!

Selma! Selma!

Welcome back, Mrs. Briggs.

Where have you been?

Was it family business?

Nothing of the sort!

I ran into my neighbor, Mr. Jenkins, at the bus stop.

Last night, the kids dressed up like ghosts and...

Really? Last night?
Last night, the kids dressed up like ghosts and...

Really? Last night?

Did you notice anything?

No, not at all.

Did you really see a ghost?


Mrs. Briggs,

I did it.


Custard, go on ahead.


Earwig, what is the meaning of this?

Someone's being adopted this afternoon, right?

So I wanted to have a farewell party for everyone.

I was actually going to invite you,

because you're the person I'd miss the most.

Maybe I overdid it a little?

Oh, Earwig, you're so cute.

That's right. Today could be the day for you.

I can't help but wonder why a cute girl like you
hasn't been chosen after all this time.

That's right. I completely forgot.

Here, I got you that present you wanted.

A red sweater?

This is strictly between us.

Got it.

Ah, you've made me the happiest girl in the world!

I love you, Mrs. Briggs!

Oh my.

Um, Mrs. Briggs,
Oh my.

Um, Mrs. Briggs,

What about Mr. Jenkins?

Please tell him that the graveyard is haunted!

Mrs. Briggs, I brought this for you.

My, that's heavy, isn't it?

It's not that bad.

Thank you.


E-Earwig, about yesterday...

Don't worry. I wrote it all out and sent it.

I'm sure you'll get a heartfelt reply tomorrow.


What should we do?

Oh no!

Hey, are we having shepherd's pie for lunch?

Why, if it isn't little miss nosy.

It's shepherd's pie, isn't it? I just know it.

After all, you make the world's most delicious shepherd's pie,

and there's such a lovely aroma.

Who's the master chef here?

That would have to be Earwig.

Oh, it can't be me.

I'm not the one with the belly!

Shouldn't you lose a little weight?

Hmph! I wouldn't dream of it.

You can look forward to lunch, little miss earwig.

I love you, Mr. cook!

My, would you look at this!

What a pretty sparkle in his eyes.


That's a pretty sound, huh.

Here, can I have it? Thank you.

What a good girl.

That makes me sick!

Those kids are more than just dolls.

They're alive, you know.

It's no fun to look at.

We should start acting like dolls, Custard.

I'll be right there!

Sorry to make you wait.

C-Come in.

Alright, form a nice, neat line.

Smile, everyone!

Come on in here.

Allow me to introduce them one by one.

This is Maria Jimenez, eight years old.

She's usually much more energetic.

This is George Markle.

Your face.
This is George Markle.

He loves trucks and automobiles and such.

Next, we have

Christian Flume. He loves sports.

He wants to be on a cycling team.

And the next one is Aki Ricefield. Of all the kids here, he's the best...

His parents died in a fire.

Not only that, it was arson. Truly a charity case.

Huh? Ah, this is Erica Wigg.

She's lived here since she was a baby.


How about it, Mandrake?

What do you think?

I think probably.

We'll take this one.


I refuse!

I'm not going!

What's gotten into you?

You know how much we wanted you to have a family, right?

But I don't want one. I want to stay with Custard!

Come on, Earwig.

These people live close by on Lime Avenue.

I'm sure they'll let you come back to see
your friends whenever you want.

And when school starts, you'll be able to see Custard every day.

Please wait in the office.

You can eat if you want.

You'll be hungry later.

When you're all packed, go on downstairs, ok?

What the hell is this?



Take care.



This is the first time I've ever been forced to do something I didn't want to do.

Why did it turn out like this?

That's definitely a horn.

Alright, challenge accepted.

House Number 13. Of course.

Ah, that's nice. I can climb out and run away whenever I feel like it.

I got what you wanted.

Don't disturb me from now on.

You'll be sleeping in there.

Now let's get a few things straight.

My name is Bella Yaga. I'm a witch.

I brought you here because I need another pair of hands.

If you work hard, I'll leave you alone.


That's fine!

It's alright. I didn't think you looked like a foster mother.

So it's settled then.

In exchange for teaching me how to do magic,

I'll be your assistant.

Well then, that's settled.

Come on in.


Here, wear this and come with me.

It's not your job to stare.

If you don't like it in here,

you can clean up later.

I want you at this table, powdering those rats' bones for me.

By the way, this house has one important rule.

Be sure to keep it in mind, alright?

No matter what happens, you are not to disturb Mandrake.


You mean the man with the horns on his head?

Those are not horns!

Most of the time, anyway.

They only come out when he's disturbed.

What else happens when he's disturbed?

Oh, the most awful things.

If you're lucky, you won't find out.

Now get to work.

Hey, what are you making with this stuff?

Is it magical?

Keep crushing until you have a fine powder.

It should be even finer than flour.

What kind of magic is this? Who's it for?

Is it for you? Is it for Mandrake?

Use your hands, not your mouth, idiot!

Wow, that's so cool!

Don't make me say it again!


Let's see... it calls for a familiar here...

Thomas! Time to shine!

A recipe book?

Who could that be?


Yes, ma'am. This is Bella Yaga.

I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Yep. Yep.

Your grandson...!

"A Spell to Win First Prize in a Dog Show"?

Yes, of course.

You'd like "A Spell to Oust the Leading Actress in a Ballet Recital"?

Happy to be of service.

"Spell to Make Next-Door Dahlias Die"...
Happy to be of service.

"Spell to Make Next-Door Dahlias Die"...

How much do you want?

"Love Potion for the Boy Next Door"?

None of those really seem all that useful.

You can pick it up right away. Well then, have a good day.


Thomas! Do as you're told, or I'll make you eat worms.

Thomas! Thomas! Thomas!


Using the demon you so desperately struggled to retrieve,

a certain woman had her dog, Poppy, win a dog show.

Kvintere sun ptera pteria sun kvintere.

Kvunturus bresten brestemru kvante.

kvintere sun ptera pteria sun kvintere.

kvunturus bresten brestemru kvante.

Smells like violet.

Don't just stand there staring!

There's so much work to do that you'll be tidying up well into the evening.

The low temperature will be 25 degrees. The high temperature...

Well now, I do wonder...

...what the demons have brought us today.

They brought it from Stoke-on-Trent station buffet.

Pie and chips.

I hate station pie.

It's my favorite food.

I like the station pie!

Let's eat!

Before I start ordering Bella Yaga around...

I have to protect myself.

Besides, if I can't take it anymore, I can just run away.

I don't care how much it costs.
I need that order shipped right away.

Thanks. I'm counting on you.


It's gone!

A novel?

What a boring piece of crap.

I'll gladly rewrite it for you.

That hurt!

Ok! Next door!

Damn, that stinks!


The front door disappeared...

It's built into the wall.

Damn it, I'm completely trapped.

This is the first time I've ever slept alone.

Get up, you lazy little beast!

I knew it. Nobody else is using it.

This bathroom is mine.

Watch carefully.

I expect you to cook breakfast for us in the future.

That's fine.

Say, where do you sleep? I can't find your room.

Mind your own business.

What will you do to me if I don't?

I'll make you eat worms.

Great big blue and purple wriggly worms.

You'd better watch out.

She's a witch, and yet she's out here doing laundry.

Quit complaining.

Bring me that basket full of stinging nettle right away!

There we go.


You can't get out that way.

Why not?

Because Mandrake's got his demons guarding it, of course.


In other words, I need to get better at manipulating Mandrake.

Hey! Quit standing there idly and get
me that shredded tobacco.

Hey, what kind of magic are you using?

Hurry up and finish that.

And then you'll show me?

When you're done, crush up that bryonia.

By hand.

Finished! Will you teach me how to do magic now?

Bring me a thistle from the back yard.


Why do there have to be so many thorns?

I brought them.

I don't have enough stinging nettle.

Go get me some more.

What, again? When are you gonna teach me how to do magic?

What do you mean, "again"?

Get me a full basket of raspberries too.

Right away!

Damn it!

I cut the snake skin into 24 pieces.

Will you teach me magic?

I need 120 leaves of belladonna.


Wash those too.

You mean these?

Wash everything in the sink.


What are you looking at? Start washing already.

Please, I want to try doing what you're doing!

You are only to do as you're told!


I've had it with that woman!

She has no intention whatsoever of teaching me magic.

You called, master?

Get me a plate. One of the Winterford ones.

As you wish, master.

Go get fish and chips from Silverhein's for tonight's dinner.

As you wish!

Magic smells so awful.

I wish I were Mandrake.

There it is!

Only Mandrake can control the demons, huh.

I used to be like Mandrake...

I want to see Custard.

I have so many things to tell him...


That woman's been working me to the bone.

We sure have it rough, Custard.

I mean, Thomas.

You two are just so much alike.

The stale heat of a summer's eve

Isn't this nice, Custard?

That's right!

Look, Custard.

Good morning! And what a lovely morning it is.

Starting today, you'll be airing out the laundry.






Huh? What number was I on?

If you don't take this seriously, you'll get the worm treatment.

Why don't you just count these yourself?

I'm far-sighted. I can't see anything that small.

Just like Mrs. Briggs.

Quit talking so much.

When you're done with the newt eyes, count these grains of salt!

And these millipede legs! And these Rhododendron seeds!

And these rat talons! Be sure to count them all.

Quit just standing there or I'll go get the worms!

What is it with her and worms?!

Ugh, I can't draw!

These look more like donkey ears than horns.

Mandrake's face doesn't look like that...

This isn't right.

What the hell is that?

It's Mandrake.

His den is on the other side of this wall.

You can speak!

I don't do it very often.

I think you should stop that drawing.

It's beginning to disturb Mandrake.

Hey, do you know about spells?

Yeah, I know a fair amount. A lot more than you.

I've seen you peeking at her notes.

The spell you really want is near the end.

Want me to show you?

Yes please!

But wait a second.

There's no way Mandrake's room is on the other side of this wall.

That's where the bathroom is.

Yes, I know, but it's there alright.


So dirty!

Hush. You can lick them clean later.

"lick them clean"?

Look, she just left it there.

Open it at the end and keep turning back until I tell you to stop.

"To Make a Plague of Worms"?

"A Thunderstorm to Spoil a Church Fete"

"A Spell to Make the Bus Come on Time"

"To Preserve the Body from All Magic"

Stop there!
"To Preserve the Body from All Magic"

That's the one we need.

If we use that, she can't do a thing to either of us.

But Custard,

I mean, Thomas,

it's got hundreds of ingredients.

All of them are in this room somewhere and we've got all night.

Well, let's get going!

You'll need powdered rats' bones, newts' eyes,

and well-sliced toad for the first stage.

While you're doing those, you can start the henbane heating.

You have to heat three hairs of a cat's tail in with it,

so mind you take them gently.

Next is the Belladonna extract.

That's the fourth bottle along.

Three drops in with the henbane.

"Familiar needed." That's all right.

I'm right here.

What does that mean, "familiar needed"?

A "familiar" is a cat or other animal who helps out witches.

The animal needs to be close to the spell to make it work.

By the way...

A black cat does that best of all.

Then why do you always run away?

Because I don't like the kind of spells she does.

They rub me the wrong way.

Oh, put one drip of rose elixir into the green mix now.

Just a bit more.

Mix it all together in a large bowl and say the magic words.

What magic words?

They're not written here! What are they?

Calm down. They'll be words of binding.

I've heard her use about six different words.

You'd better remember, Custard!

I mean, Thomas! After all this work I've done!

Come on, remember everything!

Say them all. Every single one you've ever heard!

Alright, but only if you stop calling me Custard.

And you need to repeat after me exactly.

You're the witch here, not me.

Alright already.

Kvintere sun ptera pteria sun kvintere.

Kvintere sun ptera pteria sun kvintere

Kvunturu b-bresten bre... bre...


Kvunturu bresten bre... bre... unyau!

Brestemru esteun kvante.

Kvintere sun ptera ptera sun kvintere.

Kvunturu bresten brestemru esteun kvante.

It smells like roses.

What's wrong?

Well... it's just... some of the sounds were me swearing
because I couldn't remember the words.

I just hope it works.


What do I do now? Spread it all over me?

Yes, but you do me first. I worked just as hard as you.

Not to mention all the times I've angered the witch

and had to endure her "worm treatment".

I guess you're right.

I hope it soaks in or something.

Look away.


That's better.

Do you think it will work?

It had better work.

I'm not going through all that again!

I don't want to do it again either...

Get up, you lazy little beast!

Mandrake wants his bacon and eggs.

Tell him to get a demon to do it.

What was that?

I'm coming.

But I'm not your slave, you know.

That's what you think!

She really pushes people to their limits...

I'm just now realizing that.

Quit standing around.

Go get me some stinging nettle and christmas rose.

I've had enough of being treated like a slave!

On top of that, it's raining!

Really? Well then, it'll be ready shortly.

Sheesh! Every last one of them!

What the hell are you doing?

I told you to put the plants in the cauldron,

you useless little beast!

And I told you I'm not your slave!

I only agreed to be your assistant because you promised
you would teach me how to do magic!

All you've done is work me half to death!

I made no such promise.

I only adopted you because I needed another pair of hands.

You're so mean!

You told Mrs. Briggs you wanted to be my foster mother!

Foster mother? Ha!

Go and put more fuel under the cauldron. Now.

If you don't, I'll give you the worm treatment.

Well? Are you going to teach me magic or not?

Of course not.

Like I said, I only adopted you because I was short-handed.

Oh well. No need to say it again.

New Caledonia: sunny...

with a low of 19 degrees...

and a high of 24 degrees...

Shepherd's pie... from the orphanage.
and a high of 24 degrees...

Shepherd's pie... from the orphanage.

Honolulu: sunny...
Shepherd's pie... from the orphanage.

Honolulu: sunny...

It's my favorite food.

Will you be going by broom?

Certainly not. All my customers are very respectable.

They belong to Friends of the Earth and the Mothers Union.

They'd have fits if their neighbors saw me arrive on a broomstick!

Now stop asking stupid questions and get the floor in here clean.

By the time I get back, I want the floor so clean I could eat off it!



Where the hell are you!?

What is it? I was asleep.

The only time I get any peace is when she goes out.

Yes, I know. I just need your help for five minutes.

Is there a spell for giving someone another pair of hands?

What a good idea!

This feels good.

The real difficulty is how to get a hair of her head to coil around the doll.

She won't let you near her hair if she can help it.

Don't worry. I'll think of something.

She keeps saying she wants another pair of hands.

She's going to get them if it kills me!

Sorry, was it too loud?

I hope I wasn't disturbing your work.

Thank you! I was so hungry.

Say, Mandrake.

Are you writing a novel?

I am.

Wow, that's so cool! Please let me read it sometime!

Now, where should I put these hands?

How about on her elbows?

On her knees? She...

Hide it! Quick! She's coming back!

Singing is forbidden in this house!

Where did she hear that song...

You call that floor clean, you lazy creature?

If you don't clean it properly, you'll go without supper!

How am I supposed to get a strand of her hair?

Where even is her room?

Mandrake's room is on the other side of my wall, right?

Could this be one?

That's a Caesalpinioideae vine.

Her hair doesn't fall off in single strands. They're all twisted together.

That's more like it.

Go to your room! You can have bread and cheese for supper there.

That might teach you not to be so lazy in the future!


Mr. Demon?

Are you there?

I thought I could see one.

Mandrake's writing is so boring.

What a waste of time.

Anyway, about Bella Yaga...

She must have gotten some hair stuck in a hairbrush.

If Mandrake's room is on the other side of this wall,

then Bella Yaga's room...

must be there too...

Ugh, I give up!

The way things are going, I'll never get my hands on a strand of her hair.

I don't understand magic.

She's going to have to teach me about it.

Wake up already!

Mandrake wants fried bread for breakfast today!

I found some!

What are you doing!? Hurry up!

Yes, ma'am! I'll be right there!

Just you watch.

Seoul: sunny, with rain starting around 1 PM...

What is this?

I've never made fried bread before. Did I mess up?

It's all wrong!

Why didn't you teach her how?


A-Anyone can cook fried bread.

Wrong. Don't let it disturb me again.

How can I serve my hideous master today?

Don't be rude.

You can take this food away and get me some real
fried bread from the boy scout camp in Epping Forest.

As you wish, ghastly master.

Christchurch: sunny.

How dare you disturb Mandrake like that!

You nearly had me in bad trouble!

Well, you should try to teach me things instead
of just making me do them.

Enough with your silly excuses!

You came here to work!

I could really use that cat right about now!

Come on, it's time to start working!

I need to use the toilet.

Anything to annoy me!

Alright. You have exactly two minutes.

If you're even a little late getting back...

Don't disturb me, or else I swear
Don't disturb me どいつも

I'll put a curse on the lot of you

You wicked girl! What have you done?

Whad hab you dud?

I gave you an extra pair of hands.

I mean, you kept saying you didn't have enough hands.

You were really persistent!

I'll gib you wurbs!

That hurt!

Where are you? The wurbs are cubbing!


We covered our whole bodies with that spell,
so you won't have to live through that again.

...I hope.

What if the spell didn't work?

Despite all our hard work.

Our spell's working alright.

The worms are on the floor, not doing any harm at all.

Scaredy-cat! You're worse than Custard.

But wait...

If we don't act now, she'll figure out that we used a spell to protect ourselves.

We have to hide them!

Isn't it funny how a glimmer of hope always turns up when your luck is at its worst?

What are you doing?

Sending the worms to hide in the bathroom.

No! We're in trouble!!!!!

Honestly, Custard... I mean, Thomas.

Compared to a three-legged Martian, a worm is nothing,

with its tiny little...



It wasn't me! It wasn't me, I swear!

Why you little!

What the hell have you done!?

Something so evil not even you could match it.

What was that!?

I thought I told you not to disturb me!

Ah, she's a bitchy witch
I thought I told you not to disturb me!

Ah, she's a bitchy witch

Ah, he's a flagrant fairy

Ah, he's a flagrant fairy

Ah, the demon writhes in pain at the head of his pillow

Here! Turn off that bothersome music.
Ah, the demon writhes in pain at the head of his pillow

Ah, the demon writhes in pain at the head of his pillow

After all, he told us not to disturm him anymore.
Ah, the demon writhes in pain at the head of his pillow

Don't disturb me, or else I swear
After all, he told us not to disturm him anymore.

Right, Mandrake?
Don't disturb me, or else I swear

What did you...
Right, Mandrake?
Don't disturb me, or else I swear

Don't disturb me, or else I swear
What did you...

Do with her as you wish. I'll leave you two alone.
Don't disturb me, or else I swear

Do with her as you wish. I'll leave you two alone.

to all you people who dare bother me
Do with her as you wish. I'll leave you two alone.

to all you people who dare bother me

Don't disturb me, or else I swear

Don't disturb me, or else I swear

I'll put a curse on the lot of you

I'll put a curse on the lot of you

"Earwig"? You've got to be kidding!

Inside the cold, ash covered hearth,

a cragged, barefoot maiden is crying out

How long has she been dreaming of a prince on a white horse coming to get her?

All of his toys lie inside the castle tower

The pale-faced prince is a shut-in

With 100 locks on the door to his room, he knows not of a woman's touch

Ah, the feebleminded prince

Ah, the unsightly maiden

Ah, it would take a miracle for her to open that door

Don't disturb me, or else I swear to all you people who dare bother me

Don't disturb me, or else I swear I'll damn you all to roast in hell

Don't disturb me, or else I swear to all you people who dare bother me

Don't disturb me, or else I swear I'll put a curse on the lot of you

That's enough.

She gave you worms.

Mandrake, you were a rockstar!
She gave you worms.

Mandrake, you were a rockstar!

I love Earwig! Who's that lovely redhead?

Your lover?

I'm telling you, she's coming with the worms.

About that... my plan was to hide them in the bathroom,

but it looks like I got the wrong room.

Magic worms can penetrate a magic wall, so they came into my den.

The song is also magical. That's why you were able to enter.

She won't be bothering you anymore.

So don't go bothering her either.

I told her to make you a proper assistant and teach you properly.

Thank you!

She's always been talented,

be it drums, spells, what have you...

Did Earwig break up?

Who's the redhead?

Wait! What about the Witch's Coven?

Shut up! What I do with my life is my decision!

Hmph! Bye-bye, scaredy cat.

I'd rather not be manipulated by a dozen old hags.

When a witch makes a hole, only a witch can plug it.

She left us...

I won't run away, Mandrake! I'll grow up to be a fine witch!

So please! Please let me help you with your novel.

I'd like to be of service.

It's time to go.

I don't like being disturbed.

Mandrake, please!

Just a minute, Mandrake!

School starts tomorrow, so could you please ask her to let me go?

I want to see my friend Custard.

Custard is a bookworm, just like you.

But he only reads science fiction.

He should read some mystery every now and then.

That's ok with you, right?

You won't hear a peep from my room if I'm at school all day.

I'll think about it.

Oh well.

You know, Thomas, if things work out right,

Whe should be able to control them to our hearts' content.

As long as I don't mess up, right?

You'll teach me magic, won't you? Right away, please.

But how will you be able to comprehend the...

Thank you very much! Mandrake said you would.

After all, you're a skilled witch and an excellent drummer!

I want to be like you!

O-Oh, stop!

Come on, we have to clean first!

You need to learn how to use a broom!

Don't disturb me, or else I swear
Don't disturb me あたしを

to all you people who dare bother me


Hey, can we have a picnic with everyone sometime soon?

We could take the yellow car!

Idiot! If you have that much free time, then start learning your first spell!

First of all, only Mandrake drives that car.

Oh? Well I'd like take a ride with you driving.
First of all, only Mandrake drives that car.

Oh? Well I'd like take a ride with you driving.

Oh? Well I'd like take a ride with you driving.


I never agreed to that!

It's been half a year since I was adopted.

For the time being, everyone does as I say.

This feels much better than being at the orphanage.

I've decided. I'll have the grill mix!

Mandrake has taken to calling me 'Dearwig' with a sweet voice.


Good morning, Mandrake. Is grill mix ok for breakfast?


I read yesterday's draft. Very interesting!

When the kids got lost in the tower in the middle of the night

and they found a freshly severed head where the bell should've been

it gave me chills!

When can I read the next part?

I'll start writing it.

I'm also learning to order the demons around little by little.

Well then. Demon!

You called, beautiful young misstress.

Mandrake and I will have the grill mix. As for Bella Yaga...

But there's still one thing I'm not satisfied with.

Custard hasn't ever come over here to play.

Please open it.
Custard hasn't ever come over here to play.

Please open it.


He doesn't want to come because he's afraid of Mandrake.

But don't worry. After all I've accomplished in this house,

dealing with Custard should be a piece of cake.

It's here!


Merry Christmas, Earwig.

The purple sky before nightfall,

The crows scavenging the crap,

Pretty soon everyone in town will be rubbing their eyes.

The streets will be full of people walking or driving home.

The brightly twinking stars are dovetailing.

In the pouring down rain, I say goodbye to my hero.

After a hot cup of tea,

the wind clears up in the wasteland.

The world I see from the top of the hills

is all mine.

Concrete and plastic,

A papier mâché town full of decorations,

The people in the crowd look like zombies.

I slip through on either side.

What looked like treasure is nothing but junked electronics.

I say goodbye to the hero I no longer need.

I dip my bare feet

in the outpouring of sweet water.

The real world is just like it has always been.

After a hot cup of tea

the wind clears up in the wasteland.

is all mine.

I dip my bare feet

in the outpouring of sweet water.

The real world is just like it has always been.