Earth's Final Hours (2011) - full transcript

After dense matter from an imploded white hole hits Earth, the planet's rotation is devastated. A group of government agents must locate a lost satellite network that is the world's only hope for survival. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
So this is normal?

No, not really.

They don't look like
communication devices...

anything dangerous.

Well, I told you we don't get anything
that exciting up here.

Still, someone went to a lot of effort
to set these things up.

I don't think it was

some weekend warrior.

Well, they do head off
in that direction.


Let's check it out.

(crows cawing)

Yo, boss.

How many more
once these are done?


There's another field
beyond those trees,

but it shouldn't take more
than a few more days.


Well, then you won't
be needing me?

- (device beeps)
- No.

'Cause the extra money's
coming in handy.

(device beeps)

So... if you find
what you're looking for,

will you, like,
win a peace prize?

That's not my intention.

Well, then what
are you looking for?


Five bucks it's aliens.

Yeah, we get that sort of thing
up here all the time--

UFO chasers,
alien trackers,

and extraterrestrial

You'll get used to it.

I bet.

A lot different than DC, huh?

- A bit.
- (chuckles)

I recycle.

Up there.

(car doors open)

(doors close)


Friends of yours?

Not me.

Hey there.

So, uh...

how you guys making out?

Just fine, thank you.
Can I help you with something?

Man: Oh, just wondering
what you're up to.

You got a heck of a setup
going on out here.

Nothing serious.


I counted hundreds of these things
on the way in.

Looks pretty serious to me.

I'm sorry.
Who are you gentlemen?

Oh, uh, just the feds.

Yeah, I'm Agent Massey.
This is Agent Streich.

You know, it'd be great
if you could tell us

what you're really doing
out here 'cause,

well, I've never seen an enthusiast
this well-equipped.

Yes, well, we're setting up arrays
to monitor celestial events.

This is private land.

How about you?
What are you doing out here?

I'm making $8 an hour.

- (loud blast)
- (gasps)

It's coming.

Stop! Hey!

- Stop!
- Hey. Whoa.

Nice and easy run.



Take care of my circles.

What are you talking about?

Circles that...

- I asked him, but he didn't tell me.
- (tablet beeping)


You think these things
fell off a plane?

I don't know.

I don't know, but this guy
knew something.

Yeah, but not enough
to get out of the way.

- What about the girl?
- Nah, nothing useful.

Local hire. He paid her cash,
gave her a fake name.


- Prints?
- Nothing.

I punched them in.
Not even Interpol.

Great. John Doe.

We're gonna need
a science officer out here.

Just send those prints
and a photo to Virginia,

see if anything comes up.

Got it.


(horns honking)


Glad you could find the time.

Lockman, what's so important
that I had to leave a meeting

with the chief of staff?

20 minutes ago,
we got a positive ID

on Dr. Andreas Gutierrez.

He's in the States.

In the States?

How'd he get in the country?

We don't know.

Is he-- is he in custody?

He's dead.

Who else knows about this?

No one.

Prints came over
an encrypted channel.

His identity's secure.

What happened?

Freak accident.

I have an associate on the scene.
I can find out more from him.


I want you on the ground
over there to contain this.

- Leaving right away.
- Good.


Why what?

Why risk it?

After all these years,

why risk resurfacing?


(distant dog barking)


(horn honks)

Hey, sunshine.

Why a picnic in the front yard?

Just conducting an experiment.

Did you bring food?

- Yep.
- Nice.

We're like
an old married couple.

Gross. Please, I've known you
since you ate boogers.

I'll never get past that.

What are you doing?

Well, Mrs. Elman,

she was going to be evicted
from her house

for not paying
her property taxes.

She's on a fixed income.

I mean, the city keeps
raising taxes, and for what?

(car departs)

Where are you going with this?

Oh, let's just say

she doesn't have to worry
about that anymore.

(horn honks)

What did you do?



I hacked into the mayor's
expense account

- and, you know...
- (knocking)

took care of her back payments.

You hacked into the city's
financial system?

- Andy: I might've thrown in a few...
- Thank you!

amenities as well.

You know, just thought
I'd help her out.

Andy, no, wait.

This isn't good.
You can't do this.

Even if it's right in spirit,
there are laws.

But you forgot
the moral of the story.

What's that?

I never get caught.

(siren blares)

(police radio chatter)

I'll say one thing,
Andy Streich--

when you go, you go big.



I'm looking
for Agent Streich.

(camera clicks)

Thank you.

- Agent Streich?
- Yes?

- Chloe Edwards, Science Division.
- Hey. John Streich.

- This is my assistant Ellie.
- That's Agent Massey.

So what happened out here?

Well, we were on a routine

questioning the suspect.

Heard this massive sonic boom.

Something came out of the sky
and hit our victim.

- What did it look like?
- Phew.

Like a meteor shower--

airplane or satellite debris,
I'm not sure.

I tell you, it was one hell
of an impact, though.

Well, 100 metric tons
of space debris

usually land on the Earth
every year.

I mean, most of it just burns up
in the atmosphere,

but some of it does get through.

It happens.

It's strange, though.

Something that would've been
powerful enough to rip through a man

and plow this deep
into the Earth

should've left
more of an impact crater.

- Who was he?
- Massey: We don't know.

He wasn't carrying ID
and the prints turned up nothing.

Well, I'm guessing
he was a scientist

by the looks of these
collection devices.

These are typically used
for gathering info and data.

My guess is that he was
expecting a strike here.

What does that prove?

Well, a hit on
one of those panels

would reveal
all sorts of information--

velocity, trajectory,
trace elements, maybe.

Are these the only panels?

Well, we've got
two fields so far.

We got a report
on another one nearby.

Yeah. It's a really small area
to place collection devices

and get an immediate hit.

Did he have a computer?

Yeah, we sent it away
to be analyzed.

So this guy knew that
something was coming.

- So I really need to see any data...
- (phone ringing)

that he had on him.
If there's anything that you can--

Excuse me.
John Streich.

Woman on phone: Please hold
for Division Chief Lockman.

- (tablet beeping)
- Man: Here, this one.

John, how's the Pacific Northwest?

Cloudy on a clear day,

- How are you?
- I'm on my way to you.

Out here? Why?

Oh, I hear you're in the middle
of an unusual situation.

- Nothing I can't handle.
- I'll be there in six hours.

Actually, I wanted to talk to you
about a personal matter.

What's that?

John, I just got a report
that I think is best handled

within the family.

A report?
What are you talking about?

It's your son.

(police radio chattering)

You know how much flack
I'm gonna get for doing this?

Mrs. Elman lived across the street
from me my whole life.

She was gonna lose her house.

It was the right thing to do.

One thing you gotta
get straight, son.

That's the difference
between right and wrong.

You're a spook, Dad.

That's the definition
of moral ambiguity.

- Get in the car.
- Where are we going?

I was the in the middle
of an assignment.

I got a lead to follow up on.
You're coming with.

Are you serious?

What, you wanna
go back up to lockup?


(engine starts)

(tires screeching)

- (phone beeps)
- Phone off.

Come on.

I think you've had enough fun
with electronics for one day.

You know, Mom would've been
proud of me for doing what I did.

Your mom would've been
proud of your intent

and appalled at your execution.

- Whatever.
- No, no, no. Not whatever.

You think the rules
don't apply to you?

You hate the system?

Then why don't you do something
constructive about it?

That's rich.


(keyboard clicking)

(computer beeping)

Traces of iridium?



The soil is nearly fused.

The heat coming off of it
must've been incredibly intense.

And there's something else.

I can't find the bottom
of this thing.

It's like it has no depth.

Well, maybe the range finder
needs to be recalibrated.

(both gasp)

What was that?

(both scream)


Dad, what's that?

I don't know.


- Hold on!
- Help me!



(both screaming)

Don't let go!



What's going on?

I don't know.
I don't know.

Why can't you put me through?

No, Defense assigned me
this case

and now they're
stonewalling me?

Do you have any idea
what just happened out here?

(phone beeps)

You okay?

Not really.

Just texted Buckley.

He got a report
about a radio burst

in the skies above Australia.


Well, what did it look like?

Witnesses reported a stream of fire
shooting into the sky.

What the hell was that scientist
looking for out here?

(phone ringing)

- Streich.
- It's Chloe Edwards at ground zero.

Look, something
just happened out here.


- What happened?
- I don't know.

Some kind of energy displacement
or something.

But I really need you out here
as soon as possible.

Something happened here as well.

The impact crater
has gone haywire

and I need
your assistance now.

I'll be right there.

Come on.

Streich's on his way.


(phones ringing)

Mr. Director, we've lost
a dozen more satellites

in the past two hours.

Yes, I've had five different
departments tell me that.

Do you wanna know
what no one has told me?

- What, sir?
- Why?

We're trying to figure
that out now.

Ah, that makes six.

Sir, we also lost contact
with Enden Research Station.

We've been unable
to reestablish communications.

We just don't know
why this is happening.

Well, do something.
What about the deep-orbit telescope?

Turn it around, point it at us.

We have to know
what's going on up there.

Will do.


What about the British,
the Chinese?

They having
the same problems?

The EU is just as blind as we are.

Image coming online.

What is that?

This can't be right.
This is unlike anything I've ever seen.


I don't know what this is.

- Mayday, Mayday!
- (Klaxon blaring)

Is anyone getting this?
This is Lieutenant Read.

We're experiencing
heavy storms.

- I repeat, heavy storms.
- (static hissing)

(alarm blaring)


(Read yells)


Do you have any idea
what's happened since you left?

We almost died out here.

Did you report to Defense?

Well, I tried, but your office
is shutting me out.

Look, that guy that died out here,
he knew something.

I gotta get my hands
on that computer.

Look, there's protocol.
You know that.

If they're putting the guy
through high-level clearance,

there's a reason for it.

There's a very strong reason for it.

- What are you covering?
- Cov--

You know, I'd like some answers
myself, Chloe, all right?

We just got caught in a storm
not like anything I've ever seen.

What kind of storm?

A few miles west of here.
Like, solar flares flying all over.

- You didn't see that?
- It was like fire from the sky.

It nearly killed us.

- I'm sorry, who are you?
- That's my son Andy.

- Oh. Hey.
- I wanna know.

Are they related, these things--
storms, whatever?

Oh, no, no, no, no,
I am not telling you anything

until you let me get my hands
on that computer.

Okay, fine.
Let's go.

There's a division head
en route.

I'm gonna put you in front of him,
get some answers.

Division head.

Do you always take your son
on assignments?


Just some much needed
father and son time.

Which finally got exciting.

Yeah, well, I'm dropping you off
at the house.

What, don't want me to see
any of this cover-up in action?

Do you have any idea
how tough

a true cover-up really is?

I don't know.
Why don't you tell me?


Hey, look, why don't
you head back to the lab,

see if anybody else has heard anything
about these storms, okay?

I'll be on my cell.

Head to your room.

We'll talk when I get back.

I think I'm a little old
to be sent to bed.

But old enough
to go to prison.

Glad to have you here, Dad.


You okay?



Stay out of trouble, huh?
I'll be back soon.



Long story.

Girl: Hey.

Hey, did you get my text?

- Yeah, are you all right?
- I don't know.

There was stuff
whipping out of the sky.

I mean, there's a serious
cover-up going on.

Okay, you know that you have
an unhealthy obsession

- with this stuff, right?
- Not today.

Grab your car.
I'm gonna grab my laptop.

Meet me here in five.


Teenagers, huh?


His mother and I split up when...

he was really young.

She passed away a few months ago,
so I moved back.

(clears throat)

Did you ever see
anything like this?


I've never even heard
of something like this.

- Oh.
- No impact crater,

yet the object hit with such force
that our instrumentation

can't even find the depth.

I mean, it was so hot
that it melted the soil.

There are trace elements
in the residue

that don't exist
in our database.

I don't know, I just feel like
I'm missing a connection somewhere.

We're just gonna have to get you
access to that computer.

Are you offering help?

You know what? Believe it or not,
I really am on your side.

- (laughs)
- Well, good.

- Because I am not gonna be--
- (booming)

- (gasps)
- (tires screeching)

That's what we saw.

What is that?

Let's get outta here.

Why are we here?

I'm tethering onto a relay tower
instead of my house,

so it'll make it harder for them
to trace the ISP.

"Tethering onto a relay tower

instead of my house
will make it..."

Making it really hard
for them to track me.

- You mean us.
- Trust me, Michelle.

It's like we're being bombarded
by unfiltered solar radiation.

- Is that even possible?
- I don't know.

I'm just throwing out ideas.

- Lockman land yet?
- I have no idea.

What's all this?

I've been tracking all reported
anomalies since those things hit.

There's been a tremendous
amount of activity.

Oh, check this out.

It just came over the wire
about an hour ago.

That's LA.

Oh, that's an aurora.

They're caused
by solar particles

interacting with
our magnetosphere.

It's essentially solar radiation.

Like what we just saw
in the fields?


For it to be this intense,

it would mean that
the Earth's magnetic field

would be breaking down
on an epic scale.

How could that even be?

Andy: All right, I'm in.

Thank you, Dad.

Now let's see how deep
his clearance goes.

Hacking into
the Defense Administration?

Are you crazy?
What are you looking for?

If my dad's linked
to this cover-up,

I wanna know what it is.

Haven't you gotten
into enough trouble already?

You're not helping things.

Why are you on me about this?

Because I don't wanna
see you go to prison.

- Michelle, come on.
- Andy.

- Whoa.
- What?

This is a top secret briefing.

It's something about

extinction scenarios.


Thank you for making time
on such short notice.

The briefs are in front of you.

Most of this,
as you can see,

has been pieced together
from several disparate

and ongoing investigations.

Much of it is based on classified
information at the highest levels,

so I can assure you that
what I am about to say

is a reality.



Wait a minute.

How far ahead is Australia?

- What, six--
- 16 hours, yeah.

That would put it
around the same time

as the initial impact.


John, whatever it was
that hit the field

went through.

What are you talking about?
Went through what?

The planet.

Interstellar particulate matter

no larger than a softball,

but with the density
of a hundred planets

pierced the Earth,

passing through.

- Andy: Whoa.
- What?

I think I just got into
some serious crypto-level stuff.

Wait a minute.

A meteorite cannot
go through the Earth.

- It's impossible.
- No, it is possible.

It would take something
with tremendous density,

like particles
from a neutron star or...

Chloe, let's...


(clears throat)

White hole.

Like a black hole?

Well, theoretically,
it's the other side.

See, black holes suck matter in.

White holes expel matter out.

I mean,

a white hole explosion

could potentially expel matter
into the universe

so small and so dense
that it could literally...


How bad is the damage?

Solar radiation storms
and other anomalous weather

being reported
across the globe

is a direct result from damage
to the Earth's rotation

caused by this impact.

I believe it's as bad as it gets.

Andy, you have to get out of there.
Someone's gonna find you.

Michelle, relax.
They can't find me.

- I've heard that before.
- (helicopter blades whirring)

Andy, seriously,
we should go.

Hang on.

If a particle of dense matter
managed to pass through the planet,

then it could affect
the Earth's rotation.

Is this permanent
or is this something we can fix?

Mr. Secretary,
the Earth's rotation

has been
catastrophically damaged.

And our best estimate is that
in the next 12 to 24 hours,

the Earth will cease
to rotate completely,

resulting in total failure
of the magnetic shield.

- Come on.
- No, seriously. Just listen.

The first signs of a severely
degraded rotation

would be a weakened


The Earth's magnetosphere,
if you'll look to the screen,

the Van Allen belt,

shields us from deadly solar winds
and cosmic radiation.

This belt is generated
by the Earth's rotation.

If the rotation erodes,

so does the shield.


Meaning solar radiation
would be able to penetrate

our atmosphere, which matches up
with what we just saw.

I mean, it's happening
all over the place.

Oh, no.

What, your dad's actually
involved in a cover-up?

I-- I don't think he even knows
what's going on.

When this happens...

and it will...

half the globe will be
frozen in darkness

while the other half
burns in perpetual sun.


Still, that's a pretty big

Look, if we could get our hands
on that scientist's computer,

it may be able to give us
some answers.

- Try and get that computer.
- Will do.


We anticipate that there will be
a small strip of land--

a green zone if you will--

that will sustain
a semblance of life.

But as we've all seen,

the Earth's surface
will be susceptible

to deadly solar radiation.

These solar radiation storms
will continue to intensify

as the Earth's rotation erodes.

I think we're gonna
need some help.

I'm gonna send this
to my dad's printer at work.

(Michelle sighs)

(modem screeching)

What time is it?

Without the magnetic shield,
I think that it's unlikely...

I think it's unlikely
that anything will survive.

Should the sun still be up?

(all murmuring)

Okay, I remember--

oh, what was it?

Right there.

Dr. Rothman.

He had a theory on white holes.

Looks like
he had a breakdown

and ended up
in Greenwood Asylum.

It says he partnered with
a South American physicist

named Andreas Gutierrez.

That's him.

That's our John Doe.

Woman over P.A.: The temperature
in Seattle is unseasonably high.

Welcome to Seattle, sir.

This is the dossier that just came in
from Washington.

- Requires immediate attention.
- Thank you.

Sir, we're also tracking
a security breach

in the defense mainframe.

- It's coming from one of our own.
- One of our own? Who?

Agent John Streich.

(phone ringing)

Arnett: Lockman, did you get
the dossier with Leary's briefing?

Gutierrez was right.

Yeah, unfortunately.

From what I just heard,
his and Rothman's technology

may be our only hope.

The Resonator Program?

That project was killed
20 years ago.

If the program does
what it's supposed to,

it may very well protect any last bits
of this planet worth saving.

Get out to Greenwood Asylum.
See Rothman.


After all these years,
he's not gonna want to play nice.

Well, then you're just gonna
have to convince him, aren't you?

I want it done.

(phone beeps)

Tell the other two cars
to hit Michi Park.

We're taking a detour.

Look at the position
of the sun.

Well, that's great.

Our evidence has been classified.
We can't get to it.

And all requests
have to go through Lockman.

- Classified?
- (printer whirring)

- Why weren't we notified?
- John?

Look at this.

This is from
a classified briefing.

I can't believe this.

It's actually happening.

The Earth's rotation
is stopping.


- Who sent this?
- I don't know.

(phone ringing)

- This is Streich.
- Lockman: John.

You wanna tell me
why you breached security?


Crypto-level files
have been compromised

and I wanna know
what you're looking for.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

- Lockman, l--
- (beeping)

- Hang on a second.
- (beeps)

Andy, what in the world
do you think you're doing?

Dad, Chloe was right.

The government
is covering something.

It's a briefing
to Secretary Arnett.

It's about
the end of the world.

And they're not telling anybody.


You sure about that?

Just read the file I sent you.

(paper rustles)

Okay, Andy.

Listen to me.

I want you to log out
of the mainframe,

hang up, turn off your cell.

Are you home?

No, I'm at--
I'm at Michi Park.

Don't go home.

Go to Aunt Jackie's
in Olympia, all right?

Just stay there till I get you.

But, Dad--

Andy, this is more serious
than you know.

Go now.

Andy, what's this all about?

The end of the world?


(phone beeping)

We need to get out of here.
Get the rest of those printouts.


You haven't seen me,
you don't know about this.

I'll be in touch.
Let's go.

Where are we going?

Greenwood Asylum
to see Rothman.

It's a CIA-run institution.

The CIA doesn't run institutions.

- (chuckles)
- (engine starts)

You think he's being held there
against his will?

This isn't just a coincidence.

I think Rothman is the key
to the whole thing.

- (keys jingle)
- (lock clicks)

Woman on P.A.:
Orderly with restraints to room seven.

Mr. Lockman.

Long time no see.

Dr. Rothman.

We need to have a little chat.

It doesn't have
anything to do

with the position
of the sun, does it?

Lockman: Then you already
know why I'm here.

Can't say you weren't warned.

Now it's happened.

A green zone is being
determined as we speak.

To make it sustainable,
we need to generate

an artificial magnetic shield.

We're reactivating
the Resonator Project.

You're reactivating the project?

God, you have a pair.

You are unfathomable to me.

After all these years
and everything you've done to me,

you come here and you're
asking me for my help?

This isn't about
you and me, Doctor.

This is about
preserving humanity.

Oh, humanity!

Oh, you know, that's a great word
coming out of your mouth.

You'll have better luck
with Gutierrez.

If you can find him.

Oh, I found him.

Unfortunately, it was after
a piece of dense matter

shot through his chest
on its way through the planet.

What are you talking about?

My God.

Any idea what he was
doing out there?

Out there?

I've been in here
for 15 years, remember?

Remember everything
you've taken from me?

My life, my work?

We could've prepared for this!

Could you have stopped it?


Let's say I believed you.
Could you have prevented it?

Nobody could've
prevented the impact,

but we had a program in place
for the recovery.

The resonator was never designed
to jump-start the planet.

- It was never designed as a weapon.
- Doesn't matter.

Now it can do
what you proved it could do.

- That's all we have time for.
- Oh, God.

My God, I can see it.

I can see it now.
That's your humanity.

With this little clutch
of rich and powerful people

huddled under
the stolen umbrella

while the world burns.


What was that phrase
that you had?

"The continuity of government"?

I'd rather watch you all burn.

This isn't a request.

If I help,
it'll be on my terms.

No, no, no.

No, it won't, Doctor.

I was hoping that you'd do
the right thing.

You've had our cocktail.
You know how effective it is.

You will do exactly what I say.

- See you on-site.
- Listen, listen.

The resonator
could do something

that you never allowed it to do.

We can save this planet.

We will, Doctor.

Just not all of it.

(tires screeching)

- (agents chattering)
- (guns cocking)

- Agent: Don't move.
- Freeze! Federal Government!

- We can't go with them.
- They have guns on us.

If we go in that car,
we're dead.



- Agent: Hey!
- Hey!

(Michelle screams)

Run! Run!


(phone ringing)

- Go.
- Rothman's still delusional.

I'm gonna have to force him
to get what we need.

Whatever it takes.

I'm headed for
the remote compound now.

I'll have it brought over
when it's secure.

We need him to make sure
the system's still functional.

What about the breach?
Has it been contained?

Agents reported finding
Streich's kid in the park.

We lost contact
with them after that.

You lost them?

Mr. Secretary,
take a look around.

I'm surprised we got
a hold of anybody.

I did manage to get Streich
on the phone,

but with these storms, it's--

If he goes off reservation,
if word spreads too quickly,

there'll be panic in the streets.

Make this even more impossible
than it already is.

I'm sure it's the kid.
We have agents on him.

Streich's a company man.
He'll stay on point.

He'd better.

(security radio chatter)

It's fortified.

But not overrun with guards.

And that's a good thing?

Come on.

(Michelle coughs)



Are you-- are you okay?

What was that?

It was the same thing
that hit me and my dad,

but about 10 times worse.

What's going on?

(security radio chatter)

- Damn.
- What is it?

It's my boss-- Lockman.

Your division chief is here?
What for?

My guess--

same reason why we're here.

If he knows about Rothman,

then he knew who Gutierrez was.

(car doors opening)

(engines starting)

He classified my evidence
to hide the connection.

They're trying to bury this.

What if Rothman
doesn't have the answers?

If you end up in this place,
they still need you for something.

(tires screeching)

You think they got Rothman?

(buzzer sounds)

Let's find out.


So, that's it?

They don't have any plan?

Can't they send up
a rocket or something?

That's science fiction,

So, what? The government
has all these cover-ups

and all these secrets, but they don't
have some plan to fix it?

Wait a minute.

Andy, what are you
looking for now?


Earth's rotation,
magnetic shields.

Just because nobody
in that briefing knew anything

doesn't mean no one does.

(door closes)

Find out what room he's in.


Says he's in observation,
room A.

Scheduled for transport.

Hey, what are you doing here?
This area's off-limits.



- Nice job.
- Let's go.

Andy, this is insane.

Arnett-- he was that guy
from the briefing.

Some guy named Rothman...

- Project Resonator.
- Michelle: What?

Hold on.
I've got something.

Andy: Wait a minute.
This is a magnetic shield generator.

- This is it.
- What are we supposed to do?

(laptop closes)

Don't worry.

We just gotta find my dad.

(engine starts)

Open it.

Open it!

Where is it?!

(buzzer sounding)

- Dr. Rothman?
- Rothman: Yes?

I'm Agent John Streich.

This is Agent Chloe Edwards,
Science Division.

who introduce themselves.

That's very polite.

Look, I'm not here
because of the agency.

I'm here because
we need your help.

And there isn't much time.

Do you know where
Lockman's going?

Dr. Rothman, please.

We're on your side.

We also know about your work
with Andreas Gutierrez.

- He's dead.
- Streich: I know.

- I was with him when he died.
- What-- you were with him?


Do you have any idea
what he was working on?

- Did-- did he say anything?
- Nothing that made any sense.

What-- indulge me.

He said something about circles.
Do you know what that means?

- What specifically did he say?
- He said...

"Take care of my circles."

Do you know what's going on?

If I believe what I read,
the end of the world.

What do you know?

I know how to stop it.

(alarm blaring)

- We gotta get out of here.
- I'm coming with you.

Let's go.

Where is it?

- Where's what, sir?
- Everything in this damn warehouse.

Now, there hasn't been
anything here for months.

- What do you mean, months?
- Well, now, see, it was moved, sir.

- Where?
- I don't know.

How long have you been guarding
an empty warehouse?

Uh, well, it's--
it's been almost a year now.

Show me the paperwork.

- Now.
- Okay.

(phone rings)

- Arnett.
- Lockman: It's gone.

- What?
- The warehouse is empty.

- How?
- How would I know?

Just yesterday it was a pile
of worthless, outdated equipment.


He must've hacked in,
issued false transfer orders.

I don't know how he would've gained
access without being detected.

I don't know, but if he did,
then it could be anywhere.

I'm gonna go
get Rothman myself.

I'll make him talk.

Listen, listen, listen.

If those satellites are still up there
and we can find them,

I bet I can control them
from here.

No, no, no. That technology
is archaic and outdated.

The code they used
to write the system is obsolete.

You'll never
figure it out in time.

Leave that to me.
I've got Gutierrez's computer.

I bet he had back door access.

Listen, just-- I'll work on that,
you get to Rothman.

Bleed it out of him
if you have to.

I'm on my way.

- (tires squeal)
- (alarm continues)

Special agents!
Show yourself!

We have company.

We can get to the main road
through the woods.

Come on.

We've got movement
up on the hill.

As far as we know, all our satellites
have been rendered inoperative.

No, no, no, not these.
They were designed for this purpose.

They use a different
orbital rotation.

We couldn't possibly locate

any missing satellites
in all this chaos.

Bring every resource you have to bear
on finding these things.

There's two of them.

Could be any piece of hardware
that'll give a signature.

- They will--
- Excuse me.

they'll register
as Resonators One and Two.

Sir, there are over 8,000
pieces of equipment orbiting.

We'd be looking for a needle
in a haystack.

Just listen to me.

This is our only chance
of survival.

It may very well be
the last thing you ever do,

so I suggest you do it well.


(birds chirping)

What did Lockman
want with you?

Gutierrez and I led a team

that built a highly advanced
satellite system.

It was known
as the Resonator Program.

Its sole purpose
was to manufacture

a manmade magnetic field.

Is that even possible?

Well, it's possible.
We did it.

I mean, we did it in isolated areas,
but we did it.

What happened?

Well, the power used
to generate a magnetic field

can also blast a hole through it.

And this is what Arnett and Lockman
were forcing us to do--

to weaponize it.

And when we went against that,

the-- well, our team
was wiped out,

Gutierrez fled the country,

and I was locked up
and buried.

But if it exists, then it could
help protect us, right?

Well, this is precisely
what Lockman is trying to do

and exactly why
we cannot let him do it.

Why wouldn't you want
to help him do that?

- What, to save a few people?
- Yeah.

Well, why save a few
when we can save them all?

Central, I have eyes
on Rothman.

I repeat, I have
eyes on Rothman.

And confirmed--
he's with Edwards and Streich.


They're heading east
through the forest

behind Greenwood Asylum

towards the 405.

I want them apprehended
by any means necessary.

Damn it.

But your dad's an agent.
Why would they be after him?

I don't know, but...


We're running out of time.

(thunder rumbling)

(bird squawking)

Lockman and Arnett never believed
the white hole theory.

They never bought into the fact
that we had discovered

that there was matter that could,
in fact, pierce the Earth.

They were only interested
in their own weaponry.


Well, what does that matter now?
I don't understand.

Well, we didn't see it at first,
but later on,

when the project was being stolen
from beneath our feet,

we could see.

See what?

That same energy,
that focused beam,

if it could be targeted
and shot through the hole,

right through the point of impact
and exit of the dense matter,

then that energy
could enter the Earth, see?

And the ensuing charge
could restart the planet?

It'd be like a giant defibrillator

on a dying planet.

Wait, wait. How can you force
the rotation of an entire planet?

- l-- (scoffs)
- Listen-- listen to me.

When the matter hit the Earth,

it literally drove us
into a near standstill

and disrupted the magnetic field
and consequently the rotational orbit.

The resonator satellites
are calibrated, see,

to read the magnetic pulse
and to accelerate it.

There's nothing
we can do about it

if Lockman and Arnett
have control over it.

Well, I don't think they do.

What do you mean?

I think it was moved.

I think Gutierrez managed to hack
into the Defense Administration

and he had
the command center,

the resonator transferred.

How do you know that?

You must promise me
you'll do the right thing.

You've been in lockup
for 15 years.

- How do you know it was moved?
- Promise me.

(tires screech)

- Where's Rothman?
- He went that way.

- Some of your men are in pursuit.
- How far?

About a klick.

Rothman: The last thing
that Gutierrez said to you--

it was a code.

"Take care of my circles."


We had to come up with a cipher
when the program started to go south.

These are numbers, two sets.

Coordinates to where
he moved the thing.


One for longitude,
one for latitude.

Four-two-point-four longitude.


We find these coordinates,
we'll find what they're looking for.

We get the satellites,

we got a chance.

We should go.
Come on.


Go to the road!
I'll hold them back!

- John!
- Go!


Relocation of the president
and key staff is underway.

And we're also trying to locate
members of the COG list,

but time is running short.

We should be issuing
a public statement.


The green zone's gonna be
the most sought-after strip of land

- on this planet.
- Exactly.

But don't you think the American people
deserve a fighting chance?

- Don't be naive.
- Naive?

I'm not the one claiming
a 20-year-old satellite's

gonna protect the green zone.

Have you even found it yet?

Leary, I can't get into this
right now.

- Then make the announcement.
- I don't have the resources.

I have to make sure that everybody
who needs to get saved

does get saved.

There is a proper way
of doing things, Arnett.

I've never been certain
you've known that to be the case.

Well, I hate to burst
your bubble, sunshine,

but none of us are getting
through this

without some dirt
under our fingernails.

Well, I don't mind the dirt.

It's the blood that doesn't
wash off so easily.

Give me a break.





- (radio chatter)
- (groans)

Check the perimeter.

Agent #2:
All right.

You all right?

Yeah, yeah.
I think they went south.

Targets are headed south on 405.
Send a car to intercept.

We're gonna cut 'em off.
Let's go.

Okay, let's go.

The road's just ahead.

You don't know
what you're doing!

Rothman's insane!

Go, go!

They're headed towards the highway.
Intercept, intercept!

(tires screech)

Back down!



Really starting to appreciate
that you don't listen to me.

- I knew you'd come around.
- Come on.


Damn it!
I said we need Rothman alive.

Put him in the back.

They're on the move.

(tires screech)

- We gotta stop the bleeding.
- Keep the pressure on.

- Keep the pressure on.
- I'm trying.

- He's losing too much blood.
- Should I go to a hospital?

No. No, we have to get
the coordinates to the map.

It's okay, Doc.

42.4 longitude.


Use the GPS.

Weston Mine.
It's about 10 minutes away.

Hang in there.

Talk to me.

Sir, our military satellites
are inoperable, like the rest.

But we did get a lead
from the deep space photographs.

- And?
- We found two objects

nearly twice the size
of a space shuttle.

It's gotta be them.
I'm assuming you've interfaced.

We're trying.

They speak a command language
that's over 20 years old.

- We have techs working on the OS.
- What's the problem?

They use an archaic system

based on large-format
floppy drives.

Fl-- floppy drives?

Sir, we don't
use them anymore.

Floppy drives.

Let me know
when you've cracked through.

We have to initiate--

Streich: Save your strength, Doc.
We're almost there. initiate
before the planet stops.

We don't have much time.

Doc, come on, come on.
Stay with me.

Rothman: If the rotation stops,
it'll be too late.

- Listen to me, listen.
- Streich: Come on, stay with us.

We need two satellites,

two resonator satellites
in position.

What position?

A circuit.

They have to form a circuit.

What are you-- what does, Doctor?
What are you talking about?

- Streich: Doc? Doc?
- Come on. Hang in there.

(Rothman coughs)

You can save the world.


You can save us all.

Dr. Rothman, come on.

Chloe: No!


We lost 'em.
And Rothman was hit.

Arnett: What?

He could still be alive.
I don't know.

What about the satellites?

We've located them,
but I can't form an uplink

and the code is ancient.

Got my best man on it,
but it's gonna take some time.

Then we'd better find that facility.

Does Rothman
even know where it is?

He must. Streich wouldn't
pick him up for nothing.

Just-- Lockman, find them.

If I don't find them, you better hope
one of your geniuses

can start talking
to those satellites.



- The truck is overheating.
- We're almost there.


It's getting worse.
The temperature's rising.

(grunts, coughing)

Come on, Michelle.

How are we gonna get in?



Okay, I'll patch in
and check connections.

Michelle, help me take
all these covers off.

We can prep
the computers, okay?

Andy, I need you to get back
into the mainframe, okay?

You're looking
for operational specs

called Project Resonator.

I've already been there.
I'm all over it.

Streich: They probably
blocked my access codes.

You'll have to
find another way.

Dad, please.

(computers beeping)

(equipment humming)

I got power on the main board.

Nothing on the external drives.

Um, checking.

- (whirring)
- How's that?

- (beeping)
- Got it.


- Chloe?
- Yeah?

You gonna be able
to figure this out?


The research
all makes sense to me.

It's really all about the software.

I'm in.

(modem screeching)

We have a connection.

- What does that mean?
- It's listening.

Now we need to know
how to talk to it.

Figure it out, then.

Yes, sir.

I found the forged
transfer orders

in the system files
of a Project Resonator.

The network was hacked into
a year ago.

Log-in was an outdated
security code.

That's what tipped me off.

Well, that's-- that's great.
Where is it?

The file also details how it was
moved to a remote location

after it was taken over
and shut down.

- What are you talking about?
- Resonator Satellite Program.

Weapons testing,
Palau, early '90s.

Authorized and personally
overseen by you.

Where'd you get this?

Oh, what? You just thought
this was gonna disappear?

Leary, the world is
on the edge of destruction.

If I don't get those satellites
over the green zone,

everybody will be dead
and none of this will matter.

So why don't you tell me

where the remote
command location is?

Weston Mine in McCollough.

Great work.


All right, specifications,
interface, operations--

it's a pretty rudimentary system.

Orbit control,
referencing polar coordinates?

It-- it's like a video game.

We gotta locate the position
of the satellites.

So it's a closed network.

Once we get control
of the local system,

then we'll have remote access
to the satellites.

What do we do
with the resonator satellites

when we have
control over them?

Rothman talked about
forming a circuit

to create the full spectrum
of resonance.

- With the satellites.
- Right.

So, in order to get
the resonator satellites working,

we need to place
one of them near us

and the other one over Australia
where the dense matter exited.

And that will get the Earth
back on track.

Well, theoretically.

All right.

- (sonar beeping)
- Got it.

(modem screeching)

(alarm blaring)

Someone's taken control

I've been shut out.

Well, then get back in.

- (phone rings)
- What?

We've lost control
of the network.

They must've found the command center
and hacked the satellite.


Who do you think?

Listen, they're at the Weston Mines,
about three miles from you.

- On it.
- And Lockman?

- What?
- Finish this.

All right.

So we've got two satellites--

one near us,
one nearing Australia.

I'll ride this one.

Andy, you control the other one.

The shields are breaking down.
We have to hurry.

- How much longer?
- Minutes.

Okay, we have to time
their positions correctly.

Once the satellites
drift over their holes,

we'll have a two-minute window
to initiate satellite pulses.

- (booms)
- (building creaks)

What was that?

I gotta check it out.


Here it comes.

It'll be on top of us in no time.

What's happening out there?

The storm's on its way.

When will the satellites
be in position?

We're getting close.

- (booms)
- (building creaks)

(alarm blaring)

- We've lost control.
- It's communications.

- The dish outside.
- Streich: I'll fix it.

You guys stay on controls
and be ready.

We're back.
We're back, people.

Thank you, Lockman.

Tech: Wait a minute.
Resonator Two's out of position.

What? Where is it?

Tech: It appears to be
headed for Australia.

All right, get that second satellite
back over the States right now.

Yes, sir.

(wind howling)

If we don't get the satellites
back online soon,

we're gonna miss our chance
to initiate the blast

before the rotation stops.



Ah, damn it.

(electricity buzzing)

(satellite creaks)


Andy: Yes!

We're online.

- (alarm blaring)
- What is happening?

We've lost control again, sir.

Our commands
have been overridden.

If we don't establish a protective layer
over the green zone right away,

we risk losing millions of lives.

(phone dials, rings)

Get it back.


Connect me to Justice, please.


- I told you to stay out of this, John.
- (cocks gun)

(bullets ricocheting)

What was that?

Okay, you stay on this.

- Michelle?
- Yeah?

Keep watching it
right there, okay?

- John!
- Chloe, down! Get down!

- Now!
- Ah.

- What's going on?
- It's Lockman.

He's trying to shut us down.

John, you don't know
what you're doing!

Put your weapon down
and come out!

- That's an order.
- Not gonna happen, Lockman.


We're almost there.

Where's Chloe?
I don't know what to do.

When the satellite
reaches the strike area,

all you have to do is initiate
the blast sequence.

What if I can't do it?

Michelle, just hit the button
when I tell you.

You can do it.

Okay, we need to get inside.

Chloe: How?

I'll lay down suppressive fire
so you can do it.

- Get inside.
- What about you?

I need to keep Lockman
and his boys back

until you fire up
the resonator satellites.

- But, John--
- Chloe, it's the only way.

- Ready?
- Yeah!

- Go!
- Ah!

(gun clicking)

Damn it.

Let's go.



Look out!



We're almost in position.

Storm's moving fast.

I don't know
if the dish can take it.

Okay, we're gonna have
one shot at this.

Once the satellites
hit their targets,

we gotta hit the mark.

- Come on, Lockman.
- Leary: Why?

- What?
- Why would a federal agent

want to sabotage
the green zone?

Damn it, Leary.
How should I know?

No, this agent escaped Greenwood
with one of your lead scientists.

- So what?
- So it's logical

that the man who built it would want
to use it to save the world.

Listen to me.

Rothman and Gutierrez
were basing our survival on a theory,

an unproven theory.

And l, for one,
am not gonna sit idly by

and watch the world
go up in flames

when I can do
something about it.

Okay, we're coming
into position.

So, here we go
with the North American satellite.

We're in the radius.
Two minutes and counting.

Watch it.

Here comes
the Australian satellite.

Two minutes.


Hold it steady.
I'm gonna initiate the blast...

in three...



- Go-- ah!
- Chloe!

(gun clicks)



Hold still.
We have to wrap your arm.

- (groaning)
- We gotta stop the bleeding.

You should've
listened to me, John.


You should've thought of others
before yourself.

- (grunting)
- (knife clatters)

- (computer beeping)
- Get back to the controls.

We're running out of time.

This one's drifted out of line.

Hold on.
I can bring it back in.

When it gets back in line,
send the signal.

(alarm blaring)


How much time do we have?

We're good.
Just be ready to initiate.



- (door opens)
- The dish!


- How far away are you?
- Almost there.


What's happening?

Tech: I'm trying to regain
control of the satellites.

Arnett: Trying?

- I'm doing the best I can.
- Try harder.

Do you want to die?
Do ya?

Because this is our only
chance of survival.

You lock them out.

- Whatever it takes.
- Yes, sir.


Chloe, take-- take it easy.

Bring the satellites
back into alignment.

We're trying.

Just a few more seconds.


Almost there.

- (Lockman grunting)
- (banging)


Ready? Now!

(computers beeping)

(powering up)

Consider that my resignation.

(pipe clangs)



- Chloe--
- I'm okay, I'm okay.

How much longer?

Come on.

Come on.

(powers down)

Did it just work?

Talk to me.

Sir, it appears that--

Appears what?

The magnetic shield
is stabilizing.

Sensors show the Van Allen belt
is returning to form

and the Earth...


The Earth has resumed
its rotation.


- (laughing)
- Yeah.

Michelle: It worked?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- It worked!
- Yes! Yes!

- Streich: You did it!
- Andy: Oh, my God.

- Hey, nice work, gentlemen.
- Good job. Well done.

No, it-- no, it--

- Way to go.
- Arnett: No, that can't be.

- You're my hero.
- All right.

What-- what about
the green zone?

The resonators
were not designed to do that.

This is impossible.

No, it appears that Rothman
and Gutierrez were right.

The lies,

the deception, the murders...

all of it was for what?

Take him into custody.


- Hands behind your back.
- No, no, no.

No, you can't do this.

You can't do this.

You can't do this.

You can't--




You did that, my friend.

You did that!

Looks like the sky
is calming down.

We're returning to normal.

Thank you, Andy.

No, thank you, Dad.

I'm happy we're back
in each other's lives, son.

I think I might just cry.

Your mom would have been
real proud of you today.

She would have been
proud of both of us.

Well, our car is toast.

So it looks like we're on foot.

That's all right.

It's a nice day for a walk.

(instrumental music playing)