Earth Angel (1991) - full transcript

Angela is a teen ager in 1962 who only wants to party with no thought of her future. She has a cocky boyfriend, Duke who like her doesn't think about the future. Her school counselor thinks she might have a chance if she changes her outlook starting with her grades. He tells her, he asked one of the students, Wayne to tutor her. And while being with him, she finds herself attracted to him. She asks him to be her date to the prom but Duke upon learning of this, makes her go to the prom with him and they get into an accident which he walks away from and she doesn't. She then finds herself in purgatory and would be there for years. One day she runs into her counselor who passed away, who tells she hasn't really done enough that allows her to enter heaven. So he tells her that she has to go back to Earth to help someone. When she gets there, she doesn't know who she's suppose to help or how. A girl named Cindy can see her and it seems she wants to be with a guy who is also like Duke while a meek guy named Peter likes her but she doesn't know it. So she helps Cindy score with the guy. And she eventually discovers that Wayne is lonely and miserable. And tries to fix him up with her best friend, Judith who is Cindy's mother. But Duke has laid claim to Judith. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(Multicom Jingle)

(upbeat music)

♪ Let me in, whee ooh ♪

♪ Whee ooh, whee ooh ♪

♪ Ooh whee ooh ♪

♪ Whee ooh, whee ooh ♪

♪ Ooh whee ooh ♪

♪ Whee ooh ♪

♪ I can see the dancing ♪
♪ Dancing ♪

♪ The silhouette on the shade ♪

♪ I hear the music ♪
♪ Music ♪

♪ All the lovers on parade ♪

♪ Open up ♪
♪ Let me in ♪

♪ I wanna come in again ♪

♪ I thought you were my friend ♪

♪ Cheater ♪

♪ Patter of the feet ♪

♪ Moving and a grooving with
that beat ♪

(students cheering)

- Did we throw it last night or

- They're at it again, Angie.

- What else is new?

♪ Let me in ♪

♪ Open up ♪

♪ Why don't you open up that
door ♪

♪ I hear music ♪
♪ Open up the door ♪

- What's that in your parking

- What?

What are you doing in Angie's

- Nothing.

I just, you know, I got a flat

- You got a flat head.

- I'll move the bike.

Hi, Angela.

- You know this flea?

- Never seen it before.

- I'm in your history class.

I'm Wayne, Wayne, Wayne Stein.

I sit out in front next to--

- Angela don't give a damn where
you sit.

Angela wants to get out of her

So get out of her space.


- Sure, okay, just let me get my


(students laughing)

♪ Patter of the feet ♪

♪ Let me in ♪
♪ Let me in ♪

♪ Open up ♪
♪ Open up ♪

♪ Why don't you ♪

♪ Open up that door ♪
(bell ringing)

♪ I hear music, let me in ♪

- Swell game, Duke.

Monster play.

(bell ringing)

- Opel's Pizza, 3:30.

Be there or be square.

- I got cheerleading clinic.

- Don't give me no lip.

- No?

("The Star Spangled Banner")

♪ What so proudly we ♪

- That is your national anthem.

You will go to your homerooms.

Quick, march.

I said march!

- You got it, Mr. Tatum.

- Not you, not so fast.

I want a word with you.

Two words, American History.

- Um.

- Ha, very eloquent though,
you are failing, young lady.

Is that what you want?

It's your choice.

- I choose to pass, are you

- Well then knuckle down, get
on the stick, pay attention.

I have chosen a tutor.

- A tutor?

Well, I don't have time.

- You have nothing but time.

Oh I know you believe
you have other priorities

but let me tell you this.

If you fail to pass your final

you will be Queen of the
Senior prom this year and next.

- [Angela] Impossible.


- It's simple, it's

- I memorize that, and my
brain'll blow up

like a water balloon.

(gum smacking)


♪ You say goodbye yeah,
that'll be the day ♪

♪ When you make me cry ♪

♪ You say you're gonna leave ♪

- Well, you listen to music.

- Yeah?

- You sing along, right?

- Sure.

- Well, you remember the words,

- It's different.

- No, no, no, it's not

You just learn new lyrics.

Like for D-day.

♪ Battle of D-day, the Second
World War ♪

♪ Battle of D-day, 1944 ♪

♪ Battle of D-day, I'll say it
once more ♪

♪ When Eisenhower led the
troops to Normandy shore ♪

- This is queer.

- But you'll never forget it.

The trick is to make it fun.

Come on.

♪ Battle of D-day, the Second
World War ♪

♪ Battle of D-day, 1944 ♪

♪ Battle of the day,
I'll say it once more ♪

Come on!

♪ When Eisenhower led the
troops to Normandy shore ♪


♪ Big girls don't cry ♪

- I still say Blue Moon is
a grossly square prom theme.

- [Both] L7.

- That Scott, I just hate him.

How can he veto a night with
James Dean?

- Because he was drinking
the night he was killed,

that's our luck.

If he'd just been killed
and hadn't been drinking

then it'd be okay.


- He was perfect.

Sweet, sensitive, shy.

Nobody knew.

I'll never meet anyone like

- What are you talking about?

You've got Duke.

- Yeah.

- I'd kill to be you.

Angie, this prom is gonna be
the best time of our lives!

- Hey, cut the comedy, joker.

- Two words, final exams.

- No problem.

Got it knocked.

(Angela humming)

(upbeat jazz music)

(doorbell ringing)


- [Wayne] Angela.

- I thought you played the

- Oh well, I'm learning this.

Not very good at it yet.

So, do you wanna come in?

- Oh.

Well, um, I can't really stay.

I just wanted to give
you these books back.

- Oh, thanks.

(upbeat music)

- So who are you taking to the

- (scoffs) No one, I'm not

- Wayne, it's our senior prom.

- It's your senior prom.

You and Duke and all your
friends in high places.

Besides, (sighs) I can't dance.

- (scoffs) That is the
lamest thing I've ever heard.

- Thanks a lot.

- Of course you can dance.

You know every song ever

(slow romantic music)

♪ Oh, wha oh ♪

- Who me?
- Shh, shut up.

♪ Earth angel ♪

- Oh. (chuckling)
♪ Will you be mine ♪

- Now follow me.

♪ My darling dear ♪

♪ Love you all the time ♪

♪ I'm just a fool ♪

(Wayne muttering)

- Like Fred Astaire, right?

(Angela chuckling)

- You're getting it.

Loosen up, loosen up.

Think about playing the sax.

♪ Love you forever and ever more

- Oh yeah.

♪ I'm just a fool ♪

♪ A fool in love with you ♪

- So what are you gonna
do after graduation?

- College.

- Then what?

- Oh, lots of things.

I don't know.

What about you?

- (chuckles) I asked you first.

- Okay.

I wanna travel around the world.

And then I'm gonna work
for the Peace Corps

and then the UN and then I'm
gonna be

U.S. Ambassador to the Far East.

- (giggles) That all?

- Yeah.

Oh, and I wanna play
saxophone like a steam roller.


♪ My darling dear, love you all
the time ♪

♪ I'm just a fool ♪

- So you'll come to the prom?

- I'll see if Ann Margaret's

- I'm not joking.

- Angela, come on.

Why there's not a girl in
school that would go out

with me on a bet.

I mean look at me.

- Stop feeling sorry for

If you just made an effort.

- Angela, don't.

- You care about people, Wayne.

You listen.

You're nice.

- Is that why I'm so popular?

- Look Wayne.

If you see a girl you want,

grab her and kiss her and don't
be afraid

of what anyone thinks.

They're not there, Wayne.

There's no one on Earth
except you and that girl.

- But, what if she doesn't--
- No, no, no.

There's no one on Earth.

♪ Love you all the time ♪

♪ I'm just a fool ♪

- I'm sorry.

I just thought.

- Do that again.

♪ You, you, you ♪

- [DJ] Earth Angel.

Okay, this is--

- What are you thinking?

- Help.

- Come to the prom with me.

(thunder clapping)

- [Angela] For once in
your life, just listen!

- I'm gonna bust his pinhead.

- Don't you dare!

- Are you out of your mind?

You must be in orbit.

- Slow down, Duke.

I've been trying to tell you for

- And I'm not listening!

- Oh, I can't talk to you!

- You're on top of the heap,

You are my girl.

You are the Duke of Earl's girl!

And you're turning down
me for that pencil neck?

- Slow down!

- You think I'm gonna be at
the prom by myself, forget it.

I already bought your corsage!

(car horn honking)

(tires screeching)


(metal crashing)

♪ Before long ♪

♪ I'll get her back too ♪

♪ But I don't know this is gone

♪ I don't know where she's gone

♪ There must be a cloud in my
head ♪

♪ Rain keeps falling from my
eyes ♪

♪ Oh no, it can't be teardrops ♪

♪ For a man ain't supposed to
cry ♪

♪ So it must be raindrops ♪

♪ So many raindrops ♪

♪ It feels like raindrops ♪

- Nice tux.

Did you mug a French waiter?

- Who's the corsage for, Mr.

- Val, stop it.

- Where's Angie and Duke?

- They're on their way.

- Judy?

What do you mean on their way?

Did you see them together?

- Who wants to know?

- Well, Angela's meeting me.

- Angie is meeting you here?

- Yeah, in your dreams.

- Come on guys, come on,
don't make fun of him.

Sorry Wayne.

They don't really mean it.

- It doesn't matter.

- [Man] It's Duke!

- What's going on, Duke?

- Duke, what happened?

- The hospital wanted
to keep me for x-rays.

I had to--
- Hospital?

- Bro, it was a mess.

- Where's Angela?

- Damn car came out of nowhere.

I hit the brakes.

- [Judy] Is Angela all right,

- Angie?

We had,

she's dead!

- What?
- No, no,

she can't be, she can't be.

- What did you do?

What did you do to Angela?

- Shut up!

Don't you dare speak her name!

- I'm in love with her!

(punch cracks)

(people chattering)

- Look, jerk.

You've been clutching
that locket all night.

Me and Angie, we were eloping.

- She wouldn't.

- Come on.

Do you really think she'd fall
for you?

She felt sorry for you, that's

(somber music)

(whimsical music)

- Hey.

Where is everybody?

(gentle music)

- Where is your hall pass, young

- Mr. Tatum?

- What are you doing here?


You died at least 10 years
before I did.

- I died?

- You really do not pay

(sighing) Better come to my

(thunder clapping)

(air whooshing)

- How'd you do that?

- New rules.

Time and space, dress code,
you'll learn.


Look on the bright side.

At least you checked
out in a pretty dress.

I had a heart attack at a
Halloween party.

- I'm really dead?

- Very.

- So I must be,

oh, this can't be heaven.

- Well this is my heaven.

But we each get our own.

Now, I believe yours is,

now hold on.

A night with James Dean.

- I get to meet James Dean?

- Wrong.

You may get to meet James Dean.

- Oh, let me guess.

I get a tutor.

- Not this time.

You're on your own.

You have a mission.

- A mission?

Like John Glenn?

Breezy, what is it?

- You need to figure
that out for yourself.

You left some unfinished
homework on earth.

The time has come for you
to go back and complete it.

- We even get treated
like this when we're dead?

- This is no laughing matter,
young lady.

If you do not succeed in your

you will go straight to
your personal hell which is,


- You mean?

- Detention forever.

With me.

- How do I?

(thunder cracking)

- Pay attention.

(upbeat rock music)

- It looks just the same.

- And it's huge.

- Think of it this way, honey,

you'll make lots of new friends.

- I feel like hick of the

- Oh, Cindy honey, please.
- I wish we were

back in Wisconsin.

- I don't like this any more
than you do, believe me.

- Why couldn't we wait till
the end of my senior year?

- Ask the savings and loan,

Ask your father, ask your
father's new girlfriend.

- I didn't mean to make you mad,

It's not your fault, I just.

I miss the farm.

Of course my hair would
have to dry stupid today.

- Honey, it looks fine, really,
it does.

- Baa. (giggling)

- I hate my life.

(car horn honking)

- Hey sexy.

- See you later.

- Mike.

- Mike.

(lockers banging)

- [Man] You looking for

- History, Room 116.

- Baa.

(bell ringing)
(students laughing)

- This is it.

- Hey, check it out.

Big Pete's got a girlfriend.


Just what we need.

Another nerd brain to
suck up to Flunkenstein.

(students laughing)

- Flunkenstein.

- [Woman] King of the Fs.

- Quiet!

Clear your desks, blank
paper, number two pencils.

- Excuse me.

I'm new.

- Then let's see what you know.

Identify the following

Secretary of State under
President Grover Cleveland.

He supported the colonists
in the British Parliament.

- [Judith] Oh look at this
one, this'll make her happy,

don't you think?

- Oh, duller than clay.

I say let's go for a little

What do you say, Cindy?

- Dad, in this town you need a

that's sturdy and dependable.

- Dogs are dependable.

A car should be snazzy.

- Grandpa, it doesn't make any

There's no place I wanna drive
to anyway

unless it's back home.

I don't mean to make you feel
bad, ma,

but buying a used car is
not gonna change my life.

- Dad, what's all this water?

- What smells fish.

- Looks like the freezer's

A perfect end to a perfect day.

- Look on the bright side.

No more TV dinners.

(metal clanking)

Thank you boys.

- Thanks.

- [Cindy] Grandpa.

- What is it?

- It's my car.

(whimsical music)

- Hey fellas.

We need a forklift over here.

- Check out these hands.

Check 'em out.

Magic fingers, haha!

You are looking at genius.

(lips smacking)

I tell you, when we started
working on this one,

I thought we would never bring
her back.

But hey!

She surprised us.

(lips smacking)


Are you ready?

Are you sure you are
ready for this one, huh?

- Yes!


Oh, it's gorgeous.

- Picasso on wheels.

If they handed out Oscars
for bodywork. (laughs)

- [Man] Hey Joey, come here!

- Coming!

Have fun with this one, Ma.

She's something else.

Mwah, mm!

- Wow.

(car rumbling)

♪ Oh wha ooh ♪

♪ Earth Angel ♪

- Must be stuck.

(Angela groaning)

- Cooler than frostbite.

- Get out of my car.

- Your car?

No way, Jose.

- Joey!

- Hey wait.

- [Cindy] Joey!

- I wonder how.

- Joey.


- Wow!

What a hoot!

Oh, well, it's my first time
back see

and I don't know the rules yet.

- Help!

- Nartz.

You mean I can't touch people?

- Okay.

No panic.

No panicking.

You've been under a lot of

The move was so traumatic

and your brain manufactures

and you don't have any real

so your subconscious is--

- Hey, hey, hey.

You wanna make friends?

Cut the pig latin.

Work on your wardrobe.

I hate to be rude but
you're dressed like a skank.

- I'm going crazy.

- Look, it's perfectly simple.

I'm here on a mission.

I have to find out what it is.

- Get away from me.

- Well, look, get a grip.

As soon as I finish my
mission, I'm outta here.

- I'm outta here now.

(car engine revving)


- Boo! (laughing)


I'm Angela.

(upbeat music)

No wonder you bought my car.

These look like toasters.

You don't have a clue how to
drive this.

Slouch a little.

- I'm not going to listen to

You're a figment.

- Drop your arm out the window
and cock back your head.

- Leave me alone.

I need counseling.

- Hey, sexy.

- Uh-huh, so that's your speed.

- I don't believe it, he noticed

- In this car?

Of course.

We're home?

Cool, what's for dinner?

- Oh my God.

How am I gonna explain you to my

- Tell her I come with the car.

What's that phrase in the ads?

Fully loaded?

- You really are dead.

- Well duh-hey.

What do you want me to
do, spin my head around?

Oh my God!

- God!

I don't believe it!
- You got so old!

- Look at this!

I mean it's blue.
- Whoa.

What is going on?
- And it has that white thing

that goes down.

I don't get it.

My best friend in high school
had a car just like this.

Oh, you don't think it could
be the same one, do you?

- You two know each other?

- Know who?

- Don't you see her?

- See who?

- (gasps) Freeze my socks, I'm

- No, you're not.

- Are you high on something?

- I'm, losing my mind.

I mean, no, I'm, I'm,

I'm fine, I'm...

(sighs) Maybe I ate too much

- Well maybe you did.

Maybe you ought to take a nap,

- Good plan, mom.

I'll do that.

- Okay.

- I don't get it.

Judy can't see or hear me.

Neither can Pops.

Why you?

I bet it's 'cause you bought my

You are really a snore to hang
out with.

- You don't exist.

I'm not talking to you.

Cut it out.

Go haunt my mother.

- I tried.

It's kind of one-sided.

- (sighs) What do you want from

What do I have to do to get rid
of you?

- Help me find out what my
mission is.

- And then what?

- I turn in my homework,
kiss limbo goodbye,

catch the staircase to heaven

and party all night with James

- Of course, silly me.

I have totally lost it.

- So, who was the boat in the
sports car?

- [Cindy] Boat?

- Dreamboat.


Pie slice.

- Mike Derron.

- You dig him the most, huh?

- It's hopeless, I might
as well have a crush

on the moon.

- Baloney!

- Mike's the most popular guy in

And I'm black death, social
suicide, cootie bait.

I mean even the nerds
won't be seen with me.

- Come on!

I'm dead and I'm not depressed.

Pep up.

- You don't know what it's like.

- Are you for real?

High school's the one thing I do

Oh my God!

Cindy, you're it!

You're my mission!

- I am?

- Of course.

That's why you can see
me and nobody else can.

I'm supposed to help you.

- Help me what?

- You are gonna be too hip to

(upbeat music)

(relaxing music)

- [Cindy] I am not having fun.

- Come on, roll up your skirt.

You look like a square.

- I don't believe this is
happening to me.

I'm too old to have an imaginary

- Unbelievable!

- Exactly.

- So this is a mall.

They better have these in my

The moon on a plate.

- I look like I'm dressed
for trick or treat.

- Well coast a little,
singer, you look hip.

- I don't fill hip.

- Well walk right, here.

Walk like you mean it.

Think James Dean.

Think Catwoman.

Come on, loose goose.

Dare anybody to think you're


What did I tell you?

- [Bird] Hey babe. (whistling)

- Terrific, a bird thinks I'm

- Well it's a start.

- So there you are.

Come here, Lucille.

Be a good girl and say Peter, I
love you.

- [Bird] I love you.

- [Cindy] Angela, something's

I mean,

I don't get it,

the cool kids always hang out

- Microwave?



CD, VCR, what language is this?

What's Tofutti?

- Tofutti, it's frozen soy

(gasps) Oh my god it's him.

Angela, what do I do?

- [Angela] Nothing.

- Well, you promised me.

- I got his number.

You want his attention?

Act bored, can't be bothered.

Works every time.

And don't talk to yourself.

Loosen up, you look like a

Come on.


Jocks are all alike.

- I can't believe it, he looked
at me.

- Crush on the moon, huh?

- Angela, he smiled.

- Stick with me kid.

This is just the beginning.

- Oh Angela!

(thunder clapping)

- (scoffs) Cakewalk.

Some mission, I could have
done that in my sleep.

So, where's Jimmy taking me

It's party time.

- What are you doing?

You're meddling.

- What?

I helped Cindy get hip.

She's my mission, right?

- Do you really think
that we would send you

back from the dead to go

Now this is it for you, Angela.

You got a second chance,
most people don't.

Make the most of it.

- How?

I mean you're supposed to
be my guidance counselor.

Give me some guidance.

- Try this.

You have until the day of your

to set things right.

- Prom night?

- You got it.

- No way, that's impossible.

- Those are the rules.

I didn't make 'em.

- Well can't you bend them a

Give me an extension?

- Limbo is a serious business.

Accomplish your mission by prom

or you will be staying after,
right there,

in that chair, perfect posture.

And silence!

And stop wasting your time with

Buckle down, stick to your

- What mission?

(fist bangs)

(thunder clapping)

Come back!

(sighs) You can't do this.

Oh, great.

I'm flunking the afterlife.

- No, I understand.

Thanks, bye-bye.

(doorbell ringing)




(doorbell ringing)

(dog barking)

Who is it?

- Freezer delivery.

Where do you want me to put it?

- Duke?

- Holy cow.

If it isn't.

- Judith!

Judith Boyd.

Judy Belsen, Judy Belsen!

- Judy Belsen, of course!

You look just the same.

- Well you're a liar but thanks.

- Hey, nobody's called me
the Duke since senior year.

How's uh, um--

- Val?

- Yeah Val.

- Lousy.

He ditched me a year ago.

- You don't say.

I just got divorced myself.

- Really?

Oh gee, I'm sorry.

- Hey, after a few, it gets

- (laughs) I guess.

- So where do you want it?

- Oh it's going in the garage.

But I'll show you the way
through the house, come on.

I'm usually dressed by now but

I've been scouring the
want ads all morning.

- Fresh start, huh?

- You know it.

Look at this, again.

- Oh I know it all too well.

Um, so, can I take you to dinner

- Sometime, sure, sure.

Ah, step over the popcorn.

Through here.

And whatever you do,
don't look at my kitchen.

It's a mess.

(bell ringing)

- This is so easy.

- Easy for you.

- What is with you?

- What's with me?

We gotta talk.

You're not my mission.

- I'm not?

- No.

I blew it and I've only
got until prom night--

- Angela?

- What?
- It's been real.

- Where are you going?

- We all have our problems.

My life is no picnic.

Your death is no day at the
beach, fine.

I'm going back to my normal
teenage angst

and I really don't need it
haunted, thank you very much.

- You can't do this to me,

you're the only one I can talk

- Great, I've got a
schizo spook on my hands.

My next class is flunked.

- This week's quiz
gives us three brand new

pillars of ignorance.

The Cold War was not in Alaska.

The Cuban Revolution was
not led by Ricky Ricardo.

And General Douglas
MacArthur did not write

MacArthur Park, people!

Scores here, F, D.

- What a dipcoat.

- Ah, mm, A minus.

It was almost intelligent.


D minus.

F minus.


Who's that?


- No, I--

- Oh my god.
- Speak up!

- I don't believe it, that's

- Who?

- The boy that I left at the

- You!

- Flunkenstein?

(students laughing)

- Out of my classroom.

- But I--
- Out!

You're suspended.

- What happened to you?

- I wanna talk to your parents.

You're gonna be very
sorry you messed with me.

- Holy toledo.

That's it, Cindy listen.

- Don't talk to me.

How could you do that?

He'll flunk me for sure.

- Don't you see, that's my

my unfinished business.

I have to help Wayne.

- (scoffs) Help him choke.

- No, you don't know him like I

He must have been so badly hurt.

That's all my fault.

- Fine, you fix it.

Just leave me alone.

- But I need you.

- Drop dead.

- I already am dead!

- Get deader, just leave me

(car engine rumbling)

(dog barking)


Hi grandpa, hi mom.

No reason, I just thought
I'd take a long lunch.

Pfft, no.

Um, I had a headache, no.

(air whooshing)

- I got it.

- Oh God, Angela.

- Wait till you hear this, it's

Look, Wayne's heart was broken.

I'm sure I was sent here to fix

But he can't see me or hear me.

I can't even touch him.

- So?

- So, that's what I need you

- Yeah, like I'm really gonna
touch Flunkenstein for you.

- Look, how about a deal?

I'll do anything.

You wanna be cool?

You'll be glacial.

You want friends?

You want Mike Derron to
take you to the prom?

I can tell you when he's alone.

Listen in on his secrets.

I'll know this guy better than
he does.

What do you say?

- So how are we supposed
to help Flunkenstein?

- Wayne.

Fix him up with your mother.

- No way!

- [Angela] Cindy.

- No!

N-O, not a chance.

- Look, do you want Mike or not?

- Flunkenstein's a creep.

I wouldn't do that to my mom.

- Wayne is not what you think.

I promise.

He used to be so sweet and

I know that's still in him, I
know it.

We got a deal?

- Deal.

- All right.

Next stop, James Dean. (sighs)

(sultry saxophone music)

Hello Wayne.

Look at you.

Wayne, I know you're hurt
but you gotta move on,

I mean all these years, I can't
stand it.

Look, I know you can't hear me.

But please Wayne, get over it!

It isn't too late, you're alive!

You've still got your music.

There is hope.

Have I got a girl for you.

- Mr. Stein?

Mr. Stein, I'm Cindy's mother.

- Well, we have a great deal to

- Wayne?

Wayne Stein, it is you!

I wondered when I heard the

Judy Belsen.

We went to high school together

- Oh.

- Oh?

Very eloquent Wayne.

- You know, I don't think
we've seen each other since,

oh, our senior year.

- Yes, well.

We're not here to reminisce.

I'm afraid your daughter's
been totally disruptive.

She's a troublemaker.

- Don't be such a pill!

- I will admit she's having
some problems adjusting.

You see her old high school
only had 200 students

and she left midyear.

- I can't help that, Mrs. Boyd.

- Judith, please.

You'd think after 20 odd years,

we could use each other's first

- I'm only interested
in Cindy's performance.

We had this incident.

I had to discipline her.

- Very convincing tough act

but I see right through it.

You need some help?


- Why don't I help you with

- Bingo, now smell the perfume.

Stars fall from the ceiling.

- I don't need assistance.

- Cut the crap, Wayne.


- Is that your idea of humor?

- I didn't do that.

- Oh please.

- I didn't, I didn't do that.

- Don't insult my intelligence.

Now I might have been
someone to push around

when I was a student here,

but I'm a teacher now.

If your daughter expects to pass

that will be respected.

Good day, Mrs. Boyd.

- Nice seeing you again too.

- Oh man.

This is gonna be rough.

(sultry saxophone music)

(crickets chirping)

- [Judy] Cindy, honey?

- Hi mom, did you talk to--

- Yes I did.

And he's gunning to flunk you

so you better get to work.

- But mom!
- No buts about it.

You get yourself a tutor.

- Great.

- We gotta do something about

- You know, I went to high

with that little geek.

He was nothing then.

He played bassoon in the
Gilbert and Sullivan Club.

- He plays the,

of course.

- Hey what are you doing?

No don't!

- (screaming) No water, no

Dad, fire!

Oh my god, dad, fire!

Oh my God.
- No problem.


(fire extinguisher whooshes)

I got it all under control.

(fire extinguisher whooshing)

- So much for my chicken

- Oh no.

- Oh daddy, please don't--

- Don't pat your back, I know

Well, what do you say we all go

for a sensational dinner?

- You got it, Pops.

- [Grandpa] Look on the bright

There's plenty of tables.

- [Judy] Well I can't imagine

- A friend recommended it

I'm sure she had her reasons.

- I did.

Get them to give you a table by
the band.

Wayne'll come out, wail on his

You know what music does for

They'll be in heaven.

I'll be in heaven.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- How many?

- Dad.

- Two.

- [Judy] Three.

- Four.

But who's counting?

- Right this way.

I'm sorry it took so long.

Another girl quit so we're
slightly short-staffed.

- Short-staffed?

- Oh, Judy.

- Could I get an application?

- This one.

- Can we sit at this one?

- [Waitress] Sure.

- So close, we'll go deaf.

- You'll love it.

- No problem.

The band only plays Fridays and

- [Judy] Oh good.

- You're kidding.


Somebody up there hates me.

(jazz music)

(gentle music)

We've gotta find some
way to get them together.

- I've got to find some way to

See you around.

- Count on it.

- [Peter] What can I help you

- History.

- Hi.

I thought you were a customer.

- I am, I guess, I need a
history tutor.

- Um, I don't know

how I could.
- Please, I'm flunking.

- Okay, it'd have to be nights.

I work here all weekend and
after school.

- [Bird] I love you. (caws)

- Um, a friend of mine.

Meet Lucille, come here.

Isn't she great?

She's $400.

That's why I'm working so hard.

- What else can she say?

- Oh, anything.

Cindy, say Cindy.

- Brrak, Peter.

- She needs a tutor.

When do you wanna get started on

- Oh, soon as you can.

I'm in trouble.

- How about tonight?

- Tonight, I really should.

You could come over for dinner.

Wait, no, our stove is busted.

- Hey, I know where we can go.

- [Bird] (caws) Hey babe, hey

(gentle music)

- She, she, she got it, she
loses it.

She tries again.

♪ Wha ooh ♪

♪ Earth Angel, earth angel ♪

- They don't have these
in Snow Creek, Wisconsin.

- What do they have?

♪ Love you all the time ♪

- Um, (sighs)

well, sheep, lots of sheep.

Chickens, cows.

Ice fishing.

♪ Love you forever ♪

- You miss it, don't you?

- I know it sounds crazy, I

Who likes to ice fish?

But I miss my friends.

I miss how we used to talk day
or night.

I always know I could count on

whenever I needed them.

You know what I mean?

- It sounds wonderful.

- Hey Cindy.

♪ And I pray that someday ♪

♪ I'll be the vision of
your hap, happiness ♪

- I promised I'd tell
you when Mike was alone.

Well he is.

♪ Earth angel wha ooh ♪

♪ Please be mine ♪

- Sure you wanna go through with

Nod once for yes.

♪ I'm just a fool ♪

♪ A fool in love with you ♪


- Oh God!

I'm sorry.

I'm gonna clean this
up, I'll be right back.

- Okay, when he comes back,

I'll tell him I'm having an MSG

- Whatever you say, boss.

Oh, frostbite!

A drive in to go!

- How's my hair look?

- Mint.

Okay, he's in action adventure.

I'll scope it out.

Ask for Top Gun.

- I hated that movie.

- Tonight, it's your favorite.

- Excuse me.
- Louder.

- Do you have Top Gun?

- Not that loud.

- Aisle two.

- Thanks.

- Eyes on the shelf, let
him notice you first.

- Looking for something?

- Low energy, not too excited.

- Oh, hi.

You renting that?

- I've already seen it five

- Me too.

- Yes, you're a natural.

- What else is there to
do in this nowhere burg?

- Don't overdo it.

- Hey that was cool what
you said about Flunkenstein.

- He's a dipcone.

- Is not.


- So, Cindy.

What are you doing next Friday?

- I don't know.

- I do.

Going with me to the wrestling

- Bingo!

Now all we gotta do is make
sure Judy gets a date too.

- Ah, just like old times.

Oh, I still remember your first

- This isn't a date, dad.

- Whatever you say.

- You have a date, mom?

- Just an old friend from high

- Yes!

I knew Wayne would come around.

- That's great, mom.

- Thanks.

- He'll grow on you, you'll see.

Ah, let's not and say we did.

- What this thing, damn, it's

I don't know what I'm
getting so worked up about.

You know, this is just an
old high school friend.

- I'm glad you met someone you
like, mom,

whoever he is.

- Thanks, sweetie.

You look so pretty.

(car horn honking)

There he is.

Well, my shoes, my sweater.

- Oh Wayne, that is not a good

(crickets chirping)

Hey wait, that's not.

It can't be.

- Is it Mike?

That's Flunk--
- It's Duke!

- You know him?

- Know him?

I used to date him!

Oh, he's the reason I'm here.

Oh, this is terrible.

Something went wrong.

We gotta get Judy away from him!

Cindy, forget him.

Tell your mother not to
go through with this.

Make something up.

- Later.

- Now, Cindy, we made a deal.

- Look, I have a date, I'm

- Ugh!

- Just a little kiss Judy.
- Duke, Duke!

Duke, Duke.
- Come on baby, please.

- I'm sorry you forgot
your wallet at home.

- Aw come on Judy.
- But you're not going

to find it in my blouse!

- I'm sorry, Judy.

It's just, it's just been such a
long time

since I've been with a really
great lady.

(air whooshing)

- Oh Judy, Judy, Judy.

You feel so good Judy.
- What's going on here?

- Duke, please, please.

(Duke moaning)


- What was that?

- Listen, Duke.
(Duke moaning)

I better be going.

- All right, okay, whatever
you say, whatever you say.

Would you like a little drink

- No.

- Let me play you some tunes.

What do you like, let me guess.

New age?


Captain and Tenille?

(upbeat music)
- You want it, you got it.


(explosion booms)
(Judy screams)


- It's never done this before.

(static buzzing)

(mixer whirring)

Damn, must be a fuse.

Not to worry.

I've got an emergency light

Hi babe, this must be your luck.


- Smooth moves, Duke.

(car rumbling)

- That was incredible.

I've never been to a
wrestling match before.

- Scarred him, huh?

- You were wonderful.

- Little pat on the bones.

- You were great.

- Quite the master faces.

- Yeah.

- I totally am!

- You were cooler than

- You know you're really good to
talk to.

You got style.

I respect that.

(dog barking)

- I'm in heaven.

- Well I'm not.

- Moon on a plate.

He took care of me.

Everybody looked at me like,

like I was somebody.

Nobody said baa.

Nobody even ignored me.

- We had a deal, Cindy.

- Okay, okay, I know, I owe you

How can I help?

- Okay.

Duke's out of the picture.

No thanks to you.

I need you to talk up Wayne.

- Sure, right, I got it.

Flunkenstein's a prince in

- His name is Wayne.

And he is.

- It's a good disguise.

Fine, I believe you.

- Mike kissed you goodnight?

- Mm-hmm.

- Ask you out again?

- No.

- [Angela] He will.

- It's too good to be true.

He's out of my league.

And way down deep he must
know that I'm not really cool.

- Baloney.

You're in like Flynn.

Okay, the deal is, you
don't talk to him first.

Let him think he's making the

It's only two weeks until prom

and we've gotta make
sure Mike invites you.

- One week.

- What?

- Prom's in one week.

What's the matter?

- We gotta act fast!

(crowd chattering)

- Honey, honey, you know what?

It ain't the world war, it's
just ribs.

Look, it's after nine, you're
off shift.

I'll take this.

- Oh, thanks Joyce.

- First Saturday?

- Yeah, boy this place is a zoo.

- Well Saturday's always a zoo.

Who gets the rib combos?

- Oh, table seven.

Thanks, Joyce, thank you.

- Welcome.

- Forgetting something?

- Wayne.

- What are you doing here?

- Well I'm serving bad food, I'm

Oh you aren't eating here, are

- No, no, I was just, you know,
I have to.

(sighing) I work here, weekends.

- Small world.

- So, let's make it a little

- Well you know, Cindy's become

a little history buff, yes sir.

Got herself a tutor.

Can't stop talking about you.

- I can imagine.

Excuse me.

- Nice work, pal.

- Thank you very much.

- Oh no, you don't wanna leave

(coins clinking)

- I don't deserve this.

- Trust me.

(crowd chattering)

- Frank, could you cash me out

(upbeat saxophone music)


- Halfway to heaven.

- What a waste.

Thanks, Frank, that's for you.

- I can't do this alone.

And no way can I do it by prom

- Nixon, Ford, Carter.

Chuck Berry, Lou Reed, Myrna

I'm electing new presidents.

Care to pitch in?

- I'm sorry.

- Wanna tell me about it?

Something the matter?

- Of course not.

- (sighing) Okay.

Vice presidents.

Agnew, Ford, Nixon, Mondale.
(air whooshing)

- Mike's at the mall.

- [Peter] Bush, Johnson,

(friends cheering)

- Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke,

- Yeah, yeah, yes!

Oh baby!



- Too many stimulants.

Speaking of which, where's the
party at?

- Oh, the big blowout, night
before prom.

Whole team's invited.

- Here's the move, let him make

- You too of course, since
you are my prom date.

- Told you so.

- So where is it, the party?

- Well uh, how about your place?

My old man said never
again after last year.

- What a feeb.

- It was only a brush fire.

- So what do you say?

- I'll ask my mom.

- Not good enough.

- Sure.


- How about another potato?

Come on!

- [Duke] Knock knock.

- Dad?

- Your line is, who's there?

And the answer is, someone who's

- Hello, Duke.

- For you.

- Oh really, you shouldn't have.

- The other night.

- Let's just forget about that,

- I know I came on way too

But the plain fact is, you
are a sight for sore eyes.

- Duke, I really don't think

- We go back, Judy.

We've got a history.

I've made a lot of wrong moves
in my life

and I don't want this to be one
of them.

- Duke.

- I need you.

I need a together, strong,
beautiful lady

who'll call me a jerk
when I act like a jerk.

I know I messed up.

But please, let me try again?

- Gee, Duke, I don't know what
to say.

- Just say yes.

- Well, all right.

Let's try again.

- You're a peach, Judy.

- [Judy] Oh thank you.

- I'll pick you up Friday
night, right after work.

- Okay, all right.

- Nice buds.

For me?

- For your mother.

From Duke.

She's going out with him again.

- Well you've got to admit,
he's showing more interest

than Flunken, than Wayne.

- Cindy, the prom's almost here.

If I don't solve my mission, I'm
done for.

- Look, Angela, I got my
mother at the Flaming Pit.

I got her to hear Wayne's music.

I even talked the guy up.

They don't get along.

You know why?

Because Flunkenstein's a skank.

- Cindy!

- Maybe he was the nicest guy
in the world in high school.

He just isn't that guy anymore.

- Ugh, that can't be true.

(gentle music)

You dope!

I led her right into your
lap and you dropped her!

What are you waiting for?

Do you wanna be dead for
the rest of your life?

I'm the one who got killed.

But you didn't die, Wayne.

You just gave up.

Take that thing out of your

- Damn.

- That's right.

You can't concentrate, can you.

You know why?

You're thinking of her.

And you should be.

I can see what you're feeling.

You have that same glow in your

when you used to look at me.

Use it.

♪ And let me love again ♪

- It's time, Wayne.

Let go of the past.

You've got to be able to hear

Of course you can.

Grab her.

And kiss her.

And don't be afraid of what
anyone thinks.

They're not there, Wayne.

There's no one on Earth except
you and--

- Judith.

(students chattering)

- Ugh, what a loser.

- The slut.

- Hi Cindy.

We getting together tonight?

- I really don't think I
need any more tutoring.

- You don't wanna cram for

- Hey, Cindy's busy.

She's got other plans.

- Hey fox.

- I'll see you, okay?

- What time does it start?

- What?

- The party.

- Peter.

- The party's just for the team,

- I mean really, do we crash
your parties?

- Some people just don't get it.

- Come on, Cindy.

(bell ringing)

- I hope you all flunk.

- Frank, two screaming clams.

- Hi.
- Oh, Joyce.

- So what do we got?

- We got two customers on table

They're having drinks, order's

- Are they having food?

- I don't know you'll find out.

Good night, Joyce.

- Good night.

- Oh, I'm so sorry

Oh hi, Wayne.
- Judith.

- Oh, oh.

Excuse me, I'm in a hurry.

- I didn't mean to.


- What, what is it?


- Now, you dope, now!

- I wondered.

Could I take you out
for a drink after work?

- Well thanks Wayne,

but I already have a date.

(gentle music)

- I'm a yoyo.

(air whooshing)

♪ And you ♪

♪ Are my girl ♪

♪ No one to turn to ♪

♪ Oh no ♪

♪ Yes I am ♪

- All right.

♪ Know I'm gonna love you ♪

♪ Oh oh ♪

(tire whooshes)
- What?

Not my radials!

♪ Yeah yeah yeah yeah ♪

(crickets chirping)

- How could this happen to me?

What the?

I can't believe this!

- Better break in them boots,


(metal creaking)

- [Duke] Oh no.

(sultry saxophone music)

- Oh, thanks Frank, I
don't think I should.

- Nah, it's on the house.

(crowd applauding)

- [Man] Thank you.

We wanna take up a two minute
break now

so sit tight and we'll come back
for more.

(gentle music)

(cash register dings)

- What do you know, I'm still

- Maybe now I can buy you that

- Better make it a club soda.

- Okay.

Hey Frank.

Can I have a couple of
club sodas over here?

- You know I think the
last time I was stood up,

probably in high school.


- It's terrible waiting for

- Yeah, well.

At least I have plenty to listen

Thanks, Frank.

You know, you're real good,

You could have been a
professional if you wanted to.

- I did want to.

- Well what stopped you, Wayne?

- Life.

- Yep, it'll do that.

- Judith.

- Yes?

- See I have to, um, I'm acting

as a prom chaperone tomorrow.
(phone ringing)

And uh, well see,

I was wondering if--
- Judith.

- Maybe you could.

- Some guy.

- Thanks, Frank.

Excuse me.


- Judy?

Oh you'll never.

- Wrong, Duke.

You'll never.

- Hello?

(upbeat country music)


- [Duke] Hi, may I talk to Judy

Yeah I'll hold.

- All Pro Appliances?

- Judy, we got cut off.

Listen, my car broke down.

But I'm gonna pick you
up just as soon as uh--

- Hey cowboy.

You wanna ride?

Wee, I like your eyes.

- Hello?

Hello, are you there?

- Just as soon.

I'll be there tomorrow.


(gentle music)

- Where were we?

- Oh.

I think I was asking.

- I'd love to.

(upbeat country music)

- Yes!

Meanwhile, back at the Flaming

(air whooshing)


How'd I get here?

- You're in trouble.

- I'm on the case.

Judith and Wayne are about to--

- Cindy.

- All right.

So I meddled a little.

- You meddled a lot.

You solved one problem
and started another.

- For your information,
Cindy is having the time

of her life with the boy
of her dreams as we speak!

- You haven't learned anything,
have you?

- What is this, a quiz?

Cindy's got what she wanted.

- You led her down the same
stupid path

that you got stuck on in high

And look what became of you!

- What?

You mean Cindy's in danger?

- You both are.

Take care of it.

(thunder clapping)

- I'm getting jetlagged.



♪ Friends and lovebirds ♪

♪ And long embraces ♪


- No worries, I'll fix it.

- Come on, I need to talk to

- Not now.

- Right now or else I turn this

into a poltergeist food fight.

- What is the matter with you?

- You're in danger.

- You're gonna wreck everything.

- I already did.

This is all a mistake.

Your clothes, your friends,

Especially Mike.

- Are you orbiting?

- Oh Cindy, this isn't you.

Give up this popularity
contest and be yourself.

Don't make the same mistake I

Life is too short.

- Is that it?

- Yes.

- Well forget it.

(scoffs) I'm not gonna give this

I worked hard to be too hip to

I like it.

- Cindy, I'm trying to warn you.

- Look, Angela.

When I first moved to
this school, I was nobody.

Everybody laughed at me.

Nobody but Peter would even
speak to me.

I had no friends.

- Wrong.

You had one friend.

Now you have no friends.

- Get out of my life.


(birds chirping)

- Morning dad, morning honey.

I made breakfast.

- I know the place is a wreck.

I promise I'll clean up.

- Oh honey don't worry about it.

We'll have this cleaned up in no

- Must have been some date.

- He never showed up.

- But why are we so damn perky?

- Oh, no special reason.

It's a beautiful morning,
the sun is shining,

the birdies are singing.

(doorbell ringing)

I'll get it.

- This place is a madhouse.

- Don't look at me.

- [Judy] Cindy honey,
I think it's for you.

- What?

- [Bird] Cindy, Peter.

Cindy, I love you, ooh, ooh.

You're a line, ooh.

- Oh God.

- Thank you, have a nice day.

- What's this supposed to mean?

You trying to make me feel

- You stole her!

What was this, some kind
of frat house prank?

- What?
- Wrestling team

treasure hunt?

It's no joke?

- Peter.

- What happened to you, huh?

You used to be a nice person.

I thought we were friends.

- Let me get this straight.

You didn't send me the parrot?

- This is really not funny.

- Who else would have?


- Who's Angela?

- She's.

Forget it.

Cheap trick.

Did you really think sending me
a parrot

would change my mind?

- What?

That geek sent you something?

- Mike, no.

Mike, don't!

- Who told you to send
my girl a present, huh?

(punch thuds)
- Mike, stop it!

(display crashing)

- You don't go near her,
you don't even think of her,

you got that?

- Let go of me!

- Mike, don't!

- What did you do?

- I didn't!

- Drop the bone, babe,
you're coming with me.

- No I'm not.

- Look, if you know what's good
for you.

- What are you going to
do, Mike, punch me out too?

- Hey don't give me any lip.

- Get away from me.

- Meet me at the tux shop in 10

No, make it five!

- Leave us alone.

Did he hurt you?

- Hell no.

I love getting punched
out by furious wrestlers.

- I never saw him like that.

Peter, I feel really bad.

- Your five minutes are up.

- What?

- Mike gave you five minutes.

You better show up or he'll,

he'll punch your nose.

- That's not funny.

- I don't think so either.

- [Cindy] You know, Mike doesn't
own me.

- Try telling him that.

- Do you think you could ever
forgive me?

- Probably.

(gentle music)

- You're really a great guy.

- Yeah, for a geek.

- No.

You're just a great guy.

How's your nose?


- I think it stopped bleeding.

- Do you have any plans for

- Not really, why?

- I've got this prom gown
I won't have much use for.

- You're not gonna,

you're not gonna go with Mike?

- Not on your life.

(puppy yipping)

Do that again.

Not bad for a geek.

(rain pattering)

- Hey where the hell have you

- I don't have to tell you.

- Now I don't wanna hear it, all

Are you out of your mind?

- [Cindy] I am not going with
you, Mike.

I don't care what you say.

- Well see you're turning down

to go out with that pencil neck.

- Stop calling him names.

- Look, I'm gonna bust his head!

- You already did, Mike.

- Look, I bought your corsage!

- I'm not going with you.

Just get over it.

(car horn honking)

- No!

(tires screeching)

(thunder clapping)

- Pretty hot driving.

- Get out of my car!

- I just saved your life!

- Out.

- Hey, you're in shock.

I respect that.

- Get out of my car!

- It's raining!

- Get wet!

- All right.


But you better meet me at that

Otherwise you're gonna live to
regret it!

And so is young Flunkenstein.

- Boy, were you right about...

(dramatic music)




(horse braying)

(kooky music)

(doorbell ringing)

- I'll get it, dad, I'll get it.

- Nice outfit.

- You can save it, Duke.

- Can I just tell you how sorry
I am?

- Pretty sorry, huh?

- No Judy, I had to hang up.

This little old lady
right next to the phone

started clutching her arm like
she's having a heart attack.

But lucky for her, the
Duke picked up some CPR

over in Nam.

So I'm standing there pumping
her heart--

- [Wayne] Judith?

- Hi.

- That's for you.
- Oh, thank you.

- Duke?

- Wayne Stein?

What's he doing here?

- Taking my girl to the prom.

- [Duke] What?

- Duke.

Did you really think she'd fall
for you?

She felt sorry for you.

That's all.

Good night, Duke.

- You should keep that.

(upbeat music)

♪ Rock, oh baby rock ♪

♪ Oh baby rock ♪

- Oh hi Mike, looking for

- Flunkenstein?

- Wayne.

♪ It was meant to be that way ♪

♪ And I don't know why ♪

Come on, dance with me.

Come on.

- Just give me one minute.

♪ Rock and roll is here to stay

♪ Rock and roll will always
be our ticket to the end ♪

♪ It'll go down in history ♪

♪ Just you watch my friend ♪

♪ Rock and roll will always be ♪

♪ It'll go down in history ♪

♪ Rock and roll will always be ♪

♪ It'll go down in history ♪

(energetic saxophone music)
♪ Everybody rock ♪

♪ Everybody rock ♪

♪ Everybody rock ♪

♪ Everybody rock ♪

♪ Rock, rock, everybody rock ♪

♪ Everybody rock and roll ♪

♪ Everybody rock and roll ♪

♪ Everybody rock and roll ♪

♪ Everybody rock and roll ♪

♪ Rock rock ♪

(crowd applauding)

(crowd cheering)

(gentle music)

♪ Oh waa oooh ♪

♪ Earth angel, earth angel ♪

♪ Will you be mine ♪

♪ My darling dear ♪

♪ Love you all the time ♪

♪ I'm just a fool ♪

♪ A fool in love with you ♪

♪ Waa ooh ♪

- Is something the matter?

♪ Earth angel, earth angel ♪

♪ Waa ooh ♪

♪ The one I adore ♪

♪ Love you forever ♪

♪ And ever more ♪

- Everything is perfect.

♪ I'm just a fool ♪

♪ A fool in love with you ♪

♪ Do do do do, do do do do ♪

♪ I fell for you ♪

♪ And I knew ♪

♪ The vision of your love,
loveliness ♪

♪ I hope and I pray that someday

♪ I'll be the vision of
your hap, happiness ♪

♪ Oh, oh earth angel, earth
angel ♪

♪ Waa ooh ♪

♪ Please be mine ♪

♪ My darling dear ♪

♪ Love you all the time ♪

♪ I'm just a fool ♪

♪ A fool in love ♪

♪ With you ♪

♪ You, you, you ♪

(gentle music)

(upbeat electronic music)

(Multicom Jingle)