EO (2022) - full transcript

Follows a donkey who encounters on his journeys good and bad people, experiences joy and pain, exploring a vision of modern Europe through his eyes.

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A Jerry Skolimowski Film


That was the amazing Kasandra!

Ladies, Gentlemen and Children!

Please welcome The Cubeman!



Come on!

Don't you touch him, Vasil!

Don't you dare!

Just try it.

Cities like my Wroclaw!

Have banned circus performances with animals!

Bravo, Wroclaw! Everyone should follow its lead!

Time to end our indifference!

These animals are tortured!

Leave it alone! Can't you see it's suffering?

-Fuck off
-Can't you see it's suffering?

Animals are being tortured!

What the fuck is this?

Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law. Par.4, Art.28...

On the repossession of animals.

That's what.



We continue to work tirelessly,
always guided by the principle..

...of repairing and amending any irregularities.

Now, let's hear from the chairman of the board.

As the deputy board member just said...

We work tirelessly for the community

with the goal of amending all existing irregularities.

So, for our common good,

we now appear before you to
present our latest achievement.

Turn towards me.

Try stroking its muzzle.

Look at the camera.

Great. Okay.

Kinga, come have a look.

This could be better.

Can you come here?

Touch up her lips a little.

There's a speck of dust right here.


Aga, come closer to the horse.

A little closer, don't be afraid.


Come, Come!

Don't do that!

Thank you.

-You want to read?

About the blind old harper?

The blind old harper from the island of Scio

walked upon the shores of the Aegan Sea

He mistook the restless hiss of waves crashing upon the thirsty shore

for an eager audience

who flocked to hear his chivalrous songs.

And so he leaned on his harp

and sang to the sea from the empty shore."

-What's next?
-You'd like to know?




I have a surprise for you.

Happy Birthday Eo!

May all your dreams come true.

Be happy.

Carrot muffin, remember?

Just like last year. You liked it.

Remember this?


Come with me or stay with the donkey.

You're staying?

Stay then.

I have to go.

Zenek, don't scare him. It's only a donkey..

Wait. Take it easy.

Where the hell did you come from?

Some fucker has you tied up!

What if I..

set you free.

Anarchy rules!

Our colors have their way!

Blue and White, they make our day!

Blue and White, they make our day!

What penalty, referee?

Zenek, you can do it!
You're doing it, Zenek!

-You've got this! - Come on!

Holy cow, a donkey!

The match is over.


Please disperse.

Walk away, please!

Walk away!

It's all because of the donkey!

I said, disperse!

A donkey, really?

Our colors have their way!

Blue and White, they make our day!

We are the winners, losing for the wieners!

We are the winners, losing for the wieners!

Zryw! Zryw!

Our colors have their way!

Blue and white, they make our day!


Zenek, Zenek!

Your beer, come on, take it!


Let's go!


The fucking donkey!

Let's fuck it up

Get the fucker!


Scram, now!

-Three hooves up in high heaven?

Why not put it to sleep?

Why should it suffer?

We actually heal animals here.

Move, come on!


Hey, man.

There's one more.
- No, no no.

What do you mean?
-I'm done.

I can't. The shipping is signed.

So what?

It's not even a fucking horse.

Of course, it's a fucking horse.

It's salami meat.

Damn, I've got crap on my hands.

Come with me.

I have good food. Polish food. Good.

I'm Okay. Come on.


Very good. Polish bread. Original.

Good, right?

Take this.

Polish forest. Very good.

This is delicious, no?

Polish cheese.

Polish cheese is very good.

And a Polish pig.

Come on, take it.

You're hungry, aren't you?


Eat up.

And now sex, huh?

It was a joke!

I'm joking

Damn, why do I always have to screw up everything?

No, No, No!

Hi, buddy!


How are you?

What happened here?

Want to come home with me?


I haven't been home for a while...

Think we could travel together?

Hold on.

Let's go, my friend.

Come on.

Did I just save you? or Have I stolen you?

I hope you are not a criminal.

Just don't expect business-class travel.

I've eaten kilograms of meat.

Hundreds of kilograms.

I've also had salami.


Made with donkey meat.

Curious what it tastes like?



What? Did I spoil your appetite?

Blessed are you, Lord of the universe,

the provider of this bread,

the fruit of the earth and human labor.

We give it to you

so it may become food for our eternal life.

Blessed are you, Lord of the universe,

the provider of this bread,

the fruit of the earth and human labor.

Thank you.

Let us pray, brothers and sisters,

that our sacrifice may be
accepted by God the Almighty Father.

Whenever he gets into trouble,

you keep calling him my stepson

and not your nephew.

Have you noticed that?

What has he done this time?

What has he done this time?

What did they suspend you for?


You don't want to talk?

Why have you come then?

Not for money, I hope.

Times of supporting your follies are over.

I sold this place.

I'm going back to France.

Can't help with your debts.

You can take some of the family heirlooms.

This was your home too.

Before you gambled it all away.

They are quite exquisite.

Your grandma got them during her London honeymoon.

Isn't that so?



Please stop!

I've never lied.

Not to you, not to your father.

I know.

Why did you run away?

What have you done?

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