Dziewczyny z Dubaju (2021) - full transcript

Emi is a young ambitious girl who has been dreaming about a big world for years. Whenever an opportunity arises, she jumps into its modes without hesitation, becoming an exclusive escort. Soon it is she who, at the invitation of Arab sheikhs, begins to recruit Polish misses, celebrities, screen stars and models. However, this inaccessible, luxurious world will soon show its dark side . - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
A film inspired by true events.

It is based on police, prosecutors',
and court files, and talks to our heroines.

We thank everyone who shared their story
with us for trust and openness.

Let us all respect their wish
to stay out of the spotlight.

Any similarity to events
and persons is coincidental

He fucked them all.

He fucked me that good that
I had his initials tattooed on my neck.

Misery me! What do you say
when they shag you from behind?

What should I say? Rebel maiden.

I know him too.
Tomeczek, the record breaker.

Is his dick that huge?

Do you know how much mother squeezed out
of him last year? Some 150 grand.

A true patron.

He loves hookers, I wouldn't be surprised
if he married one someday.

Marianka, it seems everybody
who's on telly fucked you already.

Remember one thing, darling.

It's not them fucking us,
but us fucking them.

The cab's waiting, philosopher.

Girls to buy

Can I ask you a question?

Only be honest.

How much would someone
have to pay you for sleeping with him?

One thousand dollars?

Ten thousand?

You don't have to say it out loud.
Just be honest with yourself.

Be honest, please.

What's your price?

What if it's more than you earn in a year?

Or five years?

Be honest.

What if it paid your college tuition?

Or the operation
that saves your mother's life?

What if they're handsome?

Very handsome.

What if it's someone you'd crave anyway?

And what if you really like sex?

And the most important thing:

What if nobody ever finds out?

Somewhere near szczecin 2000

one, two, three zlotys. Four, four fifty.
It's still two fifty short.

One fifty more.

Mom, couldn't you lend me some
from the cashbox?

Are you crazy?

It's only one fifty, nobody will know.

I'll know, you'll know,
the lord will know.

Misery me. So you won't
help me with the ticket to szczecin?

You better forget about szczecin!

Don't forget you have English at 5 pm!

Hey missy, show your titties!

Shit, I don't have any more to raise.

- You can always take something off.
- What could I for a twenty?


You fucking lost it!

- Come on, don't be so shy!
- Easy.

As you wish.


Add thirty and I'll strip off everything.

Sure... everything.

Holy fuck.

Boys, fundraiser!

I'm broke.

Six zlotys.

Fuck, we only have 26, alright?


So, missy...

Show your titties!

I'm sorry boys, maybe next time.

See ya!

I earned a ticket to szczecin.

It was a drop in the ocean, though.

That's me. My name is emi.

They call me missy because I won
the beauty pageant in eighth grade.

I haven't been able to repeat that feat.

This time,
it was supposed to be different.

If I had all the money in the world

I don't know. I never had any.

I didn't have enough to pay the entry fee
and one gentleman lent me

twenty zlotys. Thank you!

So, if I had all the money in the world

I'd give it all away
and everybody would get the same share.

Thanks and applause for candidate no. 7.

Maybe then, for one day, people would
stop thinking that money matters.

You can give away all the money you want
if you don't touch mine.

Or better spend it
on a pair of more reliable stilettos.

Very soon

the stage will belong to the one and only

vision of beauty, Marianna kinia,

miss spring 1999.


I'm such a loser.

Please don't cry.

You're not a loser.
I see a beautiful woman.

A beautiful woman in one shoe.

It was you. You paid my entry fee.
I didn't even thank you. I'm so sorry.

Beautiful women don't need to apologize.
Besides, I didn't pay.

I allowed myself
to make a small investment.

Thank you anyway.

You made communism charming.

Misery me, I can't remember what I said.

That's a pity. It was so refreshing
to hear something else than world peace.



Yummy. What's that?

Raw fish.

I can see
that the prince found our cinderella.

Hi, my name is marianka.

I know. Miss Marianna kinia.
I'm your idol.

Look how sweet you are.

And you'd like to be miss, too?

It rather won't happen.

You know what I think?

You need only a tiny bit of sex-appeal
to really believe in yourself.

Exactly. Atrue miss must be a real woman.

To make it in the show business
you would need to learn really hard.

First, you need to grow up.

Will you grow up or come back
to backwoods to dream of the big world?

Well, it didn't even sting.

Know what?

I like you.

I and my mom help girls like you.

Remember, you can earn big money.

Beautiful, isn't she?

You could be just like her.
You're not inferior to her.

I could help you if you wish.


Are you a virgin?

- Ow! It hurts!
- But I love you emi!

Fuck, I love you too.

Technically, I am.

I could, technically, be your prince.

You'd earn money for new shoes.
How does that sound?

- I'm not one of those.
- Really?

Keep your hands off her!

- She's only seventeen.
- Mom!

She's seventeen, got it?

I call the police, it is illegal.

Calm down ma'am, it won't be needed.

- Please! What are you doing here?!
- Quiet! We're leaving. Now!

Please take it easy ma'am.

It's a respected contest.
Nothing bad happens here.

- I can see what's going on here.
- Of course. It's covered by the press.

We're choosing miss spring
and your daughter has got


And a chance of her lifetime.

Talent. You must study,
you don't need talent.

Would you let your daughter
do such things?

Marianna, come over.

Good evening. Marianna kinia.

And that's my mom.

You see? We do people no harm.

- How could you do that? Such a shame!
- You should be ashamed.

You don't help me. I took an extra job,
stacking shelves at night.

Stacking shelves?
I know you sleep with the manager.

You snot!
My skin flakes because of that drudgery.

You only condemn me
and they say I've got talent.

Talent! Have you ever won anything? Huh?
Examples. Have you won a candy at least?

I haven't because I tripped.

- If I only had other shoes...
- You want other shoes, earn for them.

That girl is pretty.

I should have asked her to sign it.

You know, when I was a kid, I dreamt of
becoming an astronaut and flying to moon.

I quickly understood that it was stupid.
That I won't fly to the moon.

I don't want you
to make the same mistakes.

Shouldn't I dream then?

You shouldn't daydream.

You should enjoy what you have.

Mom I need to search for my moon, call you

That's how my new life began.

The road seemed to be straight,
just like that hallway.

I didn't even realize
that I entered a labyrinth.

- My mother will kill me for whoring.
- Whoring? Whores walk the streets.

They have no choice.
You have one: You can say yes or no.

What's your problem?
You like him, fuck him, and make him pay.

- Business with pleasure.
- Right!

You can be a cowed hag from the woods
who thinks her body is a sanctuary of fuck

or a girl who enjoys her life
and makes good use of it.

Ow! What are you doing?

I'm putting your nipples up.
It makes men go crazy.

That's how I found my vocation.

I was really good at it.
And I learned pretty quickly.

It was like changing from a scooter
to a formula 1 car.

You got the money?

- How was it?
- It wasn't that bad.


That half is mine.

The second half covers
your room and drinks at the bar.

You take it all?

So far you stayed for free at my place.

Enough of that.
I'm not your mother, I'm your friend.

Don't forget emi, nothing's for free.

Men pay for a date.
All other things are paid extra.

You play dead and everything apart
from lying there like a fallen tree is

paid extra.

He wants anal.

Extra charge.

Well known sportsman...
Exemplary widower

he wants to be cuddled
and cry in your arms. Paid extra.

Action film star

the guy wants a threesome with his wife.
Paid extra.

TV n etwork ceo

pussy licking - paid extra.

Conservative politician


And how's your kid?

You know what it's like.
Kindergarten, viruses, that stuff...

Fucking awesome.

- You know how she helps footballers?
- Polishes their balls!

Pride of Poland

the most expensive of them all...

No kissing.

I must kiss you.

Two grand.

- You have matured, cinderella.
- Practice makes perfect.

Former gangster...
Now member of parliament

Monte Carlo 2005


Like drops of sweat

on the skin.


like sand

it whispers.

It's beautiful.

It doesn't even rhyme.

It's haiku, moron.
It doesn't have to rhyme.

Fuck, you know nothing about the Japanese.

Marianka, see those chicks?

How can we get there?

We aren't worse than them.

Forget about it.

It's like
if you wanted to fly to the moon.

Misery me, you talk like my mother.

Quick bites with a small spoon are better.
You'll eat but won't choke.

I got it!

Happiness whispers like sand
yet you won't buy anything for it.

- A new szym borska.
- You bet I am. I will make a career.

- It gave me a boner.
- Poetry is better than Viagra.

Stay close, always at hand today.

I want to smell you.

I don't understand why you're doing it.

I like to control what I have paid for.

Ten grand?

Count it if you don't trust me.

I asked you why you record everything?

That's my hobby. What's yours?

Your dough is my hobby.

What about switching partners, Dimitri.

I pay and enjoy my privileges.

Such bookings are, you know...

Paid extra!

I'll be back in a second.

I'm coming with you.

You go to powder you nose?
I've got some awesome powder.


- I wear no panties.
- So do I.

Tell me how's my face?

Hasn't coke ruined it?

No way.

I love that stuff,
but it gives me cellulite.

I dehydrate
and the shit appears on my legs.

We were supposed to go powder our noses.

Remember the guy from the yacht?

Fuck, I could change lightbulbs
with my feet when I see him.


It's my mother's dough.

Who gives head? Her or you?

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
It was ten thousand fucking dollars.

- You cunt!
- It was an investment.

You ruined everything, stupid bitch!

Dimitri won't see you anymore.
He cut us off!

He got us every client that we had.

You saw that yacht!
Politicians don't have such boats!

You don't even know them fuckers.

Marianka will Blaze a trail.

You sell my daughter's ass?

You think you can be me?
You lost your fucking mind!


One cheap whore ruined my entire business.

Fucking shit.

Why did I harbor you?

How was it?

He was divine.

Did he pay?

You'll whore around
until you pay me back the last penny.

What's up?

The guy from the yacht wants to meet me.

You'll introduce us. Let's go!

Marianka, you'll translate.
And you keep your mouth shut!

- You fucked it up again!
- Sam!

They're in the same league with marianka?

Hey, I'm still here!

They are all sexy.

Being sexy is not enough.
They should also have...

I don't know, that something. Some flair!

I beg you, Kara hunches like a giraffe.

Sarah! How old are you?

Well... nineteen.

Did you see chicks they had on the yacht?
They don't look for one-night stands.

They wanna have good time, something
to talk about with the girls.

Rose looks as if she sucked 200 cocks.


appearances and whores can be deceiving.

Men love kitsch.

Money is money. A pussy is a pussy.

Since your standards are so fucking high,
go look for the perfect chicks yourself.

- Are you fucking dumb?
- Jeez!

- What's that!?
- You won't believe it!

Guys from a magazine called me!

I'll be on the cover!

Jeez, turn down that happiness!

Ok. Now!

Now! Great, we've got New York.
That's good.

Be sexy! Walk towards me. Like a kitty.

Excellent! Magnificent!

The girl from 5 pm. Cancelled.

Ok, call another one.

Look for the best chicks in that notebook.

But bring me a latte first.

Want some coffee?

- No.
- Right, cougars don't drink coffee!


Hit that foam. And more buttocks.

More buttocks. Stick it out.
Damn beautiful.

Give me more. Pussyfoot to me!

The hair. Brush it aside. That's it!

Why waving? Cougars don't wave.

Here are the magazines.

Check them. If you like a girl, you'll
find her number in my black notebook.

- Here you are.
- What the fuck, dumb-ass?!

What's that milk?!

I ordered Turkish coffee.
Is that so difficult to understand?

Hey, that coffee is for me.

- Your coke.
- Thanks a lot.

And bring me Turkish coffee.


- I'll take that.
- I'm so happy!

Me too!

Welcome to Warsaw!

I bought a news-stand!

I have five thousand left.

Keep it. Pamper yourself
and buy anything you want!

No, it's no use. Take it.

Mom, please do something
for you only. Come!

I found a room
with a beautiful view for you.

We won't stay together?

I do a homestay,
there's not enough room for both of us.

I work nearby, right around the corner,
and will often come over.

You've changed.

I am blonde now.

What are we supposed to do there?

Ski, party, visit exclusive joints.

Have great fun and earn big bucks!

You can always say no.

Unless a prince invites you.

Gals, I saw those guys.
They are super-hot and our age.

You wouldn't kick them out of bed.

It's not for me.

I'm miss pomerania, not some slut!

- You aren't a star either!
- It won't tarnish your halo!

Hey, wait.
It's going to be a great adventure.

What's next emi?

Ready to take someone from me?

Or will you continue to act tough?

Someone for you, emi.


- Please wait, mommy!
- Leave me alone.

- Mommy, calm down.
- Leave me be!

Mommy, it's only a photoshoot script!

Stop lying to me, snot!

You think I don't know what's going on?

Do you really think I'm that stupid?

Yes, I think that you are stupid!

You're always afraid, I'm not.
Where am I and where are you?

Where do you think
the money for the kiosk came from?

Sweet Jesus, child, you are

a whore.

What have you been?

When you fucked with the manager?

I loved him.

Everything will be fine. You'll be able
to buy your mother a house on the seaside.

A mother is always a mother.

Yours is way better than mine.

Nobody can stand her. Even my father.

He left home because of her.

I didn't even get to know mine.

I heard that playing house

wasn't his favorite game.

It ain't that bad. Mine used to grab
my tits when he came drunk from shows.

That were his games.

Damn it!

Men are pricks.

There's no such thing as love.

You fucked it up. We only have nine girls.

- And one of them is bald.
- Wait for me!

There's the tenth one.

- She knows the trade?
- I told her.

Without getting into much detail.

You'll bring us fucking down.

Look at her and the bunnies -
nobody will ever choose her.

Let's go, marianka.

- Your boyfriend?
- Yes, that's janek.

You bet he'll be a star reporter one day.

And he lives off you?

No, not really.

- I just support him.
- Who supports you?

Well done! That's a correct answer.
You have won a holiday in France.

- We take that one!
- C'est magnifique!

Misery me!


- I don't know what I'm doing here.
- Darling...

You're here to have fun and earn money.

Like we talked about it.

The girls told me something else.
That I will have to...

Jeez, come on,
don't listen to what those morons say.

Unless you like someone.

Wasting your life for just one guy?

They are supposed to pay us. This is...

What is it? You can say it out loud.

- You know what it is?
- I do!

We're girls to buy, whores... of course!

All those who envy us will say that.

They want to do the same thing,
but are afraid to.

You know what? We don't give a damn.


You have to say it out loud.

I don't give a damn!

- I don't give a damn!
- I don't give a damn!

I don't give a damn!

I don't give a damn!

I don't give a damn!

Look it that! Have you ever been abroad?

I've been just like you.

I was scared as shit
when I was leaving my town.

Then I got it.

He who doesn't risk
never gets to drink champagne.

Them? They can drink beer and cheap wine.

Without me either.

Roxy, you need to change!

I don't have anything else.

I've got something nice.
I'll lend you that. Come.

My fucking ankles are so fat!

Damn it!

Who could last for four hours.

- Maybe she's such a crap.
- Or that good.

Finally, there you are.

And how was it?

It was...

The most magical night of my life.

Sure, cut that crap!

I entered his room, not knowing
what to expect. But it turned out...

He only wanted to talk.

It turned out quickly we have
the same favorite movie. We watched it.


And 'love me tender'
is his favorite song.

He played it for me.
And cooked me dinner.

What? Is he some fucking pianist?

He played a cd.

- He cooked you dinner.
- Hmm.

It's one of his passions.

I've never met anyone in my life
who had so many passions.

Hmm. Did you fuck?

- No -no???

We made love.

We lied there and talked.

I've never felt such a bond with anyone.

- She's crazy!
- And he tipped me.

I didn't want it, but he insisted.

- Guess how much?
- How much?

Two thousand bucks.

Well done! You deserved it.

- Fifty percent for me.
- I'd say for me.

Kamila is my girl.

Fucking bitch.

What's wrong with you?

Can't you see what's going on?
Emi hits on Sam.

Think, dumb-ass!

They're her clients, her girls.

When they realize it,
we get the dick end of the stick.

That's overstated.

Watch and learn.

Never miss a chance to stab one's back.

I thought it was you.

What a coincidence!

I mean, call me Dorota.

Isn't that strange that we get to talk

one on one only now?

Jesus, we all in such a hurry.

By the way, I noticed
that you enjoy the company of my girls.

The middlemen, Sam and emi, trouble me.

You've already seen what I can offer,
but you don't know what I have in extras.

What did he say?

He wants us to leave.

Will we meet later

or he wants us to disappear?

He's now wondering why we're still here.

No comments.

You have to hustle
those other guys tonight.

- What guys?
- Those who sit with him. The businessmen.

What? They are
the direct connection to Santino.

- Get their attention and down to business.
- I thought we quit. You promised!

You fucked for that slut. But not for us?

You know it was something else.

Fuck, we're broke, your father's gone.
Your fucking duty is to support your mom.

You have to save the family.
I'd have done it myself if I were younger.

Grow up finally, dumb-ass.

Fucking shit!

What's got into you
to hit on carlito and bahir?

I hoped I'll turn them on, Santino
learns about it and becomes jealous.

Jeez, we need to respect ourselves!

You damaged everything.
They'll probably kick us out.

And quit drinking!

And you cunt? Playing tricks?
Cutting me off? Where's marianka?

Not your business. And I'm not.

I know you're plotting something.

Listen emi, Sam gets a hefty share.
Who needs him anyway?

I know we're here thanks to you.

Think how much we can earn
if we join our forces.

All we got from you and we got from me.

Don't forget marianka.
Just imagine us three and Santino.

Sam's share is none of your business.

Santino wants him
and we're here thanks to him

show loyalty at least once in your life.

He cooked for me,
I my played my favorite music.

And we talked all the time.

Was there any sex?

You bet. Twice!

You're crazy!


Everything's okay?

Girls, out!

Did you talk business?

They didn't give damn about it.

Don't forget sweetheart...

Sex is ephemeral and illusory.

What we do at night
is just a dream during daytime.

You know what I'm talking about?

Sometimes you feel totally in control,
not afraid of anything.

And that the world is yours.

In most cases
nothing is what you take it for.

Happy birthday.


Get out. Leave us alone.

It sounds like cheap consoling
when a woman tells you that, right?

Only when you hear that from a man

you start to believe it.

How can I put two inside?

One after the other. Like a tampon.

Good that you're so skinny.
Nobody will notice the money.


I have to tell you something.

What have you...

You lost your fucking mind?

You won't get fucked by anybody!

Stop it! She looks good!

What would you like to tell us?

I won't fuck anymore.

I'll let others fuck for me.

Even double-teamed?

I wasn't afraid of anything anymore.
Warsaw 2006

even walking through the airport.
With half a million dollars in cash on you

you have to be self-confident.

You were gorgeous!

Did you convince anyone?

Two are willing.

The one in turban requires some work.

- Watch your step, moron!
- I'm terribly sorry.

Should I hold it for you?

- Excuse me?
- The photographs.

No... thank you. I have to go.

You'll now see the last photograph
of the herrero women.

Whom my foundation took under its wing.

Her tribe rejected her.

She would have died without our help.

That is why we collect funds
for cleaning supplies and food.

The reserve price is 5000 zlotys.

Those dickheads have too much money
to squander.

They should spend more
on Polish girls.

Were at 7000 ladies and gentlemen.
I hope it will encourage you to bid.

You weren't able to afford shoes
when you came. Anyone helped you?

Gave money for nothing?

- 13000! Now you only have too...
- 30000!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's 30000!

30000! Going once, going twice, sold!

To the beautiful lady in the front row.

You lost it too?

I can afford more than just shoes now.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- These are for you, ma'am.
- Thank you.

You look terrific.

Cool car.

Thank you.

Made of steel from allies' tanks.

You take a girl
for a first date in a tank?

How dare you.

Let's take mine.

Jump in, kid!

Oh gosh!

His name is cefir.

- May I?
- Sure.

Don't be afraid. Touch him.

I mean it.

He can sense your emotions.

Trust him.

I'm not good at it.

It's new for him as it is for you.


He's so beautiful.

Will you try to tame him?

You see?

You can do it!

Alright girls, let's go.
We're not working, we're partying here.

Oh yeah!

- Hey!
- Girls, will you take me for that trip?

Of course, darling!

I always thought
that you're loaded with cash.

Girl, please. This is Poland.
I can't afford shooting a video.

The outfit is rented.


I know how your business works!

I could be the best, without connections
I'll never make it from TV to film.

And even if they do, any given guy
gets twice as much as I do.

Fuck, your fans believe
that you earn millions.

That's the way it is.

Hey, come with us. Give it a try.

Who knows? You might even fall in love.

You know, I hate this whole consumerism.

That's why I want to help others.

I will never sell my soul.
Making money is okay.

But who said
you must earn it for you only?

Exactly! My best case had so far been
discovering a beautiful girl

from a small town.

I found her a job in Warsaw
and saw her buying her own apartment.

I feel the same.

I mean, not about models, but...

Supporting others,
so they can make it on their own.

- Exactly!
- Bartek?


- Good morning.
- This is...


So glad to meet you.

We haven't seen a girl here for ages.

You're staying for dinner.

- But we...
- Period!

Take it. Your father will be happy.

Which horse did you ride?

- Cefir.
- One of my favorites.

A real beauty.

- Like all arabs!
- Like all arabs!

Our family has bread
arabian horses for decades.

- Darn it!
- And mosquitos!

The most award-winning horses
in Europe come from our stud farm.

At least in Eastern Europe.

Excuse me.

From: Dorota
where the fuck are you

our best horse is called cefir.

To: Dorota busy. And you?

His sire, father,
had also been born at our stud farm.

We hope that cefir's foals
will also stay with us.

Dorota: At fucking miss Poland.
Recruiting for cannes!

That's what heritage is about, my son.

Dorota: Look whom we've got:

What is your profession?
If I may ask?

I run a model agency.


I dreamt of being a model.

Old times.

I create opportunities for young,
attractive women, mostly from small towns.

I find them and arrange jobs for them.

It's so noble of you.

To: Dorota
stop sending me such hags.

that every woman deserves a chance.

What does it mean in real life?

Models possess something that everyone
in the business craves. The possibility

to promote and market a brand.

The problem is that
they're products at the same time.

They don't know
how to evaluate the product and the market

excuse me.

Dorota: Come over and pick hoes yourself.

That's where I, the agency, step in
and talk with the clients.

So the girls can focus on creative work.

It reminds me of horse breeding.

There's even this saying.

Allah's finest creatures
are women and horses.

Poland is famous for both.

- Nice one, isn't it?
- Very nice.

- Where did you hear it?
- I read it.

I must have been Shakespeare.


I'll bring apple pie.

- Let me help you.
- Please do.

- Have you finished?
- Thank you.


Is that serious?

What do you mean?

If you want to shag her, do so.

She'll be the mother of my children.
Wouldn't you like to become a grandpa?

Mom would have loved it.

Don't you even try to joke like that.

- I hope I'll make you laugh someday.
- Here you go.

- Will you stay for the night?
- No.

We both need to get back to work.

In the middle of the night?
You both or only miss call center?


- What's your problem?
- You're wasting your time.

I'm wasting time when I do things
not connected with horses, right?

As long as I finance it, it is so.

Excuse me, I have to get back to work.

Thanks for the dinner.

I'll drive you.

Don't bother.
Miss call center can drive. Goodbye.


- I'm taking you.
- Leave her alone.

She's had enough.
Don't fuck up her life.

You're ordering her?

I love you Kamila.

- I care for you. I'll find a way. Please.
- You don't have to.

You got no self-respect?

I got no self-respect?
I got no self-respect?!

I only started to realize my worth.

You won't get it.


Leave her alone!

- I'm sorry.
- Buddy!

Those writers! Drama!

Well done, darling!

Only a week left till cannes
and we're twenty girls short.

What the fuck are you doing?

Why do I have to take care of everything?

- I took one weekend off...
- To fuck around with your lover boy!

That's right.
To have fun with my lover boy.

Can't you handle a single thing?

Let it go, emi.

Emi what?

Are we going to yell in a trio
or you let me say something?

The whole fucking cannes happens
thanks to the thing that I started.

What I started!

No matter what you do, you'll remain
a fucking thunderbird in a mo├ęt bottle.

The Saudis don't even want you there.

They don't want us to go there?

Santino said
that only I should go this time.

Since when do you know it?

Since Dorota talked to Santino
in courchevel and broke his rules.

It mattered so much to me.
I even bought a swimsuit.

Marianka, it's not up to me,
you know that.

Let it be, she doesn't give a damn.

That's what you call loyalty.

That's how she pays us back
for taking care of her, bringing her up.

You call that upbringing?

The guide how to suck cock
and get more dough?

Did I stay here for free?
No, it was you both who lived off me!

Get the fuck out of my house.

Get the fuck out! Now!


But I'll go to cannes?

Marianka, are you going with us?

No shit.

We've got money.

We've got fame.

We'll make it without that bitch.

Wow! I'm doubly blessed.

Thanks that you went for it.

We have a romantic dinner
and meeting my parents behind us.

Moving in together - ticked off.

We even have a child, quite grown up.

There's only a wedding left.

It's only about the wedding night?

But of course.

If there's no other way
to get you to bed, then...

You understand.

Don't mind me, mom and dad.

I think I've got one.

She knows the trade. Not bad, isn't she?

She commented on all pics from courchevel.
As if she badly wanted to be there.

Who else commented on them?

Wait a second... let me check.

What about that one?

She's some famous TV host.

That's fresh meat.

You want meat?

- No...
- Thanks.

I wonder what she digs.

She looks
as if she smoked the pole since birth.

I've seen that dancer in a TV show too.

What does it mean to smoke a pole?

Dance polka.

Because this dance is smokin' fast.

Alright, go back to work.

- Hi there!
- Hello!

Gosh, I know you, you're that singer!

- I love your songs! Autograph, please!
- It's not me.

Forty... glad you're here!


Excuse me, what's your name?

- Whatever you want it to be, sweetheart.
- Silly!

- When Sam finds out, you're done.
- Okay!

Forty-three... Angela forty-four...

- Forty-five...
- Good morning!

Forty-six... forty-seven... forty-eight...

Hi! Forty-nine... you look gorgeous!

- One more person.
- Only those checked in.

Damn, one's missing

- excuse me!
- Yes?

I've got one funny question.
Will you suck cock for ten thousand?

- Excuse me?!
- Euros.

Girls, don't go to cannes alone
or without our host's consent.

If our host asks you
to do something, obey.

When it comes to his guests,
it's up to you to decide.

Please stay reasonable, yet sexy.

- Sure thing!
- Like ladies!

Have fun like a lady...

No fun without getting laid!

I'm so bored!

- Don't complain, you get paid for it.
- Am I complaining? But it's still boring.

Why don't we'll lick our pussies?

I'd give head every one of them for free.
Fucking chastity!

Let's go shopping girls!

From: Bartek
busy again, love? Miss you...

Come on girls, dance!

Emi, what does he mean?

You heard them: Act funny.
Not a big deal, is it?

Unless you want to smoke his pole.

What the fuck? Have you lost it?

- Oh fuck!
- Are you okay?

You wanted to hit me, bitch?

Stop it.

Fuck you! Wanna fight, bitch?

- Stop it!
- Keep the fuck out!

Are you fucking crazy?

That's cool! Throw it!

Give it back! Give it back!

I want to go home.

I didn't sign up for stripping for arabs.

You suddenly became a Saint?

You thought I'll pay you
300 Euros a day for sunbathing?

Nobody mentioned fucking with fat guys.
Only fun and culture.

You fucked no one so far. I'm sure
when it's time, you do it the right way.

I was supposed to be a hostess.
This is something else.

You're an actress. It can be
the role of your life. You'll handle that!

I don't do porn.

Flashing your pussy on stage is alright?

On stage it's noble art.
I want to go home.

Fine. Forget the dough.

- Know what? Don't give a damn.
- Hmm.

You won't believe it!

You know how much it is?
Fifty thousand dollars!

- Ten for me. Well done!
- Sure, mommy.

So, Asia? Are you sure?

- Hello?
- Hi. Do you like surprises?

- It depends, of what kind.
- You'll love that one.

Listen darling,
I'll call you later. I'm working. Bye.


I could hardly wait to do it.

- Bartek, I'm at work!
- I know, I'm sorry, I missed you so much.

I thought you'd be working
and I'll just wait for your sign.

The phone!

Wait, wait.

Pick it up, it might be important.

Bartek, I need to get back to work.

You cannot stay here, I'm sorry.

Alright, I can afford another hotel.

We'll meet when I'm done!

Girls! Take off your panties.

- What?
- Take off your panties.

Alright, panties off, cash on the table.

Come on, Malina!

What's wrong?

I can't do it. I'm ashamed.

You didn't tell it's gonna be like that.

Stop pretending.
You wanted to come here.

- It's not about that...
- What is it?

I have a postnatal scar
and I didn't shave.

He will drown me, emi!

If you send us home, I'll tell everyone
you told us to gangbang with guys.

- What?
- You heard me.

I didn't tell you to fuck anyone.

Whom they gonna believe? You?
Or a kidnapped sixteen-year-old?

- You told me you were an adult!
- Don't I look eighteen?

Emi! Look what they fucking gave me!

What is this?

I'll throw it into trash.

Or a museum.

You better check it.
It might be worth a lamborghini.

- My laptop is gone!
- Fuck, we got robbed!

Money, wallet, all's gone!

My backpack is gone!

- What the fuck?
- Backpack is gone!

- That funny one with the cat?
- Fuck, I kept all the money there!

I can't believe it.
They even took the fucking suitcases.

- You really kept it in the backpack?
- Where should I've kept it? In my panties?

Easy come.

Easy go.


- Will they give us the money back?
- Are you crazy? Who?

I don't know. The police?
Maybe they'll find it at the hotel.

Can't you see?
Hotel staff could've robbed us.

Santino would give it back for sure.
I must see him!

From: Bartek
will you ever call me?

Wake up finally!
You'll never get on that yacht again.

Emi, please, don't leave me.

To: Bartek. Sorry, dealing with a fuckup.

You sail away tomorrow. I'm broke.

Haven't I told you not to come?

You insisted on it like dumb cunt.
I let you do it like another dumb cunt

mother told me:
Tender hearts must be badass.

Bartek: Your work looks like fucking.

I want to go home then.

Give me my passport back.

Are you five years old, bitch?

You have one week to find clients
and make up for what we lost.

Including my share, got it?


Guess who just let me out in the cold.

I'm not sure if you know it,
but there are no rules out there at sea.

Allah does not see what happens there.

That's why dark desires
and wildest cravings are fulfilled here.

I'm wrapped in fame and a fur coat

I'll buy me a mansion and sailboat

men at my feet are swarming

the wheel of fortune keeps turning.

The money,

sweet money!

I'm lost

please show me the way!

The money, sweet money!

I'm so lost

please show me the way!

Santino finally arrived.

He flew in with his uncle
who was to announce the successor.

Counted earned dollars in my mind.

The money,

sweet money!

I'm so lost

please show me the way!

To: Dorota what's the deal?

From: Dorota. Nothing special.
He poos on you and you play pussycat.

To: Dorota
not sure if! Can make it.

From: Dorota
shit on him and make him pay for it!

- What's wrong?
- Emi, I can't do it!

But why?

I never... I can't do it. I'm sorry!

- I'm a virgin. I can't do it.
- You're a virgin?

Girl, you'll earn even more! Justyna did
hymen reconstruction already twice.

- It's period if they ask you!
- What are you doing?

They'll never touch an unclean girl.

Come on, go there.

Let me finally act!

You behave like a child! Time to grow up!

Sit down! Sit down!

The party's over, bahir!

This is emi. Can't talk right now.
Don't leave a message.

How much you've got?

- Six hundred.
- How much?

Six hundred!

- What are you gonna do with it?
- I don't know where to hide it.

Take it, but don't lose it!


Emi! I'm sorry, I acted like an idiot.

I love you!

I got you in trouble. Forgive me.

These are for you, come.

- I must tell you something.
- Me too.

- Wait, it's important.
- I know everything.

- And I understand.
- You know?

And you know it too.

- But you don't know who I am.
- I know.

You are me; I am you.

Will you fly to the moon with me?

I always wanted to fly there.


The death of Kamila b. Whose body was found
near cannes 6 months ago remains a mystery.

All your life you try to find out
what you really want.

Yet you end up sticking to one path.

Only when you get derailed from it,

you spot other paths
that were there all the time.

You begin to look
at the same world differently.

And the person you once were
becomes a perfect stranger.

Warsaw 2010

years passed,
I began to forget who I had been.

But I never stopped
looking over my shoulder.

Good morning!

Can I help you?

Who was that?

I don't know.

I was afraid it was a debt collector.

What debt collector?

Honey, you can't blame yourself
for the recession.

And I had been poor before.

I can take care of it all.

What are you doing?

- What?
- Are you crazy?

You have a one-track mind?

- Mom m I -hi! Y.

- I got a horse.
- It's beautiful.

- Who gave it to you?
- That man.

And she found the prince?

She didn't know how a prince looks like.

So she danced with every man on the ball.
She danced and danced

and got so tired

that she decided to make her own ball.

- I love you.
- I love you too!

- Bye.
- Bye.

Slowly children!

Hello darling!

You have a beautiful daughter.

We want to talk business.

We know that Sam made you an offer.

It's yours if you want it.

We'd love to, but he won't talk to us.

Emi, do it for the old times' sake.

You don't have to do anything.
We will find all the girls.

Come on, the recession hit us.

You didn't put aside anything?

You know, girls like us give away
two things easily: Head and money.

Excuse me.

Great to see you, but you don't step
into the same river twice.

Hello fatso!

You'll get your lunch soon.

Now we know
what you really do for living, Emilia.

I won't let you destroy my family.

It concerns me and bartek.
Where are they?

I thought he bet
on the wrong horse from the very start.

You know nothing. I love him.

Only champions fit into our family.

And you're only suitable for a ride.

You're not welcomed at our home anymore.

I'm sorry,
your husband took kamilka a few hours ago.

A few hours ago?


You can get out now.

I beg you bartek.
You know that I love you both.

Don't do it to us, please!

I tried to tell you so many times.

You always changed the subject
and never listened to me.

Fuck no!

Talk to me, you coward!

I have arranged everything with Sam.
And I have a plan.

I'll use the money that I'll earn
to start all over again.

I'll take kamilka from bartek
and move to Canada.

So, girls

to you and the Dubai girls
who will help me get my daughter back.

Emi, don't forget
that the world never forgives hookers.

We have to forgive ourselves.
Who else than us, the super hookers?

Somewhere near Dubai
palace of the Saudis

come on girls, one last time.



We're leaving. We have to leave now!

Take it easy!

Have you ever seen a burger
covered with 32 carat gold?

- We must go!
- Get a grip! You always have issues!

Let's take the girls.
Santino is dead, bahir's in charge.

I know.

I knew you wouldn't come,
so Sam bought your sex tape from Dimitri.

He covered all expenses. On top of that!

You should have accepted
Sam's initial offer.



If you still can.

Exactly! Have fun like a lady!
No fun without getting laid!

How much can you bear for love?

How much can you endure?


nobody has ever loved me for who I was.

And I loved somebody very much.

Freeze! Police!

Hands off me!

Hand! Now!



Life and death of innocence

good morning!

Can I help you?

It was emi's idea from the start.

She robbed me to set up this business.

I expected a concert, ma'am.

Something like a hostess... or else.

Nobody mentioned sex initially.

If I had known, I'd never have agreed.

I consented to nothing.

Only when we arrived in cannes

it turned out, what she really planned.

Instead of normal partying,
she told us to fuck with old arabs.

I gave head, although reluctantly.

I sunbathed. I love sunbathing!

I wasn't allowed to smoke.
And I'm addicted.

There was nothing instead.
Big fucking nothing.

I got a certain sum of money.

I took no money.

I was there to earn money.

I wasn't getting money for it. Emi was.

Musicians in Poland earn peanuts nowadays.

Since we already talk about it, I'd like
to say that emi took 70% of our tips.

Emi destroyed my life.

She simply destroyed my life.

Those parties were sick!

I'd rather not go into details.
Unless it's necessary.

I thought I had a great time.

You know that I had my crotch stitched
after cannes?

Could I have some water please?

I attended therapy. Took sleeping pills,
antidepressants. Nothing helped.

Nothing helps.

And it's not that
I can live a normal life now

yes, I attempted suicide.


She's responsible for Kamila's death.
She was such a sweet girl.

She turned her into a whore.
And then left broke.

Marianka will tell you. Marianka will tell
it's her fault. It's emi's fault!

It's not her fault.

Why aren't all those men here?

Married politicians,
sportsmen, stars, priests, arabs?

They pay us, do what they want
and are still treated like saints.

When we're gone
the trade transfers to the net.

You'll never stop this, men
are allowed to do everything.

Aren't they?

I wanted to save the girls from
poverty and hopelessness.

- I wanted to help, I'm not a monster.
- That's why you told them to whore?

Excuse me,

excuse me, ma'am

- do you have a father?
- No, ma'am, I don't.

I was raised in an orphanage.

Do you like gangster movies?

I do, what's the point?

Everybody loves them.

Even though they kill, rape and torture.
People still love them.

We are hated.
Will there ever be a movie about us?

Excuse yourself anyway you want.
You won't change the facts.

You have daughter, right?

Would you like her, someday,
to meet someone like you?


Mom, I'm so sorry.

Forgive me, please.

You should forgive me.

- I've never been a good mother.
- Mommy!

I wanted...

I would have changed many things.

We'll change it mom! I'll get out soon.

I love you more than ever before now.



Excuse me, I can't hear a thing!

- I can't hear you mom!
- I love you the way you are emi.

Mom, I love you too!

Just the way you are!

I love you just the way you are!

Wroclaw 2011

I've been telling myself
not to regret anything all my life...

Therefore, today,

I regret everything.

I regret not being with my mother
when she was dying.

I regret
not picking up that call from my friend.

I regret not telling Sam
that Kamila is his daughter.

I regret not finishing telling my baby
the tale during our last night together.

Somewhere near szczecin

I would have told her

that neither prince, nor the palace
made the Princess happy.

Miss whore

that it was too late for her to find out,
what could really make her happy.

You're two fifty short.

I only have one zloty.

Can I ask you a question?

What's your price?

Over 250000 women in Poland
who are aged between 18 and 25

engaged in transactional sex in 2020.

Social media is used as a sex trade platform
by every tenth of its female users.

An estimated 50% of them are underage.

Human trafficking for forced prostitution
is the fastest growing branch

of organized crime in the world.

Yearly, almost 1 million people
are smuggled and sexually abused.

The majority of them
are women and children.

June 2 has been declared
the international sex workers' day.