Dzien kobiet (2012) - full transcript

Middle-aged single mother Halina Radwan is promoted from cashier to manager of a Butterfly grocery store, which is part of a nationwide chain of supermarkets. What seems to be a great opportunity at first gradually turns into a nightmare.


They gave me a promotion at the shop.

It's a responsibility,
I'll have less time.

Even less?

But more money.

- A lot more.
- And what will you buy?

I might get you a computer.

- What do you think?
- I don't know.

Okay, if you don't know,
I'll accept it. For myself.

And you can take part
in the computing contest.

High five?

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

You've never liked cats
and now you're a fat cat yourself.

- You'll show us now, right?
- Sure I will. You know me.

Everyone says so. Our supervisor
used to be different and now look.

Our boss is cool.
My friend worked with a nut job.

He'd take off his pants
in the produce section to jerk off.

The girls had to clean it up later.

So what?

- Off with the management!
- Off with them.

- To us.
- To us.

Jesus, woman!

My name is Eryk Gąsiorowski.
Would the birthday girl like to dance?

- I can't.
- Come on, just use your hips.

No, I'm shy.


What's this?

Time sheets. As they should be, in tables.

Did you get paid for
working overtime as a cashier?

Exactly. But yet.
Jadwiga Staroń, 5 May 2002.

- How many hours are in her contract?
- Six.

- So why did you write ten?
- Because she worked for 14.

Listen, Halina.

The company cannot be a sponsor.

If they can't do the job
during the working time, too bad.

If we start paying for overtime,
Motylek will go bankrupt.

And then you'll be out of work,
and I'll be out of work.

Well, yes.

But just a few people can't do
all the work in six hours a day.

- It's impossible.
- Impossible.

Have a positive outlook on life.

Everything can be done
if you really want to. Do you understand?

- That's all.
- Thank you very much.


The management training. Halina Radwan.

- Once again, what's your name?
- Radwan, Halina.

The most important word
for a shop's manager. Do you know?

Maybe someone else?

- The magic p-word.
- Please?

- Purchase.
- Product.

- PR?
- Promotion?


Productivity. Everyone together.






Chop, chop, run, darlings!

Stop! Get the jump ropes and jump!

You are a team!

Jump! Stop! The letter "p"!

It didn't work again. Listen up.

Work together, you are a team.

You will succeed only if you're together.

Once again.
To your positions. Two circles.

Chop, chop, chop!

Don't be afraid, it's natural.
Everyone does it.

I'm here because I want
my employees to be happy.

Just one signature and we have a loan.

And? Did it hurt?

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Thanks, I'll see you at the gym.
- Thanks, bye.

Careful, the Nazi is coming.

The Nazi, Beata? Are you encouraging
the girls to hate me?

Me? Why are you so touchy?

- Don't forget who the manager is.
- I never do.

You know that I deserved the job.

I've been the assistant manager
for three years. And what?

Did you blow the boss?
Everyone knows he likes it.

Halinka, we need a cashier,
we can't do it. Come on.

- I got carried away.
- I think an apology is in order.



I'm the shop manager, Halina Radwan.

Delivery tonight? All right.

I got it.

I've already agreed.
I don't get it, it's a promotion.

- You should be glad.
- I am glad.

- This one is pretty.
- Excuse me.

- Shall I unfold it?
- No, thank you.

Yes, please.

You don't say "no" to men.

You need a man.

He'll buy you two couches if you want.

Granny, Mom is the manager.
She can buy the couch herself.

Well, well.

Mom is the manager.

It's nothing but trouble. Halinka!

If you're going to have so much money,

you should buy yourself a proper dress.

Mom, when was the last time
you saw me in a dress?



You're waiting with a delivery?

No, I didn't get a phone call.

I'm not screwing with you.

It's supposed to come in two days.

Miśka, stop it.

- A team, my ass.
- I can't believe we unloaded it ourselves.

Thanks for coming at least.

Don't talk bullshit, Halina.


- What?
- Nothing.

It always hurts when I do some lifting.

- Take two pills.
- I don't want to, it'll pass.

- Have you seen a doctor?
- When?

Why don't we have forklifts?
Other shops do.

Okay, Anka. Go home.
You can take the second shift.

- What about you?
- I'll sleep here.

Go, Anka.

Be careful, the floor's been sanded.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

Misia, this has to be unpacked.

- Misia, you have to help me.
- Why?

- Because I say so.
- I have to study.

Miśka, I'm gonna end the fun.

For giving us love

Thank you Lord

We thank Thee

The Almighty King in heaven

For giving us love

Thank you Lord

We thank Thee

The Almighty King in heaven

Why aren't you singing?

Ms. Halina, sing with everyone.

That's the point. Do you understand?

- Don't be shy.
- Once again.

One moment. My dears,
you are not hopeless, you're the best.

It'll be a great music video.

Like on MTV.

One, two, three, four.

Motylek will give you everything

Motylek will give you
Everything because

It has it all

Motylek will give you everything

The best prices for bad days
Believe me

Do you ever think about

what your life will look like
in ten years?

What do you mean?

Do you have any dreams?

- I have needs.
- No. Dreams.

Ms. Halina, one has to dream.

You have to take care of dreams,
nurture them.

Like a garden or a plant.

Water them.

Everything's possible. Really. Believe me.

You just have to really want it.

Do you have the strength
to constantly want everything?

- Your name.
- Halina Radwan.

Radwan, that's right.
Here you go, the second floor.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

These are what I call great records.

Can it be done?

Which one's better?
The old or the new one?

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

Catch a tiger by the toe.
If he hollers, let him go.

Good morning.

Excuse me.


May I go now?

Of course, that's all. Thank you.

Thank you.

Ms. Halina!

We have such beautiful uniforms.

And you're always dressed like a man.

It's unbecoming, you're the face
of the company.

Mustaches are also out of fashion.

I'm sorry, Ms. Halina. My car broke down.

- Could you give me a ride?
- Sure.

I mean, if there's enough space.

We could use a forklift.

No forklifts in our shops.
That's the rule.

That's the job.

Only the strongest survive.
Like in nature.

You have a nice car, Halinka.

It can even go to 95. It's souped-up.

Do you often come to our church?

My in-laws live nearby.

My wife has MS. It's an awful disease.

My mom is also sick.
She pretends to be okay.

She's had chemo.

Could you pass me the wrench?
It's under the seat.

Do you think the government pays for it?

No help. Consults, hospitals,
doctors, and she is in pain.

If my shops don't do well,
I won't get a bonus.

Do you understand now
why I'm trying so hard?

Try to start it now.

I can't believe it.


- You're late again.
- I'm sorry.

An apology is not enough.
Only two registers are open.

- I said I was sorry.
- What should I tell the customers?

That you don't care about them
because you like sleep?

Fucking hell! Shut up once and for all!

Maryla, what's wrong?

Krzysiek has a tumor.

Don't panic.

My mom had the same thing, Maryla.

She went through chemo and she's okay.

She even goes dancing.

Not more than half an hour.

- What?
- You can be late that much.

Now get to work.

It'll be fine.

At least I've finally
moved out of that dump.

I have my own room
for the first time in my life.


- Halina, can you not smoke in front of me?
- Why?

No! No, Jadźka! It's finally happened?

Why do you bring my wife so late?

Your husband is a pain.
Good thing I don't have one. Bye, Staszek.

Hi, Mom.


- Zdzisio, come on.
- Hello.


Let me introduce you.

- Mr. Zdzisio.
- Halina.

Well, take off your jackets.

Oh, my. Mom, thanks.

Mom, isn't this your dress by any chance?

Yes, it is. But it's almost like new.

You have to start a new life
as a woman and a manager.

- What do you think?
- Beautiful.

Misia, come, dinner!


Why were you in there for so long?
Good God!

Grandma, there is no God.

There is no God, is that right?

Misia, my dear, God is everywhere.

Even in soup.

Zdzisio, sit down. No God.
Great job raising her.

Leave her alone. The kid is exhausted.

She's preparing for the computing contest.

Let's eat.

- Enjoy.
- Enjoy.

Where did you meet?

- Chemo.
- Danc...

When you're doing chemo at a hospital,

you want to talk to a nice person.

Granny, are you doing chemo again?

No, it was some time ago.

The soup needs a toast.

Excuse me. Yes?

A company dinner?

I didn't forget.

Great, everything's here.

This is our wonderful labor inspector.

Here you are. Everything from the list.
Just like you asked.

- Can the company buy you a drink?
- No, thanks, I'm driving.

You're driving? You're a butterfly.

I used to be, but I've put on weight.

I'm off.

Sit down.

Do I know the magic p-word?

You see, my bosses

love numbers.

And your store is doing horribly.
Here you go.

Krzaczkowska is always late.

She takes days off.

Staroń's pregnant. Always at the doctor's.

Someone must be fired.

Why? For what reason?

They really are great girls.

- I don't have enough people as it is.
- You misunderstood. I'm not asking.

Maryla's been working the longest.
She has problems, should I fire her?

I also have problems.
Does it affect my work?

- Fire the other one.
- I have to fire her for being pregnant?

- I won't.
- Halina, you forgot.

You're no longer one of them.

The old one or the pregnant one.

Which will it be?

Write it down.

I, Halina Radwan,

voluntarily resign
as the manager of the store...

See? Well done.

"The future begins today, not tomorrow."

John Paul II.

I really like you.
It would be a shame to part ways.


It's one o'clock. Turn it off.

Misia, go to bed.

Good morning. You're home?

I'm on my way to work.

- I'm looking for Misia.
- Misia? She went to school.

Your daughter hasn't been
to school in three weeks.

I thought that...

that she was okay at least.

Where might she be?

- I'll kick her ass.
- What are you doing?

Wanna embarrass her?

She won't talk to you for a year.

Talk to her calmly at home.

I'll show her smoking.

- Halinka, a cake for you.
- Jadzia, I've got a stomachache, thanks.

Please, it's my birthday.
I won't say which one, you know.

- I know.
- Save it for later. Everything all right?


Maryla, come with me to my office.

- Maybe I'm getting a raise.
- Sure, so is Angela.

Maryla, it's not so bad.

You'll get holiday pay.

Great, I'll go with my husband
to the Seychelles.

I had no choice.

I really tried to save you.

Save me?

Halinka, you can only save your own ass.

You can't fire me for no reason.
I'll go back to work.

- Monika, come here for a moment.
- Yes?

Take this to Maryla's register.
There's some money.

She won't fall for it.
She's worked here for too long.

- Also, I won't do it.
- Monika, don't disobey me.


I need one day off this week.

I don't have the dress yet.

Should I get married in this?

- Wanna be pretty for the wedding?
- Yes.

It's 8,60 złotys.

I'm sorry, Maryla.

For this oversight
you'll get a disciplinary termination.

Unless you sign the termination.

I forgive you, as you're stupid.

Well done, Halinka.

Will you get a raise for that?

- How's school?
- It's okay.

- Did you have a test?
- Yes, we did.

- On what?
- Don't be boring, I'm studying.

Doing the project for the contest?

- Show me, I'm curious.
- I can't, it's frozen.

Where is it frozen?

Here, see? I can't open this file.

- Which file?
- This one. I can't open it.

- This one?
- Yes.

What? Are you crazy?
You'll destroy everything.

Do you think I'm an idiot?
Tomorrow you're going straight to school.

- Just try to fail.
- Why do you care if I graduate?

- You don't give a shit anyway.
- Misia!

You even forgot about my birthday.

Turn it down. I can't hear anything.

Will you take that away from me too?

Good morning.

First time no pants.

- How was it?
- Tough.

Good job.

You did great.

No regrets.
The beginning of great wisdom.

People don't understand us.

Do you want to try?

- No, I have to return to the store.
- Come on.

I'm not a good swimmer.
Mr. Eryk, maybe some other time.

Ms. Halina, we're supposed
to have a business cruise.

- I don't know.
- It's unforgettable.

- You should, you know...
- I might be a virgin again.

I don't know, maybe it regenerates.

- How many years has it been?
- Four since Grzesiek, the jackass.

You're not a virgin yet.

I like that one,
wouldn't throw him out of bed.

Angelika, where's your taste?
He's hopeless.

- In my ass.
- Might be.

He is classy.

- Look at his cool shoes.
- High heels.

- He's a bumpkin.
- You're a bumpkin.

Angelika, shouldn't you go?

I'm having my 12-minute break.

Have I told you that men are shit?

It's 1,45 złotys.

I won't pee in that.

Angelika, you know the magic p-word.

Can you do it for six hours?
No swapping, I'm going to HQ.

All dressed up to HQ?

A girl peed behind the register once.
She doesn't work here anymore.

Do you know the magic p-word?


How is it going? It's getting windy.

One more moment.

It's a good spot.

My dad and I caught a tench that big
on the other side once.

- That big?
- Really.


It's not funny.


That's all.

Beata, wait.

Sign here to show that you took part
in the training.

Okay, I'm going back to work.

Motylek will give you everything.

Easier, easier.

But it says here
that it was a 48-hour training.

- So?
- It's been 20 minutes.

Angelika, are you kidding me?
Who would work at the store?

Be happy we have a forklift. It's awesome.

- I'm happy.
- Get on the forklift and move it.

- Why me?
- Because I assigned you.

I don't even have a driver's license.

No discussion.
Get on the forklift, damn it.

- I can't even ride a bike.
- Are you a baby? Will you stop sniveling?

- I can go.
- No, Angelika will.

Why is a woman like you single?

I have a daughter.

You know what I mean.

How do you know I'm single?

I can't see your husband here.

I can't see your wife either.

Too bad we're both taken.

I need one more girl at the store.

- Could Maryla come back?
- No, she's too old.

I'll get you someone younger.

Where is my tie?

Give me some sugar. I have to go.

My husband went to the US seven years ago.

He sent the money twice and then...

there was no contact.
My daughter missed him, cried.

Excuse me, please.

Gawlik and Gawlik law firm.

I'll be sure to get it done. Yes, see you.

I'm really sorry.

I will get a divorce, right?

Not at once. But if you're born to hang,
you'll never swim.


I think 1500 at the beginning.

Have you got a tissue?

- Fifteen hundred złotys?
- You can pay in installments.

I'll think about it.

And why do you want to work in our store?

I don't know, my mom used to be a cashier.

All right, sign here.
You'll start right away.

- Thanks.
- Quick, someone fainted.

Are you leaving him like this?

- It's a job for a funeral home.
- What should we do?


Move along, please.
Mr. Leszek, escort the customers out.

You heard her. Let's leave the store.

Anka, go close the store.

- Nothing to see here.
- Eryk?

There, there. Calm down, honey. Relax.

You'll have losses. Open the store.

How am I supposed to open it?
A man is lying there dead!

What are you, a child?
Cover him with something.

I can't do it now.
I'll come back later. Open the store.

Okay, girls.

Let's get back to work.

Jadzia, go open the store, please.

Halinka, a man is dead.

I'm not asking. Open the store.

- But a man is dead.
- Open the store, Jadzia.

Fuck off.

Give me the keys.

- Wiola, cover him with something.
- I'm not touching a corpse.

- Mr. Jareczek, did they take him?
- They did, finally, at about 3 p.m.


Hey, it's all right.

It's over, right?

It's the way it is.

People are born, they die.

Under a potato sack.

Leave me.

I understand.

Go. Get some rest, sleep.

I'll close the store. Go.

- Why didn't you close the store.
- It was closed.

- Why did you have to open it?
- Jadźka, come on.

They violate human rights here.

- Why are the employees silent?
- Are you harassing a pregnant woman?

- Don't you understand it's a free country?
- That's enough talking.

Jadźka, are you crazy?

Do you want to lose your job?

- Who are you loyal to?
- Loyal?

Twenty years.

We were friends in primary school.

Get it together, girl.


A problem?

I can't put it on the register.
The code might be wrong.

- Could you exchange it?
- Do you want me to run?

- It's your duty.
- I'm sorry, I can't leave the register.

Why is only one register open?

- How do you treat people?
- Sir...

What the fuck are you doing?

Why don't you answer the phone?

You confuse work and personal calls?

I'm listening, Mister Manager.

The inventory date
has been changed, Ms. Radwan.

- It'll be today.
- But I don't have the girls.

Jadźka's at the doctor's,
Monika's getting married, Wiola's ill.

- Should I cry?
- I can't do it.

I'm not fucking negotiating.

Think if you want to work here.

- Customers are waiting.
- This is the last one. I need the shampoo.


Yes, Misia, I remember the number.

Get on the bus and come here.

We'll see if you're good at math.

Hala, I'm really not feeling well.

- Go take a break.
- I have to go home.

Jadźka, we won't make it without you.

- How is the counting going?
- Is that where the corpse was?

What corpse?

- Look, you know what it means.
- Did you come here to have fun or to work?

Turn it back immediately. Show me.

It's wrong. Why did you put that there?

I am fucking trying!

Mr. Leszek, would you help us
with the inventory?

I have my duties.


Does she have to lie here?
It's no place for her.

I'm sorry, who are you to my patient?

Staszek. Everything is all right now.

If you were a man...

Get the fuck out!



You're here. Guess who the new manager is.

I'm afraid you didn't have an appointment.
One moment!

- You can't go in there.
- But I need to.

If you don't have an appointment,
you can't come in.

- Why are you here?
- I won't sign it.

I won't. Why would I?

You don't know?
Staroń had a miscarriage in your store.

- Because of you.
- You told me to.

I told you to fire her a month ago.

You broke the law, Halina.
You might do time.

Don't you see? I'm saving your ass.

What am I supposed to do?

Don't cry, honey.

You thought I'd fire you
for not doing the inventory?

Everything is out of control. Don't cry.

Honey... sign.

Clever girl.

I know it's difficult for you,
but you'll manage.

And please, don't ever come here

Unemployment rate rose by another 3%...


- What's that?
- Shopping. Grandma gave me some money.

- Don't buy at Motylek, do you understand?
- So where? It's the cheapest.

- Will you start looking for a job?
- Don't buy there, understood?

Ms. Halinka, I'm so happy
someone has finally applied.

Here you go, that's my card.
Do you have yours?

- I don't.
- No problem.

We'll print one with the store's logo.

I'll prepare the contract.
Take a look around the store.

Something wrong?

After a disciplinary termination
nobody will hire you legally.

- But it wasn't my fault.
- Everyone would say that.

- It's not fair.
- That's for the courts to decide.

I'm really sorry, but I can't hire you.


- Jadźka, hi.
- How do you sleep at night?

- I can't.
- Jadzia, really...

I saw a lawyer,
I wanted him to sue the company.

What did I learn?

The night I lost the baby,
I wasn't even at the store.

There's your signature.

I can go to court. I can testify.

- Don't bother.
- Let's go.

- Do you need money?
- No thanks, I can manage.


I have to take it.


As I said.

I'll deal with it in an hour.


What the fuck is this?

Since I was going to see you.
Just a formality.

A confidentiality clause.

You came here only to get me to sign it.

Halina, it's not what you think.

What is it, then?

All right, leave.

- Take it and leave.
- Halinka.

- Halinka what?
- Listen, honey.

Take it all.


- Halinka...
- Take it fucking all!

Now, fuck off!

I'm back.

My car door doesn't close.
It's my dad's fishing rod.

I'd die if someone stole it.

I see.

I don't know if you realize
but a trial like this can go on for years.

They have excellent lawyers,
a lot of money,

- I don't even have a secretary.
- But I was fired for no reason.

They owe me for 3200 hours of overtime.

I have to pay my loan
and I have no job. Because of them.

- What should I do?
- I wish I could help you,

but facts and witnesses matter in court.

Every truth has to be proven.

Did you tamper with documents?

Make the employees work
in violation with the labor law?

I was made to do it.

If the employees agreed
to take part in the trial...

No, it's impossible.

Is there a fish in that bag?

Yes, sorry, it's leaking.

I caught it today.
The first time in ten years.

Well done.

Ms. Halina!

You've left your work certificate.

It's a copy. You needn't have bothered.

You know, I'm intrigued by your case.

I'll take it.

- I don't think I can afford you.
- Don't worry about it.

I don't want to go to courts.

I have a boyfriend now.

Ania, you need rehabilitation.
The money for it.

You have to be strong.

Not me, not anymore.

Will you meet with me?
It's in your own best interest.

- Shall we meet?
- Two złotys short.

Please leave the store.

- Let her go! Are you hitting a woman?
- Careful!


Marylka, what's wrong?

- The manager is here.
- Come here.

Sit down.


Have a drink. Drink.

- Where's your husband?
- They took him to hospital.

- How is he?
- Great. Two weeks...

No, three weeks in the ground. Excuse me.

I didn't know...

Maryla, I had to do it. They'd...

They threatened to fire me. Understand me.

Poor Halinka.

- Maryla, I want to help you.
- So lend me a hundred.

Maryla, listen. There'll be a trial.

- You've worked there the longest.
- What do we have here?

- Listen.
- Would you like some, Halinka?

No. Will you come to testify?
If you come, other girls will follow.

You know what? I may drink but won't shake
hands with a cunt like you.

Get lost.



- What happened?
- I don't know, something flew in.

Are you all right?


I'm calling the police.

"Leave the company alone
or you'll regret it."

What now?

Be a little scared.

- A beauty for the radio.
- You think?

We won't make her a star.

I'm sorry to say it, but Ms. Halina Radwan

didn't do a good job as manager.

Deliveries were late.

The papers were a mess.

She'd deal with personal matters at work.

Or go to the bank.
She disappeared for a day once.

Employees had to do overtime,
because the store wasn't managed well.

Ms. Halina forged records to hide it.

Can you prove that?

Of course. I have a work schedule here.

The manager gave it to me.
Two days off a month.

Her signature may confirm it.

Thank you. That's all.

Was the witness prepared for the trial?

I don't understand.

Why did you visit Sienkiewicz-Baczyński
law firm on Wednesday?

- Personal matters.
- An interesting coincidence.

The same firm works on this case.
How much money do you make?


Is it relevant?

- Please, retract the question.
- Answer, please.

As the store's manager,
I've been making 2000 złotys plus a bonus.

- Is it enough to get by?
- With two children?

You used one of the most expensive lawyers
in the country.

Let's count.

Travelling to Poznań: 150 złotys.
Staying in a good hotel: 240.

A consult: 400 złotys an hour.
You were there for a few hours.

If you were there privately,
how on earth could you afford it?

Thank you. No more questions.

Some tea?



Why are you lying to me?

- The doctor said you mustn't worry.
- Just like your father.

You could never apologize.
Try it, it doesn't hurt.

Or is there something else
I don't know about?

I'm in debt. The bank will probably try
to take my apartment.

Honey. Give up the trial. You can't do it.

No, I can't now.

What is it?

I've saved it.

Mom, keep it. I don't need it.

All right.

Just in case, I'm insured.
So that they don't screw you over.

Mom, what is it with you again?

Do you have a moment?

Do you want war?

- Who are you?
- A friend.

How's Misia? Okay?

- You son of a bitch, is that a threat?
- Absolutely not.

I want to help you.

You know, TV is full of lies.
They'll start digging. They'll find dirt.

Better to not get involved.

Do you want Poland
to know about the miscarriage?

They fired you from your previous job.

No one will believe you.

Ms. Halina, can we start?

Ready? Please.

Do you know the magic p-word?

When I was a child,
my mom told me it was "please."

At Motylek they told me
it's "productivity."

It's the most important. I have to say

that as a store's manager,

I did a lot of evil...

to my colleagues.

It might be the right place

to apologize to them.

For everything that happened,
being so scared.

I apologize to Anka, Angela,

Monika, Ewa, Beata.

Most of all,
I apologize to Maryla and Jadzia.

I'm really sorry, girls.

Listen, is Misia with you? No?

All right. Yes, bye.

Mom, is Misia with you?
Everything's okay. Just...

- Hi, I'm looking for my daughter, Misia.
- Good evening.

- She's here often.
- Which one is she?

The small one, wears black.
Plays computer games a lot.

That's the one.

- Why the laugh?
- She's probably doing drugs.

- Or is lying drunk under a table.
- What are you saying?

- Just stating facts.
- Where is she? Talk.

- Don't you have a sense of humor?
- I don't.

The party is over there.

If you laugh so much, you're gonna burp up
your first communion soda.

Give me that, you brat!

Misia, come on. Let's go home.

I'll give you back the computer.

- You'll see that...
- Mom?

What are you doing here?

- Come, Misia. We're going.
- What have you been smoking?

A cigarette.

Motylek will give you everything

Because it has it all

Motylek will give you everything

- Can we go now?
- The best prices for bad days

Believe me

Officially, the company
employs people part-time.

But everyone worked full-time
and did overtime.

The managers had to forge the time sheets.

Why did you agree to it?

I was threatened with being fired.

Call the next witness.
Mrs. Jadwiga Staroń.

What kind of boss was Halina Radwan?

In what civilized country?
It's the middle of Europe, 21st century.

It's like in the Middle Ages.
Maybe a work camp, that's how I see it.

The girls work 14 hours a day.

They often don't have
even one day off a month.

We have no benefits.

We unload the trucks.
We put the products on shelves.

We clean. There're no stockmen.

Why talk about the labor law
or human rights?

Does anyone talk about us
sitting at cash registers in diapers,

as there's no time to go to the toilet?
No one does.

No wonder we're ashamed of it.

I had to forge time sheet records myself.

I changed expiry dates.

I was told to
and I was afraid of losing my job.

Everyone does it. No one talks about it.
People buy things

and know nothing because we're silent.
We're scared, we want to work.





Good morning.
We were scheduled for an interview.

- Sorry, it is canceled.
- One moment, what's canceled?

We came here from Warsaw.

- We were supposed to talk about the trial.
- There will be no trial.

What do you mean "no trial"?
Did you change your mind? Why?

Why are you afraid?

Hi, Mom.

You'll be happy to hear this.

I've canceled the trial.

You were right, you know?

I went there. I took the papers and...



Do you know Mom never hugged me?

- Do you hug Miśka?
- Sure.

- Misia, what are you doing there?
- I'm giving Grandma her last cigarette.

- Good morning, neighbor.
- Good morning. I've read the paper.

I no longer shop at Motylek.

- Don't worry about the debt collector.
- Debt collector?

They came to our house many times.
I'd always tell them, "Over my dead body."

Sorry, I can't help you.

The bank is in business
to generate profits.

- You're overdue on your loan payments.
- Be human. I'll get the money.

I'll tell you something unofficially.
What's most important in life?


To friends, family, company.

The world is like a web.
Once you fall out of it,

you're done.

- What are you doing here?
- Hi.

- Don't make a scene.
- Misia, listen. We have to talk.

We got a letter from the debt collector.
They want to take everything.

We need to organize ourselves. Think.
We have to hide the computer.

Then we have to... Miśka, come on.

Come. There's no time.

- What is this?
- For the flat, so they don't kick us out.

Miśka, where did you get it?

- Calm down.
- What did you get yourself into?

- Is it legal?
- Of course. You bought it yourself.

I'm talking about selling.

- How can a thing that's not there be sold?
- Not there? It's Volnuk Dravida.

Volnuk Dravida. A shadow warrior.

I reached level 127 with her.

I got 2000 strength
and ten thousand ducats.

Nice, right?

- You got that much money for a warrior?
- A female warrior.

- You want to give me the money?
- We have to live.

Come here.

I won't read it.

Me neither.

"I leave everything I have
to my daughter and granddaughter.

The house with furniture, land and garage.

Forgive me there's so little.

P.S. I want to tell my daughter,

that I am proud of her.

I never fought for anything that hard."

What do you want? Did they send you?

I'm sorry, Ms. Halina.

I didn't mean to...
My name is Krystyna Tondera.

I worked in Motylek by the train station.

A friend crushed my finger
with a pallet jack.

We were fired. I've no money.

I know the trial is coming up.

- I was hoping you could help me.
- I'm not going to court.

I've changed my mind.

What do you mean?

You have to look for
someone else to help you.

Maryla, there's no point.
The two of us can't do it.

We were both fired.
The girls would have to testify.

I'll talk to them.

I already have.

I'll settle and maybe
it'll be enough to pay for electricity.

I don't recognize you.

- What's going on here?
- You won't go any further.

Over our dead bodies.

- Do not obstruct the collection.
- Ms. Halinka paid all her debts.

It's an unlawful eviction.
We won't let Halinka go.

I don't care. I have a warrant
from two months ago.

The bank and the district head ordered us
to remove Halina Radwan from the property.

- The bank is lying! We paid everything.
- She paid everything.

We won't let Halinka go.

Get to work.

Why are you getting involved? Step aside.

It's your democracy!

I have a warrant!

It's your democracy!

Why do you want to evict Halina Radwan?

No filming. I'm executing the warrant.

- I'm a journalist.
- I'm not interested.

You're obstructing. ID?

- On what grounds?
- I'm a state official.

You're here on public function.
Unless you're here unofficially.

I'll be back.

Leave him alone! Stop!

Let's finish!

- Look, she chickened out!
- She's gone!

Debt collector out of this sector!

- Good morning.
- Good morning. Please.

I'm glad you came to your senses.

Five thousand is a good offer.
Sign here, woman.

There's nothing to look at.
It really is a good offer.


Shove this offer up your ass.

- Hi.
- Excuse me.

You won't win with them. I know that.

They're giving five thousand. It's a lot.

Halina, don't do it. You'll regret it.


They'll fire me.

They'll destroy me.
Halinka, I beg you, sign it.

My wife is in hospital.
I can't do it. Halinka, sign it.

I beg you, Halinka.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing, I just want to cry.

- Now you!
- What should I do?

Scream, yell, shake your head,
there's no other way!

Come on!



Down with Motylek!

Down with Motylek!

Employees pay the highest price
for your low prices.

Deceived businesses do too.

Every month, Motylek siphons off
40 million from Poland.


- Are you scared?
- No.

Not at all.

- They're not coming. They got a deal.
- Don't worry, they'll show.

They were offered money.
We have no chance.

Judgment in the name
of the Republic of Poland.

District Court, Department of Work
and Social Security

having heard the case today
filed by Halina Radwan

against Motylek,
a limited liability company,

for the due payment arising from overtime,

fully accepts the claims
and adjudges to the plaintiff

the sum of 25 thousand złotys.

The court had no doubt
that the defendant knowingly exploited

the difficult situation of the claimant,
which forced her to accept

working conditions and overtime
against the law.

The rule of law does not allow

for business to be based
on employees working as slaves.

One, two, three...

One hundred hot prices
A day of sales

Full wallet in your hand
A smile on your face

A great team
Is with you every day

It has the power
Day and night

Motylek will give you everything
Motylek will give you everything

Because it has it all

Motylek will give you everything
The best prices for bad days

Believe me

Motylek will give you everything
Motylek will give you everything

Because it has it all

Motylek will give you everything
The best prices for bad days

Believe me