Dziecinne pytania (1981) - full transcript

A story of an architectural student asking questions on problems during a housing project development. Arrested for parading with a sign asking for a difficult and responsible job, he tells his story to a cellmate.

‘Zespoly Filmowe Film Studio’

‘Zespol Filmowy ‘X’

‘Adam Ferency
featuring in’

‘Childish Questions’

honours diploma, good knowledge
of the humanities,

looking for an ambitious, responsible
and needed by others task;

but without the necessity to make compromises.’

And I wrote it.

"-‘ Each of us will go his own way,

To make it tougher for us to defend,

And they won't say – they’re coming!

And they won't say – they!

Each of us suffers from his own pain,

Each of us will find satisfaction in it,

And we won't be giving roles,

And we won't act out the play.

Each of us will win his game

And will get a triple win himself...

And what a cry will be when we’re gone,

And what a laughter will be when we’re gone,

What sainthood will remain,

And what indifference.’

Yeah… two hundred PLN, a belt,
keys… OK, it’s fine.

- It must be fine.
- Sure.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Put it in number one.

- Any problems?
- No...


Lieutenant Wilczuk will talk to you.


Don’t use such words.

It doesn’t suit.

Especially here.

Aaa, the intelligent.

Do you know, my friend, that this word in the past...

Yeah, you were really young then...
used to be a challenge in literature and meant something?

Yeah, it did. But it doesn’t anymore.

Smoke, my friend...

Tell you something?

But not about life.

So, what do you do?

I’m an architect.

‘I wasn’t so sure about this.

It started somewhere in the mid-seventies.

There were Wojtek, Sylwia, Kazik
and, unfortunately, me.

Wasiak, the Head of the Architecture Department,
was waiting for us.

Then, we believed that together means together,

home means home and milk is milk.

Despite some minor warnings from the past.’

Also starring

Screenplay by

Dialogues by

Music by

Production Design by

so you could make the same in a couple of years.

P.S. At eight in ‘Cosmos’.
Your Koziol’

Yeah… Goodbye.

- Bye, bye.

Produced by

Director of Photography

It’s mine!

Directed by

- Me here.
- And me here.

Sylwia! Aaa!

OK, listen!
Just be calm. We’re not giving up.

This is the last technical issue.

Until my cast is not removed,
Sylwia will be preparing coffee.

There’s one more thing...

So, the authorities here
really care about all the parks,

playgrounds and landscape architecture.

It’s the Governor and his wife’s hobby.

Anyway, it’s not meaningless.

The local Mrs Pompadour.

Let’s say… Mother Theresa.

Unfortunately, she’s been educated in arts,
but we’ll manage somehow.

Excuse me. May I take the seasonings?


Most importantly, we’ve got money and will.

We have to use it because it can disappear later on.

Let’s do it like Disneyland, like soap bubbles,
like crazy madness;

we’ve got a chance to build
something beautiful and rational.

Anyway, the real art is not
what is interim, direct, utilitarian.

- Le Corbusier said.
- Exactly.

Professor, the cinema is endangered.
It is said to be out of the plan.

- How is it possible?
- How do you know that?

A friend from Warsaw called me.

- I’m going to the Governor.
We can’t leave it like that.

I’ll pay the bill.
Just don’t drink everything from the bar.

Where am I? What is my name?


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
People who don’t dance and sing may be worried about themselves.

And purblind people should
come closer and be bold,

Because, ladies and gentlemen,
the main attraction of the night,

the only topless show in a town
less than fifty thousand citizens.

On stage – Sandra.

‘Nobody knows who you really are,

That’s why you even don't know it.

In dancing round grey mirrors of days

Your golden smile shines

Disturbed, gentle gesture

In my mind I still play solitaire

With hearts cards only

Nobody knows who you really are

It’s the truth that I don’t need at all

When we’re on different paths…’

How do you like it?

For a town less than fifty thousand citizens it’s...

I’ll lift it, I’ll save it

You’re with me or not

My talisman of your thoughts
and eyelashes…’

Wojtek, don’t block the view, man!



###Excuse me. My friend blocked the view.
Could you repeat that for me?


###I’m sorry.

‘Try to believe that snow is white

Believe sources that water goes to rivers

Believe birds that they’ll be back in spring

Believe you that you’re the lady of dreams’.

The pink is not so pink,
as the poet said, am I right, my friend?

Everything what we are is the past.

The future in unknown, the present is like
a thin membrane, right?


But why are you saying it?

Because you didn’t want a life history.

Who are you?

Now? A strange drinker.

But it will last… short.

In general, I raise strawberries, cucumbers and so on.

Hmm… interesting.

Sure it is interesting.

You know? You’re the third strawberry picking.

What does it mean?

It means that when everything is mature…
The field, mine is big,

is red and you have to
collect everything quickly.

So, during the first picking
I take reliable people,

they go through the field firmly,
they collect the best fruit, for export.

Later, the second picking.
Mainly students.

They are less reliable,
they eat a lot while picking.

The fruit is used in jams,
preserves and so on.

And the third picking.

They do whatever they want, however they want.

Bear in mind that it is domestic production.

Don’t be angry.

I could be the third picking too,

but I’ve got money.

I’m going to sleep.

I’m having a tough day tomorrow.

I see. The committee.

No… Not the committee...
It’s a piece of cake.

I pay and I go out.

You know, tomorrow...

no, what I’m saying…
in three days’ time I’m holing up.

For one year, again.

Every moment is crucial for me.

I hope it lasts forever.

You sit.

If you would like to talk,
feel free to wake me up.

‘Our project had some features of an experiment.

Its implementation, as it appeared, too.’

Gentlemen, what’s going on?
It’s not a beach!

- Why aren’t you doing anything?
- What are we supposed to do? We have nothing to do?

How is it possible?
Where is Mr Roman?

- He’s sleeping.
- What does it mean that he’s sleeping?


Ooo, the site manager!
What a surprise. Welcome!

Mr Roman, could you explain it to me?

We’ve got no cement.

No material, so we’re waiting.

You’re joking!

I’m not. I told you about
the cement one week ago.

But you could do something else.
You could build the fence.

We could, yeah...

I’ve got people...

But we don’t have the fence.
So we’re waiting.

Dears, when you won the competition, I immediately told you

to risk and build originally.

And… We’ve been in the news three times.

Yes. But now everyone claims
that it’s their idea...

I heard that you want to
name this estate ‘Glass Houses’.

- Yes, yes.
- If I were you

I would be more humble.

In my view, each name
should refer to the past.

In the past, there was mud here, if I’m correct.

So, let’s call it the ‘Mud’ estate.

Both historical and cautious.

And what about the landscape architecture?

The projects are there. Please.

Let’s go.

Everyone is interested. The Governor is pushing...

Here you are.
Actually, we started from these drawings.

We asked children in school
to draw a playground of their dreams.

And the whole project is based on that.

Here, it’s the effect.

Yeah… it’s really nice.

Just… authorities’ taste...

The Governor’s wife’s?

I didn’t say that.

Well… work, work.

Money is not a problem.
Especially that the cinema is out.

Mr Wojtek, may I ask you for a while?

Professor, is the cinema case certain?

- Yes...
- Maybe should we push him?

- No! It’s not his fault.
- So whose fault is it?

I don’t know… They’re going to expand the poultry factory.

You understand… People also want to eat.

Yeah, they want to eat, they want to live,

they want to earn, they want to go for trips,

they want to be happy.

The question is how to do that?

- Guess, from whom?
- Read...

"‘The fearless emperors of the future,
in your hands is the fate of civilization,

at least its part.

And I believe. In you, not civilization.

Women’s Day regards. Bogdan and Bozena’.

Yeah… this day, he never forgets about it.

Jacek, block, block the door!
Quick! Block!

Where? Where?! Block the door!

Stop! Criminals – they’re going to attack! Stop!

###It’s a lie!

What the…?

Leave him, leave him!
Don’t behave like them

Why are you coshing us?!

What have we done?!
Fuck off! Hit me back!

Hit me back! How will I go back?!

Fuck off!

Now it’s fine. No corrupted clerks,
no bad government agencies.

There is no one to fight against.
Move your ass!

No mass meetings.
There’s no one to speak to.

Give it!
Yeah, and there’s no one

who would send him to the shoe factory
in Strzelce Opolskie.

But he’s got Bozena...

Bozena, Bozena...

Listen… What are we going to write them back?

That if they are bored,
we could have a flat for them.

And if they aren’t bored?

Then we’ll go to them.
We’ll paint their orchard.

The plums like apples,
the apples like pears.

Later, we’ll describe it
and write… PhD thesis!

I came here because I graduated
from a drawing technical school

and I would like to work here.

I undress because I’m not ashamed.

Really, I’m not! And it’s so…
colourful, different, not boring.

Please, have a seat, Ms Sandra.

My real name is Stefania.

Sandra is… my ‘Cosmos’ manager’s idea.

- Do you use a double stitch?
- Yes, I do.

So do I. But I add a loop every two loops.

‘Yes, no doubt about that.

Sandra Stefania was a lace maker.

She told us about her life.
It was clear, simple and pure.

She went to confession every week.
She was embarrassed

because she couldn’t find sins in her soul.

And she was right ".

I write letters to newspapers.

To the ones that have love… advice.

I ask about things that I have never experienced,

but somewhere there is some truth
that is known to other people.

It’s so realistic!

- Is that me?
- You...

It’s so beautiful! Would you give it to me?
I’ll hang it over my bed.


Drawing would be difficult, we don’t have
much drawing work here.

We do it on our own.

What a shame...

- May I ask you a question?
- Please.

- But won’t you be laughing?
- I won’t.

- Give me your word.
- I promise. I won’t be laughing.

Please, tell me, how is the first time
between a man and a woman?

- How? So you don’t know it?
- No.

And… Haven’t you asked your female friends?

It’s not the point.
I would like to know it from you.

Why me?

Because… you’re a stranger
and you look like a good man.

To be honest, I don’t know.

- So you have never?
- No...

I have never thought about it.
That it is the first time,

that it should special, beautiful,
first; simple as that. It always was normal.

Please, carry on.

It was a mix of culture and biology.
That’s all..


And should it be something more...?

Let’s find out.

I mean… please, convince me.

Why me?

I guess I love you.

- You’re mistaken.
- I’m not.

Anyway… I knew that it was going to happen.

But, don’t worry. I don’t want anything from you.

" Sometimes I went to Warsaw with some plans.

My friends saw me off,

but I got the impression that
I was saying goodbye to Sylwia only ".

Wojtek, water! Quickly!

Are you already here?

Do you want to eat something?

The kindergarten and the swimming pool are out.

How is it possible?

The budget has shrunk again.

Yeah… Maybe it could be changed?
Have you informed the boys?

We have to wake them up.

- Is it certain?
- Yes.

Maybe it’s some gossip?

- Kaziu, a gossip...
- Wait a minute...

instead of the kindergarten,
the service centre could be removed, right?

Removed’? What…?
First, we have to think it over...

‘Think it over’? We’re going to Koziol.

- Now…? In the middle of the night?
- Maybe he’ll come up with something.

- Listen, the decision has been made.
- By whom?

Professor Kozlowski, inter alia.

Oh fuck...

The ones who aren’t happy with the authorities,
should pack themselves and leave

if they don’t want to be beaten up’.

" The 15th of September.
I will never forget this date.

I woke up with a feeling that something
was going to happen on the building site ".

I’ll tell you, it doesn’t look good.

Kiss me.

Kiss me.

- I would like to tell you that...
- I know.

What do you know?

I love you too.

I love you so much that I can’t breathe.

I cry when you have to go to Warsaw.

I’ve always loved you.

From the very first time when I saw you.

Now I remember.

If you reject my love, I will die sooner than...

Not now.

I’ll tell you when.
It has to happen in a different way.

- How?
- I don’t know yet, but in a different way.

I want you to know, I’m with Kazik now.

But it isn’t so important.
Try not to think about it.

Come on.

- Mr engineer!
- What?

There’s a fuss.
They took our paint.

Wait, please. I’ll go down.

We wanted to do it the way
we had been told to.

But there appears a punk from Wasiak,
he says that the paint is needed for the fence.

I was so pissed off, fuck.
I’m saying – ‘What fence?!’.

And he says that The Governor was coming,
that the colour wouldn’t be good,

and that a political visit
is going to be paid.

So, you know, they gave me a substitute colour,

I don’t know.
It’s brown, grey… And I say:

‘No, I won’t be doing that’.
So, how should it look like?

Nice, beautiful, like the project.

Dear Sir, they’ve already blocked me,
for sure...

so, gentlemen, do something.

Or what?
They’re coming here to watch the colours of the fences?

Don’t they have other problems?

Who’s coming here?

- Koziol is obviously not here...?
- Shhh...

He’s here. He’s here.

- Did you talk to him?
- We’ve been waiting for you.

Hello. Sylwia, to the kitchen.
Prepare coffee for the boys.


we would like to ask...
What about the kindergarten and the swimming pool?

I’ll be frank with you. I don’t know.

Professor, please be honest.

We… don’t understand you.

How can you give up so easily?

You know that the architect’s success

is 70% of convincing,

and only 30% of preparing a great project.

Le Corbusier said.

I don’t understand you as a human.

Marshal Montgomery once wanted to win a battle.

He needed fifty planes, he asked for two hundred,
he was given one hundred and he won the battle.

Where do you live?

During thirty something years of this country,
not a single estate

has been built according to the project.

Not a single one.

So be glad that we’ve got what we’ve got.

It’s really better than in other cases.

Professor, so why did you teach us
about fantasy and panache?

Because it’s better to undercut eagles’ wings,
not sparrows’.

But you can’t think like that, Professor!

We have to make a fucking scene only because
there’s an important guy coming?

Aaa, it’s not everything.

Someone is going to plaster, provisionally of course,

a few houses and make a passage in the place where
the school is planned to be built.

It’ll be some mess… And later, when he leaves,
we’ll remove the plasters.

Any doubts?


Good morning.

Yyy… Mr Wojtek...

You’re in the best position, Sir.

You still can live for nothing.
A clear sheet.

You think that you won’t be mortgaged.

Additionally, you don’t have children.

It seems that you don’t have children neither.
Am I correct?

Yes, you’re right.

And that’s the reason why my non-existing son
is in a better situation than you.

Otherwise, he would know from me
that hiding an inevitable compromise

under cover of grand slogans, songs,

and cabarets is probably funny, but

simultaneously it isn’t honest.

- It’s an alibi.
- Why?

Aaa, because we live here and now.
We only live once.

And… for one more reason.

I’m really sorry.

Have you read it, guys?

- Yes, we have.
- And… what?!

Mr Romek, he gatecrashed himself.
What should we do?

Let him gatecrash! It’s not the point.
Let him come here, but...

what does it say? ‘As part of the community
action work, the site management,

and the crew feel obliged to complete two buildings for the ‘Glass Houses’ co-operative before the planned deadline’.

What?! What the fuck?! What the fuck?!

It’s not my fault! We’ve got the same problem.

- We’re also surprised by such decisions!
- What are you talking about?!

- We have to do that.
- Have to…?

Fuck! So now I have to… plant flowers
with the crew… for two weeks?!

Do we work in a circus?! What the fuck?!
Is it new feudalism?!

- Mr Roman… I’ll come...
- I don’t care!

You earn well here. You have to admit that.

You have to trust me. I’ll be there!

‘But the 15th of September was still on.

And I believed, against all odds,
that Sylwia was waiting for me.

And she was..."

Poland is your home.

Wind is everywhere

For one thousand years

It hasn’t beaten Poland.

Now you need strength,

Now you need hearts,

So your home would be

Full of happiness and bread.

Daddy, I know this poem!

Our land is beautiful,

Blue sky above it.

Beautiful are cities and towns,

People there do work hard.

A forge is beautiful,

It is very high.

Our land is beautiful,

Our happy place on Earth.

Our meadows are beautiful,

Covered by fog before dawn.

Industrial chimneys are beautiful,

Covered by smoke, like fog...

Honey, I would like to explain to you that...

That’s fine. We’ve got
nothing to talk about.

No, no. I would like you
to draw one extra floor.

But mountain houses here...

it doesn’t make sense.

It does, it does.

Who allowed you to go in here?
Come back, come back.

It can fall down at any minute.

"‘And we didn’t find out whether
the landscape architecture was good or bad.

The Governor’s wife had been sick
and she wasn’t present at the opening ceremony’.

The school will be built here.

It is thought so that younger children

are close to the playground.

The school paths are designed in a way,

that children don’t have to cross the street.

- And in the future...
- But this...

and that, dear Professor,
won’t be here.

So… Thank you, Professor.

Let’s go… please.

Your behaviour was a scandal!

I believe that you should realize
that you’re a grown-up man!

I had to explain everything for one hour.

By some miracle…, by some miracle
I convinced the Governor not to back out.

So, we’re preparing a surprise for us,
and you… Dear Sir…!

I think that you’re really tired with this place

That’s why we’ve arranged new flats for you.

Yeah… studio flats, to be honest, but… for you, Mr Wojtek,
I’ve got a three-room flat.

I’m getting married...

Wojtus, come on.

Come, come.
We’ll drink to your marriage.

Yeah… when you’ll be getting married for
the second time, don’t forget to inform us,

so we’re going to prepare for that.

Yeah! All the best! Cheers!

Thank you.

So now, you’ll tell us
who the lucky lady is, right?

- Zoska.
- The ginger one?

Not the ginger one. She works in the clinic. She’s a dentist.

Hmm… a cosy place, breakfast in bed, slippers...

But, listen, when did you have time to do it?
You live here with us, you work.

He does it at night...

My teeth are decayed.

So you’re designing the house for her!

- Maybe it’s not for you?
- It’s not.

For whom?

It doesn’t matter.

‘It doesn’t matter’? You’re designing
the house and you say it doesn’t matter?

You’re not frank with us, Wojtus...

I’m frank.

What is important is that my project
will be fully implemented, from top to bottom!

Can’t you understand it?!

Here, the work is ridiculous!

Something is falling down all the time, something has to be changed, something has to be crossed out! I’m not a painter!

- May I have a cigarette?
- Yeah...

I’ve seen you somewhere...

- I was picking strawberries at your place.
- Sure… I don’t remember.

I owe you some money.

Thank you...

The idea of the architecture of
the 20th century is totalitarism.

This style has been in use for the entire century.

In reference to that, there’s not a coincidence

that we can find more examples of it
in Poland than in any other country.

To be precise, it’s not a coincidence,
it’s regularity.

This style found some great development possibilities

both social and political, in our country.


- Are they going to broadcast it?
- No… I think they’re going to do so.

But, you know? I’ll ask you
one more question.

Why are you architects?
Maybe you, Misiek, OK?

Listen, take him that… fine?
Shall we? Action!

Why are you an architect?

Architecture is a consequence of my life story.

I was born in a small village.

My dad died during the Second World War...

But I think that our mum brought us up to be good patriots.

I worked as a tailor’s helper.
I worked as a printer’s helper

I baked bread. I was a builder, a driver,
even a sewer worker for some time.

But I believe that it was a good way of meeting people,

knowing their aspirations and ambitions.

And architecture became the consequence of social service.

Thank you very much.

### Cut.

‘Maciek invited me for some vodka.

But due to the visit nobody had vodka.

So we bought a liter from an electrician from his crew’.

Do you want the interview to be broadcast
the way it was recorded?

You fucked yourself, not me.

What did you think about?

I know exactly in which institution I work.

Leave it, Maciek.

We’re both in this shit, from top to bottom.

Do you know how it works in the world?

And here, fucking plots all the time.

Actually, it’s not something new.

Do you have a wife?

I do.

This is the only sense...

To have a child.

Are you crazy?!

This is the only thing in the world
which is really yours.

Do you want your child to live here?
In these conditions?

Do you want your child to struggle?
It’s not humanitarian.


You can bring up your child. Mould it, like a leaf of bread.

As I told you, baking is the only thing I can.

Once, I had to leave Warsaw with my mother.

I worked in a bakery.

Let’s go.

Where are you throwing it?
There’s no wardrobe?

What’s your problem?

Behave yourself.

I don’t know how, but behave yourself.

Who do you think you are?!
I’m always cleaning after you!

Some shoes, socks...!

It could be put in the wardrobe!
The wardrobe… put it in the wardrobe.

‘Is it possible to love a headache? It is.

It seems that everything
could be loved if you really want it.

You could love everything that you should hate.’

Kazik stayed there...

‘At the beginning there were only fields and forests.

‘Glass Houses’ – the competition
for building the estate

has been won by young architects
from Professor Kozlowski’s architectural studio.

The young architects fully appreciate
the authorities’ efforts

that focus on the best possible
completion of the tasks’.

Turn it off.

No, no. Let’s watch it to the end.
Let’s watch how they fuck with us.

‘ Architecture is a consequence of my life story.

I was a builder. And architecture
became the consequence of social service’.

‘Thank you very much’.

‘The authorities do whatever they…’.

‘I will accept whatever you say

I will surrender to you

But please save me from scorn

And, God, save me from hatred

You’re the good that lasts forever

Cannot be described by words

So save me from hatred

And save me from scorn

Whatever you decide, it’ll happen

Let your will be fulfilled

But save me from hatred

Save me from scorn, God.’

We’re going to make love
in your flat for the first time.

And the last.


Never mind.

You should go to university.
A faculty for nice chicks.

History of arts or foreign languages.



Go to work or you’ll be late.

Good morning, Ms Sylwia.

Good morning.

Pop into my place.

Come on.

I knew that you were going to come.

I’m sorry.

What for?

For the flush.

Champagne is freezing in the bathroom.

Shit, even having sex is problematic.

Please, come in.


Oh, this one. I know him.

Thank you very much.
Maybe you’ll have some rest?

Take them out!

You’re staying here.

And what now?

Where did you hide the chinaware?

What chinaware?

But, commandant!
He didn’t take my chinaware!

It’s Nowak.
I know him.

I taught him after the Second World War.

You were a poor student!
But, finally, you improved.

Commandant, may I?

Thank you.

“Try to believe that snow is white

Believe sources that water goes to rivers

Believe birds that they’ll be back in spring

Believe you that you’re the lady of dreams".

- Hello!
- Wonderful!


Oh my God, I’m so happy!

But a very long week for friends.

Bogdan led us to his basement and told us to
choose some liqueur. It wasn’t so easy.

And Bozena had prepared some delicious food".

Fine… Did you do it yourself?

With me!

- No way...
- Yes!

Listen, we collect money, we buy together
a farm in the neighbourhood,

sheep, a tractor, right?

And we expand the business!

Stop that bullshit.

The reason of our visit is different.

To whom do you want to send the letter?

Misio said that to the ministry…
or to the Governor.

Exactly… we would like to ask you for advice.

- Who is going to sign it?
- Us.

- ‘Us’? What does it mean?
- Everyone from the architectural studio.

I want to collect signatures from the
members of the co-operative.

What about Koziol?

As usual...


What are you going to achieve by the letter?

But, it’s said here.
Why are you asking them such questions?

In my opinion, the letter implies that you don’t think about

people who are going to live there, but...

about your good mood.

Bogdan, what argument are you presenting?

We do care about those people!

We want them to have flats.
We want them to have a cinema and a kindergarten.

We want them to live like people!


What do you know about the life of people

who have been waiting for their own flat
for fifteen years?

- Bogdan...
- Wait, wait...

Do you know what it means to live in one room without
any facilities together with ten people?

Do you know how reduced their needs become?

They are satisfied with anything,
they just want to have a roof over their heads.

They’re really not interested in your lawns,
flowerbeds and cinemas…

So in a few years’ time they would be
like monkeys in a cage!

So is that the reason why I should design flats
with one loo at the ground level?

Bogdan, we’ve already talked about it.

Everyone told us about it.

At least you should tell us something different.


Listen. When two Jews tell you that you’re drunk,

just go home and go to bed.

Surely, they are right.

Seriously, they...

change your plans because they don’t have money.

They don’t have money. Don’t you see what’s happening?
Don’t you go to the shops?

Don’t… don’t you talk to people?
Don’t you know what’s happening on the streets?

No, wait...

They’ve got money, but this is money down the drain.

No… kids, we know that.

What’s wrong with you?
You want to change the economy by writing letters?

What are we talking about?
Dears, let’s drink.

One moment… Bogdan…
Maybe we’re wrong.

Maybe the address is incorrect?

When everyone starts to write complaints,
something has to change.

If you hadn’t believed in it,
you wouldn’t have collected the signatures in march...

you wouldn’t have risked.

That’s the reason why you’ve been in prison,
for God’s sake.

Exactly! That’s why I don’t you to repeat this bullshit.
Do you get it?!

Many people will have problems because
you want to be moral.

Do you consider it OK?

Bogdan, why don’t you want to understand us?!


Do you really think that we have no right
to tell the people how reality works?

Start doing something!

And leave all the letters, petitions and demonstrations!

I know it by heart!

Be glad that you can work.

Yeah, Dears, yeah… writers should write,
students should learn!

And toothpaste!

Write to the nation, not to the authorities; morons...

Let’s go to bed.

‘Despite the argument, it hasn’t been so bad,
people have a right to change.

Even friends.

But I did something stupid again.

This time I couldn’t fall asleep,
which was unnecessary’

What has happened, Bożena?

We’ve left...

What has happened? Please, tell…

Nothing. Really, nothing.

Maybe, I’ll look for Bogdan...

You can look for him. He’s not here.

He’s not here.
He won’t be here for a couple of days.

Do you get it? He won’t be here…
Leave me alone!

It happens more and more often!
He’s not here! Do you get it?!

Even when he’s here, he doesn’t talk to me at all!

- Calm down, Bozena!
- Leave me alone!

The two years, when he was drinking,

at least I knew how to help him!
Do you get it?!

And now I understand nothing!
I don’t know what’s happening to him!

Calm down! Calm down!

I begged him to leave this place with me!

I wanted to go to people,
he doesn’t want to see anyone!

The notes, I wrote them!

I wrote the notes because he...

I can’t!

I can’t stand it anymore.
I’ll smash it all!

I’ll smash it all!


- Leave me alone! Leave!
- Wojtek! Help! Help!

Calm down!

Calm down.

Bozena, you’re right.

It’s my fault.

I couldn’t behave differently.

I was afraid that I was going to lose you.


You also considered me a hero.

And it’s not true...

You don’t know the most important bit.

They cracked me during the investigation.

I reported everything.

And later, having left prison,
I cooperated with them.

The arrests at the university...

our army...

it’s me.

Calm down! Calm down!

Send the letter, of course.

And she’s going to believe it...

You were knocking.


Do you want earmuffs?

’I knew that writing different letters was really fashionable,

but I didn’t care about fashion.

I cared about...

I mean… We cared about our case’.

Will we drink?

Professor, yes or no, don’t dodge.

No… It’s OK.

Maybe, it’s formulated a bit too gentle...

Generally speaking, I agree.

Anyway, I’ll tell you,

you should have been born during a revolution.

You would have been a great commissioner.

You just ask too many questions.

You said that one has to ask questions.


It’s a bit worse with the answers...

I remember the first time when we listened to Gaudeamus...

Kazik asked me if I believed it.

I confirmed.

And I was honest.

Then, he said that when one hundred people sang it,

it sounded credible.

But this song, Professor, this song is
one hundred different thoughts.

Come with me. I’ll show you something.


But, Mrs, it’s not possible today.


The committee won’t have enough time
to watch so many flats.

But, Ms, I’m begging you. Wait.

I’m begging you… take pity on us.

Please…, schedule us for today.

Please, understand us! All our stuff is
in the basement, in packages.

But, Mrs, can’t you wait two days?

No, I can’t, Ms! In the packages,
our furniture is getting damaged.

Mrs, please understand me.
The committee works in your favour.

- I can’t understand it!
- Fine.

And what if the floor is uneven, the toilet doesn’t work...

Who will be responsible for that?

Ms… you could have been my daughter...

Please, understand us, I’m begging you.

We’ll accept any flat with four walls...

" Waiting for my rationed soup with some vodka,

I was thinking about the fact that somehow,
everyone is right.

But, in this case, where can I be right?"

Good morning, Sir. May I?

- Excuse me. Do we know each other?
- Of course. I know you.

Won’t you drink some cognac with me?

I would like to talk to you.

Don’t be afraid.
I don’t want to fix up anything.

A Phone number, allocation or something like that.

So? Will we drink?

Excuse me… So do we know each other?

Mhm… Your fiancée doesn’t let...

What do you want from me?

Sir, it’s about you.

Do you think that somebody is going to help you?
That Wojtek surely not.

He’s a pussy.

Anyway, these projects of villas for the red bourgeoisie...

Now, he’s fine, but someday he’s going to fall down.

Kazik… I’m sorry that I’m talking about your friend...

but he’s a cold careerist.

And Ms Sylwia…
You know how it is with women...

Would you like to protest with them?

I see, it’s one of the official talks

in a so-called ‘non-formal place’...?

Sir… This place is under observation.

Soon, a lot of things are going to change here.

People are going to be fired.

The guilty are going to be found.
People are going to blame others.

And do you want to be framed into something?

Does your… affection for me… have
a professional or private character?

You want to send a letter of protest, I know that.

You’re an honest man, but you behave instinctively.

You’re right, but you can’t
cooperate with those people.

They’re not partners for you,
they’re not partners for anyone.

When pushed, they’ll retract everything.

There are forces that think like you.

They have an agenda, and because your agenda
is really positive, so...

isn’t it a good idea to inform the people

who have a real influence on the situation?

Just tell them about your ideas…

and observations of the current situation here.

And this is my phone number… in Warsaw.

My name is Jagoda.

I can be your middleman. Just call me.

You know… I didn’t invite you to my office
because I’m keen on...

informal meetings.

So, you can see now that sending
letters would be a serious mistake.

And besides...

you’re really nice.

It will be a shame if you waste here.

And, one more thing. Please,
don’t tell anyone about our conversation.

It’s confidential. At least for three years.


- Hello.
- Hello.

And what about Koziol?
Is he messing us around?


- You’re kidding. Has he signed it?
- No!

It means that?

I didn’t give him the letter to sign.

It doesn’t make sense.

We won’t send the letter.

Are you insane? What’s wrong with you?

Fuck! I don’t know.
What do you want?

We won’t fight for flowerbeds and… swimming pools.

People just want to live.
Wherever, however, just live.

You think so.

Maybe first decide on your own opinion,

later assess who’s afraid.

So don’t be afraid.

’It was done as a joke.

The frame, the colours… It’s not us.

But our relationship was as strong as
the frame of this picture’.

You would help.

Why are you wincing?
You know why he’s here.

Of course! The ‘national interest’ tactics.

Take the sandwiches.

The last is ours.

Please! A jack to play.

This way we also belong to the party.

Spades mean results.

‘Healthy like cow’s butter’.

It’s Czechow.

Yeah… finally everything’s ready.
Come to the table!

Come on. Can’t we finish the rubber?


Let’s eat something.

I remember my last time in Helsinki...

they told us about their problems in the institute...

- So do they have problems too?
- Yeah… Cuts, gentlemen.

The age of realized dreams is over.

They have to be cheap...

Obviously, cheap, it’s a nightmare for them.

- Vodka, please.
- Thank you.

But what do they know about our working conditions?

We also complain, complain and nothing changes.

After all, it’s also possible to create
interesting things without money.

‘Don’t play what’s not on the tray, asshole’.

Is it Czechow too?


I remember it from my childhood.

My dad said it while playing bridge.
I was sitting under the table.

And I know a joke...

Maybe you know it...

Namely, like our guys were sent to the Sahara.

‘Bang to the sand!’
‘Four clubs, fucking thugs’.

I’m really sorry, but we forgot that

our nanny is taking care of Robert only until nine.

Unfortunately, we have to go, bye.

I’m sorry... It’s high time.

What a shame, we’ve got a curry chicken to serve.

You dickhead...


‘I liked such sunny days of May.

You could relax your muscles outdoors,
accompanied by your relatives’.

‘We would like to remind you that
shovels can be collected from sector four,

rakes can be collected from sector seven’.

- The root downwards?
- Downwards, downwards.

‘Attention, attention please.

A little girl has been lost. Her name is Kasia.

She says she is three years old.

Her parents are awaited at our stall in sector one’.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Are you going to do an interview that
will never be broadcast? Again?

No… I have to take a few photos.

Don’t film it.

I heard that you’ve got some problems at the construction site.
Something has collapsed...

Listen, maybe let’s do it this way: festival,
showing off and a hold-up there. What do you think?

Is it your idea?

You know, we’ve got a new editor.
A good man...


Are you holding him?

Dear engineer, what’s going on with the trees?
I’ll be digging here tomorrow.

Sir… Don’t you know that?

Why haven’t you filmed it?! Why?!

It’s the same reason why you’re working here today.

‘The owner of a polonez, plate number CIB 2127 asked…’.

’On the red...’.


Good evening, Sir.

I’m sorry that I’m coming so late, but I would like to...

Mr Roman… I behaved like an idiot.

Dear Sir, no,

it’s fine with me.
Anyway, it’s not the point...

I just want you… to know first that
I won’t be here...

I’m leaving.

- Please, come in!
- Thank you very much.

- Where are you going to?
- I’ve got a place, you know, just to wait it out.

Mr Roman, you should be the last scared person.

You know… Everyone is afraid of something.

You’re not an exception. Sometimes,
you should be more scared than me.

- But it’s not about fear, Sir.
- So, what is it about?

You know, it’s about dismissal on disciplinary grounds.
And about the fact that I’ve stolen a radio or

I’ve broken into a warehouse.
I’ve seen it before.

It can’t happen. It has to be publicized.

I‘ll talk to the Professor and Wasiak.

Thank you, Sir. But…
there is no sense in making a fuss.

Mr Roman, please understand me.

I don’t want to make a fuss. I...

I want to destroy this shit!

You’re right. But, Sir...

it’s too early...

it’s too early...

I would talk with you, but I’ve got a bus to catch.
I have to go.

Thank you… for everything.
It’s been a pleasure.

- Thank you very much. Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Sir.

Hey, you know…, it’s not good.


I’m starting to sober up.

Later, I can be quite harsh. Give me a hint!

Maybe should I brawl a bit?
So they would take me to the committee earlier...?

It won’t help.
I’ve tried it.

They suggested a pair of earmuffs.

You have to wait for your turn.

... Then, it could be too late.

I could lose my immunity.


what happened to me yesterday in an antique bookshop.

I bought two books. Look what I found.


- And where are the books?
- What? I’ve thrown them away. They weren’t needed.

Read it. From here.

‘Each day is different’.

And here...

‘Each day is the same’.

Forget about quotes.

You know, you have to rely on something in life.

Look here… What a coincidence...

Is the school out?

Yeah, it’s out. The health centre is out too,
but it’s not everything.

Misiek, Misiek, just be calm...

All the houses must be equally high,
flat roofs, no detail.

No services on the ground floor. Plain buildings.
Total shit.



It means that our project doesn’t exist anymore...

You’re right.

You can leave. Resign.

But I believe that it would be the easiest solution.

Firstly, we shouldn’t cross out the things
that have been already done.

Secondly, if we don’t finish it, others will;
with definitely worse quality.

If we stay, there will be a chance of saving anything.


it will require a lot of strength and persistence,

but I think that you can do it.

I’m too weak for that, Professor.

Misiek… Come here.

Can we finally talk like normal people?

Please, kiss me.


Do you remember the last time
when we slept together?

We’ve been living together for a year,
and you haven’t unpacked your stuff yet.


You hate everything which is normal.

You hate Wojtek because he’s got
a child, you hate Kazik...

Unfortunately, Koziol was right…
we need strength and persistence.


Misiek, try to understand it.

I’ll try.

‘You should pray to it in the morning
and in the evening’, Koziol wrote once.

So now, try to pray for me’.

‘I’ve gone to the Himalayas.


Misiek! Come in!

You’re lucky that we’re still here.
We’re going to church.

Something has happened…?

Yes, it has.

OK, don’t worry.

We’ll help you.

Guys, do you need me?

Get lost, lady. Get lost.

- My first salary, I’ll pay.
- Leave it. Look how many notes I have.

- And me?

‘Nobody knows who you really are

That’s why you even don't know it

In dancing round grey mirrors of days

Shines your…’

Leave this place.

What do you want?!

You think that I don’t see
how you’re struggling?

You are who you are…
you won’t escape from yourself.

If you stay here,
nothing will change.

Remember that you’re an architect.

Romek, let me decide...

I don’t want to fuck into your life,
but you, Brother, you agree on that.

Just tell me why. Look here, look.



Misiek… Do you know what
they want us to be? Cattle.

Just cattle, Brother.
Cattle that care only about food.

But it can’t be like that any longer.
How is it?

You respect you job,
you’re fired, yeah?

Or you have to hand in your notice,
just to respect yourself.

If you don’t steal,
they treat you worse than a thief.

And any bully with a cosh...

will know better what you want.


remember that they won’t
put everyone in a nylon sack.

They won’t bury us at night.

Oh, Roman...

Marshall, to the committee.

One moment. I just want to
say goodbye to my friend.

Goodbye, Sir.

It’s been nice talking to you.

Here, it’s my business card.
Please, pay me a visit.

Don’t forget! In three days… in one week...

And now it’s time to pay the bill
and to freedom, Sir, to freedom.

- I wish you the same.
- Thank you very much. Please, tell me...

why are you here?

I won’t tell you because
you don’t believe it.

Or, I will.

I was looking for a friend...

and you?

You won’t believe it neither...

I was looking for a job.

Do you know the measures
of the normal brick?

Twenty five by twelve by six and a half.

- I thought so that you were going to know it.
- You were right.

‘And I’m back.

Roman reminded me that you have to
know your identity and your place.

Fortunately, I know my place’.

What has happened?

Is she sick?


Thank you, Kaziu.

Kazik, stay.

He’s staying here.

Sylwia, what has happened?!

Leave her alone!

Hit me, hit me!

Smash something!
Destroy the flat!

Smash the plates!
Come on!

Misiek, seriously, leave her alone.

She has to rest now.
At least for some time.

She… she has miscarried.
She can’t be stressed.


Sylwia, why didn’t
you tell me about the child? It...

would… in this life…
Why didn’t you?

It would have been different.
Sylwia… We would have done...

Why didn’t you tell me about the child?
Sylwia, please, tell me...

Is it possible to have
a child with a child?

Do you remember the poem that I told you?

If you lose my love,
I’d sooner die than cry.

I’ve just died.

‘It’s the first programme…’.

Knocking-off time! We’re done!

- Are you going for dinner with us?
- I’m going nowhere.

- Bye, see you tomorrow!
- Bye.

‘It’s good to be twenty years old

and drive a sports car through the Elysian Fields

with a gun in your pocket’.

I have to remind you that the divorce
becomes final after two weeks,

so please be in touch with me.

Thank you, Sir.

Let’s go for a drink.

There’s a restaurant opposite the court.
Apparently, everyone celebrates the divorce there.

OK, let’s go.

- You know...
- You know...

Kiss me.

Aren’t you angry with me?


It’s my fault.

You didn’t want to change.

- I asked a lot of stupid questions.
- No.

I’d say… childish.


did you want to go to the Himalayas?

And you haven’t visited Gubalowka so far...

But bearers… always hike
in the Himalayas.

And kids in France speak French...

You don’t want to change?

What a pity.

And do you still remember
the measures of the normal brick?

I do. You taught me that.

Come to me when you feel worse.

And you come to me.

‘It was a double divorce.

I left Sylwia and the ‘Glass Houses’.

I rented a room in Warsaw and I was waiting.
Actually, I don’t know what I was waiting for’.

- Misiek!
- How are you doing?!



I can’t stand it anymore.
Do you get it?

I packed Zoska, the child,
and I sent them to the family.

- I couldn’t bear it.
- I’ll make you some coffee, wait.

I hit Wasiak in the face.

Motherfucker… he used me...

Projects, projects...

I can’t stand it anymore, fuck.

Your decision about leaving was good,

really good...

And I… I’m fucked up.

But I escaped.

I don’t know… I will teach, drawings at school.

I can do everything… Why not...

And Wasiak can’t do it anymore…
‘Mr Wojtek, do this; Mr Wojtek, do that;

Mr Wojtek, a project; Mr Wojtek…’

I couldn’t bear it any longer.

‘Mr Wojtek, Mr Wojtek’ all the time...



I feel it like the first time...

Say nothing...

You have to go.

My husband’s going to be here soon.


my son has your name...

Leave now… please. Leave now.

- ###Congratulations.
- ###Thank you.



###So, you’re the person who have replaced me.

###The ‘Glass Houses’ estate

###I remember,

###I’m really glad and I congratulate.

###I’m really glad too. Congratulations.

###Congratulations, Kazik.

###One moment, Professor.

###Dear supervisors, dear teachers

###and you, my brothers,

###A moment ago, we’ve been awarded
for permanent giving up our dreams

###We exactly didn’t do what we had intended.

###So far, my thoughts have been
really conventional. I believed that...

###an architect should be an architect,
a house should be a house,

###milk should be milk
and so on and so forth...

###I lacked imagination.

###Why abiding the law couldn’t be a crime?

###It’s high time we understood it’s possible.

###Without it, I won’t understand,

###why I have to be afraid of my friends?

###Why do I have to write a tip
instead of my CV.

### Why in two days’ time will it turn out
that everyone knew everything.

###And that everyone was right.

###Why so many honest people do ask me
such stupid, childish questions?

###Thank you for attention.

###Good night.

Polish People’s Republic

###‘It’s good to be twenty years old

###and drive a sports car
through the Elysian Fields,

###with a gun in your pocket’.

###Your name is Nowak
and you’re an architect.

###And my name is Wilczuk
and I’m a policeman.


###I’ve also completed the higher
education studies. With distinction.

###You’re looking for a tough, responsible

###and socially useful job,
that’s very good.

###Report to room no one hundred and seven, it’s there.
You’ll be given six and a half thousand, uniforms...

###Each professional comes in handy.

###Obviously, if you pass
the medical examination.

###- But, there is one condition...?
###- Yeah, yeah...

###Condition that maybe
is fulfilled in literature…

###I don’t have to remind you
that the fact of individual’s existence

limits freedom of another individual…

###Freedom is a conscious necessity.

###Yeah… Sit down.


###I thought about something different…

###It’s not about putting you in prison?

### It’s an option… Anyway,
it’s an obvious situation.


###A castrated prostitute
was brought here yesterday.

###The day before yesterday,
a man jumped out of the window, he left four children.

###During one month forty burglaries
were commited in this district.

###And my sister has fallen in love with a bastard,
who could be sentenced to three years in prison.

### No suspension. If we had evidence...

### And you want to tell me,

###that if the sun was as small as a pin,
millions kilometres from us.

### Fuck off and go home.

### I don’t want to write the report.

###But I’m really looking for a job.

###Yeah… so become a sewer worker.

### Do you have any further questions?


###I won’t be asking any questions.


###Go home and grow strong.

###Release… Nowak.

###Sign here, please.

###What? Have you been released?

###Yes, I have. Lieutenant Wilczuk
was my fellow student at university.

###- Really?
###- Yes.

###I wouldn’t have released you.

###And… the lieutenant asked you
to bring it to his office.

###- Goodbye, Sir.
###- Goodbye.

###’It’s good that you’ve been waiting for me.

###When I saw you, I thought
that probably not everything is lost.

###But what’s next?’

I don’t know.

‘Do you recognize me, my Poland

That's me, your son

With a headache because of you and vodka

With a sick heart and runny faith

Suspicious and unknown

Scolded and red like you

During night you’re less pale
You have to bloom during the day

Be proud with your health just like newspapers are proud
With bold fonts

But I know that you suffer from cough,

That you get a hangover just like me

Tell me, do you get as bad food as I get

I don't believe in Western or Eastern paradise,
I believe in you

Your pocket doesn’t interest me more than

They say that we don’t love you

Because we’re silent

Our friendship won't be damaged
by March or December

Let's stay together, because finally
I understand you

Probably you smile often while looking at us