Dyrlægens plejebørn (1968) - full transcript

A single male vet looks after different animals on an old farm he shares with a doctor/friend. By accident he ends up looking after a human girl for a while, too. Will the experience change his attitude to not wanting wife and kids?

No, not now. Your father could come.

- So what? I have told him.
- But he became scrupulous...

Of course, if you don't feel like it.

That was better.
Then there is morning coffee.

What do you stand here lazying it off for?

I have to bring back
the empty milkcans.

Is the coffee ready?

Is the coffee ready?
Can't answer?

- The coffee is ready.
- What are you laughing at?

I'm not laughing, I'm smiling.
I am always in a good mood in the morning.

Well, let me see. If you
will stop spitting on me, -

- then you must see what I
have for you. Here you go.

So come here. Yes, come on.

Then there is oinky food.

How are you, huh?

Now you're going home to your mother soon.
Then you get a bigger cage.

You like the food, huh?


(the bell rings)


- Pardon.
- Good morning.

- Here you go.
- May I have the butter, please.

Remember to check in with Mrs Andersen.
She called again today.

I was hoping I could get you
to do that. The horse is crazy.

It just needs a pill.

Just look to get going.

What do you have against Mrs.
Andersen? She is both pretty and nice.

She just needs a
man on the farm.

- And you need a wife.
- Exactly.

Whoa, whoa.
Why do you both fall on me?

I ain't getting a wife.
I have enough in my menagerie.

- Is there a snail for the vet?
- You should have a nest full of kids.

I had no idea what
to do with them. Jesus.

But what about you?
You are so crazy about births.

- It's something else with me.
- Think, I can't really see that.

Honestly, I can't either.

Well, I have to get going.

I'm going out to see Carl Nielsen.
He is worried about his daughter.

Just look at the black heifer for me.
Then I don't have to go out there.

What do you want me to do?
Take its blood pressure?

It must not have blank eyes.
Do as you usually do. Make it say ah.

It's easy.
After all, it is a female patient.

Thanks for the coffee.

- Remember, you promised to look out to Ole.
- Yes.

- I don't think he's healthy.
- He looked very fresh now.

Yes, but he's been trotting
up and down the floor all night.

You like him a lot, don't you?

- Why do you say that?
- You cook and keep house for him.

A midwife must have something
to order between births, right?

Yes. Yes.

(the engine runs)

- And we say aaah.
- Aaah.

Yes, it is good enough.
It's a first-class sore throat.

You better get a shot of penicillin.
Aah no, it's true...

...you're getting rashes from penicillin, aren't you?

I probably have some pills you can handle.

Then I call the pharmacy and
ask them to send some by post.

- I have your health insurance number, right?
- Yeah.

Now remember, you cannot tolerate
penicillin if another doctor comes.

Will you promise me that?

Then you make
sure you stay warm.

Then I'll have to see to it that
you get well. Is that a deal?

- Get well soon.
- Thanks.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

- Give her a woolen neckerchief.
- What is she going to eat?

Chamomile tea and oat soup,
even though she doesn't like it.

- Thanks. How is she doing, besides that?
- Yes, it's going well.

She is nice and helpful.
Almost like a daughter.

- But she's a bit squeamish.
- Well, that will do.

Now look here. There are exactly four.
Give her two now and two tonight, right?

Remember to call in the morning temperature.
If it hasn't fallen, I'll come again tomorrow.

Why does it go berserk?

I have to tell you that, Mrs.
Andersen. She needs a man.

Although I thought she
was too old for that fun.

Will one ever be?

Well... I think
that is individual.

So, so, take it easy, Mouse.

Now we give it a little pill, -

- and I always do that with the
help of the breathing method.

Come here, Mouse.

Come on, yes.

I've never experienced that before.
The horse blowed first.

But you think not.


Yes, it was that.

- Do you want coffee?
- No, I have to go.

That is, it is a sow that must.

You would think it was
the land of a thousand lakes.

- But if you want to be so kind...
- Yes, of course.

Why don't you get yourself a manager?

There is no one who wants to be in the
country anymore, and you don't want to.

I'm on the country, already.

Then you said something about Dorte.
What's wrong with her?

Wrong Or wrong... She has
no appetite. And then she's mad at me.

- What is she mad at you over?
- She thinks she is in love with Niels.

- And that's why she's mad at you?
- I don't want to hear about it.

- Did she get mad at you for that?
- Yes, can you understand that?

- Yes.
- What?

What's the matter with Niels?

Nothing, but he is not for her.

And I don't want it.

- And she must conform to that?
- Of course.

- Can't you talk to her?
- Yeah.

But I rather think now that there
is something wrong with you, but can see her.

She is outside hanging up clothes.
Tell her to talk to me.

Yes. What is she going to say?

(cow roars)

Hello, Dorte. Your father asked me to look
after you. He says you go and lose weight.

I cannot see that.
Then he said something about Niels.

I haven't said a word to dad
for six days. If you also start with the same, -

- I don't want to talk to you either.
I care about Niels, and he cares about me.

That's the way it is.
It can't be changed.

That's just what I wanted to know.
What is your father's favourite dish?

Ground beef with onions. Why?

I just thought maybe there
was something he didn't like?

- He hates kale.
- Well, does he do it?

Yes, goodbye.

I'll check in with you in a few days.

You must try to get some
strength in the meantime.

- Cognac, maybe?
- Nah, it's probably legally strong.

We stick to chamomile tea
and oat soup three times a day.

- Goodbye, Ane. Get well soon.
- Well thank you.

Give the doctor a clean towel
and wash the feet properly.

Calm down, Ane, calm down.

What do you think about that?

I don't think she's ill.
But if I say that, she might get sick.

It's hysteria, but
it's also a disease.

Then she was ill all her life.

You will have to
put up with it, Ole.

- I'll do that.
- Oh, damn it!

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

Shouldn't you
talk to the doctor?

- Nonsense.
- Remember to dry your feet.

- Well, how much is it?
- Too much.

- How much?
- A quarter past 62, doctor.

62 three quarters...

You realize you're
coming at the last minute?

Yes, doctor, I know that very well.

It was just so difficult for me to
come from Copenhagen and such.

But I have managed it perfectly.
I've had work all the time.

I have been an assistant
at a dance school.

I have been to the cafeteria in the
evening. Everything has gone very well.

But now I'm getting
fatter and fatter, right?

And then father died.
The house is empty and...

... then I thought it was nice to
come home and give birth here.

It was too.
Do you want one?

No, but do you mind if I
chew a carrot? I am nauseous.

It's also so good for the colour.

- Good for the colour?
- For the baby, doctor.

In these times you have to think about your
children and give them a good start, right?

- Child.
- Yes.

What does the father say?

The dad?

He says nothing.

Does he say nothing?

- He doesn't know, doctor.
- Doesn't he know?

Doctor, you know that I went to
Copenhagen to learn to dance.

Then one day during training...

... then comes Donnie.

- So Donnie is coming?
- Then comes Donnie.

Out on the floor, come on.

Yes, girls, come right over here.

Understood, girls...

- This is Don Pedro.
- Yes...

So my name is Don Pedro.

Excuse me, what was the name?
I didn't really hear it.

- Don Pedro.
- Don Pedro!

That's my stage name.
My name is actually Peder Thomsen.

Don Pedro is the circus director.

Understand, girls, I have a
circus and I'm looking for a...

Well, I would like to.

You see, I have a circus and...

Yes, yes, Mr. Don Pedro, You
are looking for a partner, aren't you?

- Understood, I'm looking for...
- Well, I can do that!

Well, that's just me.
I can handle that, Mr. Don Pedro.

It's all right, you will see.

Yes. Yes.

- Doctor, he's gorgeous.
- That sounds impressive.

Yes, I was also
impressed, I can say that.

Do you know, doctor, that Donnie owns
the world's largest one-master circus?

No, I did not know that.

But then I got pregnant.
I should try to tell him that.

But it was very difficult, Doctor,
not to say it was impossible.

He's impossible, Doctor!


- Hep!
- Hep!

Donnie, I'm nauseus.

- Yes, what do you think I have?
- Aah, Donnie, in my circumstances.

Would you rather stand below?

- Donnie, I'm nauseus.
- It's because you eat too little.


Donnie, I need a
new costume soon.

I've had mine for four years.

I'm growing.

It's because you eat too much.

What? Do I?

You chow for two.

(Kirsten squeals)

Many people just
find life sad and sad

they are completely out of the woods

it's actually quite fatal it's
because they live wrong

you just have to play the clown

- we see, life is a game
- me and you

- we always go the same way
- me and then you

because we fit together
like a ship at a dock

- we never go separately
- me and you

- we will never part, no
- me and you

because we fit together
like swords on a stick

our relationship is fantastic if
you would rather be a soloist

if it's sufficiently elastic, we'll
be a couple again in the end

- we see, life is a game
- me and you

- we always go the same way
- me and then you

because we fit together
like a ship at a dock

- will you marry me?
- me and saw you

- will you marry me?
- me and...

will you marry me
big stupid quack?

And then I took my clothes and left.

And that was right at the
beginning of the season.

- Are you sad that you are going to have that child?
- Sorry?

Are you crazy, doctor?
I look forward to!

(it knocks)
Come in.

I didn't know Kirsten was here.

We are done.
You can also look at Kirsten.

I have done that. It's alright.

- Yes. Yes.

Well... well, what have you really
thought, what should I do?

- You have to wait.
- Wait?

Doctor, on what?

On that one.

Would it help if I jumped up
and down from the kitchen table?

If you want to do it anyway, -

- then take a cloth with
you and do it inside the vet.

That's great.

Remember the kale... aah.
Remember the kale.

Aah, doctor. Thanks.

Thanks. Was there another letter from
the county hospital for you this morning?


I've said it many times,
but I'll say it again.

Take that position.
You are wasting your skills here.

And I've said it often,
but I'll say it again.

My place is here, whether
you can realize it or not.

(it knocks)

Come in.

Hey, Anders.

- What do you want?
- I want my little kitty euthanized.

He is only two years old, but I
don't want to see him suffer anymore.

What's wrong?

He has eaten an eel
head with a hook on it.

Every time he tries
to eat, he howls.

Yes, it is in the esophagus.
Right in front of the chest entrance.

Maybe they can save
it at the animal hospital.

If only I had the money, I
would do it. You know that.

What's wrong with it?

It has swallowed an eel hook.
I have to kill it.

It's a shame for Anders.

Can't you operate it?

It sits in a very difficult place.
It will be a bigger deal.

- Think if it dies.
- Shouldn't you euthanize it?

I haven't signed anything.

It wasn't while your husband was alive?

No, my husband died just
before Winnie was born.

We were in Denmark and I
haven't been to Thailand since.

Is it conceivable that you
may have signed something -

- without knowing what it was?

I only sign what I understand -

- and will not give up my
husband's share of the plantation.

Then your dead husband's
companion is a fraud.

- There is only one thing to do.
- What is it?

Take the first machine to
Bangkok and go to the embassy.

I cannot.
Winnie is not vaccinated.

- Let her stay here.
- I am not leaving my child.

You must. It is her future
that is at stake.

In a few days the
plantation may be sold.

Don't you have any family
that can take care of her?


I know an excellent children's pension.
Doctor Lindsager...

... Soenderup Church.

I had both my children there.

Do you really think I
can leave my child?

That's the only thing you can do.

Now you go home and pack, and
then I call the airport in the meantime.



Yes, it will probably handle it.

Well, shouldn't you
find your patients?

You probably have the
entire waiting room full.

Thanks for the help.

If you get one with red dogs (rubella),
let them in to me.

Now can you be sweet, little darling,
when you come out to the nice doctor?

I must be sweet.
When will you be home?

I don't know, Winnie.
But I will come as soon as I can.

Yes, is it the information from
the national telephone company?

I would like to ask for the
number of Doctor Lindsager, -

- who lives in Church Soenderup.

Is it Church Soenderup on Jutland
or Church Soenderup on Zealand?

I don't know, but
Lindsager is a rare name.

- See if there is one on Zealand.
- A moment.

- There it is. Do you want to try the number?
- Yes, please.

It is 03 40 43 50.

- Lindsager.
- Good day, my name is Mrs. Holst.

Are you the one with the Children's pension?

- Yes, for all expenssive creations.
- Well.

You must have the best of the best.

It is about a little girl.
She is half Siamese.

It's fine.
I already have one like that.

They talk a lot.
They always get the last word.

Yes, she talks a lot, but
she is easy to get along with.

Yes, as long as you stroke them with your hair.

- What should she bring?
- Absolutely nothing.

I have everything such a size needs.

And if something happens, are you a doctor?

You can safely leave your little
gal to me. Just come with her.

I'm not coming.
She comes in a taxi.

- It's alright.
- So goodbye and thank you.

He sounded very nice now.

I'm glad I got to talk to him.

Now he's coming! He is coming!

Now you must come in.

Was it a child?

No, how sweet she is.

- It's a boy.
- She's cute anyway.

- Do you want to try holding him?
- No, definitely not.

If it had been a little pig...

- Your door is ringing.
- Yes. Congratulations.


- Doctor Lindsager?
- Yes.

Here you go.



- What are you about to do?
- I'm going to live here.

Oops! Here?

You yourself agreed on it
on the phone with my mother.

Little girl, half Siamese,
always gets the last word.

- What number does your mother have?
- She has gone to Thailand.

I was out at the airport
waving goodbye to her.

Come on in.

- Don't you have any family?
- No.

- Where is your luggage?
- I wasn't supposed to take anything with me.

Finally, stay standing, don't move.

Be careful you don't fall.
Careful, finally careful.

Now it's me who's in charge.


(cat chirps)

I thought she was a Siamese cat!
What should I do?

You will have to look after her.
You promised her mother that.

- I'm calling the police.
- You have a clear agreement with the mother.

- So you won't help me at all?
- I do not have time.

I have to have a major cleaning
and I have two births on the stairs.

I would but
I don't understand children.

Not at all, not at all.
Thank you thank you!

- Thanks!
- It's so little.

- Were we a little too hard on him?
- Nah.

My mother says you shouldn't
take such a big mouthful.

My mother says to eat up.

And my mother says you shouldn't
talk with food in your mouth.

And my mom says it's bedtime.

It was good.

- Good night and thanks for the food.
- Welcome my friend.

- Thanks for food.
- Good night and sleep well.


Good night.

- Thanks for food.
- Bon appetite.

Where should I sleep?

I usually sleep with my mother.

- But now mother is not here.
- Then I can sleep with you.


Are you going to sleep there?

No, you have to.

Then it must be moved there.


- Here you go.
- Thanks.



What should you wear?

I'll find a carpet.

- What should I sleep in?
- Don't you have a nightgown?

No, you said I wasn't
allowed to bring anything.

Third drawer.

- Is this this one?
- Yes.

- Get undressed and go to bed.
- You have to undress me.

Your mother told me on the phone
that you could undress yourself.

Definitely not, because I was
sitting next to the phone and heard it.

But I can get undressed.


- Good night.
- Good night.

I never had a father.
May I say father to you?

No, you must not.

I can say father to you, even
if you are a cardboard father.

- A what kind of one?
- Stepdad. Will you sing for me?

What shall I sing to you?

My mother always
sings me a Thai lullaby.

- Do you understand Thai?
- No.

Are you absolutely sure
you don't understand Thai?

(sings in oriental nonsense language)


Just one more.

- Good night.
- Good night and sleep well.

Thanks, and the same to you.

And thanks for today.

Ever since I was a little boy, I
slept with an animal in my crib

I can't do anything with a
teddy bear like other children

I have so many, many, many,
many animals in my hands

that's my friends, we are
each other's one and everything

I have so many, many, many
many animals to look after

and I must make sure that
I reach forward when called

I'm Flickering Around

in my Rolls Royce

it is per second if I have
to reach the whole bundle

I have so many, many, many
many claps that I need to get rid of

it makes my day

but it is actually very healthy


... now you sit still.
You mustn't move, -

- and you must not stir anything.
The most terrible things can happen.


It is good enough.

- Then we rinse.
- Yes. Yes.

Then my wife does the main
cleaning, then she is too tired to resist.

What don't you think Winnie thinks?

- You said she was sitting outside in the carriage.
- Yes... but still.

- Winnie!
- Cuck-cuck.

- Winnie!
- Cuck-cuck.

- Stay seated!
- I'm coming down now.


Did you hurt yourself?

No trace, my child.

If a pig it gets really sad

the tail suddenly hangs straight down

then I have to
drive from near to far

with a curling iron

I have so many, many,
many many pigs that I decorate

they walk and grunt because
they can't do it themselves

I have so many, many, many
many pigs that need to be fattened

but not washed, I
call it a swine luck

I'm Flickering Around

in my Rolls Royce

it's per second if I have
to reach the whole bundle

I have so many, many, many
many slaps that I have to get rid of

it makes my day, but
it's actually very healthy

- Isn't he lovely?
- Yes, definitely.

- You should have a little one like that too.
- He has me.

Pappy! Pappy!

- Now stop saying Pappy.
- Shall I say father?

- No.
- Pappy, there's morning coffee.

We got to where Red Riding Hood
says to the grandmother:

"Uh, what big ears you have."

We don't have time for that now.

Why have you covered for four?

I have invited the doctor and
Birgit along for morning coffee.


- Good morning.
- Good morning. Thank you for the invitation.

I would have baked a French bread,
but I must not touch he oven for Pappy.

Oh, can't Pappy fix it himself?

Pappy in a kitchen? No!

Do you know who has bought Arne's land?

A Copenhagener with bad nerves.

- Should he build on it?
- I do not know. He came this morning.

Oh my gosh!

Hello, my name is Don Pedro.
I have moved in opposite.

Who do the cursed goose belong to?

I love animals. I have worked
with pigeons, sea lions, bears etc.

But they drive me crazy!
I have come to find peace!

Sorry, it's mine.
They will be removed.

It's my fault!
I'll pick them up now.

- What is she doing?
- Picking them up.

- The geese?
- Yes.

- A four-year-old child can fix the geese?
- Yes.

I have made an elephant stand
on one leg, tamed wild horses...

She can fix the
geese, but I can't.

So, so, listen here.

Take it...
and you will calm down in an instant.

- What is it?
- It's a pill.

Are you a doctor?

The real doctor lives next door.
I'm only a vet.

Vets only? I love animals!
Animals are the best there is.

Unfortunately, my circus is
too small, but I miss them.

You are always welcome
to look into my little menagerie.

Thank you, thank you.

I'll save it.

Kale? Kale again!

I will not take it!

If you say yes, you get beef.

- That's enough. You're fired.
- There's nothing to do about it if you mean it.

Just don't regret it.

Don't you have anything to say?



Donnie! Donnie, you came!


... but I won't be here long.

You leave work early, and then
one have to meet you with a child!

It's too strong!
You're getting on my nerves!

You know, you could meet me here.
I was born here!

Well, well, well, did I know?
Well, I knew that. Yes. Yes.

If I knew I was going to meet you with
a child, I would have forgotten about it.

What do you imagine? I
said you should marry me.

I demand to speak
to the doctor now!

- I have nausea and pressure.
- A moment. Please take a seat.

I have nausea, the pressure
and the buzz for the ears!

Maybe there are others who have it?

- Do you have a draft for the ears?
- No, I have pressure.

- Do you have the pressure?
- Nah, I'm nauseous.

- Are you nauseous?
- No. I have the draft for the ears.

Sit down and wait until it's your
turn. That's how we do it here.

You must not come and change that.

- We're running away tomorrow, right?
- Yes, home to Funen.

- You don't think your father will find out?
- I'll get the vet to help me.

Well... so it is you who have
worked together with Kirsten?


- She is a sweet girl.
- Yes...

He will not be cheated,
he who marries her.


But of course you can
also live happily together -

- without being... married.


I mean, marriage is something we
have introduced as a kind of ceremony.

For example, in the Stone Age -

- you pulled your girl by the hair for half
a dozen meters, and then it was all right.


Yes... it was already
then that it began.

Would you mind explaining
it to me a little more?

Yes. Yes.

It is something that has rested
on the family for millennia.

This... irreversible.


Never mind.

Well, it was a sad case.

Well then, it was no
coincidence because...

Sir. Peter!
Bring me to the harbor of marriage, -

- so the child gets his father's name.

So don't hesitate, monk, now here on stand, -

- because the horse is waiting for its man.

And then farewell, my beautiful bride.

Now I'm heading out.

At the castle at home, eagerly waiting...

... your wife...

... alas, he is end-faced.

That is what can happen.

Well, it gets even worse!


Well... Well, it's been so long.

My grandfather was a socialist.

You could have just put the flip forward.

- And the underpants.
- Yes.

But there had to be fuss, there had to be.

There was going to be a party, a new
dress, absolutely going to get married.

- What? What do you say? What?
- Yes, please.



Yes, yes, yes...

- Mother!
- Yes, yes, yes.




Mother persuaded father to go on a lake trip.

Honey, honey! Peek-peek!

- My Goodness. My Goodness.
- Ow ow ow.

Well, he... it is...
God christ!

Honey! Honey!


Ah, that relieved! That was nice.

Thank you, Doctor. How...
How can I pay you like this?

You can pay the bill when I
send it, right? Here you go.

Well, well.

Thank you very much, thank you.

I'll save it.

- Shouldn't we call a doctor?
- Please just shut up. I'm not ill.

I go straight up and go to bed.
Wake me up in an hour.

Hi. What do you want?

I was just passing by, so I
wouldn't fail to say hello to you, Carl.

Come here and just see what I
have here. Come up to daddy.

Then we'll go over to the
barn, then you'll just have to see.

Hey. It was nice of you to come.
I couldn't say it on the phone.

We're running away tomorrow night.
Couldn't you occupy father that long?

You know what?

You have a sow that needs to go.
It looks like it will be tomorrow night.

- Should I come?
- I can usually manage that myself.

It looks like it will be difficult.

- How difficult?
- I definitely don't like it.

But if you'd rather yourself...

- Nah, I'd like you to come if you think so.
- Then I'll come.

Is there nothing you want at all?

No thanks.
Is there anything you want, huh?

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

What kind of pills are these?

It's some painkillers.
I don't see what they help for.

- Is he unwell?
- Yes.

I'm going into town tomorrow.
Now I want to know.

Now I have to see if I can
find a babysitter for you tonight.

- I can stay at home then.
- Definitely not!

- Then take me with you.
- That won't work either. All alone?

- Let me see who I can find?
- What about Donnie?

- Do you like Donnie?
- Yes, very good.

- Very good?
- Yes, but not as good as you, Pappy.

We go in for Donnie
and then we ride home.

Tell me, is this your family home?

No, I was a foreman on the farm,
but then I fell in love with the daughter.

Yes, unfortunately she died, but
we were very happy while it lasted.

What did your father-in-law say
when you were to marry his daughter?

He became ropey.
I was no match for his daughter.

Then we ran away and got married.

It was three years before we
became friends with the old man again.

Now you think you can do without
your daughter for three years?

What do you mean?

Now she is doing the same, -

- like your wife did to get you.

- Is she about to run away with Niels?
- Yes.

- We have to go after them.
- Only that can be done.

- They wanted to take the bus.
- It must be done!

We have to take a shortcut across the fields.

- Hurry up now.
- Yes, we must hurry.

Come on.

What are we waiting for?

The tractor.
My cart will not cross the fields.

Well, no.

- Do you like Kirsten?
- Yes.

Are you getting married?

That... You mustn't say that, Winnie.

You must never say such a thing.
I can't stand it.

You mustn't be upset, because
otherwise I'll be upset too.

Well then, I'm not sorry.

- Shall I get a glass of water?
- Nah, no thanks. It is not necessary.

Now you better go to bed
and then snuggle up again.

Look, there they drive!
How do I get hold of them?

You must be patient. They will
probably come home in a few years.

If only I had let them have each other,
so we could have lived together, all three!

- It's probably too late now.
- I'll let the police search for them.

- How old is your daughter?
- 21 years.

Sit up.

Whoa, now you can
drive on the highway, huh?

Sit up.

I will never be happy again.

No... Niels was nothing.

Niels didn't have a penny.

Niels was not for your daughter.

She couldn't get a better man.

Unfortunately, it's a little
late for you to think about it.

But luckily it's not too late.

She's talking to me.

(Winnie whines)

Over to Kirsten.

Over to Kirsten?

The sow!

Nothing happens for the first
four days. It will be an easy birth.


Nothing happens
for the first four days.


Yes? Did you say something?

- Nah.
- Well, that was fun.

I definitely think you said
eh or something like that.

Ehh? Nah...

I wanted to ask if you have
any plans for the season?

- Nah.
- Nah?

- Why?
- Yes...

I have to get started.
You must also see to getting started.

Sure, yes.

- So we have to get started!
- Yes. Yes. We have to, yes.

But... have you forgotten
that I have this little one?

Nah, no, but you can probably
talk to the child's father.

With the father?
He's not the kind to talk to.


But I need a partner!
And I will be satisfied with you.

Are you absolutely sure now?

For sure.

We are partners again!
Isn't it gorgeous?

I cross the line with the child.
He is a lovely boy.

And the father, I also cross a line on that.

She'd better sleep here tonight.

If I pick her up, -

- then I just wake her up!!

- Pappy!
- Come.

We have lovely children.

It may not matter
who the father is.

But you had to think about
it and count on your fingers.

- There is nothing to think about!
- You don't have to count on the buttons.

The fingers! One, two, three...

... etc.

Up to about nine.

Yes, Donnie, and you
don't have to marry me.

I do it! I do it!

- Goodbye, little friend.
- Thanks.

I can stand up.
I didn't have a fever this morning.

There is nothing
wrong with me anymore.

Martha, the doctor is coming. I think
we should hear what he has to say.

Hi. I am helping Christian today.
What's wrong?

It's Martha. Do you want to look at her?
Then I make coffee for as long.

Well, Martha, I have to look at you, huh?

You look good, Martha.

- What do you say?
- She's fine.

- Don't you think she looks limp?
- No! I think she looks lovely.

Firm thighs, good rear, nice jugs.

Was it necessary to
investigate all that?

Yes, I always go to
work very thoroughly.

I think she has such blank eyes.

Yes, but they have
that when you expect it.

- Is expecting?
- Yes.

- Do you think she is with child?
- Yes.

- Are you completely sure?
- Of course.

After all, it was me
who did it to her.

Did you get her pregnant?

Yes, Martha?
I can give you the exact date.

It was... the 23rd... nah, nonsense.

That was the
day I did it to Olga.

- Do you keep an account of it?
- Yes, I'm sorry for that.

Have to. I have so many.

- What do you want to do about Martha?
- Nothing. As long as she doesn't roar.

Well, what then when the little one comes?

Well... You can keep
it or sell it as you wish.

How cynical you are!

Do you ever think of getting married?

Nah. I feel good the way I do.

Yes, just take the
pleasures and no obligations.

I pray thee, marry her now that
thou hast brought her into misfortune.

A moment. Marry...
Marry Martha?

- Is that what you said?
- Yes. I beg you.

With Martha?

There is something wrong here.

Do you seriously think I
should walk up the aisle...

... with a cow?

- Martha is no cow!
- Yes, she is a cow!

- Why are you shouting like that?
- Martha!

He says you are a cow!


Firm thighs, good rear...

My name is Erik Nohr.

I am a specialist in kidney diseases.

Do you mind if I examine you?

No. But I don't think it helps.

Uraemia. There is nothing to do.
I have known this for several years.

Then that's why you
never told me you loved me.

I think you should come to Aarhus
so we can carry out an investigation.

I think it's the only right thing.
And I'll go with you.

I can't take it anymore.
I jump and skip all day long. You must help?

- What's wrong?
- Nothing. She circulates.

- Does she turn around?
- Nah, she's in bed.

- Why do you say she circulates?
- She does. She doesn't have a shit wrong with her.

Ahh! She is simulating!

- What?
- nothing, Ole.

She says, a clammy
hand holding her down.

But every morning
she spreads snacks, -

- and even though the doctor has
organized chamomile tea and oat soup.

Well. Then I'd better
organize something tougher.

Isn't it called prescribing?

Yeah, sorry.
Come on, shall we go in, Ole?

- Good morning, Ane.
- Hello.

- How does it go now?
- Dirt, real dirt.


Nah, but it's almost Christmas. So
we start by looking at the tonsils.

- Can you say oink?
- Aah.


I hear the doctor thinks you
may need to go to the hospital?

Now let's take a look at the time.
Ole can easily handle it.

Yes... I actually think
I can do that too, Ane.

So... that you don't have
to come to the hospital.


... it is not particularly
pleasant, but very effective.

Yes. Yes...

Now let's see here.




Hold this right here.
Careful that it doesn't explo...

... that nothing happens.

Yes, finally completely quiet.

(slurping sound)

Yes, Anne. Shall we go to it?

Well, Ane though.
You are not afraid of a small sting.

What? What?

- Come here so you can get well.
- I am healthy!

Look, there are no tracks in the way.
I can dance, I can dance!

- Can you see she's circling?
- Yes, now I can see it.

It is a miracle.
I can walk, I can dance.

Whoa. But finally continued with
the chamomile tea and oat soup, right?

- But what do you look like?
- Me? I'm not feeling ill.

Say moh. Yes, we must have
taken your tempera- bully- ture immediately.

Yes, it is suddenly as if a clammy
hand lays over my whole body.

You must go to bed immediately.

- Can you go there yourself?
- I'll try.

Shouldn't he have the spray?

No! Finally not the first eight days!

He just needs to be pampered.

Take care of good, nutritious
food and a dram with the food.

He must rest in peace.
He must not be bothered.

And then it is best to follow
him, as long as he feels that way.

Goodbye, Ole. And get well soon.

Goodbye, Doctor. And thank you.

Do you want to go to the ball tonight?

I think it will be
a little late for me.

I want to dance so badly.

I said dance!

Come on!

Ouch, ouch!

- It's Donnie. Can he come in?
- Yes.

Excuse me for interrupting.
But I need some help.

Yes, yes... look, I'm getting married.

With Kirsten. Little Christmas Eve.

And then there is something
I would like to know.

If it's something
like that, I'll back off.

No, no, no.
No, it's nothing like that.

It's just... What should I do
when the priest now asks me:

Will you marry this woman?

Yes, let's look at it. Now you
are the priest and that is the altar.

Come here. Come on, Winnie.

There. Now you are a priest.
Ask again, nicely and politely.

Will you marry this woman?

- Will you marry this woman?
- Yes.

Will you take this
man for your husband?

I do not have time.
I have to go to my kitchen.

But there are many
other ways to say yes.

Try asking again, priest.

Will you marry this woman?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

Try to ask again.

Will you marry this woman?

Uhm... Uhm...

... Yes.

I ask again. Now it comes.

Will you marry this woman?


I have one, I have one.

- Will you marry this woman?
- Nah.

Will you marry this woman?

Is this Ansgar church?

Will you marry this woman?

Are you staying here for dinner?
I cooked the food myself.

- What happened to him?
- You may well say.

- Did you really cook the food yourself?
- Yes.

- What shall we have?
- We need cheese and radishes.

You can believe I'm glad.

There went that boef.

- Hi, Anders.
- It's completely crazy.

- So not with a little mis?
- Nah, it's fine, thank God.

It's my stomach. I have to run all
the time. And the doctor isn't here.

- Do you think you can help me?
- I'll see what I can do.

Now let me see. Ten drops in a
bucket of water three times a day.

Yes, it's for a horse.

This equates to you needing
five drops. Here you go.

How nice of you.

If it hasn't helped within a
week, I have to beat you down.

Is there no one at all
that you really care about?

I can answer honestly
that I have a real love

one that I long for every
second, all day long

I have so many, many,
many many kisses for this girl

and I can tell her I
hide them beautifully

I have so many, many,
many many kisses just waiting

that she fetch them
here so they can be used

She is a treasure

and she is tnderly

and every night

then she is full of jokes and nonsense

I have so many, many,
many many kisses for this one

to that alone my little
Siamese cat, meow

- When will the doctor come home?
- It probably won't last that long now.

Why did Birgit take him?

Christian was very ill.

You see, every human being has two kidneys,
and both of Christian's were damaged.

- Then Birgit gave him one of hers.
- Can you do that?

Yes, but it is a
very big operation.

- Does Birgit only have one kidney now?
- Yes.

Isn't she sad?

If you love a person very much,
you will do everything to help them.

Then you won't be sad.
Then you do it with joy.

Pappy, if you ever get sick...

(letter clatters)

It was the mail.
Jump out and see what it is.

- There is a phone for the doctor.
- Thanks.

Doctor Lindsager?

Yes, it is lawyer Bruun.
It is about little Winnie.

Sorry, I'm not really following?

Yes, Winnie.
The little one from Thailand.

Nah. I don't have any Winnie here.

It's Doctor Lindsager, isn't it?
In Church Soenderup?

You know what? I am coming...

There's something I
need to sort out first.

- Pappy?
- Yes.

- Shall we have a Christmas tree?
- You can believe that we have to.

Where are we going to get it?

We go out into the forest and cut one.

- Is it big enough?
- No.

Nah... But this must
be big enough, huh?

- No.
- Well.

- Is it big enough?
- No.

Well, you obviously want one that
goes all the way up to the ceiling.

Then we have to go much
further into the forest. Come.

Then we go further in.
There is a nice tree there.

- Is it big enough?
- Yes.

Do you want to help me cut it down?

So take the saw there, right?
Then I hold on to the tree in the meantime.

Aah, here it comes!

- Ih, how talented you are. Come!
- Where should I get rid of the saw?

We put it here. To the other children
who have to cut Christmas trees.


And then we have to get the
Christmas tree up on the wagon.

- It's a sleigh.
- Yes, it is too.

That I could forget it...

Here is our sleigh ready to drive

it's a shame we don't have any canoeists

and that's why our horse stands
expectantly for mockery and spe

so it was probably a good
idea for the miracle to happen

The Christmas snow, the Christmas snow
are suddenly here, one, two, three

Christmas snow, Christmas snow
conjured up by the Christmas fairy

Christmas snow, Christmas
snow everywhere you can see

let it just snow and
snow if I have to ask

Hype, hype!

Pull your hat over the ears

now we are seriously cowering

because it is our
imagination that is at stake

now we can drive where
we want whenever we want

Christmas, Christmas snow for
miles as far as you can see

Christmas snow, Christmas snow,
whatever we want, it can happen

Christmas snow, Christmas
snow hocus pocus, one, two, three

bring us up to the snow
of Lapland, if I may ask

All around us the lobes are waving

they heard we were on the stairs

and this sleigh here has gone completely mad

it is pulled over rocks and
sticks by our reindeer herd

Christmas, Christmas snow for
miles as far as you can see

Christmas snow, Christmas snow,
whatever we want, it can happen

Christmas snow, Christmas
snow hocus pocus, one, two, three

home again to Denmark's
snow if I may now ask

Thanks for the ride, Pappy.

Don't you think you can
get well for Christmas?

I have the feeling that there
is improvement in the air.

I want little ones, and they
must be baked in horse fat.

Can't I settle for palmine?

- I said horse fat.
- Yes, Ole.


Hello? Hello?

Help, I'm locked in!

- Winnie?!
- Yes.

- Are you locked in?
- Yes.

I can't get out
until he gets home.

Our Lord preserved!
It appears to be at the last minute.

Nah, now that might be enough.
Now you must come with me.

- No!
- You have to!

I promise you, you will come with me.
Don't talk about anything else.

Winnie? Winnie!

"Mr. Lindsager.

Winnie Holst picked up today.
Check follows.


... lawyer."

- Well, how are things today?
- Winnie is very upset.

Then Winnie must
look a little happier.

We only want happy children here.

- Where... How do you think it will go?
- With what?

So in a few hours.

Are you nervous?
You can still jump off.

No! I won't jump off then.
I'm glad, great!

I almost don't
think I'm nervous.


(car honks)

No, hurry. There they are.

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

- Thanks, you too.
- No, how have you decorated nicely.

- Where is the vet?
- He is inside himself.

- Is he still upset?
- Yes.

- Well, come on.
- You must not go. We need a glass.

- Yes, please.
- No, thanks.

- Yeah.
- You mustn't wear Christmas out.

Unfortunately, we have to change clothes.
Because we are getting married.

- Have you got him in the swing?
- Because I have.

And he must feel right at home,
because he is an old trapeze artist.

- Thanks for the help.
- Bye for now.

- Tell me, what do you have against marriage?
- Nothing.


(church bells chime)

(the organ plays the prelude
to "It's so adorable to follow.")

- Hi. Welcome home.
- Thank you.

- And Merry Christmas.
- Thanks, and the same to you.

You... don't you want to decorate a little?

- No.
- You have to.

- I'll probably help you with that.
- No!

It's no use, you wall yourself in.
We usually spend Christmas at your place.

Yes, but there will be
none of that this time.

Is there nothing we can do?

No thanks. All I want is to
be allowed to be in peace.

- That was what the others forgot.
- What?

This here.

(the child sings
Christmas carols next door)


Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas,
Christmas, Christmas it must also know it is

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas

You think it's
nice weather outside.

Could it be that you
could stand a little trip?

- Together with me?
- Yes, why not?

Shouldn't we bring
a goose to the vet?

Looks like there won't be any get-togethers this year.

I will miss that.

Now don't stand there and hang. Now
look at getting started with the beetroot.

- Birgit?
- Yes.

There are no patients today.
What should I do?

Do you long to get started again?

Yes, honestly.

You see, there will be a lot of
constipation on 2nd Christmas Day.

- Should we make some Christmas Gloegg?
- Do you think we can handle it?

Yes, my kidney is fine. What about yours?

It will probably work out.

(door bell)


(the vet laughs loudly)


I think we will have to
make a bigger batch.

Now I think you should
take the long one there.

We put it up here.

All the way down. Yes, like that.

Pappy? You promised me a Christmas
tree all the way up to the ceiling.

So I did that too.

(there's a knock on the door)

Nice, Winnie has come home!
Then we can have a real Christmas.

- At least here's the goose.
- Here is the beetroot, and it is sliced.

Thank you very much, everyone.
I hope you'll look in after you've eaten.

As you usually do.

- Femur cenistra.
- Well.

She can't dwell on it for so long.

If she has to be lifted up to every
light, then it can take a long time.

Why can't we come in?

I do not know. I guess
we'll have to adapt to that.

We'll probably have
to move out here, -

- because I don't think
Winnie can do without...

- Her friends?
- Yes. So if you know a place...?

They can move over to the wing.
It just needs to be fixed.

There isn't that much space, but...

It doesn't matter, because
it's just the two of us.

Yes, that's it now.


High from the Green Tree Top

radiates the Christmas sparkle

fiddler, play up merrily

now the dance begins

now beautifully put your hand in mine

don't bet on that raisin

first the tree must be displayed

then it must be eaten

(there's a knock on the door)

Good evening, everybody.

Now the nice Santa comes and
wishes a very merry Christmas.

I didn't think there were
any more nice little children.

Now I see Winnie is here.
And I have no more presents.

Well... fortunately, Santa
Claus can also do magic.


... bam-boom!

- To Winnie from all of us.
- Thanks.

And here it is, you know.

- Merry Christmas.
- You too.

Is it for me?
You can think I'm excited.

- Vet badges!
- It's for your Royse Royse.

Thank you.
It's just what I've been missing.

I also have a little something for you.

- Well, how is your health?
- It has never been better.


Ih, how sweet it is.

Will the nice Santa
help you onto the horse?

Yes, thanks, Donnie.
But you must take off your beard.

- Aah, Winnie!
- Then come with you.

Look, I can ride, Dad!
I mean Pappy.

I'm so happy, dad.

Merry Christmas, Lovely Christmas

angels descend into hiding

hither they fly with paradise green

where they see what God is like

among us they walk

among us they walk

--- Subtitles by Essery. ---