Dynamite Graffiti (2018) - full transcript

When Akira Suei was little, his mother had an affair with a young man who lived next door. Akira's mother and the young man killed themselves by using dynamite. After Akira graduated from ...

Photograph Age


Her pubic hair is visible.

Is it?

You can clearly see the pubic region.

You think so.

Is it really clear?

It's entirely clear.
How many times have you been warned?

Are you mocking society?

It's weird, I swear I checked them all.

This one.


This one...

There's penetration happening.

No, we'd never do that.

So they aren't in?

They are just pretending?

Yeah, just pretending.

Are you spinning around?


It's our chair.

And this one...

I'll pay 20,000 yen for you to strip.

- Strip...
- I don't know.

Pose nude while you still can.

- I do want the money.
- Right?

Then you're in.

- I do it with her.
- Together, then.


Wanna be left behind? You're in, right?

I won't do it.

Kawagoe? How far away is that?

Stop yawning already.
The photographer is waiting. Hurry.

What? It's your period?

Come anyway. I'll pay 50,000
to pull the tampon out, okay?

You there?

I drew in some Xs with a color pencil.

To show you're sorry?

"The labia"

"and the vulvar slit are extremely clear."

I told them I was sorry.

Then, I drew Xs on the pages.

Well, that's impressive.

Got good girls.

Enough for today.

- Got good girls.
- No thanks.

Suei, you do it too and leave early.

Suei, any girls around?
Ours didn't show.

No. Ask the old man.

No good.

Yo, old man.

- Mr. Manabe.
- Don't call him.

Got good girls.

Hey, he needs some girls.

I can get them right away.

That chick Chiemi you got me
last week was a total dog.

Ugly? Well, she's a nice person.

Who cares? Pretty girls
are what sell magazines.

All good girls.

Can't tell shit. You call these photos?

It was dark outside.

This one's a bit sick.

Her dad's a cop.

This one might be pretty.

No, she's going with a yakuza.

- They're all good.
- Not really.

The one in the miniskirt makes our lunch.

Sounds good.

- She's a good girl.
- Personality-wise.

- But pug ugly.
- Ugly.

- Yeah, but...
- A good girl.

You gotta take better photos.

This isn't good.

We shouldn't do this.

I'm sorry.

Aren't you sick of coming
here every single month?

Why not work from here?

I imagine it's a tough job.

You go home every day?
You got kids, right?

No kids? Are you single?

A carefree life?

Sort of.

Do your parents know?


About your job.

Their grown son feeds himself off
the smut of obscene magazines.

What's your mom back home to think?

My mom?

She can't hold her head high
because of what you do.

Why are you chuckling?

- Be serious. I can arrest you.
- Yes.

Sorry, sorry, I'm very sorry.

Do you think this is art or something?

Not at all. Definitely not.

- Japan is a modern nation.
- Yes.

What if foreigners see this?

- Aren't you ashamed?
- Yes.

Yes, really ashamed.

Some say, "Art is an explosion."

In my case,
my mom was the explosion.

Adult magazines charged
with sale of pornography.

Dynamite Suicide by Married Woman

Immoral Conduct with
Young Man Next Door

Dynamite Graffiti


May I speak to Mr. Jukichi Suei?

He's down there.


Would you be Mr. Jukichi Suei?

I'm told these are your wife's clothes.

No mistake?

None, right?

The thing is, her body is

in a pretty bad way.

Seems she was with a man.

Male legs were found too.

They're saying it was dynamite.

As a mine worker,
you use explosives, right?

You took explosives home, no?

My mom and a young man
committed double suicide.

If seems they blew themselves up.

Sorry, please forgive us.

Sorry, please forgive us...

Took explosives home...?

What nonsense.

Since that day,

the village has kept an eye on my family.

Before the incident, my mom had
been hospitalized for tuberculosis.

Back then, it was a mortal disease.

Villagers called them
"the lung sick" and avoided them.

Don't touch her.

Knowing it was fatal, my mom
may have been in utter desperation.

During the day when dad worked the mine,

she'd have the son
of the family next door over.

Stupid, stupid, stupid...


My dad searched the entire village,
but couldn't find her.

I only saw her once after that.


Maybe it was a dream, or a ghost.

Her body was found the next day.

Before realizing it,

I was attracted by factories
that stood beyond the mountains.

I began to dream of
working at a factory in a city.

Next stop, Osaka.

Please change here for Hanshin,
Hankyu, and...


Stop dawdling like that.
Get your asses in gear.

Though my wish came true
by getting work at a factory in Osaka,

it was awful, like the army.

People who die, will.
People who won't, won't.

Stand up, idiot.

You gonna die?

I'm not dying.

- Gonna die?
- Not dying.

Right. Now get back to work!

Feed yourself with sweat.

And snack on your own blood.

Die this easily and you'll
lose to America and the Soviets!

Next month you've got
self-defense force boot camp.

Yes, sir.

Losing faith in factories,
I fled to my dad's place.

Next stop is Kawasaki.
Please change here for...

Back then, he worked
in Kawasaki, near Tokyo.


it was another factory.

What? Are you asleep, blockhead?

Aoyama Design College


Design Criticism

Hey, did you get paid?

How much?

Have a drink.


- Here.
- I said no.

A guy in my factory

had an accident and hurt his legs.

The guy was rendered helpless.

He received a large sum as compensation.

With the money,

he bought a refrigerator.

And a Corolla too.

He even got a wife.

I envy him. That's the way to do it.

Won't someone crush my legs?

Where's a fridge going to fit in here?

You just want money to drink.

I don't need my legs!

I need money.

I need money...

Talking with him was depressing,
so I decided to live on my own.


Huh? A blackout?

Sorry, my fault.

What happened?

Probably my electric heater.

Electric heaters blow fuses, you know.

I'm sorry.

It's cold, huh?

It is.

You get up early.
Do you deliver the paper?


Really? I work at Toshiba in Kosugi.

A factory?

So do I.

Good luck with work.

You want some milk?

Can I have some?

Sure, it's cold, though.

Maybe the kotatsu will get it warm.


You've got one?

I do.

Have some Taiyaki?

Have a seat.



- Here.
- Thanks.

- Thank you.
- Go ahead.

It's good.


Go home.

Hey, young man.

Say hello before sticking your legs in.

Good evening.

It's really cold.

My room is ice cold.

Society is not so lenient.

Things will get stricter and we'll
have to wait our turn to breathe.

Then, greetings like "hello" and
"thank you" will be important.

Just go home.


Thus, she became my first girlfriend.

- One more time.
- That's number four.




Mr. Suei? Your son is out.

He's at school so he'll be late.


Would you like some tea?

Go ahead.

He's been taking design since spring.

Akira is good at drawing, you know.

He wants to make a living at it
so he goes to night school and...

Makiko, Makiko...

What are you doing!

I'll tell Akira!

No matter how you cut it,
nothing good will come of staying here,

so my girlfriend and I
moved to an apartment.


Why's the bowling alley
look like a playhouse?

How people...

Why these goblin masks?

To show how people
mask their true character.

Huh? What are you talking about?

You see,

modern women wear showy
masks to hide their lost humanity.

To know true love, they must remove...

No unnecessary things.
It's just a bowling alley.

No good?

No good at all. It's creepy.

Are you trying to express yourself?

Don't look so serious.

After quitting college, I joined a firm.

And finally met a friend with
whom I could talk design.

Here. 300 yen for two noodle sets.

Rather expensive, no?

We don't make instant noodles.

Suei, go ahead.

I can't afford it.

It's on me.

That'll be 300 yen.

Put it on my tab.

You know I can't do that.

I've no money.

So why did you order?

I'll pay next time.

Is that right...

He's a dependable friend.

Modernism has experienced a loss of self.

They say crap like put yourself
in other's shoes to serve the masses.

Commercial designers do what
they like because no one cares.

Before you know it, we're part of the
establishment and useless authorities.

If things stay like this,

human-level communication
won't be possible.

What you said... is tough.

In short,

it's theoretical.

- That's...
- Lacks reality...

You think so?

We are signboard painters.

Signboards are just signboards.

Don't bother saying modernism
has experienced a loss of self.


Kiyoshi Awazu wisely said,
"Design is to expose thyself."

We can express ourselves
even on signboards.

What do you wanna expose?

What is it you want to express?


Emotion... and such.


What about you, Chikamatsu?


No need to hurry.

In you and me, blood circulates
through our bodies, that's all.

This moment is an expression.

That's enough.

Chikamatsu, you sound like a poet.


I heard your dad is in Kawasaki.
What about your mom?

She died when I was a boy.

I see.

- Was she sick?
- No.

I drew this.

She killed herself

with her boyfriend.


By hanging? Jumping?




Blew herself and the guy up.



It was in the papers.


I guess...

it's been rough.




Huh? How come?

You're that mother's son.

That's incredible.

You think so?


I'm not sure.

Your selling point, it's all so clear now.


My mom committed suicide with
dynamite therefore I'm special, right?

Got it. Sound about right?

You should make it your selling point.

I'm not selling it.

No need to get upset. Right?

Oh, Suei.

Don't care what he says.

Yeah, I don't really.

I haven't told you yet,
but I'm leaving this place.


We'll meet up again.

Don't give a crap about what
that worthless fool has to say!

Hey, what's up?

I'd really like to silk-screen it.

You drew this?

Men! Stand Erect!
Joyous & Shameful Festival for Both Sexes
Yeah, it's an ad poster.

Men! Stand Erect!
Joyous & Shameful Festival for Both Sexes
I also make ads to recruit
hostesses and signboards.


It has been found again.



It's amazing.

Well, the police will
eventually remove them.

I found a revolution in cabaret design.



cabarets were like factories.

Sing it!

- ♪ Mountains in "cock" shine like rays of sun ♪
- ♪ Mountains in Kai shine like rays of sun ♪

- ♪ As we go into battle, I have no "pussy" ♪
- ♪ As we go into battle, I have no worry ♪

- ♪ Does each have a "cock"? ♪
- ♪ Does each have a horse? ♪

- ♪ Is my "pussy" living in peace and quiet? ♪
- ♪ Is my family living in peace and quiet? ♪

- Louder!
- Sing it!

- ♪ Our ancestors dwell in the "cocks" ♪
- ♪ Our ancestors dwell in the mountains and rivers ♪

Quiet as a "cock."

Fierce as a "pussy."

Innocent girl's mushroom hunting
and immovable as a "cock," right?

You think that's cute?

It isn't?

Crap, now you're ugly.

- What is this gross thing?
- Hey, stop.

Is it gross?

This'll bring in customers?


To make ads, follow the
fashion and incorporate it.


What's popular? Osaka Expo, right?

"Sexy Expo: Hello from
the Nations of the World"

Then, customers will come
and find the flags of the world.

It'll be a big, gaudy show.

What's Expo like?

Tower of the Sun? Sounds good.

We'll make it the Tower of Sexy Expo.

Bang, in the center of our place.

It'll be a blast.

A tower...

But only pickles for snacks.

Sounds wild.

Suei, you can do it.

I'll do it.

Tower of the Sun.


Good morning.

- Tower of the Sun.
- Morning.


Tower of the Sun.


Tower of the Sun.


What is that?




What do I think?

It's an impressive thing.

It's well made, but
the police will get angry.

Why would they get angry?


Make a flyer for
the next Pickles Festival.

If we put Xs over the first letters
people will think it says Nipples.

Let's call it,
"My Hometown's Nipples Fest."

What do you want to do?

It expresses the customers'
desires and emotions,


No unnecessary things, idiot.

I ordered the Tower of the Sun.

How about a sign saying,
"Sexy Squeezy Sports Festival"?

Do it already.

You don't have to.

What did you say?

Or in large letters,
"Get A Flickering Glimpse of Pussy."

It's the manager's order. Do it already.

What's so funny, asshole?



I hope I can get more customers.

Later on, she became
a popular hostess,

but after all,
cabarets are just cabarets.

Don't move.

Hey, that's enough.

Where are we taking photos?

Good luck!

I only got two rolls, okay?

As designers who sell their
souls to capitalism sleep,

I'm naked and painting
on an asphalt road.


Radish, tofu, onion.
Tsurumiya is having a sale.

Hold it a second.

Seeing my wife at work,

I felt we belonged to

the lowest level of
society with no way out.

It's ringing. Why don't you pick it up?

Another useless conversation.

Why do we have a telephone?

Hello, Suei household.


He's here.

It's Mr. Nagano.

The cabaret's manager.

- Tell him I'm out.
- I said you're here.


No, not really.

Oh, yes!

I'll take it.


What's going on?

He wants a signboard for his new shop.

Good for you!

Just another signboard.

Oh my.


Don't make a mess, okay?

Crown Girls Will Get You Off
Each and Every Time!

Gentlemen, Crown Girls await.
Open the door to Shangri-La.

Young man, how about a Crown Girl?

Wanna hustle? Great.
Here comes a gentleman!

Please welcome a new customer!

Please, go ahead, this way.

Okay, one new cock right over here!

Miki, you're up.
Take care of the new cock.

Excuse me.


Pretend I'm a customer.

And let's practice.

I can't.

That's why you need practice.


First, you take a wet towel.

Then you wipe down

your customer's member.

And then,

with your hand...

I really can't do that.

You'll be doing it in no time.

Come on, Yuko.

Before long, other cabarets
were asking me to draw signboards.

My signboards filled the town.

- I didn't do anything.
- Okay, okay.

Calm down.

Ow. That hurt, son of a bitch!

Boss, this guy tried
penetration the other day.

It's annoying. I'm a virgin, you know.


Look what you've done!
Yuko is still a virgin.

Pay me 100,000 yen
as a virgin fee, old fucker.

- Suei.
- Yeah?

Go have fun.

We have few customers.

You'll get a discount.

Oh, are you charging me?

You're making a bundle.

No way. I'm not.

You're making a profit.

Share a bit, please?

How much do you make a signboard?

It depends, but 3,000 yen on average.

3,000 yen.

Is that cheap? Expensive?

Beats me.

I also make flyers and posters.

You do it on your own, right?

Designers are amazing.

I guess so.

Attention Miss Yuko, table no. 12 is

growing stiff!

Wait. I'm popular.
It's hard to handle them all.





Are you two friends?

My friend got me work
drawing porn comics.

To tell the truth,

I was really happy.

Looking good.

Before long,
I got more and more job offers.

Every job was urgent.

Gravure photo shoots,

cover design and layouts,
illustrations, and manga, etc.

I look any job that came.

Hey, you're in the frame.

- Is this okay?
- Yeah.

Good, real nice!

What now?

You're doing great, okay.

Become a bit more...

nasty. Be a nasty girl.

Suei, do the cover lettering.

I can go after eating, right?

No. Still got the toilet and rooftop.

"Norio rips off her clothes."

"And then, into her privates,"

"deep inside of her pitch-black jungle,"

"into the pink wrinkle,"

"he slid his lustful,"

"mad as a demon,"

"bone like club."

"He thrust it fiercely."


"echoed the sugary voice of"

"the wife throughout the room."




"overflowing juice"

"mixes around it."

After that, draw something here.

Like what?

Anything is fine.

Whatever you want.

Saying that is no help.

Don't you want to express something?

Good night.

Here it is.


Did you learn illustration somewhere?

I went to design school for a bit.

Graphic design, huh?

You should quit doing porn magazines.

Our readers are just blue-collar workers.

They don't get design.

I'm thinking to go back to literary mags.

"New Self" First Issue

After a while, I became chief editor
of a new porn magazine.

"New Self" was a porn mag, but
had articles unrelated to porn.

It wasn't about any specific thing,
but young people seemed to like it.



Yes, self publishing.

Akemi's... Telephone Sex.

He's asking for telephone sex.

They really called.


Just do some dirty talk.

What's "dirty talk"?

It's cool, just do it as you like.

Hey, I can't do that.

I just answer phones.

Just say, "I'm Akemi,"
or something like that.

In a sexy tone.

Do women masturbate?

Sure we do.

Young man, take out your cock.

It's okay, grab yourself
in the telephone booth.

I'm putting...

my fingers in my panties.

Porn magazines consist of men's fantasies.

No, don't cum just yet.

Give your cock a rub.

- You did?
- More.

- Jerk that dick.
- You're doing great.

Is your mom home?

Do you know what happens

inside a woman's panties?

Inside a woman's panties is

an overflowing flood of love.

Men want to see inside.

And inject their love wad into it.


Aren't these see-through?

But women should not

show men the inside
of their panties so easily.

It's really thin over the main spot.

- Where?
- Right here.

You might see it,
but it won't show on photos.

- Is that so?
- It's light refraction and film characteristics.

The limits of chemistry.

Take a shower now.

If I'm wet, it'll be see-through.

Yes, you're erotic and sexy. Get all wet.

I think I can see it. No, I can't.

I'm sure I saw it.

Maybe, I'll see it next time.

Is it see-through?

No, not at all.

Why are you laughing?

I know you can.

It's not.

Are you sure it's not?

It's not. Look, it's not.

Porn magazines are endless trailers
about the love inside of panties.

Akemi speaking.



I'm supposed to wear
a swimsuit for a beer ad.

It's not beer. I told that
guy it's for a nude shoot.

Again, who is "that guy"?

I do swimsuit photos only.

You get 30,000 yen. If no nude
or sex scenes why are you modeling?

I told you already.
I only do swimsuits.

So pay me the 30,000 and I'll do it.

No mag will pay that
much for you in a swimsuit.

- Call me a taxi.
- You're leaving?

- That's enough.
- It's cool.

The photographer is Araki.
You know him, right?

No, who is he?

It won't be cheap nude photos, okay?

It's a skin mag.

No, ours is a proper magazine.

A porn magazine, right?

Kasumi, let's go.


I'm not gonna strip.

- In here.
- Okay.

Please put on this yukata.

Yukata? Okay.

Kazumi just arrived. She's a good girl.

Thanks for the smoke.

What's your name?


Not Kasumi?

It's Kazumi.

Can I order the cheese toast?

Man, I made a mistake.
I brought someone else.

Please keep Kazumi there.

The arm. Dangle it at your side. Great.

Carelessly, carelessly like that, yes.

Open your mouth halfway.

Relax, relax.

That's great.

Yes, obscene. Yes.

Good, obscene.

Stop that.

- Turn that way.
- Okay, sorry, turn around.


Whoa, that's great.

- Great.
- Real lewd.


It's ero-mantic.

- Hey.
- Irresistible.


- Lie down.
- Right, on your back.

- That's it.
- So erotic.

Just amazing.

Real lewd.

Take off the bra.


I told him I won't strip.

Maybe you've hair on your nipples?

No, I don't.

Then, the panties.

- Good idea.
- I said no nudes.

Oh, you've got spots?

- No, I don't.
- Let's shoot the spots.

Look, this is art.

It's art, okay?

Is this what art is?

- I like your eyes.
- Great.

Okay, a fierce look. Right, it's art.

It's art. Art.

Great, we're shooting art.

Okay. Now strip.



Art, art.

If it's art.

Please cancel Kazumi.

Yeah. We're doing fine.

More good girls later.

Flower, flower.

Flower's great.

This is art.

The word "art"

became the clincher to get girls to strip.

It's a beer ad.

Shaving time?

Shall we?

Wait, what is this? I'm not doing it.

It's cool and not weird at all.

It's an alteration.

No way. I don't want to.

He's here to shave.

- No way.
- Shaving is his job.

If there's hair, the cops will be mad.
Now, sit down.

Sit down, hurry.

- I won't.
- We've no money to fix them later.

What do I tell my boyfriend?

It's fine. Photos are fakery.

Tell him it's not you.
Now, open your legs.

- No.
- Open, open.

Hey Suei.

It's true your mom died in an explosion?

Smashed to bits.

Smashed to bits? He said smashed to bits!

Then, were things like her
internal organs blown off?

Is it funny?

It is! Your mom is a genius.

It's a shame if you
don't share such a wild story.

His words saved me.

Here was a man who simply
laughed at my mom's explosion.

Are you all toilet bugs
looking for female crotches?

Suei, you should make it
your selling point.

Study of Chilled Noodles

This is amazing.


Look at all the people
writing for your magazine.

They're all famous.

There's no other porn mag like it.

Some won't write for porn,
so we say it's for onanists.

We used rotogravure
for color and b/w pages.

Looks great.

Give me your opinion.

I've no opinion. I'm deeply impressed.

That's not true.

What we said and the poster
were better than this.

What poster?

For the cabaret... you drew it.

Did I?

Did I show you something?

You did.

That poster blew me away.

But, after all,
cabarets are just cabarets.

- What I say doesn't matter.
- Not true.

That's my answer.

You're doing what you wanted.

You're doing it in a porn magazine.

Show me again.

Looking forward to it.

Here it is!


- Shut up.
- Are you dumb?

Hi readers, how are you?

This is Suei, chief editor.

I went to a bookstore

and found New Self tucked in a corner.

So, I moved them to
a better spot to attract attention.

I hope you do the same thing.

Is this New Self?

Yeah. Huh?

What is it?

A charge of sale of obscene material.

Here, this is the warrant. Okay.

Check this.

You used "pussy" 36 times! See?

Let's see.

"The pussy hole is dripping juice." Next.

"Noisy pussy." "Just go home, pussy."

"My pussy is quaking and quivering."

Is this bad?

A crime of conscience!

They warned us about a blow job photo.

That chief, Morohashi,
I suspect he's being overly diligent.

Sucking the genital organ by mouth!

Explain this to me.

Explain it? It's a blow job, that's all.


Did you show it?

Of course we blacked it out.

He said the black is too small
and the genitalia discernable.

Ours was a photo of a woman masturbating.

It's bad the fingers are bent.

"It looks like she's inserting a finger."

Finger insertion is masturbation.

He checks every tiny detail.

He does.

Is not putting them in safe?

Well, he started thinking it over.

How about masking it
with her palm like this?

So, you're back at it again.

Hair is bad, so I shaved it.

That's not the point.
It's not about hair.

You must hide
the region where the hair is.

Ah, now I see.

Let's all of us be on guard.

We will.

Thanks for waiting.

- Is the car ready?
- Yes, it is.

Okay, let's go.

We're going to Lake Sagami.

You'll get shaved, okay?


Let's go.

Weekend Super

Weekend Super,
the next magazine I launched was

supposed to be a movie magazine,
but the contents were the same:

A magazine of porn and subculture.

Mr. Suei.

Tanaka's article is illegible.

Fine. Run it as it is.

As it is?
Nobody can't read the manuscript.

That's right. In that case...

What are we gonna do?

He's not picking up our calls.

I've no confidence. Is this okay?

- It's fine. Fine.
- Is it?

- Can you get authorization?
- Yes, I can.

They look familiar.

I can't get that new female
staffer out of my head.

At some point, I started stalking her.


How's it going?

I see you everyday.

Ah, so we do.

Why don't we go see a movie?

The one we saw the other day sucked.

So, you pick a movie.

I won't.

What about Fellini?
Fellini would...

No, Fellini doesn't matter.

Because at six...

At six?

I have an appointment.

With who?

In Shinjuku.

Someone I know?


Six? You've 40 minutes.
Let's get some tea.

There's a place I often go with Araki.

Why don't we go there?

You hungry? There's a Chinese
joint Izumi Suzuki recommended.


I'll wait for your meeting to end.

After that, let's get dinner together.

Can I decide like this?

If it's heads, I'll stay.


It's fine.

See you tomorrow.

How about tomorrow?

- Tomorrow?
- Yeah.

Let's plan on something tomorrow.

If it's heads.


In a patronizing way, the teacher said
that design is alive in today's world.

It's simply a premise, right?

- Well.
- It's consequential.

It's consequential as modernism was
just a beautification movement.

That's modernism, after all.
Our school is only beautiful.


Modernism has experienced a loss of self.

Right. Beauty alone
isn't real communication.

Yes, that is true.

I really feel so.

New things come from a murky, ugly state.

Yeah, totally.

Violence and cheapness
make things good, right?

We should start there.

Yeah, something like cabaret signboards...

I knew she had a boyfriend, of course.

It drove me crazy
with a burning jealousy.

I was desperate to make her mine.

I'm not sure if I like
you or not, Mr. Suei.

Sorry for being honest.


Fueko, get in.

You like stuff like
David Bowie and Julie, no?

It was a hit when I was a kid.

Guess I was in high school back then.

Did you have a girlfriend?

Do I look like I had one?

Were you lonely?

I guess so.

But being lonely isn't a bad thing.

You can enjoy loneliness
when you're not in love.

I wonder.

Even in love you can be lonely.

I see.

Just the two of us,
vanish and leave everything behind.

The idea arose in my mind.

Yet there was no way I could do that.

I had to get back to reality.

I'll go home in the evening.

Eat the Noppe soup for lunch.

Huh? You can't find it?
It's in the fridge, in the back.

And... oh.

Getting home at this hour?
I told you mom was staying over.

Ah, sorry.

His job must be tough. He lost weight.

How so? He's gained weight.
All he does is drink.

I told you to call
if you couldn't come home.




Say, do you have "Photograph Age"?

Ah, "Photograph Age"...

Do you carry it?

Yes, but it's sold out.

I can go check.

No thanks, it's alright.

It's sold out.

Photograph Age

Good evening, "Photograph Age" readers.

This is Suei, chief editor.

It's time for me to
drink, sleep soundly,

or take a bath.

I should do one of those, but

shit. I can't get off work yet.

Morita is still at it too,
checking color proofs.

As I write, Suei has left the room.

"Photograph Age" is an amazing mag.

My cousin said, "You're lucky to see
nude shoots for nothing."


It came out unexpectedly ordinary.

It's a job, you know.

Suei, you got me.

Well, it's okay.

Thanks for the work.

Tired, huh?

Call me anytime.

You'd do it again?

Just let me know.

Why cheap porn mags? "Photograph Age"
sells 130,000 copies. You must be loaded.

Seriously, offer me anything.

I'm counting on you.



I'm thinking to study abroad.


Sounds good. Go for it.


Are you happy to finally ditch me?


That's not true. I'm rooting for you.


Yeah, really.

Then, root for me.

I don't mean that. Pay my college tuition.

I see.

How much?

Maybe a million or two.

Work at the office.

I can't do this there.

Don't tell me you're broke.


I do. I have money, okay?

It doesn't sound like you do.

If you're having trouble, I can help.

No. Now, good night.

- I'm going to bed.
- Sure, good night.

I don't have to get a job, right?

We're fine.

Take the dog.

Don't call her "the dog."

C'mon, Kin, let's go.

Unbelievable, right?


Mr. Suei?


It's Fueko.

Why aren't you seeing me?

Is it because I quit?

Come on, don't call me at home.

When I call the company
you pretend to be out.

I know you're avoiding me.
Do you hate me now?

No, that's not it.

There's another woman.

No, that's not it either.

Both of us are busy, you know.

My new magazine isn't popular.

Don't lie.
"Photograph Age" is super popular.

You know what?

I'm gonna die in 3 days from syphilis.

Who said that?

A doctor in the hospital!

I'm going to die in 3 days.

Come see me.

Come, come.

What are you doing at this hour?

I'll be right back.

Tell me the reason.

I got a call.

While you're out,

know what I do alone in the house?

Can you imagine?


You talk to the dog?

If you knew, you'd be here!

Calm down, it's okay.

This way.

Are you okay?

Mr. Suei.

There's this, you know... I'm...


You're manipulating me, right?

What do you mean?


What do you mean?

Your radio waves.


Radio waves.

Radio waves?

Your radio waves.

It's so loud. Stop sending them.

You're choking me.

Can't breathe, stop.



when will you marry me?

When will you marry me?

I was simply overcome by romance.

I wasn't serious about
her in the slightest.


Slow down, don't strip just yet.

No, slow down, don't strip.

Jun, don't strip yet. Do as Araki says.

Don't strip, put it back. It's too soon.

And now Shinokin.

Shinokin, go and strip her.

Hello, this is Shinokin.

Job-hunting season
is drawing to a close.

Normal companies seek candidates
with good grades and vitality.

It's different at "Photograph Age."

First, you gotta show your balls.
That's a must.

Next, intelligence and stamina.

Me, I'm an editor
by balls and stamina alone.

God sees all.

Look this way.

I enjoyed reading "Dynamite Graffiti."

You wrote about me too.

I remember the days

when we talked all night long
in the cafe in Ueno.

I help out at a dental clinic
a relative opened in Chiba.

I hope we can meet again.

From Chikamatsu.

After the break.

- 10 seconds.
- Almost ready. Almost time.

Suei household.


Who is it?

Oh, it's been years...

What are you doing?

He's a father-like gentleman.

To the lady, he is a prince
on a white horse.

In the real world, he's an
old prince resting on a cushion.

As you see, he's a bit unsettled.

It's hard for him
to put his feelings into words.

Therefore, allow me to speak for him.

"Please acknowledge our pure love."
That is what he'd like to say.

It's my dad.

Jukichi, how do you feel?

You're on TV.

It's TV, share your feelings.

I've got something great...

What a dummy.

Are you okay?

Okay, that's all from him.

Hey there. Come here, doggy.

How hairy. You're so hairy.
Your tummy is all hairy too.

Hanakage was in your magazine,
but I must say, you've misunderstood us.

Originally, we only sell Hanakage
to those of desperate needs.

Mostly, our clients are
severely disabled men.

Your article is troublesome
to both our clients and us.

We may have to take legal action.

I mean, we will sue your firm.


Nakazaki, Nakazaki.

You've an opportunity.

Gold will soar for sure.

What's going on?

Due to the US dollar depreciation,

America may return to
a gold-standard country.

Then, what about grain? Grain is strong.

Is there anyone who doesn't eat wheat?

I guess there is.

There isn't.

Is there a country not selling bread?

I guess there is.

There isn't.

Mr. Suei, I can't really
talk about this in public,

but the Emperor underwent surgery.
Look here.

It's a big opportunity.

Suppose the worst thing happens to him.

Red rice disappears from the towns.

Then, the price of beans goes down.


Thank you, sir.


What are you going to buy?

- You okay?
- What?

I saw you give him money.

Yeah, it's cool. What's up?

Well, I saw this.

I Apologize to Police, but I Never Regret:
This is My Technique

I Apologize to Police, but I Never Regret:
This is My Technique
It's bad.

I Apologize to Police, but I Never Regret:
This is My Technique
Flippant talk like this upsets the cops.

Suei, be aware that you're famous.

I praised some cops too.

What's with this official document?

They might fire the cop in charge.

Gimme a break. The police haven't
called us lately, but now this.

Suei, the owner wants a new counter.

Leave it to me. I'll buy it.

Doors and tables, too.

Leave it to me. I'll buy it.

- I know him.
- You do?

How's he make money?

No clue.

Suei, she said it would cost
around five million yen in total.

You know him?

I'm sorry.

You made money?

We are terribly sorry, sir.

Wheat and beans...

You said it was an opportunity
and took my money.

And this is what I get.

On the contrary, it was limit up.

Don't give up now.
It's time for you to be patient.

For now, with an
additional three million...

I don't feel like handing you more.

"Photograph Age" editorial.

How much did I lose?


six million yen.

Six million yen...

Mr. Suei.

It's for you.

Are you okay?


The police?

No, a complaint.
She wants the chief editor.

Chief editor speaking.

What is your intention
publishing such a magazine?


What does "intention" mean?

Explain why you sell salacious
magazines in local bookstores.

People buy them. That's why we sell them.

How does trash sell so well?

Don't buy it.

Even if I don't,
Kids see them in bookstores.

That's the problem.

Huh? What's the problem? What?

Ah, so your son wanted to read it.

He's old enough to know better.

"Photograph Age" is
a completely confusing name.

We aren't lying.
It is a photograph magazine.

Did it have a bad influence on him?

Did he become a criminal
reading our magazine?

As a publishing company,

don't you feel obliged to provide
kids with quality books?

I'm sorry. Sure.

Do you have a family?

My family doesn't matter.

Does your family know
about your wicked business?

Well, I don't understand family or home.

May I hang up? I'm busy.

Will you stop selling them?

No, can't do that.

You can't?

If we have more of those books in stores,

Japan will perish.

Do you think society will permit it?


Who is "society"?

Got good girls.


Boy George said,

"Jump off."

The doctor said it's a miracle I'm alive.

Isn't it amazing?


Was I weird?

A bit.

Was it trouble?

I kept asking us to marry.

Begging for the impossible.


I will

never call you again.

I won't go to the company.

Let's go to a motel.



I'll get a taxi.

No, I want to walk.

Got good girls.

Got good girls...

Hey, look! It's spinning!

The jackpot? Jackpot? I did it!

- Are you getting balls?
- No.

Give me a cigarette.


Come here often?

Lately. How about you?

Almost every day. Besides,
my husband doesn't come home.

It's a pain to talk to his parents.

This is the only place I can relax.

But it costs money.

I don't have much spending money.

I clip coupons and walk an hour
to buy radishes and tofu on sale.

Still, I don't have enough.

I started working
without telling anyone.

So, little by little, I save up

and can come here.

I play carefully and tell
the balls, "go for the win!"

These machines are my pals.
You're the same, right?

Yeah, I guess.

Is it?

Are you out of work? What do you do?

I make magazines.

What kind? Are they in stores?

You can't. It's over.

They didn't sell?

They did. 350,000 copies.

Is that a lot?

If you had that many you shouldn't quit.

Surely Win Pachinko

♪ I no longer have feelings for ♪

♪ My wife who ran away ♪

♪ I no longer have feelings for... ♪

♪ Poor kid, I feel sorry for you ♪

♪ To have an ignorant dad like me ♪

♪ Don't cry, don't cry ♪

♪ Don't... ♪

♪ A blue-collar worker,
I put in all my energy ♪

♪ It was my only love ♪

Jukichi said he'd be in
an amateur singing contest.

He was going to sing this song.

He practiced every night in the bath.

I wonder if he
remembered mom while singing.

It's fine to sing, but not on TV.

Mr. Suei.

I've misunderstood you.

You listened to what I had to say.
I see you're a sincere man.

Not at all. Thanks for the tea.

One more thing.

Actually, it's the culmination of my work.

It's top secret.

Though it's secret,
I'll show you the prototype.

It's heavy.

Put it there.

What do you think?

A good girl, yes?

She weighs 40 kg.

Wait... okay.

If you don't mind, touch her sex organ.


Your fingers will make her happy.


It's been long in coming.

It really has.

All of them were good mothers.

Mr. Suei.

Many kinds of mothers exist in the world.


There's one who came here

for her disabled son.

On the very floor you're standing,

on this dirty floor,

she held her hands and begged,

"Please sell me Hanakage."

"Please comfort my son."

She begged me crying.

For her son...

Mr. Suei.

Take care of your mother.


Your mother will do anything for you.

You mean my mom?

Any mother would.

Including your mother.

My mom was...

sorry, she wasn't the type.

It can't be true.

She blew up from dynamite.

I'm so sorry.

Was it an accident?

No, suicide with a guy next door.
She killed herself.

Is that so.


Don't mind.

There are many types of moms.

Now, excuse me.

I'm sorry I said your mom
was your selling point.

It wasn't you.
You didn't say such a thing.


in my heart,

I felt the same way.

I was jealous.

That you had such an amazing mom.


What's wrong with selling it?



Some say, "Art is an explosion."

In my case,
my mom was the explosion.

My mom exploded

and blew me away from the village.


Pachinko Journalist Gonzolo Suei

It's Gonzolo Suei

Thank you for reading last year's
"Guide to Winning Pachinko."

I hope you'll enjoy it this year too.

The latest issue features

"CR Fever Casino RX" and much more!

This year again,


Guide to Winning Pachinko
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Based on the original essay by Akira Suei
"Dynamite Graffiti" aka "Sutekina Dynamite Scandal"

Mr. Suei is now known as
an essayist, editor, and sax player.

Written and directed by
Masanori Tominaga

Tasuku Emoto

Atsuko Maeda

Toko Miura

Machiko Ono

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