Dynamite Brothers (1974) - full transcript

Young black man teams up with a Chinese kung-fu expert to fight a drug ring.

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And good workout.

Just what they need, getting restless.

You know I could use
some of that action.

Soon, razor, soon.

You mean there's a
shipment to be picked up?

We're near the completion
of our plans, razor.

Kung fat should have 30 kilos

of uncut heroin within 48 hours.

Enough to flood the ghetto.

You know this is going to mean

the showdown with smiling man and his mob.

No showdowns, razor.

Not yet, anyway.

Showdowns bring too much heat.

But we on the heat.

That honky pig Burke could keep us tipped.

I sent Burke to take care of some

unfinished business in San Francisco.

You mean your friend who's
coming in from Hong Kong?

That's right.

Persuaded or deported,

he must be made to return to Hong Kong.

Why not just snuff him out?

I could've handled it.

No, razor, no.

You have other talents.

It's time we put them to use.

Go back to China.

Go back, or you die.


I am your cousin, Larry.

Larry chin is in Hong Kong.

Just come from there.

I'm looking for my brother.

- He's not here.
- Oh?

Where can I find him?

I don't know, go away.

Hey, we're cousins.

You should have stayed in Hong Kong.

Help me find my brother.

This is the address he
sent me over a year ago.

I've heard nothing since.

Los Angeles?

- Yes, now go.
- Hey.

But how do I get there?

I've helped you enough.

Thank you, cousin.


I had to let him in, but I
didn't tell him anything.

You've got to believe me.

I didn't say anything.

You know I don't mind
helping you la narc guys.

But how come you're so uptight?

Because you're wasting
my time with punks.

Hey don't get sore on me, Burke.

We picked him up on an la warrant.

You hear that, nigger?

You've been wasting
lieutenant Burke's time.

Now ain't you sorry?

Just drive, sergeant

I have to find this chink.

Now what makes him so important?

I told you, he might be a lead

to a dope smuggling ring.

Boy, you keep quiet.

I may not wait 'til I
get back to the station

before I whoop your black ass.

You, out.

This isn't my day.

Wrong chink, but this one's
in the country illegally.

Might as well turn him
over to immigration.

Excuse me, mister officer.

Call for help.

Oh let's get after him.


Come on, man.

Ready, go.

We're gonna have to stay in the woods

and that back country 'til we lose these.

I'm stud.

Stud brown.

I'm Larry chin.

Where were you headed?

Los Angeles.

Why there?

My brother lives there.

Here is his address.

Yeah, I know the area.

Where'd you come from?

Hong Kong.

What did you do, jump ship?


Right on.

Well, we better keep moving.

Sure is hot.

It's gonna be a lot hotter

for those two jokers in the back.

Let's stop and pick up Harry and the boys.

Let them have a little fun.

Well, look at that.

They're still alive.

God damn.


Honest to goodness jailbirds.

Wonder what they're paying
for dead niggers these days.

Going price is pretty good.

Not much for chinks, though.

Well let's take the nigger first.

What do you say?

Let's head for Los Angeles.

Ready, go.


Hey Laura.


Hey Laura.

Sweetheart, I'm back.

Why don't you answer me when I call you?

Hi honey.

Hey, where have you been?

You know, you were supposed to take me

to town this afternoon.

They're holding a new dress for me.

Well I've been out trying to
make the bread to pay for it,

that's where I've been.

You know, paying for
this place we got here

isn't easy, honey.

I know, baby, I know.

I could live in a furnished room.

It wouldn't make any difference to me.

You spoil me, but I love it.

You damn well better.

Make me a drink, will you?

I gotta make a call. - Trouble?

When don't I have trouble?

Yeah, Burke here.

Yeah, I'll wait.

Yeah, it's me.

What are you talking about?

It was your guys who muffed it.

They couldn't fight their
way out of Sunday school.


No no, he got away.

He took off with this black guy.

We think they're headed for la.

Yeah, alright.

I'm checking out watts.



You gotta go out again?


But not for a while.

Right now, all I want is a little of you.

Keep looking.

I haven't found anything.

Well just keep looking.

Look for a hacksaw, or something.

Yeah, just keep looking.

You'll find something.

Just anything, anything's fine.

Sharp, make sure it's sharp, you know?


Going to la?

Okay, hop in.

You guys look as if you've
been traveling first class,

without a wash basin.

Well, you know how it is.

The good life.

Yeah, you guys come a long way?

Well, depends on how you look at it.

Do you live in la?

When I'm not in school.


I'm doing graduate work at Berkeley.

That's great.

I'm doing my graduate work at watts.

Oh, funny.

Say, what's with your friend?

He doesn't say much.

Oh he's cool.

Hey, say something.

It's gonna be a long trip.

Forgive me.

I was thinking.

Yeah, I didn't mean
to hassle you or anything.

Oh no.

I was remembering.

Do you know a wei chin?

He also lives in Los Angeles.


He's my brother.

I'm looking for him.

Hey we're closed.

You're open.

Hello, smiling man.

So, razor j's back.

That's right, old buddy.

Come to pay you a little visit.

I suspect I could do without it.

I suspect you could.

I should've sent you to
the bottom of the river

a long time ago.

But you didn't, old buddy.

So now we're gonna let
the fishes feed on you.

You've been messing us around too much.

Been acting too big.

So I have to perform a little surgery.

Will you help me find my brother?

If I can.

I'll ask around.

You can find me at fon's restaurant.

Ask for me, Betty fon.

I can't thank you enough.

Hey, forget it.

I'll see you soon,

and stay out of trouble, huh?

Thanks for the ride.

I've never seen
that around here before.

In Hong Kong, I sometimes
worked on motorcycles.

I didn't learn much, but I learned.

Hold it, you bastards!

It's Burke.
In the back room, quick.

Come on, chin.

Smiling man, you ought to quit

throwing those rough parties.

Well well, look who crawled in.

Mr. John law himself.

Mind if I look around?

You got a search warrant?

Yeah, right here.

Look around.

What's with these two?

A little business discussion
that got out of hand.

Pretty nasty cut you got there.

Want to press charges?

No, just get them the hell out of here.

You did these two goons in by yourself?

Yeah, me and Ruby over there.

Oh yeah?

What's back there?

Come off of it, Burke.

There's nothing back there you want.

- Stud brown.
- Yeah?

Seen him?

How long has it been, Ruby?

Maybe a couple years ago.

Tall, good looking guy?

Sort of dark complexion.

You're lying.

Lie, Ruby?

Not Ruby.

Look, you give me any
more studding and I'll...

And you'll do nothing.

You want the commissions office

to get a list of the
payoffs you've been getting?

Are you threatening me?

You bet your white ass I am.

Come on.

Get the hell out of here, damn it.

Stud, how the hell are you?

My old man.

Hey that sure was smooth.

You alright man?

Nothing to it, man.

Hey, who's your friend?

Man, he was beautiful.

- Cool, huh?
- Yeah.

See him do all that fancy, huh?

That's what I'm digging, baby.

Larry chin, say hello to smiling man.

- Hey.
- Nice to meet you.

Hey, you black son of a bitch.

You're gonna blow the whole
scene if you don't cool it.

Listen, honky.

I got orders to lean on smiling man.

He's been pounding on our street people.


You tell him that stuff
went out with al Capone.

I got a lot of heat coming from downtown.

You get paid good money
to take the heat, Burke,

so don't rock the boat.

Just tell him!

That's why we fight them, Larry.

I'm no Saint.

Numbers, horses, bootleg whiskey.

But I draw the line when it comes to dope.

I've seen too many 12 year old junkies

steal their whole family's food money

just for a fix.

- Alright, let's drink to it.
- Alright.

Hey girls, come on over here.

Ruby, Sarah.

Meet Larry chin.
Nice to meet you.

- You're welcome.
- Our new man.

He's on the payroll.

- Groovy.
- Yeah.

- How you doing?
- How are you, baby?

How you doing? - Good.

You sure look fine from down here, mama.

Bet if you sit down,
you'd look even better.


I've never seen you in here before.

You working for smiling man?

Hustling, huh?

That's what I thought.

You like it?

Say what's with you, baby?

Can't talk, you got no tongue?

Hey man, what is it with this chick?

It depends upon how you look at it, man.

Smiles, come on, you jiving me?

No man.

You know what a mute is?


No shit? - That's where it's at.

You did all this?

I don't get it.

It's beautiful.

You know, I had one of these once.

You happen to be looking
at the best gardener

the warden at folsom ever had.

You know that?


Sent up for three years on a bum rap.

That's okay.

I made out, alright.

You got some beer?

Beer will be fine.



Mm, it's real good.

Sarah, huh?

That's what they call you, Sarah.



How about this one?

J Sarah and stud j

j stud and Sarah j

j Sarah and stud j

j stud and Sarah j

j stud, stud and Sarah j

j Sarah, Sarah and stud j

j stud and Sarah, stud j

j stud and Sarah yeah j

j Sarah stud yeah j

j stud and Sarah yeah j

j stud and Sarah yeah j

you know.

I've been thinking.

Maybe we're two of a kind.

I don't know if that's good or bad.

You'd like to think that's good, huh?

Fat chance.

Eh, who knows?

- Larry.
- Hi Betty.

So pleased to see you again.

So pleased to see you again.

I thought you were strictly American.

I am.

Oh, this, well, this is strictly business.

Listen, I've got some great news for you.

My father found out that your brother

worked for a man who
owns a nightclub here.

His name is kung fat.

Can we talk to him now?

Razor just left with the package.

All is prepared as you directed.

You may rely on me.

Yes, I know the penalty for failure.

They are here now, goodbye.

Come in.

Mrs. fon, Mr. chin, welcome.

Please be seated.

Can I offer you anything?

Refreshments, tea, perhaps.

No, thank you.

Well, I suppose you are
anxious about your brother.

But the man I know as wei
chin may not be your brother.

Chin is a common name.

This picture was taken five years ago.

I'm afraid I have bad
news for you, Mr. chin.

Your brother is dead.


Yes, it was a tragedy.

He had a bright future, your brother.

He came to work for me as a cashier.

He was very good.

And soon, he was my assistant.

He was conscientious and diligent.

Then one day, I got a
call from the police.

He was killed during a robbery.

They never found out who did it.

I claimed the body and I buried him.

My brother is not buried here.

Thank you Betty.

Perhaps someday I can repay you.

Kung fat, you lied.

It is not my brother who is buried there.

Enough, I'll handle this myself.

This car cool?

Hot-wired an hour ago.

Okay, you know where I'll be.

Wait for my signal.

This time, we're really
gonna blow smiling man away.

If it's a war they want,
they're gonna get it.

Alright stud, you go out the side door,

and follow them.

You got an appointment?


Don't get tough with me, boy.

First, the gun.

Where do you want it?

In your face or up your ass?

No way.

It's difficult to possess a green thumb

in such a dry climate.

Most difficult business, Burke.

What are you guys trying to do?

After that business last night,

you're not gonna be in any business.

Yes, that was a most
unfortunate mistake.

But now, I'll show them
that I can't be stopped.

Relax, Burke.

What about our chin?

Can you still deport him?

Could be, but there will
be a lot of questions.

Questions, no, no, no questions.

I'll handle chin in another way.

What's so damn important
about this kid anyway?


No, not at all.

He's looking for his brother,

and I prefer that he doesn't discover

what happened to him.

What did you do, have him killed?

I would put it differently.

You see, the virtuous chin
brother got in my way,

and I merely removed him.

You know, the department has wind

of a big new shipment
of the stuff coming in.

Pressure's on heavy.

They're really making it
tougher and tougher for me

to cover for you guys.

Precisely why you are paid.

Yeah, but I was thinking.

I take a lot of chances.

Without me, this whole
operation might not come off.

Maybe I could be more of a partner.

It's quite a revelation to me.

I didn't realize that you were
such a deep thinker, Burke.

Now, if you will excuse me,
I must prepare something.

I think you'll find it of great interest.

Kung fat, you know the penalty

for acting without instructions.

The ancient art of Chinese acupuncture.

It can end the pain in one spot here,

or the life quickly and painlessly.

As you can see, no mess, no strain.

Take him away.

We must discuss your new
thoughts sometime, Burke.

Perhaps over tea.

But for now, please accept
your usual compensation.

Your cop is getting cold feet.

It's cold on top of the mountain.

He'll have the courage to stay there.

If he decides to break,
we're all in trouble.

And Burke ain't worth
wearing no cross for.

You know, sometimes I think I'm crazy.

I used to be good cop, Laura.

I really was.

What am I now?

Nothing, that's what.

Don't say that.

Yeah, I could have been different.

But no no, I had to make it big.

Lots of money, the works.

What am I, just a dirty cop?

Then why don't you quiet?

That's the laugh of the century.

Try to quit and you're dead.

Besides, what could I do?

We'd find some place.


You'd get out of here so fast.

You're not the type, honey.

Try me.

No way.

Well if that's all
you've got to say about it,

maybe you're right.

Damn well certain.

I'd stick, honey.

You would?

Yes I would.

Ah the hell with it.

I'm stuck, and what's worse is I like it.

I like the dirt and the
clout that goes with it.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding?

Kid anybody, but don't kid me.


I won't.

You're the only decent thing in my life.

Is everything alright?

What do you mean?

I mean, are you afraid of something?

As long as you're around Laura,

I don't give a damn about anything.



Come here.

Come here.

No more.

No more.

I'm gonna take care of you now.

I want to take care of you.

You're stud brown's girl.

And stud brown's gonna
take care of you, okay?

Stud, how are you and Sarah doing?

Just fine, Ruby.

Make sure you keep her that way.

Hell hath no fury when a woman is scorned.

Especially when she's black.

You know, it makes no sense.

Why are they so anxious
to get rid of Larry?

Even going so far as
setting up a phony grave?

Look stud, let's look at the facts.

Fact number one, they're
trying to get rid of Larry.

Fact two, they've killed kung fat.

And fact three, Burke is involved.

Somehow, I think this
whole thing is connected

to drugs that's coming into the ghetto.

Dig it, man.

Which means he's the only
one that we could talk to.

Hello baby.


I want you.

Hold it, pig.

Or you'll never have
another piece of that.

You punks get the hell out of here.

Alright, what do you want?


Get out of here.

Get out of my house.

We know whose house it is, mama.

And we know how you pay the rent.

The one who sent you after me.

Who is he?

I don't know him, slant eyes.

Son of a bitch.

No more answers like that.

Now where, chump?




The last house up box canyon road.

Okay, that's it.

Let's get out of here.

What are we gonna do?

Honey, we gotta get the
hell out of the country.

You better pack and hurry, hon.


You had some strange visitors.

Let her go, coon.

What the hell do you want?

Just tell me what you told them.


You think I'm crazy?

It really doesn't matter.

The gun, on the couch, two fingers.


I'm at Burke's.

Stud brown and chin just left.

Burke talk?

Like a parrot.

Get rid of him.

Already taken care of.

I found out where the
others are headed, too.

Eliminate them.

Well now we got it.

Last house on box canyon road.

What about Burke, man?

He's not gonna tell anyone he squealed.

Can we go now?

No man, I'm waiting for more muscle.

Razor j.

He's been spotted near Sarah's place.

Get going.

Now mama.

You and I are gonna have a little talk.

You're trying my Patience.

Bitch, do you want your face cut up?

Alright where are they?

When will they be back?

I don't want to have to kill you.

Where are they?



Oh my god.

Stud brother, it was a mistake.

Please, don't shoot, man.

Say, brother please.

I didn't meant to hurt her, man, please.

I didn't mean to, please!

Let him alone.

The visitor may come forward.

You have caused me a
great deal of trouble.

Where is my brother?

You have found him.

Have I changed so much, my brother?

Itisn't true.

It's been a long time
since we spoke of the truth.

You're the one behind all this?

Why look so puzzled, my brother?


Look around you.

Riches, power, success, that is the truth.

That is not the truth I want.

What you want will not bring her back.


Yes, she was always
so charming and beautiful.

I always loved her.

I hated you when father arranged

her marriage to you instead of me.

I approached her that day,

as I often did when she
was alone, just to talk.

But that day, I was overcome with passion.

And when she rejected
me, I lost all control.


My beautiful wife dead.

My life in ruins.

I searched both chinas
for you for a long time.

Then you vanished without a trace.

But I was patient.

Word came that you were here
in this strange country.

For her death, I am truly sorry.

But that is all in the past.

That world is dead.

My world ended when chu-lin died.

Do not be stubborn, my brother.

This country is a paradise for
all those who have courage.

Nothing is forbidden here.

I have never been so happy.

I want you to join me.

You will never kill again.

Take care of him.

Stud, what the hell are you doing here?

The fuzz still looking for you.



Are you alright, man?


How about you?


Hey stud.

Take this money, man.


You guys, get moving.

And keep going.

Let's go.