Dynamite (1949) - full transcript

Gunner Peterson is a veteran dynamite man working for Jake and is romantically interested in Jake's daughter Mary. Johnny Brown, son of Nellie Brown who operates a boarding house, finds college too tame after his stint with a demolition squad in the army, and decides to quit. Getting a job with Jake, he is soon resented by Gunner when he tries to introduce some new methods and also starts showing an interest in Mary. A truck loaded with dynamite gets away from Hard Rock Mason and the loss of the truck causes Jake to have to borrow money from Nellie to keep his business going. Hard Rock is killed in a blast which Gunner decides was his fault, since he wouldn't listen to Johnny's ideas about how to set the charge, and he leaves. Later, when Johnny is testing charges, there is an unexpected blast and he is trapped in the tunnel.

Watch for skipper's signal
and blow the whistle.

- Got you.
- Put some lung in it.

Because this blast is gonna
scatter rocks for ages.

I don't want anybody
in the danger zone.


Hope skipper's using enough fuse.

You know skipper,
he never wastes anything.

Hey, Mary.

- Yeah?
- You wanna watch this?

Skipper is givin' her
the big blow.

Sure, come on.

Fire in the hole!

Jake! Gunner! I'm stuck!


Don't try to make it!

It's too late.

Go back, Gunner!

You can't make it!

'You can't make it, go back!'


Do you wanna see me,
Mr. Bardling?

Yes, too bad about skipper.

Yeah, one of my oldest
boys, good man.

It isn't gonna hold us up,
we're going right ahead.

We've gotta expect those things.

Jake, I'm sorry,
but the company told me

to cancel your contract.

- Oh, look, you can't, we've...
- I'm afraid we can.

Accident clause.

Skipper would be alive
right now if we hadn't tried

to save time and wired
instead of using fuses.

Let's be honest, Jake.

There's a possibility
of getting speed with safety

if you have the proper
up-to-date equipment.

And you just haven't got it.

Well, if you'd let me finish
this job, maybe I can get it.

Sorry, I've already
talked to Hansen.

His crew moves in tomorrow.

Guess that settles that.

What are we going to do, dad?

- I don't know.
- Two days before Christmas.

Yeah, Merry Christmas.

There are a lot of people
worse off than we are.


He didn't have a wife
or kid someplace, did he?

No... no,
thank goodness for that.

What's past is past.

We'll go to Los Angeles to
Nellie Brown's Christmas party.

Maybe something might turn up.

Yeah... finance company.

Lookin' for our truck.

We owe a couple
of payments, you know.

No... I'm not in the mood

for Nellie's Christmas party
this year.

You're going, and what's more
you're going to cheer up.

Besides, we haven't missed

one of Nellie's
get-togethers in years.

And you'll enjoy seeing
all the dynamite men.

Yeah, maybe.

Every year someone
turns up missing.

We keep on hoping but..

...say, you know,
we almost made it this year.


Equipment's loaded, Jake.
What's the next step?

Nellie Brown's boarding house

and wipe that
sour look off your face.

Skipper was a good man.

He knew his business and was
always ready to help a pal.

That's a lot to say
for a man when it's all over.

And please, Lord,
take care of him... amen.


Alright, boys, come and get it.

Jenny, you never
looked more beautiful.

'You're a scream, Jenny.'

Jenny, will you marry me?

My favorite.

Sure, you powder fellas
always like the way I look.

Behind a lot of good bridle.

'You're right.'

If Jake don't get here pretty soon

there won't be anything left.

Well, just so
he gets that contract

from Gibbons, dad won't care
whether he eats or not.

Couldn't he wait till after
Christmas to talk business?

No, it was the only day
Gibbons could be in town

and he made a special
trip to meet dad.


I'd love to help you out, Jake.

But this tunnel project
is the biggest job

we've ever tackled
and I put up a heavy guarantee

to meet the deadline, but
don't do it it'd wreck us all.

Hank, I, uh, I hate
to bring up friendship

and I wouldn't do it if I
didn't know we could do the job.

Oh, you're putting me
in a spot, Jake.

What about your equipment?

Oh, good equipment's
important, I know.

In the long run it's the
know how of the powderman

in the dynamite job that counts,
and whose got a better record?

I'm not taking
that away from you, but..

Oh, give me a break, will you?

It seems like I have been
dogged by hard luck

ever since I went broke
in the building business.

No, I'll never know
what made you go to a business

you didn't understand.

Well, I did it for Mary.

I thought she ought
to have a real home

instead of the gypsy life
we were leading.

So, I tied up all my dough

and then
the freezing materials came..

I found myself right
back in the powder game.

With the poorest equipment
I ever had.


Jake... I'll give you the job.

If you fall down on me
I'll break your neck.

Oh, I won't, Hank,
you know I won't.

Alright, now you report to
the tunnel February the first.

It'll be just right,
I got a couple of jobs

I can do between now and then.

- Good.
- Thanks, Hank, thanks!

Now you go on over to Nellie's,
I've got a Christmas party

I've got to go to myself.

- Merry Christmas.
- Same to you, Jake.

Hmm, you know,
all we have to do is

clean up the little
quarry job first.

And then we report
to the tunnel project.

Wouldn't surprise me if we'd net..

...mm, three
or four thousand on that.

What a guy that Gibbons is.

- Raise a toast!
- Dad, either eat or talk.

You can't do both.

Yeah, settle down.

Johnny should have
been here an hour ago.

Hmm... train could be late.

How's he doin' in college?

He doesn't write much.

But I have him home
for ten whole days now.

And he's going back, huh?

He's done two years under
the GI, he's allowed for.

Tsk, four years in the classroom

reading books, a grown man.

You mean a powderman should

learn about dynamite in the field?

- Oh, sure.
- Well..

Johnny is not gonna
be a powderman.

He's not gonna be blown
to bits like his father.

- Nellie...
- He's going to be an engineer.

He'll be hiring men like you.

Is that what he wants?

That's what I want.
Have a piece of cake.

Want me to light a fire, Nellie?

Yeah, go ahead.

He likes to play with matches.

Why didn't you light it?

Now watch this.

Presto! Chango! Alakazam!

- Gunner!
- What's the idea, Gunner?

You could have blown
down my fireplace.

Oh-oh-oh, when I do a job

I know just how much
powder to use.

Gunner is one of the best
precision men in the business.

All you guys
like to blow your horn.

Yeah, he's no better than
anybody else in this room.

Well, how would you fellas
like to follow that up

with a little bet?

Depends, how much of a bet?

Well, uh..

Nellie, uh, you never
did like little Otto

standing here, did you?

No, he came with the least.

Now I've got 50 bucks
that says I can put

this toe-dancer on one foot
without knocking him over.

- I'll take 20 of that.
- Make it another sawbuck.

- And I'll take 20.
- Okay.

The bets are down, now watch me.

I don't like this one bit.

We'll all be blown to smithereens.

Maybe the kitchen would be
a safer place for all of us.

You stay right here.


Hey, if this works
it'll be worth losing ten bucks.

Well, you're gonna lose.

There we are.

When the doorbell rings,
Otto loses a leg.

And topples over.

Just relax, but keep away
from that statue.

'Come on, boys.'

'I think Jenny is ready to light'

the brandy on the plum pudding.

- How about a little dance?
- Without music?

If you are around
there's always music.

Someone must've spiked that punch.

I mean it, Mary.

Funny, I've known you
since you were in pigtails.

I never thought I'd feel
like this about you.

Why, I'm a big girl now.

Maybe you and me
ought to get hitched.

Why, Gunner..

...do you mean you wanna
tie yourself down to one woman

and say goodbye to all
your Saturday night pals?

I'm serious, Mary.

Oh, I like you, Gunner, but..

...you better let me
think about it.


I can wait a little bit longer.

Well, how about give me a little
something on account, huh?


Alright, you fellas, pay off now.

- 'That sounds good to me.'
- 'Oh, it's a fluke.'

- No fluke about that at all.
- Johnny!

- Mom.
- Oh, Johnny.

How are you?

- My money.
- Give me back...

Hey, what's the idea
of slammin' that doll?

What's the matter?
That against the law now?

That slam cost me $50.

Oh, wait a minute, did it?

It wasn't the blast that
knocked that statue over.

Sure it was, let's have..

Give me the money,
come on, pay off.


- Oh!
- Hello!

You, I thought college
slowed you down.

Oh, not the college I went to.

Didn't you bring a lot of clothes?

Yes, a few.

Say, you still gypsying around

the country with
Jake and the crew?

You know me, the powderman's mole.

Oh, sounds like fun.

Why don't you try it sometimes?

Don't go giving Johnny ideas.

Sorry, Nellie, I was only kidding.

Wait a minute, Mary.

Maybe she's got
something there, mom.

You forget it.

You wanna get killed
like your father, like skipper?


You mean, skipper..

- Skipper.
- Oh.

- Hello, Johnny.
- Hello, Gunner.

Come on, Mary, let's go down
to the photographer's studio

and take our annual
Christmas picture.

See you later, Johnny.

No, not yet, mom, I..

...I wanna talk to you.

You were right.
I, I did bring a lot of clothes.

I brought all of them.

You see I have decided
not to go back to college.

- Johnny!
- Now don't get excited.

Just listen to me.

Maybe I can't explain it,
I don't know, but..

...I just can't go back.

- Di-did you do anything that...
- No, mom.

It's just that I-I couldn't
sit still in those classrooms.

Oh, I know it isn't easy after
four years in the army, but..

...a lot of the boys
are sweating it out.

Sure, and a lot of them weren't on

demolition teams like I was.

I'm hearing about things
I've already done.

The way I look at it is
I'm a powderman like dad was.

If I'm going to learn
anymore about it

it's gotta be out in the field.

Say, with skipper gone,
Jake could use a man now.

Maybe I can go out with his crew.

And you'll pass up a chance
to learn engineering

just to be another powder monkey?

Oh, I wouldn't call them
powder monkeys, mom.

Not after what you
know about them.

I know they're a bunch of tramps
who never have a dime.

Never have families,
never have homes. Why?

So they can gamble
with their lives

every time they go out on the job.

Well, if they didn't
gamble their lives

we wouldn't have bridges
or dams or skyscrapers.

It's not bad leaving
monuments like that behind.

You're not thinking
about monuments.

You're going because of Mary.

Oh, now you know that's not true.

But she's Gunner's girl,
she likes that gypsy life.

She's not for you.

What do you mean
she's Gunner's girl?

Anyway, Mary hasn't a thing
to do with this.

Oh, don't take it too hard, mom.

I've got to get it
out of my system.

Then maybe I'll go back to school.

You'll never go back, Johnny.

I, uh..

...I think I'll go ask Jake
if I can have the job.

Take your hand away from there.

Your hand is already down there.


Now, don't anybody get nervous.

There's going to be an explosion.

I hate explosions
but it's gotta be.

Wait, that was skipper's place.

I know it.
Can I take his place, Jake?

- You mean it?
- I mean it.

- Shoot it.
- Now, ready.




Even if you were a giraffe
you couldn't see her from here.

See who?

You're not making eyes
at Jake, are you?

Funny man.

Alright, pay attention
to your driving.

You can't see her from here.

No, but you, uh,
just gave me an idea.

Watch out, smart guy.

Stupid thing to do.

I can handle a car.

Yeah, yeah, sure you can.

One of these days you'll be
driving that dynamite truck

and you pull a stunt
like that and there won't be

a piece to send home to mother.

Oh, for the love of Mike.

And another thing, don't be
gettin' ideas about Mary.

- What do you mean ideas?
- Ideas!

You road hog!

Step on it, I'll show that ape.

- Yeah, but you just said...
- Step on it.

He nearly zipped
Hard Rock, then what?

He's got to be taught.

Rev him over, make him stop.

Hey, what do you think
you're doin'?

I've got to teach you a lesson.

Didn't you see that
dynamite sign on that truck?

Oh, what if I did?
Just wait till I get out.


- Are you out now?
- You bet I am.

- Ugh!
- No, you're not.

Now, you're out.

Next time your friend sees
that dynamite sign

on those flags,
he'll know what it means.

Boy, oh, boy! You sure
are fast with your mitts.

Only when guys get wrong ideas.

I'm not crazy about
bouncing around

these mountain roads after dark.

Do you think we'll make
the quarry before night?

Oh, that's up to Hard Rock.

I don't mind him
being careful, but sometimes

I think his mother
was scared by a turtle.

Smoke all you want
when we get to the quarry.

Right now, the wind
might carry a spark.

Yeah, I know.

Have one of these.


My brakes are out!

What's the matter with Hard Rock?

He never went that fast
before in his life.

Hard Rock's brakes are out,
we're goin' after him!

- What did he say?
- Hard Rock's brakes are out!

Get Hard Rock coughing.


Hope that truck stays on.

- What are you doin' here?
- Gotta get you off this truck.

Only thing to do is steer
it to the bottom of the hills.

- I can make it.
- Nothin' doin'.

You're getting off,
Gunner's right behind us.

- That's crazy.
- No, it isn't.

We can climb back
and get on the rig.

I ain't gonna do it.

Do I have to knock you cold?


Wish we could help you out, Jake.

But there just isn't enough
dynamite here to do the job.

Well, it isn't gonna
hold you up, is it?

Oh, no, we'll make out okay.


That slop again? What have
you called it this time?

Filet mignon.

Filet mulligan, you mean.

You boys will have to
start drilling right away.

Hook's worries will be held up.

Well, maybe Gunner and I
can take extra shifts.

Yeah, depends on when Mary
and Hard Rock get back

with that new powder truck.

- You ready to go to town now?
- Yes, dad.

- Get your coat, Hard Rock.
- Mm.

- You know what to do?
- Now, dad, stop worrying.

I'll see Mr. Romney
at the finance company.

Get the money for the new truck.

Hard Rock will pick it up,
load it with explosives

and I'll drive the coup back,
is that plain enough?

We gotta have that new truck
or we can't do the Gibbon's job.

- But we'll get it.
- You got the papers?

Right here.

- Have to make another loan?
- Yeah.

No insurance
on the equipment we lost?

They'll want your right arm
to insure a truck like that.

You can't blame them.

Anybody want more stew
before I leave?

- No.
- No, thanks.

We should have stayed
with that truck

I could've gotten
it down here okay.

Oh, nobody's blaming you.

Come on, Hard Rock.
Goodbye, dad.

And please don't worry.

- Bye, Mary.
- Bye, Mary.

Bye, boys.

- Be careful!
- Be careful.

Hey, Gunner!
Gunner, come here a minute.

- How you boys doin'?
- Okay.

Need some help? I got a couple
of men who can handle drills.

No, thanks, we like
to do our own drilling.

- Anything bothering you?
- Well, yes.

There's a construction
outfit waiting

on my door step for this granite.

You'll get it.


Hey, what's the matter?

The superintendent's a worrywart.

Looks like we'll have
to work late and start early.


That's quite an
act you put on there, son.

Sound like turtle
in empty rain barrel.

I guess you ain't worked
on no clodhoppers

like them in quite a while.

Hello, Hard Rock.

No need to ask how you made out

I can see from your face
that you didn't.

I not only didn't get the loan
for the new truck

but Romney threatens to attach
the rest of our equipment

unless we come up
with a couple of payments.

Oh, we're sunk, Hard Rock.

Never mind, son, here.

- Well, come along.
- Come along where?

Sure glad I got me a shine.

I didn't know
it was gonna come in handy.

But Nellie always did like gents
to have a shine on their shoes.

- Nellie?
- Mm-hmm.

Nellie's got nest egg.

She wouldn't.

We can try.

- Hello, Nellie.
- Well, hello, there.

- Come on in, sit down.
- Thank you.

I thought you were out
at some quarry.

But we had an accident,
Nellie, a powder truck blew up.

Blew up? Johnny?
Johnny is alright?

Oh, shucks, Nellie,
don't jump to conclusions.

- Nobody got hurt.
- Oh, thank goodness.

I thought for a moment
that Johnny...

Oh, you worry too much
about Johnny, Nellie.

I keep thinking how
he changed his mind so fast

after he saw you.

He'd still be in college
learning to be an engineer

instead of a powder monkey.

Mary... you can make him
change his mind again.

- You like that kind of life...
- Just a minute, Nellie.

I had nothing to do
with Johnny's decision.

And as per liking that life,
gypsying around from job to job

and never knowing when
someone's goin' to be hurt

never being able to settle down
and live a normal life

like other girls,
why, you're wrong.

I'd give it up in a minute
if it weren't for dad.

Oh, never mind.
Come on, Hard Rock.

- It's no use.
- What's no use?

- Well, we come here to ask...
- Come on, Hard Rock.

- She's not interested.
- Interested in what?

Now, hold on, hold on.

I ain't gonna let Jake
go to the dogs just because

you two fillies have decided
to have a cat fight.

Sit down there, and you sit down.

- Well, I never...
- Shut up now, the two of you.

Until I say what I've got to say.

Jake's gonna lose his Gibbon's
contract and his whole business.

Unless we can borrow him a $1000.

To make a down payment
on a powder truck

and-and pay off some of the debts.

Uh, and you came here
to ask me for it?

Oh, if dad goes broke,
it will be just fine with her.

Johnny would be out of a job
and he'd come home.

Oh, so that's what you think?

I'd let my own feelings
stand in the way

and turn my back on
an old friend like Jake.

Here, and you tell Jake

if he needs more to let me know.

I reckon, I'll take care of this
till you calm down a might.

Oh, I'm sorry, Nellie.

You don't know
how much this helps.

Sure I do.

And forget what I said.

You know, after all
I am his mother.

Oh, thank you, Nellie, thank you.

Well, when you
can't know what to do

no more than a mule
in a briar patch.

Thank you, Nellie, goodbye.


Hey, dad, dad.

- Everything's in the bag.
- Did Romney give you the money?

- No, Nellie did.
- Nellie?

It's a long story, dad,
but anyway we got it.

Hard Rock's picking up
the new truck

and the powder and he'll be
in sometime tomorrow.

Well, how in the world did
Nellie know anything about...

Come on, I'll tell you while
we're getting supper ready.

That was a good dinner, Mary.

Why don't you do
the cooking all the time?

Oh, because it will break
Hard Rock's heart.

He thinks
he's the world's best cook.

Well, if there's a toss up
between breaking

Hard Rock's heart
and ruining our stomach's..

We'll ruin our stomachs.

That's funny
coming from you, Gunner.

- You don't understand.
- Understand what?

Well, we stick together

with a lot of team work
in our part of crew.

Sure, that doesn't mean
we have to ruin our stomachs.

Well, that does it.

It's a nice night out, Mary.

What do you say we take a walk
and get some, uh, fresh air?

I'd love to.

- There you go.
- Oh, you're clumsy.

What about me?

Is it our fault you're so slow.

Finish your dishes.

Oh, don't pay
any attention to him.

He just wants you to come back.


- Mary?
- Yes.

- Oh, nothing.
- What's the matter?

Oh, I don't know, it's just..

...I'm getting tired
of Gunner's remarks.

Seems to think he is
the only one around here

that knows anything
about explosives.

Well, maybe, he is ridin'
you a little, but you are new.

Now, whose side are you on?

You must think a lot of Gunner.

Why, he's just
like my big brother.

- Big brother?
- Hmm.

He'll love that.

What am I? Your little brother?

Sometimes you act like it.

Well, ahem..

That's something I'm gonna have
to take care of, right now.

Even you ought to know it's
hard luck to whistle on a job.

Oh, is it?

It so happens that
I'm not superstitious.

- I know what's eating you.
- Yeah, what?

You're sore 'cause I took
Mary for a walk last night.

Big brother.

Ain't she a beauty?

Come here, Johnny.
Come here, let me show you.

It's got all kinds
of new things on it.

It's got safety wheels,
brakes that will hold

a gadget up there
that governs the speed.

How'd you manage it, Jake?

Nellie lent me the money.

They don't make them
like her anymore.

They didn't make Johnny
like her either.

What's the matter?
You two had a beef?

Not exactly, but he's getting
tough to handle.

Oh, there's nothing
wrong with Johnny.

He's a good kid.

Nothing wrong a little
experience won't help.

Now, just because Nellie staked
you, it's no reason...

Oh, now, just a minute,
it's more than that.

Nellie asked me
to keep my eye on him.

Did you drill those holes yet?

- Yeah.
- That's fast work.

- Hey, Hard Rock!
- Yeah, yeah?

Stop your gabbing
and unload this powder

we're ready to blast.

- 'Alright, boss.'
- Let's go to work.

Oh, and, Gunner, give
Johnny a break, will you?

All set to go.

I'll signal Jake
and you be ready to fire

in a couple of minutes.

Well, we're ready to go.

I gotta hand it to your crew.

We didn't waste much time, did we?

Okay, you let her go.

Something's wrong.
Keep your men back.

If it's a misfire,
it may blow any minute.

I'll go take a look.

Nothing wrong with
the machine, otherwise..

What's the matter, boys?

Circuit must be completed.

You tested with
a galvanometer, didn't you?

No, I didn't.

You didn't test the circuit?

No, I didn't see any galvanometer.

Was any closer
it would have bitten you.

Now we'll have to test every one
of those dynamite caps again.

No, it's my fault.
Let me test them, Jake.

I'll feel safer if I do it myself.

Not yet, Gunner.

You know, we have
to wait a couple of hours

after a misfire.

Tell Poke to keep
his men out of the quarry

until we test the caps.

Meet us at the shack for lunch.


Well, Johnny,
you gotta tune up like a watch.

Listen, son.

I wouldn't worry too much
about them misfires.

If I was you,
they happen all the time.

Why don't you go get
your lunch and forget about it?

My brother,
trying to find that short.

I know what you're doin'.

If anything was to happen
to you, Jake and me

would never be
able to face Nellie.

I'll never be able to face
Jake and Gunner.

Now, look, Gunner helped
lay them charges, didn't he?

Yeah, sure.

Well, maybe it was
his fault as much as yours.

Ever looked at it that way?


He can make mistakes
too, you know.

You go ahead and get your lunch.

I'll be along to direct him.


It's funny that
Hard Rock didn't show up.

No, I guess he's still
tinkering with that truck.

Like a kid with a new toy.

There she goes.

You said it might go
any minute and it sure did.

- Your men, alright?
- Yeah, they're safe.

Guess we can start
getting the rock out now.

I hate sloppy jobs.

'We might as well
start packing.'

You know what,
I got a funny hunch.

About what?

About Hard Rock
not showing up for lunch.

- Where you been?
- Foolin' with the truck.

You notice the way
them brakes grip?

I notice it took you
a long time to test them too.

Yeah. Ha ha.

- Let's pack.
- Alright.

How about, Hard Rock, would
you like something to eat?

Thank you, thank you.

Oh, um, Hard Rock.


Thanks for doin' my job for me.

- You talk too much.
- Ha ha.

- Hello, Hank.
- Hello, Jake.

You know Gunner.

- Oh, hi.
- This is Johnny Brown.

Meet Hank Gibbons,
a real boss of this job.

- Mr. Gibbons.
- How are you?

Well, that's your problem, Jake.

'The highway will go
right through here.'

'You gotta have 20 feet
more width on each sides.'

So for you to blast about
without a cave-in

you gotta go fast.

Gotta pull the right way too.

I can't spare any time or men
to dig us out if it doesn't.

Oh, that's Gunner's meat.

He's done plenty
of precision blasting.

Take a look around,
mark your boreholes

while Johnny and I unload.

Won't we get the drill's ready?

Might just as well.

We'll bore into about four feet.

- Four feet?
- Mm-hmm.

Well, that's not gonna be enough.

Look, Sunny, I know just
how many holes I'm gonna bore

and how deep I'm gonna bore.

You heard Jake say
was in charge. Shall we?


That, uh, pile isn't as solid
as it looks, you know.

Now, tell me.

Where did you get
that brick stone?

Oh, it's got a sandstone core,
I can tell by the out crust.

I suppose you learned that
in, uh, geology class, huh?

Yes, I did.

Get the drills four feet.


Now lay your odds
you'll find sandstone.

And it's gonna throw you
off your calculations.

Get the drills
and stick to four feet, huh?

Not much of a joint, is it?

We haven't been travelling
in the best places, you know.

I got a hunch
you're sick of it too.


Well if Johnny told you he'd get
you out of places like this

he's pipe dreamin'.

Johnny didn't tell me anything.

Mary, why are you
stalling me upon?

You promised you'd think
over what I asked you.

And you,
you haven't said yes or no.

Don't pin me down, Gunner.

I-I don't know how I feel yet.

Now, how about taking
a girl some place to dance?


Maybe we ought to sink
a couple of more holes

around on the other side.

Oh, with Jake widening the pockets

we don't need any more holes.


Fire in the holes, Gunner!

Oh, I twisted my ankle.

Take it easy, Jake. I'll get
you to a first aid station.

Look out. I got fire
in one of the lifters.

So much powder
in that one. Ooh!

Hey, hey, don't try
to walk on the ankle.

Always something.

I'm beginning to feel
we're jinxed.

Keep sinking those holes
the way I laid them out, Johnny.

I'll get the car and be back
as soon as I can.

How's Jake?

He'll have to stay
on his feet for a few days.


Now, wait a minute, Gunner.

I drilled into the core.

That's sandstone like I said.

I told you not to
drill over four feet.

Look, why can't you
be reasonable, Gunner?

Because I know
what I'm doing and you don't.

I've blasted 50 of these jobs.

I know what can happen.
I'm not guessing.

Now, for bein' such a wise guy
you can fill that deep hole

and make sure it's solid.

I thought I'd laid these out the
way I wanted you to drill 'em.

Sure and have the whole rockpile
fall right across the tunnel.

Just because you're a dope
doesn't mean I have to be one.

I've had enough out of you.

Alright, show's over.

Back at work, fellas.

Gunner sure cracked your wall up.

Okay, get to work.

Your first job
is to fill those holes.

Wait till
you taste this fish stew?

Got the recipe off a Canuck
I used to know up in Maine.

Where's Johnny?

He said something
about eating in town.

Alright, Johnny and I had
a fight, so, what?


Johnny wouldn't take orders.

Johnny is going to be
quite a problem.

Maybe to be better for all of us

if I gave him his walking papers.

Ain't you forgettin' Nellie?

How's she gonna feel about it?

She'll fine about it.

Well, I'm goin' in
to town to find Johnny.

It looks like
he might need a friend.

Oh, I'm not hungry either.

What's eatin' him?

Oh, you oughta know.

Or ain't your eyes
as good as they used to be?

Ain't you gonna eat
no stew neither?

Doggone in a slave over
that hot stove all day

and nobody eats nothing.

Them oysters was hard to get too.

Doggone it.

I got somethin' besides
oysters to worry about.

Mary thinks I'm not
being fair to Johnny.

So I'm gonna put you on the spot.

- Me?
- Maybe Gunner is wrong.

He hasn't been his self lately.

Sour and grumpy.

Jealous I guess.


Tomorrow morning I want you to
take a look at those boreholes

before we tap in the powder.

Alright, Jake. I'll let
you know what to think.

Swell, thanks.

Don't you like
Hard Rock's cooking anymore?

I hate fish.

Oh, you boys just
can't beat it, can you?

I'm going to clear out tonight.


Yes, if you wanna call it that.

Or hang around and watch the
rock pile fall the wrong way.

- Then I'll go.
- Why?

'Cause you took
a beating from Gunner.

No, because I'm sick and tired

of being the underdog
in Jake's crew.

Anyway, Jake's only keeping me

because my mother
loaned him that money.

That's not true.

Dad thought you had what it takes

and so did I.

But I can see that
we were both wrong.

Go ahead and quit.

Wait a minute.

You wouldn't really care
if I left, would you?

Would I've come running
after you if I didn't?

Well... in that case

I guess I better
go back with you now.

Well, Jake, I took
a look at that job.

Seems to me like Gunner done okay.

Only, uh, I'd feel might happier
if there was few more

toe holds around
the edge of the pile.

Now, I maybe wrong but won't do
any harm and maybe do some good.

You mean that Johnny
was right all the time?

No, no, that ain't
what I mean at all.

Oh, all of you are sure
sticking together against John.

Now, just a minute.

Just because a few more
boreholes are needed

doesn't mean Johnny is right.

And I'm not gonna have my crew
breaking up if I can help it.

And besides, Mary,
you keep out of this.

Hard Rock's gonna fix
things up on the QT

and I don't want it
to go any further.

- Do you understand?
- Yes, I understand.

Maybe you'll get a chance
when the boys stop for lunch.

Okay, Jake, I'll bore them holes
and put in the dynamite myself.


How about some lunch, Hard Rock?

No, you go ahead.
I ain't hungry yet.

Come on, let's grab
a cup of coffee.

Good enough for me.

It'll take a week
to clear this out.

I told you how important
time was on this job.

- How did you let it...
- Hard Rock.

He's under that pile.

Hard Rock.

What do you think,
is there any chance...

No, not a chance.

All we can do is dig him out.

Better get the men busy with the
bulldozers and steam shovels.

We've gotta make up
this time or we're finished.


It was all my fault.

I told Hard Rock
to bore some more holes

and tamp in the explosives
on the QT.

Look at it.

Fell a wrong way.
Just as Johnny said.

I killed him.

Now, wait a minute, Gunner.

You know what happened.
It was the sandstone.

Hard Rock didn't know about it.

Sandstone created a hot pocket.

When Hard Rock started
to tamp in the explosives..

Did you know there was
sandstone in that pile?

- Well, yes, Jake, but...
- Yeah, I know.

Kinda got stubborn.

Come on, take me
back to the shack.


- Where's Jake?
- Jake?

Oh, he's-he's in the shack.

Come on, I'll take you.

- Hello, Jake.
- Oh, Nellie.

I guess you heard
about Hard Rock, huh?

Bad news travels fast.

McGilly and Swanson were around

the boarding house
looking for jobs.

I told them you could use them.

I can use one man.

You can use two.

I came to take
Johnny back with me.

But Jake needs me now
more than ever.

I want you to fire him, Jake.

Fire him yourself.
You're my partner.

But I tell you Jake needs me.

I got a feeling,
you'll be next, Johnny.

Please. Please, I want you
to quit for my sake.

Why make me worry like this
in a job where you don't belong?

'You're wrong, Nellie.'

He does belong.

He's a better powderman
than any of us.

He tried to fix Gunner's mistake.

So did Hard Rock.

It was too late.

Oh, I guess
I'm finished on this job.

Just finished.

No. No, you're not, Jake.

You know, instead
of using steam shovels

to clear the way of the tunnel,
we can use dynamite.

Why, it'll save Gibbons
a lot of time.

Now, here's the idea.

Look, we'll lay a charge here

and plan a string of explosives
here on this side.

It'll clear the tunnel
in one blast.

'Where you
gonna put the explosives?'

'Right over here.'

What'd you say of that?


Yeah, let's go take a look.

Great job you did, Johnny.

Clearing that rubble
with dynamite.

Thanks, Mr. Gibbons.

It can save you a lot
more time too if you just

let us go right inside
the tunnel and blast.

You mean without digging?

Oh, we've got it all mapped out.

If it's alright with you,
we can start drilling

inside the tunnel this afternoon.

- You in shape to work?
- Oh, sure.

Where's Gunner?

Oh, he disappeared in
the direction of Brooksville.

Huh! Holing up a bar
at some place, I suppose.

I better let you have
one of my men.

Oh, no. We'll make up.

Well. Alright, if you say so.

Let's start drilling.

Look, Jake I can finish this.

Why don't you go in
back to the shack...

Yeah, yeah, as soon as
we fire this next blast...

Yeah, but what about your leg?

Come on, come on,
Johnny, we're wasting time.

Well, guess that does it.

Uh-oh, loose connection somewhere.

Oh, let's go back
and test the caps again.

Look, can't you let
me do that, Jake?

You're out on your feet.

Okay, I guess, I am.

Why don't you go back
to the shack and take a rest?


Watch your step now, Johnny.

Don't try to blast
until you find the trouble.

Don't worry.
Just leave it to me.

And stay off that foot.

What happened now, Jake?
Anybody in there?

- Johnny.
- Johnny?

I know, I shouldn't have left him.

Anybody look into
the blasting machine?

No, the misfire happened inside.

You better start diggin' him out.

Wait a minute.
The wire just moved.

He must be alive.
He's pulling on.

I'll get the emergency crew
on it right away!

Oh, no, look at that.

We'll never make it
digging him out.

It'll take hours.
He'll suffocate.

Well, what then?

- Johnny's in there?
- Yes, Nellie.

- Oh!
- But he's still alive.

Look, he's been
tuckin' on these wires.

Now take it easy.
We'll get him out.

- Well, I gotta find Gunner.
- But why him?

Because he'll get
Johnny out by blasting.

Blasting? It'll blow up
the rest of the tunnel.

That's one way to kill him.
He's still alive.

It's ticklish business,
but Gunner can do it.

Don't you think we better start
digging to be on the safe side?

Well, you can start digging,
but it won't do any good.

That air was bad
when I left the tunnel.

But it might take longer
to find Gunner.

Well, I'll find him.

Johnny never would've taken
this job if it wasn't for you.

- 'Nellie.'
- Johnny was doing alright.

He was going to college.
He had a future.

Now he's lying under that dirt.
Choking in there.

I'll get Gunner.

Try to force a pipe in there.

So he can get some fresh air in.


Pull over. Will you, buddy?

I was just going back to pack
my things, what's the matter?

Get in the car and I'll tell you.

What's wrong, Shaw?

We've hit solid rock.

Oh, it's bad.

Well, keep trying.

Nobody's gonna let me blast
after the boner I pulled.

You're the only one that
can do with that blasting.


Hard Rock was killed
because of me.

Johnny's in that tunnel dying.

He doesn't answer?

Mary found him.

We haven't had a signal
from Johnny in 15 minutes.

Get the dynamite, Jake,
while I figure the layout.

We have to use
short fuses to save time.

Sure the blast won't be too big?

Hope not.

I figure it'll take two blasts.

If I don't cause another cave in.

Good shot, Gunner.

Try Johnny on the wires.

Alright, Jake, let's go ahead
with the second blast.

Now, if it only falls
the right way.

It'll fall the right way.

It didn't once.

I didn't give it enough powder.

Yes, you did.

Well, kids.

Oh, I sure had to leave you guys

right in the middle of a job.

Hey, if you think you're goin' to

postpone this honeymoon!


Anyway I'll pick you
up at the aqueduct.

- Be looking for you.
- Good.

- Goodbye, dad.
- Honey.

Goodbye. Bye, Gunner.

- Bye, Mary.
- So long, Jake.

So long, son.

- Gunner.
- Johnny.

He'll never come back.

Of course not,
and as just as well.

You know, he might even
go back to college.

Say, I was just thinking.
Who's gonna do the cooking now?

Oh! Leave that to me.

Oh, I have a certain recipe
I wanna try out on you.

A fellow in Honolulu
gave it to me.

Now, uh, first of all
you take a-a baby octopus...

Oh, oh, oh. No, no, no.

I'll do the cooking.

Gosh, Gunner.