Dymez (2021) - full transcript

Dymez is a drama/comedy about three young women that plans foolish heists with their SMART phones. The three ladies will soon find out that L-O-V-E is not the only 4 letter word that will break their heart, F-A-T-E is the other. Dealing with men is not easy, and it's going to take team work to make their scheme work. Will their old ways get in the way of making their new life? Does change really make cents and at what cost?

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(upbeat bass music)

- You already know.

in edit God we trust.

(enlightening sound)

(futuristic space sound)

(film rolling)

(upbeat music)

♪ Yeah.

♪ Just don't throw your life away. ♪

♪ Get it.

(upbeat music)

♪ It's a hell of a price to pay. ♪

♪ Uh, yeah.

♪ She says she wants more.

♪ Her worst nightmare is bein' poor. ♪

♪ She got a man but he acts like a boy. ♪

♪ Sits starin' at the front door. ♪

♪ Wishin' for a better way.

♪ Tears on a pretty face.

♪ Wipe 'em off, you should be livin' like a boss. ♪

♪ T minus 10, hit it out of space. ♪

♪ More than just talk.

♪ Her and the girls got a plan. ♪

♪ For a few grand, hittin' licks on men. ♪

♪ Lookin' for a one night stand. ♪

♪ Tryin' to play cool as fan.

♪ Money, so easy to do it again, and again. ♪

- [Keisha] Detroit city girl's got

the same problem Houston girls got,

Atlanta girls got, and Shaw town girls got.

Shit, I can go on and on.

And I know you wonderin' what the problem is.

It's the man. (laughs)

We just want a simpler life.

Get money, shop, eat good.

Shit, we wanna be fucked right.

But these men just make it so complicated.

But see, we turn that shit around.

We the bosses now.

We the ones takin' these dudes shoppin',

feedin' 'em good and fuckin' them right.

We the prize.

We the "Dymez."

Now that's my girl, Pam!

Aha! She mean as hell.

She got somethin' to prove in the world.


And Pam is the muscle.

She greedy as hell.

One day, she lovin' a nigga,

the next day she two bitches.

But she'll drop all that for the love of money.

Now that's my girl, Kima, right there.

She's like a big sister to me.

She's sweet, sophisticated and business savvy.

The only thing holdin' her back, is a man.

(laughs) Can you believe that?

And last but not least, there go me.

Ooh, I'm lookin' kind of fine,

right there (laughs).

My bad, my bad.


I can have any dude I want,

but I keep fallin' for L's.


I'm younger than them, but you know,

my girls take care of me.

Now ladies, grab your pen

and your paper and take some notes.

I'm about to show y'all

how to go from slime to dime.

(tape rewinding)

(tense music)

(snow crunching)

(doorknob opening)

(door shutting)

- Somebody there?

(music intensifies)

(loud breathing)

Whoa! You scared me!

- I'm sorry.

- Hi babe.


Oh, don't you start,

I just got out of the shower.

- So that means you're already wet.

- Oh shit.

(romantic music)

♪ Said I didn't want to.

♪ But now I really want you.

♪ You make me change my mind.

♪ Right place on the ground.

♪ Didn't work all your issues.

♪ Now its an invitation.

♪ You make me wanna change my mind. ♪

♪ And here's why I always complain about us. ♪

♪ You say you want more but this aint enough. ♪

♪ Then it's too much.

♪ Am I givin' you enough?


- Was it good baby?

- Mmmm, Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- James?

- Yeah.

- I'm tired if workin' for other people.

Listen, we talked about you invest in me,

So I could open up my own salon.

And James, I want kids.

- Listen, just give me some time.

I got you.

- Time?

Like the time you bought that new Rolex

or the time you bought that new Benz

or what about the?

- See, you're always fuckin' up a good moment.

First of all,

don't count my mother fuckin' pockets.

I buy what the fuck I want, when I want.

It's my mother fuckin' money.

I'm the one out here in these streets,

gettin' into this bag,

and you want me to blow it all

on some weak ass dream?

Then to have a baby?

I don't want no fuckin' kids, right now.

So you can get with this shit

or you can get the fuck on.

You know what?

Fuck this shit.

(intense music)

- You interrupted my story,

but if you didn't call me over here,

you would be okay.

Like I was sayin', this bitch was cold wit it.

Legs up on my shoulder, Right?

I was eatin' that pussy for like, an hour.

Tongue goin' crazy.

She howlin' like a dire Wolf.

Man, she started shakin' and shiverin'.

So, I look up to make sure baby girl all right.

This bitch, pissed in my eye.

Now I'm flyin', I'm knockin' over shit.

I elbowed this bitch in the pussy, by mistake.

Now, she goin' crazy.

Man, I just grabbed my shit

and got ghost on that ass.

- So, what you just left her?

- Hell yeah, that was her freedom, not mine.

But she hit me up like, "I'm sorry,

this what happen when I have a orgasm."

I'm like, " Bitch so you

just goin' piss near my mouth?"

Man, that's a gross ass hoe.

- What the hell is a dire wolf?

- A dire wolf, you don't know what...

Yo, this nigga don't watch Game Of Thrones.

That shit, crazy.

- Can you please, stop usin' that language?

My daughter didn't come here for that.

- I offended you?

- Yes, I am and my child is too.

- Is your daughter getting her hair done today?

- No she's not.

- Oh well, then your daughter

better get the fuck out.

'Cause if she aint payin',

she aint stayin'.

- You know, we will be leavin'.

You rude as hell.

- Hey yo, where the doorway?

(all together) That way.

- The fuck.

- You have to comb your hair sometime.

Your water on yet?

'Cause you gotta wash it too.

- Pam, what'd you do now?

- Uh, I didn't do nothin'.

I'm cuttin' hair.

- Uh-huh, Come in the back, we need to talk.

(silly, electronic, beep beat)

- Are you good?

- Let me guess, James fucked up again?

- He just don't get it.

He thinks I just want his money.

I'm just tryin' to make sure that we're good.

So, that he can leave that life alone

and go legit.

But he thinks investin' in me,

his woman, is a waste of time and money.

Y'all, I am not tryin' to get that phone call

in the middle of the night, sayin' that he is dead.

- Kima, you act like

you ain't got your own Money.

- No, I do, but not like that.

By the time I'm done payin' rent,

cell phone bill, water, electric.

I'm left with pennies.

- Hit yo Pops up.

He a fancy lawyer, get some bread from him.

- We don't talk like that, I'm straight.

- If James is yo dude,

and he ain't helpin' you with your bills,

then fuck him.

He out here, gettin' all this money

and he can't throw you a bag?

That nigga got to go.


Kima, look at me.

He gotta go.

- Hey, you want me to pull up on him?

Where he rest his head at?

- Pam, stop playin'.

We ain't killin' nobody.

- Oh, but baby boy can catch a fade, though.

- Since y'all talkin' about a fade,

think you can finish me up?

I'm tryin' to go to work,

aint tryin' to be late.

- How are you gonna be late,

when you work here sweepin' up hair?

Ya know what?

Your job's callin',

they want you in early, my dog.


(upbeat music)

♪ Call, say I need four more.

♪ I'm about to pull up.

♪ I just came up 94.

♪ I'm throwin' shit.

♪ I'm gonna have to the floor.

♪ When the product make a profit. ♪

♪ I'm gonna stretch it and make it more. ♪

- I've gotta go.

Hurry the fuck up.

- Man, I don't want your ass callin' me back.

I know you're gonna go home,

weigh that shit up,

then you gonna call me,

we gonna argue and shit.

I'm already stressed about my job, dog.

- Stressed?

Dog, you sell drugs.

- Exactly.

Look at y'all angry ass.

- Shut the fuck up, man.

(intense music)

(hip hop music)

♪ Yep, pull my number this time. ♪

♪ This time to man up.

♪ Soldiers' posture from every moment I stand up. ♪

♪ See the grief in my face.

♪ Grillin' you like Am-way

♪ I'm married to this day.

♪ Fuck, where the bands and handcuffs? ♪

♪ Five feet, I be that cranky when I'm grabbed up. ♪

♪ Invadin' my space.

♪ Is somethin' I can't stand for. ♪

♪ Nah, you can't hate from far. ♪

♪ Number one thing.

(knuckles knocking)

- My man, James.

What's goin' on?

- What up, dog?

- I was hopin' you could tell me.

Look like you gotta

a little tail light out, back there.

- The fuck is you talkin' about, nigga?

This is a new whip.

(plastic crunching)

- Yeah, that mother fucker is out (laughing).

- Man, what the fuck?

- Pop the trunk.

- Hell no, you aint got no warrant.

- Damn, you right.

See I was just bein' nosy.

I'm gonna get somebody over here

a little bit more nosier than me.

- The police dogs, nigga (laughing).

- Hey, call that in.

I'm gonna sit here

and watch this little pretty thang,

shake like a little stripper.

- You know, I just wanna meet

the genius who said

them mother fuckers was man's best friend (laughing).

We got our star mother fuckin' customer.

LL Cool J.

- Inquirin' minds wants to know,

why y'all call

this mother fucker,

right here,

LL Cool J (laughing)?

You wanna take this one?

Fuck that.

See, what you gotta know is

the law loves cool James.

What we got today?

Bag of money.

Where'd you get it?

- I don't know what y'all talkin' about.

- You don't know what we're talkin' about?

Hey, detective,

go get that bag for me.

- You mean the bag,

that's in the evidence room?

- Oooh.


Every bag don't make it

to the evidence room, James.

This shit must be really bad.

- Only bag I had on me was a grocery bag.

I went to the store for my mom.

- You went to the store for mommy (laughing)?

What'd you get?

- Some fruits and veggies.

(money thumping)

- Well, look at this shit, here.

So what was mommy cookin' tonight?

- What'd it look like?


- Chicken?

(cop 1 sniffing)

(Cop 2 sniffing)

You tell mama,

she won't be havin' her greens tonight,

with her chicken.

- (laughing) Come on.

- The booty man comin'.

- The booty man?

- Oh the booty man comin'

and he gonna love you.

And they say the booty man got

a dick long livin'.

- Can I make my call?

(phone ringing)

- Hey it's a man.

- Pam, give me my phone.

- I got your man.

- Gimme my phone.

I got your man.

Gimme the phone, Pam.

- I got your man.

Yeah, I got your baby.

We got your man.

- We got your man.

- Let me have the phone.

We got your man.

- Give me my phone.

- We know you want some. - We got your man.

- Give it to me.

- Oooh. - We got your man.

You burn me.

- Party pooper.

- Hello?


With what money?

- What James sayin' now?

- I swear to God, I'm about to deal with this nigga.

- Pam, you don't even know fuck goin' on.

- I know you got man problems of your own.

- Stop, you guys.

You guys.

James is in jail

and he wants me to bail him out

and I don't have the money.

Can you help me?

- Look, I love you and all,

but fuck that nigga.

Hope he rot in that bitch.

- Yeah, that nigga can't get a dime of mine.

Shit, you ask me?

He in a better place, now.

- I agree.

- I gotta go pick up junior, can you roll with?

- Wait bit.

(tense music)

- You gotta meet here, for the exchange.

- You pickin' up drugs or your son?

- Don't start.

- Just sayin'.

♪ I'm what the streets been waitin' on. ♪

♪ Waitin' on.

♪ I'm what the streets been waitin' on. ♪

- Hey, yo, Keisha,

I've been tryin'

to get in touch with your ass

all day, man.

Come get this little nigga.

He eat too much.

- Come on, baby.

Let's go.

- And that money you gave me

wasn't enough.

Man, you owe me like $30.

And I know you got it, shit.

You a nail tech and gettin' all this money.

Stop tryin' to play with me, man.

- You do know he yo son, too, Sean.

- Man, watch your mother fuckin' mouth.

I'll slap fire out your mother fuckin' ass

in front of this nigga.

- Really?

- Really.

- Come on, not in front of Junior.

- Watch your mouth. - Please.

- I don't wanna hear none of that, shit.

- Junior is right here. - I don't care.

Hey, watch your mouth, man.

I'm not tryin' to hear that

and I need my money.

Straight up.

- I aint given you no $30, Sean.

This is your son.

- Listen here, all right.

I need my bread.

I need that money, man.

- Sean.

- Hey, let's go.

- Yeah, get your bitch.

Hey, yo Keish.

You better have my money, too.

I aint playin' with yo ass, either, nigga.

- Don't worry about him, he aint shit.

- I swear, I'm gonna end up poppin' that nigga.

(suspenseful music)

- Detectives, (laughs) how's the investigation goin'?


You find anything, yet?

Y'all miss me, huh?

No worries.

I'm about to bail out soon, anyway.

- Oh, you ain't heard, huh?

- You ain't got no bail, nigga.

- What?

- At least not now.

- Why you lookin' so serious now, James?

- Your bail's goin' up, nigga.

That means your little punk ass is goin' down.

They found warrants in new places (laughing).

And guess what?

The Feds got your paperwork, now,

Mr. Jesse James.

So I guess we can call this a

mi casa es su casa, situation.

- Oh, the rooms?

They are very nice.

But the beds?

They aint shit.

Your back gonna be fucked up.

Ask Bill Cosby.

- Hey, don't hold this man up.

Get him up to his VIP suite.

'Cause he lookin' lonely.

Oh, Booty man waitin' on you.

(suspenseful music)

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- Yo Kima, wake up.

- Hmm?

- Wake up, baby.

- Yeah.

- Kima, wake yo ass up.

Come on.

- I'm up.

I'm up.

I'm up.

- You heard from Keisha?

- No. Why?

What's up?

- You didn't get a text from her or nothin'?

- Hold on. Let me look.


(phone beeping)

Yeah, she texted me,

but it's just a ping on her location.

It's just an app called Find My Friends.

She just be sendin' her location

all the time to make sure

that we know that she's okay.

- Okay.

So, that mean we know where she is at all times?

- Mmm-hmmm

can I go back to bed now?

- All right, go ahead.

I hit you up tomorrow.

(phone beeping)

- Whoa, hold on.

This is her.

Keisha, Pam is on the, she's on the other side.

- Okay, I'm here.

- Oh my God.


Did you get my text?

- Yeah, I got it.

What's goin' on?

What's up?

- Girl, come get me.

This nigga over here trippin'.

- You're jokin', Right?

It's late as hell. - Wow.

- He tryin' to make me walk home.

'Cause I won't give him no coochy.

I'm like, nigga you took me to Chip Hotel.

- Cheap motel? - Hmmm?

- No, Chip Hotel, the Mexican restaurant.

- Oh (laughing).

- You mean Chipotle?

- Chipotle, Chip Hotel,

I don't fuckin' know,

just come and get me, please.

- Oh my gosh.

- Pam, Pam it's your turn.

- Me?

- A right, I got her.

- All right.

(Slow music)

♪ Steps all out my way.

♪ I got some rockets just for you. ♪

♪ Got all of my troubles in my pocket just for you. ♪

- (grunting) Wait.

It's cold out here.

What took you so long?

- Girl, get your drunk, sweaty ass in the back.

And where is your other shoe?

- I lost it somewhere.

I guess I'm Cinderella in this bitch.

- You lookin' like Cruella DeVille, in this bitch.

Get in the car.

- [Pam] You goin' to my house.

- [Keisha] Uhhh, no.

- [Pam] You need

adult supervision - [Keisha] (heaving)

all the time, man. - [Keisha] (squelches)

(vomiting) - [Pam] Ah, you throwin'

up in the...


♪ Where my real niggas at?

♪ Hey where my rich niggas at?

♪ Where my real niggas at?

♪ Where my rich niggas at?

♪ Aye.

♪ Talk about nigga.

♪ 'Cause I got a rich nigga.

♪ Nigga, fuck a ho, nigga.

♪ 'Cause I got a real nigga.

♪ Fuck a broke nigga.

♪ 'Cause I gotta rich nigga.

♪ Fuck a ho, nigga.

♪ 'Cause I got a real nigga.

♪ Yeah.

♪ Fuck a broke nigga, fuck a broke nigga. ♪

- What up, punk?

- Shit, I mean, Pam.

How many weaves you sell today?

Like three?

- Fuck you, Combs.

- (laughing) Look, I told you,

you ain't got to keep cuttin' hair

or sellin' those weak ass nickel bags.

Yeah, just put on that red dress,

slip on those high heels

and some of that sweet perfume.

Yeah, and we can go out.

And you let me fuck.

Let me slide those shorts to the side one time.

- Come here.

So why don't you,

take your feet out those shoes,

pull the pants down. (click lips)

Take one leg out them drawers.

Then let me,

fuck you in that tight ass booty hole.

I am a man, Damond.

- You aint no man.

Real men, get money, nigga.

Real money, the back.

- How, yo stack, bigger than your dick though?

See what I do to that ass.

- A huge stack.

- Damn, that nigga do be gettin' money though.

- What was all that about?

- Shit, sex and money.

- Hmmm, you fuckin' niggas now?

- C'mon you know my vote is for bush.

- Speakin' of bush, why mine all wet?

Soaked through the damn couch.

You better not bring you a little freak ass

over here to mess with me.

- Girl, don't nobody want no drunk, pissy box.

You pissed on yourself, that's why you wet.

Piss, that's what that is.

That's you?

- Oh, ewe.

You got some extra clothes?

- Go look in the back closet.

- My vajayjay smell like Chai Rose

and Chip Hotel.

- It's Chipotle.


Look at you.

♪ Don't be surprised, nigga.

♪ Look me in my eyes.

♪ I'm in beast mode.

♪ Back on my bully shit.

- (door knocking) ♪ On my bully shit.

♪ Comin' at 'em like was goody bitch. ♪

♪ It was goody bitch.

♪ Same shit.

♪ Like a 20 clip.

♪ Ass full equip.

- Pam here?

- It's me.

- Girl, what you got on?

Whose clothes are those?

- Mine.

Man, she pissed on herself.

Gave that man a hard time.

Like she wasn't enjoyin' herself, last night.

- Well cheap liquor and Chip Hotel, don't mix.

- Nevermind.

- Look, y'all.

I got a good idea to get some money.

- Oh I'm in.

- Pam put me up on somethin'.

Keisha, you know that Find My Friend app,

you got on your phone?

- Yeah, what about it?

- We gonna use that app to rob niggas.

- You be out there fuckin' with them anyway.

- Oh, hell no.

Y'all are not about be my pimps.

- No, no.

Not like that.

Just sayin',

you always messin' with the broke people.

Start messin' with the people

that is makin' money.

You know?

Like the Ballers, The Broke Boys

- No, I don't want to, I'm the baby.

Let Kima do it, she cute.

And she got a body.

- I can't do it.

These niggas know me out here,

'cause I'm Jame's girl.

- Listen, we gonna go out and buy some iPhones.

You said the app already on there, right?

- Yeah.

- We gonna call up our girl,

Faith, down at the club.

And tell her to hit us up,

when there some ballers in the buildin'.

We'll get fly, go down to the club.

And you, are gonna get all flirty,

flirty with the guys.

- Okay, so why do we need the phones?

- I'm gettin' to that, I'm gettin' to that.

Now, when you leavin' out, we gonna see you.

He think you gonna go chill with him,

you gonna get in the car,

put the phone in between the seats.

One of us is gonna come out,

act like it's an emergency,

just come up with a reason

why you can't chill with him.

- What if they see a phone in the car?

- Who would be checkin' for a phone in they car?

- So we're gonna what a few hours,

then we're gonna check the app on our phone.

That's gonna give us the location

to the other phone.

We gonna sit on it and wait until it gets late.

- Oh, y'all tryin' to set it up.

Okay, you can be Stoney.

Pam is obviously Cleo.

- You would be Cleo.

- That makes me,

Tee Tee?

The weak bitch?

Oh no, fuck that shit.

- Well, that's a movie thought.

This is real.

- But I don't wanna be the weak bitch.

- Well, we don't need a movie for that.

- Oh.

And what if they don't got shit at they spot?

- They Doughboys,

they always gonna have some at the crib.

Cash, Jewelry, somethin'.


- No.

Y'all can set it off.

I aint settin' shit off.

You'll have to take me to the crib.

Plus, I gotta get Junior.

My cousin's watchin' him

and I aint tryin' to pay her all the time.

- What up, dog?

- I am so sorry, I did not know

I was gonna be out all night.

So, I put a little extra in here for you.

I appreciate you.

- Thanks.

You know Sean is in his car, waitin' for you?

- What?

- Yeah his car out there.

- Sean, why you sittin' outside my house

like a fuckin' stalker?

- You got that money?

- What money?

- Look, nobody playin' with your ass.

Where my bread at, Keisha?

- Hey, yo Sean, don't come over here,

with that weak shit, bro.

- Hold on Caitlyn Jenner,

this aint got shit to do with you, all right?

- Yo, Keish, what's up?

- Nigga, if you so hard pressed for some money,

that you're gonna pressure me for a couple dollars?

You really here beggin' for some fuckin' McDonald's?

- Okay, broke ass, nigga.

(hand smacking face)

- Next time, don't have me ask twice, man.

- Not in front of Junior.

- You gonna pull a gun out on me?

Oh you better use it.

Go ahead, pop me.

But you better kill me.

Just like I thought, you aint gonna do shit.

Now the next time you pull a gun out on me, money

you better kill me bitch.

Get the fuck out of here, man.

- Yo Pam?

- What up?

- I'm all in.

- Yo know, Keisha,

- What?

that weak ass nigga must have smacked

some sense in you ass.

- Let's go.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [James] What up, dog?

- James?

Are you out?

- [James] Hell naw.

And they tryin' to keep me here on some bull shit.

- Well, I'm still tryin'

to get the money up to come bail you out.

- [James] Cool.


But right now,

I need you to come over to

Wayne County Jail, around one.

Can you do that for me, baby?

- Okay, I'll be there.

- [James] They tryin' to keep a nigga.

You know I love you.

- Love you too, bye.

(suspenseful music)

- (clears throat)

You have friends in high places.

- I'm Mr. Mason, I'm your lawyer.

I will be representing' you.

Seems these gentlemen have vested interest

in you stayin' out of jail.

- Why didn't they post bail?

- Couldn't.

Judge wouldn't allow it.

He's convinced you are a flight risk.

I hate these court appointed attorneys

that don't communicate Mr. Edison,

but that's why I'm here.

To make sure you completely understand

everything that's goin' on.

- Ahh.

Trust me.

- Baby, sit down.

This is my lawyer.

- May I speak freely, in front of her?

- Yeah, that's my girl.

But look, I don't know how much time I got

and I don't know what they tryin' to do to me.

But I need you to handle some shit

for me in the streets.

- You're right.

You don't have much time,

they only hired me on a small retainer.

But I will extend as long as possible.

- Then just do your job.

I'll make sure you get some money.

Can I talk to her alone?

- Absolutely.

Small retainer.

- Look, I got some work

in the front closet in the gym bag.

I need you to get that,

meet somebody, they gonna give you cash for it.

- What are you talkin' about, work?

As in drugs?

- Hell yeah,

what the fuck do you think I mean, Kima?

Look, I need this.

And you, baby, you're the only person I trust.

- James, I don't... I'm not a drug dealer.

I do hair.

- I know.

But that hair shit aint bringin' in no cash.

Plus, how the fuck do you think I'm gonna invest

in you if I'm in here?

- Ooh.

- Kima.

- What?

- Get shit done.

(door slamming)

♪ You must be all in your.

♪ you must be all in your feeling's. ♪

♪ - Fuck.

♪ And I hate to do it to ya.

♪ But you gotta chill out.

♪ Flyin' in front of you.

♪ Just to make you scream.

♪ You must be all in your feelings. ♪

♪ For you to be callin'.

♪ Tell me what's this all about? ♪

♪ It's all feelin' on you.

♪ Just to make you scream.

(door creaking)

- Oh.

- Hey, yo, Kima, you good?

What's up?

What's wrong?

- Oh shit.

Yo, who drugs are these?

Are these yours?

- These are Jame's drugs.

He had this shit hidden in the house.

- Naw, fuck that, these your drugs.

James is in jail.

- What are you gonna do with all this?

- He wants me to sell this shit.

I'm not a drug dealer.

- Bitch, I am.

Kima, go get me some baking soda.

We gonna cut this.

See how this is all played out?

All I gotta do is call my connect.

We can double it.

Just gotta find out how strong it is,

so I know how much to cut.

Oh yeah, baby, what's wrong?

- I don't know, this don't feel right.

(toilet flushing)

- Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.

Kima, Kima

(water running)

- No, that was good weed.

- I hate drugs.

This shit took my mama.

And she had to shoot it in my house, Pam.

- Kima, you can't cry about it.

Some shit ya have to change.

- So what's the plan.

- You trust me?

- I'm not sure about this.

- Do you think I'm havin' you do some crazy shit?

- Abso-fuckin-lutely.

- Come on,

let's just get this shit over with, please.

- Okay, 'cause I can't breathe.

- Come on, I can't see.

(suspenseful music)

- Please don't kill me.

- Nobody gonna kill yo ass.

Where the money at?

- Oh, okay, it's a robbery.

Just give me a second.

(whispering) You can meet me in the bedroom.

- What if he's gettin' a gun?

- Fuck.

- Okay, I got one arm,

I just need help with the other side.

- Where's the money?

- Okay, don't kill me.

I don't have any cash on me.

But my debit card is in the back right pocket,

and the number is 69.

- Stop playin' with me.

- Pam, is that you, baby?

(gun clunking)

- No.

- Wait, wait, what's today?

I thought our appointment was tomorrow?

- Appointment?

- Keisha, put your mask back on.

- Girl, he already knows Pam.

- He didn't, he was guessin'.

- Ooh. Ooh, ooh.

All three of you are fine as hell.

- Shut the fuck up, Paul.

- So, since we already here.

Where's the money?

- You can speak, Paul.

- Okay, See I knew that was you.

I knew that was you, Pam, baby.

'Cause you the only one,

who had a Hennessy smell,

mixed up, that's your scent,

but, I didn't know you was bringing friends.

And you are all fine as hell.

You especially.

Your ass is rocked like a table with three legs.

(gun clunking)

- I told you, stop objectifying your robbers.

- I'm sorry, Mistress.

- Pam.

- Now, what was you sayin' about my ass?

- You look like, when the baby

had a diaper overflowing.

- Really?

- But in a good way.

- Okay, so you like when I pose like this?

- Yeah, like that.

- Pam, you have us in here, robbin' your client?

- We need the practice.

- What?

What practice?

This is our life.

- We're all gonna look like backs of robberies.

This let's us know what we need to do.

And look at him.

His ass is lovin' this shit anyway.

- Go ahead and grab my gag out the third drawer.

- You have a gag?


- Finish tyin' me up and we can start

with the oil, right away.

- What are you doin'?

- He said I'd need the gag ball.

- Keisha, get over here.

- What's your PIN now.

- Your birthday.

Next week, we still doin' the pineapple,

with the oil and the honey, right?

- I don't know, Paul.

I just started a new business venture.

- (whining) I thought this.

- I'm really appreciate everything you said.

- No problem.

Take cares.

If you wanna come back,

Wednesday, I'm open, now.

It's free.

- (laughing) Oh Paul.

- Pam.

- Welcome ladies.

How y'all doin'?

- Hey.

- What's up?

- How can I help, y'all, today?

- Well, um, We lookin' for some phones

that can change our voice.

- Oh that's perfect, I got something.

It's real simple.

So you just download the app called, Voice Changer,

You can prerecord things,

you can change your voice to anything you wanted to.

So you just hit this button, right here.

- This a stick up.

- That's what you wanted to say?

- You heard what she said, nigga.

This is a stick up.

- No, for real?


- Oh, no, You too cute to rob.

- Thank you, baby.

- But I am gonna need a discount.

Or, I'm gonna kill your ass.

- For real?

- Well...

- [TV Voice] So you think you can

break in here and steal my shit?

(gun shooting)

- [TV Voice 2] What the fuck, I don't have it.

- See, You gotta do some research.

- All we doin' is

actin' like we givin' these boys some play.

I aint gotta research that.

- What if they act up?

You gotta be able to lay them down.

- Pam, why you always tryin' to kill somebody?

- Hopefully, I won't have to.

But in case we do, gotta know how to use this.

- Dang, this is heavy.

- Right, so in case you gotta hit a nigga

in the head with this,

you gotta make sure the safety is on.

- Why would I hit a dude in the head,

when I can just shoot him instead.

- 'Cause we not tryin' to kill him.

- Oh right, right, right.

- Whoa.


(phone dinging)

- Y'all, it's Faith.

We got a hit.

♪ If you won't mind tellin' me to cash out. ♪

♪ I'm gonna turn this ass into assets. ♪

♪ If it don't make money.

♪ It don't make cents.

♪ I'm gonna turn this ass into assets. ♪

♪ If you won't mind tellin' me cash out. ♪

♪ Twenty-Fou, seven.

♪ Yeah I'm on the grind.

♪ If you don't hustle.

♪ You will never shine.

♪ Cashes can and I always.

♪ Got my money on my mind, yeah. ♪

♪ Young thick chick, just tryin' to live my dream. ♪

♪ Chase it, this money, the grind. ♪

- Y'all ready?

Let's go.

- What the fuck?

- Keisha, this is not that part.

- Oh.

Okay, just give me like ten minutes.

Ten, ten.

(dance club music)

♪ I'll be home.

♪ Sittin' all night drivin', I'm a real bitch. ♪

♪ I do a nigga dirty and don't feel shit. ♪

♪ I show you bitches how to get a bag from him. ♪

♪ These new titties, get a new ass from him. ♪

♪ Roll up with my bitches and we all flexin'. ♪

♪ These bitches got their hair down, like they all Texan. ♪

♪ Everybody know my name at the city station. ♪

♪ Bouncin' on my nigga dick, with my titties blingin'. ♪

♪ On and all in the bed you're a bad actors. ♪

♪ Even when you put the iPhone. ♪

♪ On your bare mattress. - Hey, yes.

♪ And I aint down with it bitch, when you call her a bitch. ♪

♪ Pull ounce to the front, with the big sticks. ♪

♪ Got a pound in the trunk. nigga quit stressin' ♪

♪ Tear it down, every night is a big blessin' ♪

♪ We don't tip toe around when we be steppin'. ♪

♪ We can get some rest, so this mother fucker get steppin'. ♪

♪ 'Til you aint around 'cause you big stepper. ♪

♪ We big steppin'.

- (clears throat)

Can we fuck with you?

- What's up, baby?

- How you doin'?

- We can make that happen.

- Okay.

- She lookin' bitches long for my nigga.

What's up baby girl?

- Baby girl, you aint got shit on me.

I came over here for him.

- Why don't you sit down?

- Oh shit.

This my boo.

Tell 'em.

- Tell me what?

- Really?

- Yeah.

I mean,

- It's kinda like their booth.

- Kinda?

And you kinda was sittin' here, my dude.

You can bounce.

- Really?

- Yes.

- So what's up?

- (talking over conversation) 'Cause what?

- (all together) We don't chase 'em,

we replace 'em.

Just like that.

- Come on we outa here.

- Aye, yo, let us bag both y'all.

Baby girl,

Come here.

Heard you wanted to sit in the booth?

- You know he just started sayin' then.

- Thank you.

- Crack that open.

- Okay, yeah.

- What's up with your girl?

- Hey, friend that don't talk that much.

You know I like name.

(club music)

♪ Let's get with it.

♪ Go on, shake that ass for a broke nigga. ♪

♪ Broke nigga.

♪ Go on, shake that ass for a broke nigga. ♪

♪ Broke nigga.

♪ Go on, shake that ass for a broke nigga. ♪

♪ Broke nigga.

- Oh, huh, oh that leg is something.

(song continues in background)

- What can I get for you tonight?

- You can get me, her, tonight.

You can get me her.

- That young lady over there?

- Or that one.

- Oh and tell her to bring a bottle with her too.

I'm gonna get that.

I'm gonna get it bad, watch.

Watch what I tell y'all.

Aint no one listenin' to me.

I'm by myself.

♪ Get out the door about big as a bus. ♪

♪ Why we walk in the club and all eyes on us? ♪

♪ They think makin' money, nigga. ♪

♪ I don't.

♪ Not me.

- How she goin' wrong way?

Oh she is comin'.

All right, cool.

Thought you was goin' to a different table.

- Ooh. Hey.

You're a baller, huh?

- Yeah, that's what I do.

- So what do you do?

- Um, get money.

- Okay.

- Get paper.

I got Bugatti.

It in the shop though.

- Oh, nice.

- I got a Ferrari.

- Oh.

- But that's in the shop too.

- Ooh.

But, I will buy you a car, right now.

You know I got two phones, right?

Which one you wanna call?

What kinda car you like?

Don't matter, buyin' it.

Shit, nigga like me, I'm ballin'.

So you just send me the picture of it.

(phone dinging)

You sent that picture fast.

They really do be gettin' me that bread (laughing).

Money make you tired too?

Makes me tired as fuck.

When I get so much fuckin' money.

- Nigga are you gonna leave or what?

- Hell yeah, Let's get out of here.

I'm takin' this with me.

♪ You better shake that ass, like you know my name. ♪

♪ Go on, shake that ass for a broke nigga. ♪

♪ Go on, shake that ass for a broke nigga. ♪

♪ Go on, shake that ass for a broke nigga. ♪

- Uh-uh.

I don't want to mess up my lipstick.

- Oh, I get that.

- Oh.

Girl, he got these child proof locks on here.

- Don't look.

- Open the door.

- Don't know how to roll the window down.

- What's up?

- Hey, its an emergency,

We gotta go.

Your brother just got shot.

- Uh, sorry, maybe some other time?

- Uh, you sure?

We could ride out.

I'm a baller, remember?

Niggas get shot everyday, B.

Damn I wanted to hit that.

Cock blockin' mother fuckin' boy, lookin' girl.

- Sorry.

- Oh.

- Damn, No luck to be a lady.

- Oh! Is it?

It is my property.

- Money.

- Oh!


- Shut up.

- Y'all, we good.

- Oh yeah.

- Scheme work, take team work.

- Uh-huh.

I'm glad granddaddy taught me that trip.

Boy, $300, nigga I aint about to pay that much.


(door knocking)

Yo, who that?

Yo, yo, who that?

Who that?

I don't wanna get up, nigga.

I said, "Who that?"

Oh shit.

- Go.

(tense music)

(hand slapping)

- Oh my, God.

Y'all can take whatever y'all want.

I aint even got shit.

- (electronic altered voice) Don't play with us, dog.

Where's the money?

- What money?


- I only recorded three things.

I didn't know, nigga gonna be askin' other questions.

I got, "Where's the money?",

"Shut the fuck up",

and "You're not a soul seer".

- I knew this was a bad idea.


- Don't be shittin' on my ideas, homes.

- Hey, yo homes,

Let's just finish the job,

and talk about it later.

- Uh why y'all talkin' like that?

- (all together) Shut the fuck up, nigga.

- Oh, please don't shoot me.

- Aren't you the guy from the club?

- What club?

- Earlier.

- Earlier, like one or two?

- Stop answerin' my question

with a question, dog.

Before I shoot your goofy ass.

- Oh, that club.

Uh-mmm, I wasn't ballin',

I was finessing in there.

I don't got nothing.

Everything was fake,

the jewelry,

the only good thing on me was my good shirt.

And I'm gonna take that bitch back tomorrow morning.

Look, go look over there.

I got some tags over there,

look on the counter over there.

It's the tags.

I was takin' it back.

I don't got shit.

Please, don't kill me.

I got a playin' kids.

I got a playin' wife.

I gotta be at work at 6 o'clock in the morning.

If y'all let me go now, I can make it on time.

'Cause, if I'm late again, they gonna fire me.

- Look, no money, you about to die, nigga.

- I got a little bit of money, right over there.

Right over there.

My secret hidin' spot, in the jar.

It's in the jar, over there.

Huh, right over there.

No, that's the big jar, no put that one back,

It's the little jar, in the little pink sock.

That's it.

Take it out.


There it is, life savings.

Oh, you really gonna take it, take it for real?

(gun thumping)

- I don't know about y'all but that way scary.

- But it felt good!

- It was not scary.

- I felt so powerful.

This had to be how Alonzo felt

when he took all that money from the Russians.

- When Rico sold those bricks for niche.

- Oh, yeah.

Or like Craig, when he stole all those boxes in his day off.

- Or like Tommy Bunk when he robbed the club?

- Like we didn't get shit, but $122.

- What?

- Come on, girl, we got to do better.

This aint even enough to get a tattoo.

We gotta be on it y'all.

If we gonna do it, let's do it.

Need to be able to tell these broke,

fake ass niggas, from these, get money niggas.

And you thought

I was gonna to kill home boy, didn't you?

- (laughing) Hell yeah.

- I was about to be like Stoney on that bus.

I be on that bus like.

- You got the lip quiver.

- Mmmm-hmmm

- 'Cause you wanted to rob a nigga for $122.

- Oh Shoot, maybe now I can get my tattoo.

- I don't have the kind of problems y'all got.

- I got money, I live life,

honestly, it's kinda fun.

- Sean aint a problem?

Where you gettin' this tattoo at?

- On my hand.

- Your hand?

Why you aint gettin' it on your thigh?

You got some sexy in those thighs.

- Bitch, let me find out you been checkin' me out.

- No, no, not like that.

I'm just sayin'

everything about you is sexy.

Sean is a ho ass nigga for treatin' you like that.

- Like what, Pam?

- Like disrespectin' you.

Puttin' his hands on you.

That shit aint cool.

- Trust me, I know more than anybody

that Sean has a lot of growin' up to do.

And honestly, I don't know

why I put up with his shit.

But I love him.

- You love him?

What you love, Keisha?

The way he degrades you?

The way he put his hands on you,

in front of your son?

- He just be goin' through some shit.

- That nigga on some shit.

He need to chill with that.

For real.

- How 'bout that one?

- That whack, get that one.

- Stop it.

I aint gettin' no Grim Reaper on my fuckin' hand.

- Might as well.

- Stupid.

- Just, a little less veracity,

and we'll get through this.

- So you still aint do what I asked you to?

- Not yet.

- What the fuck you mean, "Not yet"?

- You really don't want to do that.

- [Cop] Hey, is everything all right in there?

- Yeah, yes, everything is fine, thank you.

Please, please.

- Look bitch, I need you.

If you don't get this work to my man,

my shit is done.

A little less veracity

and we'll get through this, I promise.


- Yeah.

- All right.

So, at least drop off or help with that.

I'm sorry, I know I scared you,

I'm sorry.

I love you.

Help me with this, all right?

And I promise, we'll get you that salon you want.

Yeah, and we'll talk about this baby situation, too.

I know you want that.

- New tattoo, who it is?

Ha-ha, me.

You fine girl, thank you.


- I hate that nigga.

- Why you hate that man so much?

- I don't know.

- Because he gettin' money?

- Naw, that aint it.

I don't hate on nobody gettin' bread.

- Then why?

- Shit, maybe his name is Combs

and he aint got no hair.

Hell, I don't know.

- (laughs) You a trip.

Hey, girl.

- Hey guys.

We need to hit another lick.

- That's what I'm talkin' about.

- You know that dope I flushed down the toilet?

I gotta get the money back, for it.

- What?

- I mean if I can get the money back,

then James can get out of jail

and everything will be fine.


- Is you done or is you finished?

James don't care nothing about you.

He just tryin' to get out.

- Yeah, K. He's tryin' to use you.

He wasn't tryin' to help you when he wasn't in jail.

- Well, maybe he's had time to think about it.

- He in the County, not the pen.

- So y'all not down?

- For you, not that nigga.

- Thank you.

(phone dinging)

It's Faith, we got a hit.

- Please, God.

Please, please, let this man have some money.

You can do it, you can do it.

- Are you crazy?

You are really prayin' to the lord,

for this nigga to have some money

so that we can rob him?

- Girl, maybe he can help.

He can do all things.

- You better stop.


- Hey, scheme work take teamwork.

We will win it.

♪ Why you want to really make me feel this way. ♪

♪ I know your feeling lonely tonight. ♪


- That's the guy over there.

- Oh, he's cute.

I'll be back.

(sexy music)

- (whispers) Thank you.

- What's goin' on with you?

Come over here.

Why don't you come talk to me for a moment.

- Sure.

I don't know, it could be dangerous.

You aint no killer, are you?

- Maybe, it depends

on if you fuckin' with my money.

- Huh?

- You fuckin' with my money?

- No.

- Then that's good.

So, what's with your home girls?

- Well, I already know them.

I'm tryin' to get to know you.

- Um-huh.

- Besides, they would know if I didn't feel safe.

- Yeah, that's what's up.

- Maybe you feel safe to,

because, to be honest, this club is super boring.

And I'm hopin', me and you can leave together.

Like now?

- Oh yeah, yeah.

We can make that happen.

(suspenseful music)

- I really appreciate you takin' me with you.

- Oh, okay.

Yeah so where you tryin' to go..

- Keisha girl, I'm drunk,

take me home, I can't drive.

- Yo, um,

Aint you, James girl?


- Yeah, why?

- Okay, is he all right?

I heard he got hit the other day.

- You know what, my girl is drunk.

Let me get her home, okay?

- Okay.

Hey, hey, maybe we can go get a room,

or somethin'

- Yeah, yeah sure.

(funky music)

(man snoring)

- You can't hit nigga in the head, while he asleep.

You know what they say about,

"don't go to sleep with concussions".

We aint tryin' to kill him.

- So what am I supposed to do?

Wait til he wake up

and politely ask him, "Can we rob you?"

- Let me think.

Let me think.

- She has the brains in our operation.

- How the fuck is she the brains of the operation,

when we in the hall havin' a meetin'

- I thought it was evident.

She the brains.

You are the muscle.

And I'm the looks.

- I can be the looks too, depending on who lookin'.

- Okay, look, I got it.

Let's go.

(woman screaming)

(gun firing)

(woman coughing)

- You all right?

- Oh.

- He's still breathing.

- Oh shit.

- Is he dead?

- I don't know.

He's still breathing.

- Fuck that nigga, get some shit.

- Come on.

(light switch clicking)

- Man. This nigga have a whole ass family.

I can't stand men.

This nigga got a whole ass family.

- We almost killed him,

so I think this is even.

- This is nice.

- Put that back, we aint at the mall.

- No this is expensive.

Plus I've been wantin' one.

- Put the purse back.

- I'm takin' this.

- Come on, let's go.

Let's go.

(dramatic music)

Come on.

- Oh my God.

Thanks for gettin' that Gorilla Glue out my hair, girl.

That's crazy.

I don't know why I did that.

Anyway, so what did you get into last night, Kima?

Kima, I asked you what you got into last night.

- Mindin' my own business.

- Well damn, excuse me.

Sorry for askin'.

- My bad, Miya.

You know, she had a bad night,

her man in jail, he still aint shit,

but she good though.

- What the fuck is goin' on with you?

- I'm still shook up from last night.

I cannot believe we got away with that.

Pam, he could have killed us.

I think we killed him.

- I know.

What the fuck is you doin'?

- What?


Just a little somethin' I picked up.

- So you've been walkin' around with a $25,000 purse

jumpin' out of 2013 Camry and drawin' attention?

- They gonna say it was photoshopped anyway.

- Keisha, stop playin'

Get rid of the purse.

- No, listen, I earned this.

Thinkin' about gettin' you one too.

What you waitin' on.

- I have to agree, what are we waiting on?

That was a $100,000 lick.

Divided three ways?

We deserve it.

- We risked our lives, three times.

- Naw, the first one don't count.

No, it does count.

And it would have been over $120.

The other was $33,000.

And when Sean see that purse,

He gonna kill us all.

We got to think smarter.

- Look, you may be the brains,

but you aint gotta think for me.

I'm goin' to the mall, you wanna come?

- No, you's a petty bitch, you know it?

- Girl, the only reason you doin' this,

is to bail some bum ass dude out of jail,

and I don't tell you to throw away, your cut.

- This comin' from a ho,

who's nigga's a dope fiend.

- Oh whoa, whoa, whoa.

Y'all, damn, chill out.

- Chill out?

That's your girl, over there,

proppin' up weak shit.

- Hold up.

You aint gotta put me on no other bitch.

- Look, here, you been on some bull shit all day.

- Me?

Oh, so you taken up for Keisha?

So what, y'all a couple?

So what, y'all fuckin' now?

Yeah, fuck this shit.

- Keisha,

- Hell no.

(tense music)

(energetic rock music)

- Y'all find what you lookin' for?

- So again, you didn't do what I asked you to do.

I told you, I needed that money.

It's niggas in here, that's probably goin' where I am goin'

And you out here bull shittin'.

- Don't worry.

- What you mean, don't worry?

Didn't I just tell you,

there are niggas in here that I owe.

- Listen, I got the money.

- What?

- I got $33,000, in cash.

- What?

- Yeah, I got $33,000, in cash,

on me, right now.

And I got realtor's business card

so he can find the building for the salon.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Listen, we worry about the salon, later.

Where's the money?

- It's in my purse.

Where do I go to pay your bail,

and when do you get out?

- Hold on a second.

There are procedures that we have to go through,

before we do that.

Listen, go home,

and we will give you a call.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Baby, go home.

And we'll get the paperwork together, today.

Then we'll have it ready for you tomorrow.

- Okay.

- I love you.

- Shit.

(tense music)

- Listen, James.

You know, we really can't believe anything

she is sayin' right now, right?

- What you mean?

- Do you really think she

has $33,000 in her purse?

She couldn't even sell your drugs for you,

where's she gonna get that kind of money?

Get your head back in the game.

She just tryin' to see what in it for her.

There is no way, she has $33,000 in her purse.

Where would she get that kind of money?

There's no way,

she has that kind of money in her purse.

James, get your head back in the game.

- Damn, you right.

We need a plan B.

I got a half a mil,

stashed at my woman's house.

- You have a half million at Kima's home?

- Excuse you.

- Excuse you.

- No, I said my woman's house, not my bitch.

- Here.

(phone ringing)

- You okay?

- Charmain, Taylor.

- Who's phone is this?

(phone ringing)

- That's mine.

- Baby, when are they gonna let you out?

- I need you home.

Your son misses you.

Your side of the bed is startin' to get cold.

- I know.

Look, I got one of my young boys

workin' on it now.

I'll be home soon.

- Just hurry up, baby.

We gonna miss the grand opening for our salon.

You put too much money into that buildin',

for you not to be home, enjoyin' your investment.

- I know.


- I love you.

- I love you, too, babe.

(tense music)

- So about that half mil I told you about,

It's in my son's closet.

I need you to get it for me.

You the only person I trust, right now.

- And how am I supposed to come about this?

- What you mean?

- How am I supposed to get my hands on the money?

- Oh, listen,

Go over to the crib.

Tell her you need her to fill out

some paperwork or something like that.

Then say, you gotta use the bathroom.

Shit, I mean.

Go in his room, go in his closet, grab it,

then dip out.

- Okay, well first,

I need you to sign this paperwork.

Sign that.

- What is this?

- It's an agreement,

that says you and I keep our conversations confidential.

- All right.

(suspenseful music)

- Slow your roll baby girl.

I know what you want.

- I don't believe you.

- Here, You want this.

Now, I know its hard.

I know you really worked yourself into some shit.


But we'll work it out.

Just come with me this way

and let's talk about it.

- Damn, she still not answerin'.

- So?

We don't need her.

Plus you know she gonna act

like she don't know us when James get out.

- That's not the point, Keisha

That's Kima, our special K,

friend and sister for life, remember?

- Okay, well she needs to start actin'

like that then.

- She does.

She was just lookin' out for you.

- How's way?

- We wasn't there to steal no fuckin' purses.

We were there to get the money.

We coulda went to the mall and stole a fuckin' purse.

- Not this purse.

This is a Hermes, snakeskin, Birkin Bag,

easily over $100,000.

- A hundred thousand dollars?

- A hundred thousand dollars.

And y'all thought I was gonna leave,

up out there without this?

Ha-ha shit.

- Worth enough to lose your friend, though?

No, it's priceless.

- Tell that to K.

- Naw, you goin' to tell it to K.

- You could tell me,

what's good?

- We aint tellin' you shit.

And where the fuck you come from, my dog?

- That's cool.

And when you ready to lay down

with a the real man,

come holler at the dick across the street,

not the one in your drawer.

- Is that the same money from the other day?

Damn it is the same money from the other day.

Ha-ha, but you got yourself a date.

I'm be there later with that dick you like.

- Fuck you, dog.

- That's what I'm goin' to do

since you keep askin' for it.

- Whatever.

- You like a 12, oh no,

no you like a 13, like your shoe size.

I got it.

Hey, yo.

I got a plan.

It don't involve Kima or that app.

Guns and masks, straight old school.

- What you mean?

♪ Go fuck around with the sad bitch. ♪

♪ Ash, ash, ash.

♪ Dust to dust, dust, dust, dust. ♪

♪ Pop the clutch.

♪ You just a sad bitch.

♪ Below average.

♪ Fuckin' with a sad bitch.

♪ That's what make.

♪ You a sad bitch. - Mom, I'm hungry.

(doorbell ringing)

- Give me a second.

Just go play with your toys.


(body hitting the floor)

(triumphant music)

(funky music)

(psychedelic music)

(video game shooting)

- Still playin' that fuckin' game.

(door slamming)

- Do ya know who the fuck y'all robbin?

- Nigga, I aint scared to die.

If you gonna do it, do it.

- You about to kill him, right?

(gun firing)

- Ow.


Fuck, fuck, fuck.

- Mother fucker.

- Ow.

- How bad is it?

- No so bad, its like a flesh wound.

I don't know.

Fuck, it hurts.

- Where the fuck did home boy come from?

- Ooh shit.

- [Pam] Fuck, fuck, fuck.

- Oh shit.

- I don't know who did this shit,

but I'm thinkin',

Somebody gotta die.

(phone ringing)

- Hello?


Frank is that you?

- Wait, what are you doin'?

- What the is

Are you okay?

- Oh guess what.

- What?

- I was shot today.

- Are you kiddin' me?

It's just a flesh wound.

- Okay, 'cause you were draggin' in here

like Ricky off of Boyz in The Hood.


- Oh my gosh.

- It still hurts.

- Look, I know we had a fallin' out and everything.

But we're sisters.

We supposed to be able to nip this in the bud.

And move on.

- Okay, I'm sorry, Kima.

I don't know what got into me.

I know you were only tryin' look out for me.

I shoulda never let some purse get between us,

even if it's worth $100,000.

- A hundred thousand dollars?

That's how much that purse was worth?

- Yeah, but still it's not worth it.

- Yeah.

But $100,000?


It was kinda my fault too.

With James being in jail,

and I guess I was mad at myself, and all.

But I'm sorry, too.

- That's okay.

- Ho, where'd you get this money from?

- Well, robbed Jame's baby mama.

- Wait, James got a baby mama?

- That nigga, got a whole family.

- I knew that nigga was trash.

What I didn't know is

that you were robbin' solo.

- Jealous much?

You got some nerve to be talkin'

comin' up in here with a bullet hole in your arm.

- Shit, Combs got a bullet too.

- Y'all robbed the dude across the street from you?

- Fuck Combs.

- Fuck Combs.

Fuck James.

Let's throw that nigga out and kill his ass.

Then after that,

let's burn Comb's house to the ground.


- Look, I feel a whole lot better,

it's all straight.

- So back to this.

How much is this?

- It's a lot.

A whole lot.

- We straight out here, y'all.

- Plus.

- Oh no.

- I know how you feel about drugs,

so I already hit my connect up.

We all goin' to Cleveland.

We all need a break.

We gonna leave in the morning.

- Yeah, I'm sorry about the drugs.

- Fuck it, I'm with it.

♪ We survived hot summers.

♪ And ruthless winters.

♪ And now we celebratin' over Ruth Chris Dinner. ♪

♪ Hell, my dog in the street.

♪ That's a day that I remember. ♪

♪ So we celebrate him over Ruth Chris Dinner ♪

♪ Early in my lifetime I used to hearin' ♪

- My dude said everything checked out,

so we good.

- Mikey, I told you this shit is real.

- I know but why so cheap though,

you coulda got way more for that.

- If you aint got the clientele, say, "Hell no."

- True in deed.

I only fuck with winners.

- And that I am, my nigga.

♪ I took a loss so they had to chance. ♪

(tense music)

- You all nigga's mean too tell me,

that two niggas, with masks on,

Came through that back door,

and made you niggas get on the ground.

This aint no arcade, nigga.

This a neither fuckin' trap house.

What the fuck you think

all these guns are for, nigga?

Y'all niggas, spend all this,

fuckin' time, playin' these,

mother fuckin' video games,

but you won't shoot shit in real life, nigga?

- To be honest, boss he aint that good

in the video game. - Mother fucker.

You better get my money

or I'm gonna kill your mother fuckin ass.

You got that?

(somber music)

- Hey, yo.

Let's leave Texas, here we go.

Say we got one.

We been on the road all night,

I'm tired.

- Yeah, me too.

I'm not with it right now.

- Naw, fuck that.

We gonna make this super night.

Shit we already drunk.

Scheme work take teamwork.

My babies.

- You know we don't have to do this anymore.

- I got the bag from James.

You got the got the money from Comb's house.

Hell, we got the money off the drugs too.

Yo, we straight out here.

- Right.

- Kima, you know I'm gay, right?

- Duh.

- So I'm never straight.


- So, you really wanna do this?

- Hell, yeah.

- Fine, let's just do it.

Since Pam's greedy ass want to.

(slow music)

♪ Beat, drum is the beat.

♪ Bomb see you, baby.

- So you think Combs has somethin' to do

with that shit?

- Naw, bro, naw.

Don't get me wrong, man .

That nigga a weasel.

But he aint no snake, bro.

- I just wanna make sure

we don't have any Calvins in our county.

- Listen bro, we good on that.

We gonna get whoever has somethin' to do

with that shit.

For sure.

- Oh whoa, whoa.

Where you goin' pretty lady?

- Was just goin' to find my girls.

- Naw, you come over and sit next to a boss.

- Shit, okay.

- What you doin' here?

- You know, just havin' a good time.

How 'bout you?

- I just tryin' to have a good time with you.

- Ooh okay.

- You finer than a mother fucker.

Aren't you an Instagram model or some shit?

- Please stop, don't play with me.

- I'm sayin' you might as well

let a nigga get that RG name

So we can link.

You can definitely come with me,

Shit, I'm parked outside.

- What's the plan?

- So what you doin' after this?

- I'm tryin' to go with you.

- Mmm. Mmm. Mmmm. Mmm.

You can definitely come with me if you want to.

- Okay, I follow you.

- So let's roll.

- Go ahead.

♪ I'm a, I'm a, I'm a OG boy.

♪ Here we go supportin' nothing. ♪

♪ OG boy

♪ You either ride or die.

♪ I'm an OG, boy.

- Okay, you know what baby, maybe we shouldn't.

(Pam knocking)

- Hey, we gotta go.

- Your grandma drown in the shower.

- Drown in the shower?

- Sorry baby, I gotta go,

maybe next time?

- Yeah, all right.

- My grandma drown in the shower?

- Well, I didn't feel like doin'

that goofy shit, anyway.

My brain is tired.

- No man, I thought

that man was about to kidnap me.

And y'all in there asleep.

- Sorry, man.

I thought I had it in me.

- No, that's not okay.

The music is loud as hell

and y'all act like you at home.

It's dangerous.

- Okay, let's go.

We sorry, man.

- That aint right.

- Well, hey, Pam, drop me off at the crib.

I need to get a power nap.

- We in the middle of somethin' , K.

- Well, I know, but if I don't get some sleep,

I'm not gonna be good anyway.

- All right.

(upbeat music)

♪ I got a it.

- Bye, y'all.

- Bye.

- Pam.

- Yeah, what's up?

- My stomach growlin'

Stop at the store.

I love you too.

♪ Be with all the girls.

♪ Bullshit drippin' off the chin. ♪

- Stop, you're always hungry, man.

- I know.

- You ate all the snacks on the way back from Cleveland.

- Why didn't you get somethin' to eat at the bar?

- Because they got greasy food at the bar.

- You know they fry those in grease, right?

Man, you eat like you smokin' man.

You smokin' weed?

- So what?

I'm tryin' to get thick.

- Shit look at who we got here.

My baby mama and her boyfriend.

My nigga, tell me you,

still not hittin' my baby mama,

with those expired dildos, bro.

But if a strap could talk,

ask it, is that pussy, good?

Take it from me,

It is.

It's good.

See, us men, we half to stick together.

So it's like that?

No play?


- Sean aint nobody worried about you,

or that possum face bitch.

Take your pet, back to your house.

- Yeah, don't y'all have some Coke or somethin' to snort?

- I know these bitches are not talkin' to me.

- Hey hold on, hold on.

Don't talk to my baby mama like that.

I got this.

- Handle it.

- Oh, here we go,

do somethin' nigga.

I told you, next time you pull a gun out on me,

you better kill me.

Bitch,, nigga

See boy.

Told you, next time,

mind your own mother fuckin' business, nigga.

- You okay.

- I'm good.

(car idling)

(door slamming)

- You comin' in?

It's all good, girl.

I been hit harder by bitches.

- Naw, I'm gonna ride around

and blow off some steam.

- No, come on.

You need some chill time.

Come here.

- All right.

(Slow music)

♪ I've been thinkin' 'bout you all day. ♪

♪ When I finally get you right here with me. ♪

♪ We both know why you came

♪ You don't gotta say a thing.

♪ We only see a page.

♪ You aint gotta be my girl

♪ And I aint gotta be your man. ♪

♪ 'Cause titles can be so confusing. ♪

♪ And I already know when them secrets hit the floor. ♪

♪ They won't be the only thing that's goin' down. ♪

♪ I say yeah.

♪ But I need your body to make it happen. ♪

♪ We can do all them freaky things you can imagine. ♪

♪ Yeah, so baby so no titles.

- You know, I got this nigga out here askin'.

about that one thing.

We should know somethin' in a day or so.

- For sure.

For sure.

- Well, shit, what you got poppin' over there?

- Look, you remember that bitch

I told you I met at the club, bro?

This bitch on the gram lookin' thick as grits, nigga.

I'm talkin' Quaker, bro.

- Shit, let me see.

- She got the guys visual.

- God damn.

- Uh-huh.

- Yo. I know her.

- My nigga, please tell me you haven't fucked

that bitch, bro.

- No.

I get down like that but no.

It's this pretty little gay bitch

across the spot there, fuck with her.

They playin' or some shit.

- Straight up.

- As a matter of fact, there she go right there.

- Oh yeah, matter of fact,

shorty was with her the night I met her.

Both of these bitches can get fucked, for sure.

- Oh shit.

That's that tattoo.

Nigga that's the tattoo.

- Nigga, tattoo?


Nigga, what tattoo?

- The tattoo the nigga had on his hand,

that robbed the spot.

- Are you sittin' up here tellin' me

that you let some bitches.

You let that bitch, run up in my spot

and rob you, nigga?

- What I'm tellin' you is ,

that's the tattoo on nigga hand

that took your money and your work.

All this shit, makes sense though.

Those hoes be right across the street

and they know how we move.

- Nigga, you got robbed by some hoes, nigga.

- Yeah them hoes had guns.

- I don't wanna hear shit about no guns, nigga.

(curious music)

- This bitch got me fucked up.

(cans in pillow case thumping)

(Sean grunting)

- Funny thing is,

I aint even have to pull my gun,

for you to get popped.

Your weak ass.

I'll take those.


- Please don't.

Please don't kill me.

Please don't kill me.

Don't kill me.

Please don't

don't kill

don't kill

- Bitch shut up, aint nobody gonna kill you.

You know your colors?

Bitch, do you know your colors?

- Yes, I know my colors.


- Shut up.

Silence is golden.

Duct tape is silver.

So bitch, don't play with me.

I know where your mama stay.

And where your kids play.

(woman crying)

- Sean?



Sean, Sean, Sean.


Sean, Sean.

- (gasp)

(dog barking)

(phone ringing)

Answer the phone, Keisha.

(phone beeping)

(phone dialing)

(phone ringing)

Pam. Pam

Are we still good?

- Yeah, we still on.

I'm on my way to the crib, now to grab Keisha.

Come on.

- Okay.

(hinges creaking)

- You sittin' there spendin' my money

on this girly shit?

If you know somebody,

who wanna see your ass alive again.

I suggest you give them a call,

and tell them to bring my shit.

(trunk shutting)

- (gasps) Pam.

- He took her K.

- Oh my god.

Okay, wait, okay calm down.

Maybe she just went to the store.

- You think she trashed this place

to go to the fuckin' store?

They took her.

- Who is they?

- Comb. Fuck.

- Come on, we gotta go find her, get up.

Come on.

We'll find her.

Wait a minute, stop.




- What?

Hold up.

(phone dialing)

(phone ringing)

- [Woman On phone] Hello?

- Hey yo.

I know who robbed you.

Ya, it was my ex boyfriend.

And he gave me a very expensive purse

from the robbery.

How can you trust me?

'Cause he cheated on me.

Look, I know where the nigga's at,

I'm about to text you.

(suspenseful music)

(car doors slamming)

- You look pretty cute with that purse, nigga.

- Nigga, did you bring my money

and my mother fucking dope, nigga?

- Money and dope?

- I was gonna ask you the same shit.

- The plan was for you to bring my shit, nigga.

- No, the plan was for me to come get my shit

and kill you and them bitches.

(guns clicking)

- Nigga did you bring my money

and my mother fuckin' dope?

(trunk clicking)

(gun firing)

- Pam.

- No, no, no.

She's okay.

She's fine.

Keisha come on.

Pam, she knows what she's doin'.

Come on.

She wants you to go.

(guns firing)

(suspenseful music)

- I knew you would fuck me one way or another.

(gun firing)

(body thudding)

- Hey.

We still got a job to do.

- What?

Aint you hurt?

- Yeah, but I'd be more hurt

if I took that asshole out for nothing.

- K get me my purse.


- So what do you mean a bitch ran up in the crib

and beat your ass?

What happened?

- I opened the door.

And the bitch punched me in my face.

- Did they take anything?

- They who?

Okay, who is this they that you speak of?

It was one bitch.

- Did she take anything?

- She took my self respect, James.

Damn, my eye still hurts.

- Fuck your eye.

Fuck your face.

Did they rob you?

- It was one bitch.

No they.

And no, she didn't take anything.

- Cool.

- Not cool.

How am I gonna go to my grand opening

with my face lookin' like this?

- Man, fuck your grand opening.


- That's her, right there.

- What?

- That's the ho that punched me

in my face, James.

- Kima, what the fuck, did you do?

- I didn't do shit.

I just made a withdrawal.

- You took my money?

- What money, James?

- That shit wasn't yours, Kima.

- You were my investor,

so I expedited the investment.

- No bitch, you stole from me.

- (clears throat) There was no money there.

- What the fuck you mean, wasn't no money there?

Who's side are you on?

- Nobodies.

- But when I went there,

there was no money there.

Only your beat up girlfriend.

- So you really think

you can do this shit to me?

Do you know who the fuck I am?

- I know exactly, who the fuck you are.

You's a broke nigga,

soon to be a dead nigga, period.

- It's cool.

It's cool.

Because I'm about to post bail, anyway.

Soon as my lawyer, get me the fuck out of here.

Bitch, you dead.

I don't give a fuck where you are.

I'm gonna find you.

- Did you say, your lawyer?

- My lawyer.

- Well you must have got a new one.

Cause, you see this man right here?

He's my father.

- Your father?

The fuck.

You don't even talk to your father.

- Didn't tell you everything, James.

You never gave me the chance.

- They are some fucking snakes.

- Hey, hey, hey.

- What?

- Listen, they're always hiding more

than you think, baby girl.

I'm just glad I was here

to get you out of this mess.

- I didn't need you to.

But thank you.

- So what is this?


- Dad, I can't, I can't do this.

You're the reason, mom is dead.

- That wasn't my fault.

Your mother died of a drug over dose.

- No. You weren't there for her.

You were too busy, workin' or with

your rich friends.

She was by herself, all the time.

- I'm here.

I'm here.


And I'm not goin' anywhere.

- What you want for this?

- Protection and access.

James basically said "Fuck y'all"

But not me.

I wanna see you boys eat out here, still.

Here's a little money on good faith.

- Okay.

- Enjoy.

- Fuck, man.

- (giggling)

- What the fuck do you want?

I'm here to invest in you, James.

- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah. I put some money on your books.

- Hmmph. How much?

- The $40 ball.

- Forty dollars?

- See, You always fuckin' up

- a good moment with that bullshit.

- First of all, don't count my mother fuckin' pockets.

- This is my money.

- I buy what the fuck I want, when I want.

I'm the one out there in the street getting these bags.

And you just want me to throw it all away

on your little books?

So you can get with this shit or you can get the fuck on.

All I'm tryin' to do is get money and ball,

that's it.

- So you really think you and your father,

gonna put enough work on the streets

to keep me behind bars?

What, you gonna pay niggas off

to testify against me?

- Sorry to disappoint you,

but your not even worth it.

Dymez don't drop dymez.

- Hey.

- Hey.

(phone vibrating)

- You put the phone in a nigga bag in New York?

- And it's legit.

I'm gettin' dick from a nigga from the New York Knicks.



- It's lit!

- Oh you gonna keep goin'?

Scheme work takes teamwork.

- Guess we on the way to NYC.

(upbeat music)

♪ I need to wait.

♪ Bed like to shake.

♪ Tied down.

♪ Shades on.

♪ Hair blown away.

♪ A list on the way so.

♪ So, save me a plate, bro.

♪ I will not waste, no.

♪ More time chasin' hoes.

♪ By lowering my dreams.

♪ It's supposed to recede.

♪ It gonna be some fun.

♪ I can't wait to tell my mom.

♪ Mom, guess what?

♪ We made it.

♪ Yeah, I made it.

♪ And beyond the greatest.

♪ Yeah, we made it.

♪ They say aint no job in the world. ♪

♪ Harder than to get in your world. ♪

♪ We made it.

♪ We made it.

♪ All the struggles I been through. ♪

♪ Is among the issues.

♪ Doesn't join no tissues.

♪ Finally I get to, do whatever I like. ♪