Dylan Moran: Monster (2004) - full transcript

Dylan Moran talks about Dublin, greetings, cigarettes, drugs, life potential, the ideal body, health foods, modern cookery, wine, hotel rooms, mobile phones, cash machines, partying, vodka, whiskey, gin, children and their owners, babyboomers, blues, rap music, young people, politeness, lies, politicians, flatmates, news, euphemism, anti-americanism, the French, religion, prejudice, homosexuals, smurfs, Jesus, beauty, fear, men, women, male genitalia, female genitalia, dialects, Englishmen, Americans, and Irish hair.

Help me, I did not realize

I see no int?r?t I. ..

This is just for the DVD.

Why do people in ach?tent?
They have no life? What is it? I know, I know...

I can have the gazpacho? No probl?me. Soup,
for the artist. The gazpacho. And a vivarium...

Dylan, thank you
have a moment. 1?re question. O? do you find all your

OK. You travaill? with
tr?s known actors,

you have any stories, anecdotes of

You pr?f?rez the ?criture, work as an actor... Two minutes. Wait Wait

1?re question. O? trouvez-vous
toutes vos id?es ?

OK. Vous avez travaill? avec
des acteurs tr?s connus,

vous avez des histoires,
des anectodes...

Vous pr?f?rez l'?criture,
le travail d'acteur... ?

Deux minutes. Attendez !
Attendez !

Putain de truc !

Oh no!


Name of God!
What int?r?t

Done too hot...

I'll go...

Good evening. Thank you very much
?tre to come, Dublin. There are so many things to ?
in the corner now. You could not come,
it's not like

when I lived here, with horizontal rain

and the 55 guys who are fighting around
of cacahu?tes for a pint.

You know, time o? people
their hair with milk caill?,

and people were sharing four teeth
gold for a family enti?re.

Everything chang? apr?s 18 million
ann?es of these things.

It has become a kind of m?lange
Barcelona and Miami.

Tout a chang? apr?s 18 millions
d'ann?es de ces trucs.

C'est devenu un genre de m?lange
de Barcelone et de Miami.

Everyone ends up in places that are called

And you know you're in a country full

when you can not pay you rent,

people say: "Yes, I have a beautiful
foot-?-land in the slum

"No probl?me.
We live in a tree

" it is only 400.000 euros, but... "

I have no desire any ?a,
I'm bored with not ?a.

You know, when...

Oh, good evening and all ?a, the fact

I spend too much time
l? above,

because I think it is a portal for

but that people worry a little.

You can say "Hello" but you
apr?s ?a d?merdes, actually...

People are afraid, once
they said "Hi"...

"A pineapple?"
They know not... What really


So I just d?barasse.

What was I saying?
Go, go .. .

I remember it.
I can not do everything here.

Oh, no, no...

There are smokers,

and all that stuff for which people
s'?nervent, etc....

You have demand?.

But you get used to everything ?a ?, ?
the end. It's easy tr?s. I habitu? ?
these herbal cigarettes...

This is not compliqu?...

These herbal cigarettes

This is a perfect copy
of other stuff that I smoked.

C'est une copie parfaite
des autres trucs que je fumais.

No, no! Do not applaud!
It's too sad

?a should not ?tre an act of
d?sob?issance to smoke one. Unless ; ?tre really a doctor who works
pr?s an incubator.

That should not make a fuss

All this stuff ill?gaux,
It's incredible.

It will not work.

In a few ann?es,
what will happen is that

all government inspectors will

skin covered br?lures

People love what is
bad for them.

It's always like ?t? ?a.

No one is going in these fast-

or one of those things < br /> ? 4am to ask:

"You have salads?

"Vous avez des salades ?

"I want a radish.
I need it.

" You know how ?a done. "

I have a sympathy limit?e for those anti-h?ro?ne,

time since I've always
not heard anyone complain.

"Yeah, makes you ?a well cast, but
?a file gurgling in the belly. "

But I do not consume myself

I am old now .
I need it anymore.

For the t?te running, I l?ve
a chair when I expect not.

You pr?viens
not sleep when you want to do your shoelaces...

But everyone loves
what is bad for him.

But people s'?nervent,
especially in town,

because they are stress?s.

People running around,
in traffic, while ?a.

They are weird. They
these bad things and unhealthy

as the gym or yoga

and all that stuff that you canc?rig?nes
? catch the end.

And all those books con ?,

"Bring out your You" or

"Find 95 things you sant?
imagin? you would not stuff before "

or" D?veloppez your potential ",
voil? in another.

This is a dangerous id?e
tr?s tr?s. Should

not approach its potential,

voil? something that needs
fuck a royal peace.

Are you going to break...

This is the potential, let

Do not look!

Shut ?a derri?re door
? the int?rieur you.

?a It's like we should do.
Because at least, in your t?te,

your body is a beautiful palace.

With marble floors lustr?,

brod?es draperies,

fen?tres Mullian with lots of Mullian of it or anything.

The flamingos that ?
serve drink.

Pianos canap?s
who fire in the mouth of Types ?l?gants

converse all?grement
that a whole bunch of crap.

"Yes, remember the time ?a
o? j'?tais ? Budapest with Binky...

"Oui, ?a me rappelle le temps
o? j'?tais ? Budapest avec Binky...

"we were trying to steal
geese in the casino"

Paf! A vol-au-vent

Do not open that door. For ?a ?a will not like. All it will c ' ;
is a small gray cat, and that the d?plum? diarrh?e,

on a mattress with springs d?passent,

and you meow
face with his eyes exorbit?s.

And he also smokes, probably

to highlight the old twisted
couch?e fil?s with her tights.

While a horrible kind, d?frusqu?,
a cup of Viandox ? hand

wearing a striped jacket ?,
will tell you...

This is ?a, your potential...

But look at these guys who use it,
who use it really,

C'est ?a, ton potentiel...

Mais regarde ces mecs qui l'utilisent,
qui s'en servent vraiment,

large athl?tes, the Beckhams, the
Ali in the world,

these people running around
on the ground, screaming,

Is what they are happy?

They d?truisent

Who is happy? You, the big
enfoir?s that look. With a can of bi?re,

pos?e 9?me on your chin,

screaming advice < br /> athl?tes the best in the world.

"But what a jerk!"

It would make you unhappy...

Ca d?primerait you to know ' br /> the little you have.

You do not want to know
the best you can do

if you did your best,
?nergie with all that you find in you,

and that you d?vouais
? am?liorer you,

et que tu te d?vouais
? t'am?liorer,

than anything you could achieve,
may ?tre,

is eat fewer cookies

Nobody ?a need to know.

I know those people who need to try to

They have no imagination, that these types
? the gym will continue id?al.

To lift this stuff, and get
on this stuff, it's dangerous.

Nobody should ?tre l? inside.

All ?a to carve out a body id?al,
but all they come out,

is a body harder,
muscl?, carr? more, that's all.

The objective, the main word, it is

You can have what you want .

My body id?al,
s?rement it would be just a...

eye, it did s?rement
need only one...

stuff foam
? instead of teeth,

because we're always
emmerd? with ?a.

And a super long tube with
after my ass for not having ? look into it.

Ca, it would id?al.

Ashtrays are also ill?gaux...

All those people who are asking
implants is d?primant

I see no
... not at all what the purpose.

If they want more love, attention or

but they choose places like
?vidents l?...

But if they want attention

why not in the eyes

And they'll put your eyes
o? t?tons were,

and within the t?te.
Ca, ?a attracts attention.

And be careful ? itself
tr?s is boring,

? be careful what you eat, eat
cabbage and stuff,

nobody wants to ?a.

You eat them fast enough,
they arr?tent not happen again.

But be aware
make concessions while growing up.

I am v?g?tarien,

But I'm not int?griste.

You know, I like meat.

Just because I like the go?t.
So, morally, I gagn?.

Je d?conne pas avec ?a. Les gens
me conseillent de manger que du poisson.

Ou que des l?gumes.
Carr?ment tout ?liminer.

I eat that t?tes.
Keep everything, I just take ?a.

Take the rest and spend the
t?te ? fry quickly.

I like interacting with my food.

And you always win their sympathy
if you eat the eyes.

M?me ?a...

it's become something
increasingly difficult ? appr?cier,

just eat.

Because ?a has ?t? f?tichis?
by this id?al art of living.

The Kitchen ?missions
that everyone looks are laughable.

You do not need an aquarium
in the atrium that you did not.

And people feel oblig?s
been published, in their own lives.

Who has time at his home

that really the time to
d?piauter b?b? the rabbit

soak in tears

nail on the pergola,

and the torch
work for it has the right texture,

m?me color and the tomatoes that you
?cras?es just with elbows?

Who... has the time?

Nobody lives like ?a.

Everyone says
that all others do.

What happening is that you come home from work

and you say,
if you really like:

"Tonight, we
will eat something that has more than two colors. "

But you can not do it.

You find yourself in front of the vautr? t?l?, ?

eat bread in bags

that you dip into anything softer than
of bread.

Because we do not time

time for this shit.

I know those guys who lie to you
by telling you that you are fain?ant,

as you know how to live.

And they ?a with wine,
they always try to tell you

What's in it,
compliqu? how it is, they say:

"It is...

" From Moccasin...

"From d?tachant ? the ; ac?tone...

"It is extraordinary.
Perfect if you are sued by the Stasi. "In a dark tunnel,
while you will meet a monk." There are two kinds of wine. And ?a,
everyone knows it. There is one that you drink

"Yeah, it's good. Can < br /> have 8 bottles of it l?? "

And there is the other, you do:

Il y a celui que tu bois
en disant :

"Mouais, il est bon. On peut
en avoir 8 bouteilles de celui-l? ?"

Et il y a l'autre, tu fais :

"Damn, what's that thing?"

Occasionally, I admit, there are wines
more subtle:

"Well, it is good.
Yeah, not bad. "

And there's nothing else
? add, really.

People really .. .

bad things for them.

Really. Stimulants,
all that stuff. Always. Every time when these politicians, footballers
or another,

chop? is in a room h?tel,
entour? of whores and of coca?ne,

everyone says:
"Oh, it's shameful,

" how did you have it?
As c ' is despicable!

"I have never done ?a...

" I've never had a chance... But I would never
fact ?a

"J'en ai jamais eu l'occasion...
Mais j'aurais jamais fait ?a !

"Oh, that through me the d?go?t
right now,

" you could put in the bottle. "

What do you filerais other
? of prostitu?es in h?tel

"Someone wants yogurt?
I made this morning. Someone? "" There are fruits and everything.
Oh, come on! " Everyone is corrupt
in a room h?tel.

You can not worry emp?cher.

This is the only place in the world
o? 1?re thing you do,

what is biting everything you can, before
m?me remove your paletaud.

Jumping on the bed,
bathing cap on t?te,

you wonder:
"What can I do?"

En sautant sur le plumard,
le bonnet de bain sur la t?te,

tu te demandes :
"Qu'est-ce que je peux faire ?"

I think this is the fact that t?l?phone
?a, there are small pictures,

because you see,

most modern technology < br /> do not work.

This is cens? help you, but it is also
a ?norme pi?ge.

As laptops,
everyone has one now,

m?me I'm going to start.
ruin? It has everything.

People call you: "Hi, I'm in my bath!"

"Yes, but you're still the
m?me asshole...

" I esp?re you going drown, and
hello ".

And they have rotted because of the
to announce news, to tell things.

You came back from garden, you d?crochais
combin? in the bak?lite 3 kg,

to say "Miriam is dead!"

You can do more.

It is d?j? ? c?t?:

"Yeah, she t?te ? the upside,
exorbit?s eyes, like looks,

"you know what I mean?
She is in deep shit."

It's the same... It's
same with the Internet.

when people look at me I tell them: "No, I'm using it.

" I can not... "
This is true.

People look at you as if
t'?tais tomb? of a tree.

And they understand not.

They ask:
"Why not?

" You can not ?tre ? page. "

How can I ?tre more ? page?

I am alive, l?...

This is not trivial, ?a.

I like not
distributors tickets.

, still open
? 1am

you trying to focus you, and it
arr?te not ask you questions.

- "You ?tes happy with your sandwich?
- I know!

" I'm not emball?
these sausages!

- "Do you check your account?
- You're what? My m?re?

"It is o? button
shaped bi?re?"

A bottle... why Voil?
?a happening in the room h?tel.

You can not... There
these images.

You see the button with the image type
with his plate,

you press it, and it comes with a sandwich

And you think
"Yes, yes, yes,

" I contr?le the pigeon sandwich...

"It's a magical land, a magical land

With these small
t?l?phones Wizard of Oz.

But s?r
well... You have to monitor.

You can not do everything, you can
?a roost.

This is tr?s ?trange, when m?me,

it is measured with the number of tricks that you

When you're young, you can go out, you do everything
you want,

you can drink juice all soir?e

r?veiller for you and you fight.

And your cooked are not so bad, that ?

They are plut?t direct
a bit like prison guards

who say: "You have ?t? tr?s
stupid last night. L?ve up!

- "Go into the kitchen.
- No, I'm d?sol?...

-" Shut up. Goes into the kitchen.
- What I did...

"You chialais, mainly." But when you're older, < br /> this is really m?chant,

because when you r?veilles,
you think you're vir?...

"It's a beautiful journ?e...

"The birds are swinging,
trees sing...

" Magnificent...

"I believe that I'll walk me

"Can ?tre m?me ? the sea .."

? You start believing your own bullshit

You think that's what you've sandwich
bouff? Wednesday.

I know two or three things above l?.

Je connais 2 ou 3 trucs l?-dessus.

And once you got train?
jusqu'? the kitchen door

goblins and all you have done
... You cough and you


You see, we measure how much has

with the weight of emmerdes
in which it was fourr?.

You go out tonight, you put the t?te,
d?truis you,

someone asks you the following:
"How c'?tait last night?"

And you r?pondras "C'?tait g?nial.
I see nothing...

" I feel nothing. No sensation.
I have nothing left. "I get more m?me
? make sentences. " You'd come d?, < br /> you will have lost an ear... "

The main thing is that you fa?on

"T'aurais d? venir,
t'y aurais perdu une oreille..."

Le principal, c'est la fa?on
dont tu t'empoisonnes.

best, really, it's the wine
, ?a comes softly,

imaginative you stay, you can eat, talk
? people,

and ? a while, someone will say
: "I know... I know...

" we're going to play golf...

"in Croatia..."

And you say: "Great, I know someone who can

" me... "

This is not the same with the bi?re.
bi?re has s?rement ?t? invent?e

by food businesses.

Just for that People roam the streets
? 1am.

"Ca bouge ? Chope-le.
C'est une nonne ? Attrape-moi ?a !"

La vodka, c'est tr?s traitre.

Ca s'est d?mocratis?
pour les gamins, maintenant.

kids 3 years...

This is not good. Because it is a drink

wood you by telling you:
"What is it? Makes no int?r?t,

"?a go?t no, no smell, why
slamming our dough in...

" What are we doing on a
?le d?serte ? Huh? "

And whiskey,
everyone drinks it now

is a hard drink.

It'll d?double a little...

One of you is super nice.
The ?trangers arrive and you do:

"Come in, come. Sit.
Name of God, bouffez something.

"Sleep in my bed."

And suddenly, without pr?venir,
another d?barque:

"Steer yourself from home.
Go, get out,

"and leave a tip..."

But the most dangerous drink,
it's gin.

You have to really Attention tr?s ?a.

D?j? must ?tre 45 women, sitting in a staircase

Because it's not really
a drink, it's more a Mascarat.

"Nobody likes of Footwear my...

" I made 50 fucking vol-au-vent,
and not one of you,

not one of you,

said no thank you!

And my pr?f?r?e:
"Everybody shut up!

" This song is for me... "

What's for fun...

There are other times,

you say... It's a
ph?nom?ne tr?s Irish

and m?me England
in a lot of places,

lighthouses, marine bars...

Sometimes you think: < br /> "I do not live as ? ?a...

" I do not ? ?a. "
You can do without.

Nah, you think about it not so long that
?a... But...

It crosses your mind you.
It changes a lot

when you get older, I think.

Because you can not do ?a
throughout your life.

You're getting old a bit, you can have apr?s

tr?s quickly you become responsible
, I guess.

Or enrag? more...

and frustr?, prisoner of your own life...

Because the kids are
tr?s chouchout?s. Really.

Right? It's true, with all

privil?ges And all they have.

The kids who want
another biscuit,

those who
want... their own jeep

kids who need stuff.

Since when I have not seen a kid who needs

Since when I have not seen a kid do

"I had enough strawberry pie
for today , thank you.

"I'll go clean
the car, OK?"

But what's really...

Some drunks miniature
voil? what it is...

You know many people who greet you in the morning you
breaking the jaw?

In babbling anyhow!

All journ?e
... They can not walk straight m?me.

You could put them on an infinite surface

find a button and they would use their
journ?e ? push.

And apr?s it must take them

when you do something important like
?tre sitting.

They want to eat like alcoholics.

"What do you want to go?ter

" From tiramisu, fried with sugar. "

They talk as
types bourr?s.

"It's time to go to bed..."

"Go take your bath..."

"Get out of the bath... "

" Do something nonviolent
more than 5 seconds, will you? "

In England, they passed this law
, which forbids you to...

?duquer of your children physically.

It saddens me a bit. Before, I
m'?chappais the faster the job

to hit my children...

Being with them...

It are a whole lot of mani?res
? a child to say:

"Arr?te have fun ?
toggle switch,

" you d?j? put your finger on the
objective of this exp?rience,

"when you ?teins,
Dad sees nothing at all.

" It tr?buche on your toys for
try to catch you and kill you,

"p?tant by the foot..."

know the power that ; they l?.

You're morally oblig?
arr?ter of whatever you do,

and having a "discussion".
Because .. .

If not, they do not understand.

I think that children are the
m?mes now.

It's not that I saw m?mes
j'?tais when younger.


f?tes, you do your pranks,
run around, bleed...

Torture the weakest member of the group

The pranks all b?tes.
It's more like ?a.

I have a birthday ?t? ?,
young people who had in 10 years

?taient and they each in their corner, as
dead bees...

caf? with their milk...

They all ?taient l?, carefree.
Like Berlin in 1929.

What's happening?

I see a all? gar?on
"Qu ' , is this happening? "


You have 10 years, then you can drown
t'?lectrocuter, not having migraine.

And the girls too, I tell them I demand?
"Why nobody plays?"

She r?pondu
"Oh, that's all f?tes...

"It was cap, we dress well.
But nobody sees who you are...

" Fetch me a martini,
you want? " Can

... it's just the sophistication.

attention. They are more careful. The daughter of a friend of mine

?tait one of his drawings on the fridge,
stuff that you should always play

I was trying to ?tre nice, I said
"It's mom and b?b??"

She said: "No, it ' ;
is a skeleton who is nursing a ? cur?. "

Elle m'a dit : "Non, c'est un squelette
qui donne le sein ? un cur?."

- "Been Goya?
- No, d?sol?..."

... But there is this terrible moment,

when your kid looks at you and ask you
: "Dad, it's organic ?a?"


I grew up with Tagada!

C'?tait ?a, the main course.

There was no food,
? all meals, c'?tait of n?on

It took 3 seconds ? pr?parer.

As ?a, my parents could
fairce they wanted.

Their f?tes...

If I found this Dolto
I will kick your ass.

I'm jealous, terribly jealous

g?n?ration of my parents.

Ils avaient tout bon. Les gens qui
?taient en couple, ? l'?poque.

want, couples,
is something else...

and no one says you can
couples to have friends,

? some ?ge.
Because children.

Your d?cide kid to play with another,

then you're oblig? of
meet propri?taires.

And you hit them with you while they puff for

Or at home, you can not o?
you d?tendre

because it is larger,
more beautiful and clean.

You find yourself in
their bathroom telling you:

"I can not relax me here, there is no
pubic hair coll?s...

" With us, there
to ceiling... "

And they are always in

All this stuff when you get:

"Voil? the entr?e, voil? the kitchen, the living room

I know...

"Voil? the fridge nubuck,
whole house is nubuck.

- "We, too, is ?a Roy?
- Yes, ch?rie."

"Julie is happy tr?s < br /> ?cole in the village, in the for?t,

"a small arcade, a small paradise.
Multi-confessional s?r well,

" Rastafarianism, non-zen, they are all

"18 teachers per child,
they all have their laptop...

" users from viewing live at the Pentagon... "

I do not need this comp?tition.

I came here because you said you did
a damn chicken...

The g?n?ration of my parents, baby boomers
apr?s of-war,

they had what they wanted.
They were all good.

They reached the majorit?
in ann?es 60,

and Government them demand?
"What you need?"

"I know not, why not the pill?
You can have

"Although s?r. Voil?.
Something else

"Music? Voil?, the Beatles, the Stones
arrive later

" Velvet Underground, Janis Joplin
finishes eating and it happens.

"Well, if you want to do something,

" let your hair grow and fornicate like
b?tes... "

" If you ?a branch more, paint your house orange
and eat a lawyer. "

But when ?a has ?t? around
Our g?n?ration,

we arriv? ? the majorit?
"Well, what can we do?"

"Do not fuck
person or you'll die!

"It's okay. There will
bient?t MC Hammer... "

Not really a good deal...

Still, I essay?, believe me
I essay?...

to love rap.

And I feel tr?s
tr?s old...

J ' ; have to drag... essay?
the stairs.

But I can not do...

I understand the blues.

It is beautiful. The story of people who
d?testent big industry.

"I have nothing, but they took
?a also...

"I m?me no guitar, I'm just going
scratch my belly."

Names of sc?ne g?niaux,

"Blind Dead McJones"...

But rap is not ?a,
it is mostly what people have.

The r?putation.
tr?s It's aggressive.

"I've got hoes, I have a limo, a limo rolling
juice whore

"and bagouzes in my limo."

They say anything nice.


It's always
" I will stumble, you and your p?re,

"you drag your ass to your m?re,
drink your blood..."

It is o?, the dignit?

What happens to them when they get older

I esp?re that there is a retirement home
for them

infirmi?re with a pulpy.

Who: "It's time for your
?mission, Eminem...

"Leave the cookies alone
Puff Daddy, do not remake ?a."

This is a mentalit?
so infantile,

you ask ? a boy of 10 years:
"What do you think the world

" It's rotten.
Because I'm not what I want.

"I want a purple chair,
I want fries, right away."

This is a rap song...

everything they say, and
they make millions of dollars,

for this... shit.

And they run for d?penser
in a fur coat

cheeseburgers, and a jet

J'?tais in this bar, there are some

I never forget.

C'?tait the music played...

?tait g?nial the bar, he
?tait empty.

rentr? I am, I had a book, I wanted to ask
an hour

to sit and ?tre.

G?nial, nothing better than a bar empty.

And this music is pass?e,
I never forget.

"Funk Soul Brother"

I never forget, because
c'?tait also all the words.

C'?tait ?cole of this ?criture,
not too hard with the words,

Can ?tre if they o? d?foncent,
I dunno, there's a trick .

It sounded a bit like a million
fire trucks

chasing ambulances
10 million in a battlefield.

?a ? a volume that made the empty chair
bleed derri?re me.

?a was
"Funk soul brother,

" right away, yeah.

"Funk soul brother,
?coute ?a,

"Funk soul brother is, roughly,

"... it is just for you.

"it is the funk soul brother. "

After a moment, I understood the meaning of
this song.

I noted that someone was coming

apparently everyone in
satisfied, he must provide g?teau.

But the trick, he c'?tait
?tait yet l? .

C'?tait the feint.

But I'm not saying it's bad.

Nothing ?a.

All what I'm saying is that you could take
, say, a broom,

soak it in brake fluid,
the other end put me in the ass

me stalling on a trampoline,
in an elevator that goes up,

and j'?crirais
something better on the walls, that's all...

I essay?, but I can not do,

I remember when the singers
?taient singers,

types ugly...

Aretha Franklin needed a lot
place to eat his nuggets.

Janis Joplin came on sc?ne with his clothes covered with vomit.

And Nina Simone, she could complete a
railway at him.

c'?tait But okay, they ?taient
beautiful by what they did.

Now they have these pop train?es
laid by some sort of machine.

They have no talent,

but some parts of their body
c?l?bres more than them,

their ass trip in a jet s?par?
until the concert.

But they are nothing. They are what?
M?me It is not people. Just stuff that fill
strings. I am intimid? any ?a.

The youthful appearance that there is.

I see more young people in the street, when I go out

I see. ..

I see djeuns.

As they are in d?crits
police reports, that's all.

All soft shapeless,
under their hood.

With their pitbulls and
a brazier full of old.

They send as SMS, because they abandonn? speech.

As the crickets at night.

plotting horrible things, like making cider
? from the blood.

Comme les grillons la nuit.

Conspirant des trucs horribles,
comme faire du cidre ? partir du sang.

tr?s I feel old.
? c?t? When I pass them,

?a I do now, I pick my

I squeezed them hard, and I spend
? c?t?,

cl?s I push my fingers.

As ?a, if I hit
one of them,

I would cr?ve face!

In this bar, a young girl
tr?s beauty who served me,

she had jewelry and facial
whole thing,

loops, pious, and
crucifixion nails,

m?me its v?tements m ' intimidated,

marqu? his T-shirt:
"Porn Mongolo?de Infernal"

And I thought: "It must ?tre
soir?e a busy...

"How she could take a taxi

Scary, really scary stuff

So I look forward to
?tre damn old

really, really old.

When I could ?tre
to the restaurant with my son and my daughter and say:

"You know what I just did?
I piss? above...

"You d?merdez with ?a...

" Yeah, continues ?
me about your job, your divorce,...

"Honn?tement, j'?coutais not really.

" Which of you I could drown d?, ? ?a
I thought...

The are old boring stuff,
when you talk to them

kind of forget your name, or tell
m?me the story 50 times.

They forget not your name. They know they
you have said 50 times.

? death...

? They want to see what you're pr?t
for h?riter of life, that's all.

This is current ?tre about ? ?a,
in adult conversations.

Many conversations
are just a bunch of lies.

We spend a lot time
? ?tre polite to people.

It shows up saying
"Oh, I'm d?sol? ?tre of late.

" There was a movement, oh, really horrible

"I practice a d?
trichotomy on a camel,

" just with a rake Garden,

"c'?tait tr?s difficult
I d?sol?."

You just ?tre honn?te and say:

"Uh I knew you ?tiez l?.

"In fact, j'?tais my house, I
sent me a donut...

" And it ?tait d?licieux,
because I knew you were waiting...

"I've never really aim?.

" But if we do this r?union,
I can have something ? drink

"for that I fall?"

But people snap, they use
always lies.

Tricks ?normes, fair game,

"It's not you, it's me."

It's never you, it's always

?tre must be frank with them.

We must tell them:

"You remember that weird noise, when you fall asleep

"C'?tait m?chais me that the bed.

" Because I'm bored.
Oh, how I d?teste.

"I'm so d?teste
?a that gives me ?nergie.

" I have to get up to t?t
d?tester you,

" because there is not enough time in the

"If-you-please, get out."

And this other bullshit
"I need space."

People do not really quantify
space they need.

But strangely, ?a looks ?tre
m?mes the height, volume, air as you.

Look, I told myself that the c'?tait
1?re moiti? somehow

I should go l?.
And we will return to continue.

It is terribly hot, and
you're thirsty, right?

See you soon. Bye.

positions for making love, your

a. The Space Cowboy,

b. The deer blind,

c. The broke-a-boogie suicide

I also... What is the valence of

Do you mean...
plans for the future

What are we talking about? Ah, yes...

Yeah, Iraq...

I trouv? all ?a
? really hard to follow.

And I speak not about Ireland,
because they know nothing, actually.

Finally, what I remember...

when j'?tais here when j'?tais
r?ellement Irish

before I betray the country barring

When the information r?sumaient ? is:

"We'll build a bridge, but there
not rivi?re...

"to pass on. was annul?,
then nobody is going to work..."

This kind of stuff...

The latest international news are more...

dramatic, I think.

I'm not tr?s policy.
I understand nothing,

I pr?tends not understand < br /> the moiti?.

I do not like people who belong

People who are li?es
? politics remind me

those people with whom you live and who you
leave Post-It.

In the apartments, you know?

From the genre: "More caf?.
Not that ?a m'?nerve,

" c'?tait but mine.

"It ?tait on my ?tag?re, and
he ?t? enlev? of l?.

"If someone wants to replace,
I would take it a lot."

Sign?... Tina. Or: "Think ?
throw garbage in the Place where we throw them away,

" marqu?: Trash "


And I've been too...

"Ch?re Tina, everyone
d?teste you...

"Including people
that you have not yet rencontr?s.

" Your m?re appel? to say she has
aim? would never know you. "

But you can not make you... They always say stuff

they should always insult.
It this woman is

which queries a minister.
conservatiste leader Michael Howard

saucepans he had lying around.
There has been fit- in,

il avait des casserolles qui trainaient.
Il y a eu du rentre-dedans,

but it was she who spoke...

This is a journalist who is known for his appearance
is unfair,

but its voice...

? resembles that of a st?gosaure
that ass on fire...

Or a type that tries to drown < br /> for months...

How do you keep all
of nails on a blackboard only

There is nothing to ?, pass? 30 years, you're
oblig? watch the news,

or soir?es d?bats,
or anything,

because no other exp?rience
not gonna piss all

t'?nerver and much,
m?me in time...

Him I d?teste, it shows < br /> ? every time, and...

No, no, go away...

And you can not watch them in the USA, CNN, Fox,...

terrifi?s Because they are so that you
Getting bored so you zappes,

they are condescending, and ?a,
information are pr?sent?es by 45 types.

Hi, I'm Ted, Bob, Ralph
, Dick Dale, Nick, Will,...

And they arr?tent not change
the angle of cam?ras:

"Hello, this is me, I'm ?
my office,

" Wendy and out from under the desk
with m?t?o financi?re. "

All ?a, it's ridiculous.

The only chain to have information, that's when
m?me BBC Radio 4

a great institution, but
it's almost too much, while malgr?.

Because you l?ves,
to 7-8 hours , you turn on your radio,

and yet you find not
your elbow...

And there's this John Humphreys
which all interviews

and it looks ?tre up since ?
little pr?s midnight

? running in the halls of blaming
guys you know, lying.

This is tr?s aggressive d?s the d?but,
thou kindles and you as:

"Do not lie to me!
Do not lie to me!

" It's been 45 years since I ?a,
what am I, a d?butant fucking? "

But because it's the BBC

m?langent they all ?a
with a bunch of crap,

it goes from ?a jusqu'?
"I'm with Jenny Murty,

" who speaks with a champion
manufacturing haystack

"that his agency mont?
cleaning and publicit?,

"it is the turn of Andrew, journalist
policy to Parliament,

" you ?tes l?, Andrew, standing before
Parliament, in shoes

"that's going on there?"

"So, there is bunch of guys who come out accusing

" other types of lie, but those
accus?s lie

"have released their own all?gations,

" first accusers contr?
with a cons-cons charge,

"while an old guy,
is believed to be judge,

" just announced that premi?res
?taient accusations true,

"and all following ?changes
?taient enti?rement false

" but he is m?me recherch?
in 87 countries, for lying

"? children and adults that had
s?lectionn?s, just for training."

"And now, voil? John Peel:

" Hello Have you d?j? l?ch?
the underside of a gla?on

"Well, Norman Worrington did, it is
n? in a bowl ? Salisbury,

"tell us more, Norman..."

"I commenc? l?cher
me by the knees, the ? ?ge 5 years."

Let's go back John Humphreys:
"O? are the bombs?! O?? "Do I have a bomb?
And this parrot, l?

" L?ve yourself that I still p?te
mouth, enfoir? a liar! "

C'?tait tr?s hard to follow all ?a.

And to know what happens l? there,

Et de savoir ce qui passe l?-bas,

? is difficult because of the language they use

Lots of euph?mismes like:

"The r?gime has chang?."
What exactly is it?

It looks like one of those things
o? they change the lives ? t?l?,

but for a whole country...

And the soldiers are l?
"Not yet, not yet.

" Wait, wait a little longer...

"Stay l?, wait...

-"... Now
- Oh, I love it

"The attacks, murder,
is fantastic!

"It actually changes when
expected of ?tre tortur?...

" Ah, it was ?a too?
Oh, wonderful! "

And then there was this ?norme
wave of anti-am?ricanisme,

commenc? when it all,

especially... worldwide.

And sometimes... wait.

It became...
people will not pack badly, l? above.

But when they showed
they remained rational, well s?r.

They said: "We
s?rs is not of this war,

"?a looks ?tre motiv?
by cynicism, or a paranoid war,

"or a simple revenge.
It is not s?rs.

" Et .. and you ?tes ob?ses. "

This is what happens to Iraq,
all disputes emerge.

" This is what you ?tes: ob?ses

"It is not as ob?ses ?a,
in Europe

" when you're big,
this is because we have the caract?re .

"We eat good fresh produce,
pork with sauce on the farm,

" but you just ?tes
ob?ses fucking

" Because you fucking
?tes not you eat of emp?cher

"crap these chocolate ice
5 liter pot

" And you take too much space... "

And I'm ashamed to admit that I took part
? l? that game, too,

for a week, I found myself
? make tourn?e of caf?s,

? seek am?ricain, ? c?t?
to smoke...

Because you know
they will tell you something.

I have not done ?a
long... But I had such trouv? once,

?tait g?nial it, I d?testais
nothing to see,

because he was eating eggs!


I ask you!
m?me This is not a food!

It is no cat?gorie ?

It's just farts enferm?s
in a substance...

So, I enfil?
my little d?j-'and I did my rot.

And he regard?
as I knew he would do, and he told me:

"Excuse me, you go ?a smoking?"

And I r?pondu
"Uh... yeah.

" But I'm not the ; appr?cier,

"I'll just use it to grill
the next!"

The am?ricains have r?pondu
with an anti-europ?en,

against the fran?ais.

Donald Rumsfeld is one of their...

leaders and he said he would not be dealing
? old Europe,

?tait it more int?ress?
by the new Europe,

speaking of France and Germany who had
vot? against the war.

He wanted no old Europe, not
of ancient civilizations,

but most of the new.
And New Europe

he meant countries like the
Vulvonie, the Juvavovie...

o? tractors are
nomm?s ministers,

o? and people make feasts
around radiators boiled...

Countries not top- top,

? but pr?ts do anything
the am?ricains say,

esp?rent one day because they
see a picture of a pot confiote...

?taient particuli?rement
anti-fran?ais with this picture

cheese eaters who go ? 1?re the occasion.

But it's nice when m?me...

The am?ricains rest?s
are really on bloqu?s

fran?ais of weak, sensual,
that do all the time love.

They will not ? war because they are still at stake
? 2h of apr?m,

with sheets froiss?s on the knees,

?tal?s, ? scratching,

smoking a Gauloise
in a Gypsy...

sweating profusely,

before one of them out of bed
to go in the kitchen, naked.

No, not naked.
Nude bust to feet...

To highlight their nudit?.

crescent of the day before with their feet mouill?s,

trucidant paints the night before.

"What was I thinking?

"This is crap!

" My god!

"I can not believe I d?teste
my paintings, I hate them!

"I hate yours too!

-" You have my paintings?
- No, I hate them!

"Damn, why
we must speak English?

"This is the copy, your work.

" You have copi? mine, and
Mine is the shit too!

"I'm bored in this workshop!

" Arr?te! Arr?te any d?chirer

"Find a
thing for the small-d?jeuner, I'm hungry!

"There is nothing, nothing at all.
We are poor!

"Let's make love plut?t than eating.

" No! The things you make me...

"I'm ext?nu?...

" M?me my toes...
Leave me alone!

"Arr?te, this is what you wanted...

" No! Give me something
? eat before I die! "There is nothing here, I've told you,
? from bread to chocolate.

"You are of o?, anyway?

" I do not know. I n?vros?,
the farm! "

Bread with chocolate, it's like they start the ?a

And ?a get worse from ? l?.

Until d?jeuner, get bais?
everyone you know...

? J'?tais r?cemment Paris,
tr?s they are good for pleasure,

J'?tais ? Paris r?cemment,
ils sont tr?s bons pour les plaisirs,

I passed a bakery,
it's fun to go there and say m?me ?.

I want
rentr? with an infant g?teau.

"Give me one of those guys
chocolate," I said.

I was talking to someone on the street, he
?tait rentr?,

I bouffais a piece, I d?
tell him to leave me alone!

This stuff!
d? I rent a room with...

"You are of o?? T'?coutes
what kind of music? Go!"

Pleasures s?rieux what...

They know they will die.
Nobody will ? the ?glise.

You will die? Do a damn good

The thing that drives me crazy,
with this war,

This is how religion
has gliss?e it.

there among the great religions,

and between small too.
I made my religious crisis,

j'?tais in a room h?tel
... I want to say, but I will say,

tr?s tr?s bourr?, I ate a
J?sus chocolate,

and has t?l?phone sonn?,
as I tried to choose one.

The protestisme,
the prostestantisme...

Church of England, I never
?t? attir? by ?a,

mostly because it is the bas?
th? .. ..

Catholicism offers
more dramatic,

dresses, types, candles,
lumi?res the bizarre

children, wine...
There are tricks that go on...

I speak as one of my comrades who did not
?t? abus?...

I thought something was wrong with me

I pointed it ? ?cole
in the pants suit...

And then there are all these religions of the East
people d?couvrent,

as Zen, etc....

I always trouv?es hard
? p?n?trer, the stories are dense.

The parables, m?taphores while ?a...

It says: "Two monks
prom?nent is on a bridge,

" cherry blossoms fall
all around ; them

"and one of them said," You know, I
tr?s thirst... "

" And the other r?pond
"Yes, but I'm plut?t great..."

Quoi... ?

J'ai loup? un truc ?


but I would say that if you believe, you are a beautiful

For me, it is
just people talking about their imaginary friend...

All the time...
Someone who is not l?...

- "You saw C?dric?
- No, no..."

It's not me d?range,
anything that amuses them.

But some of them
rule the world...

which gives reason to inqui?ter.
People will work,

and everyone moves around:

"What we gonna do, sir?
There is a crisis, with its cons?quences

" if we do not care
right away, what do we do?

"It's okay, give me a moment, I return
. "

"What we gonna do?...

" I dunno, what do you
want to do?

"I know not, and you?

" Kill them all. Super. " When you are born in a Catholic country,
you all the images of J?sus

and the whole gang...

All these paintings o? guys
to point fingers,

there m?me that link
outside the table...

Or they accuse all
... "He is..."

People are sensitive tr?s...

And the stations of the cross,

for ann?es and ann?es, these images
grav?es remain in you,

you never forget them,

J?sus like going to buy the nails

is arr?tant haircut,

s'arr?tant chez le coiffeur,

paying bills before leaving, and all

You never forget...

They say J?sus speak to you. He parl?,

but all he told me, c'?tait
"A?e! Arr?tez!"

Bearing the vinegar and everything else:
"Barrez you!"

This is the pr?jug?s, ?videmment.
But I am full.

The pr?jug?s. People in inqui?tent,
now. Not me. I think it's needed.
It reminds you of who you are. I have pr?jug?s on gays,
if someone tells me:

"I have gay friends."
or "I do not know how to tell."

I would say:
"Yeah, big deal."

But I would aussit?t < br /> images t?te

Je me dirais :
"Ouais, la belle affaire".

Mais aussit?t j'aurais
des images en t?te

big guys with fringes
s?ries carving of swans.

Bursting into tears in front of a beaut?
the pudding...

I can not get in emp?cher,
and I do not care...

But for a long time, I knew
m?me that it did.

I have known much later, since we always used

J'?tais in one of these homes.
?tait is a family of musicians,

because we were doing sounds
plut?t than talking about something.

"You have heard for Mary and John
and Ding Dong. ..? "

" Apparently, all ?tait a little... "

But sometimes, they used words for things
pr?cises well,

could consider that id?e
?tait someone gay,

had a sentence, but a little
unlikely that you'd ever heard.

- "You know what they say about John?
- No, what?

"Well, apparently it is...
You know, he...

" Excuse me? What are you talking?
I do... what?

"Well, you know... if I
gotta explain... apparently

"he always picks
twigs in spring...

" Oh yes...

"We always feared the hairdresser...

"It is toast? three c?t?s...

" What are you talking about? "

Everything vocabulary can ?tre < br /> incredibly d?rangeant.

use it all the time.

The r?giments
all have their own currency.

c?l?bre ?tant more than the SAS:
"Death before d?shonneur"

"Death before d?shonneur."

I've always demand?

how to quantit? d?shonneur
speaking, l?

Because I can do with...

I could, for example, < br /> live with a Smurf,

before choosing death.

I would cuisinerais his omelette
Smurf, I'd be super happy.

I wish we could over time.
Ca d?rangerait me not...

I ?couterais
about his joyful language of Smurfs.

But all men does think
qu'? smurf...

They do not say so,
but it's true.

C ' ; is ?a I'm l?,
for ?tre honn?te.

Just once,
? ?a what look like...

Nobody needs to know,
you go for the weekend.

Just once, for all blue

And I never said
? person, but...

And should J?sus ?tre
really boring, humanly.

Living ? c?t? him... A
always speak in parables,

m?me when t ' 're press?.

"J?sus, do you want a lil last
for the road, they'll close the bar,

" a lil background? A bottle?
Something quick...

"There was a fox
cooking an omelet...

" on a speedboat...

- "then he died...
- No, not yet.

" For once, if-you-please, < br /> Tell me something... "

Finally, all that nonsense, I...

I really pr?te more attention.

People... Why do people have

this is because people are
never agree with you, ever. And this is l? there a probl?me...

Because you have to go
in disputes,

I do not like fights, men in either system master.

That's ?a there are more men in the

because women would compete longer, stronger,

there would be no more tears, more

and they come out
of what they have to out,

men ?vitent confrontation:
"No, I'm not, and it goes bad..."

les hommes ?vitent la confrontation :
"Non, je veux pas, et pis il va..."

United States,
stories of snipers,

these guys pulling insane
on everyone.

And everybody does: "My god, he
a gun, he kills people,

" it's horrible, how can this happen
? "

Ben d?j?, you all have guns.

And they really a bunch of household

Like, say ,
Californian wine,

which you can serve you to clean your toilet

Finally, I'm not good in violence.

If I am something,
politically is lib?ral.

Because I'm afraid everyone!

J'?tais ? in a bar in London, there are some

it was incredibly hot,
like tonight.

J'?tais ? the terrace,
and this woman has point?e.

An attractive woman tr?s,
she point?e.

It ?tait an attractive fa?on
that other women have said to her:

"Well, it is attractive, but it's too
?vident .. . "

From fa?on int?ressante enough, women who say

? tend to have so cach?
their attractivit?...

you have a mind of their
swing a piece of bread...

But hey...

This young person ?nergique

is arriv?e, and I
retrouv? ? watch it.

I thought: "She is beautiful, beautiful
?tre human..."

And I said, 'Do not mate,
do not mate, it's rude.

But I am unable to turn around emp?cher

And while I watched,
her boyfriend is out,

?tre he was big, black,
and extraordinarily beautiful.

Tr?s handsome man, it was great

burin? a face,
oc?an green eyes,

? and a look of thousands of m?tres.

An extraordinary person.

I could not
l?cher the look of...

I compl?tement
oubli? its fianc?e.

And then I've realized, I

"Do not mate, it's rude,
he will think you look at him

" because it is a couple m?tisse, do not ?a... "

So I regard?
c?t? the other street,

and is v?ridique, a skinhead
avan?ait to me.

A nice guy too.
One such traditional skinheads.

And t ' ; to see much more.
Much like hunchbacks...

O? they all left? I think there
an island somewhere...

An authentic. One of those guys who take their
d?cisions with their necks. With tatoos on teeth...

"Shit, it's going to d?truire
just because I'm alive...

"I can...
I can go anywhere!

" It will pass ? c?t? me,
say something horrible

"I d?teste this situation,
?a ?tre is terrible, no, no!"

He rattrap?, they discut?, they
?taient friends, they knew,

Il m'a rattrap?, ils ont discut?,
ils ?taient amis, ils se connaissaient,

and I heard them say: "I esp?re
that alcohol will not p?ter a cable..."

There are a lot of fear...

And I had my time with
skinheads, there are some ann?es,

? London yet, and these three types,
they go around in groups,

because they have lots of information
tr?s ? important to share...

One of them told me bouscul?, voluntarily, a coup d'?paule,

and I'm a rational guy.
Normally in this situation,

I'd like you: "I'm going home, give me a th?,

" and r?fl?chir ?
what I have done this type ?,

"if he had ?t? attach?... "

But too j'?tais crev? and ?nerv?,

and I rest? plant? l?,
? watch them,

and... they turned around.

We discut?...

They wanted to learn about fa?on
esp?rais I breathe later.

Then I made an argument
typically male,

I did my calculation, I thought

"Well, you ?tes three
... and I am one. "

And I'm terrible at math, in fact.

But, in record time, I calcul?
it would take at least three me

for me...
d?fendre against third... one of them.

M?me if attacked me with her ass...

I'm not a fighter... I am
a tapper more...

The best I can do is try
to drown in my own blood.

If I was drowning myself not m?me.
I'm not so good...

to charge me ?a.

I know

m?me not swim.

I do not know driving.
I would learn r?cemment,

and I thought:
"And if I was planting in a lake? "

There are a bunch of stuff that I
not know how.

Because I say ?a
as man,

because... I am a man.

Ca, or when a woman who leaves
really go...

It is not easy to ?tre a man.

People have stuff m?dicaux
? monitor, such as women.

There are things like testicular cancer
, there is nothing funny.

Look for a size...

It may take a little time...

Parties g?nitales human
are particuli?rement horrbiles,

when women ?t? dessin?es by god

or ?quipe gay designers,
or anyone in charge of ?a...

C'?tait plut?t a beautiful journ?e.

Everyone ?tait happy
there was good wine,

good food, everyone

"Some weird stuff,
something secret

" a cup holder... Get me out

And when they commenc?
? produce men,

c'?tait project
super late for Friday night.

And it ' ?tait plut?t: "We stick a piece of stuff

"Oh, we oubli? sex,
ram?ne them,

" get me the remains of
elbow ? all the time...

"G?nial, ?a will do..."

That's ?a
that this is so d?primant ? watch,

a kind of bagpipe

And they say qu'apr?s making love,

there's a bit of m?lancolie,
?a called the "little death",

I'll tell you, apr?s
a romantic night ? two,

it was more a feeling ?trange a "suicide rat?"...

And I think that's largely d?

? of the qualit? mat?riel
with which we must work...

This is really tr?s
d?sagr?able ? look...

poiscaille would have
bouff? ass after an hour...

What happens l? below?
It wanted something fun,

as a kitten t?te
or something like that...

You could tickle the chin
jusqu'? this may have been tired...

But I want to spend my time talking
? parts g?nitales,

there are plenty of other people for < br /> ?a do...

This sc?ne, if it is not d?j? fact

has seen a repr?sentation
of The Vagina Monologues,

I look forward to see, since
?a looks fabulously stupid.

Everyone knows that if a
vagina could talk,

exactly resemble ? of Enya...

I will sit down a little,
?a too long I'm standing.

I do not want g?n?ralisation

on... Women.

I am not for l? ?a,
is vulgar...

But all I'm saying is
that and they have no feelings...

Because in fact, it is men

which are by far the most romantic

You will hear men say:

"I trouv?
someone... It's amazing...

" If I spend my life with her, I'm

"I can not continue...
True, she chang? my life...

"I have an apartment, a job... It's nothing
while ?a...

" I could not stand it, I have ?tre with it

"otherwise I'll end up in bed clou?,
alcoholic, itchy pants...

" I could walk in the street. "

Now that's what women feel
... for shoes.

There are times...

You r?alises ? how it is unfair, the
s?paration gender

in disputes.

Men and women should not
?tre autoris?s ? argue.

mari?s gay couples
be disputed, it is good.

M?me if they have their own

in couples mari?s longstanding
one of the other two said ?:

"You'll pick up your jacket, it
train all the time. I put a little here. r?pond And another: "No.

Et l'autre r?pond : "Non.

- "Why?
- I'm a guy too, fuck off..."

And the typical vision of men
on couples lesbians

is that it can not be any

There are always two or more breasts in the
m?me pi?ce, that you ask for?

If an invoice is happening:

"Shit, how are we going to pay

And the other can
"Can ?tre, but look..."

We can not r?aliser
how men are with child sex.

They are the ? kind
make love because they hurt the t?te ?.

Or because they are in flames, or
they shot in the t?te...

But the disputes are unfairly
balanc?es ? the favor of women,

because the arguments are in places
fabriqu?s diff?rents.

The arguments are male
tr?s ann?es 70, p?riode soviet

monomaniacal, < br /> us?s jusqu'? the rope...

They say the trick m?me
again and again and again...

"I told you that I was going
?tre late Tuesday,

"I told you that j'?tais late
I heard my own voice,

"I told you..."

While women seem to have these arguments

fa?on bomber strat?gique
dessin?s Jaguar .. .

si?ges with leather and a cr?me
pouss?e incredible.

C'est pour ?a qu'elles
peuvent r?pondre en disant :

"Yes, perhaps ?tre. But why
the fridge door is open?

" I do not understand... "

There's a moment o? ,
all men,

Women are so jealous, they want
become one, sometimes,

just to say
the stuff they say.

? I asked a girlfriend with whom
j'?tais, a simple question:

"You have d?j? mang? pheasant?"

This is live, huh?

This is concrete. There is
there need ?tre said.

And she said something wonderful.

She said... She has

And she said:
"Uh , not really... "

What ?a mean?

In every sense.

You're in a bit suc? and hast jet?

Someone has put in your glass?
What has pass?

In a car that goes really fast, one stroke
language? What? And the other time, j'?tais in a taxi,
I paid the guy,

I went out and asking my evil

J'?tais pos? wrong.

And I knew I was going to fall...

And I knew that would hurt ?a.

C'?tait not
of these falls quickly...

C'?tait more like:
"Oh, I think I'll fall... "

But c'?tait
just a wink to her,

and she immediately
saut? above to tell me:

"But what are you doing?

" Oh, I kill time, I picked
mouth... "

"Oh, je tue le temps,
je me ramasse la gueule..."

And I think men are
tr?s envious

radar, the sensibilit?
that women have.

If a woman a friend of your wife, girlfriend
one tells you:

"I'll see machine in the pub, I
tr?s back soon."

And it returns , you ask:
"How's Machine

" Oh, she is not so... so... not

"It makes diab?te lean
and she has an affair, and it is...


" And it is likely
she lost her job as...

"And you know everything ?a in 5 minutes,
she had time to tell you all ?a

" Oh, no no.
She said nothing,

"but it has not finished her th?..."

slightly more male than conversations.

And r?gles tr?s are simple:
It's your turn to speak

when the guy in front has his glass
? mouth...

And when he enl?ve,

can ?tre pr?t. And
you have to talk arr?ter.

But s?r well, neither
knows what the other says,

because you're drinking , and your
t?te fills with liquid...

That's ?a
that men who know the past 20-30 years,

go home to see their wives,

and when asked:
"How will Machin

" I know nothing... cum

- "But is ?a 8:00 d?j?!
- We had a drink, farm

?tre tr?s hard

harder... for women.

Is it physically.
You come to the world,

you're a new-n?,
you walk towards the ; childhood

if you're a girl, you're going to
pubert?, menstruation,

apr?s ?a you walk towards the great

and you can get pregnant,
?a and a whole bunch of other ?v?nements,

and when you think it's over, there
further changes,

is like a op?ra,
masks fall, you say:

"Who am I? I know.
None of you. I tar?e. "

If you're a guy, you are born,

you have a finger in the coll? pif,
another on your p?nis,

and you grow up...

That's all...

And when you get older,

Nature M?re becomes quite cruel
with everyone. For men:

"They are red, large, and attir?s
by young women who do not want them." But for women,
this is even harder,

? some ?ge, there is a passage,
children quitt? home,

your husband is alive or dead .

Both are tough...

You have hair bulletproof,

winters gets tough... And you
ask yourself questions.

Nature And M?re wonders:
"What can I do

" to give pep, the ?nergie .
How I can reinvigorate

"To give something
to wait between life and death,

"Pour lui donner quelque chose
pour patienter entre la vie et la mort,

"? which she often thought.

" I can do anything. I did all my tricks
, the box is empty. "I'm occup?e let me.
I can not...

"Oh, yes. Wait a minute. A beard...

"voil? And, it's for you, ch?rie...

" Nothing.
This is the house that r?gale .. . "

And you're niqu?e, you still what?
Join a group of folk

Dublin Ladies and gentlemen, I
amus? well,

I esp?re you too.
?tre Please come, good night.

Thank you. That sucks
of make believe we will go...

J'?tais backstage ? knees
"Justify my childhood!"

This is path?tique...

This is the ?t?, as some have noticed

C'est l'?t?, comme certains
ont pu le remarquer...

Many of you will leave,

and I just shot in England
and a whole bunch of places,

and it's crazy
with accents as you hear people ? of kilom?tres.

tr?s It is easy to recognize your fellow

Some have accents that < br /> you emp?chent of d?tendre.

The Cockney have
?t? always a little hard,

m?me if someone says something nice:
"You want a more th??"

Do you think you're going to die...

The hard, in fact, is the emphasis

London and into Essex, to the east.

This is really tr?s ?trange,
ago not really bones,

?a and everything sounds like: "No, I
not think I'll take ?a,

"I'll take another
it is a little softer..."

If you bobbies on it, they explode

But, when the British leave, they recognize
tr?s easily

they go to France,
Spain, Italy,

they blend into the landscape,
you never know they are l?...

They sit, appr?ciant
atmosphere, the waitress saying ?:

"How ?a is
not fucking chips

" I came by plane, my little.

" I have kids. I cens?
do what with the fiasco of tomatoes

"What is... ?
Esp?ce of salet? of...

"Run away..."

Les Am?ricains se reconnaissent
aussi facilement.

tends ? wear...

You'll never say ? ?
a am?ricain:

"Excuse me? You said ? "

With the Irish, there is a trick, a

you see ?a o? everywhere you go,

? Los Angeles , S?oul ?, ? Tokyo...

? Minsk, any o?...

You see an Irishman, and you know,

? due to ph?nom?ne,
called "Irish Cup".

? ?a It looks like...

?a How are you?

You came alone, right?

l? I am over 40 years.

J'?conomise for
? back home...

But I can not really
I know why...

Want something to drink?

I have a hamster in your pocket...

That's it for me, thank you very much for
?tre came. Good night. Can I have a picture of yourself
l?chant the knee of my step-fr?re

For a good cause...

Big, small, or millions of tiny

Listen... you can arr?ter
to disturb me? You can...

OK, it's good. Okay. We ended, I got what I wanted...

How can I help you? adaptation, sub- titling, replay:

Comment puis-je vous aider ?

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