Dying to Survive (2018) - full transcript

A story on how a small drug store owner became the exclusive selling agent of a cheap Indian generic drug against Chronic Granulocytic Leukemia in China.

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"This film is partly based on a true story yet characters
and plots portrayed in this production are fictitious."

"The script is re-created
instead of a real record."

"2002, Shanghai"

"Indian god qil shop"



The landlord called me once again

I told him your shop wasn't open yet.


Try to pay up the rent.

I can't cos I'm broke.

My products are not selling well.

Have you put in your guesthouse
the oil I gave you last time?

Yes, I have.

But nobody used it.

People use Viagra nowadays.

Nobody would use it.

I tried it once.

Doesn't really help.

It's your own impotence to blame.


How dare she call me again!

I've had enough.

Ok, let me do it.

What's going on?

Let me tell you.

No one is to take my grandson away!

Alright alright!

Just don't pick up if she calls again.

She is driving me mad.

No need to be upset.


You are not done with your meal yet.

No cigarette.

Open your mouth.

You'd better take him to a doctor.

No need.

Hospitals just want our money.

They will probably make something up
if you are not sick.

He has speaking problems.

What if he becomes paralyzed?

Don't worry.

He just drank too much when he was young.


Next time you'd better pay by year.

Swim over there.

To that side. Go.

Daddy, it hurts.

Keep still.

I'm your dad.

Hands off.

Pipi is getting bigger huh?

You asked for buns yourself.

Why do you only eat the dough?

I don't like the filling.



I want a pair of sneakers.

How much?


Why don't you ask your stepfather?

Just don't want to.

Take it.

Thanks, daddy.

Spend it right, okay?

I'll see you next week.


Have you thought it over?

No way.

And don't ever call my dad again.

What do you want from him?

Ok, my attorney will talk to you.

No one can change my mind.

Do you hear me?

That's not gonna happen!

Mr. Cheng, anyway,

going aboard will be the
best choice for your kid.

Cat got your tongue?
Why is someone else speaking for you?

Mr. Cheng.

Ms. cao could offer you some compensation.

And the amount is negotiable.

What are you talking about?

Are you asking me to sell my son?

We are clear about your
financial situation.

Even if he stays with you,
you can't afford raising him.

Ms. cao is actually giving you a hand.

I don't need her help.

You think money is a big deal?

Is that your own money?

Now look, Mr. Cheng

Cheng yong.

Can't you be less selfish?

Listen, I am Cheng xiaoshu's father!

Don't ever think about taking him abroad!

Father? Seriously, what
kind of father are you?

Have you ever shouldered
any responsibility for him?

What sense does it make
for him to stay with you?

To sell heathcare products
like you when he grows up?

What did you say?

Don't give me this look.

I'll take you to court if you don't agree.

Are you threatening me?

You'd better believe I'll punch you.

Of course I believe it.

Haven't you thrown enough
punches all these years?

Listen, Cheng yong.

I'm not afraid of you.

In my mind you are not a man.

Calm down, Mr. Cheng.

Get out.

How can you be so rude?

So what?

I'm warning you. Just stop.

You're warning me huh?

Stop. How dare you hit me?

You can't hit the lawyer!

Beat it!

Ms. cao

Cao sir

cao sir

cao sir

cao sir

calm down.

Cao sir

cao sir

calm down.

If you ever lay a finger on my
sister again, I'll kill you.


Let go of me.

Where is my brother-in-law?

On a business trip.

When will you leave?

In two months.

Why don't you go first.

We will figure something out about xiaoshu.

I'll handle it.


Come over here.

Let me introduce you guys.

My old neighbour, iv shouyi.

Mr. Cheng.

Hello, how are you?

What does he want?

He wants to ask you
to bring some medicine from India.

Bring back medicine?


Aren't all the stuff you
sell here smuggled?

I'll leave you to it.


How could you tell him everything?

I know your business isn't doing well.

I'm giving you business.
Prices are negotiable.

Do it.

Have an orange.

Cut it out.

You know I'll be sent to jail
if I get caught smuggling medicine.

Not that bad.

Not that bad my ass.

Not to mention,
only 30,000 yuan for such high risks?

It's a good business opportunity though.

The generic Indian one is
only 2,000 yuan and they work the same.

If you can bring back more...

They work the same?

With only one twentieth the price?

Go away.

It's real Mr. Cheng. It has
been tried and tested.

I am a patient myself.
I'd go to India myself if I can.

Even if you can't,
don't you have a relative or friend?

Obviously you are just
afraid of being caught.

I won't do it. Ask someone else.

No. I'm sure that you've been
smuggling all this time.


Listen, I've never ever
smuggled anything before.

No way. Get out of my sight.

I'll leave you my phone number.

Please give me a call

once you change your mind.

I need the drugs to save my life.

See you.

Doctor wang, something seems wrong.

No, nothing.

That's too expensive.

Chong hospital only charges 80,000 yuan.

Then you go to them. Don't stay here.

You are the leading expert.

Your efforts will be appreciated.

The hospital sets the price. Not us.

You need to figure it out asap.

Once the angioma ruptures,

he will be gone.

"Rent for the key."

Glinic is the most effective medicine
for cml treatment

and it requires a lifelong treatment.

Have you ever heard of Indian glinic?

Who told you that?

I heard of it from other patients.

How does it work?

You shouldn't worry about that.

It's illegal.

Many doctors refuse to treat patients
who self-medicate.


Who would take reponsibility
if something goes wrong with the patients?

Some patients just can't afford it.

Sorry, there's nothing we can do.

You have no choice but to wait for death
once it advances to cml-bc.

Just bring the patient here.

"Can't pay for cml drugs."

They're coming out.

We protest against
astronomical drug prices!

Quiet everyone. Quiet please.

Keep quiet!

Keep quiet!

Do you want to solve the problem or not?!



Listen to him!

I'm fine, thanks.

Thank you all.

Allow me to say something.

I know

you complain a lot about the price of

our product glinic.

We fully understand what you want.

However, you still need to be clear

that the prices of all our products

are completely rational and legal.

If you don't stop making a scene here,

and disrupt our normal work,


we will have no choice
but to call the police.

We are not scared of the cops.
We are dying!

How can you charge so much for the drugs?

Why? Why?

Get rid of them now.

"Protest! I wanna survive!"


Can you ensure sales if
I bring the drugs back?

Yes, I can.

There are ten or more patients
in my hospital alone.

There will be no problem.

I can go,

but you need to pay me up front.

Mr. Cheng!



It's so hot here.


Take me there this time.

Only 500 yuan?

Isn't it 2,000 yuan?

That's the retail price in the pharmacy.

Please tell him I need some.

He wants to buy some.

No, we only sell to our
sales representatives.

If you want some, you
can go to the pharmacy.

Do they have a Chinese agent?

Do you have a Chinese agent?


You are the first Chinese man who's come.

I can be the Chinese agent.

He can be your representative.

As far as I know,
our medicine is prohibited in China.

So even if I sell some to him,
he will not be able to sell them.

He doesn't need to worry about it.

I can sell the drugs as
long as he sells me some.

How much do you want?

100 bottles.

I know that's not as much as he's expected,

while this time I can
only afford this much.

But I can assure you that
I will definitely buy much more next time.


Why should I trust you?

There are a lot of patients in China

who cannot afford the genuine medicine.

They are eagerly waiting
for me to bring them back

to save their lives.

So you want to be a saviour?

No, I don't.

I want to make money.

Tell him China is a huge
market for this medicine.

A lot of patients are waiting for
this medicine to save their lives.

Life is money.

Different. Different.

Not different. Not differert.

Dangerous. Dangerous.

No danger. No danger.

Don't speak Indian to me. I can't get it.

Friends. We are friends. Friends.

More money.

More money.


You are so cunning.

More, more money.

Still not enough?

Danger. Danger.

Alright all yours.

Ok? Ok?

You are so greedy,

and sly as a fox.

Hurry up, take it on board.

Watch out! I don't want any trouble.

Or I will not hire you next time. Bye.

I'll sell you some portion.

But you'll have to sell that portion
in one month in China.

Only then can I give it to you.

You can't stop taking the drugs.

You are in a bad shape now.
It's been less than a month,

and your platelet count has dropped again.

Come on, doctor, give me a break.

No I don't think so.

I'm telling you,

if you go on like this

how many did you bring back?

The point is we've opened
up the supply channel.

So we will get a continuous supply.


We need to sell these first.

Who will sell them?



I promised to introduce
some patients to you.

What do you mean?

Selling drugs is illegal.

You gave me your word before!

I can explain


You'll get drugs and money if you help me.

If you don't...

I'm sorry.

Ok, I'll try.

Booking treatment specialists.

Indian glinic, 5,000 yuan.

I'm a patient and I've tried it myself.

From India.

No no.

It really works.

It treats cml.

Really a steal.

Stop bothering us. My dad is sleeping.

Ma'am, as you can see,

with what you spent on one bottle before,

you can get seven bottles now, right?

Get out!

Why are you pushing me?

I come here for the doctor,
what's the problem?

Watch yourself or I'll report you.

What's wrong with you?
You don't take patients' lives seriously!

Here we are.

- Cml medication.
- Don't need it.

Hello, anybody in there?

Don't need it.

Why swearing at us?

They are from India.

The same efficacy. Do you wanna try?

I don't need it.

It's from India.

I also take it myself.
Totally the same efficacy.

Can I take a free trial for two months?

Can't even sell one bottle, huh?

You big liar.

What's up?

Someone just came to my mind.


She could help.

Who is she?

The admin of the patients' group chat.

Set up by patients on qq.

All the cml patients are in there.

She is the group admin of hospital no.6.

And she knows all other
group admins in Shanghai.

Here it is.

That's her.

She doesn't look like she is sick.

She is not.

Her daughter is.

It's tried and tested.
Totally the same efficacy.

I've been taking it myself.

I think your daughter can try it as well.

He is here today

to ask you a favour to introduce it
in cml patient chat groups.

Where is she?

Should be here in a minute.

One more basket please.

Boss, one more basket!

You call yourself a patient?
You eat more than me.

Brother yong.

Sorry for being late.

It's a large group.

It took some time.

Here is brother yong.

They are the group admins.

Come on, introduce yourselves.

Zhao bin, erdao hospital.

Zhang jinsong, railway hospital.

Brother yong, my name is fan shuiping.

Brother yong.

Everybody sit down please.

Brother yong.

That's how we will sell the drugs.

Do remember to keep a low profile.

Nobody gets any drugs if things go wrong.

Any questions?

The drug

is still a little bit expensive.

Yes, too expensive.

How can we afford it?

Don't have enough money.

It costs 60,000 yuan a year?

How do I possibly have 60,000 yuan?

I can't make 60,000 a
year no matter what I do.

All right! Enough!

Did I ask for 30,000 or 20,000?

Just 5000. You shouldn't complain.

Then just save it.

Can you take your masks
off when you speak to me?

I can't even tell who you are.

Can't you all show me some respect?

Brother yong,

it will be difficult for them.
This is a bacterial environment.

Bacterial environment?

Ok, keep them on.

A 20% discount for you
guys is the best I can do.

There are many names here.

The drugs are not enough.
We need some more.

Do you know any patient
who can speak english?

There is one.

I need a very fluent speaker.

But it might be tough to persuade him.

Jesus travelled all the
cities and villages,

teaching in training hall,

to preach the gospel of
the kingdom of heaven

and cure of disease,
heal so many people, pity them.



I'm a Christian.

I can't do anything illegal.

Didn't god say,

"there is greater merit in saving one life
than in building a seven-tier pagoda.”

That's what the Buddha said.

Same thing.

You are a patient yourself.

You know how much the real drugs cost.

Can they get medicine
besides praying to god?

How many patients die of cml here annually?

It's about life and death.

There's nothing wrong to save lives
even we crossed the line.

God says,

"if I don't go to hell, who will?"

That's from the Buddha too.

Can you just shut up?

I'll sell the drugs. And you interpret.

I guarantee your potion.

And I'll give every patient
in your church a 20% discount.

That's truly peace in the lord.


I'll grab a pack of cigarettes.


Erdao hospital, 12 bottles.



What are you doing?


Be a man. Stop!

How can you do this?

Who is he?

Peng hao,

a country boy.

Lives a tough life.

Left his family after he gets sick.

But he shouldn't have robbed us.

How can we find him?

You fucking stop!

Still running?

Get in the car!




Listen? Stop! Hear me?

Stop! Listen?


Did you hear me?

Bro, bro.

He fell over.

Go get him.


Keep running!

Where are my drugs?

Where are they?

You wanna be a hero?

A gentleman thief?

I worked so hard

to bring you affordable drugs.

How could you treat me like this?

You work for money.

How long haven't you been home?

Look at you!

How can you pay me back?

What should I do?

I understand.

I know.

You have my word.


God bless you.

You are the sales agent now.

God bless you.

"Great human qualities:
The complete edition"

"Operating room."

Step aside.


Have you asked about it?

It's the 4th. Next month.

Watch closely.




Zhao bin asked if we could
supply some to other provinces.



Can you have full control
in other provinces?

Tell him to mind his words.

I've told you all. No more pennants.

No more room for them.

Chong hospital group
says they need to send you one,

since all the others did.

What does it say?

Kind heart and healing hands benefit
all living creatures.

Your name shall be
engraved in the people's hearts forever.

That's a good one.

What happened?

Captain huang.

Got bitten.


What's up?

Go upstairs when you are done.

Chief hao is looking for you.


you want me?

Yes, come here.

Let me make an introduction.

This is cao bin,

the most capable detective in my team.

This is the pharmaceutical rep
of nuowa in Switzerland,

Mr. zhao lizhong.

How do you do?

Nice meeting you.

Take a look at this.

What's the matter?


We have a cancer drug called glinic,

which has long been pirated by
an Indian pharmaceutical factory.

Recently, we have found such
counterfeit drugs in Shanghai,

and have flooded the market.

The head office is very concerned,

so they send me over to ask for your help.

What do you think?

Can you handle it?

No problem.

Our superiors have attached
great importance to this case.

You need to pay close attention.

Then we will be counting
on you, officer cao.

It's evil to sell counterfeit drugs.

I feel duty bound to make it right.

Your mom wants you to immigrate with her.
What do you say?

I won't go.

Where do I stay then?

In your shop?

You can stay with your grandpa.

Let me think it over.

Alright, alright.

I'm starving!

I'm starving!



Thanks, bro.

Here are the drugs.


God bless you.

Amen. Amen.

Yellow hair.

You've finally paid up.

We are even.

Where are you going?

Wanna quit?

Here's what you have earned.

Don't be so stupid and give
away your drugs again.

Don't just stand there.

Come over here.

Come here.

Take it.

Say thanks to brother yong.

Come on.


Who are you thanking?

You, bro.

You're welcome!

Tonight, all drinks on me.

Company retreat.

Guys, a toast!

To our brother yong!

To brother yong! Thank you!

Thanks, bro. Love you.





Come on! Bottles up! Bottles up!

A little less for you.


No more drinking. It's dance time.


Enjoy yourselves. I'll be right back.

Where are you going?

He asked me to dance.

Say no. Just stay.

I'm telling you to dance. Hurry.

Take your hands off her.

Don't you know you are a customer today?

Come back and sit down.

I'm telling you to stay. Do you hear me?

Sir, how about this?

Let her dance first.

And she'll join you afterwards.

Didn't you hear me just now?

She is a customer today.

Not your dancer!

Who else can dance if she is not going?

You can.

Are you kidding me?

I'm not.

Today I just want to see you dance.

There's no point for me to dance.

Customers pay to see her dance.

Need more money, right?

Can you dance now?

Can you?

I dare you.

Just wait and see.

Come over here.

I'm good. No worries.


are you ok?

Fine, I'm fine.

See you, bro.


Go. Go.

Next one.


let me take you home.

No thanks, bro. Just a few steps away.

Hop in.

I'll take you home.

No, thank you.

Come on.


Have a seat, brother yong.

Take a break.

I'll go take a shower.

Is the kid asleep?

How do you...

Oh, my...

Do you...

Take care of her on your own?

Sometimes my mom comes to help.

How about her dad?



hurry up.

Or she might wake up soon.

I know.



If you feel awkward here.

There is a guesthouse downstairs.

Let's get a room there.

That's not what I meant.

Sihui, listen to me,

put your clothes back.

Listen to me.

You don't have to...


Listen to me,

just forget it, please?


shush! Keep your voice down.

Get some rest. I gotta go.


what the pharmaceutical rep said
seems not the case.

Don't drop cigarette ash on the ground.

These are not counterfeit drugs.

They actually work.

That drug costs almost 40,000 yuan,

but this one just costs 5,000.

Were they smuggled?


Are they included in the medical manual?


Then they are counterfeit drugs.

How many left?

More than three.

A pair of queens.

A pair of deuces!

Play your hand!

Come on!


I have one card left.

Straight draw.

All gone! I win!

Bomb him! What are you bombing me for?

If I hadn't done it, you would have won.

Who the hell is the landlord?

Are you a moron?

Do you really know how to play it?
Did you bump your head?

You picked the wrong landlord every time.

I'm the landlord.

Is something wrong with your head?

Your brain is clogged by
that yellow hair, huh?

Cut his hair! Cut his hair!

Shave his head.

Cut! Cut! Cut!

Did you do it on purpose?


You guys ganged up on me huh?

Put your hands down.

Hands down!


My mom is now lying in hospital.

If anything goes wrong,

I will call the police.

Are you threatening me?

You should call them now!

Watch your attitude!

What attitude?

The drugs I sell can save people.

You may report me to the police
if you don't trust me.

You will see what's what.

But something went wrong
with my mom after she took your drugs.

How could I possibly know if she took

some other random drugs?

How could you be so unreasonable?

No, I am not!

She is lying in the hospital.

How can you prove my drugs are fake?

Explain it.

How come others are fine
after taking my drugs?

Listen, mind your words!

Hey, guys, stop!

Calm down. Let's try to clear things up.

We didn't mean you were blackmailing us.

Our drugs have never caused any problems.

Please think it over.

In addition to our drugs,

has she taken any other medication?

Dear friends,

those of you who have taken our German
glinic, please raise your hand.

Wow, lots of you have.


how do you feel about our drugs?

Hello, professor zhang.

As you can see, I'm feeling much better now

and the melasma has disappeared.

A lot better than before.

Thank you professor zhang.

Thanks to German glinic.

Thank you ma'am.

Sit down please.

When I see patients show improved recovery,

I feel gratified

that our efforts have finally paid off.

We have eradicated



Dear friends,

good news for you.

We have just been informed
by our head office

that all of you present
today can get our drugs

at 2,000 yuan instead of 3,000 yuan.

Let's give a big applause
to thank German glinic.

And our gratitude to professor zhang.

Now dear friends,

please stand in line to
purchase the medication.

Full of crap! Can't
believe they believe it.

Sounds like a steal.

A drowning man will clutch at a straw.

He seems telling the truth.

Don't be tricked. You fool!

You trust too easily.

What now?

Call the cops.

W ait.

Where is liu?

I hope you have a quick recovery.

Don't push.

We have more than enough.

We've got plenty enough.

Friends at the back. Don't push, please.

Please be quiet.

Dear friends.

Who is this?

Let me tell you something.

This so-called professor zhang,

is an imposter. A fraudster.

That woman is his accomplice.

And these are counterfeit drugs.

Don't ever buy them!

Patient in my church has
suffered from this drug,

she is still lying in the hospital.

Don't be fooled by this fake drug dealer.

You cheat patients out of their money.

You will go to hell.

That's murder!

Is that liu?

Is that him?


You will go to hell!

Hell my ass!

Get him out of here.

God will definitely punish you.

Dear friends.

What do we do now?

What else can we do?

Get in there.

Let's go.

Come and grab the drugs!

God is righteous.

You do wicked things,

god will punish you.

Who the hell are you?

Mind your own business!

You are a quack!

Aren't you afraid that you shall pay
for what you have done?

You quack!

Beat them!

Beat them!

Why you got into fighting
after you called the police?

They fled.

Sign your names here,

press your fingerprints.

What is the penalty if he got convicted?

Selling fake drugs maybe penalized
with a prison sentence of 8 to 15 years.

If it is a serious offense,
maybe life imprisonment.

Why ask?


Next one.

Here it is, my place.

Thanks, bro.

See you.


Brother yong,

are you free tonight?

How is he? Cml isn't hereditary, is it?

No, it isn't.

It's not a genetic disorder.

That's good to know.

When I was diagnosed with cml,

my wife was five months pregnant.

I just wanted to die back then.

When I first saw him after he was born,

I don't wanna die anymore.

All I wanted was to hear
him calling me daddy.

Now everything is going better.

We've got medicine and money.

Should he marry early,
I might even be a grandfather.

I'm sure you will.

You think so?

What a feast! Thank you.

You are our special guest.

Nothing special.

Hope you'll like it.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

My pleasure.

Just family dishes.

Bro, let's have a drink shall we?

Ok, a little bit.

Me too.

Give it to me.

That's enough. I can't drink that much.

Brother yong,

thank you.

You are too polite.

I'm flattered.

You don't have to...

A little bit.

I will help myself.

All right.


I heard you have a child as well?

How old?

Yes, I have a son.

Eight years old.

Is he closer to you or to his mother?

He is very close to me.

He sticks to me like glue
since he was little.

My son only wants his mother.

He has taken his Sully mood out on me.

It's hard to tell now.

As they grow up
they'll go through rebellious phases.

Who is it?

Who is it?

Who is it?

Mr. Cheng,


W ait.

I need to talk to you.

Just me.

You, get out.

Mr. Cheng,

this really work?

What do you want?

No wonder you made trouble with me,

we are doing the same trade.

We are not the same.

Ok you keep pretending.

Come on.

Let's cut the crap.

I've done calculations for you.

Your current sales model

may earn you around one million a year.

If you let me access the supply channel,

I can offer you two million.
What do you think?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

Go away

or I'll call the police.

Call the police?

Just do it. Do it now.

An investigation is
underway for these drugs.

Call the police?

You wanna bite the hook?


this trade is not as easy as you think.

If you keep selling like this,

you will be caught in six months top.

And you may get a 10 to 20 years sentence.

So what's the point of
making all this money.

Will you leave or not?

That's it?

Just go away.

Such good drugs in your possession.

What a waste!

Come on, think about it.

Take good care.


Mr. Cheng.

The cops will be arriving soon.

Be prepared.

What do you mean? Hello?


You are the boss?

Someone reported you for
selling fake drugs.

Everyone, get down!

Search here.

Get down!

We sell health care products.

Get down! Hey, you!


Why are there that many pennants?

People gave it to me.

You sell love drugs.

Who'd give you so many pennants?

The drug works.

Is that illegal?

Let's go.

Thanks for your cooperation.


The cops left?

What do you want?


Just wanna ask,

if you'll reconsider my proposal.

I bet I can drink you under the table.

You know I can really drink

don't kid yourself.

I'm not.

Get a drink.

Have a drink, it's okay.

Priest liu, you are so happy today.

Drink some more.

Don't mess with me.

To our business success!

Keep it up!

To our business success!

To continued success!

I need to tell you something.

Destiny brought us together.

You guys call me brother yong.

And for that I'm very thankful.

Brother yong.

Brother yong.

Brother yong.

Say thank you for three times.

But, all good things must come to an end.

Starting from tomorrow,

I'll stop selling the drugs.

He is drunk.

That's not funny at all.

What are you talking about?

You're kidding.

I will stop selling drugs tomorrow.

Someone else will take it over

at a higher price, though.

10,000 yuan a bottle.

But we made a deal.

You guys can still get it for 3,000.

Who will be selling?

Zhang changlin.

That so called professor zhang.

He is more experienced than us.

He's been selling drugs for over a decade.

Frankly speaking, nothing
has gone wrong so far

just by pure luck.

What the...

Don't you know his fake drugs
have put many patients' lives at risk?

His drugs are just a mix
of paracetamol and a little flour.

It's not fatal.

That old lady last time
must have taken something else.

Some unknown stuff.

How can you ever say that?

Why can't 1?

He preys on the patients for money.

No mercy on victims.

He will go to hell.

How much did he pay you?

It's not about money.

Do you know the maximum penalty
for selling fake drugs?

So you just push us...

I mean, push your patients
away to that quack?


The drugs are still available,

just a little bit more expensive.

Don't you know many patients
can't even afford 5,000 yuan?

That's none of my business!

I'm an Indian god qil seller.

How can I take care of them all?

I need to take care of
my father and my son.

What happens to them if I'm arrested?

Not to mention,
I risked my life bringing these drugs back.

You are alive today because of me!
You all owe me!

I don't have leukemia!

I thank you!

May your Indian oil shop expand.

What are you doing?

Come back here.

Yellow hair, yellow hair!


Thanks, brother yong.

May god bless you.

Maybe we have drunk too much.

Get out!

"One year later"

Mr. li.

This way, please.

Here is our sewing workshop.

You can rest assured.

Our assembly line is fully developed.

All the equiments are imported.

I've already planned to
import some more new equipment.

Over there is our cutting workshop.

Come. This way, please.

Please take a look.

All right.

Just follow me.

Mr. li, I'll lead the way.

Sister, what brought you here?

Brother yong, I've finally found you.

Everything ok?

How is iv doing?

He is not doing well.

Do you still have access to Indian glinic?

Zhang changlin is doing
the business, isn't he?

He disappeared.

The police confiscated all the drugs.

We are out of drugs for a long time now.

The police?

How come?

Someone reported him to the police.

He raised the price to 20,000 yuan.

Many can't afford it
so they won't cover for him anymore.

Right away.


leave your phone number
to the security guard.

I'll come over to see him soon after.

Brother yong.

Iv has already had several operations.
We're broke.

He is breaking down and
thinking of giving up.

I understand. But today,

I've already got plans.

He slashed his wrist.

We found him in time.

He would be dead without the drugs.

Brother please, please!

Don't do that.

I'm coming.

I'm terribly sorry, Mr. li.

Wang, come here.

Leave your phone number to him, all right?

I'll come over to visit him in two days.

I beg you. Please save him, please!

Our kid is too little to lose his father.

Let go of me!

"Indian glinic"

"Zhang changlin is wanted."




You look dashing in your haircut.

You are pretty brave huh?
Wanna kill yourself?

Have an orange.

How did it come to this?

No more drugs.

And that's that.


The patient needs debriding now.

Please go outside.


He said that you were not his rep any more.

He won't sell you drugs.

I'll go to India again

and get him some drugs from the pharmacy.

No way.

The inspection is very strict you
can't even bring in one bottle.

Then we'll have go by boat.

The one we used once might
still be accessible.

He has advanced to blast phase.

Medicine can't help him anymore.

Isn't there anything else we can do?

There's one.

Try bone marrow transplant.

Very slim chance of success, though.

We don't even know
whether he could come through chemotherapy.

I personally do not recommend.


We'll do it.

Just leave.

Some said India is a pharmacy for the poor.

Because we have a merciful government.

But right now the Swiss nuowa company
is suing the Indian government,

trying to stop us from
producing cheap medicines.

They have some background strong.

No country would dare to buy
medicines from us. No country.

What if your government loses the suit?

The pharmaceutical company shuts down.

Indian glinic disappears.

But, don't worry, Cheng.

I will provide you with
whatever you need right now.

Thank you very much.

I'm going to do the drug business again.

Come back to help me.

Step aside.

Everyone is here.

I've got the old list here.

I know some of them are gone.

So please go and check

who are still alive.

Then give the names to sihui.

We'll start selling drugs again next week.

However, I can only ensure the supply

to the patients we knew before.

Keep a low profile.

Hope you can understand.

I don't wanna go to jail.

How much?


Have you been back home yet?

No, I won't go.

They thought I was dead a long time ago.

I don't wanna scare them.

But you are not dead yet.

Sooner or later.

You better go visit.

Get a haircut first.

It's scary enough.

You despise me a lot, don't you?


I used to.


Go walk ahead!

Yellow dog.

Is this your car?

Don't you know it's in the way?

Drive off, quick.

Do you hear me?

Get into the car.

We'll go. Right away.

This photo was taken on
march 20th, in jing'an.

April 8th.

September 5th.

This guy might still be in Shanghai now.

I'm planning for an inch-by-inch search.

Give me a month, I'll try.

To catch zhang changlin.

One month.

How long does this case stay open?

Half a year.

You still haven't got him!

Fake drugs are in the market again.

That's how you've done your job?

Chief, may I say something?

Zhang changlin is still at large.

So someone else must have taken it over.

Can't we just go directly
to the source of the supply?

Then the dealer will be identified.

Mr. zhao,

you must know the Indian government's
position when it comes to fake drugs.

[T's unrealistic to handle the case
across the border.

We know what to do.

All right.


it's already an exception
for you to sit in here.

I hope you won't interrupt
our meeting again.

I'm sorry.

Cao bin.

Fifteen days.

I must see this man within fifteen days.

Police inspection.

Open the door.


Come out.

Police inspection. Come out now.

I hope we all have faith.

Don't lose hope in life.

Not to mention,

we can have access to affordable drugs now.

Thank you.

Be quiet.

Get up.

Get up.

Hey you,

get dressed.

Get up.

Hey you.

Stay in line. Come with us.

All those with drugs, follow us.

Chop chop, move.

Get a move on.

I heard you were reluctant to cooperate.

We investigators count on strong evidence.

From every each of you,

we've found fake drugs.

Whether you cooperate or not,

it makes no difference.

Harboring criminals is
an accessory to a crime.

I just want to remind you.

What you're doing now

is not doing him good.

You are causing him more trouble.


may I ask you a favour?

I just wanted to beg you

to stop investigating Indian drugs, please?

I've been sick for three years.

The genuine medicine costs 40,000 a bottle.

And I've been using them for three years.

My house is gone,

and my family is collapsing.

Now we finally have cheap drugs.

You insist they are fake.

Fake or not,

we know it better.

It only costs 500 a bottle.

The dealer has no margin.

There are patients in every family.

Who would know you can
stay healthy forever?

Once you catch him,

all of us have to die.

I don't want to die.

I want to live.


What do we do now?

Release them.


Yes, let them go.

No more excuses.

The 15-day deadline is approaching.

You must catch him.



There'll be big trouble if we don't stop.

We're cutting the patients' lifeline.

It's really difficult for me.

Difficult for you?

So you think it's easy for me?

Cao bin,

the law outweighs sympathy,
don't you know that?

We are law-enforcers.

We should strictly adhere to the law.

Excuse me.

Frankly speaking,

copycat drugs

are fake drugs.

Just like fake cigarettes,
fake alcohol and fake milk powder.

No difference.

Is it dangerous to take such drugs?

Of course.

And if something goes wrong,

small factories are unable
to take responsibilities.

So, I want to

advise all consumers that

for the sake of your own health

not to purchase and take such

adulterated drugs.

Mr. Cheng,

we are in the same boat.

If 1 got caught,

you wouldn't get away either.


You asked for 200,000 yuan.

Here is 300,000.

Take the money and run.

Never let the cat out of the bag.

I've heard that you aren't doing this
for money this time

wanna be a hero.

But I have some advice for you.

I've been doing this business for years,

and I've realized there is a disease called


There is no cure for poverty.

There is nothing you can do.

Forget it.

Did you finish?

Take care.

Who's that?

Sir, new toiletries for you.

One second.



Go get him.



Don't move!

Stay there. Don't move.



Keep running?

Who has been selling the drugs?

No clue.

The earlier you confess, the better chance
you receive a less severe punishment.

Give me a cigarette, please.

You have the answer now?


Who is that?


You think I'm stupid?

How did you sell drugs while you were
on the run for the last half year?

Honestly, it's not me.

I am asking you once again.

Who is it?

No idea.

You've got no shame, have you?

Stop bragging you quack.

I harm no one.

I've saved many cml patients
over the last two years.

At least 500 patients, if not 1,000.

That counts as a good deed right?

Don't you agree?

That's savage.

Dig out all his records.



issue a wanted notice.

Collect any intelligence of the fake drugs
from the whole city.

I don't believe,

we can't even find a
counterfeit drugs dealer.


Go get some sleep.

You should go.

"Yong Cheng"

I don't care about the
declining production.

The quantity of drugs must be guaranteed.

Not one bottle less.

All right.

Come in.

Sir, someone wants to see you.

Who's that?

Officer cao.

How do you get to know them?

We once played cards together.

They are indebted to me.

Then they got screwed
by a fake drug dealer.

So I helped them to collect their debts,

but we got into a fight.

Is that yellow hair a patient?

You know him?

Met him before.

Why is he here with you?

Someone introduced him to me.

He is a patient,

but he can do the works of two,

and I only pay him half.

Why ask?

We are investigating an
Indian fake drug case.

You've sold Indian god oil before,

and you know some cml patients.

So have you got something to do with it?

You suspect me of selling fake drugs?

Are you kidding me, sir?

I know you despise me,

but you can't slander me.

You see, my factory is running smoothly,

with hundreds of thousands
of net profit per month.

Why would I touch fake drugs?


Right, make sense.

I'm off.

I'll walk you out.

No, thanks.

The drugs dealer you had a fight with

is arrested.

Oh, really?

Sounds good. Protecting the people.


Where's your hair?

Got a haircut.

I'm going home in a few days.

Your head looks so weird.

You asked me to do it.

Well, you do look better
with your yellow hair.

Let me drive for a while.

No way.

Come on. No harm.

Don't even think about it.

Where are you going?


Just pee here.

Need to poop.

The same guys every time.

I read from newspaper
and learn that those are fake drugs.

The drugs are fatal.

Then I promptly called and reported,

so you can catch them red-handed.

But these guys are really smart.

They'll pick a different spot each time.


No, two days ago.

What took you so long?

What's up?

I feel good.

Hop in then.




Pull over!

Pull over!

Stop there now!

Pull over!



Stop now!

Where is he?

He is gone.

Take your hands off!

He was only twenty years old.

He just wanted to live! Is it a crime?

Hands off!

Answer me!

Hands off!

Answer my question!

What is his crime?

What is his crime?

Let him go.

What do you mean?

I'm not capable enough.

Cao bin,

have you considered the consequences?

I can accept any disciplinary act.

I really can't handle this case.

Get out.

Are you the owner?


We have filed a pre-action injunction

to the supreme court in India.

We should shut down the
fake pharmaceutical factories for now.

It's all done. How else
can I help you today?

I wish you could negotiate
with the Chinese government

and clear out the dealers
as soons as possible.

The drugs are no longer available?

He said the factory was shut down,

but they are still
available in the pharmacy.

If we insist,

he could repurchase the drugs
from the pharmacy at retail price.

How much is that?

2,000 per bottle.

Okay. Do it.

How much do we sell?


I will cover the rest.

Sihui, - thanks for waiting.

Are you still in contact with

- the patient groups of other provinces?
- He says he agree.

"Dear friends, now large amounts of
Indian glinic are offered at cost,"

"with the same efficacy
as the genuine Swiss glinic."

"Please spread this to every
cml patients' chat group.”

"Should you be interested,
contact me asap."


"The same efficacy as Swiss glinic?"

"My mum finally gets medication."

"I want 15 bottles."

"I want 8 bottles."

"Awesome, 20 bottles for me."

"There's finally hope!"

Brother yong,

there are so many patients.

You will lose hundreds of
thousands every month.

I'm paying them back.

Tell liu to place the order.

You need to take care of
yourself from now on.

Give me a call once you see
your mom at the terminal.


Don't cry.

Be a man.

Goodbye, daddy.

Go ahead.

It's good for him to go abroad.

He'll have better prospects than us.

Would you like a drink?

Maybe next time.


Brother yong!

Police! Nobody moves!

What are you waiting for? Run!

I repeat. Put everything
down and stand still!

Stop! Do you hear me!

Stop now!

Get out the car! Hurry up!

Get out!

Get out!

Put your hands on your head!

Cuff him!


Don't move!

Don't move! Get down!

Therefore, I would like to remind the court

that it is nuowa company that has
saved the lives of cml patients

rather than the Indian copycat drug,

let alone the defendant.

What he did

has led to the flooding of
counterfeit drugs nationwide

and severely violated
international intellectual property law.

The defendant must be severely punished.

I rest my case.

Defense counsel.

Although my client
has violated laws and regulations,

about one thousand cml patients

have survived over the past year.

The global sales price of glinic

is so high

is their pricing


We want to affirm

that the intention of Cheng
yong is to save lives

rather than to make any profit.

I rest my case.


is there anything else
that you want to say?

If not, we will be in
recess for ten minutes.

Then the court will pronounce the sentence.

I violated the law

and so I deserve the punishment.

I have no complaint about it.


when I see these patients,

I feel so sad for them.

They can't afford
the ultra-high-priced imported drugs.

They have no choice but to wait for death,

some even commit suicide.


I believe things will get
better in the future.

I'll keep my fingers crossed

that it'll be coming soon.

Please tell xiaoshu

his dad is not a bad guy.

Many thanks.

Slow down.

The court shall pronounce the sentence now.

The defendant Cheng yong

is convicted of trafficking

and selling counterfeit medicines,

with sufficient evidence of crime

and established corpus delicti.

In the meantime,

as to what Cheng yong has
done to help the patients

purchase illicit medication,

the court gives a certain
degree of understanding.

For all the above,

the defendant Cheng yong

is sentenced to five years

in prison.

"This case has drawn great attention
from the officials."

"Cheng yong had his sentence commuted.”

"The government continued promoting the
reform of medical system.”

"A large number of cml patients have been
effectively rescued successively."

"Three years later”

I quit.

Wanna go for a drink?


Have you got a plan?

Not yet.

Don't sell fake drugs anymore.

Nobody is gonna buy it now.

What's going on?

The real drugs are covered
by medical insurance now.

No one takes Indian drugs anymore.

That's good.

Go back to selling love drugs.

Suits you well.

"In 2012, 120 doctors
from different countries”

"issued a joint protest on the American magazine
blood for the excessive pricing of glinic."

"In 2013, the India's supreme court dismissed the
patent litigation from Swiss Nova for glinic."

"The Indian generic drug
turned into legal production.”

"In November 2014, the national development and
reform commission published promotion plan on"

"drug pricing reform to proceed
reformation on drug pricing mechanism."

"In may 2015, national development and reform
commission, China food and drug administration"

"and other five departments formulated
advice on drug pricing reform"

"in August 2015, the state council issued
opinions on reforming the examination"

"and approval system for
drugs and medical apparatus.”

"In 2016, ministry of industry and information technology
national health and family planning commission"

"and other four departments jointly issued guidelines
for pharmaceutical industry development planning"

"in 2018, glinic produced by Swiss Nova has
been included in national medical insurance in"

"19 provinces and cities in China."

"In 2018, China began to implement zero
tariffs on imported anticancer drugs."

"In 2002, the survival rate of
cml was approximately 30%."

"In 2018, the survival rate of
cml was approximately 85%."