Dying to Belong (1997) - full transcript

When a girl's friend is killed by a college hazing, she is the only one who can find out the truth.

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♪ Come to me there's
Something I must tell you ♪

♪ A little secret
Saved just for you ♪

♪ Too many times
I can hear you laughing ♪

♪ Look me in the eyes
And say it didn't happen ♪

♪ Too many times
When I felt like dying ♪

♪ Even when I didn't
I didn't mind trying ♪

♪ Nobody knows the trouble
I've seen ♪

♪ And if they do
Where the hell have
they been? ♪

♪ Somebody please try
To hold me down ♪

♪ Somebody please
Try to take me out ♪

I haven't finished
my reading assignment.

Wait, what are you

Get off of me.
Stop it.

[girl] Let go.

Who said you could talk?

We're out of here.

[car door shuts]

[engine revs]


Look at you,

crying like you were
four years old.


We thought you were stronger
than this, Anne-Marie.

[whimpers] I can't breathe.

[Anne-Marie] Let me out.

Kim, she wants out.

[Kim] Good, I'm sick
of listening to her.

What is this, pink?

As of tonight,
you're not a kid anymore.

-No more pink.
-[girls hoot]

[tires screech]

Wait! I need my medicine.


[car horn honks]

[car approaches]



All right, now remember.

I'm only two hours away

if you need anything. Okay?

I'll be fine.

Oh, I know you'll be fine.

Of course, you'll be fine.

Who needs a mother when you got
4000 young, fun people

to play with?

Go away before you
make me cry

and I look like the biggest baby
on campus.

Okay I'm going.

Oh wait. I forgot.

What is it?

It's my sorority pin

when I pledged Pi Gamma Beta.

Maybe it'll bring you luck.

I don't know about pledge this

I want to work on the paper...

Maybe you can go and take a

You have no idea how much
fun I had

when I was a Pi Gamm.

You know, they might not
even invite me to join.

Don't be silly. I love you.

You sure you've got everything?


Call me Sunday?

If I have time.


[upbeat music]

♪ New day's dawning ♪

♪ So get yourself moving ♪

♪ Open those eyes ♪

♪ Get yourself moving ♪

♪ Gotta make
Every second count ♪

♪ 'Cause it's a
Brand new world ♪

♪ A brand new world ♪

[punk rock music plays]



Hey, you must be Lisa, right?

Yeah, and you're Martha?

I hate that name.

Everybody calls me "Blue".

I took the right side.

I hope that's okay.

-Yeah, that's fine.

[punk music continues]

Oh my God,

don't tell me this is the line.

It hasn't moved for 15 minutes.

I can't believe this.

All I do is keep getting push
from one line to another.

Tell me about it.

My schedule is getting
completely screwed.

I'm going to go nuts.

First, the roommate from hell

and now this.

I bet your roommate doesn't
have blue hair.

You're kidding.

I'm totally serious.

[man] Registration is now
closing for lunch for one hour,

we re-open at one o'clock.

Why is my life like this?

I guess were in this

We might as well make the most
of it.

Want half?

-You sure?

Thanks, you're a saint.

By the way...
I'm sorry. I'm Shelby.

Oh, Lisa. Hi.

It's so great to finally find a
friendly face here.

Why couldn't we have been

A Girl Scout conference?

Yeah, we haven't seen
each other in,

like, three years?

Yeah, I had no idea she was
even coming Anders.

You were still Girl Scouts in
high school?

We'll be scouts forever.

Hey. It's no problem.

You two seem
meant for each other.


[screams and laughter]

Come on, let's go explore.

Where to?

I don't know. Everywhere.

-[Shelby] What's that?
-Mom's old sorority pin.

She gave it to me for good luck.

Cool. You going to go Greek?

Maybe. I told her
I'd check it out.

Have you thought about pledging?

Are you kidding?

I haven't stopped
thinking about it.

Loads of friends,
parties every night,

totally gorgeous guys...

It can be that great.

[kids shouting]

[party music playing]

[kids clamoring]

[boy hooting]

[car horn honks]

[girls screeching]

Okay I take it back.

It's completely insane.

I think I've died
and gone to heaven.

[music and shouting continue]

It's easy, man.

Just watch.


[Drea] What are you doing,

You don't have to take advantage

of unsuspecting freshmen
to get kissed.

[girls laugh]

I would kiss you too,

but we all know,

everyone's already
had a piece of Pi.

Not that you would know,

but once you've tried Pi,

you'll never settle
for second best.

You two better take off.

Yeah, thanks.

Maybe we'll see you during rush.



But you haven't taken your
first Journalism class.

I'm enrolled right now.

Well, perhaps we should talk
when you completed it.

As you can see,
we're fully staffed.

Oh I'm sorry, I just wanted you

to take a second look
at my pieces.

I think that if you would...

Rather uninspiring.

Are we, through yet?

No, sir, I also wanted to tell
you know that

I was the editor of my high
school newspaper--

Hey, Carl...

[overlapping speech]

Excuse me, we're in the middle
of something here.

It sounds like you're in the
middle of a high school resume.

This is more important.

Well, I doubt it's more
important to me.

-Do you even work here?
-Not yet.

And if you don't let me finish,
I never will.

[Steven] Now that would be
a great loss to us.

Now that's the first intelligent
thing you've said.

Enough. You're both
giving me a headache.

Mr. Tyler here thinks he's
orking for The Washington Post.

Well, I'm sorry if I take
my job seriously.

I hope I haven't kept you
from getting a Pulitzer.

Are you always this assertive?

If it will get me the job.

Who are you anyway?

Mr. Tyler, meet Lisa Connors,

the newest member of
The Daily Crusader staff.

I look like at a total loser .

[Lisa] You look great.

You're just
lying to make me feel better.

Like that. That's amazing.

[Shelby] You can wear it
if you want.

You serious?

Of course.
We're roommates now,

doubling our wardrobe
is twice the fun.

Cool. Thanks.

Okay, so what am I
supposed to say these girls?

Just be yourself.

Rush week is about everyone
getting to know each other.

Think about it like
you're interviewing them.

Right. Easy for you to say.


Who am I kidding?
I'm never gonna get in.

Yes, you will.

But I have absolutely nothing
to say to them. Nothing.

Okay, I'm gonna let you in
on a Connors family secret.

Anytime that you feel like you
don't know what to say to

just complement them on
what they're wearing

and ask them where
they bought it.

Okay. And that's really
going to work?

According to my mom, it never

Okay, come on.

We have Kappa Gams as seven,

Alpha Tau at eight.

And tomorrow...

[classical music playing]

The Kappas pride ourselves

on a commitment to leadership
and community service.

We constantly ask ourselves
"Can we do more?"

[bell rings]

Hi, I'm Victoria.

Let me tell you little bit about

The Kappas pride ourselves

on a commitment to leadership
and community service.

We constantly ask ourselves,
"Can we do more?"

[bell tinkles]

I think you will really
fit in here.

What did you say your major was?


That is so cool.

Maybe you'll be one of those
anchors on the evening news.

This one was your mom's
sorority, right?

Yep, I say we give it
15 minutes

and then we leave.

I can't believe how boring
these things are.

[Shelby] Yeah, I know. I never
thought I'd get this sick

of talking about myself.

-Hi. Come on in.

Hi. I'm Kim Lessing.

-Welcome to Pi Gamma Beta.

This is Drea Davenport.

She was the pledge last year.

we've met. Haven't we?

Well, not officially.

I'm Lisa Connors, and this is...

[Kim] You're Lisa.

We were wondering
when you would show up.

Your mother called, and said you
be coming by.

Oh, that was nice
of her.

Look, you might as well get this
over with,

you know you're not
getting out of here

without seeing all of the
pictures of her when she was

and her old room

and anything else
we can dig out.

Yeah, I was afraid of this.

Come on, I'll try to make this

as painless as possible.


That's a beautiful jacket you're

Where did you get it?

Do you like it?

There's this wonderful vintage
store downtown.

Have you met Paige Tashman?

She's rushing this year too.

-Paige, this is...
-Shelby. Hi.

Nice to meet you.

That's not my mom, is it?

No. Take a closer look.

That's not you?

[chuckles] Pretty amazing,huh?

-Yeah, you really changed.
-In just a year.

It never would've happened
without the house.

How do you mean?

The sisters really support
each other.

It's like no matter
what happens,

there's always
someone there for you.

Like family.


I'm serious.

Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean
to be rude.

It's just...

Well... see my dad left
when I was four,

and my mom was
always working,

So, I don't exactly count on
family to be there.

I'll tell you what,

whether you decide to
pledge or not,

I hope you feel free to come
here whenever you want.

Consider the Pi Gamms
your family.


And speaking of family...

your mother, the flower child.

[both laugh]

She always tells me
I don't know how to dress.

Come on.


Ooh, that's attractive.

Didn't know I had an audience.

A little too much partying?

It's rush week.

Don't tell me you're
going Greek.


And here I thought you might
actually be smart.

Sorry to disappoint you.

You know, one of the pledges
disappeared last year

they were hazing her.

How do you know that?

I just do.

Everybody tried to deny
that it happened,

but I'm positive that's
what it was.

And she just disappeared
into thin air?

I'm sure it was the

because they're
afraid of bad press.

What are you doing?

I'm following you?


Well, Carl Bernstein is
giving a lecture on Thursday

and I got two tickets,

so I thought maybe
you'd want to go.

With you?

Well, that was the idea.





Great. Well, I-I-I...
Yeah. I'll catch you later

at The Daily Crusader tomorrow.




[bell tolls]

Lisa. It snowed here.

You think were going
the right way?

Yeah, there it is.

I see the bonfire.

[kids cheering]

[Terry] Out of my way.

Go, Terry.


Hey you guys finally
showed up.

Yeah, we got a little
lost, though.

[Drea laughs]

You two have to catch up.

-Thank you.

Come on Terry's kicking
everybody's butts.


Did she win again.

I think the guys are
all afraid of her now.


Glad you two could make it.

We're excited to be here.

Now you're going to see
what being a Pi Gamm

is really about.

This is all the fun stuff.

Go Terry.

[loud cheering]

Way to go, Terry.

Who's next?


Oh, no thanks.

Afraid to get your pretty
clothes all dirty?

[Drea] Leave her alone, Terry.

She's just a freshman.

She is a legacy, like I was.

She can do it.

You don't want everyone to think
you're chicken, do you?

Yeah, come on Lisa. Do it.


-All right.


[Drea] Go for it, Lisa.

Okay, I'll probably lose.

I have total faith in you.

Rules are simple.

First one to the top,
drink the shot

and get back down, wins.

Anything goes.

Okay, three, two, one, go.



[Terry] Bitch.

-[cheering continues]
-[Terry grunts]


Come on.

Back off!

[Lisa grunts]

[indistinct chatter]

As you all know,

the rush period is
coming to an end shortly.

You'll be getting your bids

and you'll be deciding whether
or not you want to pledge.

Now this is
a very exciting time,

but only if you're responsible
for your own actions.

And by responsibility, I mean,

don't let things get
out of hand.

As Dean of students
here, I...

Well, it's my responsibility
that you get

all the benefit out of
Anders College that you can,

but you do it safely.

So, remember, my door
is always open

if you want to come talk.

All right? Anytime.

Thank you, Dean Curtis..

There are refreshments
in the other room.

Same crap every year.


What's wrong?

I just want to go home.

Everybody hates me.

No, nobody hates you.

Yes they do.

They think I'm stupid and ugly.

Hey. Don't say that.

What if I don't make it in?

What if you get a bid and I

You'll get a bid. We both will.

Look, I won't pledge if they
don't take us both.




We're a team, remember?

Thanks. You're the greatest.

Hey, did you notice
how Bernstein

doesn't even mention Woodward

I know. When he was talking
about Watergate,

it was like it was
from a movie or something.

Yeah, it's all those things.

-Hey, you want to get
some ice cream?

Like I was saying, Watergate,
Vietnam War,

Kennedy getting shot...

Everything happened before
we were even born.

I know.

You know what the problem is

Is that we don't have
Burns called "moral leadership."

Who's Burns?

James McGregor Burns?

He wrote that book called Leadership back in the 70s.

-It won the Pulitzer.

Like I know every book
that won the Pulitzer.

Do you read all the time?

What, they don't allow you
to read

in your little sorority?

I'm not in a sorority yet.

Hi, can I taste
the Chocolate Ritz, please?


-You were staring.

No, no...you look great..


Thank you.

Mmm. It's really good.
You want to taste?

Tastes good.

Um...we'll take two.


[Steven] Hey.


Are you back here
hiding from the world?

Yeah, I was kind of tired.

What you reading?


I thought it wouldn't hurt
to take a look.

-Steven, it's the library.
-[Steven] So?

See, you thought reading
was boring.

How can you be so calm?

What are you talking about?

They're voting tonight.

You act like you're
not even nervous.

There's not much more
we can do at this point.


God I hate sitting in some
stupid class

when there's really
important stuff going on.


Next is Paige Tashman.

She's too...fat.

Shannon only wants anorexics
in the house.

We do have a reputation
to maintain.

Keep in mind, her dad owns that
house at Lake Hope.

We could use it for weekenders.

Okay. Vote.

Three reds and she's history.


Hah. Barely.

Okay, next.

The queen of the wannabes.

This is Shelby Blake.

-Anybody home?
-Oh, come in.

You got a sec?

For you? Anytime.

You may not think so
after we're through.

I didn't get in, did I?

I'm really sorry, Lisa.


Some people just thought you
didn't want it bad enough.

But I-I do want it.

You guys have become my best

I don't know anyone
else here.

It's a little late now.

What if I talk to them?

-The ones who didn't want me...


That was priceless.

-[girls laugh]
-[Lisa sighs]

Oh my God, I could not kept
a straight face much longer.

What's going on?

You're in. We both are.


Lisa. It was a joke.

You should've seen the look
on your face.

I thought you were gonna
start begging me.

See, it all worked out,
just like you said it would.


Girls, you've now been
officially tapped.

Welcome to Pi Gamma Beta.

[girls giggle]

Wait, you guys.


[tribal music playing]

The Rose is the symbol
of our unity.

It represents our
commitment to sisterhood.

By giving the very source
of our lives to the rose,

we also give it our strength.

By joining Pi Gamma Beta,

we give up what we are
for what we can be.

By adding your blood,

you give up yourself...

to be come part of something

greater than you ever imagined.

By joining Pi Gamma Beta,

you give up what you are what
you can be.

By giving your blood,

you give up yourself...

to become something greater
than you ever imagined.

[alarm clock rings]

Time to get up girls.

Your trainings begun.

What's going on?

First rule, don't speak unless
you're asked a direct question.

Come on, come on. Let's go.

I think I'm going to just love
Hell Week.

Paige you missed a spot.

Remember, one of you girls is
going to win sisterhood award

at the end of the week.

To win that honor, you have to
demonstrate three things:

Unity, trust, and commitment.

Working together
is the first step.

So when you're done in here,

you can start in
on the bathrooms.

[girls laugh]

This floor is a mess.

[girls laugh]

Come on. Get busy.

We have to get the bathrooms
done by 8:00.

[Kim] This is it.

The statue's in the Dean's

Are you sure we can lift it?

Kyle's did it a few years ago.

Of course, most of them got

Who's gonna climb over
and unlock the gate?


I will. I'll do it.

You're going to get us
busted before we even start.

You sure?

Yeah, definitely.

[Shelby] Oh! Okay.

[Paige] Are you sure
she can get out?


[sighs] So we could get kicked
out of school for this?

That's what
makes it exciting.

-[dog barking]
-[Shelby screams]

Shelby, come on.


Come on. Hurry.

You're going to
get us busted.

Come on.

Grab a leg. Hurry.

-[girls clamoring]
-[dog barking]

Come on, come on.

Hurry up.

-[Shelby] Grab my hand.
-Come on.

-Help her.

Here she comes.

She's stuck.

It's happening again.


[Dean Curtis] Virgo, stop that!

-[Curtis] Right now!
-Hurry up.


[windhield wipers moving]

[rain pouring]

[Lisa gasps] Hey.

Come on you guys,
this isn't funny.

The second part of your
training involves trust.

Part of being in Pi Gamma Beta
is knowing that...

no matter what...

you must always have faith
in your sisters.

[glass shatters]

Open your mouths.




Go ahead.


You know, Shelby...

last year I won
the sisterhood award.

Maybe this year you'll
be voted best pledge

you'd like that
wouldn't you?

To be the best.



Don't you trust me, Lisa?

Very good.

I knew you wouldn't
let me down.

[kids chattering]

[sighs] I'll level with you,
Miss Connors,

this is disappointing work.

I'll rewrite them.

What's the point? It's old news.

We may only be a college paper,

but I expect 100% from the
people on staff at all times.

That's what I'm giving.

All I know is your first
articles were excellent.

Now I'm getting this.

Things have just been a little
crazy the past couple of weeks.

Well, maybe take a little rest
from The Daily Crusader.

It's been a lot put on you
right from the start of school.

I can handle it. I'll just
write another article.

I didn't bring you in here to
argue the point, Lisa.

You come back and see me
next semester,

we'll take another
shot at it.



What's going on?

Lisa, what the hell's
gotten into you?

I can't talk right now.

You can never talk.

course you can't talk.

I've been trying to call you
for the past two days,

but you're never there.

This isn't a good time, Steven.

Listen Lisa, if you don't
want to go out with me

please just say so..

I told you this was going
to be a crazy week.

Oh that's right.
How could I forget?

It's slave and master week
over on Greek Row.

-You don't understand.
-No, I don't.

I thought we had something
kind of nice starting.

What? I just get cut off now?
Is that how it works?

-Hi, it's me.
-Lisa, hey.

I was beginning to think
you'd fallen

off the face of the earth.

Not yet, but I'm close.

Everything okay?

Everything pretty much
sucks right now.

Oh, Hell Week, huh?


Well, don't worry.

It'll be over before
you know it.

-Oh, come on,

don't be so negative.

Listen, I've told
everybody in the office

how excited I am
about you getting in.

You want to trade places?

Lisa, why don't you just
stick it out.

You'll be glad you did.


Mom, I gotta go.

[girls chatter]

[whistle blows]

You were hard to track down.

What, they finally let you
out of your cage?

Not really.

I'm hiding out
for a few hours.

[whistle blows]

Steven, I acted like a jerk
the other day.

I'm really sorry.

It doesn't matter.

I had no idea how time-consuming
pledging would be.

No, don't use
that as an excuse.

You decide who you want to see

and what you want to do.

Not some girls' club.

-It's not that easy.
-So drop it.

I can't.

It's really important
to my mother.

If that's the only thing
that she considers important

then you two have some issues
to work out.

You're just so sure you're right
all the time. Aren't you?

[whistle blows]

You have this little
black and white theory

about everything,

and to hell with what
everyone else thinks.

I didn't come here to find
you to get preached at.

I came here because
I needed a friend.


[girls hooting]

Paige, be sexy.

-Let's go. Walk.
-Sexy, Paige,

you can't bag a guy if you're
walking like a chicken.

You call that sexy?
Let's go, Paige.

[girls clamoring]

I had no idea you are so fat.


Let's see you try
a little harder.

Come on back a little bit.
Let's go. Whoo!

No, no, no, no, no.

Wait, wait, wait, wait...
she needs a nickname.

How about "Saddlebags"?

How about "Baby Breasts"?

No, wait. You're baby breasts.

This is so humiliating.

It'll all be over
before we know it.

It'll be fine.

Yep. Let's mark her up, girls.

"Baby Breasts," that's your
new name, Paige.


Oh, little "Baby Breasts."

[all] Aw.

-Come on. Aw.
-Come on, Paige.

You're gonna have to try
a little harder than that.

That should knock her
out of the running

for the Sisterhood Award.

What's happening to you?

Next. Come on.

Let's go Shelby.

Let's see if you can cut it.

[girls hooting, shouting]

Are you okay?


I can't do this anymore.

Then don't.

You don't have to do
anything you don't want.


Go join the pledges.

-I was just...
-I'll take care of this.

Right here...

[girls chattering]

Ah, Lisa...

you're next.

You're next.

[overlapping speech]

We lost her.

Okay, walk...

She could be called
"Thunder Thighs".


I can see a few more areas of

You remember, now,
cellulite is our enemy.

-You can step down now.


You're through.


Now all you have to do,

[girls laugh]

Now, all you have to do,
is just hang it.

out there.

[Kim] They'll be able
to see it for miles.


I can't, I can't...

It's too high.

Don't be such a baby.

You want to win
the Sisterhood Award.

Don't you, Shelby?

[Drea] You have to get over
your fears.

Trust us, Shelby.

We're your sisters.

[girls chattering]


You didn't take your turn
on the table.

I decided to skip it.

-Who said you could do that?
-I did.

Where's Shelby?

You better watch your mouth.

You're not supposed to talk
unless I give you permission.


Where's Shelby?

I haven't seen her.

Come on. We're planting flags.

[high pitched scream]

[crowd shouts]

[girl screams]

[sobs] Shelby!


[indistinct chatter]

-Sergeant Sands.

Sorry to get you up
in the middle of the night.

[crowd chatter]

What happened?

I don't know.

She was drinking all those

Then she just ran off.

Did you see her?


She wanted to be the best.

She said she was going to
surprise us.

She must have been trying
to hang the banner

when she fell.

[Steven] Hey!

Nobody's seen you
for a couple of hours.

I was getting worried.

You okay?

I just keep seeing her lying
there on the ground.

All broken, and...

I try to bring up
some other image, but I can't.

What was going on?

It all happened so fast.

Was she alone?

Maybe somebody
was with her on the tower.

I don't know.

I wasn't there. I don't know.

I'm sorry.

For many of us, Shelby Blake

was still the little girl
we'd always known.

We trust the Lord will
watch over her for us,

both as the child we remember

and as the young woman
she was becoming.


[priest] I am so sorry.

If there's anything we can do to
help you,

please let us know.


Hi, Mr. Blake.


I am so sorry.

We want to thank you for coming.

You and the others...


I wish there was something
that I could have done.

We all do.

This just doesn't
make any sense.

I know.

I just can't imagine
what she was doing up there

in the first place.

She was afraid of heights.

She was?

She wouldn't even climb a tree.

- Then--
- Lisa.

We should go if we want
to get back to campus

at a reasonable hour.

Okay, I'll be right there.

We want you to know,

we're really going
to miss Shelby.

She was so sweet.

Yeah. Sweet.

Sorry we have to go so soon.

It's a long way back.

That was so sad.

I've never known
anyone who died.

It'll be up to us to make sure

the Pi Gamms are all dealing
with it okay.

especially the pledges.

Yeah, the important thing
now is the house.


We don't want this
to get out of hand.

Did you know Shelby was afraid
of heights?

No, I didn't.

Seems strange that she'd
on top of that building

all alone. Doesn't it?

Well, you never know
what people will do

when people are drinking,
I guess.

Can we talk about something

[sighs] Do you want
me to drive?


I'm fine.

I'm sorry, but that's all
I can tell you at this point.

Anders University does
everything in our power

to prevent accidents like that.

Sadly, we don't always succeed.

Dean Curtis, is there any
possibility that this death

is a result of hazing?

Hazing is strictly forbidden
by the University.

And I like to add
that our record

is spotless in this area.

Well maybe that's
because these incidents keep

getting swept under the carpet.

Are you referring to
something in particular?

Well, I'm referring to a pledge

that nearly died last year.

That doesn't sound familiar
to me.

You have a name?

No, I've just heard rumors
from several sources.

Rumors are different from facts.

Perhaps you should learn
the difference

before you start making

[crowd clamoring]

I shouldn't have
left her alone.

Honey, you can't blame

It was an accident.

But if I'd been there...

You sure you don't
want to come home?


I keep imagining that she's

going to walk through
the door any minute.

All happy and excited

and were going to talk about
what sort of day we had.

Maybe you should go spend
a couple of nights

at the sorority house.

You shouldn't be alone.


I'm fine alone. I'm used to it.

What's that supposed to mean?


All I'm suggesting is

that you spend a couple of
nights with friends.

I'll think about it.

Lisa, I'm just trying to help.

Okay I'll go.

Does that make you happy?


[Lisa] I didn't mean
to steal your bed.

Don't be silly.

I'll just go crash with Terry.

This must be really hard
for you.

You can stay here as long
as you like.

I feel like we're
real sisters.


Hi...is Lisa Connors here?


Really? Well,
she left a message

telling me she would be here.

Look, she's really upset.

Listen, could you just
tell her that I'm here

I'm sure she'd want to see me.

I already told you, she's upset.

She doesn't want to see anybody.

Lisa, it's really nice
to have you here.

Try and get some sleep. Okay?

[Drea] You doing okay?

It'll all be over soon.

Just do what we said,

and everything will be fine.

Why can't we just tell
the Dean what was going on?

Because we never tell
the secrets of the house.

Don't you remember
the vows you took?

But after all
that's happened...


you're part of the Pi Gamma Beta
family now.

You signed your oath in blood.

Lisa, could you come
with me now?

Were here for you.

It might be a good idea
if you go talk to

one of the psychologists
on campus.

Just so you have
somebody to talk to.

Maybe I will.

I keep thinking I should of
stayed with her,

maybe she'd
still be alive.

From what the others told me,

your friend was very anxious
to prove she belonged.

Evidently she been drinking
a great deal.

I don't really remember
her drinking anything.

-She was too nervous.

Well... there was
a lot going on.

What, at the sorority house?


Lisa, we understand you've
been under a lot of pressure.

You're having a hard time
accepting your friend's death

you want to blame somebody

that's perfectly understandable.

But why don't you
take a little time

and think about this?

That's all?

Well, for now.

I don't want to trouble
you anymore than I have to.

You don't want to know what
really happened, do you?

We do know.

Lame break.

Just shoot, okay?

I was just kidding.

I'm not in the mood for
your kidding tonight.

We should do something,

to keep up morale and all.

It doesn't really matter much
now, does it?

You know, Kim, we could really
use some leadership right now.

Well, maybe you should do it,

Don't you even care
about what happened?

Of course I care.

Just because I don't cry

and go on and on about it,
like some people,

doesn't mean I don't care.

We can all fall apart.

Someone's got to be strong.


Come on you guys.

We shouldn't fight.
Not now.

You're right.

[Drea] Sorry.

-This whole thing is just so...
-I know.

I know.


I win.

You beat Terry?

She got lucky.

Stupid eightball went
in the pocket too early.

You're up, Lisa.

Oh, um...

Maybe you could take my turn.

Why don't we play teams?

Lisa and I will take
on you two.

Really I don't feel like it.

Well... you're overruled.

I think this will help us take
our mind off things for a while.

Don't you?


I'll break.

Steven you wrote this?

They're hiding something.

It's just like what happened
last year.

Who is this girl you
keep talking about?

Are you sure you didn't
just make her up?

You'll see what I mean
once I find her.

You don't know these
girls, I do.

They wouldn't do
something like this.

Lisa, they were hazing you.

That happens everywhere.

That doesn't mean they killed,
for God sakes.

You just can't keep throwing
these accusations around.

I mean, what if it
really was an accident?

And what if it wasn't?

Don't you understand?
Your the key here.

You should know more
than anyone.

This could be a breakthrough

I don't care about a story.

Well you should, because
she was your best friend.

Who's going to find the truth
if you don't?

I'm so sick of everyone telling
me what I should do.

It's your responsibility.

And I sure as hell don't
need any lectures

on responsibility from you.

It's important at times
like this

for us to come together.

Try and make some sense
out of something

that seems so unfair...

and to offer our love and
support to each other.

[Steven] Hey.

Our bond is what
keeps us strong.

And our bond is made
sacred by our loyalty.

And we must remember
our duty to the house

and to the vows we took:

-[men laugh]
-[Steven groans]







-[Steven grunts]
-[men laugh]

Committment, Unity, Trust.

[glass shattering]

Here, fill this out.

[Steven] Now you know it was
because of that editorial I

There was a copy stuck
to the car.

Well, maybe they had
a right to be angry.

It was a pretty strongly worded

What is it going to take...

for you guys to be convinced
that something wrong

is going on?

[Lisa] Steven...

They said at the paper
you were attacked.

Are you okay?

I guess I must be,

because the sergeant says
it might have been figment

of my imagination.

I never said that.
Come on in.

Now you were there the night
of the accident,weren't you?

she was my roommate.

Maybe you can answer
a question for me?

Why were there colored
markings on your roommate's


Most of them had been
rubbed off.

Do you know anything
about that?


You sure?

It doesn't matter anyway,
right? I mean...

-She was drunk and she fell.
-[Sands] She wasn't drunk.


The lab tests show that she
hadn't had a drink all night.

[Lisa] Paige.

-You have a minute?

-What for?
-Just... to talk.

But somewhere away from
here though.

I can't.

Paige, I need to know
what happened

after I left that night.


I'm sorry, I can't.

Were about to have
a quick meeting,

you two should be downstairs.

Am I supposed to
just not talk to anyone?

You're imagining things.

That reporter boyfriend of yours

is making you paranoid.

You don't know
anything about him.

He's just using you.

To try and dig up
dirt on the house.

-Lisa, we should go down.
-[Lisa] I'm not coming.

-It's a required meeting.
-What's going on?

Why don't you want me to
find out what happened that

Just do what I tell you,

Remember, you're still
just a pledge.

You know what? I'm tired
of being "just a pledge."

I'm ready to be a human
being again.

Lisa, you walk away
like this. You're out.

Do you understand? Out.

Is this what you meant by
family, Drea?


I didn't expect to see you here


That's a dumb question.

What's wrong?


I guess I just don't
know what to believe anymore.

Look, if you're seeing
me just because of this story.

You don't have to bother.

I'll still help you.

That doesn't sound like
you talking.

The Lisa I know is
much smarter than that.

Everything is just so
messed up right now.

But you can't let them
get to you.

You're much stronger
than they are.

Where did that come from?

I'm so used to being

you're kind of a
nice change of pace.

[both chuckle]

What you're saying
is that you lied to me.

They told me
not to say anything.

And you do everything
people tell you?

-This is not her fault.

These girls are dangerous.

Why can't you see that?

All I see is a bunch of kids
that got carried away.

Aren't you going
to do anything?


I'll shake up every
fraternity and sorority
on campus.

And you know when I'll get?


We already told you.

You can't keep asking us
the same questions.

What you're saying is...

that none of you is responsible

for the markings on her body.

And nobody noticed when
Shelby Blake just wandered off

on her own the other night?

Nobody knows anything
about eating glass?

Initiations in the clock tower.

In fact, not a one of you
knows a damn thing.

Is that right?

Well this innocent school girl
act is really

starting to irritate me.

Somebody better start talking,

or I can make this very

How about you?

Both my parents are lawyers.

Maybe I should
call and ask them

-the definition of harassment.
-Oh, I see. I see...

You girls want to make this
difficult, huh?

That's fine.

I can be difficult.

[Shelby screaming]

[Lisa sobs] Shelby.

Are you sure you don't
want me to come over with you?

I don't mind.

They were just
trying to scare me.

It won't be as easy to do
in daylight.


So what are you going to do?

I'm going to try
and talk to Paige.

I think she may
know something.

Don't do anything risky,
all right.

It's not worth you
getting hurt over.

Okay? Promise?



-I drove down to see you.

I guess I should have called

How long have you been here?

About 6:30 this morning.

I guess you didn't sleep
here last night, huh?

[sighs] Your friend Drea called.

She's really worried about you.

There's more to it
than you think.

You know what honey?
I think you're still in shock

about what happened.

I'm not in shock--

Look, it's nothing
to be ashamed of.

It's going to take some time.

I've spoken to your friends
at the house and--

Those aren't my friends.

Look, Lisa I know you want to
blame someone

for all of this,

but it's no one's fault.

They're just as devastated
by Shelby's death as you are.

Forget about it, Mom.

You know, there's no need
to use that tone with me.

I'm just trying to help.

-Then listen to what I'm saying.
-I am listening.

But this is not...

This is when you need your
friends the most.

Don't shut them out.

I'm not going back
to that house.

I can't make it
any simpler than that.

Okay, then why don't you just
come home with me

for a few days.

Take some time away.

Then you'll see
how important it is to you.

It's important to you.

I joined so that you'd
be proud of me.

You don't understand.

Never mind.

[loud party music playing]

[kids chattering]

[party music and chatter]

You crashing the party?

I want to talk to Paige.

Well, I don't think she's much
in the mood for talking.

Maybe I should ask her.

Maybe... you should
shut the hell up.

There's been cops all over
the road because of you.

Trust me, you have no idea
what you're inviting.

It can get really ugly.

Is that what you want?

We can take care of that
right now.

Make sure you don't go
spouting your mouth off.

-Are you Lisa Connors?

You were just visiting a
fraternity over on 28th Street?

Yeah, I was there
for a few minutes.

I need you to get out
of the car, please.

What did I do?

What have we got there?

That's not mine.

Course is not. Put your hands
behind your back, please.

This is a mistake.

You have the right to remain

Anything you say
can and will be

used against you
in a court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney.

If you can't afford one...

What the hell is going on?

I told you. They set me up.

Lisa. You cannot keep making
things up

just to escape the truth.

Why is it so hard
for you to believe me?

Because people don't
do this to one another.

You mean sorority sisters


I know how difficult this must
be for you to deal with,

but this is not the way.

It wasn't mine.

You know, you're lucky that they
let you off with a warning.

I just want to make sure
that it doesn't happen again.

So...We'll get help.

Okay. I can go with you
if you like.

Mom, I know you don't
believe me,

but something happened
up on that roof.

Something they don't want
anyone to know about.

I'm going to have to stay in
town for a couple of days

until this mess gets cleared up.

But you know something,

I think it would
be best after that

if you came home with me,
where I can keep an eye on you.

I don't need you to keep
an eye on me.

I can handle my life on my own.

Really? I used to think so.

Now, I'm not so sure.

What do you want?

I want to know who planted
the drugs.

Don't blame us if you have
a drug problem.

Was it you Terry?

Lisa, you're out of control.

You guys are hiding something.

You have been ever since the
night of the tower.

If we are,
it's for your own good.

You swore an oath, Lisa.

An oath you sealed with blood,
that you'd protect the house

and all the sisters in it.

What about the sister
that's dead?

Just let it drop.

It's better for everyone
this way.

I won't let it drop.

Not until I get the truth

Were trying to protect you.


Of course, why do you
think Shelby was up there

in the first place.

What are you talking about?

She was trying to prove she
was just as good as you, Lisa.

Didn't you understand that?

She kept saying you were
prettier and smarter

and more popular than she was.

That's why she kept pushing

We didn't want you to
have to live with this.

We tried to be good sisters,

but you couldn't let it go,
could you?

All we wanted to
do was protect you.

So how did you finally
track her down?

Through the finance department.

Her name is Anne-Marie Johnson,

and the school wrote her
a pretty nice check.

A check doesn't
prove she was hazed.

You're the one who
insisted on coming along.

If you don't believe it,
Why are you even here?

Let's just see
what she has to say. Okay?


I really thought I was
going to die.

I mean, that car's

[Anne-Marie whimpers]


[Steven] But they stopped.


[Lisa] Were you hurt?

Not physically too bad.

I was just kind of messed up
for a while.

It just didn't seem fair.

I was so mad.

I was supposed to be

the first person in my family
to get a college degree.

You know?

It just didn't seem very fair.

I don't understand.

Why didn't you tell anybody?

The school offered me some money

if I didn't say anything.

And to tell you the truth,

that was fine with me.

I mean, no way was I going
to go back there.

I knew the Pi Gamms would just
make my life miserable.

The Pi Gamms?

Yeah, Pi Gamma Beta.

That was my sorority.

[Anne Marie] Do you know it?


I can't print a story like this
without solid proof.

Carl, what more do you want?

I got an interview.

This school has
paid this girl off

to keep her quiet.

You have the word
of one bitter ex-student.

Come on, that's not enough
for this size accusation.

You know that every word
on that page is true.

All I know is I can't...

I can't print this story.

This wasn't your
decision, was it?

I'm sorry.

Technically, the paper
is controlled

by Anders' administration.


So much for freedom
of the press.

I'm afraid that's not all.

As of today, you are no longer
on staff.

It's all been lies.

First they said she was

then they said it was my fault.

It's all been lies.

Well, everybody here seems
happy with the lies.

[Lisa] Steven.
Let go of me.

-[man] Let's go. Let's go.
-[Lisa] Steven.

-[Lisa] Steven.

-[Lisa whimpers]
-[man] Stay down.

You want to live
through this night?

Better just chill.

This is what happens to people
who break their vows.

[Lisa] Let me go.

Next time, stay out of other
people's business. Okay?


[ragged breathing]

[distant car horn honks]

[honking continues]

[car honks]

Oh my God.

I've looked
everywhere for you.

I'm so happy to see you.

It's okay, honey. It's okay.

Look at you.

Look at what
they did to you.

I was so scared.

I thought I'd lost you for good.

[kisses] Come on.

I was searching all night.
I can't believe I found you.

There has to be something
else we can do.

I've got people searching

We'll find her.

I was so stupid.

What kind of mother doesn't
believe in her own daughter?

Mrs. Connors.

Hi, Mom.

Oh, you're all right.

I am so sorry.

I don't know why I
didn't listen to you.

It's just that sometimes

it's hard for me to realize
that you're all grown up.

The next time I try to tell you
how to live your life,

will you do me a favor?

Will you tell me to mind
my own business?

I might just take you
up on that.


Kim! You've got a message.


Lisa called.

She wanted you to
meet her at the clock tower.

She said to tell you

she's bringing
Anne-Marie Johnson along.

Lisa said she's
an old friend of yours.

[bell tolls]

Where's Anne-Marie?

She couldn't make it.

I told you she was bluffing.

I wasn't.

[Anne Marie's voice] I don't
remember all their names,

just the driver.

Her name was Kim.

Kim Lessing.

What happened this time, Kim?

Did you push her?

Or did you just tell Shelby
to be the best pledge

she had to learn to fly?

It wasn't me...

I didn't do anything.

It was her.


She just kept pushing and
pushing her.

[girls laugh]

Now all you have to
do is just hang it...

out there.

[Kim] They'll be able
to see it for miles.


I can't. I can't.
It's too high.

Don't be such a baby.

Really, I gotta go back down.

You want to win the sisterhood

don't you Shelby?

Why are you doing this?

It all happened so fast.

I'm serious.

I'm really really
afraid of heights.

I get sick and stuff.

You have to get over your fears.

Trust us, Shelby.

We're your sisters.

No, I can't.

Do it!

I told you to just get up there
and hang it!

Do it, Shelby!

Do it!

[Shelby screams]


We made Paige swear not to tell.

It was an accident.

Why didn't you just
leave it alone?

It's not like we weren't sorry.

This is the second time
it happened, Drea.

When did you think it
would stop?

I wish I could go back
and change it all,

but I can't.

What do you want?

I want to make sure
it never happens again.

No you don't.

You just want
to destroy the house.

We took you in...

made you a part of our family.

Don't you understand
how important that is?

It's not more important
than someone's life.

Nothing's that important.

It's strange...

I thought, knowing what
really happened,

would make me feel better.

But the truth is, nothing can
bring Shelby back.

It's a shame, you know.

She was so excited
when she got in.

She thought it was going
to be one big party.

All I can tell
you at this point,

is that two women from
Shelby's Blake's sorority

have come forward.

They've admitted to being...

connected to the accident.

Now, would you classify these
activities as hazing?


And...what do you plan to do
about it?.

Well, clearly, the University
will have to look

into the depth of problem.

And this is a situation
that we intend to rectify.

What a waste.

I'm sorry, Mom.

I know it meant
a lot to you.

You know, I don't think it was
the sorority at all.

I think it was the people
there that I loved.

The house was just a way
of bringing us together.

I'll miss having that.

[Steven] Hopefully you won't
miss it too much.

[Lisa] Well, if I do,
it's my own fault.

I mean, it's not like
there's nothing else to do here.

[sinister music]