Dying to Be Loved (2016) - full transcript

Jill Yates' daughter Emily takes up with bad boy Gary, whose violent behavior lands him and Emily in trouble. To avoid prison, Gary and Emily appear to commit a double suicide, but Jill sets out to prove Gary has gone on the lam, taking Emily with him.

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How you doing babe?

It's beautiful,
I love it.

What're you reading nerd?



Hey, Conner.

How come you're home?

We finished
the project early.

Does this
look straight?

I thought I'd hang some
photos of my family...

and some of yours.

Found those in the last
box the movers delivered.

Once they get up, we
are officially moved in.

Where's mom?

Oh, she's
around somewhere.

Are they your parents?

They look nice.

Yeah, they are.

And they're going
to stay with us

when they come up
for the wedding.

I thought you never
went near the water?

That's the day
I nearly drowned.

Hey, I'm sorry...
it's my fault.

We'll get a
different one, okay?

Where's my mom?

She's always here when
I get back from class.

She's around.

Why don't you help
me pick one of these?

I don't like
any of them.

They just remind me
how unhappy I always am.

What's going on?

Nothing's going on.

Where's my mom?



What are you doing?

I'm so sorry,
I was...

You're counting my pills!

Jill, sorry, she figured
out something was up.

Yeah, because
I'm not an idiot.

I'm also not a baby.
I'm 18 now.

I know.

And you said if I could
handle a full course load,

you'd give me more freedom.

And you have
kept up your side...

but with Conner and I buying
this house and moving in

together, maybe you feel
like I'm abandoning you.

I don't.

If I knew how to feel happy,
I'd be happy you found somebody.


something has happened to
make you to behave differently.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You're walking around
in your own world.

You're hardly eating.

I watch you study and you read
the same page over and over.

I thought maybe you stopped
taking your medications again.

That was one time!

How long are you going
to hold that against me?

It was one time and you
know what almost happened.

Conner said that,
he thought...

it's because you
have a boyfriend,

and I was like, "No,
she would tell me."

Because we're, you know...

Do you have a boyfriend?

Why didn't you tell me?

I thought you'd be mad
or something, I dunno.

Mad, why would I be mad?
This is great!

But how did... how?

How did I actually interact
with another human being?

Honey, I'm sorry,
that came out wrong.

I'm very happy...

I met him at school, okay?


Okay, this is great.

I can't believe it.

I thought it was us
and it's the opposite.

Emily has a boyfriend! You
were right, this is amazing.

Yeah, it's crazy.

I've just been so

maybe I can
relax a little.


I don't know.

I asked her about a photo
today and she did that thing

where she goes off
into a trance.

What photo?

It was stupid of me.

She was wearing a bathing
suit and I asked her

without thinking about it.

I know you said
she nearly drowned,

but the words just
came out, I'm sorry.

It's okay.

It's actually
what happened after.


That night at
the hospital...

she asked me to call her dad
because she wanted to see him.

He had left before
she was born,

so she never got
to meet him and...

I think nearly drowning made
her want to make a connection.

So I tracked him down
and he swore he'd show up,

but he never did.

Never heard from him again.

She's been a different
person ever since.

Wow, what a complete...

We were really young
when we had her.

I had to grow up quickly
and he just couldn't.

You know that's not me.

I know...

It's taken me a
long time to realize

that not all men
are like that.

To finally let
myself trust someone.

And I'm the
lucky winner.

Yes you are.

So don't do anything to
screw it up before the wedding.


Oh... yeah that
looks perfect.

Thank you.

Yeah, thank you!

Get away from
there, come on.

They're here.

Okay... great.

Okay... thanks.

Hi! Come on in.

Gary, this is my mom
and her fiance, Conner.

Thanks so much
for having me over, huh?

You're welcome.

It's our pleasure.


my daughter says
you two met at school.

Do you have
classes together?

No. We met while
I was at work...

campus security.

Campus security?

Oh, that's... nice.

Are you planning on making
law enforcement your career?

Mom's a lawyer.

No... it's not
really my thing.

I get a discount on the
night school classes,

so I'm taking a
business course.

I'm going to get a startup
going as soon as I finish.

What kind of startup?

Whatever makes
the most money.

That's a beautiful
scarf, sweetheart.

I've never it
on you before.

Gary gave it to me.

I was looking
at it in a store,

he went back and
bought it for me.

Seriously, Conner?

I'm just firing up
the string beans.

I design houses
with smart technology.

I can operate the
alarm, the heating,

the stove, all from
this app on my phone.

Sorry, Gary, he loves
to show off his toys.

No, this is pretty cool.

Thank you.

I just type in my
access code...

Touch "stove" and then
I can turn it on or off,

check the timer... anything.

Somebody could really
make some money at that, huh?

I do make money at this.
It's my business.

I know, I just mean... really
make some money, you know.

I started this company
myself and we're doing...

You know, actually... I think
I should get some drinks.

Make mine a double.

Gary? Gary...?

You were saying that you
just started school again...

what were you doing before?
Were you in the military?

Nah, snowboarding.

Not that ski bum stuff,
the real thing.

Gary was
nationally ranked...

...I was talking.


Sorry babe, I shouldn't have
snapped at you like that.

So, yeah, I was
nationally ranked.

Trained for a couple of
years up in the mountains.

Beautiful place
called Alexandria.

I still go up there
in the off season.

My coach, he's
got a place.

He feels bad because
I was supposed to make it

to the Olympics, but
then I busted up my knee.

I hope you don't
think this is rude.

I'm trying to
quit smoking.

And you're used to
smoking after every meal.

Sounds like you quit?


I used to go through a couple
dozen of those things a day.

That's about my pace, too.

Umm, sweetheart...

We should clear the plates
and bring out desert.

I made apple pie and I
forgot to buy ice cream.

But I could put whipped
cream on it if you like.

That'd be great, Jill.


Oh hey, Conner... thanks.


He's a little rough
around the edges.

He's controlling,
he's underemployed,

and he can't stop
bragging about himself.

And he's so creepy!


I can't believe my daughter
is as blind and stupid

as I was when I was 18.

Jill, you're an over
protective mother, I get it.

This will be one of those nights
we laugh about years from now.

This isn't funny.

Trust me, it is.

The no nonsense attorney,
unhinged by the first boy

her teenage daughter
brought home.

He's not a boy.

take a deep breath.

He's probably going
to be the first

of many boyfriends
from here on out.

So I'm not the first
mother who thinks

her daughter
could do better?


And I'm just, you
know, overreacting?


Okay, so what
am I going to do?

You are going to
go out there,

smile and when she
asks you what you think,

you are going to have
thought of at least one

complimentary thing
to say about him.

That's going to
take some time.

Yeah, well...

Thanks again for dinner.

You're welcome.

My family is having
a cook out next week.

Consider yourselves

Yeah? Can't wait!

See you later.



So what do you think?

He's umm... handsome!

I know.

These hamburgers
are delicious.

Those are actually
turkey burgers.


I'm just so happy we
could all get together.

Sorry if it's a little
tight around the table.

No it's fine, really.

Well, we would have
been able to eat inside,

if you had turned the fan on so
it didn't stink up the house.

Sorry, Gary.
It won't happen again.


What's up Ritchie?

Introduce yourself...
this is my bro.

How you doing?

Sorry I'm late, I was out
front having a car towed.

It wasn't the...

It's just a joke.

That must come
in very handy...

having a family member
who's a police officer.

Yeah, I haven't gotten a
speeding ticket in years.

Come on, let's
go get more drinks.

Gary has never
been happier.

And Emily... she was
so quiet and reserved

when Gary first started
bringing her over, but now...

she's such a wonderful
young woman, Jill.

She's been here before?

Oh, many, many times.

That's how I knew to make
blueberry pie for desert.

I hope to be making them
for many years to come.

just me
or is it strange?

They treat Gary like
he's the head of the family.

I was talking to Ritchie.
Their dad was a cop too.

He was killed in a high speed
pursuit when they were kids.

Maybe Gary figures
he needed to step up.

That would
explain a lot.

Emily seems happy.
Do we have it all wrong?

You want to live in a
tent in the backyard?

No, I just... I'm trying
to... I'm trying.

I'm going to make a
run for the washroom.

Wish me luck.

Hey mom...

Hi honey.

Hey! You cannot mix alcohol
with your medications.

Relax, I haven't
had any pills for days.


Gary says that doctors
are too quick to medicate.

They're just giving
away pills like candy

to people who don't
really need them.

He wanted to see
the real me.

Honey... the "real you"
is a teenage girl

who suffers bouts of depression
and once tried to kill herself

when she skipped
her medications.

Why don't you just scream
it so everyone can hear?

What can I do
for you, Jill?

You can stay the hell
away from my daughter.

I get it, you want
me all to yourself.

Excuse me?

Well, I was kind of
thinking more along the lines

of the three of us
getting together.

Pretty sure I could
make the both of you happy.

Come on, give me a taste so I
can compare mommy and daughter.

Let's go!

What? Why? No!

Okay, let's all calm down.

Emily, we're
going to go home.

I'm 18, mom...
I'll go home when I want to.

And right now,
I don't want to.

Jill, don't
worry about it.

I'll take good care
of your daughter.

I am really sorry.
He gets this way sometimes.

You're a cop!

Jill, your daughter is 18.

If she wants to stay here,
she's free to stay.

There's nothing I can do.

Thank you, Ritchie.
We know.

Come on, Jill.

We should go.

And the worst part is, after
everything I've done for her.

And she knows this...

for like a month and
she chooses him over me.

I don't think it's you...
it's her dad.

She didn't have a
father growing up,

so she's fallen hard for
the first slightly older man

who showered her
with attention.

It's Psychology 101.
And she's off her meds.

You know how unpredictable
that makes her.

Well she's going
back on them or...

Trying to punish her won't
work, she'll run back to Gary.

Stop it please!

Stop being the voice of reason
and let me vent for once!


I'm sorry, I just...

I'm sorry, I'm...

It's like I'm watching this
slow motion train wreck,

and I'm not doing
anything to stop it.


Al Jennings?


Thank you so much
for meeting me.

You come highly
recommended by the guy

our law firm
normally uses.

Tommy does excellent work.
Why didn't you hire him?

To be honest, I
feel a little silly.

I don't really want anyone
to know what I'm doing.

Well, silly will still pay
my bills. What do you need?

A background
check, please.

I found a few things on my own,
but I'm sure there's more.

And who am I looking at?

My daughter's boyfriend.

Actually I was
looking for a name.

Oh yeah, sorry.
Gary Smith.

He's a security guard
at the university.

I know I sound like a crazy
over protective mother,

but I want to make
sure she's okay,

and he's never been to prison
or anything, know what I mean?

Yeah, I checked into my
daughter's fiance too.

I will email you the report
once I put it together.

Until then, maybe your
instincts are wrong, so...

Try and relax.

Thank you, I
appreciate that.

Okay, now you think
I'm overreacting?

I just can't believe
you hired a P.I..

That's what bothers you?
Not what he found?

The point is that
you hired a P.I..

I would've preferred if
you talked to me first.

This is a bit extreme.

The point is I was right.
And I reconsidered...

I just would've preferred
you talk to me first.

Look, I found the information
about the DUI's by myself.

It was the private investigator
who tracked down the girl

who accused him of date
rape in high school.

That's what was
sealed by the court.

There's no record of
any convictions.

There weren't
even any charges!

It's like this guy
has a guardian angel.

I don't know
what to say.

I do. She can't
go on seeing him.

Look at his record!

It won't work.

DUI's? Date rape?

What's she going to say
when she hears all of that?

She's going to say that he's
changed, and maybe he has.

These are all at
least five years ago.

Besides, what did you say
when your parents told you

that Emily's dad
was no good?

That was different.

I refused to listen.

I don't like this
guy and all this

makes me like
him even less,

but I just know you can't tell
her to stop seeing him, Jill.

She's a teenage girl in love
for the first time.

If you paint Gary as
the bad boy,

she'll see him as the
victim and she'll run to him

and she'll push you away.

She suffers from
depression, Conner.

What happens when she does
see him for who he really is?

That's the point.

You need to stay on
good terms with her.

So that you are there
to help her get over him.

I don't want her making the
same mistake I did, okay?

And look how
you turned out!

You've got a daughter,
a great job,

and you're engaged to the
most wonderful man in town.

I am!

You have to let her make her
own mistakes at some point.

It's just part
of growing up.

I was thinking maybe
my mom was right.

About my medication.

We'll talk about it.


Look, I said we'll talk
about it, okay?


What the hell is
this idiot doing?

That guy nearly
cut us off!

Gary, slow down!

You're gonna get
us killed!

Thank you.

That guy nearly
killed us.

Yeah but he didn't.

Yeah, because I
stopped in time.

Not too many people
would be able to do that.

And you did great,
but now it's over.

Let's just go home.


Well, look who
we have here.

Please don't.

Just shut up, okay?
I know what I'm doing.

I'm going to teach
this guy a lesson.

There he is!

Gary, please!

Shut up all right?

Hey! Where'd you learn
how to drive, bro?

What's your
problem man?

It's pretty obvious
what my problem is!

You almost cut us off
the road back there.

Oh yeah? What're you
gonna do about it?

Oh no, here he comes!

Tough guy, huh?

Pretty big
one too, huh?

Come on let's go,
take your shot.

I think there's going
to be a fight.

My boyfriend and another guy.
Please send somebody.

You want me to
take a shot?

No, I only
gotta take one.

You stay right there.

Don't wipe that smile off
your face either, that's good!

In the glove
compartment, open it.

Hand it to me.

Come on,
hand it to me.

I said give it
to me, all right?

I'm gonna teach this
guy a lesson, okay?

Tough guy, huh?
How about now?

Hey man, just...

No? Why? What changed?

Just calm down.


Just calm down.

Calm down? Why?
Trust me, I'm calm.

Thank you so much.

Of course.

Conner, you remember
Gerald Ivers.

The firm's senior partner.

What happened?

Apparently there was
a road rage incident,

involving your
daughter's boyfriend, Gary.

He claims there was a
car that cut him off.

He chased it down, forced the
other driver off the road,

and then there was an
argument that ensued.

It ended with Gary
shooting the other man.

He died about 15
minutes ago in hospital.

Oh my god.

We're just going to
try and stay calm.

Right now we don't
know all the facts.

All we know is their
version of them.

So Emily was arrested?

Gary's the one
who shot him.

Emily called 911 when
the incident happened

and the operator heard
and recorded the call.

Including Gary asking Emily
to hand him the gun

so he could teach
the man a lesson.

Which makes her
an accomplice.

Let me go get an update.

I knew something like
this was gonna happen.

You can't blame

I'm not blaming myself,

but I should have said something
when I had the chance.


How are you doing?

I hate it in jail.
Please don't make me go back.

That's why we're
here, Emily.

Tomorrow we're gonna bring
you before a judge

and we're gonna ask for bail.
You're a first time offender,

you live at home, you
have strong family ties.

I feel quite confident
they're gonna grant it.

What if
it's too high?

Don't worry, we'll
do whatever we have to.

We can use the
house as collateral.

Let's go miss.

Okay, I have to get
back to the office.

I'll see you all
tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

We should have got
you a different lawyer.

I thought he
did good today.

Mom, the prosecution
ran circles around him

for the second
day in a row.

I have no
confidence in him.

Well he's the
best we could afford.

Just relax, okay?


Gary, he's going to
present your case tomorrow,

then closing
arguments after that.

It's not going well and
you're running out of time.

All he has to do is
put me on the stand, right?

The jury's gonna be
eating out of my palm.

Is there any
more coffee?

After deliberating
for less than a day,

the jury in the Gary Smith trial
has returned with their verdict.

Guilty. Guilty of second degree murder.

I don't understand:
why is he still free?

State law allows him
to stay out on bail

until the sentencing hearing,
which isn't until next week.

But the judge
could have revoked it.

His brother's a cop,
he's got a job,

he's living at home
where the person

who put up her house as
bail can keep an eye on him.

The judge obviously doesn't
know him as well as we do.

This is bull!

They must have bribed the
jury or something, right?

Come here!
Hey, don't cry.

Don't cry, okay?
Look, I can appeal, right?

Nobody is going to
keep us apart.

He'll be lucky if
he gets 15 years.

Let's do it... let's do what we
said we'd do if this happened.



No... no way.

The district attorney got
a conviction with Gary.

That's all she cares about.
She's offering this plea deal

and I really suggest
that you take it.

Honey, it's a
really, really good deal.

You don't get any jail time.
It's just probation.

You said that you didn't
hand Gary the gun.

If we go to trial on this,
the jury might not believe you.

If you don't take this deal,
you could go to prison.

But I'd have to
admit guilt.

Don't you see?

That'd mean admitting
that Gary is guilty, too.

The jury spoke, Emily.
Gary's case is over.

Admitting guilt now
will not hurt him.

I love him, and
I believe in him,

and I'm not going to
stand up in court

and admit that
we're guilty.

Emily, you are guilty.

It was self-defense!

People get cut off in
traffic every day.

And they shake a fist
and say "you bastard"

and then everybody goes
on with their lives.

But Gary chased
that man down.

And Gary took a gun
from your hands,

and pointed it at
that man and killed him.

It was cold blooded and a
stupid waste of a human life.

And this is the man you keep
telling me you're in love with.

Fine... it was stupid.

Did you stop loving me after
the first stupid thing I did?

You're my daughter.

I will never
stop loving you.

And I love him.

I'll give you
two a minute.

I don't want to live
without him.

Who is this?

It's me.

Hey! Where are you?

In my room. We
stopped at a store

and I had just
enough time to buy

one of those
prepaid cell phones.

Mom and Conner didn't see.

Can you get away?

They're not going to let me.
They're really serious about it.

They don't want me
anywhere near you.

Well, how many minutes
did you buy for the phone?

Lots and lots and lots.

That's my girl.

Miss Yates?


It is my unfortunate
duty to inform you...

your daughter is gone.

She and Gary Smith...
took their own lives.

Emily is in her room.

We found their car parked
at the top of Five Mile Dam.

Unfortunately I was not
allowed to take the original,

but I made a copy of the note
she left behind for you.

"Mom, I'm so sorry,
but I can't go on living."


I'm so sorry.

No! Emily!

Emily! Emily!

Jill, come on inside.


Have a seat.

How is your mom
holding up?

Holding up the
best she can.

That's good.

It's our policy to suggest
to victim's families

not to watch
something like this.

I really want to
know what happened.

It can be very
upsetting to see

the end of a loved
one's life this way.

I appreciate your concern,
I really do.

But I want to see it.

Years ago Five Mile Dam was
tagged as a possible terrorist

target, so a security
camera was installed.

We never caught
any terrorists,

but we've recorded more
than a few people jumping.

You'll see the camera
pans in a circle

to give us a view of
the whole area,

so it only picked them up once
every couple of minutes.

Why chains?

To take them to the bottom.

So even if they panic, they
can't get back to the surface.

Drowning is better than being
smashed on the rocks

as the current takes them...

Oh my god, do you
need some water?

I'm okay, I'm sorry.
I just...

It just hit me what her last
moments must have been like.

That was stupid of me.

It's okay.

Maybe this is enough.

I need you to show me.

Jill, you look like
you're going to be sick.

Show me. Please, Ritchie.

That's it.

If you need a minute,
I can step outside.

You haven't found
the bodies?

No. They'll wash up somewhere
down river most likely.

But sometimes
they get caught

under a rock
or in an eddy.

It might be a while.

Thank you, Ritchie.

I'll call you as soon
as I know anything new.

Thank you.

How did it go?
Are you okay?

I don't think
they did it.

Did what?
Kill themselves?

I think they're
still alive.

Jill, I had a hard time when my
brother died and went through

a period where I just didn't
want to believe it either.

I'm not in denial, okay?

I saw the tape,
I saw the evidence.

You don't see them jump.
No bodies have washed up.

And what's
Emily's biggest fear?

Well, it's water,

Right. She almost drowned when
she was a kid.

So why would she
choose that method of suicide

when she's got a cabinet filled
with prescription medicine?

Maybe that's
what Gary wanted.

Well until there's a body,
I'm holding out hope.

Okay. I can
understand that.

But you don't
actually believe me.

I will be supportive no matter
what turns out to be true.

I'd hate for you to convince
yourself she's alive and

go through all this pain and
suffering again, that's all.

Where are you going?

To look for my daughter!

Jill, I promise, I'll call you
as soon as I know anything.

I know, I just wanted to
talk to you for a minute.

Yeah, okay. Come on.

They staged their
deaths, Ritchie.

It's not uncommon for the
victim's family members

to have a hard
time letting go.

No, I mean it.
I've done some digging

and found plenty
to back it up.

You saw the tape,
you saw them jump.

No, I didn't see them
jump and neither did you.

I actually didn't see
them jump, but...

And the way that
the camera pans,

it gives them plenty
of time to stand there,

let it pass, and
then run out of view.

I'm sorry, why do you
think they would do that?

To stage their deaths. They
couldn't have people witness it,

so they intentionally went to a
place where it would be filmed.

And my daughter is
afraid of the water,

she is terrified of drowning.

But she jumped in the river.
I've seen enough of these

to know there's no set rule
when it comes to suicides.

I went to the hardware store
where Gary got the chains.

The clerk said Gary argued with
him over the correct change.

Why do that if you were
never going to use it again?

And he went
to a restaurant

across the street
for his last meal.

Why would he go there when
he could have gone anywhere?

He could've splurged.

I wish I knew what
was going through

my brother's brain that
day... I really do.

He was clearly overwhelmed
and acting irrationally.

I know I don't have
a smoking gun.

But if you look at
it all together,

doesn't it put the tiniest
bit of doubt in your mind?

Jill, I still want my
brother to be alive, but...

Okay, maybe it does
add up to something...

the best I can do is try
sell the idea to the chief.

Thank you, thank you...

But for now, try to
get some rest, Jill.

You look exhausted.


Hi, please come in.

Ms. Yates, I know
in these situations

I'm supposed to send a
card or flowers,

but with my schedule I never
manage to get around to it.

I really wanted you to know
how sorry I am for your loss.

Thank you, it's Jill.

And I'm not convinced
condolences are warranted.

I don't think I understand.

I think my daughter
and her boyfriend

staged their deaths.
And if I look tired,

it's because I've been running
around trying to prove it.

You think they faked their
suicides to escape punishment?

Ritchie, what did he say?

Dammit! Didn't you explain
what we talked about?

I'm sorry, I'm not angry at
you, I just don't understand.


So apparently the chief
of police says they

don't have the resources
to chase down a theory.

I used to be
a state cop,

I can understand
what he's saying.

Once they've exhausted
the search for bodies,

then they'll
entertain your theory.

Am I crazy?

No, I had a client once who
faked his death. Convincingly.

Turned up eight years
later living in Florida

with a new name
and a new family.

So, no, it's not out of
the realm of possibility,

but they have to rule
out the obvious first.

Maybe I need to
hire you again?

It'll be more expensive
than a background check.

It's okay...
whatever it takes, Al.

Okay then.

I'm glad you called, Jill.
I wanted to talk to you

about holding a
joint memorial service.

A memorial service?

I know they haven't
found the bodies yet,

but Ritchie says these
things can take time,

and it might be best
if we all tried to move on

as soon as possible.

That's why I wanted
to talk to you.

Because I believe Gary
and Emily are still alive,

and I think we should
hire a private detective

to look for them.

Now, he's not cheap.
I know it cost you

almost everything to hire an
attorney and for bail,

so I'd like to
front the money.

But I feel if we
do this together...

They're gone, Jill.

Yes I believe they're
gone, as in run away.

And the police are so
intent on looking for bodies

they won't consider
anything else.

And the more time
that passes,

the harder it will
be to find them.

We saw the video.

I read Gary's suicide note.

Did you see him jump?

I'm trying to
be polite, Jill,

but this is a very difficult
time and you're not helping.

Okay, okay.

What if you hold the service
and I still hire the detective?

What harm would
it do to look?

I don't want to be part
of any wild goose chase.

This isn't a
wild goose chase.

This is your son
we're talking about.

Don't you want him back?

Oh, so if he's alive
and on the run,

you'd forfeit bail and
you lose everything...

Are you hoping
he's dead?

I would gladly spend the
rest of my life living

in a cardboard box if I could
have one more day with my son.

But I can't,
because he's dead.

He's not dead.

Even if he were still alive, I
wouldn't want you to find him.


So he could be brought
back and go to jail?

Why would I want that?

If he's on the run:
good, stay free.

Honestly I don't
know why you'd want

to bring your daughter
back into all this.

We all need
some healing now.

Jill, please come
to the service.

Maybe you'll
find it helpful.

This is ridiculous. Holding a
service when there's no body.

They're mourning the best way
they know how, Jill.

Just because we're not doing it,
doesn't make it ridiculous.

And if it's so ridiculous,
what are we doing here?

Well, it'd be just like Gary
to show up at his own funeral

so he can hear what
everyone has to say about him.

As much as I want to
dislike his mother,

she seems to be in a
lot of pain right now.

I need to show my support
because that's what people do,

yadda, yadda, yadda.

That's the woman I love.

And it's family
only, remember.

We should be honored
they invited us.

I still think he'd
show up if he could.

Jill! Thank you so
much for coming.

It means a great
deal to me.

It's okay...
it's okay honey.

You're gonna get
through this.

You're right,
somehow we will.

We're about to
get started.

Thank you for coming today.
While it is wonderful to see

those that loved my brother
deeply, it is the circumstances

that makes this such
a sad occasion.

My brother was a great guy.

Somebody who was
always there for others.

I forgot I set it for push
notifications on Emily and Gary.

Well turn it off!


We all have
memories of him,

and we are going to ask
anyone who'd like to share

something about him,
to please come on up.

Jill where are you going?

Can I get you anything?

This scarf is all that's
left of my little girl.

Jill, don't do this
to yourself...

I have a right to be sad.
You said I needed to mourn.

Let me do it, please.


Have you gotten
any sleep?

Do I look that bad?

Honestly, yes.

You brought me out
here to tell me

that I look as
bad as I feel?

The last time I talked to you,
you were certain that

your daughter and Gary
Smith staged their deaths.

There's too much evidence
to think that way anymore...

I didn't mean to upset you.

Then why am I here, Al?

The case I
told you about,

the guy who faked his death
and started a new family...

I asked him how he could leave
his old family behind? He said,

"One person on the run is easier
than two." They found your

daughter's things, but they
didn't find any trace of Gary.

Maybe they haven't
found it yet.

Or maybe you were half right
when you said they faked it.

So you're saying they haven't
found any evidence on Gary,

because he actually didn't jump?
Because I saw the footage, Al.

I saw my daughter walk
to the edge with him.

Maybe he thought
she was a loose end.

Convinced her they were
gonna do it together.

You're saying
he pushed her?

I don't know that
for certain...

He pushed her off the dam
and then he just walked away.

He killed my daughter
and he's still alive?

Maybe, Jill, maybe. But if
he's out there somewhere,

I would hate to think he
might get away with it.

Oh he's not gonna
get away with it!

That's why
I called you.

What should I do?

Find out how he walked
away from the dam

and then maybe you'll
find out where he went.

Damn, what am I
even looking for?


Hey. I thought maybe
we could talk

about the plans for
Emily's service.

What readings you
wanted. Or songs.

Now is not a good time.

It's not a good time to plan
your daughter's funeral?


I just can't right now.

Jill, you're not alone.

I know I can't
understand how you feel,

but I loved her too.

If you loved her so much,

why didn't you try a little
harder to help me keep her?

Where did that come from?

"You can't keep her
from Gary, Jill."

"You can't threaten to kick
her out of the house, Jill."

"I'm not gonna pay
for bail, Jill."

So this is all my fault?

No, it's Gary's fault.

You're just not as helpful
as you think you are.

I have worked really hard
to be supportive

throughout all of this.

I haven't even
brought up the subject

of rescheduling
the wedding.

You just did.

In your typical Conner
passive way, you just did.

Okay, then let me be as
direct as "Conner" can be...

She's gone, Jill, and this
isn't going to bring her back.

Sorry if that's not helpful.
But it's the truth.

I don't want to pour
cold you could tie Garyrts,t w

to a tire track and
a piece of gum.

You told me I had to find how
Gary walked away from the dam.

He didn't just walk all
the way out of town.

He must have had a car
stashed somewhere to get away.

It was in the middle
of nowhere, Al.

No reason for anyone
to park in that spot.

Unless they knew they're coming
out of the woods right there.

And I found gum
next to the tracks.

The same gum Gary
is always chewing.

Half the people in the world
who are trying to quit

chew that stuff. That isn't
enough to tie it to Gary.

Can we run a DNA test?

You are tenacious!

Okay, I know a lab,
but we still need to find

a sample of Gary's
DNA to compare it to.

He was at my house,

but it's not like I kept
anything he drank from.

I still have police
contacts, maybe they can

get a sample from when Gary
was arrested in the past.

That would never be
admissible in court.

All we need is a match to tell
us we're on the right track.

In the meantime, I can see
if Gary registered a car

or rented a car or hired
an Uber, anything.

And I'm going to
put you in touch

with some people I've
worked with in the past.

A victim's advocacy group that's
really handy with social media.

You want me to make a
memorial page for Emily?

Do you want to make
a memorial page?

No. I want to find a
person who saw Gary

out on the road after
he supposedly jumped.

Then you be sure
and tell them that.


I've tried to be
nothing but helpful.

And if my advice
about Emily wasn't working,

that doesn't make me out
to be the villain,

it just means that
I was wrong.

Look, let's...

let's get through
this together.

Okay, maybe I should
give you some space tonight?

I love you very much, Jill.

Whatever it is you're feeling,
I just want you to know that.

Good night, Conner.

It smells like gas.
Oh my god!

Conner! Conner honey!

Conner! Wake up!

Get up, get up. Come on. No!
Come on, come on, please.

Somebody help me!

Jill, hi...

I didn't know you
worked nights.

I don't, I heard the
address on my radio

and I ran over here.

Thank you, Ritchie.

So... the fire department
says it was the smart stove

that Conner designed...
it turned itself on.

But with no ignition, it just
spewed gas into your house.

It's a good thing you
didn't turn on lights

or build up
static electricity.

The whole house
could've gone up.

Looks like Conner was
asleep on the couch.

He was closer to
the source of the leak.

That's why he's
in worse shape.

You saved his life,
Jill. You did good.

Let's get them
to the hospital.

Right away.

How is he?

He's still unconscious...
they just don't know.

And how are you?

Fine. A little
headache, but I'm fine.

Gary knew the code.
I saw Conner show it to him.

All he had to do is download the
app from wherever he's hiding.

I really hope you're wrong,
Jill, but if you're right, why?

Why would my
brother do this?

I don't know, maybe
putting up that website

has made things
difficult for him.

Maybe he thinks if I
keep asking questions,

eventually someone
will come looking for him.

Conner's a great guy.

He is a great guy.

I was stupid to forget
just how great he is.

I'll talk to the chief.

See if we can start looking
somewhere besides the river.

Thank you.

Oh my god.

I know where he is.

Conner, you remember
the snowboarding story...

he trained in the mountains
and he said the coach

lets him use his place
in the offseason.

What was the name
of the town?

It was, umm...


Alexandria! That's it!

Okay... I will be back.

And I will tell you myself

that Gary is in jail right
where he belongs.

Excuse me...
I'm looking for this guy.

I was wondering if you
recognize him at all?

He would have trained
here like 3-5 years ago?

Trained with a coach
named Lonny Harkins?

All right, thanks.


What about his coach,
Lonny Harkins?

I couldn't find his
name in the phone book.

That's because he got
tired of all the kids

pestering him
to be their coach.

Well, I'm not a kid.

He does have a house, it's on
the edge of Pine Ridge Road.

But I doubt you'll
find him there.

Right, because
it's the offseason.

Thank you.

Okay, there has got
to be something here

with your name
on it, Gary.


Jill, I got the
lab results back.

The DNA on the gum
is damn close

to being a match
to Gary's sample.

It's close?

Well, the sample was
degraded, but percentage wise,

it's close enough to
be a familial match.

Which is good enough
for us.

This is great news, Jill.

So put it on the website.
Call the newspapers.

By the end of the day,
everybody is going to know

Gary drove away that night
and is still alive.

Al, it's a familial match.
Ritchie chews the stuff, too.

For all we know,
Ritchie could've-

Yeah, but like I said,
it's not absolute

but it's close enough to
Gary that it'll work for us.

Oh my god...
it's Ritchie.

It's Ritchie's gum.


You didn't find any trace
of Gary buying

or renting a getaway car
because he left that job

to the one person
he could trust

to be there when he
walked away from the dam...



He was off duty
that night,

he knew about the
security camera,

he knew how long it would
take Gary to get away.

I'll run a DMV check
on Ritchie right now.

But if you're right,
that means it might've

been Ritchie who tried
to kill you that night.

Do you understand?

You are in serious danger!

Jill? I'm going to
hire you a bodyguard.

Just tell me
where you are.


Where are you?



Oh my god.
Oh my god, baby.

You're alive.

I'm sorry....

I'm so sorry...

Shhh, it's okay.

What happened baby?

Did he hurt you?

No, I'm okay.

Are you really here?


Are you off your

Gary wouldn't let
me bring them.

You were right about him...
about everything.

It doesn't matter.

As long as you're okay.

We have to get out of
here before he gets back.

He turned on me.

He's crazy, just
like you said.

It's okay baby, I'm going
to get you out of here

and call the cops, okay?

I've gotta give it
to you Jill,

you're not an idiot.

From what I hear,
you had the whole plan

figured out right
from the beginning.

I had to have Ritchie
throw some of our stuff

in the river to try
and throw you off.

Unfortunately, they only
found Emily's stuff, so...

You are now Elliott Swedburg.

Sorry, it was the
best I could do.

Fake ID's, that's what you
were waiting around for?

Yup, really good ones too.

I guess Emily won't
be needing her ID.


Sad to say, she won't.

I've certainly had
enough of the crying,

the headaches, the lying
around in bed all day.

Don't need to carry this
baggage around with me anymore.

Hey hey, Emily, hey...

I got pretty upset and
I took it out on you.

I shouldn't have done that.

The plan was so
clean and then...

But then... then it
all started to unravel

and I had to improvise.

I had to decide to eliminate
the entire Yates clan

and be done
with all of you.

But then, after you
survived my attempt to kill you,

and made that
really nice website,

it hit me: if she's
trying this hard

to find her
daughter's killer,

how much would she pay to get
her back... and alive, too?

You want me to
pay a ransom, yeah?

So you can go on the run?

Ding ding ding!

What do we have
for her, Johnny?

And I was trying to think
of a way to contact you,

but here you are.
Saves us some time.

Now, Jill, how
much can you get us?



You don't have any
money, do you Jill?

It's tied up with the
court from Emily's bail.

But listen, I can sell
jewelry and paintings.

I just need a little time.

I don't think sticking
around any longer

would be a great idea.

Gary, please...

Hey, Ritchie,
there's some shovels

and a tarp out
in the garage.

Why don't you go
throw it in the trunk

and we'll get going with
these two in a minute?

Sure thing, bro.

Wait, wait!


Some people are followers,
and then some are leaders.

God, look at you... you were
such a good little follower.

And you saw how
happy I made her.

Shut up.

See? Your mom was always
trying to get you

to be more independent,
look where that got you.

At least when you were
with me, you were safe.

And now you're
going to kill me.

Hey hey, Emily...

I still love you.

I could never kill you.

So I'll have
Ritchie do it.

You're a total psychopath.

Yeah Jill, I am!

And you know what
your problem is?

How you always thought
you were better than me.

No, I just knew you weren't
good enough for my daughter.

Hey Ritchie, how's
everything going out there?


What the hell
are you doing?

Come on, quick!

What the hell


It's no use, you two.

I know these woods.

You have no idea
where you're going.

Seriously, guys.

Just come on back.

I'll make it quick and
painless, I promise.

Come on!


Keep running!

Gah! Come on!

Oh my god, you shot me.

You gotta call
an ambulance.


I don't think I can
do that, Ritchie.

How am I
supposed to get away

with those people
swarming all over the place?


What? Think about it!

I don't want to go to
jail, and look at you.

You're a cop, you wouldn't
last two seconds in prison.

This is probably
for the best, pal.

You can't just let
me bleed to death.

You know what?
You're right.

You're my brother.

That would
just be cruel.

This is the best
I can do for you, pal.

Let's go, C'mon.
Let's go!

Big mistake!

Keep moving, keep moving.

I've got you now.

This is fun!


All right, let's go.

Whoa, whoa whoa...
where you going, ladies?

The party's just
getting started.

Don't worry, Jill, if it
makes you feel any better,

I'll bury the two
of you together.

Come here.


You're gonna have to
try harder than that.

Come on baby,
let's go.

Is he dead?

He killed his
own brother.

What are we
going to do now?

I don't know...

but I'm pretty sure we can
handle anything after this.

You made it!

We made it!
We're married.

I wanna take some photos.

But I want you
in the photo.

You're the married couple.

Wait I love this,
get one in here.

Just smile mom,
you look so scared.

I'm not scared.

She's teasing you.

I should have done
this a long time ago.

It only took me being in a
coma for you to realize that.

And I finally realized what a
great listener you are too.

Oh really?

I love you.

I love you.

Okay, we need to
get you guys changed,

get your baggage and get
you two to the airport.


We are postponing
the honeymoon.

What? Why?

We're not going
leave town

until you can come with
us in six months.

Three with good behavior.

But the honeymoon is
for the married couple.

We're a family.

And we had to fight hard to
keep this family together, so...

it wouldn't be
right without you.

I love you so much.

Both of you.

Okay, one more photo.

You get in the
middle this time.

Ah, that's perfect!

♪ Breathe slow, let it all
go, feel the river flow ♪

♪ As currents rise,
realigning our lives ♪

♪ Spirals intertwine ♪

♪ By design,
we are all light ♪

♪ Crystallized,
so listen well ♪

♪ But hear what you will,
take what you feel ♪

♪ Lovers: don't
wait for love ♪

♪ And lovers: don't forget
what's in your heart ♪

♪ Lovers: don't
waste this one ♪

♪ And lovers: it's up
to you to start right now ♪

♪ So close your eyes, look
inside, feel your body glide ♪

♪ Through space and time,
cause we are all a part ♪

♪ Of a greater cause,
of a greater song ♪

♪ So kiss the ones
that show you love ♪