Dying for A Family (2022) - full transcript

Life with the latest foster family seems good for siblings Darcie and Hannah. But when Hannah disappears without a trace, it's down to Darcie to solve the mystery - and save the family from truths that threaten to destroy everything.

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[students chattering]

What up, boys?

[student laughing]

- Hi, sis.
- Hi, birthday girl.

Put Miss Marple away,

We have a birthday to celebrate.

It's poirot, actually.


What was that?


Oh, my god, Caleb Thompson?

My god, thanks for keeping me
in the loop.

So much for the great detective.

Just don't tell Keith
and Gillian, ok?

They'll freak.

- Who's that with him?
- Morticia Addams?

Oh, Tiffany.

Don't worry, she's harmless.

You know, Caleb Thompson
got in trouble with the police?

Yeah? Which totally
wasn't his fault.

Seriously, please promise me
you won't tell.

I'll make it worth your while.

I don't know. I mean,
think about it.

I spill the beans,

You get taken away
by social services.


I inherit your room
and the sole place

In our foster parents' hearts.


Just be careful, ok?

Of course.

This way.

No, detour.

- What? No.
- Where are we going?

Mochas. Birthday treat.

No, no. Han, we have
to go to the restaurant.

Ok, seriously. We can't
be too long.

I promised Gillian I'd deliver
you straight to dinner.

Give her time to
organize everything

You know, I think this is gonna
be the best birthday ever.

I mean, the best birthday
since mom and dad.

Sorry, I... I know
you remember them.

I wish I did.

Well, sometimes I wish I didn't.

But, honestly, I can't even
recall any birthdays with them.

It was so long ago.

Seems weird to even say
the words "mom and dad."

Of course, it does.

You never had anyone real
to attach those words to.

Until now.


You have to leave room
for the cake.

There's cake?

Yeah, homemade.

I wasn't supposed
to tell you though,

So don't say anything.

You know how Gillian
loves to show off.

Gillian and her homemade cakes.


Here's to organization.


Remember your 13th birthday?

- The blankensops.
- The blankensops.

Ew. And they got you that clown
and you hid his helium

And he completely freaked out.

But then we spent
the afternoon singing

Like Alvin and the chipmunks.


Man, I gave those poor people
such a hard time.

Remember mr. Hayden?

Yeah. Yeah, I remember
mr. Hayden.

You know what he's doing now.

Well, whatever it is, it's not
on the foster parent register

And not with mrs. Hayden.

It was really brave of you,
reporting him like that.

Just doing my job, ma'am.

I think we really have hit the
jackpot with Keith and Gillian.

I mean, you haven't even tried
to prank them once.

Hm. I really need to do
something about that.

No, don't mess it up.

[cell phone chimes]

Obviously, Caleb.

Just please remember
your promise.

Ok. We gotta go, come on.

Hey, I was drink-

Yep, seriously, we're so late.
Gillian's gonna freak out. Come on.

You're the one who wanted to
stay late for photography class.

This is nice.

Oh! Surprise!

Happy birthday.

Thank you.

Hi. I'm so sorry we are late.

Thank you for bringing
Hannah here.

Thank you.

This is incredible.

Oh, well.

The wings were cooked
way in advance but...

Oh, the lamb's gonna be
ready soon.

It's to die for.


Once an event organizer,
always an event organizer.

Well, you've still got it.

Is Keith here?


Just when he didn't need it.

He said to say sorry,
he'll catch up with us later.

And he works too hard.

I wish he didn't have to.

But, if he didn't,

I guess we wouldn't
have all this.


So what do you want
to start with?




To Hannah, with all our love.

To Hannah.

[glass clinking]

- [clinks glass]
- speech!

No. No, no, no. No.

Hannah Williams
at a loss for words?

Not possible.

Hey, no one has to do
what they don't want to do

On their birthday.



I would like to say something.

To both of you, actually.

Well, it's just,

I know I went a little
over the top this birthday.

But something seemed a bit
special this year.

We're entering our fourth
year together as a family

And I, I, I...

I know things haven't always
been easy.

Not least for you two.

You have both been through
so much.

Far more than those of us
who grew up

With regular homes and families
could possibly know.

But I just want to say,

I am so, so proud of you.

Of the people you have become.

Bright and strong and brilliant,
you both are.

And you have given me so much.

Far more than I could have
possibly imagined.

And so,

Keith and I would like
to both formally apply

To adopt you.

If... If... If you agree.

It just means that,
that you'll always have us,

And we will always be there
for you.

No matter what.

Thanks, mom.




[Gillian laughs]

Oh, I love you guys so much.

I really do.



- Oh, thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Oh, after you.
- Of course.

Well, I'm going in.

We're home!

We're home.

- Sorry! Better late than never.
- Hi dad!

Happy 17th, kiddo.

- Hey, darce.
- Hi, dad.


Sorry I missed the big event.

But, you know what?

I think there may be a few
more things over here.

- Seriously?
- Mm-hm.

So, we went a bit crazy.

We? All gillian's doing,

I defer to her greater expertise
in these matters.

[cell phone ringing]

Ok, let me get rid of this guy
once and for all.


Ok, you guys get changed
if you want

While I get some more drinks
and snacks organized.

And then, you can check out
your presents

And then I thought we could
settle down to a movie.

- What do you say?
- Yeah, great.

Um, I kind of promised I'd
hang out with some friends

From school tonight.


Well, great.

You should see your friends
from school.


So, do we get to meet them?

Your friends, I mean,
who are they?

Oh, you wouldn't know them.

Well, I don't know everyone
from your school

But I know most.


Ok, full disclosure, it's a boy.


So not friends, just one boy.

A date?

Well, not a date, exactly.

But why did you feel the need
to hide it from me?

Hide what?

Hannah promised to meet
a boy tonight

But she didn't want us
to know about it.

Oh, well, we've all been there.

Not helpful.

But we don't hide things
from each other.

We're family now, right?

Hannah, what boy?

Just a boy.

A random boy,
plucked off the street?

Did you know about this?

- No, well, I...
- Not tonight.

But you know who it is?

Well, um. I...

It's Caleb. It's Caleb
Thompson, ok?

Caleb Thompson?

He has a tag on his ankle.

He stole a damn car!

He's wearing an ankle monitor!


That's not what happened!

- Not what happened?
- It went to court.

All the facts were laid out.

He wasn't even driving
that night.

He took the blame
for someone else.



Because everyone else
had been drinking.

Oh, like this, you mean?

That is completely different.

Hannah, please.

You're not, you're not seeing
Caleb Thompson.

Not tonight.

Not ever!

That is final.

You can't just organize my life!

I'm trying to protect you.

I don't need protecting!


And I'm going!

Hannah, you listen
to Gillian, please.

She's going to be your mom.

Our mother's dead.

- Hannah!
- What?


Give me the keys.

Hannah... I...



[door slams]


I'll talk to Hannah.

[creaking sound]

What the hell are you doing?

- What does it look like?
- I'm climbing out of the window.

Are you crazy?


Pass me that bag, would you?
There on the vanity.

Thank you.

What do you have in here?

- Close the window after me.
- But not all the way.

Are you really sure about this?

It's just a couple hours.

They won't even know I'm gone.


You are the best.
See ya!

- Oh, god!
- Sorry.

Everything ok?

Yeah, of course.

You sure?

Sure I'm sure.

I better get to bed.

Yeah, me too.

Good night, honey.

Love you, good night.

[door creaks open]

Hannah? You there?

- Hey.
- Hey.

Is Hannah not up yet?

I think she left already.

Could you...

Could you talk to her, maybe?

When you see her.

I don't want this to...

Well, you know.


Need a ride?

- I'm fine.
- Think I'm gonna walk.

- Have a good day.
- Thanks.

[cell phone chimes]

Thank you guys anyways.

[students laughing]

- Where is she?!
- Hey, what the hell?

What is wrong with her?

Hannah snuck out
to see you last night

What happened?
Where is she?

- How the hell should I know?
- She didn't even show up.

You expect me to believe that?

We don't need to listen to this.

Why do I care whether
you believe me or not?

You want to know
what happened to her?

Ask her!

If I could ask her then I
wouldn't need to find her!

Would I?!


Wait, no. She, she didn't
come home last night.

Hey. No, no messages,
no note, just gone.

What's that got to do with him?

Not my problem.

No, wait, please, could I
just give you my number

And if you hear anything,
anything at all,

Could you just call me?

- [scoffs]
- you're kidding.

She wants me to give
her my phone number.


[door closes]


Where are you?

Sorry, am I interrupting?

Just the heady world
of car part imports.

Um... I need to
tell you something.


It's probably nothing.

Nothing? Hannah is missing!

Anything could have happened.

Let's not jump to conclusions.

I texted her today, four times.

When she didn't answer,

I just thought that she was
still mad at me, but now...

Come on. We know
how Hannah is.

And things did get pretty
heated last night.

Oh, right, make it my fault.

Like I don't feel
bad enough already.

No one is blaming you, honey.

Or anyone else.

Her friends.

We, we, we should ask
her friends.

Maybe she stayed over?

Darcie already did that,
at school.

Did you see Caleb
at school today?

I spoke to him already.

Said he didn't even see her
last night.

Well, of course he did.

I told you he was bad news.
If anyone is to blame...

We don't know
that it was anyone.

Darcie, you said she took clothes
and that photo of your parents?

Yeah, except she didn't have
any of that when she left.

Could she have come back?

I guess.

Look, she's just
blowing off steam.

Making a grand gesture.

I, I mean who...
Who didn't try to run away

When they were kids?

Hell, I did it three times.

- Oh, god. Where did she go?
- Where did she sleep?

The cabin by the lake.
Your dad's old place.

Couldn't, couldn't she have
gone out there?

Already checked.

The keys are still
in the kitchen.

But, you know what,
I... I could go out.

Check out a few places,
just in case.

No. We should tell
the police.

Darcie's right.

It's a sensible thing to do.

But, but if social services
finds out...

They could take you away...

- That's not gonna happen.
- Hey, we have to do this.

Let's not jump to conclusions,



I've never been apart
from han before.


From what you're telling me
and what I've seen here,

It sounds like a classic case
of a teenager making a point.

You, you need to get
onto Caleb Thompson.

Ask him what he knows.

We understand this is a
stressful time, mrs. Parks.

You're worried.

Probably that's exactly the
effect hannah's set out to have.

No one's blaming anyone here.

But, perhaps you can tell us
whether there was

Any kind of tension
between you that evening.

You've got to be honest
with them, honey.

Yes, we, we argued.

About that boy, Caleb.

It got quite heated.

More than I intended.

- How heated are we talking?
- Just words, or...?

Not just words.

Gillian tried to take
hannah's keys from her

To keep her from going out.

There was a struggle.
Hannah's hand got hurt.

She, uh, she stormed up
to her room.


What I think we need to do
is give it a little more time.

More time? But...

- Just see what turns up.
- That's all?

You should be out there looking,

Honey. Honey.

Mrs. Parks, there's no evidence

Of a crime having
been committed.

Everything points to a runaway.

She took clothes,
you said she also took a photo

Of her biological parents,


Nine times out of ten
in cases such as this,

The teenager returns home
in a few hours.

A day or two at the most.

Their money runs out,

Their in the heat of
the moment decision

Doesn't look so good
in the cold light of day

But they've made their point

And had exactly the effect
we're seeing here now.

What about that one time in ten?

- What about that?
- Love...

If I were the detective,
I'd be looking into

What happened
between her leaving

And the clothes and photos
going missing.

Honey, you're not the detective.

Just sit tight

And let us know if you
hear anything, ok?

- It's just...
- I just can't believe

She would up and leave
like that.

Sometimes when
things get heated...

No, no, no. She would
not leave me.


Well, I think we're done here.

We will, however, need to keep
social services apprised.

Of course.

Maybe I'll swing by
Caleb thompson's house.

Just show the badge.

You don't believe she ran away
either, do you?

Like the detective said,
nine times out of ten.

[clanking sound]

[Gilliam muttering]
oh, I'm so stupid.


[Gillian sobbing]


Oh, I spilled the damn glue.

I just needed something to do.

I knocked over the damn glue.

- What are you doing?
- It's the middle of the night.

Posters. We need posters.

Somebody must have
seen something.

I... I was looking
for the right picture...

- Ok, you know what?
- Let me, let me take care of it.

I... I have to do something.

I can't stand just
sitting around.

I'll organize.

That's what I do.

It's what I did.

Ok. Ok, you know?

Tomorrow's the weekend,
why don't you just,

You just go get some sleep
and I will help you

With all of this
in the morning? Ok?

You, you go.
I will sort all of this out.

Yeah? Ok.

- Ok.
- Ok.


- Hey.
- Hey.






I'll put some up
on the way to work.


- They look great.
- Yeah.

- I'll see you soon.
- Bye.

We are heading out.

Please keep an eye on her.



You ready, honey?

Yes. All set.

Hi, let me give you that

And if you see her,
please let us know.

And let your friends know.

Thank you.



No. Let's go.

I don't want to talk to him.

Hi, hi. Could you take
one of those please and...

And put it up somewhere visible?

- Thank you.
- Thank you.


So, I'm thinking. Do we have
enough posters?

Do we have enough things here?

- Are we done yet?
- What?

We'll, be done
when I say we're done.

- What?
- Stop complaining.

- I'll be at the car.
- Hey!

I see your son didn't want
to stick around.

Guilty conscious?

- He doesn't know anything.
- We told the police...

- Told the police.
- Gillian.

- What?
- Stop.

She set out to see him
that night.

She hasn't been seen since.

So what do you think

Your criminal son really
knows about...

I don't have to listen to this.

Don't walk away!

Don't touch me!

Hey! Stop.

That's enough.


I'm... Sorry.

Mom! Wait!


Hannah! Hannah!


Sorry, once again.


Yeah, it's a difficult time,
but we'll get through it.

Yep. Ok, bye now.

Well, the good news
is Kathleen Thompson

Doesn't want to make any kind of
harassment or assault claims.

I'm such an idiot.

Hey. You're under stress,
that's all.

We all are.

I... I gotta head out.

Want me to grab something
for tonight?

My loss of dignity?

I was thinking more of take out.

- Uh, no.
- No, I'll cook

- You sure?
- I want to cook.

It's... It's better if
I'm doing something.

Hey, you want me to stay?


No, you go.


- Take care, ok?
- Mm-hm.

- Oh, hi.
- Hey.

You ok?

Yeah, yeah. I'm ok.

Are you ok?

Nobody ever really asks
you that.

Well, thank you for thinking
of me.

I've, uh... I've been better.

But, you know.

I was gonna have another
scout around

But I don't really like
leaving her alone like this.

She's, uh... Pretty
fragile right now.

She is strong.

A force of nature.

But, being strong,
it can take its toll.

You know that she gave up her
whole career to have a family?

That took some doing.

But then, when the kids
didn't happen,

She blamed herself and I guess
lost herself for a little while.

It was a tough time.

I don't ever want to see her
go through that again.


That's why I work so hard
to keep things as it is.

With everything just, just so.

So, she doesn't have to worry

About what goes on
in the world outside.

She needs that.

But, I've also got
some medical help

To get her through it this time.

So you don't have to worry.


We'll get through this, ok?


You know, maybe, maybe
I'll just stay home today.

Call in sick to school.

I, I honestly can't face
it anyways.

Maybe that would be best
all around.

[cell phone chimes]

Ah, duty calls.
I gotta...

You two take care
of each other, ok?


- Bye.
- Bye.

- Hey.
- Hey.


[school bell ringing]


[phone ringing]

[camera shutter clicks]

[cell phone chimes]


[Caleb grunting]


What the hell?

You. You texted?

- Top marks, Sherlock.
- But you passed the test.


If you had anything to do
with hannah's disappearance

You wouldn't have come.

You'd know she couldn't be here.

What if I did do it?

What if I knew the message
was fake

And came to get her phone back

Because there's incriminating
evidence on it?

Relax. I didn't do it.

Where'd you get
her phone anyway?

No way she would have
left it behind.

I found it outside.

It was like she dropped it,
except it had been turned off.

Turned off? She'd never
turns it off.

It was like someone
did it deliberately

And she hid it there.

Life is not a crime novel.

Do you believe she ran?


And you're sneaking around
outside our house because...?

I've been looking for you
at school.

And I was gonna talk
to your mom.

I don't know.

I bailed anyway.

I gotta be honest, she
kind of freaks me out.

Oh, and uh...

I found this on your locker.

I guess someone didn't like
you snooping around either.

Was anyone at school
bullying Hannah?

Not that I know of, why?

There were these texts
on her phone.

Normally she tells me
about this kind of thing,

But I don't know.

Maybe she didn't think
it was a big deal.

Hannah's not afraid of anything.
Maybe she should be.

You tried calling the number?

Just like that?

Why not? Might as well know.


What? What is it?

[phone ringing]

My phone recognized the number.

It's Tiffany.

See this? Tiffany shay.

You really think Tiffany
could have done this?

It doesn't make sense.

We should confront her
and see how she reacts.

Are you set on
playing detective?

You want to go to
the police with this?

Thought not. And
I'm a foster kid.

I don't want to be
taken away again.

Look, I spent my whole life

Waiting to be taken
to the next place

And desperately wanting it
to be the one that lasted.

If the rules were reversed,

Hannah would literally
move heaven and earth

To try and find me.

- Just us then.
- You have my number.

[door opens]

You'd better go.

Oh. Is that true you did it
for a friend?

I thought he was.

There's someone outside.

It's Thursday. I need
the shipment by Friday.

Oh, it's my dad.

He's working on
this big project.

He's always on calls.

Um, be ready.
I'll distract him.


Let me call you back.

Darcie. Are you ok?

I, um...

No, no. I just had, uh,
I had a really bad dream

And I didn't know
where you were.

It's ok. It's ok,
I'm here.

It's late, you should,
you should get back to bed.

Oh, I, uh, I just...

I really don't want to have
that dream again.

Yeah, I think the stress
is getting to all of us.

But you're strong.
I know you are.




Darcie, honey, you don't know
more about

Hannah's disappearance
than you're letting on, do you?

- No. No, no, of course not.
- I'm gonna go to bed.

- Sure, yeah.
- Sleep well, ok?



Don't look back.

- Are you being followed?
- That's insane.

Ok, let's go.

Caleb? What are you doing
with her?


I guess it wasn't Tiffany then.

No, this has to be something
bigger than that.


Quick, give me your jacket.
I've got to go home.

This... This isn't just
about Hannah anymore.

Um... Ok, if this works, just
try and get a look at this guy

Or get a picture or something.


Don't take any risks.

[panicked breathing]

[door opens]

[door closes]

- Darcie?
- I'm sorry.

Shouldn't you be at...

Sorry? Sorry for what?

- Oh, it's, it's caleb's.
- He's ok, he's helping.


I, uh, I found hannah's phone.

I've, I've been trying to figure
this out by myself

And do what the police
haven't been doing,

But there have been no clues
on this phone at all and then...

And then?

And then someone followed me
to school today in a car.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah.

Yeah, you were right. I think
hannah's in trouble.

Oh, my god.

Oh, honey.
Honey, you're freezing.

Oh, come on in through
to the living room.

Here, drink.

Darcie, what's going on?

What has Hannah got herself
mixed up in?


I was racking my brains
on the way here

And then it came to me.

We had this foster parent,
Charles Hayden.

He turned out to be
an awful guy.

Hannah had stood up to him,
reported him,

And he lost his wife,
job, everything.

If anyone has reason to
hurt Hannah, it's Hayden.

- We have to tell the police.
- As soon as possible.

Are they gonna take me away?

- I won't let that happen.
- We're a family, right?

You girls.

You've been through so much.

Sometimes I forget
just how much.

[knocking at door]


Just... Just wait here, ok?

What's happened?
Is there news?

Mrs. Parks,
may we come in?

Oh, of, of course, but...

Is darcie in the house?

We've been informed that she
didn't make it to school today.


What is it?

We're here to take darcie
to a temporary address

Until certain matters
can be resolved.

What? What matters?

We've been informed that darcie
may not be safe here.


By who?

By Kathleen Thompson?

I'm afraid we're not at liberty
to discuss that...

- Not safe?
- From what?

You mean from me?

You know, my daughter
was followed

On the way to school today?

The danger is out there
and this guy,

What's his, what's his?

- Hayden.
- Hayden.

Charles Hayden.
He's the one who has Hannah.

Go find him.

Mrs. Parks, we're here
for darcie.

Well she is staying right here.

- Mrs. Parks.
- Hey.

But darcie.

Don't touch me!

If you can go upstairs
and pack a bag, darcie,

I'm sure we can get
this resolved.

No, no. No, no!

It's ok. It's ok.

It's ok.

I'll go with them.


I'm afraid I don't have
a choice, mrs. Parks.

And neither do you.

I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

I love you. Bye.


You must be darcie.

I'm Jodie.

I understand you'll be staying
with me for a couple of days.

I'll leave you to it.

You have my number
if you need me.

I can show you to your
room now, if you're ready.


Sorry. I know it's
a little sporty.

There was a boy staying here
until just recently

And I haven't had a chance
to change things around yet.

It's fine.

Though, I'm really more
of a basketball fan.


Please don't leave the house

Unless you check in
with me first.

Curfew is promptly at 11:00
every night.

If you see or notice anything
that bothers you

Or you find suspicious,
you let me know immediately.

And dinner will be served
upstairs in one hour.

And if you need anything else,
just let me know.

Thank you.

Well, I'll let you get settled.


[heavy breathing]

What is it? I thought
I heard...

There's someone in my room.

Darcie, what is this?

- Uh, my mistake.
- It was, it was just a dream.

I need to just get some air.


[car beeps]


- Come on, darcie.
- You can do this.

[phone dialing]


Caleb, you awake?

- Well now I am.
- Ok. Listen to me,

I've been taken to a temporary
foster home

And someone broke into my room.

He was, he was searching
for something,

But he got away.

I saw this car leaving
the house.

And I'm following it now.

I just needed to call someone
in case...

In case anything happened.

Ok, where are you?

- Uh, not sure.
- Wait, I know this.

Kensington, just down
from romero's.

Ok, ok.

- Uh, taking a left now.
- Cooper street.

This is familiar territory.

Actually, on carpenter drive

Where is he going?

Wait, this is my street.

Oh, my god.

Darcie? Is everything ok?

- It's my house.
- Keith and gillian's house.

He's outside it right now.

You need to warn them!

Again here! This better be
good this time.

- [gasps]
- I told you to go and get it.

- Do you have it?
- I couldn't get it.

What do you mean
you don't have it?

- I don't care.
- She ran away

How you cannot take
a simple thing

From a 15-year-old!

Do not touch me!
Do not touch me!

You better get out of
my property!

And make sure you do your job.

Calm down.

- Who's that?
- Someone's watching us!

Oh, no.

Darcie? Speak to me?

- They... They saw me.
- Wait for me outside school.

[car starting]

Can you go as far as Covington

Without that thing going off?

In theory.

Let's go.


It's ok, she's here.

What the heck?

- Sorry, I just needed some air.
- Thank you.

Good night.


See, you in the morning.


So you said the man in black
was arguing with Keith?

Yeah, maybe, but Keith was
the one who was getting angry.

And nothing about him
was familiar, at all?

I thought I recognized him.

There's this one guy
I thought it could be,

But it wasn't him.

Keith's a wealthy man, right?

Yeah, so?

You wealthy enough
for a ransom demand?

You think's keith's known this
whole time and never let on?

Not even Gillian?

Why not?

I mean, maybe he wanted
to protect Hannah

And kidnappers would warn him
against going to the police?

Ok, yeah, it could be.

- That's the good news right?
- It means hannah's alive.

But then why did the man
in black follow me here?

You said he was searching
for something, right?

- Yeah.
- But what?

Incriminating evidence.

Hannah's phone. You, you
said it yourself.

Maybe there was just
something I missed.

You checked it, right?

Yeah, yeah, there was
nothing weird

Except those... Those texts
from Tiffany.

Did you check the photos?

- Yeah, of course.
- There was nothing.

Skip past those.

Ok, this is from the night
she disappeared.

What is that?

- It's... It's not a photo.
- It's a video.

This is from the exact time
she snuck out.

Ok, so.

I just wanted you to know
what I am going through

To get to see you tonight.

This was meant for you.

That is where I climbed down

And way up there is the bedroom
window that I climbed out of.

She'd sometimes send
videos like this.

Just dumb stuff.

You never got this one?

No, I didn't.

Scuffed my new jeans
on the way down,

So boy, you better be worth
this effort.


Now, the getaway vehicle.

You know, I should have
been a ninja.

I'm good.
Oh, my god.



Oh man, come on Keith,
go back. Go back.

This is the man in black.

He could be identified by this.

It's just like it was tonight.

- I told you never to come here.
- My whole family's inside.

We have a problem.


Look frankly, I don't need
this right now.

That is why I pay you.

To keep bad things
from happening.

To keep them away from here.

This is it. This is
the evidence.

Shh. Shh.

Ok, how bad is it?

Two died during transit.

It spooked the others.

Not sure they're gonna keep
their mouths shut.

That's the client's problem,
not ours.

The bodies?

Still in the container.

- Get rid of them.
- You know how.

Bleach that container
top to bottom and scrap it.

And just make the deal
as planned.

Sure, boss.

Contact manila.

Tell them to send
two extra next time,

To make up for the shortfalls
and no more slips.


I can't afford to stop
the shipments.

- We have customers waiting.
- Ok.

- Are we done here?
- Yeah.

[branch snapping]

Oh, Hannah.

Get that phone!

Oh man. Turn off, turn off!

What does Keith do
for work again?

Imports car parts.

I think it's more than
car parts.

- People, Caleb.
- It's people.

Hannah knew what the evidence
on this phone could do.

She, she only had a few
seconds to think.

She could have called someone.

But instead she hid from Keith.

Why did she turn it off then?

To make sure Keith didn't
call it and make it ring.

What do we do now?

We go to the cops with this,

No, there, there's something
I have to do first.

I'll call you.

[door opens]




Darcie! Oh, my god!

Are you ok?

I'm ok.

What are... You're, you're
not supposed to be here.

What's happened?

Where's Keith?

He, he went out a while ago.

Ok, I need to tell
you something.

Well, fine, but...

Come, come, come
into the kitchen.

Gillian, it's... It's Keith.

All of it.

He's, he's involved
in something bad.

Hannah found out
and he took her.

What? Took her...

What are you talking about?


What are you talking about?

Just watch.

- The bodies?
- Still in the container.

Get rid of them.

Bleach that container top
to bottom and scrap it.

And just make the deal
as planned.

Sure boss

[branch snapping]

- Oh, Hannah.
- Get that phone!


Keith... Keith gave me these.

He said they were to make
me feel better.

We have to go to the police.

- They won't believe me.
- He's made sure of that.

- We have evidence now.
- We have the phone.

Yes, yes. Of course.

Ok, we have to act fast
because if I'm right,

Hannah's only alive
because Keith thinks

She may know where the phone is.

As soon as he finds out
the police have it...

We have to get to her
before that happens.

Yeah, but we have no idea
where she could be.

The cabin.

I saw him putting his, his,
his winter boots and jacket

Into the trunk of his car.

I didn't think anything of it
at the time.

- Ok, then that's it.
- Let's go.

- I'll... I'll...
- I'll get my phone.

- Ok.
- Ok.

- Hey, honey.
- You here?

You're home sooner
than I thought.

I needed to gas up
and forgot my damn wallet.

Everything ok?


Hey, we'll get things back
to normal soon.

I promise.

See you soon, honey.

[door opens and closes]

Are you here?

She knows.

Do it.

Make it look like a break-in.
And find that damn phone.

I know she has it.

He knows!

[crashing sound]

[panicked breathing]

Someone's here.

- What? What?
- Shh.


- What do we do?
- Let's go through here.

- Ok. I have an idea.
- I can't do that.

I have an idea.
I think... Shh.

Yeah, ok.

Ok, ok. Ok, come on.

Oh, jeez!



[gun cocks]

The phone.

Give me the phone.




[panicked breathing]

No evidence, no witnesses.

- You ok?
- I'm ok. You ok?


He's right, no evidence.

Well, wouldn't it be
on the cloud?

No, no. Hannah
doesn't trust it.

She doesn't trust anything.

Then they've won.

No, we can't let them.

You sure about this?

Yeah. She needs us.

Ok, we could really use
some backup.

The police aren't gonna
listen to us.

A crazy woman and a runaway?

- Ok, yeah. Yeah, you're right.
- The police won't listen to us.

Um... I have an idea
it'll take five minutes.

Just trust me.

Are you ok?

No. But I will be.



I'm never letting you go

Hey, hey.

Hands where I can see them.

I see my guy got to you first.

Didn't end so well for him.

Let's talk about the phone.

If you still had it you'd be
with the cops right now.

So, let me guess?
It's destroyed?

Well then...

The only fly in the ointment now
is the three of you.

You know, it all could
have been fine.

Everything smoothed over.
Everyone happy.


Life's not all kittens
and rainbows, honey.

What do you think built
and furnished your house?

Bought you your car,

Gave you the ordered life
you needed? Huh?

Sweet dreams and
positive thoughts?

- But it was all a lie.
- You lied to me.

- I protected you!
- I kept you safe.

You know what?
Everything was fine.

Each thing in its place.

Until these two stuck
their noses.

Untie her.

- What are you gonna do?
- Shoot us?


Stop there.

- You can't do this.
- No choice.

Just cutting my losses now.

- There is a choice.
- There's always a choice.

Give yourself up.

- Give myself up?
- What, to you?

A kid detective?

We have backup.

You could come out now.

- He's your backup?
- I'm not the backup exactly.

The cops will be homing in on
the gps signal any second now.




Oh, god.
Oh, god, Caleb!

I'm ok. It's ok.

[sirens wailing]

- He must know it's over.
- Where could he go?

- The lake.
- There's, there's a boat.

If he gets there, he's gone.

They're not gonna
get here in time.


Now here's what's gonna happen.

You're gonna throw that gun
into the water

And then I'm gonna get
in that boat and leave.

Don't! He'll kill us
both anyway!



Sorry, kiddo.

[smashing sound]


You ok?


I'm good now.

Gillian. Listen to me.

We can still make it.

Remember how it was?
Just the two of us?

It can be like that again.

We can get out of here.
Start fresh.

We're a family.
You and me.


I've got my family right here.

[police radio chatter]

We're checking the docks.

Looking at all incoming cargo
for the past month.

The fbi's been trying
to track down

These traffickers for some time.

With your help,

I think it's fair to say that
your husband's illegal operation

Is at an end.

I'm sorry I doubted you, darcie.



- Morning, mom.
- Morning, honey.



- Is Caleb on his way?
- He'll be here in five.

Have you seen darcie?

Oh, she's around here somewhere.

- [laughs]
- hey!

We'll don't you look elegant.

I have work experience
at leiber and Kirby.

The internship.

Is that today?

Mom, you signed the forms.

Ah! I know, but...

I get to be in court with
them today, observing.

Aggravated assault.



That was not on the form.

You know, I'm thinking
of studying law.

Helping people in trouble,
fighting crime.

That kind of thing.

- Love you. Bye.
- Love you too.

Don't worry, I'll talk
her out of it.

Oh. Good luck with that.

Released by " عثمان شامان"