Dying Room Only (1973) - full transcript

A married couple are traveling on a deserted desert road at night. They stop at a diner and the husband goes to the men's room. He never returns and the wife begins to suspect serious foul play.

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It's a hundred miles out of our way
just to get those pictures.

Now, you're too much, honey.


it'll cool off
after dark.

Will it?

You want me to apologize again?

No, I do not want you to apologize.

You know...

- No.
- Sweet.

I don't want any!

Bob, whatever you take,
what's the matter with you?


Chrissie's pictures for that project
with the class.

I mean, we could have bought
the pictures in Yuma.

We're going right through Yuma.

You do want me to apologize again.

No, I want you to admit that we
could have bought the pictures in Yuma.

On sunday?

Why not?

You know, that in Yuma on Sunday

we could purchase a picture of a wikiup.

I know that we are now five hours behind
schedule because of this little side trip.

I know that we will be lucky,
to get into L.A. by dawn.

Well I know that Chrissie will be
very happy we did get the pictures.

Well we also got a flat tire,
we also got a broken cooler fan.

I'm sorry, Bob, shoot me!

You load the gun, honey.

Oh, forget I ever said it.

You wanna stop up here?

I don't care.

Well I don't care either.
It's up to you.

If we're gonna stop, we'll stop.
You wanna stop or not?

I don't know.

Right, stop.



Just make a U-turn, Robert.

The end of a perfect day.

Well we had a nice vacation.

I don't think we should spend
our last day at each other's throats.


Alright. Alright!


Will we stay here all night?
Looks romantic.

I got your romantic.

Oh, the air condition.
Isn't that nice?

Yeah, great.

What... What do you want to sip?

Do you have a wastebasket
please for this?

Do you have some pot to
put this trash here?

The garbage can for the trash,
if you got one.

Thank you very much.
Thank you.

That Western humor
didn't come on for all of them.

Do you have a dime, Bob?
Call the kids.

- Honey, get some change, will you, please?
- Yes, I will.

I don't think we even have a dime.

Well, have these.

Take a quarter.

Would you get me some ice tea?
I got something.

What do you want to eat, babe?

I don't know. Find out.

Thank you.
Excuse me.

Do you wanna make a call?

Just tell them we'll be...
you know, a little late.

Hello operator?

I'd like to make a long distance call
please collect.

Thank you.

Area code:
213 275 4469.

Mrs. Mitchell.

555 4618.

It's good.

Air condition here.

Alright, thank you very much.
Thank you.

Busy, right?

- Well she's probably tired again.
- Yes, it' a babysitter.

- Yeah, she's great.
- We're lucky to get her.

- Right.
- Are you hungry?

Yeah, I was till I looked at this menu.

You better eat something.
You haven't eaten since morning.

Right, a terrific breakfast.

I'm sorry, Bob, I'm really half-
a-ruining your day. I'm sorry.

- OK.
- I apologize.

I accept your apology, OK?

- You don't, idiot. Just seeing that.
- I do, I do.

You're a wonderful person.
Now sit down, OK?

Do we get something to eat
over here, please?

Well now, he's gonna have to
work on that one.

That's... That's a tough one.

Do we have a waiter, please?


What's the matter?


What do you want?

Ice tea.

We start with ice tea then, please.

You got ice tea, don't you?


Oh, you don't have any orange juice...?


What do you have that's real,
you know, ice-cold to drink?

Orange soda,
grape soda, beer.

Well, they got orange soda,
grape soda and beer.

I think I'll have a beer.

What kind do you have?

It's bottled.

- I mean what brand.
- You want one or don't ya?

What brand do you have?

"Red Eagle".

"Red Eagle".

You want a "Red Eagle" beer?

I... Yeah, I guess.
"Red Eagle".

Oh, excuse me.

We want something to eat too, please,

if it's not too much trouble.

Oh, I'm fine, I'm not hungry.
Thank you.

- You sure?
- I don't care for eat...

Honey, you're the one who said
we ought to get something, right?

No, I'm fine. Thank you.

Well... Wait, please. I'll have...
an egg sandwich on rye toast please.

No toast.

Well then an untoasted bread.

No rye bread.

What kind of bread do you have?


Oh, it's fine.

Hey, wait a minute.

I think my wife
just changed her mind.

I think she wants to order something.
Don't you?

I really don't care for anything.

- A little...?
- Nothing.

Really. I'm not hungry.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Well let say that...

Let say we got two "Red Eagle" beers,

and a fried egg sandwich
on plain white bread, right?


I wouldn't...

You... you wouldn't what?

Aren't we here
in the middle of nowhere?


I'm not comfortable...
with these two men.

These two men
happen to be jerks,

and this is a dump.

Let's just go, okay?
Let's go.

We don't go,
because we just got here.


I mean it.

I'm just going to wash up.

We don't go.

We just got here.

It was a nice vacation.

You're here?

You're here?

Thank you.

Did my husband...?



Bob, are you all right?

Excuse me...

Excuse me,
did you see my husband...?

Lady, I'm busy.


- Pardon me...
- Yes, ma'am?

I think maybe my husband
wasn't feeling well.

Would you do me a favor
and ask him if he's all right?

Would you do that, please?

Yes, ma'am.


Is he all right?

I don't know.

What do you mean?

Ain't in there.


I don't understand.

Well, ain't nothing to understand, lady.

He ain't in there.

That's all.

Why did you go in there then?

Cause you asked me to.

Excuse me?

Excuse me,

did you see my husband...?

No, lady, I did not.

Oh, lady!

Your bill. Lady...!

Your bill.

I'm not leaving.






Help you?

Excuse me, I'm looking for my husband.

I can't seem to find him anywhere.

Oh, if you see him, would you...?

Well, he must be at the caf?.
Excuse me.

It's ridiculous.

You must have seen
where my husband went.

Are you telling me I did?

He was sitting right there, at that table.
Right there.

And I was right there,
at that griddle, with my back turned.

How would I know where he went?

Maybe he got sore at you
and just lit out.

Cause your husband ain't here,
ain't no fault of mine.

You sure he wasn't in the men's room?

Ma'am I got no cause to lie to you.

Are there side door?

Side door? No.

There's mouse-hole over corner.

Are there back door?

Lady, you just come in
the only door there is.

Well, he has to be somewhere.

Ain't in there.

Well I'm sorry,
he didn't just disappear.



Why is this door locked?

Because I locked it.

It supposed to be locked.

Will you unlock it please?

Out of order, lady.

You unlock that door
or I'll call the police.

You'll do what?

Jim! Jim! Come on now.

Jim, why don't you just
open that door...

- What for?
- Well...

I don't know, maybe she wants to see
if it's difference with girls room.

- Oh, stop being funny, Tom!
- Okay, come on now.

Unlock it.

Come on.

I don't think that lady's gonna
believe us till you do.

Go on.

You've been yelling to me about how much
you wanted to look in there, go on!


Wait a second.
I wanna look again.

There ain't nothing to look at, lady.

That old door

ain't being used for years.

Doesn't it open?

What's on the other side?

Does it open from the outside?

It opens on a...


Hadn't been used...
It's full of trash.

- I'll show to you, if you want me to.
- Oh sure you will.

You wanna see?

She's some kind of jackrabbit,
ain't she?

Would I have some change, please?

I'm sorry,
I'm fresh out.

Could I have change one dollar, please?


I just put my last dime
in this machine.

Could I have some change, please?

I told you I don't have it.

Please! Can I have some change?!

You stop beating on that thing,
you hear me?!

You get out of my place
and you stay out.

Hey, Jim!

Why don't you give her some?

I'm 'bout out!


Now, if she wants to call the law
she's gonna do it here or somewhere else.

May as well be now.

We don't want anybody'd say we didn't do
everything we could for this little lady.


Damn, it's just not like you.

Listen lady, you got at mind
make trouble for me,

you're wrong.

You hear me?

Moron city people.

Just trying to find my husband.

I know a thing about your husband.

Could you get me the police, please?

Oh, would you get me the police, please?

- It's your dime.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Yes. Yes, thank you very... Yes, the...
With the sheriff's office will be fine.

Thank you.

Could you come out...?

Oh, yes.

This is...

Is the sheriff there?


Could... Could you come out...

Ecuse me. Just a minute.

Could you please tell me
the name of this cafe?

Well, I'm trying to find out the...
the name of the cafe where I am.

See, I came here with my husband and...

he's gone.

Oh well...

I'm out here. Oh I know,
it's the...

Arroyo Motel.

A, R, R...


Yes, thank you.

Thank you.


It looks like Jim was right.

Yout husband is right now...






- You're the lady that called?
- Yes.

What's the problem?

My husband's disappeared.

Where is your car?
Is your car still here?


Well why don't you think
he just didn't drive away?

He wouldn't do that.

All right ma'am.

Well what happened?

Well, we came here

just drive by for a sandwich, and I went
to ladies room for a few minutes

to wash up, when I came out

my husband wasn't at the table anymore,
so I thought he'd gone in the washroom also.

Well couldn't he just come out
to the car?

No, I looked there.

I looked everywhere when they told me
he wasn't in the washroom.

I even looked in that
little office over there.

Did you check the washroom?

Yes, I looked there.

Oh where were you
when the car drove off?

Well I was in the cafe
calling your office.

Well then you didn't actually see
who drove the car away.

Let's go inside, ma'am.

Sheriff, there's something
very wrong here.

My husband wouldn't just
drive away and leave me.

And if he was in the car,
he would have been forced.

Did you see the car drive away at all?

Yes, it just started down the road.

Well did it look like there was more
than one person in the car?

No, but...

Hey, fellas.

- Big John!
- Hello, Johnny.

What's going on here?

Oh, there ain't nothing going on, Johnny.

Well did this lady come in here
with her husband a while ago?

She came in here with some man.
I never saw their marriage licence.

Hey, hey, hey,
Jim, come on!

Now you want me to be nice to her?

She brings you in here
putting me on the spot.

Ain't nothing going on here, sheriff,

except the man lightin' out on his wife.

That's not true.

All right there, just a minute.

Did you...
Did you see him getting in his car?

Oh, sure I did.

How else could I tell you,
I saw him when he lit out.

Do you feel like a beer
or anything, John?

No, Jim, thanx, no, I don't.

Where were you
when he started to drive off?

I was... uh standing on the porch,
right there.

And he walked right by you?

Sure did.

Got in his car, drove away.


How did he look?

I mean, angry or what?

It was getting dark.

I couldn't see his face.

But you're sure it was him?

Well sure, I could see his clothes.

He's lying!
You're lying!

He's lying.

You didn't actually see him
go into washroom.

What that has to do with anything?

Well ma'am, I'm just trying
to find out what happened

and I would be really appreciate
if you just try to help me.

There is another door in that washroom.

They said it hadn't been opened for years,
but I know they're lying.

Because if you didn't see him
go into washroom,

and you only saw one person
drive away in the car...

Well, I haven't what to go on,
do I?

What about that door?

That door hasn't been used
in years, Johnny.

All right, Jim,
it's that she's upset.

I know she's upset,
and ain't no fault of mine.

Well now I didn't say it was.

All right, we'll take a look.

Can't open that, it's locked.

The door is locked.

It was locked before you got here.

Well if it was locked, how did your husband
get in there in the first place?

No, it was open when my husband...

got here.

This man went in there.

I asked him to go in there first.

I thought my husband might...

might be ill.

And he went in there,
and he was staying a long time too.

If he went in there...
It's took a long time.

Why didn't you come out if you knew
he wasn't in there?

Why didn't you come out?
Tell me, if he wasn't in there.

Sheriff, she asked me
to go in there,

and I did, and I took a look
and I came out...

God, my! She's making this up,
that I just don't...

I can't believe...

Hey! Ma'am! Ma'am! Ma'am! Come on!
Wait a minute! Wait... Don't!

Come on. Take it easy.

Take it easy now.

He's lying.

Oh, I will find out.

What is behind that door, Jim?

Same old shed, it's been back there
for years, Johnny.

Do you wanna open the door for me?

Oh, for crying out loud...

Jim, do you wanna
open that door for me?

I swear, you will see that...

What do you laughing at?

The shed door's both are opening
on the... other side.

He'd got a way to throw all that
trush and junk.

Here, I'll hold them open for you.

How there?

God, just don't like in here, that...

And that door was locked before?


I... I just unlocked it, so you come in
and take a look, if you wanted to, Johnny.

It's I told her I keep it locked.
That sink don't work.

And the door was open, when
she and her husband came here.

Yeah, I come in here to get
the can of a detergent.

I forgot to lock it when I went out.
That was all.

OK, Jim.

Hope you're satisfied.

Aren't you going to look inside?

Oh, ma'am, you just saw the door
was bolted on the other side.

There's no way your husband
could get through there.

Somebody else could have opened it.

Ma'am, I...

You refuse to even consider it?

Jim and I don't want to hear it, sheriff.

Sure, if you buy her,
in the office, of course.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mrs. Mitchell.

How about if we step outside?

Is this all you're going to do?

Ma'am, there's not a lot
I can do right now.

Been trying very hard
to make you feel my...


All right, Jim. All right.

What are you gonna do about it?

Ma'am, the only thing I can do is
radio word of description of your car

and we have it stopped.

What about my husband?

Till I get more information
I can't do a...

But he didn't leave me.

Until we stop the car
we don't really know that.

Do we?

Yeah, it's a 1973 Chevy Station Wagon,
colour bronze.

It's registered to Robert Arthur Mitchell
and Jean Marie Mitchell,

1343 Josephine Street,
Los Angeles, California.

Zip is 90048.

Mrs. Mitchell doesn't recall
the licence plate number,

but she thinks the last three letters are:
ORE, Oscar-Roger-Echo.

Repeat that please. Over.

Missing vehicle, 1973,
Chevy Station Wagon, colour bronze.

Last three numbers of licence sequence

Radio Callville,

I haven't checked the westbound traffic,
in case the driver reverse directions.


Right. See you later.


you wanna wait down at the station?

Mrs. Mitchell?

You wanna wait down at the station?


Well what you gonna do?

I stay here.

Would you like me
to get you a room here?

No, I... I'll wait in the cafe.

Ma'am, I think you better have a room.

It might be quite a while
before we know anything.


Yeah, Johnny?

Well could I ask Vi
to give Mrs. Mitchell a room?


She wants a place to stay until we get
find out what happened to her husband.

What... I don't want her here!
She can't stay here!

Jim, I want her to have a place
to stay. Do you mind?

That woman's being nothing
but trouble, Johnny!

All right, all right. Take it easy.

She's used to be right here.


- Hey, how are you, Johnny.
- Hey, I'm all right.

Can you let this lady have
a room to waiting?


Well yeah.

Didn't Jim tell you what happened?


Well, this lady's husband
has disappeared.

Tom King says he drove off in her car,
but the lady doesn't think so, and...

I've got a call in to have the car stopped
to check it out, but that may take quite a while,

and the lady wants to wait here, till we...
you know, see what we find out and...

You got a room she could set in
while she waits?

Oh, sure.

I want to pay for the room.
How much is it?

I don't think you have to pay anything.
Doesn't she?

How much is it, please?

Four dollars.

Well you're all set,
I'm gonna run, Mrs. Mitchell, and

I'll come back and tell you anything
we find out as soon as we know something.

Oh, that'll be a room one.
It's right next door.

I do like to speak with you, sheriff,
before you go.


Keep an eye on her, will you?

She's a little bit... upset.


See you later.

All right, ma'am,
what is it?

Would you please check those rooms?

Ma'am, I can't do that.
I have no cause.

Then find one.

I know my husband didn't leave here.

Ma'am, I hate to contradict you, but
you don't know that. And I don't know that.

I can't search this place
without a reason.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Mitchell.

I'll be back soon.


I'd like to call the FBI please.


The Federal Biuro of Investigation.

No, there aint no The Federal Biuro
of Investigation right here, Mrs.

Well, I'd like to call
the nearest city that has one.

It's after five o'clock,
it may be closed.

I'm sure they'll take my call.

Well, I don't think so.

Well, would you try, please?

All right, nevernind.

I'd like to call Los Angeles,
area code 2132754699.

Oh, what was the number?


and the 9...?


And the area code?


Well, I'll ring you,
when the call goes through.


That line is busy.
You'll have to try later.

Would you...?


Would you ask the operator please, to...

breaking on the call?

Tell her it's an emergency.

Would you?

It's my home.
I wanna talk to my children.

In a while, Mrs.

Help you?

Would you please try
that number again?

Oh, what number was that?

The number I just gave you.
Would you call now?

Oh, that number, that was busy.

Yes, I'm aware of that.

I'm also aware that if you tell the operator there's
an emergency, she will break in on the line,

if it's busy.
Would you please do that?

In a while.

I mean, you won't do it?

I mean, in a while.

I don't know what's going on here,
but I will find out. You hear?

I will find out.

Yeah. OK.

Think I'll call home.

See what's going on.

Hi, Billy.

How's goin'?

Yeah. Just fine.

Hey, Timmy Schneider called me today?

He didn't?

What he have said?

Yeah, yeah.
You go on out and play.

Put your mom on the phone.

Hey, old woman. How's goin'?


I just feel like talking.

See you later.


Bob... Bob...

Bob! Bob!


What's going on?

Some woman was standing
by the back room.

Where did she go?

She just run out there.

OK, Tom, you go find her.
Come on, let's get him.

That little jackrabbit lady
is trapped.

Come on.

Come on out.

Come on.

Come on out, babe, come on.


Bob! Bob!

Hey! Bob!

- God!
- Easy, Mrs. Mitchell. What's the matter?

My husband's out... in the desert.

He's where?

- They took him on the desert.
- Who? Are you sure?

Jim and the other man.
The other man.

- All right, all right, let's go. We get in the car.
- I just... I just saw them.

- Come on.
- Hurry.

I'm heading North,
along the old Mesa Road.

Get ahold of Neil and Charlie right away
and send them up to cut-off.

Got to looking for the Mitchell car,
For the Mitchell. Over.

Charlie and Neil are off in a
Walker Pass, sheriff, checking out...

I don't care of their checking out!
Tell them to get down here right away.

OK, sheriff.

Walker Pass?

Where will they take him?

Well, there's an old pumphouse off the road
a couple of miles, that doesn't get used much.

They may have taken him there.


I don't know, Mrs. Mitchell.

Did your husband... move, when you
saw him? I mean, was he...?

He was alive.
He's alive.

Yes, ma'am

They tried to catch me too.


Oh, that Jim and that other guy.


Yeah, he was there too.

I hit him with a... with a piece of wood.
I hope I killed him.

- Tom, what is it? What's going on?
- I'm going. Go over there!

Do you still believe what they told you
about my husband?

No, ma'am.

Oh, if you believe me now?

Oh, for one thing, ma'am, your car
wasn't spotted. Couldn't find it.

That's why I came back
to check out the rooms.

If you believe me, why didn't you check out
the rooms when I asked you to?

I'm sorry, Mrs. Mitchell,

it seemed at a time.

I wasn't sure that your husband
hadn't just run out of you.

Mrs. Mitchell, I've seen that kind of thing
happened a hundred times.

Tell me about the other man you saw.
What did he look like?

It was too dark.

He was hulky.
He was tall.

He walked with a limp?

You know who it was?

Lou McDermott.

He used to work for Cutler.

He jumped his parol
about six months ago.

How far is it?


Should be just a little ways now.

What if they aren't there?

Well then we'll get them
on the road.

There're only two ways out of here,
this road and the cut-off.

What would they want?
Why would they do it?

I don't understand.

Money, your car...

Unless I'm mistaken, this isn't the first time
this kind of thing has happened either.

What do you mean?

There have been other...

other disappearance in the past,

If there were others,

why didn't you believe me
and check out the rooms?

Mrs. Mitchell, those disappearances
had no connection with that cafe. None.

- Is that your car?
- Yes, that's it.

Car one calling car two.
Car one calling car two.

Come in Neil. Over.

Car two.
What is it, sheriff?

I'm out of the old pumphouse
on Mesa Road.

The Mitchell car is here.

I'm going to go and have a look.

You drive here as quick
as you can, will you? Over.

We just do the pass now.
We ought to be there pretty soon. Out.

You drive, Mrs. Mitchell?


I'm gonna leave the motor running.


anything happens,
I mean, if anything...

goes wrong, just drive on out of here.
Get out as fast as you can.

Hold it!

Lou is in there, isn't he?

Get him out of here!

You hear me?





Got to get him.

He's dead, Tom.

He's dead!

He just died.

Is my husband in there?

We sure did this, eh, man?
We're done for now, for sure.

Oh no, we ain't.
No, we ain't!

We're gonna do just like we said,

except she's gonna be in the car,
with him, when they're wrecking.

Tom, you just killed the sher...
That sheriff is dead in there, Tom!

That's right!

Lou killed him.

What are you talking about!
You killed him!

The sheriff come out here
looking for their car, right?


And he see Lou.

Now he knows Lou broke his parol,

so he try to arrest him.

And Lou shot him.

And he got Lou right before he died.

You don't think
we get away with that, do you?

That is way it happened, Jim.

Now you take the gun,
and you put it to Lou's hand,

and you bring his gun with you.

There's no way we can make that.
It stink!

Oh, you're serious?

Now, you've got to seen that,
didn't you?


You left that damn washroom door open,
foreseen her husband come in there.

Don't you try to put this on me, Tom.
Lou shoud have known better.

What the hell is Lou gonna know?

- I didn't have no signal!
- The man come in there,

and he grabbed him
like he always did.

You're gonna do this with me.

Don't you lean on me, Tom.

Now you hear me?

I ain't do nothing, you hear?

You rather hang.

Now go on. Go on, I'm gonna take
the woman in my truck,

and you get him and bring him
in their car, right?

Now you come on.


Come on!

Get in there.

Go over there!

I will stop to get Vi!

Oh you come on, you hear?

Come here!

Where are you going?

Please, don't do this.


Let us go.
We won't say anything.

- We will just drive away, we will.
- Oh, sure. Sure you will.

- I promise we will.
- Sure.

No chance.

No chance!

- No chance at all.
- You be so...

casual about killing.

Killing don't mean nothing, right?

Killing don't mean nothing!

- You can't mean that.
- Oh, you want to bet?

This is our territory out here.

You folks come here.

This is my place! You have something
I want, I take it, see?

I just take it.

That's all.

I just take it.

Aren't you gonna regret
doing this?

Oh, the only thing I'm...

I'm gonna regret, lady,

is I'll only have ten minutes
to spend alone with you,

before I kill you.


I need you.

What's happening?

Sheriff came right in on us
out there.

Let us go!

Where is Jim?

He's come right behind me.

Please, don't let them do this.

What happened with the sheriff?

He's dead.

Sheriff is dead!

- Please...
- You killed him?

Vi, I couldn't help that.
I just, I couldn't help it.

What are we gonna do now?

Just the same as we always done,

except she's gonna be in the car
with him, that's all.

No! Please, don't let him...

What are we gonna do
about the sheriff?

Don't let him do it, please!

Listen, we fixed it up.
So Lou's gonna get the blame, you see.

How come Lou?

Please! Please...!

Why should Lou take the blame?

Lou's dead.

Sheriff got him.

- It's all going bad.
- No, listen, it'll be ok, Vi.

I'm gonna get away with that.
I'm telling you now, I'm telling you.

There's another car back there!

I saw it pulling near the place!

I had to drive with my lights off,
just in case.

- They're the sheriff's office?
- I don't know, Vi.

Yes, that was a car
from the sheriff's office.

Come on, let's go!

- They're gonna catch you!
- Follow me! I'll take her!

I heard the sheriff's radio, that...

Come on!

Leave him alone.

Get the key!

- Untie the ropes, will you?
- Yes.

- Hurry.
- I can't.

- My God.
- We're gonna be killed.

Untie the ropes, hurry up!

- Oh, I can't.
- Hurry! Untie the ropes!

Take that flare under the front seat.

Right there.

Take it up.

Take it up.

Now twist the top off.

- Will you? Twist it off!
- Alright.

Strike it.

Hurry up! Strike it!

Get out!

Take the gun!

I... I can do nothing!
I can do nothing.

Mary Lou!

Is everything all right?

How is...

Hi, Chrissie!

In Arizona somewhere.
We'll be home by late tonight.

How are you?

Oh good. How's Tina?

Did she?

What have you been doing?

Oh, it sounds like fun.

Yes, we had a fine time.

Yes, we had lots of fun.

We got them. That's right.
Just what you need.

I'm glad to hear you, Chrissie.

I missed you.

Hi, Kenny! Hi, honey.

Yes, I miss you too.

We're coming home now.

Right away.

Fast as we can.

subtitles: OK & A

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