Dybbuk: The Curse Is Real (2021) - full transcript

Mahi, a newly married woman, brings an antique Jewish box into her home. When Mahi and her husband Sam begin to have paranormal experiences, they soon learn that the box is a dybbuk containing an evil spirit. The couple then seeks the help of a rabbi to unravel its mystery. Will they survive this ordeal before their child is born?

[Prayer in Hebrew]

[Prayer in Hebrew]

[Prayer in Hebrew]

[Prayer in Hebrew]

[Prayer in Hebrew]

[Prayer in Hebrew]

[Prayer in Hebrew]

The death of Moshe ben Asher.

marks the end of a century-old
history of Jews in Mauritius.

[camera clicks]
He was the last jew on this island.

Being a popular writer,

he wrote many books
on the history of jews in Mauritius'

To escape genocide during
the Second World War

Many jews came
to this Island seeking refuge.

Moshe-bin-Ashe was one of them.

Besides expanding his business

he's also worked towards
the welfare of Mauritius' people.

His family is expected
any minute from abroad.

[Prayer in Hebrew]

[Prayer in Hebrew]

[Prayer in Hebrew]

[Prayer in Hebrew]

[Prayer in Hebrew]


[Prayer in Hebrew]

[door creaking]


[cash counting]

[machine beep]

[thunder rumbling]

[zipper zips]

Please leave.

Masood will learn his lesson
when I deduct his salary.

[thunder rumbling]

[phone ringing]

[phone keypad beep]

What's the story today?

The boat arrived late.

Fine, make some space at the back.

But that place is already packed.

Do you use your brain
only to make excuses?

Make some space at the back.

We're expecting antique
stuff from Ben asher's house.

- Are they going to sell it?
- Why not?

Whether it's a saint or a Jew?
Everyone has one God.

- Right!
- And lock the door properly.


[engine reviving]

[shutter closes]



- Pack this carefully.
- Yes, sir.




Last night in your favourite city.

What happened?

Worried about your interior designs?

We discussed
that you can start all over from there.

[ambulance siren]

I know. But Sam.
What about my friends?

My circle?

I grew up in this city.

Leaving everything
behind one fine day.

It's not easy, you know.
You won't understand.

Come on, we've been over this before.

I took this assignment
with your approval. Right?

Come on.

Baby, it's a beautiful island.

You'll love it there.

And it's only for two years.

Sam, we'll be all alone out there.

If there's an emergency,
we've got people here.

There's mom and dad.



Maybe we're still far away for them.

Why else they haven't even
visited us once in two years?

They are still furious over their
daughter marrying a Christian boy...


You know what,
let's forget about all of this.

Let's start afresh.

Let's go there and start a family.

Once we do that,
then everything will be fine.

I promise.

[airplane rumble]


[sky thundering]




[unlock lock]

[glass creaking]

[glass breaks]

[playing music]

[fan spinning]


[bell clanking]







[clock bell ring]

[breathing heavily]



[glass creaking]

[police siren]


Sir! Sir, one question, please.

- Sir! Sir! Can you please confirm
is it a murder? - Not now.

- Sir!
- Sir...

- Sir!
- Details!

Name's Masood.
The night watchman.


[camera clicks]

When I arrived in the morning

and noticed that strange
imprint on the shutter

I tried calling him.

I tried calling him a couple of times
but he didn't answer.

Then I broke open the back door and
entered inside and saw that Masood...

Is there any other way to get in?

Any friend or girlfriend?

He was alone.

He's been with me for seven years.

- Body?
- At the back, sir.

[vehicle approaching]

The biggest advantage of Mauritius
is its geography.

It's located between the
two continents in the Indian Ocean.

This is why for many years now

Mauritius has been trying to become
Europe's nuclear waste disposal hub.

And we at Zayke are very,
very happy to collaborate with them.

With, of course, technical help
from the Indian government.

I would like to invite

our vice-president
of operations Sam Isaac.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Sanjay.

[clears throat]

The most important aspect while
executing this project is security.

Zayke understands the risks involved
in the disposing of nuclear waste.

Especially when it is a deadly dose
of high radiation elements

like Neptunium and Plutonium.

And even a minor leakage

can contaminate the water and
pose a threat to the entire island.

But that's where Zayke's expertise
comes into the picture.

We've kept three-level biometric
access for security clearance

and only I will have
the final approval.

Let me show it to you.

[censor beep]

So first we have an access card
and a thump print. [censor beep]

[door opens]

Followed by voice recognition
and a security code.

Sam Isaac.

[keypad beep]

[door opens]

And finally, face recognition.

This opens up to our underground
tunnel which leads to our storage hub.

[vehicle approaching]

[metal door creaking]

Stop nuclear waste!
Stop nuclear waste!

- Stop nuclear waste!
- Stop nuclear waste...

Stop nuclear waste...

Stop nuclear waste...

Stop nuclear waste...

Stop nuclear waste!

Will these activists be a problem?

The embassy will handle them.

I'll introduce you
to inspector Riyaz Ahmed.

He's the chief inspector here.

You can tell him if you any problems,
he will handle it.


How is Mahi?

Trying to adjust to the new world.


She looking for a job?

Already found one.

She's doing the interior of our villa.

As they say, charity begins at home.

That's good. That's good.

[phone ringing]

Hi, Riyaz! How are you?

All good, Sanjay.

Yeah, you had called.

Yeah. Actually, I wanted to introduce
you to our new head of operations.

Mr. Sam Isaac.

I am going to South Africa
for a month, so...

Actually Sanjay, I am occupied
with an important case.

Doesn't matter. Pay him a visit
whenever you get the time.

Sure. Sure.

Alright. You take care.

See. Done.

[vehicle approaching]

- Sir, here's the agreement's copy.
- Yeah.

Okay, sir,
let me know if you need anything.

- Okay, sir.
- Alright!

- Sarvesh.
- Yes, sir.

What about the maid?

Hasn't she arrived yet?

Sorry, sir.
I'll find out and call you.


[birds chirping]

[motorbike approaching]

[air flowing]

- Yes?
- Joshina.

Sarvesh sent me here to work.

Are you Sam?

Yes, I am Sam.
You can start tomorrow.


I'll go back in the evening.



[keypad clanking]

Feeling romantic in the morning.

It's the place. Don't you think?


I think it's because of me.

Fine, you can take credit for it.


Mahi, do you like this place?

Why else would I think
of decorating the place?

I was wondering how would
heritage theme look for the place?

Bright colours, radiant. What say?

But don't you prefer subtle colours.

Yes, but choices
change with time.

Now you're scaring me.

Not if you do something exciting.


- Water.
- Thanks.


Czar, stop there.
[dog bark]

Czar, stop.

- Czar, my boy. Stop. Czar.
- Come here. Come here.


- Where do you think you're going?
- Thank you.

Matching his energy isn't easy.

Are you two on vacation?

No, we recently moved here.

Really? Where?

Grant Bay, Bungalow no. 3.

Oh, that beautiful colonial house.

But it was bought by some company.

Zayke. I work for that company.

Great. I live in the second lane.

- Milind Sanghvi.
- Sam Isaac.

- Hi.
- That's my wife Mahi Sood.

- Hello!
- Hi. Hi.

- And this must be Czar.
- Yes, he is.

Came here 15-years-ago
to start my own business.

And then stayed back.

And your family?

There they are.

- Dad, we missed the bus.
- Again?

- Yes.
- I'll drop her.

That's my daughter Darshana.
And this is my grandchild.

They are our new neighbours.

- Oh, hi! Welcome to the neighbourhood.
- Hi!

Why don't you guys
come in for some coffee?

No, I've a meeting. I'll be late.

- Some other time.
- Sure.

Nice meeting you guys.

- Thank you. Bye.
- We'll see you soon.

- See you. Bye.
- See you.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Missed the bus again

[phone ringing]

Wrong number?

You're still a child.


Last time you saw me
when I was still a child.

Come on, father.

You're my only relative
and this is how...

I'll give you two a big surprise
when the church fest is over.


I've been hearing this
since I got married.

Just building up the surprise.

How is Mahi now?

She took time to recover.

You know how it is, father.

Dealing with a miscarriage isn't easy.

I understand.

But she's better now.

The good thing is she likes Mauritius.

And it's also been a change for her.

- That's good.
- Yeah!

Okay Sam, see you soon.

Okay, father, I'll be waiting.

[playing music]

[clock ticking & ringing]

It's DUTCH-made, madam. 300-years-old.

As the history of Mauritius.




Single wood carving.

Very intricately designed, madam.



[unlock lock]



[air flowing]


[box opens]




[vehicle approaching]

[bird tweeting]


[door clanking]






I've been looking for you.
Where were you?

I was looking for this.


Thank God.

I am tired.

I'm going to bed.

[footfalls & police siren]

[breathing heavily]



[clock ticking]


What is that?


Why are you staring at me like that?

God, if looks could kill.

I tried to wake you up in the morning.

But you were so fast asleep

even a Tsunami
couldn't have woken you up.

I'm going to take a shower.


[exhales & water-drop]

[door creaking]

[water dropping]






Madam, what happened?

[breathing heavily]

[tyres screeching]

Sir, your wife's here.

- Why did you let her in?
- I tried telling her, but...

Why don't you believe me?
I am not hallucinating.

I saw her with my own eyes.
She grabbed my hand...

There were marks here.

- Mahi...
- There were marks here.

Mahi, look at me. You're stressed.

- Clearly, you're not getting enough sleep.
- Sam...

- It's just because of that.
- How do I tell you? Trust me.

- Come here.
- I am not lying.

Take it easy, baby. Take it easy. Relax.

Calm down.

I am there.

Don't worry.

- Sam, I am scared.
- What are you scared of?

- I stay alone at home all day.
- You're not alone.

I'm just a phone call away.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Now smile.


[clock ticking]



[clock ticking]




[breathing heavily]

[bell ring]


[light torch]

[door clanking & closes]

[door opens]

[breathing heavily]



[toy whistle]

[breathing heavily]

[falls down]



I don't think it was a burglar.

That never happens here.

Maybe it was some
rodents trying to get out.

I don't know, Riyaz.

I think it was someone's footsteps.

But I'm not sure.

Thank you.

Did you hear the noise too?


I was asleep.

She didn't hear me fall down either.

That's how deep asleep she was.

Fine, I'll ask around.

If anyone's has seen anything unusual
then I will let you know.

- Thank you.
- Pleasure.


Did Sanjay's trip get extended?


- And all well at the nuclear hub?
- Yes.

- Alright, I'll see you then.
- Thank you.

[engine reviving]

Let's go.

[vehicle approaching]


[airplane rumble]

[vehicle approaching]

Wow! Living in a vacation spot.

What more can you ask for?

People are on vacation
but I'm here for work.


How is Mahi?

She must be missing her parents.

She talks to her mother
sometimes on the phone.

Her dad's still stern.

Obviously. His daughter chose you.

I see, now you're on his side.

Don't forget who advised us
to elope and get married in court.

When the parents don't agree

what other advice can
you give two lovers?

And see, you two
are happy because of my advice.


What happened? Something wrong.

I don't know, father.

Sometimes everything seems normal.

But then I get this weird feeling.


I don't know.

[birds chirping]

[door creaking]


[clank & splash]



[vehicle approaching]

[door closes]


Come in.

Father, this way.

Go on I'll join you.







In the name of the father,
and the son, and the holy spirit.





Mahi. Mahi.

[machine beep]

Nothing to worry about.

She blacked out due to over-exertion.

We'll run a test again
this week whenever you're free.

I'll prescribe some medications.

And she can go home
as soon as the drip's over.

- Okay?
- Thank you, doctor.

No problem.


Whatever is happening in this house

and what you told me...

I know why and how it's happening?

Who opened the wine cabinet?

Mahi did. Why?

It's a Dybbuk.


During the 16th century some
Jewish people performed a ritual

separating dissatisfied souls
from the body and sealing them in a box.

This box is called a Dybbuk.

They call these spirits 'Shedim'
in Hebrew.

These rituals are conducted
for different purposes.

But come what may,
the Dybbuk should never be opened.

It's said that if it's opened

then the spirit from
the Dybbuk can possess anyone.

I... I don't believe this.

You mean that Mahi...

I don't know if Mahi is possessed.

Or this house is haunted.

I don't know if it's true or not.

[sky thundering]

But what if we get rid of the box?

That won't help.

Once the spirit is released

the box doesn't matter.

So now?

There's a Hebrew inscription on the box

We must understand that first.

Maybe that might help.

[phone ringing]

Yes, professor.

Father, I've mailed you a translation

You were right.

It's pretty complicated.

And I've sent you the contact
of Rabbi Benyamin.

- He's a good friend of mine.
- Yes.

From Bombay Chabad House.

He will help you.

Actually, only he can help you.

Thank you, professor.


Trying to understand.

Trying to believe.

There are things in this
world beyond our limitations.

At that time only faith helps.

Only Rabbi Benyamin can do something.

But I don't know how practical it is.

If this is the only way to save Mahi,
then so be it.

[airplane rumble]

The horrors of the night
and the torture of the day

will not hunt you anymore.

Plagues and epidemics
will fear your faith.



Sir, Sam Isaac here to see you.

Let him in.

Tomorrow we will learn
about new sects of Jews.

Markus is here.

Yes, we will beat him today.



A person like you
who believes in science

can't believe in these things too.

What I saw cannot be
answered scientifically.

Sam, Dybbuk is a story.

Like a folktale in Jewish culture.

It's hard to say how
much truth there is in it.

Markus, ball.

Let's assume it's a Dybbuk.

It cannot possess anyone easily.

It posses only those people whose
body and soul are not connected.

Not aligned properly.

For example...

Markus, ball.


There is no such thing in your case.

So you don't have to worry.

[clears throat]

Markus has taken the foosball,
he is not letting us play.

He's always like this.

Markus, stop troubling the kids.

Yes! Come...

That's Rabbi Markus, my son.

He was in Bombay Chabad house with me.

As I was saying, the Dybbuk
has nothing to do in your case.

[phone ringing]

Excuse me.

Mahi. All okay?

Where are you?
I've been trying to call you.

I am in a meeting. What is it?

Shall I give you the
good news now or later?

Good news?

You're becoming a father.

Finally, we're starting a family.

Are you serious? That's great news.

We should celebrate.
When are you coming back?


I'll call you back in 10 minutes.

Sam, listen.


Yeah, she's pregnant.

What did you say?

My wife. She's pregnant.


What were you so busy with
that you couldn't find the time?


You said that everything
will be fine now.

Are you happy?

Let's assume it's a Dybbuk.

It posses only those people whose
body and soul are not aligned.

Not aligned properly.

For example those
with mental issues.

Something like fear psychosis.

Or a newborn child.

Because after being born

a child's body and
soul takes time to align.

What did you say?

My wife. She's pregnant.

Your doubt is right.

Dybbuk has possessed
your unborn child.

It's too late.

Any rabbi who performs this exorcism

will become the spirit's biggest enemy.

[boat honking]


What are you saying?

How is this possible?

But you said he refused.

I requested him repeatedly.

He knew I didn't have a choice.

So he called me to Chabad House next day
to find a solution.


[Hebrish prayer]

[sky thundering & rainfall]

The spirit from the Dybbuk box

won't leave until
it destroys everything.

But there must be a way.

What if...

We go for abortion.

If we do that
it will endanger Mahi's life.

Remember, he isn't your child anymore.

It's a malicious spirit.

Whatever Mahi's seeing,
imagining, feeling, is it's will.

Dybbuk wants to return to this world
through your child.

The carrier of the spirit.

We have to find out your child's
gender to know Dybbuk's real intention.

I must know your child's gender.

Until then, we just have to wait.

What do I do, Marcus?

Can't you come with me...at least once?

I will.

But not right now

Look, Sam, we've only one opportunity.

And I must thoroughly prepare for it.

Until, then...


Keep this Khamsa Locket.

We Jews have a lot of faith in it.

This will protect
you for the time being.

And take care.

And yes spirits are more powerf
in places where there's a reflection.

So don't leave a single mirror in home.

[glass shatters]




[keypad clanking]


What's wrong with you, Sam?


You even broke the bathroom mirror.

Why are you doing this?

You said you saw
something weird in the mirror.

You were scared.


Did you see it too?

This house is haunted, isn't it?

That real estate agent
should've informed us.

I even asked Joshina, and that's...

Mahi... you're going off-track again.

All this is for Junior Sam.

It is senior Sam's
responsibility to ensure

his safe landing in this world,
isn't it?


How do you know it
is going to be Junior Sam?

It could be Junior Mahi.



[switch off]


Your next check up
is due tomorrow, right?

Fine, I'll fix an appointment.

Hello, guys.


I haven't seen you lately

[dog bark]

Well, you can see why.
We take stroll in the garden.

Mahi, you look exhausted.

Are you going for regular check-ups?


Czar. Stop it.

She's your friend, Mahi.

Czar! Czar behave yourself.

Czar. Czar. Stop it. Stop it.

I don't know
why he's behaving like this.

Czar. Stop it. Czar.

I am so sorry.

I don't know what's
wrong with him today.

- Why is he behaving like this?
- We're getting late.

- Catch you later.
- I am really sorry.

- Czar. Stop it!
- Bye.


Czar. Czar.

[dog whimper]

[switch off]


[dog barking]


[glass cracking]


[switch on]


[chair creaking]

[crackle television]

[door creaking]


[dog bark]

[metal door creaking]


[breathing heavily]




Who are you?

I asked who are you?

Ezra. Abraham Ezra.

- What is it that you seek?
- You should not be here.

Her blood pressure has fluctuated.

Sam, you should be extra
careful especially at this stage.

Let her rest for now.
Then we'll see.

Sam, it is crucial to have
a female support during pregnancy.

Yes, her mom is arriving
day after tomorrow.

That's great.

Fine, I'll see you soon.

Don't worry she will be fine.

If anything happens just call me, okay.


[chair creaking]

'Anyone who comes
in Dybbuk's path will be annihilated.'

[vehicle approaching]

[vehicle honking]
[tyres screeching]


You must be tired.

Can't afford to get tired.

I've a long journey tomorrow.

Where are you going?

Abraham Ezra.

I have to find out about him.

I will have to visit
the antique store for that.

That's close to my office.

[anklet clanking]

[vehicle approaching]

Why should I be bothered about that?

I was only interested
in the antique box.

Try and re-collect.

Was there a book,
or anything written around that box?

Moshe's house always
had a pile of books.

But I was only interested in antiques.

Where does he live?

'The Jewish trust has locked his house.'

'You just give me his address.'



[door clanking]

Visit here is prohibited. Get out.

[door creaking]



[door knocking]

You want to know my story is it?


[vehicle halts]

Jewish Mystic and the
Demonic Parallel to the Holy.


There was a Jewish
boy in Mahaborough village.

Abraham Ezra.


You're going to Rodrigues again.

Norah, I am learning
business from my father.

We can get married
only when I have the money.

Someone might see us here.
You should leave.

I'll be back soon.


'It all started with love between
Ezra and a Christian girl Norah.'


'Abraham was the son of Mauritius'
rich trader Yakub Ezra.'

'Yaqub was among the first
generation of Jews in Mauritius'

'who migrated from France during
the Second World war seeking refuge.'

'He learnt the language
and culture of Mauritius'

'only to expand his business.'

Not here. Over there.

'But at heart he was a fanatic Jew.'

Couldn't find another one?

No father.

Moshe, keep it.

'Yakub had achieved expertise in
Kaballah' - A Jewish black magic ritual

'Yaqub had attained expertise in it.'

'He believed it could do miracles.'


'And he gave the credit
of all his success to this art.'

[Prayer in Hebrew]

'But Ezra's thinking was
different from his father.'

[birds chirping]

I got this for you from Rodriguez.

For me?

Jewish girls wear this on their wedding.

[sky thundering]


'Norah was pregnant
with Ezra's child.'

'She was scared they
won't be allowed to get married'

'due to religious differences.'

Times when water was mixed
with wine is history now.

Wine is wine.

Water is water.

The two have never been one.
And they never will.


'Yaqub didn't pay any heed to Ezra'

'and held him captive
on Rodriguez island.'

'Norah kept her hopes
on every boat that arrived.'

'But how long could she keep
this secret from her parents?'

'Days, weeks, months went by.
Ezra never returned.'

'But Norah didn't mention
Ezra's name to anyone.'

'And one day Abraham wrote his
last letter to Norah from Rodrigues'

'and sent it through his servant.'

Norah, we're not destined to meet.

And please forgive me if you can.



My child!


'Norah's father found
the reason behind her death.'

'The villagers were waiting for Ezra.'

'And what followed,
this island can never forget.'

[Indistinct chatter]


Father, father, father.


Leave him.
Don't beat him.

What are you doing?

- Ezra, run.
- Father.


Ezra, run.

'Ezra's internal injuries were grave.'

'Doctor told that Ezra wouldn't
be able to live a normal life again.'


'Yakub couldn't bear to
see his son in this condition.'

'And he didn't want to forgive
the people responsible for this.'

'He wanted revenge
from the entire island.'

'So he created the dybbuk
through Kabala.'

'And he decided to keep Ezra's
spirit safe in a wine box.'

'Yakub associated
a curse with the Dybbuk.'

'When the last Jew on the island dies'

'this dybbuk will possess
a body that will be potent enough'

'to completely destroy
this land and its people.'

'There's a condition
for making a dybbuk.'

'The body cannot be buried or cremated.'

'After the ritual,
Yaqub dumped Ezra's body'

'eight nautical miles from
the lighthouse in the Indian Ocean.'

'No one at the graveyard knew
that a fake body was being buried.'

'Everyone believed it was Ezra's body.'

[sky thundering]


[engine reviving]

'Yakub associated
a curse with the Dybbuk.'

'When the last Jew on the island dies'

'this dybbuk will possess
a body that will be potent enough'

'of destroying this land
and its people completely.'

But who's the girl
that Maahi kept seeing?

Norah. She was trying to stop Ezra.

He hasn't returned
my calls in two years.

He has mellowed down a lot.

You won't believe but
he dropped me to the airport.

It's hard to believe.

[phone ringing]


Sanjay, you're back.

Yeah, just landed.

I am on my way home now.

What about the consignment?

It's arriving the day after tomorrow.

Listen, I want you to
be extra careful this time.

It's plutonium.
Categorized high risk.


Don't worry. I'll handle it.


You can see that the baby is moving.

Mahi, it not illegal
here but why do you want to know?

How does it matter
if it's a boy or a girl?

[bell ring]

[door clanking]

Anyone home?

Sir is taking a shower.
Madam's at the hospital with her mother.

Did you hear what happened
at Mr. Milind's place?


Did you see anyone
suspicious around his home?

I would step out if I get
some time off from this place.

Come in. Sir will be here soon.


What is all this?

Don't ask, sir.
Madam's lost an anklet like this one.

She can't seem to find it.

We've searched the entire house.

[anklet clanking]

I'll get some coffee.


[engine reviving]

Sam, the antique box...

You hearing some
one's footsteps at night

Mahi's missing anklet
and then Milind's dog.

Don't you feel all this is connected?

Sam, are you trying to hide something?

- Is there...
- Sam. There you are.

Mahi needs you. Hurry up.

All okay, father?

They have become victims
of someone else's revenge.




I don't believe this, father.

But if it's true then why them?

There's no logical
explanation for these things.

If what you're saying is true

then the antique store's watchman Masood

was the dybbuk's first victim.

- What options do we have, father?
- Exorcism.

That is the only option you have.

It's Yom Kippur tomorrow.

And according to Jewish people

the lord decides who lives
or dies next year on this day.

And that is written
in the judgment book.

On the day of 'Yom Kippur' the spirit
must be separated from the body.

And if that doesn't happen then the
spirit will completely possess the body

and cause mayhem.

Total destruction.

And we don't have too long.

But before performing the exorcism

we must confirm everything that is
written in the book.

And for that,
we must dig Abraham Ezra's grave.

That cemetery is a heritage site,
how can we...

What good is the heritage
site if the entire land is destroyed?

Only few hours a left for Yom Kippur.

Let's go.

[vehicle approaching]

Exorcism will be completed

only after we dump the
dybbuk box before sunrise in

the same place where
his body was dumped.

Eight nautical miles
from the lighthouse.

And I'll need 10 Jews
to complete the exorcism.

At this hour...at short such notice...

It is mandatory.

To complete any Jewish
ritual one needs 10 Jews.

It won't work otherwise.


[metal door creaking]




Everything written in the book is right.

Ezra was never buried.

[police siren blaring]


[phone ringing]


- Markus.
- Yes.

Our fears have come true.
We have to rush to the nuclear hub.

Fine, I'm on my way.

Okay. Stop the car.

And listen, call Sanjay
and meet me at the hub. Quick.

And you?

- I'll meet you directly at Synagogue.
- Okay.

And listen, be careful.


[electricity crackling]

[electric shocks]

[breathing heavily]

What is going on?



Get me out of here.

Why have you tied me up?

Mahi, get me out of here.

Sam. It's you.

Abraham Ezra has possessed you.

Yaqub Ezra's revenge
will be taken through you.

You'll be responsible
for this island's destruction.

That night it was a trap laid for you.


[glass crackling]

Mahi, please.



- Sam.
- Mahi.

Who are you?

I asked who are you?

Ezra. Abraham Ezra

What is it that you seek?

You shouldn't be here.

That night... I found it strange
seeing the access card in your hand.

But soon I understood...

why the spirit from the dybbuk
box would have possessed you.

You could've fulfilled his
motive just by pressing a few buttons.

Father, Sam is the target.

But how?

When Ezra's spirit
was released from the box

he immediately possessed Mahi's child.

But the unborn was the interim host.

His real motive was the
destruction of this island.

And what could be better
than a nuclear hub?

Expose the entire place to radiation.

And the easiest way for that was SAM.

[keypad beep]

Father, I need to
ask you one more thing.

He only possessed those whose
body and spirit are not well aligned.

For example, those with mental illness.

Something like fear psychosis.

Did Sam ever have such issues?


'Sam was only seven'

'when his parents' accident
took a heavy toll on his mind.'

'He battled mental distress
for a couple of months.'

'But he became normal with
medication and counseling.'

So seeing Mahi in this condition,
made Sam mentally stressed again.

[breathing heavily]

We must find out the
gender of Mahi's child.


Because Ezra will only possess
Sam's body if Mahi's child is a male.

'When it was confirmed through
the scan that Mahi's child was a male'

'I was convinced
that Sam is possessed.'

'If Sam's conscious mind knew this'

'then the exorcism wouldn't
be possible.'

'So we had to continue
lying about Mahi's possession.'

'Maahi cooperated with us too.'

[sky thundering]

[electricity crackling]

[electric shocks]


[lighting fire]

It's futile to stop me, Markus.

I won't leave until
I've destroyed everything.

I must fulfil my father's revenge.

Don't cross my path
if you want to live.

Put everything in this
box that binds you with Sam.

Without Sam's firm resolve

We cannot get the
spirit to leave his body.



Markus, these are Jewish tourists.

I've explained everything to them.


Mahi. Not you.

[door clanking]

Dybbuk will try to scare you.

But do not stop chanting come what may.

Your safety is my responsibility.


[Prayer in Hebrew]

[Prayer in Hebrew]

[electricity crackling]



[glass shatters]




[Prayer in Hebrew]

[horn blaring]



Sam. Sam, wake up.

Open your eyes. Sam.



[breathing heavily]

Are you okay?


Riyaz, we've to hurry.

[motorboat engine approaching]

Is this it?


[phone ringing]

Hey, Sam.

'Marcus, there's some good news.'

Congratulations to both of you.

I am coming to meet
junior Sam right now.

We'll see you. Bye.


Look at him.