Dyadya Vanya (1970) - full transcript

A retired professor has returned to his estate to live with his beautiful young wife, Yelena. The estate originally belonged to his first wife, now deceased; her mother and brother still live there and manage the farm. For many years the brother (Uncle Vanya) has sent the farm's proceeds to the professor, while receiving only a small salary himself. Sonya, the professor's daughter, who is about the same age as his new wife, also lives on the estate. The professor is pompous, vain, and irritable. He calls the doctor (Astrov) to treat his gout, only to send him away without seeing him. Astrov is an experienced physician who performs his job conscientiously, but has lost all idealism and spends much of his time drinking. The presence of Yelena introduces a bit of sexual tension into the household. Astrov and Uncle Vanya both fall in love with Yelena; she spurns them both. Meanwhile, Sonya is in love with Astrov, who fails even to notice her. Finally, when the professor announces he wants to sell the estate, Vanya, whose admiration for the man died with his sister, tries to kill him.

- Will you have a little vodka?
- No, I don't drink vodka every day.

And it's too hot.


I'm overworked, nanny.

I'm on my feet from dawn till dusk.
I know no rest;

At night I'm going to bed and fear
being dragged out to visit someone who is sick.

During the third week of Lent I went to Malitskoye.
There was an epidemic.

It was eruptive typhoid....

The peasants were all lying side by side in their huts.
Such filth there was, and smoke ...

When I got home there was still no rest for me.

From the railroad
they brought in a switchman.

I laid him

on the operating table

and he went and died in my arms
under chloroform.

Exactly the moment he shouldn't.

I sat down, closed my eyes and thought:

Will our descendants in 100, 200 years

have a good word for us?

No, nanny, they'll forget...

Man is forgetful,
but God remembers.

Thank you for that,
you have spoken the truth.

Had a good sleep?

Yes, very much so.

Ever since the Professor and his wife came,

our daily life has been turned upside down.

I sleep at the wrong time, drink wine,
and eat all sorts of fancy dishes for dinner.

That's right.

Before they came we used to have dinner
at one o'clock, like everybody else,

but now we have it at seven ...

Look at this now! The samovar has been boiling
for two hours, and they are all out walking!

All right, don't get excited;
here they come.

Excellent, excellent, what beautiful scenery.

Such views! Wonderful!

Please be so good and send my tea into the study.

I still have some work to finish.

My heart swells with unbounded happiness....

The weather is enchanting,
the birds are singing...

we are all living in peace and contentment ...

... what more could the soul desire?...

Some tea, sir?

Come, Ivan Petrovich, tell us something.

- What shall I tell you?
- Haven't you any news for us?

I am just the same as usual,
or perhaps worse, because I've become lazy.

Mama is still chattering about
the emancipation of women,

with one eye on her grave and the other
in her clever books about the dawn of a new life.

- And the Professor?
- The Professor...

I'll tell you something ...

the man has been writing on art
for 25 years,

and he doesn't know
the very first thing about it.

For 25 years he's been chewing
other men's thoughts on realism, naturalism ...

It's all rubbish.

For 25 years he's been reading and writing things
that clever men have long known
and stupid ones are not interested in.

For 25 years he's been making
his imaginary mountains out of molehills.

- I believe you envy him.
- Yes, I do. Look at the success he's had with women!

His second wife, a ravishing beauty,
married him in his old age

and has surrendered all the glory
of her beauty and freedom to him....

What for?

- Is she faithful to him?
- Yes, unfortunately she is.

- Why unfortunately?

Because such fidelity is false.
It's considered immoral for a woman

to deceive an old husband whom she hates,

but it's moral for her to strangle her youth in her breast
and banish every vital desire from her heart?

- I don't like to hear you talk so.

Listen, every one who betrays husband or wife is faithless

and could also betray his country.
- Turn off the tap, Waffles.

Thank you.

There are some peasants waiting out there.
Go and see what they want.

Very well.

Here you are.

I have come to see your husband.

You wrote me that he had rheumatism
and I know not what else,
but he seems to be safe and sound.

Yesterday evening he complained of pains in his legs,
but he seems all right again today.

- This tea is cold!
- Yes, the samovar's temperature has considerably dimiinished.

Don't mind, Ivan Ivanovich,
we will drink cold tea, then.

I beg your pardon, my name is not
Ivan Ivanovich but Ilia Ilich.

Ilia Ilich Telegin,

or Waffles, as I'm sometimes called
on account of my pock-marked face.

He's our great help, our right-hand man.

What's the matter, grandmother?

I forgot to tell Alexander -
it slipped my mind.

I received a letter today from Kharkov,
from Paul Alexevitch.

He has sent me his new pamphlet.


It is strange. He refutes the very theories
which he defended 7 years ago. It's appalling!

There is nothing appalling about it.
Drink your tea, mama.

But I want to talk.

We've been talking for the past 50 years
and reading pamphlets.

It's time to put an end.

It seems you never want to listen
to what I have to say.

Pardon me, Jean, but you have changed so
in the last year that I hardly know you.

merci ???

You used to be a man of frim principles,
a shining example ...

Oh, yes.

I was a shining example

which shone on no one....

A shining example!

You couldn't say anything more poisonous.

Uncle Vanya, how dreary!

You speak as if your former principles
were somehow to blame.

You have forgotten that a principle,
in itself ...

is nothing but a dead letter.

You should have ...

acted upon it.
- Acted upon it?

Not every man is capable
of being a 'perpetuum mobile',

like your Herr Professor.

- What do you mean by that?
- Grandma! Uncle Vanya! I entreat you! ...

All right.

I am silent.
I apologise and am silent..

What lovely weather! Not too hot.

Lovely weather to hang oneself.

- What did the peasants want, nanny?
- The same old thing, the same old nonsense.

Is the doctor here?

Excuse me, Mikhail Lvovich,
but I've been sent to fetch you.

- Where are you from?
- The factory.

Thank you for your kind invitation.

How tiresome.

Damn it, this is annoying.

Try to be back for dinner.

No, it'll be too late.
Where could I ... where on earth ...

Look here, my man,
get me a glass of vodka, will you? - Yessir.

I should be really delighted

if you and Sofia Akexandrovna
would come to see me some day.

My estate is small,

but it's next to a forest reservation.

I heard that you were very fond of the woods.

It's useful to help to preserve them,
but doesn't it interfere with your calling as a doctor?

God alone knows what a man's true calling is.

- Do you find it interesting?
- Yes, very.

I suspect that the woods don't interest you as much.
I should think you'd find them monotonous.

Oh no, such an occupation is thrilling.

Mikhail Livovich says that the woods
teach mankind to understand beauty,

that forests are the ornaments of the earth
and temper a stern climate,

and in regions where the climate is milder
the people are kinder and gentler.

The inhabitants of such regions are handsome,
adaptable, sensitive,

graceful in speech

and gesture.

Art and science blossom among them.

Their philosophy is joyous.

They treat women with exquisite chivalry.

Bravo, bravo!

Allow me, dear friend, to go on burning logs
in my stoves and building my sheds with planks.

You can burn peat in your stoves.

I don't object, of course, to cutting timber from necessity,
but why destroy the forests?

The woods of Russia are trembling under the blows of the axe.

Millions of trees have perished.
And why? Because men are too lazy and stupid

to stoop down and pick up
their fuel from the ground.

Don't you agree, Madame?

Who but a stupid barbarian

could burn so much beauty in his stove
and destroy that which he cannot create?

The forests are disappearing,

the rivers are running dry,

the wild game is exterminated,
the climate is ruined,

and the earth becomes poorer and uglier every day.

I detect irony in your eye,
you don't take me seriously...

and after all, it may very well be nonsense.

But when I hear

the rustling of the young trees
I planted with my own hands,

I feel as if I had some small share
in improving the climate.

When I plant a birch sapling

and then watch

how it grows ...

It's time.

I must be off.

My respects.

Who's that?

Sonia, is that you?

No, it's hot.

I dreamt just now
that my left leg belonged to someone else,

and it hurt so that I woke up.

No, I don't believe this is gout,
it is more like rheumatism.

What time is it?


In the morning I want you
to look for Batyshkov's works in the library.

I think we have him.

Batyhkov's works.

We brought a copy with us.

Why do I find it so hard to breathe?

You're tired,
you haven't slept for two nights.

They say that Turgeniev
got angina pectoris from his gout.

I'm afraid I'm getting angina too.

I think I'm hateful to you all.

I'm hateful to you most of all.

You're torturing me.

I torture everybody. Of course.

But I love life.

This is unbearable!
Tell me, what is it you want me to do?


Then be quiet.


It is funny...

when Ivan Petrovich talks,
or his idiotic old mother, Maria Vasilevna,

everyone listens.

But the moment I open my mouth,

you're all feeling uncomfortable.

You can't even stand the sound of my voice.

It's going to rain.

Father, you sent for Dr. Astrov,
and now that he's here, you refuse to see him.

- It's not polite.
- I won't talk to that fool!

Do as you please.

It's all the same to me.

What time is it?

1 o'clock.

It's stifling in here.

Sonia, hand me that bottle on the table.

No, not that one!

Can't I ask you to do a thing!

Please don't be capricious with me.

Some people may like it,
but I don't , so please spare me.

Besides, I haven't the time.
I have to get up early.

A public lecture

in noble company: Realism,


and their connection with Scientific-Literary Ideals.

A triumphant presentation...

To Vanya, a token of our friendship.

A thunderstorm is coming up.

There it is!

Elena, Sonia, go to bed.

- I've come to take your place.
- Don't leave me alone with him!

- But you must give them a little rest.
- Then let them go to bed, but you go away too!

For the sake of our former friendship,
don't object to their leaving.

- Our former friendship!
- Hush, Uncle Vanya!

My dear, don't leave me alone with him.

I won't.

This is ridiculous.

Go to bed, nanny, it is late.
- I have to set the samovar first.

- ???

No one can go to bed. They are all worn out,

only I enjoy perfect happiness.

What's the matter, master? Does it hurt?

You've had this illness such a long time.

Vera Petrovna, Sonia's mother, bless her soul,

used to stay awake too,
and wear herself out for you.

She loved you dearly.

Old people want to be pitied
as much as young ones.

Come, master, have some lime blossom tea
and let me warm your poor feet.

I shall pray to God for you.

Come on, my darling.

Come on, sweetheart.

Let us go,


Vera Petrovna,

may she rest in peace,

at night ...

He's worn me out.

You're worn out by him

and I'm worn out by myself.

Your mother hates everyone
except the professor.

When the professor is vexed,
he doesn't trust me,

and fears you.


is angry with her father
and hasn't spoken to me

for two weeks.

And you,

you hate my husband
and detest your mother.

I ...

in this house...

In this house

your life is being destroyed.

My darling.

Leave me alone.

Soon the rain will be over,

and all nature will awake refreshed.

Only I'm not refreshed by the storm.

What shall I do with my life

and my love?

What is to become of them?

This wonderful feeling of mine will be lost
like a sunbeam falling into an abyss.

I feel bewildered
when you speak to me of your love.

I don't know what to say.

What are you waiting for?

What accursed philosophy
stands in your way?

Oh, please understand me, understand ...

Ivan Petrovich, you are drunk!

Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps.

Why do you drink?

Because that way I get a taste of life.

Go to bed.

I've had enough of you.

My sweetheart, my beautiful one-

My darling

Leave me alone.

This is getting annoying.
Leave me alone!

Why are you so sad?

Are you feeling sorry for the professor?

Leave me alone.

Or in love with the professor's wife?

She is my friend.


What do you mean by "already"?

A woman can only become a man's friend
after having first been

his acquaintance,

then his mistress,

and finally she becomes his friend.

What vulgar philosophy!

Yes, I must confess

I'm getting vulgar.

but then, you see,
I'm drunk.

At such times my audacity
and temerity know no bounds.

I feel capable of anything.

I attempt the most difficult operations
and do them magnificently.

And all of you seem to crawl at my feet

like so many insects

or microbes.


play something.

Be reasonable,
everybody in the house is asleep.
- Play!

# There is nothing I wil tell

# I won't bother you at all

# And of what I'm thinking

# Never will I dare to speak.

# During daytime
all the night flowers are asleep.

# But when the sun sets behind the hill,

# their petals delicately unclose

# and my heart is blossoming again

# in my tired, aching chest.

# The nightly breeze starts to blow,
I wince ...

# No, I won't bother you at all

# There is nothing I will tell ...

I want a drink.

There's still some brandy left.
And then we'll go to my place.

Shall we go?

Shall we go like this?

Such a drought

Michael Livovich, drink as much as you please,
but I implore you: don't make my uncle drink.

Very well, we won't drink any more.

I'm going home at once.
That's settled.

It is still raining

Wait till morning.

I'm leaving.

Please don't ask me to come
and see your father any more.

Today he refused to see me at all.

He's spoilt.

Won't you have a bite?

I think I will.

I love to eat at night.

There's plenty. Have some cheese.

You know, I could never live in this house
for even a month. It would stifle me.

There's your father,
your Uncle Vanya with his hypochondria,
your grandmother ...

And then your step-mother...

What about her?

A human being should be entirely beautiful:

the face, the attire,
the soul, the thoughts...

Your step-mother is beautiful to look at,
but she has no responsibilities,

everything is done for her ...

Perhaps I'm judging her too severely.

Are you dissatisfied with life?

I love life, our life.

But I despise our narrow, petty Russian ways.

It is boring, stupid, filthy.

And when I look at my own

personal life,

by God! there's nothing redeeming about it.

I work, that you know -
as no one else in the county works ...

But I see no light ahead.

Not a spark.

I beg you, don't drink anymore!


It's so unworthy of you.

You're well-bred,
your voice is sweet.

You're even - more than any one I know
- handsome.

Why do you want
to resemble the common people

who drink and play cards?

I won't drink any more.

- Give me your word.
- I do.


You see, I'm perfectly sober again,

and so I shall stay till the end of my life.

What is it?

Nothing ...

During Lent one of my patients
died under chloroform.

It is time to forget that.

Michail Lvovich,

tell me, doctor,

if I had a younger sister

or a friend,

and if you knew that ...

that she loved you,

what would you do?

I don't think I should do anything.

I should make her understand
that I could not return her love.

I have other things on my mind right now.

Farewell, my dear.
Otherwise we'd keep on talking till morning.

I'll leave by the veranda

because I don't want your uncle to detain me.

The storm is over.

What delicious fresh air!

- Sofia...
- Yes?

How much longer are you going to sulk at me?

We have not hurt each other.
Why not be friends?

I myself ...

You're crying?

It's nothing.

Now I too ...

have started crying.

You're angry with me because you think

that I've married your father for his money?

Don't believe that gossip.

I swear I married him out of love.

Let's make peace!

Let's forget the past.

You mustn't listen to gossip.

It doesn't suit you.

Tell me, are you happy?


Do you wish your husband were young?

Of course I do.

Do you like the doctor?

Yes, very much indeed.

I must seem foolish to you.

Don't I?


Tell me something about him.

He's a brave, profound man.

He has rare qualities.

Such a man should be loved.

So what if he drinks and acts rough at times?

A man of genius in Russia

cannot live like a saint.

You deserve happiness.

As for me...

I'm futile.

I've always been futile.

In music, in love,

in my husband's house.

I'll never find happiness in this world.


- What is it?
- I'm so happy!

We were asked by the professor
to be here at one o'clock.

It seems he has something
important to say.

Probably a business affair.

He neverdeals with business affairs.


All right.
I beg your pardon.

Look at her.

Lolling about from sheer idleness.

A sweet picture, really.

Why should you languish here?

My beauty,
the blood of a water nymph runs in your veins.

Give in to your true nature for once in your life.

Fall in love with some river god

and plunge down into a deep pool,

so that Herr Professor and all of us
may be free again.

Leave me alone!

I apologise.


Forgive me.

As a peace offering I'll bring you some flowers
I picked for you this morning.

September already!

Where is the doctor?

He's writing in Uncle Vanya's room.

I want to talk to you about something.

About what?

About what?

Last Sunday, while leaving church

I've heard people whispering:

"she's good

and kind-hearted,

it's a pity she's so ugly."

You have lovely hair.

When a woman is ugly they always say
she has beautiful hair

or beautiful eyes.

I've loved him now for six years.

I've loved him more
than I loved my own mother.

Whenever I look up, I seem to see him coming.

He is here every day now,
but he never notices me.

It is agony.

My pride is gone.

Yesterday I told Uncle Vanya
that I love him.

- All the servants know.
- Does he know?

No, he never notices me.

He is a strange man.

Listen Sonia,

will you allow me to speak to him?

After all, to remain uncertain all these years ...

Let me do it.

Will you be honest with me?

Of course I will.

Trust me, dearest.

Trust me.


No, it's better not to know.

- And yet-there may be hope.
- What did you say?


Good afternoon.

You promised to show me your work.

Of course.

Where were you born?

In St. Petersburg.

- And educated?
- At the Conservatory there.

You probably won't find my work very interesting.

It's true I don't know much about country life,
but I've read a lot about it.

This is my privat little corner.

When I'm completely worn out,
I drop everything and and rush over here

to forget myself in this work for an hour.

Look at this.

You see,

this is a map of our county
as it was 50 years ago.

Half the map is covered with forests.

The forests were inhabited by elk and wild goats,
here lived great flocks of swans and ducks...

Now, look at this:

the total degeneration of our countryside.

Look at this.

Degeneration, sluggishness, negligence.

An ignorant people who are cold and hungry and ill,

they'll do anything to feed and clothe themselves
and their children.

But I'm boring you.

I know so little about such things!

There is nothing to know.

It simply isn't interesting, that's all.

Frankly, my thoughts were elsewhere.

Forgive me! I want to submit you
to a little examination.


Sit down.

I don't know how to begin.

It is about ...

my step-daughter. Sonia.

Do you like her?

Yes, I respect her.

Do you like her - as a woman?


She is suffering.

You ...

You must realise that,

and not come here any more.

My sun has set, yes,
and then I haven't ...

What an unpleasant conversation!

Never mind.

Let's forget it,

pretend it never happened.

And you'll leave.

If you had spoken a month ago

or two months ago,

I might perhaps have considered it.

But now?

I don't understand why it's now
that you to put me through this examination.

Sweetheart, no use looking at me like that.

I'm an old old bird!

I don't understand.

You must have your victims?

For a whole month

I've done nothing else
but come here and seek you eagerly.

I've thrown over everything for you,
and you loved it ...

You have gone mad!

You have gone mad!
- You're being bashful.

More than you think.

I'll leave today.

I won't come here again.

But ...

But where can we meet?

Tell me, tell me?

Someone might come,
tell me quick.

Well, look.... ???

Just one kiss.

I assure you....

You don't have to assure anything.

Have pity! Leave me.

Come to the forest reservation
tomorrow at two o'clock. You'll come?


This is terrible!

It's nothing.

You must arrange it

that my husband and I can leave this very day.

Do you hear?

Do you hear me!

Very well.

This very day.

The weather is fine today,
my dear Ivan Petrovic.


Honestly, we've had a very fine autumn,

and the wheat is looking fairly well.

Only the days...

are getting shorter.

Where are the others?

I don't like this house.

What did he say?

I'll tell you later.

You're nervous.
Are you afraid?

Did he say wouldn't come here any more?

Where is everybody?

Where is everybody?
I can't find anyone!



The devil knows what's going on.

Everyone's always hidden away in those rooms
and you can't find anybody.

Please call for Maria Vasilevna.

I'm here.


Please, gentlemen, take a seat.

Gentlemen, please.



Perhaps you don't need me ...

You're needed now more than any one.

But what are you angry about?

If it's anything I have done,
I ask you to forgive me.

Ladies and gentlemen, I shall begin,
please pay attention ...

I'm a book-worm and a scholar
and am unfamiliar with practical affairs.

I want to ask you

for your assistance and advice

in this very important matter.

As I am old and ill,

it's time for me to put order in my family affairs.

My life is nearly over,
and I'm not thinking of myself, but of my wife

and my daughter.

I can no longer live in the country.

We were not made for country life.

We cannot afford to live in town
on the income from this estate.

Avoiding all details, I propose

to sell the estate.

If we then invest our capital in bonds,

we should probably have a surplus
of several thousand roubles,

with which we could buy
a summer cottage in Finland.


Hold on!
Repeat what you just said.

And buy a summer
cottage in Finland.

No, not Finland -
you said something else.

I propose to sell this place.

Aha! That was it!
So you are going to sell the place?

The idea is a rich one.

And ...

And where do you propose I should go,
with my old mother and with Sonia?

That will be decided in due time.

I've always had the impression
that the estate belonged to Sonia.

My father bought it as dowry for my sister.

Of course it is Sonia's.
Has any one denied it?.

I don't want to sell it
without Sonia's consent.

This is absolutely unbelievable.

Jean, don't contradict Alexander.

Trust him, he knows better than we
what's right and what's wrong.

Either I have gone mad or....

I don't pretend
that my scheme is an ideal one.

If you all object to it
I won't insist.

I not only nourish feelings of respect toward learning,
but I'm also drawn to it by family ties.

My brother Gregory's wife's brother, whom you may know ...

The price was 95.000 roubles.

My father paid 70.000

and left a debt of 25.000.
Now listen!

This place could never have been bought
had I not renounced my inheritance in favour of my sister.

Only because of my own personal efforts,
the place is now entirely free of debts.


I regret ever having started this conversation.

For 25 years

Sonia and I have managed this estate.

We toiled like peasants,
selling linseed oil, peas and cream.

We pinched and scraped every kopeck and sent it

to you.

During all those years

you've never even thought of adding one rouble to it.

A single ruble!

What did I know about such things?
I'm not a practical man.

You might have helped yourself
to all you needed.

Why I didn't steal?

You all despise me
because I haven't stolen?


Vanya, there's no need to ...

For 25 years I've been sitting with my mother
like a mole in a burrow.

Day and night we've toiled for you.

At night we read your books and pamphlets.

Our every thought and hope
was yours and yours only.

We spoke your name with veneration.
- Vanya, stop it!

I don't understand.

What do you want from me?

We used to think of you
as almost superhuman.

We knew your articles by heart.

But now the scales have fallen from my eyes.

You write about Art
without knowing anything about it.

Those books of yours
aren't worth one copper kopeck.

You are a hoax!

Gentlemen, can nobody make him stop?
I'm leaving.

- I command you to stop this instant!
- Stop it!

I refuse!
Wait! I haven't finished yet!

You've wrecked my life.
I have never lived.

My best years have been wasted,
thanks to you.

You are my worst enemy!

I can't bear it, I can't bear it.

I can't bear it!

What earthly right have you
to use such language with me?

If this estate is yours, then take it,
and let me be ruined!

I'm leaving this hell this minute.
I can't take it anymore!

My life has been a failure.

I am clever and brave and strong.

If I had lived a normal life I might have been
another Schopenhauer or Dostoievsky.

Nanny! Some water!

I'm going mad.

Mother ...

Mother, I'm in despair!

Listen to Alexander!

Mother! What shall I do?

But no ....

Don't speak.

I know what to do.

You'll all understand me!

What on earth is the matter?
Take this lunatic out of my sight!

I cannot possibly live
under the same roof with him.

Let him take himself off into the village
or I shall leave here at once.

I cannot stay in the same house with him.

We are leaving today,
we must get ready at once for our departure.

What a perfectly dreadful man!

Papa, you must be merciful to us.

Uncle Vanya and I are so unhappy!

Have pity on us.

We toil without rest.

We never spent a kopeck,
we sent it all to you.

I don't like to say this, papa,

but you must understand us.


For Heaven's sake, Alexander,
go and talk to him.

- I beg you!
- Very well!

I'm not angry with him.

- I'll go to him.
- Please be gentle with him, try to calm him down.

Oh nanny!

It's nothing.

Geese cackle, then geese will stop cackling.

Geese will stop cackling.

The devil take them!

Restrain him! He has gone mad!

- Give it to me!
- Let me go! Where is he?

Ah, there he is!

I missed.

I missed again?
Damnation! To hell with him!

Take me away from here!

Take me away.

I ...

I can't ...

I can't stand it anymore.

I can't!

I can't.

What am I doing?

Oh, nanny!

Leave me alone!

With pleasure.
I should have left a long time ago.

The doctor fears
Ivan Petrovich may harm himself.

Where is his pistol?

I hid it in the cellar.

Forgive our sins.

If you knew how ashamed I am!

- What can I do now?
- Nothing.

You see ...

If only I could live the rest of my life
in some new way!

If only I could wake up some bright morning
and feel that life had begun again,

that the past was forgotten
and had vanished like smoke.

Tell me, how can I start all over!

What nonsense!

What sort of a new life
can you and I look forward to?

For you and me, there's no hope.

I may live up to 60.

I still have 13 years before me.

That's a lot.

How can I endure life for another 13 years?
- Stop it.

It may be that posterity,
which will despise us

for our blind and stupid lives

which we lived,

will find some road to happiness


but we - you and I ...

Yes, brother ...

they were only two respectable

men in this county,


who were intelligent.


and you.

Ten years or so of this life of ours,

this miserable life,
have completely got us down.

You took a little bottle of morphine
from of my medicine-case.

If you're so determined to end your life,
go into the woods and shoot yourself there.

Give up the morphine,
or there will be a lot of gossip.

I don't fancy having to perform

a post-mortem on you.

Do you imagine I'd find it interesting?

Sofia Alexandrovna,

Your uncle has stolen a bottle of morphine
from my medicine-case and won't give it up.

Tell him that his behaviour is unwise.

Uncle Vanya,

did you take the morphine?

Give it up!

Why do you want to frighten us?

My misfortune

is perhaps even
greater than yours,

but I'm not plunged into despair.

I endure my sorrow,

and shall endure it

until my life comes to a natural end.

You must endure yours, too.

Give it up!

Dear, darling Uncle Vanya.

I'm sure

you will have pity on us and give it up.

All right.

Take it.

We must get to work at once.

We must do something,

or else I shan't be able to endure it.

Yes, to work!
As soon as we've seen them off we shall go to work.

Are you here, Ivan Petrovich?

We're leaving now.

Go to Alexander,
he wants to speak to you.

Go, Uncle Vanya.
You and papa must make peace.

I'm leaving. Good-bye.

So soon?
- The horses are ready.


You promised me
you'd go away yourself today.

I haven't forgotten.
I'll leave soon.

Were you frightened?

Was it so terrible?
- Yes.

Couldn't you stay?
Tomorrow in the forest reservation?

No. It is all settled,

That's why I can look at you so calmly.
Our departure is fixed.

One thing I must ask of you:

don't think too badly of me.

How funnyl you are!
I'm angry with you and yet

I shall always remember you



off you go.

I have a strange premonition that,

had you stayed here,

we should have both suffered

a great desolation.

I would have been ruined,

and you too wouldn't have florished.

So go!

È finita la commedia!


I wish you ...

For once in my life ...

I must go.

How strange it is.

We meet,

and then suddenly

it seems that we must part forever.

Someone's coming.


Shame on him
who bears malice for the past.

I've gone through so much
in the last few hours

that I feel capable of writing
a whole treatise on the conduct of life.

I gladly accept your apology,
and myself ask your forgiveness.

I gladly accept your apology,
and myself ask your forgiveness.

You will receive the same amount
as you used to.

Everything will be like it used to.

Alexander, have your picture taken
and send me one.

You know how dear you are to me ...

Good-bye, Your Excellency.
Don't forget us.

- Good bye, papa.

Take care of you.

I shall never see you again!

Good-bye, good-bye all.

Many thanks for your pleasant company.

I ...

I have a deep regard
for your opinions

and your enthusiasm,

but let me, as an old man,
give one word of advice at parting:

Do something, my friend!

Work! Do something!
Good luck to you all.

Tell them to bring my carriage around.

Why don't you go to see them off?

Let them go!

I can't think of anything to say.

They're gone!

The professor, I suppose, is glad to go.

He couldn't be tempted back now
by a fortune.

They're gone.

They're gone.

God be with them.

And now, uncle,
let us do something!

To work! To work!

First, let's write up the accounts.

They're in a dreadful state.

All these debts...

You take one and I'll take the other.

How quiet it is.

They're gone.

It's so warm and comfortable,

I hate to go.

We also have the older debt....

- 270
- 275

Mikhail Lvovich, your carriage is ready.


Don't crush the portfolio!
- Yessir.


When shall we see you again?

Hardly before next summer.
Probably not this winter.

Though, of course,
if anything should happen you'll let me know.

Thank you for your kindness,

for your hospitality,

for everything!

- Good-bye, old nanny!
- Are you going without your tea?

- I don't want any, nanny.
- Won't you have a drop of vodka?

Yes, I might.

My trace-horse has gone lame for some reason.

I noticed it yesterday.

You should have him re-shod.


I'd better go to the blacksmith
in Rojdesdvenskoie on my way home.

I suppose it is roasting hot in Africa now.

Yes, I suppose it is.



17 pounds.

Here's to your heatlh.

Have some bread with it.


I prefer it plain.

And now, good-bye.

You needn't see me off, nanny.

The 16th of February

linseed oil ... 20 pounds


18 pounds


He's gone.

8 ...

9 ...

11 ...

He's gone.

15 in all ...


17 ...

20, 9 ...

93 ...

34 ...

4 ...

3 ...

17 ...

20 ...


2 pud

6 ...





4 ...



Heavy are our sins.

17, 15, 7 ...



20 ...

7, 32 ...

Oh, my child,

I feel miserable.

What can we do?

We must live our lives.

Yes, we shall live, Uncle Vanya.

We'll live through the long procession of days,

and through the long evenings.

We shall patiently bear the trials
that fate imposes on us.

We shall work for others without rest,

both now and when we are old.

And when our last hour comes

we shall meet it humbly.

And then, beyond the grave,

we shall say that we have suffered

and wept,

that our life had been bitter,

and God will have pity on us.

Ah, then dear, dear Uncle, we shall see

that bright and beautiful life;

we shall rejoice

and look back upon our sorrow here

with a tender smile -

and we shall rest.

We shall hear the angels.

We shall see Heaven
shining like a jewel.

We shall see all evil and all our pain
sink away in the great compassion

that shall enfold the world.

Our life will be as peaceful
and tender and sweet as a caress.

I believe in it.

I believe in it.

We shall rest.

We shall rest.


English subtitles: gbigbi 2009@KG
corrected by serdar202 - 2021