Dworzec (1980) - full transcript

Faced with a father that is getting older by the day, a woman who has already passed the normal age of marriage tries for a time to find a partner. She thinks she is doing this because she doesn't want her father to go to his grave filled with worry and regret about her. As it turns out, the true reason she is searching for a husband is that she is growing older as well and finds herself fearful that one day she too will have to deal with the embarrassment and loneliness of being old and living alone like her father. Nonetheless, as he lies paralyzed in bed, her father's spirit is free. He worked his entire life as a railway worker. While the stately spirit of professionalism with which he approached his job was viewed by others as a kind of farcical self-dignity, at the moment of his death, the audience is likely to feel the same as his daughter and find it hard to laugh at his earnestness any more.

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Good evening.
Here is the evening news.

Edward Gierek has held a meeting
with women's activists.

Many production plants have
had a good start to the year.

The Eighth Party Congress has decided

to increase food production

in Poland by 15 to 20%.

But progress depends on
economic management

and better use
of our huge economic potential.

It is every caring patriot's duty
to strengthen our country.

It is the best answer to those
who try to disrupt the harmony.

We can be proud that we have
1,100,000 educated specialists.

We have achievements,
but we also have problems.

We have to speed up
work on the housing projects

and distribute houses fairly,
especially to young families.

Many problems and obstacles
can be dealt with

if we look around
with a thrifty eye...

The delayed fast train

from Krakow to Suwalki
will arrive at platform two.

Please wait in sectors
one, two, three and four.

- To Jelenia Gora? 10.37pm.
- 10.37?

- When does it arrive?
- At 9.03am.

Shit! Damn it!


Tell me, please,
why are so many trains cancelled?

Officially it's because
there are no passengers.

- Yes?
- 8.21pm. Change in Szczecin.

- 8.15pm...
- 8.21pm.

- Is there a direct train?
- No.

- Which platform?
- Three. It's the train to Zagan...

Go to window four, please.
Sleeper tickets are sold there.

- After queuing for so long...
- There are signs, symbols...

- 210 zlotys.
- How much?

- 151.20 zlotys.
- How much?

- l gave you 220.
- 210.

I'm sure it was 220.

If l tell you it's 210, it's 210.

How do you close it?

It's one letter and three digits.

From one to zero. Now, look...

- These numbers are identical.
- No...

Just look. It's written here.

Why are you looking here?


You want it to work
for two zlotys?

- And how much do they want?
- 10 zlotys.

Citizen Hermanowski.
Please come to the information booth.

- What, madam?
- My stockings!

You can't resell this ticket
but the conductor can...

- I know I can't resell it...
- But he can.

If windows three and four
can't help you,

then nobody here can help you.

Why are regulations
that are useful to the railway

written here
but other ones aren't?

The fast train from Elk to Rybnik
via Koluszki and Katowice...

...is 50 minutes late.

The delay time may change.
We are sorry for the delay.

Tell them I'll be late.

It's not in yet.

I know...

The delayed fast train

from Elk to Rybnik
via Koluszki and Katowice...

...will arrive at platform three...

Jump on!

Where's Mother?

This way!

Find a seat...

The delayed fast train from Elk
to Rybnik via Koluszki and Katowice

will depart from platform three,

The delayed fast train from Elk
to Rybnik via Koluszki and Katowice

will depart from platform three.

Good evening.

And now, a British film called
My Friend Spot.