Dwitiyo Purush (2020) - full transcript

A crime repeats its pattern after 25 years .Is it the same killer or a new psycho on the streets?

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

I am here, I am here

Why do you try to hide me?

I am the underbelly

I am the food you consume

I am here, I am here

Why do you want to forget me?

I’m the rhyming end to your sleepless poems

I’m the rhyming end to your sleepless poems

I point out your thousand flaws

I don't want to but I have to

You still don't want to acknowledge

Your secret box of fears

You are still a prisoner of denial

Oblivious of your own identity

I am here, I am here

I am the song at the crossroads

I am the murderous alleys

I am your crushed soul

I am here, I am here

I am the fetus of your revenge

I will be there till the very end

The fire to your funeral pyre

I point out your thousand flaws

I don't want to but I have to

You still don't want to acknowledge

Your secret box of fears

You are still a prisoner of denial

Oblivious of your own identity


Catch him!

- Hey, bloody idiot!
- Get him.

Come on!

Hey, hey, hey!

Don't come any closer.

I didn't know the stuff
belonged to you.

Deal's done.
Let me go.

I told you to stay back.

I don't want any bloodbath
in your area.

Especially not of this young one.

Let me go.


Come on, man.

If we let you go
then our boss will smack the s--t out of our face.

Boss? Who's your boss?

Explain it to your boss.

Don't get into that trouble, man.

No use.

He won't get it.
He knows only one thing.


Even the municipality corporation
culls the stray dog.


He is a crackpot.

He's gone crazy.


When Khoka loses it,
no one is spared.

-Hey, Gora.
-Yeah, man?

Do you know what's Sachin's best shot?

The one that goes past the bowler.

That's called the straight drive.
Straight drive.

Sachin has the straight drive.
Mithun has his dance steps.

And that new guy who stammers?

- What's his name?
- Shah Rukh Khan, man.

Yeah, Shah Rukh Khan.

He acts really well.

I've become his fan.

They all have their own styles.

Even I should have a style, right?

Yeah, man.

- Kalu?
- Yes, boss.

Do something... My name...

- Who has good handwriting?
- I do, man.

Yours? In Bengali?


- Kalu?
- Yes, boss.

Carve my name on his forehead.

- Okay?
- Okay, boss.

Doesn't matter if it's a gang member
or a cop.

People should be afraid to enter the area.

- Got it?
- Yes, boss.

And that other guy...
The informer...

who has gone to the station
to report this...

Pick him up.
Take him to the tannery.

Carve my name on the forehead
and slit his throat.

Hey, what's wrong with you?

- What's wrong?
- You f--ked my high!

Did I?

Feeling jealous?

Do you want some?

Let's go.


There's a lot of blood.

- Are you hurt?
- No, no.

(indistinct chatter)

Told you, it would be empty.

- Looks like it.
- No one is around at this time.

(indistinct chatter)


"On the path to travelling fearlessly

Very far away from you

Crossed many deaths to be here

My old name is carried across the new dawn

There's no way to return

You see me from a distance

You will not recognise me

Dear friend...



More pointless conversations...

Good morning.
Tell me.

Slow down...
It's always an emergency...

What is the name?

- Khoka?
- It's an old incident.

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Run, you bastard, run!

A police officer was hacked to death
in Chinatown.

After that the name was carved
on his forehead.

A goon called Khoka.

I was going to call you.

It's a good thing you're here.

I think he's back.

Not just the cop, there was an informer
and a rival gang member.

The same autograph on their foreheads.

So what happened finally?

Khoka! Khoka!

Open the door!

We'll be in trouble!

-Swear to God!
-Why the hell are you shouting?


You jealous prick, what's wrong?


Come along!

- Get him!
- Take the left.

(indistinct chatter)

Hey, Khoka! Khoka!

Come down...

Your daddy is here to get you.

Everything is ready.

-Quiet! Quiet!
-Come out!

-Are you scared?
-Nothing will happen to you.

Listen to me.
I have a plan.

Don't be scared man.

-Calm down. Calm down.
-I'll take you home.

-I've decided on the menu too...
-Keep quiet.


Come out.

You have nowhere to run.
Come out.

Oh, here is Khoka!

You're here.

Let's go.

-Hold on to this.
-Let me go, sir.

Let me go
or else this bugger will be dead.

-Shut up.

There's going to be death
anyway, Khoka.

That brave cop who entered
your neighbourhood had a family.


And you bloody hyenas attacked him
from the back.

There's going to be trouble
if cops come in.

So, there's not going to be any trouble now.

Because with you the cop in me
takes a time out.

Aren't you under the protection
of some minister?

Ask him to apply for your bail
at the crematorium.

Let's go.

Put him in the car, bloody swine.

Khoka was caught.


- Then why is he back after all these years?
- That's what I can't understand.

He was in prison all this while.

He was released a month back.

He went missing after that.

Now, if we consider this murder...

and take the lead.

Why are we so sure that this is Khoka?

This is very common during gang wars.


It's the same place... Same location.

The murder has been done in the same way
with a knife.

The victim was also considered
the leader of the rival gang.

The biggest thing is...

It's his signature on the forehead.


Can we speak to the investigating officer
of the old case?

He is no more.
Neither is his family.


The investigating officer was the brother
of someone you knew very well.

Whose brother?

Prabir 'babu'.

Not Prabir 'babu'. Sir.

I don't run a grocery store.

I see.


There goes Khoka
with bright red socks.

All the high ranking officers
pinch his cheeks.


Can I drink some water
before we start again?

Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Learn something from this kid.

He's been fighting alone.

And you still went ahead and ate the biryani
which obviously makes you thirsty.

Go, get it over with!


Hey, Khoka...

What would you like to eat?


Means we have a lot of rules.

Even the most dangerous terrorists
are asked year after year...

"Sir, would you like some chicken
or mutton biryani?"

"Should we get you
some yogurt with it?"

Before we beat up small fry like you,
according to the law, we have to ask.

So tell me,
what would you like to have?

Chicken chowmein and chilli fish.

Do you want anything else?

No, thank you.

My stomach is a little upset.
I have acidity. But I'm okay.


Abhijit, I've asked a brilliant junior officer
from the department to assist you.

He's a useful guy.

You'll get all the details of the case
from him.

The recent one
and the case from 25 years ago.

Wait. Rajat Chakraborty.


Send him in.

Sir, my usual team...

They're quite good.
They could have done it.

- Come in.
- A new guy...

Here he is.
Rajat, well, this is Abhijit.

Pleasure to meet you, sir.

So, Abhijit, you have to catch a murderer
who has resurfaced after 25 years.

And you also have to
find out the reason.

Okay, Debu.

I'll try my best like always.

- Let's get going.
- Sir.

Meanwhile, I was telling Debabrata
how you solved Prabir's case.

- Amazing!
- Thank you, sir!

I had my suspicion
from the very beginning.

Sir had made some huge mistakes too.

Overconfidence is the biggest enemy
of any criminal.

Hello, boss.

What's happening in the area?

Fixed everything... Syndicate, ministers,
boxing ring, stolen goods, drugs...

Only the party has changed.

Everything else is the same.
How have you been?

I just got back today
to settle some old accounts.

Who's running the biggest gang here now?

Haroo... He's into cocaine, opium etc.


What's the latest Shah Rukh Khan film?


What's the new Shah Rukh Khan film?

I don't know.
His films usually flop nowadays.

He'll make a come back...
He'll be back.

And when he does,
no one will be spared.

Everyone will be judged.

Are you planning to take back control?

Yes, bro.

I got out a few days ago.

Everything will happen in it's own time.

The work has just started.
I have all the news.

Everything that's happening...
Whatever has already happened...

Have to settle accounts with everyone.

Absolutely, boss.

Just keep passing me the information.

Okay, boss.


I don't know how to hide it...

Can't express it either...

This way.
Move aside.

Please make way.

Sir, this way.

Get rid of all the cameras.

- Sarkar, get the media out. I'll talk to them later.
- Please clear this area. Move...

Sir, please come.

Here, sir.



(indistinct chatter)

- Show me the file.
- Yes, sir.


So, this is Khoka's signature?

Yes, sir.

He would carve it out
on the forehead.

It's the same spot from 25 years ago...

And he's a rival gang member...
Leader, in fact. Haroo.

He used to run a drug racket.

How soon can we get
the post-mortem report?

I'll call Manash.
We'll get it ASAP.

But first we need to transfer
the body properly.

- Mr. Sarkar?
- Yes, sir.

Take care of things here
and get the post-mortem report at the earliest...

Right, sir.

This Khoka seems to have lost
his mental balance.

Otherwise, no one can be this brutal.

Do you think he's crazy?

But Khoka was in jail all this time.

No one noticed anything like that.

Will have find out more.

Sir, it might be possible...

he wants to take control of the area
since he's back.

Or an old personal vendetta.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay, Amrita.

I'm sure something urgent
must have come up.

After all, he does work with the police.

I don't think anything urgent came up.

I don't think anything came up at all.

I think he couldn't wake up
or he is just watching the IPL.

To solve a problem you first need to accept
there is a problem.

So, are you saying
that your husband is in denial...

about the fact that your marriage
is on the rocks?


I'm tired of asking him...

to come and attend these sessions.

Then when I get the divorce papers
in my hand...

He'll say I didn't try hard enough.

Thank God, I don't have in-laws.

Otherwise, it would have been
a complete mess.

The fact that he lost his father
at a young age...

and not having his mother around...

Do you think this could be a reason
for his issues?

Like this constant need for parenting?

The arguments...

Imposing his wishes on others.

It's possible.

Or may be not.

Maybe he's just tired.

Maybe he's just bored of this marriage.

Or maybe he's just fallen out of love
with me.


Well Amrita, why don't we continue this
in the next session?

Anyway, there's just five minutes left.

Amrita... Amrita, listen...
Get a grip.

This too shall pass.


Yes... Yes, sir.

Yes... Yes, sir.
He's right here.

Okay. I'll tell him right away.

I'll let him know right now.
Okay, sir.

- Sir?
- What?

- Sir, boss was calling...
- Yeah, what's wrong with him?

Boss was saying...

Why are you coughing?
Didn't get the vaccine for whooping cough?

Spit it out.

He has asked you to stop.

He's on his way.
He'll be here in some time.

Damn these class monitors!

Thought I'd finish it off...

Now this politician, that politician...
Shojol, go and check...

Can you get a pulse?

No, sir.
He isn't responding.

And one leg is gone.

What is the post-mortem report saying?

The murder has been committed
in the exact same way.

The knife has cut through
the lower abdomen and the genitals.

Then the rough carving on the forehead.

Have they collected DNA samples
from these bodies?

Yes, sir.

Be it from his prison cell, his clothes or whatever.
I want Khoka's DNA samples.

Then we'll match it.

Does that mean you're not sure
Khoka did this?

But why?
The same sign, the same method of--

Even with the same sign or hologram,
you don't always get the original product.

You've just joined the force.
Give it some time.

Work on a few more cases.
Make a few mistakes. Then you'll get it.

Sorry, sir.

I'm sure you must have
thought of something...

But it'll take some time I mean...

We'll have to speak to the jailer and staff...

In case, we find something.

It's a month old case.

These officers lead very comfortable lives.

Garden, inmates, massage, 15th August...

Money from cigarettes and phones
hidden in commodes...

They are very content.

Maybe they can do some real work
in between too.

Sure, sir.

I want all the details regarding
the earlier murders.

Sir, there were no witnesses
of the actual murders.

Only the body or some part of the body
was found in each case.

Now if these were part of the gang wars
and the possibility is quite high...

Then the gang members
could have been witnesses.

But they obviously didn't do it at the time.

And now they won't be able to.

Most of them have been shot dead by the police
or are rotting in prison.

Or they're in some other business.

All the gangs that were operating in Chinatown in 1993,
including Khoka's gang...

- And their members' records must be there with the police.
- It's right here, sir.

This is it...

I mean, whatever we could find.

Next, victims.

The personal and professional details
of the three victims.

Where did the murders take place?

Oh no! I've missed that one.
Sorry, sir.

I'll mark the locations of Khoka's serial killing
on a map and give it to you.

What do mean by "serial killing"?

I mean the consecutive murders
where he left his mark...


He would carve his name
on the victim's forehead with a knife.

That might be to scare the opponent gang
or the police.

The real question is the motive.

What was Khoka's motive
for killing those people?

Khoka is not a serial killer?

You look devastated.

You're considered an authority on serial killers
since the Prabir Roy Chowdhury case.

So, your presence on this case...

- That's why...
- Have you heard of Troilokyo?


Have you read Kolkata Police detective
Priyanath Mukhopadhyay's 'The Inspector's Files'?

No, sir.

And did you know that Kolkata Police
is the birthplace of fingerprint analysis?

- I mean...
- Oh God!

I'm sure you've heard of Scotland Yard.

Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

Don't be.

I feel, Rajat...

You should say good night to Bengal
and apply for knighthood.

Laketown's Big Ben replica won't do for you.

Your place is at the original Big Ben.

Sorry, sir...
But please don't say that.

What were you saying
about Kolkata Police and fingerprints?

I was talking about an Englishman named
Sir William Herschel.

Get to your roots, Rajat.
Otherwise you won't grow.


I was telling you about Troilokyo.

Priyanath Mukhopadhyay
mentions the name.

In Calcutta, between 1880 and 1884...

A woman named Troilokya and her lover Kali
scammed and scared a lot of men...

for money and serially murdered them....

But can you call her a serial killer?


Technically, no.

It's not just you.
A lot of people make this mistake.

Simply by murdering serially,
or by maintaining a pattern...

doesn't make it serial killing.

The most important thing in serial killing
is motive.

Or honestly speaking...

The lack of the so-called
or conventional motive.

Personal vendetta...

Money and greed...

Disputes about property...

If there's a murder due to
one of these conventional motives...

These will never fall
under the category of serial killing.

There must be a sort of psychological distortion
behind the murder or the motive.

Only then can it be called serial killing.

The Chambal Dacoits or the Bengal Thuggies
killed many people in the same way.

Are they all serial killers?



So since this is part of the gang war
or part of the regular gang activity that's why...

This is not serial killng.

There must be a disturbed mind
behind serial killings.

A psychological problem.

And that's why
when psychiatrists counsel them...


What happened, sir?

Nothing... It's nothing...

I have to leave now... okay...

Send me all the files, powerpoint,
materials okay...

Yes, sir. Of course.
But are you okay?


Hey, I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I had a very urgent case.
I had to go because of that.

I'm extremely sorry.

So what did the counsellor say?

Amrita, I said I'm sorry.

I've made a huge mistake.
It won't happen again.

Next time I'll be there before time.


Why are you harassing me?

Why don't you wash your hands off me?

But I haven't washed my hands yet
since I came home.

And there's a cushion behind you.
So I can't be behind you.

- So you think this is funny.
- No.

In fact, tragedy.

The language people
have sacrificed their lives for...

You struggle while speaking it...

and translated it directly from Hindi...
That's very painful.

I don't have time
for your Bengali medium nonsense.

- Which is why...
- Because...


"Which is why" is again a direct translation
from Hindi.

Stop this nonsense, Abhijit.

So what I speak Bengali
with Hindi influences?

Actually, it matters.

It doesn't matter who we vote for...

But no hankypanky with the Bengali language
and the mutton curry.

Fine, let me tell you in English.

Fine! Do you want to know
what the counsellor said?

She said our marriage is going down the drain
with each and every passing day.

And we have to work on our problems.

And before you ask me in chaste Bengali
what these problems are...

Let me tell you.

We spend no time with each other.
We have nothing to talk about.

And most importantly...

we haven't had our 15 minutes of lousy sex
for more than a year.

Goodbye, Bengal tiger.

The days spent with you

We sailed with our eyes on the horizon

The days we spent together

We sailed with our eyes on the horizon

You were on my eyes, lips, cheeks

You were on my eyes, lips, cheeks

The little ray of sunlight from behind the clouds

I had woven a quilt of love with it

You were on my fingers, hands, shoulders

You were on my fingers, hands, shoulders

Thoughts as sharp as the razor blade

Drop at a time
Increases the flow

A lonely flute plays at the end of the horizon

Calls out morning and evening like a vagabond

That's why we are in the local news
Not in the headlines

You silently stepped very far away from me

You were there in my lazy moonlight

You were there in my lazy moonlight

You trampled over the fallen winter leaves

The wet paint catches fire on its own

My dependence, my joys and sorrow

The pearls stuck in my throat know

Let me touch you where it hurts

You silently stepped very far away from me

You were there in my lazy moonlight

You were there in my lazy moonlight

The days we spent together

We sailed with our eyes on the horizon

You were on my eyes, lips, cheeks

You were on my eyes, lips, cheeks

You were on my fingers, hands, shoulders

You were on my fingers, hands, shoulders

Yes, sir?

Where's your owner?

Why? Is there any problem?

Cut the crap and call your owner.

Please don't talk like this, sir.

I'm not your slave.

Stop being such a smart a--.

Tell your boss, Khoka is here.

Hey, wait.


- Aren't you going to take my order?
- Yes, tell me.

Chicken chowmein, chilli fish.

Sir, the murders took place...



And here.

So, what I can tell from this, Rajat...

The biggest rival for Khoka's gang at that time
was Afroz's gang.

This Afroz character...

later died in police custody.

Some inmates beat him to death...

Abdul was the second in command
in Afroz's gang.

He fled to Hyderabad
and the rest of them...

are scattered all over the Park Circus area.
Am I right?

Right, sir.

And one of the members of that gang...

is one of Khoka's three victims.


You know, the strangest thing is...

Khoka's latest victim, Haroo...

He used to run a gang...

But Khoka doesn't have a gang anymore.
It has split a long time ago.

That's why the gang rival theory...

Then why did he kill him?

To take back control of the area?

Without a gang?

Maybe there's a gang.

Once their activity increases,
we'll get to know.

Or maybe...

he's thinking of making another gang.

After getting out of the jail,
gradually he wants to start afresh...

And if that's Khoka's intentions...

then he will have to establish contact
with the old members.

We need leads and witnesses, Rajat.

It would be great if we could speak
to some of these old gang members.

Or track down some old neighbours.


what I got from going through the old papers...

Some of Khoka's case files are missing.

And the way the records have been removed...

What do you mean?

I think it's an inside job, sir.

Someone from the police department has done it.

Maybe, under the pressure of a minister.



But why?

And why has Khoka come back?

Did he have a patron?

Then who is that?

How old was Khoka at the time?

Around 15 or 16 years.

Do you have Khoka's photo
from that time?

No, sir.

Even if there might have been something...
It's not there anymore.

Have you checked news footage
from that time?

No, sir.

Rajat you should know
how to use the media to our advantage.

Especially, where there's just circumstantial evidence
and nothing more.

The camera captures a lot of things that...

is not noted in the police records.

Some things that the naked eye can't see.

What were the Bengali news channels in 1993?

There was just TV Bangla and Nav Darshan.

Oh okay, okay.

Sir, should I send someone over?

No, no...

- TV Bangla, right.
-Yes, sir.

I'll look into it.

"Twenty years have come and gone

What if we meet again
You and I..."


What's wrong?


Tell me.

I miss you.

What the hell!

I told you so many times...

Baby, let's fall in love, get married,
start a family.

You didn't listen to me.

Went and surrendered to the cop.

And now after all these years...

"I miss you."

Shut up.

You could have pursued me more,
you know.

I might have said no.
But why did you listen to me?

Listen to the woman!

What could I do?
I'm 'biryani".

You chose plain rice
with lentils.

I want both luxury and necessity.


You want to eat both.

Find someone like "haleem"
(stew of meat and lentils).


Let it be.

What happened?

Tell me... seriously.

My marriage is falling apart.

I don't know who to turn to.



Please don't cry.

One minute...



Hello, this is Abhijit.

Where are you?


Come on, tell me.

In the middle of the Ganges.

Out for some fresh air.
Tell me.

Are you busy?

It's important.

Can you come down to the office?

What is it?
What's the matter?

Not over the phone.
Have to tell you in person.

Can you come?

Yeah, okay.

What's up with you?

You've opened a restaurant
with the gang's money.

You seem to be doing pretty well.

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

Who is feeding you all this bulls--t?

Paltan told me.

He shared all the details
before he died.

We were rotting in the same prison.

That's where we hooked up...
Paid a lot of money...

The heat...the sweat...

It was so hot!

Jesus Christ, man!

Paltan died?

Police killed him.

But man... I mean...

All this is a lie...

All lies!

That rascal, Paltan.

You know me, right man.

You know me.

I mean... Boss...

Don't try to butter me up.

Boss, my foot!

Who is controlling the area after Haroo?

Who Haroo?

The guy I killed.

He used to run a cocaine
and opium racket.

Is there anyone else?

I don't know, boss... Man...

Who do you pay?
Who collects the protection money?

Some boys with the party.
That's it.

That means Haroo was the only enemy.

How the hell did you escape?

Have you heard of Pranab Roy Chowdhury?

Yeah. Yeah, man...

That bugger...

How the hell, man?

- How the hell!
- I almost died.

If that old man didn't intervene.


Okay, right.

Yes, yes.
Don't worry about the expenses.

Bappa, I don't have to tell you...

I'm telling you because of the many employees
in the nursing home.

If you can keep it confidential...


If we were 15 minutes late,
the boy would have died.

There might be irreversible damage
to the brain.

He's still speaking gibberish.

- Are you happy now, Pranab?
- How can I be happy, sir?

- A murderous criminal is still alive.
- What?

We don’t live in the jungle anymore.

We still have to
abide by law and order.

The State hasn't given you the right
to kill anyone.

That's why capital punishment
is being abolished all over the world.

And that's why the world
is overflowing with criminals.

Sorry, sir. Might be a petty thief
or a murderer....

Maybe a big scammer or a terrorist.

They know that
someone will fight for them.

Might be a lawyer or a politician.

Or some pretentious intellectuals.

Someone or the other
will come forward to save the criminal.

- Someone has to represent their side.
- There are no sides.

I don't think these criminals
deserve a side.

When they kill or rape someone...

That's when they kill their own soul,
their own identity.

When we "encounter" them or hang them,
it's just their body.

This is what I think.
Well, sir, this is what I believe in.

And that's what I have taught
my brother, Prabir, as well.

It's a very dangerous belief.

It's illegal too.

Not to kill the criminal...

Our duty is to rehabilitate.

Sir, why don't you adopt
that innocent boy then?

Let him grow up with your kids.

Sir, you are sending him
to a correctional home.

- The rest of the criminals will sodomise him there.
- Language, Pranab!

- And he'll be corrected in that environment...
- Pranab!

I'm forced to suspend you again.

- Pick up the letter on your way out.
- Okay, sir.

I had to do time
but I'm still alive.

All thanks
to the law-abiding, old-fashioned officer.

But it's because of the cops
I'll never be able to walk properly again.

That's one score I have to settle.

Go and pee if you have to.
Why are you making that sound?

No, man... No, I mean...

What score are you talking about?

What score?

I... Relax, man...

My heart is crazy...

Friends, here I go...

My destination is far

But I must go...

Friends, goodbye...


So, this is the case.

Oh, I see...

What were you expecting?

No, nothing.

See, most of TV Bangla's news footage
has been digitised.

So, that won't be a problem.

- My team will send it to you.
- Great! That'll be great!

But don't think you'll get
any of Nav Darshan's footage.

The channel doesn't exist anymore.

Oh no.

- What about Google, newspaper clippings?
- No point...

Our police reports are more detailed
than those.


Send me the TV Bangla footage for now.

We'll figure out the rest.

- Well...
- What?

How are you?


Almost good.


How are the two of you?

Did she call?

She met me.



What did she say?

Said, you two...

...aren't okay.

She's right.

We are not okay.

Can you please be okay?

At least someone should be okay.

Aren't you okay?

Weren't you dating someone?

We broke up.

You still love Amrita, right?

"After all this time?"




I'll get going.
Have to go really far.

I'll send the footage.

It's a new guy, boss.

He's from a different police station.
Haven't seen him before.

- Station or Lalbazar Headquarters?
- It's possible, boss.

He wasn't wearing uniform.

In plain clothes.

Thick, black-rimmed glasses.

Some people were calling him Pakrashi.


Good name for a cop.

Sounds like he'll catch the criminal
any moment.

Anyway, I just want to scare everyone
and take control of the area.

Who is your informer in the police?

You think he'll still be alive if we knew.

But I suspect a couple of people.


Find out.
Spot the guy.

The king will step out to hunt deer.

And then new shoes will be made
of the deer skin at the tannery.

What are you saying, boss?
I can't understand anything?

I know.

That's why I'm talking and you're listening to me,
not the other way around.

Shouldn't we test this informer?

Off you go.

Can you pass the dal?

Met Shurjo.

He's helping me with a case.

He told me you had met him too.

You didn't tell me.

Do you tell me about everyone
you meet every day?

Of all the dangerous criminals I meet...

if one of them was my ex-lover,
I would have told you.

Shurjo was neither my lover
nor my boyfriend.

He just had a crush on me
and you know that very well.

No, I don't know so much.

In fact, I don't know anything
or anyone that well anymore.

I don't know Shurjo.
And you... I definitely don't know you.

Then get to know me.

Instead of implying things
like a typical, jealous, entitled Indian male...

Are you a female from Finland?


Why are you needlessly invoking feminism?

And why do you shove pamphlets
up every a-- all the time?

What happened?
Where are you going, Amrita?

What is it?

Finish your dinner.

Do you even know
how expensive rice is nowadays?

Finish your food.
Shouldn't waste food.

A merciless killer!

This Khoka...

Yes, sir.

The way he has started...

- And the pattern he has...
- He won't stop at one.


Where's the video footage?

Yes, sir... From the media guy...


Shurjo Sinha.

Rajat, do you live alone?


Yes, sir. I mean...

I live alone for the time being.

But next year,
I want to marry my girlfriend.

So, you're not interested in living in?

No, sir... Marriage is...

But living in is considered marriage...
according to the Gandharvas.


That's marriage too.

According to the Gandharvas.

What's wrong, sir?


Will you let me crash at your place
for a few days?

Don't feel like going back home.

Everything okay at home?

The fire is burning out...

Will you let me stay for a few days?

Of course, sir.
It'll be my honour.

It'll be easier to solve this case
if we stay together.

We might find a new direction together.

True, sir.

So, the video footage...

- Yes.
- Tell me.

He'll send all the files tonight.

So I can bring them over
and we can watch it together.


One more thing...

This Khoka...

If he wants to continue
on his murdering spree...

Then according to his pattern
the next victim will be...

a police informer.

Exactly like 25 years ago.

Do we have an informer in that area?

Kill that bloody swine!

He's getting away.

Catch him!

Where will you run to?

This way! This way!
Beat him up!

There's no escape for you bastard!


Stop you f--ker!

Catch him!

(indistinct chatter)

- Get him!
- Catch that rat!

What did you see when you got here?

Saw someone lying here...
Lots of blood...

Then the police came.

- Okay.
- And I saw a huge crowd.

Gang wars have become a regular thing here.

Yes, it happens a lot.

What do you know about the murder
that happened here?

I don't know anything.
I just got here.

I came back and saw this has happened.

Who informed the police?

I don't know who informed the police.

- Do you know?
- No.

Excuse me, you!

What do you know about the incident?

I don't know, man.

- Can you tell us about this murder?
- I don't know.

It keeps happening here, man.


The police--

Because of the gang wars,
a man has been murdered here.

What exactly happened?

Let's find out from the locals.

You can see that the police car
is already here.

The police is trying to control the huge crowd.

- Can you tell us about the murder?
- I don't know anything.

We came here when we saw the police
and found out about the murder.

Next one...

The murder victim...

Another mysterious murder
in the lanes of Chinatown.

This is the third murder
in a row in this area.

I came here half an hour back.

Who informed the police inspector?

The local people called the police I think.


I got to know there's been
a murder in my area...

so came to see.

Some people started shouting bloody murder...

By the time we came,
there was already a crowd.

- The murder had already happened when you reached?
- Yes, it was over...

- You couldn't see the murderer?
- We couldn't see anything.

Can you go back to the first one?

How long before the police...

Can you go back to the first footage?

What did you see when you got here?

Pause here.

Rewind a bit.

Pause, pause, pause...



Go to the next footage.

A gang war...

Rewind the video.


Next one... The last one...

That's it... Pause.

This man might have something
to do with all the murders.

Once or twice would have been okay.
But he's there all three times.

And he's at the location of the murder.

He might be an old resident too.

Yes, it's possible.

Even in that case he might be able
to give us important information.

Track him.

You have to trace him out somehow.

Start from this location.

You guys have a lot of...

Did you find any informers
in the area?

Yes, sir.
We've been in touch with him.

He'll meet us tomorrow.

What's up, kiddo?

Why were you running like PT Usha?

Who are you?

- What do you want?
- Oh, wow!

I should be asking the questions.
And you should answer.

Here's the answer
since you asked the question.

These guys chasing you...

They are my employees.

I pay for their Provident Fund.

Give them Sundays off.

Give them pension when they retire.

Pay their Mediclaim
when police bust their heads.

Now do you know who I am?

You could have been a cobbler.

Or a janitor.

You could have been a farmer.

Maybe a constable or a night guard.

Even a traffic police
would have been better.

You're in trouble
because you chose to be a police informer, bro.

Was this guy part of Khoka's gang?

Yes, sir.


He now calls himself Jimmy.

Right around the corner here.

- Up the stairs?
- Yes.

Actually, inspector...

I don't know anything.

I mean...

It was such a long time ago... So...

I've forgotten everything.

There's a difference between not knowing
and forgetting.

- So, Mister...
- Jimmy.

Yes, Jimmy.


What did you decide?


Have you forgotten
or you don't know?

I don't know.

You don't know?

He doesn't know.

Is that your final answer?


- You know...
- I don't know anything. You know.

You don't know
or have you forgotten?

I have forgotten.

- You have forgotten?
- That is the right word.

He has forgotten.


Very good.

The real thing is that you remember
that you've forgotten.

And for the rest
I believe we'll be able to help.


Don't put your hand to your mouth
when I'm talking to you.

You've agreed to the fact
that you are resident of the area.

That's why try to remember
very carefully.

A goon named Khoka.

He had killed three people 25 years ago.
And killed another person a few days back.

In this area... In the vicinity...

Stuck a knife through the lower abdomen
of a rival gang member and then used it...

to carve his name on the man's forehead.

Just a few days back...

He killed another person in the same way.

And then he...
What is it? What's the matter?

What happened?


It has happened again.

What has happened again?

At the tannery...
The informer...



Slit the throat with a razor.

Just got a message on WhatsApp.

Slit him right through.

Then carved on the forehead too.

He's instigating you, sir.

Let's go to the crime scene.

But Jimmy...
Before I leave...

I have a feeling that you know a lot.

And if that's true, Jimmy...

I'll shut down your kitchen.

That's why I suggest...

Make your memories, Jimmy...

come back
while there's still time.

Let's go, Rajat.

Please come, sir.

This way, sir.

Let's go.


(indistinct chatter)


There's still no news of a new gang.

Neither has any new crime
been registered in this area.

Then why is he killing these people
one after the other.

What can be the motive?
What do you think, Rajat?

I don't get it, sir.

One theory can be
that Khoka has started enjoying it.

I mean...

The earlier murders
might be under gang wars...

Now he is...

what you can call...

A mentally unstable, bona fide serial killer.


But it's also possible
that he's trying to send a message to the police.

Or a challenge?

Why challenge the police?

It's expected
that the police will go after Khoka.

Khoka is not supposed to be angry
because of that.

And other than
very amateurish Bangla crime thrillers...

serial killers don't usually challenge people
without a reason in reality.


You're right, sir.

Should I ask them to run a specific test?


The DNA profiling and fingerprint.

If we can find anything.

That's like finding a needle
in the haystack.

I'll let Manash know.

If required, send it to Hyderabad.

And do everything very quickly because...

The third one will happen very soon.

(indistinct chatter)



My girlfriend, Ankita.



Raj keeps talking about you.

Is that so?

Good things or does he have my head
on a spear ?



Oh not at all.

All great things!
Can't stop gushing about you.


That made me happy.


I was saying...

I mean...

Can we...

I want to stay over tonight with him.


If it's not a problem with you.

There will be some problem...

but not for me but you.

I've taken up so much space here.

Oh no. Don't worry.

There’s a saying in Bengali…

Raj keeps saying it…

Something about a tamarind leaf…

- Okay...
- It's just that...

If you're friends then even nine
can fit into a small tamarind leaf.

Very true.

Is this a joke?

(indistinct chatter)

I don't want any excuses.

Hello, handsome...

Want to have a good time?

This room...

...wasn't so small.

Are you saying something?

The room has become smaller.

What a drama queen!

Are you going to do something or not?

Hey! What happened?

Hey, wait!

Where are you going?

What the hell!



There's no word like this in English.

You are cheating again?

What nonsense!

Obviously there is.
Why would I make it up?

What? Abhi...
I mean sir...

Well Ankita... Even I haven't heard
of a word like this.

- See...
- "Et tu", Abhi?

Firstly, you're pronouncing it wrong.

And petrichor means something.

In fact, you can feel it
in this room right now.

There's only a cheater in this room
and that's you.

If given a chance you always cheat
at Scrabble.

Damn it!

Calm down... Relax...

Petrichor means the smell of the wet earth
after it rains.

Don't laugh.
Google it.

- Don't laugh without knowing.
- Yes, just Google it.

You've become a poet
when it comes to cheating.

- Just look it up...
- You know, Abhi that's why...


Well, I mean...

What I was saying...

Why don't you go to sleep now?

We have to start very early...

We can continue the game later.


That's why I tell you not to argue
without knowing.



I'm off... I am very sleepy.

Good night, Abhi.

Rajat, good night to you too.
You're sleepy. Go to bed.

No, no... Don't send him now.

He'll bug me.

Keep him with you for half an hour.
I'll definitely fall asleep by then.


The two of you remind me
of a very familiar couple.


Lovers don't have fixed names.

Today's Rajat was Amit Roy yesterday.

He was Mark Antony the day before.

The tears remain the same.

Just the eyes change.

The kiss remains the same.

The lips keep changing.

Did you have a fight with the missus?

By definition, the fight is always with the missus
and not with the wife.

Can I say something, Abhi?

By all means.

You love cricket, right?

Gavaskar had once said...

give the first hour of the day
to the bowler...

you’ll rule the crease
for the next five hours.

If you can be careful of the swing
in the morning...

the rest of the match...

There’s no afternoon session
in my house, Rajat.

It's either the morning swing or...

or the worn out pitch of the fifth day.

Let it be.

Go inside... Otherwise you might have to deal with
sledging all week.

Good night.

What's going on?
What is the problem?

Forget about catching Khoka.

You couldn't do it.

He appeared himself
and killed two people right under your nose.

He's poking fun at you...
at the entire police department.

He's made a joke out of us.

That's true.

Two murders back to back.

He is repeating the pattern
from 25 years ago.

Killing them and then carving his name.

He's killed a rival gang member.

A police informer...

- His next victim will surely be...
- A police officer.

Sir, please don't worry.

If necessary, I'll be the third victim myself.

But I'll definitely trap Khoka.

Please give me some time.


But we don't have the time.

Another phone call...

(TV playing)

Hello, friends.

I have Amrita with me right now.

I have a small question for you
on a such a great occasion.

What do you think?

Let's say...

The fact that we were together...

In happiness and sorrow...
We grew up together...

There's nothing we haven't done together.

Do you think, after your wedding...
Will you miss me?

No, I'll not miss you.

Because you were, are
and always will be with me.

No one else can take your place in my life.

What if this happens...
Let's say I'm not there.

Then what will happen?

I'll find you and kill you.

And now Policeman Abhijit Pakrashi
has also joined us.

Please share your comments.

I heard bloody murder.
And I have special skills related to it.

I'm also very good at guarding my asset.

Or protecting it is a specialisation of mine.

Should I continue speaking?
Or are we done?

- Wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.
- Thank you.

Live in peace.
Live in love.

I'll leave you two alone
and get other people's reaction.

Here you are...
We have Aunty with us right now...

How do you think the bride is looking?

I think her eyes are a little...

I made a mistake, honey.
I'm sorry.

I said I made a mistake.



Your name full of your mock anger
Seeks to surrender

River Subarnarekha loses its way

Where are we going with our eyes closed?

There's a smile in your vocabulary
That has touched my heart

It's going to enchant me for a few moments

I want to grasp the thrill

Who's going to be my companion
on these lonely nights?

Who will be ready
to face the winter chill with me?

The glee of the waterfall

Who will be faster than the wind?

You've come back again
I'm still up

Haven't fallen asleep

You've come back to me in love
Our love has still not burnt out

Rajat had sent me the request
for the detailed report.

This is the electropherogram report.

And there's the manual analysis.

I had collected enough samples
from both the bodies.

Then I matched the old jail records
with them.


Then, that was a perfect match with Khoka.


What next?

What's your plan of action?

According to the the plan,
the next victim is supposed to be a police officer.

Oh! So?

So what?

After this the hunter is also the bait.

The machan is also the trap.

I'll have to leave now.

- Sir, may I come in?
- Yes.

Where's Rajat? He's not here
and his phone is not reachable.

He is out.

Did he say where he was going?

Yes, sir. He said you have called him over
on the phone.

I didn't call him.

He said you called him to Chinatown
at the scene of crime.

Bloody hell!

Bloody hell!

Hello! Yeah! I'm here...

- Move aside.
- Make way.

What happened here?

What's the matter?


Where's Rajat?
What happened to him?


Ankita, what happened to Rajat?


Sir, please calm down...

- Why should I be calm? What happened?
- Sir, sir, please remain calm.

Where is Rajat?



Chopped him up in pieces, sir...
Even before we could do anything...

- Sir...
- Sir!

Don't touch me.

- Sir...
- Be careful...

Send her to the hospital...

The distance between us is getting smaller

We are coming closer to each other

If you give yourself to someone else

I might do anything I'm so crazy in love with you

Whether you say yes...

Abhi! Abhi!


What happened?

- Did something happen at work?
- He has won! He has won!

Who has won?



He has won.

Khoka won.

All my life's hard work...

All the patience is in vain...

Everything is in vain.
I lost again.

Now Khoka will chase me
for the rest of my life.

Listen... Listen to me.

You're the most promising officer
in the force.

What is this childish behaviour?

- I know you'll fight back.
- No, no, no...

You know, I see him sometimes.

I can see him.

Who? Who do you see?

This Khoka guy?

How can I see Khoka?

You don't know anything.
You bloody don't get it.

I've only seen his photo.

I've heard about him.
How will I see him?

I'm talking about sir.

I'm talking about Prabir Roy Chowdhury.

He keeps coming back to me.
And I can see him.

Like a circus ringmaster in a uniform
he's reciting Tagore's "The Last Poem".

Each sentence, each word
hits me like a whip.

Then the revolver comes out...
And the revolver...

Some blood and brain was splattered
on my face, you know.

Stop it!

Stop it!
You're coming with me to the shrink tomorrow.

- Ruining your life for a serial killer--
- Hey!

Serial killer?
Who's the serial killer?


Is Prabir Roy Chowdhury
an ordinary serial killer?

What the hell do you know
about serial killers?

He was not an ordinary serial killer.

He's also a great, incomparable,
unbelievably good police officer.

There's been no one like him.
And there never will be.

These awards... These medals are lies...

I didn't do anything, Amrita.

I couldn't catch him.

He gave himself up to me
that's why I could catch him.

I had lost it to sir.

That's the truth.

Serial killer.



You were absolutely right!

I won't lose this time.

This time I'm not going to lose.

You are right.

I'm Abhijit Pakrashi, a police officer.
A very successful police officer.

I will not give up!

I'll finish the game this time.

I'll finish it off alone.
I don't need anyone's pity, motherf--kers.

I have to go.

Abhi... Abhi!

Where's your boss?

What's the matter?

Where is your boss?

He's not in today.

- Address.
- I don't know, sir.

That way... Beside Muchipara.

That's it. Enough!

I'll find out the rest.

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

This is not my station.

It's not my area either.

I don't want to kill a rat
and stink up my area.

But sometimes a rat must be killed.

It becomes a necessity.

And I follow my guru in this regard.

Prabir Roy Chowdhury...
Have you heard of him?

Tell me... Have you heard of him?

Will you tell me the truth?

Where can I find Khoka?

Where is Khoka?

Tell me.

I don't know, sir.

I don't know, sir.

I don't know... I don't know...
Don't know...

If I send word... He'll come...

That's all I know.

Sit up straight!

Get up.

Get up!

The old, burnt down mill in Chinatown...

Call Khoka there tomorrow.

Can you do it?

- Hey, can you do it?
- Yeah.

Let him go.

Why did you call me here?

Why not the restaurant?

I told you, man.

The bloody police
are always watching my restaurant.

What to do?

What happened to your face?
Did the cops beat you?

Yeah man...

Hell! Hell!

But man...

- The police have a new officer...
- I know...

- Abhijit Pakrashi.
- Yeah, man!

Who else will know if I don't?

It's so much fun to finger
the bespectacled soft ones...

My finger is on the trigger.

Best not to make any sudden movements, Khoka.

- Bloody traitor!
- Hey, no... No...No...

There's nothing for Gora to do.

In this film,
Gora only plays a side role.

Let's say I'm the director.

You are the audience.

You'll watch whatever I show you.

You can't leave.
The gates are locked.

But you can leave, Gora.

They'll drop you home in the police car.

Of course, sir.

You're the police. You can decide.

You're the director.
Have to watch whatever you show us.

But just think about this, bro...

Do you have the right name for the movie?

What do you mean?

You're saying the name of the film
is "Khoka 420".

But in reality...

It's 'Why am I a criminal?'

What do you mean?


It means Khoka's boyfriend...

who has slept with Khoka
night after night...

The person Khoka used in front of police bullets
to save himself...

Who was used up and discarded by Khoka...

The guy you've blissfully forgotten
to lead a happy life...

I am that stupid f--ker, Paltan.

Then who committed the murders?

Obviously, I did.

I pretended to be Khoka.


Then who is the real Khoka?

You really don't remember anything?

I killed so many people
so that the real Khoka remembers.

So that he comes back to me
just for once.

So that like the old days
he plays his tongue all over my body.

- Bite my lips, my a--...
- Hey, bloody swine!

Shut the f**k up!

- Amnesia?
- Total. Not even partial.

He has no memory.

In fact, I don't know
if he's suffered some long term brain damage.

If he wasn't brought in at the right time
he might have died of haemorrhage.

Must have been Pranab Roy Chowdhury.

Yes, Pranab.

But amnesia is good.

Very good.

A completely alternate life.

A planted history about his family.


I mean...

I wanted a clean slate.

Are there any chances
of the memory coming back?

Difficult to say.

But looks unlikely.

Can I see him?


I am... My name is...

What is your name, son?

I don't know.

Your name is Abhijit.


Don't you feel like going home?

Whose home?


Where is it?

Let it be.

You'll come home with me.

You'll stay with us.


What is it?

Will you come with me, son?


I'll leave today.

Rest up.

I'll see you tomorrow. Okay?


Yes, sir.

Hello, Bibek.
Are there any witnesses in the Pranab case?

Yes, sir.

A local boy.

Khoka's gang member.


Make false papers identifying him as Khoka
and arrest him.

Sir, he's just a boy.

It's alright, Bibek.

Put him in the juvenile home.

Later, slap some other case on him
and put him in prison.

Khoka must get lost in the prison system.

And cover up the case.

But sir...
he's just an ordinary gang member...

A gang member is a criminal, Bibek.

He is destined to go to prison
sooner or later.

We are just naming the criminal.

Who's Khoka? Who's not...

At least, one boy gets a chance
at a new life.

Okay, sir.
I'll look into it.

Listen to me, Bibek.

Yes, sir.

Don't beat him too badly.

Try to make him understand... Okay?

If need be make some special arrangement
for him in jail.

Okay, sir.


Hello, Damodar.
Give the phone to my brother.

Brother, listen carefully.

It's very urgent.
Can you come to Kolkata?

I found out you were in the hospital.

I started following you.

You went to the DIG's house.

New clothes had turned you
into a gentleman.

Your servant told me...

you were hurt in the head
and you've forgotten everything.

Then you left for Asansol.

- Did you take the money?
- Yes.

- Hey, what happened?
- What do you want?

Go away from here.

So irritating!
Go away! Shoo!

- What to do?
- Do you have some change?

- Give him some change.
- Wait.

Wait. Wait.

Take it and go.

Go on now! Move along!

I tried to make you remember everything.

I couldn't.

But I'm Paltan.
I haven't done anything.

What do you mean
you haven't done anything?

Do you know how many cases
are filed against your gang?

- But that was all--
- Shut up!

Listen to me carefully.

If you listen to me
everything will be fine.

You'll be fine.

And if you don't listen...
What's your name?




I didn't mind going to prison for you.

I can do this much for my lover.

Then from the home I was sent to prison.

Spent many years there.

They made special arrangements for me in prison.
Really took care of me.

I read about all your adventures
in the newspaper.

Hey, shut the f--k up!
That's enough. Now shut up!

You'll say whatever you want?

You wanted to adopt so badly.

Now give this boy a new life.

I've heard a lot about rehabilitation
all my life.

Including from animals like Pranab.

That's true.

- I've already spoken to the school.
- Great!

In fact, I want him to be a police officer.

That will be poetic justice.

The boy will unknowingly
work towards his penance.

Isn't it?

Then you came back
as a big shot police officer.

Got medals too...

I felt like running to you at that moment...

And tell you, "Hey, Khoka,
what was my fault?"

"Take me in your gang, bro."

I want to be good too...
I want a fresh start...

- Impossible... Lies...
- But you f--ker...

- Lies...lies...lies...
- You threw me in front of the cops...

- It's not possible...
- Roaming around like a cop yourself.

- Protecting the f--king law?
- Shut the hell up!

Say one more word without proof
and I'll fill your a-- with bullets.

Why did you marry that whore?

Why the f--k did you marry her?


- Did I ever stop you from f--king those whores?
- I never did it.

Why did you marry her?

- You have a wife? Am I doormat?
- These are just lies...

Having a good time with your wife, right?

- I'm Abhijit Pakrashi not Khoka.
- You forgot me for a girl.

- You forget who we were...
- Hey a--hole!

Listen to me carefully.
My name is Abhijit Pakrashi.

I'm a renowned officer working
with the Kolkata Police.

One more word from you
and I'll blow your head off, you son of a b---h.



What the hell!

What about the fact
that I murdered so many people in your style?

- I'm Abhijit Pakrashi.
- They were innocent people.

- I'm not Khoka.
- But I killed them...

- I'm not Khoka.
- It was pointless you say.

- I got in touch with Gora so that you can reach me...
- I'm Abhijit Pakrashi.

- Khoka, didn't you want to come to me?
- It's not me. It's not me.

Khoka, really you...

Don't do this man.
Tell me honestly you don't remember anything...


Khoka, swear on God and tell me...
tell me the truth now...

Hey, you idiot!

Hey, Khoka! Hey, Khoka!


Why are you crying?

Do you remember?

Look at this.

You're mine, baby.

You're mine.
I knew you can't forget anything.

We've made love so many times.

Do you know how much I missed you?

Why did you hurt me like this?

You mispronounced.

There's no 'ph' sound in Bengali.

Yes, sir.

Khoka shot dead.

Just a few minutes back.

Thank you, sir.

Actually, what happened is...

Serial killing has become
like my special paper.

Yes, I'm coming in... Sir...

I haven't had anything since morning,
I'll grab a bite on the way.

Right. Thank you, sir.
Thank you.

I'll leave today.

Rest up.

I'll come back tomorrow.

What would you like to have?

- Chinese?
- Yes.

Chicken chowmein.

Chilli fish.
Hurry up.

Near your dangerous lanes

I've spread my wings to find myself

Loneliness knows there's no goodbye

You can always come back
no matter how far you go

You've come back again
I'm still up

Haven't fallen asleep

You've come back to me in love
Our love has not burnt out

Your name full of your mock anger
Seeks to surrender

River Subarnarekha loses its way

Where are we going with our eyes closed?

There's a smile in your vocabulary
That has touched my heart

It's going to enchant me for a few moments

I want to grasp the thrill

Who's going to be my companion
on these lonely nights?

Who will be ready
to face the winter chill with me?

The glee of the waterfall

Who will be faster than the wind?

You've come back again
I'm still up

Haven't fallen asleep

You've come back to me in love
Our love has not burnt out

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain