Dwindle (2021) - full transcript

Dwindle is a film based on the story of Sogo and Buta, two friends who hijack a car and venture into cabbing and how their lives take a drastic turn when their path runs into assassins who have just kidnapped the state governor.

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Ah! Mama, we will go!

We will go.

I don't wear such.

It is us.

What is the meaning of all this?

Eh! It's a meeting, so what is all this?

What's with the yellow outfit?

The Governor has gone to have
fun and have sex.

We should be there when the Governor is--

Please, get up. Leave the food.


After all, we have been paid for the job.

It is pricking you, right?

Yes. The girdle. Ah.

I don't like to wear body shapers.


He said you should let him be.


You want to leave me behind.

You don't know I am crazy.

How does he
expect me to get to the Island?

Landlord sir.

Todun, is that you?

It's me. Landlord sir, it's me.

What are you doing here?

Hope you are not here to
help your useless boyfriend

escape this morning…

before he pays up his rent as promised.

Ah… landlord, sir. I can't do that.

I came to collect a book I left off
at his place.

There is a book I left--


-Why are you following me?
-Stop it!

What is that about? So you were planning
to leave me?

How do I get bus fare to get to he island?

Ah-ah. What do you want me to do?

You are not nice at all.
If no one has told you.

-Let's go.
-That's enough.

What's going on?

Sir, I have some money and I'd
like to buy a parcel of land.

And I know you are the only one that
can help me with that.

Landlord, sir.

Land indeed.

Landlord sir.

Won't you help
me buy the land?

Eh… landlord sir.

Come, come.

Pick one. Here or there?
Is it until the landlord meets us here?


You will see!


I have seen him.

No worries. I have a place I pass.

How am I friends with you? Why
are you acting like Spongebob?

You can't scale this low
fence and you asked me not to follow you.

Go away, when you
keep eating ice-cream all the time.

What is it?

What is the matter?

Be there till the
landlord comes to meet you.

Wait, I will shoot your leg.

Wait, I will shoot your leg.

There is trouble.

Problem for who is not being shown love.

You will not kill me in this country.

So you now catch kisses
like you would a mosquito?


Now, you may kiss your bride.

Leave here.

Do you want to remove
my gum? What is your problem?

What do you mean by
"You don't know why I'm in this car"?

Don't insult me.

Don't you know that only hardworking
people get to eat?

We are in a
Capitalist world. Don't you know?

My phone is ringing.

Someone is calling me.

I put it on vibration mode.

I can't hear you.The network is bad.

What's up guys?

You all should stay at home.

Mad man!

You get it!

My brother, how are you doing?

-My blood, what's up?
-I am good.

-What's up with you?
-What's happening.

Where is the package? There is no time.

You know how it is.

Your package is here.

Check it.

-You understand.

-You get it.
-You understand.

It will mess with you.

I am telling you.

-It's a lie. forget it.
-It will--

You said so the last time.

-You said it will mess me up nothing.
-Leave it!

-Stop it.

-Stop it.
-The elders are talking to you

This will fuck me up? No problem.

No dwindle my brother.




Are you joining the protest
or you're just a passerby?

I want to work.

Is this not my UEFA sporting footwear?

What is the meaning of this madness?

Why would you throw our things
out? What's all this?

What is it?

Am I owing you money for bride price?

-It seems you're getting mad.

What do you mean by I'm getting mad?

You and your
useless friend think you are wise?

-You both think you are smart?

So that's why you
had to throw out our things?

everyone that is
passing is seeing my boxers.

It doesn't make sense.

You haven't seen anything. More is coming.

-Who is this?
-That's not all.

Guy, bring it.

What is wrong with you?

What is--


My blood.

What is happening?

-Sir, calm down.
-Sir, please.

-What are you doing here?
-My blood.

-What are you doing here?
-Leave it.

I live here. This is my place.

-This is your place?
-I swear.

You live in this area? Ahh! You are rich!

-Hey! Hey! No dwindle. No dwindle.
-I swear.

-It is God's hand work.

-Are you okay?

I asked you to clear out their properties,

you are busy having a family meeting.

Baba, forget about that.

-What is your problem?
-He does not know anything.

He is my bother from way back.

-He doesn't know anything.
-I said this is my blood.

-My blood.

-My blood,

I can't do this to you

It seems you don't want

to collect your money, right?

Money is not everything

Landlord, forget it.

-As it is, we are like water.
-Thank you!

Do you understand.
We don't know where we will flow to.

Do you
understand? We can flow into a big river.

Do you understand?
We will eventually meet.

Let him know.

Money isn't everything.

Money isn't everything. I swear by God

-Don't worry.
-Fuka, we are together.

-No problem my brother.
-We are together.

I swear by God!

What's it?

That's my bag you are carrying.


-Where are you moving to?
-You own this?

If you move away
from here… you will be hit by a trailer.

Drop my bag! Have you gone mad?

Landlord, why are you doing this?

Have you forgotten,

Okay, how about this Friday?

It seems you want me to lay
a curse on you.

No problem. We will double the rent.

Is that okay?

Double the rent?

-I like that.
-No landlord, wait.

You will double the rent.

You will double the rent

Landlord it was

a slip of tongue.
I don't know what I was saying.

You will either double
the rent this week or I shoot you.

Let me speak with Chinedu first.

You will… Look, you either
double the rent this weekend as said

-or… I call someone…
-What kind of problem is this?

to dispose of your load.

You will leave today.

I don't understand you.
I don't understand you.

-I have spoken.
-No problem. We will do it.

We will do it.

We will do it. God will do it.

-This weekend.
-No problem.

Double rent.

Landlord, I don't know if you
can borrow me ₦3500?

I will-- Ouch!

Ogogoro, what's
all this? This is embarrassing.

Is it Lagos that doesn't have
levelled roads that

you want to bring in Formula 1?

Is promise a balanced diet?

Does it contain carbohydrate?

So, what is he giving me to eat?

Jonny, deal with him.

That's how you all are
making me waste money.


50 Naira Garri

The garri I just bought
two days ago. 50 Naira garri.

We should not celebrate independence
in this country.

we should only celebrate children's day.

Because there is nothing
independent about this country.

The garri does not taste good.

It has no nutrients.

Is this garri?

They have spoilt the garri.

The garri is already becoming strong.


What's up?

What is all this?What happened?

Are you asking me?

Don't you know the rent is due?

You should be thanking God. I met
them all outside when I came.

I had to beg the landlord but don't worry.

Don't worry. Trust me, I settled
everything. Don't worry.

I will just pay him double this Friday.

What is it?

You're shaking your head at me?

It is not your fault.

You are leaving,
You're shaking your head at me

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Sorry, Don't cry. Don't cry.

You guys should come down.

What are you doing on Crime fighter?

What happened? What
were you doing there Chinedu?

You just open your mouth and talk.
Don't you think?

Look, let me not lie to you.

Abani is a fool.

Just watch.


Do ladies tell you?

They tell me.

Fresh officer that drives.

See how smooth his skin is.

I can see it all the way from here.

The American actor, plus…

Why are you…

You know with
that combination, you are fine.

My friend and I have been thinking

it's been a while we were
touched. Our bodies are…

And you know how it is.

We are going on trial.

One shouldn't be hit by two calamities.

Let's go into the bush and have sex.

A quickie.


You heard them, right?

Please, let's go. Let's go.

These are fresh babes.

A man gets rewarded where he works.

Keep driving.

I don't know why

…you're frowning.

No one will know.

Juliet, I don't know.

Or should we go back to that hotel?

-Ahh!I am finished.

Ah, Tolani. You are just unfortunate.


Look, that's him.

Is that the crook?

This fine boy. See how fresh he looks.

It's not written on the face.

Mad man.

Police o.

Bro… Sorry. don't be annoyed. Enjoy.

Ebuka, My brother.

I am coming.

What's up, what is wrong
with you? Been calling your phone all day.

Where did you put your phone?

We have to move out.

We have to move out.

The house holds our destiny.

Someone that doesn't have a job,

how will he pay house rent?

We will find a way.

Someone without a job,

how will he pay that amount
of hospital bill.

Todun's dad says he
doesn't want to see her again not until

we are coming with the bride price.

You said what? Ah ah.

Has it gotten that bad?

You know what?

I have an idea.

Please leave me alone.

What is wrong with
you? I haven't even said anything and

Calm down.

What is it? You disappoint me.

Why would you ask me to leave you?

Guy, I have told you.

I am not a street person.

Guy, I am fresh.
Look at me, just look at me.

I am soft.

Sorry. Microsoft.

You are soft.

Guy, you are from
the street. Forget about that.

The street is the street.

This matter on ground can only be solved
by the street.

Just don't worry.

Let me take you to go see--

Chinedu, I can't give up.

I will not give up on you.

You know I am crazy
and you still allow me live with you.

Didn't you allow me?

You said you
wanted to stay for just a day.

One day turned to a weekend.
After a weekend, you became a co-tenant.

So you want to chase me away?

Just say you want to chase me.

Nonsense landlord.

Just say you want to chase me away.

You know what… let me take you.

It's the street. Don't worry,
just trust me. It's the way of the street.

You will see it with your eyes. Let's go.

Walk fast.

I am walking fast.

I am walking fast.

He's just stressing someone.

Look at him over there.

Lets buy this dress.

Come here!

You should have
informed me that you were coming.

Didn't… Didn't you see me.

Allowed us run for nothing.

Ah! Police. I swear to God
it's not me. It's my boss that's in charge

-I swear, I am just a cleaner.

I swear, I am not the one.

Even Judas, at least collected
50… 30 pieces of silver.

See how you just betrayed me.

Oh Please!

This life is--

Why did you bring the Police here?

Did I bring them?

I went to spread clothes down, that's--

-Sit down let's talk.
-They chased me to help them.

You have forgotten my face, right?

Making me run.

Please Officer! What do you want?

Wait, what is happening here?

They said you kidnapped the governor.

You guys should not involve me in--

Will you shut up before I slap you.

you know I wouldn't
have come here to begin with.

you appeared without calling
requesting for clothes and a car.

Where do you want me to get that from?

You know, if not for me, you
would be in Kirikiri eating undone beans.

You didn't tell me this.

Mama, there is no need for violence.

I don't have a car but
I can look for one or two clothes

for you and then you leave.

You can't look for a car,
right? I will reopen your case.

will you be bitten
by mosquitoes in the prison.

Get me a car and clothes.

Hurry up, hurry up.

There should be clothes
over there? I should find my size.

Check that last bag over there…

you should find your size.

Guy, I will--

-You want to watch us change.
-Leave here.

You've added some weight

I hope the clothes will size you mama.

Go and get the car.

It's all jeans with T-shirt.

But Boss, how do we get the car now?

I have set up an assured
deal that will take us to Italy.

What is going to happen?

Who are you calling?

Don't waste my time, speak please.

The people that kidnapped the governor.

Tobi speak.

Tobi, are you messing with me?

Don't play with me.

There is a reward.

But you will pay me ten per cent.

Guys, let's move.

You know we are going to
Eiffel Tower, so stop misbehaving.

Eiffel Tower is not in Italy. Or is it?

-It's not there?
-No, it's not.

We will go to any skyscraper that's there.

Tobi sells fake clothes.
He smuggles them from China.

But that's not big deal.

That's how they start now.

He started small and now he's big.

He uses fake Dollars for transactions.

We were the ones in
charge of the case then. So…

I found a way to let him go.

So he knows he owes me.


He's senseless.

-It is because of you.
-He owes me. When I need him…

He will come through.

It looks good on me. Let me use his
window pane as a mirror.

As he doesn't have a mirror.

Let me check myself out.

Don't you think?

With what is going
on, see what you are doing?

Don't you see how good I look?

The clothes looks good.

-It's not bad.
-Let's just get it over with.

Let me see if I can see--

Anyone that misbehaves
will be dealt with. Don't dull.

I swear to God.

That's your problem.

When you have made
money, You should drink olive oil

before you drink your beer.
Because someone can poison it.

But you don't
have money, so you can't do it.

Ah. Poison you? No one can poison you.

Anyone that wants
to poison you will have to

I swear to God.


Nkechi goes for 1,5 Million.

Isn't that a Toyota?

See your mouth. Just spewing nonsense.

I said it's Nkechi.

I have done naming ceremony,
baptism and first holy communion for it.

And then you're calling it Toyota.

The name is Nkechi. Aka, Nnki.

Where did you find him?

Don't talk. Don't say anything.

People are talking and
you just open your mouth…

How can I help you?

Boss, I'm at your mercy.

You know how
things are, that's why we are here.

The problem is you are useless.

Your stupidity is…

is a lot…

It's too much.

but you see my guy here,

I swear to God. Can you see his shirt?

There's a third problem.

You know what they say about birds?

-My guy… Depends on the bird.

Flamingo, they don't "flop"

they know where
they're going and they go for it…

what do you want?

How can I help you?

Boss, I need a job.

We need a job.

Boss since you
started this transportation business,

your life has changed.

Just a a look at
your car, Nkechi. Boss, help us.

Do you guys own a car?

Actually, we don't own a car.

You need to own a car
and then download the taxifly app.

Taxifly, the one that flies?

-Don't you know it?
-Boss, we know Taxifly.

Ah! I salute you.

I salute you.

He's a cab driver.

Your father is a cab driver.

Look at this guy. Do you know who I am?

On worse days, I make
seventy to hundred thousand Naira.

-I will leave this place.
-Boss, don't be angry.

-He's looking down on me.
-Don't be angry.

Don't mind him. What is wrong with you?

Don't dull it. You can see--

Boss, don't mind him. He's joking.

-We are ready for it.
-I have a meeting.

I am coming.

-Sir Collins, we are not done.
-I said I am coming.

He doesn't speak English?

I just told him you'll be back.

He was close to giving us a response.

What's all this?

I am coming, let me go talk to him.

What is wrong… I said I
was coming. What is wrong with you?

Guy, leave there. Leave there.

It is well.

You called the police?

Who called the police?

-Officer Tolani what do we do?
-It's the truth!

Let us go, let us go.

Leave it, let me handle it.

I'm Buta, there is nothing I can't do.

I can drive all sorts…

Well, look Chinedu please…

I have given you a
car to drive, then drive the car…

and refrain from
this unnecessary conversation.

Okay, no problem. So what do we do now?

Because you know
that customer privacy is quite key.

-You will leave the car.
-I would leave the car?

Are you playing with me?

Wait… who was the car given to?

I should get down?

You're talking… Do you have a license?

I told you it's expired… so?

So you wan to drive a car without

your license so that
police will arrest us.

My friend drive… you can
drive and I have a license so let's go.

-I want to see your license.
-You want to see my license?

-You want to see my license.
-I want to see it.

Wait, what is the problem,
why do you need to see my license?

I said I have license…
You want to interrogate me?

You're just talking…

Original taxi, faster…

What is the meaning of all that?

I'm calling passengers.

Does this look like a commercial bus?

So how do we get
passengers as we are driving?

They will be the ones
to call us, we are well packaged.

-Look at this mad person.
-They will call us.

Okay no problem, let's keep going.

Where is the phone?

The phone that the
guy used to register for taxifly?

I forgot.

I forgot to-- I forgot to ask you…

You know what… let's make
a turn to go back and collect the phone.

I caused this.

Don't be angry, I'm the cause of this.

Now that I have made a mistake,

I know I won't hear the last of it.

Turn here let's go back and take the phone

It's my fault…

Guy you wouldn't kill me.

Let us decide what we want to do.

Both of us can't be
driving this car. It's not proper.

What are you exactly,
the conductor or what?

Chinedu please, please and please.

I don't understand anything you're saying.

I need you to know that I
can't come down from this car

-if that's what you're about to say

I won't come down
from this car no matter what you do.

-What's up?
-Our first customer.

I told you!… well as
it stands we will bill her N3500

Drive let's go.

Oh God.

Keep the cigar, what are you doing?

What is your problem… drive.

Look at her over there.

-What kind of question are you asking?
-God save me

-Didn't you see the plate number?

I told you this thing wouldn't
work, you have chased the customer away.

Look, Chinedu
this Taxifly thing won't work.

It won't work…
I don't like these kind of things.

Let's use the car as a local taxi.

Let us just go to Oshodi or Yaba axis…

You'll see a large crowd
that want to pay for our taxi services.

-My friend drive this car.
-Yaba is not fresh.

Brother… brother
please have you seen Nkechi?

Who is Nkechi?

My car, I parked it here.

-Talk to me.
-It seems like…

Something is wrong
with you… Do I look like Nkechi to you?

Brother have you seen Nkechi?

-C'mon leave this place.
-What kind of question is this?

-I parked it there.
-Do I look like your gateman?

Brother, don't be angry
about abusing your head.

-Please have you seen it?
-I don't understand.

Have you seen Nki?

A black Camry that has a large behind.

You haven't seen it?

Brother please have you seen it?

A black Camry that has a big behind.

I saw two men
drive it past that extreme left.

Two hours ago brother.

Taxifly welcome, customers are
always right.

Oh my God.


My man your coat is very nice, it's
even better than the coat of arms.

What is wrong with you, can't you hear?

Didn't you hear when
the boss said "just move."

Please move this car.

This lunatic was mimicking
big brother's voice.

This is the first money we will make.

Didn't I tell you?

Do you think if it was taxifly

we would have had customers like this?

We have to bill him more.

Don't worry about that don't you trust me?

If I take you to Makoko,
you'll find lot more customers.

God works in mysterious ways.

-I want to smoke.
-For what reason?

Do you know if the
customer will be comfortable?

Did the customer
complain? Please, please, please…

-Guy, use your head…
-What kind of person is this?

What does that
mean? Did the customer complain?

What is this?

Boss, you can't just say
we should go that's not what we b--


What are you talking
about, that is not what we bargained.

We agreed to take just one person.


Just drive… leave this place.

He said my turn
will come… He doesn't know me.


My bladder is about to burst.

Why are you taking so long to urinate?

What's this madness about?


Unfortunate bastard. Why
is he still urinating?

Let us go, let us go…

Get going…

Oh my God.

This is money.

I'm really surprised by
this, what about you?

Park quickly. Let's count the money.

You can never ever fail

You can never ever fail

My God.

You can never ever fail

Jesus the same forever

Oh my God.

My God.

The money hasn't finished…

There is money everywhere. Oh my God.

Oh my…

What did you say?

Where is danger written on this money?

Where is danger written
on this money bastard.

Are you sure you are okay?

3,4 million or you can't hear me?

Do you know what we
will use 3,4 million naira to do?

We will pay our rent comfortably.

We can pay the rent
four times over if we choose to.

Your dad's surgery
will also be covered as well…

Tobi will also be
shocked when you pay her bride price.

And you're saying
we should return the money,

listen to this mad
fellow, he is speaking English…

So as we took the money now, what are we?

Please answer my question.

Wait, wait, wait… what is your problem?

Okay, hold on. It seems
like I understand what you're saying.

We'll carry this bag right?

We'll take it back to those people.

That mad man that dragged
me on this chair like you witnessed.

We'll just go to
him with the bag and tell him…

He will also say,
"Oh it's fine my prodigal son"

You'll then tell him about
your dad's surgery

that he should give us some money

Then he'll say it's fine, it's fine…

Please take this
for your father's surgery.


It seems like your
head is not functioning properly.

Did you not see how the guy grabbed
me the last time?

That's the person you
want us to return the money to.

Drive the car, let's leave this place.


It seems like you don't
know that poverty is our surname.

Please drive this car let us leave here.

If you don't want to drive, I will.

Guy, look… let's leave this place.

Ah…my God.

my God!

Buta, Buta, I'm giving
you ten minutes to bring Nkechi back,

or else you'll remain short till you die.

Mr. Collins you'll have
to be calm. As it is,

How do you say it in your language?

Where are you?

Where are you?

Mr. Collins please forget
where we are because…

if I tell you all that is happening…

I swear, when you are calm.

Mr. Collins can you hear me?

if you are calm, you will be rewarded.

You will enjoy us.

You had better bring back my Nkechi.

Mr. Collins it seems you
aren't listening to

what I have to say.

Good bye.

I'm trying to explain to him .

-He's asking about Nkechi
-Aha, Nkechi has gone…

When will we return his car?

-What did you say?
-When will we return his car?

When will we return the car? Which car?

Cardigan or khadijah?

What happened?

Did something happen?

Yes, what is it?

It's over there

Look at Nkechi… I'll
have a car and still be walking?

What's up? when are we returning this car?

Why are looking at me
that way, I asked you a simple question.

When are we really returning the car?

You know that I know you.
Especially when you're hiding something.

Guy, talk to me.

Collins did not actually give me this car.

I have been trying to tell you

but we haven't had time to catch up.

I stole it.

Why are you parking?

Why are you parking?

Calm down, aren't we having
a conversation? Why are you parking?

You don't need to park. Aren't
we having a conversation?

Keep moving, we will talk.

I didn't hear you well… what did you say?

I stole it for us to use it for a while.

You understand now.

Why are you acting this way?

I told you I stole it yet
you're saying you don't understand?

Okay, I took it.
I carried the car. I stole it.

Guy, I did this for us.

You know the situation your father is in…

Is it my dad that has kidney issues?

Talk!. Am I the one owing house rent?

Why do you always
involve me in things that make no sense?

Am I your child?

So, if we get caught by the police…

and we are asked some questions

we will turn out to be thieves.

Come. What police?

Since we've been
driving have you seen any police?

Why are you acting this way?

What we're meant
to talk about is this money here.

Guy, guy… take a look at the money here.

This is what we should
talk about. We have made it.

At least you can
marry Todun with this money.

Don't mention her name again.

-Have you heard me?
-I shouldn't mention Todun's name?

I said don't mention her name again.

-Oh really, no problem.

You're angry.

No problem… stay angry.

Make sure you're angry and stay that way.

If you also want to
come down, do so and leave.

That's what I don't like…

Time for action,

Chinedu, Action time

We won't see you.

You will dwindle.

Leave if you want to.

Guy, what is wrong with you?

We're talking about
something serious and you're farting.

We are talking about something serious--

-So who did?

You think I didn't hear it.

Ah, Chinedu where are you going to?

I am here.

-You are here.
-I am here.

I want to pass through here.

You can't open the trunk, you're scared.

You are a coward. just to open the trunk

Who is that?

Guy, open it.

Who is that?

Look, pastor Chris… are you okay?

Can't you see the situation
on ground? You're quoting the bible

Is this one normal?

You keep saying "we
are baked bro" what do we do?

Wait, wait, wait… so
you mean that's our governor?

Open it. Open that boot.

Guy, what are you saying?

How can this be
the governor. Look at his shoe.

You call this one
governor. His shoes doesn't look like it.

I don't want to get angry
or else I'll start speaking grammar.

Guy I'm not getting involved.

Please close this thing.

And you said this is the
governor, take a look at his head.

is this one a governor?

Forget this guy.

The way things are you
will give me a position.

You could appoint me as
minister of petroleum or anything.

You do it for people
that come out from Big brother.

I am even more qualified than them.

Or you'll give me something.

It's me that is uncalculated?

Come here. Come, let me tell you

and the other idiot that
wanted to slap me that kidnapped him.

Look, my eyes can see clearly.

Both thunder and
lightning will strike him in the anus.

What am I seeing. What I--

This is manna from heaven.

It is plenty.

Hey Governor, your English is too much.

All of this will be after
you have settled us handsomely.

I don't know the role you want to give me.

But my name is…

What is that?

Can you see this mad man?

I have no idea,
but we have a lead at least.

Rat did what?

Do you know that this is jail time.

Let's slap this man!

Brother at least you have
confirmed that they didn't pick up.

Mama… mama… please I'm begging you.

Okay, the only person I know is Buta.

I don't know the
other guy. I can't lie to you.

I don't know the other guy.

My friend Fuka,
he helped them move recently.

Are you sure you have airtime?

Play on time. Don't kill--

Guy, don't rush me.

Do you understand?

Don't rush me.

It's none of your business.

Guy, stop wasting time.

Be fast, be fast, be fast.


-It won't…
-It's three.

-What is all these?
-Guy, what is all this?

-Oh God.
-Cast the dice.

I’m sympathizing with you all already.

Are you a pastor?

-You guys should calm down.
-You are doing too much.

-Oh… what is happening?
-Roll the dice.

Who is calling me now?

-Guy, come--
-What is all these?

Mama, you are restricting the flow of air.

I cannot talk while you hold me that way.

Which unfortunate
fellow is calling me at this time?

Calm down.

Hey, bro, what's up?

What's happening?

Come, I hope
you are calling me for the 70k you owe me.

Guy money is not everything.

Guy, calm down. I will pay you.

Are you messing with me?

This call is not about my 70k.

I will add 5k to it, relax.


I have something to ask you.

Please, what is Buta's house address?

I think you all are crazy people.

-I am listening.
-Please just tell me.

Leave the money for now

I can't lie to you,
I will give you Nkechi for two weeks.

Are you sure?

You will take that your
girlfriend, Chinyere to a good restaurant.

Are you sure?

Are you sure? Don't mess with me.

Two weeks, I am telling you. Two weeks.

Be careful, don't injure me.
Use your head.


Well done. I have it.

It's No. 17 Ajegunle

There is no problem

It's like you are all crazy
did you not see a call come through?

Don't touch the money.

Don't touch it o.

Guy, don't say that.

I told you--

How did I get you in trouble?

Why would you tell him your name?

Are you crazy?

Are you mad?

Do you want to bite me?

You want to bite my hand?

Are you crazy?

Eh? You said?

You and who lives in this country?

Don't allow me slap
you. Who is a Nigerian?

Who is the Nigerian?

Consi-- This guy does not know me.

You don't know me.

Are you crazy?

Which stupid passport?,
The only passport I have is the one

is the one I snapped
back then in secondary school. 5 by 6.

You are saying--

I will slap you. Are you crazy?

Oh, you want to
run. You want to do prison break.

Look at his head.

You are what?

You are the cause of this
nonsense, you keep helping him up.

Now, move.

Bring it.

I will hit you from behind.


Even the Bible says so.

What nonsense light?

What kind of low current
light is in this present situation?

we have the governor in our hands.

Do you know what it means
to have the governor in our hands?

Chinedu, we are
the ones with the governor.

which means we
can ask for anything we want.

and he will give us.

I just knew your brain
will bring up a bad suggestion.

What is all this? I don't want
to have this conversation with you.

What is your problem?

Wait, when you hear of generational wealth

where do you think it comes from?

Generational wealth starts
from one person.

A courageous person that
will damn consequences

Please avoid me.

I should avoid you?

All these people don't care about us.

-Bro, you get me into trouble.
-They don't care about us.

The government doesn't care about no one.

The government does not care about anyone.

This is the right time to make this money.

It's God's doing.

Do you know how
many people hustle just to look for

money yet don't get?

I won't lead you into trouble.

This is the right time to make
money now that the opportunity is here.

Let's make
this money before you get arrested.

What is huh?

Did I mention my name.
Weren't you the one that mentioned yours?

You are the only one getting arrested.


I know that is your
problem, but let me tell you, don't worry.

I swear to God.

You know I can't
leave you in this situation.

I have a plan.

I already have a plan
as to how everything will work.

I need you to do is listen
to me and let's work together, that's all.

I will just make a run for it.

-Make run?
-I will find my way.

Make run? Okay, run.

Where do you want to run to?

Let me show you how the street works.

This soft lifestyle won't help.

It won't work. Except
you want to stay in poverty forever.

Bro, turn back let me
show you how the street works.

How will I track this guy down?

Tolani, think. Tolani, use your head.

This is a dead guy.

All this frowning you are
doing. When money comes in,

your mood will change.

I am the one telling
you. I have told you to calm down.

Is this is my first
time of dealing with this?

Nothing will go wrong.

Why are you… Why are you acting slow

Don't you know you should have
opened the boot?

You are coming here.

Don't misbehave.

Do you hear me?

Don't misbehave.

this stupid clothes you're wearing.

Why is he falling?

Go away.

Go away. I'll slap your head

Sit down! Are you mad?

Is something wrong with you?

Do we look like we are joking here?

can you hear him. Sorry.

Are we going to eat forgiving?
We asked you to give us money you said…

I will slap your head.

I am coming. Watch over him.
I want to check if the coast is clear.

Do you understand? Don't dull.

He wants to kill himself with drinking.

A mad person.

What is… What is…

Hey, leave here.

Are you crazy?

Are you mad? Are you talking?

Are you crazy?

Are you mad?

I will blow off your head.

Are you crazy?

I asked you to watch
him, you are collecting

his Instagram handle.

You are trying to be friends.

Don't worry. Just messing
around. Can't you see it's working?

If you dare… take one more step.


-Move back as I am watching.

Sir, I am a police officer, please.

I am a police officer.

What sort of police are you?

Police that wears designer clothes?

Louis Vuitton or what is it called?

Eh? What are you
looking for in my compound?

Please, please just--

What are you looking for?
Do you think I don't know who to use this?

Do you think I am joking?

I went to the gulf war.
I killed many people.

Did you say Chinedu is
owing you money or what happened?

I will explain to him. Are you crazy?

-Isn't it Chinedu--
-Move it you puff puff.

See him like puff puff. Move it.

He won't pay
his rent yet he brings problem.

You said you are police
officers. Why are you acting like thieves?

Sir, move!

Are you listening?

Do you want to eat it all by yourself?

Aren't you tired? Are you not satisfied?

Hope you have not gone mad?

Are you mad?

Do we look like Teslim Balogun to you?

He thinks we are joking?

Are you crazy? Are you mad?

Sorry. Sorry. Please…

This guy… This guy is a comedian.

No problem.

Guy, I am tired
of all this. Let's finish him.

God knows I have tried.

Hope you are listening?
me. God knows I have tried.

Are you listening to me?

Are you listening?

-You know what?

You haven't seen madness.

Hide? No. He owes me two years rent.

You are hiding them.

Leave there, let me…

I said he is not dead. Step aside.

It's the governor's phone.

I just switched it on when we got in here.

Who is this?

I am the…


We are the ones who hijacked
the governor from the other kidnappers.

What does terminated mean?

Okay, should we kill him?

We will prove to him that he's dead.

What do you want to do?

Are you sure we are not being tracked?

These are the killers.

Ah. Nawa oh

That money will change my life.

It will go a long way in my life.

I told you.

I told you he was going to wake up.

As it is, you are in hell
fire. You are in hell fire right now.

There is a
50 million bounty for your death.

Even my pastor, pastor Shekemi.

He will break bottles to get that money.

I swear.

Sir, it's already been.

We are not joking.

There's a 50 million bounty for
you as we speak.

Governor, hope you are not bluffing?

Hope it's real. He could not
pay 150 before and he wants to pay 100.

don't want to listen to you.

This will work. It will work.

I am tired of you. It was
your idea that put us in this position.

Don't worry.
Chemistry gave it to me. It will work

Eh, go away.

Sign what? Guy, leave here.

Governor, swallow it.

Sir, You will get yourself killed.

-He is a drug dealer.
-Hey, I will kill you.

You know I don't have time for
this rubbish.

Swallow it.

He chewed it like he has had it before.

I told you it will work.
Let's put him down.

Close his eyes. Close his eyes.

Close his eyes!

Bro, what's up now? What's up?

What's up now?

Of course, because there is no time.

You know how it is.

I will settle you.

I haven't received it yet. What is…

We are rich.

No problem.

Who is shooting in there?

Boys, go in.

Bro, please, please.

Bro, please, please.

Who shot my meal ticket? Eh?

Sir, it wasn't us.

Are you telling me my investment is dead?

it's one bros.

So now that the whole family is dead now,

who will pay my balance?

You can keep them I don't know them
from Adam.

Sir, have you forgotten me?

We attend the same church.

Bro, have you forgotten me?

We attend the same church.

You attend my church.

Bro, I--

-Mad man
-Ouch! Ouch!

Guy, your hand hurts.

That is what put him to sleep.
He's not dead.

Sir, please wake up.

It's a drug. I take it
well, you will see. He will wake up.

Look, wake up already.

Get up! You see?

Shake your body, let her see you.

In the name of Jesus.

Our maker, we thank you for today

Chinedu our son is getting married

We say thank you Lord.

Bless them with children.

Give them everything they need.

Your marriage
will be filled with honey and joy.

As sweet as Buttermint tastes,

so shall your happiness be.

[prayers in Yoruba]

The wicked will have nothing on you.

In the name of Jesus Christ,

you will not be put to shame

That is a snake.

Anybody there?

We caught two thieves, right?

Yes, there were two of them.

Two criminals. Where is our reward?

-Just look--.
-Where is our reward?

Just look at how she's
smiling because of an ordinary award.

This office. I have told you--

I have told you…
let's join Navy or the Army.

You said you want to be a police officer.

Anyway, let's see what happens.

You like it, right?

It makes sense.

Subtitle translation by: Ayomide Otegbayo