Dwellers: The Curse of Pastor Stokes (2020) - full transcript

Where do exorcized spirits go after being banished from the bodies they inhabit? Some say they follow the priests back to their church and make their new home there.

Thank you, nurse.

Bishop Taylor...

it's Pastor Stokes.


I'm sorry, Bishop,
for waking you,

I just wanted to check on you.

No, no, you don't
have to sit up.

My days are numbered, son,
but you already know that.

So, why are you really here?

There have been things
going in the church.


It's... it's hard to explain without
sounding like a crazy person.

Tell me what's going on, son.

Some of the members
have left the church.

That happens, you know,
sometimes you just have to...

Demonic spirits.

Bishop, have you ever dealt
with a demonic spirit?

Why do you ask,
why do you ask, Pastor?

These people, they've come
to me asking for help.


Yes, help, they're
experiencing demonic activity

in their homes, their lives.

- Dwellers.
- Dwellers?


They sit and prey on the weak,

the ones who have lost faith, either
in the church or themselves.

Have you ever wondered
what happens to the demons,

that people exorcize,
when they come to church?

When they fully
start believing in God,

then all the demons they've
been fighting leave them.

Those demons dwell
in that church

looking for the next,
the next weak person to terror,

to terrorize.

You have to leave now.


There's a reason why
they're coming to you.

Look deeper into.

♪ I don't care who you
think you are ♪

♪ You might be
shining on a superstar ♪

What are you doing?

Why are you playing without me?

What are you doing
out of bed, Holly?

- I miss Mommy.
- And Mommy would kill us

if she knew you
were up right now.

- But I can't sleep.
- Come on.

No, no, wait, can you read
me a bedtime story please?

Holly, your mom will be
home soon, you really have to go to bed.

Please, please, please,
only a couple pages, I promise.

A couple pages, that's it, okay.

This one?

Once upon a time,
there was a little girl

who always had an excuse
not to go to sleep.

She would ask for water,

she would ask for apples,

anything to avoid
going to sleep.

I don't think I like
this story very much.

Why not,
it's based upon true story.

Now get some sleep, okay?

- Goodnight, Britny.
- Goodnight, Holly.

Come on, carriage.

One more time for me.

No one is going to believe this.


Holly, Holly, sweetie,
what's wrong?

Sweetie, talk to me.

Holly, what's wrong, Holly?


Hey, Brit,
is everything okay?

I just got your text.

No, I mean...

yeah, I have to talk to you
about something. Are you close?

I honestly
shouldn't be much longer,

is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine,

I'll just see you
when you get home.

I'll be there soon.

Okay, bye.

♪ Miss Mary Mac, Mac, Mac ♪

♪ All dressed in black
black, black ♪

♪ With silver buttons
buttons, buttons ♪

♪ All over her
back, back, back ♪

♪ Miss Mary Mac, Mac, Mac ♪

♪ All dressed in black
black, black ♪

♪ With silver buttons... ♪

Please come play
with me, Britny.

Hey, listen, I've got
to tell you something.

Something really,
really messed up just happened.

Just hear me out,
it's going to sound crazy.

I just, I
just don't know where to start.

Everyone thinks I'm crazy,
I'm not crazy.

It's okay,
just take a deep breath.

Close your eyes.

Tell me what happened.

Mm, Travis, stop it.

Travis, I said st...


What is that?

Babe, what's wrong?

I don't know, I, I, I, I just
saw something, I saw her!

Saw what?

The... I...
I saw a girl,

I saw a girl right there.

She was standing
on the edge of the bed

and she was tickling my feet.

Hey now, don't, don't you dare
look at me that way,

I'm not crazy,
I know what I saw.


- Babe.
- Oh, shit.

I'm sorry if
I woke you, are you okay?

Yeah, babe, I'm alright.

It's okay, babe,
I got to get up anyway.

- What?
- I told them I'd be in early today.

No, no, no, can you stay today

and then tomorrow morning
go to work early, please?

Like special please.

Tomorrow I'm taking off,

Right, I forgot.

Yeah, but I'm going
to come home for lunch.

Yeah, and I'm going to go
to the grocery store.

- Mm-hmm?
- And cook a nice dinner.

Dinner, okay, for once,
okay, well, you know what,

it sounds like I got
a good boyfriend.

- Really?
- What?

A good boyfriend,
just, just good?

That's what I just said, right?

- Okay then.
- Well, listen...

well, from what I hear,
I'm a great boyfriend.

Please, okay, don't hype
this up, alright? You aight.

I'll see you a little later.


Have a good day.


Excuse me, can I help you?

Good afternoon, Pastor.

I see you're keeping busy?

Tell me, what's your time frame
for returning to the church?

I don't think I'm ready yet.

you're the Pastor,

people are going to start
to worry about you,

I mean, I'm starting
to worry about you now.

Psalms 55:22,

cast your worries on the Lord
and he will sustain you.

that's the truth.

So, tell me,
what's this all stuff about?

What is a dweller?

You know how as people,

we all battle our own
demons internally?


Sometimes that
battle manifests itself

as a spiritual dweller within.

So you're
saying our personal demons

can turn itself into
a spiritual presence?

Yes, and that spiritual presence
will attach itself to you

and it'll do anything
to control your life.

they try to become you?

Yes, look at Evelyn.

Her spiritual presence has
been dwelling in her home.

I can't believe how cold
it's getting already.

I kept the windows
to my bedroom open all day.

Oh, gosh, you're so dramatic.

Well, sister, I'm tired,

I have a long day tomorrow,
like a ton of meetings.

Why, so I can be a stay
at home mom like you?

No, thanks.

Goodnight. Love you, bye.


Leave it open.

Are you okay, Mommy?


And why do they come to you?

I'm still trying
to figure that out.

They all used to be
members of the church.

Hmm, well, now that you say that,
I do remember a couple of them.


There's one thing
that's very strange though,

every single person who
had one of these episodes

gave me a piece of a photo.

Tried to put it together yet?

Yes, but it's just not
registering to me yet.

I don't know,
I'll figure it out soon enough.


So, what does the wife
think about all this?

You haven't been home much.

It's a battle every day.

She just doesn't understand,
you know.

Well, I feel the same way,
I need you at the church,

I can't do this by myself.

Do you remember that talk that Bishop
Taylor gave us at our university?

"You guys are doing great
here at the university,

you have very bright
futures being young pastors

in a church that needs
your strength,

but I see where you can fail.

Stop trying to save
the world and save a person,

then that person can
save a person and so on."

That's what I'm trying to do.

The world can't be saved,
only the people can.

Yeah, I understand,
I got your back.

Hey, don't forget,
we have a baptism to do

- in a couple of days.
- Got it.

This is Pastor Stokes, day ten.

Still no answers.

Dear Heavenly father...


It's almost time, Pastor.

Oh, yeah,
I almost lost track of the time.

So, who is getting baptized?

This is Sophia.

She had an interesting


You're crazy.

In your dreams.

My room is a mess.

You know what,
as a matter of fact

I'm going to call you right back after
I take a shower, get my life together.

Okay, bye.

Get it together, Sophie.

Get it together, Sophia.

You're going to die.

Can you imagine
that happening to you?

I don't want to.

- We have a long day ahead of us, Pastor.
- Yeah.

Hey, come here,
let me drape you.

Thank you.

You know...

I'd want to be baptized too.

Did they ever mention why
they left the church, Pastor?

Something evil influenced
them all to leave.

What else could it be?

Why do people leave the church?

They leave because the word of
God is no longer affecting them.

They turn to people or money
to solve their problems.

These spiritual demons
feed off of that.


So, what's your plan, Pastor?

What are you looking
to achieve with all of this?

Do you really think you
can help these people?

Past couple of weeks
I've been wracking my brain.

To be honest, Ali,
I'm trying to figure out

how I can actually
help these people.

I know nothing about exorcism...

but what I do know...

is that these people were
chosen, and somehow so was I.

In their minds, they believe

that I'm the one
who can help them.

So with God's blessing...

I'm going to do everything
in my power to do it.


I can say one thing,
they're in good hands.

As you go into this water,

I consider that Jesus
took up a human body

and himself was baptized,

that I cannot even
baptize myself,

much less save myself,

that the water
only washes bodies.

But Christ washes consciences,

and it is only in him
that you have hope

of passing through
the waters of judgment.

As you rise from the water,

I consider that Jesus raised himself
from the dead of his own power.

That he washed you from
the guilt of your sin,

that he has broken the power
of sin in your life.


Sophia, are you okay, Sophia?


Are you alright?

Sophia, are you okay?

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

You're okay,
it's okay, it's okay.


Why are you still here?

I'm, I'm leaving soon,
I just... one more thing.

Go home to your wife,
all this will be here tomorrow.

- Your wife won't be home if you keep sleeping here.
- You're right, you're right.

Go home, get some rest.

Let me put my eyes on this a
little, see what I can come up with.

- Go.
- Okay.


Honey, I haven't
seen you in days,

the least you could
do is come to bed.


Thank you.

You know, I shouldn't
have to compromise with you.

I love you.

Hmm, well, you have an awful
funny way of showing it.

I promise.

It will be better soon.

We'll see.



Pastor Stokes, is this you?


Trisha, Trisha Charles.

Hi, Trisha, are you... you okay?

No, I need your help.

Shut up, bitch. Shut up.

- Pastor, I need your help.
- Hello.

What are you saying?

Shut up.

Shut up, die, die!

In the name of the Holy Spirit,
I rebuke the evil.

Who was that, hmm?

This woman that used to be
a member of my church.


What did she want?

I don't know.

What are you doing?

- I have to...
- Jonathan!

I have to just check something.

Jonathan, you promised.

Trisha, oh, my God!

What, what are you doing?

Oh, my God, are you okay?

- Are you okay?
- Ow, no.

the matter, Trisha?

Oh, my God!


Here, here.

It's okay, it's okay,
just tell me

- how I can help you.
- I'm sorry.

- Pastor.
- It's okay. Just tell me how I can help you.

This has been going on
for the past few weeks,

I wake up with bruises
that are unexplainable.

I'm sorry, I have to cut
you off, but can I please record this,

I promise it'll help
you and me both.


I set up cameras
in my living room.

Is this... this is it,
the footage?


Back up is en route.


Are you okay?

I can't promise you that
it's going to get any easier...

but let me ask you a question...

who were those voices
on the phone with you?

What are you talking about?

Trisha, you called me
right before you...

came to my house.

Dang it,
let me see, five, six people.

- What's going on?
- Hey, Pastor.

Have a seat, have a seat.

Look, I've been up all night trying
to put this into perspective.

- Let's do a lesson.
- No, seriously hear me out.

Alright, the things these
people have in common, right?

One, they all
come from our church,

two, they all had the same
paranormal attacks,

and three, all their
names have six letters.

Right, these are things
I already put together.

Right, six,
six, six, six, six.


- She came to me last night.
- Another one?

She even has a video of
what happens to her.

I was going
to suggest a hoax.

- A hoax?
- Yeah, a hoax, I mean, is this all too coincidental?

Six people, all their names
all have six letters.

It's been happening to me too.

What's been
happening to you?

As I look
deeper into these things...

I've been seeing
and hearing stuff.

What do you mean, stuff?

One night...

my wife woke up.



what are you doing?





Jonathan, what's wrong?

Oh. What are you doing?
What's wrong with you?


What is it?

It all felt so real.

Listen, I'll continue with this.

Go see Bishop Taylor,

I went to see him,
he's not doing well.

I don't think
he'll be here much longer.

I hate to see him
when he's like this.

- Yeah.
- You know, the last time I saw him,

he was trying to tell me
something important.

Yeah. What was he telling you?

He was explaining to me

how the demons sit
and prey on the weak.

Sit where?

In the church.

You keep working,
I'll be back soon enough.

Pastor Stokes.

How's he doing?

He's dying, Pastor.

I'm glad you're here, Pastor.

You asked me if I ever dealt
with a demon before, I have.

Today is a new day.

Today God has his
hands above you.

Today none
of your problems matter,

the only thing that matters
is your faith in God,

- someone say amen.
- Amen.

If you believe that
Christ died for our sins,

if you believe that God's plan
is better than your plan,

if you believe that evil
will never trump God,

then line up next to me.

Let me put my hands above you...

let the Holy Spirit
enter your life.


How's everything,
everything good?

Bless you.
It's so good to see you.

So nice of you to come.

Let us pray.

The Lord is our shepherd.

That day I had to make
a decision,

I had to decide if my
faith was strong enough

to fight something so powerful.

I decided to fight it myself.

Do you know your Bible, Pastor?


Your heart was proud
because of your beauty,

you corrupted your wisdom for
the sake of your splendor.

I cast you to the ground,

I exposed you before Kings
to feast their eyes on you.

Ezekiel: 28 verse 17.

No temptation has overtaken you,

that is not common to man.

God is faithful

and he will not allow you be
tempted beyond your ability,

but with temptation,

he will also provide
the way of escape.

1st Corinthians: 10 verse 13.

You cannot drink
the cup of the Lord

and the cup of demons.

what are you trying to say?

You cannot share the Lord's
table with a demon!


Someone's close!


Johnny, boy.

Come to me, Johnny.

Come to me.

Come see me, Johnny.

Help me.

You just don't get it.

Come with me.

How's your faith, Pastor Stokes?

Why do you ask?

You don't look too
confident in yourself.

What do you think I don't get?

Everything you've learned.

You've been mislead
and manipulated.

I guess you've got a different
version of the truth.

Is that what you seek?

The truth is you've been
taught Lucifer is a man.

What if that was a lie?

You see,
I was married for 30 years.

My husband didn't have much,

but when I left,
I took a third of what he had.

Do you really think a fight
between two men so massive

wouldn't be because of a woman?

Eve was created
from the rib of Adam,

the ribs are some of the most
fragile bones in the body

and yet they protect the most
important thing, your heart.

Eve made Adam eat
the forbidden fruit and yet...

God never punished her.

I won't allow your manipulation.

Do you not believe?

Let me restore your faith.

Who are you?

Help. Help. Help.

Help me, Johnny.

Who are you?

In the name of the Father,
state your name.

Bishop Taylor told you the story

of the six people that
came to him in the church.

He tried to save us all.

of us didn't make it.

No! Stay away from it!

She can't be saved, but you can.

In the name of the Father, state your name!

In the name of the Father,
state your name!

In the name of the Father...

state your name!


You have to leave now!

Ali, listen,
I need you to look up

something for me
before I get there.

No, listen to me, listen,
I need you to find out

everything you can on
the demon named Prosperine.

Yes, I'll, I'll explain when
I get there, I'll be there soon.

Okay, bye.

Right, this is what
I found on Prosperine.

These are the most
powerful female demons,

Bishop Taylor mentioned something
about preying on the weak...

this demon preys on
the weak, Pastor.





They're all powerful, but the most
powerful of them all is Succubus.

Maybe we can run that
past Bishop Taylor.

He's dead.

What do you mean, he's dead,
in his sleep?

I'm afraid it's a little
more complicated than that.


is that why you
asked me to look it up?

Um... Bishop Taylor
confessed a dark secret to me

about Bethel Baptist.


- He was performing exorcisms.
- Where, at the church?

I believe both in his house
and here at the church.

Then why wouldn't he tell us?

Tell us what,
that he was releasing

evil spirits from people?


Would that have stopped you
from becoming a Deacon?


Me neither.

That's why
I don't go home at night,

this is what I signed up for,

the people in our church
need me, they need us.

What are you looking for?

A bag.

What do you need that for?

When I was at Bishop Taylor's
house, I saw things.

I'm listening.

In his room,
in Bishop Taylor's room.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Pastor, this just sounds crazy!

Ali. Ali, the answers
to all my questions

may be in that house somewhere.

And what are you going to do,
just break into the Bishop's house?

No, we are.

Pastor, there's got
to be a better way.

There's no time for another way.

Look, I'll FaceTime
you right now,

so I'll be with you
the whole time.


Hey, man, be careful.

Thanks, Ali.


Yeah, it's open.


Okay. Hey, be careful,
man, be careful.

Okay, I'm in, I'm in.

Good. Good.

Alright, I'm in the room.

Okay, do you see anything?

No, nothing yet.

Okay, let's see.


- Be careful, brother.
- Thank you.

Nothing yet.

Hurry up, let's make this quick,
we've got to get out of here.


- Hey, you still there?
- Yeah, I'm here, Ali.

I haven't found anything yet.

It's just...

it's just Bishop Taylor's stuff.

- Do you see anything?
- Hang on.

I think I found something,
give me a second.

Just hurry.

you can read Latin, right?


Okay. Um,

I'm going to show you
this on the FaceTime.


- What does this say?
- Uh, it says, "The demons are taking over my body."

Pastor, I think
this is a journal.


Okay, um...

What does this say?


Put it closer.

It says I will be
the death of you.


Pastor, what's wrong. Hey?

Nothing, nothing, I, uh,
I just... I thought I heard something.

I think it's time
to leave, grab a couple of

we can analyze them tonight.

Pastor, behind you!
Pastor, behind you!



- Ali!
- Pastor!

Pastor, Pastor!

Where did she go?
Where, where is she?

- Are you, are you okay?
- Yeah, are you alright?


We've got some great
material to review.

There were so
many notebooks and files,

I wish we could have
gotten them all.


I never saw anyone
possessed before.

I mean,
all these years of studying...

and preaching the word of God...

I truly never believed
demons exist.

I understand
why you're so obsessed

with helping these people.

Now I'm obsessed with
getting answers.

Well, we've got a lot
of tapes to review.

No, no.

Go home.

There's so much to do,
I, I can't go home.

Go home to your wife, Pastor,

she deserves a little
bit of your time.

I'll look at this stuff tonight.

And we can start
over in the a.m.

I found this in
the Bishop's bed.

Hiya, honey.

Can you tell
I'm happy to see you?

Look, I understand,
but even if I told you what was happening,

you wouldn't even believe me.

You know what,
Jonathan, you're right,

I wouldn't believe you, but do
you know what I do believe?

I will honor,
love and respect you,

I will never put
anything before you.

And I will never leave you.

You know where
I got those words?

Our wedding vows.

And I mean every word.

Every single word.

You know what,
I don't know how much more

I can take of this, okay?

I come home every day to an
empty house and an empty bed

every day, every day!

Every day,
it's weighing heavy on my heart,

- I can't do this.
- Jackie, I promise, I promise...

this will soon be done.

Just give me a little more time,
I'm so close, I'm so...

Just, just,
just, just stop, just stop,

you don't get it,
you don't get it.

Jackie, Jackie.

Just, you don't
get it, Jonathan.

My description of
demons is, persons without bodies.

It's very important to realize
you're dealing with a...

Everyone, hold hands.

Close your eyes and focus!

Focus on the forces that
bring your demons out.

Keep your eyes closed, fo...

Why's the lights out?



What are you doing here?


I was trying to get
myself together.

Do you want to talk about it?


I think I found what
you're looking for.

What is this?

I want to thank you all
for coming here tonight.

I know that reflecting on what
you're going through can be hard.

Wait, this is why we're here?

- I thought you said this was going to be a prayer service.
- Yeah.

- Right.
- It is.

Ever since I received phone
calls from each one of you,

I've been trying to figure out
what was happening to you,

there's a reason that you
contacted me,

and I'm going to do
everything in my power

to try and help you
by the grace of God.

Okay, Pastor, but how is
this going to help me?

- Us?
- Yeah.

- Exactly
- Yeah.

20 years ago, Bishop Taylor
faced the same challenges,

some of the people from
the church came to him.

So, they were like us?

they were much worse.

Worse, you mean it can
actually get worse?

When the possession
actually starts to kick in.

That's what
happened to those people,

the demons already started
taking over their bodies,

Bishop Taylor
could only do so much.

I feel like it's already
trying to take over my body.

They are,
but that's why we're here,

I think we all can
help each other.


Tonight we're going
to try to open the door,

so that the demons can walk in.

- What?
- Wait, what?

I need to know
which demons are dwelling,

so that we can know
how to help you.

But this is crazy,
I don't want to do this!

we're running out of time.

Trust in me, trust in us.

Trust that the Lord has my back.

Okay, so... what do we do now?

Alright, everyone,
join your hands in prayer like mine.

I want everyone to channel
your energy and thoughts

to this exact place,
when the demon comes to you.

Focus on your thoughts,

whatever you do,
do not open your eyes.

Repeat after me...

I will fear no evil.

I will fear no evil.

I will fear no evil.

I will fear no evil.

I will fear no evil.

I will fear no evil.

I will fear no evil.
I will fear no evil!

don't let them break your focus.

I will fear no evil.

I will fear no evil.

I will fear no evil.

I will fear no evil.

Don't look.

Do not let it break
your concentration!

I will fear no evil.

- I will fear no evil.
- The Lord is walking with you in this.

I will fear no evil. I will fear no evil.

I've lost. I'm sorry.
I can't do this!



Please help me.

- Sophia.
- Help me.



Do you think tonight
was a failure?

At this point, Pastor,

I don't know what's
a failure or success.

I'm looking at life through
a totally different lens now.

What I do know, is I think we've
opened a door, that can't be shut,

now that I'm worried about.

We can't let our
faith be shaken.

The Lord chose us for a reason

we're going to figure
this out together.

Absolutely, we always do.


I know, I know.

Hi, honey.

Okay, on my way.

Where's my beautiful wife?



There she is.

You know, I've tried,
I've tried for so long

to look past things
about you, Jonathan.


I knew what I was getting into
when I signed up for this...

but I thought it was
going to get better!

Listen, I understand
exactly how you feel.

I... honestly I feel
terrible about it.

You have no idea how
this feels, none!

Got it!

I do know, but I don't
think you understand,

I made a commitment, Jackie,
a commitment to God.

You made a commitment to me,
which you have not fulfilled!

Look at you! You can't even have
a decent conversation with me

without looking at that
fucking phone of yours!

I can't do this anymore,
I just can't.

What are you saying?

I'm saying we can't be anymore.

Jackie, until death do us part.

Yes, I know.

You're going to die.

I ended my vow with those
words in front of the church,

that made me
the man that I am today,

I can't change who I am, Jaclyn.

You married a man of God.

I surrendered my life to him,

so I have to help these people.

All you care about
is helping those people!

But who's
going to help you?

Her name is Jaclyn.

How long have you been
working with her?

Not long.

You mentioned there
being five other kids.

Yes, but she's the most
intriguing of them all.

How so?

I was hoping with your
experience, you could tell me.

How long have you
been doing this?

Bishop, I know I look young,

but I've been doing this
for about 15 years.

This sort of thing
is personal for me.


do you understand Latin?

Yes, why do you ask?

Is that what she's writing?

I believe so.

Okay, well,
let me engage with the child

and see if I could be of help.


Be careful.

Hi, Jaclyn.

I'm Dr. Roberts, how are you?

What are you writing?

Can you tell me what
this sentence says?


You're going... to die.

Did it hurt,
does it hurt, Dr. Roberts?


You're so weak.

You have no power
over me, Bishop.

- I warned you.
- What?

Where are
you going, Jonathan?

No more cooking.


I, I can help you.

It's too late, Johnny.

The church can help you.

But who's
going to help you?

What's wrong, Johnny boy?

The church can help us.

What church?

The church you stopped going to?

The church that's based on lies

and filled your head
with false beliefs?

The church
that's built on a rock?

Do you even know what
the rock is, Johnny?

I am a child of God.

I will not let you
shake my faith.

We drive you from us,

whoever you may be,
unclean spirits,

all satanic powers,
all infernal invaders.

In the name and by the power
of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

may you be snatched away and
driven from the church of God!

He who has built his
church on the firm rock

and declared
that the gates of hell,

shall not prevail against her...

because he will dwell
with her all days,

even to the end of the world!

In the name...

God, the Father commands you!

God, the Son commands you!

God, the Holy Ghost
commands you!




God, Lord.

Please grant us.


Easy, easy.

Everything's going to be okay.

- Everything's going to be okay.
- What, what happened?

You happened.



Just go to sleep.

Everything's going to be alright,
we'll talk about it later.

Get some rest, okay?

I love you.

And I love you too.

Johnny boy.