Dwaraka (2017) - full transcript

A thief falls in love and this changes his life.


What’s this?
- I don't know, sir.

Don’t act innocent like a school kid,
Sudarshan. - Sir...

You should find out.
- Okay, sir.

Call him.

It's ringing, sir.

Hello, sir... I'll arrange it by next week.

This is no EMI to pay in installments.

I didn't file a case because
Lawyer Ravi referred you.

In case I did, you'd have to pay the
lawyers in millions.

Is the SI available?
- He's upstairs.

Hey! I need one lakh in
my hand in an hour.

Or else, you’ll be behind bars.
- Sir, greetings...

Hmm... Tell me.

I’m Mukthi channel’s Program Head.
I know DGP Mr. Bhaskar really well.

You're here to tell me that?
- No, sir.

What is it then?
- I'm here to file a complaint.


3 lakhs were robbed from me on
my way from the Bank.

How much did you have in total?
- 3 lakhs, sir...

Tell me what happened in detail.

I went to the Vara Lakshmi Bank, sir.

Hey, you don’t know my background.
Let me teach you and your Bank a lesson.

One phone call and you'll be fired.

Sir… Sir…You settle our issue, please.
There's no limit to their fraud.

What's the matter, boy?

I told mom I'd clear sister's fee today.

I withdrew money from their ATM
to deposit in their Bank.

But they say the notes are fake.
Isn't it obvious that the notes are fake?

Hey! Don't say that again.

Chill, bro. You got the fake notes at least.
Some got no notes at all.

You don't get it, sir. I feel so furious.

Bro, don’t be raged.
You'll only get BP and diabetes.

Not a solution, am I right?
Got my point?

Got it, sir.
- What'd you understand?

I came to the Bank for money and
you taught me how to make some.

Hey, you fool! Are you out of
your freaking mind?

What’s wrong, sir?
- A guy just spit on my van.

Remember you told me.
We'll get nothing out of being raged.

How can you be so furious yourself?
- What the hell! I keep blabbering crap.

Don't bring it up now.

Devotion alone isn’t enough.
You need to be fearful as well.


Do something. There's a writer downstairs.
File your complaint with him.

Can DGP Bhaskar help?
Influence isn't going to work.

You wouldn't be here if it did.
- 3 lakhs, sir...

File a complaint and leave.
I'll call you if we have anything.



Who's in the Ameerpet batch?

Who else? It's the Erra Srinu's batch.

Erra Srinu, ah?
- Yes, sir. There are three of them.

They grew up together since they were kids.
Whatever they do, they do it together.

One of them is called Oscar.
Oscar level actor...

His task is to study
the candidate they target.

The second one is Sobha Raju.
His specialty is timing.

His task is to divert the targeted candidate.

And the third one is Erra Srinu.
He's the Team Leader.

To describe him in simple terms..

His only need in the world is money.

When he has the money,
he's lost in his own world.

When he doesn't have it,
he's in the outside world.

What? Are you describing him or me?


Anyways, where can we find them?

♪Call her a girl, figure, chick or a hottie
She's an epitome of sins♪

♪You might have the worldly treasures
But it gets boring without a girl♪

♪O' boy... Admire my beauty♪

♪O' boy... Jump right at me♪

♪Call her a girl, figure, chick or a hottie♪

♪Call her a girl, figure, chick or a hottie
She's an epitome of sins♪

♪Watch me in a sari and I’m like cocaine
Let me work a blouse and I'm like heroin♪

♪I have the moves of Jennifer when in denims♪

♪I cause a typhoon in a two piece
Cyclone calls when I'm in a bikini♪

♪So I draped a stole similar to Sunny♪

♪O' boy... Admire my beauty♪

♪O' boy... Jump right at me♪

♪No matter how you spell it
I'm called the Lovely Lily♪

Hey, bro...!

Hi, dudes!
- What's up with all this?

I attended a wedding and luck favoured me.

♪As you walk by with grace
You make us go gaga over you♪

♪Let's bring our hearts together♪

♪As you chuckle out loud, love
I sense my heart pounding hard♪

♪You're a mix of Howrah rail and Yahoo mail♪

♪O' girl... You're an exotic beauty♪

♪O' girl... Here comes your man♪

♪Ask for it or back off
I don't kiss and tell♪

Guys, move it!

I'm not giving my jewels.

Why are you after me, man?

Idiot! I wonder where he robbed these.

Sir, ask them to stop.

Sir, ask them not to hit us.

Sir, please don't hit me.

Sir, please don't hit me.
I swear on my mother.

We didn't rob the money.

When my dad couldn’t get a visa in Dubai…
And was lying on a bench in the airport...

He was accused of planting bombs
and locked up.

Believe me, sir.

Sir, what money are you talking about?
We don't get it.

Sir! We promised
Goddess Peddamma last dusserah.

Since then, we quit robbery.
I'm telling the truth. Believe me.

Forget that.
Tell me where the money is, idiots.

Sir, we weren't even in the area
at that time.

Oh, my! Oscar!

Alas! You killed him!

He has a brain tumour since childhood.

Doctor said he can't take any kind of shock.

He's dead now. Damn it!

Call an ambulance,
sir. Give us your jeep at least.

Hey... I heard electric shock cures
brain tumour.

There’s no power cut anytime soon, right?
- Sir!

Sir... Sir... Don't you think this is unfair?

Will you kill him without a single proof?

What gives you the right to do so?

You can't kill an accused through
electric shock.

Sobha Raju, I’ll die first.
- Sure.

- Sir...

How much current kills a man on the spot?
- 1000 volts, sir...

Put it on 2000.
- Okay, sir.

He might die for real.

Sir... Sir... Sir... No, thanks. Forget it.

My grandma says
I'd go to hell if I'm electrocuted.

Hey! This is far better than hell.

Sir is like God himself.
We can't cheat him. No.

Give me the money. Let's give him.

You rascal!
- Get up, man. Get up.

What happened? What are we doing here?

How come you're here, sir?

Hey, show me the money. Come on...

It's only 2 lakhs.

Where's one more lakh?

Come on, sir...
We've been in debt since 6 months.

We had to spend it.


Sir, do I file a case?
- We should find the money for it.

Sir, we'll leave.

Hey, touch the camphor.

Only God can save you.

No way, sir. If God was real,
he wouldn't have caught us.

Shut up and do it.


- Hmm...

May you live long!

Master, we performed such a powerful ritual.
Our work will be done, right?

I have pacified the five elements and
nine planets.

Didn't my predictions come true
since 15 years?

Reminisce how you have reached this stature.

You know it all, Master.

I was an illiterate working
as a gate man at the movies.

So, no one was ready to offer me a bride.

I got raged and came to Hyderabad
from Palakollu by train.

I was roving around jobless
when a guy asked me for directions.

Since then, I've been termed
as a Real Estate broker.

You know I've grown gradually since then.

How much are your savings?
- Around 800 probably...


When an illiterate man is earning millions...

Doctors and software engineers
are praying for lakhs.

There's a thin line between being
hopeful and greedy.

I know, sir. I've bought 10 acres
in Shamshabad recently.

You registered the land
at the worst of times.

We know you cussed me soon after I did that.

That land was sold
without the owner's notice.

The land owner filed a case in the court.

I'm having a hard time claiming the land.

There are 300 flats in this area.

I could only sell half of them.

I'm desperately looking for
buyers for the rest.

As you performed this ritual,
time will be favourable.

Your planetary positions are
under complete control.

A great man is coming
your way to ascend your stature.

He will only change your life.

Really, Master? When will he come?
How is he going to come?

How do I recognize he's the one?

He'll rise like the blazing sun
amidst rays of dawn.

He'll appear as Lord Vishnu in meditation.

Before the blink of your eye...

He'll eliminate your ignorance
and bring auspicious times.

Wow! I wonder where this great man is.

Hey, no!

No, what? We'll settle down in one shot.
It is worth 20 million.

Hey, it's a God's idol.
Please. Let's not do this.

Because he’s a God, he wouldn’t complain.
He wouldn't get dramatic.

He has to fulfill everyone’s wishes.
That is why he was made God.

Uh-huh... I don't feel good about this.

Okay. You guys stay here.
I'll go in and be back.

We'll stay back. You go.

What’s with him?
- Calm down.


Catch him! A thief! Catch him!

Go look for him. Go…
- Hey...! A thief...! A thief...!

Hold him! Catch him, guys! Come on...

Come on... Hey, stop! Stop right there!

Look... Where'd he go?

He must be somewhere around.

Let's go that way and look.

He must be hiding. Look..

'He'll rise like the
blazing sun amidst rays of dawn.'

'He'll appear as Lord Vishnu in meditation.'


Hello... Good news, bro!

The Shamshabad site owner
passed away last night.

We get the 10 acres.

Before the blink of your eye...

He'll eliminate your ignorance
and bring auspicious times.



Hey! Where am I?

Everyone should pose the
same question to one's self.

'Where am I?
What's my purpose of life?'

Saint has preached the
essence of Vedas in a sentence.

Hail, Saint Krishnananda!

Hail, Saint Krishnananda!

Who do you think I am?
'Who am I?'

A question beyond comprehension...

Only Bhagavad-Gita has the answer to this.

That is what Saint meant.

Hail, Saint Krishnananda!

Hail, Saint Krishnananda!

You are here!

You're finally here for me, Saint!

This is not fair, Saint.

Why do you look down upon poor devotees?

I've been waiting for 20 years and yet,
I couldn't get to see you.

You've finally manifested at
my workplace, Saint.

Saint...! I feel emancipated.

This is once in a lifetime experience.
All my prayers are finally paying off.

My wishes have been fulfilled.
I feel fortunate, Saint.

Loved by his devotees...
Saint Krishnananda...

♪There shall be chaos, dude
No one knows what future brings♪

♪Who'd put a stop to this drama?♪

♪Man is the weirdest creature ever
Life goes haywire in reality♪

♪What is everyone chasing after?♪

♪Something with its existence unknown
It is chased after with ignorance♪

♪Be it difficulties or beautiful times
It's a game of belief people play♪

♪There’s hope and fear as well
Who'd run a balanced plot?♪

♪No matter what you lose or gain♪

♪Life is all about profit-loss,
good deeds-sins♪

♪There shall be chaos, dude
No one knows what future brings♪

♪Who'd put a stop to this drama?♪

♪World is one nasty place♪

♪Life is a wonder in itself♪

♪Let me make this clear
We comprise the world of today♪

♪There’s hope and fear as well
Who'd run a balanced plot?♪

♪No matter what you lose or gain♪

♪Life is all about profit-loss,
good deeds-sins♪

♪There shall be chaos, dude♪

♪No one knows what future brings♪

♪Who'd put a stop to this drama?♪

♪Man is the weirdest creature ever
Life goes haywire in reality♪

♪What is everyone chasing after?♪



Why'd she call now?


My dad was wrong assuming
you're a great man.

You didn't just lose
my dowry in your politics.

You made a debt for 300 million
and fell to the ground.

You've been to all the parties to be an
MLA since 10 years.

You couldn’t even become a Corporator.
Shame on your life!

Okay. What now?

I just returned from
Karnataka Elections Campaign.

Why'd you call? Are you coming back home?

Don't think I'd come back to
that shameful life.

You don't remember
your son's birthday but Karnataka Elections, you do.

How would I remember?
You come home once in 6 months.

You cuss me till you're done and leave.

I am helpless for having to be your wife.
But you increase the debt irresponsibly.

Hello, sir... Expenses were 14,600 rupees.

We didn't pay the
electricity bill since 6 months.

When the meter was going crazy,
I switched it off.

Let's pay it soon.

By the way, what's with all the clamor,
people and this carnival?

When you weren't in the city,
on top of our apartments...

Saint will only wash away your sins here.

You’re accountable for your good deeds.
Please come, son...

Son, Saint's shrine is like River Ganges.

You should wash away
your sins here but not carry them home.

- Bro...

I need you to do something urgently.

He said he’d make the God’s idol vanish.
But he has vanished now.

I feel really hungry.


What is he doing up there?
- Go fast, guys. Queue will increase.

Queue, ah?

What's all this?

You were fine up until now, right?
- He's been feeling weak since 4 days.

We don't know what the illness is.
We just realised it.

You'll be fine.

What happened to him, son?

He has seizures every time
he watches a miracle like you.

Really? It's because of his sins.

Now that you are here, I'll cure you.

You’ll be fine…

- Brother…I'm cured of cancer.

It's not cancer. You had paralysis.

Isn’t it cancer if my arms and legs feel numb?
- You've been showered by his grace.

Stay back and offer your services to Saint.


Greetings, Master...

Dude, tell me this.

Who are those guys in the pictures?

Is it some 'Wanted' list?

Like I know them...
They must be foreign Saints.

A few foreigners brought them for me.
- Oh...

Is Lawyer Ravi home?
- No, bro.

I just looked. Office is still locked.
- He isn't there? Where'd he go?

What is this? You took 50 million
promising to get me an MLA seat.

You’re just returning 20 million now.
Do I look innocent to you?

Don't say that. Assume
I've given the 30 million for Party Fund.

I'll get you a seat in the next elections.

I'm a Minister now. Believe me.

I believed you once and you didn't deliver.

Bhavani, where'd you find this guy?

Politics isn't like the share market.

You don't get profits right away.

You need to keep investing
and wait for profits.

Why don't you tell him?

Sundar, listen to me.

It was my childhood dream to
build a star hotel in the city.

He is anyways a Minister now.

He’ll get us a good site in the city.
Invest your 30 million in it.

I'll invest the rest.

Three of us will have equal shares.
- Isn't that a great deal?

Business with you guys?

A broker who offers a seat for 2.5 million...

And a loafer who makes false
promises for 50 million...

I don't deal business with either of you.

I invested 50 million.

I'd invest another 10 to expose you two.

I don’t care about money.
I can earn it with time.

I'll go to America alone and...

You call me a broker, huh?

Do I look like a broker to you?

Hey... Even my dad
never yelled at me since childhood.

I argue only in court.

When I'm outside...

Oh, my god!

He couldn't understand money
is powerful than humans.

Hey, what'd you just do?

What, huh? This is his life's worth.

You get 30 million and I get 20.

This is a Government guest house.

That's why I killed him.

What kind of a man are you!


He's not a criminal lawyer.
He's a criminal first.

He went completely after his dad.

Next time you get a call,
find out what it is about.

You put me through hell.
I'll faint out of fear.

Shame on you! Get in. Bloody idiots!

Tell me, Ravi.
- Where are you?

I'm in the station.

Get an ambulance to
Minister's guest house urgently.

Who is he?

NRI... He was being a stud.

Looks like a patriot.
He explored the world and finally died here.


Anyways, China Babu called. What is it?

He called me as well.
He said it's something urgent.

Urgent, ah?

What are these guys doing here?


It's Erra Srinu and his batch
from Ameerpet.

They're some really wicked men, I say.

Saint, the Shamshabad site is
now mine due to your grace.

I got a profit of 50 million.

You have to accept
your share of 10 percent that is 5 million.

You can't deny me.

It’s not his share, son.
It's an offering.

We stand unparalleled to give Saint a share.

Devotees cannot comprehend
your miracles, Saint.

You compel me to talk on your behalf.
I'm blessed.

These guys are up to something.
Let me lock them up and...

Are you out of your mind?

How much would you loot if you become DSP?

500 million?


How much would you loot as a future Minister?

5 billion?

He's God.

We can loot around hundreds of billions.

So, find out who conspired this scam.

Who else? It's the priest with the head gear.

Ask the priest to visit our office once.

Why don’t you say anything?
You were meditating, so...

I was making the best out of spare time.

Meditation is man's essence of life.

You tell me.

What's your opinion about the Saint?

It's remarkable.
He's a manifestation of Lord Vishnu.

He descended to Earth straight from Dwaraka.

How can you be so sure?

Mankind doesn't exist based
on mere reasoning.

Did you know oxygen is an
essential gas to live when you were born?

When did you realize
sunlight decides your existence?

All our thoughts arise from God.

We are just players in his game.

Didn't I tell you he is insane?

We had a thought.
- What's that?

We want to offer our services
to Saint's devotees through a Trust.

So be it!

It's God's master plan for you to do so.

Go ahead. He is aware of everything.

We wish to seek
his blessings before we start.

That's no issue. Let's go right now.

A lawyer, politician and a cop...

You seem like the three Lords to me.
Let's go.

Look, guys... This is unfair.

Builder Sathi Babu
brags about being a sincere devotee.

He gave us 1000 bucks less.
Who's going to pay up?

Really? You be cautious, man.
Don't believe anyone.

People are all about betrayal.

Would he give us a concession
of 100 bucks ever?

Damn right!

Hail, Lord Krishna!

Damn! Somebody is here.

Saint, pardon me for interrupting
your alone time.

The thing is, they aren't aware
this is your play.

They wish to establish a Trust to
offer you services.

Trust, ah?

Right, Saint.

We'd start a Charitable Trust and offer
our services to you and your devotees.

China Babu, don't preach the
Creator on his creations.


There's nothing Saint doesn't know.

I brought them as
they wanted to seek your blessings.

Hmm... You can leave now.

Er... If Saint goes through
the document and signs...

Go ahead.

God bless you!

This Trust shall conquer
the highest altitudes.

Saint, we'll take leave.

Hey, what'd you just do, man?

Did you sign the papers?
Did you donate your entire property?

SI s a big criminal.

The lawyer seems way too cunning.

You ruined our lives with a single signature.

We don't have time for that.

Let's take these 5 million
and leave the State tonight.

Bro, I love you!

You've settled our lives.

No one on Earth can stop us now.

How’d you get this cell phone?
- I bought it.

Where’d you get the money from?
- The money you've been looking for...

I used it.

I'm talking to you.

How could you steal my money
and buy a cell phone?

You are a show-off.
- What do you expect?

You were behind me about
my wedding since I graduated.

Be it my faulted horoscope or
insufficient dowry...

Every alliance slipped out of our hands.

Since then, you make me sleep
in temples as a part of rituals.

I can't do this anymore.

I'm bored of staying at home.

Ugh! What's the matter?

You’re always blaming me.
Do you know what your daughter did?

She stole my money and
bought a cell phone with it.

You could ask me for it, dear.
- What the hell!

I'm hungry. Serve lunch first.

Sure, I will. I can’t waste any food.
Let me get back to the both of you.

I’ll have you pay every single penny back.
Watch me do it.

- Brother-in-law, where are you?

I'm home.

I told you about God manifesting
on our terrace, remember?

He’s Saint Krishnananda.
He's really powerful.

You know Builder Sathi Babu, right?
He was in sheer debt.

He hit a jackpot overnight after
seeking the Saint's blessings.

Forget others. I had diabetes, right?
I'm cured now that I've met the Saint.

Come here with Vasu right away.

Her faulted horoscope will
no more be an issue.

She'll be married within a month.

Hey, I'm busy this entire week.
I'll drop by later.

Come on... Slowly...

Hey! Put it back!

Unlock it.

- What?

There's an auto coming.

Whoa! Get down. Right now...

Guys, let's go that way.

Are we going back up?


Hey, Giri…
- Who is it?

Coming, sister…
- Shut up. Hush!

Open the gate quickly.
- Coming...

Who’s visiting at this hour?
- What took you so long?

Didn’t brother-in-law come?
- He gave the same excuse as always.

He said he'd come in a week, uncle.

He can't come unless our God permits.
Let's go.

What are you doing, man?
What if someone looked?

Okay, let’s go.
- Go where?


What’s wrong?
Too many mosquitoes...

Idiot! I asked what’s wrong with him.
You heard him. Seems he lost his mind.

I get it if he lost his mind over alcohol.

How could a girl do this to him?

Don't you get it?
We are fated to live in misery.

Hey, what's the solution?

Like you said, alcohol is the only resort.

It must be his way out at last.

I'll go back to UK, man.

If you mention Uppada Kothapalli
as UK one more time...

I'll smack your face. Go to sleep.

She's asleep.

So heavy...

Huh? What's this?


Let me watch TV.

The fan...

Oh, boy! What are you doing here?

What is it, man? Are you in love?

Think about it.
- You...!

No! No! No!

Bro, I can't put them on. Shall I take them?

You're truly a God.

Bro, I'll keep these as a memory.

Give it back.

Please let me take these.
- I'm pleading you. Please give them.

I put so much effort in taking them.
- Don't make me put my hand to work. Give me.

You put them on. Idiot!

Saint... This is my daughter Vasudha.

She isn't getting married due to some mishap.

You have to help us get her married.

Saint... Saint...

Dear, Saint is analyzing
your daughter's issue.

His glance brings bliss to us.

Let's go.

Bro, my darling is leaving.

Do something and stop her.
- This is too much.

- Huh?

Miss Vasudha...

Saint is asking you to stay here for 21 days.

Why is that, Saint?

You see...

21 days of worship to Lord Shiva helped
Goddess Sita attain a husband like Lord Rama.

In case your daughter
serves Saint for 21 days...

She'll attain a husband like Lord Rama.

What does she have to do for 21 days, Saint?

Prayers in the mornings and evenings…
Offering to sing a lullaby in the night...

All these services will bring her good results.

What do you say, Saint?
- You're eternal.

Whom do I serve?

Who else, crazy girl? Saint himself...

Pulla... Pulla...!

There's something wrong in the way
he looks at me.

21 days... I can't do it.

Girl... I know how to deal with this stuff.
Leave it to me.

- Hmm?

You've dropped quite a few pounds.

A daughter like her makes life tough for me.
Only I can handle her.

Auntie, you know our
Central Minister Smriti Irani, right?

She introduced a new
scheme for educated girls.

So what?

All the educated girls
have to report in Delhi.

If you agree, I want o take Vasudha along.

You two have spun a great plan.

You thought I'd believe anything you say?

If she tries to skip 21 days of worship…
I'll break both your bones.

Mom! I can’t do it.
And I don't think he's a Saint.

He sees me with wrong intentions.

Shame! You'll be cursed.

You can't fault God's glances.

I asked her to sleep in a temple for 3 nights
and she said some guy fell on her.

She is full of lies.
Why don't you tell her?

It’s wrong, dear.
You can't say such things about him.

I'm a great example.

I consulted every doctor there is
regarding my diabetes.

I'm cured of diabetes due
to the Saint's grace.

No matter what everyone says,
she doesn't pay heed.

She and her dad are way too stubborn.

It must be my karma.
- Vasu, listen to us for once.


♪I feel my heart pounding
I sense my body shaking♪

♪I know my mind is wavering
I wonder what happened to me♪

♪She surround me all over
She twisted my heart in knots♪

♪It's a feeling unexplored
but it feels great♪

♪As your hand caressed me,
I felt intoxicated♪

♪My world has changed in a snap♪

♪Listen up!♪

♪I ponder over the thought of losing myself♪

♪I probe if this is a dream or the reality♪

♪I cherish a million years in a minute♪

♪Is it dawn or dusk?
Is this pain or joy?♪

♪As your hand caressed me,
I felt intoxicated♪

♪My world has changed in a snap♪

♪Listen up!♪

♪I float in the air with
my feet planted down♪

♪I finally realised I must be in paradise♪

♪Every girl appears like an angel to me♪

♪This has never happened before
Mankind is unfamiliar with this fact♪

♪As your hand caressed me,
I felt intoxicated♪

♪My world has changed in a snap♪

♪Listen up!♪

What are you doing, uncle?
- I'm serving the Saint.

Does a Saint wear such t-shirts?

T-shirts and pants are for humans.
God can wear anything and act as he pleases.

I told you already. Go away from here. Go!
- Ugh! You've gone crazy.

She’s a kid at heart.
She is speaking out of ignorance, Saint.

Forgive her.

Hail, Saint Siddhesh!

Hail, Saint Siddhesh!

Hail, Saint Siddhesh!

Those who received the
flowers graced by the Saint...

They can come forward and
share their difficulties.

Were you graced first?

I’ve been married thrice now.
Not one husband is loyal.

They are all behind my money.

I'm vexed with my life, Saint.

Your story makes me feel vexed as well.

Donate all your sinful
properties to my Trust.

Serve me in private. You'll be blissful.

There are no CCTV cameras
in my bedroom, are they?

Come on, Saint… Stop kidding.
- I'll give you a fruit.

Have this fruit. You'll feel peaceful.

Accept this as my offering.

Put it there.

Hail, Saint Siddhesh!

You are exposed, man!

Who the hell are you?
- This maniac manhandled God himself.

Kill him!

I comprehend your frustration.

But I'm a public servant.

I’m Doctor Chaitanya.
I'm a rationalist.

I can perform better tricks than him.

You believe he is God
but his real name is Koti.

He's a cheat performing gimmicks
on the streets of Rajahmundry.

I'm not angry with devotees like you.

Disguised in the name of devotion,
he manipulates your weaknesses.

I'm angry with such loafers.

So, I was in the hermitage
for 6 months under cover.

I found out every little detail.

Before 10 years,
his Bank balance didn't add up to 5000 bucks.

It's 300 million as of today.

Here are the bills he spent on massages
in Bangkok and gambling in Sri Lanka.

It's all your money.

Officer, please come and arrest him.

Only a fellow human
being can help us in hard times.

Believe in your hard work and intelligence.
Not in imposters like him.

I heard you are God.
- Who told you this?

Everyone says you are God.

Seems you make everyone's
wishes come true.




My mom is coming. Tell her I'm not here.



Greetings, Saint…
Have you seen my son Eesha around?

He's not here. He went downstairs.

Uh-huh? Okay then. I'm also going down.

Thank god!

Mom, are you still here?
- Dad's off to work.

You’re my sweetheart, aren’t you?
Let's go.

You sound so sweet when somebody's around.
But you'll scold me once we get home. I know.

Come on, dear...
We can't be bothering the Saint.

Let’s go.
- You go. I'll come later.

You go, ma'am. I'll send him.


Come on, dear... Tell me.
What do you want?

Will you make any wish come true?
Yeah. Tell me what you want.

You know...
Mom doesn't let me out of the house.

You are God, right?
Tell me how to escape mom's vision.

Is that it? Come... Let me show you.

In case mom's watching TV...

You should go hiding from behind.

Hey! I got you!

Moonlight was amazing last night, eh?

Yeah. I forget everything
watching you under the moonlight.


Hail, Saint Krishnananda!

Hail, Saint Krishnananda!

Get up now. You can leave.

What is it?
We got a bottle for you as well.

I’ve been dying to talk to her since 15 days.
And you guys are behind alcohol.

What do you want me to do now?

I have to talk to her somehow.

Hey... Vasudha ma'am...

Saint has something to preach you.
Come here… - Not now, man.

Where are you coming?
It's for unmarried woman.

Are you planning to get married again?

Hmm... Go...


I wish we had 24 hours in a night.

Hey! Is this
what you do in the name of prayers?

No, uncle. We’re in love.
- My foot!

Uncle... Please listen to us.


Humans have to love.
You become human when you love.

Anyone can feel love at any point of time.

You, me and everyone else...

If you discard it as a sin,
you wouldn't realise what you're losing.

Try to understand. Please...

Once love blooms in the heart...

Even God doesn't hold the power to kill it.

You know?

I'm saying this with that very confidence.

When someone says they're in love,
accept them.

Don't deny them.
It's really wrong to do so. It's a sin.

There's love in every human being.

Love is valued only when you comprehend it.

I stayed back to tell you this.

I don't know how I can sound any better.

Try to understand.


I assumed falling in love is a sin.

If you didn't preach the greatness of love...

I'd kill them both, Saint.

Forgive me.

I'll have them married with your blessings.

I'll take leave now.

Have some more.

Get lost! You think it's meat that
I'd want more?

What's this, man?

Eh? Leafy vegetable dal...

Were you expecting me to get biryani?
- I didn't mean the food.

I'm trying to talk to her and
the devotees are always around.

Bro, my plans don’t suck like his.
You're talking to the girl tomorrow.

Stick to that.


Watch what happens now.

My phone... Have you seen my phone?

Have you seen my phone?
- What is it? What's the matter?

I can't find my phone.

Have you lost your phone?
You don't have to worry.

Saint will find your phone
through his mystic vision.

Saint, stop over acting and tell her
where the phone is.

In the third row from behind...

It's in the pocket of the second guy.

Wow! It's a miracle! It's a
miraculous miracle!

15 years, 8 districts,

40 cities, 172 police stations,
272 SIs and CIs, 2000 policemen...

I'm a thief none of
them could dream of finding.

I'm a thief!

But you could find me in such a huge city.
Who are you, sir?

Are you here to catch me,
leaving worldly pleasures of heaven?

Are you Lord Krishna himself? Wow!


Come here, man. Come on…
- What is it?

What are you here for and what are you doing?
- How was my song? Was it amazing?

It was really bad. Give me the phone.
- Wait on... I've got another hymn.

No more hymns. Give me the phone.

When will your ego and superiority end?

He's back at it.

Didn't you have enough of the
betrayal and wealth?

She's a Princess the world adores.

A serene beauty men would wage a war for...

A woman who's an epitome of fidelity...

How can such a damsel be...?

Get lost!

Hail, Lord Sri Krishna!

Hail, Lord Sri Krishna!

I’ll collect my payment tomorrow.
Come get whose phone this is.

She's coming. This is your chance.
Talk to her.

Saint, I lost my scooter in 2013.

Use your mystic vision
and find my scooter, please.

I lost my wife at the Pushkar, Saint.

I lost my LG TV.

I lost my bike.
- I lost my laptop.

I lost my iPhone, Saint.
- I lost my gold necklace.

I lost my watch.
- Was this your master plan?

Hey, stop the car.

Hey, boy...

Give me some of the offering.


What’s with your crazy beliefs, mom?
You know you caused...

I know I caused a traffic jam.
- Not just traffic.

Your life and it's development
is also jammed.

Whoa! Development brought
nothing but havoc to our lives.

- You drive...

You know that man really well, right?

Why don't you ask him about your PF?

You think he is so jobless?

What do you have to do with money anyways?

I know. You are so reckless about our work.

If it's for the people, you hurry up to help.

Okay. You drive.

Bro, Tell her directly.
We'll handle if something goes wrong.

We are with you.
- Bro...

Hey, all the best.


No! No!

Tell me, Saint.

Ah! Please don’t call me Saint.
I start losing my mind.

Why, Saint?
- Damn it!

Why would I be a Saint?
I'm no Saint.

I stayed back for you and
they made me a Saint.


I saw you for the first time in the temple.
I felt so disturbed that very moment.

When I saw you here again,
I felt you were born for me.

That is why I stayed back.
I know you also...

I'll expose you right now.

Being a thief,
you're in the disguise of a Saint.

You're finished.
- Sister... Sister...

Please… He was really ignorant.
- People will kill him if they know.

I'll let the cops deal with you. Let me go.

Wow! You fell at a girl’s feet for your friend.
You're true friends, man.

Go away.

Hey! You only stole my phone, right?

I get it now. You are all from the same gang.

Let me teach you a lesson.
- Sister... Sister...

Hey! Decide on his love first.
- Listen to me.

Only then will you move from here.
- Let's go down first.

What the hell, man!
Your issue shall be settled today.

I need her decision and
I shall risk my life for it.

That’s it.
- Hey! You didn't just steal my phone.

You are talking way too much as well.

He says he loves you and
you're behind your phone.

Here you go. Take whichever phone you want.

iPhone, Samsung... I have all varieties.

Is one enough or do you want all of them?
Tie this around your waist. Come on...

Bloody phone!
Bro, you don't understand women.

God has gifted them
with a spark in their eyes.

They walk around the street
throwing glances at us.

You quit food and sleep thinking of
her like a fool.

But these girls lie down on their couch,
enjoying music.

At midnight, they send smiley emojis
to such idiots and feel happy.

Vasudha... Vasu...


Hey, let go...


He's not a Saint. He's a thief.

They form a batch.
- It's her mom.

Oh, my!
- They're fooling everyone.

What? You've finally called the
Saint a thief.

Saint, since she came here, she cooked up
several stories to quit the worship.

She is a big fat liar.

Mom, I’m telling the truth.
- Shut up.

She's a big thief herself.

Do you know what she did?

She stole 10,000 bucks from me
and bought a cell phone.

On top of that,
she's calling you all thieves now.

We are all thieves. Why do we have to fight?
Let's be together.

Saint, you have to get some sense into her.
- Mom, how do I tell you?

Shut up!

Bro, only God can save us now.

It's him?! Bro, we robbed money from him
at the Bank. Careful...

He’s Mukthi Channel’s Program Head.
- God bless you!

He's here with some problem.

Your visit here is auspicious.

Catching a glimpse of the
Saint gives you joy.

We learned about the Saint from Lawyer Ravi.
- No one comes here on someone's reference.

You can come only if Saint determines you to.

I have a problem, Saint.
- I need your blessings.

Sudha…! Sudha…! What happened?
- Don't panic, son.

Saint is extremely powerful.

She couldn't resist his power.

Sudha...! Is anyone a doctor here?

- Don't panic.

Doctor, what happened to her?

She’s pregnant.
- Really?

Saint...! My wife got pregnant as
we are in your auspicious presence.

This is your miracle.
It's the glory of your blessings.

I've been to every hospital
and temple there is since marriage.

I've used both
English medicine and herbal.

Saint, you're my God.

No. You are God for all of us.
You are our God, Saint.

Guys, are you out of your minds?

Have you lost it?

He's a Saint who performs
miracles and solves our hardships.

How could you trap him in a closed space?

Saint… Everyone should get to
witness your miracles. Everyone...!

I know what to do.

Coming Friday, I'll arrange your LIVE
telecast from 5 to 6 pm on my channel.

I'll state your miracles to both the States.

Bothering me already?

I’m not the CM yet.
Why are you in a hurry?

There's still time.

I wish that old man passed away.
Call me once he does.

I'm with you. I'll take care. Yeah.

Party members... They've been calling
for Corporation and Ministry.

It's been really chaotic. What's the matter?

I told you about the Saint, remember?
We arranged a Press meet on Friday.

I would like for you to come.
- Why wouldn't I come?

Why would a politician skip a Press meet?

I'll be there.

By the way, Sundaram's site...

The site we were planning
to build a hotel in...

I have got all the permission papers.
You just have to take a call.

Leave that to me, brother.

After the Press meet,
we can build 10 such hotels.

You think so? All right.
When is the Press meet?

Friday at 5pm…
- I'll be there, Bhavani.

Go touch his feet.

Bro, listen to me.
- You recently had a fight.

She looks really angry with you.


Saint…! Saint…! Saint…!
You have to save me.

Saint, you're my only hope.

Only you can save me.

Or else, I have no other resort but to die.

Who are you?
- I'm Prakasham, Saint.

I've been into all kinds of business.
Nothing worked out.

I've faced failure several times in life.

Everyone left me alone, Saint.

Including my wife and kids...

I'm on the streets
with no medium to earn a living.

You have to show me a way, Saint.

- Sir...

Your name means lustre.
But your life is filled with darkness.

Don't worry. You're here
because Saint has showered mercy already.

Don't be in despair.

Stay here and find some work
until you settle down.

You'll always have the Saint's blessings.

Thank you, Saint.
This is what I wanted to hear.

China Babu...


He looks educated.

Employ him for the trust work.
- Ok.

Thank you, Saint.
- Go on, son...




Stay away from me and talk.

I feel disgusted when you come any closer.

Damn! What kind of a life is yours?

Being a thief and a Saint in disguise…
Why are you still alive?

Death is far better compared to this.

‘Why are you still alive?
Death is far better compared to this.'

I'm a thief but I really loved you.

If I hadn't met you...

I'd assume world is filled with sorrow alone.

I thought only money could make me happy.

But after I saw you at the temple...

I totally forgot about it.

While I was running away with the money...

I saw you and stayed back.

I don't know any other form of love.

This is all love, right?

I wonder.

First time I saw you,
you were robbing a God's idol.

And now, you're in the disguise of a Saint.

I don't understand how I can trust you.

Love is all about trust, right?

What can I do for you to trust me?
- You should seem true to me.

True, you mean?

These are proof enough to
expose Saint Krishnananda.

Do something.

He has arranged a Press meet
at 5 pm on Friday.

Come to the hermitage by
4:30 with all the evidences.

That day, Saint Krishnananda shall be exposed

And people shall talk about
every other fake Saint out there.

With this, any man should pee
his pants to claim he's a Saint.

Vasu, come fast. We have to go upstairs.
- It's just a Press meet.

Saint will be seen on TV for the first time.
Let's go.


Come on...

Has the Press meet started?
- It'll start at 5. You start from home.

I'll be 10 minutes late.

They'd think I'm jobless
if a Minister's on time.

Sir, tell me.

Where are you, Rohit?
- I'm downstairs. All our men are here.

Good. Come upstairs in 10 minutes.
- Okay, sir.

Are the police here?

They just came, sir.
- Ask them to come up at 5:30.

Okay, sir.

My greetings to all the devotees
and viewers of Mukthi TV.

It's a divine day today.

A memorable day for the
viewers and our channel...

Because, we aren't introducing
an ordinary man today.

We are introducing to
you a manifestation of God.

It's our channel's fortune
to be able to do so.

Sri Gurumurthy will speak a
few words about this mystic.

Hope mankind finds bliss.
Gods manifests in every time period.

When sins take over the world...

For punishing the evil and
establishing ordinance...

Lord Krishna said he’d manifest on Earth.

Did he? He didn’t.

He neither took birth as a human
nor manifested as God.

But as a messenger of God, Saint Krishnananda
has visited us from Dwaraka.

Hail, Saint Krishnananda!

Hail, Saint Krishnananda!

Hey, I’m on my way.
- Okay.

The Minister will also be here.

Let’s send all of them to jail together.
- Okay, sir.

Greetings, everyone...

What can I tell you about my God?

I was really dumb when I came to Hyderabad.

Because of God’s grace and Saint’s mercy...

I’m here talking to you.

He is Lord Krishna himself
who manifested for me.

Hail, Saint Krishnananda!

Trust member, Lawyer Ravi will speak now.

In the country,
court is punishing the accused.

But the crime rate doesn’t seem to descend.

Why is that?

It’s because man doesn’t
fear the court and verdict anymore.

He manifested as Saint Krishnananda
to bring a change in mankind.

Hail, Saint Krishnananda!

Minister will be here in 10 minutes. Wait...

Where are the police?
- They’re downstairs, sir.

Ask them to come up urgently.
- Okay, sir.

Greetings, everyone...

Unlike everyone here claimed,
I’m not a great personality.

I’m not a powerful God either.

I’ma thief.

What?! Did the Saint announce he’s a thief?

Hey, stop the car! Stop the car, I say!

A person wanted the truth from me.

Here I am telling everyone.

I have concealed two truths only.

One... It’s my love.

Two... I’m a thief.

People didn’t come out in the
open saying they’ve been betrayed.

There were no secret cameras involved.

No atheist groups have attacked him.

For the first time in the
history of 2 States...

Announcing he’s not a God but
a fraud in a peaceful Press meet...

Saint Krishnananda has created a sensation.

He is our Focus Point for the day.

He disguised himself as a Saint
on the terrace of an apartment earlier.

He announced he’s a thief
in his hermitage ‘Dwaraka’.

And said he has to reveal
the truth for a person.

‘I have concealed two truths only.’

‘One... It’s my love.’

‘Two... I’m a thief.’

My husband will be fine, right?
- We can’t be sure until 24 hours pass.

Oh, my God! My dear...

You said the Saint came to
eliminate our sorrows.

Now you’re bed ridden with BP and diabetes.

I hope the Saint’s life is destroyed.
May his arms and legs be paralyzed.

Get lost, waste fellow!

Sir, what happened?

You called a roadside romeo a God.

The channel has been degraded.

With the Chairman yelling at me…
I’m pissing blood in my pants.

No, sir. My wife got pregnant
once we met him.

She got pregnant because of you. Not him.

That’s true, sir.
- You ruined the channel’s goodwill.

Sponsors are compelling me to
cancel their ads.

Try to understand, sir. Please...
- Get out!

Even alcohol isn’t working.
What else can I drink?

‘I have concealed two truths only.’

‘I’m a thief.’

Whoa, Erra Srinu!

What have you done, man?

Didn’t I tell you already?

You’ll be screwed if you mess with women.
Have you listened to me? No.

Look what happened now. Look...

Eat this first. He’s not going anywhere.
He’ll come back.

He hasn’t been in senses
since this happened.

After realizing Saint
Krishnananda is also a fraud...

Devotees are in deep shock.

Switch off the TV first.

Where were you since last night?

When God himself had betrayed me…
None of my actions matter anymore.

Either he or I should die today.
- Hey, Giri...! Stop!

He’s dead in my hands.
- What the hell are you doing?

Stop! Stop right now!

I’ll turn into ashes. Matchsticks...
Don’t stop me.

What the hell are you doing?
Take him inside.

Come, dear...

Decide on something.

Hey, man! What’s the matter with you?

I was coming to you the other day.
You know the mess Media has created.

CM called meanwhile. I had to meet him.
I didn’t have time to get back to you.

What’s your problem now?

Make the Media shut up.
- How do you suppose I do that?

It’s the Media. I’m a Minister.

I’ll be screwed if I mess with them.

Have you forgotten?

Only because I argued 15 cases of
yours and gave a clean sheet...

You became the Minister.

Hey... I’ve always wanted to have
an affair with a hot auntie.

I pardoned that desire as
I can’t take her torture.

Now, you’re filling in that space.

Okay. What’s your final word?

What can I say? Listen to me.

Make sure Media doesn’t
get hold of the three guys.

I’ll make sure our names
aren’t revealed. Okay?


That’s better. Hey, switch the siren on.



What’s the scene?

Same situation since yesterday…
But the Media is going frenzy here.

They’re way too excited for a cover story.

Where are the guys?
They’re with me.

Ambulance will be there in 30 minutes.

Get them into the ambulance.

Not just the Media...
No one will ever see them again.

- Do as I say.

Bro, Police caught us several times
but the Media, never.

He’s destroying our career.

We wouldn’t be in trouble even
if we stole the Nizam jewels.

I long told you this wouldn’t work out.
You didn’t care. Look what happened now.

If you think of the consequences
and proceed…It’s not love, man.

Sujatha, the situation at fake Saint
Krishnananda’s hermitage is really chaotic.

Media is trying to unravel the mystery
but some goons are in the way.

Going by the scenario, there must be
some really big shots behind this.

For more LIVE updates, tune in to Sakshi TV.

Who else has joined hands
with fake Saint Krishnananda including you?

Manipulating the devotion of innocent people,
you looted millions, didn’t you?

What are the reasons the
Saint has exposed himself?

Is there any political pressure
that made him confess?

Rumors suggest the Saint fled
to America with his secrets revealed.

The Saint, who is on the run...
Did he try to contact you?

I have answers to
all the questions you posed.

In that case, why aren’t you letting us in?

‘There’s no better teacher than truth.’

Along with the curiosity to question...
You should have the interest to listen.

Please come...

This is the testing period.

Even Lord Rama had to test Goddess Sita.

It doesn't mean Goddess Sita is mistaken.

It also doesn't mean Lord Rama has sinned.

If you found out Lord Rama's intention
behind testing Goddess Sita's fidelity...

You wouldn't be so confused.

What's that intention?
Why don't you tell us?

Lord Krishna would steal pots of
cheese when he was little.

He wasn't called a thief for that.

He was given cute nicknames instead.

Everything God does has a meaning
and purpose to it.

We misunderstand everything
and arrive at wrong conclusions.

Lord Rama's intention behind testing
Goddess Sita's fidelity...

It was to state her greatness to the world.

It's for her loyalty to be
taken as inspiration.

Similarly, Little Krishna didn't
steal cheese for nothing.

He indirectly meant for us to
steal people's hearts.

That's the essence of love.

Forget that, sir.

Tell us why Saint Krishnananda
called himself a thief.

Like I told you before,
this is the testing period.

Why is an exam held
at the end of a year's education?

It is to qualify to the
next grade if you pass.

And remain in the same grade if you fail.

Similarly, this was Saint's test to
differentiate his true devotees from the false.


This was a test Saint held to
eliminate the fake ones.

I knew it. My God wouldn't cheat me.

Realizing Saint Krishnananda
is not a fraud...

And that it was his test to identify
his true devotees...

People are experiencing sheer joy.

Claiming they have passed
this test of the Saint...

His devotees are expressing their happiness.

O' Saint... You're the savior of us all.

You're the God who saved my husband.

Thank you, sir.

Your promotion letter…
- Thank you very much, sir.

Congrats, sir.
- Thank you, brothers.

Sir... Sir...

I knew you were talented.
- Thank you, sir.

Like God has tested his devotees…
I tested you as well.

Sorry if I hurt you.
- Don't say that, sir.

Congratulations, my boy!

Hail, Saint Krishnananda!

This seems to be a
drama of some kind, sir.

He calls himself a thief.
But this one claims he is not.

Media and the people have
found their pass time.

This must be a publicity strategy.

So, even God has his own marketing team.

When he confessed he was a thief...

The density in his voice and
honesty in his eyes confused me.

He's a great actor whose lie sounded
as true as the reality.

Do something.

The lawyer, police and the
politician on the stage...

Gather their complete bio-data.
- Okay, sir.

One more thing...

The man working his charm with words…
The priest with the head gear...

I want his complete history as well.
- Sure, sir.

I'll stay in the hermitage and
expose the Saint.

What the hell!
What crap were you blabbering on the mic?

You homeless idiots!

Now that you got a place and food,
you've become arrogant.

A person asked you to reveal the truth, eh?
Who's that person?

I'm asking you.

Hey! I could kill you right now
and no one would know.

Tell me who the person is.
- Who else, sir? The priest told him.

You can ask China Babu if you're doubtful.

Yeah, bro.
Didn't I tell you he's a mental case?

What is this, sir?
He asks us to tell the truth.

You threaten to kill us when we do.

Our heads are blasting
from the indecisiveness.

Just kill us, sir.
We can't lead this crappy life anymore.

Bloody life! We'll not stay here.
It's far better in the outside world.

We can booze in peace whenever we’re sad.
What do we have here except incense sticks?

We can neither smoke nor drink.
Just kill us, sir. Go ahead.

You'll have all this stuff in
your bedroom from today.


Hmm... Okay, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Hey, don't listen to anything the
priest says anymore.

Okay, sir.
- Sure, sir.

Bro... This maniac must have been crazy
but our hermitage became quite famous.

5 million... 5 million...

We'd have been happily settled
in Dubai by now.

You talked about losing your
mind and telling the truth.

You've been acting crazy lately.

Hey, don't say a word to him.

We've grown up together since we were kids.

Shut up, you idiot!

What’s wrong with you?
Look how he's smiling.

They’re not ordinary people.
They’ll kill us straight.

Did you have to announce we are thieves?

Hey, he didn't have to say it.

We were born looking like thieves.
He didn't have to arrange a Press meet.

You're also right from one angle.

What’s wrong now?
Look over there.

Oh… You’re here finally.
Please come, ma'am... Please come...

You have great timing, girl.
You're stuck in his mind.

Look how he's smiling at you.

Do something.

Why don't you kill him?

Kill us as well.

What have we done to you?

She'll not leave our friend alone.

Go. Go kill him.
Stab him all you want and kill him.

Come on, stab him.

I don't know who my parents are.

I don't even know where I was born.

What do I have with me that's true?

Except for my love for you...

♪Isn't this surprising?♪

♪I've fallen for your glance♪

♪Isn't this shocking?♪

♪I lost myself to your smile♪

♪I can't seem to think straight♪

♪Love is luring me toward you♪

♪I see no way to resist this♪

♪Isn't this surprising?♪

♪I've fallen for your glance♪

♪Sleep flees away from my eyes♪

♪Life has turned out to be exciting♪

♪Heart begins to feel a quiver♪

♪Words don't reach out to you♪

♪O' God, why are you so angry with me?♪

♪Give me the strength to express my love♪

♪I can't hold this in even for a moment♪

♪No matter what, I'll pour my heart out♪

♪Isn't this surprising?♪

♪I've fallen for your glance♪

♪Beauty pokes me smoothly♪

♪Heart feels mesmerized♪

♪Love in me is awakened♪

♪I wonder if I'm going insane♪

♪Footsteps don't seem to fall back♪

♪Distance doesn't stand a chance♪

♪No matter which path leads to him♪

♪I'll not rest until I fall into his arms♪

♪Isn't this surprising?♪

♪I've fallen for your glance♪

♪Isn't this shocking?♪

♪I lost myself to your smile♪

Bro, it’s good times for us.
- Really?

You’ll definitely be an MLA.
- Do you think so?

The fare is 300 rupees, ma’am.
- What? Why don't you take 3000?

Do you think I’m innocent?
You think money blooms on the trees?

Bro… Bro…
Sister-in-law is here.

Did you tell her I’m upstairs?
- He doesn't have to tell me.

Don't I know what you're up to?

Uma, listen to me.
- Whoa! Have you opened a party office here?

This is not a party office.
- How long will you chase after a post?

When we got married,
I was told you have a lot of wealth.

Where’s all of it?
- Uma...

I’ve got no gold except for my sweetheart.
- Uma, please forget all of that.

The Saint is right there.

There he is. Fold your hands in prayer.

O' Saint... Please forgive me.

I saw all the crowd and
assumed he's showing off.

You really seem like God to me.

You have to help him lose
his greed for power...

And make him realize the value of love.

I thought he'd change after having a kid.

I stayed away for a while for him to change.
You are my only hope as of now.

Unless you change him,
I can't go home to him.

Krishnananda Trust has a
deposit of 80 million, sir.

But not a single transaction has been made.

Something's wrong.
I sense something fishy.

Even with a single transaction,
we can find their motive.

We can arrest everyone with that proof.

So, do you have the account form?
- Yes, sir.

Can I just see it, please?

Nominee: Vasudha...
Who's this Vasudha, sir?

I don't know who that is, sir.

As they opened an account hurriedly,
I didn't ask for details.


Hey... Stop... Don't move.

What? What are you doing?

Take your hand off.

Take your hand off!

What are you up to?

Let go.

What a life, man!
I wish it froze this very moment.

I asked her to get flowers. Where’d she go?
- That's my mom!

- Come here.

- Sit down.

Where’s sister?
Where'd you see her?

I saw her, auntie.
She was right here.

Vasu... Vasu...

She's not here. Let's go look downstairs.


I just want to be with you.

I feel I don't want anything else.

That's not possible.

I’ve been here for 21 days now.
- So what?

I’m going back home tomorrow.
- Are you going?

- Already?



Bro, he has fooled all of us.

He's in love with a girl at the hermitage.

Who's she?

Some electrician's daughter...

Where is he?

Hey! Why’d you come here?
- What do you want me to do?

You said you're leaving.

How can I meet you otherwise?
- Okay, tell me what it is.

Now that I'm home,
send me back with something.

What do you want me to give?

You've cast some spell on me.

But I'm scared now.


Answer my question first.

Ask me.

Will you marry me?

I'll do anything for you.

How is that possible?


If you're in the disguise of a Saint,
my dad will not agree.

What do you want me to do?

Quit all of this for me and
be an ordinary man.

Wouldn't you marry me if I didn't change?

You'll change for me. I know.

What’s with him, man?
I thought he wanted to stay back.

Have you lost your mind?
- Hey,

We’ll be in trouble if we stay any longer.
Don't you get it?

I’ve had enough of this fake life.
I have to get out of here to marry Vasu.

Hey! I have more cases on me
than I've argued.

I know everything.

I know all about your dramas
in the name of love.

What do you want me to do?
I'll kill her.

Forget her if you want to keep her alive.

Hey! Stop, man!

How dare he warn us!
He doesn't know us.

He’ll kill Vasu, eh? Rascal!
- He's too drunk. Let's take him upstairs.

Get up...

I’ll kill him.
Vasu, man...

Forget it.

This is all his stuff, right?
Forget about him.

Hey! Hey!

He'll kill Vasu, eh?

Hey, hold it!

Hey come!

Pull him away.
- You'll step on the glass.

In the program
'Helping Others' conducted by TV9...

A cancer patient is here today for help.

This boy is suffering with
a rare type of cancer at such a young age.

He needs 2.5 million for his treatment.

As his parents cannot afford the cure,
they are looking for donors.

If anyone of you wish to aid
the boy financially and save his life...

Please call the number below.

Where's my phone?


Hey, where's he at?

Right here...

You think it’s your dad’s wealth?
- Is it your dad's?

- Hey!

I've seen enough.

I stayed back for Vasudha.

If you take away what I want…
I'll take away what you want.

How dare you answer back?
- Hush!

Shut up and listen to me.

I'm not a thief anymore. I'm God.

Whatever I say comes true.

Want to see?

Tell me, ma’am.
- Saint,

We've been to every hospital
and temple there is.

No one cared to help us.

But you helped us on time. You're our God.

Please don't mention it.

Saint, are you donating the
2.5 million right now?

Don't question our Saint's solemn vow.

Lord Rama's arrow and Saint's word
aren't taken back once they're out.

Lawyer, stop looking around
and write them a cheque.


Lawyer, you've studied Law
and pardoned our traditions.

Place the cheque at Saint's feet, fold your
hands in prayer and hand it over to them.

I want Vasudha.

Search, guys! Search the entire house!

How long have you been doing this for?
- Hey, who are you?

Take your hand off.

Seems you’re running a brothel here.
We received a complaint.

Sir, you’ve got the wrong information.
- Hey! Take your hands off my daughter.

Hey! You've left your daughter to her will.

She is so full of it now.
She's sleeping with the Saint.

Hey! Shut up!
Let go of her hand.

What? Are you angry?

Send her to me if she can't resist.

Hey, you are an ordinary electrician.

Your daughter is messing
with the wrong people.

You'll be dead.

Leave the city before dawn.

Or else, you'll be locked up
for prostitution.

Saint, it's my birthday today.

Saint, it's Eesha's birthday today.

We wanted to have prayers performed here.
- Sure, ma'am.

You're fortunate to have it performed
in Saint's presence.

Mom, I'll give the offering to everyone.

Hmm... Sure.

Remember what we told you?

Move aside, people. Give way.

No, dear.


He can't eat anything yet.


Saint, we could just give him birth.

But you brought life into him.

He is alive because of your blessings.

You're God for real.

I got drunk and gave them the money.
And they call me God.

Forget about it.

You forget me.


My wedding is fixed.

What are you talking about?
- My wedding is in 10 days.

You are only getting married to me.
- That's not possible.


I told you. That’s all.
- Tell me why.

Hey! We've planned our future around him.

Meet him tomorrow and tell him.

Ask him to forget you.

Decide between your love and his life.

Or else, he'll be dead.

There's no way he can kill me.

I'll make him convince
your dad and arrange our wedding.


Hey, what’s happening?
- One minute... Even I don't know, sir.

Saint called urgently and asked me to
arrange a LIVE telecast in all the channels.

LIVE telecast, huh?
- Hello...

Think about it. It might be risky.
- Why don't you give it a thought?

What's all this?

We have 80 million in the Trust.


You threatened her, remember?


Apologize to her father, convince him,
have me married to Vasu and out of here.

You'll have the money to yourself.

Don't you wish to live?

Do as I say.

Or else, not a single penny will be left.


Me and my Trust members
have just reached a decision.

On behalf of the Krishnananda Trust...

All the kids in the State will be provided
free education, basic necessities and clothes.

For those who have no family in the State...

I'm with you.

Bro, it's LIVE.
Whatever you do will create chaos.

Saint Krishnananda who earned great
trust among people in a short span...

Has taken up service programs on
behalf of his Trust.

Through welfare schemes like
free education and healthcare for orphans...

He's helping the society on his part.

Meanwhile, Saint's helping
hand has reached millions.

He has decided to provide free healthcare,
medicines and wheelchairs to the elderly.

Bro...! Bro...!

Hey! Switch the TV on.

He has already donated 40 million.

If we stay mum,
he'll donate the remaining 40 million as well.

Do something. Do something, brother.
Come on...

He dared to warn me, huh?

Bloody roadside bugger!

I'll kill him and build his grave.


We'll earn more money and lose nothing.

Bro, think about it again. Please...

Listen to me.
- Let me talk to him.

Some cheapster dared to warn Ravi.

No, bro. Don't do it.

Ravi... Listen...



Sir, this is GMR company's Manager speaking.

Our MD have noticed your Trust's services.

He asked us to donate 50 million
to your Trust on our behalf.

We'll come to your hermitage tomorrow
and hand over the cheque.

This is Srujana Industries' MD speaking.

Is it Krishnananda Trust?

I'm calling from Shilpa
and Shilpa Constructions.

Hello... I'm speaking from Karuna Motors.

Is it Mr. Ravi?

Look... Because of your crazy stunt,
we got 2.5 billion in a day.

Let's see you get out of this now.

Hey! More than you, me and God...

Do you know what's powerful?


There's more kick in the
money people pay God for their sins.

He cannot step out at any cost.
And the girl can't get in no matter what.

I should know who all are visiting him.

Everything should be recorded
in the CCTV cameras.

Bro, Minister is here.

Greetings... Greetings...

Greetings, Saint!

CM have witnessed all your services on TV.

He has allotted 10 acres land in
Shamshabad for Krishnananda Trust.

Here are the documents.

He wanted me to show you the documents.

He also promised to bear
the construction expenses for the Trust.

Bless these and I'll take them to the CM.

I feel blessed.

I'll take leave, Saint.

Bhavani, are you happy now?


I put in a lot of effort to convince the CM.

One more thing...

Our MPs and MLAs are struggling
to hide their black money.



The money sanctioned for
Government schemes...

It's lying in billions in storage units.

There's no accountability to it.

Let's save all of that in our Trust.

We can share it later.

Sure, brother.

We have to be out of here urgently.


I can't begin to understand
what happens if we stay any longer.

I have to talk to Vasu.

You see the security outside.

It's more than what we have at the
Pakistan-India border.

Do something, guys.
-But how?


Pardon us.

You came into our lives unexpectedly
and offered us a lot.

But my wife has a small desire.

It's Krishnashtami tomorrow.
It's your day.

She wishes to arrange
special prayers for you.

Please don't deny this one wish of ours.

We were just thinking of it and here you are.

Saint wants only women to
attend tomorrow's prayer.

With your blessings, we'll do that for sure.

What’d you just do?
Vasudha will come tomorrow.

But how?

He called me and told me everything.

I suffered my whole life seeking such love.

My husband doesn't have love for
his wife and kids like he does for power.

You found a man who loves you crazily.

Don't let him go.

It's Krishnashtami tomorrow.

Only women are allowed to come
as he wants to meet you.

When you look back
at life after a few years...

You shouldn't regret not doing this. Go...

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

Hey, take your burkha off.
- Who do you think it is.

It’s Mr. China Babu’s wife.
- You go, ma'am.

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

♪Playing flute melodiously from afar
Descend on Earth for us, Krishna♪

♪Witness our cascading love for you♪

♪Accept our celebrations of welcome♪

♪Here's Dwaraka lustring in your presence♪

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

♪Realising you are no illusion
I dedicate my life to you, Krishna♪

♪Hoping you’d eliminate our pain
With a soothing tune on the flute♪

♪Knotting two souls is a
mystical game of yours♪

♪Everyone is led to your path ultimately♪

♪You're eternal woe and also a sweet lullaby♪

♪Let your clinking anklets echo in our hearts♪

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

♪Hail, Nanda Gopala Hari!♪

I'm here.

What shall we do?

Trust me.

No, thanks. Enough...

Hey, why is she here?
Why'd you bring her to our place?

If Ravi gets to know this,
he'll kill us both.

You sinner! You're neither a good husband
nor an idle father.

Why don't you try to be human?

Parents’ sins reflect on their kids.
You can't learn to love your wife and kids.

You're the reason behind all the drama.

Don't separate lovers and sin once again.

Why do we care about strangers?

Why do we care?

You didn’t save your wealth for him anyways.
Don't try saving your sins for him.

Think about this if you want us to be alive.

I've been behind power
since 15 years, losing everything.

But she ultimately won me over with love.

I'll take care of everything here.

You guys go lead a happy life.


Vasu, let's go.

Uncle... Uncle, please...

Vasudha is my life.
I'd look after her better than you.

Vasu! Let's go.

Uncle, please listen to me.
Let's not talk here. Let's go out.

I know what happens once we step out.
- Uncle, please listen to me.

Eesha... Saint, please save Eesha.

Please save Eesha. I'm begging you.

Eesha had a hole in his heart
since he was born.

That is why we never let him step out.

We've been in the hospital all night.

Doctors said he will not live.

You have to do something and save him.
Saint, I'm pleading you. Please…

Eesha! Eesha, get up!

Saint, ask mom not to cry.

Tell her I’ll be fine.
Tell her, Saint. Tell her.



My boy...

Eesha, look at me.

Eesha, you'll be fine.

Eesha...! Eesha, look at me!


My boy...!


My boy...!


' I heard you are God.'

Do something, Saint.

Enough, man! Let's get out of here.

Wondering who I am?

You manipulate people
in the name of God.

I'm a rationalist who came here
to expose you.

I'm Chaitanya.

After I enquired about you,
I realized you aren't here to betray anyone.

But you know what the problem is?

Once you leave, they'll build
your grave and run a business in your name.

Why are you telling me this?

Let me go.
I can't do this.

You can do this.

Only you can do this.

You have to live up to the trust
devotees imbibed in you.

Because they believed in me,
Eesha died in my hands today.

You're not the reason for Eesha's death.

But the reason the cancer
patient lived is definitely you.

I did all of that for this girl right here.

I had a hope in life after I met her.

After seeing Eesha,
I learned what happiness is.

When I don't have either of them...

Where I am really doesn't matter.

Earlier, when I'd booze heavily
and doze off...

I'd assume I'm alive if I wake up.

In case I don't, it means I'm dead.

But after having met them...

I don't have the strength to
endure their absence, sir.

Sir, he has done all of this for
your daughter's love.

Even your daughter loves him.
Why don't you ask her?

Tell him, dear.

Please understand their love
with a kind heart.

My daughter loves me to death.

Knowing she decided to elope with him
without my notice...

I can understand how much she loves him.

But he isn’t an ordinary man now.
He's God.

Millions of people love him.

The day they realise her love for him...

They'll either kill my daughter or him.

Forget about it.

If he wasn't God,
I wouldn't have any issue. That's all.

Been 20 years since I drank alcohol.

I quit drinking as I made a promise
to my Gita before 20 years.

She broke her promise and left me behind.

But her love for me is eternal
in her memories.


Cheers to those who look up to you as God.
Cheers to them, yeah.

Gita would always tell me.

Nothing in the world is greater than love.

I wouldn't believe her.

You know I'm a rationalist.

I'd look for logic.

After she left,
I realized love is magical beyond any logic.

I missed it, Srinu.

I couldn't shower a teensy bit
of love on Gita.

I saw the same love in your eyes for Vasudha.

That same old bloody logic less
magic called love.

That is why I say you and Gita are great.

So great that all these billions
of money was nothing for you.

With no fear of life, you announced to the
world that you were a thief.

That is why I say your insanity is great.

After seeing you, I understood who God is.
- I'm not God, sir.

Hey, fool! God is not a mere idol
or a photograph.

They're just beliefs.

God either exists or
doesn't according to what we believe.

But the trust millions of people
imbibed in you...

That's godly.

Your pure love and honesty
that only love can supersede...

That's godly.

In my words, atheism preached
a man should help his fellow being.

Theism preaches the man who helps is God.

Every religion reaches the same conclusion.

'Live an honest life and
help others while you can.' Am I right?

I'm not in a position to help anyone, sir.

I myself am in trouble.

It's okay.

He who stands for justice and
ordinance always gets into trouble.

You don't know the value of
cool breeze unless you sweat.

You don't know the value of life
unless you fight.

Earlier, you'd only think for yourself.

And now, you're weeping as
you couldn't save Eesha. Yes or no?

His disease was not as
sympathetic as you are.

Many kids are suffering from
such diseases, Srinu.

You have to help thousands of
such kids in the world.


Yeah. People are crazy, man.

They believe whatever you say.

They're always dependent on
someone to save them.

What do you want me to do now?

As people made you God,
spend their 20 billion on them.

Win the trust of those seeking your help.

I'll make you human and
help win your love. Yes!

What's all this, sir?

This is called 3-D hologram.

Fix the camera.

Come stand in the centre. Come...

Yeah, just a minute.

Oh, fish!
- Sir, what is this?

You made a photocopy of him.

Looks like Aishwarya Rai's
dance from the movie Jeans.

Something like that.

Mr. Narendra Modi also
used this 3-D technology.

Giving an illusion of our presence
using the real image...

But, why do we need this, sir?

In the land Government allotted
for the hermitage...

I'm planning the inauguration
on the coming 24th.

Thousands of your devotees
will be there for your speech.

I'm arranging a room under the stage.

So, you'll be in the room
and through the 3-D hologram...

You'll announce the donation
of 20 billion in the Trust to people...

And then disappear.

What do you mean disappear?
-Literally disappear...

He’ll vanish while everyone is watching.
- What are you saying, sir?

Let me show you.

Sir... What about Vasudha?

You do what you have to do for the people.

I'll make sure your love wins.

Your speech is in here. Prepare for it.

There’s no bigger God than trust.
And no bigger strength than determination.

You have them both now. All the best.

You asked for a land. I got it for you.

You say you’ll inaugurate on the coming 24th.
- I'll be there.

What else? I did everything you asked for.

If you come, you represent your party alone.

But if the CM came...

National Media will cover the event.

We made 20 billion being
famous in the State alone.

Once we are famous across the country…
Do you know how much we can make?

I was told a Minister shouldn’t be so smart.
I didn't learn much of Math.

100 billion...

We hit the jackpot.

Would CM come for real?

You doubt it?

We have 54 MLAs supporting me.
I assure you to bring the CM.

You make the plan work out.

You invite the CM.

We'll have a star hotel
in every city in India.

If everything works out,
you can be the next CM.


CM is coming. That's it.

You don't have to tell me anything.

I know everything.

It's been days Minister
Raghu's scams reached my table.

I ordered the CBI for a silent investigation.
He'll be behind the bars soon.

Sir, one thing...

Please think about the criminal lawyer
batch in the Trust.

Everyone gets their time.

But you're doing a really good thing.

I’ll give my best to help you take
the money to people. Okay?

Thank you, sir. Thank you so much.
I really appreciate that.

So, how’s it going, sir?
How are you doing?

You haven't changed a bit, Chaitanya.


Even when you worked for IAS, you'd mention
people first and then came personals.

Well, in fact,
I was a little upset when you quit the job.

But, what you're doing
right now is the correct service.

Thanks again, sir.

But it's not my greatness, sir.

I can't believe
politicians like you still exist.

I do exist. Believe it.

Damn, I didn't mean that, sir.
Just analyzing, that's all.

When is the inauguration?
It's on the coming 24th, sir.


Good. I'll be there.

Let's settle everyone's accounts over there.

Thank you, sir. I'll take your leave.

All the best.
- Excuse me, sir.

Hey! I spare no one interrupting my thought.

How dare you interrupt my dream?

Trying to make him human on the 24th, eh?

I'll make him a dead body
on the 24th itself.

He'll forever be God.

What I'm trying to tell all the
Krishnananda devotees is...

In the 10 acres land
Government sanctioned us...

We are building shopping malls,
liquor malls and cinema theatres.

You don’t have to pay.
It's free for all the devotees.

I'm sorry, man.

I'm leaving before
I could stand up to my promise.

They found out about our plan.

God means boundless love,
eternal trust and everlasting faith.

Hey... Chaitanya sir sent you an MMS.

'I'm leaving before
I could stand up to my promise.'

'They found out about our plan.'

'But the money should reach
people no matter what.'

'Both their trust and
my ambition are in your hands.'

'Stand up to their trust.'

'You're not the reason for Eesha's death.'

'But the reason the
cancer patient lived is definitely you.'

'You have to help
thousands of such kids in the world.'

'Consider it their need or dependence.'

‘They only know to plead.
But you know to save.'

'You have to live up to the
trust devotees imbibed in you.'

He has passed on the message, I see.

Don’t come in my way if you want to be alive.
I don't care even if I lose my life.

I'll not let you take a single penny.

All this money should reach people.

Hey, I grew up playing with
pimps like you in jail and court.

Playing games with me, huh?

Even if I die, you can never be human.

You'll remain God.

' You'll remain God.'

How much is the money?

20 billion, sir...

20 billion? It's quite a huge sum.

If the opposition gets hold of it...

10 MLAs from our party will shift to theirs.

We shouldn’t waste that money.
Nowadays, money is everything.

He can do anything at any point of time.

You do something.

Do you know what you’re doing?
- I'm doing everything with my knowledge.

Do you know what the consequences are?
You'll have to remain God forever then.

It's okay if I have to.

But the money should reach people, got it?
- No, listen...

Why don't you tell him?

I told you things about love and life.

It was all true.

But Mr. Chaitanya gave me
a much important task.

He sacrificed his life to stand by his duty.

I feel our love is a
petty issue comparatively.

You're right, uncle.

I can never be your son-in-law.

I wanted to give it once we're married.

Greetings, everyone!

I was born just like you did.

I was selfish,
hoping for a better life for myself.

But love made me human.
A belied made me God.

A responsibility brought me to you.

A God told me God is not about miracles,
chants and charms.

He told me every human loving
another unconditionally is God.

He said love itself is God.

If accepting is being selfish…
He told me giving is godly.

He told me why I was born.

He left telling me what my purpose is.

Yes, I've seen God.

We says kids are equal to God.

So, we're building a hospital with
the 20 billion in Krishnananda Trust.

Thousands of
kids are dying every year due to illnesses.

We provide free healthcare to all of them.

From now on,
no kid shall die due to lack of treatment.

This is why I was born.

Manifestation of
Lord Krishna in the modern age...

Saint Krishnananda has been shot.

While he announced a hospital
for kids using the 20 billion...

This tragedy has occurred.

Greetings, sir…
- Greetings...

How do you feel?

I feel all right, sir.

He only shot you.

I only had him do it.

Nothing wrong.

Chaitanya promised you, remember?

He promised to make you human
once you give people the money.

I promised him to help you in all contexts.

That is why I did it.

You don’t have to worry.
I'll take care of everything.

You did what you had to.

The Trust and money will be
of service to people.

You've become human from a godly form.

Go… Go enjoy your love and life.
All the best!

Doctor, you do something.

Sir, how is the Saint feeling?

Doctors haven’t given us clear information.
- What's the situation?

Doctors have tried their best.
It's unfortunate.

Saint has left us physically.

Lord Krishna preached
about death being inevitable.

Even he had to face death
having taken human form.

Saint will shower
his blessings on us forever.

Saint preached about helping a fellow
human as the essence of humanity.

Let's share his message and
ambition with the world.

This Trust is for the people.

It's for their wellness.

It'll be under the Government's control.

Government will
l look after all the proceedings.

Hope mankind finds bliss.

Devotees in both the
States are grief stricken.

CM said Saint has left us physically
but he'd shower his blessings forever...

And that we need to share
his message with the world.

Thank you, sir.
- What for?

You said you'd give me
a clean sheet if I shot him.

Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

We checked the CCTV footage
at the Press Club.

He only murdered the Saint.

What do you do with a murderer?
- We arrest him once you permit us.

Once you have the evidence, don't let a
criminal go even if the CM stops you.

Take him.
- Okay, sir.


For establishing ordinance, I had to do it.

I had to employ the evil. Go...

Sir... Sir...

C...U...M... B... E... R... Cucumber...

Bro, what's a cucumber?

Damn! How’d you think of coming to UK with me?
- In a flight...

It’s a comb.
- A comb? I don't think so.

It’s a comb if women use it.
It's a cucumber if men use it.

You don't even know that.
Everyone must learn English, man.

Yeah, absolutely right.

- Yeah?

Make it fast. Kids must be hungry.
- We look so cheap to her, man.

Aren't we kids, bro?

As per Chaitanya's promise...
Erra Srinu led a human life.

He married Vasudha, started an honest life
away from the State and settled happily.

Filling in the space of her son,
he looks after Chaitanya's mom like his own.

Builder Sathi Babu is staying
in the same hermitage to serve people.

According to CM’s promise to Erra Srinu…

Government is looking
after the Trust hospital.

Coming to the main
character of our story... Gurumurthy...




Tell me, son.

I'm in love with Shilpa since 3 years.

What happened to her?
- Nothing happened to her.

But Rahul attempted suicide.
He's in the same hospital.

Who’s Rahul, son?
- He's in love with Shilpa.

But you said you love her.

Both of us are in love with Shilpa.
- Whom does Shilpa love?

I came to you as I don't know that.

What does your heart tell you?

My heart tells me Shilpa loves me.

But mind says it might work out
in Rahul's favour.

Follow what your heart tells you.

Even I followed what
my heart told me in life.

I never failed.

Are you out of your mind?
How could you leave me with him?

I warned him I'd kill him
if he says he loves me again.

Let's go catch a movie.

Believe in things. They'll come true.

God bless you!