Dwa zebra Adama (1964) - full transcript

After a long stay abroad, engineer Wiktus returns to his small town and faithful Polish wife. Soon his Italian wife arrives, and the three start living peacefully together. But is it possible in a conservative town?

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Some people prefer
to live in a big city.

It is not for me anymore.

I choose my good old Gody.

I will not leave it.

The whole story started
with the visit

to my uncle’s grave.

The posts along the main alley
will be painted white.

All right.

On the right side,
we will establish the honour alley.

The whole alley?

We honour more and more people.

Excuse me,
do you look after the cemetery?

- Yeah.
- I would like to thank you.

That’s for the future.

- Here.
- No, thank you.

This is the mayor.

I don't have that much.

I’m sorry.

Anyway, thank you.

Do you look after the
cemetery personally?

As a part of the concern for people.


But my uncle’s house
no longer exists.


- Turkułł Aleksander.
- It’s a pleasure. Rutkiewicz.

I am the president
of the Town’s National Council.

How do you like our town?
We have a construction site here.

At the cost of my childhood.

There’ll be a new housing estate,
hospital, and a combine.

They write about us.

A new school of the millennium.
You might be interested.

I don’t think so.

You're a teacher, aren't you?

I’m unemployed.

- It’s impossible.
- Why?

We got rid of unemployment.

And I am still unemployed.

But this is different.

It happens,
but that’s not a problem.

And yet, I’m unemployed.

A job is waiting for you.

I decided to start gathering
the material

for the future historian of Gody.

Each piece of paper,
every event.

I fought out a post
for the archivist.

It would be perfect for you.

The plans for the new housing estate
are on the top shelf.

Thank you.

We need the name of the new street.

It could be a propaganda stimulus,
"the street - the slogan".

I understand.

Le Corbusier got along without slogans.

But we need it.

Mickiewicz Street.

Why Mickiewicz?

- Do you have Mickiewicz Street?
- No.

So it’s time to change it.

You need Mickiewicz Street.

We need?

That’s right.

There is no city in Poland
without Mickiewicz Street.

Do you have anything against Mickiewicz?

No, why?

But since it is everywhere,
why do we need another one?

What about "the street – the slogan"?

No problem.
We will name it after Wiktus.

Who is Wiktus?

Jan Wiktus.
Eminent citizen, my schoolmate.

Five years ago, he went to Africa
with the Mostostal crew.

- Engineer?
- No, great specialist.

An exemplary citizen,
patriot and husband.

Though, they have no children.

Why shouldn’t we name a street
after him in his hometown?

Look for the letter W.

Wiktus Paweł, Florian.
There he is! Wiktus Jan.

Look, a letter. Addis Ababa?

Read it, please.

"Dear Piotr..."
It's a private letter.

How did it get here?

It is a gift from the secretary
of the Party.

Our mayor's idea.

Collect every piece of paper,
note every event

for the future historian of Gody.

Keep reading.

Please, help me get a passport renewal.

They offered me a new job.
You know I'm hard working.

I won’t embarrass you.

I cannot leave Paola.

I better stay here,
without publicity.

Why would I upset Helenka?

She can't know about it.


Wiktus’s wife.

Come in.

Mrs. Wiktus?

Yeah. What do you want?

Good morning.
My name is Nowicki. Engineer.

- Here!
- Thank you.

Come in, please.

I am sorry for this mess.

I am alone, and nobody helps me.

Madam, I heard you had
a larger apartment,

and you would be willing to...

Who told you that?



What will they think of next?

I’m sure they told you that
my husband had left me

and that I was looking for a man, huh?

He will return to his wife
and home, you will see.

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Not bad.

I have an adapter.

Better get the cow
to the barn.

Come on!

The hay is over there.

Come here, chick, chick, chick.
Chick, hick, chicken.

The meeting of the Development Committee
went on into the evening.

Finally, the mayor decided to
raise the question of the new street.

Mr. Górnicki, please.

Let’s get back to the issue
of "the street - the slogan".

The Party does not want
to impose anything.

We are waiting for the decision
of the councillors.

Does the Women's League
have any suggestions?

Mrs. Anastasia, you may speak.

On behalf of the working women,

I suggest that the new street
should be named after Adam Mickiewicz,

the great poet of love,
eulogist of women,

- spokesman for social work.
- Thank you.

Any suggestions
by the freethinkers?

Master Jan Paweł Maczek.

Yes, Mrs. Anastasia.
It would be proof of courage

if we named the street

after the author of
the heretical "Great improvisation".

Would you like to add anything, father?

The faithful will surely be pleased

if we honour the deeply religious
author of "Master Tadeusz".

Comrade Secretary?

We still don’t have
Mickiewicz Street.

It is a gross oversight.

But let's not look for guilty comrades.

Perhaps it is a matter of the economic
underdevelopment of Gody.

But now, when Mickiewicz's dreams
about People's Poland come true,

it’s time for this editor-in-chief
of La Tribune des Peuples

to be honoured by us.

It’s true that he wasn’t an ordinary man.

Every child knows that.

That means we don’t need to
put it on the signs.

- Master Maczek surprised me.
- What?

There are thousands of such acts of courage.

And I support the progress.

I am even more surprised
at the president of the Women’s League.

We all remember what Mickiewicz

wrote about women.

We are magnanimous.

I have nothing against Mickiewicz.

Let him have streets even
in France or Italy

if it is good for our export.

My town will not be
like any other.

Your town?

- Forgive me. Our town.
- That’s right.

- Is that all?
- Not exactly.

I thought of our schoolmate
who hasn’t left his post in Ethiopia.


- Wiktus!
- Wiktus?

Actually, he left it.

- What?
- What do you mean by "left"?


He is coming to Gody
in a few days.

- Is he?
- He is coming here?

Are you sure?

I wrote to him that we were building
an estate and a combine.

He is returning soon.

On a jet, through Cairo and Rome.



Let us welcome him as the leading builder.

As the one who answers to the appeal
of his home administrative unit.

- Anything else?
- Thank you.

Thank you.

My respects.


- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

Janek found some woman there.

- It’s impossible.
- Italian.

His wife doesn’t know.

There will be a mess.

And then he will leave
once again.

- Maybe he'll stay with his wife.
- Maybe.

And if not?

We have to convince his wife.

Ignac, it’s your task.

All right, but there will be
no Mickiewicz Street here.

I don’t know.

The masses will decide.

What masses?

Through their greatest representatives.

Would you like some fruits from my orchard?

My God, I have no vodka.

You could have warned me.

How can I serve you?

Mrs. Helena, I haven’t seen you
at our meetings.

However, the situation is exceptional.

Let’s forget about private aversions…

Excuse me.

Do you know that the day after tomorrow
our friend and your husband…


You know…


He'll be here the day after tomorrow.

Yes. I know.

That’s great.

We will do our best
to avoid unnecessary noise.

Only the closest friends at the station.

Do you know why he is coming back?

I guess so.

We are building a combine

in his town,

- in his Gody…
- That’s not the point.

Janek has a wife here.

He is coming back to me.

Wife… matters as well.

But it’s not that simple.

Of course, wife, home…

I just want to say that
we're counting on you.

What now?

Gody should attract specialists.

We don’t want Wiktus to
leave us again.

Our womanly duty to the community
involves understanding,

sometimes even renouncement.

You don't know what
you are talking about.

He’s my husband.

And a husband is
the most important thing.

Ma'am, we don't live
in the Middle Ages.

- A husband, you know...
- Thank you.

- Right.
- Tomorrow at 5:35 pm at the station.

- Goodbye, ma'am.
- Goodbye.

- Goodbye, ma’am.
- Goodbye, sir.

Isn’t it too much?

So much effort to please a man.

At least, I can look down on them.


- There he is!
- Finally.


Good morning.

I am so glad to see you.

We’ve been waiting for you.

- Miss Turkułłówna.
- I'm very pleased.

- Director Woźniak.
- Welcome to Gody.

How do you feel?

Welcome in the name of
local free thinkers.

May God bless you with
beautiful children.

Excuse me.

As the president of the Women's League,

I would like to welcome…

See you tomorrow then.


- He forgot, you know.
- Shall we go?

- Let me give it to them.
- All right.

I never gave them that bouquet.

I brought the proofreading of
the interior of the cinema.

- And a Parisian journal for you.
- Thank you, sir.

Do you have cigarettes?

- Cigarettes? Me?
- I’m sorry.

They fooled us with this town, huh?

You are in a bad mood, aren’t you?

There is no one to fall in love with.

Except you.

But you’re not a local.

Actually, I am.

You think I am a ladies’ man, right?

And I'm just looking for the ideal.
What do I have here?

One of them swears and drinks,
the other cheats on weights,

and her liver.

We like healthy ideals.

And the fourth one has a husband.

What fourth?

- Wiktus’s wife.
- Really?

She has chickens and a cow.
Her husband doesn’t matter.


We met in the coordination committee.

Absent minded.
What a hopelessness.

I think you're exaggerating.

I think he regrets coming back.

You better take care
of your own business.

You look so unhappy all the time.

You're imagining things.

Not even a smile?

Maybe that's just me.

It’s not true.

I remember you being different.

Maybe I'm getting old.

Years go by.

- Janek?
- Yes?

Is there somebody else?

Tell me. Don’t be scared.

I’m not scared.

So many years without wife.

Tell me the truth.

- I prefer the truth.
- Me too.

But that’s not easy.


Let bygones be bygones.

The key thing is you're here.

You're not getting away from me now,
are you?


I love you.

Janek! Wait.

Hi. A note for you.

How are you?

Good. And you?

- They are rating out on me.
- Why?

The Mickiewicz issue.
They’re questioning my loyalty.

Why are you so stubborn?

He was a great man.

He wrote poems.

And He had no money, right?

Let him have his own street now.

He has his streets in every town.
Why can't we be different?

What’s wrong with you?


- I’m thinking about running.
- Why?

I can’t live without Paola.

So why did you return?

I missed Helenka.

You missed your wife
when you were in Africa.

But here, you miss that one?

It's who I am.

I can’t have both of them.

You need a jet.


Paola is coming.

- Here?
- Yeah.

Run to the post office!
You have to stop her.

No rush.

She has to wait for the passport and visa.

- I’ll write a letter.
- Very well.

Ma’am, this lady is foreign.

You must talk to her.

Thank you.

Good morning.

Good morning.


Yes. Do you know me?

Come in.

Sit down, please.

Do you speak French?

I don't understand.

Giovanni Wiktus. My husband.

- Husband?
- Yes.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Do you speak Italian?
- No.

I came for…

Please note that
we established a jazz club.

I am its president.

Where can I find Giovanni?


Have you informed him?

Not yet.

Talk to her.


Please come to the archives.
Someone’s waiting for you.

I don't have time!

- Someone important.
- Why?

From the office?


Okay, I'll be right there.

Are you shaved?

Prepare a fresh shirt.


- Oh!
- Are you blind?

- Can’t you see a bucket?
- Quiet.

What are you thinking?

- Paola!
- Giovanni!

Calm down.
In my country,

we are more restrained
in showing emotions.


Now, we can say,
"In our country".

Paola Campobella.
My… Paola Campobella.

Of course, you will introduce
this lady to your wife?

Of course.

I mean, we’ll see.

How did you get in here?
Who gave you the money?

The Polish Consul.
The one who was our witness.

I'm so happy!
Show me our house.

Wait a minute.
I have to tell you something.

I thought it wouldn't be necessary.

I'm married.

Of course.
I am your wife.

There is someone else.

What a strange country.

Just like Eritrea.

Kissing in public is not allowed.
But you can have two wives.

- What will you do?
- Nothing.

I'm not going to change Polish customs.

She’s staying.
She thinks we have polygamy.


But what about Helenka?

My God!

Better call on Allah.

We have to do something with her.

Maybe hide her from Helenka?

I can take Mrs. Paola to my place.


We’ve just established a jazz club.

We will introduce her
as an Italian singer.

We will be very pleased.

No! There will be no jazz clubs!

She has a husband and a home.

- Let's go.
- Wait!

You are so hot-headed.

You should at least warn your wife.

Mrs. Paola will wait for you.


At my place.

It’s closer to your house.

Thank you.

Giovanni... He’s the best husband
you could ask for.

So tender, calm, and modest.

We worked in the same factory.

- I worked in an espresso café.
- Espresso?

Espresso café.


And one day, he said:

"Delicious coffee, ma'am.

- You are so kind, sir.
- And you are so beautiful".

We started seeing each other.

We used to go for long walks.

The nights in Eritrea were marvellous.

He was so hilarious and in love.

So was I…


- Why did she come here?!
- Shhh!

She wants to take you away?!

No, of course she doesn’t.

- She came here to see me!
- So pack your bags!

- Go ahead!
- I don’t want to!

So what do you want?

She will go away, but we need to
receive her somehow.

- She’s come a long way.
- No one invited her!

I told her about Polish hospitality.

What will she think of us?

You said yourself,
"Let bygones be bygones."

Unless you waste your words.


Let bygones be bygones.

Very tasty. What is this?

I've never eaten anything like this.

- What?
- She says it’s great.

Tell her that I prepared it myself.

She prepared it.

What a lady of the house.

It’s fabulous.

You see? I told you would not
embarrass you.

We know how to receive guests -
she should know that!

Guests. Understand?

We’re not in Abyssinia.
We have our customs.

You’re so beautiful.
What a temper! Italian.

I remember my mother.

- What?
- She says you are like her mother.

It was looking like storm.

But finally, tact and culture prevailed.

Why so glum?

Maybe that’s what I am.

- Are you leaving?
- No.

- What are you going to do?
- I don’t know.

- What?
- Milk!


- Janek?
- Yeah?

You’re so moody.
I can’t even look at you.

What do I need such a husband?

Maybe she could stay here?

We have enough of space.

We'll handle it somehow.


Oh, that’s you.

- Want a cig?
- Thanks.

Yesterday, you said that
your wife had come.

It’s true.

- That Italian girl…
- Paola, I married her back there.

- What now?
- Nothing.



What do you mean by that?

You can’t live with two women.

What can I do?

Where it is written that
when you fall in love with another,

you have to get rid of your wife?

What people will say?

People, people.

Helenka deserves a husband.

Enough talking.

Good morning.

I would say good evening.


Yeah. I forgot to take mine.

Would you like to visit me?

I have cigarettes.

It will be a pleasure.



And here.

Heads together, please.

Closer. Closer.


Do you like this name?

It’s just an ordinary Paulina.

She seems to be floating above the ground.

A new ideal.

Wiktus is so lucky.

Are you leaving?

I have to visit one place
on my way back. Thank you.


Thank you.

Two cauliflowers, please.

- Here.
- No, no.

Thank you.

Here you are.

And a kilo of tomatoes.

Her Polish is really good.

- These Italians are gifted.
- Excuse me?

Do you have Italian phrase-books?

- Yes.
- Wait a while.

We’re all waiting for it.

A phrase-books, please.


Good morning.
Where did you get this pasta?

In a cooperative.

Buona notte! Bonjour!

You know, well...


Excuse me.

- Would you sign this?
- No, no.


Ciao, signorita. You need a lift?

We can’t tolerate it.

If the world behaves like that,
the pillars will fall down.

To the hell with pillars.

Let everything fall apart.
Let a new era prevail.

We have to follow the youth!

Excuse me, Mr. Maciej!

You are always off the point.

Sit down!

Excuse me, master.

What era is this?

The age of a free man.

The era of free sexual selection
and so on.

- Fornicator!
- No, sir.

I am for tolerance.
I will always support Wiktus.

I will tell him: "Go ahead, man!
Guide us to... the goal."

There is no violation of morality.

Do you really believe
that Italian woman is his wife?

- You think she isn’t?
- I’m sure she isn’t.

I was eavesdropping last night.

Everything was so quiet there.

They don't argue,
so she can't be his wife.

Wife or not, the soup is cold
and without sauce.

Narrow-minded conservatism.
Slavish attachment to the tradition.

You think that Wiktus’s wife
is like any other woman?

She is a revolutionary!

She knows, you know…
that man has his right

to self-determination through new love.

You would like to redefine yourself
over and over again.

But the law is the law.

The law chains us all. And that’s good.
What would happen otherwise?

What would happen?

All of them would want to marry us.

- Great!
- Yeah, sure.

You would have a harem.

Do you think it is so great
to live in such a place?

We’re not talking about me.

Everyone knows my lifestyle.

I am an exemplary…

Cause you don’t have that, you know,

Well, well, well.
Great to know.

A moment ago, master Maczek

was talking about rights.

I hope a woman is also a human.

As the president of the Women’s League,

I can agree on polygamy only if

master Maczek agrees
on behalf of the male population

that this works both ways.

I have no right
to speak for the others.

So say it in your own name.

In my own... I agree.

One drunkard at home is enough.

Wiktus is not a drunk.

He’s my student.

I didn't raise drunkards.

Mrs. Jadwiga, would you agree,
as a woman of high morality,

intelligent, independent,

with own apartment,

to become a second or third wife

of someone even more
interesting than Wiktus?

Forgive me.
I didn't mean to offend you.

You are not able to offend me.

Try to understand.

We need to create a united front
to defend morality.

Don’t count on me.

- Do you think…
- I think…

I am for friendship.

If I had a friend, I wouldn't care

if he had other friends.

But marriage is not only a friendship.

That’s right.

And that's why I don't want to
interfere with it.

I'm not interested.

- Goodbye.
- But...

Wait a minute.


Excuse us.

- I hope I didn't wake you.
- No.

We would like to ask you something.


Did nothing happened there?

I don’t know.

- Were there any fights?
- No.


You think we will get away with it?

The whole town will pay
for this sin.

This is a joke!

Fortunately, we still have
a public opinion.

Oh yes, there was a fight.

Wiktus’s wife hit the Italian.
She punched back, and Wiktus ran away.


So they have conscience.

You’re supporting them.

And I know why.

If all men were like Wiktus,

you would have a better company

than a book this night.

- Where are you going?
- To the Party. We demand an explanation.

You’re right!

Stop. Where are going, citizens?

- Don’t push!
- We don’t want her here!

Please disperse.


Get out of here!

It's a scandal!

Send her back to Italy!

Down with this monkey!

It's a scandal!

Order! Order!

Welcome, citizens.

I see you have problems with sleeping
during the moonlight night.

What’s the matter?

You know, comrade secretary.


He lives with two wives.

- Yes.
- We cannot stand idly by.

- We came to our Party.
- I’ve never heard of this.

But since you say something's wrong,

I am obliged to check it.

If this case threatens the good name
of the Party,

we will call comrade Wiktus
to order.

And now, go home and let us work.

Long live comrade Górnicki!

Again with this cult, Lipczak.

Edek, let’s go!

It is absolutely unnecessary.
They should eradicate it.

In our town!

I told Wiktus to report to
comrade Górnicki.

I knew it would not be
an easy task.

I felt sorry for him.

What's going on at your house?

What do you mean?

Everything’s all right.

You established a harem.

- Are you crazy, my brother?
- What harem?

Maybe I have two wives?

Or maybe they have one husband?

And you call it a harem.

Listen, you live in bigamy.

You, our party fellow,
a soul of the working class,

- are undermining popular morality.
- That’s the point.

I can’t understand it.

Where can I deal with this problem?

With the backward capitalists?

Damn, who knows what this
new morality is supposed to be?

You pay too much attention
to the papers.

Pietrek! You're becoming a bureaucrat.

Fancy a drink?

Which one is that?

- Soviet?
- All right then.

Janek, we have the law.
Bigamy is penalized.

Not in every case.

Well, maybe.

But they don’t have
double marriages,

and they don’t live together.

Should I divorce Helenka?
Is that what’s what you want?

I don't. But I'm afraid of a riot.

You have to make up your mind,
or we will be forced to…

Tell them that the Party
is not interested in such things.

Oh, boy. Everyone is messing around.

Ignac Rutkiewicz,
such a level-headed man.

There are Mickiewicz Streets everywhere,
but he says,

„It’s Mickiewicz or me".

- What got into him?
- Put him right.

What is he thinking?

Remember to play hard.

He got away with it.

Górnicki says that it is up
to the prosecutor's office to

determine whether these two women
are his wives or not.

If any of them complained,
this would be different. Got it?

Do you really need
a foreign tie for that?

The town's most eminent people
are taking part in the demonstration.

I can’t be dressed in rags.

I warned Górnicki that Wiktus
would receive the prosecution's summons.

He won’t get away this time.

- You’ll be standing under the window?
- Of course.

Jerzy, leave them alone.

I'm scared for you.

No, darling. We have to stop this.

And show the real opinion of society.

Closed windows will not save them.


Do you have any problems with them?

They've done nothing to you.

You know what I told my wife?

I don’t care about this.

I told her I was going
to Wiktus’s house.

To protest.

I always need to figure something out
to find an hour of happiness with you.

I stand on my head.
I have to hide.

And she’s making scenes.

And this rascal…

It’s an insult for both of us.


Let go.

But you look so pretty.

Do you like this colour?

It’s cute.

- Do I look like her?
- Yes.


I have to go to these windows.

To get yourself an alibi?

Explain it to me, please.

Is it possible that they are not
jealous of each other?

- Where are you staying tonight?
- At home, of course.

- With your wife?
- Yes.

Or maybe not.

Don’t lie.

You always get back to your wives.

And we know it has to be like that.

You are really jealous of her…

Do your best to come to me tomorrow.

Of course.

Italians! I’m so glad to see you.

Everyone speaks Polish here.
I’m tired of it.

Come in, please.
I rarely see my compatriots.

Be my guests.

I’m sorry.
I don’t speak Italian.

My comrades from the office.

De centro. Officially.

I’m sorry.


That means no.

There will be no Mickiewicz Street.

Why are you so stubborn?

Maybe I just want to be original?

I’ll tell you why you’re doing this.

You can come in, professor.

This citizen was a Polish teacher.

I am.

I do not use my pension.
I’m still working.

Do you remember Rutkiewicz?
He was your student.

He was the worst rascal at school

but good at sports.

He had an "F" in maths.

Remember, Mr. Mayor?

I used to say, "What's to become of you?".

I was wrong.

Errare humanum est.

And you used to give him the clues.

- In what grade was that?
- In the third.

What did you do back then?

Exclamation marks and dashes
in the poetry of Krasiński.

And "Why do we love Master Tadeusz".

Makowski was really good at it.

In contrast to Wiktus.

- Who is Makowski?
- The priest.

He was the best at singing.

And at essays.

Yes, but I must admit
he was too poetic.

- Thank you very much.
- You’re welcome.

This way, please.


Well, it is all clear to me.

It is an aversion caused by bad grades.

We should have listened to Freud.

Comrade Rutkiewicz.

Your trauma might be considered
a mitigating circumstance.

But personal experiences
have to yield to a higher reason.

There is no trauma.
I was doing well at the end of the year.

As for Mickiewicz,
I have recently done some studies.

He had his own distortions,
to say the least.

It’s true.

The Party knows that.

But Herzen and Garibaldi brought him back
to the path of internationalism.

Maybe, but it doesn’t mean
we need him in Gody.

He's quite famous anyway.

Don’t twist everything round, comrade.

We have the resolution
of the executive.

Will you submit to it or not?


You’re moving towards dictatorship.

It’s not true.

I just want to have the right
to say "no".

I have always admired
the elegant figure of our mayor.

That day, he looked awful.

I offered my resignation.

They accepted it.

You’re leaving?

We can’t go on without you.

You only think you can’t.

I thought so too.

But it turned out that
Mickiewicz is more important.

I am here thanks to you.

If you are leaving,
I’m leaving with you.

Thank you.

Don’t do this.

I made a note of resignation.

Get a shave and take your wife
to the cinema.

No. I’m going to visit my teacher.

And tomorrow, I will go to church
with my wife.

To listen what people say.

The heart of the shepherd
is filled with joy

when he sees his herd seeking
a religious blessing again.

We will not bring up the desertion
of a few lost sheep

who decided to come back
to our herd.

But you must know that
neither the outside world

nor the charm of temptation
is the biggest threat.

The danger is hidden within ourselves.

The pride attacks
even the smartest of us.

And we saw the father of the town
refusing his citizens

the right to honour the Great Christian poet.

Yet the other poet said:

"Do not tarnish what is sacred,
for sacred it must always remain."

Without this pattern,
and without respecting the law,

we will sank into sin and debauchery.

These laws may seem hard, but only
for the most unrepentant among the souls.

I must warn you.

Do not judge, or you too will be judged.

Do not raise your hand
against your neighbour.

For you do not know
the extent of his sin.

Peace be with you. Amen.

Mr. Wiktus. We are from the jazz club.

From what?

Jazz club.

We are having a jam session.

We would like your spouse
to sing with us.

- Which one?
- Mrs. Paola.

- What is going on?
- Nothing.

She doesn’t want to.

Try to persuade her.
We’re counting on her.

- They want you to sing in public.
- No. I’m sorry. I can’t.

I have a husband.

- She doesn’t want to.
- It's a pity.

See you later.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Excuse me for a minute, sir.

You have dashed the hopes of the youth.

We count on them.

I don’t need support.

- Leave me alone.
- But it's not about you.

This is about the case.

You are the banner.

I don’t want to be the banner.

Leave me alone.

Very well.
We can manage without you.

He shouldn’t be rejecting his friends.

It’s impossible to reject true friends.

Get under my umbrella, please.

And I would like to…

And don't say anything for God's sake.

Why, ma’am?

I will get myself a second wife!

You will see.

You libertine!

Fancy some whores, huh?

I don’t know what you see
in this archivist.

I’ll show her.

Old cow. Slut.

You will not be the only one for her!

My God, darling…

Don't yell like that.

She has neither the body nor the mind.

She walks like a duck,
she lisps, she squints.

She doesn’t squint at all.

She does! I saw it!

Right, right.

They told me you wanted to
get a second wife.

You can try.

There will be three dead bodies here!

Sweetheart, you are the
only one I love.


Don’t be upset.

Oh! You look so terrible.


No dinner today!

That Sunday, the women ate alone.

Wiktus was a guest of father Makowski.

Lucky man. The priest’s cuisine
was famous in the area.

Figs, raisins, lemons, almonds,
and orange zest.

The secret is that my cousin wraps
the parchment around the fruitcake

and then bakes it in hot sand.


They came to me.



I had to mention this
during the sermon.

What do they care?

Because the example works.

I'm not doing anything wrong.

Don't misunderstand me.

I would not talk like that
with anyone else. But with you?

We used to play football together.

Besides, your Hela is a good Christian.

Not a godless person like you.

I ask you as a friend,
think about it.

You got married twice.
You desecrated the sacrament.

I didn’t.

I have a civil marriage with Paola.

The consul was our witness.

So you commit adultery with her.

Do adulterers have a chance
for salvation?

It's easier to pass a camel
through the eye of a needle.

That hurts.

Have you thought about the annulment?


I love Helena.

So send the other one.


I love her too.

You love both of them?

I don’t want to hear it.

Is it possible to love two women
at the same time?

You love each of them
for different reasons.

It’s not about the quantity,
but about the quality.

It’s not true.

When a woman grabs your heart,
everything else…

Leon, Leon.

It doesn't have to work this way.

How many children were there
in your family?

Five. And you were the fifth.

Did your parents love you less?

- You see?
- It’s not the same.

Bone of our bone and blood of our blood.

And a woman should be your companion
with whom you are to become one.

How many of them do you want
do unite with?

It's debauchery.

This is the problem.

You are all the same.

You mention debauchery
while I'm talking about love.

I say awife may also be
like the blood of your blood.

I love them both as if
they were born from my rib.

From your rib.

Don’t you remember that God
created only one Eve for Adam?

One woman, several hundred years.

God couldn't create more
because Adam would lose his chest.

Let me advise you something.

Convert to Turkish faith.

- And leave you priest alone.
- No, Leon.

But what am I supposed to do?

You have a wife, and you live
in sin with the other woman.

Stop this and send
the other one to the confession.

I must admit that
I’m not able to understand it.

You hear all sorts of things
in the confessional.

I learned not to be surprised,

but I don't understand
how can you live with them.

Oh, that’s what you mean.

They have their separate rooms.

Separate rooms.
Thank God.

There is no place
for this debauchery.

Not enough rooms.

Excuse me, where does
citizen Wiktus work?

- There somewhere.
- Thank you.

- Which of you is Wiktus?
- Here.

- Is it you?
- Yeah.

- Mr. Wiktus?
- Yes.


District attorney.

Nice to meet you.

No jokes.

Come with me.

So this is it.


Tell me.

We know everything.

What should I say?

We will finish the construction on time.

No problems with material consumption.

I’m talking about the demoralisation
you are spreading.

I got a message.

A denunciation.

An information.

When did you get married
to Paola Compabelle?


- Compabella.
- Two years ago.

- Civil marriage?
- Yes.

And when did you get married
to Helena Wiktus?

In 1952.

- Church marriage?
- Church.

- And civil marriage?
- There was no civil marriage.

So why does she have your surname?

She filed a petition
to change her name.

Her maiden name is Pyszałek.

You know, it’s embarrassing.

There is no bigamy.

- No bigamy?
- Sure.

There were only civil marriages
in 1952.

For me, you have only one wife.
It’s Paola Compabella.

- Campobella.
- Compabella.

What about Helena?

She doesn’t exist.

How is that?

So I will ask for approval.

She is my wife.

Listen to me, Wiktus.

There is no crime.

But the locals think
the other way.

For them, Pyszałek is your wife.

In public, the word "wife"
must be reserved for one of them.

I appeal to your civic conscience.


Because we don’t need more criminals.

In case of any disturbances,
all the blame will be put on you.

The interview took place on Wednesday.

On Thursday,
the town was flooded with rumours.

And on Saturday night…

Wives, sisters, mothers,
husbands, and fathers!

They abuse our honour.

They cheated the priest,
they mocked the prosecutor,

but they will not deceive us.

We humbly endure
all the inconvenience

of the marriage duties,

and we are proud of that.

- People!
- We will not let a vagabond laugh

at what is the holiest to us.

A rag, monkey!

If Wiktus is smart enough to
avoid the law,

we will show him the power
of public opinion.

Get out now!

The militia is coming!

Calm down, citizens.

Let’s go.

Disperse, citizens!

Go home!

After that, comrade Górnicki
visited the family more often.

He watched over them personally.

But this time, he came
on a special occasion.

There will be a headache tomorrow.
Great day – domani grande.

The first tenants will get
the keys to their new flats.

Then there will be an artistic part.

Great celebration!

A lot of guests.
Foreign journalists too.

Journalists, ma’am.

- Italian?
- Yes, Italiani too!

I need a favour from you.

Let your wife take care of them.

- Which wife?
- Paola, of course.

- No.
- Why?

- I said no.
- Yes!


I want to talk to
Italian journalists.

I’ll go there.

I will, yes.

we need your husband’s agreement.

Are you scared?
It's a pity.

We could entertain them in European style…
But since you’re scared…


Arrivederci, I mean… goodbye.

- What do you think?
- I don't know.

Help me, you’re my wife.

Paola has the right
to go there.

I want to talk to
Italian journalists!

And I will!
What are you thinking?

I’m not your slave!
This is not a prison!

She’s right.
Lord of creation. Look at him.

Times have changed.

I can do whatever I want.

Bighead. Tyrant.

Tyrant, torturer!

No more smoking!

Enough drinking.

- He went away.
- Does not matter.

To drink. Vodka. A lot of vodka.

He will come back happier.

I was concerned
when she grabbed the suitcase.

Then she wrote a letter.

I was afraid that the argument
would disturb

the upcoming celebration.

But the next day…

They arrived before
the ceremony began.

I am sure they were surprised
to be greeted

by a real Italian woman.

How did you get here?

I married a Pole.

I am so glad to see my compatriots.

- I'm Paola.
- Nice to meet you, Vico.

I'm pleased too. Carlo.

You can show us
this new construction.

You will tell us
how you are doing here.

- We are going to see the combine.
- Of course.

- May I?
- Thank you.

So much work.
What are they building here?

A foundry, I guess.

- Cast steel?
- Yes.

And houses here.

What is this building?
Looks odd.

It’s so tall!

We have similar houses in Milan.

They are building and producing…

But how is life here?

We're building a new house
Yet another house

For the better shiny days

Multiply each job with us
Share each job with us

Cause it is our daily common goal

From the basement to the roof
Let the joyous structure grow

For our common spring dreams

Let the walls go up
When the hands eager to work

We are building a new concrete home!

I can’t see Paola.

She’s with these journalists.

- She should be here.
- Why?

- Mr. Wiktus!
- What?

Paola is at the construction site.
She’s talking to these guys.


We need to bring her here.

You are her husband.

Multiply each job with us
Share each job with us

Cause it is our daily common goal

From the basement to the roof
Let the joyous structure grow

For our common spring dreams

Let the walls go up
When the hands eager to work

We are building a new concrete home!

Mr. Wiktus, we need to bring her here.

You are her husband, after all.

Dear guests, comrades, citizens.

I declare the first residential
district of New Gody open.

This the fragment of our future
main street.

This will be our local Marszałkowska Street.

Our local MDM.

There will be glowing neon signs.
A cinema ... with 600 seats.

restaurants and cafes...
express laundry, and a deli.

Street name sign has already been placed.

We decided to honour
our great Mickiewicz,

as well as our great romantic poetry,

that accompanied us
during the most difficult times

of our history.

I suggest that the honour
of unveiling the sign

would be entrusted to the man
who started the case.

Is comrade Rutkiewicz with us?

Comrade President, come here.


Three Bards Street.



It’s for Jan.



It’s better for him.
I caused a problem.

I can’t stand this situation anymore.



- Farewell, Paola.
- Farewell.

Paola. Paola!

Do you have a cigarette?

Unfortunately, no.

Goodbye then.

- Excuse me, I have a letter for you.
- A letter?

Thank you.

I thought he said, "Thank God".

I’m not quite sure.

Sometimes it is better
to commit something on your own.

To move something.

To fall into disfavour.
To cause some trouble.

Cause troubles? Me?

I drank too much tea.

I won't be able to sleep again.

Did he say "Thank God"?

Did he…